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"Would the idea of Trump and Putin in bed together scare you, given the geopolitical implications?"
"Do you think that if Donald Trump were elected President, he would be able to restore relations with Putin and Russia as he said he could, based on the rocky relationship Putin had with Obama and Bush?"
"What are the top ten Consumer-to-Consumer E-commerce online?"
"What are the top ten Consumer-to-Business E-commerce online?"
"Why don't people simply 'Google' instead of asking questions on Quora?"
"Why do people ask Quora questions instead of just searching google?"
"Is it safe to invest in social trade biz?"
"Is social trade geniune?"
"If the universe is expanding then does matter also expand?"
"If universe and space is expanding? Does that mean anything that occupies space is also expanding?"
"What is the plural of hypothesis?"
"What is the plural of thesis?"
"What is the application form you need for launching a company?"
"What is the application form you need for launching a company in Austria?"
"What is Big Theta? When should I use Big Theta as opposed to big O?"
"Is O(Log n) close to O(n) or O(1)?"
"What are the health implications of accidentally eating a small quantity of aluminium foil?"
"What are the implications of not eating vegetables?"
"Where is the best whirlpool service center Hyderabad?"
"Where is the best Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad?"
"Kollywood:Why do actor Vijay fans(not all ,but many) hate actor Surya?"
"How many Bollywood Actors takes drugs in real life?"
"How can you secure your computer privacy?"
"How can I secure my privacy on the web?"
"What are the best projects for beginners in Android app development?"
"What are the steps for creating an Android app for an absolute beginner interested in app development?"
"What is a security?"
"How secure is the National Food Security Bill (NFSB)?"
"Which Star Wars lightsaber is your favorite?"
"What is the concept behind the design of the new lightsabers in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?"
"What happens when aluminium reacts with concentrated sulfuric acid in the presence of heat?"
"What is calcium carbonate sulfuric acid?"
"How can i stop shaking from being angry?"
"How do I stop being angry at everything?"
"Should I study Computer engineering or Dentistry?"
"Should I study Computer Engineering in college?"
"How is the density of water calculated at STP?"
"How do you calculate the density of O2 at STP?"
"How many people were still onboard Titanic as it sank?"
"How many people died in the making of the movie Titanic?"
"What are the best wireless headphones available in India?"
"Do affordable wireless headphones exist?"
"Is Michelle Obama transgender?"
"Is it true that Michelle Obama is a man?"
"What are liquors and spirits?"
"What are the most interesting liquors/spirits in the world?"
"What is the antonym of sapiosexual?"
""Is 16""/50 caliber Mark 7 gun shell more powerful than Harpoon missile?""
"How do I quit smoking?"
"How do I give up on cigarette smoking?"
"How can I earn money online?"
"How can I earn cash online?"
"What tricks are used by accountants to cheat?"
"What are some tricks men use to test women?"
"What is the best way to improve my business communication skills?"
"How can I improve the communication skill and what are the best ways?"
"What is the best way to eat a mango with and without knife?"
"What is the best way to eat a mango?"
"Which place is better to live with a family: Australia or Canada? Why?"
"Which is a better place to live: Sweden or the USA?"
"How do I concentrate more on studies during xams?"
"What should I do if I can no more concentrate while studying?"
"Could Russia win a war against the EU?"
"Who would win a war between NATO and some of its allies versus the rest of the world including India, Russia, China etc.?"
"How do you treat dysmenorrhea?"
"How do you cure dysmenorrhea?"
"Can I register shares of a private limited company in India?"
"Can a school in India be registered as a private limited company?"
"Where is better placement bits pilani cs or IIT jodhpur cs?"
"Which will be better option to buy a shell company or shelf company?"
"What is the difference between phrasal verbs and prepositional verbs?"
"Do you ever notice jealous wives or girlfriends?"
"Who would win in a fight, a wolf or a human?"
"Animal Behavior: Would a lone adult wolf be able to take down an unarmed, athletic adult human?"
"Do aliens really exist?"
"Do aliens exist really?"
"Is it physically possible to time travel back in time?"
"Is time travel is possible in this age of technology?"
"Is it true that the Germans are considered to have been the best soldiers of World War II?"
"Could World War II have been won without the United States?"
"I am an odd number. Take away one letter and I become even. What number am I?"
"Why are odd numbers odd?"
"How can I land my first job through courses from Coursera, edX and/or Udacity?"
"Has anyone land up to his/her dream job or started his/her own venture by taking online courses from websites like"
"How do I start a career in Analytics?"
"How do I start my career in Analytics field, being a MBA professional?"
"What is your review of Mother Dairy?"
"What is the cost of rearing a cow for milk and then looking after her till her natural death?"
"What city in the world has the worst driving?"
"What cities in the world have the worst traffic, and why?"
"What is the minimum eligibility required to do internship in ntpc after 2nd year btech?"
"I am currently a 2nd year student pursuing dual degree (B. Tech & M. Tech) in biotechnology.Can I get a summer internship program after 2nd year?"
"Would Voldemort have returned without Peter Pettigrew?"
"If someone had snatched Voldemort's wand and beaten him physically, would be have died?"
"What are the strengths and weaknesses of the advising system at Illinois State?"
"What are the strengths and weaknesses of the advising system at Illinois Tech?"
"Is it worth to leave your job and complete Udacity nano degrees in machine learning and data analyst?"
"Can I complete Udacity's Machine Learning nanodegree in a month? Will I be able to find relevant jobs/internships after it?"
"Why Was Shah Rukh Khan's son Abram born through surrogacy?"
"What are the cons of being Shah Rukh Khan?"
"Are there any reliable non-Japanese cars?"
"Are American cars reliable compared to Japanese cars?"
"Is it possible to find professors, PhD/PG students from universities of New Zealand who would like to share their knowledge for free to record MOOCs?"
"How can we find professors, PhD & masters students from universities from Spain who would like to share their knowledge for free to record MOOCs?"
"What's the best html5 admin template?"
"How can I use a HTML admin template on Wordpress?"
"What is a difference between a small bank and a payments bank? And the need for it?"
"What is the difference between bank rate and bank lending rate?"
"If the Muppets and Sesame Street went to war, who would win?"
"Who would win if all countries in Europe went to war with no help from outside?"
"What if America doesn't become a white minority?"
"Why is the race of African Americans still considered a minority when applying for scholarships? Why can't white be considered a minority also?"
"How much data does a minute of a WhatsApp call consume?"
"How much data does WhatsApp consume if you send a normal text of 4 to 5 words?"
"What was your most embarrassing painful moment?"
"What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?"
"How do I know if there is suspicious activity on my Instagram account? Will I get notified?"
""What is ""suspicious activity"" in instagram?""
"What kind of music do the most intelligent people listen to?"
"How do you find music that few people listen to?"
"What was the best season of 24?"
"What is the best season of 24 other than Season 1?"
"Will backwards time travel ever be possible?"
"Do you think time travel is possible?"
"How do you make crispy roast pumpkin?"
"How do I make crispy chilli potatoes?"
"Is there some time limit for the eLitmus score card after getting good marks in it?"
"What is the time limit for the eLitmus score card, after getting good marks in it?"
"Are there any tools (web or Mac OS) that can export a vector (EPS/SVG/etc) of an audio file's waveform?"
"Is there a way to transcript an existing audio file?"
"Who is the father of mathematics?"
"What's the coolest mathematical object?"
"Is the Earth actually perfectly round, like a round ball? Is it lumpy?"
"Is the earth actually round?"
"Why does skin breakout after a facial?"
"Sir, May I buy Divi`s lab 2 this fallen price?"
"What is the difference between Augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence?"
"What is the difference between augmented reality and mediated reality?"
"Are there Quora like service in other countries and languages other than English?"
"Is gangstalking an English-language phenomenon? Has anyone heard of this in other countries than dominantly English-speaking countries?"
"Joe Biden?"
"SIFT: How to use SIFT features in the fit function for predict_proba()?"
"What is the difference between a casserole dish and a roasting tray?"
"What is a good side dish to serve with tuna casserole?"
"How can we study the human nature?"
"How do I know human nature?"
"Why is PewDiePie so famous when there are equally talented Youtubers?"
"What is the reason that YouTubers from India are not famous on YouTube?"
"What are some interesting Guinness World Records?"
"How many Guinness World Records are there?"
"What is the best way to get started with computer vision as an individual?"
"How do I learn computer vision?"
"What happens when tectonic plates are moving away from each other?"
"Why do tectonic plates move?"
"Do you get paid contributing to Quora?"
"How do contributors get paid by Quora?"
"How can I stop thinking unnecessarily while I am studying?"
"Love: I'm deeply in love, and I can't stop thinking about him all day. This drives me crazy. How can I stop thinking about him, knowing that he most likely doesn't like me back and only sees me as a friend/sister?"
"Would you be able to walk if you severed your femoral artery?"
"How does a person sever their femoral artery?"
"Can insulators be charged by induction? Why or why not?"
"Is the plane of charge an insulator or a conductor?"
"How can learn English?"
"How do I improve my English?"
"What percentage of the world's population lives in developed countries?"
"Many students from third world countries apply to US universities just to escape from hell and live in a developed country. Is this good or bad?"
"What's the pros and cons of being a flight attendant?"
"What are the pros and cons of being flight attendants?"
"What plastic surgery did Kylie Jenner receive?"
"Has Kylie Jenner had plastic surgery?"
"Is Balaji Viswanathan fearless?"
"If we have custom validations and services separately, do we violate OOP encapsulation principle?"
"How is anything power zero one?"
"Why does a number raised to the zeroth power equal one?"
"Is it wrong to consider the majority of people as idiots?"
"Would I be wrong to consider the majority of people idiots?"
""Why do we ""fall"" in love and not ""rise"" in love?""
"How can I avoid falling in love?"
"Was J. Krishnamurti really a special human being?"
"What did Osho Rajneesh imbibe from Jiddu Krishnamurti? Some sources maintain that some of their teachings were similar?"
"I can't remember most of my childhood, even high-school memories are blurry. Why is this?"
"Is it normal that I don't remember any of my childhood memories?"
"What are my chances of getting a RBI assitant job with a nominal score of 50% in graduation?"
"Theoretically if you had a perfect options pricing formula, how would you conduct arbitrage?"
"Is it true that there are more stars than grains of sand?"
"Are there more stars than grains of sand?"
"Why I can not loose weight after loosing 40 pounds in 4 months?"
"How can I lose weight quickly?"
"How can I get the address of the PayTM seller?"
"How may I get cash on delivery in Paytm?"
"Why do I think of people I don't even care about?"
"Why do I get hurt when people don't think or care about me the way i do for them?"
"Looking for Enterprise DAM application, robust version control and automated asset rendition creation, Adobe suite, Visio, PowerPoint, video. Anyone have something they love to use?"
"Digital Asset Management: What is a good DAM system that lets you tag pictures with certain terms so you can filter them?"
"Which one is better Amity Noida or IEM?"
"Which is better: Amity Noida vs LPU?"
"What can I do to make my hair thick and grow faster?"
"What are some ways to make hair grow faster?"
"Who are the founders?"
"Who is the founder of numbers?"
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