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Hugging Face is partnering with leading AI Hardware accelerators to make state of the art production performance accessible

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Optimum: the ML Optimization toolkit for production performance

Hardware-specific acceleration tools

1. Quantize

Make models faster with minimal impact on accuracy, leveraging post-training quantization, quantization-aware training and dynamic quantization from Intel® Neural Compressor.

from import IncOptimizer, IncQuantizer, IncQuantizationConfig

# Load the quantization configuration detailing the quantization process to apply
quantization_config = IncQuantizationConfig.from_pretrained(
# Instantiate our IncQuantizer using the desired configuration
quantizer = IncQuantizer(quantization_config, eval_func=eval_func)
optimizer = IncOptimizer(model, quantizer=quantizer)
# Apply dynamic quantization
model =

2. Prune

Make models smaller with minimal impact on accuracy, with easy to use configurations to remove model weights using Intel® Neural Compressor.

from import IncOptimizer, IncPruner, IncPruningConfig

# Load the pruning configuration detailing the pruning process to apply
pruning_config = IncPruningConfig.from_pretrained(
# Instantiate our IncPruner using the desired configuration
pruner = IncPruner(pruning_config, eval_func=eval_func, train_func=train_func)
optimizer = IncOptimizer(model, pruner=pruner)
# Apply magnitude pruning
model =

3. Train

Train models faster than ever before with Graphcore Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs), the latest generation of AI dedicated hardware, leveraging the built-in IPUTrainer API to train or finetune transformers models (coming soon)

from optimum.graphcore import IPUConfig, IPUTrainer
from transformers import BertForPreTraining, BertTokenizer

# Allocate model and tokenizer as usual
tokenizer = BertTokenizer.from_pretrained("bert-base-cased")
model = BertForPreTraining.from_pretrained("bert-base-cased")

# IPU configuration + Trainer
ipu_config = IPUConfig.from_pretrained("Graphcore/bert-base-ipu")
trainer = IPUTrainer(model, ipu_config=ipu_config, args=trainings_args)

# The Trainer takes care of compiling the model for the IPUs in the background
# to perform training, the user does not have to deal with that

# Save the model and/or push to hub