The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My son is turning 38 yr soon. He was attacked by 3 guys last year and was assaulted. Soon after the incident he started wetting the bed. He blames it on drinking beer, but he never ever even as a chikld wet the bed.He does not want to go to the dr. I think he is embarrased. He is not on a medical aid. [|AI|] Hello. I have reviewed your query and here is my advice. For child Chat Doctor. But for adults, it is different. Any of these medical issues can also cause bed wetting in adults: diabetes, urinary tract infection, urinary tract stones, neurological disorders, anatomical abnormalities, urinary tract calculi, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, bladder cancer, or obstructive sleep apnea. I suggest you to get professional help in person to determine the cause and then for treatment. Hope I have answered your query. You can contact me for treatment options. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] SGPT :41 (0 ~ 40), SERUMTRIGLYCERIDE 188.6 (30 ~ 170), HDL Cholesterol 28.50 (30 ~ 70), VLDL Cholesterol 37.7 (10 ~ 35), CHOL : HDL CHOL RATIO 5.7 (3 ~ 5) --- these are out of spec results in my periodic routin medical check up. Rest all test points in this Biochem are within range. No remark by doctor who checked. What is the meaning?Age 47, wt 78 kg, Height 166cmNo mediacl hestory (No known problem or illness) -- over [|AI|] Hi welcome to Chat Doctor... Noted your triglyceride value is high here... Sgpt is not is borderline.... So don't worry.... Still two condition should rule out....-fatty liver -gall stone USG will be helpful.... Here by diet modification your cholesterol will come normal.... No need for Chat Doctor. . Low fat diet. Regular exercise. Junk food, non veg, fried and excess fatty food limited.... Fruits and green leafy salad more.... Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have 4 children a week ago the oldest started complianing of dizziness, which was followed later in the week buy chest pains, upset stomach as well as a constant cough. His dr put him on an antibiotic and it seems he may be getting a little better, but in the last two days my other children have developed the chronic cough along with watery eyes and running noses. I recently discovered that my attic is covered in mold. Could this mold be making my kids sick? [|AI|] Hello and thank you for your question. It is true that some people have an allergic reaction to molds, so it would definitely be good to try a get rid of the mold in the attic. The time course of their illnesses makes it sound more like one of them got an infection and then spread it to the others. Upper respiratory infections can be spread by contact, coughing or sneezing. It is very hard when you have 4 child Chat Doctor. I hope they are all well soon.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I had a bee sting yesterday i did a homeremedy it did swell,red & itches a homeremedy was tooth paste did work however it continue to get red, itchy with the hot weather so i had some triamcinolone acetoniide creme which did relieve itching, redness decreased but wonder if this will take the actual sting of the bee out- toothpaste was to take out the verma- please confirm its on my left arm strated infront of my elbow moved up near under my arm pit- [|AI|] Hello, Welcome to Chat Doctor, The bee sting is an acute emergency condition which should be treated vigorously and adequately, because it will release the poison which will cause all these symptoms. It will release mediators like histamine which will leads to all these problems. The leftover sting should be removed carefully with the help of forceps. The symptoms are reduced by1. Parental Avil2. In HY Chat Doctor. Oral Antihistamines4. If there is excess of itching Cold pack over the itchy area. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] HI i have been feeling unwell for a long time with extreme tiredness and difficulty concentrating. I have had problems sleeping and waking up constantly through the night. I have low IgA levels and high MCV and MCH. I suffer with constipation and bloating also esspecially after food.saran [|AI|] Hi Saran, Thanks for asking. Based on your query, my opinion is as follows.1. High MCV and MCH is usually due to It B12 and folate deficiency. Your hemoglobin will also be mildly reduced.2. Vitamin deficiencies can cause low levels of antibodies, like low IGA levels. Associated protein deficiency can also be contributory.3. Improve your nutrition with protein rich diet and also take It B12 and folate supplements. Your diet can be enriched with fish, red meat, pulses to improve both. You can notice changes within two weeks. Hope it helps. Any further queries, happy to help again.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, my baby is 20 mths old, i have been noticing that her foot shakes/tembles soemtimes. This was happening till she was 14-15 mths and thne it stopped.But it has started happenign agian since yesterday and that too very frequently. Also, i have noticed that she trembles sometimes when she wakes up suddenly. [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to Chat Doctor, Trembling is very non-specific in most child Chat Doctor. If its frequently seen then following possibilities I would consider and evaluate in those lines if I were your pediatrician .1. Hypoglycemia - low sugars which is very uncommon in this age, however needs to be kept in mind.2. Seizures- if trembling is associated with loss of consciousness. If consciousness is normal then seizures can be ruled out completely.3. Hypocalcemia- is the most common possibility here in your children case and needs to be evaluated by doing a blood calcium level. Hope I answered your query completely. Let me know if there is any clarification. Takecare.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, I recently(about three days ago I believe) bitten by a neighbors dog on my left calf, near my ankle. It was a small dog, had all it s shots, but I m a bit concerned. I feel no pain or really, anything, slightly around or the actual bite site. The bite it self is not severe, however there are slight puncture/gash, that have a sort of black, soft scab like over them. It s not hot or warmer, but it did sort of get a small like pocket that oozed a bit when I went to clean my bite. It was blood colored more or less(maybe push, not sure it s some what dark). My question is, should I seek medical help? I m rather poor as well, and normally I can t/won t go to hospital/doctor unless it s severe enough for them to have to treat it, however, since this the first time I ve been bitten by a dog and I m worried. I m also not diabetic, if that helps any. [|AI|] Hellos the important point is that dog was vaccinated for rabies vaccine i.e. no any chance of any rabies. While on your calf muscle it has bitten, but this is not a cause of concern. Only get one tetanus shot, and that is all. Since only mild wound (bruise) is there, so take Tylenol 10 mg /kg body weight 2-3 times in a day, only for 2 days. Local antiseptic Chat Doctor. In my opinion no need of any concern or consultation.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I sprained my ankle almost 2 weeks ago. There is bruising on the top of my toes and on the side of my foot. The top of my toes are bruised worse though. I still can t walk on it without a pretty bad limp. The problem is now my toes have a burning sensation. [|AI|] Hihope this msg finds u in good health. I have gone through your complaints and understand your concern. U seem to have injured your bone or soft tissues that might be causing pain and inflammation take rest. Elevation analgesics and anti-inflammatory tablets. Ice packs.I suggest u get a X-ray done to find out what's wrong. Nothing to worry about. Hope your question has been answered. If u have any follow-up queries, feel free to consult me anytime. Thanks Take care god bless
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I got the Depo shot and had alot of negative side effects. I bled pretty much everyday after I received the shot, my migraines increased, which also triggered a couple of seizures. I was severely depressed and exhausted all the time and still had cramping. I decided not to get the next shot. I was due to get the shot Dec 18th. I stopped bleeding around that time and have not gotten a period. Pregnancy tests are negative, but I m very fatigued, lightheaded and dizzy, nauseau, and migraines starting again. Could this all just be from the Depo shot? [|AI|] Hi, thanks for using Chat Doctor Demo proverb can be associated with breakthrough vaginal bleeding like you described. It can also potentially cause headaches, depressed mood and weakness. These side effects can occur while on the medication. Since you were due a shot in mid-December, it would be almost 2 months since that shot was due and almost 5 months since the last one. It is unlikely that the demo would still be contributing significantly to your symptoms. It may be best, if possible, to visit your doctor for review. I hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my 18 year old son was companing that his heart was hurting. he randomly will complain about this. I felt his chest and counted 130 beats per minute. it felt like it was pounding outside his chest. I gave him some water and it slowed down a bit. hes on no meds or cafeine. should i tke him in to a doctor [|AI|] Hello! Welcome on Chat Doctor! I understand your concern and would explain that his symptoms could be related to anxiety or musculoskeletal pain. It is very unlikely (considering his age) that these symptoms are related to any cardiac disorders. Besides, the increased heart rate could be related to anxiety and also muscular pain (normal autonomic reaction). But, if this problem repeats, I would recommend consulting with his attending physician for a careful physical exam and some tests: - a resting ECG- a chest X-ray study-complete blood count for anemia- inflammation tests (PCR, sedimentation rate)- thyroid hormone levels for possible thyroid dysfunction. If all the above tests result normal, you should consider anxiety as the main cause of all this clinical scenario. Hope to have been helpful! Kind regards,
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my husband aged 69 years, in his scanning report shows cerebral and cerebellar astrophy. his height is 175 cm and weight 67 kg.mild sugar and cholestrol.He burssts with anger without any proper reason also slight memory problem.Is there any medicine in ayurveda/homeo.also suggest food items which helps the patient.He drinks alcohol once ina a solution [|AI|] Hi there is no treatment in any form of medicine for the cerebral and cerebellar atrophy it's a natural process but u can further slow down the process by maintain and stabilizing your way of life simply life style modification and some simple exercise. As u complained that he burst out very anger u can help in by encouraging him to do yoga which keep him calm .keep in mind that it's not a simple it's the difficult task, and it would take AA minimum of 6 vmonths for my opinion usage of any kind of Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, I have patches of red on the sides of my tongue, some are raisied. I suffer with a severe sneezing allergy all year round. I took a mouth spray from my doctor for a while, but I noticed that my tongue swelled and painfully pressed the roof of my mouth. It still happens a bit, also my tongue is slightly swollen, and I cant seem to be able to relax it. Thank you, kind regards, K [|AI|] Hi Dear, Welcome to Chat Doctor. Understanding your concern. As per your query you have red patches on tongue with swelling. Well there can be many reasons for symptoms you mention in query like candidiasis, lichen plans oral, erythema migrant, authors mouth ulcers, viral infection (cold sores) , iron deficiency anemia and vitamin B12 or folate deficiency anemia. I would suggest you to do warm saline rinses and Betadine rinses alternatively 2-3 times a day, maintain proper oral hygiene and avoid acidic food and juices and food like seafood and nuts that can cause allergy. If condition doesn't get improve in a week then consult oral pathologist for proper examination. Doctor may examine physically, take sample for lab test and take history. Doctor may prescribe antifungal or anti-viral depending upon the diagnosis along with anti-inflammatory and vitamin B12 and foliate supplement. Hope your concern has been resolved. Get Well Soon. Best Wishes,
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am a 33yrs old and for past few months I have had increasing right abdominal pain that goes up to my shoulder and in my back. Also severe nausea after I eat and now even when I dont eat. I am also really fatigued. I had an ultrasound done and it showed a 5mm polyp on my gallbladder. Im going to a GI doc but am wondering if this is cause ton remove my GB or not? [|AI|] Hello Thanks for writing to ChatDoctorGallbladder polyps are growths that protrude from the lining of the inside of the gallbladder. Polyps are rarely cancerous. About 95 percent of gallbladder polyps are benign. Small gallbladder polyps (less than 10 mm in diameter) are unlikely to be cancerous and generally doesn't require any treatment.However, you need follow-up ultrasonography to look for changes that may be an indication of cancer. Get well soon. Take Care Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello my sister uses meth about twice a week a very small amount less than one gram. But still not exceptable, anyhow baby started coughing few days ago right after feeding and it continued every feed. I want to get her some help do you think that s the cause ? Please help thanks [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to Chat Doctor, Cough in a breastfed infant especially after every feed means there is something to do with her feeding technique or swallowing issue. First mother should feed with proper position of the baby, head slightly above the plane of body and not hanging down which can cause slight aspiration and cough. If position is perfect and cough continues the possibility of gastroesophageal reflux should be considered and for that you need to consult a pediatric gastroenterologist if you feel it's a significant problem.However, smoking is not at all acceptable in a breastfeeding mother, it can surely cause Ill effects in babies lungs. But hard to say if that's the direct reason for this cough in baby. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi sir , I am unable to ferget my feelig regarding a girl , whom i met once officialy as marriage match, but unfortunatly lost her and she ot married with some one else,trying to become busy with one or the other task , But even tough unable to take out her rememberance from my brain,, before bed and early morning as i wakeup her thoughts are around me , how do i forget her,, please guide me And i am lost interest towards my rotine ,, now am unemploye thats reason i dint reacted to her when her parents made a marriage praposal ,,i know i shouldnt think of her now any more,,but still,,, [|AI|] Hello and welcome to Chat Doctor. Thanks for your query. I understand that you are quite distressed about the feelings for a girl you had come across recently. Though it is fairly normal for persons to have emotional attachments / feelings towards someone they like, this becomes a problem if it starts affecting your life and daily routine. Moreover, it is not rational to keep thinking about her and having feelings for her when you know that she is already married to someone else. So, I would suggest that you go for counselling in order to help you overcome these thoughts and feelings. Wish you all the best.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] both of my legs hurt in the upper legs and hurt along with tinglingin my calves and my feey burn and tingle.I have DVT in my left thigh starting behind my knee up over my pelvis and down my rt thigh.could this be a cause of my problems? It really bothers me after playing golf .and lasts a long time. [|AI|] Hi there. It is possible you have a slipped disc causing nerve pinching in the lower back which can cause radiating pain from the back to the calves and tingling and numbness. DVT can cause similar picture if it causes compression of the nerves surrounding the knee. Take Tab. Pregabalin 75 mg + Methylcobalamine twice a day for relief from the tingling and numbness. Take painkiller and muscle relaxant. Get a consult by your Vascular surgeon for your DVT. Keep well HY Chat Doctor. Avoid pressing the calves or massaging it.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am 14 and I have this one little bump on my penis head and quite a few on the penis shaft. Ive looked up Pearly penile papules and that isnt what it is. I havent made sexual contact with anyone. I am to embarrassed to tell my parents about this. Can you please help me? [|AI|] HIT hank for asking to ChatDoctorI really appreciate your concern looking to your age this is very likely that you are hesitating to show your problem but if you really have such problem then you should discuss this with your parents, this could be warts most probably due to the viral infection, and this will come around for that you have to see the dermatologist, but first inform to your parents, hope this information helps you, take care, bye.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hello my #6 tooth hurts alot I went to a dentist ( after alot of time I am really scared of them ) after doing some radiography he told me I need a Root canal treatment ! I am really really scared also I read online about it and seems like it has side effects which maybe dangerous also I dont want to lose my tooth ( tooth extraction ) are there any other ways to fix it :( ? [|AI|] Hi. Welcome to Chat Doctor . I have gone through your query and can understand your concerns. As per your complaint in case if you have deep infection in tooth that can be treated well with Root Canal treatment then you need not worry as the tooth can be very well saved with Root Canal Treatment and if done by a registered dental practitioner the chances of treatment failure and loose of tooth are less. So my suggest to you is that you should proceed with root canal treatment and after completion of treatment you should get the tooth capped. Root Canal treatment is the best possible way to fix your condition, and you need not worry, but in ca of any doubt you can once consult an Endodontist who is specialist in this treatment and will resolve your confusion and also do root canal treatment. Hope this information helps. Thanks and regards. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hello there, my 11 month old son had dark green sandy like stool a few weeks ago, we went on vacation and he was fed only jarred baby food vs my homemade food and it went away, now that we are home it has come back. He also isn t going every day like he use to. any ideas as to what might be the change? [|AI|] Dear parent, by your description it seems initially it was a change of food that might have caused the changes in stools. But now that it has come back, just keep a watch on any other symptom. As far as not passing motion every day is concerned add fresh vegetable soups and fruits in his every day diet. Weaning child Chat Doctor. Initially he may not except changes but better be persistent. This is the best time to introduce all the variety of food. If green stools persists then better see a doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have been diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus 2 months ago. The left side of my face hurts with a lot of pressure. My glands are also swollen on the left side. My doctor thinks I have a sinus cold. I woke up this morning with a huge red spot in my eye. [|AI|] Hello dear, Thank you for your contact to Chat Doctor. I read and understand your concern. I am Chat Doctor answering your concern. EB virus infection is usually self limited. It usually does not require any treatment. It gets heal in around one to two weeks. In your case it has not healed. So it requires a treatment. I advise you not to kiss your partner since this virus infection can be spread via kissing. You can take the acyclovir under your doctors' guidance. For severe cases you can take corticosteroid, but it also requires doctors supervision. Maintain hygiene as it is equally important in maintaining infection as Chat Doctor. Some chronic cases have widespread complication, so please take
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my daughter had a severe campylobacter infection 6 years ago. it took over 6 weeks to be diagnosed and she was hospitalized for significant weight loss and dehydration. since that time she has frequent spells of illness associated with central vertigo / vomiting / nausea. incapacitating sometimes weeks at a time. she is now 29 years old. she was told the infection had spread to her bloodstream and is affecting her cerebellum which is the reason for long term vertigo. is there any treatment ?? also she has low WBC consistently after this illness, even when feeling somewhat well. any suggestions ? [|AI|] HIA low WBC count is usually discovered by your physician or health care provider during routine testing or through the course of diagnosis and treatment for an underlying disease, disorder or condition. A normal WBC count is approximately 4,500 to 10,000 ABCs per microliter of blood. A low WBC count is generally below 3,500 ABCs per microliter of blood, but this number varies depending on the medical laboratory, the particular test used, and the individual medical practice. The significance of a low WBC count varies and may be more (or less) serious depending on your medical history, overall health, and the underlying disease, disorder or condition. Some people may naturally have a mildly low WBC count. The normal range of low to high WBC counts also varies by age and gender. A low WBC count is often linked to problems with the bone marrow and the inability to make enough white blood cells. Autoimmune diseases that attack your white blood cells can also lead to a low WBC count. Several prescribed Chat Doctor. A low WBC count can be serious because it increases your risk of developing a potentially life-threatening infection. If you have a low WBC count, you will probably be advised by your medical professional to avoid situations that expose you to infectious and contagious diseases. Seek prompt medical care if you have a low WBC count and have signs of an infection, such as a fever, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, or skin lesions. A low WBC count can be due to a variety of different conditions that either destroy ABCs or inhibit their production in the bone marrow. These include:Anaplastic anemia (condition in which the bone marrow makes insufficient blood cells)Bone marrow disease (myelodysplasia syn
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi my sister was diagnosed with stage two endometrial cancer. Had a full hysterectomy and unfortunately they found cancer cells on her ovary from the pathology report. She is now in her final cycle of chemo and will start radiarTigon in a few weeks. Her team of drs told her this is for prevention purposes. Last week she found out she has a blood clot and is being treated for it. She is really down and her emotional state is fragile. Can you confirm that a blood clot is in fact a side effect. Every time she gets a new side effect she thinks the cancer is spread thanks for your input. [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for writing in. Your sister has had a total hysterectomy with removal of ovaries. On pathological analysis there are cancer cells found in the ovary specimen. She is on her last cycle of chemotherapy and due for radiotherapy. Form what you have written, I understand there is a clot in the leg deep views. This condition is known as deep vein thrombosis and confirmed by venous Doppler for lower limbs. This requires slow treatment with anticoagulants which are blood thinning agents. I reassure you that it is a side effect of cancer treatment and not a sign of cancer spread. God Bless your sister for a quick and complete recovery. Hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] its been two monthsroot canal treatment was done I am often feel very heaviness in the whole my left chick and pain running to head, ear and neck on my left side. Visted several doctors including endodontist suggested antibiotic but after completing my medicine course I am still having pain.your valuable suggetion will help me a lot.thanks and regards [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for asking the query, After a successful root canal treatment the canals are removed and the tooth is completely devitalized, so there are no chances of pain. There are chances of pain radiating from the infected tooth to the cheek, ear and neck, I would suggest you to get an x-ray done of the affected tooth. Also look wisdom tooth on the same side if crooked, impacted or crowded can lead to pan in the cheeks. Another cause is allergic reactions, inflammation of the lymph nodes, any blunt trauma to the face, inflammation of parotid gland, growth such as tumors cyst can also cause such type of symptoms. I would suggest you to get a complete clinical evaluation by the Dentist to confirm the cause and plan appropriate treatment, if the tooth is reinfected you have to go for reject of the tooth. You continue with the course of antibiotics and analgesics and maintain a good oral hygiene. Hope this helps out. Regards.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi There..I have had an anterior/posterior spinal fusion..l-4, l-5, S1 in May of 2011. I have had some relief but in September of this year I had the hardware taken out of the right side due to the nerves being really irritated. It felt better for about a month or two but recently my whole lower back is back to being in chronic pain and I am at my wits end as to what my options are. [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to Chat Doctor forum. It appears that there might be some difference in alignment or something else. I advise you to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. You may need physiotherapy for relief. I usually prescribe to my patient with such symptoms, neurotrophic injections for 10 consecutive days, ofloxacin, diclofenac sodium, and paracetamol. Avoid taking potato, other tubers, tomato, egg, chicken, and seafoods till the pain is relieved. Take more of green leafy vegetables, pulses, sprouts, and protein rich foods to hasten the recovery. Wishing for a quick and complete recovery. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi I am on norethisterone to regulate my periods. I used to have periods that lasted months and were really heavy that I had to have medication to try stop bleeding. I was prescribed the mini pill but it didnt work I just bled all the time only lightly but continually. So switched to norethisterone which has worked making me regular and controlling the bleeding. However I never had pain, I do now, I get spots and emotionally as someone who is already on anti depressants i cant cope for that week. I get so paranoid, down and desperate. Is there an alternative? [|AI|] Healthier can be a number of factors leading to excessive bleeding. If any such cause as fibroid etc. is known then it is better to treat it. If etiology is not known or regarded as hormonal imbalance then the best medicine amongst herbal treatment is Pushing churn. For total cure we usually prescribe along with it tab. Aloes compound and M2 tone. This is to be taken for few months to cure problem forever.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi, i went over on my right ankle a week ago..didnt bother me at the time but 2 nights later got foot cramp and since then i have a numbness and tingly sensation in my lower leg and foot, which worsens when raised...and a vein in my foot was slightly bluging tonight after a bath. [|AI|] Hi, thank-you for providing the brief history. As per the history this appears to me more of a venous insufficiency. I will advise you to undergo a thorough clinical examination and Doppler test for the venous system to rule out the venous insufficiency. Also, there can be a possibility of the pinched nerve but less common by the appearance of your symptoms. But getting a Thorough clinical examination will help us diagnose and start the medical management. Regards Jay In Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I frequently get yeast infections, I currently am on antibiotics for a tooth infection and woke up this morning with a yeast infection. I have found my past experience that only Diflucan works well for me.. however I cant get a prescription until monday. I am willing to use over the counter medicine but not sure which one. Which is the closest to Diflucan? Are there over the counter oral medicines I can use? [|AI|] Hi. Welcome to Chat Doctor . I have gone through your query and can understand your concerns. As per your complaint as you are suffering from thrush you can gargle with Statin mouthwash. You can take Fluconazole 200 mg once a day on the first day followed by 100 mg once a day for 13 days as mostly the antifungal medicines are given for 2 weeks to prevent relapse. You can also suck on antifungal lozenges. You should also consult your dentist and get evaluated as in case if you keep on taking antibiotics there is a chance that thrush resolves at a slower rate or does not resolve even as antibiotics are one of the reasons for thrush. Take plenty of probiotics like Yogurt and garlic as they help in clearing thrush. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi I have pain just under my right rib. It does seem to worsen if I exercise or do any physical exercise. I also have a tender spot there as well. I am scheduled to have an ultrasound on my abdomen. My Doctor has suggested that it is muscle related. Br YYYY@YYYY [|AI|] Hi, thanks for the brief history. It is good to see that you met a physician and even planned an ultrasound scanning for further provisional diagnosis. You can try doing some costal breathing exercises by placing the hand over the tender area. A gentle massage over the area will also be helpful. Kindly wait further to see what scan has to show underneath the ribs. With the grace of God you will recover soon.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] When I begin to eat, I get this crushing cramping pain in my chest. Then I begin to burp. Lately the pain has been prolonged and the burping has included a large amount of thick clear liquid. No food that has just been eaten is coming up. Drinking water just seems to make the cramp feeling worse [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your situation and problem. By your history and description, possibility of HERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is more in your case. It is due to laxity of gastroesophageal sphincter. Because of this the acid of the stomach tends to come up in the esophagus and cause burping, chest pain, tightness, pressure etc. So follow these lifestyle modifications for better symptomatic relief. 1. Avoid stress and tension. Avoid hot and spicy food. 2. Avoid junk food. Avoid large meals, instead take frequent small meals. 3. Start proton pump inhibitors and prokinetic Chat Doctor. 4. Go for walk after meals. Keep 2-3 pillows under head in the bed to prevent reflux. 5. Avoid smoking and alcohol if you have these habits. Lose weight if you are obese. Don't worry, you will be alright. Hope I have solved your query. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] age : 6 monthsweight : 6kgmedical history : diagnosed with biliary atresia just before baby was 3 months old. kasai operation was done on 14th feb. Now liver is cirrhotic and next option is liver transplant. Now i am looking for ayurvedic remedy for liver cirrhosis [|AI|] Hi welcome to ChatDoctorIt is matter of concern that such a small baby has to suffer such big problemsNormally cirrhosis of liver occur due to faulty diet and excessive intake of alcohol but in case such a small baby it can be other carelessness for intake of foods and Chat Doctor. Any way, give the baby Ayurvedic 1 teaspoon of juice of Bhringaraja with honey , empty stomach, 3 times a day. Oil, butter, fried foods and cakes & cookies, buffalo milk, curd should be avoided. Little cow milk and buttermilk after removing fat can be given Garlic is also helpful . If there is water content in abdomen diet should be salt free. Child should not exert & proper rest should be maintained. This regimen helps to promote the function of lever. For further enhancement of process of cure, application of Magnets and magnetized water is advised Hope this helps in solving your query.Don't hesitate to get back if you have further queried.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My Husband had HPV caused throat cancer . We were wondering if I could have it even though my paps have been fine and if I could have cancer in my tonsils also? How do you check for HPV in your tonsils? [|AI|] Hi, The chances of getting oral infection and carcinogenic (HPV positive Pharyngeal cancer)are less(1.3 %) when compared to genital involvement and still more rare in females. Repeating the Pap regularly is very much requirement. HPV type 16 is one type commonly involved in Pharyngeal cancers, there are some specific tests like E6 and E7 mRNA detection Protect HPV-Proofer, (HPV Protect) or p16 cell-cycle protein levels which are examples of new molecular markers. According to published results these markers, which are highly sensitive and specific, allow identifying cells going through malignant transformation. Thanks for visiting Chat Doctor .com Bye
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Please type I am I.N.B Abhiram my uncles daughter is suffering with liver problem . now she is 8 months old girl . she is suffering with some liver problem right from the birth. The doctors at HYDERABAD said that GALL BLADDER/BILE DUCTS are not formed and made a procedure KASAYA operation at the age of 1 month but it was not succesful they advised that liver transplantation is necessary for the kid. they also advised go for transplantation or try for any other alternative medicines. so we decided to ask you is there any other treatment rather than LIVER TRANSPLANTATION... please tell me ... my mail is YYYY@YYYY thank you, [|AI|] Hi, I had gone through your question and understand your concerns. Yes, this is obviously bile duct amnesia and Kasai procedure was performed. Well, Kasai is just temporary solution which may prolong her life for some years till early childhood but in all cases, additional procedures are required such as liver transplant from cadaver or living donor. There are no medications or other option and only chance for normal life for her is to have transplantation from her family or relatives. Wish you good health. Kindly regards
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I think something is wrong with me. I used monstat 3, i was feelin yeast infection comin on, i had really no pain till 10 mins after beyond burning pain went away, next morning i went to pee and it burned so bad, as i wiped i noticed green odorless discharge. And this is my 2nd day usin it still discharge. Am i okay? [|AI|] Hello, Welcome to Chat Doctor, This medication is used to treat vaginal yeast infections. This reduces vaginal burning, itching, and discharge which may occur with this condition. This medication only works for vaginal fungal infections. You may have a different type of infection (such as bacterial vaginosis) and may need a different medication. It is As it is second day following the treatment you may require 3-5 days to bring down the symptoms. You may require physical examination and laboratory investigations to find out the actual cause of your symptoms. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hello, i am a bit worried, my dog bit my finger playing around with me, and i barly bled, but i bled, im worried if i might have gotten rabies because after symptoms show, i heard that its too late to do anything, its been two days since he bit me, the cut looks fine, its not infected, i dont have any symptoms, i eat and drink fine, the only thing tht i have is tht im drowsy, but tht is because i was up all night worried the day i got bit, my dog shows no sign of rabies, my brother had told me he had gotten his rabie shots but seemed unsure at first, i feel completely normal except for the paranoia tht i might have gotten rabies, do u think i might be infected? or am i safe? p.s. my parents do not want to take me to the docter because they think im being foolish. [|AI|] Thanks for contacting Chat Doctor with your medical concerns are worried that you may have become infected with rabies from a dog bite. This is highly unlikely as the dog has more than likely been vaccinated with the rabies vaccine. Also, the dog is not exhibiting any behavior that would suggest rabies. I recommend that you keep the wound clean with soap and water. I can reassure you that you do not need to worry about rabies. Hope this answers your medical question. Please contact us again with your health care concerns and questions
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, I am a 25-year-old male of Indian descent. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2006 affecting both the ascending & descending colons as well as the major part of the intestine. I got cured after around 8 months of medications and strict diet, but after about 6-7 months of completion i started losing my hair and till date the rate of fall has become very high...few UTIs were also diagnosed 2-3 years ago. I generally suffer from diarrhea, constipation, gas related issues, also sometimes unable to properly digest. I have to shave my head to save my hair...can u suggest how i can cure this issue and what the process is? I want to grow my hair back as well as want to permanently cure this issue [|AI|] Hi and thanks for the query, The symptoms you experience are very mucChatDoctormonly observed with this disease. Treatment options depend on the stage of the disease. Common Chat Doctor. The staging to know specific stage or gravity is done with the aid of an examination of the colon and rectum (colonoscopy), microscopy and judged from clinical presentation (signs and symptoms) presented by the patient. I suggest you book an appointment with a gastroenterologist for a proper clinical review and management. Thanks and kind regards. Bain LE, MD
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] HI I am having intense back spasms and havent used my prescription on ultram or cyclobenzaprine for a couple of months. Now that I have been taking zoloft 25mg for a month, can I still use either one of these for back spasms and muscle tension. Thanks for any advice. Christian [|AI|] Hello, It is not advisable to use the prescription which is given before a month i.e. Old prescription. Because the cause for your back pain need further evaluation by physician to find the correct diagnosis. I do not recommend my patients to use medicines on their own without any medical advice. In addition, you may land in unwanted side effects and interactions. Some tablets may increase the risk of preexisting diseases like hypertension, diabetes.Thus, always consult your treating physician before taking any Chat Doctor. Hope this helps. Please write back for further queries. Wishing you good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My brother who is 68 is in stage 4 heart valve failure and was suppose to have it replaced, but they punctured his aorta in the process and had to patch the aorta and put off the valve replacement now. How long should it take to safely go back in again and replace the valve? [|AI|] Hi welcome to Chat Doctor. I understand your query and concern. Heart valve failure needs immediate medical attention. You need an urgent assessment of cardiac reserve. This can be accomplished through the following. I advise you to have a baseline 2 dimensional echocardiography, ECG and lipid profile to assess the basic cardiac reserve of your heart. Restrict the intake of salt to less than 6g. Avoid strenuous physical activity. Chat Doctor. Reduce the intake of fatty and fried food. One pomegranate a day will help to keep your heart at good pace without clot formation. A new bioprosthetic valve will help to cure your current condition in expert hands. Consult a Cardiologist and a vascular surgeon for further expert management. Post your further queries if any. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi about two days ago I began to see a lump/bump on the bottom of my stomach like on the top of where my vaginal area starts. Now it is hard, extremely red, swollen, and I cant even touch it because it hurts so badly. I tried using a hot rag to reduce swelling but it just hurt. I also tried popping it but it hurts so much just too even poke it. I would like to know what this lump or bump is and what to do and how to get rid of it. Can you help me? [|AI|] Welcome to Chat Doctor .1. The history suggest that it could be inguinal hernia - which is seen as a lump in the lower abdomen and pain on touch.2. Inguinal hernia with a strangulated bowel or omentu-fat will cause the above symptoms.3. This is an emergency - you need to get an emergency ultrasound - that will help to know the nature of the lump, its contents and source and where all its extending. 4. It will also confirm the presence of any strangulation. And blood supply. 5. Seek emergency help as soon as possible - it can complicate if you delay. Good luck. Hope it helps you. Wish you a good health. Anything to ask ? Do not hesitate. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my 17 month old son has a hard lump under his right nipple. It has a green tint as if bruised and also has bled a couple times the last few days. It seems like the blood is coming from the nipple itself because there is no other place it could come from [|AI|] Hi, Dear thanks for the query to Chat Doctor virtual clinic. I studied your query in full details updated from you. I understood your health concerns. Based on your query data, In my opinion, Dear Your baby seems to suffer from-Right Mammary Duct Eurasia, or it could be due to hemorrhagic Lymphangioma(Hamartomatous Cystic lump rarely) with bleeding from breast.USG would fix the cause of this nipple bleeding with lump. Surgical excision would be needed only if the lump does not regress with persistent right breast lump. Hope this would resolve your query and worry and Anxiety accompanied by it. Welcome for any further query in this regard to ME. I would love to help you out.Awaiting any further query. Wish you fast recovery from this intriguing health problem. Have a Good Day. Chat Doctor. N.M.S. Genl-CVTS -Senior Surgical Consultant
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, my son is 5 yrs and 6 month old. Every 2-3 days he develops balgam and coughs badly until he vomits and takes it out. Once he spits it out, he does not cough for next 2-3 days. We have observed this pattern for few months now and wanted to seek your expert advice. [|AI|] Hi, thank you for choosing Chat Doctor. Kindly get your child examined when he has the cough to rule out any wheezing and also to check his sinuses to rule out any sinusitis as these lead to episodic cough. If he is fine in between cough episodes and his general checkup is normal no need to worry. Hope this has been helpful to you, kindly feel free to contact again for any queries. Kindly rate the answer if so. Take care. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] ive had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands in 2009 - shortly after that surgery (maybe 6 months or so) ive developed ulnar nerve pain (bilateral elbows) - still have the numbness/tingling/weakness - my grip feels weak and just a generalized weakness of hands/wrists/forearms - my nerve conduction study showed everythng was can this be when its so obvious i have numbness and tingling every nite??? i am a 50 year old female [|AI|] Hello, Sometimes during the carpal tunnel surgery maybe one of the branches of the nerve gets damaged, and it can cause numbness in that zone. Another explanation might be that you have developed ulnar tunnel syn Chat Doctor. This has to do witChatDoctorpression of the ulnar nerve in the elbow area or wrist area and needs surgery. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I got my lip pierced on saturday, and its tuesday now.. I know there is going to be little bit swelling for next week, but I took my piercing out to clean it and theres still a little bump where its pierced, Is that an abscess? And is it also normal for the inside of the mouth where its pierced that theres a white circle around it.?? [|AI|] Hi. Welcome to Chat Doctor . I have gone through your query and can understand your concerns. As per your complaint some amount of swelling of the lip after piercing seems to be due to inflammation secondary to soft tissue injury, and you need not worry about it. A small bump at the site of piercing seems to be due to hematoma formation as there can be piercing of a small blood vessel while piercing. White circle can be the area of inflammation only. But in case if the area become painful and the lump has a white tip in the center it can be a sign of infection and a then it can be a pus filled bump o an abscess. I would suggest you to take anti-inflammatory painkiller like Ibuprofen. Do cool compresses over the bump. Avoid removing and re-wearing the lip ring or stud again and again. You should also apply antiseptic ointment over it. In case if it does not resolve in a week or the condition worsen consult a Physician and get evaluated. Hope this information helps. Thanks and regards. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi me and my girlfriend were fooling around last month 29 of september. No penetration just rubbing. She had her period last month on the first week of september. and this 2nd week of august her period must supposed to come. What are the chances of pregnancy? Were both freaking out. We cant sleep properly. [|AI|] Hi dear, I have gone through your question and understand your concerns. Unprotected intercourse can lead to pregnancy, even entry of sperms in the vagina without intercourse can lead to pregnancy. If the periods are delayed, then pregnancy or stress may be the cause. I suggest you to get a urine pregnancy test to confirm the diagnosis and get appropriate treatment. Hope you found the answer helpful. Wishing you good health. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I had a bad spell of vertigo along with pain and tightness in right arm. I went to emergency and all blood tests were good and EKG was good. However the vertigo has gone with medication. I had a CT of head and report says that a questionable small focal hypo density is noted. The arm pain still exists if I start doing things. Once I rest it subsides. I do have a mechanical heart valve. Had this since 2003. I am now 64. My question is ....... What is this and is it serious. What can I do to ease the arm pain when I get it? [|AI|] Hi, I had gone through your question and understand your concerns. I think the hypo density found in CT scan can be cerebral infarction probably from heart thrombotic embolic due to your mechanical valve. I suggest you to consult a local Cardiologist and to discuss the possibility of transesophageal ethnography. If there is evidence of thrombus in your heart, you need treatment with anti arrogant Chat Doctor. If the infarction on CT scan is located in the corresponding arm area on brain, that is the cause of your arm problems, if not then you have to check other causes like cervical disc herniation etc. So I suggest you to consult a Neurologist as well. Hope this answers your question. If you have additional questions or follow-up questions then please do not hesitate in writing to us. I will be happy to answer your questions.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have a normal ECG and 2D echo result. Recently I am experiencing a sudden sharp pain in my left, right and center chest. I am also suffering from an upset stomach especially when travelling. Also my neck feels numb sometimes. Am I experiencing the early signs of heart attack? [|AI|] HelloWelcome in Chat Doctor I can understand your concern. According to the history I would add cardiac enzymes in your tests to rule out cardiac injuries. After that if they come negative a chest X-Ray it is the next step. It is negative to this situation is due to stomach discomfort, and it is better to take some antacids medications as your doctor will prescribe to you. Don't worry and take care. Wish you good health
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Dear Doctor, I have been married for 3 yrs but did not conceive yet. I am undergoing treatment. My doctor suggested to take injection (Ovigin 5000 ) on my 18 day after my cycle. And today is 28th day where again i got date. Please let me know do i get pregnecy very soon .. i am very much worried. [|AI|] Howell come to ChatDoctorI really appreciate your concern, pregnancy is more natural phenomenon than physiological one, and it depends upon some incompatibilities like presence of ovum and sperm at the time of coitus and right proportion of hormones if these are absents then conception may not be possible, along with the medicine try to have the coitus on the day of ovulation, hope this is information helps, take care and have a nice day.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I accidentally took two of my phentermine 37.5mg tabs today about an hour apart. I was taken to the er because my Bp was extremely elevated ranging from150/116-175/117 and my pulse ranged from 113-161 the er physician hung a bag of normal saline hooked me to the 12lead monitor gave me one dose of zofran iv and turned the lights off and told me to relax. my O2 sat stayed at 100% probably due to my conscious effort to control my breathing. I was monitored for a while and then out of nowhere had a massive panic attack. I was immediately given 1mg if ativan and discharged while still trying to recover and calm myself from the panic attack. I have been home for about 3hours now and am still having pains and tightness in my chest arms and neck. I am not anxious anymore but am worried that there may be an overlooked cardiac issue since they didnt even draw cardiac enzymes. [|AI|] Hello Determine is a stimulant Chat Doctor. Although it causes increased BP and tachycardia but it don't damage heart directly. Due to acute panic attacks you received lorazepam and got relief with it. But still some anxiety and restlessness remain there which is happening in your case. There is no need to worry its just part of anxiety. Still if you want to remain on safer side get your ECG done. Cardiac enzymes are needed to check only when ECG show signs of ischemia. Thanks
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my 7 month old baby is really poorly at the moment he is off of his food he has red circles under his eyes he is burning a temperature and everything he eats he cant keep down he is on antibiotics but it doesnt seem to be helping. he is having very disturbed sleeps. [|AI|] Hi, He has a fever, anorexia, vomiting, red eyes and some irritability. These symptoms usually suggest a viral fever, and need only supportive treatment. He will be fine in 3-5 days. Just continue the medicines as advised. Give paracetamol 3-4 times a day. Give syrup ondansetron (2 mg/5ml) 2.5ml 2-3 times a day for vomiting. Give feeds more frequently in small amounts-this will increase holding down. Take him back to doctor if symptoms are not coming down after 72 hours, he becomes very lethargic, or not at all taking feeds. Until then, you need not worrywart care. Hope I have answered your question. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] IS THIS FREE? HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE FROM KNEE SURGERY. MY KNEE AND PART OF MY LEG GET NUMB. I DROP THINGS ALL THE TIME AND AM CLUMBSY AND I WASN T BEFORE. I AM PIGEON TOES ON MY RIGHT FOOT, HAVE CURVITURE OF THE SPINE , AND A BOWED LEG. THESE ARE ALL FROM MY KNEE NOT BEING RIGHT AFTER THE SURGERY FOR OVER 2 YEARS. MY PROBLEMS ALWAYS SEEM TO BE ON MY RIGHT SIDE, WHERE THE SURGERIES HAVE BEEN, JUST HAD A HIP REPLACEMENT ON THAT SIDE AS WELL. [|AI|] HIT hank for asking to ChatDoctorAfter the kidney operation the neurological problem is not likely or say common, if you feel such thing like weakness in upper or lower arms then the cause of this could be something else, but it may not be because or renal surgery unless for surgery spinal anesthesia if ever given then that may some time causes neurological complication, hope this could be your answer, have nice day.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Sir, Recently when performing my routine health checkup, i found that my blood platelet count have been reduced to 90,000 (report date 31.3.2010). My WBC count is also close to the lower normal limit of 4.7 X 10^3. Last test was performed on 17.11.2008 and my platelet count at that time on Peripheral Blood Flim was "low normal" and the WBC count was 5.2X10^3. All the other test like blood glucose, thyroid, lipid profile etc are totally normal. I am aged 39 yrs and my weight is 75 kgs with BP of 120/80 mm Hg. This decease in platelet count and the gradual decrease in WBC count have put me in a very tense situation. The Doctor advised me to follow up for a complete blood count after 1 month and if there is further fall in platelet, then a bone marrow test is needed to be done. I am also suffering from lots of stress and anxiety since many years owing to my profession and home and is a regular taker of alprazolam/drugs. I would therefore request you to let me know how can i get rid of this problems since this situation have further aggravated my mental condition and made my life worse. With regards Somit Das [|AI|] Hi, Omit Dash have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. Your WBC count and platelets count are slightly low. Even simple viral infection can lead to this. So no need to worry at this stage. You should go for follow up complete blood count at monthly intervals. If it goes very low then bone marrow examination is needed to search the cause. No, any treatment is required right now. Just be relaxed. Hope I have answered your question, if you have doubt then I will be happy to answer. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] sir my 5 months daughter while i am carrying her she just hit her head to hard door she cried but not a lot and i dint seen any swelling she finished drinking milk and and now her bed time she went to sleep so could you please let me know is it serious do i need to go to doctor [|AI|] Hi... Thank you for consulting in Chat Doctor. I understand your concern. First be reassured that your kid is normal. I will suggest you danger signs of head injury -1. Vomiting continuously2. Seizures3. Watery of bloody discharge from ears and nose4. Unconsciousness5. Altered sensorial or behavior. If none of them are present, I don't think you should worry about his trivial head injury. Regards -
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] good afternoon doctor please iwant to know if postenure 2 causes infertility. i took a whole lot of it as a single girl to prevent pregnancy but now i am finding it diffiult to concieve. is it possible that due to a lot of it that i took could be having effects to my being not able to conceive and if so is there any medication i can take to be able to concieve. [|AI|] Hi, thanks for using Chat Doctor Posting is a form of emergency contraception. It would not cause infertility. Fertility requires the following to occur: (1) production and release of adequate egg from the female and sperm from the male (2) ability to travel along the tubes (3)transport to the endometrium or lining of the uterus for the embryo to implant you and your partner are having problems conceiving, and it is over a year then you should consider visiting your doctor for an assessment. This would include semen analysis for your partner. For you the tests may be blood tests to check hormone levels, SG (looks at the tubes and uterus) and ultrasound. I hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Dear sir, my name is Somenath Bose and i live in jabalpur, madhya pradesh. My problem is that my mother in law is have some mental problem. from last 4 years she used to tell everyone that i am a danger for my own 3 years old child. she always used to tell me or everyone that may be i will kill my son....or iam sexually harrassing my own child....she doesnt believe me at all. she thinks that iam a criminal and can harm my own family....i am very much tensed due to this behavoiur of her...kindly help me what should i do.... [|AI|] Hi, Mr Bose, Thank you for writing to Chat Doctor. Considering whatever your mother-in-law is thinking is wrong then the symptoms you described look like false belief which in medical language is Delusion. The delusion may be a symptom of variety of mental disorder. One would like to know her behavior and belief about many other things apart from relating to you. If she is otherwise finer than delusion disorder can be the possibility. Or if she also has other behavioral problem or thinking problem then one need to rule out possibility of schizophrenia which is not common after middle age. One more thing is her memory. If memory problem is present then dementia can also be the cause. Does she have diabetes or hypertension? If so then chances of dementia due to lack of blood flow to her brain may be the cause of symptoms. This all what I have discussed are common causes of false belief, but it is not the complete list. Now the best possible way to get help is to visit Psychiatrist and trying to find out the cause of her symptoms. In this kind of symptoms Antipsychotic medicines usually helps, but this should be given under care of psychiatrist only for best possible outcome. Hope you find this helpful. Regards.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, my husband has a metal plate in his upper arm. last year plate had to be removed due to infection that was in his bloodstream and parts of his bone were chiseled away and new plate inserted. Over a year later the area is infected again. Is it possible for your body to reject some plates? He has rods and plates in both his femurs but, is not bothered by them. [|AI|] Hello, THX to contact us. I understand your concern. If I am your treating doctor I advise you that inserted plate is called as stainless steel plate. They are inert and won't rejected by the body. There may be some other reason like he immunity of your husband is decreased, it is the reason for such an infection. I will be happy to answer more of your concerns, kindly know me, Wish you a very good health at Chat Doctor. Chat Doctor. Infectious Disease.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my husband recently got examined for company meedical test (age 37/ height 170/ wt 60) . his cholestrol level is 238 & LDL cholestrol was 152.6. also when tested for cardiac ischemia it was positive(the stress depression > 2 but it was recovered later). i jst want to knw is this a severe problem & can it be brought to normal? [|AI|] Dear Mrs, If he has a positive stress test for ischemia, it means that one of the vessels with supply blood to heart is narrowed. It is not very common in his age, but possible. The risk of this disease is that such patients can develop a heart attack. The next step should be coronary angiography, it is an examination, when heart arteries are imaged, it will show the exact vessel and the percentage of narrowing. And if there is a need doctors may intervene and open the vessel with stent. His doctor will prescribe him medications to prevent further blockages, and he should follow healthy lifestyle: avoid food containing animal food, not to smoke and Chat Doctor. Hope this was helpful for nourishing a good health to your husbandmen back if you have any further questions
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Ok I pissed off some docs at san juan medical center cause they wanted to operate when i had just went in to the blood pressure was over 188/100.I had a spell thats what got me there.But I got scared cause they were talking stents or bypass.But is dizzyness and 188/100 cause for operation? [|AI|] Thank you for your query in Chat Doctor .com....well from the short history that you have posted above, all I can say is that a surgery is not always necessary for dizziness and BP 188/ fact, on the first place, we go for medical management for lowering blood attack of dizziness can accompany a rise of blood pressure or there can be some other causes for it also...kindly provide me with further histories regarding your attack otherwise proper diagnosis and further management is not possible...tell me whether you had any episodes of unconsciousness, vomiting, loss of sensation, weakness of a side of body, chest pain or palpitation associated with your rise in BP...if not much of the above is present, we generally start with furosemide or amlodipine followed by beta blockers or nitroglycerin patches if required....come back to me with the answers....hope this was helpful...regards