Rick grew up in a troubled household.
He never found good support in family, and turned to gangs.
It wasn't long before Rick got shot in a robbery.
The incident caused him to turn a new leaf.
He is happy now.
He joined a gang.
Laverne needs to prepare something for her friend's party.
She decides to bake a batch of brownies.
She chooses a recipe and follows it closely.
Laverne tests one of the brownies to make sure it is delicious.
The brownies are so delicious Laverne eats two of them.
Laverne doesn't go to her friend's party.
Sarah had been dreaming of visiting Europe for years.
She had finally saved enough for the trip.
She landed in Spain and traveled east across the continent.
She didn't like how different everything was.
Sarah then decided to move to Europe.
Sarah decided that she preferred her home over Europe.
Gina was worried the cookie dough in the tube would be gross.
She was very happy to find she was wrong.
The cookies from the tube were as good as from scratch.
Gina intended to only eat 2 cookies and save the rest.
Gina liked the cookies so much she ate them all in one sitting.
Gina gave the cookies away at her church.
It was my final performance in marching band.
I was playing the snare drum in the band.
We played Thriller and Radar Love.
The performance was flawless.
I was very proud of my performance.
I was very ashamed of my performance.
I had been giving this homeless man change everyday.
He was on the same corner near my house.
One day, as I was driving through my neighborhood I saw a new car.
Soon enough, I saw the same homeless man emerge from it!
The next day I gave the man twenty dollars.
I never gave the man money again.
Jim found an old disposable camera in the bottom of his junk drawer.
He began snapping away at everything around him.
The counter clicked down to one final photo.
The gravity of the situation began to dawn on Jim.
Jim took time to decide what he would take a picture of.
Jim took 20 more photos.
Ron started his new job as a landscaper today.
He loves the outdoors and has always enjoyed working in it.
His boss tells him to re-sod the front yard of the mayor's home.
Ron is ecstatic, but does a thorough job and finishes super early.
Ron is immediately fired for insubordination.
His boss commends him for a job well done.
John and Billy became very skilled at beer pong.
They entered a contest in college.
They won the contest and advanced to the next level.
The next level sent them to Vegas.
In Vegas, John and Billy competed against eighty contestants.
John and Billy were disappointed.
Caroline was a student in medical school.
Caroline worked very hard to get good grades.
One day Caroline failed a test by one point.
Caroline was very frustrated but she continued to study hard.
But she gave up.
Later, she passed the test.
Trish hated the outdoors.
Her friends convinced her to go camping.
She wasn't having a good time.
They showed her how to fish and showed her the stars.
Eventually Trish grudgingly came to accept nature.
The fish had very interesting mating habits.
A man walked up to Corey as he pumped gas into his car.
The guy admired Corey's car and started a conversation.
Corey felt that something was wrong.
When he finished pumping gas, the man punched Corey.
Corey didn't mind at all.
When Corey came to, both the man and his car were gone.
Marcy received a valentine from her boyfriend.
It was a card with a gift card in it for chocolates.
She was happy and immediately ordered the chocolates.
Her boyfriend came over and asked if she liked it.
Marcy gave her boyfriend a big kiss and said yes.
Marcy shrugged her shoulders and reached for the TV remote.
Cara went to a food cart in Philadelphia the other day.
She stopped by an amazing falafel cart.
The food was amazing.
Cara couldn't believe how good it was.
Cara told the owner that the food was awful.
Cara decided to eat at the food cart every week.
Tony was happy to be going on his first cruise.
He arrived at the docks and was ready with all his luggage.
When he walked around the corner he couldn't believe the size of it.
He boarded and the ship left the docks.
Tony enjoyed going on the cruise.
Tony was scared of the ocean.
Ignacio wants to play a sport while he is in college.
Since he was a good swimmer, he decides to try out for swim the team.
Ignacio makes it onto the team easily.
At the first swim meet, Ignacio wins second place!
Ignacio gave up swimming.
Ignacio won a silver medal.
Danny bought a boat.
His nearby marina was having a race.
He decided to enter.
Danny and his best friend manned the boat.
Danny decided to go to sleep.
They prepared for the start of the race.
At school, Mary received an assignment to write an essay about pandas.
Luckily, Mary loved pandas, as was excited to get started.
As soon as she got home, Mary booted up her computer and began.
She wrote about all she knew and researched a little too!
Mary disliked Pandas.
Mary couldn't wait to present her report.
Ellen dreamed of winning a prize for her roses.
She planned to enter her special purple rose at the fair.
She fertilized the rose bush and covered it each night.
The roses grew more beautiful every day.
Ellen ended up winning the prize.
Ellen had to pay a replacement fee for her library card.
Jesse had just started fifth grade.
He tried to make friends with the other boys, but he couldn't.
He decided to make friends with the girls instead.
They girls welcomed him into their social groups happily.
Jesse went to the park with his new friend, Roger.
Jesse was picked on by the other boys in school.
Tiffany was getting overwhelmed at work.
While she liked her job, she longed for a break.
One day, she tripped outside on uneven pavement.
She broke her ankle and had to be off work for a couple months.
Tiffany went in to work the next day.
She was in pain but happy to not have to go to work.
Gina misplaced her phone at her grandparents.
It wasn't in the living room.
She had been in the car before napping in the living room.
She grabbed her dad's keys and ran outside.
But she didn't want her phone anymore.
She found her phone in the car.
Alice was getting married in a few weeks.
One night, her mother called and she forgot to call her back.
Her mother left an angry message on her phone.
She threatened not to come to the wedding.
Alice called her mother and apologized profusely.
Alice messaged a cute guy she saw on Tinder.
Ted loves to go to the movies.
He sees almost everyone and votes at the Oscars.
He has a big party for the Oscars and they all place bets.
Ted almost always wins with the movies he chooses.
Ted continues to watch several movies a week.
He decides to stop watching movies.
Nya had been asked on a paintball trip with friends.
She was nervous about going.
But she went anyways, hoping to have fun.
She shot paintballs at her friends and laughed the whole time.
She loved it so much she planned a trip for the next week.
She was shot and vowed to never go there again.
All of Javier's friends at school have smartphones.
However, he still uses an old style flip phone.
One day he decides to buy a smartphone too.
At first he loves having the access to internet everywhere he goes.
Javier decides to get a smartphone.
But then he misses his old phone.
Rachel decided to donate blood at the local blood drive.
She was a little nervous because this was her first time.
The next day Rachel received a call from the doctor that she saw.
The doctor told her that he had bad news.
Rachel broke down in tears.
Rachel started moonwalking with excitement.
Ron was watching a high-speed chase on TV.
The cop was chasing the bad guy through his neighborhood.
It was terrifying!
But then the cop caught the bad guy.
Ron started collecting bottle caps.
Ron applauded the officer's performance.
Sam loved his old belt.
He matched it with everything.
Unfortunately he gained too much weight.
It became too small.
Sam went on a diet.
Sam was happy.
Larry bought a new motorcycle.
He was excited to look cool.
The first time he tried riding it he dropped it.
He hurt his leg and had to go to the hospital.
Larry loved going to the hospital.
Larry became careful.
I went on a blind date a few days ago.
She was cute and friendly.
We were set up through a co worker.
We seem to have some things in common.
Soon we were boyfriend and girlfriend and thinking of marriage.
We broke up right away.
Sammy's coffee grinder was broken.
He needed something to crush up his coffee beans.
He put his coffee beans in a plastic bag.
He tried crushing them with a hammer.
Sammy was not that into coffee.
It worked for Sammy.
Last week Jared was driving to work.
He had been partying hard the night before.
He didn't get any sleep.
Before he knew it his car was facing oncoming traffic.
Jared swerved quickly and managed to avoid a collision.
Jared decided to accelerate.
Bobby needed to get home from work late one night.
He decided that he was going to hail a taxi.
When he was in the taxi he realized that he knew the driver.
On the way home they chatted about things.
Bobby asked to be taken to a restaurant.
Bobby found the time passed quickly.
Joe grew a big batch of peas in his garden.
He brought the peas inside and shelled them all.
Then he cooked them up in a big pot.
He added ham, bacon, and carrots to make thick pea soup.
Joe thought about working in the garden as he ate the yummy soup.
Joe dumped the pot outside because he hated soup.
Aliza had a long lost ex-boyfriend she was bound to find.
The problem was, he moved to a new state.
She decided to use Facebook to find him.
She found him, but he was married with kids.
Aliza was sad, but she never contacted him again.
He fell in love with Aliza and they were married.
Lina went to see how candy canes were made.
She watched as the workers added dye to the hot candy.
Then, they stretched it out to make it shiny.
Finally, they shaped it into a cane and let it cool.
Lina now knew that candy canes were boring.
Lina felt a new appreciation for candy canes.
When I first moved into my house, I didn't know my neighbors.
While mowing one day, I found a kickball in my yard.
I felt this was the perfect opportunity to meet my neighbors.
I grabbed the ball and went next door to return it.
They were very friendly.
I threw the kickball through their closed window.
Bev had been studying very hard.
She couldn't wait for the weekend.
When it came, she slept in very late.
Then she got up and went out to party.
By Sunday night, Bev was exhausted again.
Bev got the mail and fed the fish, just like she did every day.
Newly married, Sue liked to cook for her husband.
Unfortunately Sue was a terrible cook.
Bob ate her food anyway and told her it was good.
On their first anniversary Bob gave Sue cooking lessons.
She never cooked again.
She became a better cook.
We went to Frank Pepe's pizza shop three weeks ago.
The chain is quite famous in Connecticut.
The chain recently opened in Boston.
We went early to beat the crowd.
We walked 5 growling dogs at the park across town.
We had a great pizza at Frank Pepe's pizza shop.
Bernice always wanted to travel to Africa.
Bernice decided she would take a trip for her birthday next year.
Bernice started to look at the price of airline tickets for the trip.
In addition, Bernice looked up the price of hotels as well.
Bernice went to Europe for her birthday.
Bernice decided to get an airplane ticket and reserve a room.
Jim made spinach cookies.
He sold them for five dollars each.
No one bought any.
However, at the last minute a man wanted twenty.
He was surprised but thankful.
Jim thought he was crazy and left.
Randy's friend gave him directions to his house.
He was supposed to take a right after the white house.
Randy continued to get lost.
He backtracked continuously until he finally found it.
Randy told his friend how relieved he was he found it.
Randy saw the house but kept on driving and didn't come back.
I decided to go on a bike ride with my brother.
We both headed out in the morning.
We were having a lot of fun.
Suddenly, he hit a rock and broke his wheel!
Watching my brother crash was fun.
I felt very badly for my brother.
Anna went to the salon.
She was getting her nails done for the first time.
She was nervous, but the tech was friendly.
He did her nails quickly and expertly.
Anna felt very fashionable when she left the salon.
Anna really liked her new hairstyle.
David and Sarah were friends during childhood.
When they went to college, each moved to a different town.
Sarah received an unexpected call from David on Friday.
They had dinner and talked about their lives.
Sarah was glad they were able to catch up.
Sarah and david went to go get dinner right after that.
AJ and his mom were at the grocery store.
Aj was looking at a cereal box and when he looked up his mom was gone.
He immediately started to feel panic.
Then his mom stepped out from behind a display of soup.
AJ then began to feel sad.
AJ let out a sigh of relief.
Joe went to the junkyard to find treasures.
He dug through a stack of old clothes.
At the bottom was a vintage shirt with a rock band on it.
Joe put the shirt on to try it out.
Joe was happy the shirt fit.
Joe hated rock music afterwards.
Priya decided to try a new restaurant.
She drove to a new cafe that opened.
Priya sat at a booth.
She ordered a mimosa and a breakfast burrito.
Priya thought her food was delicious.
Priya decided not to eat and left.
Karen was assigned a roommate her first year of college.
One day, her roommate asked her to go to a nearby city for a concert.
Karen agreed happily.
The show was absolutely exhilarating.
Karen hated her roommate.
Karen became good friends with her roommate.
We took a family vacation to the beach last year.
I spent a lot of time reading with my mom on the beach.
One day while reading, I got stung by a horrible beach wasp.
My arm swelled and was painful, I almost had to go to the hospital.
Eventually I healed.
I found I loved being swollen.
John's watch had been broken for some time.
He hadn't gotten together the money to fix it.
His wife decided to take it to get fixed and pay for it.
She gave it to him when he came home for work.
John was very upset with his wife.
John was very excited.
Donald was kind of the class clown.
He wanted to be class president.
So he figured if he acted like an idiot people would vote for him.
He would get up and just yell and be foolish.
Don hated elections.
Donald hoped this foolishness won him the election.
Eddie and Angela hadn't been talking to each other for a long time.
They lived in their house together like strangers.
Finally, they sat down and agreed, it was time for a divorce.
Eddie went to the courthouse and filed the paperwork.
They were divorced a few months later.
They fell back in love and stayed together forever.
Rachel adopted a cat over ten Years ago.
Suddenly, the cat was acting more lethargic and losing weight.
Concerned, Rachel took her cat to the vet.
The vet told Rachel that her cat had developed cancer.
Rachel was excited to hear the news.
The vet treated her cat's cancer the best they could.
Jim is a new driver and has never been pulled over before.
Yesterday he was pulled over for speeding.
The officer explained to him why he was being given a ticket.
Jim will have to work overtime to pay for the ticket.
Jim is very upset.
Jim was happy to see the officer.
I love avocados.
I ate a sandwich covered in them.
After I ate it, my mouth was itchy and tingly.
I talked to my doctor about it later.
He said I was paranoid, and charged me $100.
It turned out I was allergic to avocados.
David was an author that had trouble finding inspiration for his work.
One day he had a dream of him being in a post apocalyptic world.
He thought that this was destiny and began to write his thoughts.
Eventually he had hundreds of pages written.
David then uploaded his new video.
David then had his manuscript published.
Boris was addicted to video games.
His mother was concerned.
She called a psychologist to get help.
The psychologist tried to convince Boris to stop his addiction.
Boris realized he was wasting his life.
Boris decided to wear the dress.
A police officer came down with the flu today.
He was unable to go into work as he could barely get out of bed.
His wife spent time taking care of him and making sure he was okay.
He made sure to drink enough and eat enough.
The police officer had to give up his badge and gun.
The police officer eventually got better.
Jennifer felt her stomach grumble.
She thought about the last time she ate and realized it was long ago.
She got up off the couch and went into the kitchen.
After cooking a big meal and eating it, she felt good again.
Jennifer was not hungry anymore.
Jennifer wanted more food.
My friend nathan and his family went to the lake one summer.
One day Nathan's dad left and didn't leave a lighter for his mom.
Well his mom was very upset and made him walk to the store barefoot.
Poor Nathan had to walk down a gravel road to bring his mom matches.
When Nathan returned, he felt very happy for the exercise.
When Nathan returned, his mom apologized for being so mean.
Jeremiah is looking for a part time job that can help him earn money.
A sandwich shop employs him to give out flyers about their sandwiches.
Jeremiah loves the job at first, because he likes meeting new people.
Eventually he finds it tiresome to be outside so much.
Jeremiah continues to work outside.
Jeremiah reconsiders career paths.
Two young women decided to go for a ten mile run near the AFB.
Five miles into the run, they spotted a lone grey wolf with blue eyes.
They tried to scare it away, but it kept moving toward them.
The two women clambered up a tree and waited until other people came.
The people chased the wolf away and the two women were fine.
The two women fell off a cliff.
Gary was a brave child.
One day he decided to climb over the fence in his backyard.
His parents looked all over for him.
They found him sitting on the swing at the park.
Gary's parents were relieved to find him.
Gary's parents were disappointed to find him.
Timmy was caught with unpaid parking tickets.
He didn't have enough money to pay for them.
Instead he had to be arrested and jailed for two days.
He lost his jobs for missing work.
Timmy was promoted for working so much all the time.
Timmy then had to find another job,
When I was younger, I went to summer camp.
We had a lot of fun playing games with the counselors.
My favorite thing to do was play cards.
The camp counselors knew so many different card games.
My time with the minister was very useful.
My favorite card game was poker.
Amber had a lot of things to do this Sunday.
She made a list of all the places she needed to go.
She hurried to get ready.
She was worried that she would not have enough time.
Amber enjoyed a relaxing two hour brunch.
Amber was so hurried she left the list at home.
Eve needed a new couch in her parlor.
But she could not afford to buy one!
Then she went to a secondhand store and found a great one.
She had it delivered and set up in her living room.
She bought a new couch to replace it.
Eve thought the couch was very comfortable.
Jason was terrified of spiders.
He went to a therapist and discussed his fear.
His therapist said he should confront his fear to overcome it.
Jason's homework was to look for a spider in his basement.
He found a very large spider there.
Jason took a hot shower.
Linda began to have problems with a coworker at her job.
The coworker had started bossing her around at work.
The coworker even talked behind her back.
Linda went to her boss with the issue and the boss mediated them.
Her boss fired her the next day.
Linda and the coworker ended up being best friends.
Sara wanted her kids to have a great Christmas.
She saved all year and started her shopping in November.
She shopped deals and spent all her savings.
She spent two days wrapping dozens of presents.
All of the presents were wrapped and stored for the holidays.
She returned all of the presents for cheaper ones.
Megan has been struggling with a drug habit for years.
She hit rock bottom when she lost her family and kids.
Her distant family decided to stage an intervention.
After the event, she got into a rehab facility.
She was able to get off drugs after some time.
When she arrived, she did drugs all day.
Tyler has been unemployed for Years.
He has spent the last few months diligently applying for work.
However, all of his applications are rejected.
The rejections contribute to Tyler's feelings of desperation.
He is thrilled about his new responsibilities at work.
He realizes he might have to apply for public assistance.
Miranda is married to Bob.
Bob doesn't like that Miranda works so much.
Miranda tells Bob that she enjoys her career and won't quit.
Bob gives Miranda an ultimatum.
Miranda quits her job.
Miranda decides to take on a second job.
My cousin's had a terrible experience with their babysitter.
They had a hidden camera.
They found video of her shaking the baby violently.
The baby is having major problems.
They gave the baby sitter a good review.
They reported the babysitter to the police.
Bobby was having a birthday party.
His friends bought him a huge cake.
A woman jumped out of the cake.
Bobby was surprised and amused.
Bobby had a good party.
Bobby was mad at his friends.
It was the last day of our vacation.
We were eating lunch on the patio of the hotel.
We laughed and smiled because it was a great vacation.
Then we packed our bags and drove to the airport.
We want to revisit someday.
We all vowed to never go back again.
Mother asked the children to help fold laundry.
The children took the clean clothes into the living room.
They dumped the clothes on the floor.
They folded the clothes neatly into piles.
The clothes were filthy and unfolded.
They then put their clothes up neatly.
Timmy loves watching cartoons.
His parents don't let him watch unless he does his chores.
Today's chore is to clean his room.
Timmy's room is a mess.
Timmy went to the mess hall for breakfast.
Timmy spent all day cleaning so he could watch tv.
My daughter had her baby shower in our Boston home.
She invited friends and family in the area.
Her old college roommate lives in Hawaii.
She decided to surprise my daughter by flying 4800 miles.
My daughter was disappointed.
My daughter was excited.
Craig used to always go play darts.
He would go to a local bar and try to hustle.
He would play bad at first.
Then he would get them to make a bet for a drink or money.
Craig did it one too many times and the patrons beat him up.
Craig won the poker match without much trouble.
Pam's house was where the party was.
Everyone bought gifts.
Pam bought a cake.
Everyone danced and had fun!
Pam was a lousy hostess.
Pam was a good hostess.
Ellen always hated school.
The kids made fun of her every day.
They called her smelly Elly.
She decided to start taking baths.
Ellen liked the negative attention.
Ellen was appalled.
Jim got his first credit card in college.
He didn't have a job so he bought everything on his card.
After he graduated he amounted a $10,000 debt.
Jim realized that he was foolish to spend so much money.
Jim decided to devise a plan for repayment.
Jim decided to open another credit card.
Tim was entering a baking contest.
He decided to make his famous donuts.
He made a big batch and entered them into the contest.
The judges thought they were delicious.
The judges vomited from the taste of the donuts.
Tim won the baking contest.
My two year old son refused to wear training pants.
He always begged to wear a diaper.
One day, out of frustration, I let him remain naked.
He went to the potty and used it when I wasn't looking.
Now I don't try to make him wear training pants.
Child protection services removed him from the home.
Holly was glad to be safely inside her house as the storm raged.
She was watching the storm as she heard a loud crack.
Lightning had hit a tree beside the house.
She stared as she watched it fall.
She went outside to fly a kite.
She was relieved that it didn't hit anything.
Jill saw an infomercial for unbreakable glass cups.
She was amazed and ordered them.
When Jill received the cups, she wanted to test them.
She dropped one on her hardwood floor.
It broke and Jill felt dumb for believing the hype.
The cloth ripped in two, much to Jill's surprise.
Addie was working at the mall at Hollister when a strange man came in.
Before she knew it, Addie looked behind her and saw stolen clothes.
Addie got scared and tried to chase the man out.
Luckily guards came and arrested him.
Addie was put in jail for her crime.
Addie was relieved and took deep breaths to calm herself.
Sean was going for a job interview.
He arrived at the business and asked for the manager.
The manager took him to the back and interviewed him.
Then, the manager showed him around and explained the job.
The manager hoped Sean would perform badly.
The manager wanted Sean to understand everything.
Fred made a bet with Sam over who could lose more weight in a month.
Fred really wanted to win the bet, which was for $100.
Fred worked out daily, avoided fast food, and skipped dinner.
At the end of the month Fred was feeling confident he would win.
Fred cancelled the bet at the end of the month.
Fred ended up winning the bet, and the $100.
John went skydiving for the first time.
He went with an instructor on a plane into the air.
He screamed when they jumped.
John was terribly afraid of heights and passed out.
John loved every second of the skydiving trip.
When he woke up, he had already landed.
Gina and her family were leaving the park.
They had been there all afternoon.
Now they were going to her aunt's house.
Gina begged to be dropped off at her grandma's
Gina hated her grandma.
Gina loved her grandma.
Kaya needed to buy a new dress for the upcoming Spring Formal.
She went to the mall with several of her friends.
The girls all had a good time visiting shops and trying on dresses.
Kaya found a dress that she loved that was a nice coral color.
She couldn't resist so she bought the antique vase.
It was kind of expensive but she decided it was worth it.
Tyler wanted to have a balloon party with tons of balloons.
He and his friends and his parents blew up the balloons.
He and his friends played with the balloons and had a lot of fun.
They got tired and watched a movie and had dinner.
It had been a very fun day.
Tyler felt like his parents never let him do anything.
Jimmy went skateboarding this afternoon.
It was the third time this week.
He's getting good at it and really likes it.
He fell once but hasn't given up.
After all his practice this week, Jimmy has learned a new trick.
Jimmy has decided to give away his skateboard.
Maxine usually hates to shave her legs.
She doesn't like the feeling of using a razor.
One night Maxine has a big date and decides to wear a dress.
She shaves her legs for the occasion.
Maxine doesn't want to go on the date.
Maxine gets laser removal next time.
Ryan loved to customize his bike.
He decided to add some LED lights to the bike frame and wheels.
He ordered the parts from eBay.
When they arrived, he assembled them.
Ryan loved how his bike looked.
Ryan decided not to ride his bike anymore.