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Update files from the datasets library (from 1.17.0)
"""TODO(jeopardy): Add a description here."""
import json
import datasets
# TODO(jeopardy): BibTeX citation
# TODO(jeopardy):
Dataset containing 216,930 Jeopardy questions, answers and other data.
The json file is an unordered list of questions where each question has
'category' : the question category, e.g. "HISTORY"
'value' : integer $ value of the question as string, e.g. "200"
Note: This is "None" for Final Jeopardy! and Tiebreaker questions
'question' : text of question
Note: This sometimes contains hyperlinks and other things messy text such as when there's a picture or video question
'answer' : text of answer
'round' : one of "Jeopardy!","Double Jeopardy!","Final Jeopardy!" or "Tiebreaker"
Note: Tiebreaker questions do happen but they're very rare (like once every 20 years)
'show_number' : int of show number, e.g '4680'
'air_date' : string of the show air date in format YYYY-MM-DD
_URL = ""
_DATA_URL = ""
class Jeopardy(datasets.GeneratorBasedBuilder):
"""TODO(jeopardy): Short description of my dataset."""
# TODO(jeopardy): Set up version.
VERSION = datasets.Version("0.1.0")
def _info(self):
# TODO(jeopardy): Specifies the datasets.DatasetInfo object
return datasets.DatasetInfo(
# This is the description that will appear on the datasets page.
# datasets.features.FeatureConnectors
"category": datasets.Value("string"),
"air_date": datasets.Value("string"),
"question": datasets.Value("string"),
"value": datasets.Value("int32"),
"answer": datasets.Value("string"),
"round": datasets.Value("string"),
"show_number": datasets.Value("int32"),
# These are the features of your dataset like images, labels ...
# If there's a common (input, target) tuple from the features,
# specify them here. They'll be used if as_supervised=True in
# builder.as_dataset.
# Homepage of the dataset for documentation
def _split_generators(self, dl_manager):
"""Returns SplitGenerators."""
# TODO(jeopardy): Downloads the data and defines the splits
# dl_manager is a that can be used to
# download and extract URLs
filepath = dl_manager.download_and_extract(_DATA_URL)
return [
datasets.SplitGenerator(name=datasets.Split.TRAIN, gen_kwargs={"filepath": filepath}),
def _generate_examples(self, filepath):
"""Yields examples."""
# TODO(jeopardy): Yields (key, example) tuples from the dataset
with open(filepath, encoding="utf-8") as f:
data = json.load(f)
for i, example in enumerate(data):
category = example["category"]
air_date = example["air_date"]
question = example["question"]
if example["value"] is None:
value = -1 # for Final Jeopardy! and Tiebreaker questions
value = int(example["value"][1:].replace(",", ""))
answer = example["answer"]
round = example["round"]
show_number = int(example["show_number"])
yield i, {
"category": category,
"air_date": air_date,
"question": question,
"value": value,
"answer": answer,
"round": round,
"category": category,
"show_number": show_number,