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"Why are African-Americans so beautiful?"
"Why are hispanics so beautiful?"
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"I want to pursue PhD in Computer Science about social network,what is the open problem in social networks?"
"I handle social media for a non-profit. Should I start going to social media networking events? Are there any good ones in the bay area?"
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"Is there a reason why we should travel alone?"
"What are some reasons to travel alone?"
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"Why are people so obsessed with having a girlfriend/boyfriend?"
"How can a single male have a child?"
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"What are some good baby girl names starting with D?"
"What are some good baby girl names starting with D or H?"
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"I am 25 year old guy and never had a girlfriend. Is this weird?"
"I am 25 years old. I have never had a girlfriend. Is something wrong with me?"
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""What does a good answer on Quora look like? What does it mean to ""be helpful""?""
"How do you write a good answer on Quora?"
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"What are the best things to do in Hong Kong?"
"What is the best thing in Hong Kong?"
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"Why is my life getting so complicated?"
"Why is my life so complicated?"
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"Why should I crack Jee?"
"Is it possible to get into IIMs with low marks in graduation and 12th?"
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"Can you TRANSLATE these to English language?"
"Can you translate this from Bengali to English language?"
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"Can anyone tell shall mi mix mobile should be purchased or not?"
""What did Voltaire mean when he said, ""God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh""?""
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"Which is the best gaming laptop under 40k?"
"Which is the best gaming laptop under 40,000 rs?"
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"Why Tamil Nadu Universities are no good?"
"Why are the 10th students able to score 100% in Tamil Nadu?"
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"What is an easy way to clean toothpaste stains from a shirt without washing it?"
"What are some ways to remove hard water stains from dishes?"
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"What was the deadliest battle in history?"
"What was the bloodiest battle in history?"
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"What are your views about demonetisation in India?"
"What do you think about the ban on 500 and 1000 denomination notes in India?"
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"What are the difference between polyester 210T and 210D?"
"What is the difference between cotton and polyester?"
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"Is FMS Delhi a good option for a MBA executive program?"
"Is FMS a good choice for an MBA in HR? Why and why not?"
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"Is it a bad time to buy a condo or a house in the Bay Area in 2017?"
"Would 2017 be a good time to buy a house in Bay Area?"
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"How is vanilla extract made?"
"How do you make sugar cookies without vanilla extract?"
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"What is the Sahara, and how do the average temperatures there compare to the ones in the Patagonian Desert?"
"What is the Sahara, and how do the average temperatures there compare to the ones in the Registan Desert?"
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"Why was the Roman Empire so successful?"
"What are some of the rarely known facts about the Roman Empire?"
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"Is it advisable to sent your cv to a professor with whom you are trying to make contact for graduate admission?"
"How does contacting a professor before applying factor into graduate admissions?"
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"Does a RainTPL syntax extension for Sublime Text exist? Where can I download it?"
"How do I hide the find/replace bar in Sublime Text 2?"
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"What is the average salary of a microbiologist in India?"
"What is the salary for a psychologist in india?"
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"How do you close a Bank of America account?"
"How can one close a bank account online?"
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"How can I create the most popular question on Quora?"
"Which are the most popular questions on Quora presently that also create the most discussions?"
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"What are the requirements to become president in the United States and how are the requirements different in Tanzania?"
"What are the requirements to become president in the United States and how are the requirements different in France?"
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""Who is the Adam the lyrics to Blink-182's ""Adam's Song"" are written about?""
""Which Blink-182 band member wrote the lyrics to ""Adam's Song""?""
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"What books should I read as an aspiring entrepreneur?"
"What are the top books an aspiring teen entrepreneur should read?"
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"Why does a rainbow lorikeet make a good pet?"
"Can lorikeets be good pets? What are some ways to take good care of them?"
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"Which sector (i.e. primary, secondary, tertiary) contributes the most to the GDP of India? Why?"
"What is my contribution to the GDP?"
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"If universe is expanding without a limit and dark and vacuum energy are created as it expands…?"
"If universe can expand without limit and it creates dark/vacuum/gravitational energy with it,then is the potential energy infinite?"
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"How is India preparing for war against Pakistan?"
"Is India preparing for a war?"
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"Why we do study computer fundamental in software engineering.?"
"Do we get to chose only one computer language when we are studying engineering?"
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"What is the smartest question besides this question?"
"What are the smartest questions that you have heard?"
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"What is a good text editor?"
"What are the best text editor plugins?"
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"What people who you've never met have influenced your life the most?"
"Who are people you have never met who have had the greatest influence on your life?"
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"How much weed did Bob Marley smoke a day?"
"How much weed should you smoke?"
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"What is the next number of this sequence? 5…..17……37…..89…..??"
"What is the next number in the sequence?"
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"Which website is good for downloading Android (.apk) files?"
"Android Application Development: Which software is used to develop APK files?"
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"Are vacuum fluctuations occuring because the energy in vacuum? Are these virtual particles?"
"Do virtual particles and energy in vacuum really exist? Can we observe them? Where? When?"
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"How do I find my Publication ID on Medium?"
"Still not understanding Qoura?"
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"How could an HIV-positive person have children?"
"Would you marry an HIV positive person?"
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"I'm going to be US President one day. What should I start doing now to achieve this?"
"I'm 16 and I want to become the US president someday. What should I start doing?"
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"Why MS Dhoni leave captaincy of ODI & T-20?"
"Why does M.S Dhoni left captaincy for ODI and T20?"
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"are aliens real or are they fake ?"
"Do aliens exists?"
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"Where can I buy special flavor cupcake at Gold Coast?"
"Where can I found different flavours for cupcakes at Gold Coast?"
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"Does marijuana cause cancer?"
"How can smoking marijuana give you lung cancer?"
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"How do I apply for jobs as an international student in the united states?"
"Proteus software Infrared Light Sensors Microcontrollers +1 How can I simulate an IR sensor using Proteus software?"
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"What are the procedures for becoming an actuary?"
"What is the procedure of becoming an actuary?"
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"What are some tips on making it through the job interview process at Access National?"
"What are some tips on making it through the job interview process at eBay?"
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"How do I find out what operating system I have on my Macbook?"
"How do I find out what operating system I have?"
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"How do smart and successful people control their emotions?"
"How can I control my emotions?"
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"Can eating only fruit for dinner lead to weight loss?"
"Does eating dinner earlier in the evening help with weight loss?"
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"How do I buy used car in India?"
"Which used car should I buy in India?"
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"Can i use mods in ps2 games like Gta San Andreass and others ?"
"Nintendo 3DS: Can I just copy the downloaded games to another, bigger SD card for use in the same console?"
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"What is the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate?"
"If both senators represent the whole state, then which senator do I get to vote for? What determines this?"
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"What are the best tips for outlining/planning a novel?"
"How do I best outline my novel?"
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"What's the easiest way to make money online from India?"
"What is the best way to make money in india?"
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"What will happen if Donald Trump became the president of America?"
"What will happen now that President-elect Donald Trump has won the election?"
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"What's the best way to increase agricultural productivity?"
"I own an innovative advertising & marketing company operating for over 1 year & I am looking for an investor or financier partner to help expand fast?"
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"What is the value of [math]\displaystyle\int_{0}^{\infty} \dfrac{x}{x^2+a^2}\,dx [/math]?"
"What is the value of [math]\displaystyle\int_{-1}^1 \frac{\sqrt{1-x^2}}{a-x} \, dx[/math] where [math]a > 1[/math]?"
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"What is it like to study in Llandudno?"
"Ford Figo 2016 or Grand i10 petrol 1.2 only?"
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"Why don't people just shoot Captain America below the shield?"
"Why did everyone have issue accepting Sam Wilson as the new Captain America, no one had an issue when Bucky took up the shield?"
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"Is PlatePlay available in Barcelona?"
"Wher is Barcelona?"
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"How do I increase sperms in my body?"
"Does the quantity of blood in our body increase as we grow?"
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"When you get a love spell done do you feel drained and tired?"
"What do Quorans think of that moment when you finally get a notification and when you open it, it's Quora correcting your spelling mistakes?"
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"What do other countries think of Bosnia and Herzegovina?"
"Why are Bosnia and Herzegovina one country?"
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"What is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about you?"
"What do you perceive to be the biggest misconception people have about you? Why do you think this misconception exists?"
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"Will overstaying my visit visa with 3 months affect my spouse visa application?"
"Will overstaying my UK visit visa with 3 months affect my UK spouse visa application?"
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"How can you find all of your Gmail accounts?"
"How do I resolve Gmail account issues?"
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""What are the best slogans based on the theme ""United India"" or ""राष्ट्रीय एकता""?""
"What are some of the best slogans written on trucks in India?"
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"What is the best order to read the Ender saga in?"
"What year is Ender's Game (2013 movie) set in?"
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"What is the average BPM for these genres of music?"
"Can we consider musicals a popular music genre?"
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"Which laptop would be better to buy now an i5 6200U with AMD R5 M330 or an i5 5200U with AMD R5 M230?"
"Which laptop would be better the one with i5 5200U and AMD R5 M330 2GB or i5 5200U with Nvidia 820M 2GB?"
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"Are Rolls-Royce cars given only to reputed personalities?"
"What is the criteria to buy a Rolls-Royce?"
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"Whose Economy is in better shape in 2016: Pakistan or Bangladesh?"
"Does Pakistan hate Bangladesh?"
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"Steel: Which is the best industrial wire products manufacturing company in India?"
"What is the steel production capacity of top 10 steel manufacturers individually in India?"
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"Why are people evil?"
"Why are some people evil? Are they born that way or does life make them evil?"
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"Why didn't Ned Stark bring more men to the Tower of Joy?"
"Why did Ned Stark go to the Tower of Joy with so few men? Why not bring a small guard (say 20 more men) of loyal and discreet northerners?"
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"What is the meaning of nani desu ka?"
"What is the meaning of life?"
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"How can I introduce the surface area of cuboid by using real life situations?"
"What are the applications of surface area in real life?"
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"What cheese skins can you eat?"
"Why don't Americans eat the skin of a banana?"
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"How do you get better grades?"
"How can I dramatically improve my grades?"
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"What is the most efficient way of studying to score a 700 on the GMAT?"
"How do I score above 700 in GMAT? I have been preparing since two months and lately scored only 460 and I have been studying 6 hours everyday?"
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"What is a good solar panel installation provider near Lemon Cove, California CA?"
"What is a good solar panel installation provider near Angels Camp, California CA?"
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"Who is your favorite Prison Break character?"
"Who is the best looking actor in Prison Break?"
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"How many time can one attempt for JEE Main in one year?"
"How many times can I give the JEE Mains?"
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"FtM: How much of an effect did Testosterone have on your mental/emotional health when you started HRT?"
"What are examples of mental and emotional health?"
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"Which is the best way to pass the 74-322 exam?"
"What is the best way to prepare for the 74-674 exam?"
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"What is operational research?"
"What is operations research?"
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"What is your new year resolution, short term and long term goal for 2017?"
"What will be your New Year's resolution for 2017?"
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"Is WIMPs incorrect? Will wave-particle duality ever be understood to be a particle and its associated wave in the strongly interacting dark matter?"
"Would Einstein and de Broglie have realized a strongly interacting dark matter is the medium for gravitational and wave-particle duality waves?"
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"Will NeoBux (PTC site) last?"
"What is an overall rented referral clicks average on Neobux?"
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"Where can I get a consistent high quality service for commercial cleaning in Bangalore?"
"What are the lowest fee universities for ms in australia?"
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"What are the most common ways people get rich in Singapore apart from inherited wealth and winning the lottery?"
"Wealth Creation: What are the most common ways to work only four days a week?"
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"What will happen to the next Star Wars movies after Carrie Fisher's death?"
"What will Carrie Fisher's death mean for the next Star Wars movies?"
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"What is the weirdest thing about you? Are you proud of it?"
"What is the weirdest thing about you?"
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