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through completely legal means. Most forfeitures (69 percent) take place during traffic stops and most of the time only money is seized. According to the state report, cash was taken in 99 percent of forfeitures during 2016, with the median seizure amounting to only $1,031. The paperwork alone for the following seizure easily surpassed the value of the property seized. And that's just in terms of office supplies. Add on the labor involved and what is even the point. That means, in many cases, the amount seized was considerably less than four-figures. In one instance, the report shows, police took $16 from a motorist. So much for the "don't drive around with large amounts of cash" solution. To avoid being robbed by opportunistic law enforcement, the mantra needs to be shortened to "don't drive." Or simplified to "don't leave the house." Utah's smallball seizures aren't an aberration. Before the Washington DC Metropolitan PD was hit with minor forfeiture reforms, it also believed no amount of cash was too small to be seized. It racked up nearly $3 million in seizures slowly and steadily from citizens who went on to sue the department. Altogether, the nearly 1,400 claimants in the class action lost almost $700,000 to forfeiture, so the settlement will restore roughly three-quarters of what was taken from them. Yet the claimants represent just 14 percent of those affected by this particular D.C. forfeiture policy. Over a six-year period, the Metropolitan Police Department seized a staggering $2.9 million from these owners collectively. Among the owners represented in the lawsuit, the median amount of cash seized was a mere $120. In fact, the MPD seized as little as $1 from some owners. There is little indication trivial amounts of money can be plausibly tied to the drug trade, noted Sean Day, who was co-counsel on the class action. These low dollar amounts discourage owners from seeking the return of their property. In some places, the fee just to file a motion for return is higher than the amount taken. Even the median seizure in Utah (~$1,000) is easily dwarfed by filing fees and the costs of legal representation. It would be ludicrous to believe officers aren't aware of these facts when they seize cash. It's hard to see how civil asset forfeiture benefits society. It doesn't take criminals off the street because criminal charges are rarely filed. It doesn't put criminal cartels out of business because the few hundred dollars lifted off random people likely isn't directly tied to these organizations — and if it is, the hit is so small an organization won't feel it. Law enforcement agencies fight reform by claiming it will harm taxpayers if the agencies are forced to rely solely on general funds (something with actual oversight) to pay officer overtime and purchase equipment. But the alternative is even worse: agencies and officials are arguing it's OK to tax certain citizens the amount of cash they happen to have on them when interacting with police officers. It's a preposterous argument that says law enforcement agencies not only shouldn't be expected to play by the same public funding rules as every other agency, but will actually be unable to perform their basic functions without a second stream of income. Filed Under: asset forfeiture, civil asset forfeiture, law enforcement, stealing Report Says DEA Doesn't Even Know If The Billions In Cash It Seizes Is Having Any Impact On Criminal Activity from the also:-doesn't-seem-to-care dept Thu, Mar 30th 2017 09:36am - Tim Cushing The DOJ's Inspector General has just released its latest report [PDF] on federal civil asset forfeiture. It's not pretty and it confirms many of the criticisms of the program. Law enforcement agencies — including the DEA, which is responsible for nearly 80% of the $28 billion of forfeited assets over the past decade — claim the program is key in the dismantling of criminal organizations. However, the facts don't back up this claim. The report opens by pointing out agencies involved in civil forfeiture seem completely uninterested in the actual pursuit of criminals. One multimillion dollar seizure resulted in nothing more than millions of dollars being seized. Any criminals associated with the cash are presumably still out there committing criminal acts. Based on intelligence collected from the money laundering operations, other federal law enforcement agencies conducted additional investigative work which, according to the task force, resulted in the arrest of 84 individuals and the seizure of approximately $49 million. The OIG found that the BHPD received over $6 million in revenue derived, in part, from equitable sharing payments related to these seizures. However, according to a task force official, the task force did not file a single criminal indictment related to its money laundering investigative operations. From which the OIG can only draw this conclusion: Such outcomes can raise questions about whether seizures are intended to serve legitimate law enforcement interests or to bolster law enforcement budgets. The report focuses on the DEA, as it's responsible for most of the forfeitures. Again, the claim that forfeiture is an effective crime-fighting tool isn't backed up by any data the DEA has on hand. In fact, the DEA seems uninterested in self-assessment or anything else that might undermine its claims of crime-fighting effectiveness. As the OIG points out, the DEA has no idea whether civil asset forfeiture actually works. We found that the Department and its investigative components do not use aggregate data to evaluate fully and oversee their seizure operations, or to determine whether seizures benefit criminal investigations or the extent to which they may pose potential risks to civil liberties. The Department and its components can determine how often seizure and forfeiture advance or relate to criminal investigations only through a manual, case-by-case review of component case management systems As is noted here, the DEA is not only uninterested in quantifying the results of forfeiture, but has expressed zero concern about potential civil liberties violations. The DEA basically doesn't know if forfeiture is good or evil. All it cares about is the money. It is so focused on seizing cash, it's set up a network of informants in airports, trains stations, bus deposts, and post offices who do little more than notify the agency any time they come across currency. The DEA also does little to justify the initiation of seizures. The report notes nearly every seizure examined began with something barely approaching reasonable suspicion. [W]e found that 85 of the 100 seizures occurred as a result of interdiction operations at transportation facilities, such as airports, parcel distribution centers, train stations, and bus terminals, or as a result of a highway interdiction or traffic stop. All but 6 of the 85 encounters or situations that led to interdiction seizures were initiated on the observations and immediate judgment of DEA agents and task force officers absent any pre-existing intelligence of a specific drug crime (the remaining six were based on preexisting intelligence). Further, a majority of the seizures examined were seemingly carried out for no other reason than to seize cash. [T]he DEA could verify that only 44 of the 100 seizures, and only 29 of the 85 interdiction seizures, had (1) advanced or been related to ongoing investigations, (2) resulted in the initiation of new investigations, (3) led to arrests, or (4) led to prosecutions. Another seizure detailed in the report backs up the OIG's conclusions: the DEA is interested in cash and little else. After Transportation Security Administration agents discovered U.S. currency artfully concealed in a manufactured compartment within the pulley of a checked bag, a task force officer assigned to a DEA group responded with a drug dog to assess the bag. The dog positively alerted to the presence of a controlled substance, and the group seized $70,460 concealed in the bag and its pulley. According to the DEA's documentation, the group that
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A Queer Quarantine Transition Story Posted by Ali Lehman When I met Addison, she was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. Well, that much is almost true. I did sing those lyrics to her on the night our team got second at trivia in the Lipstick Lounge. When we met, she was bartending downtown at a restaurant where my husband and I went by chance on a date night. I immediately knew she was a person I wanted as my friend. In fact, since we sat at the bar for dinner I got to chat her up all night. She's the only friend I've ever "picked up" at a bar. I left my number on the receipt and wrote "Want to be friends? Call me!" We've been friends ever since. This spring, while all of us have been enduring the brutal transition from normal life to quarantine, Addison endured another type of brutal transition. She underwent gender affirmation surgery. When she first told me she was getting surgery, I – clearly without thinking – blurted out, "are you getting your boobs done too?" I am embarrassed and ashamed that I asked this question, but Addison is a champ and informed me that she loves her breasts, which are the same size as the other women in her family, and didn't chastise me. I have since apologized for asking this insensitive question, and she brushed me off, but I know that it was a stupid thing to say. So I asked her about the surgeries some trans people choose to get and why. She and I discussed how everyone wants a timeline: When did you know you were trans? How long have you been transitioning? When will you be done? When did you have the surgery? Addison says that last question is as invasive as it is irrelevant, yet it is the first thing our minds run to when we meet a trans person or see their story on tv or Instagram. Yes she is calling you all out on this, and it's okay. "We are curious by nature and our society demands to be informed. The nature of the question is not the problem; it is the question itself." But, she felt comfortable answering those questions: I knew when I was about 11. I didn't say it until I was 29. Since high school when I realized I wanted to be one of the girls as much as I wanted to be with them. Medically, since I was 29. Medically – never. My body does not naturally produce estrogen so I will be taking those little blue pills for the rest of my life. For me – I don't know. And I don't really care. I love my transition. I feel as if I am in a constant state of learning about myself and analyzing and evolving and it's like, the least boring thing ever. When we refer to "the surgery," do you know which one? According to Addison, for girls like her who were assigned male at birth, feminizing procedures can include: Facial feminization Hairline surgeries Vaginoplasty Orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) Vocal feminization Tracheal shave and any number of other procedures to help alleviate that person's dysphoria and live their most authentic truth. OR NONE AT ALL Even poor problematic Caitlin Jenner, who both of us watched transition under media scrutiny, was bombarded with questions about surgeries and genitals. In Addison's words, "In Caitlyn Jenner's case, we didn't see the years of hormone replacement therapy or hair removal or mental health struggles or painful recovery process. This only helps to further an already rampant problem in the trans community of folx dealing with Imposter Syndrome." For Addison, getting surgery is a privilege, but it's also saving her life. To her, "I don't look at my decision to have this procedure as a choice to have my birth-given male genitalia transformed into a clitoris, labia, and a vagina, rather it was a choice to live or not." Those who understand this surgery saves lives know it's "medically necessary," it shouldn't be considered elective. Although it shouldn't be a privilege to have life-saving surgery, we live in America, where most necessary healthcare is a privilege of the white and financially able. "I myself have looked at other womxn and wondered (and despaired) why I haven't experienced as dramatic a transformation as they have," she told me. This chapter of Addion's life was rewritten due to the pandemic. During quarantine, she received a phone call from her surgeon letting her know the procedure would be postponed, less than three weeks ahead of the original date. The beginning of her journey toward getting surgery started in June/July 2019. In her words, "I swore to myself that I wouldn't go through another summer with a penis. I couldn't do another trip to the beach worrying if my waterproof tape would live up to its claims." When she found out surgery was delayed, she told me, "Dysphoria feels like a poison and when the antidote was finally in reach, I was told to just hang in there a little longer." When she finally got the green light six weeks from the postponement, she was so overwhelmed with prepping for surgery (tests, work arrangements, dealing with insurance, therapy letters from multiple professionals, preparing her family) that she wasn't able to focus on the sudden reality of her rebirth. "I was ready, but I was terrified… Despite the setbacks and emotional distress, I gained a lot of valuable new perspectives in the time that my life was put on hold inside a world that was doing the same." One of the biggest downsides of quarantine is her inability to make her debut at Pride this year. Her past Pride experiences were beautiful. In 2017, she introduced the world to Andi, the embodiment of all her most basic femininity who "allowed me to confidently identify as genderfluid." By Pride 2018, she was out and proud as herself, Addison, and even went to NYC Pride with her mom. In 2019, she marched in the parade with her amazing work family, had three costume changes on the first day alone, and Pride-d with a partner for the first time ever. This year is different. "The outfits that I myself longed for a few weeks ago have been traded in for facemasks and signs of protest." When she found out NYC Pride was cancelled, she knew Nashville was next. "Times like these can make us feel selfish. I thought, 'What about my triumphant return?' I mourned the outfits that would never be, the pictures that would be missed, the drag queens and kings that would go untipped; it all seemed so hopeless." But, she acknowledges that the revolution that is Pride changed the world. And so did Coronavirus, and the murder of George Floyd. According to her, the LGBTQIA+ community learned that it is no longer enough to call out the "rainbow capitalism" that has overtaken so many Pride celebrations, which is not about Pride-shaming. "But to do all of these things and not recognize and stand up for people and communities of color while they are constantly being abused and murdered by the same institution that our queer heroes fought against so that we could live authentically, is to walk backwards in time and say 'Our fight is our fight, and theirs is theirs.'" I agree when she told me that it is no longer enough to spend one month educating ourselves and our already-woke peers about Marsha and Sylvia, that their names and legacies need to be taught in schools alongside civil rights leaders. "The line between the history of a racist police institution and the fight for queer equality is not thin. For years we have marched and celebrated for our one weekend of our one month, telling the world to be thankful that they don't need to do the same, and now we are seeing that we were complicit against our own mission." I am overwhelmingly proud to call
Dave Henderson Henderson with the Oakland A's in 1989 Center fielder Born: (1958-07-21) July 21, 1958 Dos Palos, California April 9, 1981, for the Seattle Mariners July 29, 1994, for the Kansas City Royals Seattle Mariners (1981–1986) Boston Red Sox (1986–1987) San Francisco Giants (1987) Oakland Athletics (1988–1993) Kansas City Royals (1994) All-Star (1991) World Series champion (1989) David Lee Henderson (born July 21, 1958), nicknamed Hendu, is an American former Major League Baseball player who played for the Seattle Mariners (1981–1986), Boston Red Sox (1986–1987), San Francisco Giants (1987), Oakland Athletics (1988–1993) and Kansas City Royals (1994). He batted and threw right-handed. He attended Dos Palos High School, where his football #42 and baseball #22 were both retired for his hometown Broncos, who wear blue and gold. He graduated from Dos Palos High School in 1977. Henderson helped his teams reach the World Series four times during his career (1986 with Boston, 1988–1990 with Oakland). However, his only World Series ring came in 1989, when the A's swept their Bay Area rivals, the San Francisco Giants. 1986 ALCS home run 1 Later career 2 Broadcasting career 4 1986 ALCS home run Henderson is best remembered for the two-out, two-strike home run he hit in the top of the ninth inning in Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS. At the time, the California Angels were playing at home and had a 3-1 series lead. They had a 5-2 lead going into the ninth and were three outs away from their first-ever trip to the World Series, but Boston closed the gap to 5-4 on a two-run home run by former Angel Don Baylor. When Henderson stepped to the plate, there were two outs and Rich Gedman was on first after being hit by a pitch. On a 2–2 count, Henderson, who had entered the game to replace the injured Tony Armas, then hit a drive off Donnie Moore that stunned the Angels and all of Anaheim Stadium. The home run saved Henderson from possibly being a scapegoat, after Bobby Grich's sixth-inning warning track fly ball deflected off his glove and over the wall for a two-run home run that gave the Angels a 3-2 lead. The ball hit the palm of his glove an instant before he hit the fence, dislodging the ball and sending it over the fence. The Angels tied it up at six in the bottom of the ninth, but in the 11th inning, Henderson hit a sacrifice fly that would prove to be the margin of victory. Still down 3 games to 2, the Red Sox returned home to Fenway Park for the final two games, where they defeated the Angels 10–4 and 8–1 to win the series. Henderson went on to hit .400 in a losing cause as the Red Sox were defeated in the 1986 World Series by the New York Mets in seven games. Henderson hit two home runs, his second scoring the go-ahead run in the top of the 10th inning of Game 6. Later career Henderson was one of baseball's biggest surprises after signing as a free agent with Oakland following a brief stint with the Giants. In the 1988 season he set career highs in batting average (.304), runs (100), hits (154), slugging average (.525) and doubles (38). He also hit 24 home runs that season and the Athletics were 23–1 when he homered. Selected for the 1991 All-Star Game, Henderson was on his way to the best season of his career, batting in the number-two spot in the A's lineup behind Rickey Henderson (no relation). The slugger was consistently getting fastballs to hit because the speedy Henderson was a stolen base threat every time he reached safely. Henderson was batting .340 before the All-Star break, but his average dipped in the second half of the season and he finished the year at .276, though he did hit a career-high 24 home runs. That year, Henderson blasted three home runs in consecutive at bats against Minnesota.[1] While he did come back to hit 20 home runs in 1993, Henderson was never the same player after blowing out his knee the previous season. He finished up his career as a reserve player with the Kansas City Royals in 1994. In 14 seasons, Henderson batted .258 with 197 home runs, 708 RBI, 710 runs, 286 doubles, and 50 stolen bases in 1538 games. In eight post-season series (four ALCS and World Series appearances a piece), he hit .298 with seven home runs, 20 RBI, 24 runs, and a .570 slugging average. Broadcasting career From 1997 to 2006, Henderson worked as a color commentator during Seattle Mariners radio and television broadcasts. In 2011, he returned to the Mariners' radio booth as one of a rotating crew of part-time announcers succeeding the deceased Dave Niehaus. ^ "BASEBALL; Zeile's Homer in 10th Sends Pirates to 8th Straight Loss". New York Times (August 4, 1991). August 4, 1991. Retrieved 2009-01-12. Career statistics and player information from Baseball-Reference, or Fangraphs, or The Baseball Cube Venezuelan Professional Baseball League Baseball LibraryPage at Baseball's 25 Greatest Moments: Dave Henderson's Home Run 1977 Major League Baseball Draft First Round Selections Bill Gullickson Paul Molitor Tim Cole Kevin Richards Terry Kennedy Richard Dotson Brian Greer David Hibner Craig Landis Bruce Compton Randy Martz Andrew Madden Ricky Adams Paul Croft Craig Harris Anthony Nicely Drungo Hazewood Bob Welch Scott Munninghoff Tad Venger Tom Goffena Seattle Mariners first-round draft picks 1977: Henderson 1978: Nanni 1979: Chambers 1980: Coles 1981: Moore 1982: Owen 1983: Akerfelds, Bell 1984: Swift 1985: Campbell, McGuire 1986: Lennon 1987: Griffey, Jr. 1988: Martinez 1989: Salkeld, Burrell 1990: Newfield, Manahan 1991: Estes 1992: Villone 1993: Rodriguez 1994: Varitek 1995: Cruz, Jr. 1996: Meche 1998: Thornton 1999: Christianson, Heaverlo 2000: No first round pick 2001: Garciaparra 2002: Mayberry, Jr. 2005: Clement 2006: Morrow 2007: Aumont, Mangini 2008: Fields 2009: Ackley, Franklin, Baron 2010: Walker 2011: Hultzen 2012: Zunino 2014: Jackson Oakland Athletics 1989 World Series Champions 2 Tony Phillips 4 Carney Lansford 7 Walt Weiss 9 Mike Gallego 12 Lance Blankenship 14 Storm Davis 19 Gene Nelson 20 Matt Young 21 Mike Moore 24 Rickey Henderson 25 Mark McGwire 27 Ron Hassey 28 Stan Javier 33 Jose Canseco 34 Dave Stewart (World Series MVP) 35 Bob Welch 36 Terry Steinbach 39 Dave Parker 40 Rick Honeycutt 42 Dave Henderson 43 Dennis Eckersley 44 Ken Phelps 54 Todd Burns 10 Tony La Russa 5 Art Kusnyer (Bullpen) 8 Dave McKay (First Base) 15 Rene Lachemann (Third Base) 18 Dave Duncan (Pitching) 45 Merv Rettenmund (Hitting) 46 Tommie Reynolds (Bench) American League Championship Series Bay Bridge Series Major League Baseball on ABC Major League Baseball Game of the Week (1953–1954; 1960; 1965) Monday Night Baseball (1976–1988) Thursday Night Baseball (1989) Baseball Night in America (1994–1995) ESPN Major League Baseball (broadcasters) Non-MLB programs Little League World Series (broadcasters) The Baseball Network World Series television ratings Television contracts List of events on Wide World of Sports ABC's owned & operated TV stations WABC 7 (Brooklyn Dodgers, August 17, 1953-October 1, 1953) WLS 7 (Chicago Cubs, 2015-present) KTRK 13 (Houston Astros, 1962-1972) WFIL 6 (later WPVI) (Philadelphia Athletics, 1949-1954; Philadelphia Phillies, 1959-1970) Falstaff Brewing Corporation Gary Bender Bob DeLaney Merle Harmon George Kell Gene Kirby Brent Musburger Bob Prince Gary Thorne Al Trautwig Steve Zabriskie Color commentators Buddy Blattner Norm Cash Carl Erskine Tommy Hutton Jim Kaat Tommy Henrich Steve Stone Warner Wolf Guest commentators Rick Dempsey Ross Porter Hosts & field reporters Jack Arute Tim Brant Corey McPherrin Lesley Visser "Inside Pitch" scouting analysts Roger Maris' 61 home run season (1961) "The Bird" (1976) "The Double" (1995) Tiebreaker games 1959 National League playoff series 1978 AL East Playoff 1980 NL West Playoff LCS games Chris Chambliss' Walk-Off Home Run (1976) "Garvey Home Run" (1984) "Gatorade Glove Play" (1984) "You're Looking at One for the Ages Here" (1986) World Series games "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning" (1977) "Mr. October" (1977) "The Call" (1985) 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake 1994 (cancelled) 1995 (Games 1, 4-5) AL Championship Series 1995 (Games 1–2) NL Championship Series AL Division Series 2002 (ABC Family, coverage produced by ESPN) NL Division Series "Hello Old Friend" "Lights" African-American baseball players American League All-Stars Bellingham Mariners players Boston Red Sox players Kansas City Royals players Leones del Caracas players Major League Baseball announcers Major League Baseball center fielders Modesto A's players Oakland Athletics players People from Merced County, California San Francisco Giants players San Jose Missions players Seattle Mariners broadcasters Seattle Mariners players Spokane Indians players Stockton Mariners players Tacoma Tigers players New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox, Seattle, Milwaukee Brewers Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, World Series, Oakland, California New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Massachusetts, Oakland Athletics, Babe Ruth 2006 Seattle Mariners season Seattle Mariners, Seattle, 1977 Major League Baseball season, Nintendo, 2006 Major League Baseball season List of Seattle Mariners first-round draft
a cannery, and raised one son who became a prominent surgeon. For some reason, perhaps a series of tragic deaths of her most beloved in rapid succession – compounded with childhood separation from her mother and untold abuse at the hands of nuns and priests, Bertha fell apart in her early thirties – became a chronic alcoholic and abandoned her seven children. Protected: Jean, A Life NC Blog, Out & Back, The Farm Douglas Glover's Interview with Gordon Lish now out in a book In the mid-1990s I hosted a weekly literary radio interview show at WAMC-Albany (New York). One memorable morning over the studio phone, I interviewed Gordon Lish, whom I knew because he had published stories of mine inThe Quarterly as well as my novel The Life and Times of Captain N. (1993) at Knopf. The interview now appears in Conversations With Gordon Lish, edited by the estimable Cambridge (UK) critic David Winters and Jason Lucarelli, who was once a student of mine and contributing editor at Numéro Cinq Magazine. The book was published earlier this year by University Press of Mississippi in their wonderful "Conversations" series. The cover photo above is, of course, by NC contributor bill hayward. Here is the publisher's book description: Known as "Captain Fiction," Gordon Lish (b. 1934) is among the most influential–and controversial–figures in modern American letters. As an editor at Esquire (1969-1977), Alfred A. Knopf (1977-1995), and The Quarterly (1987-1995) and as a teacher both in and outside the university system, he has worked closely with many of the most pioneering writers of recent times, including Raymond Carver, Don DeLillo, Barry Hannah, Amy Hempel, Sam Lipsyte, and Ben Marcus. A prolific author of stories and novels, Lish has also won a cult following for his own fiction, earning comparisons with Gertrude Stein and Samuel Beckett. Conversations with Gordon Lish collects all of Lish's major interviews, covering the entire span of his extraordinary career. Ranging from 1965 to 2015, these interviews document his pivotal role in the period's defining developments: the impact of the Californian counterculture, the rise and decline of so-called literary "minimalism," dramatic transformations in book and magazine publishing, and the ongoing growth of creative writing instruction. Over time, Lish–a self-described "dynamic conversationalist"– forges an evolving conversation not only with his interviewers, but with the central trends of twentieth-century literary history. This book will be essential reading not only for students and fans of contemporary fiction, but for writers too: included are several interviews in which Lish discusses his legendary writing classes. Indeed, these pieces themselves amount to a masterclass in Lishian literary language–each is a work of art in its own right. The Erotics of Restraint #1 New Release in Erotica Fiction Writing Reference on Amazon (this morning) Click on the image for a bigger version. I can't resist this. Cynthia Sample alerted me to the fact that you can pre-order my new book of essays already! (Book not out till next July.) I checked Amazon, just to see, and was, as often happens, charmed by what I saw. There's my book. Though that's not the actual cover. This is standard for new books. Publishers put up a placeholder till the real book cover is available. And the subtitle appears different on the cover mockup and in the book description. I probably caused that confusion myself, since have always gone back and forth between the two. (I welcome your input.) But best of all is the little "#1 New Release" flag followed by the words "in Erotica Fiction Writing Reference." No doubt this will do my public image no end of good and make me popular in the B&D crowd. Just to check, I searched the book title only and this is what came up. The irony is, of course, as many of you know, that the title essay of the book — "The Erotics of Restraint" — is a long text on Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park. But let me not deter anyone from buying the book on mistaken (or any other) grounds. Weird Plots for Strange Stories: Alternatives to Conventional Plot Structure — Julie Jones "Here we rediscover the old truth that repetition is the heart of art" (Douglas Glover, Attack of the Copula Spiders 94). A story, like all artistic work, requires a structure upon which it can sustain itself. Most stories rely upon the arc of the conventional plot: a beginning, middle, and end, with rising tension culminating in climax then denouement; a wave rising from the ocean, peaking close to shore, crashing upon the beach, and dissipating with a hiss of water and foam. There are many ways to describe this classic structure. Douglas Glover calls it a series of repeating conflicts between one character's desire and a resistance to that desire (24-26). Michael Shaara describes it as the shifting of power back and forth between opposing characters (Burroway 265). Claudia Johnson reframes the dynamic in terms of emotional connection and disconnection (Burroway 267). Resisted desire, shifting power, emotional disconnection. However you phrase it, these describe inherently interesting plots. But what of the outlier story that eschews the classic plot? How can it be made interesting? Captivating prose carries the reader only so far. What tools are available to the writer who veers away from the conventional, but still hopes to achieve an interesting, resonant story of some depth? In this essay, I will examine five short stories with unconventional plots: "The Distance of the Moon" by Italo Calvino, "Axolotl" by Julio Cortázar, "The Company of Wolves" by Angela Carter, "The Available Data on the Worp Reaction" by Lion Miller, and "The Fog Horn" by Ray Bradbury. In analyzing each story, I will consider whether and how it departs from the conventional plot structure, and what other literary devices are used to engage and hold the reader's interest. "The Distance of the Moon" by Italo Calvino "The Distance of the Moon" is a speculative story about a time on earth unknown to us when the moon travelled in an elliptical orbit and, once a month, would come so close to the earth that people could climb upon the moon with ladders. This fourteen-page story has no line breaks or numerations to indicate story sections, but the structure is dual, split in two. The first half is primarily descriptive, detailing the phases of the moon, its orbit, how the people used rowboats to move under the moon and ladders to climb upon her, the acrobatics used to navigate the gravitational field between the moon and earth when mounting or dismounting the moon from the ladders, the ingredients and formation of moon-milk and how they harvest it from the moon's scabby surface. It also introduces the story's characters: the first-person narrator, Qfwfq; the Deaf One, Qfwfq's cousin who has an affinity with the moon; Captain Vhd Vhd, who commands the boats; Mrs. Vhd Vhd, the Captain's wife who plays the harp; and Xlthlx, a twelve-year-old girl. Ending the first section is a short pre-story that presages events in the main story. Xlthlx becomes stuck in the ambiguous gravitational field between the moon and the earth. She's too light to fall into either orb's influence. She floats between them and eats the shellfish and sea creatures that are also caught between worlds, gaining heft as she eats and as other sea creatures attach to her body, till finally her weight reaches a critical threshold and she splashes to Earth. It is at this halfway point, after the characters and setting are (thoroughly and delightfully) explained, that Qfwfq tells us outright the nature of the story: "This is how the story of my love for the Captain's wife began, and my suffering." He then succinctly describes the situation: the Deaf One loves the Moon, Mrs. Vhd Vhd loves the Deaf One, and Qfwfq loves
saying I want to cash out. I am saying the BOD should consider the long term effects I outlined and whether it would be best to return the shareholders investment at a high value rather than a low value, thus the question. To put the above email in perspective, remember my purpose in writing was because there was a private park sale meeting that blew up, then a request for a joint POA BOD and COLV City Council meeting that Mayor Randy Kruger has torpedoed, and finally most important for several months now no one would simply say, a park sale is off the table. I could not figure out why anyone would sell a park under those conditions, or why a board of directors would assert some "Community Burden" over shareholders in a private company. Also, I was writing to see who was legally obligated to who and for what. I know a lot of the above is obvious to most business people and would never need to be stated. But, I was dealing with people who would indicate a sale was off, but not just say it, and who kept voicing this "Community Burden" that meant we are paying for private facilities and parks that could be used to benefit other developers and the city at large. This is unlike most other private entiries which exist to serve their customers and shareholders. Our POA is supposed to be a structure left in place by the developer to allow them to cash out while providing attractions to attract buyers to maintain an after market for our lots within the POA footprint. But the City and usually the POA Board itself tend to say the LVPOA has a "Community Burden" for the other lots outside its footprint, which makes no sense. Can you imagine someone on Sam's Club Board of Directors saying Costco didn't allow for enough warehouses, so now Sam's Club has a "Community Burden" to give Costco use of Sam's Club warehouses whenever Costco needs one? Of course not! That would never happen! But, what the city and our LVPOA often does is the same thing. In other words, because other people don't prepare as they should, we have to give them our amenities, which we pay for. They are fond of saying only a few currently live outside the POA boundaries but there are many LOTs outside the POA boundaries. Those are put in place by other developers just as our lots were put in place by our developer. Given that they wouldn't admit to understanging what private means, and kept referencing this "Community Burden", in emails and in the meeting I'd attended, I wanted to break it out in detail. I wanted to find out if they just didn't have good business sense, were ignoring known business principles, or find out whatever it could be. It's one thing not to know, it's another to know and ignore facts. They can't unring a bell. By going into this excruciatingly detailed list it would be impossible for anyone to reply by glossing over items without it being obvious. I support Mr. Freeman in all the time and effort that he has taken to answer your continuing hypothetical question. I further support his answer as they are the best that anyone could give to your queries. Mr. Freeman has 2 years left on his term as a member of the POA. The sitting board has 2 members leaving in a month and a half, and 2 members have three years. The sitting board made and offer to the city to sell one park, the least uses, for fair market value of just under $1,000,000.00 and the offer was declined and is a dead issue. Future board will do what they think is best for the POA and to continue to ask hypothetical questions is not something Mr. Freeman be expected to properly answer. Nothing committed to today obligates future BOD. I am not sure people appreciate that for Mr. Freeman the past four year has seen this gentlemen working 40 or more per week, and most likely many more hours on the POA business. I for one would appreciate your asking questions that have to do with the hear and now rather then dwell on long term questions and hypothetical question which are beyond the control of this boar and are the responsiblity of future boards. Thanks you. In the above email, it works both ways, the park sale is dead for the 2010 board but the cannot obligate the 2011 board. That sounds reasonable until you remember the 2011 board will carry over 3 of the 5 members. 3 of 5 is a majority so yes they can obligate the next board, the 2011 one, at least. But, to be fair, lets assume there is no way to control the future board even with 3 of the same 5 members being carried over. In that case, it makes sense for me to store the question and ask it again later when the new board is seated. That is exactly what I did. Also they were not answering my questions from the beginning, which is why we'd now gone through some excruciatingly detailed emails just to explain basic business to them, and they are on the board of a private company. I had spoken with realtors and business people as well as other LVPOA members in an effort to try to understand what was going on with this Board. I'd shown them the emails and I'd gotten advice on what normal people should know. Most of the people I spoke to were incredulous. So, finally, the gloves came off. I tried to explain shareholder interests to this board at this point. I was not trying to write a textbook, and I was using words in their common meaning, not an accounting one. Basically, I was simply trying to get the idea of shareholder value across because if you've kept up with these emails, the pattern was they were going to sell in a private meeting with no outside input, no public review, when it wasn't needed to sell it. One thing that had struck me through this whole ordeal was this Board won't admit to owing the shareholders anything but they will force a "community burden" on the shareholders. That is the context for this email, trying to explain to a board of directors of a private company what shareholders are. Please note I have since heard various estimates on the number of lots in the POA, the 11,200 was what I was hearing at the time. You are an officer in a corporation, thinking ahead and preserving shareholder value is a board of director function. I am asking routine shareholder questions. You are taking it personally. I think that is part of the problem. Instead of circling the wagons, it would be helpful listen, learn, and to get some advice as I have done and continue to do. We have 11,200 lots each of which has one beneficial (ownership) interest, one per lot, in the POA itself. It's like shares in a corporation. The value of the organization DOES affect the current value of my investment as it does all the other members based on the number of lots. That means if you reduce the value of the organization, you reduce the value of our shares in it. A POAs actions are supposed to attract and retain investment in our personal lots. The BODs actions affect the value of our lots by changing the amenities mix. We shareholders hold a financial interest in the LVPOA itself at all times. As an investor, I have the right to expect that my capital is being used
criticism from more than 40 former employees how it spend the more than $800 million it raised in the past sick years. we asked mark owens, a former director of tax-exempt organizations at the irs to review the wounded warrior project's tax documents. >> what was your biggest concern in reading these forms? >> that i couldn't tell the number of people that were assisted. i thought that was truly unusual. if the organization is asking for money and spending money purportedly spending money to assist veterans, i would look to know. wounded warrior project says 80% of their money is spent on programs for veterans. that's because they include professional items, direct response advertising, and shipping and postage costs. take that out, and the figures look more like what charity watch dogs say only 54 to 60% of donations go to help wound service members. >> chip reid with our cbs news investigation. chip, thank you very much. a lawsuit today its demanding all the lead pipes in flint, michigan's water system be replaced. at least 100 children there have elevated levels of toxic lead in their blood. the lead came out of the pipes for more than a year after flint failed to add standard anti-core corrosion chemicals to the water. adriana diaz is back in flint tonight. >> now is time to act to help the people of flint. >> reporter: michigan governor, rick snyder told flint to have faith in his recovery plan. it will take months before he knows if the tap water is clean. flint residents want their lead pipes replaced before they drink the water. when is the soonest one of the lines will be replaced? >> a lot of work is being done to understand where the lead the cbs overnight news will be let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. music throughout unlike ordinary diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers to stay up to 3 times dryer so your baby can sleep pampers it's not always as easy for me as it is for him... it's easy for me cause look at her. aw... so we use k-y ultragel. it enhances my body's natural moisture so i can get into the swing of it a bit quicker. and when i know she's feeling like that, the u.s. cases are in people who traveled from south of the border, but dr. jon lapook is looking into the likelihood of an outbreak here at home. >> reporter: brazil is fighting zika virus trying to control its mosquito population. so farther zika virus has not been found in mosquitoes in the u.s. the types that could carry the virus are found in this country. in fact, in warmer months those mosquitoes can be found in regions where 60% of americans live. that's about 200 million people. the zika virus has been linked to a birth effect, microcephaly where babies are born with small head. and dr. tara shrazian says doctors are bracing for likely arrival of the virus. in america, about 4 million women get pregnant each year. symptoms. the other four don't have symptoms and may have been exposed but may still develop microencephaly in their fetuses transmission from mom to fetus we think is relatively high. >> nurse practitioner safiyyah okoye is pregnant and decided not to vacation in the caribbean this year. >> even countries that weren't on the travel ban list, i felt like by the time of our trip in march seemed like the list was rapidly growing. >> reporter: today united and american airlines, issued new policies allowing pregnant women to postpone travel or receive full refund of flights to zika infected countries. the common way zika spreads through mosquito bites and more is needed about risk of transition through sexual contact and blood transfusion. a vaccine could be three to five years away. jon, thank you very much. this evening. you can find his response on our right back. customs officials have been confiscating knock-off hoverboards. in chicago they showed off 16,000 counterfeits. authority say the fakes are more likely to overheat and catch fire than the real ones. in washington, the big storm led to a blizzard of tickets for parking on snow emergency routes. nearly 5,000 were written. that is a snowfall windfall for the city. $1.25 million. by comparison, new york gave parkers a pass during the emergency. rescue sending 15 trucks to help pick up the snow with signs that say visit florida. in canton, ohio, officer ryan davis has a new partner, steve hartman reported the officer's former partner, jethroe was shot and killed by a suspected burglar and given a hero's funeral. davis flew out to houston to scout replacements and when he saw a german shepherd named tuko it was a match. in a moment, a super bowl match up for the generations. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? chest pain, like there's a ton of weight on your chest. severe shortness of breath. cold sweats. there's an unusual tiredness and fatigue. there's unfamiliar dizziness or light-headedness. unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms, even your upper stomach, are signs you're having a heart attack. don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. learn more at when the twins were about 10 days old, the doctors told us they were going to need blood transfusions. we're so proud of who they've become. as a result of one person, deciding to spend an hour of their life giving blood is just immeasurable, how powerful that one donation could possibly be. we end tonight with an epic battle of the ages. a 20-something against a 30-something in a game that should be something else. peyton manning's candid moment with bell belichick after sunday's championship game. is adding more drama to a game that already features the most diametric division of team leaders in super bowl history. manning, 39, most prolific passer the game has ever seen. but perhaps the least mobile. cam newton, just 26. >> for the touchdown. >> the best running quarterback today. he rushed for more yards than any of his peers. 636. >> is it possible to put into word how different the styles are? >> opposite end of the spectrum. >> ray lewis played quarterback for four teams during his career. look at peyton manning. the typical old-fashioned quarterback. look at cam newton. running and passing threat. >> reporter: the extreme style split extend beyond game plays and age gaps. on the sideline. manning never takes his eyes away from the printouts looks like he is constantly cramming for the s.a.t.'s. newton is demonstrative, hyperemotional, smiling and soaking in every moment like most rambunctious kid on the playground. only thing they do share is stifling defenses two. best in the nfl. >> picked off by coleman. >> think this is a defensive match up. people want to see, 49, 4. don't think it will be that way. it wil be fun. awesome. >> one of two walks away with the ring. the bronco riding the last rodeo >> and, of course you can see 7th. right here on cbs. that's the "overnight news for this thursday." for some of you the news continue thousands. later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley. captioning funded by cbs CBS Overnight News CBS January 28, 2016 1:37am-4:30am
DEFRA / DFT Air Quality Consultation – May 2017 The Consultation outcome has been published online including a summary of responses. The SPACE for Gosforth submission is set out below. Following this consultation the Government set out its 'Air quality plan for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in UK (2017)' including the requirement for local authorities to produce local plans. We have written about the plan for Newcastle here. Official air quality figures for Newcastle's two air quality management areas in 2016 are here. Following the publication of this plan, the Parliamentary Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Environmental Audit, Health, and Transport Committees re-launched their joint inquiry into improving air quality and SPACE for Gosforth also submitted evidence to that enquiry. The SPACE for Gosforth Response to DEFRA/DFT consultation May 2017: Tackling Nitrogen Dioxide in our towns and cities [Qus 1-6 are admin questions] Q7. How satisfied are you that the proposed measures set out in this consultation will address the problem of nitrogen dioxide as quickly as possible? Please provide comments to explain your answer This response if from Space for Gosforth (SPACE) which is a group to promote and campaign for a Safe Pedestrian And Cycling Environment for Gosforth in Newcastle upon Tyne. We are residents of Gosforth, most of us with families and we walk, cycle, use public transport and drive. We are not affiliated to any other campaign group or political party. The aim of the organisation is to promote healthy, liveable, accessible and safe neighbourhoods where Walking and cycling are safe, practical and attractive travel options for residents of all ages and abilities. Streets are easier and safer to navigate for residents or visitors with limited mobility and for residents or visitors with disabilities or conditions for whom travel is a challenge. There is good walking and cycling access to local community destinations including schools, shops, medical centres, work-places and transport hubs. Streets are valued as places where people live, meet and socialise, and not just for travelling through. The negative consequences of excessive vehicle traffic including injury and illness from road traffic collisions, air pollution, community severance, noise pollution and delays are minimised. We are pleased to have the opportunity to respond to this consultation on air quality which is a real issue for our community as evidenced by the designation of Air Quality Management Areas in Newcastle, including in Gosforth. Our response follows. The High Court has recognised air pollution to be a public health crisis that kills tens of thousands of people each year in the UK and has required that legal limits, which should have been met by 2010, must now be achieved "as soon as possible" We therefore expected the government to produce a plan to achieve compliance as soon as practicable to safeguard the health of our communities, with compliance to be achieved no later than the end of 2018 consistent with the High Court's judgment. The proposed measures do not include any new concrete actions to achieve NO2 levels within the shortest possible period. We are therefore not satisfied with the measures. Within the plan, where we expected firm proposals, there were merely proposals to consider what should be done. The government is dithering while expecting local authorities to take prompt action. Examples of actions that are proposed for consideration but which should already have been concluded and resulted in firm proposals include "Engaging with car manufacturers to see what role they could play" "Pressing car manufacturers to develop options for recalling existing vehicles to improve their real world emissions performance" "Exploring tax treatment for diesel vehicles" This is not an executable plan that has been put forward for consultation: it is a plan to develop a plan. With the UK already 7 years late in achieving compliance and with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths during that time, this further delay is not acceptable. The government has been breaking the law on air pollution for 7 years and we need effective actions to be implemented quickly, without further delay. The plan is also misleading and confusing. The accompanying technical report makes it clear that a Charging Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is the most effective way to reduce emissions in a locality, but the plan says that they should only be considered as a last resort, despite the evidence showing that they are the most effective measure to achieve compliance and protect people's health. The government should have been much clearer in explaining that Charging CAZs are the quickest way to clean up our air and that there is no evidence that CAZs without charging could make the rapid reductions in NO2 that are needed. Any plan that does not mandate the application of the most effective measures would clearly be in violation of the High Court judgment to achieve compliance as soon as possible. Conversely, the plan includes measures which the government knows are not effective. It suggests 'Improving road layouts and junctions to 'optimize' traffic flow, for example by considering removal of road humps' despite this not being included in the shortlist of most effective measures in the Technical Report. If such measures induce additional vehicle traffic, or cause more people to drive because they don't feel safe walking or cycling, then there is a high risk they will lead to more pollution in other nearby locations. The plan also defers the responsibility that the government has for controlling to poor air quality (e.g. through its policy on vehicle tax regime), instead pushing responsibility onto local councils. It's not clear whether new funding will be available to implement the plan or how the proposals would be funded in any case. There is very little detail and it pushes responsibility to deliver clean air to local councils without giving them any resources to do so. The plan does not put any onus onto manufacturers who helped get us into this situation in the first place and whose cheating on emissions has resulted in NO2 emissions from diesel cars being several times higher than expected. The plan needs to include a clear governance framework that sets out the responsibilities of Central Government and of Local Authorities including who is responsible for ensuring air quality targets are met for a given location, when those targets should be met, how they should be measured, and a set of mandatory emergency measures that must be applied if targets are not met in the mandated timescales. Section 6 of the plan defines 'the solution', rightly noting that it is road transport that is the largest contributor to poor air quality in our urban areas but goes on to focus on high technology, high cost, long term solutions based on the unconstrained use of road transport when the only quick way to reduce air pollution and protect public health is to have fewer vehicle movements of the most polluting vehicles in our most polluted areas. The measures do not address the transport market failures that lead people to choose high cost personal vehicle transport with large negative externalities, such as air pollution, rather than choosing very low cost alternatives such as walking and cycling which have no negative external costs. These inefficiencies in the use of capital, materials and road-space, if resolved, could provide a significant economic boost to the UK as a whole in addition to resolving air quality and other related public health issues. It is therefore our conclusion that this plan is not fit for purpose. Q8. What do you consider to be the most appropriate way for local authorities in England to determine the arrangements for a Clean Air Zone, and the measures that should apply within it? What factors should local authorities consider when assessing impacts on businesses? The technical report is clear that Charging CAZs are the most effective measure, being more effective than Non-Charging CAZs. As local authorities have
also arguably a cutoff between stays for which legal procedures related to residential evictions must be used to kick out guests who don't pay their bills, and stays for which guests can merely be locked out. (A news article sets forth the rule to this effect, but I'm not convinced that Colorado law is actually so definitive on this point. There is a fair argument that this simply alters the amount of advanced notice required for motel owners to utilize the legal eviction process.) Assuming that long term guests actually use the rotating occupancy loophole (rather than just simply moving to a motel in some other jurisdiction, which is no doubt what Greenwood Village hopes will happen), this ordinance will, at a minimum, also have the practical effect of diminishing the legal rights of long term guests who allegedly have not paid what they owe and of inconveniencing them by requiring frequent moves to new motels. Greenwood Village is a Denver suburb (entirely or nearly entirely in Arapahoe County, Colorado which is part of the Denver metropolitan area) that is one of the most affluent Colorado municipalities in Colorado (it is the 31st highest income city of 10,000 or more in the United States). As of the 2000 census, the median household income in the city was $116,147 and the median income for a family was $145,802. The city's population was 13,925 as of the 2010 census and was 11,035 according to the 2000 census. Most of the increase in population has arisen from the construction of luxury apartments and condominiums in the city. This probably brings down the median income, the median age of residents, and their average family size somewhat, although the median income may nonetheless have increased since 2000 since those at this high end of the income scale have increased their share of the economic pie in the last decade and a half. The number of people who work in Greenwood Village on a typical work day is on the order of 100,000 or perhaps slightly less. Of course, not everyone who lives in Greenwood Village works in Greenwood Village. About 60% of Greenwood Village residences are adults aged 18 to 64, and a significant number of them are college students, homemakers, and early retirees (there are probably more early retirees than there are people who are working beyond the "normal" retirement age of sixty-five). If 75% of the working age population is employed (an estimate greater than the national average that reflects the character of the residents), and if two-thirds of residents who live in Greenwood Village and are employed also work in Greenwood Village (probably also an overestimate, but of the right order of magnitude), then the number of Greenwood Village residents who work in Greenwood Village is on the order of 30% of the City's total population (i.e. about 4,000 or so people in 2010). Thus, roughly 95% of the people who work in Greenwood Village live somewhere else in Colorado. Most of the municipality consists of the lion's share of mid-rise building office parks collectively known as the Denver Tech Center, which rival downtown Denver in terms of square footage of office space and is home to the headquarters of many of Colorado's leading businesses. These office parks are comparable, for example, to the complex of offices found in Oakland County, Michigan in the Detroit metropolitan area. Interspersed with these offices parks are a variety of retail and service businesses, some catering to people who work in the Tech Center, and some with a wider draw (e.g. a Big Box golf and tennis supply outlet). The vast majority of people who work at these Greenwood Village businesses (i.e. roughly 95%) don't live there. Even then, the employees who live in Greenwood Village is probably skewed. Only a tiny percentage of the administrative, clerical, food service and retail employees live there, a significant but still decidedly small minority of lower level managerial and professional employees live there, and a substantial but still almost surely minority share of senior level managerial and professional employees who work there live in Greenwood Village. Apart from the households of the senior level managerial and professional employees, most people who both live and work in the Denver Tech Center are singles or newlyweds without children who are renters. There is lots of middle class housing elsewhere Arapahoe County, which is a first ring suburb of Denver, and there is lots of upper middle class housing in Douglas County, a mix of affluent second ring suburban areas and even more affluent exurbs, which is immediately adjacent to Greenwood Village to the South. Lower income housing and services for the poor and the homeless tend to be found further to the North, in Denver, which is now accessible to Greenwood Village via light rail. On the residential side, it is home to some of the most affluent people in Colorado, mostly housing the families of senior executives and high end professionals who work in the Tech Center or Downtown Denver in large lot mansions and mini-mansions in gated communities and to a handful of luxury apartment complexes catering mostly to young professionals and executives who work in the Tech Center (aka DTC). Greenwood Village also has four medium to high end extended stay hotels mostly serving young managers and professionals relocating to the Tech Center or working on temporary assignments there (often paid for with corporate expense accounts), and four decidedly less expensive ordinary motels that are decidedly less expensive, which are attracted to the location mostly because it is the first urbanized area that someone coming into Denver from the South on I-25 encounters. There are also a few more expensive hotel/motels that are not pertinent to this post because they don't make rooms available to guests for periods of a month or more as a matter of pre-existing business policies. Greenwood Village has no trailer parks, RV parks, working or even middle class neighborhoods, no lower rent apartment complex, and no significant service provides for the poor or the homeless. Indeed, there is probably no place in the city that is zoned to permit this in any place where it is practically viable to do so (e.g. because there isn't already a building with another purpose that is not easily modified in the locations where zoning permits these uses). This situation, called exclusionary zoning, is not an accident. Unlike many Colorado municipalities, Greenwood Village was incorporated in 1950, after modern zoning practices had been widely adopted. The strategy adopted by Greenwood Village, which is similar to that of the municipality of Glendale, which is also in Arapahoe County (entirely surrounded by the City and County of Denver), is to make the city attractive for businesses and high end housing by building up a large tax base highly regulated by an urban planning regime that the is joint effort of large tract real estate developers and city planners, while keeping the cost of municipal services (and hence tax rates), low. Colorado's tax policy encourages this strategy. Colorado taxes business real estate at a much higher rate for property of the same fair market value than homes, due to something called the Gallagher Amendment to Colorado's state constitution. Businesses also generate sales tax income and other tax revenue streams that residential development does not. But, in practice, office space uses demand very little in the way of municipal services, and other commercial uses and high end residential housing generates less of a demand for municipal services than middle class to low income housing. Exclusionary zoning is a practice that courts, civil rights lawyers, constitutional scholars and academics distrust, but it is not illegal or unconstitutional per se. Nothing under Colorado or federal law
25, 2018 Categories NewsLeave a comment on CORE SWX EXPANDS THE HYPERCORE BATTERY SERIES WITH NEW HYPERCORE XL CORE SWX BRAVES THE HEAT IN CHAD ON A MISSION TO HELP RESTORE THE BLACK RHINO POPULATION Company's Hypercore 9 Mini Battery Used with RED EPIC-W Camera for National Geographic Documentary REPUBLIC OF CHAD, AFRICA, JUNE 26, 2018 – As part of a continent-wide mission to restore wildlife and wild places, six black rhinoceroses were recently flown from South Africa to Zakouma National Park in Chad, where the threatened animal has not roamed in nearly five decades. The expedition was captured by Wildlife Cameramen Alexander Braczkowski and Steve Winter, supported by Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, for a forthcoming National Geographic documentary that will appear online. The pair were also filming on behalf of the African Parks, a conservation NGO that has managed Zakouma National Park since 2010 on behalf of the Chadian Government. The organization, which currently manages 15 parks in nine countries, has undertaken similar reintroductions and translocations, most recently lions to Malawi, rhinos to Rwanda and 520 elephants to a new home in Malawi. This rhino reintroduction was particularly historic in expanding the rhinos range to an area once devastated by poaching, but in the last eight years has recovered. The organization relied on Braczkowski and Winter to document the recent rhino relocation. For ease of filming in the field – which requires fast response – and ability to travel, the pair turned to Core SWX's Hypercore 9 (HC9) Mini batteries, which they used in conjunction with the RED EPIC-W Camera. "These batteries are incredibly small, which provides us with an added practicality that is necessary for handheld filming styles," explains Braczkowski. "I can't tell you how helpful the Core Minis were in reducing the payload of our camera system while we were filming from the Jeep or jumping out to capture on the fly." This feature was especially useful during a day of shooting when the team encountered a herd of 15 elephants just a short distance from the vehicles. Though the animals typically appear in the area each day, to water themselves, the sheer number was more than expected – and the videographers knew they must capture the footage. "Knowing that I could run those batteries for upwards of 70 minutes each, without major fluctuations was incredibly important," continues Braczkowski. "Further, I knew that the battery wasn't going to fail on me in the extremely hot weather, upwards of 113 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe more. This ruggedness is vital to a project of this nature, because this is once in a lifetime footage we're collecting." With travel becoming more and more difficult due to restrictions on battery sizes, the pair turned to the HC9 Mini battery for its travel compliancy. "We used Core products because of the ease of use and safety during our flight, as we are able to legally fly with them as part of our carry-on luggage," says Braczkowski. "We needed to get to the field to set up and start shooting very quickly, so we took a chance on these batteries. We were so impressed with all its features that Steve [Winter] is already planning to use them for his next National Geographic project." At only 1.4 lbs. (861.8 g.) and 3.54 in. x 4.65 in. x 1.90 in. (.09 m. x .12 m. x .05 m.), the HC9 Mini is the perfect complement for mobile camera setups. The HC9 Mini's battery cells are incased in an over-molded, rubberized housing, providing additional protection against accidental impacts that may occur when operating in rugged conditions. Its trio of options – the V-mount, RED-specific and Gold Mount, which is compatible with Anton/Bauer® chargers – make it ideal for any established videographer to incorporate into their existing kits. The HC9 Mini is a 98wh (14.8v) battery with a 12A load. With the latest in Lithium Ion technology, the battery also comes with an LED backlit runtime LCD on the front of the battery pack that lets users know how much battery time is left when in use and indicates remaining charge time while connected to a charger. The RED-specific version can communicate directly with a RED camera's LCD/VF. Author Core SWXPosted on June 26, 2018 June 27, 2018 Categories NewsLeave a comment on CORE SWX BRAVES THE HEAT IN CHAD ON A MISSION TO HELP RESTORE THE BLACK RHINO POPULATION CORE SWX BATTERIES INCREASE CYCLE RATINGS TO 2,000 Nano98, HCS-98 and HC9 Mini Batteries Return Impressive Cycle Ratings PLAINVIEW, NY, MAY 30, 2018 ─ Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, announces the cycle ratings of its Nano98, Hypercore Slim 98 (HCS-98) and Hypercore 9 (HC9) Mini battery packs have all doubled, allowing for 2,000 cycles. Core is the only battery manufacturer in today's market delivering results of this scale. Battery cells naturally age, which results in a gradual reduction in capacity over time. Core SWX's proprietary battery management firmware assures the cells employed are always balanced and at an optimal state to withstand continuous operation for extended periods of time while maintaining service life. With an increased cycle rating, Core is providing its customers with a greater return on investment. "Every time we design a new battery or series, the cells are tested thoroughly for six months to a year, prior to release, to ensure exemplary quality and performance," says Ross Kanarek, CEO, Core SWX. "After a year in the market, these pack series are delivering results to give us the confidence to increase this rating." Along with a high cycle rating, Core battery packs are some of the few available in the industry that keep cycle count for better inventory management and to better track the life cycle of the battery. Cycle count is calculated based on the use of all the battery's power. By tracking this information, Core products allow production and rental companies, broadcast stations and owner/operators to more closely monitor the battery usage and ROI. "The goal is to provide our client base with the best user experience and the highest return on investment, consistent with the finest packs in the industry. Core is proud to say that we are producing battery packs of such high quality," says Kanarek. "Our customers are investing in products that have proven their worth." This cycle rating is inclusive to battery packs purchased within the past year. Check out these battery packs along with other advanced Core SWX power solutions at Cine Gear Expo 2018 (Booth 32). Author Core SWXPosted on May 30, 2018 May 30, 2018 Categories NewsLeave a comment on CORE SWX BATTERIES INCREASE CYCLE RATINGS TO 2,000 CORE SWX KEEPS THE CAMERAS ROLLING FOR SONY PLAYSTATION COMMERCIAL SHOOTS Hypercore Solutions Provide Long-Lasting Power for Veteran DP Kevin Otterness CHICAGO, APRIL 25, 2018 – Kevin Otterness has spent the past 25 years honing his craft and building a reputation as one of the industries most respected cinematographers and directors of photography (DP). Otterness understands the importance of working with reliable equipment that can handle the extremely long hours and grueling production schedule that comes with the job. On four recent commercial shoots for Sony Playstation, he relied on a selection of equipment from Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, to ensure the cameras stayed powered and rolling. Otterness began using Core SWX products about five years ago after having ongoing issues with other manufacturers' batteries. He kept having complications including V-Mount release buttons breaking off and batteries not holding their power over time. Otterness knew he needed to invest in a reliable power solution, which is when he discovered Core SWX. Over the last four years, he has been building up his Core product inventory, which now includes the Core Fleet-Q4S Charger V-Mount, V-Mount HotSwap for RED, Hypercore 98 RED
& Services Committee. Respected Professional Colleagues, I once again express my thanks and gratitude to you for giving me an opportunity to serve the Central Council. I feel privileged for being given the opportunity to head the Members INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIAMEMBERS LOGINFORMSGUIDELINES/CIRCULARSPRACTISING MEMBERSONLINE MEMBERSHIP THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Communiqué from the Chairman, Members' Facilities & Services Committee. Respected Professional Colleagues, I once again express my thanks and gratitude to you for giving me an opportunity to serve the Central Council. I feel privileged for being given the opportunity to head the Members INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Extension of time for CEP Credit Hours for renewal of Certificate of Practice (COP) for the year 2021-2022. Mandatory Capacity Building Training (MCBT) for renewal of CoP. Advisory for Renewal of Certificate of Practice 2021-22. New admission to Associateship and advancement to Fellowship w.e.f. 09 th February, 2021. INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA 02/06/2021. "Blockchain Technology and Management Accountants". BENGALURU CHAPTER, Webinar through online "CMA Bhawan", No.81, Mallikarjuna Temple Street, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru - 560 004. 2. 04/06/2021. 04/06/2021. Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process for MSME - Role of Cost Accountants. EASTERN, THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Communiqué from the Chairman, Members' Facilities & Services Committee. Respected Professional Colleagues, I once again express my thanks and gratitude to you for giving me an opportunity to serve the Central Council. I feel privileged for being given the opportunity to head the Members INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Welcome to Online Student Registration System. Students admitted / registered / enrolled to Foundation / Intermediate / Final course at least 4 months prior to the month of Examination shall be eligible to appear in the Foundation / Intermediate / Final Examination *. INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Enrollment. Enrollment to Associate and Fellow Membership. A person who has passed the Final Examination of the Institute and who has obtained for a period of not less than three years of practical experience covering different branches of Costing or Industrial Accounting viz. stores, materials, THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) H.Q: 12 Sudder Street, Kolkata – 700 016 INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA 02/06/2021. "Blockchain Technology and Management Accountants". BENGALURU CHAPTER, Webinar through online "CMA Bhawan", No.81, Mallikarjuna Temple Street, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru - 560 004. 2. 04/06/2021. 04/06/2021. Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process for MSME - Role of Cost Accountants. EASTERN, INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) Home; Members. Professional Avenues; Enroll as THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA User name (11 Digit Registration No.): Password (Date of birth): Password Example :- Date of birth : 02/07/1980 Password(Date of birth) THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Communiqué from the Chairman, Members' Facilities & Services Committee. Respected Professional Colleagues, I once again express my thanks and gratitude to you for giving me an opportunity to serve the Central Council. I feel privileged for being given the opportunity to head the Members THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) H.Q: 12 Sudder Street, Kolkata – 700 016 Delhi Office: 3, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003 THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) H.Q: 12 Sudder Street, Kolkata – 700 016 INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA 02/06/2021. "Blockchain Technology and Management Accountants". BENGALURU CHAPTER, Webinar through online "CMA Bhawan", No.81, Mallikarjuna Temple Street, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru - 560 004. 2. 04/06/2021. 04/06/2021. Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process for MSME - Role of Cost Accountants. EASTERN, INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) Home; Members. Professional Avenues; Enroll as THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) H.Q: 12 Sudder Street, Kolkata – 700 016 Delhi Office: 3, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003 INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Extension of time for CEP Credit Hours for renewal of Certificate of Practice (COP) for the year 2021-2022. Mandatory Capacity Building Training (MCBT) for renewal of CoP. Advisory for Renewal of Certificate of Practice 2021-22. New admission to Associateship and advancement to Fellowship w.e.f. 09 th February, 2021. INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) Welcome to Online Student Registration System. Students admitted / registered / enrolled to Foundation / Intermediate / Final course at least 4 months prior to the month of Examination shall be eligible to appear in the Foundation / Intermediate / Final THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Communiqué from the Chairman, Members' Facilities & Services Committee. Respected Professional Colleagues, I once again express my thanks and gratitude to you for giving me an opportunity to serve the Central Council. I feel privileged for being given the opportunity to head the Members THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Timing -10: 00 am to 1: 00 pm. Extension of time granted to undergo MCBT upto 31st December, 2021 (For COP taken during the period 1st February, 2019 to 31st March, 2021). Please Click Here. Behind Every Successful Business Decision, There is always a CMA. ©2018 The Institute of Cost Accountants of INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Enrollment. Enrollment to Associate and Fellow Membership. A person who has passed the Final Examination of the Institute and who has obtained for a period of not less than three years of practical experience covering different branches of Costing or Industrial Accounting viz. stores, materials, LOGIN PAGE - EICMAI.IN Login Page Instructions for Filing Online Practical Training / Exemption Forms . Download Training Form. Form T1 Intimation for Engagement of CMA Students as Trainees (for PCMA/ Firm of PCMA ). LIST OF MEMBERS HOLDING CERTIFICATE OF PRACTICE list of members holding certificate of practice (as on 1st april, 2020) the institute of cost accountants of india (statutory body under an act of p arliament) cma bhawan, 12, sudder street, kolkata - 700 Disclaimer. The suggested answers are indicative only and not exhaustive. These are only guidelines, not to be constructed as complete answers. The students are expected to apply their knowledge and not to blindly follow the reply given in the suggested answer. GUIDANCE NOTE ON INTERNAL AUDIT OF TELECOMMUNICATION INDUSTRY The Institute of Cost Accountants of India Guidance Note on Internal Audit of Telecommunication Industry Page 2 a) Audit schedule: The audit schedule is a program to chalk out a timetable after discussions with the auditee before taking up an internal audit and identify the functions/ areas in the INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIAMEMBERS LOGINFORMSGUIDELINES/CIRCULARSPRACTISING MEMBERSONLINE MEMBERSHIP Extension of time for CEP Credit Hours for renewal of Certificate of Practice (COP) for the year 2021-2022. Mandatory Capacity Building Training (MCBT) for renewal of CoP. Advisory for Renewal of Certificate of Practice 2021-22. New admission to Associateship and advancement to Fellowship w.e.f. 09 th February, 2021. THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (Statutory body under an Act of Parliament) H.Q: 12 Sudder Street, Kolkata – 700 016 THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA User name (11
corrections to be made or the corrections are extensive c. when a low-stock situation occurs and minor corrections are made d. every two years to update the magnetic variation information 2538: The light characteristic of composite group flashing (2 + 1) is used in the Aids to Navigation System on the Western Rivers for lights on __________. c. preferred-channel buoys 2539: Under the IALA cardinal system, a mark with quick white light showing 3 flashes every 10 seconds indicates that the safest water in the area is on the __________. 2540: The distance between any two meridians measured along a parallel of latitude and expressed in miles is the __________. a. difference in longitude b. mid-longitude c. departure d. meridian angle 2542: Which magnetic compass corrector(s) CANNOT be set while the vessel is on a heading of magnetic north or magnetic south? a. Athwartships magnets d. All of the above can be set on magnetic north or magnetic south headings. 2544: At McAlpine L & D, normal upper pool elevation is 420.0 feet MSL, equal to 12.0 feet on the upper gage. The vertical clearance at the Clark Memorial Highway bridge is 72.6 feet above normal pool. What is the clearance if the gage reads 27.2 feet? a. 25.4 feet 2546: A structure, usually made of stone, or cement pilings, which extends from the bank at approximately right angles to the current is called a __________. a. dike b. revetment d. crib 2548: On the Mississippi River, gage zero is the gage reading measured from the __________. a. National Geodetic Vertical Datum b. low water reference plane c. the lowest recorded river depth d. the highest recorded river depth 2560: A plane that cuts the Earth's surface at any angle and passes through the center will always form __________. a. the equator b. a great circle c. a small circle d. a meridian a. the GHA of the Sun is approximately 330° b. your date is one day later than the date at Greenwich c. the LHA of the Sun is approximately 120° d. you are in west longitude 2566: When the time is based on the movement of the visible Sun along the ecliptic the time is known as __________. a. real time b. visible time c. apparent time d. mean time b. a wreck to be left on the vessel's starboard side d. the port side of the channel 2569: The mean sun used to measure time moves __________. a. along the ecliptic at 15° per hour b. along the celestial equator at 15° per day c. along the ecliptic at 15° per day d. along the celestial equator at 15° per hour 2570: A plane that cuts the Earth's surface and passes through the poles will always form __________. b. a loxodromic curve 2572: The dividing meridian between zone descriptions -4 and -5 is __________. a. 60°00'E b. 67°30'E b. 11 min. 28 sec. c. 11 min. 56 sec. d. 12 min. 18 sec. 2576: What is the equivalent of 8 min. 56 sec. in arc units? 2579: A phase correction may be applicable to correct the sextant altitude correction of __________. a. any star b. the Sun c. third magnitude stars only d. some planets 2580: The angle at the pole measured through 180°From the prime meridian to the meridian of a point is known as __________. a. the departure b. the polar arc c. longitude d. Greenwich hour angle 2582: You must construct a Mercator plotting sheet on a piece of paper measuring 32" by 36". The area includes latitude 31°S to 37°S and longitude 005°W to 002°E. Allow a three-quarter inch neat line on all sides. What is the maximum distance between each degree of longitude that will permit the area of the plotting sheet to be drawn within the stated limitations? 2583: You are in the Northern Hemisphere and a tropical wave is located 200 miles due west of your position. Where will the wave be located 24 hours later? a. In the same place b. Closer and to the west c. Closer and to the east d. Farther away to the west 2584: You must construct a Mercator plotting sheet on a piece of paper measuring 30" by 36". The area includes latitude 30°45'S to 37°15'S and longitude 004°00'E to 005°00'W. Allow a one inch neat line on all sides. What is the maximum distance between each degree of longitude that will permit the area of the plotting sheet to be drawn within the stated limitation? 2586: A chart has extensive corrections to be made to it. When these are made and the chart is again printed, the chart issue is a __________. a. first edition b. new edition c. revised edition d. reprint 2587: Given are the courses and speeds of 4 vessels. The navigator of which vessel would be required to know the actual time of meridian transit in order to take an accurate observation at LAN? a. C 166°T, Sp 24 knots b. C 013°T, Sp 7 knots c. C 291°T, Sp 25 knots d. C 112°T, Sp 4 knots 2588: You are approaching an open drawbridge and sound the proper signal. You receive no acknowledgment from the bridge. Which action should you take? a. Approach with caution and proceed through the open draw. b. Approach under full control to a position no closer than 400 yards from the bridge and await a signal from the bridge. c. Hold in the channel as a vessel is closing the bridge from the other direction. d. Resound the opening signal and do not pass through the bridge until signals have been exchanged. 2589: Under the IALA cardinal system, a mark with a quick white light showing 6 flashes followed by one long flash indicates that the safest water is on the __________. 2590: A plane perpendicular to the polar axis will never form what line on the Earth's surface? a. Great circle b. Equator c. Small circle d. Meridian 2592: A deadhead is a(n) __________. a. tree or log awash in a nearly vertical position b. crew member who refuses to work c. upstream end of a land wall d. buoy that is adrift 2594: At McAlpine L & D, normal upper pool elevation is 420.0 feet (130.8 meters) MSL, equal to 12.0 feet (3.7 meters) on the upper gage. The vertical clearance at the Clark Memorial Highway bridge is 72.6 feet (22.1 meters) above normal pool. What is the clearance if the gage reads 10.6 feet (3.2 meters)? a. 84.6 feet (25.8 meters) b. 83.2 feet (25.4 meters) c. 74.0 feet (22.6 meters) d. 62.0 feet (18.9 meters) 2596: The abbreviation L.W.R.P. on the navigation maps means __________. a. low water reference plane b. low winter runoff point c. least water river plane d. land wall reference point 2598: A vessel is proceeding downstream in a narrow channel on the Western Rivers when another vessel is sighted moving upstream. Which vessel has the right of way? a. The vessel moving upstream against the current b. The vessel moving downstream with a following current c. The vessel located more towards the channel centerline d. The vessel with the least amount of maneuverability 2600: A parallel of latitude other than the equator is a __________. b. loxodromic curve d. gnomonic curve 2602: The lunar day is also known as the __________. a. lunitidal interval b. vulgar establishment of the port c. nodal day d. tidal day 2604: A sidereal day is approximately how much shorter than a solar day? a. 4 minutes b. 8 minutes 2606: The measurement of local time is based on the passage of the Sun over the __________. a. upper branch of the observer's meridian b. lower branch of the observer's meridian c. upper branch of the Greenwich meridian d. lower branch of the Greenwich meridian c. from every fix or running fix 2609: The letter A in illustration D006NG represents the __________. (D006NG ) 2610: A line on the Earth parallel to the equator is a __________. a. gnomonic curve b. small circle c. meridian d. great circle a. 112°30'E b. 118°30'E c. 120°00'E 2618: You must draw a plotting sheet covering latitudes 38°N to 43°N and longitudes 179°E to 178°W. If the distance between each degree of longitude is 5 inches, what is the distance between latitude 38°N and latitude 43°N? a. 29.0 inches b. 29.6 inches c. 32.1 inches d. 32.8 inches 2619: In low latitudes, a first quarter Moon will always rise at about __________. 2620: The navigator is
InicioFirst certificateConsejos sobre el First Cambridge reading and use of English. Lección 21. Curso FCE Lección 21 – Consejos sobre el First Cambridge reading and use of English. En esta lección tú puedes escuchar a un profesor habla del First Cambridge reading and Use of English con consejos para ayudarte en la preparación del examen con prefixes and suffixes. Un prefijo es un conjunto de letras que se agrega al comienzo de una palabra, creando así una nueva palabra con un significado diferente. Lo mismo ocurre con un sufijo, pero para un sufijo, las letras aparecen al final de la palabra. Having told Emma what to revise, Gordon decides to test Emma on her knowledge of prefixes and suffixes, which are a crucial element of the exam and have already been highlighted by Emma as one of her weaknesses. GORDON: Ok, Emma, don't feel too intimidated, but we're just going to do a mini test about some grammatical items, especially focusing on prefixes and suffixes. Ok? EMMA: Sure, let's give it a go! GORDON: Excellent, ok. So first of all, can you tell me what a prefix actually is? EMMA: Yes. A prefix is a set of letters which is added to the start of a word, thus creating a new word with a different meaning. The same goes for a suffix, but for a suffix, the letters come at the end of the word. GORDON: Ok and out of prefixes and suffixes, which is the one which is most likely to change the class of the word? For example, to change a verb to a noun or a noun to an adjective? EMMA: That would be suffixes, right? I'm guessing that because I know you can add '-LY' to the end of an adjective to make it an adverb. GORDON: Very good, Emma! So let me just test you a little. If I give you the adjective 'different', what would you add to the end of this word to form the verb which means 'to make something different'? Would you add -ise, -iate, -fy, or -en? EMMA: Um, would it be -ise? GORDON: That's incorrect, sorry… The right answer would be -iate: "differentiate" is the verb we use to express that we are making something different. Ok, here is another one. If I give you the verb "advertise", what would you add to create the noun which is the result of the verb? Would you add -ment, -ant, -er, or -sion? EMMA: I would say -er: "advertiser"? GORDON: That's not right either unfortunately… However, "advertiser" is a word but it is "advertisement": which is the result of the verb "to advertise". When I say "result", I mean that if someone advertises something, the end product which they are advertising is the "advertisement". Do you see? But an "advertiser" is the person who carries out the act of the verb. As a common rule for verb to noun suffixes, we either add -tion,-age, -ment, -sion, -al, -ence, -ance, -ery, or -ry at the end of the verb, to change it to the noun, which is the action or result of this verb. In addition, we add -er, -ant, or -ent to the verb to create the noun which describes the person doing this verb. And moreover we add -ship, -ity, -ness, or -cy to express a state of being. Now let's focus on the change from nouns to adjective! The most common suffixes for adjectives are -al, -ent, -ive, -ous, -ful, -less and -able. Out of these, which would you add to the noun 'drink' to create the adjective which means something which people are able to drink? EMMA: Um, that's a tricky one. Well, I doubt it will be "-less" because this usually has a negative connotation rather than the affirmative one you have presented to me. What about "-able"? Because people are able to drink it. Yes, that sounds right. Is it the word "drinkable"? GORDON: Absolutely! Well done! You worked that out well. Now, let's have a look at prefixes! So, the most common prefixes in English are re-, dis-, over-, un-, mis- and out-. If I give you the verb 'visit', which prefix out of these would you add to the start of the word to convey the meaning of visiting something again? EMMA: I think that if you are doing something again, you use the prefix re-, don't you? So, "revisit"? GORDON: Exactly! So, if I give you the verb "appear", which prefix would you add to convey the completely opposite meaning? EMMA: Would it be "un-"? "over-" means to do something too much. "mis-" means to do something badly or wrongly. "out-" means to do more or better than others. As you'll have noticed, the prefixes added haven't changed the verb from word class to another like suffixes have the ability to do, but they have just changed the meaning in a significant way. How do you feel about prefixes and suffixes now Emma? EMMA: Better, thank you for your help! Diálogo 21: Consejos para First Cambridge, Prefijos y sufijos. Después de haberle dicho a Emma qué revisar, Gordon decide poner a prueba a Emma sobre su conocimiento de prefijos y sufijos, que son un elemento crucial del examen y que Emma ya ha señalado como una de sus debilidades. GORDON: De acuerdo, Emma, ​​no te sientas demasiado intimidada, pero vamos a hacer una mini prueba sobre algunos elementos gramaticales, especialmente centrándonos en prefijos y sufijos. ¿Okay? EMMA: ¡Claro, vamos a intentarlo! GORDON: Excelente, está bien. Entonces, antes que nada, ¿puedes decirme qué es realmente un prefijo? EMMA: Sí. Un prefijo es un conjunto de letras que se agregan al comienzo de una palabra, creando así una nueva palabra con un significado diferente. Lo mismo ocurre con un sufijo, pero para un sufijo, las letras aparecen al final de la palabra. GORDON: Bien y de los prefijos y sufijos, ¿cuál es el que tiene más probabilidades de cambiar la clase de la palabra? Por ejemplo, para cambiar un verbo por un sustantivo o un sustantivo por un adjetivo? EMMA: Eso serían sufijos, ¿verdad? Supongo que porque sé que puedes agregar '-LY' al final de un adjetivo para que sea un adverbio. GORDON: ¡Muy bien, Emma! Déjame ponerte a prueba un poco. Si te doy el adjetivo 'diferente', ¿qué agregarías al final de esta palabra para formar el verbo que significa 'hacer algo diferente'? ¿Agregarías -ise, -iate, -fy o -en? GORDON: Eso es incorrecto, lo siento… La respuesta correcta sería -iate: "differentiate" es el verbo que usamos para expresar que estamos haciendo algo diferente. Vale, aquí hay otro. Si te doy el verbo "anunciar", ¿qué agregarías para crear el sustantivo que es el resultado del verbo? ¿Podrías agregar -ment, -ant, -er o -sion? GORDON: Desafortunadamente, eso tampoco está bien… Sin embargo, "publicista" es una palabra pero es "publicidad": que es el resultado del verbo "publicitar". Cuando digo "resultado", quiero decir que si alguien anuncia algo, el producto final que anuncia es el "anuncio". ¿Lo ves? Pero un "anunciante" es la persona que lleva a cabo el acto del verbo. Como regla común para sufijos de verbo a sustantivo, agregamos -tion, -age, -ment, -sion, -al, -ence, -ance, -ery o -ry al final del verbo, para cambiarlo al sustantivo, que es la acción o el resultado de este verbo. Además, agregamos -er, -ant o -ent al verbo para crear el nombre que describe a la persona que hace este verbo. Y además, agregamos -ship, -ity, -ness o -cy para expresar un estado del ser. ¡Ahora centrémonos en el cambio de sustantivos a adjetivo! Los sufijos más comunes para los adjetivos son -al, -ent, -ive, -ous, -ful, -less y -able. De estos, ¿cuál agregarías al sustantivo 'bebida' para crear el adjetivo que significa algo que la gente puede beber? EMMA: Um, eso es complicado. Bueno, dudo que sea "inútil" porque eso generalmente tiene una connotación negativa en lugar de la afirmativa que
There are many expenses in life we just have to deal with, and the price of gas is one of them. Watching the price per gallon can feel like a roller coaster ride with the way it spikes up and slide down. With these ways to save on gas though you don't have to feel that you have no control over the amount you spend at the pump. Gas prices fluctuate a lot. I'm very happy that we're not hovering around $4.00 a gallon any more, but even with our current prices a fill-up can get costly. That is why several years back I took the time to research how to save on gas. Getting more miles per gallon isn't all that difficult. It might just mean modifying how you do some things. As busy moms we're all rushing from one place to another, but driving too fast to get to our next place on time can cost a lot more than a speeding ticket. According to you can expect to pay an extra $0.25 per gallon for every 5 mph that you drive over 50 mph. 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A dog may be man's best friend, but I swear a drive-through is a mom's best friend. Whether it was because Nick was a sick baby, had fallen asleep, or I just didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting him in and out his car seat, I have never been as grateful for drive-throughs as I have since becoming a mom. Sadly though using the drive-through can cost you a lot of money in gas. When you can it's far better to park the car and go in instead of using the drive-through. Also, if you get stuck at a long red light, or in stopped traffic, you'll save on gas by putting your car in park. Just make sure that you're paying attention to when traffic starts again. Once you live somewhere long enough you start to notice things such as what gas stations often have lower gas prices. It doesn't always work out that way, but if you need gas it's a good idea to head towards the cheaper spots. 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process of concentration of capital and the formation of monopolies in all capitalist countries, notwithstanding all the differences in their banking laws. The banking system "possesses, indeed, the form of universal book-keeping and distribution of means of production on a social scale, but solely the form", wrote Marx in Capital half a century ago (Russ. trans., Vol. III, part II, p. 144). The figures we have quoted on the growth of bank capital, on the increase in the number of the branches and offices of the biggest banks, the increase in the number of their accounts, etc., present a concrete picture of this "universal book-keeping" of the whole capitalist class; and not only of the capitalists, for the banks collect, even though temporarily, all kinds of money revenues—of small businessmen, office clerks, and of a tiny upper stratum of the working class. "Universal distribution of means of production"—that, from the formal aspect, is what grows out of the modern banks, which, numbering some three to six of the biggest in France, and six to eight in Germany, control millions and millions. In substance, however, the distribution of means of production is not at all "universal", but private, i.e., it conforms to the interests of big capital, and primarily, of huge, monopoly capital, which operates under conditions in which the masses live in want, in which the whole development of agriculture hopelessly lags behind the development of industry, while within industry itself the "heavy industries" exact tribute from all other branches of industry.[6]" Peter Mertens is silent about a THIRD (also more QUALITATIVE) aspect of imperialism: the NECCESSITY (and NOT just "a possible choice"...) of developing COLONIALISM..... and in a world that is already divided we should talk about continuously RE-affirm a new division of the world, based on colonialism.... Just a quote of Lenin about this, a quote that Peter Mertens would never chose..... "Alongside the colonial possessions of the Great Powers, we have placed the small colonies of the small states, which are, so to speak, the next objects of a possible and probable "re-division" of colonies. These small states mostly retain their colonies only because the big powers are torn by conflicting interests, friction, etc., which prevent them from coming to an agreement on the division of the spoils. As to the "semi-colonial" states, they provide an example of the transitional forms which are to be found in all spheres of nature and society. Finance capital is such a great, such a decisive, you might say, force in all economic and in all international relations, that it is capable of subjecting, and actually does subject, to itself even states enjoying the fullest political independence; we shall shortly see examples of this. Of course, finance capital finds most "convenient", and derives the greatest profit from, a form of subjection which involves the loss of the political independence of the subjected countries and peoples. In this respect, the semi-colonial countries provide a typical example of the "middle stage". It is natural that the struggle for these semi-dependent countries should have become particularly bitter in the epoch of finance capital, when the rest of the world has already been divided up. Colonial policy and imperialism existed before the latest stage of capitalism, and even before capitalism. Rome, founded on slavery, pursued a colonial policy and practised imperialism. But "general" disquisitions on imperialism, which ignore, or put into the background, the fundamental difference between socio-economic formations, inevitably turn into the most vapid banality or bragging, like the comparison: "Greater Rome and Greater Britain."[7] Even the capitalist colonial policy of previous stages of capitalism is essentially different from the colonial policy of finance capital. The principal feature of the latest stage of capitalism is the domination of monopolist associations of big employers. These monopolies are most firmly established when all the sources of raw materials are captured by one group, and we have seen with what zeal the international capitalist associations exert every effort to deprive their rivals of all opportunity of competing, to buy up, for example, iron-fields, oilfields, etc. Colonial possession alone gives the monopolies complete guarantee against all contingencies in the struggle against competitors, including the case of the adversary wanting to be protected by a law establishing a state monopoly. The more capitalism is developed, the more strongly the shortage of raw materials is felt, the more intense the competition and the hunt for sources of raw materials throughout the whole world, the more desperate the struggle for the acquisition of colonies."[8] (Emphasising by me – Nico) ....and here is not meant, the official recognised "colonies" that existed in the stage of capitalism BEFORE becoming imperialism, so countering already a possible reaction about the so-called "decolonisation" after the Second WW.... as I will illustrate by a second quote from Lenin about the phenomena of colonisation linked to imperialism. "The non-economic superstructure which grows up on the basis of finance capital, its politics and its ideology, stimulates the striving for colonial conquest. "Finance capital does not want liberty, it wants domination," as Hilferding very truly says. And a French bourgeois writer, developing and supplementing, as it were, the ideas of Cecil Rhodes quoted above,[9] writes that social causes should be added to the economic causes of modern colonial policy: "Owing to the growing complexities of life and the difficulties which weigh not only on the masses of the workers, but also on the middle classes, 'impatience, irritation and hatred are accumulating in all the countries of the old civilisation and are becoming a menace to public order; the energy which is being hurled out of the definite class channel must be given employment abroad in order to avert an explosion at home'."[10] Since we are speaking of colonial policy in the epoch of capitalist imperialism, it must be observed that finance capital and its foreign policy, which is the struggle of the great powers for the economic and political division of the world, give rise to a number of transitional forms of state dependence. Not only are the two main groups of countries, those owning colonies, and the colonies themselves, but also the diverse forms of dependent countries which, politically, are formally independent, but in fact, are enmeshed in the net of financial and diplomatic dependence, typical of this epoch. We have already referred to one form of dependence—the semi-colony."[11] I think that I have now given enough arguments to prove that Peter Mertens in his by dogmatism influenced analyse of imperialism led his public to a rather limited determination of what is the actual working class. And by a chosen quote out of "Imperialism,...." he want to give his analyse a "anti-imperialist" character without really analyse what are the real qualitative characteristics of imperialism that differs from capitalism noticed and analysed by Marx, in HIS time. The REASONS of Peter Mertens of doing this are similar to those of Kautsky, against whom Lenin argued in his book "Imperialism,...." Again some quotes that Peter Mertens would never chose..... "Special attention has been devoted in this pamphlet to a criticism of Kautskyism, the international ideological trend represented in all countries of the world by the "most prominent theoreticians", the leaders of the Second International (Otto Bauer and Co. in Austria, Ramsay MacDonald and others in Britain, Albert Thomas in France, etc., etc.) and a multitude of socialists, reformists, pacifists, bourgeois democrats and parsons. This ideological trend is, on the one hand, a product of the disintegration and decay of the Second International, and, on the other hand, the inevitable fruit of the ideology of the petty bourgeoisie, whose entire way of life holds them captive to bourgeois and democratic prejudices. The views held by Kautsky and his like are a complete renunciation of those same
essentially moribund inside Libya since Gaddafi's regime launched a repression campaign against it in the late 1990s." In Bosnia and Kosovo the Clinton administration only paid attention to terrorist Islamic networks by working towards "similar objectives" and maintaining channels which were distant, however, it is hard to keep this channel too distant when America and other nations allowed nations like Iran to violate the UN military arms embargo. Also, thousands of Islamists from nations like Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, and homegrown Islamists in the United Kingdom, were given the green light to enter and somehow escape all those national security passport agencies. Not only this, the Bosnian Muslim government was issuing passports to Islamic terrorists and clearly the Clinton administration understood the "Islamic rat lines." Steven Emerson continues by commenting that "In February 2006, the Treasury Department announced it was formally designating four organizations and five individuals as financial supporters of the LIFG, "an al Qaida affiliate known for engaging in terrorist activity in Libya and cooperating with al Qaida worldwide." Patrick O'Brien, assistant Treasury secretary for terrorist financing and financial crime, said the LIFG "threatens global safety and stability through the use of violence and its ideological alliance with al Qaida." The current situation in Libya is complex and how do you keep Islamists out of the opposition and how do you unite an ad hoc mixture of radical Sunni Islamists, disgruntled army units, democrats, socialists, and a mixture of other forces and added to this you have regionalism and tribal based loyalties. Similarly, how can America, France, the UN, and others, support the Muslim opposition leader against the Christian leader of Laurent Gbagbo? Who is to say which side is open to democracy and greater religious freedom and what policies are in place in order to stop the bloodletting? Therefore, we have the global disgrace of UN forces and France bombing forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast and this is happening amidst a massacre of between 800 Christians to 1,000 Christians in Duekoue by mainly Muslim forces who are loyal to Alassane Ouattara. This shame applies to many democratic nations who still support Hashim Thaci and Kosovo independence. After all, Kosovo Albanians have destroyed countless numbers of Christian churches and ancient monuments after the war and more alarming the leader is being implicated with organ trafficking and other evil deeds. Vojin Joksimovich, in his article called Grisly Albanian Organ Harvesting Crimes: Is Justice Going To Be Served, comments that "In my late December essay Amorality of US Kosovo Policy: Friends with the Snake "I have published reactions to the Council of Europe (CoE) 27-page report authored by the Swiss-Italian politician, senator and prosecuting lawyer Dick Marty. The report, after his two-year investigation, claimed that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) thugs headed by the current Kosovo prime minister Hashim Thaci, known as the "Snake," abducted mostly Kosovo Serbs but also some Albanian so called "collaborators," transported them to northern Albania, murdered them, extracted their organs like the kidneys, and sold them on the black market. These macabre Nazi/Croatian Nazi style crimes were covered up by the leading international organizations such as the UN, NATO, OSCE as well as the governments of leading western countries. NATO's secret documents as well as an UN report have been leaked out clearly demonstrating that both of those international organizations had full knowledge of these grisly crimes and opted to cover them up in addition to several western governments, the U.S. and Germany in particular. While a EULEX investigation is being launched, it will focus on the grisly crimes committed by the Snake and his thugs but will not include an investigation of those who enabled these crimes to be covered up for over a decade. In addition, it is doubtful if EULEX is capable of conducting an all-encompassing inquiry. Hence, the most important question needs to be posed: Is the justice going to be served?" The question raised by Vojin Joksimovich is important and it also applies to the Bosnian civil war whereby Islamists from all over the world were given a free reign to slaughter Orthodox Christians. It now also applies to the massacre of Christians in the Ivory Coast where UN forces and France are in collusion with one faction over another, despite the massacre that their allies have just done. Also, like Steven Emerson warns about Libya, the situation on the ground is very complex and Islamists may fill the vacuum or just like Bosnia and Kosovo; then Islamists in Libya may be supported from a distance. Of course Bosnia, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, and Libya respectively are complex and you have no easy solutions but supporting either terrorist organizations or turning a blind eye to massacres, while continuing to support forces deemed "legitimate," can't be the answer. Also, the West may have stepped into Bosnia and helped the Muslim cause just like they supported the Turkish invasion of Cyprus or at worse allowed it to happen; but despite this some Sunni Islamists used Bosnia on their way to doing September 11 and Madrid; if this does not alarm you then you can ignore the "fog of war" in Libya but the long term consequences are still unknown apart from the fact that Al Qaida will try to fill part of the vacuum or to at least exploit the situation. Meanwhile, the debacle in Ivory Coast is shaming the name of France and the UN because nothing was done to stop the massacre of between 800 and 1,000 Christians and not only this, both France and the UN are supporting the mainly Muslim forces which did this massacre. – Grisly Albanian Organ Harvesting Crimes: Is Justice Going To Be Served? – By Vojin Joksimovich – In Libya, an al-Qaida Ally Lurks in the Shadows – By Steven Emerson and the Investigative Project on Terrorism Posted in AFRICA, BALKANS, ISLAM, Uncategorized | Leave a Comment » Tags: al qaida and kosovo, al qaida and libya, alassane outtara and anti-laurent gbagbo, around 1, Bosnia and September 11, brutal civil war in ivory coast, brutal civil war in libya, christians slaughtered in Duekoue, clinton supported radical islam in the balkans, endgame for Gaddafi, fogs of war in libya, france and bombing libya, france and killing christian forces in ivory coast, Gaddafi Digs in as Libyan Violence Grows, hashim Thaci and organ trafficking, invasion of cyprus, islamic jihad in bosnia and clinton, islamic jihad in kosovo, killing christians in Bosnia, killing Christians in Kosovo, killing christians in the Ivory Coast, laurent gbagbo forces being bombed by the UN, Lee Jay Walker, madrid bombing and bosnia, massacre of 1, massacre of 800 christians in ivory coast, massacres by alassane ouatarra forces, modern tokyo times, muslim rat lines, Muslim victim card, obama and ivory coast, obama is supporting islam, persecution of orthodox christians in kosovo, persecution of shia muslims in bahrain and yemen, radical islam in Bosnia and Kosovo, radical sunni islam in libya, september 11 and bosnia, september 11 and islamic jihad in bosnia, Steven Emerson and Libya, Steven Emerson and terrorism, Steven Emerson and the Investigative Project on Terrorism, systematic persecution in Kosovo, tony blair supported hashim thaci, UN killing innocents, UN taking sides in the Ivory Coast, vojin joksimovich and kosovo, Vojin Joksimovich and terrorism ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Afghanistan to Bosnia and September 11 Lee Jay Walker – The Seoul Times The former conflict in Bosnia was manipulated by Islamic and Western media because both focused on the "innocent Muslims" and the need to protect Muslims from the forces of evil. In other words, "the forces of evil" were Christian Serbs and it was essential to protect the Muslims. However, nothing is ever that simple because a "hidden war" was happening in which radical Islamists and terrorists were allowed to travel
at home. Laura, Exeter, Devon." ("Teddy bears: Adults on their stuffed toy companions" (BBC Magazine., Published 8 February 2013), online source (Last accessed 8th February 2017), ) Additionally, this is also supported by the New York Times. Dr. Juliette Peers says that it was very fashionable for adult women to carry dolls in public in the early 20th century: "As dolls were becoming closely identified with medicalized norms of girls' behaviour, many adult doll-type products began production in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of these, such as the Lenci felt dolls from Italy, crossed over from adult mascot or living room decorations into the realm of children's toys. Others-such as the pinchusion dolls and porcelain dolls in the shape of hair tidies, bookends, perfume bottles, vases powder bowls, powder puffs, lamp bases and face brooches- would have been familiar items to the younger teen at least in their personal home environment and their mother's room, if not standing on the girl's dressing table o decorating her bedroom. DURING THE 1920S, IT WAS TRENDY FOR ADULT WOMEN TO CARRY DOLLS IN PUBLIC, especially in urban areas, as a fashion accessory, and perfume flasks, purses and handbags were produced with doll or teddy bear faces. The Nancy Ann Story Book Company of California produced small dolls in series that encouraged young girls to collect the whole set. The Nancy Ann Dolls crossed over from the younger to a young ADULT AUDIENCE, who regarded them a mascots and ornaments. Because the Nancy Ann dolls were extremely popular, the company had to switch to locally produced dolls when the supply sources in Axis countries became unavailable during World War II." (Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia [Claudia Mitchell, Jacqueline Reid-Walsh (editors), GP – Greenwood Press, 2008] by Dr. Juliette Peers, volume 1, page 28) And here: "Collectible dolls are often given as presents to girls by doting parents and grandparents, as well as being bought as personal items by adult women." (Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia [Claudia Mitchell, Jacqueline Reid-Walsh (editors), GP – Greenwood Press, 2008] by Dr. Juliette Peers, volume 1, page 36) The above instances on dolls, show that just because one has a doll or plays with one it does not equate to the person being a child. As the above evidence has demonstrated, adult women play with dolls also. Therefore, this claim that Aisha was prepubescent for merely playing dolls is baseless, since we know that grown women in this very era play with dolls. Prepubescent or Young Women There is only one Hadith which the critics bring up to show that Mother Aisha was Prepubescent. Let us take a look, i will cut of words and focus on main point because the Hadith is very long. ………..The people who used to carry me on the camel, came to my Howdah and put it on the back of the camel, thinking that I was in it, as, at that time, women were light in weight, and thin and lean, and did not use to eat much. So, those people did not feel the difference in the heaviness of the Howdah while lifting it, and they put it over the camel. At that time I was a young lady………On that Allah's Messenger called Buraira and said, 'O Burair. Did you ever see anything which roused your suspicions about her?' Buraira said, 'No, by Allah Who has sent you with the Truth, I have never seen in her anything faulty except that she is a girl of immature age, who sometimes sleeps and leaves the dough for the goats to eat.'……..[Sahih al-Bukhari volume 3 Book 48 Hadith 829] The word which is translated as Immature age is حَدِيثَةُ السِّنِّ it is a mis translation because it actually means modern or young age. Br. Bassam Zawadi gives evidence that there is nothing in the Hadith that suggests that she was "immature", in the sense of being prepubescent: "Looking at the Arabic text, I don't see word "immature" anywhere. It only states that she is a YOUNG GIRL, which we will already know. But if someone is young that doesn't necessarily imply that he or she is immature. Secondly, the companion was not criticizing Aisha for her age. Rather, he was saying that her fault was that she: 'GOES TO SLEEP while kneading the flour and the lamb eats that'. Imam Nawawi (1233 – 1277) states in his commentary: And the meaning of this statement is that there are no faults about her (Aisha) to begin with. There is nothing wrong about her EXCEPT THAT SHE SLEEPS WHILE KNEADING THE FLOUR. (Imam Nawawi, Sharh Saheeh Muslim, Kitab: Al Tawbah, Bab: Fee Hadeeth Al Ifk Wa Qubool Tawbat Al Qaazhif, Commentary on Hadith no. 4974, Source ) The companion might have attributed her carelessness due to the fact that she was young and did not take seriously her responsibility over her tasks. However, this does not imply she was immature or psychologically incapable of being married."(Source) The second point about the Hadith is that it itself makes clear by Aisha herself saying twice she is a Young lady جَاوَزْتُ الْجَيْشَ: Lane's Lexicon Page 418: Dictionary Of The Holy Qur'an of With References and Explanation of the Text by Malik Ghulam Farid M. A., page 134: This Hadith is repeated several times and is Sahih. It is again to be noted she told two times in same Hadith she is young women. There is an explicit mention that she was mature and had hit puberty long before Marriage: Narrated AISHA: (the wife of the Prophet) I had seen my parents following Islam since I attained the age of PUBERTY. Not a day passed but the Prophet visited us, both in the mornings and evenings.[Sahih al-Bukhari volume 1 Book 8 Hadith 465] This Hadith explicitly tells us that she attained Puberty. Another Hadith below says: Narrated Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) "I do not remember (A'QAL) my parents believing in any religion other than the Religion (of Islam), and our being visited by Allah's Messenger in the morning and in the evening. One day, while we were sitting in the house of Abu Bakr (my father) at noon, someone said, 'This is Allah's Messenger coming at an hour at which he never used to visit us.' Abu Bakr said, 'There must be something very urgent that has brought him at this hour.' The Prophet said, 'I have been allowed to go out (of Mecca) to migrate.'[Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 8 Book 73 Hadith 102] Amazingly this word AQAL is used when a person is mature. Hans Wehr A Dictionary of Modern written Arabic [Edited by John Milton – Spoken Language Services, Inc. 1976], page 737 … a'qal more reasonable; brighter, smarter, more intelligent | … a'qal al'umr the most reasonable time of life, the years of reason and MATURITY. There is one more scientific evidence: Narrated Aisha: The Prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six (years). We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Bani-al-Harith bin Khazraj. THEN I GOT ILL AND MY HAIR FELL DOWN. LATER ON MY HAIR GREW (again) and my mother, Um Ruman, came to me while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted to do to me. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became Allright, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. Then she took me into the house. There in the house I saw some Ansari women who said, "Best wishes and Allah's Blessing and a good luck." Then she entrusted me to them and they prepared me (for the marriage). Unexpectedly Allah's Apostle came to
a deeper sense of media awareness in this (anti-) 'movement of the squares'. Gionanopoulos writes: "..the stance of the movement toward Mass Media is also differentiated, with the refusal to engage with them, not even by way of issuing press releases. With the screening of what part of its procedures and organising is photographed or taped, and most importantly, with the creation of the movement's own channels of communication — with its main website, being the only medium-voice of its decisions." But obviously, the well-chosen site, the public city square derives much of its power from its public visibility. It is certainly impossible, and also highly undesirable for this public spectacle not to be picked up by mass and mainstream media. In fact the public camps on city squares are one of the most mediagenic forms of popular protest to have emerged in recent years, from Tahrir to Puerta del Sol, and this status has undeniably facilitated their international dispersal by the very system the activists claim to deny. Some activists can also get disheartened with the lagging nature of collective and non-hierarchical decision making procedures. In a text of 2002, The Dark Side of Camping, Susanne Lang and Florian Schneider reflect on the daily experience of the International border camp in Strasbourg, July 19 – 28, 2002. [6] They recall how by the time that the 'radical-democratic decision-making process' had come to the point of stating positions, the sun had already reached Zenith, without actual decisions having been made. The urgency of the matter on the table, the inhuman border, detention and expulsion regimes appeared to get lost in the haze of bottom-up democracy, for activists in a hurry to address them head on. Exasperation and frustration can easily set in. Thus, de-centred decision making always needs to navigate a precarious balance. Refusal of the media question was prevalent in those days, more so than in the current 'movement of the squares'. Lang and Schneider lament the ignorance towards the media activist component in the border camp, derided internally as 'silicon valley'. But they also point out how the complete refusal to co-operate with any media outlet, not even the indymedia type, lead to a fatal distortion of public perception of the actions: "Clearly, the manner in which the whole event is perceived from the outside will necessarily shift if the simple attempt to mediate ones own positions will be dismissed as opportunistic. : calls for freedom of movement might easily be interpreted as calls for freedom to muck about and act the fool. Who is protesting on the streets and why, which actions have been chosen and for what reason? The history, background, aims and ideas of the camp were concealed. Therefore the press relied on the statements of the police and the mayor", Lang and Schneider write. And while scepticism about playing the mainstream media game might be justified, relying on at least self-organised media outlets and communication channels to the wider public seems an essential step forward for the activists. Lang and Schneider had to recover from a severe case of camping blues in those days. For them the marriage of camping and media activism was about political communication: "networking understood as situational negotiations that are based on the possibility of changing ones own standpoint as well as the standpoint of the other". However, what they encountered was an introverted political culture, what they call a 'a neo-romantic motivated anti-capitalism'. Lang / Schneider: "Prevalent in those ten days in Strasbourg was a hermetic culture of immediacy that was neglecting and dismissive of every form of artificial or technical supported mediation, due to the fear of it being a hindrance on some amorphous idea of natural self-development." [6] From the media to the street One of he central claims of the tactical media 'movement' has been to state that power has shifted to the symbolic domain of electronic mediation, and therefore power also has to be contested in the sphere of symbolic mediation, as for instance Steve Kurtz of Critical Art Ensemble has claimed [7]. This shift also implies that to intervene in and tamper with the symbolic (in real-time mediation) means to intervene in and tamper with 'real' power. So, why then this seemingly regressive move back to the street and the square? One important lesson can already be drawn from the Syrian uprising, an escalating conflict bordering on civil war whose outcome is still completely uncertain while this text is written. Dubbed the 'Syrian Cyber Revolution' the tactical appropriation of social media tools played a prominent role in organising the street protests, as they have done in many other places. The Syrian youngsters / activists derived a strong sense of empowerment from their newly found capacities to organise, coalesce and unify around common interest via social networking tools such as facebook. However, a painful lesson was to learn that the newly established networks could also be 'read' – necessarily so because of the relatively open and public character they required to be useful for intended purposes – by the Syrian authorities, whose prime interest was to seek out the central nodes in the network and eradicate them, working outwards towards the mass of networked participants. Visibility here means not just empowerment, but also vulnerability, becoming a discrete, identified, and localised target. A strange paradox emerged: In the seemingly private space of the social network activists had now become identified as an individual and more importantly as a discrete target for authoritarian repression. On the street however, the individual protester dissolved into a crowd to become a public. The rising death-toll from the Syrian protests indicates that this act of dissolving in the public is by no means without risk. It does, however, escape the targeted designation of the social networking space, which as an activist tool had de facto become ineffectual or even counter-productive for the local activists. Only in exile, out of reach of a repressive and violent authority, could the social networking space be used for effective public political communication, and possibly to mobilise the international diaspora. The tactical operations, both in the streets as well as in the media, necessarily need to remain nomadic in these circumstances, always on the look out for temporary spaces of opportunity. Hybrid tactics in a hybrid space Embodied public spaces and media spaces do not exist independent of each other anymore. They constitute each other. As much as that the spaces of opportunity in the media are determined by the physical and political conditions they are built upon, so is the physical public space constructed by the media flows that permeate it; communicative practices, surveillance, mediated representation. As a result the logic of these spaces is hybridised: the media flows have to locate themselves to become manifest and meaningful, to escape their inherent virtualisation, while physical presences are permeated by electronically mediated flows that both construct and capture them. Activists need to understand the hybridised logic of hybrid space [8], its variability, its moments of opportunity and closure, to make use of them. The newest generation of civic activists, the (anti-) 'movement of the squares' seems to have ingrained and internalised this hybrid logic, almost unthinkingly. Social media tools, wireless devices, digital networks, self-publication channels seem nothing less than self-evident to them, and they are learning how such spaces of opportunity can suddenly close down, at which point it is time to move on – thus producing a continuous nomadic movement that as yet is unclear where it will land. by Eric Kluitenberg, June 20, 2011. 1 – Michel de Certeau, "The Practice of Everyday Life", University of California Press, 1984, p. xiv. 2 – 3 – See the archived announcement for June 19, 2011, at: 4 – ibid. 5 –
In meno di una giornata, Bob era diventato un uomo crucciato e io una ragazzina che vegliava con la madre, una ragazzina ormai troppo grande perché qualcuno cercasse di propinarle storie di diavoletti o di marmotte parlanti. Qualcuno era morto. Sissy Morgan era morta e quella morte non era naturale. Un assassino si aggirava nell'ombra delle baite, aveva zombificato Bob e scavato rughe sul viso di mio padre, rughe che prima non c'erano, che gli davano un'espressione da ebete, quasi avesse ricevuto una mazza da baseball sulla nuca. Ed era proprio quanto era successo nella radura, dove una decina di uomini, assieme a lui, erano stati colpiti da un'arma sconosciuta. Da quando lo avevano tramortito inaspettatamente, mio padre cercava di addizionare cifre che non avevano senso, Zaza più Sissy, e rimaneva a bocca aperta davanti a un'equazione che non riusciva a risolvere, giocando con le parole che avrebbero ridato consistenza al reale come se si trattasse di dati erronei aleggianti in una massa spugnosa. Dopo quanto avevano visto nella radura, gli occhi di mio padre, al pari di quelli di mio fratello, restavano increduli: da noi certe cose non capitavano. Eppure le prove c'erano, nelle rughe, nell'orrore che suscitava l'incredulità, sul cadavere che giaceva nella foresta. Un assassino viveva fra di noi. Dopo essersi tolti le camicie di lana, mio padre e mio fratello si erano seduti a tavola, mia madre aveva preparato loro del caffè e uno dei due, mio padre probabilmente, aveva detto morta, assassinata. Mia madre si era portata le mani alla bocca, io avevo sentito il mio corpo intorpidirsi come se cadessi svenuta, e mio fratello si era creato un ghigno d'uomo i cui brufoli dell'acne non avevano avuto il tempo di seccarsi. Tutto era stato detto: morta, assassinata. Pochi minuti dopo, Millie si era alzata, trascinando Bobine per un braccino sporco. Da quando avevo ritrovato Bobine, Millie non l'aveva più lasciata, rifiutandosi di darla a mia madre perché ricucisse i bottoni che le facevano da occhi e adesso le penzolavano ai lati del naso. La bambola non aveva davvero un bell'aspetto e stentavo a credere che il suo stato fosse dovuto soltanto alle intemperie. Dovevano averla trovata dei bambini, Yvon Tanguay o Michael Jamison, e averla strapazzata ben bene prima di buttarla sotto un mucchio di assi. Non appena avessi avuto un minuto libero, sarei andata a far sputare la verità a quei due mocciosi deficienti, troppo vili per prendersela con qualcuno forte come loro, e gli avrei cambiato i connotati come loro avevano cambiato quelli di Bobine. Nell'attesa, mi ero costretta a rimettermi in modalità "vivente", per Millie, per Bobine, tornata finalmente a casa. Per tutta la giornata, molte persone erano venute a bussare alla nostra porta: donne che non potevano sopportare di rimanere in silenzio; Jocelyne Ménard, che si preoccupava per Gilles, suo marito – non l'ho mai visto così pallido – e che sorbiva il tè lanciando occhiatine tutt'attorno, forse nella speranza di trovare un rimedio alla prostrazione del suo uomo colpito dai raggi di sole che attraversavano la cucina. S'è trovato fra i piedi due cadaveri, Florence, tre contando la volpe. Quanto a Berthe Grégoire, temeva che il suo Valère desse di matto. La polizia era arrivata in casa loro all'alba, per le tagliole, quelle che Valère aveva smontato, e Valère aveva dato in escandescenze. Non è più lui, con tutte 'ste storie. Non fa altro che spiare questo e quello. Dal canto loro, gli uomini parlavano sottovoce nel cortile, come all'obitorio, per rispetto dei morti, chiedendosi cosa mai potevano fare e quando la polizia li avrebbe autorizzati a portare le famiglie lontano da Bondrée. Quanto a Millie, passeggiava lì intorno con la sua bamboccia dagli occhi ciechi dicendole di non piangere, non piangere, mia bella Bobine, sistemeremo tutto, troppo piccina per sapere cosa succedeva, ma grande quanto bastava per capire che le cose andavano male. Alle quattro, mentre mia madre lavava delle tazze, Stan Michaud era arrivato col signor Larue, che aveva per me una cartolina di Emma raffigurante King Kong sulla punta dell'Empire State Building. Emma mi scriveva che sarebbe arrivata a Bondrée l'indomani pomeriggio e che aveva una sorpresa per me. Non posso dirti altro, ci sono delle spie. See you tomorrow. Em. Avevo riposto la cartolina nel cassetto più alto del mio comò, fuori dalla portata di Millie, sotto i miei pigiami. Non avevo mai ricevuto una cartolina in tutta la vita ed ero eccitata come se mi avessero regalato una bicicletta a tre velocità con sellino a banana. Di colpo ero importante. Una ragazzina bilingue residente negli Stati Uniti per tutto l'anno, che parlava il francese di Francia senza per questo sentirsi l'ombelico del mondo e che fantasticava su King Kong, aveva una sorpresa per me, che non riguardava né i miei genitori né i suoi, né mio fratello, né mia sorella, né Jane Mary Brown – quella di _Via col vento_ –, né la polizia. Il mio entusiasmo era scemato un po' quando avevo sentito mio padre accennare alla volpe morta rievocata poco prima da Jocelyne Ménard ed ero tornata coi piedi per terra. Una ragazzina aveva perso la vita la notte precedente, Sissy Morgan, e adesso si parlava di una bestia, coperta dal fango rosso dei sentieri di Moose Trap. Nel cuore della montagna, aveva precisato mio padre, morta da poco, il sangue ancora tiepido. Ecco dunque da dove veniva il sangue che aveva spinto Gilles Ménard a ficcarsi le mani in tasca dopo la perlustrazione di Moose Trap. Ecco da dove veniva l'argilla inventata da Brian Larue per chiuderci il becco, a Emma e me, dalle centinaia di volpi il cui sangue aveva intriso il suolo della montagna da quando questa esisteva. Poi si era parlato di una buca scavata a mani nude, di una preghiera, forse, del ritorno in luce, accanto al lago, di un nome che Ménard ripeteva, Sugar, Sugar Baby, poi avevo sentito uno stridore di sedie, il tintinnio delle tazze che mia madre sistemava nella credenza, la porta che cigolava. Stan Michaud e Brian Larue andavano dai McBain. Dalla finestra della mia stanza, avevo visto Michaud e Larue stringere la mano di mio padre e attraversare la fila di cedri, dietro la quale altri poliziotti aspettavano. Stella McBain aveva loro aperto e il silenzio era ripiombato sulla baita mentre io rivolgevo a mia volta una preghiera al dio delle volpi. Erano le quattro e mezzo e il cielo era senza nuvole, il lago di una limpidezza oleosa che metteva voglia di tuffarcisi di testa, ma nessuno, nemmeno Pat Tanguay, turbava l'acqua piatta. Bondrée era appena entrata in una nuova era glaciale. Quattro poliziotti erano seduti intorno al tavolo di quercia dei McBain, Stan Michaud e Jim Cusack, Dave Leroy, il responsabile delle ricerche, e Luke Stanfield, che aveva percorso in lungo e in largo Turtle Road con due colleghi al fine di raccogliere indizi, di strappare qualche commento di sfuggita, senza darlo a vedere, in un contesto che non evocava quello più ufficiale degli interrogatori. Un odore aspro di sudore e tabacco regnava nella sala da pranzo, Stella McBain avrebbe scacciato più tardi con un vaporizzatore al profumo di lillà quell'olezzo di stanchezza e nervosismo che lasciava i suoi segni appiccicosi sul tavolo, dove s'imprimevano le mani umidicce degli uomini riuniti. Nessuno aveva toccato il vassoio di patatine fritte posato al centro del tavolo, con l'eccezione di Luke Stanfield, che ne divorava a manciate e spazzava le briciole col dorso della mano mentre raccontava di aver parlato con due bambini, Michael Jamison e Silas Brown, aveva precisato consultando un taccuino, i quali dichiaravano di aver visto Sissy Morgan, il giorno prima, bisticciare con Françoise Lamar e Mark Meyer, il custode del campeggio. Uno dei suoi ragazzi si era
Bowling for Buckets, Frame 11 (What Kind of Bowling Is This?) I feel like I could cut and paste the opening paragraph from yesterday's blog! Another 1-1 day in the books, another day of small losses with the Free Play winning and the Paid Play losing, which is, of course the one that really hurts. Oklahoma City came through for us again with a beating in Washington, but the Lakers, despite spending the entire day telling the media their goal was to slow the Warriors to 100 points, went ahead and let Golden State score over 110. I really liked that play with both teams on back-to-backs and the line move supporting our handicapping, but as soon as LA fell behind, they threw defense out the window and somehow won the game despite allowing the Warriors to shoot over 55% from the field! Bucks @ Magic - Orlando by 10.5 with a total of 193. This team has not played in ages! The Magic last played on Christmas Day, so they've had all kinds of time to rest up for this one, a rather uninspiring game against the Bucks. The question is, are they TOO rested? We might very well see the Magic a little out of sync from not playing much, or we might see the tired among them rejuvenated, and maybe Dwight Howard needed a rest. I find it tough to handicap games where one team is coming off half a week without a game. The Magic are, however, coming off that Christmas Day stinker against the Celtics, where they scored but 77 points. This might be a spot where they could look to really take out some aggression on a poor road team. The Bucks have just done nothing lately to inspire confidence, having lost 3 consecutive games, 2 at home and 1 on the road, and none has been close. Milwaukee has been posting FG% numbers in the 30's far too often, and I'm just not sure this one is going to be much different. The Magic have very strong interior defense, which means more jumpshots on the road, a recipe for disaster. Amazingly, I lean to Orlando on the big spread, and I lean to the Under since I don't see the Bucks breaking 90. Grizzlies @ Pacers - This line is OFF. Yet, we really don't need it to know what to expect. The Pacers stink without Danny Granger, and the Grizzlies have been red, red hot. I wouldn't be surprised to see Memphis as a road favorite in this contest, where the Grizz are 1-0 SU but 0-1 ATS. Still, they missed that cover against Minnesota on the road by 1.5 points, and I don't think it told us much about Memphis. In contrast, the Pacers got trounced in Chicago last night, come home on the second night of a back-to-back, and really couldn't look any worse in the eyes of bettors. Is this a situation where their value is so high that you just have to bet Indy? I don't think so. The Grizzlies have won and covered 4 of 5 games, but haven't been as successful on the road. The Pacers have lost 7 straight, and have been pretty bad both at home and on the road, so no real notes there. I have to lean to Memphis, just because of how bad the Pacers have looked, but the real value in this game might be in the Under. The Pacers are just unable to score right now, and Memphis plays, I'd say, surprisingly decent defense. Let's see where this opens because these two teams have reputations of being up-tempo clubs, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing open in the 190's, and the public on the Over. Time will tell, let's get a line and move from there. Bobcats @ Raptors - Toronto by 5.5 with a total of 195. This is an interesting game, if mostly because I didn't truly remember what Toronto did in their last game before looking it up. As it turns out, the Raptors have quietly won 4 games in a row, covering in all 4, including a home-and-home sweep of the mostly-injured Pistons. Toronto is significantly better at home than they are on the road, and that is presumably why we're seeing a medium-sized spread like this one. This is a clash of two teams with monster home/road splits, where Toronto is 9.8 points better at home than on the road, and the Bobcats are almost 14 points worse on the road than at home. Charlotte just continues to lose on the road, though they have covered a few of those spreads. Is this one of those spots? It's awfully close. I do lean slightly to the home team here to win by 6 or 7, but that might just be too close to call. There just isn't much, if any, value on the Raptors, even though I believe they will win this game without a ton of stress. On the total of 195, I think we have some value on the Under. Both teams have been in a few low-scoring games, and I think Charlotte should be able to defend the Raptors relatively well, I just don't think they'll score. Hawks @ Cavs - Cavs by 6 with a total of 193. This game is a great rebound spot for the Hawks, and I think there's some value in Atlanta on the ML. The Hawks just got burned by the Cavs AGAIN, this time on their home court, and what's more, Cleveland held the high-flying Hawks to just 10 4th-quarter points! Atlanta will not take kindly to this beating at home, and I expect them to bring every ounce of strength they've got left in tomorrow's contest. It is terribly difficult to beat the same team two times in a row in these home-and-homes, and Cleveland was definitely amped up to play this game on the road and ruin the Hawks' day. I think Cleveland actually used more energy in this game than Atlanta did, believe it or not, and if you don't trust me, go back to yesterday's blog and check out the write-up on that game. All my handicapping numbers showed Atlanta by 3 yesterday, but my gut told me the Cavs were going to dominate, and sometimes you just have to stop crunching numbers and look at a picture of Lebron James. The guy is on a mission, but on the road, the Cavs are at way less of a premium than at home, and the ATS marks show that. Cleveland is 13-6 ATS on the road, and now a perfect 5-0 as an underdog. They do not take kindly to a "+" being next to their name. Now, back home they go as a 6-point favorite, and I think this game could go down to the wire. I also think that the score could be much higher with both defenses a little tired from last night's war. I like the Hawks, and I like the Over. Knicks @ Nets - This line is OFF. Not positive why. In any case, the Knicks hop a jet out of the snowy mess that is Detroit, Wayne County, and roll back to the eastern seaboard to tackle the hapless Nets. I expect to see the Knicks as slight favorites in this one, and I expect a decent performance out of them, though the back-to-back might be just what the doctor ordered for a Nets cover. I honestly can't believe how terrible the Nets continue to play. They are 2-29 on the season, on pace to lose 70 games, or more! Every day, every time the Nets play, we About Eimskip News General news EIMSKIP ANNOUNCES 2013 RESULTS EIMSKIP ANNOUNCES 2013 RESULTS Operating revenue EUR 433.8 million, up by 2.4% from 2012 Operating profit, EBITDA, EUR 37.1 million, down by 9.1% from adjusted EBITDA in 2012 Equity ratio was 65.5% at the end of the year Transported volume in North Atlantic liner services up by 3.4% from 2012 Transported volume in reefer forwarding services up by 7.9% from 2012 The Board proposes a dividend payment representing 30.0% of net earnings for the year Forecasted EBITDA for the year 2014 in the range of EUR 37 to 41 million GYLFI SIGFÚSSON, PRESIDENT AND CEO We believe that overall the results of 2013 reflect the tough economic environment in Iceland. Adverse weather conditions in the North Atlantic and mechanical issues with a few of our vessels in the fourth quarter put our sailing schedule out of order and negatively impacted our results. For the full year, revenues amounted to EUR 433.8 million and grew by 2.4% from 2012. EBITDA amounted to EUR 37.1 million which equals 9.1% decrease from previous year, taking into account one-off items in 2012. Performance of our international operations did show good results, but our operations in Iceland were below our expectations. Transported volume in our North Atlantic liner services grew by 3.4% from 2012. Transported volume to and from Iceland remained stable but there was growth in volume related to the Faroe Islands and Norway, which are a part of our home market in the North Atlantic, and volume between Europe and North America grew. Volume in the company's reefer forwarding services increased by 7.9% compared to previous year, mainly due to increased Intra Asian transport and transport from Europe to Asia. Eimskip introduced substantial changes in its sailing schedule in March 2013 which increased the capacity of the system and in February 2014 we decided to make some further adjustments partly due to negative effect of bad weather conditions in recent months. A new sailing route, the Gray line, has been added between the Faroe Islands and Scotland in order to increase the flexibility of the sailing schedule and increase service reliability. It is important to be able to respond to requirements of customers with an efficient and flexible system. Eimskip has negotiated a further delay of delivery of the two container vessels which are currently being built in China. It is expected that the first vessel will be in service as from the middle of this year but there is still uncertainty regarding the delivery of the second vessel which will presumably not be delivered until late this year. Related to the delay, Eimskip has negotiated a USD 10.8 million reduction of the vessels' total purchase price. The delay of delivery will neither affect the sailing schedule nor services to Eimskip's customers. It will however extend chartering of vessels since the new vessels are expected to replace two vessels which are currently chartered by the company. The company is seeking opportunities to grow, especially outside Iceland and is working on various projects in relation to strategic acquisitions in line with the company's vision of being a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic. As part of this strategy Eimskip is in correspondence with the Central Bank of Iceland, the Oslo Stock Exchange and other foreign stock exchanges for potential dual listing of the company's shares. The Board of Directors proposes a dividend payment to shareholders in 2014 in the amount of ISK 2.60 per share. The total dividend payment is ISK 504.6 million, or EUR 3.2 million, which represents 30.0% of net earnings for the year 2013. Our EBITDA forecast for the year 2014 is in the range of EUR 37 to 41 million. OPERATIONS OF 2013 Eimskip's operating revenue amounted to EUR 433.8 million in 2013 compared to EUR 423.7 million in 2012, showing an increase of 2.4%. The revenue of liner services amounted to EUR 319.2 million and increased by 3.8% from 2012. There was an increase in transported volume of the liner services in the company's main market areas in the North Atlantic besides Iceland, where imported volume to the country decreased from previous year. The volume increase in Eimskip's liner services in the North Atlantic was 3.4% from 2012. The revenue of forwarding services amounted to EUR 114.6 million, showing a 1.3% decrease from 2012. Transported volume in reefer forwarding services grew by 7.9% compared to 2012, mainly due to increased Intra Asian transport and transport from Europe to Asia. Fluctuations in international sea freight rates affect Eimskip's revenues and rates during the year 2013 were considerably lower than in 2012. EBITDA amounted to EUR 37.1 million compared to EUR 36.2 million in 2012, but adjusted EBITDA, after the EUR 1.7 million cost related to Eimskip's IPO in the third and fourth quarter 2012 and EUR 2.9 million non-cash expense related to the share options forfeited by the executive management in the fourth quarter 2012, amounted to EUR 40.8 million, decreasing EBITDA by 9.1% from 2012. The EBITDA ratio was 8.5% compared to 9.6% adjusted EBITDA ratio in 2012. Drop in imported volume to Iceland negatively affected the operating results, in addition to several negative operational incidents in the fourth quarter partially due to adverse weather conditions in the North Atlantic and mechanical issues with a few of the company's vessels which put the sailing schedule out of order. The changes made in Eimskip's sailing schedule in March 2013, which increased the system capacity and fixed cost immediately, also contributed to the decreased operating results since it takes time to grow revenues in a new and more powerful system. Depreciation and amortization amounted to EUR 21.1 million compared to EUR 22.4 million in 2012. The reduction is mainly due to a part of the company's vessel fleet which now is depreciated to residual value. EBIT amounted to EUR 15.9 million compared to EUR 13.7 million in 2012. Adjusted EBIT, after the aforementioned one-off items in 2012, amounted to EUR 18.3 million, showing a 13.2% decrease in EBIT from 2012. Net finance expense amounted to EUR 3.2 million compared to EUR 3.0 in previous year. The change from previous year is explained by a EUR 0.8 million higher currency exchange loss than in 2012, but on the other hand interest expense on the company's long-term loans was lower by EUR 0.3 million in Net earnings before income tax came to EUR 12.7 million compared to EUR 10.7 million in 2012. Income tax amounted to EUR 1.9 million compared to an income tax benefit in the amount of EUR 2.0 million in 2012 due to recognized tax losses carried forward in a subsidiary in the amount of EUR 3.6 Net earnings amounted to EUR 10.8 million in 2013 compared to EUR 12.7 million in 2012. The company's operations have been stable during the past few years as can be seen in the following graphs which show how revenues and EBITDA are divided to quarters from 2010 to 2013. In these graphs, operating revenue and EBITDA have been adjusted for one-off items in 2011 and 2012. Operating revenue and EBITDA for the first quarter 2011 have been reduced by EUR 6.4 million due to the collection of a claim that had previously been written off. EBITDA for the second quarter 2011 has been increased by EUR 0.7 million due to the grounding of Godafoss and increased by EUR 0.7 million in the third quarter 2012 due to costs related to the company's listing. Finally, EBITDA for the fourth quarter 2012 has been increased by a total of EUR 3.9 million, including EUR 1.0 million due to the company's listing and EUR 2.9 million due to costs related to the share options forfeited by the executive management. Early in March 2013 the company introduced substantial changes in its sailing schedule. The number of vessels on liner services was increased by one, expanding system capacity by 7.7%. The main changes consisted of the introduction of a new coastal schedule in Iceland with a direct connection with the Faroe Islands, the UK and mainland Europe and increased frequency and shorter transit time to and from the USA with Portland in Maine replacing Everett and Norfolk as a port
Analysis, Summary, overview, explanation, meaning, description, of Destiny and a Blue Cloak Destiny and a Blue Cloak Analysis "Good morning, Miss Lovill!" said the young man, in the free manner usual with him toward pretty and inexperienced country girls. Agatha Pollin � the maiden addressed � instantly perceived how the mistake had arisen. Miss Lovill was the owner of a blue autumn wrapper, exceptionally gay for a village; and Agatha, in a spirit of emulation rather than originality, had purchased a similarly enviable article for herself, which she wore to-day for the first time. It may be mentioned that the two young women had ridden together from their homes to Maiden-Newton on this foggy September morning, Agatha prolonging her journey thence to Weymouth by train, and leaving her acquaintance at the former place. The remark was made to her on Weymouth esplanade. Agatha was now about to reply very naturally, "I am not Miss Lovill," and she went so far as to turn up her face to him for the purpose, when he added, "I've been hoping to meet you. I have heard of your � well, I must say it � beauty, long ago, though I only came to Beaminster yesterday." Agatha bowed � her contradiction hung back � and they walked slowly along the esplanade together without speaking another word after the above point-blank remark of his. It was evident that her new friend could never have seen either herself or Miss Lovill except from a distance. And Agatha trembled as well as bowed. This Miss Lovill � Frances Lovill � was of great and long renown as the beauty of Cloton village, near Beaminster. She was five and twenty and fully developed, while Agatha was only the niece of the miller of the same place, just nineteen, and of no repute as yet for comeliness, though she undoubtedly could boast of much. Now, were the speaker, Oswald Winwood, to be told that he had not lighted upon the true Helen, he would instantly apologize for his mistake and leave her side," contingency of no great matter but for one curious emotional circumstance � Agatha had already lost her heart to him. Only in secret had she acquired this interest in Winwood � by hearing much report of his talent and by watching him several times from a window; but she loved none the less in that she had discovered that Miss Lovill's desire to meet and talk with the same intellectual luminary was in a fair way of approaching the intensity of her own. We are never unbiased appraisers, even in love, and rivalry usually operates as a stimulant to esteem even while it is acting as an obstacle to opportunity. So it had been with Agatha in her talk to Miss Lovill that morning concerning Oswald Winwood. The Weymouth season was almost at an end, and but few loungers were to be seen on the parades, particularly at this early hour. Agatha looked over the iridescent sea, from which the veil of mist was slowly rising, at the white cliffs on the left, now just beginning to gleam in a weak sunlight, at the one solitary yacht in the midst, and still delayed her explanation. Her companion went on: "The mist is vanishing, look, and I think it will be fine, after all. Shall you stay in Weymouth the whole day?" "No. I am going to Portland by the twelve o'clock steam-boat. But I return here again at six to go home by the seven o'clock train." "I go to Maiden Newton by the same train, and then to Beaminster by the carrier." "So do I." "Not, I suppose, to walk from Beaminster to Cloton at that time in the evening?" "I shall be met by somebody � but it is only a mile, you know." That is how it all began; the continuation it is not necessary to detail at length. Both being somewhat young and impulsive, social forms were not scrupulously attended to. She discovered him to be on board the steamer as it ploughed the emerald waves of Weymouth Bay, although he had wished her a formal good-bye at the pier. He had altered his mind, he said, and thought that he would come to Portland, too. They returned by the same boat, walked the velvet sands till the train started, and entered a carriage together. All this tim