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When did Virgin Australia start operating?
Virgin Australia, the trading name of Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd, is an Australian-based airline. It is the largest airline by fleet size to use the Virgin brand. It commenced services on 31 August 2000 as Virgin Blue, with two aircraft on a single route. It suddenly found itself as a major airline in Australia's domestic market after the collapse of Ansett Australia in September 2001. The airline has since grown to directly serve 32 cities in Australia, from hubs in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.
Virgin Australia commenced services on 31 August 2000 as Virgin Blue, with two aircraft on a single route.
Which is a species of fish? Tope or Rope
Why can camels survive for long without water?
Camels use the fat in their humps to keep them filled with energy and hydration for long periods of time.
Alice's parents have three daughters: Amy, Jessy, and what’s the name of the third daughter?
The name of the third daughter is Alice
When was Tomoaki Komorida born?
Komorida was born in Kumamoto Prefecture on July 10, 1981. After graduating from high school, he joined the J1 League club Avispa Fukuoka in 2000. Although he debuted as a midfielder in 2001, he did not play much and the club was relegated to the J2 League at the end of the 2001 season. In 2002, he moved to the J2 club Oita Trinita. He became a regular player as a defensive midfielder and the club won the championship in 2002 and was promoted in 2003. He played many matches until 2005. In September 2005, he moved to the J2 club Montedio Yamagata. In 2006, he moved to the J2 club Vissel Kobe. Although he became a regular player as a defensive midfielder, his gradually was played less during the summer. In 2007, he moved to the Japan Football League club Rosso Kumamoto (later Roasso Kumamoto) based in his local region. He played as a regular player and the club was promoted to J2 in 2008. Although he did not play as much, he still played in many matches. In 2010, he moved to Indonesia and joined Persela Lamongan. In July 2010, he returned to Japan and joined the J2 club Giravanz Kitakyushu. He played often as a defensive midfielder and center back until 2012 when he retired.
Tomoaki Komorida was born on July 10,1981.
If I have more pieces at the time of stalemate, have I won?
Stalemate is a situation in chess where the player whose turn it is to move is not in check and has no legal move. Stalemate results in a draw. During the endgame, stalemate is a resource that can enable the player with the inferior position to draw the game rather than lose. In more complex positions, stalemate is much rarer, usually taking the form of a swindle that succeeds only if the superior side is inattentive.[citation needed] Stalemate is also a common theme in endgame studies and other chess problems. The outcome of a stalemate was standardized as a draw in the 19th century. Before this standardization, its treatment varied widely, including being deemed a win for the stalemating player, a half-win for that player, or a loss for that player; not being permitted; and resulting in the stalemated player missing a turn. Stalemate rules vary in other games of the chess family.
No. Stalemate is a drawn position. It doesn't matter who has captured more pieces or is in a winning position
Given a reference text about Lollapalooza, where does it take place, who started it and what is it?
Lollapalooza /ˌlɒləpəˈluːzə/ (Lolla) is an annual American four-day music festival held in Grant Park in Chicago. It originally started as a touring event in 1991, but several years later, Chicago became its permanent location. Music genres include but are not limited to alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hip hop, and electronic dance music. Lollapalooza has also featured visual arts, nonprofit organizations, and political organizations. The festival, held in Grant Park, hosts an estimated 400,000 people each July and sells out annually. Lollapalooza is one of the largest and most iconic music festivals in the world and one of the longest-running in the United States. Lollapalooza was conceived and created in 1991 as a farewell tour by Perry Farrell, singer of the group Jane's Addiction.
Lollapalooze is an annual musical festival held in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. It was started in 1991 as a farewell tour by Perry Farrell, singe of the group Jane's Addiction. The festival includes an array of musical genres including alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hip hop, and electronic dance music. The festivals welcomes an estimated 400,000 people each year and sells out annually. Some notable headliners include: the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper, Metallica, and Lady Gage. Lollapalooza is one of the largest and most iconic festivals in the world and a staple of Chicago.
Who gave the UN the land in NY to build their HQ
John D Rockerfeller
Why mobile is bad for human
We are always engaged one phone which is not good.
Who was John Moses Browning?
John Moses Browning (January 23, 1855 – November 26, 1926) was an American firearm designer who developed many varieties of military and civilian firearms, cartridges, and gun mechanisms – many of which are still in use around the world. He made his first firearm at age 13 in his father's gun shop and was awarded the first of his 128 firearm patents on October 7, 1879, at the age of 24. He is regarded as one of the most successful firearms designers of the 19th and 20th centuries and pioneered the development of modern repeating, semi-automatic, and automatic firearms. Browning influenced nearly all categories of firearms design, especially the autoloading of ammunition. He invented, or made significant improvements to, single-shot, lever-action, and pump-action rifles and shotguns. He developed the first reliable and compact autoloading pistols by inventing the telescoping bolt, then integrating the bolt and barrel shroud into what is known as the pistol slide. Browning's telescoping bolt design is now found on nearly every modern semi-automatic pistol, as well as several modern fully automatic weapons. He also developed the first gas-operated firearm, the Colt–Browning Model 1895 machine gun – a system that surpassed mechanical recoil operation to become the standard for most high-power self-loading firearm designs worldwide. He also made significant contributions to automatic cannon development. Browning's most successful designs include the M1911 pistol, the water-cooled M1917, the air-cooled M1919, and heavy M2 machine guns, the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, and the Browning Auto-5 – the first semi-automatic shotgun. Some of these arms are still manufactured, often with only minor changes in detail and cosmetics to those assembled by Browning or his licensees. The Browning-designed M1911 and Hi-Power are some of the most copied firearms in the world.
John Moses Browning is one of the most well-known designer of modern firearms. He started building firearms in his father's shop at the age of 13, and was awarded his first patent when he was 24. He designed the first reliable automatic pistol, and the first gas-operated firearm, as well inventing or improving single-shot, lever-action, and pump-action rifles and shotguns. Today, he is most well-known for the M1911 pistol, the Browning Automatic Rifle, and the Auto-5 shotgun, all of which are in still in current production in either their original design, or with minor changes. His M1911 and Hi-Power pistols designs are some of the most reproduced firearms in the world today.
Who is Thomas Jefferson?
Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 – July 4, 1826) was an American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, architect, philosopher, and Founding Father who served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809. Among the Committee of Five charged by the Second Continental Congress with authoring the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was the Declaration's primary author. Following the American Revolutionary War and prior to becoming the nation's third president in 1801, Jefferson was the first United States secretary of state under George Washington and then the nation's second vice president under John Adams.
Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 – July 4, 1826) was an American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, architect, philosopher, and Founding Father who served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809. Among the Committee of Five charged by the Second Continental Congress with authoring the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was the Declaration's primary author. Following the American Revolutionary War and prior to becoming the nation's third president in 1801, Jefferson was the first United States secretary of state under George Washington and then the nation's second vice president under John Adams. Among the nation's Founding Fathers, Jefferson is considered unmatched in his intellectual depth and breadth. His passionate writings and advocacy for human rights, including freedom of thought, speech, and religion, were a leading inspiration behind the American Revolution, which ultimately gave rise to the American Revolutionary War, American independence, and the United States Constitution. Jefferson's ideas were globally influential in shaping and inspiring the Age of Enlightenment, which proved transformational in the late 17th and 18th centuries. He was a leading proponent of democracy, republicanism, and individual rights, and produced formative documents and decisions at the state, national, and international levels. During the American Revolution, Jefferson represented Virginia in the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, which adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. As a Virginia legislator, he drafted a state law for religious freedom. He served as the second Governor of Virginia from 1779 to 1781, during the Revolutionary War. In 1785, Jefferson was appointed the United States Minister to France, and subsequently, the nation's first secretary of state under President George Washington from 1790 to 1793. Jefferson and James Madison organized the Democratic-Republican Party to oppose the Federalist Party during the formation of the First Party System. With Madison, he anonymously wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions in 1798 and 1799, which sought to strengthen states' rights by nullifying the federal Alien and Sedition Acts. Jefferson and Federalist John Adams became friends as well as political rivals, serving in the Continental Congress and drafting the Declaration of Independence together. In the 1796 presidential election between the two, Jefferson came in second, which according to electoral procedure at the time, made him vice president to Adams. Jefferson challenged Adams again in 1800 and won the presidency. After his term in office, Jefferson eventually reconciled with Adams and they shared a correspondence that lasted 14 years. He and Adams both died on the same day, July 4, 1826, which was also the 50th anniversary of Declaration of Independence. As president, Jefferson pursued the nation's shipping and trade interests against Barbary pirates and aggressive British trade policies. Starting in 1803, he promoted a western expansionist policy with the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the nation's claimed land area. To make room for settlement, Jefferson began the process of Indian tribal removal from the newly acquired territory. As a result of peace negotiations with France, his administration reduced military forces. He was re-elected in 1804, but his second term was beset with difficulties at home, including the trial of former vice president Aaron Burr. In 1807, American foreign trade was diminished when Jefferson implemented the Embargo Act in response to British threats to U.S. shipping. The same year, Jefferson signed the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves. Jefferson was a plantation owner, lawyer, and politician, and mastered many disciplines including surveying, mathematics, horticulture, and mechanics. He was also an architect in the Palladian tradition. Jefferson's keen interest in religion and philosophy led to his appointment as president of the American Philosophical Society. He largely shunned organized religion but was influenced by Christianity, Epicureanism, and deism. Jefferson rejected fundamental Christianity, denying Christ's divinity. A philologist, Jefferson knew several languages. He was a prolific letter writer and corresponded with many prominent people, including Edward Carrington, John Taylor of Caroline, and James Madison. In 1785, Jefferson authored Notes on the State of Virginia, considered perhaps the most important American book published before 1800. Jefferson championed the ideals, values, and teachings of the Enlightenment. Since the 1790s, Jefferson was rumored to have had children by his sister-in-law and slave Sally Hemings, leading to what is known as the Jefferson-Hemings controversy. A 1998 DNA test concluded that one of Sally Hemings's children, Eston Hemings, was of the Jefferson male line. According to scholarly consensus, based on documentary and statistical evaluation, as well as oral history, Jefferson probably fathered at least six children with Hemings, including four that survived to adulthood. After retiring from public office, Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. Presidential scholars and historians generally praise Jefferson's public achievements, including his advocacy of religious freedom and tolerance in Virginia, his peaceful acquisition of the Louisiana Territory from France without war or controversy, and his ambitious and successful Lewis and Clark Expedition. Some modern historians are critical of Jefferson's personal involvement with slavery. Jefferson is consistently ranked among the top ten presidents of American history.
Who was Kyle Van Zyl playing against when he scored 36 of hisa teams 61 points?
Van Zyl joined the Eastern Province Kings Academy, where he played for the Eastern Province U19 side in the 2010 Under-19 Provincial Championship. He was a key player for the Eastern Province U21 side in the 2012 Under-21 Provincial Championship, scoring 71 points in eight appearances. Van Zyl was under the Top SARU Performers, scoring the most tries at 6 in the 2012 Provincial Under 21 in the Rugby Junior Provincials. This included a record and a remarkable personal haul in their opening match, when he scored 36 of his team's points in a 61–3 victory over Boland U21, consisting of four tries and eight conversions and was awarded Man of the Match.
Kyle Van Zyl was playing against Boland U21 when he scored 36 points, leading his team to victory in a 61-3 win.
From the passage list down the areas for which Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's most prominent city. List the results in comma separated format.
Dar es Salaam (/ˌdɑːr ɛs səˈlɑːm/; from Arabic: دَار السَّلَام, romanized: Dâr es-Selâm, lit. 'Abode of Peace') or commonly known as Dar, is the largest city and financial hub of Tanzania. It is also the capital of Dar es Salaam Region. With a population of over six million people, Dar is the largest city in East Africa and the seventh-largest in Africa. Located on the Swahili coast, Dar es Salaam is an important economic centre and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. The town was founded by Majid bin Said, the first Sultan of Zanzibar, in 1865 or 1866. It was the main administrative and commercial center of German East Africa, Tanganyika, and Tanzania. The decision was made in 1974 to move the capital to Dodoma and was officially completed in 1996. Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's most prominent city for arts, fashion, media, film, television, and finance. It is the capital of the co-extensive Dar es Salaam Region, one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions, and consists of five districts: Kinondoni in the north; Ilala in the centre; Ubungo and Temeke in the south; and Kigamboni in the east across the Kurasini estuary.
arts, fashion, media, film, television, finance
What is a polygon?
A polygon is a form in Geometry. It is a single dimensional plane made of connecting lines and any number of vertices. It is a closed chain of connected line segments or edges. The vertices of the polygon are formed where two edges meet. Examples of polygons are hexagons, pentagons, and octagons. Any plane that does not contain edges or vertices is not a polygon. An example of a non-polygon is a circle.
How do I start running?
Make sure you get comfortable running shoes and attire. Start with achievable goal in mind like a 5K race. If you never ran before, start gradually from a walk, to brisk walk, light jog aiming for 15-30mins initially. Slowly increase your running time and distance as your fitness level improves. One of the most important things is cool down and gentle stretching. Always listen to your body, and take rest days when needed to prevent injury.
Which episodes of season four of Game of Thrones did Michelle MacLaren direct?
She directed "Oathkeeper" and "First of His Name" the fourth and fifth episodes of season four, respectively.
What is process mining?
Process mining is a family of techniques relating the fields of data science and process management to support the analysis of operational processes based on event logs. The goal of process mining is to turn event data into insights and actions. Process mining is an integral part of data science, fueled by the availability of event data and the desire to improve processes.Process mining techniques use event data to show what people, machines, and organizations are really doing. Process mining provides novel insights that can be used to identify the executional path taken by operational processes and address their performance and compliance problems. Process mining starts from event data. Input for process mining is an event log. An event log views a process from a particular angle. Each event in the log should contain (1) a unique identifier for a particular process instance (called case id), (2) an activity (description of the event that is occurring), and (3) a timestamp. There may be additional event attributes referring to resources, costs, etc., but these are optional. With some effort, such data can be extracted from any information system supporting operational processes. Process mining uses these event data to answer a variety of process-related questions.
Process mining brings together data mining, data science and process management to find process efficiencies.
What are some unique curtain tie backs that you can make yourself?
There are many items you can use to make a curtain tie back. Some ideas for this include a chain, a circle and pin, jute rope, wooden beaded rope, a necklack or bracelet, a door knob, a length of a leather belt, macrame rope, or a string of artificial flowers.
What is a dispersive prism?
In optics, a dispersive prism is an optical prism that is used to disperse light, that is, to separate light into its spectral components (the colors of the rainbow). Different wavelengths (colors) of light will be deflected by the prism at different angles. This is a result of the prism material's index of refraction varying with wavelength (dispersion). Generally, longer wavelengths (red) undergo a smaller deviation than shorter wavelengths (blue). The dispersion of white light into colors by a prism led Sir Isaac Newton to conclude that white light consisted of a mixture of different colors.
A dispersive prism is an optical prism that disperses the light's different wavelengths at different angles. When white light is shined through a dispersive prism it will separate into the different colors of the rainbow.
Identify which instrument is string or percussion: Cantaro, Gudok
Gudok is string, Cantaro is percussion.
Give me the top 5 golf equipment company names.
Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Cobra
What individual has won the most Olympic gold medals in the history of the games?
Michael Phelps has won the most gold medals of all time with 23 golds.
Which Dutch artist painted “Girl with a Pearl Earring”?
What happens when the sun goes down?
When the sun sets, the evening starts.
What is a verb?
A verb is an action word that describes an activity. Examples of verbs are the following: swimming, hiking, biking, roller skating, or skydiving. All of these single and combination word examples are tied to an activity that any living thing can do. For example, a dog can bike ride with a human when the human is pedaling the bike. Verb use is not limited to humans or people only but applies to all living things.
Extract the owner of Lamborghini and a listing of the different types of Huracan cars that Lamborghini has produced for its Motorsport division.
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. (Italian pronunciation: [autoˈmɔːbili lamborˈɡiːni]) is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese. The company is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Ferruccio Lamborghini (1916–1993), an Italian manufacturing magnate, founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 to compete with Ferrari. The company was noted for using a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. Lamborghini grew rapidly during its first decade, but sales plunged in the wake of the 1973 worldwide financial downturn and the oil crisis. The firm's ownership changed three times after 1973, including a bankruptcy in 1978. American Chrysler Corporation took control of Lamborghini in 1987 and sold it to Malaysian investment group Mycom Setdco and Indonesian group V'Power Corporation in 1994. In 1998, Mycom Setdco and V'Power sold Lamborghini to the Volkswagen Group where it was placed under the control of the group's Audi division. New products and model lines were introduced to the brand's portfolio and brought to the market and saw an increased productivity for the brand. In the late 2000s, during the worldwide financial crisis and the subsequent economic crisis, Lamborghini's sales saw a drop of nearly 50 per cent. Lamborghini currently produces the V12-powered Aventador and the V10-powered Huracán, along with the Urus SUV powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine. In addition, the company produces V12 engines for offshore powerboat racing. Lamborghini Trattori, founded in 1948 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, is headquartered in Pieve di Cento, Italy and continues to produce tractors. Since 1973, Lamborghini Trattori has been a separate entity from the automobile manufacturer. History Main article: History of Lamborghini Ferruccio Lamborghini with a Jarama and a tractor of his brand Manufacturing magnate Italian Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company in 1963 with the objective of producing a refined grand touring car to compete with offerings from established marques such as Ferrari. The company's first models, such as the 350 GT, were released in the mid-1960s. Lamborghini was noted for the 1966 Miura sports coupé, which used a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. Lamborghini grew rapidly during its first ten years, but sales fell in the wake of the 1973 worldwide financial downturn and the oil crisis. Ferruccio Lamborghini sold the company to Georges-Henri Rossetti and René Leimer and retired in 1974. The company went bankrupt in 1978, and was placed in the receivership of brothers Jean-Claude and Patrick Mimran in 1980. The Mimrans purchased the company out of receivership by 1984 and invested heavily in its expansion. Under the Mimrans' management, Lamborghini's model line was expanded from the Countach to include the Jalpa sports car and the LM002 high-performance off-road vehicle. The Mimrans sold Lamborghini to the Chrysler Corporation in 1987. After replacing the Countach with the Diablo and discontinuing the Jalpa and the LM002, Chrysler sold Lamborghini to Malaysian investment group Mycom Setdco and Indonesian group V'Power Corporation in 1994. In 1998, Mycom Setdco and V'Power sold Lamborghini to the Volkswagen Group where it was placed under the control of the group's Audi division. New products and model lines were introduced to the brand's portfolio and brought to the market and saw an increased productivity for the brand Lamborghini. In the late 2000s, during the worldwide financial crisis and the subsequent economic crisis, Lamborghini's sales saw a drop of nearly 50 per cent. In 2021, the CEO of Lamborghini said that by 2024 all its models will be hybrid. Automobiles produced Lamborghini Motorsport Division Squadra Corse produces GT3 cars and cars for their Super Trofeo events based on the Gallardo and Huracán. Apart from them, the Squadra Corse builds cars upon customer request. GT3 and Super Trofeo Cars Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Gallardo LP 560-4 Super Trofeo Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo EVO Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo EVO2 Huracán Super Trofeo GT2 Huracán GT3 Huracán GT3 Evo Huracán GT3 Evo 2 Special cars These cars were built by Squadra Corse upon customer request. Essenza SCV12 SC18 Alston SC20
Vokswagen Group owns Lamborghini through its subsidiary, Audi. Lamborghini has produced the following Huracan motorsport models: - Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo EVO - Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo EVO2 - Huracán Super Trofeo GT2 - Huracán GT3 - Huracán GT3 Evo - Huracán GT3 Evo 2
Which of the following is useful for transportation: a glass of wine, a lamp, a train, an iced cube tray, a plane, a bicycle, an apple and a scooter.
The useful objects for transportation in the list are train, plane, bicyle and scooter.
Identify which instrument is string or woodwind: Panduri, Zurna
Zurna is woodwind, Panduri is string.
What is the average lifespan of a Golden Retriever?
Golden Retrievers are a generally healthy breed; they have an average lifespan of 12 to 13 years. Irresponsible breeding to meet high demand has led to the prevalence of inherited health problems in some breed lines, including allergic skin conditions, eye problems and sometimes snappiness. These problems are rarely encountered in dogs bred from responsible breeders.
The average lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 12 to 13 years.
Who became king of Holland in 1806?
William I of the Netherlands became king of Holland in 1806.
What is best Playstation or Xbox
Playstation and Xbox are two competing game consoles, where which is "best" will depend on the preferences of the gamer. From a graphics and performance perspective they are comparable, with Sony's Playstation technically leading, though most gamers would be unlikely to notice a significant difference. From a game library perspective, both consoles have their respective first-party titles that appeal to different demographics. For example, Microsoft has seen great popularity due to popular title Halo being exclusively available on the console. On the other hand, Playstation has popular exclusive titles such as God of War and Gran Turismo. Ultimately the decision of which console is best will likely come down to which games titles the purchaser prefers.
Who played Billy the Kid in The Left Handed Gun
Paul Newman
why did Syd Barrett left the Pink Floyd?
Syd Barrett was one of the main members of the Pink Floyd. He has used drugs a lot and after a while he was not able to perform with the team. Even though the band gave him multiple chances, he could not keep up with the band. In the end, they had to ask him to leave the band. The main reason that he has left the team is his health problems and addiction to drugs.
what is REST API
REST API is an architectural style for building network APIs. In practice, most REST APIs are using JSON over HTTP. REST APIs have several properties that make them very popular. HTTP is the foundational and the most popular network protocol across the internet. By using HTTP, REST APIs can fully utilize the internet infrastructure, which greatly reduce the complexity and operational costs. For example, using HTTPS for transport security, and using URL for request routing. JSON is a simple, stable, and intuitive data format , which is not expected to change ever. This offers great ease of use and stability to REST APIs. For high performance applications, binary formats can be used instead, such as protobuf or thrift. REST APIs are often designed as CRUD APIs, where API operations are commonly expressed as Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete operations on resources. CRUD operations are naturally mapped to HTTP methods (POST, GET, PUT/PATCH, and DELETE), and API resources can be naturally identified using URLs.
What is underwriting?
Underwriting (UW) services are provided by some large financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies and investment houses, whereby they guarantee payment in case of damage or financial loss and accept the financial risk for liability arising from such guarantee. An underwriting arrangement may be created in a number of situations including insurance, issues of security in a public offering, and bank lending, among others. The person or institution that agrees to sell a minimum number of securities of the company for commission is called the underwriter. The term "underwriting" derives from the Lloyd's of London insurance market. Financial backers (or risk takers), who would accept some of the risk on a given venture (historically a sea voyage with associated risks of shipwreck) in exchange for a premium, would literally write their names under the risk information that was written on a Lloyd's slip created for this purpose.
Give me a list of some characteristics of a good coffee shop?
Some characteristics of good coffee shops include: - Very good coffee, either freshly roasted locally or acquired from a quality roaster - High end coffee grinders, brewing machines, and a high quality espresso machine and well-trained baristas - Different coffee roast options (i.e. medium roast, dark roast) and brewing methods (i.e. drip coffee and pour-over) available - A variety of cafe fare, such as pastries and croissants, available for purchase to accompany coffee - Ample seating, with power outlets available by most seats.
Please summarize what Linkedin does.
LinkedIn (/lɪŋktˈɪn/) is a business and employment-focused social media platform that works through websites and mobile apps. It launched on May 5, 2003. It is now owned by Microsoft. The platform is primarily used for professional networking and career development, and allows jobseekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs. From 2015 most of the company's revenue came from selling access to information about its members to recruiters and sales professionals. Since December 2016, it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. As of March 2023, LinkedIn has more than 900 million registered members from over 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and connect with each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone (whether an existing member or not) to become a connection. LinkedIn can also be used to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, publish job postings, post photos and videos, and more.
Linkedin is a social platform that business professionals create profiles on and network with other business professionals. It is used to network, career development, and for jobseekers to find jobs. Linkedin has over 900 million users from over 200 countries. Linkedin can be used to post resumes/CVs, organizing events, joining groups, writing articles, publishing job postings, posting picture, posting videos, and more!
Who saved Andromeda from the sea monster
How can I contribute to Spark?
Yes, Spark is an open source project and anyone can contribute to it.
Who are ''The Lumières" ?
The Lumières (literally in English: The Lights) was a cultural, philosophical, literary and intellectual movement beginning in the second half of the 17th century, originating in western Europe and spreading throughout the rest of Europe. It included philosophers such as Baruch Spinoza, David Hume, John Locke, Edward Gibbon, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Denis Diderot, Pierre Bayle and Isaac Newton. This movement is influenced by the scientific revolution in southern Europe arising directly from the Italian renaissance with people like Galileo Galilei. Over time it came to mean the Siècle des Lumières, in English the Age of Enlightenment.[Note 1] Members of the movement saw themselves as a progressive élite, and battled against religious and political persecution, fighting against what they saw as the irrationality, arbitrariness, obscurantism and superstition of the previous centuries. They redefined the study of knowledge to fit the ethics and aesthetics of their time. Their works had great influence at the end of the 18th century, in the American Declaration of Independence and the French Revolution. This intellectual and cultural renewal by the Lumières movement was, in its strictest sense, limited to Europe. These ideas were well understood in Europe, but beyond France the idea of "enlightenment" had generally meant a light from outside, whereas in France it meant a light coming from within oneself. In the most general terms, in science and philosophy, the Enlightenment aimed for the triumph of reason over faith and belief; in politics and economics, the triumph of the bourgeois over nobility and clergy.
Using examples taken from the text give me a summary of the main arguments in favour of slavery reparations in the United States and the anticipated cost of enacting such reparations
Slavery ended in the United States in 1865 with the end of the American Civil War and the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which declared that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction". At that time, an estimated four million African Americans were set free. Support for reparations Within the political sphere, a bill demanding slavery reparations has been proposed at the national level, the "Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act," which former Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-MI) reintroduced to the United States Congress every year from 1989 until his resignation in 2017. As its name suggests, the bill recommended the creation of a commission to study the "impact of slavery on the social, political and economic life of our nation"., however there are cities and institutions which have initiated reparations in the US (see § Legislation and other actions for a list). In 1999, African-American lawyer and activist Randall Robinson, founder of the TransAfrica advocacy organization, wrote that America's history of race riots, lynching, and institutional discrimination have "resulted in $1.4 trillion in losses for African Americans". Economist Robert Browne stated the ultimate goal of reparations should be to "restore the black community to the economic position it would have if it had not been subjected to slavery and discrimination". He estimates a fair reparation value anywhere between $1.4 to $4.7 trillion, or roughly $142,000 (equivalent to $162,000 in 2021) for every black American living today. Other estimates range from $5.7 to $14.2 and $17.1 trillion. In 2014, American journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates published an article titled "The Case for Reparations", which discussed the continued effects of slavery and Jim Crow laws and made renewed demands for reparations. Coates refers to Rep. John Conyers Jr.'s H.R.40 Bill, pointing out that Congress's failure to pass this bill expresses a lack of willingness to right their past wrongs. In September 2016, the United Nations' Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent encouraged Congress to pass H.R.40 to study reparations proposals. Still, the Working Group did not directly endorse any specific reparations proposal. The report noted that there exists a legacy of racial inequality in the United States, explaining that "Despite substantial changes since the end of the enforcement of Jim Crow and the fight for civil rights, ideology ensuring the domination of one group over another, continues to negatively impact the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of African Americans today." The report notes that a "dangerous ideology of white supremacy inhibits social cohesion among the US population". The topic of reparations gained renewed attention in 2020 as the Black Lives Matter movement named reparations as one of their policy goals in the United States. In 2020, rapper T.I. supported reparations that would give every African American US$1 million and asserted that slavery caused mass incarcerations, poverty, and other ills.
In spite of progressive changes since the end of enforcement of Jim Crow and the successes of the fight for civil rights there are still inherent racial inequalities in the USA which negatively affect the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of African Americans today. A United Nations report of 2016 did not endorse a specific reparations proposal, but did call out that there is an ideology of white supremacy present in the population of the United States that inhibits social cohesion. Further arguments have been made identifying slavery as a cause of mass incarcerations, poverty and other ills that affect today’s African Americans. It could be argued that there is an inherent acknowledgement that the case exists to examine the impact of slavery on the social, political and economic life of the United States in the annual submission to Congress of the "Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act”. There are also individual cities within the USA which have instituted reparations. Estimates of the cost to African Americans of the United States’ history of discrimination have been estimated variously at $1.4 trillion, $4.7 trillion, $5.7 trillion, $14.2 trillion and $17.1 trillion. These estimates express the projected cost in $ to restore the black community to the economic position it would have if it had not been subjected to slavery and discrimination.
When was the wheel invented?
No one knows when the wheel was first made. Archaeological evidence seems to show that the wheel was first used to make pottery in Mesopotamia about 7,000 years ago, during the Neolithic period. Later, it was used to make chariots. Chariot wheels have been found in Sumer as early as 3000 BC. The wheel is one of the most important inventions in human history. It was very useful for making pottery and getting around on land. It is also a key part of machines.
write a scene between two actors discussing movie Inception
Actress 1: "Oh my god, have you seen Inception?" Actor 2: "Yes! That movie blew my mind. What did you think of it?" Actress 1: "Honestly, I was so confused for most of it. But it was so interesting, I couldn't look away. I had to know what was going on." Actor 2: "That's exactly how I felt. It's one of those movies that you have to pay attention to every detail, or you'll get lost." Actress 1: "Absolutely. And the way they played with time and reality was so cool. I don't think I've ever seen a movie like that before." Actor 2: "Yeah, the concept of entering someone's dreams to implant an idea was mind-boggling. And the way they executed it was so well done." Actress 1: "It was. And the cast was amazing too. Leonardo DiCaprio was incredible as usual, and I loved seeing Ellen Page in a different type of role." Actor 2: "Definitely. And the action scenes were so intense. The zero-gravity hallway fight was insane." Actress 1: "Oh my god, yes. I was on the edge of my seat for that one. And the ending...I still can't decide what it means." Actor 2: "I know, right? It's one of those movies that leaves you with so many questions. But that's part of what makes it so great." Actress 1: "Exactly. I love when movies challenge me to think and leave me wanting more. Inception definitely did that." Actor 2: "Agreed. It's definitely one of my all-time favorites. I could watch it a hundred times and still discover something new." Actress 1: "Same here. It's just one of those movies that sticks with you long after it's over."
Did dinosaurs have lips?
Recent research suggests that the popular perception that dinosaurs had exposed teeth may be incorrect, and the current hypothesis is that the Tyrannosaurus rex did indeed have lips. A 2023 study by Dr Mark Witton of the University of Portsmouth said popular depictions of dinosaurs in movies like Jurassic Park are out of date. The study examined a large tooth that had spent over 500 days in the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus rex with no evidence of substantial wear, which is consistent with all findings of teeth found in the theropod family of dinosaurs. When contrasted with alligators and crocodiles, who have no lips and have more easily damaged teeth the theory says the evidence points to theropods, including Tyrannosaurus rex did indeed have lips. There would have been expected to be wear on the thin enamel on the teeth far more consistent with modern animals like crocodiles if dinosaurs had no lips.
Are lilies safe for cats?
No, lilies are toxic to cats if consumed and should not be kept in a household with cats
What is Sunshine Recession?
It is known as the deepest period in which sunspots are not virtually visible. Deepest period is related to sun cycle's process called solar minimum
What is the currency in use in the Netherlands?
The currency in use in the Netherlands is the euro.
What is the best tv series in the world
Dexter- The Dexter is so exciting to watch that it should be the best TV series in the world
Who was the first to record the Needles and Pins song?
"Needles and Pins" is a rock song credited to American writers Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono. Jackie DeShannon recorded it in 1963 and other versions followed. The most successful ones were by the Searchers, whose version reached No. 1 on the UK singles chart in 1964, and Smokie, who had a worldwide hit in 1977. Others who recorded the song include the Ramones, Gene Clark, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Stevie Nicks. Jackie DeShannon version (1963) In his autobiography, Bono states that he sang along with Nitzsche's guitar-playing, thus creating both the tune and the lyrics, being guided by the chord progressions. However, Jackie DeShannon claims that the song was written at the piano, and that she was a full participant in the song's creation, along with Nitzsche and Bono, although she did not get formal credit. DeShannon was the first to record the song; in the US it peaked at number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in May 1963. Though it was only a minor US hit, DeShannon's recording of the song topped the charts in Canada, hitting number one on the CHUM Chart in July 1963
The first artist to record Needles and Pins song was DeShannon.
Provide me a list of the different types of harnesses used in rock climbing
Different types of climbing warrant particular features for harnesses. Sport climbers typically use minimalistic harnesses, some with sewn-on gear loops. Alpine climbers often choose lightweight harnesses, perhaps with detachable leg loops. Big Wall climbers generally prefer padded waist belts and leg loops. There are also full body harnesses for children, whose pelvises may be too narrow to support a standard harness safely. These harnesses prevent children from falling even when inverted, and are either manufactured for children or constructed out of webbing. Some climbers use full body harnesses when there is a chance of inverting, or when carrying a heavy bag. There are also chest harnesses, which are used only in combination with a sit harness. Test results from UIAA show that chest harnesses do not put more impact on the neck than sit harnesses, giving them the same advantages as full body harness. Apart from these harnesses, there are also caving and canyoning harnesses, which all serve different purposes. For example, a caving harness is made of tough waterproof and unpadded material, with dual attachment points. Releasing the maillon from these attachment points loosens the harness quickly. Canyoning harnesses are somewhat like climbing harnesses, often without the padding, but with a seat protector, making it more comfortable to rappel. These usually have a single attachment point of Dyneema.
Minimalistic Harness: has gear loops that are sewn on Lightweight Harness: has leg loops that are removable Big Wall Harness: uses padded waist belts and leg loops Full Body Harness: mostly for children with small pelvises, or for scenarios that risk inversion Chest Harness: to be used with a sit harness Caving Harness: made of ultra durable material and multiple attachment points Canyon Harness: has a built-in seat protector for rappeling.
Think of some family rules to promote a healthy family relationship
Use Kind words Be grateful Think of others before yourself Work hard Be Honest Be thankful Keep your promises Choose to be happy Always say 'I Love You' Be kind Encourage each other
In the series A Song of Ice and Fire, who is the founder of House Karstark?
Karlon Stark
What is enriched air and why would divers dive with enriched air?
Enriched air, also known as nitrox, is one kind of air with more than 21% oxygen. 21% oxygen is the normal air we breathe on the earth. The primary benefit of using enriched air is to extend the diver's bottom time, and reduce the need to push to no decompression limit. This advantage is really beneficial in deeper diving. For example, at 80 feet of depth, normal air can last around 30 min, while enriched air of 32% oxygen can last for 45 min and 36% can last for 55 min. While enriched air is really beneficial in extending bottom time, it is important that divers get trained to use it before diving with enriched air.
What film won the 1943 Oscar as best film
which weighs more, cold or hot water?
Cold water weighs more than hot water
Given this paragraph, what is the top speed of a Kia Stinger?
Kia claims that the Stinger accelerates from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.7, 6 and 4.9 seconds for the 2.2-liter diesel, 2.0-liter petrol and 3.3-liter petrol respectively. Schreyer reportedly drove a pre-production Stinger GT at a top speed of 269 km/h (167 mph) on the Autobahn. During a test by Car and Driver, an all-wheel-drive U.S. spec GT 3.3T with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires achieved 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) in 4.6 seconds on the track, reached 0.91 g on the skidpad and was able to stop from 70 mph (113 km/h) in 164 feet (50 m). According to this publication, the U.S. model's top speed is governed at 167 mph (269 km/h) per Kia specs. In tests conducted by Motor Trend, the four-cylinder U.S. spec Stinger 2.0 RWD on Bridgestone Potenza tires reached 60 mph (97 km/h) in 6.6 seconds, completed the 1⁄4-mile (0.4 km) run in 15 seconds and stopped from 60 mph (97 km/h) in 126 feet (38 m). The average lateral acceleration recorded in track testing was 0.85 g.
The top speed of a Kia Stinger is 269km/h (167mph) according to this text.
Write a short paragraph about why you should not have both a pet cat and a pet bird.
Having both a pet bird and a pet cat is not a good idea because cats will try to hunt birds, which are naturally the prey of cats. This hunting instinct is completely normal, and it isn't fair to the cat to try to train it not to attack birds, as it is simply in its nature to do so. However, letting a cat hunt your pet bird is similarly not humane, as it will be very stressful to the bird and could lead to the bird being injured. Larger birds are also not a good idea, as the bird could cause injury to the cat if the cat tries to attack it. Overall, it just isn't a good idea to have both cats and birds, since they tend not to coexist well, and pet owners should just pick one species to have.
What is your favorite strip from the comic Calvin and Hobbes?
Calvin and Hobbes is an iconic strip that is regarded as one of the best comic strips in history. Individual preferences may vary and it's difficult to find the publishing rate of individual strips throughout its ten year syndication.
What makes a formula one car so fast?
Formula One cars are one of the fastest racing cars in the world reaching speeds as high as 240 mph. There are many aspects that make formula one cars fast, below are the top few 1. Engine: F1 cars have extremely powerful engines that can generate around 1000 bhp at up to 20,000 rpm 2. Power-to-Weight ratio: F1 cars are also extremely light at around 800 kgs giving them a power-to-weight ratio of 12000-1400 hp/ton. For comparison, the best Porsche cars have a power-to-weight ratio of only 300-400 hp/ton. 2. Aerodynamics: F1 cars are fitted with extremely sophisticated aerodynamics including a rear wing, front wing and body parts that help reduce aerodynamic drag for straight-line speeds while adding downforce to help around corners 3. Tires: F1 tires are extremely large and sticky. This help the cars stick to the road as the car goes through turns very fast. 4. Brakes: Lastly F1 brakes are very powerful and can slow down a car extremely quickly. This allows F1 cars to be at top speed for much longer before needing to slow down for taking a turn.
Without quoting directly from the text give me a summary of the history of the Key Lime Pie.
Key lime pie is probably derived from the "Magic Lemon Cream Pie" published in a promotional brochure by Borden, a producer of condensed milk, in 1931. The recipe is attributed to Borden's fictional spokesperson, Jane Ellison, and includes condensed milk, lemon juice and rind, and egg yolks. It is covered with meringue, baked, and served cold. According to the pastry chef Stella Parks, users of the recipe altered it with local ingredients; she describes it as "a stunning reminder of how deeply America's traditions are shaped by advertising". A "Tropical Lime Chiffon Pie", using condensed milk and egg yolks, is documented in a 1933 Miami newspaper article. An "icebox lime pie", was mentioned as a specialty of the Florida Keys in 1935.[full citation needed] and a recipe under the name "Key Lime Pie" was published in 1940.[full citation needed] No earlier solid sources are known, despite appeals to the public. A 1927 Key West Women's Club cookbook does not mention the recipe. A 1926 restaurant menu includes "lime pie", but it is unclear what it was. Various accounts claim that it was known earlier, but none were recorded before 1933. A widely-reported story claims that William Curry's cook Aunt Sally invented it in the late 19th century. But there is no evidence for this, and the oldest version of this story dates to only 1895, in promotional materials for a Bed and Breakfast in Curry's former house. It was in the 1950s that Key lime pie was promoted as Florida's "most famous treat" and in 1987 as "the greatest of all regional American desserts."
Key lime pie is an American dessert pie. It is made of lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It is best served with meringue topping and is typically cooked in a graham cracker crust. The dish is named after the small Key limes which which have yellow juice complementing the filling which is typically yellow because of the egg yolks used. The filling is made by simply mixing the ingredients without cooking the proteins of the egg yolks and condensed milk and the acidic lime juice curdle, thickening the mixture without baking.
What is LAPR?
This stands for life assurance premium relief. Before 14 March 1984 there was tax relief on life insurance premiums paid by policyholders for policies which qualified for tax relief. Policies which started
Is beauty objective or subjective?
The opinions on this question vary from person to person. Statistically, a pattern of preference is easily visible on what people would describe as beautiful. An evident example of this phenomenon is a beauty standard for women and men. Society seems to agree on what features, both physical and internal, can deem a person beautiful. The standard of beauty is also projected beyond humans, onto animal breeds, for example, in cat shows. A link between beauty and how closely it resembles perfection appears to exist. For example, a rose with many petals and no tears or scratches is generally seen as more beautiful than one with fewer, visibly ruined petals. However, the question of perfection also raises a problem as it is difficult and arguably impossible to define perfection. Beauty does not necessarily mean perfection. For example, large eyes are statistically considered to be more attractive however, in terms of their biological purpose they possess no superiority to small eyes. Therefore, both beauty and perfection depend on the perspective or purpose with which you observe an object. Furthermore, the clear fluctuations through centuries and cultures on what is considered to be beautiful should also be taken into account. Fashion trends and art styles, for instance, are constantly changing. Additionally, the diversity in opinions suggests there is nothing that is considered beautiful by everyone, so even if the majority deem a particular object or thing as beautiful, it’s beauty remains subjective because it remains based on an ever-changing preference rather than objective truth.
Identify which instrument is string or percussion: Kpanlogo, Shamisen
Shamisen is string, Kpanlogo is percussion.
Why do potato chip bags become stale after opening?
Potato chip bags are filled with nitrogen! Many consumers think the chip companies are out there to get your money by filling three quarters of your bag with air, but it’s actually nitrogen to keep your chips fresh. This is why once you open the bag, you should finish the chips as soon as possible. There, now you have a reason to finish the whole bag of chips in one go without feeling guilty.
Classify each of the following as a primary color or a secondary color
blue, yellow, green, red, purple, orange
Where are the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and which islands are a part of the BVI?
The British Virgin Islands (BVI), officially the Virgin Islands, are a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, to the east of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and north-west of Anguilla. The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles and part of the West Indies. The British Virgin Islands consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, along with more than 50 other smaller islands and cays. About 16 of the islands are inhabited. The capital, Road Town, is on Tortola, the largest island, which is about 20 km (12 mi) long and 5 km (3 mi) wide. The islands had a population of 28,054 at the 2010 Census, of whom 23,491 lived on Tortola; current estimates put the population at 35,802 (July 2018).
The British Virgin Islands (BVI), officially the Virgin Islands, are a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, to the east of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and north-west of Anguilla. The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles and part of the West Indies. The British Virgin Islands consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, along with more than 50 other smaller islands and cays.
Does "outbreeding" or "inbreeding" benefit the offspring more?
Exogamy often results in two individuals that are not closely genetically related marrying each other; that is, outbreeding as opposed to inbreeding. In moderation, this benefits the offspring as it reduces the risk of the offspring inheriting two copies of a defective gene. Increasing the genetic diversity of the offspring improves the chances of offspring reproducing, up until the fourth-cousin level of relatedness; however, reproduction between individuals on the fourth-cousin level of relatedness decreases evolutionarily fitness.
"Outbreeding" is more beneficial to the offspring as it reduces the risk of inheriting defective genes, increasing the offspring's ability to reproduce.
What is the future for human?
This is a very wide open question. It could be two directions. One direction is that human would just disappear like the dinosaur. One direction is that human would become a species like a god. For the first direction, it may be caused by many situations. e.g. Nuclear war from WW3, extreme climate change. For the other direction, reproduced energy is ready, all cancers can be cured, everything can be done with robot with AI, human life is unlimited.
Name some of the bravolebrities from Vanderpump Rules
James Kennedy, Katie Maloney, Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, Tom Schwartz and Lala Kent
Name some famous rock bands from the 1960s
The 1960s had a number of famous rock bands including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and many more.
Who is Muhammad Ejaz Shafi
Muhammad Ejaz Shafi is a Pakistani politician who was a Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, from 2002 to May 2018. Early life and education He was born on 1 May 1969 in Khanpur. He has the degree of the Bachelor of Arts. Political career He was elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) (PML-Q) from Constituency PP-290 (Rahimyar Khan-VI) in 2002 Pakistani general election. He received 22,531 votes and defeated a candidate of Pakistan Awami Tehrik. He was re-elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as a candidate of PML-Q from Constituency PP-290 (Rahimyar Khan-VI) in 2008 Pakistani general election. He received 24,751 votes and defeated a candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party. He was re-elected to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N) from Constituency PP-290 (Rahimyar Khan-VI) in 2013 Pakistani general election.
Muhammad Ejaz Shafi is a Pakistani politician who was a Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, from 2002 to May 2018. He was born on 1 May 1969 in Khanpur.
Who invented the telephone?
In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was the first to obtain a United States patent for a device that produced a clearly intelligible replica of the human voice on a second device. A resolution passed by the United States House of Representatives on June 11, 2002 called for recognition of Antonio Meucci's work and contributions towards the invention of the telephone.
Who are the Smiths?
The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. They comprised the singer Morrissey, the guitarist Johnny Marr, the bassist Andy Rourke and the drummer Mike Joyce. Morrissey and Marr formed the band's songwriting partnership. They are regarded as one of the most important acts to emerge from the 1980s British independent music.
The Smiths were an English rock band from the 1980s. The lead singer was Morrissey. The other band members were: Johnny Marr on guitar, Andy Rourke on bass, and Mike Joyce on drums.
Give me five ways in which I can make my homebrew beer more interesting
There are infinite ways to create interesting flavours, that are either personal favourites or attempt to replicate classic beers and beer styles. There are a number of factors that make up a beers flavour profile and part of the enjoyment brewing your own beer at home, is that you can play around with each of these to change the flavour and character of your homebrew beer. Here are five ways in which you can change your own homebrew recipe to add interesting flavours or alternatively you can alter an existing homebrew recipe shared by somebody else or a brewery. 1. Use different hops There is a huge variety of hops available to homebrewers and each of these can introduce its own particular flavour and aroma to your beer, ranging from pineapple and apricots, to pine trees and woods, to grapefruit pith and lemon zest. By using a different hop in your recipe either from the same family or from an entirely different family of hops, you can easily add interesting and often radical changes to the flavour profile of your beer. However, depending on when the hops are added in the brewing process, you can also increase/decrease the levels of bitterness of your beer, due to different hop varieties having different levels of alpha acids. 2. Use a different yeast Besides fermenting the beer, yeast leave behind lots of interesting flavours and can give your homebrew it's own subtle character. For example, English yeast strains can add malty and sweet flavours, California yeast tends to create a clean and crisp beer, whilst saison yeast adds bright and fruity flavours to your beer. 3. Use different grains Changing the amount of base malts can increase or decrease the alcohol in your finished beer. Trying swapping one base malt for another, like American pale malts for a British variety, and look for the subtle differences between them. You can also play around with the specialty grains, like using a slightly darker roast. 4. Add fruit, spices or herbs Fruits, spices, herbs, and other ingredients are a great way to add an entirely personal character to your homebrew. Anything from fresh strawberries and basil to vanilla beans and cardamom can really complement the other malty, hoppy flavours in a beer. 5. Alter your water profile Different beer styles will typically be best achieved with a suitable water profile, with different levels of minerals to achieve the desired flavour profile. By adjusting the amounts of specific minerals found in your brewing water, beer can be made to taste fuller bodied, sweeter, drier, more bitter, or even sour.
How many Grammy Awards has Bad Bunny won?
Bad Bunny has won 2 Grammy Awards and has been nominated for 6
When was the first Reading railway station opened?
Reading railway station is a major transport hub in Reading, Berkshire, England. It is on the northern edge of the town centre, near the main retail and commercial areas and the River Thames, 36 miles (58 km) from London Paddington. The first Reading station was opened on 30 March 1840 as the temporary western terminus of the original line of the Great Western Railway (GWR). Reading is the ninth-busiest station in the UK outside London and the second busiest interchange station outside London with over 3.8 million passengers changing trains at the station annually.
The first Reading railway station was opened on the 30th of March, 1840.
What is HiFI?
High fidelity (often shortened to Hi-Fi or HiFi) is the high-quality reproduction of sound. It is popular with audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts. Ideally, high-fidelity equipment has inaudible noise and distortion, and a flat (neutral, uncolored) frequency response within the human hearing range. High fidelity contrasts with the lower-quality “lo-fi” sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment, AM radio, or the inferior quality of sound reproduction that can be heard in recordings made until the late 1940s.
Bell Laboratories began experimenting with a range of recording techniques in the early 1930s. Performances by Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra were recorded in 1931 and 1932 using telephone lines between the Academy of Music in Philadelphia and the Bell labs in New Jersey. Some multitrack recordings were made on optical sound film, which led to new advances used primarily by MGM (as early as 1937) and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (as early as 1941). RCA Victor began recording performances by several orchestras using optical sound around 1941, resulting in higher-fidelity masters for 78-rpm discs. During the 1930s, Avery Fisher, an amateur violinist, began experimenting with audio design and acoustics. He wanted to make a radio that would sound like he was listening to a live orchestra—that would achieve high fidelity to the original sound. After World War II, Harry F. Olson conducted an experiment whereby test subjects listened to a live orchestra through a hidden variable acoustic filter. The results proved that listeners preferred high-fidelity reproduction, once the noise and distortion introduced by early sound equipment was removed.[citation needed] Beginning in 1948, several innovations created the conditions that made major improvements of home-audio quality possible: Reel-to-reel audio tape recording, based on technology taken from Germany after WWII, helped musical artists such as Bing Crosby make and distribute recordings with better fidelity. The advent of the 33⅓ rpm Long Play (LP) microgroove vinyl record, with lower surface noise and quantitatively specified equalization curves as well as noise-reduction and dynamic range systems. Classical music fans, who were opinion leaders in the audio market, quickly adopted LPs because, unlike with older records, most classical works would fit on a single LP. Higher quality turntables, with more responsive needles FM radio, with wider audio bandwidth and less susceptibility to signal interference and fading than AM radio. Better amplifier designs, with more attention to frequency response and much higher power output capability, reproducing audio without perceptible distortion. New loudspeaker designs, including acoustic suspension, developed by Edgar Villchur and Henry Kloss with improved bass frequency response. In the 1950s, audio manufacturers employed the phrase high fidelity as a marketing term to describe records and equipment intended to provide faithful sound reproduction. Many consumers found the difference in quality compared to the then-standard AM radios and 78-rpm records readily apparent and bought high-fidelity phonographs and 33⅓ LPs such as RCA's New Orthophonics and London's FFRR (Full Frequency Range Recording, a UK Decca system). Audiophiles paid attention to technical characteristics and bought individual components, such as separate turntables, radio tuners, preamplifiers, power amplifiers and loudspeakers. Some enthusiasts even assembled their own loudspeaker systems. With the advent of integrated multi-speaker console systems in the 1950s, hi-fi became a generic term for home sound equipment, to some extent displacing phonograph and record player. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the development of stereophonic equipment and recordings led to the next wave of home-audio improvement, and in common parlance stereo displaced hi-fi. Records were now played on a stereo. In the world of the audiophile, however, the concept of high fidelity continued to refer to the goal of highly accurate sound reproduction and to the technological resources available for approaching that goal. This period is regarded as the "Golden Age of Hi-Fi", when vacuum tube equipment manufacturers of the time produced many models considered superior by modern audiophiles, and just before solid state (transistorized) equipment was introduced to the market, subsequently replacing tube equipment as the mainstream technology. In the 1960s, the FTC with the help of the audio manufacturers came up with a definition to identify high fidelity equipment so that the manufacturers could clearly state if they meet the requirements and reduce misleading advertisements. The metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) was adapted into a power MOSFET for audio by Jun-ichi Nishizawa at Tohoku University in 1974. Power MOSFETs were soon manufactured by Yamaha for their hi-fi audio amplifiers. JVC, Pioneer Corporation, Sony and Toshiba also began manufacturing amplifiers with power MOSFETs in 1974. In 1977, Hitachi introduced the LDMOS (lateral diffused MOS), a type of power MOSFET. Hitachi was the only LDMOS manufacturer between 1977 and 1983, during which time LDMOS was used in audio power amplifiers from manufacturers such as HH Electronics (V-series) and Ashly Audio, and were used for music and public address systems. Class-D amplifiers became successful in the mid-1980s when low-cost, fast-switching MOSFETs were made available. Many transistor amps use MOSFET devices in their power sections, because their distortion curve is more tube-like. A popular type of system for reproducing music beginning in the 1970s was the integrated music centre—which combined a phonograph turntable, AM-FM radio tuner, tape player, preamplifier, and power amplifier in one package, often sold with its own separate, detachable or integrated speakers. These systems advertised their simplicity. The consumer did not have to select and assemble individual components or be familiar with impedance and power ratings. Purists generally avoid referring to these systems as high fidelity, though some are capable of very good quality sound reproduction. Audiophiles in the 1970s and 1980s preferred to buy each component separately. That way, they could choose models of each component with the specifications that they desired. In the 1980s, a number of audiophile magazines became available, offering reviews of components and articles on how to choose and test speakers, amplifiers, and other components. Listening tests See also: Codec listening test Listening tests are used by hi-fi manufacturers, audiophile magazines, and audio engineering researchers and scientists. If a listening test is done in such a way that the listener who is assessing the sound quality of a component or recording can see the components that are being used for the test (e.g., the same musical piece listened to through a tube power amplifier and a solid-state amplifier), then it is possible that the listener's pre-existing biases towards or against certain components or brands could affect their judgment. To respond to this issue, researchers began to use blind tests, in which listeners cannot see the components being tested. A commonly used variant of this test is the ABX test. A subject is presented with two known samples (sample A, the reference, and sample B, an alternative), and one unknown sample X, for three samples total. X is randomly selected from A and B, and the subject identifies X as being either A or B. Although there is no way to prove that a certain methodology is transparent, a properly conducted double-blind test can prove that a method is not transparent. Blind tests are sometimes used as part of attempts to ascertain whether certain audio components (such as expensive, exotic cables) have any subjectively perceivable effect on sound quality. Data gleaned from these blind tests is not accepted by some audiophile magazines such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sound in their evaluations of audio equipment. John Atkinson, current editor of Stereophile, stated that he once purchased a solid-state amplifier, the Quad 405, in 1978 after seeing the results from blind tests, but came to realize months later that "the magic was gone" until he replaced it with a tube amp. Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound wrote, in 2008, that: "...blind listening tests fundamentally distort the listening process and are worthless in determining the audibility of a certain phenomenon." Doug Schneider, editor of the online Soundstage network, refuted this position with two editorials in 2009. He stated: "Blind tests are at the core of the decades' worth of research into loudspeaker design done at Canada's National Research Council (NRC). The NRC researchers knew that for their result to be credible within the scientific community and to have the most meaningful results, they had to eliminate bias, and blind testing was the only way to do so." Many Canadian companies such as Axiom, Energy, Mirage, Paradigm, PSB, and Revel use blind testing extensively in designing their loudspeakers. Audio professional Dr. Sean Olive of Harman International shares this view.
What is a brown eared pheasant?
The brown eared pheasant (Crossoptilon mantchuricum) is a large, 96– to 100-cm-long, dark brown pheasant endemic to the mountain forests of northeastern China (Shanxi and nearby provinces). The species was first described by Robert Swinhoe in 1863. It has stiff white ear coverts behind the eyes, which look like a moustache. The crown is black with red bare facial skin and its tail of 22 elongated, white feathers is curved, loose and dark-tipped. Both sexes are similar in plumage.
The brown eared pheasant is a large dark brown pheasant native to the mountain forests of northeastern China. It has distinctive white ear covert behind the eyes that look like a moustache. It's crown is black with red bare facial skin, and it has a tail with long, white, curve, loose, dark-tipped feathers.
Which of these are rappers? Eminem, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, 50 Cent
Eminem, 50 Cent
Is it true that Lewis Hamilton won the championship in his first F1 season?
Hamilton's first season in Formula One saw him partner two-time and defending World Champion Fernando Alonso. Hamilton is the first and, as of 2022, the only black driver to race in the series. After finishing on the podium in his debut, Hamilton went on to set several records as he finished runner-up in the 2007 World Drivers' Championship to Kimi Räikkönen by one point, including those for the most consecutive podium finishes from debut (9), the joint most wins in a debut season (4) and the most points in a debut season (109). Throughout the season, Hamilton and Alonso were involved in a number of incidents which resulted in tensions between both drivers and the team, culminating in Alonso and McLaren terminating their contract by mutual consent in November. Following a successful first season at McLaren, Hamilton signed a multi-million-pound contract to stay with the team until 2012.
Lewis Hamilton did not win the F1 world driver's championship in his rookie season in 2007. The title went to Kimi Räikkönen in the Ferrari team. Hamilton finished runner up, in second place, after a close battle with both Ferrari and his teammate Fernando Alonso.
What are some kinds of embroidery stitches for writing letters?
Some embroidery stitches that can be used to embroider letters are the back stitch, the split stitch, the stem stitch, the chain stitch, the couching stitch, and the satin stitch.
What are the most common injuries in rowing?
Rowing is a low-impact sport with movement only in defined ranges, so that twist and sprain injuries are rare. However, the repetitive rowing action can put strain on knee joints, the spine and the tendons of the forearm, and inflammation of these are the most common rowing injuries. If one rows with poor technique, especially rowing with a curved rather than straight back, other injuries may surface, including back pains and wrist injuries. Blisters occur for almost all rowers, especially in the beginning of one's rowing career, as every stroke puts pressure on the hands, though rowing frequently tends to harden hands and generate protective calluses. Holding the oars too tightly or making adjustments to technique may cause recurring or new blisters, as it is common to feather the blade. Another common injury is getting "track bites", thin cuts on the back of one's calf or thigh caused by contact with the seat tracks at either end of the stroke.
The most common injuries in rowing are inflammation of the knees, spine and forearms. Oher common injuries also include hand blisters and track bites.
What is a kite?
A kite is a toy that can be be purchased in a store or a specialty shop. It is a craft that is lighter an air that is tied to a string that you can fly on wind currents. The kite has wings that react against the air to create lift enabling it to fly. You can fly a kite at a park or an open area, and you will want to make sure there are no power lines nearby to be safe when flying the kite.
Classify each of the following pieces of equipment according to the sport they are used for, either basketball, football, or soccer: shin guards, shooting sleeve, penalty flag, corner flag, kicking tee, and goalie gloves.
The classification is as follows: - Soccer: goalie gloves, corner flag - Basketball: shooting sleeve - Football: penalty flag, kicking tee
Given this paragraph about Billie Eilish, tell me who produced her debut single, also tell me what is her chart-topping single?
Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell (/ˈaɪlɪʃ/ EYE-lish; born December 18, 2001) is an American singer and songwriter. She first gained public attention in 2015 with her debut single "Ocean Eyes", written and produced by her brother Finneas O'Connell, with whom she collaborates on music and live shows. In 2017, she released her debut extended play (EP), titled Don't Smile at Me. Commercially successful, it reached the top 15 of record charts in numerous countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Eilish's first studio album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (2019), debuted atop the US Billboard 200 and UK Albums Chart. It was one of the best-selling albums of the year, buoyed by the success of its fifth single "Bad Guy", Eilish's first number-one on the US Billboard Hot 100. This made her the first artist born in the 21st century to release a chart-topping single. The following year, Eilish performed the theme song "No Time to Die" for the James Bond film of the same name, which topped the UK Singles Chart and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2022. Her subsequent singles "Everything I Wanted", "My Future", "Therefore I Am", and "Your Power" peaked in the top 10 in the US and UK. Her second studio album, Happier Than Ever (2021), topped charts in 25 countries.
Her brother Finneas O'Connell produced her debut single "Ocean Eyes", and her chart topping single is "Bad Guy"
What is a good way to get around without a car?
If you live in a city you can access public transport such as buses and trains. You can also walk, use a bicycle, or electric scooter to get around.
Identify which animal species is alive or extinct: Palaeophis, Giant Tortoise
Giant Tortoise is alive, Palaeophis is extinct.
Why is Santa Cruz, California a great place to live?
Santa Cruz, California has one of the best climates in the continental U.S. – being close to the Pacific Ocean, temperatures stay warmer in the winters and cooler in the summers, but without the dreaded fog that nearby cities like San Francisco or Monterey experience. The small city is world-famous for surfing, and the relaxed vibe that comes with it. Natural beauty is abundant, with the mountains and beach only a few miles apart.
Give me some ideas to manage my manager.
1. Be honest 2. Communicate 3. Understand goals 4. Stay calm 5. Solve problems 6. Be positive 7. Share your knowledge 8. Be caring 9. Practice positive reinforcement 10. Be a strong performer
Who was boxer John Baldwin
Known as "The Mad" Baldwin, he turned pro in 1970 and lost a decision to Marvin Hagler in 1975. In 1977 he took on Rocky Mosley Jr in the ill-fated U.S. Championship Tournament, but lost via K.O. In 1978 he lost a decision to Marvin Johnson, and retired a year later.
Born in Detroit, John Baldwin was a professional US boxer. He fought in the Light-Middleweight category and won a bronze medal in the 1968 Olympics. He turned pro in 1970, and lost a decision to Marvin Hagler in 1975. He retired in 1979
Identify which instrument is string or percussion: Samphor, Viola toeria
Viola toeria is string, Samphor is percussion.
If we were playing a game where we had to identify things that can be found inside a house, which of these would we call out: car, chair, table, park, cloud, microwave.
Inside a house you can find a chair, a table and a microwave. Cars, clouds and parks are found outside of houses.
Classify the following as either dark-colored beers or light colored beers: porter, pilsner, stout, amber, lager
Dark-colored beers: porter, stout, amber Light-colored beers: pilsner, lager
Give me a bulleted list of the 5 highest mountains in the world and their respective heights in meters
* Mount Everest. Height: 8,849 meters * K2. Height: 8,611 meters * Kangchenjunga. Height: 8,586 meters * Lhotse. Height: 8,516 meters * Makalu. Height: 8,485 meters
Extract all of the dates mentioned in this paragraph and list them using bullets in the format {Date} - {Description}
Daniel Leavitt was born November 16, 1813, at Rye, New Hampshire, the son of Benning Leavitt, influential businessman, state senator, county commissioner and later Chicopee Selectman, and his wife Olive (Jenness) Leavitt. Daniel Leavitt married in 1838 at West Springfield, Massachusetts, Ruth Jeannette Ball. They had three children.
• November 16, 1813 - This is when Daniel Leavitt was born • 1838 - This is when Daniel Leavitt married his wife Ruth Jeannette Ball.
Which products apple sell?
Apple sells variety of products. including watches, phones, laptops and computers.
Write a short story about a person who discovers a hidden room in their house. The story should include a plot twist and a clear resolution at the end.
It was going to be a long day. With her brother-in-law out of town, Lisa had agreed to watch her niece Stella for the afternoon and the little girl was known to be a bit of a handful. Her plan had been to spend the afternoon at the park to let Stella run and climb, to wear her out a bit. Unfortunately, this outing was foiled by the constant downpour of rain so Lisa resigned herself to a day inside with the tiny tyrant. Stella arrived early and excited to play. Lisa decided to begin with a game of hide and seek, after all this could take up a good part of the morning without too much trouble. Stella ran off to hide and Lisa sat quietly drinking coffee while calling out to the little girl, pretending to seek. Eventually she set off to find the little girl but soon she realized that something was wrong. No matter where she looked, Stella was nowhere to be found. The house wasn't that large, making her disappearance even more perplexing. Lisa had only recently moved into the home that she bought from her great aunt shortly before her death and she hasn't even moved out all of the existing furniture. Maybe Stella had gotten stuck somewhere behind the large wardrobe in the bedroom or she had climbed up into a cupboard in the laundry room. Panic was starting to settle in as she moved the wardrobe further from the wall, where only a small child could have hidden before. Suddenly, saw a small crack in the wall, and then realized it was a small door that she never knew was there. The door was slightly ajar and she eventually moved the wardrobe enough to open the door and climb inside. What was this place? The entrance opened up to reveal a small room that Lisa never knew existed! It was full of treasure, gold bars and jewels. Stella sat in the middle of the room quietly playing with the treasure, unaware of the immense value she was surrounded by. Lisa had known her aunt was a secretive woman but this was an incredible find and would change her life forever. Stella's visit was the good luck charm she needed to unlock this bounty and she would be forever grateful to the little girl! Time to call her brother-in-law to thank him for letting Stella visit.
Please describe what is oil and give me a list of it’s applications.
An oil is any nonpolar chemical substance that is composed primarily of hydrocarbons and is hydrophobic (does not mix with water) & lipophilic (mixes with other oils). Oils are usually flammable and surface active. Most oils are unsaturated lipids that are liquid at room temperature. The general definition of oil includes classes of chemical compounds that may be otherwise unrelated in structure, properties, and uses. Oils may be animal, vegetable, or petrochemical in origin, and may be volatile or non-volatile. They are used for food (e.g., olive oil), fuel (e.g., heating oil), medical purposes (e.g., mineral oil), lubrication (e.g. motor oil), and the manufacture of many types of paints, plastics, and other materials. Specially prepared oils are used in some religious ceremonies and rituals as purifying agents.
An oil is a chemical substance that is composed primarily of hydrocarbons and may be animal, vegetable or petrochemical in origin. Oil is used in a wide range of applications and is essential to everyday human life. These are: Cooking - edible vegetable and animal oils are used for various purposes in cooking and food preparation Cosmetics - most facial cleansers, lotions and hair care products contain molecules that come from mineral and vegetable oils Fuel - crude oil is refined and converted to diesel, gasoline or jet fuel to power cars, trucks and planes Heating - petrochemical oil is used for heating Painting - oil is used as a supporting medium for paints Lubrication - oils are used in various engineering purposes as they do not easily adhere to other substance which makes them useful as lubricants Religion - oil has been used throughout history as a religious medium. It is often considered a spiritually purifying agent and is used to anointing purposes Health - oils holds lots of fats and medical properties, for example fish oil holds the omega-3 fatty acid which helps with inflammation and reduces fat in the bloodstream
List 6 different types of rain in Seattle
1. Mist 2. Drizzle 3. Sleet 4. Downpour 5. Freezing Rain 6. Sun Shower
What is investment banking?
Investment banking pertains to certain activities of a financial services company or a corporate division that consist in advisory-based financial transactions on behalf of individuals, corporations, and governments. Traditionally associated with corporate finance, such a bank might assist in raising financial capital by underwriting or acting as the client's agent in the issuance of debt or equity securities. An investment bank may also assist companies involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and provide ancillary services such as market making, trading of derivatives and equity securities, FICC services (fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities) or research (macroeconomic, credit or equity research). Most investment banks maintain prime brokerage and asset management departments in conjunction with their investment research businesses. As an industry, it is broken up into the Bulge Bracket (upper tier), Middle Market (mid-level businesses), and boutique market (specialized businesses). Unlike commercial banks and retail banks, investment banks do not take deposits.