{ "query": "Why in India do we not have one on one political debate as in USA?", "pos": [ "Why cant we have a public debate between politicians in India like the one in US?" ], "neg": [ "Can people on Quora stop India Pakistan debate? We are sick and tired seeing this everyday in bulk?", "Why do politicians, instead of having a decent debate on issues going in and around the world, end up fighting always?", "Can educated politicians make a difference in India?", "What are some unusual aspects about politics and government in India?", "What is debate?", "Why does civic public communication and discourse seem so hollow in modern India?", "What is a Parliamentary debate?", "Why do we always have two candidates at the U.S. presidential debate. yet the ballot has about 7 candidates? Isn't that a misrepresentation of democracy?", "Why is civic public communication and discourse so hollow in modern India?", "Aren't the Presidential debates teaching our whole country terrible communication skills and why is deliberate misrepresentation even allowed?", "Why are most Indian politicians uneducated?", "Does Indian political leaders capable of doing face to face debates while running for office?", "What is wrong with the Indian political system and the environment it has built in connection with the people of India? Have parties divided people more?", "What is a debate?", "Why do we have legislative council in india?", "Why does the office of president of India, being politically neutral, not ask for Population control in India?", "Why don't we discuss tax and foreign policies more in Indian elections but are instead obsessed with socialist schemes?", "Why do Indian politicians lack nationalist thinking?", "Do you hate indian politicians?", "Is India facing more stessful times and politically charged atmosphere when compared to Congress regime?", "Who is the best politician in India? Why?", "We all know about the present condition of Indian politicians; they are all just using us to run their train, but still, they win elections and rule over us. Why aren't people giving their vote to NOTA?", "Who are clean politicians in India?", "Why are you not believing in Democracy of India?", "What does politics in India mean? What are they actually doing?", "What are the strongest arguments for a debate in favour of brain drain in India and what sources must be used for making a good short speech?", "Do we really need an election commission in India?", "Why is there no concept of political correctness in India? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?", "Why is population control not on agenda of any political party in India?", "Who are some of the most dangerous or worst politicians in India?" ] }
{ "query": "What is OnePlus One?", "pos": [ "How is oneplus one?" ], "neg": [ "Why is OnePlus One so good?", "What would OnePlus 4 be like?", "What does the logo of oneplus phones mean?", "Should I root my OnePlus One?", "Do you like the OnePlus 2? Would you buy it?", "Which one do you prefer: the OnePlus Two or Moto G 2015?", "What is 1Google?", "Which root is stable for OnePlus Two?", "Oneplus 3 review from Indian user?", "How do you define \"the one\"?", "Is the OnePlus Two worth the purchase?", "What is an organism called when it is made of only one cell?", "I am confused between Vivo V5 and Oneplus 2 which one is better?", "Which is better Redmi Note 3 or OnePlus X?", "What is the difference between the OnePlus One 16gb and 64gb phones?", "How can I exchange my OnePlus 3 (15days old) for OnePlus 3t?", "I am planning to buy a OnePlus phone.Has the oneplus after sales service improved in India?", "What is one plus two?", "What is a haploid?", "How does one get an invite for the OnePlus One?", "What type of dog is this one?", "What is 1g 2g 3g and 4g?", "What does 1.1i mean?", "As a user what is your review of OnePlus 3 including the battery part? Thank you", "What are some examples of one-celled organisms?", "What is\" one India one election\" concept?", "Why doesn't the OnePlus One have functions like an IR blaster, fingerprint sensor, front flash, barometer, optical image stabilization, gesture control, heart rate, SpO2, dustproof, water resistant and wireless charging?", "What is the difference between the OnePlus two 16gb and 64gb phones?", "Is it a better idea to buy oneplus3 or I should go for an short term phone which works for 1-2 years?", "What is a double?" ] }
{ "query": "Does our mind control our emotions?", "pos": [ "How do smart and successful people control their emotions?" ], "neg": [ "How can I control my positive emotions for the people whom I love but they don't care about me?", "How do I stabilize the anger and emotional lability that I am experiencing, while releasing long-suppressed emotions?", "I am an extremely emotional and sensitive person. I suffer a lot because of these personality traits. How can I control this tendency?", "What is the biological basis of emotions?", "Is it possible for a person to not feel his emotions, but still act on them?", "How do emotions impact thoughts?", "Why do I lack emotions?", "How do people without emotions live and think?", "Why do people play with others' emotions?", "Is there any technology that can cause a psychopath to feel emotions?", "Why can't I show my emotions?", "What are some good ways to manage my psychic or emotional sensitivity to other people?", "How can I try to control my angry emotion when I suffer a bad day, even the high railway was delayed when you back to home on October first day?", "What do we call someone who doesn't let his emotions show?", "Do psychopaths have emotions?", "Can someone with autism spectrum disorder learn to recognize negative emotions because of growing up with a volatile parent?", "What is emotional sensitivity?", "How can I control my emotions for my ex bf who still loves me and is loyal for me?", "How do I overcome emotional attachment to a person?", "Is there neurological evidence for emotional intelligence?", "Is it possible that the emotions could come from both the heart and brain?", "How do psychopaths feel emotions?", "How do you control anxiety?", "How does music trigger emotions?", "When men feel emotions, are they able to identify them?", "Can we love with emotions?", "How do people feel emotion?", "How do I control sexual feelings?", "What causes emotional sensitivity?", "If psychopaths and sociopaths don't experience emotions, how do they enjoy life? What, do they do for fun? List things, they do?" ] }
{ "query": "What made Islam spread around the world faster than any other religion?", "pos": [ "How did Islam spread to all the world?" ], "neg": [ "How did Islam spread to Africa?", "How and when did Islam spread to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia?", "How did the Arab conquests change Islam?", "What is the history of Islam?", "Did Islam come from Christianity?", "Is Islam trying to take over the world? (Radical Islam)?", "Why did you convert to islam?", "Why have you converted to Islam? What is your story?", "What made you convert to Islam?", "How would the world have been without Islam?", "Why did you convert to Islam as an adult?", "How did Buddhism spread to all the world?", "How did Islam influence the rule of the Arab empire?", "What it would be like for the world if there was no formation of Islam?", "Would the world be at Peace, had Islam never existed?", "What is Islam?", "What is Islam?", "How did the Caliphate dynasty expand after the death of Mohammad in 632?", "What is your conversion story to Islam?", "Does Islam seem outdated to the present world?", "What would the world be if Islam never existed?", "Islam: What are the contributions of Islam in the fields of modern science and technology from the death of last prophet?", "How does Islam stimulate intellectual growth and development that can account for the remarkable superiority of Islamic nations in scientific fields?", "Did Islam come from Judaism?", "How do people convert to Islam?", "How was Islamization of India started under UPA rule?", "Is Islam still needed in the world?", "Would Iran have been an advanced world power if Islam had never come to the country?", "Has Islam failed Europe?", "Who are some famous people who converted to Islam?" ] }
{ "query": "What do people around the world typically wear to sleep?", "pos": [ "What do you usually wear to sleep?" ], "neg": [ "Should you wear a bra to sleep?", "What is the healthiest way to sleep?", "Is it fine to wear socks while sleeping?", "Do you wear fitbit while sleeping?", "What should I do to sleep better?", "What's the best way to get sleep?", "What is the best way to sleep better?", "What should be the sleeping position?", "What should we do to have a great sleep ?", "How important is sleep?", "What's the best way to sleep on a plane?", "Which fabric is more comfortable for nightgowns?", "How do you sleep at night?", "How can you sleep better?", "How do I go to sleep early?", "What are some tips for sleeping on the floor comfortably?", "Is sleep important?", "How much should a person sleep?", "What is the best way to sleep at night?", "How can you get great sleep always?", "What are some tricks to sleep instantly?", "What is the most comfortable sleeping position?", "How can I learn things in my sleep?", "What makes a person to go from light sleep to heavy sleep?", "What are the best ways to sleep better tonight?", "What's the fastest way to go to sleep?", "Why is it important to get sleep?", "What should I do when I'm too tired to sleep?", "What are some tips for making the most of your Sleep No More experience?", "How can I tolerate my sleep during late night study?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I become an airline pilot?", "pos": [ "What do you have to do to become an airline pilot?" ], "neg": [ "What is a career as an airline pilot like?", "What are the steps to becoming a commercial pilot in the United States?", "I want to become an airline pilot. I am in 12th and preparing for the IIT entrance exam. What are the steps?", "Where else can you work as a pilot besides the airlines?", "Airplane Piloting: What are some perks of being an airline pilot?", "Should I get a degree to become a pilot?", "How do you become a flight attendant in the usa?", "What is it like to be a pilot?", "What are the prerequisites to become a commercial pilot in India?", "What are the health requirements for becoming a pilot?", "How can I become a pilot in India that too a commercial pilot?", "What are the perks of being a pilot?", "How do I become a pilot for Xiamen Airlines?", "How do I become a commercial pilot in India?", "How do I become a pilot in India?", "I have worked as a software engineer for the last 8 years and would now like to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a pilot. I am now 29 years old. Can I still make flying my career?", "How can I become a commercial pilot in Hawaii?", "What are the medical requirements to become a pilot and shall we start pilot training at the age of 27?", "What is the most economical way to become a commercial pilot in India?", "How do I become commercial pilot in India?", "I am an engineering student. How can I become a pilot in India?", "What are the pros and cons of becoming a flight attendant?", "Is it boring being an airline pilot?", "What's the process to become pilot in India?", "What are good steps to become an F-22 pilot for the Navy?", "What are the pros and cons of becoming a commercial pilot in Europe as opposed to the USA?", "Do you require a lot of money to become a commercial pilot in India?", "How can I become a fighter pilot?", "What academic degree do you need to become a Flight Dispatcher?", "I want to become a pilot. For someone with no background, where is the first place to begin courses, and what sources should I be reading every day?" ] }
{ "query": "What is a public limited company?", "pos": [ "What is a public limited company? What are some benefits?" ], "neg": [ "What are examples of private limited companies?", "What some examples of limited companies?", "What are the advantages and disadvantages of limited liability company?", "What are the private limited companies as per Companies Act 2013?", "What is the benefit of working at a listed company apart from private companies?", "What is the difference between a public company and a government company?", "Is there any economic benefit of a shareholder owning shares in a public company with a NOL?", "Is there any economic benefit for a shareholder to own shares in a public company that has a large NOL?", "What is the difference between LLP company and private limited company?", "What are the benefits of holding a corporate event?", "What are the government benefits for poor, and the small business owners, in Michigan USA?", "What are public sector organizations?", "Who forms private limited companies, a CS or a CA?", "What are the disadvantages of non-governmental organizations?", "Should I go for public provident fund if my company provides flexible benefit plan?", "What are \"business benefits\"?", "Should I go for Public provident fund, if my company provides Flexible Benefit Plan?", "What is considered a small company?", "What are good examples of small profit services?", "Why do private companies have 'limited' in their names?", "What actions, if any, is a private company legally obliged to make public in the United States?", "Can the for private profit structured enterprise have a purpose?", "What benefits to give to companies if they sponsor us?", "What are employee benefits?", "What are public administration organizations?", "What helps small businesses?", "Are there any social enterprises that give paid or free legal services to underserved and poor people? Can you give examples?", "What are the differences between public sector and private companies?", "What is a public-private partnership (PPP)?", "What is a public policy? What are some examples?" ] }
{ "query": "How do you think President Obama will go down in history?", "pos": [ "Will Obama go down in history as a great president?" ], "neg": [ "How will Donald Trump go down in history?", "Was Barack Obama good in studies and was he aiming from the very beginning to become the president of usa?", "If the current president in office, Barack Obama, was allowed to run for a 3rd term, would he win?", "Is it possible for Barack Obama to continue as the President of the United States of America for the next term too?", "Where will American president Barack Obama stay after his tenure as president completed?", "What has Obama done right as President?", "For what reasons is Barack Obama not a good president?", "Did President Obama do more good than bad during his 8 years in office?", "Can President Obama run again in 2024?", "What has been Barack Obama's greatest achievement so far as President?", "What will Obama do after his term?", "Did Barack Obama imagine himself ever becoming the President of the United States?", "Would Obama run for president again if he could?", "Who is Barack Obama?", "Will (or should) Barack Obama run for political office again after leaving the Presidency?", "What will Obama do in his last days of office?", "What is Barack Obama doing now?", "Can Obama be reelected in 4 to 8 years?", "Could Barack Obama run for president in 2020?", "Would President Obama win if he could run a third time?", "What are the best reasons why Barack Obama might win re-election in 2012?", "Was Obama one of the worst USA presidents?", "Is Barack Obama black or white?", "What are President Obama's plans for his post-presidency?", "What are Barack Obama's greatest achievements as President?", "What are the best and worst things Obama has done during his Presidency?", "Is Barack Obama a Freemason?", "What is Barack Obama like in person?", "Will President Trump be the most memorable and beneficial president in U.S.A. history?", "Is George W. Bush more competent than Barack Obama? Why or why not?" ] }
{ "query": "What's the absolute easiest way to commit suicide?", "pos": [ "What is the cheapest, easiest, least painful way to commit suicide?" ], "neg": [ "What is a way to commit suicide and not damaging your organs so that they can be donated?", "I'm 29 years old and married. I'm frustrated with my professional life. I've thought of committing suicide also. What should I do?", "What’s the best way to kill yourself that (a) leaves the least amount of blood to clean up and (b) is the least painful?", "Is suicide good?", "Is suicide punishable by death?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the best ways to study/memorize things?", "pos": [ "What is the best way to memorize things?" ], "neg": [ "What can be the best way to memorize my JEE notes?", "How can I study and memorize a large amount of information and then recall it for an exam?", "What are some ways to memorize times tables?", "What is the best way to memorize the periodic table without mugging up as such?", "How can I memorize my times tables?", "I am in medical school and have great problem at memorizing things, nothing stays in my mind. Any suggestions about how to work things out?", "What is a good strategy to memorize the Quran?", "How can I memorize notes of geology faster?", "What is the best way to memorize English vocabularies?", "How can I memorize a dictionary?", "What are some easy ways to memorize all the elements in the periodic table?", "What are some 15-line poems that are easy to memorize?", "How do I memorize the formulas in physics?", "How can I memorize one hour lecture in order to be able to deliver it effectively?", "What's the best way to not remember things?", "What are the best tricks to remember what you read?", "How do actors memorize their lines?", "How can I memorize English vocabularies efficiently??", "What are the best methods for memorizing lyrics?", "How can I memorize physics laws, lessons and definitions while studying 15 chapters?", "Teaching Mathematics: How far should kids memorize their multiplication tables?", "What is a great way to memorise the Periodic Table?", "How can I memorize slokas easily?", "How do I memorize various articles and sections of our constitution and that of CrPC?", "What is the best way to memorize organic chemistry reactions?", "What is the best way to remember not to forget?", "What are useful applications of the mnemonic major system besides remembering very long numbers?", "What is the easiest way to memorize the key-signatures of major and minor scales?", "How do I remember things that I read?", "How can I remember most of the things I read?" ] }
{ "query": "Can imaginary time, energy and gravity exist?", "pos": [ "Does imaginary gravity exist?" ], "neg": [ "How does gravity exist?", "Is gravity only a theory?", "What actually is Gravity?", "Is there gravity without mass?", "Why do objects have gravity?", "Does every object have gravity?", "Does gravity have a particle?", "Does gravity have to be quantized? If so, why?", "Can we artificially generate gravity?", "What are some alternative theories of gravity?", "What are the current theories of gravity?", "What is gravity exactly?", "What does gravity do?", "What is gravity?", "What is gravity?", "What is specific gravity?", "Is gravity a law or a theory?", "What actually is gravity and where does it come from?", "How is gravity made?", "What is the actual source of gravity?", "What is a gravity well?", "Is gravity a particle?", "How does gravity work, and is gravity a matter or something else?", "How is the gravity work?", "Why is gravity still technically just a theory?", "How is gravity produced?", "What is gravity? What are the different theories about gravity?", "What is the source of gravity?", "Who discovered gravity?", "What does gravity look like?" ] }
{ "query": "Which books are good for improving English?", "pos": [ "What are some good books or resources to improve English?" ], "neg": [ "What is the most effective way to study AS English literature?", "What are the best books on the history of english literature?", "How do I improve at reading textbooks/publications that involve the hard sciences?", "What is the best book to understand history of English literature?", "The best way to study for an English exam on a book?", "What English movies would you recommend for a non-native to improve vocabulary & listening skills for daily life English?", "How important is English?", "Which is the best book for the study of History of English literature?", "How can I improve my English vocabulary for competitive exams in a short/limited time?", "How do I write good essays in English?" ] }
{ "query": "What is aptitude test?", "pos": [ "What is an aptitude test?" ], "neg": [ "What could be the best preparation for aptitude tests?", "What is the difference between an aptitude test and an IQ test?", "How can I clear an aptitude test?", "Which is the best app for aptitude test practise?", "Which is the best site for aptitude tests?", "What are good sites or books to practice for aptitude tests?", "Which are some best apps to learn aptitude test questions?", "What is the basic logic behind the NID aptitude test?", "What is the best site to prepare for an aptitude test?", "Where can I get free aptitude tests?", "What are topics to be covered in aptitude test for placement?", "How do I master quantitative aptitude?", "How do I master in quantitative aptitude?", "How do I practice for quantitative aptitude?", "What are the topics covered in the aptitude tests for placements?", "How do I crack any company's aptitude test?", "How do I prepare for civil services aptitude test?", "How can I prepare for Quantitative Aptitude?", "What kind of questions are asked in aptitude tests of IT based companies?", "How do I prepare for quantitative aptitude?", "How do I learn quantitative aptitude?", "What type of questions asked in Vistex aptitude test?", "What type of questions are asked by Accenture in their aptitude test for placement?", "Which books should I study to improve my general knowledge for aptitude test?", "How can I prepare for Language aptitude test?", "Which are some best apps to learn aptitude questions?", "What are the frequently asked aptitude questions in interviews?", "What are the aptitude questions asked in Accenture?", "How can I solve aptitude questions?", "What are good websites for verbal reasoning of aptitude?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the best CP valued Pokémon that you have?", "pos": [ "What is the highest limit for Pokémon CP in Pokémon GO?" ], "neg": [ "How many of each Pokémon should I keep in Pokémon GO?", "How many Pokémon are available in Pokémon GO?", "How many Pokémon are in Pokémon GO?", "Pokémon Blue: How can I know the maximum possible stats for catched pokemons?", "When should I power up a Pokémon in Pokémon GO?", "What are currently the most powerful Pokémon available in Pokémon GO?", "What is the max rewards you can get for defending gyms in Pokémon GO?", "How big is Pokémon GO?", "What yields a higher CP in Pokémon GO: powering up a Pokémon before you evolve it, or evolving it then powering up?", "How do I get more Pokémon in Pokémon Go?", "How many total Pokémon are there?", "What Pokémon is the most powerful fighting type Pokémon?", "How many Pokémon are there?", "I have caught all the 145 Pokémons available in Pokémon Go? What do I do now?", "How many hours a day can you play Pokémon GO?", "Which area in Bangalore has the highest density of PokéStops in Pokémon Go?", "What Pokémon is the most powerful ghost type Pokémon?", "Where can I get Pokemon Go Level hack?", "How mature is the secondary market for accounts that have captured rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO?", "Is Pokémon GO dying or just leveling off?", "What's the best Pokémon team in Pokémon Yellow?", "Can I take more than one gym in Pokémon GO?", "How long will Pokémon GO's popularity last?", "How many new Pokémon will there be in Pokémon Sun and Moon? (7th gen)", "How difficult is it to hack Pokémon GO?", "What is your favorite Pokémon in Pokémon GO?", "What's Pokémon GO's biggest appeal?", "In Pokemon GO how should one prioritize powering up CP vs evolving?", "How do I catch legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO?", "How do you choose the right starter pokemon in any game?" ] }
{ "query": "How dangerous is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix?", "pos": [ "How friendly is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix?" ], "neg": [ "How does a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix looks like?", "What are the main characteristics of a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix puppy?", "How does a German Shepherd/Husky mix interact with other breeds?", "How is a German Shepherd/Pomeranian mix bred?", "What do German Shepherd/Husky mixes look like?", "What do German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix dogs look like?", "How do German Shepherd/Greyhound mix dogs interact with other animals?", "How do German Shepherd/Labrador mix dogs interact with other animals?", "Why is a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix puppy so active?", "How smart is the German Shepherd dog?", "What do Bulldog/German Shepherd mix dogs look like?", "What do you call a German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix?", "Are german shepherd dogs loyal?", "How does a German Shepherd/Pug mix puppy look like?", "What do American Bulldog/German Shepherd mix dogs look like?", "How is a German Shepherd/Pug mix puppy bred?", "How do you train a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix?", "What are the pros and cons of having a pet German Shepherd?", "How does a German Shepherd/Husky mix interact with kids?", "How does a German Shepherd/Husky mix interact with children?", "Are German Shepherds good around kids?", "What is the temperament of an Australian Shepherd-Labrador mix?", "What is the best medical care for a German Shepherd/Labrador mix?", "What do St. Bernard/German Shepherd mixes look like?", "How does a German Shepherd interact with children?", "How do German Shepherds interact with kids?", "Why are German Shepherd/Pomeranian mix puppies coveted among breeders?", "How do German Shepherd/Husky puppies look like?", "What does a Maltese/German shepherd mix look like?", "How does a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix puppy interact with children?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the best things to do in Hong Kong?", "pos": [ "What is the best thing in Hong Kong?" ], "neg": [ "What is Hong Kong?", "What is Hong Kong famous for?", "What is it like to work in Hong Kong?", "What's it like living abroad in Hong Kong?", "What is there to do in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year? Anything special that I should be aware of?", "What are the downsides of living in Hong Kong?", "Is Hong Kong livable?", "What is the 2012 Hong Kong policy of Hong Kong property for Hong Kong people?", "What are some cool things to do in Singapore?", "Where is the best Laksa in Hong Kong?", "What is it like to work in Singapore or Hong Kong?", "What are the best shops to buy electronics in Hong Kong?", "What's happening to Hong Kong?", "Is Hong Kong ugly?", "What are some interesting things to do in Singapore?", "In what ways is Hong Kong different from Mainland China?", "How much HKD per month is sufficient for a good living in Hong Kong with a family?", "What happened in Hong kong?", "How is Hong Kong different from mainland China?", "How can a Singaporean find a job in Hong Kong?", "What are some non touristy things to do in Singapore?", "Where is the air pollution in Hong Kong that is supposed to be bad?", "Is Hong Kong a cultural wasteland?", "Which is the best website for shopping in Hong Kong for electronics?", "Is Hong Kong a separate country or a part of China?", "What is the best way to reach Foshan from Hong Kong?", "Is Singapore modelled after Hong Kong? As a Singaporean I see many similarities when I travel in Hong Kong.", "Should I move to Hong Kong from New York City?", "What happened to Hong Kong?", "What's the best TV Shopping company in Hong Kong?" ] }
{ "query": "Does anyone believe that there is life on other planets?", "pos": [ "Is there life on other planets besides earth?" ], "neg": [ "Why earth is the only planet in the solar system capable of supporting life?", "Why is it controversial to say that the Earth could be the only planet in the universe with life?", "Are humans truly from another planet?", "What are the chances that earth is the only habitable planet in the universe?", "Is there any possibility, that human beings could live on another planet? If yes, how much time will it take to take all humans on that planet?", "How important would be the finding of another planet in our solar system?", "Is there a planet in real life similar to Neverland?", "Do the planets of the solar system orbit on the same plane?", "How might life on earth be different without our moon?", "Are all planets orbiting in the same plane?", "How close are the planets of our solar system to being in the same orbital plane?", "Is the planet earth moving close to the sun with every orbit?", "What is the other planet after Pluto?", "Does the gravity of the planets affect the orbit of other planets in our solar system?", "As the sun grows old and changes, what will happen to other planets in our solar system?", "Where do we live on earth?", "When Sun start expanding and starts pulling the planets towards it,will there be a chance for other planets like Saturn or Uranus to become habitable?", "The earth is a life-bearing planet because of its precise location in relationship to the sun, like our moon. Would we be alive if we had no moon with its various impacts on the planet?", "How many planets in our solar system would be habitable by humans?", "How big would the sun look on other planets?", "How many planets are there?", "Is there a planet X in our solar system?", "Why do the planets in our solar system orbit along the same plane?", "Do all planets rotate east to west?", "How many planets are currently in our solar system?", "Can two planets share the same orbit?", "What are some useful resources that do not occur naturally on Earth, but do so on other planets in the solar system?", "How many planets are there in the solar system?", "Will the planets eventually fall onto the sun?", "Is there more than one Earth?" ] }
{ "query": "Are you guys voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?", "pos": [ "Who would you vote for: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?" ], "neg": [ "Who Monica Lewinsky would vote for, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Why?", "Why should I not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?", "Would you vote for Trump or Sanders, and why?", "Who would make a better president, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton?", "Who is more favored among moderate Republicans, President Obama or Hillary Clinton?", "Why should I vote for your preferred presidential candidate?", "Who would be better for India, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?", "Who is better for India: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?", "Donald Trump: Why wouldn't you vote for Donald Trump for president?", "Which First Lady or yet to be do you like: Michelle Obama or Melania Trump? Why?", "Who was the better First Lady, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton?", "Who did you vote for in the 2016 election? Why?", "Who is better for India, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Why?", "Why would you vote for Donald Trump?", "Who would make a better president: Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton?", "Are there any immediate and viable US Presidency alternatives to both Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton?", "If you voted for Donald Trump, why did you vote for him?", "Why would you vote for Trump?", "Who would you like to run for president?", "Why should I vote for your presidential candidate choice?", "Who is/was the better Secretary of State: John Kerry or Hillary Clinton?", "To those outside of America: If the current US presidential election candidates (Obama Vs. Romney) were running in your country who would you vote for and who do you think would win?", "Why did you specifically vote for Donald Trump?", "If the election were between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, who would you vote for and why?", "Who would win in a fight, Donald Trump or Barack Obama?", "Who scares you the most: Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?", "When did Donald Trump AND Hillary Clinton lose your vote?", "What made you vote for Trump?", "Who is more delusional: Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?", "What makes you better than Trump? Why should we vote for you?" ] }
{ "query": "How do we know for sure that nothing is faster than light?", "pos": [ "Why I can't go faster than light?" ], "neg": [ "Why does light travel so fast?", "Why does light travel so fast in space?", "Speed of Light: How fast can we move?", "How can you become faster?", "How do I become faster?", "How can I get faster?", "What happens to an object if it reaches the speed of light?", "When will we be able to travel at the speed of light?", "What happen if we moving with the speed of light?", "How will it be to travel at the speed of light?", "How can I make time go by faster?", "How can you make time appear to go faster?", "What will happen if I run at light speed?", "Why does the time go so fast?", "How do I become faster physically?", "Why does time seem to go faster as we age?", "How do I make time go by faster?", "Why do we age slower when traveling at or near the speed of light in space?", "Can the speed of light be increased?", "What would happen if an object would reach the speed of light?", "I think this is a very stupid question: in the reference frame of a photon, aren't we moving at the speed of light or faster?", "When light travels from one medium to another, its speed changes, why is this so?", "Why does time seem to go so much faster as we age?", "Will the speed of light ever change?", "If you could travel the speed of light, what would happen?", "What’s the speed of light?", "Why does time pass faster (as we think) when we go to sleep?", "Special Relativity: What would stop someone accelerating beyond the speed of light if they had achieved 99.9% of the speed of light?", "If I could travel at the speed of light, what would I see?", "Is it possible for human to survive if they travel at the speed of light?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the easiest method to clean shave bikini area at home?", "pos": [ "How do you completely shave your bikini area?" ], "neg": [ "Can I get a bikini wax on my period?", "If I get stranded on a deserted island, what could I shave with?", "What is the best way to shave pubic hair completely?", "Can i get a bikini wax if i am on my period?", "Where can I find a bikini shaving salon for men in NYC (preference for Brooklyn)?", "What are some tips for shaving my face?", "Can one wear a slinky 2 piece bikini in Goa?", "Which bikini style suits us the best?", "What are some tips for shaving your stomach?", "How do you swim bare-breasted as a mermaid?", "How do I make my girlfriend shave her hairy arms?", "What are the best place to buy bathing suits?", "When should I start shaving myself?", "Can my bath towel be a beach towel?", "How do swim bare-breasted as a mermaid?", "I hate taking a bath and shaving. What should I do?", "How do you cut (bodybuilding)?", "When should I start shaving?", "How can I get rid of underwear stains?", "How do I clean stains on a mattress?", "How do you go about making a thong out of normal underwear?", "How do male porn stars shave their pubic hair?", "How can I get tanned?", "How do you keep a sunburn from peeling?", "What is the best way to permanently straighten your hair?", "How do you wash your hair?", "How do you style and maintain a pixie cut?", "How do I remove Calpol stains from fabric?", "How do you get rid of piling on clothes?", "How do you wash a wool sweater without shrinking it?" ] }
{ "query": "What were the books Aman Bansal used for his Jee preparation?", "pos": [ "Which books were used my Aman Bansal for JEE preparation?" ], "neg": [ "What are some good books for IIT JEE preparation for class 10?", "What should be the order of books to read for JEE preparations?", "How is Cengage Books for JEE Advanced?", "Which books did JEE Advanced 2016 AIR 2 Bhavesh Dhingra use in preparation for JEE?", "What are some good books for JEE Chemistry?", "Are Cengage books good for JEE Advanced?", "What are some good books for JEE Mains only?", "What are the best books for JEE in chemistry?", "What are the best mathematics books for the IIT-JEE preparation?", "What are the best books for theory in math for IIT-JEE preparation?", "Are NCERT books enough for the JEE Main?", "How are JEE Advanced papers prepared?", "How should I study for JEE?", "Which book should i use for JEE organic chemistry?", "Which book should I use for JEE organic chemistry?", "What are the best books for the JEE (Main) and 12th boards (PCM) CBSE?", "How to study for JEE advance?", "What are the most preferred books by an IITian to crack IIT-JEE?", "Are Booklet of Lakshya enough for JEE mains preparations?", "Are the books of JE (cargo) and JE (commercial) for Airport authority of India (AAI) exam available in the market? Please help?", "What are the best books for both IIT JEE Mains & Advanced?", "Where can I buy IIT-JEE correspondence coaching material from the famous Agrawal Classes?", "Which book is best for organic chemistry for JEE?", "Of which things should I make notes for revision during JEE preparation?", "How can I prepare for the JEE Advanced ?", "Which book should I study for JEE advanced mathematics?", "What is the best book for physical chemistry for JEE?", "I've not yet started studying 11th syllabus of JEE Main, is this book good for the same?", "Which book is the best for organic chemistry for JEE?", "Which is one of the best best mathematics book for IIT JEE preparation?" ] }
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{ "query": "What are your thoughts on Child Support?", "pos": [ "What is your review of Child Support?" ], "neg": [ "What are the basic child support guidelines from Kansas, and how do they compare to those from Kentucky?", "What are the basic child support guidelines from Kansas, and how do they compare to those from Ohio?", "What are the basic child support guidelines from Kansas, and how do they compare to those from Louisiana?", "What are the basic child support guidelines from Kansas, and how do they compare to those from Alaska?", "How is the percentage of child support calculated in Wyoming? What factors are taken into consideration?", "How is the percentage of child support calculated in Utah? What factors are taken into consideration?", "How is the percentage of child support calculated in Oregon? What factors are taken into consideration?", "What are the basic child support guidelines from Kansas, and how do they compare to those from Ilinois?", "What do I say in a child maintenance court to get the father of my child to pay the child support I need?", "How is the percentage of child support calculated in Ohio? What factors are taken into consideration?", "How is the percentage of child support calculated in Wisconsin? What factors are taken into consideration?", "What is your review of The Family (2013 movie)?", "What are you struggling with as a parent?", "I'm freaking out about having to pay child support. I hear some stories about men pretty much being slaves while the mother of the child is living in paradise. What are the challenges I'm going to face ?", "What is your review of Family (2001 movie)?", "What type of support does a single mother in UK receive from the government?", "What are the laws regarding child support in Maine?", "What are the downsides to having a child via surrogate mothers?", "Why do parents support us?", "What are the pros & cons of having children?", "What is your review of Sex in Family Member?", "How do you cope with the loss of a parent?", "What are the pros and cons of having children?", "Do parents in 2016 have different hopes and standards for their sons than for their daughters?", "What are you most struggling with as a parent?", "Does child psychologist really helpful?", "What controversial advice have people given to their children?", "How can you find out if someone is on child support using their social security number?", "What is your review of Brothers?", "What are the pros and cons of having your children in your 20s?" ] }
{ "query": "Is Earth a prematurely Inhabited Planet, because the universe is too young?", "pos": [ "Is Earth a prematurely Inhabited Planet?" ], "neg": [ "Does extra terrestrial inteligent life visit earth?", "Is it scientifically possible to terraform a planet?", "If we found a habitable planet but it already had sentient inhabitant, would we try to conquer it?", "Why haven't humans gone beyond low-Earth orbit for over 40 years?", "What if Earth were the biggest planet?", "How many planets in our solar system would be habitable by humans?", "How many humans have been born on planet earth since the beginning of time?", "If the early Earth’s atmosphere was deteriorating to a certain extent and was hit by a solar storm, could it create the first life?", "If the Moon weren't orbiting the Earth, would it be considered a planet?", "Why earth is the only planet in the solar system capable of supporting life?", "Is the Earth the only planet that has life on it?", "How long will it be before the earth will not be able to sustain the human population?", "The earth is a life-bearing planet because of its precise location in relationship to the sun, like our moon. Would we be alive if we had no moon with its various impacts on the planet?", "How would the earth have evolved if the asteroid didn't hit the earth and kill the dinosaurs?", "What is a planet?", "If life were to start in an Earth-like planet somewhere in the universe, what is the possibility that it will evolve exactly like in Earth?", "Why is earth said to be the only planet in the solar system on which life is possible?", "If there are 50 sextillion habitable Earth-like planets in the universe, is it possible that there are humans in other planets in the universe?", "Every terran living being comes from a common ancestor and life originated only once in 4.6 bi years. So it is unlikely to occur outside Earth, right?", "Why is the earth called earth?", "Who named our planet as earth?", "Is the Moon a planet?", "How is old is Earth?", "Will there ever be a moment where the whole planet will have been built?", "The Solar System: How was Earth formed?", "Can planet Earth sustain a human population of 100 billion?", "Approximately how old is the earth?", "What is our planet?", "How could we successfully terraform a planet?", "Is there a planet in real life similar to Neverland?" ] }
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{ "query": "How does Donald Trump expect Mexico to pay for his proposed border wall?", "pos": [ "How Donald Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall?" ], "neg": [ "What if Trump's wall isn't a physical wall at all? He said Mexico would pay. What are some financial deterrents the US could impose? Is it possible?", "Can President Trump approve the construction of the wall between Mexico and the US by issuing an “executive order?”", "Why is building a wall between the US and Mexico, like Trump proposes, a bad idea? Ignoring ethics, would such a wall reduce illegal border crossings?", "If trump build a wall mexicans would still get in so whats the point? Theres a video of two people smuggling drugs and climbing over the border/", "Will a border wall with Mexico work?", "Would Trump's proposed wall plan work?", "Is Trump trying to promise everything with his economic plan and no plan to explain how his plan will pay for it?", "What could Mexico do to attract high tech American businesses that no longer wish to do business in the Untied States under a Trump presidency?", "Does Donald Trump has as much money as he says he does?", "Can Trump use the US Military to secure the border with Mexico?", "Would Mr. Trump's wall be feasible?", "Does Mexico have a wall on its southern border?", "If Trump doesn't want any foreign investment in Mexico, should he take all his McDonalds & Walmarts back to the USA?", "Will Donald Trump be the first US President not to accept his salary?", "How thick, tall, deep, and long would Trump's wall have to be built to be effective at keeping out illegals crossing the border?", "Can Mexico arrest Trump when he sets foot in Mexico — charging him with crimes against humanity and inciting riots?", "Assuming that Donald Trump is telling the truth, what \"deals\" could he possibly make for Iran, China and Russia?", "What could Trump do to bring lots of well paid manufacturing jobs back to the US rust belt?", "Why does President Obama have to pay for his meals at the White House?", "How much money does Donald Trump earn from The Apprentice?", "Does the president have to pay for any utility bills for the White House?", "Will Donald Trump really ban Muslims, deport illegal immigrants, and build a wall? Or is he doing it to bring excitement to his supporters?", "Is it true that Donald Trump would have made more money by investing in a mutual fund rather than becoming a business man?", "Why is Donald Trump visiting Mexico, and why did President Nieto invite him?", "So, how's \"that Mexican thing\" working out for Trump?", "How did Donald Trump earn $4.5 billion?", "People say that a US-Mexico wall wouldn’t work, that it won’t stop illegal immigration. Well, then what is a viable solution to illegal immigration?", "Does anybody think that Donald Trump really paid his fair share of taxes?", "How much will taxpayers have to pay to defend President Trump living at Trump Tower?", "Are the jobs that president-elect Donald Trump saved in Indiana at the carrier plant Union or non-union?" ] }
{ "query": "Can I track a stolen phone?", "pos": [ "My phone has been stolen. How do track my phone?" ], "neg": [ "Can I turn on the GPS of my stolen phone with my tablet?", "How do I unlock a stolen phone?", "I have lost my phone and have not activated my Android device manager, how can I erase my stolen phone data?", "How can I get phone call records of my phone?", "How do I backup my phone?", "How can I backup my phone data?", "How can I recover my lost data in phone?", "I have lost my phone. My Android device manager was not activated. How can I erase data from my phone remotely?", "To find lost cell phone in case it is switched off?", "I lost my Nexus 5X? Does Google provide any service to track the phone? How can I lock it forever using IMEI?", "I've lost my mobile phone with Airtel postpaid SIM card. I haven't deactivated the SIM card, and the person who stole my phone is still using my SIM card. Is there any way to trace the SIM card and get my phone back?", "Have you ever located your stolen/lost phone using its IMEI number, after registering a complaint or FIR with the cops?", "How can I delete data from my lost android phone remotely?", "Is it possible to track a lost Android mobile based upon your IMEI number if your phone is switched off?", "Will my phone still receive calls after I have locked it from Android Device Manager?", "How can I track deleted messages from experia phone?", "I lost my Android phone recently and tried using the Android Device Manager. It says it was last online today but wasn't able to locate it. Is there any other method to locate it?", "How do I find my Android phone after wiping it with device manager?", "How do I get back deleted messages on my I phone 6s for a contact?", "I lost my mobile phone, but I do have its IMEI number and other details. How can I get it back?", "What are the chances of getting my phone back when someone stole it from my pocket while travelling in local train (Mumbai)?", "How do you track a phone through Google Earth?", "How do I track my wife's cellphone GPS without loading an app on it?", "Is it possible to track a phone with GPS turned off?", "Is it possible to restore deleted data on an Android phone without backup?", "How do I track an Android phone with a Gmail ID?", "How can I locate my lost phone with the help of email id?", "How is it possible for cops to trace a lost mobile using the IMEI number even after the SIM card has been taken out?", "My phone is not detected by my computer. It gets charged but I cannot transfer data, why?" ] }
{ "query": "Where can I get highest quality service at exceptional prices in Sydney for property conveyancing?", "pos": [ "Where can I get quality support to make a successful property transaction process in Sydney?" ], "neg": [ "Where can I get best warehouse cleaning services in Sydney?", "Where can I get a very efficient commercial cleaning service in Sydney?", "Where can I get the best construction cleaning service in North Sydney?", "Which company in Sydney offer quality services for waste removal?", "Where can I get high quality fencing services in Sydney?", "How reliable are property management service providers like renteazy or realtykart in Bangalore?", "What are the best real estate websites in Australia?", "Where can I get best monthly residential cleaning service in Sydney?", "What will be the good towing company in Sydney?", "What are the steps of property portfolio management services?", "Where can I get best roof painting service in Sydney?", "What will be the best place to buy wholesale meats in Sydney?", "Where can I get very useful factory cleaning service in Sydney?", "Where can I get best quality flooring services in Sydney?", "Where can I get high-quality painting service in Sydney?", "Where can I get high quality window cleaning service in Sydney?", "Where can I get best amenity room maintenance service in Sydney?", "Where can I found most professional and friendly photo booth services in Sydney?", "Where can I get very affordable service for buying, selling, leasing or property management in Potts Point?", "Where can I get the best waste clean-up services in Sydney?", "Who provide best pest control service in Sydney?", "Where can I get very reasonable price for commercial window cleaning services in Sydney?", "Where can I get a wide variety of residential and commercial horse fencing solutions in Sydney?", "Where can I find cheapest property in India?", "Where can I get high quality asbestos removal services in Sydney area?", "What are the top 5 mortgage brokers in Sydney?", "Where can I get best services in Sydney for garage asbestos demolishing?", "How can I buy property in India?", "Where can we find cheapest property in India?", "Where can I get cleaning services in Sydney?" ] }
{ "query": "If I burn a 1000 rupee note, will India get poor by a thousand rupee? How will it affect India's GDP, considering the demonitization of notes?", "pos": [ "If I burn a Rs. 1000 note, how does it affect the country?" ], "neg": [ "How will the ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes affect Pakistan?", "How does the elimination of Indian 100 rupee note ($6.00 USD) affect daily life?", "What are the problems faced by the common citizens of India due to scrapping of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 Notes?", "How is the common man going to be affected by the demonetization of Rs 500 and 1,000 notes in India?", "What are all the possible problems that a common Indian citizen may face after scraping the 500 and 1000 rupee note overnight?", "What can be the reasons for discontinuation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes? What can be the future effects of it?", "How will the 500 rupee and 1000 rupee note ban change the rupee's value internationally?", "What would be the basic benefit of demonetizing 500 and 1000 Rs currency?", "Will scraping 500 and 1000 rupees change anything in reality?", "How does the introduction of new 500 and 2000 denomination currency and stopping old 500 & 1000 denomination currency help/ affect India's economy?", "How will the demonetisation of 500 & 1000 notes affect UP election?", "Will the value of rupee increase after the 500 and 1000 rupees notes are banned?", "What are disadvantages of banning 500 and 1000 notes?", "In What way demonetised amount affect Indian economy?", "How ban of 500rs & 100 rs notes lead to rise of gold rates? What are the other areas affected?", "What will happen if anyone burns the flag of usa?", "What are the serious disadvantages of demonetization of currency notes in India?", "Is the decision of introducing a 2000 rs note in Indian economy is good or bad?", "Will the ban on 1000 and 500 rupee notes affect the UP and Punjab election?", "What are the short term & long term effects of discontinuing Rupees 500 & 1000 notes? How will it tackle corruption?", "How will banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note help fight corruption in India?", "Will the new 2000 Rs notes reduce the value of the Rupee? Doesn't higher denomination lead to lesser value?", "Will the currency ban in India affect the economy?", "How will the demonetization affect the value of rupee against dollar?", "Will demonitisation in a long run will help in strengthening Indian rupee vs dollar?", "How much money would one need to burn to make an impact on economy? What impact would it be?", "What is the use of removing 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes?", "How Modi's demonestation affect the people living in India?", "Will the value of Indian rupee increase after the ban of 500 and 1000 rupee notes?", "How do you think demonetisation will affect Indian economy?" ] }
{ "query": "Are there iTunes gift cards? If so, where can they be purchased at in the US?", "pos": [ "How can I get free iTunes gift cards online?" ], "neg": [ "How can I get free gift cards?", "How do I get free Amazon gift cards?", "How can I get free gift cards by mail?", "How do you get a free 30 dollar Amazon gift card (no surveys)?", "How can I use my gift card online?", "How do you turn an iTunes gift card to PayPal?", "What is the best way to use gift cards online?", "How can you use a Vanilla Mastercard gift card online?", "Where can I buy discounted Amazon gift cards?", "What is the best app to get free Google play gift card in India?", "Is it safe to put my credit card in iTunes?", "Can you use an American Express gift card online?", "Which is the best app to earn free Google play gift cards in India?", "Where can I find free videos on iTunes?", "Can I get a play store gift card even if I don't have a credit card?", "Can you sell Amazon gift cards?", "Are any free iPhone giveaways genuine?", "How do I create an Apple ID or iTunes ID without having a credit card?", "What can be bought using amazon gift card?", "How do I use gift card on", "How do you download songs you've previously purchased in iTunes 12?", "How can I use a Target gift card online?", "Can I use a gift card on", "How can I purchase gift card in india?", "Can you use Visa gift cards online?", "Where can I get a gift certificate or a gift code?", "Can I use my Target gift card online?", "How do I get Amazon voucher and gift cards?", "How do I redeem a gift card on Google Play?", "Is there a website where I can sell gift cards for PayPal w/o credit card?" ] }
{ "query": "Does love always hurt?", "pos": [ "Does true love always hurt or die?" ], "neg": [ "Why does it hurt to love someone?", "Does true love happen only once?", "Does love happen only once in a lifetime?", "Who Says True Love Happens only Once?", "Does love happen just once in a lifetime?", "Can true love happen twice?", "Why does it hurt when the person you love doesn't love you back?", "Why does it hurt being in love with someone who does not love you back?", "Why does love happen?", "Can love happen twice or even thrice?", "Can love happen twice or thrice?", "Why do we need to be hurt when we love?", "How much does One-sided love hurt?", "People say love happens only once. If it happens again, will it not be the same as the first?", "Is it possible to feel true love more than once in your life?", "Why do I get hurt by my loved one's always?", "Why do we love people who hurt us and will never love us back? How can it be avoided?", "Why does first love usually fail?", "Can love happen twice? That too with the same person?", "There is a lot of pain in love. What's the reason to hold on to love?", "Is love a feeling or a choice? And why", "Can love happen twice? If this is true, then what is that first love?", "Why does love is always complicated?", "Is it okay to want to hurt a person you love deeply?", "Can people love someone and then hate them afterwards? Or was it never love, only pretended?", "Why do we hurt someone we love?", "Why does first love always fail to many?", "Why do we love the person who always hurt us?", "Love: Why is there so much suffering when it comes to love and relationships?", "Why do I always love someone who does not love me back?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the best part time job while you are already working in Bangalore?", "pos": [ "What can one do part time to earn some money while working in Bangalore?" ], "neg": [ "How can I survive in Bangalore with a salary of 25000 per month?", "How do you spend your weekend doing something useful in Bangalore?", "What are the cool things to do in Bangalore?", "How much salary does a couple need to earn for an average/good lifestyle in Bangalore?", "What are the best ways to earn part time income in India?", "How do we spend our weekends in Bangalore?", "With a salary of only Rs 22,000/month, how can one afford to live in Bengaluru?", "How do I get a HR job in Bangalore?", "What is the best way to spend a weekend in Bangalore?", "With a salary of only Rs 12,000/month, how can one afford to live in Bengaluru?", "How much salary in dollars is equivalent to about 45 lakhs per annum in Bangalore, India?", "Which is the best place in Bangalore to spend time alone?", "Which institutes provide workday training in Bangalore? What is the cost?", "Which is best institution in Bangalore for work day finance?", "What is good way to spend a Sunday in Bangalore?", "I am 24 earning 1 lakh per month in Bangalore and received one more offer should I work or not? How should I manage the work?", "What is a good way to spend a sunday in Bangalore?", "Can I start business with 1 lakh in Bangalore?", "How do I spend my weekend in Bengaluru?", "What are some awesome places to visit in Bangalore for Couple?", "How is it like to live in Bangalore?", "What are some places around Bangalore to visit for the weekend?", "Is Rs. 38000/per month in hand salary good for Bengaluru, India?", "What are some good ways to spend weekends in Bengaluru?", "How do I make friends in Bangalore?", "Where can I find a marketing job in bangalore?", "What are the best places to stay in Bangalore?", "What is a good way to spend a long weekend in and around Bangalore?", "What are some really fun places to visit in Bangalore?", "What are some really fun places in weekend to visit in Bangalore?" ] }
{ "query": "Has wizard magic been scientifically tested?", "pos": [ "Have wizards been scientifically tested?" ], "neg": [ "Has money been scientifically tested?", "Has Ancient Greece been scientifically tested?", "What are the results of the Schrodinger cat experiment? Has it been done? Has it been tested? Was the cat alive or dead?", "Harry Potter (creative franchise): How do wizards invent spells?", "Will there be scope for manual testing in the future?", "Is manual testing dead?", "Is manual testing still significant?", "Is there a future in manual testing?", "Has there even been a test that proves Schrödinger's cat thought experiment?", "Is manual testing dying?", "Has telepathy been measured in any accepted scientific way?", "Why is it that some wizards can do magic without wands in Harry Potter?", "What is the scope of manual testing in future?", "Has a scientific theory been recently disproved?", "How did \"magic\" develop?", "What is the scope of manual testing at cognizant?", "Does manual functional testing have future?", "Can magic spells actually work?", "How do wizards earn money?", "If there were a war between the Muggles and Wizards, what strategies can the Wizards use to win the war?", "What has been the impact of animal testing to advance medical research?", "Has anyone actually constructed a Schrödinger's Cat experiment? Is there any reason why not?", "What does science know so far of workings of witchcraft/magick?", "Have any monks in Tukdam been studied scientifically to determine whether they are alive or dead?", "What's it like working in an animal testing facility?", "Do magic spells work?", "What did stephen hawking study?", "Was the scientific method followed? How? What ethical considerations are important to research?", "Why didn't the Ministry of Magic use veritaserum to question Harry Potter about the return of Voldemort?", "What are the manual testing concepts?" ] }
{ "query": "Is obc certificate from state government valid in national level?", "pos": [ "Is caste certificate of one state and domicile of another state is valid for government exams?" ], "neg": [ "What is the online procedure to get a Caste Validity certificate?", "Can I use my caste certificate as a birth certificate?", "After qualifying the IAS exam in SC ,ST, OBC category. Is there any provision to recheck their caste certificate deeply in detail before posting?", "Do IIT colleges require a caste validity for an ST?", "What is the validity of domicile certificate?", "What are the Caste reservation policies in state universities in India?", "What if there are reservations based on caste in the exams conducted by ICAI?", "What does Residence certificate mean? Is it Domicile certificate in India?", "What are the Caste reservation policies in central universities in India?", "What is domicile certificate? Do I need it for admission to NIT Agartala if I belong to Rajasthan?", "Can a resident of some other state give the State Public Service Exam of the state of which he is not a resident?", "What is the need of caste based reservation in the education system of India?", "How do I get a caste certificate if I am a converted Christian? Does reservation apply for me?", "Can I get non creamylayer certificate in Gujarat as my father's income is more than 6 lakh and belongs to Class 3 employee of Gujarat government?", "How should I obtain the domicile certificate of Andhra Pradesh as I've stayed there for 7 years and also my dad was in Indian Navy?", "I have a Delhi state OBC certificate (jat). Is it valid?", "Is there any problem during certificate verification in govt. jobs if there is only one letter spelling mistake in 10th and 12th certificate?", "Is there anything comparable to India's caste system in other countries?", "Does the CBSE give a separate certificate and mark sheet for the 10th class?", "Is Reservation in India Caste-based or Class-based?", "Can a candidate from one state apply for Public Service Commission posts(PSC) for another state in India?", "Can I use non creamy layer certificate issued by SDO in Maharashtra State for applying Indian Government Jobs?", "What happens if a sc/st or any other backward caste hides their community certificate and mentions brahmin or any other forward caste(General)?", "Is it necessary to have birth certificate obtained from municipality's board in order to apply for passport in India?", "Can I apply for a passport from another state using my other state's birth certificate?", "The Sindhi caste is under which caste system in India: general, ST, or another?", "Does your country include a persons religion or ethnicity on identity documents?", "How can I apply for domicile certificate in Delhi?", "Is a student not residing in a paticular state but born there eligible for domicile?", "What is the best certificate among CCNA, CCNP, CRISC and MCSA?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I make a rocket?", "pos": [ "How do you make a DIY rocket that works?" ], "neg": [ "How does a rocket fly?", "How do I make improvised explosive devices?", "How can you make a robot?", "How does a rocket change its direction while take off?", "How do I make a robot?", "How is a rocket engine cooled?", "How do you make a nerf blow dart?", "What are some ways to make an airsoft grenade launcher?", "How can I get the parts if I want to make any drone or robot?", "How can we make a repulser engine?", "Why do we use rocket instead of airplane?", "How can I make an airsoft grenade launcher?", "How difficult is rocket science?", "What wind speed rocket will be launched?", "How do I make a robot without Arduino?", "How do I make my first robot?", "How can I make a drone motor?", "Which chemical reaction would create the most pressure for a mini(toy) rocket?", "How do sky rockets work?", "How do you make boomerangs fly?", "How are fireworks made to explode in complicated shapes?", "How can I create a jet as fast as it can go round the earth backwards to go back in time?", "How can I start my own DIY Cruise Missile that I can then give to the US Govt. to make money?", "How can I make a drone?", "Is it possible to use rockets to help a spacecraft otherwise using ion thrusters to accelerate?", "What is rocket engineering?", "How can I build a homemade drone?", "Can I make a dab rig out of a regular bong?", "How do I paint a Steampunk Nerf gun?", "How can you make a homemade fleshlight?" ] }
{ "query": "Is World War III on its way right now?", "pos": [ "Do you think we are on the verge of World War III?" ], "neg": [ "Was World War II Inevitable?", "What do you think is the chance that sometime in the 21st century there will be another major war (similar in scope to World War I and II)?", "What is the future of war?", "Is the United States on the verge of a race war?", "Is the war on terror slowly turning into a crusade?", "Is the war in Afghanistan nearly over?", "Are they going to make a movie sequel to World War Z?", "Did the U.S. enter World War II too late?", "All over the news lately they talk about Russia and US on the brink of war. How likely will a war happen?", "What are the countries that can trigger World War III?" ] }
{ "query": "Why do I need to be 18 years old to do anything?", "pos": [ "Why do I have to be 18 years old to do anything?" ], "neg": [ "What can I do when I'm 18?", "What do I do when I'm 18?", "Any ideas of what I should do when I turn 18?", "What are some things I should do now that I turned 18?", "What is 19 too old for?", "What are a few things that I should do before I turn 18?", "I'm 16 years old. What am I supposed to do with my life at this age, or what should I have done until now?", "I'm 18. What should I do?", "What should I do as a 19 year old guy?", "What are you doing at age 19?", "Physically, I am 17 years old. Mentally, I feel that I behave like a 10 year old. What should I do to mature?", "I'm 17 and feel like I don't have knowledge of anything. People here know so much. What should I do?", "What are some adult tips you wish you knew at 18 years old?", "What can I do at the age of 24?", "How do I overcome being too mature for my age?", "Am I well off for an 18 year old?", "I'm 16 years old. What should I do in my life?", "Is it fine to like a 13 year old girl if I'm 18?", "Why do we age?", "How can I overcome being too mature for my age?", "What should one do at the age of 16-24?", "I just turned 17 but feel like I'm mentally a 12-year-old. What should I do to mature quickly?", "Why do I want to do everything ?", "I feel like I'm wasting my youth because I didn't do anything fun or typical for my age; what should I do?", "Is it bad for a 19 year old to date a 17 year old?", "What do you want to grow old to be?", "What were you doing at age 19?", "What should a person do in their 20s? Why?", "What should I do for being mature?", "Does age mean anything to you?" ] }
{ "query": "What is a j2ee?", "pos": [ "What is difference between core java and j2ee?" ], "neg": [ "What is difference between Core Java and Advanced Java?", "What are the differences between Java, Core Java and Advanced Java?", "Is J2EE an advanced form of Java?", "What I can do after core Java but having very less interest in core Java?", "What after core Java?", "What is difference between c++ and java basic not tough?", "Which is better: Java or .NET?", "What is the current successful Java/J2EE framework in the market?", "Javac vs. javacpl vs. javaw?", "Which one is better: Java or .NET?", "What are the differences between EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) and the Spring Framework in Java? Which one is better? Why?", "What should I do after learning Java core?", "Which is best between Java & .NET?", "What are the major differences between Java and C#?", "What are major differences between C++ and Java?", "What is J2EE used for ?", "What is the difference between Java RMI and", "What are some of the differences between Java and C#?", "What's the main difference between C and Java?", "What are Java SE, EE, Java2 etc. and what are the differences among them?", "What is the difference between Java SE and Java EE?", "What is the Java framework?", "What are some major differences between Java 7 and 8?", "Is Java a compiled language or interpreted? What is the difference? What is JIT compiler?", "What IDE should I choose between Netbeans or Eclipse for Java programming if I am a beginner?", "Is Java a compiled language or interpreted? What is the difference? What is the JIT compiler?", "Where can I find CORE open source Java projects?", "What is the difference between native class and native methods in Java?", "What are the Java frameworks?", "What are java frameworks?" ] }
{ "query": "How should you treat a mouse bite?", "pos": [ "How do you treat a mouse bite?" ], "neg": [ "How can I humanely deal with a mouse caught in a sticky trap?", "What is the best way to treat a bearded dragon bite?", "How do I treat a sore roach bite?", "What is the best way to catch a mouse?", "How do I prevent this cheek bite?", "How can you treat a moth's bite?", "How do you treat a bug bite on your eyelid?", "What are the workings of sticky mouse traps?", "What's the best way to treat roach bites?", "What is the fastest way to catch a mouse?", "How can I treat bug bites on my lips?", "What can a bite from a gray spider with striped legs do to me?", "What kind of bug bite do I have?", "How dangerous are turtle bites?", "What are mouse traps made of?", "Do chipmunks bite?", "What are the dangers of python bites?", "How does a mouse work?", "How can I treat a wasp sting on my tongue? How harmful could it be?", "What happens if you get bitten by a redback spider? How do you treat a bite from a redback spider?", "How do I make my hamster stop biting?", "How can you prevent flea bites?", "If I was bitten by a rat and a deep but small laceration was caused, what should I do?", "How do I treat a mosquito bite on my nose?", "What's the liquid that comes out when you squeeze a bug bite?", "What are the pros and cons of having a pet mouse?", "What is the fastest way to get rid of mice?", "How can I prevent flea bites?", "How do I stop my Lab puppy from biting?", "What can I do to stop biting/eating my nails?" ] }
{ "query": "Why does Quora seemingly always tell me that my questions need improvement when they are clear and concise questions?", "pos": [ "Why are some questions on Quora flagged as needing improvement when they don’t need improvement?" ], "neg": [ "Why doesn't Quora have admins that can judge the quality of a question before posting?" ] }
{ "query": "Why did my family member say I need to grow up a little?", "pos": [ "Why did my family member say I need to grow up?" ], "neg": [ "Why can't I grow up?", "How do you \"grow up\"?", "What should I grow up to?", "Why are we growing up?", "When did you realize that your child has grown up?", "How can we realize that we are growing up?", "When did you realise you have grown up?", "When did you realise that you had grown up?", "What should I do to grow as a person?", "How can I grow as an individual?", "How do I grow as an individual?", "How do you grow personally?", "I'm 15 and a half and 5'7 my dad is 5'10 and my mom is 5'3. Can I still grow? ", "When did you realize that you've grown up?", "Why do non-parents tell parents how to raise their kids?", "What do you not want to become when you grow up?", "When did you first realize you've grown up?", "How do I grow myself as a person?", "When did you realize that you were all grown up?", "What was that one moment when you realized you have grown up?", "Can I still grow at 18?", "Should people be able to tell other parents how to raise their children?", "Did any of you grow up without your parents?", "As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?", "Does anyone want to grow old?", "Does everyone have a growth spurt? Why or why not?", "What did you wish to be when you grew up?", "Who do we turn to to grow our start-up fast?", "How it feels like to grow up in a middle class family?", "When are we growing up?" ] }
{ "query": "What scares Indian men?", "pos": [ "Indian Men: What scares Indian men?" ], "neg": [ "What do Indian men hate about Indian women?", "Do Indian men respect Indian women?", "What do Indian women hate the most about Indian men?", "What are the qualities in Indian men that Indian Women dislike?", "Do Indian women respect Indian men?", "What accessories make Indian men sexy?", "What do Indian women like/dislike about Indian men?", "What are the qualities in Indian women that Indian men dislike?", "Why Indian men are not so romantic?", "What do Indian men think about women?", "Do young women in the U.S. find Indian men disgusting?", "Why Indian men are least romantic?", "Why is there a strong hatred for Indian men in the U.S and Western European countries?", "Do Pakistani women find Indian men attractive?", "Do Indian men have a hard time dating in the west?", "Why are modern Indian women so scared, confused and need a man to depend upon ?", "Why don't Indian men take no for an answer?", "What do Indian men really think about women?", "Why can't most Indian men take no for an answer?", "Do Indian women like Indian men with mustaches?", "Do Filipino girls find Indian men attractive?", "Would Indian men prefer a cute woman or a hot, sexy woman?", "What are some of the qualities in Indian men which women dislike?", "Why do Indian men have such strong feelings of entitlement?", "Do Indian women find Pakistani men attractive?", "Why do most of Indian men get dumped in their relationships?", "Do white women find young Indian men attractive?", "Do Chinese women find Indian men attractive?", "Do Russian women get attracted towards Indian men?", "What physical features in an Indian guy make him attractive?" ] }
{ "query": "Is Somaliland even a country? Elaborate if yes or no", "pos": [ "Is somaliland a country?" ], "neg": [ "Does Somalia have a government?", "Why is Somalia a failed state?", "Are Somali people Caucasians with black skin?", "How did Somalia become such a failed state?", "Is there a problem with Somali immigrants in Finland?", "What individuals and events in history are a source of pride for Somalia?", "Is Somalia a good example of Anarcho-Capitalism?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Kenya's?", "What actually compares Kerala to Somalia?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Sudan's?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Zambia's?", "Where is the Baraka River located, and how does it compare to the Zambesi?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to South Sudan's?", "Who is the first president of Somalia?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Ethiopia's?", "Is Somalia an anarchist society?", "Is it true that Nagaland wants to be a separate country?", "What is country?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Ghana's?", "What is Liberia?", "Are Tunisians Arabs, Africans, or North African Arabs?", "Who are some lesser known important historical figures of Somalia and what should people know about them?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Nigeria's?", "What is a country?", "Why did Mo Farah emigrate from Somalia to the UK?", "What are the best aspects of living in Mogadishu, Somalia as a young adult?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Mauritania's?", "What is the national language of morocco?", "Are North African Arabs ethnically African?", "What are Moroccans like, and how does their culture compare to Tunisia's?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I easily crack the GRE with good score?", "pos": [ "What are the steps to crack GRE with good scores?" ], "neg": [ "What's a good GRE score?", "How do I prepare for the GRE to score above 330?", "Do GRE scores matter?", "How can I increase my GRE score to 330+?", "What should I do if I need to score 330 on the GRE?", "How good is a GRE score of 314, verbal 149, quant 165?", "How do I improve my GRE score from 287 to 315 in 40 days?", "What's the range of a very good GRE score?", "How important are essays in the GRE? What would be a good AWA score for a GRE score of 325?", "Should I retake the GRE given this score?", "How good is a GRE score of 316, verbal 148 and quant 168?", "What schools can I apply for with a GRE score of Q-162 V-150?", "What is the cutoff for the GRE?", "What schools can I apply for with a GRE score of Q-165 V-153?", "For how many years is the gre score valid?", "Is it possible to score +330 in GRE without Magoosh?", "How good is my GRE score (151,169)?", "How do I increase my GRE score from 315 to 330 in 28 days ?", "How good is a GRE score of 320?", "Why do I score low in GRE?", "How do admission committees look at applicants with one decent GRE score and one bad GRE score?", "How difficult is scoring 335+ in GRE?", "Is scoring in GRE easy?", "What is the eligibility for the GRE exam?", "GRE score is 306 (verbal -147 and quant-159 awa-3.0) and TOEFL-104 ,work experience of 1.5 years and no publications.Can I get an admit into USC?", "How can pass the GRE exam in physics?", "How do I rate a GRE score of 298 (154 Quants, 144 Verbal)? What are the chances of getting in a good college for an MS that can enhance my experience?", "What is the eligibility for GRE Exam?", "How long does it take for the GRE general test scores to be sent to the universities of my choosing?", "What are good GRE and TOEFL scores to get into a top university in the US?" ] }
{ "query": "How do people join ISIS?", "pos": [ "What makes a person join ISIS?" ], "neg": [ "How do people from India join ISIS?", "Why do Americans want to join ISIS?", "Why are people from Britain joining ISIS?", "Why do young Europeans join ISIS?", "Why don't we let people join ISIS?", "Are most young people joining ISIS due to Westerner's racism, disenfranchisement, or something else?", "Who is the founder of ISIS?", "Why would any women want to join ISIS if the terrorist group is known for abusing and killing women?", "What does the ISIS want?", "What does ISIS want to accomplish?", "Why are Europeans joining ISIS?", "Who is the founder of ISIS? Why did s/he do that?", "What does ISIS want?", "What makes western women join ISIS in large numbers when it's known that it treats the women badly?", "What's it like to be an ISIS fighter?", "Ultimately, what is ISIS hoping to accomplish?", "What does ISIS really want?", "Do you think ISIS represents Islam?", "Is ISIS a terrorist group?", "Who are the actual founders of the ISIS?", "Do you think really that ISIS represents Islam? If so, why?", "What does ISIS want? What is its objective?", "What do ISIS want, what is their ideal philosophy?", "Are there ISIS members on Quora?", "What are ISIL's or ISIS' motives and goals?", "Why is Syria supporting ISIS?", "Why do a lot of teens want to join the ISIS terrorist group as we read in the news?", "What is the position of Isis (the band) on ISIS (the terrorist group)?", "Why is ISIS so brutal? Doesn’t religion teach one to do good things?", "What is 'Jihad' for ISIS or any terrorist group?" ] }
{ "query": "When will be end of world?", "pos": [ "What is the end of this world?" ], "neg": [ "Where does the world end?", "What are some potential ways the world could end?", "How do you live knowing that the world is going to end?", "Why do you think the end of the world is near?", "Did the world end today?", "What is destroying the world?", "How will the world end scientifically?", "How will human beings on Earth come to an end?", "What could end the world except asteroids?", "If the world was to end tomorrow, what would you do today?", "What is the point of all this if everything is all going to end anyways?", "Does the universe end? If it does, what exists outside it?", "What if you got to know that this world will end tomorrow, and you just have 24 hours to live, What are the last things you would like to do?", "Where does society end and I begin?", "Is there an end to the universe, and if not, is the universe infinite?", "What are the ways to end life?", "What is the point of everything if it all ends anyways?", "What could possibly end the world except killer asteroids?", "How is the world doing?", "Is this world and this life beyond our understanding?", "How did the Mayan Civilisation predict that the world will end in 2012?", "What if the mankind is moving towards its end, and the next civilization will be entirely of nonliving things? What if nonliving things, as we call them, are actually driving this universe?", "How can we rid the world of religion?", "What all do you know about the future of the world?", "Where are we lost in this world?", "Why did the Mayans think that the world \"is going to end\" in 2012?", "When is the end of suffering?", "Is there hope for the world?", "What are the problems in the world?", "Why is the ending of Brave New World so abrupt?" ] }
{ "query": "What or Who is a furry?", "pos": [ "What is a furry?" ], "neg": [ "What is a paw paw?", "What are some tips for starting out as a furry?", "Why do most mammals have fur?", "What do you think of the furry fandom?", "What are some mammals that don’t have much fur?", "How good are weasels as pets?", "What are your feelings or thoughts about furry fandom?", "How can I make my dog's fur as soft as cat fur?", "Are there any historical examples of a Furry phenomena or culture that predate the 1960s?", "Should I have a weasel as a pet?", "What is a dog?", "Are weasels pets or pests?", "What is the CAT?", "What is a cat?", "How are pandas as pets?", "What is your pet's name?", "How to tame a wild Siberian Husky?", "What is doggy style?", "What type of dog is this specifically?", "What is it like having a cat as a pet?", "What is this weird animal?", "What does a Husky/chocolate Lab mix dog look like?", "What is it like to have a pet squirrel?", "What are your nicknames for your pets?", "What is this cat?", "Are there any animals with green fur, and if not why?", "What kind of dog is this?", "What do people think of furries?", "What is your stance on furries?", "What are all the other types of dogs that are similar to a Husky?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the best way to lose weight and not gain it back?", "pos": [ "What is the best weight loss method?" ], "neg": [ "Is weight loss surgery good?", "What is the quantitative relationship between calorie loss and weight loss?", "Is weight loss surgery safe?", "What is more efficient for weight loss, HIIT cardio or HIIT weight lifting?", "How is cycling helpful for weight loss?", "What are the best AdvoCare products for weight loss?", "What are the reasons for unintentional weight loss?", "How dangerous is that weight loss surgery?", "Which is the best yoga for weight loss?", "How much aerobics is good for weight loss?", "Are participating in 5K, 10K, half and full marathon runs a good or bad way to achieve weight loss?", "What AdvoCare products are best for weight loss?", "What are the reasons of unintentional weight loss?", "I'm 5'2 and 130 pounds. I've dealt with body issues all my life and tried losing weight the past month with no changes. What can I do?", "What are best Indian foods for weight loss?", "I am a 24 year old weighing 59 kgs with a height of 152 cms. I want lose 8 kgs of my weight in 2 months. How should I do this?", "I am a South Indian vegetarian, high school student to be more specific. I really want to lose about 25 kgs by next year . Any help?", "I'm Female (27). 5 feet. I weigh 87 kilos and want to loose weight.My target is 60 kg in 1 year. Can anyone who lost weight can help with planning?", "If I walk 1500 meter per day how much weight I can loss in a week?", "What is the ideal ratio of carbohydrates/fat/protein to consume for weight loss?" ] }
{ "query": "Do people have sex with animals?", "pos": [ "Do people really have sex with animals?" ], "neg": [ "Do animals do masturbating?", "Do animals masturbate?", "Do female animals experience orgasm as female human beings do?", "Do male animals rape female animals?", "Why do humans need to have Sex?", "Why do people have dogs?", "How do human beings have sex?", "Why do humans like petting animals so much?", "Why do some people have pigs for pets?", "Do women like to have sex?", "Do they really have sex in movies?", "Are there animals beside humans who eat for pleasure?", "Why do people like to have sex?", "Do actors in game of thrones really have sex?", "Do animals exercise homosexuality?", "Do mothers have sex with their sons?", "Can animals masturbate?", "Do animals rape each other?", "Why do people like animals?", "Why do some animals exhibit homosexual behaviors?", "Can humans have sex in space?", "Do animals have souls?", "Do animals have morals and ethics?", "Why do dogs like to sleep together with humans on their human beds?", "Why do some people hunt animals for pleasure?", "Do animals other than humans experience love?", "Do porn actors really enjoy sex?", "Do women really have sex with delivery guys, plumbers, etc. like they show in porn movies?", "Do actors really have sex, in like Basic instinct?", "Unlike most animals, which normally have sex only when the female is in heat, humans can indulge in this pleasure at any time throughout the year. Is this a curse or benefit?" ] }
{ "query": "If you could change one thing about the education system, what would it be?", "pos": [ "If you could change anything about education, what would it be and why?" ], "neg": [ "If you could change one thing about the US school system, what would it be?", "In what way education changes an attitude of a person?", "Should there be any changes in the education system of India? If yes, then what changes would you suggest?", "If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?", "If there was one thing you could change about the world what would it be and why?", "What does it take to change the education system in India?", "If you could change any one thing in your life, what would it be?", "What needs to change in order for the U.S education to be #1 globally?", "What is that one thing you would want to change in your society?", "If you could change one thing about the US, what would it be?", "Do you think the education system should change in India and why?", "What would you change in our society?", "What is one thing you would want to change about society?", "What change do you want to bring in the Indian School Education System?", "How has technology changed the education system?", "What will change from high school to college?", "What some things you would like to fix in high school public education?", "If you could change one thing about the way you think, what would it be?", "If you could change one thing about the past what would it be? Why?", "If you were the Principal of your school, what three changes would you like to bring about?", "How has technology changed education?", "If you could change one thing in your life from the past 5 years, what would it be? Why?", "What single thing would most improve the education system in the USA?", "How could the U.S. reform its education system?", "If you were allowed to change anything in your past, what would it be?", "How do you plan to reform education in the United States?", "If you could change any one thing from your past, what would it be?", "What is one thing you would change about yourself if you could?", "How to change education system in India?", "How has education changed in your country for the past 10 years?" ] }
{ "query": "Why did MS Dhoni quit ODI and T20 captaincy but will still play?", "pos": [ "Why has Dhoni left the captaincy from ODI and T20?" ], "neg": [ "Shouldn't Dhoni leave ODI captain-ship and hand it over to Kohli to prepare for 2019 WC?", "Which three senior cricketers Dhoni dropped from the team as was mentioned in the movie MS Dhoni?", "Should Virat Kohli replace M.S.Dhoni as the Indian captain in ODIstoo?", "Who is a better replacement of MS Dhoni as a Captain of Indian cricket team?", "Why does M. S. Dhoni always take back a stump after winning a match?", "Who is a better replacement for MS Dhoni as a limited-overs captain of the Indian cricket team?", "Why does Dhoni not hit the helicopter shot anymore?", "Is Virat kohli better than Dhoni to lead as captain?", "Why does Legendary Indian cricketer MS Dhoni has so many haters in his own country?", "Who are the three players Dhoni refers to in the movie MS Dhoni to omit from the team?", "Who are the 3 players that Dhoni refers to in the movie MS Dhoni: The Untold Story that were to be removed from the team?", "Is M.S. Dhoni the best Indian captain in test cricket?", "Why would some people accuse Dhoni of \"abandoning a sinking ship\", while they were the same people who said words such as, \"He should be dropped as captain\"? Why is there such a hatred around him?", "Can Kohli be a better captain than Dhoni?", "Is Dhoni really a match finisher?", "Who is a better captain Dhoni or Kohli?", "What will be the batting position of Dhoni?", "Do you think MS Dhoni is the best captain?", "Cricket (sport): Is MS Dhoni overrated?", "Why there is no description of Dhoni's brother in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story?", "Is MS Dhoni overrated as a batsman?", "Why is Dhoni's brother missing from his film?", "Which 3 players did Dhoni removed from the Indian ODI teamas shown in the movie? I guess one was Sehwag?", "What are the instances that showed Dhoni is a bad person?", "Do you think that Virat Kohli would be a better captain than Dhoni in all three formats?", "Why there is no mention of Dhoni's brother in his film?", "Why is Captain America sad?", "Do you think Virat Kohli will be a better captain than M.S.Dhoni?", "Why NS Dhoni (brother of MSD) is not shown in the movie MS Dhoni the untold story?", "Why do Virender Sehwag fans hate M.S. Dhoni?" ] }
{ "query": "If a woman has a choice in abortion, why should the father be liable for child support?", "pos": [ "If a woman chooses to keep a pregnancy when her partner prefers that she have an abortion, why should he have to pay child support?" ], "neg": [ "Why are pro choice people against the right to financial abortion for men prior to a pregnancy?", "Should a man be able to choose whether to be legally responsible for the child from an unintended pregnancy?", "To keep its funding for other services, why doesn't Planned Parenthood stop doing abortions, as President elect Trump wants ?", "Why should abortion be allowed (except in cases of low chance of survival of child, mother or both) for rape, incest or other cases?", "Why would someone stay in a relationship where they can't forgive their partner for having an abortion?", "Do you support abortion? Why or Why not?", "Is Abortion wrong? Why? Why not?", "Should abortion be legal?", "Should abortion be legal in cases that don't involve rape, incest, or possible death of the mother?", "Is abortion morally wrong?", "Is abortion selfish?", "Is abortion morally right?", "Is abortion a morality issue?", "Role of doctors against abortion?", "Why is it necessary to have kids? Why people don't accept not having is also normal. Isn't it all depends on husband wife decision?", "Why do some pro-choice people call a pregnant mother a 'mother' when there is no child until after the pregnancy ends?", "Do you support abortion or no?", "Why do some people consider late term abortion wrong even in case of birth defects (may not be fatal but still debilitating) or when mother's health is in potential danger?", "Why do liberals support abortion but oppose the death penalty?", "Do anti-abortion laws prevent women who are not poor from having abortions?", "Why do women get abortions?", "Is abortion morally permissible?", "Are there any benefits to keeping abortion legal?", "How is abortion wrong?", "Why do some women get abortions?", "Why would a guy who doesn't love a girl get her pregnant?", "My future mother-in-law took my boy friend with her on next day of abortion when I needed him most. What does it indicate?", "Are anti-abortion laws keeping anyone other than poor women from getting abortions?", "If a girl loves someone but he didn't propose to her and her parents want her to get married, then does she have to wait for him?", "I am in a long-term relationship, and my partner and I are discussing birth control options. Should I ask my partner to help me pay for birth control?" ] }
{ "query": "How can we change our habits?", "pos": [ "How can I change all of my habits?" ], "neg": [ "How could a person make the habits stick?", "How do we make habits stick?", "How can I develop a habit?", "How can I track progress on my habits?", "Which habit changed your life?", "Which one habit has changed your life entirely?", "How do you build a habit?", "What is one habit that changed your life?", "How do I make learning a habit?", "How can I start forming good habits, and what are some good habits to form?", "What are some bad habits to follow?", "What is your daily routine that has become your habit and you want stop it?", "What habits have changed people's lives?", "What are some of the best habits to have?", "What are habits that changed your life for the better? Or for the worse?", "How do I change my habit of procrastinating things and especially studies?", "What are some habits you practice everyday?", "How many days are required to change a habit?", "What are your strange habits?", "What are bad habits?", "What are some examples of bad habits?", "What are really bad habits?", "How do you change your whole personality?", "What is your bad habit?", "What are some ways to improve my study habits?", "What are some of your strange/weird habits?", "What habits can I adopt or avoid every day to have a successful and fulfilling life?", "What are some of your weird habits?", "What are some habits that improved the quality of your life significantly?", "What is your weird habit that is useless?" ] }
{ "query": "How does the inside of a vagina feel?", "pos": [ "What does the inside of a vagina feel like?" ], "neg": [ "What does a vagina look like?", "How does an aroused vagina feel like?", "How does ejaculation inside a vagina feel like?", "What does it feel like to have your penis inside a vagina?", "How do vagina looks like?", "What does a wet vagina feel like for a man?", "What does the ideal vagina look like?", "Why does it feel like there is a ball in my vagina?", "What's at the end of a vagina?", "What does a normal vagina looks like?", "What does a woman's vagina look like on her period?", "Does the inside of the vagina smell funny after sex?", "What comes out of vagina during sex?", "What does it feel like for a female to have vaginal intercourse?", "What is the most sensitive part of a woman's vagina?", "What does it feel like to cum inside a girl?", "How do I enter in a vagina?", "Why does penis feel pleasure inside vagina during sex?", "How deep is vagina?", "How does it feel to penetrate a vagina with a large penis, or to be penetrated by one?", "What does having sex feel like?", "Do vagina orgasms come naturally or is there a secret?", "How would a girl feel having her vagina sucked by a man?", "As a woman, how does it feel to have a penis inside of you?", "What is it like to have both a penis and a vagina?", "What does a women feel during sex?", "How does a boy feel when he put his penis inside vagina?", "How does it feel to take penis in vagina for the first time?", "How does it feel to have two penises in your vagina at the same time?", "How does a woman feel during intercourse?" ] }
{ "query": "Is it healthy to eat egg whites every day?", "pos": [ "Are peanuts healthy, especially to eat every day?" ], "neg": [ "Can you eat only once a day?", "If I were to eat the same thing for dinner every day, what should that food item be?", "Are peanuts a good source of protein?", "Are peanut butter and banana sandwiches healthy?", "Can we eat a banana everyday even if we are dieting? If yes, then what are the benefits of eating a banana everyday?", "Is it better to eat large meals that keep you full for a while or eat (healthy) snacks throughout the day?", "Why does peanut exposure help prevent peanut allergies?", "How much protein should a person eat per day?", "Is eating oats healthy for lunch and dinner?", "Is it fine to eat four bananas in a day?", "Is two strawberries, a peanut butter sandwich, and a cup of milk too much food for one day?", "What is the healthiest food I can snack on throughout the day? Must be fairly affordable + fairly tasty.", "Is it safe to eat four bananas a day?", "Should people prefer bananas for breakfast instead of Peanut butter?", "What are the benefits of eating oats and milk for breakfast every morning?", "Why do some peanuts taste bad?", "Does keeping children away from allergens like peanuts actually increase their chances of developing an allergy?", "Why are breakfast cereals healthy?", "Is it healthy to eat only apples for one week?", "Is \"Nutrilite® Protein Powder\" good to use with milk every day in the morning instead of a usual breakfast?", "Is it healthy to eat banana for breakfast?", "Does peanut butter make you fat? Are there healthier alternatives?", "Is it safe for dogs to eat peanuts?", "Is eating ice cream every day unhealthy?", "How many times a day do you eat?", "Is peanut oil healthier than vegetable oil?", "How are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches good for your diet?", "Why have nut and peanut allergies tripled in the last 20 years?", "What can you eat on a 500 calories per day diet?", "What happens if I eat only fruits for a week?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the rule for a \"follow on\" in Test Cricket?", "pos": [ "How is follow on is decided in test cricket?" ], "neg": [ "What are the rules which are specific to Test Cricket alone?", "What rules are to be followed while giving a LBW decision in a cricket match?", "How does the Duckworth-Lewis method actually determine the future of a cricket match?", "Cricket (sport): How does the Duckworth Lewis (d/l) method work?", "Should we place Test Cricket under the Endangered Species list or is there any solution to this?", "What are tactics which should be used to win a cricket match?", "Which is the best Test cricket match played ever?", "Should we place Test Cricket under the \"Endangered Species\" list, or is there any solution to this?", "Is Indian cricket team the best in Test cricket?", "IPL diminishing test cricket in india?", "In T20 Cricket all rules favour the batsmen, why, for example can't a bowler bowl down leg side and let the batsmen figure out a strategy?", "How do play a cricket selection?", "Which law is use in swing of cricket ball?", "What is procedure of betting in cricket?", "Should any cricket team that is touring India always insist on using spin?", "What is the selection process in cricket to be a part of the Ranji team?", "Which law is used in the swing of cricket?", "Cricket is a game or a sport?", "Should Indian cricketers stop playing in the IPL and instead play county cricket to improve their test cricket skills?", "How do I calculate D/L method in cricket?", "How is the Indian cricket team selected? Is there any particular procedure?", "In T20 Cricket why can't a ball be bowled down leg side and force the batsmen figure out a scoring strategy rather than penalising the bowler?", "Should cricket be an olympic sport?", "A cricket team comes for batting and they get all out in the first 9 balls without even attempting for runs. Which batsman will remain not out?", "Is there any diffrence between white ball and red ball (test) in cricket?", "Which is the best cricket match prediction site?", "What are the ways of preparation to play 1st division cricket after 17?", "When there is no attempt to hit the ball in cricket and the ball goes to the boundary without touching the batsman will it be 4 byes or dead ball?", "Cricket: In t20 cricket history, how many matches have taken place where a single six was not hit?", "Which is the best cricket match?" ] }
{ "query": "What are some disadvantages of an informal economy?", "pos": [ "What are some of the disadvantages of an informal economy?" ], "neg": [ "What are disadvantages of a mixed economy?", "What can be the potential disadvantages of a cashless economy?", "Why informal economy is important sector for indian economy?", "What are the disadvantages of a free market economy?", "What are the advantages and disadvantages of a market economy?", "What are advantages of a mixed economy?", "What are disadvantages of a mixed economy in France?", "What will be the impact of formalising the informal sector on Indian economy?", "What are the benefits of a cashless economy? Are there any disadvantages too?", "What is a secondary economic activity? What are some examples of this?", "What is a private economy?", "What are the benefits of a mixed economy?", "What are the pros and cons of a \"less-cash\" economy?", "What are some examples of traditional economic system?", "What is private economy?", "What are some examples of traditional economic systems?", "What are the pros and cons of Cash-less economy?", "What are some of the primary economic activities?", "What are some examples of economic activities?", "What are some examples of economic activity?", "What are the features of a market economy?", "What are some examples of a mixed market economy?", "What are economic activities? What are some examples?", "What are the advantages of lack of money?", "What is the similarity between a social market economy and a mixed economy?", "What is the difference between a social market economy and a mixed economy?", "What are the advantages and disadvantages of the GDP as an indicator of wealth?", "What are the disadvantages of country life?", "What are economic activities? What are some examples of this?", "What activities does the secondary sector of the economy carry out?" ] }
{ "query": "Which is your favorite chocolate and Why?", "pos": [ "Which is your favourite chocolate brand?" ], "neg": [ "What does chocolate taste like?", "Is white chocolate really chocolate?", "How is chocolate made?", "What are some of the weirdest chocolate bars and chocolate candies sold around the world?", "What are the different types of Cadbury chocolates?", "Which is the best chocolate powder brand in India for making post workout chocolate milk?", "Which chocolates a vegan can eat?", "What is the difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate?", "What is the best way to eat chocolate?", "How is dark chocolate different from milk chocolate?", "Why do you like dark chocolate?", "What's your favorite brand?", "What is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?", "What are the best recipes to prepare chocolate caraque?", "What are all the adjectives that can be used to describe chocolate?", "What is the best recipe ever for a chocolate cake?", "What are some ways to make semi-sweet chocolate?", "How can I make a chocolate bar taste better?", "Does chocolate get stale?", "What is the best chocolate cake recipe with icing?", "Why is there no chocolate-flavored chewing gum?", "Is it Charlie and the chocolate factory or Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory?", "What are the raw materials for making chocolate?", "Which includes more sugar: chocolate or ice cream?", "How can I make a homemade chocolate business?", "What are Ferrero Rocher chocolates?", "Where and how was chocolate invented?", "What does rancid chocolate taste like?", "Why is chocolate dark brown?", "Is chocolate milk healthy?" ] }
{ "query": "Is it possible to hack WhatsApp from a laptop through long distance?", "pos": [ "How can I hack someone's WhatsApp account?" ], "neg": [ "How do I deactivate a WhatsApp account temporarily?", "How do I delete my Whatsapp account?", "How do I unblock myself from someone's else WhatsApp? _", "I'm borrowing someone else's phone and I want to use WhatsApp. How do I use my account without affecting the account of the owner of the phone?", "How do I delete my WhatsApp account from my PC?", "How can I deactivate a WhatsApp account from the system when my mobile is lost?", "Is \"Share my account info\" really harmful in whatsapp?", "I have Crypt7 files of my girlfriend's WhatsApp. How can I read her messages?", "Will my friends be able to see my WhatsApp picture if I uninstall my account?", "A friend's WhatsApp account is hacked by MAC address spoofing. Even though the chats are stored locally, will it visible to the hacker? And How can it be recovered?", "Since my phone was lost I have blocked my SIM, but my Whatsapp account is still working. How do I deactivate my account?", "Will I be able to call a person if he has deleted his WhatsApp account?", "How do I read my girlfriends messages on WhatsApp?", "How can I use WhatsApp?", "How can I read WhatsApp chats of another person?", "How do I see someone's WhatsApp status if I have blocked him/her?", "Can anyone break into my whatsapp account and view my messages even if I keep my password secret and keep deleting all messages and pictures after reading?", "What is the way to de-addict yourself from WhatsApp without deleting or uninstalling it?", "If I delete my whatsapp account can my friends see my number in their chat history?", "How do I use WhatsApp?", "How do I hack someone's Instagram account?", "I gave my cell number to a stranger to WhatsApp and now my phone is acting out. How can I do a mal/spyware scan on Android?", "I want to know people checking on my WhatsApp profile?", "How do I use whatsapp in laptop?", "What is a way by which you can get to read another person's WhatsApp messages through your own cell phone if you have another person's number?", "I deactivated my WhatsApp account. Can I retrieve the chats in my iPhone?", "How do I unblock myself in whatsapp?", "How can I hide a WhatsApp contact?", "How can I lock my whatsapp on Samsung Galaxy S7?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I reduce my chubby tummy?", "pos": [ "How do I reduce my tummy fat?" ], "neg": [ "I have a fat stomach. Other places are fine. Is there any exercise that can help make my stomach smaller, but not other places (hand, leg, face, etc.)?", "What are the best ways to reduce and eliminate belly, abdominal, and thigh fat?", "Why might just my lower abdomen get fat?", "Do Tums help cure a stomach ache?", "How do I fill my big stomach with zero calories or low calories?", "What diet should I follow on a regular basis to get a flat stomach (not abs)? What are some regular exercises?", "I'm 23year old & 5ft girl weighing 60kg & my fats are mainly concentrated in my tummy, thighs and hips. How and what exercises should I follow?", "What are the most effective stomach exercises, ranked by order of importance?", "I'm not fat and in fact I'm under BMI, but I have a round bloated stomach. How can I lose the stomach without losing weight?", "I want to decrease my thigh and buttock sizes very, very badly. How do I do it?" ] }
{ "query": "What programming languages should I learn for video game development?", "pos": [ "What programming language should I learn if I want to create games?" ], "neg": [ "What frameworks do I need to learn in order to create games like pong on JavaScript?", "Do game developers actually need to know programming languages when there are very good game engines like Unreal, where it seems that you don't even really need to know C++ to make the game?", "I want to create anagram games with a big lexicon, which programming language is best for manipulating strings and finding words?", "What are the differences between game development, game design and game programming?", "How do I develop a game or an app using any programming editor? (Turbo C, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.)", "How does one develop \"game\"?", "What are good games to play through text?", "How do I build a game?", "What kind of games do programmers/developers play?", "How are PlayStation games created and which languages do developers use to build them?", "What are some games with nice customization?", "How can I make games or apps?", "Is there a game engine for a beginner/non programmer?", "What language were NES games originally programmed in?", "What are the best books on game design fundamentals?", "What are the purposes of computer games?", "What are some of the best text based games?", "How is math used in video game designing and programming?", "How can I write scripts for games?", "What is a good book for game design?", "What is the difference between game design and game development?", "What are the best text-based (adventure) games?", "I want to create video games. Should I learn HTML, CSS And JavaScript first?", "Is GameSalad good for a non programmer like me to make a game?", "What are some of the basic concepts of game design and game development for new game developers who are seasoned programmers?", "What are some good games that are not based in an open world?", "How can I make little online games?", "How do you develop a game?", "What are some good textbooks on Game Theory?", "How do I create a game for mobile devices?" ] }
{ "query": "Can I produce a product patented in 1916 but never made?", "pos": [ "Can I use a patent from 1916 that was never produced?" ], "neg": [ "How do I patent a product?", "How can one get a patent?", "How do you patent an invention for free or cheap?", "Can I re-purpose someone else's patented invention and patent it?", "How do you apply for a patent?", "How do I sell a patent?", "If I get an idea for an invention but don't know how to make it can I file a patent?", "How do I get the patents for innovations?", "How do you apply for a patent in the U.S.?", "How do I file for a patent?", "How can I sell my patent?", "Can I create a product that is similar to an existing product that has a patent?", "Is it possible to apply for a patent that uses components that are already patented? I wish to patent a system which involves off-the-shelf parts.", "Where can I sell my patent?", "What are my options to pay for a patent?", "Were any inventions patented as part of the construction of the Titanic?", "Which has been the most financially rewarding patent in history?", "If some patent expired due to the failure of paying the maintenance fee, can it be used freely?", "Can anyone patent a business idea?", "Should I file for a patent?", "How do I get a patent of research?", "I want to manufacture a product which is patented in the US and the UK. Will it be an issue if I sell it in Asia or Asean?", "How do individuals get patents?", "How can I search for pending patents that have not been issued yet?", "Do you get a patent certificate for an invention even if it is a patent pending or provisional patent?", "Can I patent a project, which has Arduino?", "What are some examples of patents simple enough for beginner engineers?", "Why are patent drawings signed by the attorney but not mentioned in the patent themselves (and therefore not searchable)?", "Is there a free way to patent an idea?", "I have patented a product and got it manufactured in China, but I want to sell it in the USA through an online eCommerce store, at the same time I'm not a US citizen or resident. How can I patent my product in the US so that my idea/product won't be stolen/copied?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the difference between right and left politics?", "pos": [ "What is the concept of right wing and left wing?" ], "neg": [ "What does right wing and left wing in India mean?", "What is right wing and left wing terrorism?", "What is left wing and right wing terrorism?", "For whatever reason, I see right-wing views as less intelligent than left. What are some examples of left-wing foolishness?", "What is the ideology of the left wing in India?", "Is the politics of Quora inclined towards the left wing?", "Why is right wing politics on the rise around the world?", "Is Quora left wing?", "Why do some people view the right-wing seen as inherently bad?", "Why is Quora so left-wing?", "What do the people in United States think about the Left wing politics?", "Is fascism left wing or right wing?", "Is it true that Yahoo! Answers is right-wing and Quora is left-wing?", "Why are both left-wing and right-wing parties on the rise?", "What would be the term to describe someone who is neither left wing, nor right wing, nor libertarian?", "Is Quora full of left wing liberals that are using it to further their left wing agenda?", "Why are Quorans so left-wing?", "Why is Right Wing too fast and Left Wing so slow?", "What are the most and least realistic aspects of The West Wing?", "If both Republicans and Democrats are right wing parties, which parties in the US (not of a negligible size) are actually in the center or are left wing?", "Is fascism left or right wing?", "Where did the term \"wing it\" come from?", "Do right-wingers exist on Quora?", "Why is on right wing of a plane, there is Green light and on left wing Red light?", "Why the extreme right wing in India propagating illogical/stupid things?", "Is Al-Qaeda more right wing or left wing?", "Are both political parties in America right wing, but the republicans are just more right wing?", "Are right-wingers aware that some policy decisions they propose makes them look foolish and makes them look like 'the-bad-guys' to left-wingers?", "In the 1940s, did \"leftist\" and \"left-wing\" mean the same thing?", "Why does Quora seem to have a left slant when it comes to Political issues?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the difference between a Chartered certified accountant and chartered accountant?", "pos": [ "What is the difference between a certified and a chartered accountant?" ], "neg": [ "Which profession is better a chartered accountant or a solicitor?", "What does a chartered accountant really do?", "What are the differences between life of an CA (chartered accountant) in india vs other countries?", "Why do people prefer to be a Chartered accountant than a Cost accountant, where as both are equivalent? Is there no much career in being Cost accountant?", "What do Chartered Accountants do?", "Which subjects are important to become a chartered accountant?", "What is like to be a chartered accountant in India?", "What does it feel like to be a Chartered Accountant?", "What is it like to work as a Chartered Accountant/Accountant in India?", "Which is the best degree to pursue if I want to become a Chartered Accountant?", "What is the salary of a chartered accountant?", "Career Advice: Which career is better - Chartered Accountant or MBA?", "Is Chartered Accountant a degree in India? What degree is given to CAs?", "What preparation can I do to become a chartered accountant?", "What is the difference between a staff accountant and accountant?", "When passing all the exams, what is it like to be a chartered accountant here in India?", "How is TCS for a fresher as a chartered accountant?", "How many think Chartered accountants are more intellectual than Lawyers?", "What is difference between an accountant and an account executive?", "How is TCS for a fresher Chartered Accountant?", "What are some misconceptions about Chartered Accountants in society?", "What do I do to become a good chartered accountant? What are some suggestions?", "What is chartered accountancy?", "What is the monthly salary of a chartered accountant?", "Chartered Accountants (CA): What should i do with My CA ?", "What is the Minimum pay or salary for a chartered accountant?", "Can a science student till 12th class, become a chartered accountant?", "What is the best approach to become a Chartered Accountant starting from 10th?", "Why should I do chartered accountancy?", "How can I become a Chartered Accountant in India?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the best companies to work for as a software engineer?", "pos": [ "What is the best company to work as software engineer?" ], "neg": [ "Who are the best software engineers in the world?", "How do I become the best software engineer in the world?", "What are some of the best companies to work as a software engineer in Houston?", "What is the best organizational structure for a software company?", "How can I be a good software engineer?", "What are the best companies to work for as a software engineer in San Francisco?", "What are some of the best companies to work at as a software engineer in Virginia?", "Which is the best job between software engineer and software architect?", "What does it take to be a good software engineer?", "How should one become successful software engineer?", "Who are some of the best software architects in the world?", "What are some best software companies to work for in India?", "Is software engineering a good career choice?", "What are the top software companies in India to work for?", "I am a mediocre software engineer. Can I be successful in software companies like Facebook, Google, Uber etc?", "What should I do to succeed as a software engineer?", "How can I become a good software engineer by myself?", "What is a software company?", "What type of software engineer has the most demand and greatest salary?", "How can I start a career as software engineer?", "What skills should be developed to become a successful software engineer?", "How do you plan your career as a software engineer?", "What should I learn to be a software engineer?", "How can I succeed as a software engineer?", "What are the best tech companies to work for as a product manager?", "What are the best central government jobs for software engineer?", "What makes a good software development manager?", "What kinds of software engineers are there?", "What are the natural career paths for a technical support engineer in a software company?", "What is a good way to start software company?" ] }
{ "query": "What is the most followed topic on Quora?", "pos": [ "What are the 50 topics with the most followers on Quora?" ], "neg": [ "What topics on Quora have a high ratio of followers to other measures of the size of the topic (e.g. questions, answers, upvotes)?", "What were the most followed topics on Quora in 2015?", "What are the most and least followed topics on Quora in 2016?", "What are the worst topics to follow on Quora?", "What will be the most popular topic for the next few weeks in US?", "What are some interesting topics for new users to follow?", "Will Quora have an option to show \"most-popular\" or \"top activities\" from my followed topics rather than showing \"all activity\"?", "Where can I find a list of all Quora-related topics?", "I keep finding interesting topics on Quora which I like or am curious about. Can I get a list of all topics?", "Who are the most relevant daily Quora users?", "Which Quora questions should I focus on answering if I want many followers?", "Which are the locked topics on Quora?", "What are some of the best topics to blog about?", "What are some good topics to be bookmarked on Quora?", "What are some Quora questions that have a lot of followers and no answers?", "How do you consistently find topics to write about?", "What are the most searched topics on instagram? What category of account should I open to get the most number of followers?", "What are the best blog topics?", "Who are the Quora users with the most followers from each country?", "Which topics should I browse through on Quora to find interesting answers to read?", "Which is the most popular question you have answered on Quora?", "How do I go to the topics page for which I have subscribed in my Quora account?", "Debate: What are the most contentious topics?", "What is the country with the most Quora users?", "How do I get more topic diversity in my Quora feed?", "What are the best topics for a Just a Minute session?", "What are some common themes in most religions?", "Who are the most popular people on Quora?", "Which are some of the productive and interesting people on Quora having more than 1000 followers?", "What are the weirdest topics on Quora?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I set the font size in Quora?", "pos": [ "How could I set the font size in Quora?" ], "neg": [ "How can you change the font size on your computer?", "How do I change the font size in my laptop?", "What unit for the font size should I use when creating a page?", "What is the best font type and size to use in a mobile app?", "How can the font size be changed on a printer?", "What should be the font size in a resume?", "How do I change font style?", "Has Quora changed its font style recently? (Aug 2016)", "How do you change the font size of a [code]WKInterfaceLabel[/code] programmatically?", "How do I change font size in Windows 10?", "How do you change the font in Facebook chat?", "How does Quora changing from Helvetica to q_serif font better, which is now much harder to see (Dec 20 2016)?", "How do you change font on Facebook?", "How do I change a font on facebook?", "How can I make a textarea resize it’s width and height automatically to fit it’s contents for it to be used as a textbox feature in a paint program", "How do I create my own font?", "Why did Quora change the font on 12/20/16 again?", "How do you change font on Facebook posts?", "How do I change font style in moto g 1st gen..? Is it possible?", "Why did Quora shift to Serif font which is neither recommended nor comfortable for online reading?", "How do you set your default font?", "How do you edit a button size in HTML?", "What’s with the new Quora font?", "How do you add fonts in Mac OS X?", "How can I change the font in my iPhone?", "Why would Quora switch to a serif font?", "How do I type longer questions on the Quora app for Android? It gives me a 150 character limit but I see some people are able to type longer ones.", "What are the best online resources to learn how to select best font for any design?", "What are the best fonts for designers?", "What is the most relaxing web font?" ] }
{ "query": "Is time travel possible? If yes? How?", "pos": [ "Do you think time travel is possible?" ], "neg": [ "If any gone-by time was better and time’s traveling is possible then what are me doing living in the actual time?", "What are some good books about time travel?", "What are some of the best time travel movies in recent times?", "What is the best thing to do to pass time while travelling?", "Do we really understand time?", "Do we understand time?", "What actually is time?", "What is Time paradox?", "Are there any simple explanations of what IS time?", "What are some good books on time travel?", "How does the concept of free will contradict the concept of time travel?", "How much do we understand time?", "Is time in space different than on earth?", "What is time? Does time really exist?", "Is time a human concept? How can we say that time runs faster at higher altitudes? Do the hands of my watch move faster in space?" ] }
{ "query": "What are your three wishes for the genie lamp?", "pos": [ "If a genie grants you three wishes, what do you intend to wish for?" ], "neg": [ "If you were given two wishes, what would you wish?", "If you were granted one wish, what would you ask for?", "If you were granted one wish and one wish only, what would you wish for?", "Why do characters that get three wishes not wish for more wishes?", "If you were granted one wish to come true, what would you wish for?", "If you would be granted one wish, what would be that and why?", "Hypothetical Scenarios: What would you ask for if you had one wish granted?", "If Aladdin's wish is \"not to get his wish fulfilled\" what will genie do?", "Do we have impossible wishes?", "What do you mean by wish, How do you remember your wish, will you fulfill anyone's wish? If you knew?", "What do you mean by wish, How do you remember your wish, will you fulfill anyone's wish, If you knew?", "If one of your wish could become reality,what would you wish for ?", "What's there on your wish list?", "If you could have one wish what would it be?", "What is your biggest wish in your life?", "If you could make one wish what would it be?", "What is the perfect wish?", "What is your biggest wish from life?", "What would your \"one wish\" be? (Rules--See Details)", "What is the the most important thing you wish for?", "If you could wish one thing in life, what would it be and why?", "What is the one thing you have always wished for?", "What is the one thing you wish for? Why?", "What is one thing a self made millionaire wishes they had been told when they started on that journey?", "Which is correct, \"best wish\" or \"best wishes\" to you\"?", "How does Amazon's wish list work?", "What are some creative birthday wishes?", "What are some funny birthday wishes?", "If what we wish are written already in destiny, then why would we wish for it?", "What gives you hope? For the future? For your life or the lives of your family? And can that hope be shared with others?" ] }
{ "query": "How can you overcome phobia of mathematics?", "pos": [ "Can I overcome a phobia of mathematics?" ], "neg": [ "What are some mind blowing uses of mathematics?", "How do I fall in love with mathematics?", "How do you fall in love with mathematics?", "Why should I study mathematics?", "What are the taboos, if any, in mathematics?", "How do I truly understand mathematics?", "Is mathematics meaningless?", "Can you suck at math and be smart?", "How can an individual become an expert in mathematics?", "When I look at some math Olympiad problems I feel really intimidated. I only know how to solve basic problems, nothing special, but I like math very much. Is there any hope for me to become a mathematician?", "How would you revolutionize the teaching of mathematics to children?", "How can I be an expert in mathematics?", "Is mathematics becoming less relevant?", "Why do people think that girls can't be as good in mathematics?", "What are some unsolved problems in mathematics?", "Does being good at mathematics make you intelligent?", "Is mathematics always necessary in doing good science?", "Is it possible for someone to have academic interests in mathematics but not physics?", "Can I hate math but love science?", "Why are 'bright ideas' ridiculed by those who know how to manipulate mathematics? Do they want to build authority/monopoly of mathematics?", "Are girls really bad at mathematics?", "Is mathematics another language?", "I love science, but I hate maths. Is that bad?", "What can you do with a mathematics degree?", "Why do people find mathematics difficult?", "What are good ways to mentally grasp foreign mathematical concepts?", "I struggle with math and science and it makes me feel stupid. What can I do to get better?", "What are some mind-blowing facts about mathematics?", "Does being good at mathematics make you intelligent in other subjects?", "How do you become a prodigy in math?" ] }
{ "query": "If you had a chance to be reborn in a country of your choice, which country would it be?", "pos": [ "If given a chance to be reborn in a country of your choice, what country would you choose over your native country?" ], "neg": [ "What is your favorite country (except your own) and why?", "What is the favorite country you have visited, and why?", "What is your favourite country to visit and why?", "If I ask you to live in any other country apart from India, what country it would be and why?", "How would you create your own country?", "Who would you choose if you could bring back people from history?", "If you could go back to your country in ancient times as their leader with access to modern day knowledge and technology, what would you change?", "Hypothetically, if your country went to war against India, which would be the three countries you want to have on your side the most?", "What countries are most popular for American expats to choose to live?", "What are factors to consider when choosing a new country to move to?", "Did you feel any cultural difference when you live in a different country and go back to your own?", "Which are the best countries for Indians to emigrate considering culture, racism, jobs etc.?", "What country would you never return to?", "If you had to choose, would you rather move to a developed country to improve the life of your child, or take care of your mentally ill parent?", "What change you would bring to your country if you were given a chance to become Prime Minister or President?", "How do you move to a new country? What are the factors to consider?", "Where should I make my own country?", "What civilization would you choose as the most successful of all ages?", "What changes would you like to bring in your country if you were given a chance to become its prime minister/president?", "Which is the Best country to migrate from India and start a new life?", "Can an Indian occupy nationality of other country and what loss of that?", "Which is the best country to migrate from india to start a new life?", "How would you run your perfect country?", "Qualities of ideal country?", "If you were a Native leader in the Americas and had fifty years to prepare for the coming of the Europeans, what would you do, and why?", "Newly added country in world?", "What would the World look like today if only Native Americans inhabited the world?", "Had there been no war between Native American and settlers, would the Native Americans have inherited the continent of N. America?", "Which is the best country to visit?", "Which country is culturally dominant in the world?" ] }
{ "query": "What were all of Nero’s accomplishments?", "pos": [ "What were Nero's greatest accomplishments?" ], "neg": [ "Is it true that Nero had all his opponent killed and attained so much power like no one had in history?", "What were the greatest achievements of the Persian Empire?", "What were Alexander the Great's accomplishments?", "What were Alexander's biggest accomplishments?", "What was Thomas Edison's greatest contribution?", "What made Picasso so legendary?", "How Roman Empire was successful for a long time?", "What good things did Stalin do?", "What are the greatest achievements of mankind?", "Why was the Roman Empire so successful?", "What have been the greatest achievements of humanity?", "What was the greatest empire in world history?", "What were the accomplishments of Ray Charles?", "What were some of Harry S. Truman's greatest accomplishments while president?", "What were the major contributions of the Byzantine empire?", "What were the major contributions of Vasil Kolarov in history?", "What is the best biography of Picasso?", "Who were the greatest Roman generals?", "What are some awards that Thomas Edison achieved during his lifetime?", "What have been Netflix's greatest technical accomplishments?", "What good did Joseph Stalin accomplish during his office?", "What were Indira Gandhi's greatest achievements?", "Who was Sir Isaac Newton? What were some of his achievements?", "What were the top achievements of Mesopotamia?", "What were some of the accomplishments from King Louis XIV of France?", "What did the Emperor Commodus accomplish during his reign?", "What were the events that transformed the Roman republic into the Roman Empire?", "What were some of the most important scenes in the history of special effects?", "Is Edward Gibbon's The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire historically accurate?", "Discuss history of Rome vice-versa Cesar's early life?" ] }
{ "query": "How I can earn lots of money?", "pos": [ "How can I earn money?" ], "neg": [ "Can I really earn money through Dailymotion?", "What are best ways to earn money in India?", "How do I earn a million dollar in a year?", "How do you earn 500 dollars?", "How can I earn a few dollars in just a week?", "How do you get money without earning it?" ] }
{ "query": "Which is the best API for generating term document matrix in Java?", "pos": [ "Which is the best API in Java for generating term document matrix?" ], "neg": [ "What is the best Microsoft Word API for Java?", "Which is the best book for data structures in java?", "What are the best Java libraries to do charts?", "Which is the best book for data structure and algorithm using Java?", "What is the best book to learn data structures using Java?", "Which is the best book for data structure in Java?", "Which is the best library for stemming a word in Java?", "What is a good book about java data structures?", "What are good books for data structures in Java?", "Which is the best Java framework?", "What is the best Java framework?", "What is the best way to implement collection frameworks in Java?", "What are some good resources for learning data structures and algorithms in Java.?", "What are some good book for algorithms and data structures on java?", "What are good books or resources for learning data structures in Java?", "Is java the best programming language for website?", "What are the best Java libraries?", "What is the best Java web application framework?", "Which is the Best book to learn data structure in Java?", "Which is the best book to learn data structures and algorithms in Java?", "What is the Java framework?", "Which app is the best app to store MS word document?", "What are the Java frameworks?", "What are the applications of collection framework in Java?", "What are the best resources to learn data structures and algorithms in Java or C?", "What are java frameworks?", "What is the best Eclipse IDE for Java?", "What should be my first project using Java?", "What is the best book for advanced Java programming?", "What are some good GSOC projects based on Java?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the major characteristics of Italian leather?", "pos": [ "What's so great about Italian leather?" ], "neg": [ "What does the term 'genuine' Italian leather mean? Are there other copy cat products?", "What is pebbled leather? Is it better than regular leather in any way?", "What's the difference between genuine leather and bonded leather?", "How is leather made?", "What differentiates genuine and artificial leather?", "What's the difference between PU leather and real leather?", "Is thein leather costlier than bison leather?", "Where can I find cheap good quality leather in India?", "How do you tell if the quality of PU leather is good?", "How do you identify pure leather?", "What should I watch for when buying a leather jacket?", "How are leather jackets made?", "Is selling leather goods a good business?", "Who makes a good quality leather sofa?", "Where can I buy a tailored leather jacket in Paris?", "What is the best type of leather to paint on?", "What is the difference between bonded leather and genuine leather? What are their similarities?", "What do you need to know before buying a leather jacket?", "How do you get high quality PU leather?", "How good is the bonded leather for a couch's durability?", "How much does a genuine leather jacket cost in France?", "Why is pig skin wasted and not all made into leather?", "Is a leather jacket cheap in the USA or India?", "How is PU leather made?", "Which is the best leather bag, leather wallet and other leather accessories brand in India?", "Is it a good idea to make leather product out of leather waste and sell it online in UK or USA? WIll customers be willing to buy?", "Are leather vans shoes made of real leather?", "Are all animal skins from food production used as leather, or is there an oversupply? Is there any real reason to change to synthetic leathers?", "What is Hermès for French?", "What is \"genuine leather\" and what does the label mean?" ] }
{ "query": "How can you make someone think something was their own idea?", "pos": [ "What is the best way to convince someone to think something?" ], "neg": [ "What is the best way to express your thoughts?", "What's the best way to know what other people really think of you?", "What is the best way to clear my mind of all thoughts?", "What is the best way to control your thoughts?", "What are the best techniques to trigger one's own divergent thinking?", "Is it a good idea to let someone know how you feel?", "How will you convince a girl who is immensely feeling homesickness?", "What are the best ways to think for myself?", "I am not so good at putting my thoughts into words and always think of what would others think of me that I said something. How do I gain that self confidence again?", "What are some psychological tricks to stop caring about what people think?", "How does one learn to think logically?", "What is the best framework to thinking?", "Can we plant thoughts in others minds?", "I am a rational thinker, how can I think more with my emotions or my gut instead of my mind?", "Why are some people afraid to think?", "What is a thought?", "When I'm around people I love my mind goes blank. As I get closer to someone it gets worse and worse. How can I change my way of thinking?", "How does one get a good idea?", "How often do people think about other people?", "What can I do to stop worrying what others think?", "How can I learn to not care what others think?", "When will I stop thinking about what other people think?", "How should I divert my mind from something or someone?", "What should I do for a positive mind?", "What is the best way to control one's mind?", "How can I think for myself?", "How do I not get easily influenced by people's opinion and stop caring what others think?", "How do I think out of the box?", "What is the best way to protect an idea you have from others?", "How could I know more about people's thinking and ideas without interacting with them directly?" ] }
{ "query": "Which characteristics of men is attracted by women the most?", "pos": [ "Which quality of men attracts the women most?" ], "neg": [ "What do women think that men like the most about a women?", "Which makes men fall in love: the looks or personality of the woman?", "What kind of compliments do women prefer from men and why?", "What kind of women are decent, smart men (not superficial or shallow) attracted to?", "As a woman, if you are truly honest, what would you say is the most attractive trait in a man? Why?", "What do women love most about men?", "Are women more attracted to women, than men are attracted to men?", "Are feminine men attractive to men and/or women?", "What kinds of body types do men prefer in women?", "What do men like about women?", "What's the most attractive thing about women?", "Which are the best men's colognes to attract women?", "What are the qualities that a woman should have?", "What do women perceive as sexy in men?", "What country has the most attractive women -- either in absolute terms or in density?", "What do women looking in men? Money? Good attitude? Or other lifestyle?", "What are some things that women enjoy more than men?", "What traits do men love most about other men?", "Are there any cultures in which feminine men are attractive to women?", "Do any women find men wearing women’s clothing attractive?", "What is a quality woman?", "Are women more attractive than men?", "What do men find attractive in other men?", "What makes men attractive?", "Do women expect too much from men?", "Do men expect too much from women?", "Whom do men chose as a wife between the following: an attractive, well-settled woman or a woman who has the qualities of a better mother?", "Are men superior to women?", "What aspect of women is always ignored by men?", "Do women have less influence on society than men? Why or why not?" ] }
{ "query": "Whom do you love the most?", "pos": [ "Whom do you love the most and why?" ], "neg": [ "For whom do you live?", "Whom should I choose if I love more than one person?", "Whom should I marry: the one whom I love or the one who loves me?", "With whom do you like to live with you forever?", "How do you correctly use \"who\" and \"whom\"?", "How do you use \"who\" and \"whom\"?", "What is the difference between who and whom?", "When do we use who or whom?", "What do you love most about where you're from?", "Whom would you like to walk with?", "Can I use the word \"Whom\" instead of \"Them\"?", "What's the difference between 'who' and 'whom'?", "Who is the most important person you've met anywhere?", "Who do you look up to the most?", "Who is the most important among friends, family, and boyfriend/girlfriend?", "Which is the correct form, \"whom are you looking for\" or \"who are you looking for\"?", "Who do you miss the most and why?", "Whom would you miss the most in your branch?", "What person, group of people or ideal do you feel most loyal to?", "Who do you envy the most and why?", "Why do we hurt the people whom we love the most?", "How many people do what they love?", "Who is the loveliest character in friends?", "What are some common examples of how not to use the word \"whom\"?", "Who is the most beautiful person and why?", "What are reasons that you love someone?", "Who can love your children?", "What is the most people you can or have lived with?", "Which one is correct, who's or whose?", "Who do you miss the most?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the best apps for blocking unwanted calls?", "pos": [ "What is the best app to block unwanted voice messages and calls?" ], "neg": [ "How do you block unknown callers on an iPhone?", "How to block text messages from someone?", "My phone goes directly to voicemail. How can I stop this?", "Can I text a number I've blocked using Google voice?", "How can someone leave a voicemail message when I have them blocked?", "Which app is best for changing one's voice during a voice call and is free of cost and uses cellular network for calling?", "Is there some device or technology that can help voiceless people talk again?", "If I block text messages can I see them when I unblock?", "How do you stop push messages in a mobile?", "How do I disable \"voice data for text to speech\" notification in Android?", "How can one stop receiving messages from someone on Facebook's messenger without actually blocking them?", "What Android app changes voices during calling?", "How do you block a caller on an iPhone 5?", "Is there any application that changes our voice during a call?", "How do I block messages from my school?", "What are some apps that track text messages?", "How do you make calls go straight to voicemail?", "How do you block someone by your smart phone such as an iPhone or Google phone?", "How do I block messages from a bulk sender (BZ-AceSIP)?", "What is an Android app that can change a male voice to female when someone calls?", "What are the text message limits on Google Voice?", "What's the best way to block/report a spam caller?", "How can I record Facebook messenger voice calls?", "How do you block a call on an iPhone 6?", "Calls during mute?", "If someone blocks you and you call them and leave a voicemail will they receive that voicemail?", "Will a text message show delivered if blocked on iPhone?", "What is the best ad blocker for iOS?", "How can you disable threaded conversations for Gmail on iOS?", "How do I stop my cellphone from being tapped?" ] }
{ "query": "What do Australians think about Indonesia?", "pos": [ "What do Australians think of Indonesia in general?" ], "neg": [ "What do you think about Indonesia?", "What do Dutch people think about Indonesia?", "What do you think of indonesian people?", "What do mainland Chinese think of Indonesia?", "What do South Koreans think about Indonesia?", "What do you like most about Indonesia?", "Have you ever been to Indonesia? What do you think about the country?", "What do you love most about Indonesia?", "What do foreigners think of Australia and Australian culture?", "Indonesia: What are the stereotypes about Indonesia and its people for foreigners?", "What do Australians think of America?", "What do western Indonesian (Sumatran, Borneon and Javanese) think of the eastern Indonesian (Moluccan and Papuan)?", "What do most japanese know about Indonesia?", "What do Australians think of China?", "What do Australians think of Indians?", "What is it like to live in Indonesia for Europeans?", "What do Australians truly think of Indians?", "What do foreigners love and hate the most when living or visiting Indonesia?", "How do Australians feel about Asians?", "What is it like to live in Indonesia?", "What do Australians think of Chinese?", "How is Indonesia different from Malaysia?", "Do Singaporeans and Malaysians look down on Indonesians and why?", "What do you think about Thailand?", "What do non-Indonesians think about rendang?", "What do you think of Cambodia?", "What are the biggest misconceptions about Indonesia?", "What do Indians think about Sri Lanka?", "Could Indonesia successfully invade Australia?", "What are the biggest misconceptions that Malaysians have about Indonesia?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the Top mba colleges in india with better placemens?", "pos": [ "What are some best MBA colleges are there in India?" ], "neg": [ "What are some best colleges in India and abroad for MBA in Economics?", "Which are the best MBA colleges in Mumbai?", "Which are the top MBA Colleges in India for Operations Management?", "Which is the best MBA college in Mumbai?", "Which is the best university in indiato do MBA in marketing?", "Which college is best to opt for MBA in HR in India?", "Which are the best colleges for MBA in Maharashtra?", "Which are best universities in USA to do an MBA for indian students?", "What are the top MBA colleges in Bangalore?", "What are some interesting jobs for an MBA graduate in India?", "What are the best colleges for mba in finance?", "Which colleges offering MBA with Digital marketing in India?", "What are the best colleges for an MBA in finance?", "What is the top college for mba in maharashtra?", "Which are the best colleges for MBA in corresspondence?", "Which MBA college is the best for operations management in India?", "What are the best MBA colleges in Gwalior?", "Which are the best MBA colleges in Gwalior?", "What are the top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore?", "What is the best institution in India for doing a correspondence MBA?", "What are the best MBA course colleges in Gwalior?", "Is there any scholarship for MBA students belonging to general category in India?", "Which colleges offer dual specialisations in MBA (finance and marketing) in India?", "Which is the best university to do distance MBA in IT in India?", "What are the best MBA colleges in chattisgarh?", "MBA in India: What are some good colleges in MAT for my score?", "What are some of the best jobs for finance major MBA guy in India?", "Which is the best MBA college in Banglore for HR?", "Which are the best colleges for pursuing BA or B.Sc in Economics (honors) in India?", "Which is the best college offer mba course in gwalior?" ] }
{ "query": "Do black holes have infinite density?", "pos": [ "How can black holes be infinitesimally small, therefore having infinite density? It would make more sense for a black hole to be incredibly dense." ], "neg": [ "What is the size of a black hole?", "How small can a black hole be?", "If the curvature of a singularity of a black hole is infinite, would this suggest that it is spherical?", "How strong is a black hole the size of an atom?", "What is the diameter of black holes?", "What is the diameter of black hole?", "What was the size of the biggest black hole?", "Why didn't the universe just develop into a super massive black hole if in the beginning it was very dense with matter and energy?", "What is the size (or range of sizes) of a black hole?", "Can a black hole be compressed?", "How powerful is a black hole?", "What is beyond a black hole?", "Would the singularity in a black hole affect dark matter? If so, in what way?", "If the universe is in a singularity, how would you explain the fact that the universe has scale?", "Could dark matter be regular matter but with 1 change, it is 4 dimensional (spacial dimensions)?", "What is a black hole singularity?", "Are there an estimates for the amount of dark matter a black hole contains?", "Is what is thought to be the density of the dark matter actually the state of displacement of the dark matter?", "What is a black hole?", "What is a black hole?", "What does \"infinite mass\" mean?", "What is the biggest black hole we know?", "Does dark matter affect black holes?", "Can a black hole be created inside a black hole?", "Wouldn't the event horizon of a black hole be a sphere around the central mass?", "What is the shape of a black hole?", "Is there any observable difference between a non-point mass with radius less than its Schwarzschild radius and a black hole? Can this mass exist?", "What is called a black hole?", "Could the singularity of a black hole be a graviton?", "Is dark energy the outflow of a Universal black hole?" ] }
{ "query": "What are the reasons that people dislike Hillary Clinton?", "pos": [ "Why do so many people say Hillary Clinton is evil?" ], "neg": [ "Why do some people consider Margaret Thatcher to be evil?", "Why do republicans believe Democrats are evil?", "Why do some people say Margaret Thatcher was bad?", "Is Madonna right that Hillary lost because women hate women?", "Why didn't Hillary Clinton divorce Bill Clinton when his affair scandal went public? Doesn't this simply show that she is ultra greedy for power?", "Why are the Republicans scared of Hillary Clinton?", "Why aren't more people terrified of a Hillary presidency, when her whole political history has shown her to be unfeeling, non-empathetic, and pro-war?", "Is Hillary Clinton in danger of dying?", "Is it just as sexist to support Hillary Clinton because she is a woman as to not support her because she is?", "How many scandals has Hillary Clinton been part of?", "Is Hillary ignoring female Trump supporters at her peril?", "Who is Hillary Clinton?", "Is James Comey really to blame for Hillary Clinton defeat?", "Did Hillary Clinton die?", "Who are some progressives who oppose Hillary Clinton?", "Why does it seem Quora is so Pro Clinton?" ] }
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{ "query": "What is a paradox in figurative speech? What are some examples?", "pos": [ "What is the meaning of \"paradox\" in figure of speech? What are some examples?" ], "neg": [ "What are figures of speech?", "What are some of paradoxes and what is paradox?", "What are some paradoxes?", "What are some paradox theories?", "What is paradox effect?", "What are some interesting paradoxes?", "What is the difference between irony and paradox?", "What is the difference between a paradox and a logical contradiction?", "What are some paradoxes in life?", "What is the difference between irony, contradiction and paradox?", "What figure of speech is used in this sentence?", "What are examples of personification sentences and figures of speech?", "Do paradoxes exist?", "How can a paradox exist?", "What are some amazing paradox?", "Why do paradoxes exist?", "What are some amazing paradoxes?", "What are some of the most mind-boggling paradoxes?", "Is there a paradoxical paradox?", "What's the difference between irony, paradox and oxymoron?", "What are some examples of solved paradoxes?", "What are some of the most intriguing paradoxes?", "What are the most mind-boggling paradoxes of all time?", "What is Time paradox?", "Do paradoxes really exist or are they nothing but logical/mathematical fictions?", "What is the importance of Simpson's Paradox?", "Why do people say truth is paradoxical?", "How many figures of speech are there really?", "I have to prepare an assessment of speaking & listening speech. Can I get some ideas on the topic MYSTERY?", "In linguistics, what are notions?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I lose weight loss?", "pos": [ "How can I lose weight safely?" ], "neg": [ "I am male, 170 cm, 69 kg. I lost 9 kg in the last 6 months by eating well and jogging 2 days a week. But I want to lose at least 7 kg in the next 2 months. What should I do?", "I am a South Indian vegetarian, high school student to be more specific. I really want to lose about 25 kgs by next year . Any help?", "What are your weight loss struggles?", "I have been walking for 40 minutes every day for the past two months but I haven’t seen a drop in my weight. What more can I do to lose around 5 kilos?", "Why should I lose weight?" ] }
{ "query": "How is college life like?", "pos": [ "What is college life like?" ], "neg": [ "How is life as a junior college student?", "What is the role of a college in students life?", "How's college life in PICT?", "What do you like most about your college?", "What do you think about college?", "What is it like to be undergraduate students?", "What is it like to be an undergraduate student?", "Is College Career class fun?", "What is life like?", "How can you make the best out of your college life?", "How is the college life in Massachusetts?", "What do you like about our college?", "What is the best description of college life in literature that you ever read?", "What is it like living in a college dorm not as a student?", "How do I make my college life interesting?", "What is life /daily life like for a professor/lecturer?", "How can I survive college?", "What was your biggest achievement during college life?", "How important is college and why?", "How do I study in college life?", "How can I make the most of my college experience?", "What's the best college?", "Is a college education worth it for everyone?", "What do you think of community college?", "What was your first week of college like?", "Is a college education worth it?", "Why is college such shit?", "How can I survive my college?", "What are the best things we could get in college life?", "How is the life in a good MBA college?" ] }
{ "query": "How do I find the Nth prime number efficiently when N is as large as 100000000?", "pos": [ "Is there any formula for finding nth prime number?" ], "neg": [ "What is the good way to find the number of prime numbers that are less than or equal to the given number?", "How can we check whether a number is prime or not?", "How many even prime numbers are there?", "What is the largest known prime number? How many digits does it contain?", "What is the greatest prime number?", "How do mathematicians verify that a number is prime?", "Given integer N where 1<=N<=5000000 I want to find how many prime numbers are needed to make Ni.e how many numbers are needed to prime factorialize N?", "What is wrong with this prime number identification program?", "Is there any formula to find average of prime numbers between any two given numbers?", "Program to find the sum of nth number using friend function?", "How can prime numbers be used in encryption?", "How many prime numbers are known as of the moment you read this question?", "RSA (cryptography): If we can find prime numbers larger than 17 million digits, why can't we find all 1024-bit primes?", "Which prime numbers can't be represented as sum of distinct primes other than itself?", "Which is the biggest prime number?", "How do you calculate the least prime factor of a number?", "Can you find the largest prime number that is four more than the fourth power of an integer?", "How many of the first 1200 natural numbers are either prime to 6 or to 15?", "How do I write a C program to check whether a number is prime or not?", "How many of the first 600 natural numbers are either co-prime to 6 or 15?", "How many primes are there between two numbers?", "Can the number [math]n^4 + 4[/math] be prime if [math]n \\gt 1?[/math]", "Even numbers greater than 3 are always a sum of two prime numbers. How do I prove it?", "I know core java completely but i stucked in solving a problem even i dont know how to find prime number between 1 to 100.what should I do?", "How can I prove that every even number is a sum of two prime numbers?", "What does the Ramanujan summation of prime numbers equal?", "Why isn't 0 a prime number?", "In Java, how do you program to display prime numbers from 1 to 100?", "How many prime factors can a number have maximum?", "How does Indeed Prime work?" ] }
{ "query": "When is RRB senior section engineer exam conducted?", "pos": [ "When is the RRB senior section engineer exam conducted?" ], "neg": [ "How much salary does a senior section engineer gets after clearing RRB exam in India?", "When is the SBI IT officer exam?", "Can IBPS RRB change the exam date?", "How shall I prepare for RRB exam?", "How do I prepare for rrb technical exam?", "What type of questions will be asked in rrb exams?", "When will be the next SBI IT officer exam?", "How do I prepare for RRB non technical exams?", "Is RSCIT exam DOEACC -B level examination?", "Which is best book for preparation of RRB junior engineer exam for electricals?", "What is the duration of the AWS Solution Architect (Associate) certification test?", "What is the changes in IBPS RRB Exam?", "Which should I refer for RRB mechanical JE exam?", "Karnataka sslc exam papers?", "What is the usual timing for absentee SSB batch in Bangalore?", "How do I join as an engineer in the RRB?", "Are the B.Tech. students of final year (CE, ME and EE) eligible for the SSC Junior Engineer Exam?", "Is SSC chsl exam is related to bank exams? Or both are different?", "How do I prepare for SRCC gbo exam in one month?", "Why do engineering colleges in India conduct exams on New Year's Day?", "Is there any sectional cutoff in rrb ntpc 2016?", "When should I start studying for first semester of B.Com(H) in SRCC if I want to score good marks?", "Does class section change in 3rd year (bba) in ksom(kiit university)?", "When is the CA-CPT exam held?", "When will UPSC Engineering Exam Merit list are announced?", "What is the paper level of ssc junior engineer exam?", "Are B.Tech production engineer students eligible for SSC Junior Engineer Exam?", "Which section is tough in IBPS RRB 2016?", "Is getting into SRCC possible for an average student?", "How many hours I should study if my class 10 board exam is starting from march?" ] }
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{ "query": "What is VLSI /ASIC DESIGN?", "pos": [ "What is difference between ASIC and VLSI design?" ], "neg": [ "What is a good research topic in the field of VLSI design?", "Is VLSI analog or digital?", "Recent trend in vlsi design?", "What is the difference between ASIC and FPGA?", "What are the differences between ASIC and FPGA?", "Is VLSI physical design really tough and is it all around analog electronics?", "What should be the best way to learn VLSI design?", "Which one has a better scope in India, embedded or VLSI?", "Which is the best online course for vlsi design?", "What is the difference between ASME and ANSI?", "Is VLSI design used in microwave engineering?", "Do any big VLSI companies like Intel conduct exams for VLSI, Verilog, VHDL, or any electronic design?", "How can I start a career in VLSI design?", "Is there an integrated M.Tech called electronic system design or VLSI design at IIIT-Bangalore?", "Which is the best software for practicing VLSI designing for an electronics and communication engineering student?", "Difference between pmi and asce?", "What is ASM? Is it different from ASO?", "How is Sandeepani Institute for VLSI design training?", "What are the differences and similarities between ASCII and ANSI?", "What is interconnect in VLSI?", "What is the difference between an analog IC and Digital IC?", "How do I find an entry level ASIC design job?", "What is the difference between VFX and CGI?", "What is the difference between architecture and design?", "What is the difference between system design and systems engineering?", "What are the jobs prospects for VLSI?", "What is the difference between high fidelity and actual design?", "What are the pros and cons of a 3DS vs. DSi, and vice versa?", "What is the difference between GRE and VXLAN networks?", "What is ASCII and what is it used for?" ] }
{ "query": "How can I reduce my Belly and tummy fat?", "pos": [ "How do I reduce belly fat in minimal time?" ], "neg": [ "My upper body is in shape but my thighs are very fatty and big how can I reduce my thighs .I am doing running of 3km daily only?", "The fat on my belly has not budged for 2 months even after exercising and changing my diet. What am I doing wrong?", "I swim 6 time a month ,I am 63 kg, but still have a belly ,How to loose my belly?" ] }
{ "query": "What's the purpose of a human life?", "pos": [ "From your perspective, what is the purpose of life?" ], "neg": [ "Do we truly have any purpose in life? Or do we create a purpose to make ourselves feel significant in the very vast world, or to make ourselves feel that our existence in the vast world is required?", "I am trying to find a meaning to life, to give a purpose to my life. Is there any book that can help me find my answer, or at least give me the tools?" ] }
{ "query": "How does one overcome feeling inferior?", "pos": [ "How can one overcome the fear of inferiority?" ], "neg": [ "I feel inferior to people that have a higher education than me, and make more money than me. How can I deal with this inferiority complex?", "How do I overcome my fear of minorities?", "How can I overcome self-hate and the fear of others hating me?", "Why do I feel inferior?", "How can I overcome fear of people?", "How does one overcome fear of failing?", "Why do I always feel inferior?", "How do I stop feeling inferior when I go to an expensive place?", "how do I overcome the fear of not being sucessful in the future?", "How can I overcome this fear?", "How do you overcome fear and insecurity?", "How do I overcome fear of men?", "How can I become more confident to overcome jealousy?", "How can you overcome fear?", "How can we overcome the fear of being insulted?", "How can one overcome the fear of failure?", "How can I overcome the fear of poverty?", "How do you overcome fear?", "How can I overcome my fear?", "How can I overcome my fear?", "How do I overcome my fear of change?", "How can I overcome the fear of failure?", "How do I cope up with a constant FEAR (darr) of some mishappening in personal life?", "Why do I fear of being unloved?", "How do you overcome the fear of failure?", "How can I stop feeling inferior when I'm around a woman that's more attractive?", "How do I overcome hating myself?", "I am too soft and 'over-respect' people, which means I may not be able to criticize them, and appear as someone with no opinion or stance and seen as a malleable person. What steps should I take to overcome this weakness?", "What is racial inferiority?", "How do you conquer fear of failure?" ] }
{ "query": "What is your review of Raipur Institute Of Technology?", "pos": [ "What is the review of raipur institute of technology?" ], "neg": [ "What is your review of Indian Institute of Management?", "What is your review of Vidyalankar Institute of Technology?", "What is your review of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore?", "What are some reviews on Vidyalankar Institute of Technology?", "What is your review of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta?", "What is your review of University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kurukshetra University?", "What is your review of Indian Institute of Management Indore?", "What is your review of Haldia Institute of Technology?", "What is your review of Illinois Institute of Technology?", "What is your review of Allen Career Institute, Jaipur?", "How can I go to NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, RAIPUR from bhilai ?", "What is your review of University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University?", "What is your review of Allen Career Institute, Kota?", "What is your review of Jobs in Raipur?", "What is your review of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad?", "What are the reviews of business intelligence and analytics course of Stevens Institute of Technology?", "What is your review of Braunschweig University of Technology?", "Review of LNM Institute of Information Technology?", "How is Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengluru?", "What is your review of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU)?", "How is life at Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad?", "How good is Nuremberg Institute of Technology?", "Is Symbiosis Institute Of Technology a good institute for engineering (CS/IT) ? How is the placements there?", "Research and analysis intern at IIT Delhi?", "What are the benefits of Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology's faculty?", "What does Prof. Richard Muller think about IITs (Indian Institute of Technology)?", "Which is a better: the Symbiosis Institute of Technology or the Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering?", "What are company visiting in Rajiv gandhi Institute of Technology Mumbai?", "How is chandragupta institute of management patna?", "What is your review of IICT, Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad?" ] }