The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi.My names Ahdieh.I m from a small city in Iran.My father had a heart attack on sunday as doctor said cpr condition.after 40 minuts he came back to life. now he isnot conscious.he is in ICU.his doctor said his conscious rate is 5.what do you think about his condition?If it is needed I can send you his cardiograf and blood test and the drugs they are using for him in ICU.Kindly tell me can we carry him to a better hospital in Tehran(It takes 4 hours to reach there)? [|AI|] Hello Addie! Welcome and thank you for asking on Chat Doctor! I passed carefully through your question and would explain that your father clinical situation could be related to prolonged brain hypoxia, due to the cardiac arrest. The time (40 minutes) needed for his resuscitation is long and may have caused irreversible damage to his brain, due to low blood flow (also called hypoxic encephalopathy). For this reason, I recommend consulting with a neurologist and performing a brain MRI and EEG to examine his brain function. Hope you will find this answer helpful! Kind regards,
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello and thank you for your time and assistance, I have severe fibromyalgia, migraines, adult onset diabetes, cervical radiculopathy, c4,5,6,7 moderate to severe bi-lateral foraminal encroachment , post concussion disorder, thyroiditis. Would you have ordered an emg test for any reason considering the pain that it could possibly cause a continual cycle of pain? [|AI|] Hi, You need to focus more on doing exercises and allow the muscle fibers to regain the normalcy. Fibromyalgia is a common term used nowadays by most as they cannot do much with the pain medication. But fibromyalgia is a different terminology to ad Chat Doctor. The pain you have is due to the cervical disc degenerative changes which has led to chronic inflammation in the trapezius muscle. Doing regular exercise and getting correction of the muscle imbalance due to weakness and improving the stability of the para spinal muscles should help further. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further. Jay In
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Yes! I had double knee replacements on Feb. 2008, At the time the Dr. told my husband my left knee was too small , and he had a hard time with it. Then I also was found to have a blood clot in that calf. That replacement has never worked right, THEN, 8 weeks after the surgery, I suddenly began to have a very itchy, red bumpy rash from the knee down the front & inside of that leg. and all these years I keep being told that I have dry skin even though I continually apply several types of creams, aquaphor, even steroid creams subscribed for me. Then in Oct. 2012 it began same way on my right leg; below the knee. I have asked & asked if I could be allergic to the glue & commented that I was not asked about Nickel, ( I am allergic to it), but was told that there was no Nickel. I am so frustrated, & with constantly using the steroid cream, my skin is very thin, red & all my blood vessels now are prominent! It is an ever on going discomfort. Do you think this could be from the glue or a bit of Nickel in the Prothesis? [|AI|] Hi Hope this message finds you in good health. I have gone through your complaints and understand your concern. You are right, the redness may be due to allergic reaction to some type of chemicals used in the manufacturing of implants, A possibility of a low level infection should also be kept in mind. Get a X-ray done to see the wear and tear of implant material. Nothing to worry about. I hope your question has been answered. If you have any follow-up queries, feel free to consult me anytime. Thanks, Take care, God bless.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I m extremely itchy ALL OVER the place? I m extremely itchy all over the place! It constantly fels like there are bugs crawling all over me and biting me in random places. It almost feels like the kind of itch you get from an allergic reaction . Except i feel it constantly in random places all over my body. I m a very hairy person, unfortunately, so I don t think that helps. One night while I was asleep i woke up from my chest itching so bad and I just kept scratching and digging into cause it wouldnt stop and it hurt really bad and i had to put hydrocortisone on it. I live in a house on the lake and the temperatures right now are about a constant 104 every day. Don t know if that helps anyone. But please help me. I don t know what to do and I m freaking out because it s starting to itch ALL OVER and WONT STOP!! [|AI|] YOUR DURATION OF DISEASE IS NOT KNOWN FROM HISTORY IT CAN BE FROM MANY CAUSES OILS SHAMPOO BODY APPLICATION MATERIAL DYES RECOOKING OILS ANY MED TAKING FOR OTHER DISEASE LIKE PCM IBUPROFEN VITAMINS AND DIET SUPPLEMENTARY CLOTHING TO LIKE CHANCES OF DUST MITE ALLERGY NEED TO FIND STILL THEN YOU CAN SE BASTING 10 MG NIGHTS YP CPM OR TAB CPM AT NIGHTLY CALAMINE LOTION LOCALLY OVER SKIN AS MANY TIMES YOU NEED CAN CONTINUE LONG
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi Doctor, I need your help, im really worried about my mom, she has a brown discoloration in her gums, like under her front bottom teeth, and she says she feels like it stings, her bone stings not her gum, she has had problems with her teeth before, she has no insurance so she cant go to the dentist, but i really need your advice and help to calm her down, Please help! [|AI|] Hello there, Thanks for writing your query, Brownish discoloration of the gums is caused may be due to gingival inflammation or gingival abscess or periodontal access. It is caused due poor oral hygiene, improper brushing and flossing that leads to accumulation of bacterial plaque and calculus deep in the gum pockets and root surfaces of the teeth. Gingivitis presents with symptoms of redness, bleeding gums, swelling, pain, recession and sensitivity. It needs to be treated by thorough professional deep scaling of gums and root planing of the teeth to remove all the irritants, this will help in resolving the symptoms followed by a course of antibiotic and analgesics. I would suggest you to go for symptomatic treatment at home like gargling with lukewarm saline water or antiseptic mouthwash like chlorhexidine or Betadine. You can apply topical oral antiseptics like denote over the affected which helps in giving soothing effect to the gums. I hope this helps, take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] good eveningMy name is Queen I am 28 years old in 2012 I had my right ovary removed to a sertoli leydig tumor that was attached to the ovary. Last week I went for a routine checkup and the dr. who was examining me said that there is now a tumor on my left ovary and they need to perform another operation to remove the tumor. I do not have any kids at this stage so my question is what are the chances of pregnancy if any and if my embreyo s are to be harvested will they be healthy and will there be any to be harvested.regardsQueen [|AI|] Cellophane you for your query. Am so sorry that you are going through this. Yes, getting pregnant is definitely a concern, given your diagnosis. Oocyte (egg) cryopreservation should be considered at this point. This involves stimulating your ovary to develop multiple eggs and harvest them when they mature. These are then frozen for future use. Factors that affect this are:-the staging of the tumor (about 80%are benign). If it is malignant, then removal has to be immediate. In this case pregnancy is unlikely. -hormone levels (testosterone, estrogen, follicle stimulating hormone, Routinizing hormone, and mullein hormone). This determines if you ovulate normally.-if you have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy previously. This affects the quality and viability of the eggs. I recommend :-consult your ORGAN /fertility specialist and oncologist right away to discuss options. -a thorough and detailed evaluation is necessary before considering options -please consider all your options calmly before deciding. If you have a partner, you could consider fertilizing and freezing the embryos for implantation at a later time or surrogacy, if the need arises. Else, Oocyte preservation can be done. Sorry, I wish I could have given you a more positive answer. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Wish you good health
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] HI,I had my blood tests 3 days ago and i had some changes in my white blood cells:-white blood cells: 3.5 (normal:4-10)-RDW :16.8( normal 12-16)-white blood cells:3.5 (normal:4-10)neutrophile: 1.3( normal: 2-7)-basophils: 0.11 (normal:0-0.1)All other blood tests were ok. My haemoglobin was fine but i had a little bit lower iron level.I had had an E coli infection and i had taken antibiotics 10 days earlier my blood test. Also during 2011 i had 4 times urinary infection and i had problems with Candida caused by so many antibiotics.One day before my blood test i had taken a pill of Fluconazole for treating Candida.I am 27 years old, i have 51.5 kilos and 175cm. I always have been a skinny girl. I do fitness 3 times/week and i usually eat: 300grams of yogurt with 200 g fruits at breakfast, turkey breast or fish( 200g) with vegetables and a slice of rye bread at lunch, after 2 hours 400 g of cherries and at dinner i eat omelette (one egg and 3 whites egg), cottage cheese and cucumber.Do i eat to less?WHY do you think i have all these changes in my blood tests?Do you think i have tuberculosis or leukaemia? Are these lower white blood cells a big and dangerous problem? [|AI|] Hi, dear. I have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. You may have viral infection or some bone marrow problem. Leukemia is unlikely. Don't worry about leukemia. Just repeat your WBC count after a month. If it is persistently low then go for bone marrow examination. Consult your doctor and plan accordingly. And you should eat less to remain healthy. Hope I have answered your question, if you have doubt then I will be happy to answer. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hI ma 25 year old male suffering from anxiety since 1year taking rexipra20and ventab25at night since one year but still I am not cured100percent sumtimes I get unknown fear and I cant travel by trains I had fear of getting choked in trains plzzz help me out [|AI|] Hello, Thanks for choosing Chat Doctor for posting your query. I have gone through your question in detail and I can understand what you are going through. It seems that even after taking extra and ventab your symptoms of anxiety are not improving. It warrants change of anti depressants. Mirtazapine, sertraline, bupropion are certain options. Further, along with the medications you will need cognitive behavioral therapy as well. This therapy is taken by either a psychologist or a psychiatrist in which the therapist identifies impaired cognitions (Thoughts) and try to correct them. They are 15-20 min weekly session and there should be around 8-10 sessions to help you with your illness. Hope I am able to answer your concerns. If you have any further query, I would be glad to help you. In future if you wish to contact me directly, you can use the below-mentioned Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Dear Doctor,my son is an obese and has fatty liver.This morning he did some blood test and the results are quite high in Erythrocyte sedimentation rate,gamma gt,urea acid,ldl.Should he do a fibroscan?Does it mean an inflammation?thanks DocSusan-Indonesia [|AI|] Thank you for choosing ChatDoctorBased on the symptoms that you have given, it seems that your son has a liver disease. This liver disease can cause fatty liver disease. There is necrosis of the liver which causes the rise in the levels of the different enzymes. You will need to see a Doctor and may need to get a liver biopsy to help you get to the cause. Please send me the results after you have them. I will be able to help you better after the results. All the best. Hope this helps you. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My husband had a vasectomy reversal 5/09/11 and we just had a S/A done today with the Dr. saying he didnt see a thing. Ive heard there are many factors affecting sperm count and even though it might be zero now it could still change. Im just looking for some hope. [|AI|] Hi thanks for contacting Chat Doctor.... You have done operation for recanalization. Here sperm might zero if operation fails and recanalization not proper .... So first it should be ruled out.... Factors that can affect sperm count are.....-smoking -alcohol -varicocele -jump orchids after puberty -diabetes -thyroid problem -undernutrition -stress- Chat Doctor. ... So keep away from stress, smoking etc. Healthy and balanced diet taken . Discuss all this with your treating doc. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i have shortness of breath, there is a pain on my left inner chest. i have a rash that has come up on my arms. it is circular and the skin is dry. in april i had a lung funtion test that the doctor said was inconclusive. the blood tests showed that my allergy levels were at 895. there is a tingling senation in my hand, fingers and legs. [|AI|] Hi, Dear,Thanks for your query to Chat Doctor. Dear I read facts of your query and reviewed it in context to your health issues submitted in your query. I understood your health concerns and feel Concerned about them. Based on the facts of your query the reply of your query is-Your current health issues seem to be due to -High Allergy Levels with Hay fever from allergy to pollen in the air. Tingling sensation in hand/fingers, legs with pain in inner left chest with rash on arms? Urticarial, are all from allergic reaction to high allergy levels. You should consult Chest and Allergy Physician-from Chest/ Allergy department.Hence, Other causes - need to be ruled out, by verification with Physician. Dos-Consult with Chest / Allergy Physician, who would investigate history and physically examine to fix the cause of -short breath, chest pain, rash on arm, tingling in hands/legs. Get Cys-LCT4 And LTD4- levels which are high in this condition. Using Nasal Microliters with Tab Monteluecast-2 times a day with Tab Loratadine- if need be, is the treatment of choice for its Cure. This would resolve the complaints of yours. Constant follow-up with local family or specialist Chest/Allergy for long term would give you long remissions of such pains in time to come, which would depend on meticulous follow-up treatment of your health concerns. Just don't worry and be patient and co-operate with your doctors, till you verify with your attending doctors. For early recovery-please follow above dos which would resolve your complex health issues. Hope this would help you to treat your health issues in the best way possible. Welcome for any further query in this regard to following link-http://doctor.Chat Doctor .com/Funnel?page=askDoctorDirectly&docId=70229Wishing Good Healthy Life!! Chat Doctor. N. Senior Surgical Specialist. S. Genl-CVTS
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, I am 19. I have a lump on the back off my head that comes and goes. I use to get it when I was younger, and it never bothered me unless i hit it while brushing my hair. Now, sometimes when it comes back it feels like it is progressing in pain. I also get a headache that follows but I get tension headaches so much I don t think it is connected. Should I go to a doctor to get it checked out?? [|AI|] Hi, dairy have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. Your lump in back of head that comes and goes is reactive lymph node hyperplasia. No need to worry about that. Just be relaxed. Your headache is not connected with that. For headache, you should check other cause like hypertension, refractory error etc. If you don't find any causes then MRI can be phone if required. Consult your doctor and plan accordingly. No need to worry about lump. Hope I have answered your question, if you have doubt then I will be happy to answer. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my father got extracted his wisdom teeth by a dentist . At that time.he had complaint of diabetese and blood pressure . After two days, he got victim of severe infection in the left part of hisface. Immediately he was hospitalised and right now he is out of severe infection. But one problem persisting is that he is complaining of severe pain in his leftjaw. When he is taking medicine for killing pain of jaw. He reported complain of chest pain . Pl advice. [|AI|] Hi, Thank you for the query. Removal of wisdom tooth is a surgical procedure associated with trauma to the bone and the gum. You said your father is diabetic and hypertensive. If appears from the history that it was not controlled diabetes . Yes, so the reason for the infection and pain is the same. Pain in the chest may not be exactly pain it can even be a heart burn as he is taking painkillers. If the blood pressure is normal and your father is taking Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here...Hi, My husbands bp was 154 over 84 this morning and his sugar was 208. He is on meds for both. Was awake with a headache most of the night and off and on for the last few days.Should he be concerned? [|AI|] Mam ...headache on and off is the typical presentation of elevated BP ...and now about sugar .if it is fasting then 208 is a very big no and if it is random blood sugar or RBS or after meals it is slightly more than normal range of 200 ...usually the medications for sugar and BP are with minimal side effect in allopatry ...but diabetes and high BP make a deadly combination not ignore these .please advise your husband to cut down on fatty foods .fast foods ...smoke .alcohol ...and hr should go for walking ...
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I FEEL SURE MY HUSBAND HAS HAD AND IS STILL HAVING MINI STROKES. WE HAVE HAD EVERY TEST DONE THAT THE DOCTOR ASK, THE LAST THING SUGGESTED WAS ANOTHER MRI OF HIS BRAIN BUT IT HAS NOT BEEN SCHEDULED YET. WHAT SHOULD I DO AND HOW SOON IS IT NECESSARY. HE CANNOT WALK HIS LEFT LEG IS NUMB AND HE IS HAVING TROUBLE KNOWING WHEN HE IS USING THE BATHROOM, BOTH URINATING AND BOWEL MOVEMENTS. HE STAYS CONFUSED ALL THE TIME . [|AI|] Hello, Sorry for your distress. The confusion is a sign of a problem with the brain. The leg numbness and bathroom problems can be due to a problem in the brain or spine. A condition which may tie all these in is known as normal pressure HY Chat Doctor. An MRI of the brain should be able to identify this condition and I would advise you to get that done. The MRI of the brain is also a good way to check for stroke. All the best.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi I have a ten year old daughter, who has had unexplained fevers for the past two years, she has recently been having some dizzy spell. We had some blood work done and her Immature absolute granules and immature granules were at 0.6. Her platelet count was a elevated at 418. Should I be worried about this? Is her levels normal? [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to the ChatDoctorSince all the signs of having immature cells in C.B.C, recurrent fever and dizziness, also age factor can occur in blood disorder (leukemia). I would suggest that to be on safe side repeat C.B.C and chest X-ray, and discuss with the hematologist to rule out above-mentioned disease as it can be treated if diagnosed at first stage.Otherwise previous viral fever can also cause chronic fatigue syn Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] After sex I got what a cut or burn in a thin area of my penis just below the head. But the crack open up to a open wound that would not heal. if I put anything on it baby oil, new skin, neosporin it gets worse. Now I have 4 open wounds in a crack around my penis. I am circumsized but this is the one area of my penis that folds. [|AI|] Hi, If you had unprotected sex - need to rule out sexually transmitted infection. If not, it can be due to fibrosis - tight skin around gland penis. Cause would be - increase blood sugar / infection. Share a picture for conformation. Local steroid application with antifungal / antibiotic can help you. However, make sure you know the cause 1st. I hope I have answered your query. If you have further doubts, I would be happy to help you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I just got back from a 2 month work trip where I was anxious every day to the point of panic attack a few of those days, just something I am living with and working on. but I have been home for 2 weeks where I usually am great and was swimming at the gym when my chest felt pain just hard to get a full breath, I was getting air fine but it seemed labored. this induced a panic attack and since every day I have felt at times heavy chested, swollen at the base of my neck and fatigued of course this is causing more anxiety but is there something seriously wrong. I have never once felt pain and my bp is fluxuating between 120/80 to 140 over 87. I have been afraid to workout since. I went golfing and the symptoms were minor but I did feel out of breath very easily [|AI|] Degree understand your concerns went through your details. I suggest you not to worry much. Panic attacks always happen due to underlying anxiety. Therefore, you must add Chat Doctor. Please understand anxiety and related problems. Once you understand your anxiety, you will be able to keep yourself away from panic creating situations. Therapy always starts with avoiding such situations along with coping techniques when forced to be in such situations. Start slowly, progress gradually, attain neatly. Step 1 - Practice Deep and full breathing whenever possibles 2 -
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Am having bad pain on lower left back and abdomen. Gave left kidney to my brother 20 years ago, otherwise I would say I have kidney infection. Both X-rays and cat scan do lower left abdomen were clear and I don t believe my doctor knows what to do next. [|AI|] Hello I have gone through your question and understand your concern. I would suggest take up a complete urine examination along with urea and creatinine levels. Some kidney donors, later in life may lose their kidney function and may require dialysis in the future. To minimize the complications it is better to assess renal health even in apparently healthy donor, even after years. Pain can also be caused due to urinary tract infection, and can be treated easily with the help of antibiotics based on urine culture/sensitivity. Get the diagnostic test done and update your reports at Chat Doctor or consult your family physician. Good luck. Hope your concern is answered. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i had several strokes in 2007 & as a result my jaw is locked on my left side. Whilst I was in hospital they ordered me a Therabite to use to exercise my jaw & try & get it to open. It has helped somewhat, but is there anything else I can get done, to help my lefthand side of my mouth to open? [|AI|] Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Read your query. The treatment on this lock jaw usually depends on how much there is opening of the mouth. Certain exercises that can be done at home is, like forcefully opening and closing of mouth 5-10 times every day, you can check the amount of mouth opening by keeping a finger inside, if you are able to keep two fingers then the amount of mouth opening has increased gradually. I would advise to visit an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and get it reviewed, and he can do what is necessary which will involve certain injection or if surgery is required, can be done. Take multivitamins. Hope this was useful. Thanks and regards.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] recently my friend met with an accident. he was riding back home on his new pulsar and was hit by a lorry from behind. he was not wearing helmet. he was taken to hospital and there he died. it was told he was brought late to hospital. if he had come half an hour earlier he could have been saved. i want to know what first aid should be done at the accident site so that person can transported to hospital and lives can be saved [|AI|] A person with head injury requires immediate attention and shifting to hospital. Accidents in general require something called as basic first aid or something like that. We were taught in our workplace about it. You have to see that the person is breathing or not, check his pulse and put him in comfortable position. Clean and Chat Doctor. For bleeding put pressure to stop it. And shift the person as early as possible to the nearest hospital, or in case of head injury or severe accident to a hospital with ICU facility.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hello, my name is nurul islam. i am 42 years old.I live in Bangladesh. Doctors have said that i have hepatitis B and there is no treatment available for hepatitis B here. What should I do,, I have got my passport for kolkata for Treatment but dont the know the procedure.. Please help [|AI|] Hi thanks for asking question. Let me know you for chronic liver infection by Hepatitis b there us no treatment... If you are in active stage that is determined by HBV DNA, Head, liver enzymes then specific antiviral medication can be taken... Here take good lifestyle measures with follow up regularly to avoid complications...... Take low fat diet. Avoid alcohol. Trans fat like cheese, butter, non veg and refined food avoided.... Take fruits more like papaya. One tsp cumin seed with water can be taken. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have pain behind and to the left of center of my left knee. This pain is very sharp in nature and very painful. It sometimes radiates around the back of my knee. I can t sleep at night for the pain. Sitting and lying down are worse than standing or walking. Any suggestions? The PA that I saw thought it might be a pulled hamstring but this has gone on for a month now with no relief except through pain pills. I must take Meloxicam 15 mg to receive relief but it only lasts for 2 - 3 hours. [|AI|] Hello, I have studied your case. There is possibility of knee osteoarthritis. Cartigen contains cartilage protecting medication like Chen Chat Doctor. . If required MRI of joint can be done and if there is severe destruction of menisci then arthroscopic shaving can be done. Physiotherapy like ultrasound and tens will help, along with knee exercises. Hope this answers your query. If you have additional questions or follow-up queries then please do not hesitate in writing to us. I will be happy to answer your queries. If you are satisfied with answer do not forget to give rating to this answer. Wishing you good health. Take care
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i recently had surgery with no complications( 3 months ago) and today there was a small amount of puss oozing from one of the scars. it drained on its own, but i am noticing a hole in the middle of the scar. it otherwise all looks well healed. should i be concerned or is this normal [|AI|] Thanks for your question, I am Chat Doctor Carlson, it is not a normal happening to have purse oozing from a scar three months after a surgery. But pus is generally a collection of bacteria and dead blood cells which had collected at the site of the scar. I would advise you consult the physician/surgeon who carried out the surgery so that he examines you properly and if necessary open up the scar and Chat Doctor. Good luck
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi my name is dave and i have bad back and neck problems, I have been want to go to the toilet but couldn t, so I finally just went and it was mostly liquid like but there was a red bean like in it and has released some of the back pain. I have a tear in number four and five in my lower back and it is very pain full but some of the pain went away I was wondering if it was a clot Thank You [|AI|] Hello, Thank you for contact us, But Nowadays it's mostly the common problems in humans. Mainly its due to inactivity of muscles. Today every one having totally sitting life as no work at all that could be count as a body exercise due to that problem occurs. For neck pain I would suggest that you should have to avoid taking pillow while sleeping. Or you may take very thin pillow while sleeping. And For back Pain you should follow instructions described below -Best medicine for Lower back pain is Rest. Resting for some days will heal the muscles which could be damage because of jerk. Muscles need some time to heal so give them time for the same. Another way is to take message with hot or cold water, Some people take cold water and some takes hot for massage. If pain is because of any accident or something big issue than you have to concern good doctor for the same. Other exercise should be done as doctors suggest after checking you physically. Hope it will work for your back pain. Good luck, Take care. Thanks & regards,
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] yes Dr. I just moved to FL. from CA. I have chronic spinal stenosis, acute nerve damage ove a log period of time L4, L%; C4, C% disease syatica, skinproblems rheumatoid arthritsis and Hep C [small viral load] I have extensive medical records---MRI head to toe from Scrippts Memorial Hospital EMG from UCSD and full blood work done here at ST Josephs.I have recently been treated with nerve block injections (eight injections each every other week and given pain meds which I do not abuse at all I am also taking flexerall and sometimes tamazapam at night to sleep Yhe nerve block injections were given to me by a pain management clinic here in FL. and has helped. But this doctor is no longer acceptable to me. Now I have no medication and am bed ridden (practically) I need help. I can no longer work and am so depressed. I moved to Florida to be with my daughter during her last semester of high school and have not been able to to see her because I dont want her to see me in such painPlease help meGordon Howard 206 495 7941I need some pain meds I was on percocet 10mg once 4xs a daymorphine sulphate i 3xs a dayI dont care if you can only perscribe tylenol 4 or vicadin 1o mg but I am sufferingIf you cannot perscribe for me , then this has been a waste of time [|AI|] Hi, you became a chronic pain patient, I advise you to consult an orthopedic surgeon, and use only those medicines. I to my patient with such symptoms prescribe injections of Vitamin B1, 6, and 12, for 10 consecutive days, and to be continued one injection every week. And N.S.A.I.D. like diclofenac and paracetamol, for 10 days, then changed to acyclophenac and paracetamol, then again change to the previous. I hope this regimen may help you. And slowly decrease the painkillers. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Had a mini stroke Thursday night. Was checked by MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasounds, and Lab Work and nothing was found to be a problem. Was giving blood thinner to break up any clots I may of had. Tonight I held my nose and blew, wanting to pop my ears. When that happened, I had a sever pain rush through my neck. What caused this? Is or could this be related to my Stroke? Do I need Immediate Medical attention? please let me know thanks.Linda [|AI|] Hi, thank you for providing the brief history of you. As you had a mini stroke, and you are already on blood thinners with all diagnostic test done, on a safer side I will advise you to have a checkup again with your clinical signs and symptoms. Usually, neck pain cannot be due to initiative of the stroke but still judging is not possible until a thorough clinical examination is done. You can try doing some breathing exercises by which the muscles of neck relax. Also, such forceful exertion out of nose may not lead to any neck injuries either until the head is shaken up badly. Having a check by clinical examination is not at all a bad thing to do. RegardsJay In Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am diagonised with NAFLD and my LFT test results are as below: SGOT 76 SGPT 56 Bilirubin Total 0.88 Alkaline Phospate 60.7 Bilirubin Direct 0.35 Protein Total 7.195 Albumin 3.989 Globulin 3.206 A/G Ratio 1.2 As such I do not hve any symptoms of non functioning of level and all my systems are working perfectly. I consulted a Doctor who has prescribed the following medicines HEPTRAL 400 1 -1-1 UDLIV 600MG 1-0- 1 BYMULTIGOLD 1-0-0 GATE 400 1-0-1 SILIBON 140 1-0-1 I do not take drinks and I am a nonsmoker and do not take even cofee/tea. My brekfast for the last 20 years is Papaya fruit/Cornflakes or Oats with 2 dates and 1 spoon of honey. Mu lunch is Rice, Dhall and Yogort and dinner also indian food. I shall be thankful for your advice. Regards Vasu [|AI|] Hello Mr Vast, I have understood your concern as to why you should be having NAFLD inspire of being a teetotaler. I would say that your body habits and also genetic predisposition play an important role in getting NAFLD. Kindly get your BMI tested, and probably you need to keep a watch on that .also get a lipid profile done and consult your physician . Daily brisk walking for 30 min, 5 days a week would help ... You can continue the medications as advised by your physician. Hope I was of help.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have been on steroids and xanax for over 5 years. I am so fuzzy headed all the time that I canfunction. It is not dizzy but fuzzyheaded. I have been to many doctors but none seem to be able to help me. I did go to phychiatrist last week and she cut back one xxanaz but still no better. I take 3 a day lowest dose available . Can anyone please help me? [|AI|] Degree understand your concerns went through your details. I suggest you not to worry much. The symptom you are describing as fuzzy head is just an imagination or illusion. Let me explain. What will be the condition of a person who gets up at 9 O clock on a Sunday morning and has nothing to do? His head will be fuzzy, and he will be lazy. The fuzziness is due to the laziness. Being active, cures the laziness. The same is your case. You are being lazy or the anxiety problems makes you lazy and thereby fuzzy headed. Be active for a fortnight or so and you shall see the difference. Please post a direct question to me in this website. Make sure that you include every minute details possible. I shall prescribe some psychotherapy techniques which should help you cure your condition. Hope this answers your query. Available for further clarifications. Good luck.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I Recently began taking Invokana along with Metformin for my blood sugar. My A1C was 7.7 last month and my fasting blood sugar has been running around 180-200. Is there a better medication to help control this, or should I be checking whether I need more testing and help? [|AI|] Good Evening, Thanks for given information, According to your medicine history already taking metformin and invoking not helpful for your diabetic control think you should have to need insulin therapy with Glyceride 3 mg, this Will be helpful for diabetic control exercise daily hold your diet control you need to check Cholesterol levels Triglycerides Uric acid Blood urea creatninekindly consult with your Doctor Thanks for consult. Chat Doctor. MD
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi,I went to the dentist to have a tooth removed.After the surgery, the dentist gave me an injection in my right arm, probably for the pain.It made the injection site swell and become hard.Its been 2 weeks now and the site is still swollen and hard.Whats the cause of this and what can I do [|AI|] Hi. Thanks for the query. As per your complaint swelling around the injection site that has become hard can be most probably due to accumulation of blood under the skin due to broken blood vessel. At times there is Hematoma formation that can take even months to resolve. Hematoma is a harmless tumor like mass formed due to spillage of blood from ruptured blood vessels leading to accumulation of blood into the soft tissues forming a lump. I would suggest you to do alternate warm and cool compresses over the swelling. Take pain relievers like Ibuprofen as they also have anti-inflammatory action. Keep moving the arm to avoid stiffness. In case if there is no improvement in another 115 says or if the symptoms worsen consult a Local Physician and get evaluated. Hope this information helps. Regards.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My 42 year old son has become delusional in the past few days. He is an alcholic but this is different. He claims he has been talking with God and God is making him do things ie posting crazy things on social media. I am afraid of what he might do to himself or others. Can I have him committed? He hasn t actually done anything dangerous ....yet. [|AI|] Hi. I understand your concern. Delusional disorder has many types. In your query it is like delusion of control but require detail evaluation of its content of thought. Alcohol also can lead to psychotic illness in which delusion is prominent. But require differential diagnosis other than alcohol induce. Cut down of daily alcohol habit may help.Anti-psychotic medicines will help to control delusional thoughts. Consult psychiatrist and get help. Still if you have a query then feel free to ask. Happy to help you. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi I had my acl / meniscus surgery on 13 June 2012. 3 wks before. Due to soft bones surgeon used staples to fix the graft, I was only allowed the knee movement from today otherwise I was keeping it just straight in the brace. Now I started bending it but it s only 30% & pains an lot. It s stff. Will I get my knee motion back..?. [|AI|] Hi, To gain the knee movements after any surgery is a painful and prolonged process. You will have to continue physiotherapy, take painkillers, and push yourself. Sometimes even then the movements do not become normal. Again some procedure may be required. My only suggestion will be that you follow your doctors advice sincerely for a good result. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] In April my TLC was 7600/cu km DLC 48 (40-70) LYMPHOCYTES 50(20-50) EISONOPHIL 1(1-6) MONOCYT 1(1-10)......BUT in June 26 my TLC IS 6400/cu mm and Dlc is 38(40-70) lymphocytes is 56(20-50) eisnophil 5(1-6) so the fluctuations of dlc and lymphocytes can be reasons to worry? Or everything is normal? [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for asking. Based on your clinical history and query, my opinion is as follows:1. Mild variation in count is normal. 2. The count varies with the body response to ongoing events in the body. Your body is always responding to various allergens, infections, etc. and so variation is bound to be seen.3. None of the values are abnormal. If they are abnormal, you have a reason to worry. At present, you are completely healthy according to your blood counts. Hope it helps. Any further queries, happy to help again.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have been having light to moderate pains in my left chest with occasional arm feeling like it going to sleep. I feel tightness on my chest occasionally. The symptoms come and go for 4 days now. I had a severere anxiety attack almost 3 months ago and I have been thinking it may be anxiety. It is not the same symptom I felt when I went to hospital February 1 and that was the first anxiety attack I ever had. Could this be anxiety as I am under a lot of stress [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. It seems anxiety related mostly. But better to rule out cardiac cause first as you are having left sided chest pain with arm discomfort. So get done ECG to rule out cardiac cause. If this is normal than no need to worry much for cardiac cause. It seems anxiety related mostly. So avoid stress and tension. Be relax and calm. Consult psychiatrist and get done counseling sessions. Try to find out stressors in your life and work out their solutions. You may need oral anxiolytic too.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, My name is sanjay and i am 25years old. I have pain just above the stomach, i believe its just below my heart or it is in the heart i am not sure, have negligible pain just at the back of my left arm shoulders, my Bload pressure is quiet fluctuating, in the mean time i am suffering from cough and cold. Please let me know do i have to consult a doctor? [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. Since you are young, possibility of heart disease is less but better to first rule out heart diseases because you're all symptoms (chest pain, shoulder pain, fluctuating blood pressure) are suggestive of cardiac diseases. So consult doctor and get done 1. Blood pressure monitoring 2. ECG 3. 2d echo. If all these are normal then no need to worry about heart related diseases. Sometimes, viral upper respiratory tract infection (URI) can also cause similar symptoms. You are also having cough and cold. So Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My 14 year old son has been having a rapid heart beat off and onFor the last couple days--he often gets dizzy when standingup..he seems concerned and I can only go by what he says andHe knows his body..should I be concerned and take him to the hospital? [|AI|] Hi, Sometimes there are blood pressure fluctuations in his age. They can cause dizziness while standing. They are not dangerous and usually disappear with age. But if he has palpitations, I would advise you to check his pulse, if it is over 100 bpm, or not regular, I would advise you to see your doctor and have an ECG performed. Wishing a good health to your sonic case of further questions don't hesitate to ask
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, Ive had a kind of pea sized lump on the skin of my upper back on the right side. It has never been painful, it is colorless and hasnt seemed to change at all. A year and a half ago, If i remember correctly it used to be a pimpled with puss that was popped, and it seems like it has healed into what I have at the moment. Thank you for you reponse. [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for the Query to Chat Doctor. I reviewed your query.It's a dormant fibrous-chronic folliculitis -which is dormant now. If it is still worrying you, You could get rid of it, with any of the local surgical doctor in your area. I think you don't need any medicines now.ALERT-Keep a watch if it itches / or increases in size- as it could be dangerous condition then...!! Thanks for taking Chat Doctor help. Wellcome again.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i took clomid for 5 days starting from day 2 of cycle and on day 12 the transvaginal ultrasound showed 3 follicles measuring (22.4X25.3) and (23.1x21.9) and 20.9x17.2) with minimal c.o.d fluid. i was also given an injection of chorimon5000 on day 12.When should i try to time my contact now. [|AI|] Welcome to Chat Doctor, Closed (camphene citrate) is an oral medication that is used to stimulate ovulation. Which increases the chance of pregnancy. The first dose (usually 50 mg tablet) should be taken on the 5th day of the menstrual cycle and then subsequent doses at about the same time of day for a total of 5 days. Most women who have cycles of 26 to 32 days, and they are advised to have sexual contacts between day 10 to 20. The chances of getting pregnant are maximum around 14th day. Follow the given steps to calculate your exact fertile period:1. Maintain a monthly menstrual cycle chart2. Note the number of days in your shortest and longest period3. Subtract 18 from the number of days in your shortest cycle. In a 28-day menstrual cycle, this would be day 10.4. Subtract 11 from the number of days in your longest cycle. Again, in the average 28-day cycle, this would be day 19.5. In this example the fertile period is from day 10 to day 19. Hope you are able to calculate your fertile period. Chat Doctor. (if the answer has helped you, kindly indicate this)
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hello i am about 8 weeks pregnant and for the last 2 days i been seeing brown stuff when i wipe after the bathroom and today i have two period like cramps i dont have tender breast or really any symptoms at that i call the doctor but they seemed like they didnt care i am getting worried it may be a miscarriage [|AI|] Hi, In the current scenario, I would ask you to choose a specialist who is trained in high risk pregnancies or who can manage such cases. If your attending doctor shows no concern toward your problem, please take a second opinion. The viability of the pregnancy should be established through a trans-vaginal sonogram. If there is any hemorrhage seen, the need to initiate hormone supplements must be thought of. Absolute bed rest, avoidance of all strenuous activity including sexual intercourse are mandatory. If needed, serial titles of serum beta-ChatDoctor may be taken since good progress of the pregnancy is seen when there are doubling titles every 2-3 days. Hope this helps.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have low bp, a slightly leaky heart valve ( not serious) - had pain in legs then abdomen, then chest, last August & told had sludge in gall bladder (now cleared). Had 2 Uti s since then & have had thrush twice. I experience burning in lower arms & legs & at times i have dizziness & nausea. [|AI|] Hello, It is important performing some tests to investigate for the possible causes underlying your complaints: - complete blood count, PCR, ESR for inflammation- uric acid plasma levels- HbA1C for diabetes-nerve conduction studies. If all the above tests result normal, I would recommend considering fibromyalgia as a possible cause underlying your complaints. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I had 7 unexplained seizures last week were I was then tested in neurology while staying in the hospital with no conclusion. Tonight, I got very hot and dizzy followed by an upset stomach. When I was lying down, I had lots of random muscle twitching. After that stopped, my legs were very heavy and tired. Is this likely a small seizure or events leading up to a seizure [|AI|] Hello! Thank you for the question on Chat Doctor! I understand your concern. The random muscle twitching is part of generalized myoclonic seizure. It is not a small seizure, but a generalized one, meaning that the brain cell dysfunction is spread all over your brain during this seizure. The hot and dizzy feeling which the upset stomach are part of an Aura (symptoms preceding the seizure, part of the seizure)I would recommend a prolonged EEG and a brain MRI to find out the possible cause of these frequent seizures, besides full blood work, electrolytes and other tests. You need to start an anti-epileptic Chat Doctor. Hope to have been helpful! Greetings!
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi i m 27 yrs old female and recently diagnosed with AFB negative but PCR for M.tuberculosis positive....what does it mean....should i go for second opinion or ask the doctor to start my treatment.....and please let me know am i able to conceive or notthanks [|AI|] Hello, I understand your concern. I am Chat Doctor, infectious disease specialist, answering your concern. You are positive for tuberculosis.PCR is the gold standard test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. If you are positive for it than you are surely positive. There is no need for second opinion. In my opinion you are positive for tuberculosis, please visit nearby doctor and start the AKT (Anti Koch treatment) or ATT (Antituberculosis treatment). Glad to answer your further concern contact me on Chat Doctor. Thank you, ChatDoctor
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi Doctor, I have undergone Blood Test recently as part of general check-up. The reports tell that i have 54% Neutrophils, 44% of Lymphocytes, 00% of Monocytes, 0.2% of Eosinophils and Total WBC is 6800/cumm. PCV 45.7%. RBC count 5.28million/cumm. Is this result normal? because the lab technician had highlighted Lymphocytes .Thanks and Regards, unni [|AI|] Hi, dairy have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. Your complete blood count report is normal. No need to worry. Lymphocytes are slightly high, but it is a normal variation. It doesn't suggest any disease. If you don't have any symptoms then don't worry about your lymphocytes. Just be relaxed. Hope I have answered your question, if you have doubt then I will be happy to answer. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My daughter is 16 years old and has a terrible temper, but can also be very sweet. She has got this fears that she will die or that somebody close to her will die and then she also has voices telling her that she must now say goodbuy to this one or that one because it is now time to go. What will your diagnosis be? [|AI|] It is difficult to make diagnosis with the description given. Hearing voices as a symptom could be hallucination, but it needs to be clarified further. Hallucination can be a part of psychotic illness. At times hallucination could be present in anxiety disorder. Hallucinations are of different kinds. Can you describe a little more on your children behavior, mood, problems in daily activities, other associated symptoms???
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My daughter is 4 weeks. She is struggling passing gas and BM. She turns red, cries and needs helps each time (glycerine, massage ...etc.). I breastfeed her (pumped breast milk- 3-3.5 oz in average and she is 9 LB) and give her twice soy formula at night. Her stool is full of curds and some are large. Am I overfeeding her? what can I do to make her life easier?Thanks [|AI|] Why isn't she fed directly on the breast? If you have nipple issues, I am sure the lactation specialist nurse can assist you. Why soy milk and not normal milk? And why bottle feeds at night? What prevents you from exclusively breastfeeding her? This question has many such issues where interaction with you is needed. I cannot be sure that there is underfeeding or overfeeding since you did not provide me with her birth weight. Do consider asking the detailed question directly. In the meantime, may I suggest that you stop giving her soy milk unless there are reasons that you haven't disclosed. Switch over to a normal milk formula that has anti-colic ingredients (Nova lac AC is an example). Take her to a pediatrician to confirm that there is no narrowing of her anus or anal canal that is causing this problem, or a redness around the anus that is causing pain and preventing her from evacuating properly. Other than that, I cannot advise you of any more measures that you can take without examining her. Wishing her a speedy resolution of the problems.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] sir i m azoospermic...i have gone for testicular biopsy ,the result was GERM CELL APLASIA and my doctor said me that there isnt any chance for i heard some other doctor saying on TV that in such cases that particular part of testis may not have spermatids or sperms but there is some chance that the other part may have them .when i went for biopsy my harmonal reports were normal but recently i found my FSH level higher than normal and TESTOSTERONE level low.i want to know weather we should go for needle biopsy now or shall i take some harmonal medication and go for TESE....what would be the better options for us....please help!! [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for your query. I read your query and I understand your concerns. High FSH and low testosterone means you have primary testicular failure. I don't see great chances of conception. Any way undergo needle biopsy to confirm presence of sperms. If no sperms are found I am afraid you have to go for donor semen treatment for your wife. I hope I answered your query. I will be available for any followup queries you have. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am 39 years old 5 foot tall and weigh 265 lbs. I have gained over 50 lbs since August 2014. I am tired all of the time. I recently have swelling in my feet and ankles. I wake up several times a night. I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I have shortness of breath. I am wondering what may be wrong with me. [|AI|] Hello, Thanks for writing to us, I have studied your case. I would like to ask few questions so that I can help you betterSwelling is on both feet? Swelling is reducing after lying down? Any history of injury? Both feet involvement differential can be swelling due to exertion; swelling can be cardiac /renal origin, early inflammatory arthritis. You may need to do X-ray and blood investigation after clinical examination from your doctor. Swelling can be cardiac or renal disease related. Hope this answers your query. If you have additional questions or follow-up queries then please do not hesitate in writing to us. I will be happy to answer your queries. Wishing you good health. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, I am 23 yr old. I have wheezing problem from my childhood. I used to take Inhaler whenever i suffer from wheezing. I have undertaken both ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments. But still i find no change. I suffer from wheezing. Is there any permanent solution for it. Will it have any side effects in my future? [|AI|] Hi, This may be due to asthma. So you should use controllers like inhalation bronchodilators with steroids or montelukast 10 mg every day once. This will help in preventing the occurrence of symptoms. For relieving symptom short-acting bronchodilators will help you. Permanent cure is preventing from allergens or irritants or getting done immunotherapy based on sensitization report. This will help you. For any further queries feel free to ask us. Regards
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi, my mum whent to have her goldblader out on wedsday this week by key hole , when she came back from surgery they said they dident remove it as it was srunk and would be to dangers for her , i need to no if it is more dangers to leave it in and what could hapen to her [|AI|] Hi, How are you? My name is Chat Doctor. I am a liver and pancreas specialist and I hope to answer your question today. I am sorry to hear about your mothers condition. Gall bladders tend to become thick walled and shrunken in patients who have repeated bouts of inflammation (cholecystitis). This will make it very difficult for the surgeon to remove, especially by laparoscopic (keyhole) technique. The normal procedure in such cases would be to do an open cholecystectomy, which involves making a 7-10 cm incision on the abdomen and then removing the gall bladder under vision. The dangers of leaving behind the gall bladder depends on what the original reason for the surgery was. Leaving behind the gall bladder due to stone disease will put the patient at risk for further attacks of cholecystitis, but a still worrisome reason would be if any cancer occurs in the GB which would mandate that an open cholecystectomy be done. In summary, I would advise you to consider an open cholecystectomy to avoid future complications. Hope this helps and hope your mother starts to feel better. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details Have a great day
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hello doctor, my sister is suffering from kidney shrinkage, and her keratinine level is nearly to 7 on average. she is undergoing dialyses twice a week from last 3 months. But her stomach swelling is not decreasing. Her age is 25. plz guide me that shall we continue with the same. If yes for how much time. we r very upset.Arun Sharma India [|AI|] Hi, I had gone through your question and understand your concerns. First thing you need to know is dialysis is the best treatment at this stage as her creatinine levels are 7. Coming to her stomach swelling the ultrafiltration which she is taking during dialysis need to be more in my opinion to take excess fluid out. If I am her treating doctor I will definitely increase the ultrafiltration if her BP is normal and if she is not tolerating she needs to be kept on weekly thrice dialysis. Please talk to your treating doctor about this and of course the final treatment other than dialysis will be the transplantation. Please get back if you have any queries. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am breast-feeding my 3 month old, I am 23 and not over weight. For about 2 weeks now i am getting a rash on my upper arm, what is this? it looks like eczema but i know i do not have eczema. Unless it can just develop out of no where. I have never had a rash like this. I have put breast milk on it for 2 days now and it looks a little better but I would really like to know what this is. [|AI|] Hi. Thanks for posting your concern at Chat Doctor.It's really very difficult to give you proper advice without knowing more about the rash and examining it clinically. I would advise that you visit a dermatologist who would be able to examine you clinically and give you a specific diagnosis Or you can ask me a direct query along with a photograph of the rash via this forum by following the link ChatDoctor .com/doctors/ Chat Doctor. I__;!! Mih3wA!SBzm6_kI6hCZ58EPH6N_05MFfiPbxWXT0a2TJCdFQObRWm5mV5ur7hUzs3LkHw$ would advise that you apply a soothing lotion like calamine 2-3 times a day. As a treating doctor I would have prescribed an oral antihistamine like HY
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Both of my big toe knuckles have dry tough skin on them. I can buff it off and moisturize and it will return in a day or two. My feet tan well in the summer and this dry rough skin always tans darker and just looks dirty. I am a 37 yo female. My only medical issues are allergies/ sinuses/ ears. Is this just dry skin or something else and How do I treat this area? [|AI|] Hi, thank you for your query. Tanning of the toe knuckles is a common issue. And it is easily resolvable. Medical cause for it is Anemia or deficiency of hemoglobin in can be easily treated by using iron tablets for 30 day sin case its just due to tanning, you can start with a basic regimen to be followed daily in summer.1.start by soaking your feet in warm water with salt for 20 mins.2.scrub the knuckles thoroughly with lemon slice esp on the tanned areas.3.wash it off and apply moisturizer these three simple steps will ensure your feet remain soft and tan free.thank you, wishing you good health
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] ok so my ob found that i have a high white blood cell count but not evidence that i have an infection what can this mean [|AI|] Hi!welcome to Chat Doctor .com. There are several possible causes for a high white blood cell count/leukocytosis:Physical stress (e.g., from seizures, anesthesia or overexertion) and emotional stress can also elevate white blood cell counts. Medications commonly associated with leukocytosis include corticosteroids, lithium and beta agonists. Increased eosinophil or basophil counts, resulting from a variety of infections, allergic reactions and other causes, can lead to leukocytosis in some patients. Primary bone marrow disorders. Investigation should include differential leukocyte count which tells which WBC is high, platelet count, hb, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy to rule out leukemia. All the best.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello,This might sound very weird. It has been two years and this thing happen to me very very rarely when I am chewing food. When I am chewing food, the nerves on my right side of the temple (forehead) jerks or i dont know other words to describe it. It is very painful for a while. Do these things happen due to wisdom teeth? Is there any connection? [|AI|] Hi, Thank you for posting your query. Your symptoms may be related to aberrant nerve regeneration, after partial facial nerve paralysis earlier in childhood. These jerking movements are referred to as Synthesia/synthesis. There is no need to worry. If they are troublesome, please consult a neurologist for treatment. Please get back if you require any additional information. Best wishes, Chat Doctor. Ly/
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have had a semi-soft movable painless lump (long lump not like a pea or marble) on my left collar bone for about 6 years now. It was diagnosed as a lipoma a few years ago. I was told dont worry about it. In the past year I have had a few flair ups on the left side with pain in the joint area and forearm. The forearm near my wrist is also swollen. I had it checked out about 6 months ago and the doctor said the swelling is probably cause by me sleeping, leaning, carrying a purse and seat belt etc.. on that side. Today while at a new doctor he felt it and said I should have an ultrasound because it might be CANCER! I was horrified! The area is slightly painful but the lump its self does not hurt. He then said wait a few days and if it stops hurting forgot about the ultrasound.??? I would think if it was cancer or I had cancer i would have some other symptoms aside from some swelling and inflammation/possible arthritis issues on that side by now? I am 41 - female no history of cancer at all in my family. I am obese and have been for over 10 years (after my son died) aside from the obesity I am in good health. I am now terrified that i have cancer!!! YOU SHOULD STATE THAT YOU CHARGE A FEE BEFORE ALLOWING QUESTIONS! : ( THANKS FOR NOTHING! [|AI|] Hi, dairy have gone through your question. I can understand your concern. Chance of cancer in your lump is very rare. You don't have recent change in size, weight loss, fever etc. So your history doesn't indicate cancer. Most probably you have lipoma or some benign soft tissue tumor. You should go for fine needle aspiration cytology with ultrasound to search exact cause. It will be lipoma most likely. Still for your mental peace you should go for fine needle aspiration cytology or biopsy once. Don't worry about that. Just be relaxed. Hope I have answered your question, if you have doubt then I will be happy to answer. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. I did some research, and discovered that he has nearly all of the symptoms of heart block and many of the symptoms of heart failure. Whenever he has an episode with his heart, he gets very dizzy, nauseous, has chest pain and cold sweats, and eventually has a blackout. Is there anything that I can do to alleviate his symptoms when they occur? [|AI|] Hello, thanks for reaching out to us. I understand your worry towards your boyfriends' health. For treatment of patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White, it depends on lots of factors like presence of other diseases that might be present, the degree of severity etc. The best advice I have for you is to encourage him to see his cardiologist to know the best treatment possible in his case. I hope he gets better soon. Warm regards
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] sir now iam 46 yr male.i attempt first sex in 18th this time i have affected herpes in my pennis.but i have clearing water to my pennis every day.but iam sugar patient.nowadays i have affected lungs problems. what can i do for solve this problem. i know very well heerpes viruse is not curable [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern.First consult pulmonologist and diagnose your lung problems. Diabetes can cause lung infection, bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis etc. You will need chest x-ray, PUT (Pulmonary Function Test) and CT thorax to diagnose lung disease. Treatment is based on diagnosis. You may need antibiotics, inhaled bronchodilators (formoterol or albuterol) and anti-fibrotic (Perfinodone) Chat Doctor. Don't worry, you will be alright. Consult pulmonologist and discuss all these. Hope I have solved your query. I will be happy to help you further. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have recurrent sinus infections. I ve had 2 in the last 5 weeks and my doctor prescribed antibiotics and sterioids. I have had 6 -8 sinus infections the last 2 years with 5 bouts of pneumonia. Why do I keep getting sinus infections and pneumonia? I ve had my tonsils out. [|AI|] HI, thanks for using Chat Doctor If you have allergic sinusitis then this may be predisposing you to infections of the sinuses. Treatment of sinusitis involves avoiding any known allergen, use of oral antihistamines and topical steroid nasal sprays. Allergy testing can help to specify the allergen. Imaging of the sinuses may also be needed to see if there is any structural change that would cause sinusitis. I hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am a woman 57 years old started taking medicine lescol xl 80 to lower my cholesterol level but after 4 months of taking it the test showed an elevation in sgpt it is 37 (normal level should me less than 31) n.b.: before taking this medicine my sgpt was normal is this dangerous what can I do should i stop the medicine [|AI|] Hi Nadia;welcome to Chat Doctor Your level of SGPT is mild high YES you have correctly noted that it is because of cholesterol medicine. These medicines do produce changes in liver function & so the SGPT & liver profile needs to be monitored. The only thing I would suggest is to consult your doctor & he may advise you to stop the medicine or may change it as you may require medicine for your cholesterol take care thanks
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Mam I got married 3 years still I didn t pregnant egg growthing is normal my husband sperm also normal but 1st time I miss my period 8days to check pregnancy test I m pregnant but i was aboated used tablets after aboating I suffered by right side abdominal pain with right side buttock pain and thigh pain now I consulting gynagologist doctor they told my endometrium small size 6mm can u tell me I get pregnant or not its curable ah [|AI|] Hello thanks for writing to Chat Doctor. Sorry to know you had a miscarriage. Endometrial thickness normally varies with the menstrual cycle and ultrasound monitoring is needed to see its growth. A thin endometrium is deterrent for successful implantation. You need a comprehensive workup as to the cause of the thin lining e.g. scar tissue in the endometrium. I would suggest you consult an infertility specialist at the earliest, who can guide you and see if the endometrium responds to treatment. Hope this is helpful. Do not lose hope. All the best.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hello dr, My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and have had unprotected sex before. He was my first sexual partner but he had had one other partner before me. Lat night I noticed something odd on the head of his penis that looks like a pimple that you would get on your face. Although when I looked this up online i was discouraged and started to question whether or not this was an STI. He attempted to pop it and some clear liquid came out. It s not blistered or anything it just looks like a raised bump that s a little red. Please help. Should he see a doctor? [|AI|] HiT hank you for asking ChatDoctorI have gone through your query. Your boyfriends' problem is most likely due to force spots. If you send a picture then it will be more helpful. Fordyce's spots are benign and harmless. Taking more garlic and foods rich in anti oxidants will be helpful. Local retinoid application also will be helpful. Hope this may help you. Let me know if anything is not clear. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I get paranoid and after my first car wreck i think it got worse and when people tell me things at my work that something is going on i think im going to get in trouble or if i see a cop or when a helicopter flys over my house or if some one knocks on my door i think im going to be in trouble for every little think i do and what can help me that can change this i try not to think about i did something wrong what can i do to keep to keep me from being to paranoid and i think i might have anxiety or paranoia im not sure if you can help me out thank you [|AI|] Hello You have intense anxiety after car accident. You have symptoms like fear on seeing a cop, or when some helicopter flies over house or when someone knocks on door. You are not able to control that anxiety and fear. Most likely these are the symptoms of anxiety. Other possibility is PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. After severe accident some individuals develop fear and anxiety associated with nightmares and hyperarousal. I would advise you to visit a Psychiatrist for expert treatment. Medicines like Fluoxetine, Escitalopram, Sertraline etc. are used in anxiety. These medicines help in depressive symptoms also. You can also try non-pharmacological treatment as relaxation exercise, yoga, meditation, behavior therapy etc. Thanks
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My mother in law has put her husband in a nursing home and he is well but she how ever is displaying narcissistic behavior,she continues to tell him he is forgetful and show him no attention and help but he is very quiet and gentle but she show aggression and selfishness shopping all day and is obsessed with a x priest doing up his home and decorating and giving him money and paying his bill what is one to do ?how can one explain this to a doctor ? she is not aware that this is not normal. [|AI|] This is the irony, the person himself/herself does not have much insight to find out his weakness and wrong behavior. This type of person usually justify their behavior due to some reason. This is definitely undesired behavior by her, and she also has unhealthy way of coping (escaping from home in the name of shopping daily, taking help of a priest but herself avoiding her desired role at home). In this case it may be due to continuous strain of caregiver burden or this may be her personality trait. The best way is to record the conversation secretly and then late her review her behavior herself by playing the recorded file. She may be overburdened and offering a helping hand may help her.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] myone year old boy baby had UTI last month.he was on IV antibiotics later within a week had fever and started with oral antibiotics for week.and this week we have done urine culture and routine shows no pus cells but heavy growth of E.coli..what are the possible cause? [|AI|] Let me ascertain that E.cold is a normal inhabitant of our body. It is present in the intestines and even urinary tract of ALL of us. So I would not really be surprised if E.cold is detected. It is only when their count crosses 10^5 or 10,00,000 per ml of urine, that we call it urinary tract infection or UTI. If the count is actually lesser and if there is no pus cells, it does not denote an infection. Presence of pus cells indicates that the body is fighting them. Absence would indicate that the body is fine with the presence of the E.cold. In case of colony count greater than 10^5, treatment with antibiotics like ofloxacin for 7-14 days is needed.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello Doctor, I had mild spasms of stomach pain 3 days back. I took Spasmonil and and anitibiotic. The tsomach pain has subsided since yesterday but i developed a dryness in my throat and now its also aching since yesterday and slight difficulty in swallowing. Also my Left eye is watering and am having diffculty in keeping it open as if its having pins inside. Please help me, [|AI|] Hi. Thanks for your query. Spasmodic has helped you to get relief from the mild spams in the abdomen. Now you have got Pain in throat, difficulty in swallowing, watering of the left eye and difficulty in keeping it open as if having pins inside. These are suggestive of primary or secondary conjunctivitis, along with upper respiratory tract infection causing all the symptoms. I would suggest you to get checked from a Doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment with :Eye Chat Doctor. If there is no response you can go for further tests and an opinion of the specialist particularly the Ophthalmologist
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] my six month old baby has been admitted to the hospital due to convulsion - doctor says his Calcium level was 0.7 - so they have given IV calcium next day it reaches 1.5 then 1.75 - then they have started to give oral calcium 27 ml/day - my baby weight is 7.8 kg after two days the calcium level comedown to 1.7 and 1.5 now they have started to give him IV calcium again - please advice what could be the reason ,Thanks Anand [|AI|] Hi, Hypocalcemia is a common cause of convulsion in infants. Usually this response to 48 hours of IV calcium infusion followed by oral. In severe cases, or cases which recurs after IV correction, as happened here, we need to look for any underlying because that can be treated accordingly. Common causes include low blood magnesium level, vitamin D deficiency, renal dysfunction and low para thyroid hormone level. So in such cases, I used to order few more lab tests, in a step wise manner-renal function test, phosphorous level, serum magnesium, vitamin D level, and parathyroid hormone level. Your doctor will guide you. Hope I have answered your question. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] A few years ago I had a operation to take all four of my wisdom teeth out, they all heeled perfectly however the second back tooth on the bottom right of my gum grew out of alignment and pushed more against my gum and cheek. Not only that I had a lot of the gum over the tooth and pushing against it. Now I have a small cut or hole I between my tooth and where my cheek is, it is difficult for my to brush. [|AI|] Hello, thank you for consulting with Chat Doctor. As you are mentioning that your tooth is pushing your gums and teeth it looks that this tooth is causing continuous trauma to the cheek because of which now a cut means a traumatic ulcer has been formed in that area which is painful. So now first you should start with symptomatic relief like topical application of an anesthetic gel like McCoppin on the ulcer. After that you should visit your dentist to get the rounding of the cusps of the tooth which is causing trouble or if needed removal of the tooth. Thank you Hope it will help you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My mother in law is 85 yrs old. She slept for over 24 hrs. We suspect that it may be an overdose of Trica sleeping pills that she takes. There was some frothing in her mouth after she slept. There is one strip of 10 tablets of .5 strength which is missing. Could this be the reason? [|AI|] Hi, Trick is a benzodiazepine commonly prescribed for the short term treatment of insomnia and other conditions. Its common side effects include Chat Doctor. Based on the history your mother-in-law seems to have taken larger doses of Erika resulting respiratory depression and coma. She should be immediately taken to the emergency room of your nearby hospital for further assessment and treatment. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have a sharp pain coming from the right side of my ribcage every time I inhale deeply. It also hurts whenever I bend down or make any motion at all that involves my abs. It seems like the pain is originating from a small bump which also hurts every time I touch it. [|AI|] Dear friend pain you described seems due to muscular/Costco Chat Doctor. Take analgesic like ibuprofen or if severe pain take combination of diclofenac + paracetamol + chlorzoxazon/serratiopeptidase. It will relieve the pain. If recurrent or severe once do x-ray chest to know other possible cause and also get examined by your family doctor first. Hope this answer will be helpful to you. For more queries please don't hesitate to ask. Get well soon.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi Dr,I am 54 this year and I just receive my blood test report which states the following :1. Total wbc = 3300/cmm (below the normal range of 4000 - 11000)2. polymorphs = 47% (below the normal range of 50 - 70)3. lymphocytes = 44% (above the normal range of 20 - 40)5. Polymorphs = 1551/cmm (below the normal range of 2000 - 7500)6. Monocytes = 165 / cmm (below the normal range of 200 - 1000)The film states :RBC - Normochromic normocyticWBC - Mildly reduced with mild neutropenia but morphologically normal.Impression - Mild leucopenia with mild neutropeniaIs there any concern to my health? I have not experience any health issue for the past years and am rather careful with my diet. Appreciate your advise. [|AI|] Hi, I have gone through your all reports. I can understand your concern. Your RBC is normal. Your WBC count is slightly reduced. Your neutrophil count is almost normal. If you don't have any health problem then no need to worry at all. Many people have this low count without any disease. It will become normal. You just need to repeat once after few time just be relaxed. If you have any symptoms then consult your physician. Hope I have answered your question, if you have doubt then I will be happy to answer. Thanks for using Chat Doctor. Wish you a very good health.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi! I believe i have had gingivitis for a while but did not know about it. I am trying to get better by using Sonic spinbrush toothbrush associated with Crest Pro-Health to fight gingivitis and biotiene mouth wash. I started to notice my skin are peeling and so Im guessing its the toothpaste that is doing it because it never happened before when I use regular toothpaste. So what am i suppose to use now for gingivitis if Crest Pro-Health or Biotine mouth wash isnt working? [|AI|] Thanks for your query, I have gone through your query. The gingivitis is because of the gum infection secondary to the deposits. Consult an oral physician and get your teeth cleaned once and maintain oral hygiene after that. The other possible cause of the gingivitis could be open bit or mouth breathing. If it is because of open bite then the occlusion of teeth has to be corrected. Mouth wash will maintain the oral hygiene, you can continue to use mouth wash, But cause has to be removed. The peeling of the gum has started after taking that toothpaste, then you have to stop that toothpaste and use some other toothpaste. I hope my answer will help you, take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, I had a tooth pulled one week ago today & yesterday I had 5 lymph nodes swell & become tender. One behind & one in front of my ear on the same side as I had the tooth pulled & another on the opposite side behind the ear. The other 2 is in my throat. Is this common for someone that has had a tooth pulled. Also, I have another tooth that has not been pulled that has a cavity that is on the opposite side of the mouth that I had work done. Is this a common occurance? If so, how long should it last? Otherwise, I am in good physical shape for a 28 year old male with no history of any diseases. [|AI|] Hello, Welcome, Thanks for consulting Chat Doctor, I have gone through your query, as you have mentioned that you have undergone extraction, now you had swollen lymph nodes, don't worry after extraction swelling occurs, if it last for more than 5 days then you again consult your dentist Take proper course of medication prescribed by your dentist After 24hrs of extraction do warm saline gargle two - three times a day Hope it will help you. Wish you good health. Regards
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I can only walk short distances and then I become very short winded. I was told that I have High blood pressure in my lungs and wonder if this could be the cause, or is it because I am overweight? What are the treatment for high blood pressure in the lungs? I really want my life back. [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your situation and problem. High blood pressure in lungs is known as pulmonary hypertension (PHT). And It can be the cause for shortness of breath after walking. There are many causes for PHT. The common ones are1. Primary or idiopathic (without known cause)2. Secondary to pulmonary causes.3. Secondary to cardiac causes.4. Rarely storage disease. Most common causes are secondary to pulmonary and cardiac causes. So get done1. PUT (pulmonary function test)2. Chest x-ray and CT thorax.3. 2d echos better to consult doctor and discuss all these. You first need to identify the cause for your PHT and then start treatment accordingly. As treatment is different for various causes.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi Dr. Rynne, i recently lifted something very heavy and now i have a tingle in my lower back with a itch. A couple days have gone by now it s seemed to move to my lower stomach. Is that a pinched nerve? If so how can i treat? Not painful more irritating. [|AI|] Dear friend, thank you for your consultation. I have read your problem seems that you have hurt your vertebral column while lifting heavy weight. See there is a sponge like substance in between our vertebra, which is called vertebral disc.i your case this disc has been disbalance causing vertebral bones pressing against nerves lies in between. This is the cause of irritation. What you have to do is take a complete bed rest for a week to help the disc to come back in its old position. Then stop lifting heavy weight and bending this way you can get rid of this nagging tingling sensation. Thank you.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello, I have been getting a sharp almost electric pain at the top of my stomach for quite some time now, and it comes and goes. It is very sharp and lasts about 15 seconds then goes away for about a day or so. I have a constant stomach pain, light almost unnoticeable, really really light nausea, but I cannot eat a full meal, I get full with half a hot dog. I mainly have pain in the lower left side of my stomach. [|AI|] Hi! Good evening. I am Chat Doctor answering your query. If I were your doctor, after a clinical examination of your abdomen, I would advise you for a routine blood test like a CBC, blood sugar, an LFT, and a serum amylase/lipase to rule out any problems of hepato-biliary tree and the pancreas. I would also go for an ultrasound of abdomen to rule out pathology of the gall bladder and pancreas. Till then, I would prescribe for you an anti-spasmodic along with a proton pump inhibitor Chat Doctor. Further management would depend on the investigation reports. I hope this information would help you in discussing with your family physician/treating doctor in further management of your problem. Please do not hesitate to ask in case of any further doubts. Thanks for choosing Chat Doctor to clear doubts on your health problems. I wish you an early recovery. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i m 30 now, i m having acne since i was 14. acne breakout usually appears morey when i ejaculate fluid through masturbation, a physician once prescribed me aldactone 100 mg for For 2 months and magically it cleared up my skin and when i stopped the medication acne began to come back again. pls do suggest a cure for my problem. [|AI|] Hi dear, first masturbation is totally normal and don't have any relation to acne. Even if it has, it should decrease acne in fact, as masturbation decreases the level of testosterone temporarily. So don't worry about that. Coming to your treatment, use Darlene gel 1% in night and clindamycin gel in day. This u must continue for at least 3 months even when acne not there. U might get a longing relief. Thank u
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] ! Hello! I am a quite healthy and active 76 year old woman who has never given birth. Was in a car accident about 6 years ago and wrenched my R shoulder fom the back seat to the front. AAbout a year ago someone rear ended me & I jumped out of the car and reinjured that same shoulder. Have had physical therapy, get massages monthly and am now seeing a chiropractor and it doesnot seem to lbe improving much. An Xray revealed 2 bone spurs on that shoulder. What would U advise me to do. I m continuing exercizes assigned me but not when they hurt or a jabbing pain erupts usually down the center of the shoulder and stops about 4 in. above my elbow ... What to do??? Also,I eat well, lots of fruits and veggies, chicken & fish, do not eat many packaged foods and wonder how much calcium citrate does this healthy body need to take as a supplement??? Thanks....Thanks for your response, Mary [|AI|] Hi, there! X-rays show bone condition only and spurs were found. It says, that biceps tendon and rotator cuff are affected too. Ultrasonography or MRI scan can reveal tendon and bone cartilage condition. You are on the right way doing exercises and physiotherapy. You can make Ultrasound wave therapy with Diclofenac gel or Cortisone shot in shoulder joint, if tendinitis confirms after scans. The last step is shoulder arthroscopy, but seems that Your shoulder condition isn't so bad. I hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hi, A friend has stage IIIB cancer. She s just has surgery to remove 3/4 of her bowel along with 23 lymph nodes - 3 of which have tested positive, and due to start chemo soon. Could you please advise which supplements will help her recovery? Also are there any foods to avoid? Thanks for your help, Anna [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. Follow this diet plan for stage 111B colon cancer patients (operated).1. Avoid oily food. Avoid spicy food.2. Avoid partially cooked or uncooked food. As chances of gut infection is high with this kind of foods. So better to avoid them.3. Eat healthy, fresh food. Eat properly, completely cooked food.4. Avoid garlic in food if possible otherwise colostomy will have foul smell.5. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have had ear pain and a sore throat for 2 weeks. My ears and clear and my throat is only mildly red. Yesterday I had a really bad headache along the base of my skull that moved into my neck and was the worst pain I have every had. Could all of these be related? I have seen my Dr. 4 times in the past 2 weeks. [|AI|] HI, thanks for using Chat Doctor It is likely that your symptoms are all related. Infections involving the respiratory tract can result in headache. It can occur with viral or bacterial infections. If the pain in the ears and throat have been persisting for 2 weeks then antibiotics may be needed. Viral sore throats do not normally continue for that length of time.Anti-inflammatory pain medications such as aspirin, naproxen or ibuprofen would help with pain relief. I hope this helps
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My friend had a fever of 104 last night and a runny nose today. I was with her today at a meeting and as we were leaving she had an awful coughing fit (I was not with near her at the time) and had to go to the bathroom to dry heave. Do you think this is very contagious? Am a likely to catch it? I can t afford to be sick at the moment as I finals this week. [|AI|] Symptoms of running nose, fever & cough point throat infection & it might be contagious thing. But chances of the infection to another person by airborne rout depends on several things.1)It mainly depends on type of the infection (Bacteria) because some are easily transferred by air route. 2)The distance between you and infected person small the distance changes of getting infected are more.3)Ventilation of room. If the room is closed having no open windows/ a/c room the chances of infection are more.4) last & most important factor is your status of immunity. If your health is good & immunity is also good then chances of being infected are very, very less. But if your immunity is poor the may get infected. So considering the way of exposure you had there been very few chances of getting infected. Now the only thing you have to do is observe yourself & if at all you show any of the sign of infection rush to doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I was at the er 2 nights ago. I went because of high fever, minimal abdominal pain. they said I had a vaginal bacterial infection. I had a ct scan done and they saw a cyst on my left ovary that was 19 mm and a cyst on my kidney. They put me on 2 antibiotics (Cephalexin and Metronidazole). My fever is gone but extremely weak and lower dull back pain and tummy hurts worse real low. Im wondering if I should go back to the Er? [|AI|] Thanks for your consultation at Chat Doctor ! I have gone through your case history and being your physician I completely understand your health concerns. You have got urinary tract infection and ovarian cyst and renal cyst. First you should get treated for urinary tract infection. Once it is over then we would look for other issues... As far as ovarian cyst is concerned it should be looked with serial ultrasounds to see whether its size its increasing? Also, additional features should be looked carefully like internal septation, solid internal components....if these features appears then it needs gynecological intervention. Kidney cyst should also be followed serially normally if it is not symptomatic it doesn't need any treatment.... If your symptoms still not relieved despite antibiotics then you should consult ER... Hope your query is adequately answered if you still have any feel free to ask... Regards Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi doctor i have pcos and am pregnent and recently discovered in ultrasound that my baby having cyst in cord i.e;in brain iam 20 weeks pregnent iam concern about my baby will that cyst effect my baby in any ways and can i get ride or is there any permanent cure for this pcos [|AI|] Hi, PCOS and cyst in brain of your child are two unrelated things. Cyst in brain or spinal cord are called as neural tube defects and can affect the development of the baby, depending on their size and location. You need to get a detailed scan done by a fetal medicine specialist, to know that exact nature of the cysts. Also, the babies head needs to be checked for excessive fluid (called HY Chat Doctor. The fetal medicine expert can further guide you regarding the prognosis of the baby depending on size and location of the cyst. Some of these cysts are correctable after delivery for which you will need to be in touch with a pediatric neurosurgeon. You have conceived, so it means your PCs is in control. If you have irregular periods after 6 months of delivery, then you can take medications for it.Also, Women with PCs are prone for gestational diabetes, do get your sugar levels checked. Also consider folic acid 5 mg at least 3 months before the next pregnancy as folic acid is known to protect against neural tube defects. Hope this helps. Regards.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Daily I get intermittent unilateral goosebumps to my left hip. It s not painful and I am not cold but it s noticeable. It doesn t radiate down my leg. I have no previous medical history besides being over weight no chronic illnesses, I have no allergies, I take no regular home medications other than birth control and imovane at night for sleep. Any ideas? Could this be nerve related? [|AI|] Hi, Thank you for posting your query. These symptoms could be related to nerve problem of the skin nerves. There could be mild mechanical pressure on the skin nerves leading to goose bumps. There is no need to worry, as it does not represent any serious problem of the nerves. You should get better soon in a few weeks. I hope it helps. Please get back if you require any additional information. Best wishes, Chat Doctor. Ly/
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I am a steroid dependant ( Taking HISONE) due to adrenal insufficiency. For the last six months I am on ATT. The Dr. says my TB treatment is a prolonged one and it may go for one and half years. During treatment ( third month) I had liver problems. After taking medication I am OK. Now blood is coming whenever I pass stools. Is this due to TB medication side effects. As and when I have this problem I have asked to take Tab SITCOM FOR 14 days. For the past one months I am having severe legal pain ( Both Bottom foot and calf muscle) Pain in the calf muscle is persisting even when I am resting. I shall be grateful if you could Kindly mail your answers to YYYY@YYYY . I am 54 year old weighing 53. 8 KG and height 5 feet 2 inches. [|AI|] Hello, Blood in stool is not caused by ATT (antitubercular treatment). So better to consult a surgeon and get done a clinical examination and ultrasound examination of the abdomen to rule out the intestinal cause for blood in the stool. Also get done anal canal examination to rule out piles or fissures or hemorrhoids. Due to bleeding, your Hemoglobin might have reduced and this can cause lower limb pain. So get done hemoglobin estimation also. Hope I have answered your query. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i am never late for my period and i am 2 wks late i am getting over a kidney infection which ive never had trouble with that before and i have an iu. cA paragaurd in im concerned that i might be pregnant but i have had 2 negative pregnancy tests but my breats are sore i have some bloating and have been a little sick to my stomach on and off i was supposed to start jan 31 for my jan. period and as of today still no period. i didnt know if my kidney infection could be causen a false negative on the test or what my urine test the dr did on feb 1 when i found out i had a kidney infection should i had a blood count of 250 and lekocysts of 500 so idk whts going on i have to go the 18th of this month for a kidney ultrasound Can you give me some insight? [|AI|] Hi, Any infection may cause delay in periods or pre-pone them as this leads to hormonal imbalance in the body. Since you are anyway going for a renal scan, get a trans-vaginal sonogram also to rule out the possibility of pregnancy. If the pregnancy is confirmed, you may decide whether to continue depending on the severity of your renal infection and the treatment needed, after consulting your gynecologist. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i suffer from severe pain in my back after long periods of standing and have also noticed that the bottom of my back, my coccyx, is really noticable and i have a dip at the top of my bum. I think this has happened since i gave birth. Is it normal or should i get it checked out? [|AI|] Hi, Welcome to Chat Doctor. After going through your query I think you is suffering from chronic backache. Treatment of back pain is exercises and analgesics (diclofenac 100mgSR). It is not normal. Sometimes vitamin D deficiency is the cause so get her vitamin D checked. If it is low then vitamin D supplementation (with milk) can be taken. Avoid long continuous standing. Sit in a straight posture. Eat milk and milk product, fruits and green leafy vegetables daily. To further investigate MRI of the region is advised. I think your query answered. Welcome to any follow-up query
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] i have been peeing alot for the past three weeks, about 9-12 times a day, i have lower back pain on my right side, and my stomach hurts just below my belly button, i have had increasing headaches as well as random stomach cramps that can last a few hours. i drink about 5 bottles of water a day and if i am not drinking water i am drinking any clear liquid, i am starting to worry now bc these symptoms have not gone away. my urine also smells really strong and sweet [|AI|] Here your back pain can be related with either the muscular weakness for your back muscles or else there will be a problem with lumbar disc. For this to get evaluated you need to consult an orthopedic doctor who will suggest the needful. Now the next problem is frequent urination here it can be related to diabetes, but you need to do confirmation with your sugar test as well HAC test. For frequent cramps in your muscles there might be a possibility of vitamin B deficiency so I suggest taking test on vitamin B deficiency and also Keep vitamin B rich diet in your food. You can also take vitamin B tablet as a supplement. As a physiotherapist I also suggest doing back strengthening exercises as per the suggestion of your physio and do take physiotherapy treatment which can help you to relax your soft tissues as per your physiotherapist guideline. Along with frequent urination, muscle cramp if you also have pain in abdomen Then I suggest doing ultrasound for your abdomen and based on report do what is necessary by visiting your physician. You can also use hot pack for your back this will help to reduce pain by having relaxing and soothing effect on your soft tissues. Take care
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] Hello Doctor! I am engaged in masturbation since 7 years and i want to be free from it as i thinks it really affect my studies and promotion in my studies and job as i consider it a major cause of my problems. I am an introvert person considering that fact, i am shy don t want progress in my life seems life purposeless, please suggest what should i do? [|AI|] Thanks for asking in Chat Doctor forum I understand your situation, but please note that masturbation is not a disease to treat and is harmless. So, you need not think about this and get depressed. Still, if you want to avoid it, you can divert your mind to some other activities like playing games, reading novels, socializing and by not being alone in your room. A counselling session with psychologist/psychiatrist may be very helpful at this stage. All the best. Chill.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] dear sir,iam suffring from eczima in my palm from last ten years.all treatment are faliure . now what i do?ege-50years, height- 170cm,wt-94kg,used medicine are-propysalicNF-6,dermashield,pericort-4,patadin,oxawin cap..menofit,lobet-s,altas,momioft,pericort-4 [|AI|] Hello sir ;welcome to Chat Doctor Eczema is a fungal infection and needs proper treatment with local as well as oral antifungal for better results. A skin infection similar to eczema can be contact dermatitis which occurs due to friction or constant use of specific part of our body during work like in some occupations of carpenter;plumber or any such work. Better option is to consult a Dermatologist(skin specialist)and try to avoid any irritation to the particular palm, and hopefully you should recover from eczema. Thanks
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I broke right side ribs all and 6 on the left side, flail chest. I had rib fixation surgery after on of my broken ribs punctured my lung. I had 3 right ribs fixated by plates. Now the skin is painful to the touch. I also have a good size knot near where rib #2 meets the sternum and have felt it pop with extreme pain, what can I do to get rid of the constant pain? [|AI|] HAI.rib fractures are really very much painful. Due to multiple nervous innervation too added with lung injury & flail chest is really very sensitive had to follow slow deep breathing exercises (not vigorous)Pain control with opioids will be helpfulEarlier to this u can start with tramadol or tapendetol twice daily, added painkiller like diclofenac+pain muscle relaxants like chloroxazoneLocal application of pain relief gel will be of some help prevent gastritis please add up with antacids & irregular physiotherapy saline nebulization will be of God helpmate care
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I had hurt my ankle a little during track last week but I figured Id be fine but today it really hurt so I was kind of favoring it while walking but then I tried to take a normal step on it and it cracked and my whole foot hurt but I figured I was fine but its been killing all day and I noticed my whole foot/ankle was a little swollen at work what do I do [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for contacting. Do hot and cold therapy (take one bucket of lukewarm water and one bucket of cold water. Dip your leg in lukewarm water for 3 mins then in cold water for one min do it 7-10 times) for one week, do less walking. Be careful while stairs climbing, elevate your legs while sitting or lying, apply crêpe bandage. It will relieve the swelling, do active exercises of toes and ankle, don't wear tight shoes or heel shoes. I hope it will help you, and you will find the answer useful. Let me know if I can assist you further.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] My dad had a repair of a varicele about 6 weeks ago and has experienced weakness and fatigue and queeziness. Most recently he has had gross hematuria with sediment. Very little pain, slight tenderness in his low back. I m worried about cancer naturally. His primary suggested it was a kidney stone. A UA showed no infection but of course red blood cells. Suggestions? Should we be worried? [|AI|] HelloThanks for query. Your father has undergone surgery for Varicocele and feeling tired since surgery he has hematuria since very recently . The cause of fatigue and tiredness could be loss of blood due to hematuria and not due to surgery. Please consult qualified Urologist for clinical and digital rectal examination and get following basic tests done to confirm the diagnosis.1) Urine routine and culture.2) Ultrasound scanning of abdomen and pelvis3) Serum PSA.4) Endoscopic examination of bladder (Cystoscopy)5) C. T Scan of abdomen and pelvis Further treatment will depend upon result of these tests and final diagnosis. Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] 11 month baby girl has lactose intolerance, reflux and has been on steroids, antibiotics and feeds on neocate. Still a baby who screams on and off all the time. Developing well but was 1 month prem. An unhappy child and parents desperate. Any suggestions? [|AI|] Babies with reflux are often fussy and agitated because reflux is the upward movement of stomach contents into the esophagus and sometimes into or out of the mouth. For improving this condition I suggest:-Elevating the head of the children bed.-Keeping the child upright for at least two hours after eating.-Serving several small meals throughout the day, rather than three large meals.-Limiting foods and beverages that seem to worsen your children reflux.-Encouraging your child to get regular exercise. If the symptoms don't improve I suggest to talk to your pediatrician in order to take reflux medications. Also, you can give your baby a lactose free formula if baby still Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I had a cardiac ablation of the sinus node on Dec 14, 2011, and then a pacemaker insertion on Dec. 30, 2011. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was dx with pericarditis. Sx resolved, but now 5 weeks after pm insertion, I am having intermittent chest pain on the mid to left side, radiating to the neck. Pain increases with deep inspiration, laughter, lying down. Do you think the pericarditis has recurred? Thank you. [|AI|] Hello and thank you for using Chat Doctor. I carefully read your question and I understand your concern. I will try to explain you something and give you my opinion. The pains that you explain resembles pericardial or pleuritic pains. They are pains that get higher in deep breaths, when a person lean forward. Ischemic heart pains are not related with position or inspiration. Inflamation of pericardial layers or pleura gives symptoms like yours. If you previously had pericarditis it is still possible experience chest pains even after some weeks, during the resolving phase. But to decide what we are dealing with if I was your treating doctor I will recommend some examination like a cardiac echo to evaluate heart function and pericardia, a fool blood analyze and inflammatory parameters like PCR to see for any active infection. After this examination it is possible to understand something and how to deal with it. Hope I was helpful. Bestregards, Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have severe shifting ankle pain in the right foot which prevents me from walking.The ortho says my feet are very stiff and flat .No pain medicines have helped . The Phsysio has given some special sole inserts, exercises and cold packs , not much relief . Can I walk for 30 mins every day?I need to push my HDLs up Can i take Macalvit with Vitmin d3 ? I am 71yrs old and have undergone a heart Bypass 10 years ago. [|AI|] Hello, I read carefully your query and understand your concern. There are many reasons why your ankles may feel stiff, not the least of which is simply age. With age collagen stiffens, making soft tissues like our ligaments and tendons stiffer. Another possible cause is osteoarthritis. I suggest using anti-inflammatory medications such as Acetaminophen to relieve the pain. I also suggest using cold compresses for local application. Physical therapy can help. Hope my answer was helpful. If you have further queries feel free to contact me again. Kind regards! Chat Doctor.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] HI, I am a female,23 years of age,weight=45, i am tall in height & has no medical history, i accidently go pricked by my dads diabetic syringe(when i got prickd,a very small drop of blood came from my finger) which was empty but was used in the morning where Human Actrapid was used in the syringe...kindly advice thanks [|AI|] Hi, I had gone through your query and understand your concern. Since diabetes is not a blood-borne disease, there is no chance of developing diabetes due to needle prick injury. So please do not worry about diabetes transmission. Diabetes is hormonal disorder mediated by impaired insulin action. In case of type 2 diabetes, the probability of developing diabetes increases to those who have positive family history. On the other hand, we should be careful when dealing with blood related events during injection, shaving etc. because blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis B, AIDS etc. may transmit through this from affected person. But you need not worry because you were just pricked and bleed a bit. So relax. Hope this answers your query. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate in writing us. Take care.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] yes my name billie lively and my dr said my red blood cells were small, which is an anemia disorder but I do not know what kind of anemia I new blood work shows that im not anemic anymore but my red blood cells are still small and so I was told to continue my iron medication........what does this mean? [|AI|] Hello Billie welcome and than to choose Chat Doctor for discussion of your problem. First I want to tell you that no need to worry about this problem. In medical terminology we called it microcytic red blood cell. As you told that your new blood work is not showing any anemia its mean that your blood picture is improved than earlier. Now you should continue iron therapy to restore your iron storage of body and repeat blood investigation after one month including peripheral blood film for anemia.It's because after taking iron our blood picture improve, but body requires more iron to make storage of iron as previously. Whenever any doubt arise in mind you can ask anytime.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] I have been diagnosed with acute bronchitis and being treated with amoxicillin 500mg 3x per day and prednisolone 5mg 6 in a single dose, my sats levels have been around 96-7 but arent going up. Am short of breath on exertion but ok if sat quietly, I still have the hacking cough, should I be going to work? [|AI|] Thanks for your question on Chat Doctor. I can understand your concern. In my opinion, you should not go to work and take proper rest at home for at least 1-2 weeks. Viral infection is the most common cause for acute bronchitis. And you are still having hacking cough and breathlessness on exertion, this means you are not fully recovered. Viral infections are usually self limiting and take almost 1-2 weeks for resolution. And these infections can spread to others through coughing, sneezing, laughing etc. So better to rest at home for at least 1-2 weeks, so that full recovery can be achieved, and you become non-infectious to others. Hope I have solved your query. Wish you good health. Thanks.
The conversation between human and AI assistant. [|Human|] hi i have hypertension 150/105 n take amtas 5 daily for same . i also consume alcohol every alternate day 120 ml of whisky. am male 37 yrs old . is the same okay or shd i reduce my drinking but is tough as i have done it alternate days alreadymy weight is 75 kg [|AI|] Hi, Thanks for writing to Chat Doctor, I am Chat Doctor. Hypertension is one of major issue and most time about 90-95% cause is unknown, if u were my patient I would like to ask u monitor BP while you're on med BCS I wanna know is that 1 reading or u having still high BP even after med n, so I can optimize dose to control BP in normal range . Ideally 5-7 days need to BP charting n then bring it to me so I'll decide whether you need to adjust dose or not... regarding alcohol Royal College of Physician said male can use 21 units of alcohol /week n 1 unit is in small pub measure 25ml of spirit(40% alcohol by vol) or standard pub measure 50ml of fortified wine(20%alcohol)... other factor also need to be modified like Dec salt intake, exercise n weight lose if over weight according to BMI protocol . All such factors along witChatDoctorpliance with med can control BP... I hope this answered your question, if you have more feel free to ask. Regards.