{ "query": "What are some good ways to get rid of belly fat?", "pos": [ "How can I effectively lose belly fat?" ], "neg": [ "I am 14, 159cm, 50kg. My thighs are big and I have a bit of excessive abdominal fat. What can I do to lose fat? Some exercise I can do at home would be good. I do athletics once a week.", "Why did I get a belly fat?" ] }
{ "query": "Is it necessary to have sex in relationship?", "pos": [ "Is sex important in a relationship?" ], "neg": [ "What is the importance of having sex? Men and women?", "How important is sex to a teenager?", "How important is physical intimacy in a relationship?", "In what age sex is important for everyone?", "What is important in a relationship?", "Is it okay to have sex with lot of people? Is sexual pleasure now The most important feeling?", "What is sex?", "What is sex?", "What is sex?", "What are the benefits of having sex?", "Whether SEX is good for health?", "What is the advantages of sex?", "What are the advantages of sex?", "Is it okay to have a lot of sexual partners?", "What is important to you in a relationship?", "Is it okay for a girl to have a lot of sexual partners?", "What are the advantages and disadvantages of having sex?", "Is it good to have sex?", "Why do we need sex?", "What do you think is the most important in a relationship?", "Is sex enjoyable?", "Does the size of male sexual organ a big matter to get sexual satisfaction to the partner?", "What is most important to you in a relationship and why?", "Is sex and love different?", "What is definition of sex?", "Why is sex education important, especially in India?", "What is the most important thing in a relationship?", "Is it bad not to have sex?", "What does sex feel for a man?", "Is sexuality a choice?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the best online computer science course?", "pos": [ "What is the best online computer science/programming course?" ], "neg": [ "What are the best massive open online courses for an electrical engineering student?", "Most renowned certificate for online courses in programming?", "What are the best undergraduate programs for computer science in the United States?", "What are the best online courses/resources for electrical engineering?", "What is the best online course for web design?", "What are the best online courses for a second year B.Tech CSE undergrad?", "Where can I find a very well structured online course that teaches the C programming language?", "What are some good colleges for computer science engineering?", "What are the best computer science schools for networking research?", "What are the ideal online courses for a mechanical engineer?", "Which is the best undergraduate computer engineering college in the world?", "What is a good free online course on distributed computing?", "What are the best books for computer science undergraduates?", "What is a good online course on probability and statistics?", "Which is a good online course for studying distributed systems? Video lectures, preferred.", "Which is the best online course for vlsi design?", "What is the best online course to learn circuit design?", "What is the best online course to learn R?", "Which are the best colleges for computer engineering?", "What are the best online courses for aerospace engineering?", "What are the best online courses for learning C programming?", "What are some good C programming online courses or video tutorials?", "What are good online courses for Real Analysis?", "What online courses can I take that guarantee I will get a job when I finish the course?", "What are some good online courses for learning Probability and Statistics?", "What is the most lucrative programming skills you can learn online?", "Where can I get online courses with certification?", "What are some useful online courses for management students?", "What we learn in computer science engineering?", "What are the best online UX courses for beginner?" ] }
{ "query": "How does it feel when your dreams get shattered in front of you?", "pos": [ "How does it feel when your dreams get shattered?" ], "neg": [ "Why do I feel really sad after my dreams come true?", "How does it feel to die in a dream?", "How does it feel like to have a dream?", "Is it possible to get hurt in a dream?", "What does it mean when you have a dream continuously?", "Why do dreams feel so real?", "Why do I always have dreams about falling?", "What happens when you die in a dream?", "What does it mean when you kill yourself in a dream?", "Do dreams have any psychological meaning or is it just your brain doing random crap while you sleep?", "Can you feel in a dream?", "What do you think causes bad dreams?", "What does it mean when you can see yourself in your dream?", "What happens if you die in a dream?", "What does it mean when you have dreams about someone close to you dying?", "What are the reasons of bad dreams?", "How do we dream? What does it mean if dreams happens to be repeated?", "How can I overcome my bad dreams?", "Do your dreams mean something?", "What does it mean when you dream of someone who's self harmed?", "Why when I dream I always understand the concept of what's happened there but when I wake up the scenario doesn't make sense?", "Do dreams have a meaning? Is there any cure if anybody sees an excess of dreams at night?", "What does it mean when you have the same dream over and over?", "Have you had huge dreams as a kid only to now be old and not have fulfilled any of these dreams? How does it feel?", "How come sometimes I dream things and then they actually happen in my real life?", "What does it mean when you dream of someone killing you and your friends and you save everybody?", "What does it mean when you dream of yourself dead?", "What does it mean to fall in love in a dream?", "Does dreams have any meaning?", "How does it feel to have a broken heart?" ] }
{ "query": "What are some of the best WhatsApp jokes?", "pos": [ "What are the funniest WhatsApp forwards?" ], "neg": [ "What are some funny WhatsApp statuses?", "What are some of the best WhatsApp statuses?", "What are some geeky WhatsApp status messages?", "What are some cool WhatsApp group names?", "What are the geekiest status on WhatsApp?", "What is WhatsApp Plus?", "What are some best DP in Whatsapp according to you?", "Show me whovisited my whatsapp?", "Which message is the most fake one in WhatsApp?", "What is the difference between WeChat and WhatsApp?", "What are some of the best WhatsApp statuses based on love?", "What is the best status on WhatsApp about \"Game of Thrones\"?", "What are some sad status for whatsapp?", "What is the top WhatsApp group name?", "What is best whatsapp status you have ever seen?", "What are some awesome WhatsApp profile pictures?", "How does WhatsApp web work?", "which is better : WHATSAPP OR FACE BOOK ?", "What are some educational Whatsapp hacks?", "What are the best WhatsApp statuses based on movie dialogues?", "How was WhatsApp made?", "What is dp in WhatsApp?", "What are the best WhatsApp display pictures you have ever seen?", "What are some of the amazing facts about WhatsApp?", "What are some mind-blowing facts about WhatsApp?", "Is Whatsapp better than Facebook? How and Why?", "What are some WhatsApp group names for NEET?", "Girls WhatsApp group?", "How does the WhatsApp call work?", "How does WhatsApp last seen works?" ] }
{ "query": "Can a woman be pregnant when she's still having a period?", "pos": [ "Can I get pregnant a day before my period and still have my period?" ], "neg": [ "Is it possible to get pregnant a day after my period?", "Can I get pregnant a few days after my period while on birth control?", "Can I get pregnant 4 days after my period?", "What are the possibilities of getting pregnant 5 days before my period?", "Can I get pregnant 12 days after my period ends?", "How long after my period can I get pregnant?", "Can someone get pregnant 10 days after their period?", "Can I get pregnant 20 days after my period?", "Could I get pregnant if I had sex 12 days after my period?", "Is there chance to get pregnant on the 14th day after your period?", "Can you get pregnant 5 days after your periods?", "Is it possible to get your periods while you are pregnant?", "Can a woman get pregnant on the 14 day after menstrual cycle?", "Can you get pregnant 3 days after your last period?", "Do we get periods after getting pregnant?", "I have a 26 day cycle. I had sex on the 9th day of my period. Can I be pregnant?", "If a women has sex 3 days after her period can she get pregnant?", "Can a woman have periods after pregnancy?", "Will you get pregnant if you get your period 2 weeks after you had sex?", "Can my period be 2 months later and I not be pregnant?", "If you had sex on the first week of the month and then got your period at 3rd or last week of that month, is it possible that you will get pregnant?", "When does a woman have the highest chance of getting pregnant? Is this before periods, during periods or after periods?", "Do I have a chance to get pregnant if I had sex 5days after my menstruation?", "How soon after my period can I take a pregnancy test? I have irregular cycles.", "Can I be 14 days late on my period without being pregnant?", "Had sex, got my period but after my period I started to get pregnancy symptoms. Could I be pregnant?", "Can you get pregnant two days after sex?", "Do you get pregnant on your fertile days or ovulation?", "When should I take a pregnancy test if I had sex 4 days before I had my period? Is it necessary to take one and if so, when?", "When can you get pregnant?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I become dedicated to my goal?", "pos": [ "How can I increase my dedication for my goal?" ], "neg": [ "How do I achieve my goals in life?", "How do I set goals for myself?", "How do I set a goal?", "What are some good tools to help me achieve goals?", "How should I set my career goal?", "How do I set goals in life and actually achieve them?", "How do I motivate myself without a goal?", "I am 17-years-old and whenever I motivate myself to achieve my goals, I get excited for a moment, but over the time, I forget about my motivation and how important it is to achieve that goal. What should I do?", "How do I set goals?", "What is a way to set goals that really works?", "How do I set goals for life?", "How can we achieve life goals?", "How can I find my goal?", "How do I set the ultimate goal of life?", "What are personal goals?", "How do you set personal career goals?", "What goals should I set?", "I am 27 years old and all my friends are way ahead of me in career and life. I am still not able to get anything. I always seek motivation everytime.. its a hard feeling to even express. My dreams are big. But ofcourse there is a time limit for that, I badly want to achieve it, but may be I have no good and expertise people around me to guide me.. I really don't feel like going out and hanging out because I think I will myself not enjoy anything unless I achieve my goal first. How can I achieve my goals, what makes a person persevere nice if he doesn't have any good friends and mentor in life? Can any one answer me please", "How can we make our future goal?", "How do I achieve my goal, inspite of knowing it's impossible for me?", "What are your personal goals?", "What should I include in a personal goal statement?", "What are goals?", "How can one achieve their personal accomplishments?", "What are your goals?", "How do I stay motivated and achieve my goals without procrastinating?", "With so many charitable causes and petitions to personally give time/money to, how can I do this while focusing on my working life and personal goals?", "What is goal setting?", "What is your goal?", "What's the ultimate goal in life which must be achieved?" ] }
{ "query": "Can I become a CA?", "pos": [ "Can I become a CA without coaching?" ], "neg": [ "Is a CA without graduation eligible to do CFA?", "How can I prepare for the CA final in 3 months if I have not taken any coaching?", "Why do you want to become CA?", "Ia a CA without graduation eligible for CFA?", "How do I become CA in India?", "Why do you want to be a CA?", "For a student going to ca by direct entry, is it required for him to take cpt coaching?", "What course can I pursue after CA being at home?", "Is pursuing CA at after 23 years of age a good option?", "Can a CA become IT officer?", "Where are the best coaching centers for CA in India?", "Can we do MBA after CA?", "What is the best combination of courses I can take up along with CA to enhance my career?", "What should someone do after completing a CA course in order to advance their career?", "How can I manage ca industrial training and studies?", "What are the skills a good CA should possess, apart from academics, articleship and communication skills?", "Does a qualified CA is required to be persued or any bachelors degree for applying for MBA.?", "What are the best courses to pursue along with CA?", "How can I become a soccer coach at the age of 20 in Canada?", "What things I should do after my CA exams if I want to start my own business?", "How do I become a football manager without playing professionally?", "Can I do a PhD after a CA?", "Is it advisable to do MBA after CA?", "How can one get to do CA Industrial Training in a bank?", "I am a science student and I want to be a CA. How many days will it require for me to prepare for CPT?", "How can anyone become a chartered accountant at the age of 19?", "How can I register myself for CA CPT 2017 currently I am in 12?", "How do I prepare for bank SO exam without coaching?", "Coaching for which subjects should be taken for CA IPCC Group 1?", "Is it beneficial to go for CA industrial training?" ] }
{ "query": "What the meaning of this all life?", "pos": [ "What's are the meaning of life?" ], "neg": [ "What does \"live your life\" mean?", "What is life like?", "What is the best \"meaning of life\" answer that you have ever given or heard?", "I am trying to find a meaning to life, to give a purpose to my life. Is there any book that can help me find my answer, or at least give me the tools?", "What does life mean to US ? What is happiness? Are we living in a LIE?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I get a game developer job in India?", "pos": [ "How can I become a game developer in India?" ], "neg": [ "How can i become a game developer?", "How can I become a game developer?", "How do I become a game developer?", "How do you become a Successfull Game Developer?", "How should I become a game developer or programmer?", "What should I learn now to become a game developer?", "How do I become an android game developer?", "How can I become android game developer?", "What should I do to be a Game Developer?", "What I should learn to be a game developer?", "What are basic requirements to become a video game developer?", "How do I become a video game maker?", "How much money can I make if I become a game developer?", "How do I get into a gaming industry as a developer?what degrees. Should i take?", "How can I be successful as an indie game developer?", "From where should I start if I want to be a game developer?", "How do I become an indie game maker?", "How do I pursue a career in game development?", "Is J2EE learning is required to become a game developer / designer?", "I want to become a game developer so what scripting languages should I learn? (for both 2D and 3D games)", "How do I get a job as a game programmer at Ubisoft, Pune?", "What is a game developer?", "I want to develop a game for android and iOS devices. I don’t have much experience in developing anything, where do I start?", "I am a btech student with CSE branch .and I wanna be a PC game designer .what should I do?", "How do I get into the Games industry?", "How can I become a real estate developer in India?", "How can I become a web/software developer?", "Why isn't there a video game development company in India that actually makes video games?", "How do I become a proficient developer?", "Where should I start to learn game development?" ] }
{ "query": "Are we near World War 3?", "pos": [ "Is World War 3 coming?" ], "neg": [ "Was World War II Inevitable?", "How did World War 1 come to an end?", "What is the future of war?", "What would the world be like after world war 3?", "Did the U.S. enter World War II too late?", "Is the war in Afghanistan nearly over?", "When did world war 2 end?", "What are unknown facts about World War 2?", "What do you think is the chance that sometime in the 21st century there will be another major war (similar in scope to World War I and II)?" ] }
{ "query": "Why did Pixar make Finding Nemo?", "pos": [ "What is the inspiration behind Pixar's Finding Nemo?" ], "neg": [ "What is the moral of the movie Finding Nemo?", "What are the names of all the characters in Finding Nemo?", "Why do people make fun of Dory from Finding Nemo?", "Who is Peach in Finding Nemo?", "Who are the people at Pixar that made the teaser trailer for \"A Bug's Life\"?", "What software does Pixar use?", "What software do people at Pixar use for design and animation?", "How was Ne-Yo first discovered by his label?", "What tasks are assigned to Pixar animators?", "What is the secret behind the Vitruvian Man diagram painted by Leonardo da Vinci?", "Why is Pixate free?", "Why do people make fun of Dory the fish in Finding Nemo?", "What are some deep philosophical learnings behind the movie Life of Pi?", "Does Pixar's The Incredibles take place during the 70's?", "What are the solutions to the problem of Naxalism?", "What software does Pixar use in it's computer animations?", "Will we ever solve the problem of Naxalism?", "What is the Pixar logo, and what does it mean?", "What software does Pixar use besides RenderMan?", "What tasks are assigned to Pixar modelers?", "What is your favorite Pixar movie and why?", "Why would someone choose to work at DreamWorks Animation over Pixar?", "What kind of franchise is Pixar?", "What are Pixar's strategic alliances with the market?", "What types of fish are in Finding Nemo?", "Did Steve Jobs win an Academy Award with Pixar?", "How has Pixar's culture changed since the Disney acquisition?", "What is your favorite Pixar movie?", "What are the most critically acclaimed roles of Robert De Niro?", "What kind of software do Pixar and Walt Disney use to animate pictures?" ] }
{ "query": "Which Linux distribution is best for Begginers?", "pos": [ "What's the best Linux operating System distro for beginners?" ], "neg": [ "What is the best KDE Linux distro?", "Which is the best operating system for programming?", "Which is the best operating system?", "What in your opinion, is the best computer Operating System of all time?", "Which Linux distribution is best for programming between Ubuntu and opensuse?", "Which is the best operating system for laptops?", "What is the best operating system for PC?", "What's Linux?", "Which operating system is better, Elementary OS or Ubuntu?", "Which operating system is most preferable for developers and programmers? And why?", "Which is the best Linux OS company in India?", "What operating system is preferred by most programmers and why?", "Do people use Linux distros full time?", "What are some OS that are better than UNIX?", "Which is the best website to learn Linux?", "What Linux distribution most closely resembles OS X?", "Is tails OS the best Linux distro to hack other systems on?", "What is Linux and Ubuntu?", "Operating Systems: What would you say is an equivalent of Linux's systemd on a Windows OS?", "What is the best operating system for the PC in 2014?", "What is Linux?", "What is the best OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Kali Linux, or any other OS?", "I am shifting from Windows to Linux. What are some explanations for Linux, as I am new to it?", "Which is the best operating system for coding?", "Why would you choose a Linux operating system over a Windows?", "Which operating system do most programmers use?", "What is the use of Linux?", "What is the difference between Linux, Unix and Ubuntu?", "Which is best for hacking : Kali Linux or Ubuntu?", "What are the differences between the major Linux distributions?" ] }
{ "query": "What do you think of the series Ancient Aliens?", "pos": [ "Do you believe in what they say in Ancient Aliens?" ], "neg": [ "What are aliens?", "Were aliens ever mentioned in the Bible?", "Why shouldn't we believe in aliens?", "are aliens real or are they fake ?", "Do aliens exists?", "Is the Ancient Alien Theory Correct?", "Do aliens know about earth and us humans?", "Do aliens really know about our existence?", "Are aliens demons?", "Is there anything we know about aliens existence?", "Do aliens exist?", "Where are aliens?", "How likely is it in your opinion that aliens do exist?", "What do aliens look like?", "Why should we talk about aliens existence?", "Did Einstein meet aliens as shown in history TV in Ancient Aliens? Is it true?", "Is it true that aliens built the earth, as well as put humans on it, as an experiment? Did they? Or not?", "Do aliens really exists? If yes then where?", "Are we really aliens on earth?", "Why do people lie about aliens?", "Are we aliens on earth?", "What are some of the evidences which proove that aliens do exist?", "Are their other creatures in the universe other than humans? Something like aliens", "What is your opinion on whether or not aliens exist?", "Can an atheist believe in aliens?", "Are there any aliens?", "Do aliens really exist? If so ,do we have an evidence for it?", "Fallen Angels: Does the Bible view aliens as demons?", "Is there any possibility that the aliens are also living on Earth like humans?", "Is it possible that aliens exist?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the ground in an electrical circuit?", "pos": [ "What we add ground in a circuit?" ], "neg": [ "What is the purpose of this circuit?", "What is the principle of the circuit?", "What are the uses of an electric circuit?", "What is an open circuit in electronics?", "What is short circuit and open circuit?", "What is use of open circuit?", "What is a circuit breaker?", "Where are the circuit breakers used?", "What are the basic components of a digital circuit?", "What is circuit breaker?", "Does \"ground\" in electronics really mean that a specific terminal is actually connected to the earth?", "How do you solve this circuit?", "What is the purpose of every IF in the circuit?", "What are short and open circuits used for?", "What is full subtractor circuit?", "What are the applications of a full adder circuit?", "What is the main circuit board of a computer? What are its functions?", "Can we create a electrical circuit without a power supply?", "What are examples of a complex circuit?", "What will be the resistance in a parallel circuit when the circuit is open?", "What is the difference between an open circuit and a short circuit?", "Why do you need wires in electrical circuit?", "What is an open and close circuit?", "How do I solve this circuit?", "What will happen if you connect phase and ground?", "How do you solve this circuit problem?", "What is the equivalent resistance of a circuit?", "What is a short circuit, and what is short circuiting (in simple English)?", "What is the purpose of each transistor in the circuit?", "What is the main circuit board of a computer? How is it built and what is its function?" ] }
{ "query": "How are the metro trains able to consistently stop at the correct position of the platform doors?", "pos": [ "How are metro trains able to stop at the very exact position?" ], "neg": [ "How metro works?", "Why do express trains have a red light at the lower side of the last compartment?", "Why do trains particularly in North India get slow when approaching a big station?", "Do long distance Amtrak trains move up and down to attach to another car while they're still moving?", "How fast do different high-speed trains go?", "Are there any railway rules which dictate at what time the middle berths can be put down on Indian trains?", "How are underground metros built?", "Why are Metro train flyovers constructed using cement instead of using only steel, which is enough to run Metro trains and would have saved substantial money and time?", "What is the average speed of trains?", "What is the difference between monorail and metro rail?", "Is it okay to book a ticket with a different station as the departure point and board the train from a different one?", "How fast do Amtrak trains go?", "Where are Muni metro trains made?", "New York City Subway: Why does the Times Square Shuttle skip Track 2?", "New York City Subway: Why do the BDNQ trains cross the Manhattan Bridge so slowly?", "What are the quickest ways to reduce traffic problems in metros?", "What are some ways to approach people on the metro?", "What is the advantage of monorail over metro?", "Find the answer - two trains 120m and 80m in length are running in opposite directions with velocities 42km/hour and 30 km/hour then at what time will they completely cross each other?", "What is the difference between a metro and monorail?", "Why are there no clocks inside metro trains?", "How far is the Delhi Airport Metro Express from the New Delhi Railway Station?", "Is it OK if I board a train one station after the booked station?", "How railway network works?", "If we do ticket from any station but we are capturing the train from any other station then is there any possibility of cancellation of ticket?", "Is the NYC subway the only public transportation in the world that operates 24/7?", "How do rail lines work?", "How can I go from San Francisco International airport to Amtrak's bus station? Which station is the closest?", "Do trains have a steering system?", "What is the difference between metro and non-metro ATMs?" ] }
{ "query": "Which are the best books to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript?", "pos": [ "What are the best books for learning for html, css and js, and learning to make websites and the design/front end aspect of a website?" ], "neg": [ "What are the best books to learn cs/programming?", "What are the best sites for learning HTML, CSS, PHP and Java?", "What's the best HTML5 book for web designers?", "What are some good books for learning algorithms with Javascript?", "What are some good books for Java, Linux, Python, algorithm and data structures, HTML and CSS, PHP, and graphics in C?", "What are good examples of web page for pupils?", "What would be the best way to learn HTML and CSS?", "What is the best way for a beginner to learn HTML/CSS?", "Where can I learn more about HTML and CSS?", "What is the best book on jQuery for those who aspire to a professional career in web development?", "What are the best books (both paid and free ebooks) available on the internet for learning piano or getting better at it?", "Where can I learn HTML and CSS?", "What are the best guides/books for learning how to build a site using WordPress?", "What is the best resource (website, community, book, anything) to learn web programming from the basics to a professional level?", "What is the best site for learning?", "What are the best books for learning Object Oriented Programming Language?", "Which is the best site for learning programming?", "What are some good websites for learning?", "Which is the best editor for learning web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript?", "I've finished learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basic. What should I learn now?", "What are the best online resources for learning how to build a website?", "Everybody says while learning HTML and CSS don't use frameworks to build sites, use plain HTML 5 and CSS 3. What are the resources for learning that?", "Should I learn HTML or HTML5 or JS for web development (including web apps)?", "As a beginner in HTML, which book or tutorial should I use to learn HTML basic animation?", "Is the Tutorials Point website good for learning?", "What are some good websites for online learning?", "After I learn HTML, CSS and Javascript what should I learn?", "To make a website, what should I learn?", "Simple HTML/CSS websites, to practice my skills?", "Which is better for learning web development, a Video or a Text (Book)?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the best simple ways to loose weight?", "pos": [ "What are the best things to do when working on losing weight?" ], "neg": [ "I'm 5'2 and 130 pounds. I've dealt with body issues all my life and tried losing weight the past month with no changes. What can I do?", "I have gained a lot of weight AGAIN because of my hectic study routine and approaching exmas. I feel less confident. What to do to reduce my weight?", "What is your biggest weight loss problem?", "Why am I losing body fat percentage and not weight?", "Do aerobics really help when losing weight?", "Is losing weight going to make me any smarter?" ] }
{ "query": "I am poor in English grammar so how should I improve my grammar?", "pos": [ "How can I improve my basic English grammar?" ], "neg": [ "How can I improve my German grammar?", "Is Grammar important in spoken English?", "What is grammar?", "Is grammar important while you speak English?", "What are the free English grammar websites?", "How can an individual become passionate about grammar?", "grammar", "What are some common errors we make in grammar?", "I can speak English, but a lot of grammatical errors creep in. How do I overcome this problem?", "What is Queen's English grammar?", "Which is the best english grammar book to teach highschool level?", "How would you differentiate between descriptive and traditional grammar?", "How does Grammarly (the grammar checker) work?", "How do I learn German grammar?", "What are the English grammar learning websites for free?", "I work on English vocabulary every day, but I have found that I can't write sentences correctly. What should I do?", "I am very depressed. No matter how much I write, there're still grammar mistakes in my writings. Should I quit English?", "How can reading newspaper help me improve my English?", "Which is best English grammar book for competition exam?" ] }
{ "query": "How should we prepare for Google interview?", "pos": [ "How should I prepare for Google internship interview?" ], "neg": [ "What is a typical Google internship interview process for software engineering positions?", "How should I prepare for a Technical Program Manager interview with Google?", "How does one prepare to the coding interview at Google?", "How should I prepare for a business analyst interview at Google?", "How do I prepare for a phone interview with Google for the role of Technical Program Manager? What questions can I expect?", "How is a Google Interview?", "How should I prepare for a software developer internship interview at Bloomberg?", "How did you prepare for the technical interview for the technical program manager position with Google?", "How should I prepare for an Amazon SDE internship interview?", "What are the interview process for Google?", "How should I prepare for an internship at Microsoft Research?", "How do I prepare for a software engineering job at Google?", "What is the best way to get an interview with Google?", "How do I prepare myself for an internship at Google and the Google Summer of Code(GSoC) from the first year at college?", "How should I prepare for an Amazon SDE internship phone interview?", "How long do I wait after applying for a Google Internship?", "How long do I have to wait after applying for an internship at Google ?", "How can I apply for internship at Google? Is there age limit?", "How long does Google take after the interview to respond to a candidate? (for an internship)", "What is the interview process in Google?", "How do I get an internship in the Google Engineering Practicum program? What is the application process?", "How do I prepare for a financial analyst interview at Google?", "Google interview again?", "What should I do to get an internship at Google San Francisco as an undergraduate student in Europe?", "How do I secure marketing or sales internships in companies like Google?", "When applying for an internship at Google, should I write a cover letter?", "After I get an offer, how can I prepare for a software engineering job at Google?", "Is it ok to fail a Google onsite interview?", "What is Google's internship acceptance rate?", "What is Google's On-Site interview like for a software engineer?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the Alphabet companies?", "pos": [ "What is an alphabet company?" ], "neg": [ "Why is the alphabet called the alphabet?", "Who are the main investors at Alphabet Inc.?", "What is company?", "What is a company?", "What is a company?", "What is the significance of alphabet 'W'?", "What is Inc company?", "What type of company is Amazon?", "Why is the alphabet in that order?", "What company is this?", "What is phonetic alphabet?", "What are Product Managers at Apple called?", "What is business organization?", "What are some interesting facts about Alphabet Inc and Google?", "What companies does Uber own?", "What is an abbreviation?", "What IT company name has 3 letters?", "Why does our alphabet have this order?", "What type of corporation is Google?", "What is a business organization?", "What is a software company?", "What is stock in a company?", "Which is the most eminent letter of English alphabet?", "What is the meaning of corporate company?", "What exactly is a tech company?", "What is Apple?", "What is an organization?", "What is the difference between an IT company and a software company (or industry)?", "What is the meaning of a corporate company?", "What is difference between IT company and software company?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I improve my programming skill?", "pos": [ "How can i improve my coding skills?" ], "neg": [ "How do programmers improve their logic in coding?", "How can I improve my logical skills for programming?", "How difficult is it to learn coding and is 30 too old to start?", "What are best ways to improve logic for coding?", "What are the strengths of immersive coding learning?", "What is the best way to improve logical skills in programming?", "Is there any helpful site about coding?", "How do I improve my logical thinking for coding?", "I am a final year CSE student.i don't know coding.what are non-coding skills in CSE that I should know?", "Will coding ever be obsolete?", "What are the benefits of learning the core elements of coding?", "Should I learn how to code?", "How can I improve my programming in C#?", "Is 30 years old too old to start coding?", "What are some of the most useful Java coding skills a person can learn?", "How did coding change your life?", "I am a 3rd year CS student. I have 2 backlogs and am very poor at programming and coding. I feel hopeless. What should I do?", "I am 24 years old and just started learning coding. I want to be a programmer. Am I too late in the game?", "I have learned JavaScript, Python and jQuery from Codecademy. What should I do next to improve my skills and upgrade to the current technology?", "I want to improve my coding skills and learn the basics of data structure. What book or sites can help me learn it from the Internet?", "How do I get good at competitive coding at", "How do I get good at competitive coding in", "How can I improve my talking skills?", "How can I improve my listening skills?", "Should I learn to code?", "How do I improve my listening skills?", "What are the logical skills for programming?", "How do I can improve my listening skills?" ] }
{ "query": "Why are doctors always late?", "pos": [ "Why doctors always make you wait for 15-20 minutes before they see you?" ], "neg": [ "Why are people adjourned to fast a day before an operation in a hospital?", "How often do doctors make a mistake?", "How long should you wait before seeing a doctor if your period is late?", "Is it normal for residency doctors to hangout last minute?", "How often should you go to the doctor?", "Why can't you eat 24 hours before surgery?", "How long should I wait before seeing a doctor if I have a chest cold?", "How often do doctors date their patients?", "Why do we feel disoriented for a few minutes after watching a movie in a theater?", "If I have some sort of respiratory infection, how long should I wait before seeing a doctor?", "Doctors: How do surgeons hold out on surgeries more than 6 hours long? Do they rest during the operation?", "Do some doctors regret becoming doctors? Why? How common is this?", "Why can't some people wait for sex until they are married?", "How much time it take to become just a doctor?", "In your country, how long is a typical wait at the emergency room?", "How many seconds of someone staring at you should pass before it's okay to think the person is creepy/awkward?", "How long should you wait for a patient in coma to recover?", "How do you pass time while waiting?", "How many hours a day does a doctor work typically?", "If you interview at a medical school and it takes them more than 2 weeks to get back to you, is it true that you haven't been accepted?", "Why do girls look away quickly when we make eye contact?", " What's the most embarrassing moment you've had seeing a doctor/specialist?", "Why do you watch Doctor Who?", "Why do guys stare at girls then quickly look away if they know they were caught?", "It takes me 24 hours to feel a rush after I administer an injection of methamphetamine. Why would this happen?", "Why do many doctors who make $300k+ still complain?", "How often do you want to \"neck\" yourself when writing/researching for a Wait But Why post?", "Why should or shouldn't you check into a flight early (as in, online, 24 hours before your flight leaves)?", "Why are some Google interns told that they only have 6 weeks until their host matching, and others aren't given any time frame at all?", "What was your most embarrassing moment in front of a doctor?" ] }
{ "query": "Is the Indian Air Force stronger than the CHINESE Air Force?", "pos": [ "Can the Indian Air Force stand against the Chinese Air Force for even a week?" ], "neg": [ "In what scenario would the U S and China use military force against each other?", "How many years will it take for Chinese military technology to catch up to the US military?", "Does the Indian Air Force have any air base outside India?", "If India ever attacked Pakistan could Indian Army capable to defeat China Army in Land, Navy and Air-force Fields?", "Is the Chinese military overrated?", "How does the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter aircraft compare to the U.S. Air Force F-22A Raptor?", "What are the requirements to be considered for the United States Air Force and how do these requirements compare to China's?", "What qualification for Indian Air Force?", "How big of a deal is it if China is building their military presence in the South China Sea?", "What do Chinese soldiers think of the U.S. Military?", "For how long does the training to be a weapons fitter (technical trade) in the Indian Air Force last?", "Has China given up on a military option in Taiwan?", "Is China waging a winter war against India?", "How is the life of an Indian Air Force ground duty officer?", "Should US, India, Russia and Japan create an Indo-Pacific military alliance to contain China?", "How will China deal with Increasing US' militarisation in the South China Sea?", "Can I join the Indian Air Force without an SSB?", "Is China's CX-1 a threat to India?", "Would China attack Japan if the US removed its carrier groups, naval fleets, military bases and troops stationed there?", "How many Special Forces soldiers does China have?", "Will India and Japan support each other in case China attacks India?", "Will China join the fight against ISIS?", "Would Russia and the US help India if China declares a war against India?", "Are China and the United States in a race for AI supremacy?", "What would happen if China deploy their troops in Syria to support President Bashar al Assad Government?", "Are the Chinese now the new global superpower, not the USA?", "Should the USA share its military technologies with India to prevent China from completely dominating Asia?", "Is China increasing military spending?", "Are China & Pakistan preparing to declare a war against India? What will happen if they do?", "What are some differences between the Chinese Army and the US Army?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I start preparing for neet 2017?", "pos": [ "How do I start preparing for NEET-2017 from now?" ], "neg": [ "Should I prepare for NEET 2017 again?", "I have just started preparing for NEET 2018. Am I too late? How do I plan my studies?", "How do I prepare for biology for NEET 2017?", "How do I prepare for neet 2017 without any coaching classes?", "How should I prepare for NEET-2017 in 6 months? Which reference books I need to refer apart from my coaching material?", "I am dropping this year to prepare for NEET-2017. How should I prepare for it without joining any coaching institute and what books to refer to?", "How can I prepare for NEET 2 in one month?", "How do I start preparing for NEET PG for MDS?", "How do I prepare for chemistry for NEET 2016?", "How can I prepare for NEET 2017, AIIMS and JIPMER in one year?", "How can one prepare for the NEET 2 in four months?", "When will NEET 2017 application form be released?", "When will the NEET 2017 application form be released?", "What is the expected cut off for Neet 2016?", "How do I prepare for NEET MDS?", "When will be the NEET 2017 application form released?", "Which books are best for neet 2018 preparation?", "When is the NEET 2017 form going to be out?", "How can I study effectively for NEET 2018?", "How do I prepare Chemistry for NEET 2 in a month?", "Can I score 600 marks in NEET 2017 in 4 months preparation?", "What will be the qualifying marks for neet 2016?", "What will be the cut off for neet 2016 for general category?", "Will NEET 2017 be taken in two phases ?", "I want to clear NEET 2017 without taking drop and without coaching and I'm currently in class 12. Can you give me some tips and tricks?", "I'm born on 29/01/2000, am I eligible to write NEET exam for 2017?", "Is it possible to start from level 0 and score 500+ in NEET in 4 months?", "Should I take coaching for NEET 2017 if only five months left?", "How do I re-prepare for NEET while pursuing my degree in Biotech.?", "How do I make notes for NEET for revision?" ] }
{ "query": "Who is the greatest band of all time?", "pos": [ "What are the greatest bands of all time?" ], "neg": [ "Who is the best metal band of all time?", "Who are the five greatest musicians of all-time?", "What is the best death metal band of all time? Why?", "What are the best music albums of all time?", "What are the top rock albums of all time?", "What are the Top 10 music albums of all time on your list?", "What are your personal top ten music albums of all time?", "What are some of the best music albums ever?", "What's the most overrated rock band of all time?", "What are the most overrated rock bands of all time and why?", "What is the best music album of all time?", "Who are the best modern hard rock bands/artists?", "What are the best thrash metal bands of all time?", "Who are the best genuine and creative American rock bands?", "Which is the best Alternative Rock band and Why?", "Who were or are the best rock guitarists of all time?", "Is Radiohead the best band of all time?", "Which are best music albums?", "Who is the best modern hard rock band/artist?", "What is your favorite classic rock band?", "Which is the best alternative rock band?", "What are the best drum 'n' bass songs of all time?", "What rock bands are the most overrated?", "What is the most successful rock/metal band in your country? Are they a modern or old band?", "What are your top 5 most played songs on your phone?", "Who are the greatest hip-hop artists of all time?", "What are the top five best metal songs you have heard?", "What are the best music albums to listen?", "Who are the 5 greatest rappers of all time?", "What artists/bands should I listen to?" ] }
{ "query": "Is it safe to sleep with an electric blanket on?", "pos": [ "How safe is it to sleep with an electric blanket?" ], "neg": [ "Should an electric blanket be under or over your covers? Why?", "Is it harmful to sleep with a pillow under the head?", "Is there a good bed pillow that stays cool and does not get hot while you sleep?", "How can you sleep comfortably on an air mattress and stay warm?", "What is the best battery-operated electric blankets for camping?", "What is the safest toy to put baby to sleep with?", "How long can a human being go without sleep? Is this something safe to do?", "What sleep aids can I take when I'm pregnant?", "Are sleeping pills safe to use?", "Is it safe to sleep with a candle lit?", "What are the benefit of sleeping naked?", "Is it bad to keep the pillows high while sleeping?", "What is good, to sleep on a mattress placed directly on floor or on the bed?", "What are the side effect if we are not sleeping in a medicated bed?", "Is a sleep a source of energy?", "Is sleep ethical?", "What are some tricks to sleep instantly?", "Is it a good idea to wear an earphone while sleeping? (the earphone can block the environment noise by generating some white noise around your ear)", "Is it fine to wear socks while sleeping?", "Is it dangerous to sleep in a room with very high humidity?", "Is it okay to have nocturnal emissions when sleeping in the afternoon or is there something strange?", "Is it better to sleep on a firm or soft mattress?", "Is there anything wrong with sleeping on a mattress that isn't on a bed?", "Is an alarm good for health since it disturbs your mind off-guard, especially when you are sleeping?", "How do I sleep the minimum amount of time without risking health?", "What do you usually wear to sleep?", "Is a 'magnetic therapy bed mattress' safe?", "What is the science behind sleep?", "Is there is any side effects of not sleeping in a medicated bed?", "Is sleeplessness a disorder? If yes how can I cure it?" ] }
{ "query": "Why Electron affinity of Fluorine is less than Chlorine?", "pos": [ "Why is the Electron Affinity of fluorine less than that of Chlorine, whilst Flourine is the most electronegative element?" ], "neg": [ "What is electron affinity in detail?", "What is electron affinity?", "Why hydrogen form only one hydrogen bonding with fluorine?", "How is the formula for electron affinity determined?", "Why is the second electron affinity value of oxygen positive?", "How is the electron affinity equation determined?", "Why the atoms become neutral when it shares electron ?", "Why is the dissociation energy of a Florine (F2) molecule lower compared to other halo (chlorine, bromine and iodine) molecules?", "Why does more valence electrons mean more electronegativity?", "What type of bond is formed between chlorine and hydrogen?", "How electronegativity affect interactions between water molecules?", "In which compounds does chlorine form a hydrogen bond?", "The electronegativity difference between two elements A and B is 0.5. What is the magnitude of percent in the ionic character in a single A-B bond?", "What are the differences between ionic, covalent, and hydrogen bonds?", "What is the electron configuration of iron?", "What is the electron configuration of oxygen?", "Why atoms becomes neutral when it shares electrons?", "Is the electron charge (e) a fundamental constant? How is it derived?", "What is dual nature of electron?", "Are all electrons the same electron?", "What is the Lewis dot structure for fluorine?", "Does the electron have a dual nature?", "Difference between electron affinity and electron gain enthalpy?", "Science: Why can't hydrogen atoms form an ionic bond?", "Why does hydrogen fluoride have a higher boiling point than hydrogen chloride?", "What is the difference between hydrogen bonds and dipole-dipole interactions?", "What factors affect the acidity of a proton or the basicity of the electron pair in conjugate acid and base?", "How is the formula for chlorine heptoxide determined?", "Why does silicon form a stronger bond with fluorine than it does with oxygen?", "Where does the energy that is released from an electron affinity come from?" ] }
{ "query": "Which country offers better employment opportunities after doing MS in Civil engineering?", "pos": [ "Which country will be best to do MS in civil engineering considering a job opportunity in the country after the course completion?" ], "neg": [ "I am graduating with a degree in civil engineering this coming year and planning to do MS in civil engineering abroad. Can you suggest some good universities in US and Europe?", "Is the US good for an MS in civil engineering?", "What could be the best job for a civil engineer?", "What is the chance of getting a job in civil engineering in the USA?", "How can I apply for civil engineering jobs?", "What is the best job for a civil engineer in India?", "What are the job prospects after doing MS in Industrial engineering in US?", "Which is highest paid job in civil engineering?", "Which are the best field in civil engineering in USA?", "Which country is best to do Ms in construction management?", "What are the best jobs a civil engineer can get in india?", "Which is the highest paid job in civil engineering field?", "What are the civil engineering job prospects in Australia?", "What job can I apply for at Google with a Phd in Civil Engineering?", "What are the best career options for a civil engineer after getting a bachelor's degree for girls?", "How will the job opportunities for civil engineering in Canada be in the near future?", "Which is the best country to pursue an MS in mechanical engineering?", "Which is the best country to do MS in construction management?", "What are the scope for civil engineering in forgien country?", "What are the requirements for being a civil engineer?", "How good if a MS in Civil Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute?", "What are the possible government jobs after completion of a B.Tech in civil engineering?", "Which is the best country to do an MS in Mechanical Engineering?", "Where can I apply for a job to work in the USA as a civil construction engineer?", "Which are the top 50 universities in the USA for a PhD in civil engineering?", "What are the top universities in Germany for an MS in civil engineering?", "I am Civil Engineering student aspiring for Civil Services. What subjects should I opt for in preparation of Mains?", "What are some good jobs for civil engineer?", "I graduated as a engineer last month.I am not interested in MS or Mtech.And need to know back up plan for Civil service exam", "Which is the best country to do masters in automobile engineering, considering placement opportunities and quality of education?" ] }
{ "query": "How do oil companies feel knowing oil and gas (fossil fuel, coal) will soon get depleted?", "pos": [ "How do oil companies feel knowing oil and gas (fossil fuel,coal) will soon get depleted?" ], "neg": [ "Is the oil and gas industry coming to an end?", "When will Earth's petroleum reserves become fully exhausted?", "What's going to happen when all the oil runs out?", "What would happen to the U.S economy if the petroleum reserves cease to exist? (check description)", "What will happen on the day the world runs out of oil?", "When do we run out of oil?", "Would oil refineries and oil companies still be multimillionaires if gas prices dropped to 25 cents/gallon for an indefinite period of time?", "Why are oil prices falling and how long will low oil prices continue?", "When will Earth's natural gas reserves become exhausted, and what can humanity do to prevent them from becoming exhausted?", "What happens to the Middle-East once the oil is exhausted?", "When are we likely to run out of fossil fuels?", "What loss will OPEC face if India stops getting oil from it?", "What is the reason for the oil price rising?", "When is the earth supposed to run out of oil?", "When a jet engine is hot just after shutdown, what happens to the oil tank level?", "Where do you see the future of petroleum engineers by 2020?", "Why are the oil prices decreasing?", "What is the future of Petroleum engineer?", "Is petroleum a natural gas?", "When will oil rise again? Should I sell short or buy?", "Why Petroleum is more volatile than water ?", "Why do we continue to use fossil fuel, when it is so dirty?", "What will happen to the world economy if oil is replaced by a viable alternative fuel?", ". What will happen if oil is mixed with boiler feed water?", "What are the risks for oil rig workers?", "What is the reason behind decreasing oil prices?", "What are the reasons behind oil prices decline?", "Petroleum engineering: Job with good future?", "What will happen to the UAE when it runs out of oil?", "What will be the job prospects for petroleum engineers in the next 5-10 years?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I install Kali Linux over windows XP on Sony notebook b100?", "pos": [ "How can I install Kali Linux on my Windows XP PC?" ], "neg": [ "How do I run Kali Linux after I install?", "How do you install Wine on Kali Linux?", "How do you install applications on Kali Linux 1.0?", "From where can I download Kali Linux original?", "Is Kali Linux for Linux computers only?", "How do I learn Kali Linux?", "How do I install drivers for Kali Linux?", "How do I get started with Kali Linux?", "How can I learn Kali Linux?", "How do I install cd-rom drivers for Kali Linux to continue the instalation of Kali Linux?", "What are the uses of Kali Linux?", "How can I boot Kali Linux using bootable USB 2.0 drive?", "How can I uninstall Kali Linux?", "What is the best way to learn Kali Linux?", "What is the difference between Kali on PC and Kali on Android OS?", "How do I install software center in Kali Linux?", "How do I install tuxcut on Kali Linux?", "How do I download Kali Linux faster?", "Should Kali distribution be my first Linux?", "How can I run Kali Linux on the Android device without rooting?", "Have you used Kali Linux?", "How can I dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu and Kali Linux?", "How do I set persistence for bootable Kali Linux?", "How do I install software center on Kali Linux 2.0?", "How do I add a network mirror to Kali Linux after installation?", "What is the difference between Kali Linux and Ubuntu?", "How can I learn Kali Linux completely online?", "What are the best books to learn Kali Linux?", "What are all the benefits of using Kali Linux?", "How do I install a Bash IRC client on Kali Linux?" ] }
{ "query": "At 42, is it too late for me to begin studying medicine?", "pos": [ "Is it too late to study medicine at 23?" ], "neg": [ "Is 23 years old too late to learn another language?", "Is 32 years old too late to study LLB LAW?", "How long do USA medical students have to study before they become doctors?", "What's the best thing to do at the age of 23 years?", "I am 23 years old is it too late to start Martial Arts training?", "Is it feasible to go to med school in order to become a doctor when you're near 40?", "How long can you study for?", "How long should I study for?", "How long should I study?", "Is it too late to learn a language like Spanish or French at 23 and be really good at it? (advanced level)", "Should I start studying medicine in 3rd year? If yes then from which book?", "When is too late for a career change?", "I am almost thirty years old and got married, I want to go to study in japan, is it too late to plan to study aboard?", "How late is too late?", "How old is too old for open heart surgery?", "Is pursuing CA at after 23 years of age a good option?", "Is it too late to study to become a data scientist? Will there be demand in 5 years time?", "How long should you wait before seeing a doctor if your period is late?", "What is the right age to graduate from an undergraduate college? Is 22 too old?", "Is it possible to become an MD as an adult (i.e. starting medical school in late 30s)?", "I am 30 is it too late to change my career?", "How long does one have to study to become a doctor in the US?", "How much time it take to become just a doctor?", "I'm 30 years old. i want to study science. am i too old to study now?", "Is it too late for me as 25 years old to go to part-time university program CS course?", "I am 32 years old. Can I become a doctor now?", "When is it too late to change your career?", "I am 29 yrs old, Can I still become a medical doctor now? If yes how?", "Is it too late to learn piano at the age of 30?", "If I am 32 years old, is it too late to go get a B.S. degree in computer science?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the best e-learning platforms for education?", "pos": [ "What are the best e-learning platforms?" ], "neg": [ "What are all of the free e-learning/e-courses websites?", "What are the advantages and disadvantages of E-learning?", "Which is the best e-commerce platform for you?", "What is the revenue generation model of online learning sites or e-education sites?", "What is the best open-source e-commerce platform?", "What are the e-learning sites for speaking in English (with native English speakers)?", "What are the best ten schools for a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?", "What is the best learning strategy?", "What is the best platform to build an e-commerce website?", "What are best architecture e-books?", "Which is the best website for learning data structure?", "What are the best sites for downloading e-books?", "What is the best online course to learn AI?", "What is the best online course to learn AI (theory and programming)?", "What is the best e-Commerce platform in/for India?", "What is best for learning artificial intelligence, lecture or book?", "What are some good sites for engineering e books downloading?", "What is the best site for downloading e-books?", "Which is the best e-commerce platform in India?", "Which platform build E-commerce websites?", "Which is the best e-book reader device?", "Which is the best online site to learn front-end development?", "What are the best English learning apps?", "What are the best resources to learn ES6?", "What are some of the best online tutorials on front end development?", "What are the best online discussion forums on artificial intelligence?", "What is the best online computer science course?", "Which websites are best for free e-book download?", "Which is the best institute for learning embedded systems?", "Is online learning the backbone of future education?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I know if some one else uses my WhatsApp account?", "pos": [ "How do you know if someone else uses your WhatsApp account?" ], "neg": [ "How can I read someone else's WhatsApp?", "If someone's not in my WhatsApp contact and he used to check my profile every time, will I know about it?", "Does someone know when you view them on WhatsApp?", "Is there any way you can know of someone has looked into your chat window or profile on whatsapp?", "Is it possible to know who viewed your profile on whatsapp?", "How do I know who is online on WHATSAPP?", "Can you check your WhatsApp from another phone?", "Can I tell when a WhatsApp contact is typing to someone else?", "How does WhatsApp know that someone is typing? Does the server tell it?", "How does WhatsApp find users of the same application on your address book and display them to you on the contacts section?", "How can I read my friend WhatsApp?", "How can I hack someone's WhatsApp account if I just have his WhatsApp account number?", "Can I login to my whatsapp account?", "How can I read WhatsApp chats of another person?", "How can I hack someone's Whatsapp account if I have only his Whatsapp number?", "How do I know if someone is checking my last seen on Whatsapp?", "What do I do to retrieve my whatsapp account?", "Will someone know if I check their WhatsApp last seen status often?", "How do we know a friend is online without opening whatsapp?", "How can I hack someone's WhatsApp account?", "How can I hack someone else's WhatsApp account from a different place?", "Why is my WhatsApp account hacked?", "How can you check who viewed your profile on WhatsApp?", "How do I get to my WhatsApp account using a new phone?", "Is it true that through the WhatsApp viewer you can check who visited your profile?", "What is a way by which you can get to read another person's WhatsApp messages through your own cell phone if you have another person's number?", "How can I find out who added my number in WhatsApp?", "A friend of mine has a WhatsApp account and I could find her in my contact list. But after few months her contact has disappeared. What does that mean? Has she deleted the account or she has changed the number or blocked me?", "How can I hack another WhatsApp account?", "WhatsApp: Is it possible to know what someone is doing on WhatsApp beyond just their login and logout times?" ] }
{ "query": "Why should I answer in Quora?", "pos": [ "What is the point of answering questions on Quora?" ], "neg": [ "How is answering questions on Quora like studying?", "Who is answering the questions asked on Quora?", "Where do you answer Quora questions?", "Does Quora pay users to answer questions?", "Are there more answers than questions on Quora?", "Do we get money if we answer the questions on Quora?", "What Quora answers are questions?", "Who answers the questions from Quora?", "Why do psychopaths answer questions on Quora?", "Do you post more questions than answers on Quora?", "What makes you answer a question on Quora if you see there is already an answer that perfectly answers the question?", "What questions on Quora serve as answers to themselves?", "Why do people on Quora write sarcastic answers?", "Do people on Quora disproportionately either ask or answer questions?", "What is the best site for answering questions?", "Why are you on Quora and not on Yahoo Answers?", "Quora answers good to read to but are they actually answering to your query?", "Why do Quora users write answers in comments to other answers?", "What makes better than Yahoo answers?", "Does it annoy you when you answer a question on Quora, and then the question is later edited in such a way that makes your answer look stupid?", "Does Quora really have the answer to everything?", "What is Quora email address?", "Why are you answering me?" ] }
{ "query": "Will there be a war between India and Pakistan?", "pos": [ "Will be there war between Pakistan and India?" ], "neg": [ "Should there be a war between India and Pakistan for Kashmir?", "If a war erupts between India and Pakistan with whom will Iran side?", "Why is there a conflict between India and Pakistan on Kashmir?", "How many wars has India and Pakistan fought?", "Is India able to defeat China and Pakistan together if there is a war?", "Would India be able to win a full scale two-front war against China and Pakistan along with insurgents?", "Who would win in a war between Pakistan and USA?", "Why are Pakistan and India enemies?", "Why are India and Pakistan enemies?", "Hypothetically who will win a war between Iran and Pakistan?", "How is Pakistan destroying India?", "What will be the effects of an India-Pakistan war on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)?", "What are the main causes and factors behind the India and Pakistan's conflict (on and off) over Jammu & Kashmir?", "Can China and Pakistan together defeat India in a full-fledged war?", "Will China support Pakistan if war breaks out between India and Pakistan?", "What will happen if Pakistan and China declare a joint war with India?" ] }
{ "query": "What are different fields in computer science and which is better?", "pos": [ "What are different fields in computer science?" ], "neg": [ "What is the difference between computer science and information science?", "What are the differences between computer science and computer engineering?", "What is the diffrence between computer science and computer engineering?", "Which fields of computer science are in most demand today?", "What is the difference between computer science and computer science and engineering?", "What are some interesting topics to pursue in computer science research?", "Is there any difference between Computer science and Computer engineering?", "What is the difference between computer science,and computer engineering ?", "What are the differences between Computer Science and Information Technology?", "What is the difference between a Masters in Computer Science and Information Technology?", "What's the difference between computer engineering and computer science?", "What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?", "What is the difference between computer science and electrical and computer engineering?", "What are the differences between computer science engineering and information science and engineering?", "What's the difference between computer science and information science engineering?", "What is the difference between computer science, computer science and engineering, information technology, and computer engineering?", "What are the differences between Computer Science and Computational Science?", "What are the differences between Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology?", "What is the difference between computer science and electrical engineering?", "What is the differences between Computer Science Engineering and Computer Engineering?", "What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering? Can both interchange careers?", "What is difference between computer science and engineering, and computer engineering?", "What is the difference between Computer Science,Computer engineering and Electrcial and computer engineering?", "What is the relationship between computer science and physics?", "What is difference between computer science engineering and information technology?", "What is the difference between Information Technology and Computer Science?", "How are different scientific disciplines related?", "What's the difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science degree?", "What are the differences between Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Engineering?", "What is the difference between a computer science degree and a computer engineering degree?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I improve my speaking?", "pos": [ "How do you improve speaking skills in public?" ], "neg": [ "How do I improve my vocabulary and English speaking skills? I am a 22 year old software engineer and come from a Telugu medium background. I am able to write well, but my speaking skills are poor.", "How do I improve my Korean speaking skills?", "How do I improve my Chinese speaking skill?", "Are there activities at NLS Bangalore for students to improve their public speaking skills?", "What are the public speaking career options?", "How do I improve my English vocabulary&speaking skills, I am student from a Deemed university B.Tech 3rd year&next year I should attend for placements?", "How can I improve my English speaking skills if my listening and reading skills are strong?" ] }
{ "query": "What does it mean if a dog throws up yellow liquid?", "pos": [ "Why is my dog vomiting a white liquid? How can I treat this?" ], "neg": [ "My dog vomited and then ate it up. Should I take my dog to a vet?", "Why is my dog puking and shaking so much?", "What does it mean when your vomit is white", "Why is my dog drooling and shaking?", "Is it safe to use liquid bandage on my dog?", "Why does my dog won't eat dry food?", "Why is my dog shaking so much?", "Hygiene: If I've accidentally eaten from a bowl that has been licked all over by my dog does it pose a health hazard?", "Why does my dog scratch her bowl?", "Why won't my dog eat dry food?", "Why does my dog tip his bowl over?", "Can kissing your dog make you sick?", "What should I do if my 6 week old puppy has diarrhea?", "Can Pedialyte be used for dogs with diarrhea?", "Can a dog have liquid Benadryl?", "What causes diarrhea in dogs?", "How can I treat a swollen tongue in a dog?", "Why does my dog lick my bed?", "How do I get my dog to eat dry food?", "Why does my dog eat feces?", "How can you treat a cat that is vomiting and not eating?", "Why is my dog's poop yellow?", "My puppy (6 months old) hasn't been pooping solid for the past week/week and a half, what could cause this?", "Why does my dog hold a toy, run around & whine after eating?", "What causes someone to have clear vomit?", "How do I treat a rash on my dog's chest?", "What does it mean if a dog is panting and shaking? How do you care for it?", "Is it safe to use liquid bandages on my dog?", "Why does my dog play without treats?", "How can I treat a rash on my dog's chest?" ] }
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{ "query": "Does a transition matrix have to be square?", "pos": [ "Does a transition matrix have to be square? Why?" ], "neg": [ "How do we transform a 2×4 matrix?", "Are we in a matrix?", "Are we in the matrix?", "What is the conceptual relationship why inner products are part of matrix multiplication?", "Why transition elements are called transition elements?", "What are transition elements?", "Are we living in a matrix?", "Why do we use inverse transpose of a matrix?", "Are we really in the matrix?", "Why can't we divide matrices?", "When is a matrix diagonalizable?", "Are we living in the Matrix?", "Can I divide a matrix by another one?", "Is this an affine transformation?", "What is an affine transformation?", "What are the uses of matrix in information technology?", "Why are transition elements named so?", "How would you rotate a matrix?", "How can this matrix be written in [math]\\LaTeX[/math]?", "Can we not live in a matrix?", "What are the application of matrices?", "What are outer and inner transition elements?", "Why does the matrix [math] M = \\begin{bmatrix}1 & 2 & 3\\\\4 & 5 & 6\\\\7 & 8 & 9\\end{bmatrix} [/math] have a [math]0[/math] determinant?", "What is an intuitive explanation of the rank of a matrix?", "What exactly is the extracellular matrix?", "What is Solution of the given matrix equation?", "Use of matrix in busines?", "What are the possibilities of us living in the matrix?", "What's the difference between change and transformation?", "Are projection transformation affine?" ] }
{ "query": "Why does India feel insecure with CPEC?", "pos": [ "Why is India frustrated and upset by Pakistan CPEC?" ], "neg": [ "Is CPEC Dangerous to India?", "What are the benefits of CPEC to Pakistan?", "How will CPEC affect India, Pakistan & China?", "Why is Russia supporting CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)?", "Why does Iran want to be a part of the CPEC when India is already investing billions to build the alternate trade route through the Chabahar port?", "Why does US, Saudi Arabia and China support Pakistan instead of India?", "Why is Pakistan obsessed with Kashmir?", "Why is Pakistan so aggressive about Indian Kashmir?", "Russia and Iran are showing interest in CPEC and the Pakistani general is asking India to join. How will this affect the region?", "Why is Pakistan in fight with India? Why can't we remain in peace?", "Why had Pakistan attacked India in 1965?", "Why USA supports Pakistan?", "Why USA supporting pakistan?", "Which Pakistani industries are going to develop and benefit the most as a result of CPEC?", "Why does US support Pakistan?", "What are reasons behind Pakistan's hate for India?", "Why don't india just give kashmir to pakistan. Solve all problems?", "Why did Pakistan attack India in 1965?", "Why the US supported Pakistan after independence of India and Pakistan?", "Why has US begun to favor India over Pakistan?", "When Pakistan knows Kashmir belongs to India, why are they trying to occupy it?", "Why can't Pakistan occupy Kashmir?", "Why does China support Pakistan?", "Why is India so happy for the U.S. to get out of ASEAN and focusing on India to liberate Pakistan by joint U.S. troops and India in Indian Ocean now?", "Why is China supporting Pakistan?", "Why does Pakistan want Kashmir?", "Why does China supports Pakistan?", "Will the proposed China Pakistan Economic Corridor ever succeed keeping in mind Pakistan's lucid security situation? Or will CPEC become a nonstarter?", "Why doesn't India let Pakistan take half of J&K and let the people go into Pakistan?", "Why is Pakistan promoting proxy wars in India through terrorism?" ] }
{ "query": "Why would you hate the movie 'PINK'?", "pos": [ "What do you not like about the movie 'Pink'?" ], "neg": [ "What is the best part of the movie \"PINK\"?", "What are some mistakes in the movie 'Pink'?", "What is the meaning of pink in the movie Pink?", "Does girls like pink?", "I don't like Pink Floyd?", "Why do most women like pink?", "What do you like or dislike about the Tamil film \"Hey Ram\" (2000 movie) ?", "How did Pink (2016 movie) get greenlit? What's the backstory of how the movie got made?", "Why is pink known as a girl's colour?", "What are some things you don't like about anime?", "Why is pink considered a girl/feminine color?", "What is your review on Disney's Moana?", "Can I take my 12yo girl to watch the movie Pink?", "Is pink a real color?", "What anime movie reminds you of Disney's The Little Mermaid movie?", "What's your feeling about the Chinese films?", "What anime reminds you of Disney's The Little Mermaid movie?", "Do females like the color pink?", "Why do you not like the show: \"The Office\"?", "What is your review of The Thing (2011 movie)?", "What is your review of Disney's Moana (2016 movie)?", "What is your review of No Such Thing (2001 movie)?", "What was the \"pink slime\" controversy?", "What anime movie reminds you of Disney's The Little Mermaid?", "How and when did pink become the \"girly\" color?", "What don't you like about the musical Hamilton?", "What is pink slime?", "Am I the only one who didn't like the movie Arrival?", "What is the saddest funny movie?", "What is the meaning of \"pink pajamas flew over the red fort\"?" ] }
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{ "query": "Is Donald Trump just like Andrew Jackson?", "pos": [ "Is Donald Trump the modern Andrew Jackson?" ], "neg": [ "Was Andrew Jackson a man of the people?", "What would Michael Jackson think of Donald trump if Michael was alive today?", "Should Andrew Jackson be on the US $20 bill?", "In what ways, was President Harding similar to Trump?", "Does Andrew Jackson deserve to be on the $20 bill?", "How was Michael Jackson as a person?", "What is the legacy of Michael Jackson?", "How was Andrew Jackson believed to have contradicted democratic principles?", "Is Michael Jackson a hero?", "Will we talk about Michael Jackson like we are talking about shakespere today 200 years from now?", "What presidential candidate in the history of the United States is Donald Trump most equivalent to?", "In what ways is Donald Trump a mainstream Republican?", "What was Michael Jackson like in person?", "Why was Michael Jackson anti-abortion?", "How old is Donald Trump?", "Was Andrew Johnson a bad president?", "Does Peter Thiel look like a champ in Silicon Valley now that Trump has been elected?", "Will people still be talking about Michael Jackson 500 years from today?", "Is Donald Trump the most clueless president ever elected in the U.S.?", "Was Michael Jackson a child molester?", "Why is Julian Assange pro-Trump?", "Is Barack Obama the last US President ever?", "Is Peter Thiel in a unique position now with Trump and Silicon Valley?", "Now that Trump has won, will Peter Thiel have a role in his administration?", "Will Peter Thiel play a role in the Trump administration if Trump wins the election?", "Is Ted Cruz just a more conservative Donald Trump?", "How responsible was Andrew Jackson for the Trail of Tears?", "What were two ways in which Andrew Jackson was believed to have contradicted democratic principles?", "How much do you love Michael Jackson now?", "Now that Michael Jackson and Prince are gone, is Justin Bieber the new King of Pop?" ] }
{ "query": "Will Donald Trump's campaign hurt his business dealings?", "pos": [ "How much will Donald Trump's 2016 campaign hurt his brand?" ], "neg": [ "What will happen to the Trump brand if he loses?", "How will president Trump's love of Twitter affect the company’s value and stock (TWTR) price?", "What would the effects of a Donald Trump win be on U. S. markets?", "Why is Donald Trump's campaign slipping?", "How is the presidency of Donald Trump going to affect India's IT industry?", "What is Donald Trump's monetary value to Twitter (the company)?", "Would Donald Trump increase American Investments in Foreign Markets if he becomes the president?", "Who will own the Trump brand after Trump takes office?", "Will America lose it's power, properity, and prestige under President-elect Donald Trump?", "How do you think news of a Donald Trump presidency will affect the stock market or the economy?", "How will David Duke's endorsement impact Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign?", "Donald Trump won the elections. How much will it affect Italy?", "If Trump were to run his campaign like a normal/average Republican, how would the race turn out?", "Does Donald Trump has as much money as he says he does?", "Will Donald Trump be able to brand Hillary Clinton as someone who doesn't have enough \"stamina\"? Will it affect the race? How should she respond?", "Donald Trump won the elections. How much will it affect India?", "How much did Fox News and conservative leaning media networks stoke the anger that contributed to Donald Trump's popularity?", "What will be the effect of Donald Trump 's becoming the President on American economy?", "In terms of crisis handling, did Donald Trump's campaign do everything they could to contain the damage of his video in 2005?", "How will Trump's presidency affect science?", "How Donald Trump's presidential victory going to affect India and Indian IT companies?", "What would Donald Trump's personal hell look like?", "What is the donald trump net worth?", "Will Donald Trump's inexperience in world affairs trigger a major conflict?", "How would a Trump presidency actually affect daily American life?", "Is it possible that Donald Trump is campaigning very badly \"intentionally\" in order to Hillary Clinton can win?", "How much will Sarah Palin's endorsement help Donald Trump?", "Would Donald Trump's policies be good or bad for the U.S. economy?", "If elected president, would Donald Trump do more damage to the U.S. than George W. Bush did?", "How Donald Trump's victory will impact India's IT industry?" ] }
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{ "query": "How do I place my first question on Quora?", "pos": [ "What are the best ways to ask a question on Quora?" ], "neg": [ "How do I use the Quora \"Ask Bar\"?", "How do I ask a question on quor via email?", "How do I ask a question on Quora via email?", "What is the best question that I can't ask on Quora?", "How does a question on Quora become a \"Best Question\"?", "What should I not ask on Quora?", "How do I ask Quora questions via SMS?", "How can I see who asked a question on Quora?", "Is Quora a good place to ask politically inflected rhetorical questions?", "Can I upvote a \"question\" in Quora?", "What is the best way to make someone to ask you out?", "What's a Quora post?", "Does Quora not allow you to post a question starting with anything other than \"how do I\" or \"what is\"?", "How can you upvote a question on Quora?" ] }
{ "query": "What if I accidentally follow someone I've blocked?", "pos": [ "What happens if I accidentally follow someone I've blocked?" ], "neg": [ "How do you know if someone is blocked someone else?", "How do you know if someone has blocked you?", "How do I know if I have been blocked by someone on Hike?", "I blocked someone on IG to get them to unfollow me. I unblocked them after. Through a friends IG account, I saw that he/she is still following me.How?", "How do you know if you are blocked by someone on true caller?", "Can I call someone if he blocked me?", "Will someone I end up blocking, see the message I sent to them right before I decided to block them?", "How do you know if someone blocked you at imo?", "How do you know if someone has blocked you on imo?", "How do I know if someone has blocked me on their iPhone?", "How can I know if someone has blocked me on Hike?", "How do I find out if I have been blocked on LINE?", "How can you tell if someone has blocked you on iPhone?", "How do I know if someone has blocked me on Instagram whom I already blocked?", "If I blocked someone on instagram and had previous DMs before, will they be able to see them again if I unblock?", "How do I know someone has blocked me on IMO?", "How can I tell if I've been blocked from messanger?", "How do you know if someone blocked you on Kik?", "How do I know someone blocked me in Kik?", "How do you know if someone has blocked you on messenger?", "If You block someone on Quora, can the other person see that you blocked them?", "Can I block someone on Facebook that has already blocked me?", "If I am blocked on instagram can I still see if they follow or are being followed by someone new?", "How can a blocked call be traced?", "How do I know if a person has blocked me on Facebook Messenger?", "How do I know if someone has blocked me on OkCupid?", "How do you know if someone's blocked you in messenger?", "How do I block someone on Facebook who has already blocked me?", "How do you know if someone has blocked you on FaceTime?", "If I block and then delete a contact on an iPhone 5, can the blocked person still call me?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I get over my impostor syndrome in college?", "pos": [ "How do I beat the impostor syndrome out of my life?" ], "neg": [ "Do I have the impostor syndrome?", "Do you sometimes struggle with the impostor syndrome?", "What is Imposter Syndrome?", "Is there a test for imposter syndrome?", "What is it like to have imposter syndrome at Stanford?", "What is it like to go through Princeton without impostor syndrome?", "How do I get rid of my negative alter ego?", "How do you get rid of your negative alter ego?", "What can I do to cure my indecisiveness?", "I do not want to have a conscience. How do I get rid of it?", "What do I do to cure my indecisiveness?", "How can I stop myself from being extrovert?", "How do I get rid of my conscience?", "How can I get rid of an obsessive person?", "How do I escape society's system and live the life I want?", "How do I get rid of demon?", "How can I get rid of my Superstitions?", "I am emotionally unstable at times. What should I do to get rid of it?", "How can I get rid of my arachnophobia?", "How shall I get rid out of negativity?", "How do I get rid of ego? Whenever I do some good thing (like helping others) I am totally filled with pride and egoism which is very wrong.", "How do i stop being an extrovert?", "How can you deal with self-incompetence?", "I am male. What should I do to get rid of a blackhead?", "Is there any treatment for dissociative identity disorder?", "How do I get rid of demons in my house?", "How do you recover from being an Autistic child prodigy and work on your self-esteem?", "How do I get rid of Claustrophobia?", "What is the best way to get rid of home sickness?", "How can I get rid of a bad habbit?" ] }
{ "query": "How can we control bad feelings?", "pos": [ "How do I control my emotion and sadness?" ], "neg": [ "How can I control my positive emotions for the people whom I love but they don't care about me?", "How can I try to control my angry emotion when I suffer a bad day, even the high railway was delayed when you back to home on October first day?", "How do I stabilize the anger and emotional lability that I am experiencing, while releasing long-suppressed emotions?", "Why can't I show my emotions?", "How do I overcome emotional attachment to a person?", "Why do I lack emotions?", "How do I stop feeling sad about nothing?", "Why am I so emotion less?", "I am an extremely emotional and sensitive person. I suffer a lot because of these personality traits. How can I control this tendency?", "How do you deal with emotional pain?", "How do you hold on to happiness when you are depressed?", "How does one deal with emotional pain?", "How do people feel emotion?", "How do i stop feeling depressed?", "Why can't I feel these emotions?", "I am so emotional that I almost end up in tears while sharing my problems with people. How do I overcome this?", "How can I stop feeling so depressed?", "How can I stop feeling so depressed and hopeless?", "Why do I feel detached from my emotions?", "How should I give respect to my feelings?", "Why do I feel I do not have any emotions for anyone?", "How can I stop crying when people are angry with me?" ] }
{ "query": "What is better according to you- Coca Cola or Pepsi ? why?", "pos": [ "Do you prefer Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola, and why?" ], "neg": [ "What's the difference between Pepsi and Coca-Cola?", "What‘s the difference between Pepsi and Coca-Cola?", "What's actually the difference between coke and Pepsi?", "How are Coke and Pepsi so similar in taste?", "Why does Coca-Cola taste different in different countries?", "Is drinking Coca Cola bad for health?", "What is the difference between Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Thumsup?", "Why do people like iced tea and Diet Coke ?", "Is club soda and soda water the same? Why or why not?", "Is really coca cola bad for health?", "Is Coca-Cola dangerous to drink?", "How bad is Coca Cola Zero for you?", "Why aren't Coca-Cola and Pepsi banned?", "Beverages: Why do you prefer tea or coffee?", "Why do you drink Starbucks?", "Why does Coca Cola sell Diet Coke and Coke Zero when both of them are low cal drinks?", "Is it healthy to drink sodas?", "Do you drink at starbucks?", "Is Coca-Cola Zero more harmful to health than the normal Coca-Cola?", "Which is less bad for you, soda or milk shake?", "Do you drink Starbucks? Do you drink coffee?", "Which is less unhealthy: a can of coke or a can of beer?", "Which habit is better? Drinking juice or milk?", "Do you like lattes or cappuccinos more, and why?", "How are club soda and soda water different and how are they alike?", "Which do you prefer, drinking tea or coffee? Why?", "Where is Coca-Cola manufactured?", "Beverages: What percentage of Coca-Cola is water?", "Is Coca-Cola toxic?", "Where are the products of Coca-Cola manufactured?" ] }
{ "query": "Is a seven day week universal?", "pos": [ "Is seven day week universal in all countries?" ], "neg": [ "Why are there seven days in a week?", "Why there are 7 days in a week?", "How many days are in a week?", "Why are there only 7 days in a week?", "How common are six day workweeks in Israel these days?", "How many days are in a month?", "Which countries in the world have 6 months of day and night?", "What is the most popular week in the year for vacation days in the US?", "How many hours per week are there?", "Can you name 3 consecutive days without wednesday, friday, saturday?", "Why are days of the year biased toward certain days of the week?", "How soon will the world speak one universal language?", "Which day of the week is your favourite and why?", "How many times can one have sex in a week?", "Is it healthy to fast for one day per week?", "Why don't all months have same number of days?", "How many days should you work out during the week?", "How many times have sex in week?", "How many daily deals are available on Groupon per day?", "In a non-leap year, which is greater: the mean number of days per month or the median number of days per month?", "Which day is the Sabbath day according to Bible?", "Will earth's year and day be the same?", "On an average, how many questions are asked in Quora per day?", "How many questions can you ask on Quora per day?", "What's the probability that any non-leap year has 53 fridays?", "Is the universe expanding day by day?", "Which day is the true sabbath according to Bible?", "Is there any single point where 7 billion people of the world will agree upon?", "How many times you do sex in a week?", "How many hours do you sleep every day?" ] }
{ "query": "Where can I find best quality foam jigsaw mat for floor in Australia?", "pos": [ "Where can I find best quality jigsaw mats in Australia?" ], "neg": [ "Where can I find the most impressive jigsaw mats in Belmore?", "Where can I found best quality graphic mats in Sydney?", "Where can I get grappling mats in Australia?", "Who is the best jigsaw puzzle manufacturer?", "What are some good jigsaw puzzle companies?", "What are the most amazing jigsaw puzzle companies?", "Where can I get andro table tennis balls in india?", "What are some of the best yoga mats on the market? (USA)", "Where can I found different types of sharpening equipment in Sydney?", "Where can I found quality sharpening equipment in Sydney?", "Where can you buy a bevel grinding jig for knife making?", "Where in Perth, Western Australia, can I buy Kraft brand coleslaw dressing?", "Where can I find little millets in USA known as Saamai?", "Where can I buy a solid wood kit easier than IKEA?", "Where can I buy best quality short straps in Melbourne?", "Where can I buy very good quality and reliable raw materials in Australia for any printing work?", "Where can I get finest quality materials and detailed craftsmanship for horse fencing in Sydney?", "Where can I find best quality photo booth service in Australia?", "Are there any companies in Australia that build Rube Goldberg machines?", "Where can I get best quality paper & plastic cups in Melbourne?", "Which is the best place to buy great quality spectacle frames in Kolkata?", "Where can I get the best quality photo booth service in Australia?", "Where can I found high level of craftsmanship for glassware items in Melbourne?", "Where can I get good quality of double strap monk in 1000-1500 bugs in Mumbai?", "How are yoga mats manufactured?", "Where can I find yoga mat manufacturers in the UK?", "What are the most reliable American made sewing machines?", "Where can I get very affordable carpenters, handyman, painting, pest control services in Sydney?", "World top online selling sites to sell Indian wooden handicrafts and Novelties/nauticals from India?", "Where can I get best decorative options on glassware items in Melbourne?" ] }
{ "query": "Who will win the election in united states?", "pos": [ "Who will win the 2016 U.S. presidential election and why?" ], "neg": [ "Who will win the 2020 presidential election and why?", "Which candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election do you support?", "Out of the five major current U.S. Presidential candidates, who would be best for the U.S. Economy?", "Who are you voting for in the 2016 US Presidential Election, and why?", "Which U.S. presidential candidate is most likely to lead the US into World War lll?", "To those outside of America: If the current US presidential election candidates (Obama Vs. Romney) were running in your country who would you vote for and who do you think would win?", "Will you vote (or not) in the 2016 US presidential election? Why?", "Which 2016 US presidential candidate would be best for the economy?", "Hypothetical Scenarios: Who would win the US election - Barack Obama (2008) vs Donald Trump (2016)?", "Who are the top candidates for US presidential election in 2020?", "If all the previous U.S. presidents were alive and running for office in 2012, who would win?", "If all 43 U.S. Presidents were to run for office in 2016, who would win? Also, who would be best suited to deal with the current issues?", "What are Hillary Clinton's chances of winning in the 2016 US Presidential Election?", "Who votes in the Democratic and Republican Party primaries to determine presidential candidates in the USA?", "What percentage of votes in the 2016 U.S. Presidential race will go to third party candidates?", "How well could third party candidates do in the upcoming (2016) U.S. presidential elections?", "Who will win the olympics?", "Is there really a chance for a third-party Candidate to win the election in 2016?", "Who will probably win in the war between Pakistan and Iran?", "Who is going to be the first candidate to declare for the 2016 presidential election?", "Should I vote in the 2016 US presidential election?", "Who will win the 2018 World Cup?", "As of now, who would be the next Democratic candidate for president in the next election?", "Who should win the Ballon d'Or in 2014 and why?", "What are Donald Trump's chances against Hillary Clinton in a general election?", "Which presidential candidate will help the economy?" ] }
{ "query": "Is marriage an outdated concept?", "pos": [ "Is the institution of marriage outdated?" ], "neg": [ "Has marriage become a feminist institution?", "What's the foundation of marriage?", "Marriage is a compromise. How true is this?", "Can marriage work?", "What is the substitute of marriage?", "What are the Pro and Cons of late marriage (>35years)?", "What is the idea of marriage?", "Does age matter for a marriage?", "Should the government be involved in marriage?", "How marriage of children are becoming problem?", "Who abolished child marriage?", "What's your opinion about marriage? Do you think it's just a contract or is it something more than that?", "What are some major controversies that have to do with marriage?", "What are the pros and cons of marriage?", "How is it possible that the Supreme Court made a ruling about marriage when marriage isn't in the constitution?", "Does everyone who is married for any significant length of time eventually violate their marriage vows?", "What is the ideal age difference in marriage?", "What is child marriage?", "What are the pros and cons of a late marriage?", "What's your idea of marriage?", "Does pre marital sex ruin marriages?", "What is the full procedure of court marriage?", "When and what is the origin of marriage? How did it evolve?", "Do you believe in a structure of marriage that deepens the relationship as well as protects it from all the temptations of modern life?", "What is your idea of marriage?", "What are the advantages and disadvantages of marriage?", "Why does the government legislate marriage to begin with?", "What are pros and cons of marriage?", "Can an arranged marriage turn into a love marriage?", "Do people actually object to a marriage during a wedding?" ] }
{ "query": "Why are you marking my question as needing improvement?", "pos": [ "Why is my question repeatedly marked as needing improvement?" ], "neg": [ "Why do I see repetitive and similar questions on Quora?", "Why do multiple people ask the same, identical question on Quora?", "Why are too many questions repeating in my feed sometimes?", "Why am I asking so many questions on Quora? Is that a good or bad thing?", "Why do I have so many questions to ask?", "Why did Quora Moderation delete my question?", "Why do I have so many questions?", "Why are there so many questions?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I commit suicide and make it seem like an accident?", "pos": [ "I just want to die. How can I make it look like an accident?" ], "neg": [ "What does it feel like to kill someone by accident?", "What is it like to be in a car accident?", "What is it like to lose a limb in an accident?", "How does it feel like to die?", "How does it feel to survive a car accident?", "What is it feel like to die?", "What is it like to die?", "What does it feel like to die?", "How does it feel like to see someone die?", "Why do I feel like I'm going to die soon?", "What would it feel like to know you're going to die?", "How do you want to die?", "What does it feel like to think you are going to die?", "What does it feel like to die / near death?", "How are accident caused?", "How does it feel like to die with poison?", "What would dying feel like?", "How do accidents happen? Why do accidents happen?", "How does it feel to die?", "What is it like to die soon?", "All I think about is the millions of ways I could die in an instant. What can I do about this?", "How can we face death?", "What do you imagine death to be like?", "What would happen when I die?", "If you know that your car is about to be in an accident, are there things you can do to minimize it?", "Wounds: What is it like to nearly bleed to death?", "What makes a death tragic?", "How does it feel when you know you are about to die/dying?", "What will happen if I die?", "Why do I feel as if I'm going to die and leave everyone?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I beat procrastination?", "pos": [ "What are some of the time tested ways to beat procrastination?" ], "neg": [ "How did you overcome procrastination as a teenager?", "What is procrastination?", "Do you ever procrastinate procrastinating?", "Am I a procrastinator if I procrastinate procrastination?", "Do psychopaths procrastinate?", "I am a 15 year old and oh, God I procrastinate too much. Even during my exams. So, I need some tips on not procrastinating, I guess?", "Is there any correlation between procrastination and depression?", "Why do people procrastinate?", "What does procrastinate means?", "What does \"Procrastinating procrastination\" mean?", "How can I stop procrastinating during programming?", "I am going to quit my job: how can I avoid laziness when I will have more time?", "What is the best way to avoid procrastinating on the internet?", "How can I stop procrastinating on Quora?", "Do people with borderline PD often have issues with procrastination? If so, why?", "What is theMeaning of Procrastinate?", "Is it ever okay to be lazy?", "Do people with bipolar often have issues with procrastination? If so, why?", "How you realise you were lazy?", "Is it okay to be lazy?", "How did you at sometime had to pay heavily for your laziness?" ] }
{ "query": "Why did some Quora answers collapse?", "pos": [ "Why are my answers collapsed by Quora all the time? Can someone give me a short explanation?" ], "neg": [ "What is your best collapsed answer?", "My answer was collapsed and I can't even appeal against it. What should I do?", "When my answer is collapsed, is it really possible to edit it so it is acceptable, or should I just start over?", "What are some of the biggest flaws of Quora?", "Do Quora moderators know that \"collapse\" means \"censor?\" Why do you collapse answers that don't synchronize with leftwing CW? What are you afraid of?", "What is wrong with Yahoo Answers?", "Are there more answers than questions on Quora?" ] }
{ "query": "Why do you use an iPhone?", "pos": [ "Why do people buy the iPhone?" ], "neg": [ "Why shouldn't I buy an iPhone?", "Why is iPhone so expensive?", "Why are iPhones so expensive?", "Why iphone are so costly?", "Why are iPhones costly?", "Is the iPhone really more expensive? Why or why not?", "Why people are madly buying iPhone 4 in India, given that it is a more than 3-year-old hardware?", "Why should I not buy the iPhone 5?", "Why should I not buy an iPhone 7?", "Why do some people prefer iPhones to Androids?", "What are the reasons why people buy Samsung phones?", "Why are iPhone users so loyal to the brand?", "Why is the iPhone 6 so expensive?", "Are iPhones seriously worth the price?", "Are Apple iPhones worth the price?", "Why is the iPhone 6s so expensive?", "Is the iPhone really worth its price?", "Is iPhone really worth the money or is it just a hype?", "Is the iPhone SE worth buying?", "What iPhone apps are worth buying?", "Why can't the people who manufacture iPhones quit their jobs and create their own iPhones to sell?", "Is iphone worth it?", "Why do iPhone lovers hate Android and vice-versa?", "What do you hate about iPhone?", "Why do people think it is unnecessary to spend 50k INR on an iPhone?", "Why doesn't Apple buy Samsung?", "What do people think about the iPhone SE?", "Why is the iPhone 5c so expensive?", "Do people prefer iPhone or Android?", "Why is it that an iPhone 4 is cheaper in the USA while it is way costlier in India? Is it only because it is \"Unlocked\"?" ] }