The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello there, I have a tingly spikey feeling in my armpits not all the time but now and then. It is also in my neck. I think it might be swollen glands. I have recently had a skin infection from a cut andhave taken pencillin, that finished about 3 weeks ago. I am worried [|AI|] Welcome to Chat Doctor I have gone through your query and understand your concern. I think you are having swollen lymph nodes in your armpit and neck. You can take analgesic such as ibuprofen for pain relief. Vitamin B and C help in its recovery. You can discuss with your doctor about it. Hope your query get answered. If you have any clarification then don't hesitate to write to us. I will be happy to help you. Wishing you a good health. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I think i might have Parkinsons disease. Today in a sudden moment my left wrist felt weak and my fingers and hand starting shaking. 2 weeks earlier i had felt really dizzy after sitting down and felt like throughing up. Could this be a sign of parkinsons disease? [|AI|] Hi, Thank you for posting your query. I have noted your symptoms. First, I would like to reassure you that your symptoms are not suggestive of Parkinson's disease (PD) and there is no need to worry. In PD, there are tremors of hands, and they persist. They do not come and go. In addition, there is slowness of movements and rigidity of arms/legs. Also, it is important to note that PD usually does not affect people below the age of 40 years. I hope my answer helps. Please get back if you have any follow-up queries or if you require any additional information. Wishing you good health, Chat Doctor. Ly/
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] having moderate to severe heart palpitations since morning, when heart skips beat and then double beats, I cough. Just feel bad...slight nausea, been drinking gatoraide in case I was dehydrated - shouldnt be... very fatigued, had to come home and put on soft clothes, couldnt finish the day. [|AI|] Hello and thank you for using Chat Doctor. I carefully read your question and understand your concern. But you should not worry I think It's nothing serious. As you describe, my opinion is that we are dealing with a rhythm issue. Someone can feel strong heart beats and palpitations for different reasons. It might be what we call ekstrasystoles.These is electrical heart impulses that generates in some parts of heart different from normal sinus rhythm. This generates that escaped beat. You have this sensation like a beat is skipping, you may experience palpitations or an anxiety sensation, difficulties in taking a deep breath. This extrasystoles may happen from different reasons from simple emotional stress to other pathologies like anemia, hyperthyroidism etc. So, if I was your treating doctor I will recommend some examinations like a blood analysis to exclude anemia, the thyroid hormones, an electrocardiogram, echocardiography and of course a holder monitoring. This will help us to document and see what happens with heart rhythm. At meantime, I will recommend you to avoid coffee, caffeine products because they rise extrasistolic beats. This is nothing urgent or to worry abut, but I will recommend the examinations if the symptoms interfere your normal healthy live. Wish I was helpful. Take good care. Best regards
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have failed ICSI treatment?? Reason stated were there could be possible kochs still present after 8 months of ATT treatment in the past with AKT3. Now physician again putting me on AKT4 excempting ethambutol as i have reaction to this drug. Is it suggestable to go again with AKT4 along with DHEAPREG for ovarian reserve at the same time as AMH value is 2.9. OB/GYN says to continue this for three months and then go for laparoscopy to check for any healing. Please suggest is okay to go before i go forward with another cycle of ICSI or try naturally as suggested by second opinion when there is no problem with tubes and uterus there are also chances to conceive during this treatment.... Please suggest. [|AI|] Semen hello, Thanks for writing in. Let me answer your basic concern first. A.I. don't think you need to be treated for Koch's for the second time just on presumption that the disease may still be persisting. Currently, there are no proper set of guidelines to dictate when genital Koch's has to be treated. As a lot of tests used for diagnosis indicate only presence of bacteria but not an ONGOING INFECTION which is very important to differentiate. So I recommend you to not opt for it unless 1. Your RNA PCR for Koch in endometrial sample comes positive.2. There is direct evidence of Koch's on hysteria laparoscopy which your doctor will let you know.3. TB bacteria are seen on histopathology slide made from endometrial biopsy sample. Other tests done for Koch's should only support diagnosis but should not be the basis for unnecessary treatment. B. I would also suggest you to not take DHEA prey as it is meant for women with very low ovarian reserve. Your AMH value which talks about your ovarian reserve is well above 2 meaning you have the good number of eggs in your ovaries. C.It's difficult to opine regarding your chances of natural conception as you haven't mentioned your age and duration of infertility, semen report, indication for CSI, tubal function test report and other relevant information in your query. But if your tubes are fine and no ovulatory problem, semen analysis is normal, and if you are trying for less than 2 or 3 years you may try another 6 months. You may conceive naturally even without treatment, but it may take few months to many years which can't be predicted. Hope this helps. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my 10 year old has had stomach pain on and off for the past week. she had a high fever a few days ago, but that passed. Are these signs that she is about to start her menstrual cycle, or could it be something else. The stomach flu is going around her school, but she is not vomiting and does not have diarrhea. [|AI|] Hi. Thanks for your query and an elucidated history. Stomach pain with fever-may be flu as you have rightly mentioned that stomach flu is going on in the school. These may not be the signs of the expected period your daughter is about to start the menstrual periods. Pain off and on for the past week would make us to decide about the need of a treatment with antibiotic and metronidazole, probiotic, symptomatic and supportive.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have a small lump in my right armpit that is tender/sore and mid back pain on my right side. This has been on going for 4 to 6 weeks...was told possible bactierial infection(possibly cat scratch fever) and I was given a z-pack last week and the lump is still there. What could this be? Thank you! [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to Chat Doctor. The small lump in your armpit could be a lymph node swelling due to infection you had. If the swelling is not tender and not increasing in size, and mobile, there is no need for concern. It will reduce within few weeks. But if it is getting painful, increasing in size and becomes hard to touch and immobile, you need to get an FNAC done to rule out any cellular changes in the lymph node. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My girlfriend is on her period and started yesterday. We were just recently lying around watching a movie and all of a sudden she started complaining about a severe abdominal pain. She turned pail white, had to rush to the bathroom to relieve her bowels. The pain is in the center of her pelvic area. Sharp pain. She says that it isnt like any other cramps shes had. She has dizziness as well. She says that it feels better when she lays on her side. the pain is slightly subsiding but I am worried it could possibly be her appendix. Please advise [|AI|] Hello, Apart from appendicitis and a urinary tract infection (UTI), I would be more concerned about an unsuspected ectopic pregnancy in case you both are sexually active. Diagnosing any of this condition would require a physical examination of your abdomen along with some routine blood tests like a complete blood count, a serum Chat Doctor test, and an ultrasound of the abdomen at the earliest. Therefore, I would advise you to please take her to the emergency room of the nearest hospital for a detailed assessment and appropriate management. Till then, you could give her some antispasmodic Chat Doctor. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, I m Gina Naga, I have this pain in my lower back and lower abdomen. My urinalysis results color Yellow, transparency turbid, protien 3.0g/L, WBC too numerous to count, RBC 8-12/hpF, E. Cells few, A. urates few, bacteria plenty, casts none seen. My doctor advice me take levoday once a day. This is my first time to take this antibiotic, is this effective than cefroloxacin? [|AI|] HELLO, Gina Nāga, Welcome to Chat Doctor. It seems to be urinary tract infection. Livoday and ciprofloxacin are good antibiotics, but if your doctor has prescribed you, then there must be some reason behind this. Take it for three to five days, then get reviewed, if needed it can be changed.Meanwhile I advise you to go for urine culture and sensitivity, so if at all antibiotic has to be changed, we go for a more sensitive one. Chat Doctor. Good luck.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I had a root canal two weeks ago after throbbing/hot and cold sensitivity and chewing pain in molar#3. 3 days later, the chewing pain came back and was still throbbing. One week after the root canal, I saw the endodontist again.She found nothing on the exrays, but opened the tooth and, in fact, found an infection and drained a lot of puss from the area inside the tooth. She didn t finish the root canal to be able to make sure it was healing. i was supposed to go back in two weeks. It has been one week, and the chewing pain has returned, throbbing continues and has moved to my lower jaw as well and all pain seems to affect #3 and the one in front and behind it. No visible swelling (though I was very swollen after the draining and am slightly swollen in the top front of my gums by the tooth). I am going back to the endodontist today. Is this possibly NOT a root issue and a bone issue? Nothing is showing up on the xrays, yet I am STILL in pain. New pain developed yesterday- at random (not eating or drinking or out in cold or anything) it feels like I am being stabbed in my teeth from the bottom up in random spurts of pain. What is going on? [|AI|] Hello, Thanks for consulting ChatDoctorRead your query, as you have pain in tooth, and you are under root canal treatment but still you feel pain in tooth on chewing don't worry pain can be due to infection is still present in tooth, for pain I will suggest you to take one precaution is avoided chewing from side of act treating tooth until root canal treatment is completed, and do Luke warm saline rinses, in meantime for pain you can take medication like Novato lb, and analgesic like Petrol DT. Hope this will help you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi I have been a psycho patinet for last 7 yrs. Main symptoms include anxiety, sleepneesnes and depression. Symptoms keep changing. Six months months main propblem was depression. Taking medicine for it since then, depression controlled with medicine but now i have extreme anxiety, I have been taking Lonazep 0.5 one in night so that I can sleep, half in the morning. I gues this is an SOS tablet, but I am taking regularly for last 2 weeks, but i still have problems of anxiety suggest [|AI|] Hi dear,first which medication you are on for depression?because there are certain medication which helps both in depression and anxiety. You need not take two different tablet.located is used for immediate controlling of anxiety and sleep. But there are certain medication which helps you to control anxiety like venlafaxine, desvenlaflexine, sertraline, paroxetine kindly consult and discuss with your treating doctor about this medication. Thank you
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi, i am 22yrs old.. i used daphnie pills for almost 3mos. without consulting a doctor.. i dont even have a child.. now, my boyfriend and i wer e trying to have a baby, we ve been living together for almost 9mos.. i was soo worried, that taking contraceptive pills affects my capability of being pregnant.. pls. help.. [|AI|] Hi and welcome to Chat Doctor. Please do not worry as you have taken the pills for a very short time. Long term use of pills means at least 4-5 years. Also, if you are attempting pregnancy, the fertile period for women with regular 28 days cycle is between day 12-18 of the cycle counting from the first day of the last period. Try sexual contact on alternate days during this period for best results. Also, ovulation detecting kits may be used to see the actual days of ovulation and contact during those days increases chances of pregnancy. If you are not able to conceive in 8-9 months of regular unprotected contact a visit to a doctor may be needed to look for any problem with conception. Hope this was helpful. Do not worry, the pills are not going to have any effect on your reproductive potential. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Have a good day. ChatDoctor BagdeConsultant Ob GY.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello. About 13 years ago I had a lump removed from my abdomen. The hospital lost the results of the tests and told me I would be fine. (I quit going to them after that) I would experience sharp pain where it was for a few years and I was told that it was just nerves growing back. I no longer have health insurance and this lump is still hurting me. It comes and goes. But right now it is giving me extremely sharp pains and it is very tender. What could this be? -- About the lump - it started off as a very small bruise and continued to grow to the size of a tennis ball. It (and fluid) was removed 3 times in the span of a few weeks. It is just under my ribcage on my left side. [|AI|] Hi. Based from your description, it could be a cyst (sebaceous or gelatinous type). These lesions could occur anywhere in the body and have a tendency to recur. It is best if you consult with a doctor, preferably a general surgeon, for clinical evaluation. Definitive management is adequate excision of the cyst with its capsule. Medications will be prescribed accordingly. Hope this helps. Good day!! ~ Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] chickungunya? moderate to high fever with heavy sweating, joint and muscle aching, feel weak and fatigued, get light headed, some diarrhea and vomiting - but only day one. Just definitely not myself because I am active and eat decently. This is day 2 [|AI|] Hello, Welcome to Chat Doctor. Yes, it can be a chikungunya fever. Clinical diagnoses can be confirmed by several blood tests like detection of antibodies to virus and detection of virus itself in patient serum sample. You may contact any nearby state hospital to get these tests done. Unfortunately, there is no definitive treatment for chikungunya and there is high incidence of long term morbidity like persistent joint pains and chronic fatigue. You may take painkillers for joint pains (except Aspirin) but ensure not to take them in high doses for long time. You should consult a doctor for supportive treatment. Hope this will be helpful. Do ask if any further question is there. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi Dear SamuelI am taking Venlafaxine at dose of 150MG every day, its about 4 months now, my depression is going sooo well now, as if Im a different person but now I have problem with my sexuality,,, I dont get erection at all,,, is there any medicine to get rid of this problem? I dont want to change Venlafaxine as this med is the only one works on me.RegardsSam [|AI|] Hi Samuel, Forum can understand dilemma u must be suffering. Erectile dysfunction(ED) in a patient of on treatment for depression could be either part of depression itself or medication induced. If its part of depression itself that is your ED problem was there before start of treatment and still continued - can be treated by increasing dose of medicine or adding another medicine to this. If its medication induced that is your ED problem is newer, developed recently - then it requires gradually lowering dose of ongoing medicine if it permits. If lowering dose will create problem then adding another medicine which counteracts side effect of same i.e. Cyproheptadine, L-methylfolate or adding another antidepressant will help. Remember that there are better and safer alternative Chat Doctor. Discuss your problem in person with your psychiatrist - depending on progress of illness he will suggest you best option. Hope it helps. Best Regards.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, I have been experiencing abdominal pain and soreness all over my abdomen. Some days my upper left side is sore and other days it mimics appendicitis with lower right side pain and pressure in my upper right thigh. I also have alot of bloating and gas. I have two CT scans and several blood and urine test done and the only thing found was constipation. I increased my fiber and have been havinv regular bowel movements but the pain and bloating continue. My last colonoscopy was 5 years ago and nothing was found then. I do take prilosec for acid reflux. I recently spent some time at wilderness school where we drank mountain water that we treated with iodine and also I even eaten a lot of sushi in the past. Could my problem be parasitic? Any advice? [|AI|] Hi. Thanks for your query and an elucidated history. Your history of Chat Doctor. These are sites classically involved in pain when one gets colitis. This can be due to waterborne diseases. May not be parasite. Since all the tests are normal except the colonoscopy not yet done (last one was 5 years ago.). I would advise you to first take a course of an antibiotic, metronidazole, probiotic, activated charcoal tablets and anti-spasmodic whenever there is pain, continue Raniditidine. See the results, if you get well, nothing to be done further. If no relief you can go for colonoscopy and to see what exactly is the problem.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi. I have concerns with the shape of my jaw, I recently grew a beard and while grooming I used to twist the hair at the ends, end of the jaw to get the hair into a shape, now i ve taken off the beard and my jaw looks flattened, and smaller, can this be the cause, or can extreme stress cause it? [|AI|] Hello, The change in the jaw bone has nothing to do with the beard and the grooming. Its just that you may have noticed the jaw after a long time which may have made you felt the jaw is flattened and smaller. In fact, it will be much the same as it was before. Maybe some additional fat tissue deposition can occur at the muscles or else nothing more than that I feel. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care Jay In Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My ALT is 48 and the range is supposed to be 5-33; my ast is 37 and the range is listed as less than 32. I injured my back last december, and have been taking tylenol ever since. My dr. said ad long as i stayed under 3000 mg per day i was fine. I hesitate to take ibuprofen or other nsaids, as i was in the hospital for 5 days in march with low sodium. My numbers were all over the place especially those for kidney function. They thought the ibuprofen i was also taking at the time had caused this and said to be careful about any nsaids. So should i be concerned about my alt and ast? [|AI|] Hi dear thanks for asking question. Ast and alt values permissible up to 42. You have mild elevation of alt only.Here is no need of much worry. Yes by Chat Doctor. Ibuprofen you have taken can elevate it .so avoid haphazard use of analgesic... If needed then only taken... Estimate your cholesterol level and perform USG abdomen to rule out fatty liver. If jaundice present immediately consult doctor.... Take care....
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] dear sirmy cousin brother (age 16month ) is suffering from liver swelling problemmay be due to his swelling problem he is not developing like other kidsand becoming thinner and thinner each day . we have been gone through many check upsand test as doctor have guided, but still the accurate reasons for swelling isntdiscover yet. the doctors here now have almost given hope but however we are still hoping for good news. sincerely yours,sajan [|AI|] Hi thanks for contacting Chat Doctor .... Noted you have swelling over liver area and cause not identifiable... Which investigation have you done??? Here first hemolytic anemia should rule out by relic count and peripheral smear examination with electrophoresis.... If still cause not found then liver biopsy may be needed to rule out alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency or metabolic liver disease.... Detail history through parents and examination needed to look for any metabolic disease like glycogen storage disease.... You can discuss all these with your doctor, and you might get cause for liver enlargement.... If needed complete liver profiling also done... Liver biopsy also useful for identification of embryonic malignancy....If you need USG and CT scan like investigation useful. Hope my suggestion will help you.... Take care//// Chat Doctor. .
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, My toes on both of my feet are darker than the rest, around the little joint (on the pinky toe) and it hurts sometimes when i wear my sneakers. I dont really engage in much exercise and i dont think i hurt my toe with any gym activities. I am an African American teenager and dont want to have nasty looking feet. What can i do to make my pinky toes look like the rest of my toes? [|AI|] Welcome to Chat Doctor I feel that the pigmentation that you have is because of constant friction. Use a shoe which is one size larger. Because of shoe bite it will pain and leave behind a pigmentation. Apply a moisturizer containing 10 % urea. Even salicylic acid 5-10% containing creams also will help. Trichloroacetic acid chemical peels one by cosmetologist will help decrease the pigmentation. Hope this helpedTake care
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i was in a car accident in 2007 now theres a lump on my leg just a down close to the foot i went to exrays in 2007 but there was nothing showing on the scann but now i sometimes feel pain.What do you think it is?Im in Cape Town is there a leg specialist that you ca recommend? [|AI|] Hi, Dear,Thanks for the query from you to my Chat Doctor Clinic. I have gone through your query and appreciate your concerns of it. After in-depth study on it, In My opinion-the painful lump in the leg down close to foot needs a current X-ray investigation and consultation from orthopedic surgeon. Plz go to any orthopedic or general surgeon-if you don't get orthopedic, and get the treatment ASAP. Diagnosisi-is -post-traumatic-peri-articular-fibromyalgia /or may be arthritis of the foot bones-of the ankle joint. Hope this would resolve your worrisome query for now. Wellcome-to my Chat Doctor Clinic for any more query.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] uncle has gone through myocardial infarction recently after angioplasty in 1999 and bypass in 2009. Ejection fraction currently is 20. blood pressure 80/52. saturtion 96-100 heart rate 90-100 resp rate 18-30. He is on drugs currently and has to use cpap and bipap sometimes. please suggest some treatment or advice [|AI|] Because of myocardial infarction your uncles' heart has become weak as compared to normal humans, the main problem is its inability to maintain normal fluid balance, medical management is what I would help you. Fluid restriction less than 1 Lt a day mallow salt Chat Doctor. Carvedilol, metoprolol, ace inhibitors like April, diuretic furosemide with Gladstone, statin, aspirin may be titrated as per his BP(which is low) heart rate and other vitalsDigoxin may be considered Lastly look for synchrony, if present CRT, dual pacemaker like think may help improve pumping Sir the question you asked required detailed discussion after reviewing all available reports and treatment he is already. For further information email
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i m 26 male. I have low sperm count and low motility problem. I am taking Paternia Tablets from last 10 days. My wife has everything normal. I want to be father soon. Can you suggest me what should i do for the same? Our marraige has completed 3 years. we have planned for baby from last 2 years . My sperm count was first only 3 million, .This is for your information. my email id is YYYY@YYYY . Please answer me as soon as possible. I m very worried.......please help me. Please tell me how much time it will take?(sperm count-3 m/motility :slu 20 minuet seen ) [|AI|] Hello Normal fertility is associated with sperm counts >48 million/mL, motility >63 %, exhibiting normal morphology >13 %. You mentioned that your sperm counts are 3 million, while sluggish motility 20, so it is very difficult to say without read of exact report. However, normal sperm counts is important for fertility, so also motility. In my opinion either upload all detail reports of SEMEN analysis or consult an INFERTILITY specialist and get his opinion. Good luck.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi my names matthew I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and one of my injuries I hit my right knee pretty hard they did xrays and said it was not broken but its been 5 weeks is still very sore and ive just noticed a rather decent lump under my knee where tendons are any ideas on whats going on? [|AI|] Hi ! Good evening. I am Chat Doctor answering your query. If I were your doctor, with your history of trauma and no bony injury in the x-rays, I would advise you for an orthopedic opinion who might suggest you for an MRI of the affected knee to rule out any ligament or cartilage injury. Rest of the management would depend on the physical findings, and reports of the related investigations. Till then, you could go for an anti-inflammatory Chat Doctor. I hope this information would help you in discussing with your family physician/treating doctor in further management of your problem. Please do not hesitate to ask in case of any further doubts. Thanks for choosing Chat Doctor to clear doubts on your health problems. Wishing you an early recovery. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi i recently was diagnosed with stage 1a ovarian cancer, i am 22 , i want kids and my doctor is pushing for surgery. when i denied it, he went straight for chemo.. with my career i need my hair and i want a family... so i looked into radation treatment but i was looking for a price..obviously my health is important and im looking into all my options .. i haave money.. i dont want surgery or chemo .. what can i do [|AI|] Hi, dairy have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. Treatment depends on type of ovarian cancer. If you have unilateral ovarian cancer then you should go for surgery first. If you want to preserve your uterus then at least go for oophorectomy. Other treatment options are radiotherapy that you don't want, so only options remain radiotherapy. However according to my opinion you should go for surgery. Your cancer is in initial stage and easily control by surgery. Once it goes on spreading then no treatment will help you. SO consult your doctor and plan accordingly. Hope I have answered your question, if you have any doubts then contact me at Chat Doctor. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am 19 years old and I indulged in unprotected sex about 53 hours back. The guy pulled out before ejaculating but we are still unsure of the circumstances. I am a case of PCOD which is why menstruation cycle keeps changing and I have been taking medication for that since a year and I have also been taking medication for my skin allergies regularly,homeopathic and allopathic. Is there any way I can know for sure whether I m pregnant or not,also is it advisable for me to take a contraceptive pill like I Pill before 72 hours are completed ? [|AI|] Hi there, My opinion after reading your question is that:1) After having unprotected intercourse, it is better to take an I-pill within 72 hours. This is to be done even if there was no ejaculation because pre-ejaculate also contains sperms.2) I do not know what treatment you are taking for POD, but if you are taking oral contraceptive pills like Yasmin or Ya mini or Male D or Duoluton-L, then you do not need to worry about taking I-pill. This can be determined by how you are taking the medicines. If you are taking 3 weeks of medicine followed by one week break, then they are most probably oral contraceptive pills.3) There is no way right now to find out if you are pregnant so soon, you will have to wait at least for two weeks and then get a blood test called serum beta Chat Doctor. If you miss periods, you can get a urine pregnancy test done.4) So to sum it all, I think you should take an I-pill as soon as possible. Then you can wait for periods. If you get them, nothing to worry. If you do not, then get a urine pregnancy test done. I hope this was helpful.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am experiencing random cramps in the chest on my left side most of the time and once in a while on my right. Its almost as if it feels like a muscle cramp from doing a chest exercise but I havent been to a gym and done any chest exercises. Whenever I get these cramping sharp pains I just take slow deep breaths and it goes away in seconds. What could this be? [|AI|] Thanks for your question I completely understand your question you should consult a pulmonologist who can get a chest X-ray done and lead to certain cause actually chest pain is due to a variety of causes like Costco Chat Doctor. In your case it seems like a neuralgia or a component of muscle aches for now take some analgesics like paracetamol and a methylcobalamin tablet after consulting your pulmonologist, you need a prescription for these medications thanks feel free to ask more questions may god bless you with good health
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I was at a friends house who was painting Wednesday with my son, we were there for two hours. We got home and he began coughing and has been coughing since is there reason for concern? Should I take him to the doctors or could the fumes irritated his airway? [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. In my opinion, your child Chat Doctor. Actually, any fume when inhaled can cause irritation and inflammation in the airways. This is known as bronchitis (inflammation of airways). And this causes coughing. So better to consult pulmonologist for your child and get done clinical examination of respiratory system. He might need inhaled bronchodilator and inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) for the treatment of bronchitis. Don't worry, he will be alright in 1-2 days. Hope I have solved your query. I will be happy to help you further. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] M husband has a persistent cough, it started last Wed. that evening he went to the walk in clinic. Got a steroid shot, cough syrup & azithromicin. 3 day supply (2 a day). He had double ear infections small cloud on lower left lung, told upper respiratory infection, too much pollen in the air. Not better went back to the clinic Sat. Did blood work, 2.5 white blood count. got an inhaler & different antibiotic.(5 day) No better. Went to the clinic Monday, got different cough syrup( with hydrocodone) gave him a bad headache. went back to first cough syrup. & breathing machine to use 3 times a day. White blood count up 2.8. No improvement. He has had a hard time sleeping, mostly in the recliner. Every time he lays down he begins to cough really bad. [|AI|] Respected user, hi I evaluated your query thoroughly.*Underlying inflammation irritating bronchi & alveoli are responsible for his condition.*He requires hospitalization with detail work up in form of X-ray Chest, Pulmonary function test, Allergy tests & intensive management in form of Specialized nursing care, IV antibiotics, bronchodilators to take care of the condition.@Till then, let him rest in semireclining position (supporting back for 30-40 degrees ) , maintain his HY Chat Doctor. Hope this clears your query. Thanks for using Chat Doctor & keeping trust in our medical services. Wishing him fast speedy recovery for the same. Regards take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Sir,my son is a habitual gambler and bets on cricket matches,plays high stakes in cards and also gambles heavily in casinos,whenever he gets the chance.He has shown a desire to quit after loosing substantially and with the family pressure to do so .We want him to be admitted to a centre which specialises in such treatment.He is obese and a heavy smoker also.We can afford good treatment and want to know how to approach this issue. [|AI|] Degree understand your concerns went through your details. I suggest you not to worry much. Gambling addiction is destructive one. Bankruptcy, job loss, depression, anxiety, loss of friends and family and of course suicide, these are the possible after effects. It is not easy to make him leave gambling. He needs to be made aware of its consequences. This awareness can be given with a counseling session. The following steps are essential1. His willingness to leave gambling2. He needs to find a productive alternative to gambling.3. He should always remember how he feels when he loses while gambling4. There are so many books on gambling addiction. He should read them.5. Entrust all his money with a close family member6. He should insist himself that No cheating.7. Addiction counselor should be consulted often. If you require more of my help in this aspect, Please post a direct question to me in this website. Make sure that you include every minute details possible. I shall prescribe the needed psychotherapy techniques which should help you cure your condition further. Hope this answers your query. Available for further clarifications. Good luck.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi. Im 17 and have a marble size lump of my inner thigh next to the groin area. It doesn t hurt at all until i touch it. It seems like it has a purplish head on it but it really cant be seen that great. What do i have? Im worried it might be some form of an std? [|AI|] Hi, dairy have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. You may have some enlarged lymph node due to infection or some other cause, or you may have some soft tissue tumor. You should go for fine needle aspiration cytology or biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Then you should take treatment accordingly. Hope I have answered your question, if you have doubt then I will be happy to answer. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i am having pain in my lower stomach, i have had this pain for a few days now but now its really hurting, should i apply heat on it? or ice? the pain is like a sharp shooting, when i touch it it hurts worst any movement (crunch, side twist, etc) makes the pain go from mild to omg then back down to mild a few moments later. i need to get it checked out but for now, should i apply heat or ice? the pain really starts on the right and moves along the bottom of my stomach to the left. thank you for your time. [|AI|] Howell come to ChatDoctorI really appreciate your concern, hot water fermentation would be nice because if the pain is due to some flatulence then this may be benefited instead of using this it is advisable to get done the clinical examination, and investigation to know the underlying cause of abdominal, such hot water and ice option can be used if there is no option for medicine, or it would be away, for some time, take care, have a nice day.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i have been treated with bronchitis before .. i am fine when i doing my regular routine but when i get too excited ,or if the weather is cold or when i am running or do work out i find it difficult to breathe due to which i cannot continue my activities and i have to calm down to get back to normal . can i find a soution ? [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. In my opinion, we should rule out chronic bronchitis in your case. So better to consult pulmonologist and get done PFT (Pulmonary Function Test).PFT will not only diagnose bronchitis, but it will also tell you about severity of the disease and treatment is based on severity only. You may need to need inhaled bronchodilators (formoterol or albuterol) for longer duration. Hope I have solved your query. I will be happy to help you further. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, I went to the Dr today for depression and anxiety and he prescribed Celexa 20mg 1 tab daily. I realized after reading the information on this drug that I forgot to mention to him that I had a small hole in my heart as a young child. I dont go to the doctor very often at all and have not had this checked on in many years yet I tend to get chest pains occasionally. Can Celexa effect this issue? [|AI|] HI, thanks for using Chat Doctor Elena can cause problems with the hearts electrical activity in some persons. Its use is not recommended in persons with underlying heart issues or those persons with abnormal levels of potassium or magnesium in the blood. It is possible that since you do not have regular follow up for your heart that your history of heart disease would not have a significant impact, but it would be best to inform your doctor prior to starting the medication. I hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I had a car accident some 20 months ago and suffered whip lash and a seat belt burn to my neck. for some time i have had a numb feeling in my right thigh and this has got progressively worse, pins and needles and a burning sensation.. could this be due to the accident.. have a gp appointment next week [|AI|] Yes, there is a chance of nerve compression. It's good to show a GP. But it would be better if you go to an orthopedic clinic. X-ray spine would be required, and you may need to have a MRI done, that depends on how does the clinical examination presents. You may need some medication to strengthen your nerves. And you may need a belt to immobilize your affected area of spine that assist healing and protects from worsening
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, My father is 71 years old.from last 5 days his blood pressure has increased to 180/110.other sysmpotms He is passing urine unknowingly and is facing difficulties walking.consulted physician after checking his CT scan report said he might be facing NPH problem and to consult a neurologist.Want to know what are the tests,treatments avaliable? what is the safest treatment we can go for ? is it a risk to take treatment/ go for any surgery at his age? [|AI|] Hello and welcome to Ask a Doctor service. I have reviewed your query and here is my advice. Test to confirm the diagnosis is MRI and lumber puncture which is included removing some amount of fluid and looking for the improvement. This is the confirmatory test. Treatment for this condition is surgery where is pipe is placed between brain and abdominal cavity to Chat Doctor. Although surgery will more risk in elderly, it should be done otherwise condition is progressive and will lead to further deterioration like walking difficulty and memory loss of the patient. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi there doctor I am very confused at the moment :( about 15 days ago I had un protected sex. I took the emergency morning after pill. I feel very sick since but I did get a very light bleed for four days. I dont know if that was my period or not. I did take home pregency test a d it was negative. By lately I have a been very nausea I have had awful bad discomfort in my belly and I am very very nausea and very tired. Also I have been getting dizzy spells. I am very worried. I cant lie on my stomach as it hurts so so much. Please help [|AI|] Hi. Thanks for asking in Chat Doctor. Your symptoms of nausea, abdominal cramps and tiredness may be due to the high level of progesterone in the pill rather than pregnancy because severe abdominal pain in early stage of pregnancy is uncommon. Emergency pill or morning after pill is effective if it is taken within 72 hours after an unprotected sex. If the ovulation has already occurred then the morning after pill will not interfere with fertilization but will interfere with implantation of the fertilized ovum. Since you have got with Chat Doctor. Although the failure rate is less than 10% you should still rule out pregnancy through blood test which is more accurate than the urine test. If found positive then you should consult your treating
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Sir....I have a big problem of hand practice from last 5 year now iam still 18 .... I do hand practice 4 - 5 in a week ...when I do this I control my mind I losss my mind ? A Sir...I am week from my childhood ...but In that case I started hand practice I am fell iam no healty from my body still I look 12 year boy.....I am think many time to drop but I can t ? sir tl me how I quite this from my life ? What wil treatment & medicine ? but sir pls pls tell me the solution how I quite otherwise I quit.....? Sir pls pls ...tell me the medicine also anf how will make health.& diet also ? pls pls help sir [|AI|] HelloThanks for query. You have been indulged in masturbation since 5 years and now facing problems related to your general health which you think it to be due to masturbationFirst of all there is myth in a mind of common man that excessive masturbation is the reason of all sexual problems But I would like to state that it has been discussed in scientific forums all over the world and proved scientifically that masturbation does not have any negative effect on any organ or system in the body. All the problems that you are facing now are mind related and due to anxiety. Following measure will help you to boost up your confidence and improve your general health.1) Practice regular exercise for 45 minutes followed by meditation for 1/2 an hour in the morning.2) Take high protein diet rich in vegetables and fruits and vitamin A, C,D, E.and Zinc3)Take anti oxidants like Almonds 5-6 every day. Though it is harmless, excessive and frequent habitual masturbation does affect quality of erection and delays ejaculation. Please try to reduce the frequency of masturbation by keeping yourself busy in activities like sports, reading , social work etc. so that you will not get free time to masturbate.Finally, it is your self-determination that will help to quit this habit. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have sciatica pain from a hip reconstruction I had in 2002. Now Im experiencing weakness when lifting my arms. FAcial numbess, mostly on left side but feel a little on right. Legs are almost numb from knee down, it does travel up my left leg. Feet numb and tingling too. My head is almost kinda numb and I cant think straight. Dizzy on and off. I feel sick to my stomach. Please help.Thank you, Nancy [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to Chat Doctor .com I am Chat Doctor. Mariano Into Bruno Mascaras. I have gone through your query with diligence and would like you to know that I am here to help you. The history is suggestive of Peripheral Neuropathy You need to visit a Neurologist and undergo Clinical Examination of ReflexesExamination of Sensory System Nerve Conduction Studies After that we can treat and try to cure you at the earliest Hope you found the answer helpful. If you need any clarification / have doubts / have additional questions / have follow-up questions, then please do not hesitate in asking again. I will be happy to answer your questions. In the future, for continuity of care, I encourage you to contact me directly in Chat Doctor at
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Im 47 years old and had a long history of gyn problems endometrosis, painful periods , retroverted uterus, 2 healthy pregnancys. I have had 3-4 lap surgerys for the endo. I had my last pap about 2 months ago, that was normal, they did do a transvaginal u/s because of heaviness and history. Her words were you are a fibroid factory. However its been almost a yr since my last period and she said i was postmenopausal and they would regress now. I recently noticed and felt my cervix protruding out , I saw her today and i have stage 3 prolapse and after exam has suggested hysterectomy with bladder and bowel repair, which she said was also down. i have a family history of ovarian, breast and a sister now with stage 4 colon cancer, so i said ok to total hysterectomy but now i am getting nervous about that decision, what should i do, should i get another opinion. [|AI|] Hello, thanks for using Chat Doctor. True at menopause, fibroid regress and symptoms get improved. The real problem now is the uterine prolapse which not withstanding could have been caused by the weight of the fibroid. Advanced uterine fibroid is managed surgically. In your case, doing surgery will be a waste of resources unlike doing a hysterectomy that would prevent cervical cancer. In my humble opinion, I will advise for a total hysterectomy with suspension of the vagina and reperitonisation. Best regards Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi had hip surgery about a year ago and im having more pain now than before the surgery I had my labeuin repaired and the DR. drilled wholes in my hip bone he also did hip injection and it didn t help me and I have pain all up and down my wright side I cant turn my neck I hurts so bad. please tell me what else can I do. [|AI|] Hi, Thank you for providing the brief history of you. A thorough neuromuscular and musculoskeletal assessment is advised. As you have pain post hip surgery, it could be due to muscle weakness. As there is an ideology of pre-check before the surgery to have a muscle of grade 3 and more. Since post incision the muscle will Chat Doctor. Also, post surgery there is need of hip rehabilitation under the guidance of the physical therapist, as the overall strengthening of the muscles in and around the hip joint is needed for better results. If you have missed out or performed kindly repeat it again to regain the stability. As due to muscle weakness the pain is eligible to give functional discomfort. In my clinical practice post-operative chronic pain in hip, we recommend them physical therapy, and they respond well with near normal functional abilities. RegardsJay In
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have had left radical nephrectomy from kidney cancer and also have stage 3 kidney disease. Recently my UA has repeatedly shown WBC but no culture growth. I do know how to do a clean catch mid-stream collection. I also have SLE and I am concerned that there is a problem with my remaining kidney since I have had general malaise symtoms. Could the WBC be from the lupus or from kidney disease? [|AI|] Hello & welcome to Chat Doctor forum 1) WBC/ Pus cell in urine up to 3 cells in female & up to 5 cells are normal. 2) If your urine culture is negative then it indicates that you are not suffering from Urinary Tract Infection. 3) Still pus cells beyond normal limit in urine indicate cells arising from glomerulus in kidney. SHE cause glomeruli in kidney, and you may have pus cells in urine. In such cases, urine examination also shows presence of RBC in urine. 4) You should go for kidney biopsy and immunofluorescence study of kidney to see the exact present status. Thanks
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, Very recently I am having difficulty in taking complete normal breath continuously but I have no problem in taking complete breath and feeling tired almost all the time and feeling like hot flushes time to time. I am 22 yrs old 67kg 5 feet tall woman from tropical country and have irregular periods. Few months earlier I completed a course of Regestrone 3 pills per day for 2 months and I take Dexorange once in a week from last 8 years since I was diagnosed with iron deficiency. My blood sugar is 110 -140. Please suggest prognosis or medication if required. [|AI|] Thanks for the question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your problem and situation. In my opinion you are having breathing difficulty due to anemia. Hot flushing can also be seen in anemia. So correction of anemia should be done in your case. You are also having hormonal imbalance. So possibility of anxiety related mood swings and breathing difficulty is also high. Hormonal imbalance is known to cause anxiety. So anemia and anxiety both are causing you breathing difficulty. Your age is too young for cardiac cause. So no need to worry much for cardiac cause. Better to consult psychiatrist and get done counselling sessions. Try to identify stressor in your life and start working on its solution. Correction of anemia and hormonal imbalance is needed. So consult your gynecologist and start appropriate treatment.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My 5 yro daughter has a circlular red spot on one cheek, about the size of 50cent piece. No other symptons other than a snotty nose. The "redness" is bright and not raised or rough. Any suggestions on treatment as it has been present for 7 days now. [|AI|] Hi... Thank you for consulting in Chat Doctor. Skin conditions are best diagnosed only after seeing directly. I suggest you to upload photographs of the same on this website, so that I can guide you scientifically. Hope my answer was helpful for you. I am happy to help any time. Further clarifications and consultations on Chat Doctor are welcome. If you do not have any clarifications, you can close the discussion and rate the answer. Wish your kid good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have a mass that seems to be growing right under my rib cage close to my abdomen. It s about 2in from the center of my chest and it s seems to be about 3in - 4in wide. It s soft and doesn t hurt that much... there s a little pain but not much... it s showed up a couple of weeks ago. ThanksJeremy [|AI|] HIA lump could be anything from infection to lipoma to carcinoma. I would advise to you to go for a test called FNAC. It stands for Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology. A part of the lump would be taken out and will be studied under a microscope to see if the cells are normal or cancerous.However, a detailed physical examination involving palpation and percussion and trans illumination of lump is required before making any further comments.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i am 31 yr old female.i have been suffering from rt lower abdominal pains only when i stand for prolonged period. ultra sound scan suggests borderline hepatomegaly and pelvicalyectasia.the pain is not continuous and goes away after rest.what should be my next action.should i be treated or just live with this problem .please let me know [|AI|] You wouldst live with any pain, every pain has some cause. Your pain sounds to me more like gynecologic disorder. Especially if no gallbladder disorder or stones have been seen on US. If analgesics help hen your problem can be muscular or neurogenic so there won't be any intra-abdominal pathology. If it persists then complete garment. Workup must be done including gastronomy and colonoscopy. Wish you good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have chronic pancreatitis and diabetes, for over a year now on and off every few months I get chest pains that shoot down the left arm. I am pretty used to pain suffering 4 a cute pancreas attacks. I would rate the chest pain as a 10. I has a stress test on the heart a year ago and the test was borderline for angina. They made me Waite for a secon opinion and the decision was it wasnt angina. I have been back to the gP and they are just dismissing it saying I had the test. I am getting pretty scared [|AI|] Hi thanks for contacting Chat Doctor... Do you have gall stone?? Are you alcohol Chat Doctor? . So by through detailed history and investigation cause of acute pancreatitis searched for... And if possible treated accordingly....Meanwhile, during acute pancreatitis rules intubation might need to rest pancreas. It can lead referred chest pain... While pain ECG can be done to rule out angina. If angina present arbitrate taken immediately. Take low fat diet and avoid alcohol.... Take care...
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My son has been having this simtoms...excessive salivation followed by a sharp pain in the chest. We went to ER and they told me is just growing pains. This is not going away. I have been giving him Motrin. I also notice that after long periods of not eating this happens. [|AI|] have mentioned a very important point that this chest pain occurs after a long period of not eating. It could be GER(gastroesophageal reflux). Your son may need - 1. Antireflux therapy - Proton pump inhibitors + antiemetics2. Always make him lie down in a propped up position. He should not be sleeping completely flatly.3. Avoid heavy feeding and feeding more times and in small liquors. Regards -
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My mother has just been diagnosed with gastric ulcers , I noticed that the doctor is checking for cancer- lymphoma , carcinoma and h. pylori . Is this standard procedure? He ordered these tests via biopsies taken yesterday during an endoscopy. She had been vomitting blood, and had severe abdominal pain (was taken to ER) also her potassium was very low? [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to Chat Doctor, I am Chat Doctor When an aged patient has gastric ulcer every doctor will search for any associated other disease like H.pylori. It is quite normal. But what seems very odd to me is, the condition of your mother needs very close observation and resuscitation witChatDoctorpensating the bleeding and vomiting and low potassium level which may get very serious at times. And after stabilizing the patient then planning for these investigations will be necessary.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] HI ! i want to know that is there any chances of my wife getting pregnant bcoz she is getting delayed in her periods regularly from last three months and this time almost 2 months have passed but she has not got her periods perfectly. we have done the pregnancy test twice with the kit available in the markets but it showed negative and our doctor has given her ovacet tablets twice a day. i want to know is this medicine correct and do not have any side effects. [|AI|] Welcome to Chat Doctor. Your doctor gave ova set for proper ovulation and follicle formation. You have to plan your pregnancy under guidance of USG ovulation study and your gynecologist. What about semen analysis...?? You have to perform active, successful sex after rupture of follicle for these two to three days. Other hormonal treatment is also required to maintain proper endometrial condition and pregnancy. Keep in touch with your doctor. Other recent management is also available now, ask your doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have had a high monocytes reading 13 and low hemoglobin this was a routine blood test at work . I have now seen my GP who has said I am anemic but is sending me for more tests what will they be looking for ? I have had a dull ache in my back for many months and like an itching on my skin too, I am 49 and 5ft 6 ...generally good health but lately just feel drained [|AI|] Hello and welcome to Chat Doctor, A high monocyte count, low hemoglobin and low backache can be due to same disease process or separate disease entities. Raised monocyte count is seen in both non-neoplastic and neoplastic disorders. Non-neoplastic disorders include chronic infections like malaria, leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, etc. These infections are more common in tropical countries and absent in temperate countries.Non-infectious include multiple sclerosis, etc. Neoplastic diseases include leukemia. A peripheral blood examination and other relevant systemic investigations will help further. Low hemoglobin can occur due to dietary deficiency or due to decreased production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. Red cell indices - MTV, MCH, MHC, RDW need to be done to know the cause of low hemoglobin. Low backache can occur due to bad posture, skeletal muscle strain, or due to some pathology in the bones. In the presence of high monocytes and low hemoglobin, there is possibility of bone marrow involvement by leukemia. Consult a hematologist for further work up. Thanks and take care Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Can a cavity cause laryngitis and trouble breathing? I have had symptoms off and on for almost a year. Now worried because on antibiotics for pneumonia (although I believe it was from allergic reaction to foods-a norm for me). But, the laryngitis has been off and on for almost a year. thanks! -amy [|AI|] Hi. Thanks for the query. A cavity is not commonly seen to cause Laryngitis or breathing difficulty, however if the infection in tooth is severe and there is pus discharge then it can cause throat infection and can probably cause Laryngitis. But if there is just a cavity with no pain in tooth then your symptoms are not due to the tooth. So it is advisable to consult an Emergency room and get evaluated, and they can advise you to get a chest x-ray done to rule out lung infection or other possible pulmonary diseases and other causes. For now continue taking antibiotics and along with it do warm saline gargles. Hope this helps. Regards.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi Im having my period and I keep getting a dull pain on my left hand side under my rib cage, last ymarch I had surgery where they took away my large bowel and formed a j pouch from the small part, this is my 4th period since the op iv had this dull pain for 2 to 3 days [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. Possibility of simple musculoskeletal pain is more likely in your case. But better to rule out cardiac chest pain first because you are having left sided chest pain. So get done ECG, 2d echo and stress test. If all these are normal then no need to worry about heart diseases. Apply warm water pad on affected areas. Take simple painkiller like ibuprofen. Avoid movements causing pain. Avoid bad postures in sleep. Avoid heavyweight lifting and strenuous exercise. Don't worry, you will be alright with all these. Hope I have solved your query. I will be happy to help you further. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, I have a question about pregnancy. I haven t had my period for the month of February. But in the middle of January I had some brown spotting which doesn t happen. Also I get lots of tightening in my abdomen throughout the day and after intercourse. It is intense after intercourse. My stomach sticks right out. Another is a few weeks ago I had leakage from my left breast but it was only about a drop of so. But what weird. I have been pregnant before but had none of this before hand. Also my breasts were sore with my other pregnancies and they are not sore at the moment. There is a couple other things. But I would like your opinion on this please help! [|AI|] Hallow Dear, Your history is suggestive of possibility of pregnancy. Let me explain the events you have described. The spotting with pain in abdomen you had in the mid-January period is most likely what is called as Mittelschmerz. It the phenomenon of bleeding with abdominal pain at the time of egg release. Since you had intercourse on that day, the chances of pregnancy are very high. Now you have missed period, moreover you have nausea, tenderness of the breasts with some secretions from the nipples. This is all suggestive of pregnancy. Still if you have any doubt or want a proof of documentation, you may go for urine pregnancy test a week after the missed period. This test gives best results if performed on the overnight morning first urine sample. I hope this helps you. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi my mum is 83 and for years now she has been suffering with bad choking fits every day which seems to come from congestion. She does nt take any medication and says that nothing can be done to help her. As she gets older the coughing is getting worse. Is there anything that can be done to help her? When she coughs she sometimes runs out of breath. It is constant every day. [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your mothers situation and problem. In my opinion, we should first diagnose her and then start appropriate treatment. By her history and description, possibility of bronchitis or aspiration pneumonia is more. Bronchitis is common in old age. Choking with thick secretions in old age is common in aspiration pneumonia. So better to consult pulmonologist and get done 1. Clinical examination of respiratory system 2. Chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. 3. PUT (Pulmonary Function Test) for the diagnosis of bronchitis. She may need antibiotics, inhaled bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroid (ICS). So better to first diagnose her and then start appropriate treatment. Hope I have solved your query. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, I am 24 years old, I had been diagnosed with CIN 1 in june of 2012, after a normal pap in 2011. Then upon repeat test i had CIN 2 in aug of 2012. my doctor did a lazer ablation of my cervix in dec and my last 2 paps have been normal. but in july of 2013 my periods have been getting very irregular, heavy, and longer. I saw my OB and she prescribed birth control. A few weeks ago i had sever pain in my left pelvic area and went to the er. upon ultrasound they found a left "complicated hydropsalpix of 6.5cm with low level internal echoes and debris" rt ovary 4.1cm left 2cm. and possible endometriosis. The doctor in charge of my care has left the practice and My new OB that took my case does not seem to be concerned at all. Do i need a second opinion? I worry about cancer because my grandmother has had breast cancer twice, once at 35 and again at 64. 1 of her daughters (my aunt) has had ovarian cancer and another has had breast cancer. My father also has a sister with ovarian cancer. Given my family history, do i have a reason for concern? I am done having kids, i have 2, but when i asked my physician about the possiblily of a hysterectomy due to all the problems developing over the last year she said i was "too young to make that choice" Im just looking for another opinion. Thank you [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for writing in. With history of IN 1 and family history of cancers, your concern and worry are genuine. At the same time you have been successfully treated for IN 1. At 24 years age it is too early to get hysterectomy done when your IN 1 has been treated. Ovaries are necessary for hormonal production in young women and should not be removed unless indicated. The complicated HY Chat Doctor. You may take a second opinion on that concerning its management. Hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi doctor, I would like to know bellows, Recent I was noticed I m tpha positive test bellow they didn t informed, it was a gulf medical center, but others test like vdrl, HB sag-a,b,c,igm,HiV all are negatives. Earlier one month ago i had medical test it was okay. For your information that s I had never any sex relationship s,except my wife. After their noticed I make test for wife she was negative tpha,. For my previous medical history 12 year s ago I was vdrl positive due to using a date expire cathader, after I got treatment after it was negative, during the time s more then 8 times I got medical test I never noticed any kind of problem s, as I m working in gulf country s so I had medical test every years, how about after I want a doctor he had given me an ceftreaxon 1gm I/M injection. Single dose with ciprofloxacin 500mg twice daily 5 days. Please advice me in this regards. Thanks [|AI|] HIT hanks for posting your query to Chat Doctor. See 12 years ago you were positive for V Chat Doctor. It means you had Syphilis and you received treatment, and you were cured. But once you get syphilis this TPA test will be positive for life. It doesn't mean that you are not cured, or you need further treatment. Its just that that test remains positive for life inspire of complete treatment. So nothing to worry and no need for any further treatment. Hope this information was useful to you. Any clarifications feel free to ask.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I woke up this morning with a dull throb in my lower back on the right side. Occationally I have had an ache in that area during the day time but considered it was back strain and with rest it seemed to go away. Ive taken one tablet of aleve 1 1/2 ago and it is still there, somewhat less throbbing now. I dont have a fever so I dont think its my apendix. I am wondering if its related to my ovary on that side, Im 47 and just recently had hot flashes last month. I do have about 3-4 glasses of alcohol in a week. It does seem to be closer to my spine but its hard to tell for sure...What do you suggest? [|AI|] Here you have told you are having this kind of throbbing back pain on and off. And now it's more from one day. I suggest not to treat the symptom but take proper treatment for the cause. Now to find out the cause you need to check with spinal MRI of your back. And as per the report I suggest consulting orthopedic doctor take suggestion in treatment. It can be with medication and physiotherapy to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation at painful soft tissue. Or else if there is major issue with MRI report then or tho may suggest for surgical correction also. In both above cases you need to follow up with physio for postural correction and advice as well spinal exercises to improve strength and stamina of spine. If there is no problem in MRI spine and after all if there is still pain in abdomen also then you need to check with ultrasound of abdomen and as per report as well cause of pain need to follow up further treatment for it. For this I suggest consulting your gone and take proper suggestion and treatment. Usually dull throbbing pain is usually related with spinal problem only. However the information will be done by MRI of back only. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hey i do feel sweet sweet pain in my stomach some time in left side some time in right side,and feels very tired and pain in sole of my food.i get all test done like LFT,KFT,most of blood test,Endoscopy,biopsy,liver scan,hip scan,spinal scan.but nothing came in report.please help me i feel very uncomfortable all time and tired.. [|AI|] Hi ! Good morning. I am Chat Doctor answering your query. As I could see practically no routine investigations have been left in your case and all are normal as per your history. However, if I were your doctor, I would also have done a thyroid function test for you. If this is normal, I would suggest you to consult your doctor for prescription of a proton pump inhibitor, and an antianxiety Chat Doctor. Also, I would go for a routine stool test for ova and cyst and suggest you to avoid food from outside if you do. I hope this information would help you in discussing with your family physician/treating doctor in further management of your problem. Please do not hesitate to ask in case of any further doubts. Thanks for choosing Chat Doctor to clear doubts on your health problems. Wishing you an early recovery. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have noticed this last week that when I wake up my mouth is extremely dry and fels awful. I have spit in the sink and saw brown salvia . Don t know what is causing it as this doesn t happen during the day. I have had dry mouth at night for quite awhile. What should I do or would should I go see. C. H. Thanks anyway. [|AI|] Most probable reason of brown saliva could be blood in your saliva . Chat Doctor. . Consult a dentist to get a check-up. You may need a full mouth scaling. For the time being you can start with Hi-Ora GA (gum astringent) mix it with residing M gel (chlorehexidine + metronidazole) and apply over gums 5-6 times daily . Start using a good chlorhexidine mouth wash mix it with Luke warm saline water and rinse your mouth 3-4 times daily. Medicines are for symptomatic relief only. Professional examination is required.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] pregnancy Hello I was wondering if you can answer a couple of questions i have. Im a 23 year old female and i have 2 children ages 5 and 3... After i had my 3 year old i got on birth control which would be the mirena.. I got that placed in November 2008 and i had it removed in December of 2010 i have took any meds or any other birth control once the mirena was removed. Ive beening trying to concieve every since i dont use protection dont take any meds so is there anything i can do to try and conceive... [|AI|] Hi, I think you can take some medicines like camphene for the growth of your eggs. After using contraception for Long, ovaries get suppressed, and it takes around 1 year to return to normal. So, to speed up the process of conception, you can take medicines. Track your follicles' growth by repeated ultrasound. Be in contact with your husband every 2 to 3 days. Also take progesterone after your eggs rupture. Talk to your doctor regarding this. Hope I have answered your question. If you have any other query I will be happy to help. Regards Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My 18-month-old son started walking very early (10 months) and has always been a climber. During some of his adventures, he s has had some nasty falls. He ended up with a concussion back in December and had a clean cat scan, but was hospitalized overnight for observation. Now everyone he bumps his head, no matter how minor, he will get these noticeable knots/bumps. Should we be concerned about these bumps? He has some severe language delays (suspected apraxia). [|AI|] Regarding language development there is a lot of variability, most toddlers are saying about 20 words by 18 months. If at 18 months your child is using gesture instead of vocalizations to communicate then you should consult speech and language pathologist for detailed clinical evaluation and investigations. Regarding head bumps, are these bumps appearing only on head or anywhere else after minor trauma. As you said CT scan following previous head injury was normal, possibility of most of the internal injuries is ruled out. Bruising after minor trauma may be a sign of blood disorder. Consult your doctor and ask for investigations like CBC, coagulation studies.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] 5th incident this month. early morning hours, sharp heavy pressure chest pain when turning from left side of sleep unto my back. center of my chest,can hardly move,almost like a paralysis...but painful. I hold and push on my own chest to help relieve pressure,squeezing,pain.Thought it was a heart attack? [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your situation and problem. We need to get done ECG and 2d echo first, to rule out cardiac cause. If both are normal then no need to worry about cardiac cause. HERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) can also cause similar symptoms. It is due to laxity of gastroesophageal sphincter. Because of this the acid of the stomach tends to come up in the esophagus and cause severe central chest pain. Better to follow these steps for better symptomatic relief. 1. Avoid stress and tension. Avoid hot and spicy food. 2. Avoid large meals, instead take frequent small meals. 3. Start proton pump inhibitors. 4. Go for walk after meals. Keep 2-3 pillows under head in the bed to prevent reflux. 5. Avoid alcohol and smoking if you have these habits. Don't worry, you will be alright.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, I have had the implant for 4 years had it changed last February, I very rarly have periods and now for the last two month I have been on for 2 weeks then off for a week then the same thing. Just wondered if it was a problem with my implant or something ?Thanks [|AI|] Hi Hope this message finds u in good health. I have gone through your msg and understand your may be due to some sort of hormonal imbalances or variations in the body, though there may be other reasons as reclothing to worry about, You should eventually get back to normal. Take multi vitamin and calcium supplements Do consult a gynecologist if symptoms worsened back to me for any FOLLOW-UP QUERIES anytime. Chat Doctor. .(MBBS, MS,MCH)
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Dear doctor I am 13 years old and I have just discoverd a blister type thing on the lower part of my penis, it dose not itch or sore anything just when I touch the blister it stings. I am not sexually active I am still a virgin but I am very worried. It is like red with clear and black fluid in it. Should I pop it? [|AI|] HelloThanks for your query, based on the facts that you have posted it appears that you have blister over glans penis. Mostly this could be due to infection or allergic reaction to soap that you are using, You need to take broad spectrum antibiotic like Čeferin along with anti-inflammatory Chat Doctor. Do not attempt to pop it out yourself. It will get cured with use of antibiotics. Ensure to wash your genitals with warm water twice daily.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have severe headaches every so often. I have one right now... and laying here on the couch, my heart felt like it was beating so hard it could pop out of my sternum. I do not get these hard heart beats everytime I have a headache; but when I do get them, I already have a headache (as today). My husband checked my pulse...78... so I wonder if it is SVT? [|AI|] Hi, Regarding your concern, I would explain that it is necessary performing a prolonged ambulatory ECG Holder monitoring in order to examine your heart rhythm trends for a prolonged time in order to examine the type of arrhythmia. I would also recommend performing some blood lab tests (complete blood count for anemia, thyroid hormone levels for thyroid gland dysfunction, blood electrolytes for possible imbalance). You should discuss with your doctor on the above tests. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, Ive been having severe back pain for over a year now. I have had a x-ray done. I have been to physical theraphy for 6 weeks and neither helped. I dont have health insurance and i dont think my doctor is taking me seriously. The medication i take is Tramadol 50mg, Naproxen 500mg, and Diazepam 5mg. I have been on this medication the whole time. Im not a pill head and everytime i tell my doctor that these meds. or not helping she does nothing about it. I no that there is something not right. For the last week every night after midnight i am in pain for hours. My doctor told me i have muscle spasms. When the pain comes my whole back locks up. While im in pain i cant move, sit up, and dont wont to be touched. Almost everyday im in pain. I just want to no what is exactly wrong with me and how can i stop the pain. Please help me! [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for your query. After going through your query I came to know that you are suffering from chronic backache. It may be due to vitamin and trace element deficiencies specially vitamin D and vitamin B 12. You need to do MRI to rule out other causes. Back exercises, neurotrophic such as mecobalamine and analgesics (which you are already taking) give relief. Serum vitamin D test is advised if it is lower than vitamin D supplementation will be required. Avoid long continuous standing. Sit in a straight posture. You can discuss with your treating Doctor about it. I do hope that you have found something helpful. If you have additional questions or follow-up queries then please do not hesitate in writing to us. I will be happy to answer your queries. Wishing you good health. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis , been on allot of penicillin , had a MRI, which confirmed it. feels like toothache this all started after a root canal treatment. Doc took swab as i requested a year later & she found staphylococcus!! now ive been prescribed a combination antibiotic 500mg flucloxallin that i started today...I am taking a probiotic too. Ive had a minor athrostopy that almost killed me as the recovery was so bad, & i didnt take any time off work either, im good at the moment as im positive doing yoga & on leave for a wk im also drinking organic apple cider vinagar with water throughout the day. [|AI|] Hello jay, chronic sinusitis is one of the most common prevailing disease in the modern world and is 100% curable...... Toothache is one of the effects of chronic sinusitis itself, so please consult your physician for that to that do you really need a medication for that!!!! Else, in homeopathy the treatment is permanent and quick as the medicines you are taking right now i.e. antibiotics do have loads of side effects. Consult a good classical homeopathic physician there in your area, he or she may help you to come over it successfully..... along with that, start doing some BREATHING EXERCISES and do inhale plain water steam, it will help in relaxation of nasal congestion too.... take care........
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my father is in another state. my mom called me and said that he was in the family room watching tv with her and had his eyes open and mouth open but was unresponsive. she slapped him in the face a few times and nothing. called ems and they took vitals and asked questions and offered to take to er...he said no. he has history of cancer and heart problems. oh before ems arrived he awake but doesn t remember what happened. I am begging her to take him to er but he refuses but says he will go to dr tomorrow. I am afraid of mini stroke? advice? [|AI|] Hello, as your father had loss of consciousness for few seconds or minutes. As your father is elderly and history of stroke with heart problems. Thanks for detailed history, he had cancer, which might caused metastasis to the brain and caused these absence seizures(Unresponsive to stimuli) . These symptoms can also be explained by stroke like TIA (transient ischemic attack) , where transient loss of consciousness. Fortunately your dad recovered from symptoms, thus seek medical attention as soon as possible and take treatment. Hope your father not have significant findings and are within normal limits.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Last Monday I fell and dislocated and fractured my right elbow. I went to the ER where they set it and placed a gel cast and ace wrap around my whole arm. Today, I turned my wrist and then felt a pain go up my arm and I heard a cracking. The is no discoloration or swelling under the ace wrap but I am experiencing pain in what I feel is my muscle and elbow an 8/10. I am not having numbness or tingling but my hand and arm are feeling heavy. Should I got to the ER or is it something I should rest for the night? [|AI|] Dear patient If your dislocated elbow is reduced and given cast it should be kept for 3 weeks at least. If there was fracture also duration of cast may need extension. Mild pain and swelling may persist for few initial days. If your swelling is on scale of 8 a new check X-ray should be done. Visit to your operating surgeon is recommended. Meanwhile start tab diclofenac 50 mg twice a day for pain relief.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have been told I have severe anemia This is the fourt h time in my life. Had it age 9 then between 40 and50. Now I am 60 and have it again. The middle two times was from actos and advanda.. At 58 I hadoperation and tradition for cervacal and uterine cancer. I am fine now except this started again Could it be another med that I am on? Thank you [|AI|] Hello and welcome to Chat Doctor, Anemia is not a disease but a symptom. Relevant investigations are required to know the cause of anemia. Complete hologram and peripheral blood smear examination are required to know the cause of anemia. There are three basic causes of anemia-decreased production of hemoglobin, blood loss and increased destruction of red blood cells. Treatment of anemia can be planned after knowing the cause of anemia. Thanks and take care Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I took my daughter to the pediatrician because her temp was 102.4 and her throat was swollen and red. They tested her for rsv, strep, and the flu all were negative. Now she has a bad cough and her voice is starting to get hoarse. Is that normal, is this "cold" running its course or should I be concerned? [|AI|] Hi, From history it seems that she might be having acute upper respiratory tract infection, either viral, bacterial or mixed. Seeing severe symptoms she might require one course of antibiotic medicine as it might create problem like pneumonitis if not treated with antibiotic. Consult your pediatrician and discuss this. Give her paracetamol and decongestant medicine to get symptomatic relief from all symptoms. Ok and take care. Give her enough water and keep her well HY Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Im experiencing dull pain in the left side of my chest and my focus always seems to be on my insides like i think theres something wrong with me but really nothing is it also feels at times that its hard to breath and like theres a belt wrapped tightly around my head please im not sure what to do [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. Left sided chest pain should always be evaluated first for heart diseases. So better to first get done ECG and 2d echo. If both are normal then no need to worry about cardiac diseases. Sometimes musculoskeletal pain can also cause similar symptoms. So avoid heavyweight lifting and strenuous exercise. Avoid movements causing pain. Avoid bad postures in sleep. Take painkiller and muscle relaxant Chat Doctor. Apply warm water pad on affected site. Don't worry, you will be alright. But first rule out heart related diseases. Hope I have solved your query. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My 6 year old is complaining of chest pain, she s crying. She says she was punched in the chest at school. I can t even touch her without her whimpering. I gave her some Tylenol. I am concerned that she has a bruised breast plate or broken ribs. I know the point where she was punched is considered a kill point. This happened in lunch line at school, by a boy her age. [|AI|] Hi thanks for contacting Chat Doctor... Noted your child having blunt trauma to chest wall.... It could be ......-rib facture -muscular strain.-Costco Chat Doctor. ... Analgesic can be given if needed.... Here he has to avoid heavyweight lift or strenuous activity... Hot pads can be applied.... Take sleep in posture that not aggravate pain... Healthy and balanced diet given.... For rule out rib fracture chest x-ray need to be done.... If needed compression bandage applied.... And yes take care about not bitten by friend next severe injury can sometime be dangerous... If condition worsen then chest x-ray done.... Take care...
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I was laying in bed and my heart whent from normal to Extremely fast like i was about to have a heart attack and then it stopped for almost a full minute and then started normally again what happened my friends told me it could be a heart murmer but it really scared me could you tell me what happened? [|AI|] Hi, What you have experienced are palpitations, and palpitations are caused by a lot of factors which may include intrinsic heart problems like arrhythmias and valve problems, thyroid disease, as well as external factors like intake of caffeine-containing beverages, alcoholic beverages, and even anxiety. Some palpitations are just benign, but some may be associated with fatal arrhythmias especially that you felt like you are about to have a heart attack. With these possible causes, I would greatly recommend a check-up with a doctor for appropriate examination to check for the rhythm of your heartbeat, as well as for work-up to rule out any other causes of your palpitations. From this, they would be able to determine the appropriate management strategy. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have a friend who recently is having dizzy spells. We have sort of figured if he ate to much sugar then stand up he gets dizzy. This does not happen all the time. He does have a drain tube in for gall bladder that is to be removed. Could this be causing the problem? [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for your question. After going through your question, there are following possibilities for your friends symptoms-1) Reactive hypoglycemia - this is due to sudden release of insulin after sugar intake which lead to low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia) which can be confirmed by doing blood sugar level during episode of dizziness.2) Postural Hypotension - fall in blood pressure after standing from lying down or sitting position. Which can be confirmed by checking blood pressure in lying down and standing position.3) Other rare possible causes may be - - Syncope. - Deny Chat Doctor. - Inadequate nutrition. It may not be related to his gall bladder
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my knee has been bothering me for two weeks, it never looked swollen but tonight it feels warm. I limp only because I am afraid it will pop out and that kind of hurts. Most of the time it feels fine, but the knee feels swollen when I bend it. If I stretch it when I first get up it feels fine. I went to chiropractor last week and it felt 90% for about 24 hrs and then started to bother me again. Should I go to the doctor I really have no pain just a dull ache in knee. [|AI|] Are you suffering from a back pain? Or is it some other joint pain? Are you looking for some medical remedy or treatment to get rid of your pains? In Kansas, Chiropractor can help you get rid of these pains, and we have the best chiropractors. At North Colorado Spine & Orthopedics we have every treatment you can think of to get rid of your any problems related to joints and muscles. We take immense pride in acclaiming the best trained and professional team of chiropractors as well as surgeons. In Kansas City, orthopedic surgeon is also available, and the best one is nowhere else but with North Colorado Spine & Orthopedics. We are just the best if it comes to spinal care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi. Earlier I rolled my ankle inward and heard a loud crack sound along with severe pain. It is swollen and sore to the touch and during movement. I fractured this same ankle 2 years ago the same way and have had many ankle injuries due to a deformity when born. Should I worry much or just keep weight off it? [|AI|] Hi, Swollen ankles and swollen feet are common and usually not cause for concern, particularly if you have been standing or walking a lot. But feet and ankles that stay swollen or are accompanied by other symptoms could signal a serious health problem. An injury to the foot or ankle can lead to swelling. The most common is a sprained ankle, which occurs when an injury or misstep causes the ligaments that hold the ankle in place to be stretched beyond their normal range. To reduce the swelling from a foot or ankle injury, rest to avoid walking on the injured ankle or foot, use ice packs, wrap the foot or ankle with a compression bandage, and elevate the foot on a stool or pillow. If swelling and pain is severe or doesn't improve with home treatment, see your doctor. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have been having a sharp pain in my chest coming and going all day lasting anywhere fron 30 seconds to 3 minutes. I am 43 year old female with PVCs and a mytrol value prolapse. Last week I had a electrical sensation go up my breast bone and down both arms. I also suffer from anxeity [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. Since you are having PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) and MVP (mitral valve prolapse), we should definitely rule out heart diseases first for your chest pain. So get done ECG, 2d echo, stress test and Holder monitoring (24 hours continuous recording of ECG). If all these are normal then no need to worry about heart diseases. Sometimes uncontrolled stress and anxiety can also cause similar kind of chest pain. So consult psychiatrist and get done counselling sessions. Try to identify stressor in your life and start working on its solution. You may need anxiolytic Chat Doctor. Don't worry, you will be alright. Avoid stress and tension, be relaxed and calm. First rule out heart diseases. Hope I have solved your query. I will be happy to help you further. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] When I sleep my jaw falls open. I never used to happen, only about 3 weeks ago it started. It causes me to wake up in the night to close my mouth. It doesnt appear that I am breathing out of my mouth when it opens. What can I do about it? Is it because of weak muscles? Can this be fixed? [|AI|] Hello. Welcome to Chat Doctor .com, There are many reasons that during sleep mouth opens. 1) There may be the blockage in nasal passage because of recent cold or sinusitis. 2) Second thing is obesity, if you are little over weighted. 3) Improper sleep, upside or downside facing during sleep. 4) Malocclusion, upper and lower jaws does not fit properly. You must check which one is there in your case, and you will get rid of that. Thanks for the query...... Regards........
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Everytime a patient has pain in tooth etc, we would find him applying pressure in that particular area with his fingers & This pressure application helps in relieving the pain a bit.So whats the science behind this pressure application and pain relief. [|AI|] Hello, thank you for consulting with Chat Doctor. There are two conditions in which patient feel relief after applying pressure, First is periodontal abscess, means abscess in gums, in it when pressure is applied on the abscess, the content of abscess leach out from area between gums and tooth, so pain decreases. Second conditions are vertical fractured tooth, so when pressure is applied tooth divides in two parts and pain get relives because of space is created for infection to release. Hope it will help you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] AM SUFFERING PAIN IN CHEST FRONT AND BACK SINCE YESTERDAY.PAIN INCREASES IF I TRY TO LIFT HEAVY OBJECTS WITH MY HAND.I CANT DO MY ROUTENE JOBS.ITS LIKE SOME HEAVY OBJECT IS SITTING IN MY UPPER RESP TRACT AND I FEEL IT MORE WHEN I TAKE A DEEP BREATH [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. In my opinion we should first rule out cardiac and pulmonary causes. So get done ECG first to rule out cardiac cause. Get done chest x-ray to rule out pulmonary cause. If both of the above are normal than it may BR muscular pain only. Try to follow these for better control of muscular pain.1. Avoid heavy weight lifting. 2. Avoid strenuous exercise. 3. Avoid bad postures in sleep.4. Take good painkillers and muscle relaxant.5. Apply warm water pad on affected area.6. Wear chest belt to avoid mobilization.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi my lmp was april 1 so that would put my due date jan7th. than my first ultrasound said jan 7th as well, but at my 20 week us the doctor says jan 27. than i had to change doctors and they said my due date is jan 6th. and im now 40 weeks and not dialated, and my cervix is closed, so the doctor randomly says im due jan 29th. how is that possible??? what if he is too big? [|AI|] Hello dear, I understand your concern. In my opinion the EDD is calculated basing on LMP and first trimester ultrasound. According to your LMP the EDD is January 8th. If you are doubtful about the dates the first trimester ultrasound helps in knowing the EDD. The EDD given in first trimester ultrasound is confirmatory. So both the EDD s from LMP and first trimester ultrasound are same January 7th is your EDD. As you don't have pains you can wait up to 41 weeks if you don't have any complication and your fetal movements are good. So relax. Even after 41 weeks you don't get pains inducing the labor should be done after assessing the pelvis. Nothing to worry. Best regards...
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My 7 year old was in pain Tuesday all night we had a emergency visit to dentist they took 3 x rays well they make the choice to pull the tooth well thur and Friday he was in pain with swollen check n eye took back to dentist sat morning did exray again n looked and said took area fine...said if pain worsen n more swollen take to er ...what is going on n why [|AI|] Thanks for your query, I have gone through your query. The possible causes of the swelling could be the infected tooth leading to cellulitis resulting in extension of the swelling to involve cheek and eye region. Consult an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and get Intravenous antibiotics injected. The infection will come down after that the infected teeth can be removed. Do not delay, if the infection spreads then it leads to complications like difficulty in breathing and swallowing. I hope my answer will help you, take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] HI. My husband has been taking pravastatin for quite a while now. About 2 years ago I started noticing how horrible his breath smelled. He is immaculate about his personal hygiene. His breath is so bad that my entire upstairs smells from the smell in the bedroom. His vehicle smells as well. I feel terrible saying anything to him but he needs to know. I have been wondering if it could be this medicine. It is a putrid smell. I would appreciate any help with this. [|AI|] Hello, Medicines can cause bad breath while at times it can be secondary to Chat Doctor. It can also occur due to a number of causes like poor oral hygiene, oral and dental infections, post, sinusitis, reflux, respiratory infections, and diabetes etcetera. You should consult an Oral Physician or an Otolaryngologies and get evaluated and a thorough clinical evaluation and investigations depending upon suspected cause can help in diagnosis. Treatment of underlying cause will relieve the symptoms. As of now, you should start gargling with a flavored mouthwash twice a day. You should chew flavored sugar-free chewing gum. Do warm saline gargles twice a day. Limit the intake of high aroma foods like onion and garlic.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi my mother who is 79 had her gall bladder removed in oct ,it was found to be adhered to her liver,the incision site is not healing properly and has been told her liver enzyme levels are raised.she is at a loss as noone will explain anything to her why this is.please could you help,thankyou, [|AI|] Hi, This may be caused by some surgery complications such as common bile duct injury or liver injury but also by some new disorders such as common bile duct stone liver hepatitis or medications side effects. She should do ultrasound, CT scan or ERCP for further evaluation and also check bilirubin levels and viral markers. I hope I have answered you query. If you have any further questions you can contact us in every time. Wish you a good health. Kindly regards, Ivan R. Rammstein
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] extremely dry hands and red rashes covering backs of hands. Water, vasaline, calamine lotion, all ointments and creams burn. Water also burns except when really cold enough to to cause numbness in hands, this seems to be the only way to stop the burning sensation. How do I treat this? [|AI|] Hi, The rash could be irritant contact dermatitis or a Tina infection. In my opinion, your rash could most probably due to Irritant contact dermatitis. But it is very important to rule out Tine infection. You could take an antihistamine tablet and apply a moisturizing cream for a week. If you do not get any improvement, I advise you to consult your dermatologist for further management. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am having lower back pain more frequently the last year. I have had numbness in my right thigh for years. But now when the pain occurs, I am having sharp needle like pains in my right thigh. I am also waking up at night with numbness and tingling in my arm on whatever side I am sleeping on. I am a 49yr old male. First, could these separate issues be related and could it simply be a pinched nerve. [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for your query. After going through your query I came to know that you are suffering from backache with sciatica. It can be due to prolapsed disc.However, slip disc is confirmed by MRI of spine. Your second problem is waking up at night with numbness and tingling in your arm. It seems to me simply a pinched nerve. Both the problem are separate. You can discuss with your treating Doctor about it. I do hope that you have found something helpful. If you have additional questions or follow-up queries then please do not hesitate in writing to us. I will be happy to answer your queries. Wishing you good health. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My eight year old daughter broke her tibia and fibula and had a cast for five weeks. She did not have surgery, now the cast is off and anytime she is upright for any amount of time her foot and ankle turn purple. What causes this and will it go away eventually? [|AI|] Hi, thank you for providing the brief history of your daughter. A thorough clinical musculoskeletal assessment is advised. As she had a fracture of tibia and fibula, for which cast was taken in to consideration a treatment of choice, the healing process would have been over by now. The discoloration of the skin is the metabolic waste which can be Chat Doctor. Also, physical therapist can help teach some simple exercises to strengthen the muscles of the leg and avoid vascular insufficiency. This is a usual way we deal with our patients in such cases and majority responds well. RegardsJay In
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi doctor i am 35 years old and am an exserviceman i am blessed with a boy who is now 5years old. i have got a semen analysis done and the sperm count is zero. I have got a scortal doppler test done in which i have got an indirect inguinal hernia . right testis measured 42*26*18mm(vol10.2cc) left testis measured 41*23*14mm(vol6.8cc) right epididimis measured 0.8cms and left measured 0.7cms are there any chances for increasing my sperm count for i want to have a second child and should i get the hernia operated for better results awatng for your reply [|AI|] HelloThanks for your query. I will try my best to provide you with the best possible professional recommendations to your questions. As you have child Chat Doctor. As you have mentioned that your sperm count is nil it indicates towards obstruction. Obstruction in was, which you have not mentioned. It is better to correct the hernia. If that is responsible for causing the obstruction. Yet again, I do hope that you have found something helpful, and I will be glad to answer any further query. Regards
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have Sle, plus CNS complications, and Factor V Leiden[ heterozygous]. Amongst other things I am on Xarelto,as I developed clots. What are the precautions that need to be addressed to have one wisdom tooth out because of a hairline crack. The Dentist feels in should be done with my Medical team , in Hosp, in Sydney. I am a 64 year old woman. 63 kgs [|AI|] Thanks for your query, I have gone through your query. Since you are on many medications and systemic illness you need to take the lot of precautions. Regarding SHE, You might have been put on steroids, so the doses might have to be altar. Regarding factor V Leiden, is a hypercoaguability disorder, that might result in blood clot in circulation and cause thromboembolism. Regarding Carlo, is a blood thinner, Before extraction of the teeth this Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hai doctor,my daughter is 6 months old. She is passing greenish yellow stools 1-2 times daily.We checked his stool and found micro organism : present(+ ) ,mucusand puscells : 1-2. She is drinking Emfamil milk.Is it normal for babies. Regards Subarna [|AI|] Hi Dear, Welcome to Chat Doctor. Understanding your concern. As per your query your daughter is having greenish yellow colored stools which seems to be due to acute dysentery. It could be due to electrolyte imbalance in body. Need not worry. I would suggest you to take proper rest. You should have plenty of fluids to rely Chat Doctor. You should take diet rich in multivitamins. Visit pediatrician once and get it examined. You should get blood tests done to find out underlying cause of your condition whether bacterial or viral and start treatment accordingly. Your symptoms will resolve in 3-5 days. You should do tepid sponging as well. You should give child Ondansetron 0.15 mg/kg. Avoid intake of outside hot and spicy food substances. Hope your concern has been resolved. Get Well Soon. Best Wishes,
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] There is a strange bubbling sound coming from the left side of my chest, around the height of my heart and sometimes from my back in the same area. It usually happens when I move one of many certain ways but its kind of scary. Im also having some pain in my upper left shoulder blade that seems to be associated. Ive had a collapsed lung on that same side and Im just hoping that this doesnt have anything to do with it but fear that it might. [|AI|] Respected user, thanks for using Chat Doctor.come have evaluated your query thoroughly.* Causes of crackling sound in chest include - Any condition leading to fluid, mucus or pus collection in small airways through airway irritation and inflammation. - Bacterial or viral infection - Pneumonia or bronchitis - Pneumothorax - Others * Need thorough clinical examination, laboratory tests with x-ray chest to confirm the diagnosis and manage accordingly. Hope this will surely help you. Welcome for any further help needed. Regards dear.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, I have had a very severe sinus infection and will be having surgery in 2 weeks. I take sudaphed daily and have for years. I also run low potassium whenever I am ill, (so sorry, my doctors nurse just called.)Anyway, they are going to check my magnesium levelsas well as I suffer dreadful headaches and sleeplessness.Do you have any idea how I can help myself?My potassium is 2.8 at present. [|AI|] Hello Dear. Your potassium levels are a bit low. Normal levels 3.5-5.0 milliEquivalents per liter (me/L). You can eat the pulp of tender coconut daily which will increase your potassium levels. For sinus infection you can try home remedies till you go for surgery1. Humidify. Use a humidifier in rooms where you spend a lot of time. Follow the instructions for regular cleaning.2. Breathe in steam vapors. You can either run the shower and sit in the bathroom, or breathe in steam from a bowl of warm (but not too hot) water. Adding picks vapor to warm water is good. The steam vapors ease congested and swollen nasal passages.3. Use warm heat. Put a warm, wet towel on your face. It can take off some pressure.4. Try a nasal saline solution. While they don't contain medicine (saline is salt water), they can help keep your nasal passages moist.Also, your doctor might have given you antibiotics to take. Antibiotics like amoxicillin 500 mg three times a day, for one week will effectively help in sinusitis. Hope I have answered your question. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. I'll be glad to help you. All the besting warm regards Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] our son is 7 months old, he is having enlarged liver and spleen as per the ultrasound scan. he is having jaundice from last 1.5 months. Tourch test was done and everything came as non reactive. since the cause is not know, liver biopsy is done and we were asked to consult after one week. What can be the causes of jaundice, liver and spleen enlargement? [|AI|] Hello,1) Enlargement of liver + spleen may be due to portal hypertension.2) It is a condition in which pressure in portal vein (supply blood from intestine to liver) increase. Because of increased pressure in portal vein, blood flow to liver decrease and blood divert to spleen which cause enlargement of spleen.3) Generally, if blockage into portal vein before it enter liver cause portal hypertension but without liver enlargement.4) Lesion of liver or blockage of portal vein inside liver cause portal hypertension with liver enlargement. And this also develop jaundice5) In such cases, biopsy of liver is mandatory to find out exact cause, but upper GI endoscopy is also essential as portal hypertension cause enlargement of veins at lower part of esophagus (which might cause blood containing vomiting if rupture).
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi ... am 5 weeks pregnant now but had 3 early miscarriages earlier. Have consulted the a gynae who advised susten 200. I went for a second opinion where shes suggested Duphaston and said both are substitues to each other having similar effect. Now am a bit confused as I don t wanna take any kind of risk a this point of time. [|AI|] Hi, I think you can take any one of them. Both are given for same purpose. But I think you should also take esprit along with these medicines. Get a thyroid profile done. You can do a APA profile also, but it is generally done when you are not pregnant to find put the cause of miscarriages. If test is positive, you may need daily injections of heparin to prevent miscarriages. Talk to your doctor regarding this. Hope it helps.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] for the last several days I have woken up with feeling that I am not getting enough air into my lungs, and I therefore get anxious and try to take sudden (chest) breaths to get the proper sensation. after a few days of this, i went thru what I believe was my first ever panic attack and went to ER. they took chest xrays and performed EKG-- both indicating satisfactory results. the problem however has persisted. I am watching countless diaphragm breathing exercises too. I am also seeing a chiropractor and will see an Ear nose throat specialist too. I am also a stressful person who worries constantly and perhaps I have learned to breathe wrong. [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your situation and problem. In my opinion your symptoms are mostly related to stress and anxiety because your chest x-ray and ECG are normal. So no need to worry much for organic causes. Better to consult psychiatrist and get done counseling sessions. Try to discuss all your problems and worries with him. And find out solution for them. You may require anxiolytic Chat Doctor. No harm in taking these
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] what is the likely bacteria causing shortness of breath, hyperventilation, blue tinge around mouth, that fails to respond to amoxycillin, augmentin and clarithromycin but responds to ciprofloxacin? this infection lasted for around 12 weeks in a normally healthy adult. [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. Klebsiella or legionella can cause severe type of lung infection (pneumonia). These bacteria cause rapid deterioration. So patient is hypoxic (low oxygen) from the beginning. Hypoxia causes hyperventilation, shortness of breath and cyanosis (bluish discoloration of lips, tongue). Ciprofloxacin is usually effective in these infections. Hope I have solved your query. I will be happy to help you further. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, it s actually very embarrassing but for the about 5 weeks now I have what started of as a lot more normal discharge , it then turnt really badly smelling and now it s very watery and pretty much poaring out of me and I have a aching kind of pain around my left abdomin/hip area. I seen a doctor about 10 weeks ago who did some checks due to I was constantly having yellow discharge but I d had STI checks and they all came back clear so the doctor did further checks and said that my cervix was swollen with a red ring around it, but did no more checks.. Someone please help... [|AI|] Hi ! You have not mentioned if you are also running fever or not. Also, if you are sexually active, then an unnoticed pregnancy and a partial miscarriage might have to be ruled out. At home, you can go for a urine pre-test. If this is not conclusive, you can discuss with your family physician and go for serum Chat Doctor test and an ultrasound abdomen. If all these things are clear, then you can go for a culture and sensitivity test of the discharge and then for appropriate antibiotics. If everything is normal and the problem persists, then you have to visit a gynecologist, who may advise you some medications, and a dilatation and curettage, which possibly will relieve you of your condition. Wishing you an early recovery.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi doc,for the past 6 months i have been experiencing squeezing pains at the left side of my chest .often around the thorax cage and sometimes in the chest itself(breast-male).it normally last for few seconds.i time if it happened i have to brief very the way i did ECG-the doctor said it is normal. [|AI|] Hello, No, need to worry about heart diseases as your ECG was normal. Possibility of musculoskeletal pain is more likely. So follow these steps for better symptomatic relief in musculoskeletal pain. 1. Avoid heavy weight lifting and strenuous exercise. 2. Avoid movements causing pain. Sit with proper back support.3. Avoid sudden jerky movements of chest and back.4. Apply warm water pad on affected areas of the chest.5. Take painkiller and muscle relaxant Chat Doctor. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I do mastrubation everyday.Atleast twice a day.I can t control that. Now I started to control my habit.But there is sperm release for me automatically at night.Is it a serious problem? I feel a little stomach ache when I wakeup..after that I feel normal [|AI|] His had gone through your query. Masturbation is normal physiological function of our body it is one of the method to satisfy sexual pleasure in absent of partnerBoth sex and masturbation has same and has same end result to get satisfactions no need to worry, and it is not bad habit. You can do it regularly. But constant thinking and feeling of guilt of masturbation will effects don't think muchSperm production occur 24 hourly, and it comes out either by masturbation or sex. If you stop doing it then it will automatically come out as night emission. It is normal.o need to worry, and it is not dangerous. Relax. Thank you. Regards. Chat Doctor.