1 value
<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: BOWKMeansTrainer still cannot be created with the latest relase. username_0: HResult=-2146233053 Message=Unable to find an entry point named 'features2d_BOWKMeansTrainer_new' in DLL 'OpenCvSharpExtern'. Source=OpenCvSharp TypeName="" StackTrace: at OpenCvSharp.NativeMethods.features2d_BOWKMeansTrainer_new(Int32 clusterCount, TermCriteria termcrit, Int32 attempts, Int32 flags) at OpenCvSharp.BOWKMeansTrainer..ctor(Int32 clusterCount, Nullable`1 termcrit, Int32 attempts, KMeansFlags flags) in C:\Users\shima\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\opencvsharp\src\OpenCvSharp\Modules\features2d\BOWKMeansTrainer.cs:line 24 InnerException: <issue_comment>username_1: The latest OpenCvSharpExtern.dll certainly has an entry point of `features2d_BOWKMeansTrainer_new`. ![dependencywalker]( When using NuGet, please try to uninstall and reinstall the package. And make sure your OpenCvSharpExtern.dll is updated. <issue_comment>username_0: I was my mistake, sorry for that. BOWKMeansTrainer can be created. Thank you for your time.<issue_closed>
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.07431874483897605, 'fraction_numerical': 0.058629232039636665, 'mean_word_length': 6.087719298245614, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 5, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Binder integration via jupytext username_0: ![]( <issue_comment>username_0: To see what this actually does, use
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.12297734627831715, 'fraction_numerical': 0.025889967637540454, 'mean_word_length': 7.378378378378378, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 3, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 3, 'https://': 2, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Transparent background username_0: Would like to blur some view, but leave the view behind it still visible instead of using a solid color. Have tried with isOpaque set to false, but then the view that's being blurred is still visible. Hiding this view causes the blurred content to disappear as well. Is there a way to achieve what I'm looking for? Thanks.<issue_closed>
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.0412621359223301, 'fraction_numerical': 0.0024271844660194173, 'mean_word_length': 4.657534246575342, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 3, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 3, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Update Ingress-Template for Confluence and Jira chart to current Kubernetes standards username_0: Thank you very much for your Confluence+Jira charts! I have two suggestions to adapt the ingress-chart-template to newest Kubernetes specifications and I hope you can implement those changes: **1) Use API version instead of** **Problem**: Currently deploying the ingress gives a warning: W0116 17:47:29.227333 15024 warnings.go:70] Ingress is deprecated in v1.19+, unavailable in v1.22+; use Ingress The API version for ingress is deprecated with Kubernetes 1.22 See: **Solution**: Pls. use API version instead **2) Implement ingressClassName field** **Problem:** Since Kubernetes 1.18 there is a new field ingressClassName which is the official way to specify the IngressClass resource that contains additional Ingress configuration, instead of the former never formally defined annotation Since Kubernetes 1.22 this is the standard way - the old annotation form is deprecated. Currently it is not possible to specify this ingressClassName as there is no parameter for it in the chart and no placeholder in the ingress template. See: And: **Solution:** Pls. implement a parameter for spec.ingressClassName to define value for this field. apiVersion: kind: Ingress metadata: name: my-ingress spec: ingressClassName: nginx Thank you! Gerald <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 : thank you for the heads up! It sounds good. I'll try to get it done soon but I can't promise. You can create a PR with the changes, though. That'd would be faster. Thanks!
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.0747935891209325, 'fraction_numerical': 0.0305973773676542, 'mean_word_length': 4.449735449735449, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 3, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 3, 'https://': 3, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: SeqToSeq Tutorial username_0: Hi everyone, I am a new user of deepChem and trying to reproduce the results on seq2seq tutorial under examples/notebooks. However no matter what I do, I can not reproduce the results given here. I am executing the whole notebook as it is, don't get any errors, but the results are not even close. I get much larger autoencoder errors and so none of the compounds can be exactly decoded. Is there something missing in the tutorial? Best, <issue_comment>username_0: 2018-03-19 15:25:47.440144: I tensorflow/core/platform/] Your CPU supports instructions that this TensorFlow binary was not compiled to use: AVX2 FMA 2018-03-19 15:25:47.548620: I tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/] successful NUMA node read from SysFS had negative value (-1), but there must be at least one NUMA node, so returning NUMA node zero 2018-03-19 15:25:47.548925: I tensorflow/core/common_runtime/gpu/] Found device 0 with properties: name: GeForce GTX 1070 major: 6 minor: 1 memoryClockRate(GHz): 1.797 pciBusID: 0000:01:00.0 totalMemory: 7.92GiB freeMemory: 7.08GiB 2018-03-19 15:25:47.548942: I tensorflow/core/common_runtime/gpu/] Adding visible gpu devices: 0 2018-03-19 15:25:47.737619: I tensorflow/core/common_runtime/gpu/] Creating TensorFlow device (/job:localhost/replica:0/task:0/device:GPU:0 with 6832 MB memory) -> physical GPU (device: 0, name: GeForce GTX 1070, pci bus id: 0000:01:00.0, compute capability: 6.1) Ending global_step 999: Average loss 96.5865 Ending global_step 1999: Average loss 78.3183 Ending global_step 2999: Average loss 63.2105 Ending global_step 3999: Average loss 53.9386 Ending global_step 4999: Average loss 47.5207 Ending global_step 5999: Average loss 43.5996 Ending global_step 6999: Average loss 39.012 Ending global_step 7999: Average loss 35.7498 Ending global_step 8999: Average loss 32.5969 Ending global_step 9999: Average loss 30.1271 Ending global_step 10999: Average loss 27.6893 Ending global_step 11999: Average loss 25.4496 Ending global_step 12999: Average loss 23.9029 Ending global_step 13999: Average loss 22.3889 Ending global_step 14999: Average loss 21.1419 Ending global_step 15999: Average loss 19.8992 Ending global_step 16999: Average loss 19.2158 Ending global_step 17999: Average loss 18.0662 Ending global_step 18999: Average loss 17.3361 Ending global_step 19999: Average loss 16.8842 Ending global_step 20999: Average loss 15.9874 Ending global_step 21999: Average loss 15.5651 Ending global_step 22999: Average loss 15.4481 Ending global_step 23999: Average loss 14.6937 Ending global_step 24999: Average loss 14.4314 Ending global_step 25999: Average loss 14.1688 Ending global_step 26999: Average loss 14.1544 Ending global_step 27999: Average loss 13.7362 Ending global_step 28999: Average loss 13.505 Ending global_step 29788: Average loss 13.4971 TIMING: model fitting took 4058.758 s <issue_comment>username_1: So I reran it this morning on latest master and got 378 of 500 reproduced. ![selection_106]( Have you run it multiple times? Are you always getting these types of results? <issue_comment>username_0: Yes, I ran multiple times, similar results. <issue_comment>username_2: I also tried to install from source using conda. However, after the installation, I get the following error when trying to execute _dc.molnet.load_muv() :_ ImportError : No module named 'pandas.indexes' <issue_comment>username_0: To try the latest version, I installed from the source with conda. However, this time I get the following error when executing _dc.molnet.load_mv()_: ImportError : No module named 'pandas.indexes' Should I install another version of pandas? <issue_comment>username_0: I managed to solve the problem with the latest version. The last problem I wrote above is due to the existance of the old muv files. When I upgrade to the latest version of deepchem, such errors occured. I removed the old files, the problem is gone. Thanks,<issue_closed>
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.06350330500472144, 'fraction_numerical': 0.12865911237016053, 'mean_word_length': 4.950842696629214, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 9, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 10, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [FR][awc] local_address support for non-default network interfaces username_0: ## Usecase I have a nondefault network interface that I want to send awc client requests over. ## API example ```rust let addr = std::net::IpAddr::v4(std::net::Ipv4Addr::new(127, 0, 0, 1)); let client = ClientBuilder::new().local_address(addr).finish(); ``` ## Other implementations [reqwest has such method.](<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_2: @username_0 Can you give the master branch a try to see if it works as you expected? <issue_comment>username_0: @username_2 hi there, yes it works perfectly :+1:
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.12551724137931033, 'fraction_numerical': 0.02482758620689655, 'mean_word_length': 5.914285714285715, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 5, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [Proposal] export JS variables username_0: #### Fixes #1531 ### [`variables.ts` example]( (gist) #### Changes proposed in this pull request: - 🔥 `sass-variables` task is renamed to `variables`, and is now a task group (`variables-<package>` task for each package that defines the corresponding block in Gulpfile.js; currently just core) - this task now generates `src/generated/variables.ts` from the bones of `variables.scss` - i got clever with the transformations, and special-cased a few things, but hey it works great! #### Reviewers should focus on: - thoughts how to make the logic more robust? lots of regular expressions... <issue_comment>username_1: Is there more thinking behind this proposal besides fixing #1531? A flat list seems subpar compared to the types of data structures we can leverage with JS <issue_comment>username_1: I propose we close this out and do some more fancy data structures for our visual design system in JS, somewhere around 2.0 -- some really interesting things to be done that don't necessarily require typestyle or CSS in JS support <issue_comment>username_0: @username_1 agreed!
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.07717041800643087, 'fraction_numerical': 0.03215434083601286, 'mean_word_length': 4.817757009345795, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 6, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 6, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Process/communications feedback username_0: - **Important: use more informative commit messages!** "s" "m", "updated" and "Update README" (when the README is a full proposal) are not informative. "rewrite EDA" is borderline. Keep also in mind: - Code of Conduct could use more specific statement about how unacceptable behavior is dealt with (consequences). - Recommend more communication in issues going forward (is this happening on Slack, in person, or not at all?) - Team work contract is fantastic! <issue_comment>username_0: Your commit messages are much improved - good job! I'd still like to see more communication in issues - I'll check in about this in lab on Thursday.<issue_closed>
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.07171853856562922, 'fraction_numerical': 0.0027063599458728013, 'mean_word_length': 4.78125, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 4, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 4, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: fixing non mdx pages username_0: I just published and then realized that the mdx fix (#13 ) fixed mdx pages, but actually broke regular js pages. This fixes that 😅 <issue_comment>username_0: I wouldn't normally do this, but going to merge this now since I want to fix the publish version 😓. <issue_comment>username_1: Yup, totally cool to fix broken things quickly for patch releases. 😅 I guess we need some [integration tests]( <issue_comment>username_0: That's a great idea 👍
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.08169934640522876, 'fraction_numerical': 0.00980392156862745, 'mean_word_length': 5.385416666666667, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 5, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Allow Key Updates to Active Clients username_0: # Pull Request Template ## Description This change adds API methods to allow updates to the key or resourceToken used by a client. This would allow key rollovers to be done without the need to create a new client. ## Type of change Please delete options that are not relevant. - [x] New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality) ## Closing issues closes #789 <issue_comment>username_0: Yes, I agree that the ResourceToken refresh can possibly be modeled through the TokenProvider API and is worth a look. However, despite the move to AAD, I think there will always be workloads that need to use a plain old key (due to layering concerns, say, which might prevent consumers from relying on AAD). In other words, I think we'll always have cases where we would need to use a plain-old key and we would want to support rollover of that as well. As a next step do you suggest only implementing the update API for the key (and not resource token) and doing the resource token via the TokenProvider (and would that require us to stop using the `AuthorizationTokenProviderResourceToken` class entirely?
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.03697617091207888, 'fraction_numerical': 0.004108463434675432, 'mean_word_length': 4.2727272727272725, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 3, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 3, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: How to control cam and car together username_0: I am trying to create ESP32 Cam car using mjpeg code. I am able to modify the code and add command to control led and car. Independently cam, led lights and car wheels are working fine. However when i have to run camera and control the car together, it is not working. I am new to coding and not sure how to handle the multitasking. I am building app using mit app inventor to view the com as well as run the car. Please help me how to modify the code co that camera video can run alongside controlling the car. Below is the modified code. /* This is a simple MJPEG streaming webserver implemented for AI-Thinker ESP32-CAM and ESP32-EYE modules. This is tested to work with VLC and Blynk video widget. Inspired by and based on this Instructable: $9 RTSP Video Streamer Using the ESP32-CAM Board ( Board: AI-Thinker ESP32-CAM */ #include "src/OV2640.h" #include <WiFi.h> #include <WebServer.h> #include <WiFiClient.h> // Select camera model //#define CAMERA_MODEL_WROVER_KIT //#define CAMERA_MODEL_ESP_EYE //#define CAMERA_MODEL_M5STACK_PSRAM //#define CAMERA_MODEL_M5STACK_WIDE #define CAMERA_MODEL_AI_THINKER #include "camera_pins.h" extern int gpLb = 2; // Left 1 extern int gpLf = 14; // Left 2 extern int gpRb = 15; // Right 1 extern int gpRf = 13; // Right 2 extern int gpLed = 4; // Light long previousMillis = 0; long interval = 500; /* Next one is an include with wifi credentials. This is what you need to do: 1. Create a file called "home_wifi_multi.h" in the same folder OR under a separate subfolder of the "libraries" folder of Arduino IDE. (You are creating a "fake" library really - I called it "MySettings"). 2. Place the following text in the file: #define SSID1 "replace with your wifi ssid" #define PWD1 "replace your wifi password" 3. Save. Should work then */ //#include "home_wifi_multi.h" #define SSID1 "Jisha" #define PWD1 "Hemang@1976" OV2640 cam; WebServer server(80); const char HEADER[] = "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n" \ "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *\r\n" \ "Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=123456789000000000000987654321\r\n"; const char BOUNDARY[] = "\r\n--123456789000000000000987654321\r\n"; const char CTNTTYPE[] = "Content-Type: image/jpeg\r\nContent-Length: "; const int hdrLen = strlen(HEADER); const int bdrLen = strlen(BOUNDARY); const int cntLen = strlen(CTNTTYPE); void handle_jpg_stream(void) { char buf[32]; int s; unsigned long currentMillis = millis(); WiFiClient client = server.client(); client.write(HEADER, hdrLen); client.write(BOUNDARY, bdrLen); while (true) { if (!client.connected()) break; [Truncated] server.on("/mjpeg/1", HTTP_GET, handle_jpg_stream); server.on("/jpg", HTTP_GET, handle_jpg); server.on("/forward", HTTP_GET, handle_forward); server.on("/back", HTTP_GET, handle_back); server.on("/left", HTTP_GET, handle_left); server.on("/right", HTTP_GET, handle_right); server.on("/stop", HTTP_GET, handle_stop); server.on("/ledon", HTTP_GET, handle_ledon); server.on("/ledoff", HTTP_GET, handle_ledoff); server.onNotFound(handleNotFound); server.begin(); } void loop() { server.handleClient(); delay(1); }<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_1: I wish I had the time to support your project. What you are trying to achieve has been implemented in this project. However, I would not consider this to be a novice project, so you'll have to understand how it works.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.10244409776391056, 'fraction_numerical': 0.03380135205408216, 'mean_word_length': 3.5046838407494145, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 7, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 7, 'https://': 2, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 2, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 2, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: When copying over dynamic bones, values need to be divided by 100 username_0: Values for radius of colliders and some other things for some reason need to be divded by 100 in order to be the correct size whenever transfer occurs. <issue_comment>username_1: It could be that your armature scale is 100. It was a common issue with older avatars. I haven't quite figured out how to fix it since scaling up it down also offsets the position of things <issue_comment>username_0: Is there any way to fix this without CATS? Can you provide any more information on the cause? Is there something I can look at in blender? <issue_comment>username_1: I'm not entirely sure myself. Need to investigate after the next update <issue_comment>username_0: after next pumpkin tools update or some other update? unity? blender? <issue_comment>username_1: After the next pumkin tools update <issue_comment>username_0: apparently exporting with cats fixes the issue<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_1: Fixed in next update
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.04030710172744722, 'fraction_numerical': 0.016314779270633396, 'mean_word_length': 5.60126582278481, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 10, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 10, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: sox record stops after reporting ALSA problems: over-run / rate clipped X samples username_0: I have setup pulseaudio and sox record is using default device (= so is using pulseaudio). FYI: To overcome the error in issue #3 I am using my branch : * When I run sox record continuously with below options: ![image]( then it is frequently stopping with following error/warning: ``` { payload: 'sox WARN alsa: over-run\n' + "sox FAIL sox: `default' I/O error: Operation not permitted\n", _msgid: '61d942a2.12b02c' } 7 Dec 17:28:21 - [info] [debug:sox-record output2] { payload: 'sox WARN rate: rate clipped 2511 samples; decrease volume?\n' + 'sox WARN dither: dither clipped 2224 samples; decrease volume?\n', _msgid: '61d942a2.12b02c' } ``` <issue_comment>username_1: It could be some conflicts because even if you use default the command generated by my node will still be alsa default. You could try changing this line: to: ˋˋˋ node.argArr.push("pulseaudio",node.inputSource); ˋˋˋ combined with choosing the default maybe this would work. Unfortunately I have no experience at all with pulseaudio. <issue_comment>username_1: Maybe the node could work with alsa and pulseaudio with something like this: So you configure the pulseaudio sink to be the default audio device in alsa which in turn should make it show up in the node via arecord -l? <issue_comment>username_0: Thanks for the response. Note that pulseaudio is working using my changes in branch It is only that after some time (not immediately) I am getting the above error. <issue_comment>username_1: I still think this is due to some conflicts because it’s not generating the right command. I will implement something in the next few days that will show a text input field when arecord -l fails where you can manually input the devices. This should enable you to then enter something like `-t pulseaudio default` or even a specific pulse device and would than also allow you to use something like jack. I will tell you when I push it to the repo and it would be good if you could try it than. <issue_comment>username_0: wait with making any changes. It is more or less working just using the default (so no need to specify any UI to allow to select the device). I am trying to figure out the actual options that are set when sox record command becomes spawned by the node as I would like to reproduce the problem without node-red by directly calling the sox command from the command line. <issue_comment>username_1: You start recording with the node and than use `htop` or `Top` in the terminal of the machine running nodered and you will see the sox process which should show the whole command. <issue_comment>username_0: Thanks. I managed to reproduce the problem by just running sox command with same options as is used in my node-red flow: ``` bash-5.0$ sox -q -t alsa default -L -e signed-integer -c 1 -r 44100 -b 16 -t raw - gain 0 > out1234 sox WARN alsa: over-run sox FAIL sox: `default' I/O error: Operation not permitted bash-5.0$ ``` Note that it didn't immediately report this error. It ran for some time before reporting this error (FYI the size of `out1234 `= 7 Mb ). <issue_comment>username_0: The problem with that solution is that the pulseaudio format handler is not installed by default ``` bash-5.0$ sox -q -t pulseaudio alsa_input.pci-0000_00_0e.0.analog-stereo -L -e signed-integer -c 1 -r 44100 -b 16 -t raw - gain 0 > out1234 sox FAIL formats: no handler for given file type `pulseaudio' ``` ... and I can not install this as it is not available in the docker alpine image that my node-red docker image is using. ``` bash-5.0$ sudo apk add libsox-fmt-pulse sudo: setrlimit(RLIMIT_CORE): Operation not permitted fetch fetch ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: libsox-fmt-pulse (missing): required by: world[libsox-fmt-pulse] bash-5.0$ ``` <issue_comment>username_1: Can you pleas pull the repository and update with my master and try it, I just bumped it to 0.4.0 and added/changed three things: + similar to your work around an error getting devices doesnt block the node anymore + changed the default setting to the more general `-d` + added an option to the source dropdown to input a manual source, this reveals a text field where you can enter a source as per the sox documentation. (`-t alsa default`, `-d`, `-t pulseaudio default` and so on, even a file path as a source like `/home/pi/test.wav` will work) Further more you could try another workaround for your docker container as this of course complicates things: Use an exec node in spawn mode with a `parec`/`pacat` command and connect it to the sox node in the recently added record from input mode. That way you can use the native pulseaudio recording with all the fancy stuff from sox. <issue_comment>username_1: Here is an example flow with arecord but this should work similarly with parec/pacat: ``` [{"id":"85f664e3.9b96e8","type":"sox-record","z":"1b5e73a9.1939fc","name":"","buttonStart":"msg","inputs":1,"inputSource":"fromInput","manualSource":"/home/pi/test.wav","inputEncoding":"signed-integer","inputChannels":1,"inputRate":16000,"inputBits":16,"byteOrder":"-L","encoding":"signed-integer","channels":1,"rate":16000,"bits":16,"gain":"0","lowpass":8000,"showDuration":false,"durationType":"forever","durationLength":0,"silenceDetection":"nothing","silenceDuration":"2.0","silenceThreshold":"2.0","outputFormat":"wav","manualPath":"test_arecord","debugOutput":true,"x":790,"y":1020,"wires":[["6b32a635.1d79f8"],["3239a7de.f453e"]]},{"id":"6b32a635.1d79f8","type":"debug","z":"1b5e73a9.1939fc","name":"","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"false","statusVal":"","statusType":"auto","x":990,"y":1020,"wires":[]},{"id":"86152c16.4052","type":"exec","z":"1b5e73a9.1939fc","command":"arecord -d 5 -c 1 -r 16000 -f S16_LE -t raw -","addpay":false,"append":"","useSpawn":"true","timer":"","oldrc":false,"name":"","x":490,"y":1040,"wires":[["85f664e3.9b96e8"],["1359ca9c.dc71bd"],["1359ca9c.dc71bd"]]},{"id":"1359ca9c.dc71bd","type":"debug","z":"1b5e73a9.1939fc","name":"","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"false","statusVal":"","statusType":"auto","x":790,"y":1060,"wires":[]},{"id":"91b5c6e6.e70b78","type":"inject","z":"1b5e73a9.1939fc","name":"","props":[{"p":"payload"},{"p":"topic","vt":"str"}],"repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"topic":"","payload":"","payloadType":"date","x":200,"y":1040,"wires":[["86152c16.4052"]]},{"id":"3239a7de.f453e","type":"debug","z":"1b5e73a9.1939fc","name":"","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"false","statusVal":"","statusType":"auto","x":990,"y":1060,"wires":[]}] ``` <issue_comment>username_0: Thanks for updating it. Just tested it. When using the default device: ![image]( It is logging following warning: ``` sox WARN alsa: can't encode 0-bit Unknown or not applicable ``` FIY the command I see in top is ``` sox -q -d -L -e signed-integer -c 1 -r 44100 -b 16 -t raw - gain 0 ``` <issue_comment>username_0: Also `parec` command, launched from command line is stopping after some time with error (see below). So this issue can be closed as the problem is certainly not in your code. Thanks a lot for your support. ``` bash-5.0$ parec -v --rate 16000 --format s16le --channels 1 --raw > out234 Opening a recording stream with sample specification 's16le 1ch 16000Hz' and channel map 'mono'. Connection established. Stream successfully created. Buffer metrics: maxlength=4194304, fragsize=64000 Using sample spec 's16le 1ch 16000Hz', channel map 'mono'. Connected to device alsa_input.pci-0000_00_0e.0.analog-stereo (index: 1, suspended: no). Connection failure: Connection terminated Stream error: Connection terminated bash-5.0$ ``` <issue_comment>username_1: Anything that says warn can in most cases be safely ignored with sox. It should still work with this warning and should be nothing to worry about. The pulseaudio problem on the other side looks to be a docker problem. Am i right in that pulseaudio is accessing maped audio devices from outside the container? It could be that the pulseaudio server running inside the docker container is loosing connection to the outside periodically for some reason. I dont think this is a problem related either to sox or pulseaudio but instead really a docker issue if even the native parec is failing. <issue_comment>username_1: Can I close this issue as the problem doesn’t seem to be related to the nodes? <issue_comment>username_0: yes, sure you can close it !<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Fix/mouseenter event username_0: Fix for <issue_comment>username_1: I would suspect that the 'sibling' event of `mouseleave` suffers from the same thing, this should be checked and fixed in the same PR I think (if indeed broken). <issue_comment>username_0: @username_1 mouseleave should not be called on disabled button <issue_comment>username_2: I don't know if this is the right fix. Leaving to @aweary @username_3 @nhunzaker to review. <issue_comment>username_3: I'm not sure this fixes the seems like it's fix an opposite problem. `mouseenter` on some sibling depends on `mouseout` from the `fromElement` element existing. Checking if the fromElement is disabled would assume it already exists, but the browser decided to fire the event despite the element being disabled (do any browsers do this?). Checking if the element is disabled would _prevent_ a mouseenter from firing, not cause it to <issue_comment>username_2: Should we close this? <issue_comment>username_3: i think so...I'm trying to specifically identify what is wrong with the test. <issue_comment>username_2: I'll leave this to you then :-P <issue_comment>username_3: Ok sorry I see what's happening. This change causes the plugin to take a path that is meant solely for the "entering an element from outside the browser window". and changes it to "there is an unpaired mouseover". It works for this one case, but I am not certain if it will lead to extra `mouseenters` being fired in other cases. It heavily depends on the browsers NOT firing the paired mouseout on the disabled button. If that changes or is not consistent across browsers we'll start getting double mouseenters <issue_comment>username_2: I don't know. Unfortunately I don't think anyone on the team will have a lot of time this half to concentrate on the DOM issues, so if this isn't obviously the right fix, I think we won't take it. <issue_comment>username_3: ya fair enough. I generally thing the "right" fix is to use the native events Thanks for the PR @username_0 we want to try and address these mouseenter/leave issues a bit more holistically. I appreciate the contribution and if you'r interested please join in the conversation on #11972
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Parsing JS types username_0: Added test and logic for extracting js types of bool, int, and float -- updated README to reflect changes. Please review and advise if any further updates are needed for this to be feature complete. <issue_comment>username_1: Hi @username_0, First off, thank you! It's a great contribution. I just quickly reviewed the code and it looks good at first sight. We could improve/optimise the JS type detection, but it is not required. You mentioned a potential problem when a field intended to be a string (e.g. phone number) is converted to a number. I am wondering if we should have a parameter to decide whether we want a type conversion or not. I would assume that some people are happy with strings and prefer to make a type conversion further up in their stack. Also, the update would be backward compatible. What do you think? <issue_comment>username_1: Yes good idea! You can add the key prefix to these options. <issue_comment>username_0: Okay, the new commit has some changes to review. I've moved the JSON parsing logic into a `customSanitizer` plugin which can be initialized with `NewCustomSanitizer` and passing in the desired types. When calling the `Convert` function, the client can supply any number of `encoderPlugins`, which are added to the `Encoder`. This means `Encoder` behavior can be modified / extended without breaking backwards compatibility. The `customSanitizer` type should work for the vast majority of use cases, since it allows cherry picking the new parsing logic. Tests speak louder than words -- I've written a few to demonstrate the usage. Let me know what you think. I just saw the key prefix comment. I haven't used that functionality yet. Can you give me a brief overview so I can design a good plugin? P.S. I've added myself to the contributor list in the readme so you won't have to when this PR is accepted. <issue_comment>username_1: That's a nice implementation! I just have an issue with the naming. What you've implemented is not really a sanitiser, but rather a type converter. The sanitisation process is just about making sure that a string won't make the JSON output invalid. I would be confused if I see "float sanitiser". This API would make more sense to me: ```go json, err := xj.Convert(xml, xj.WithAttrPrefix("+"), xj.WithTypeConverter(xj.Float, xj.Number)) ``` Also, we are now mixing UK and US spelling. :'( **Attribute prefix** XML can have nested tags and attributes with the same name. There are somehow two different namespaces. ```xml <foo bar="one"> <bar>two</bar> </foo> If you convert this to JSON, you would have: ```json { "foo": { "bar": "one" } } ``` That's why we need to prefix keys from attributes to avoid a name clash. I've added `-` by default, but some people wanted to use another prefix or no prefix at all. We currently have a function "SetAttributePrefix", but we could remove it and use a functional option instead. Kudos for the tests 🥇 <issue_comment>username_0: Didn't even realize it was the UK spelling! I'll just go ahead with your naming scheme and add the plugin. <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 Many thanks for your contribution! Type conversion was on the TODO list for far too long.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [purge-icons-webpack-plugin] TypeError: PurgeIconsPlugin is not a constructor username_0: I use purge-icons-webpack-plugin, but throw `TypeError: PurgeIconsPlugin is not a constructor` error: ```js const PurgeIconsPlugin = require('purge-icons-webpack-plugin') module.exports = { // ...options plugins: [ new PurgeIconsPlugin({ /* PurgeIcons Options */ }) ] } ``` Later I changed this code to run: ```js const PurgeIconsPlugin = require('purge-icons-webpack-plugin').default // ... ``` <issue_comment>username_1: I think this is a limitation for rollup when outputting in CJS. I don't see a proper way to solve this for now, if anyone knowing more context, please leave comments or just file a PR. Much appreciated. One other way is to use TypeScript along with Webpack, if TS works for you. With `"esModuleInterop": true` set, it should work as you expected. <issue_comment>username_2: @username_0 for me after switching to ```ts const PurgeIconsPlugin = require('purge-icons-webpack-plugin').default ``` `TypeError: Cannot read property 'data' of undefined` my setup is using "webpack": "^5.0.0-beta.29" with vue-loader <issue_comment>username_2: @username_1 `"esModuleInterop": true` didn't help for me <issue_comment>username_1: Guys, what do you think if we change the API to: ```ts const { PurgeIcons } = require('purge-icons-webpack-plugin') // or import { PurgeIcons } from 'purge-icons-webpack-plugin' ``` <issue_comment>username_1: Added in `v0.4.1`. It's backward compatible, so the existing `.default` should also work.<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_0: Great!
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Mixed Indentation username_0: It seems that there is mixed indentation throughout the script, which makes it difficult to contribute. ## Example For example, lines 168-172 in [cf3fc63]( use 4 spaces to indent, while 173-180 uses a mixture of tabs and spaces. ## Potential FIx Whichever is preferred, I suggest a .editorconfig file to enforce. This can be automatically read by most editors and implemented automatically, so that nobody ever has to question it again! This is how the .editorconfig file would look for 4-space indentation. ``` # EditorConfig is awesome: # Top-Most EditorConfig file root = true # Unix-style newlines with a newline ending every file [*] end_of_line = lf insert_final_newline = true indent_style = space indent_size = 4 ``` I'm happy to make a merge request, if this (or if tabs!) is desired :) <issue_comment>username_1: Thanks for pointing that out. I have now added your _.editorconfig_ file and converted the tabs to spaces. Using 4 space indent, since that was what the original file was using.<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Support generator type data username_0: 1. support generator type data Usage: ``` from hyper import HTTPConnection def gen(): yield 'hello' yield 'world' conn = HTTPConnection('') conn.request('POST', '/post', body=gen()) print(conn.get_response().read()) ``` 2. fix that data with integral multiple of the `MAX_CHUNK` size does not end stream. <issue_comment>username_0: My bad. Updated. It still failed :(
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Mac M1 aarch64 support username_0: Hi there, I'm using the full Roots stack for a Wordpress multisite project. **Trellis** uses the vagrant plugin [Landrush]( for managing DNS for the subdomains, which uses `landrush-ip`. Following up an this [Roots Discourse topic]( Running `vagrant up` on my new **M1** Macbook Pro results in an error: ``` Unsupported architecture ``` So I tried adding the `aarch64` architecture on [line 10](, but that results in a new error: ``` The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status. Vagrant assumes that this means the command failed! /usr/local/bin/landrush-ip -yaml Stdout from the command: Stderr from the command: bash: line 4: /usr/local/bin/landrush-ip: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error exit status 1 ``` Is the ARM based architecture not supported at all, or am I missing something? Thanks! <issue_comment>username_0: I found [this issue on gox]( regarding `linux/arm64`. <issue_comment>username_1: Hi everyone, I'll see if I can take a look at this in the next few days. I must admit that I haven't actually used Vagrant in years, so I'll need to sort out a minimal setup to check as well.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [Work in progress - do not review] Add disabled key to options menu items in Combobox component username_0: Fixes # ### Additional description --- ### CONTRIBUTOR checklist (do not remove) Please complete for every pull request * [ ] First-time contributors should sign the Contributor License Agreement. It's a fancy way of saying that you are giving away your contribution to this project. If you haven't before, wait a few minutes and a bot will comment on this pull request with instructions. * [ ] `npm run lint:fix` has been run and linting passes. * [ ] Mocha, Jest (Storyshots), and `components/component-docs.json` CI tests pass (`npm test`). * [ ] Tests have been added for new props to prevent regressions in the future. See [readme]( * [ ] Review the appropriate Storybook stories. Open [http://localhost:9001/](http://localhost:9001/). * [ ] The Accessibility panel of each Storybook story has 0 violations (aXe). Open [http://localhost:9001/](http://localhost:9001/). * [ ] Review tests are passing in the browser. Open [http://localhost:8001/](http://localhost:8001/). * [ ] Review markup conforms to [SLDS]( by looking at [DOM snapshot strings]( ### REVIEWER checklist (do not remove) * [ ] TravisCI tests pass. This includes linting, Mocha, Jest, Storyshots, and `components/component-docs.json` tests. * [ ] Tests have been added for new props to prevent regressions in the future. See [readme]( * [ ] Review the appropriate Storybook stories. Open [http://localhost:9001/](http://localhost:9001/). * [ ] The Accessibility panel of each Storybook story has 0 violations (aXe). Open [http://localhost:9001/](http://localhost:9001/). * [ ] Review tests are passing in the browser. Open [http://localhost:8001/](http://localhost:8001/). * [ ] Review markup conforms to [SLDS]( by looking at [DOM snapshot strings]( ###### Required only if there are markup / UX changes * [ ] Add year-first date and commit SHA to `last-slds-markup-review` in `package.json` and push. * [ ] Request a review of the deployed Heroku app by the Salesforce UX Accessibility Team. * [ ] Add year-first review date, and commit SHA, `last-accessibility-review`, to `package.json` and push. * [ ] While the contributor's branch is checked out, run `npm run local-update` within locally cloned [site repo]( to confirm the site will function correctly at the next release. <issue_comment>username_0: Todo: `aria-describedby` and `tooltip`. <issue_comment>username_0: I'm working on adding a tooltip for disabled items and I'm debating between the following: <img width="561" alt="screen shot 2018-11-06 at 11 34 17 pm" src=""> <img width="584" alt="screen shot 2018-11-06 at 11 44 02 pm" src=""> In the first case, we would let the consumer pass in`option.tooltip` which is a tooltip component that can have children or not. It would be fixed in place in front of the menu item `span` tree. In the second case, we don't have the option for `option.tooltip` and we only wrap the menu item with a tooltip where they can set the content label. @username_1 What do you think would be the best approach? Also another question is about SLDS classes: It seems there's a gap in supporting disabling menu items in the CSS. I couldn't find a rule to disabling hovering of disabled items and setting back the cursor to default. Should I make a PR in SLDS repo? ``` .slds-listbox__item > span[aria-disabled=“true”]:hover { background-color: transparent; cursor: default; } ``` <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 We need to add the disabled items back into the option index, so they can be read by arrow key down through by a screen reader for example. <issue_comment>username_0: A few notes about recommendations from SLDS: 1. There shouldn't be a new icon for disabled items. 2. A tooltip should be present on the menu item (since there's no disable icon). 3. In the case that there is already a custom icon on the menu item, possibly allow a different style for that icon to represent a disabled state. 4. SLDS will create a work item to add tokens/styles for disable menu items that we should consume in DSR. 5. Cursor should be set to default. 6. Tooltip should show up as soon as we hover on menu item. Tooltip content should be readable by screen-readers. <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 Sounds good to me. In response, I'd recommend adding a `options.tooltip: <Tooltip />` and a `disabled` key that will have it's `children` overwritten by default with the "menu item". ``` option.disabled: true options.tooltip: <Tooltip /> ``` <issue_comment>username_2: The SLDS work item has been created. <issue_comment>username_0: Yup - that's fine, thanks. I'll wait till mid Jan to resume this.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [tempo-distributed] add verboseLogging for gateway username_0: Copy paste from Enable a flag to enable/disable verbose logging on the gateway. <issue_comment>username_1: Nice addition. Looks like CI wants you to run: ``` docker run --rm --volume "$(pwd):/helm-docs" -u "$(id -u)" jnorwood/helm-docs:v1.4.0 ```
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.13819095477386933, 'fraction_numerical': 0.020100502512562814, 'mean_word_length': 4.541666666666667, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 3, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 3, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Nunjucks recommend the .njk extension username_0: Currently [Fractal uses `.nunj`](, it might be worth fixing this (although presumably for a breaking future 2.0 release). <issue_comment>username_1: I've seen `.nunj` in the wild but if that's the recommendation then probably good make this change. I had to add the following to atom config to get it to use the correct syntax for the extension: ```cson "*": core: customFileTypes: "text.html.nunjucks": [ "nunj" "nhtml" ] ``` <issue_comment>username_2: Hey guys, yes I'm all for moving to `.njk` but it will definitely have to be a major version bump. Unfortunately I either missed this recommendation or it didn't exist when I was first putting the Nunjucks support for Fractal together. `.nunj` always sounded a little wrong though :-) I'll make sure that this change gets factored in to the appropriate future release. <issue_comment>username_1: The documentation for nunjucks has been changing since you started Fractal. Imagine it wasn't there.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Nerf attacks username_0: Instead of limiting how fast you can attack, you can make it so that there are invisibility frames where attacks don't affect you. This can help with LOTS of problems<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_1: There is invisibility frames btw all of the attacks and pvp stuff is temporary and will be replaced all each additional game mode would likely have their own rules and actions for attacks and pvp <issue_comment>username_0: oh good
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Run Analysis Typo - Minor Bug username_0: Hello, I noticed that analysis is spelled incorrectly in the hover over the run analysis button. Please see attached screenshot. Thanks! <img width="120" alt="screen shot 2017-09-23 at 11 26 28 am" src=""><issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_1: Thanks for the catch. Fixed and will be in the next update.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.09146341463414634, 'fraction_numerical': 0.12195121951219512, 'mean_word_length': 5.012195121951219, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 5, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Preserve user authentication details on re-authentication username_0: During a token refresh in the `DefaultTokenServices` the user authentication will be re-authenticated if an `AuthenticationManager` was provided. A `PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationToken` is created based on the user authentication and then passed to the `AuthenticationManager`. However, if there were any details on the user authentication those details are lost because they are not copied to the `PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationToken`. If the `AuthenticationManager` is not provided then this logic is skipped over and the details are correctly preserved. The fix is simply to set the details on the `PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationToken` before passing it to the `AuthenticationManager`. I've moved the re-authentication code into a new protected method named `reauthenticateUserAuthentication` so that it can be overridden if needed. Finally, I added two new tests to `DefaultTokenServicesTests` to validate that the user authentication is built correctly on a refresh. There is one test for the scenario when there is no re-authentication which passes even before these changes and then the other tests the re-authentication scenario which requires this change to pass. <issue_comment>username_0: This change is loosely related to #581, however, the fix in that pull request does not fix the issue I was having. I believe that is because my issue is with the details on the user authentication whereas the @username_1 was concerned with the details on the `OAuth2Authentication` object. <issue_comment>username_0: I have signed the contributors agreement. <issue_comment>username_1: Looks like your change will fix my problem as well. I hope it will get accepted. If it does, I'll retest my specific use case and will reject my PR if it is no longer needed. Thank you! <issue_comment>username_2: Thanks for the update @username_0. This is now in master and backported to 2.4.x.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: How to choose which direction to go in : MERN Stack V/S. Machine learning and Deep Learning username_0: One is having already emerged and used by many companies, one is where i can research, evolve, explore. How to choose in term of opportunities and will stay in good quality race with that technology for long
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: load_trees() tree-action function is not applied username_0: In `load_trees(filename, tree_action=None)`, the tree action is not applied. The following should work: ```python def post_action(t): = 'bar' trees = utils.load_trees(filepath) for t in trees: assert(hasattr(t, 'foo') and == 'bar') ``` This `tree_action` hook would typically be used to plug in e.g. tree type calculating and setting logic.<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_0: There was actually no problem.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.1088560885608856, 'fraction_numerical': 0.0036900369003690036, 'mean_word_length': 4.71578947368421, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 4, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 4, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Auto indent is consistent with function indent username_0: ## Current behavior ```php <?php class Test { /** * Not indented automatically when typing `/**` at the beginning of a line * * @return void */ function demo() { } } ``` ## Expected behavior ```php <?php class Test { /** * Auto indent is consistent with function indent * * @return void */ function demo() { } } ```
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.122, 'fraction_numerical': 0.002, 'mean_word_length': 2.0180722891566263, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 4, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 2, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: How to send emoji in message. and also need list of emoji codes. username_0: How to send emoji in message. and also need list of emoji codes. please provide list and give example to send emoji. <issue_comment>username_1: Just use any unicode [table]( and use your desired emoji inside of the sendMessage method. `client.sendMessage("4912345678<EMAIL>", "🙂");` You may also have look [here](<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Onion Services v3 support username_0: v3 Hidden Services cannot be scanned. <issue_comment>username_1: You have to change row n.10 in utils/validation with the following: if len(identifier) >= 62 && strings.HasSuffix(identifier, ".onion") { this will not trigger the unrecognised onion error. After editing the file, repete the install procedure and you will be ok with v3 addresses. this worked for me. <issue_comment>username_0: @username_1 yes yes, I already did that in my fork and even added and changed many other things. But I opened the issue here so it can get officially fixed sometime. <issue_comment>username_2: First, is it ~/go/src/ If yes, where do I add those lines? Because it doesn't work for me. My current validation.go is; `package utils import ( "regexp" "strings" ) func IsOnion(identifier string) bool { // TODO: At some point we will want to support i2p if len(identifier) >= 62 && strings.HasSuffix(identifier, ".onion") { matched, _ := regexp.MatchString(`(^|\.)[a-z2-7]{56}\.onion$`, identifier) return matched } return false } ` <issue_comment>username_3: I tried just to copy it, but i dont know where it has to be placed. Could anyone show the full validation.go file source? After editing i did go install or was something meant with repeate the install procedere? Thanks a lot <issue_comment>username_4: Well, it seems this project is abandoned. Sad
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.08534201954397394, 'fraction_numerical': 0.013680781758957655, 'mean_word_length': 4.206779661016949, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 7, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 9, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [Documentation] Remove link to register for outdated event on fastboot docs page username_0: ### 📙 Describe the Issue Removing the link to register for an event ( Ember Fastboot SSR & Beyond) that ended 2 weeks days back which is showing on the page <issue_comment>username_1: This should be filed in<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_0: Ah, thanks for that I'll move the issue there :)
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.07322175732217573, 'fraction_numerical': 0.008368200836820083, 'mean_word_length': 5.652777777777778, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 5, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: @extend %placeholder doesn't work with empty placeholder rule username_0: ### `@extend`ing `%placeholder` selector with empty rule sometimes fails ```scss %foo {} .bar { @extend %foo; } ``` The above code started failing for me with message ``` Error: ".bar" failed to @extend "%foo". The selector "%foo" was not found. ... ``` The weird thing is that when using this pattern in larger context, it only fails in some cases and not in others. E.g. I might have ``` %first-selector {} %second-selector {} ``` and `@extend`ing `%first-selector` works fine while `@extend`ing `%second-selector` doesn't work, however I try to re-organize the code. As soon as I put anything that produces CSS output, the problem is gone, so for now, my work-around is to put a comment there. ``` %foo { /* some comment */ } ``` version info: ```cmd $ node-sass --version node-sass 3.7.0 (Wrapper) [JavaScript] libsass 3.3.6 (Sass Compiler) [C/C++] ``` <issue_comment>username_1: I believe this happens because the empty placeholder selector is thrown away, just like normal empty selectors, so when you're trying to extend it later on it doesn't exist. <issue_comment>username_0: @username_1 There are two interesting aspects to this: 1. I've been using this pattern for a year now (through various libsass versions) without any problems, 2. as described above, it only fails sometimes (most of the time it still works fine). But I've got my work-around ... so I just wanted to report it in case it points to a larger issue. <issue_comment>username_1: Thanks for the report however without concrete examples of LibSass being different to Ruby Sass there isn't anything we can do. Things that are/were different to Ruby Sass have/will change because people will report those differences affecting their code. This is likely why this erroneous behavior has recently stopped working. Apologies for any inconvenience. If you could spend some of your time trying to find a case where we get this wrong we'd love to know about it, is a great online for comparing Ruby Sass and LibSass. <issue_comment>username_0: Unfortunately, after spending more than an hour black-box testing the issue, I got nowhere. The most trivial case (at the top of issue description) is now failing. My real use-case is quite complex and I haven't been able to determine what causes the previous, "errorneous" behavior. I'll verify with Ruby Sass next time. The error being the correct behavior never crossed my mind :) <issue_comment>username_0: Submitted [an issue]( with [Sass](
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.08184794470716625, 'fraction_numerical': 0.006911604219716261, 'mean_word_length': 3.8586572438162543, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 7, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 7, 'https://': 2, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Give NoDistribution a random method so that `sample_prior_predictive` can work username_0: ## Issue NOTE: issue as experienced and described in this gist for full reproducible MRE in pymc3.9.3: I've specified a model using automatic imputation of missing values (see gist) with the critical specification as: ```python ... x1ma =, mask = np.isnan(x1)) ... with pm.Model() as mdl: x_mu = pm.Normal('x_mu', 0, 2, dims='names') x_pred = pm.Normal('x_pred', mu=x_mu, sigma=1., observed=x1ma, dims=['obs', 'names']) ... ``` In this case, the model build sees the observed value is a masked array and creates a new RV `x_pred_missing` which uses a `NoDistribution`. By design, the `NoDistribution` has a `logp()` and so it's possible to `sample()` the model and estimate the missing values. This works great. **However**, I want to also `sample_prior_predictive()` for my model, and this currently fails with a shape error due to something related to `x_pred_missing` (see gist) ## Possible solution I've dug through the code and it appears that `NoDistribution` does not have a `random()` function and I suspect this is the root cause of the problem. So we could add a `random()` function to `NoDistribution`, where the returned value is influenced by the testval of the parent distribution testval (here `x_pred`) In fact, at build time, the testval is passed:, but seemingly ignored So I propose: 1. Un-ignoring this value at init `self.testval = testval` 2. Creating a new `random()` function ## Quick demo implementation I've implemented a dirty hack with the following code entered at line Notes: 1. This uses the same signature as `random()` as used in other other distributions, 2. It uses `generate_samples` because I want to use the shape handling there for consistency 3. This means I need to pass a generator, elsewhere in the package this is a `scipy.distribution.rvs`, so in a vain attempt of least surprise I've used `np.random.default_rng(); rng.choice` with `a=1` to guarantee an array of ones, and it seems to work. Possibly this isn't the best way to do it though... 4. I multiply that array of ones by the array of testvals (which are actually all the same value ``` def random(self, size=None, **kwargs): """ Draw static values from testpoint. Parameters ---------- size: int, optional Desired size of random sample (returns one sample if not specified). Returns ------- array """ rng = np.random.default_rng() return generate_samples(rng.choice, a=np.ones(1), dist_shape=self.shape, size=size) * self.test ``` In testing this seems to allow `sample_prior_predictive` to run without issue, and the generated samples have the correct shape and testval of the parent <img width="806" alt="Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 14 05 32" src=""> ## Should I PR this? I'm aware there's lots of aesara work in v4 that probably negates the need for this solution above. Is it worth a PR? <issue_comment>username_1: Thanks for the detailed description. Indeed this might have been solved already in V4. I'll check it when I have some time. In any case it might be good to add as a test if it's not already covered. <issue_comment>username_1: I don't think this is due to the NoDistribution thing, but the fact you are using `dims`. I am able to sample just fine if using shape: ```python with pm.Model() as mdl: x_mu = pm.Normal('x_mu', 0, 2, shape=2) x_pred = pm.Normal('x_pred', mu=x_mu, sigma=1., observed=np.array([[np.nan, 2], [1, np.nan], [1, 2]])) prior = pm.sample_prior_predictive() ``` If you try `pm.sample_prior_predictive` and pass `var_names` explicitly in order to ignore `x_pred_missing` does it work? `prior = pm.sample_prior_predictive(var_names=['x_mu', 'x_pred']` @username_2 Any idea why the dims would make the auto-imputed values fail in prior_predictive? <issue_comment>username_0: Oh that's interesting - I'll give it a try in a day or so! <issue_comment>username_2: Without looking into the details, my best guess is that it could be related to the fact that in `v3` imputed model variables are split into two tensors? And then the dims no longer apply.. A test for `v4` would be great.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.09211852449103003, 'fraction_numerical': 0.03950816367667809, 'mean_word_length': 3.650421743205248, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 7, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 7, 'https://': 5, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Azure Service Bus Readme issue username_0: 1. Section [link]( ![image]( Suggestion: Update the link to @jongio for notification. <issue_comment>username_1: Fixed by #20776<issue_closed>
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.14035087719298245, 'fraction_numerical': 0.07543859649122807, 'mean_word_length': 5.7976190476190474, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 4, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 4, 'https://': 3, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Compatible issue with httpRequestPayload and Support collections of entities as parameters username_0: I was trying to use the collection support on custom repository queries. That works fine when we build the collection locally as in the testcase. But, when i post the data through httpPayload, it throws error on parsing / object construction. Since, this seems to be the http payload and collect support compatibility, thought of creating a new issue. If this seems to be not an issue, requesting to please suggest a workaround to get this. Thanks SDN Team. Referring the comments link here _Originally posted by @username_0 in <issue_comment>username_1: SDN does not have any thoughts about HTTP Payloads. It is the duty of Spring-WebMVC and most likely Jackson to deserialize your payload into Java objects that fit your definition. I can't do anything with the information above and I am not gonna reopen the other ticket. In the other ticket Jackson is complaining about no default constructor present (a constructor taking no arguments). This can be solved with Jacksons `@JsonCreator` which needs to be added via that Lombok Annotation, something like this: `@AllArgsConstructor(onConstructor_ = { @JsonCreator })`. Or you add also add `@NoArgsConstructor`, also from Lombok. Sorry, as much as we love to help you, this is not an SDN issue. Please read up on Jackson and or Lombok. Personal opinion: Lombok is helpful, so is Jackson. But especially with Lombok you must be aware what you are doing by sprinkling annotations around, especially together with mapping frameworks like ours or Jackson. This might be helpful<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_0: Just got workaround to get this worked. Will post the link shortly. Thanks Team <issue_comment>username_0: Hi, @username_1 i've accepted ur answer as it is resolved in SDN end. But, the workaround is on the spring mvc side i hope as you mentioned. For the same i commented which works fine in updating simple collection of relationships with the desired output. ``` @RelationshipProperties @Data public class KnowsEntity { @JsonView(Views.Public.class) // it might not be needed @Id @GeneratedValue private Long id; @JsonView(Views.Public.class) @Property private Boolean read; @JsonView(Views.Public.class) @Property private Boolean write; @JsonView(Views.Public.class) @TargetNode private Language language; } @Node(primaryLabel = "LANGUAGE") public class Language { @JsonView(Views.Public.class) @Id private String name; } public class Views { public static class Public { } } ``` ``` @Query("UNWIND $relations As rel WITH rel " + "MATCH (f:PERSON {nid: $from}) - [r:KNOWS] -> (t:LANGUAGE {name: rel.__properties__.__target__.__id__}) " + "SET = " + "RETURN f, collect(r), collect(t)") PersonEntity testR(@Param("from") String from, @Param("relations") Set<KnowsEntity> relations); ``` Thanks Further, when i tried to accommodate **** for conditional querying on neo4j relationships like delete / upsert by boolean field, which works fine in neo4j browser after installing apoc library with below query. ``` MATCH (m:MALE {name: 'Max'}) WITH m UNWIND [{id:54,read:false,write:false,is_delete:true,language:{name:"xxxx"}},{read:false,write:false,is_delete:false,language:{name:"yyyy"}}] as obj CALL, 'MATCH (m)-[dr:KNOWS]->(:LANGUAGE {name:}) delete dr', 'MATCH (l:LANGUAGE {name:}) MERGE (m)-[cr:KNOWS]->(l) ON MATCH SET =, cr.write = o.write ON CREATE SET = RETURN m,cr,l', {m:m, o:obj} ) YIELD value RETURN value.m as m, AS cr, value.l AS l ``` But, when i used the same in @Query i'm facing the same null on result (not updating / changing the data in DB) ``` @Query("MATCH (m:PERSON {name: $from}) WITH m " + "UNWIND $relations AS obj " + "CALL," + "'MATCH (m)-[dr:KNOWS]->(:LANGUAGE {name: o.__properties__.__target__.__id__}) DELETE dr RETURN m, dr as cr, l'," + "'MATCH (l:LANGUAGE {name: o.__properties__.__target__.__id__}) " + "MERGE (m)-[cr:KNOWS]->(l) " + "ON MATCH SET =, cr.write = o.__properties__.write " + "ON CREATE SET = RETURN m,cr,l'," + "{m:m, o:obj}" + ") YIELD value " + "RETURN m, collect(, collect(value.l)") PersonEntity testR(@Param("from") String from, @Param("relations") Set<KnowsEntity> relations); ``` Is there any issue in the above apoc implementation in `@Query` Or something happening with the `` support in SDN 6.x <issue_comment>username_1: Thanks for your feedback. SDN makes no assumptions about any procedures you call, being it APOC or built-in ones. Check what kind of variable is actually passed to apoc with `obj.__properties__.is_delete`. <issue_comment>username_0: Please suggest a way to debug the passing values in the apoc query. It might be really helpful. Thanks <issue_comment>username_1: @fbiville Can you help here? This issue and the one linked in the first post has been reiterated multiple times, I am not too keen of debugging APOC. Thanks. <issue_comment>username_0: Sorry, i had an issue in the query variable in apoc and solved. nvm Thanks @username_1 @fbiville
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Fix relative path in the navigation username_0: `href` in the navigation use relative path in all situations, like '../concept/topicA.html'. My understanding is that it's not a big problem, it is not super clean implementation but it is a problem when clients have big documentation (over 100 Mo), because all topics in the same directory will have a longer href value which increase documentation size. <issue_comment>username_0: Done in severals steps, completed in 89404ac0846947a5b6dc87f8c42fe08f3d22334a <issue_comment>username_1: The code is not working correctly. Reopenning this issue. <issue_comment>username_0: Could you give me an example ?<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_1: The code was not calculating the correct relative path for some files. The problem was trying to do everything with relative paths. It also wasn't adding the correct fragment ID for links to topics within to-content chunks. There was also a bug in the base code that gets the unique topicrefs in that it wasn't handling the case where you have a to-content chunking topicref as a descendant of another to-content chunk--those topics weren't getting processed. I reworked the code so the base navigation structure uses absolute paths, which makes calculating the relative paths easier and more reliable. And I fixed the chunk-handling bug. <issue_comment>username_0: Still have issue: ``` [xslt] /Users/juliesenecal/DITA-OT/plugins/org.dita4publishers.html5/xsl/map2html5Nav.xsl:161:13: Fatal Error! XPath syntax error at char 27 on line 161 in {...)) then}: [xslt] Cannot find a matching 1-argument function named {}topicrefIsInChunk() [xslt] Failed to process null ``` I am working on it. <issue_comment>username_0: `href` in the navigation use relative path in all situations, like '../concept/topicA.html'. My understanding is that it's not a big problem, it is not super clean implementation but it is a problem when clients have big documentation (over 100 Mo), because all topics in the same directory will have a longer href value which increase documentation size. <issue_comment>username_0: confirmed by travis <issue_comment>username_0: #37 is related <issue_comment>username_0: Proposed fix in 94da8d38aa6895b297f3643ba4e8bf65570d43d0. Need more test to confirm <issue_comment>username_1: I updated the common.xslt module with this new function, so you need to have the latest version of that. <issue_comment>username_0: yes, I figured it but could not get the right path. I am doing tests at this moment. I like the way you use the resultUri variable to resolve the whole thing. There is a file strategy in your code that I have not tested yet. What is it for?
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.057172921781830935, 'fraction_numerical': 0.03472465801473167, 'mean_word_length': 4.78498985801217, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 14, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 14, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: BUG: Move pyximport to end of init. username_0: - This should (hopefully) fix any issue where *.pyx files are being compiled twice. - Remove control module *.pyx package data. <issue_comment>username_1: Ok, well seems great that simply moving the pyximport to the end will solve the issue. Good work. <issue_comment>username_1: I was wondering about the CFLAGS bit. Should we not prepend or append our flags, rather than overwrite? I was trying to install qutip on our (University) lab machines (for which I did not have sudo). They did not have Cython or pydev. I got quite far, but only by changing the qutip setup to accept include dirs from CPATH. I never got as far as making a PR, because ultimately it failed due to reasons I could not understand, so I parked it. However I think I could have made something work by setting include dirs in CFLAGS. <issue_comment>username_0: I believe that all of the include_dirs can go into the setup_args call to pyximport. Similar to the way the numpy headers are handled. <issue_comment>username_1: That is what I did in fact, but I had to add it myself. That is load them in from CPATH or C_INCLUDE_PATH. They were not included automatically. I am not suggesting that we do that in this PR, but maybe extending rather than overwriting the CFLAGS might be better. Unless there is good reason not to? <issue_comment>username_0: At least on my macbook, the 'CFLAGS' environ variable is not set until we do so manually in init. Is this not true on other platforms? If not, then we can easily append. <issue_comment>username_1: You are right. In general it is not set, so we would get a KeyError. Maybe its best for now just to merge this as it is. We can discuss whether there is any value in allowing user flags and CPATHs elsewhere. I will raise an 'issue' now. <issue_comment>username_0: Merging now.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Hotspot divs are... Wobbly ? username_0: Hello, I am trying to make a sort of exhibit, where i'd put better quality pictures of the panels, and they would be links to the files themselves (or maybe just a pop-up) and i've noticed that the divs wobble around a lot. Is my low-quality panorama picture to blame or can i tweak this somehow ? (attached, a demo of what i'm trying to do) Thanks <issue_comment>username_1: Hot spots are positioned based on their center. The panorama itself, however, has perspective distortion when displayed, so the edges of large hot spots won't match the panorama as the view changes. One option, probably the easiest, would be to edit the panorama to create a high resolution version that directly includes the poster images projected on to it. Otherwise, you would need to figure out how to use CSS 3D perspective transforms to properly project the hot spots, as is discussed in #974. <issue_comment>username_0: Yeah, i thin editing the picture is the easiest. Thanks!
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Restore or drop perfbar username_0: We have perfBar installed, but haven't used it since disabling it last fall. My memory is that I ran into problems with gulp at the time, but I'm not sure at this point. In any case, let's either restore perfBar and do something useful with it, like hooking it up to new relic, or drop it altogether. Meanwhile, perfBar seems to have had about one commit in the last year, so it may be dead. <issue_comment>username_1: I'm not familiar at all with it. In the interest of removing cruft, I vote to just drop it.<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Do not sign Change Avoidence Suggestions when created username_0: Leftouts from: #7012 Addressing: and The `Change Avoidance Suggestions` were missing the `trySign: false` param, so they got signed right after creation, which is not neccessary. To make it super clear, we **will** sign the TXs, when the user clicks on the `Confirm` button. <issue_comment>username_0: Sorry, wrong commit message, I meant `move logging to its place`. Although the change speaks for itself. <issue_comment>username_1: You can change it with `git commit --amend` <issue_comment>username_2: Super thankful for the detailed PR description! 🙏
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Text set preview doesn't look good username_0: This text set: ![image.png]( Looks like this in the text sets panel: ![image.png]( Can we come up with a solution so that the preview is clearer? @samitron7 <issue_comment>username_1: related to the text magic work prometheus handled a few releases ago.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: CSSStyleDeclaration#setProperty with Number 0 as value breaks getPropertyValue username_0: Here’s an illustration of the problem (see it demonstrated in this [Tonic notebook]( ``` var cssRule = require('cssom').parse('body {opacity: 0}').cssRules[0]; console.log(cssRule.cssText); // "body {opacity: 0;}"'opacity', 0.1); console.log(cssRule.cssText); // "body {opacity: 0.1;}"'opacity', 0); console.log(cssRule.cssText); // "body {opacity: ;}"'opacity', '0'); console.log(cssRule.cssText); // "body {opacity: 0; opacity: 0;}" ``` When the `cssText` getter calls `this.getPropertyValue(name)` and the value is the Number 0, `return this[name] || "";` returns the second part of the condition. I quickly checked the spec and saw that [`setProperty`]( takes `value` of type [`DOMString`](, and that a DOMString, by MDN’s description, is just a string. This is already how the `CSSOM.parse` part of the API works, of course, so I propose changing [CSSStyleDeclaration.js:54]( to: ```js this[name] = value + ""; ```<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Update composer.json username_0: Can you update your bundle to support the latest 1.0 release of glide? I had some issues getting it installed with the symfony glide adapter as that is only 1.0 ready. Not sure this change is the best way, maybe it works with a | like for symfony 2.3 and 3.0? <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 made more complete PR here #3 <issue_comment>username_0: @username_1 Looks good to me. feel free to close this one. <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 i'm not the owner sorry 😢 <issue_comment>username_2: Merged - thanks guys <issue_comment>username_0: @username_2 Thanks, please check #3 as well.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Deploy to heroku fails username_0: <!-- 🚨🚨🚨 READ THIS FIRST 🚨🚨🚨 --> <!-- In order to help solve workshop issues quickly, we need you to make a best effort to complete the information below. Any incomplete bug reports will be closed. --> - [ ] **System Information** - [ ] Browser type and version: Chrome 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit) - [ ] OS type and version: Mac Os Mojave 10.14.16 - [ ] Node version: 12.16.3 - [ ] **Describe the bug** <!-- A clear and concise description of what the bug is. --> Hi, I'm following the instructions from the course in the video where we deploy the app to heroku, but after `git push origin master` completes, it shows an error that says a node version isn't specified in package.json - [ ] **To Reproduce** Steps to reproduce the behavior: 1. Clone the repo 2. cd into modern-seo directory, master branch 3. Add app to heroku: `heroku apps:create` 4. Add environment variables: `heroku config:set EXERCISE=deploy USE_HTTPS=true` 5. deploy: `git push heroku master` - [ ] **Expected behavior** App should be deployed to Heroku - [ ] **Screenshots (optional)** ![image]( ![Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 3 10 26 PM]( ![Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 3 05 51 PM](
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.11949305974652988, 'fraction_numerical': 0.10681955340977671, 'mean_word_length': 3.657303370786517, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 5, 'https://': 4, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: v3.0.0-rc.3百度小程序白屏 username_0: ### 问题描述 v3.0.0-rc.3版本cli,taro init百度小程序白屏,控制台无报错 ### 复现步骤 taro init,选择react,mobx,typescript 然后yarn dev:swan启动 ### 期望行为 不白屏,能正常启动 ### 报错信息 无报错 ### 系统信息 Taro CLI 3.0.0-rc.3 environment info: System: OS: macOS 10.15.4 Shell: 5.7.1 - /bin/zsh Binaries: Node: 13.8.0 - /usr/local/bin/node Yarn: 1.22.0 - /usr/local/bin/yarn npm: 6.13.7 - /usr/local/bin/npm npmPackages: @tarojs/components: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 @tarojs/mini-runner: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 @tarojs/react: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 @tarojs/runtime: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 @tarojs/taro: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 @tarojs/webpack-runner: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 babel-preset-taro: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 eslint-config-taro: 3.0.0-rc.3 => 3.0.0-rc.3 react: ^16.10.0 => 16.13.1<issue_closed>
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.20209424083769634, 'fraction_numerical': 0.11204188481675392, 'mean_word_length': 1.8367952522255193, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 3, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 12, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: address compatibility issues with GCC < 5 username_0: For the same reason as here: we cannot use GCC < 5 to compile the Python bindings The code compiles and links well, but when loading the dll it gives: ``` Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/travis/build/vinecopulib/pyvinecopulib/tests/unit/", line 1, in <module> import pyvinecopulib TypeError: No registered converter was able to produce a C++ rvalue of type std::string from this Python object of type str ```
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.0817717206132879, 'fraction_numerical': 0.010221465076660987, 'mean_word_length': 4.297297297297297, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 3, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: ansible-doc equivalent ansible-doc --list will not work username_0: ##### ISSUE TYPE - Bug Report ##### SUMMARY ``` [student1@ansible-1 ~]$ ansible-doc --list add_host Add a host (and alternatively a group) to the ansible-playbook in-memory inventory apt Manages apt-packages apt_key Add or remove an apt key apt_repository Add and remove APT repositories assemble Assemble configuration files from fragments assert Asserts given expressions are true async_status Obtain status of asynchronous task blockinfile Insert/update/remove a text block surrounded by marker lines command Execute commands on targets copy Copy files to remote locations cron Manage cron.d and crontab entries debconf Configure a .deb package debug Print statements during execution dnf Manages packages with the `dnf' package manager dpkg_selections Dpkg package selection selections expect Executes a command and responds to prompts fail Fail with custom message fetch Fetch files from remote nodes file Manage files and file properties find Return a list of files based on specific criteria gather_facts Gathers facts about remote hosts get_url Downloads files from HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP to node getent A wrapper to the unix getent utility git Deploy software (or files) from git checkouts group Add or remove groups group_by Create Ansible groups based on facts hostname Manage hostname import_playbook Import a playbook import_role Import a role into a play import_tasks Import a task list include Include a play or task list include_role Load and execute a role [student1@ansible-1 ~]$ ansible-navigator doc --list [ERROR]: Command provided: 'doc --list' [ERROR]: A plugin name is required when using the doc subcommand [HINT]: Try again with 'doc <plugin_name>' [ERROR]: Configuration failed, using default log file location: /home/student1/ansible-navigator.log. Log level set to debug [HINT]: Review the hints and log file to see what went wrong: /home/student1/ansible-navigator.log ``` ##### ANSIBLE-NAVIGATOR VERSION <!--- Paste, BELOW THIS COMMENT, verbatim output from "ansible-navigator --version" between quotes below --> ``` ``` ##### CONFIGURATION [student1@ansible-1 ~]$ ansible-navigator --version ansible-navigator 1.0.0 ##### LOG FILE ``` [student1@ansible-1 ~]$ cat /home/student1/ansible-navigator.log 211021133843.070 INFO 'ansible_navigator.setup_logger' New ansible-navigator instance, logging initialized 211021133843.070 INFO 'ansible_navigator.setup_logger' New ansible-runner instance, logging initialized 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Share directory '/usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/share/ansible_navigator' not found (development path) 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Share directory '/home/student1/.local/share/ansible_navigator' not found (userbase) 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Share directory '/usr/share/ansible_navigator' found (sys.prefix) 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Default collection_doc_cache_path set to: /home/student1/.cache/ansible-navigator/collection_doc_cache.db 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' EDITOR environment variable not set 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Default editor_command set to: vi +{line_number} {filename} 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' No config file set by ANSIBLE_NAVIGATOR_CONFIG 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Looking in /home/student1 211021133843.070 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Looking for '/home/student1/.ansible-navigator.yml', '/home/student1/.ansible-navigator.yaml' and '/home/student1/.ansible-navigator.json' 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Found 1: '/home/student1/.ansible-navigator.yml' 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Looking in /home/student1 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Looking for '/home/student1/ansible-navigator.yml', '/home/student1/ansible-navigator.yaml' and '/home/student1/ansible-navigator.json' 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Found 0: 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' All found 1: '/home/student1/.ansible-navigator.yml' 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Using: /home/student1/.ansible-navigator.yml 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Using settings file at /home/student1/.ansible-navigator.yml in search path 211021133843.071 DEBUG 'ansible_navigator.main' Command provided: 'doc' [Truncated] 211021134133.565 INFO 'ansible_navigator.main' Try again with 'doc <plugin_name>' 211021134133.565 ERROR 'ansible_navigator.main' Configuration failed, using default log file location: /home/student1/ansible-navigator.log. Log level set to debug 211021134133.565 INFO 'ansible_navigator.main' Review the hints and log file to see what went wrong: /home/student1/ansible-navigator.log ``` ##### STEPS TO REPRODUCE just trying to figure out equivalent of ansible-doc --list for a workshop exercise conversion ##### EXPECTED RESULTS matching behavior ##### ACTUAL RESULTS fails with good error... but not sure how to inspect for modules? ##### ADDITIONAL INFORMATION n/a, issue opened here:<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: You need to document HOW to install using Intune username_0: Hi, As Microsoft recommends using Intune for Azure AD joined machines, you should explain how to install this certificate using Intune. You can not expect us to drive around to hundreds of machines and bug hundreds of users. Please always assume in these articles that client PC installations have to be done remotely without end user interaction. --- #### Document Details ⚠ *Do not edit this section. It is required for ➟ GitHub issue linking.* * ID: dbd03728-e670-86b6-aadb-126f2a96155f * Version Independent ID: fa5a4cf5-714a-c718-7810-58f74f68cc54 * Content: [Install a Point-to-Site client certificate: Azure]( * Content Source: [articles/vpn-gateway/]( * Service: **vpn-gateway** * GitHub Login: @username_1 * Microsoft Alias: **username_1** <issue_comment>username_0: Hi The document you linked to seems to contain a lot of useful information. The article I was commenting on should contain those links under "install on Windows" . Right now "install on Windows" just contains basic instructions for when you are on the machine itself. So my comment was about missing the links to documents such as the one you now indicated. A direct example is also always good. Thank you. <NAME> Holmes, NY <issue_comment>username_1: Hi! Thanks for your feeecback. I'm adding a documentation note to possibly add this during refresh for the article. <issue_comment>username_1: #please-close
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Adding Assembler feature for modular components username_0: Implementation for Issue #35 <issue_comment>username_1: So quick action! I'll check the PR tomorrow. Sometimes Hound works incorrectly. You can simply ignore the warnings if you think Hound is wrong. Then I'll investigate Hound things later. <issue_comment>username_0: @username_1 The 2 about the line endings are correct (doh!). I already fixed :+1: <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 👍 <issue_comment>username_1: I updated `.travis.yml` to finish running in shorter time (about 2-3 min shorter for each). You'll be able to see the Travis update if you rebase to `master` before you push the next time. <issue_comment>username_1: Your code is clean and it was easy to read👍 I had good surprise that the implementation of the feature was so small! I wrote my feedback to the source code. Since I updated some documents (`.md` files) after you make the branch, I would like you to rebase to fix the conflict. I just organized the documents, so I think the conflict is not so difficult. <issue_comment>username_0: @username_1 Thanks for the feedback and for the nice comments on my coding style :smile: I have incorporated your suggestions and have rebased master in my branch so the documentation is now current <issue_comment>username_1: @username_0 Thanks for accepting my suggestions and rebasing to `master` for the documents😄 I'll fix Issue #38, then release a new beta version.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.05365526492287056, 'fraction_numerical': 0.01341381623071764, 'mean_word_length': 5.040485829959514, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 9, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 9, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Add: Ability to Automatically Add Gmail MX Records username_0: ## Description I had this branch sitting for a long while - finally putting it up for review This allows someone to create Gmail MX records along with their new domain. Asked for by a customer a few months back. [See here for Google documentation]( ## Type of Change - Non breaking change ('update', 'change') ## To Test 1. Open the _add domain_ drawer 2. Toggle the "create Gmail MX records" checkbox ## Notes This also adds loading text next to the button, so the user has a better idea of what is loading at that particular time <issue_comment>username_0: @Jskobos addressed your first 3 points - for the rest of the stuff, I agree that it can be iterated upon and we can probably add it somewhere to the detail view as well <issue_comment>username_0: @johnwcallahan ready again <issue_comment>username_0: closing because I won't have the time to fix these issues
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Exploit patched username_0: Doesn't work anymore. ![Screenshot_20200429-180733]( Tried....<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_1: @AlistairXX , It was Patched Very Earlier, This Repo is Just For Educational Purposes.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Fixed explosions not causing some blocks to drop their broken variants (such as stone dropping cobblestone) username_0: Fixes #3194 Blocks included: Stone -> Cobblestone Grass Blocks -> Dirt <issue_comment>username_1: Have you tested this? Reading the code, I don't think this does what you think it does. Also, line 1875 should already be doing this, maybe that function needs to be updated instead? <issue_comment>username_2: @username_1 is right, line 1875 should be doing it, so if it isn't, it's a bug there. <issue_comment>username_0: I did test it, and thought it worked because grass then dropped dirt. The real reason it worked was because someone had fixed the issue, but did not report it on the GitHub issue for this bug. However, I still should have tested it on the latest version of Cuberite to see if it was still an issue. Lesson learned.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.04851157662624035, 'fraction_numerical': 0.018743109151047408, 'mean_word_length': 4.437125748502994, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 5, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 7, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [@web/test-runner]: does not accept rollup plugins username_0: Hi, In the documentation I see that the test runner is supposed to accept rollup plugins: When I try it, it doesn't work. Here's my code: ``` import { PlaywrightTestConfig, devices } from '@playwright/test'; import {fromRollup} from "@web/dev-server-rollup"; import typescript from "@rollup/plugin-typescript"; const specTypescriptConfig = {tsconfig: './config/typescript/tsconfig.spec.json'}; interface PlaywrightTestConfigWithRegression extends PlaywrightTestConfig { plugins: any[]; } const tsPlugin = fromRollup(typescript); const config: PlaywrightTestConfigWithRegression = { testMatch: 'src/**/*.test.ts', projects: [ { name: 'Chrome Stable', use: { browserName: 'chromium', channel: 'chrome', }, } ], plugins: [ tsPlugin(specTypescriptConfig) ], }; export default config; ``` Inside my test I import the source code (which is typescript). It doesn't work. I get an error as if TS is not running on my source code (which has decorators for instance). Is it a bug or is something's wrong with my usage? <issue_comment>username_1: You shouldn't be importing `*.ts` files in your code. If you update those to `*.js` you should be fine. Separately, you might want to look at the `esbuild` plugin for a more common path towards typescript support with WTR:
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.10190300798035605, 'fraction_numerical': 0.0012277470841006752, 'mean_word_length': 3.1581632653061225, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 3, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 3, 'https://': 2, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: GooglePlusAPIError: SSL is required to perform this operation. username_0: I got these error when I try to setup sign-up system . GooglePlusAPIError: SSL is required to perform this operation. at C:\Users\OS\Desktop\Secrets - Starting Code\node_modules\passport-google-oauth20\lib\strategy.js:95:21 at passBackControl (C:\Users\OS\Desktop\Secrets - Starting Code\node_modules\oauth\lib\oauth2.js:132:9) at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (C:\Users\OS\Desktop\Secrets - Starting Code\node_modules\oauth\lib\oauth2.js:157:7) at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:322:22) at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:1187:12) at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:84:21) here is my code `//jshint esversion:6 require("dotenv").config(); const express = require("express"); const bodyParser = require("body-parser"); const ejs = require("ejs"); const mongoose = require("mongoose"); const session = require('express-session'); const passport = require("passport"); const passportLocalMongoos = require("passport-local-mongoose"); const GoogleStrategy = require('passport-google-oauth20').Strategy; const findOrCreate = require('mongoose-findorcreate'); const app =express(); app.use(express.static("public")); app.set('view engine', 'ejs'); app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({extended:true})); app.use(session({ secret:"my litle secret", resave:false, saveUninitialized:false })); app.use(passport.initialize()); app.use(passport.session()); mongoose.connect("mongodb://localhost:27017/userDB",{useNewUrlParser:true,useUnifiedTopology:true}); mongoose.set("useCreateIndex",true); const userScheama =new mongoose.Schema( { email : String, password:String }); userScheama.plugin(passportLocalMongoos); userScheama.plugin(findOrCreate); const User = new mongoose.model("User",userScheama); passport.use(User.createStrategy()); passport.serializeUser(function(user, done) { done(null,; }); passport.deserializeUser(function(id, done) { User.findById(id, function(err, user) { done(err, user); }); }); passport.use(new GoogleStrategy({ clientID: process.env.CLIENT_ID, clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET, callbackURL: "http://localhost:3000/auth/google/secrets", userProfileURL:"" }, function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, cb) { User.findOrCreate({ googleId: }, function (err, user) { return cb(err, user); }); } )); app.get("/",function(req,res){ [Truncated] password:req.body.password }); req.login(user,function(err){ if(err){ console.log(err); }else{ passport.authenticate("local")(req,res,function(){ res.redirect("/secrets"); }) } }) }); app.listen(3000,function(){ console.log("server is up at port 3000"); });`<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: [proxy] Migrate current HelmCRD functionality to a REST API username_0: As the result of the discussion in we decided to move the HelmCRD functionality from a CRD controller to a REST API to avoid having applications state stored in two different places. The goal of this issue is to have a REST API working as a proxy to Tiller that allows to create/update/delete releases from public and private registries.<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Is there a way, I could check the UUID is already available in Firebase ? username_0: =Is there a way, I could check the UUID is already available in Firebase ? <issue_comment>username_1: The auth uuid? Why do you need to do that? <issue_comment>username_0: I need to check whether the Phone is already been registered to Firebase / not <issue_comment>username_2: The only way you can do this is to try and register the user or sign them in, and see whether the account already exists or not. This can be done using email and password, phone number or one of the other sign in methods.<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_0: Okay thanks . I have done in that way.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.04850213980028531, 'fraction_numerical': 0.007132667617689016, 'mean_word_length': 4.801652892561983, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 7, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 7, 'https://': 0, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Corrupt react-router package download username_0: - [x] I tried using the latest `@types/react-router` package and had problems. The currently available download at when extracted with tar has broken file permissions for the content of [lib]( For some reason installation via npm works, but not with other tools like yarn or pnpm. Maybe republishing it could fix this ? ``` $ tar xvzf react-router-2.0.37.tgz react-router/ react-router/index.d.ts react-router/lib/ react-router/lib/History.d.ts react-router/lib/IndexLink.d.ts react-router/lib/IndexRedirect.d.ts react-router/lib/IndexRoute.d.ts react-router/lib/Lifecycle.d.ts react-router/lib/Link.d.ts react-router/lib/PatternUtils.d.ts react-router/lib/PropTypes.d.ts react-router/lib/Redirect.d.ts react-router/lib/Route.d.ts react-router/lib/RouteContext.d.ts react-router/lib/RouteUtils.d.ts react-router/lib/Router.d.ts react-router/lib/RouterContext.d.ts react-router/lib/applyRouterMiddleware.d.ts react-router/lib/browserHistory.d.ts react-router/lib/createMemoryHistory.d.ts react-router/lib/hashHistory.d.ts react-router/lib/match.d.ts react-router/lib/useRouterHistory.d.ts react-router/lib/useRoutes.d.ts react-router/lib/withRouter.d.ts react-router/package.json react-router/types-metadata.json $ ls -al react-router/lib ls: cannot access react-router/lib/RouteContext.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/hashHistory.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/Link.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/RouterContext.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/Redirect.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/withRouter.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/Router.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/PropTypes.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/.: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/Lifecycle.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/IndexLink.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/match.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/useRouterHistory.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/createMemoryHistory.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/PatternUtils.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/applyRouterMiddleware.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/History.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/IndexRoute.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/useRoutes.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/RouteUtils.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/IndexRedirect.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/browserHistory.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/Route.d.ts: Permission denied ls: cannot access react-router/lib/..: Permission denied total 0 d????????? ? ? ? ? ? ./ d????????? ? ? ? ? ? ../ -????????? ? ? ? ? ? applyRouterMiddleware.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? browserHistory.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? createMemoryHistory.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? hashHistory.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? History.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? IndexLink.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? IndexRedirect.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? IndexRoute.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? Lifecycle.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? Link.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? match.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? PatternUtils.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? PropTypes.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? Redirect.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? RouteContext.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? Route.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? RouterContext.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? Router.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? RouteUtils.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? useRouterHistory.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? useRoutes.d.ts -????????? ? ? ? ? ? withRouter.d.ts ``` <issue_comment>username_1: I'm getting the same problem trying to download @types/react-router with yarn. The problem also exists for 2.0.36 and 2.0.35, so maybe there's something more fundamentally wrong. <issue_comment>username_2: I have the same issue with @types/history@2.0.38. It seems that "lib" directory inside is lacking a "x" permission. ``` patryk@Tuxpro ~ # wget patryk@Tuxpro ~ # tar -zxvf history-2.0.38.tgz patryk@Tuxpro ~ # cd history/lib/ -bash: cd: history/lib/: Permission denied patryk@Tuxpro ~ # chmod a+x history/lib/ patryk@Tuxpro ~ # cd history/lib/ [SUCCESS] ``` The same applies for react-router. <issue_comment>username_2: This issue also affects @types/history ``` patryk@Tuxpro ~ # wget patryk@Tuxpro ~ # tar -zxvf history-2.0.38.tgz patryk@Tuxpro ~ # cd history/lib/ -bash: cd: history/lib/: Permission denied patryk@Tuxpro ~ # chmod a+x history/lib/ patryk@Tuxpro ~ # cd history/lib/ [SUCCESS] ``` <issue_comment>username_3: @username_5 can you take a look <issue_comment>username_4: Also getting this with pnpm : `! EACCES: permission denied, open '/Users/adamwalker/git/rmwebsite/node_modules/.store/@types+react-router@2.0.37/_/lib/History.d.ts'`<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Identify ESP32 specific configurations in lv_conf username_0: Some configuration options require ESP32 specific values, such as ```c #define LV_ATTRIBUTE_FAST_MEM IRAM_ATTR ``` Current `lv_conf ` file doesn't include them, so we need to identify them and update `lv_conf` file accordingly. <issue_comment>username_1: I think it should be added to `lv_conf_internal.h` when [LV_CONF_SKIP]( and `ESP_PLATFORM` are defined. It solves to add the mandatory ESP configs if lv_conf.h is not present. <issue_comment>username_0: Didn't knew there is a `LV_CONF_SKIP` (or `CONFIG_LV_CONF_SKIP`) option, we should define it in the LVGL Kconfig and set it to y. I can do that later if you want. <issue_comment>username_1: Ok, no problem.<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: iOs 9 devices not discovering shairport-sync 2.4 on raspi username_0: I just built and installed the latest version of shairport-sync on my Raspberry Pi because my iOs 9.0.1 devices (iPhone 5 and iPad 4) stopped discovering the vanilla shairport after the OS update. On my Windows machine, TuneBlade discovers and plays music fine on the new shairport-sync installation, but both of my iOs devices still fail to discover the shairport-sync server. I tried enabling full logging and reading the syslog, but there doesn't seem to be any notification on the log when a device discovers the server. Any ideas where to investigate further? Here's what shairport-sync -V prints: 2.4-openssl-Avahi-ALSA-metadata<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_0: I did some more digging and found that my mac laptop would only discover the server on wired connection. I searched the system log for airplay and for some reason discoveryd reported turning off _airplay when connecting to wifi and turning it back on when I connected the ethernet cable. I restarted my wireless router and both my laptop and iOS devices immediately discovered the shairport-sync server. Problem solved! Thanks for continuing where shairport left off! I have plans to use the metadata reporting to display the metadata on some small display or on a led matrix... <issue_comment>username_1: Thanks – I was going to suggest that the problem might revolve around the wireless / wired divide.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Instant resource overuse problem, typing will be very card username_0: Used in version 1.19.1 webpack dev server function occurs, crazy inform browser automatically refresh, lead to take up too much resources, typing in the editor is very card, I am not very clear this is vscode webpack or problems.In that instant browser and vscode CPU usage is very high, using translation software thank you <issue_comment>username_0: It doesn't look like he's related to webpack, and I'm still having this problem in some parts of the editing file after I've disabled webpack. <issue_comment>username_1: Does the problem persists after restarting VS Code? Can you repro the problem when running `code --disable-extensions`? <issue_comment>username_1: need
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Rings running through the middle of the center of vision (NeosVR) username_0: I'm not sure if it was looked at since I opened the issue on the slightly older openvr_foveated but I am having the exact same issue with vrperfkit. [vrperfkit.log]( [vrperfkit.yml.txt](
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.10245901639344263, 'fraction_numerical': 0.03483606557377049, 'mean_word_length': 5.434210526315789, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 2, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 2, 'https://': 3, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Added Time class username_0: A simple way of getting the current unix timestamp ```js import "os" for Time System.print(Time.time) // 1619555605 ``` Related: - <issue_comment>username_1: Instead, we should rely on `time()` + `localtime()`. I think the best will be to create a new class `DateTime`: ```wren foreign class DateTime { foreign static now foreign dayInYear foreign dayInWeek foreign year foreign month foreign day foreign hour foreign minute foreign second // Helper functions... } ``` ```c MODULE(os) // ... CLASS(DateTime) STATIC_METHOD("<allocate>", dateTimeAllocate) STATIC_METHOD("now", dateTimeNow) METHOD("dayInYear", dateTimeDayInYear) // ... END_CLASS END_MODULE // ... static WrenHandle* dateTimeClass = NULL; // Get handle to `DateTime`... void dateTimeAllocate(WrenVM* vm) { ASSERT(false, "Unreachable"); } void dateTimeNow(WrenVM* vm) { time_t rawTime = time(NULL); struct tm* timeInfo = localtime(&rawTime); wrenEnsureSlots(vm, 1); wrenSetSlotHandle(vm, 0, dateTimeClass); struct tm* dateTime = wrenSetSlotNewForeign(vm, 0, 0, sizeof(struct tm)); memcpy(dateTime, timeInfo, sizeof(struct tm)); } void dateTimeDayInYear(WrenVM* vm) { struct tm* timeInfo = wrenGetSlotForeign(vm, 0); wrenSetSlotDouble(timeInfo->tm_yday); } // ... ``` <issue_comment>username_0: Well if we need a dedicated date class an option is using the date module from PureFox But the minimum needed is just the unix timestamp for this to work I dont understand quite why `localtime` would be needed in addition to `time`. I though that just using `time` was required for getting the unix timestamp. Is there a corner case that I am missing? <issue_comment>username_1: The problem is that Unix timestamp is not standard (I think `time()` does return it in the POSIX standard, but as my quote stated, the C standard does not). We can convert `struct tm` to a Unix timestamp fairly easily, I just though that if we already have a more extensive struct, maybe we should use it. <issue_comment>username_2: That module is huge - almost 800 lines. I'm meaning to type up an issue for discussion on the philosophy of the CLI. If it tries to adhere somewhat to the minimalism of Wren Core then I'd think that would rule a large class like that out. After all one can always just include that Wren code in their project easily - there is no need that it must be compiled into the CLI. _The CLI library by necessity needs to do things that are impossible to do from Wren alone_ - such as load a file, get the system time, open a network socket... but timezone math, date parsing, lunar calendar vs solar calendar vs gregorian calendar are things that could be all easily be added by an external library (like Purefox's). Minimally we'd just need to provide tools to get the system time, so the rough idea proposed @username_1 along those lines looks about right. (I dunno about the `time() + localtime()` stuff though) Again, making sure it's cross-platform. I've love to see more Wren code and fewer foreign classes, but that's only because of the [current limitations of foreign classes]( I think Wren code is accessible to **far** more people than C so unless performance is critical I think the more Wren code the better. That said this isn't so bad just wrapping a struct. The alternative I'd love to see: ```js class DateTime { year { _year } dayInYear { _dayInYear } // etc construct new(year, month, day, hour, minute, second, etc) foreign localtime() } ``` Calling `localtime` would drop to C, get the time struct, and then call `` passing it all the data that would then live purely on the Wren side... <issue_comment>username_0: I think this can be inside a new module called "date" or "calendar" so we can have more alternatives like Now.unix // returns the current unix timestamp Now.iso // returns current timestamp in iso8601 format Now.utc(-4) // returns the current timestamp in iso8601 format with -4 hours Datetime // would have utility methods for manipulating dates and times ? <issue_comment>username_0: I will close this until futher discusssion about a time class is defined. I think wren_cli should at least give the current timestamp to allow creating new higher level classes on top :) <issue_comment>username_2: If we added hrtimer (for benchmarking) would the help you any? <issue_comment>username_0: There is `System.clock` for benchmarking i think 👍 but that does not counts dates <issue_comment>username_2: And it only counts CPU burn not actual clock time... so it's questionable... though I can see why it's mostly ok for benchmarking since ideally you're in CPU burn 100% of the time.
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<issue_start><issue_comment>username_0: @patrickdillon @username_1 PTAL Don't have permissions to fix the PR title to just say release-4.3 <issue_comment>username_1: `/retitle` shuold evey one to modify the PR title. /retitle [release-4.3] Bug 1851949: Add the --pod-infra-container-image flag to the kubelet service
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Bring back home the learnings from r2 username_0: Based on the latest test runs of using [r2](, especially using the branch `parents-iter`, we are seeing speedups of around 3x for wall clock time in replicating of 1GiB. The reasons for these are multiple, we think the biggest at this point are - pre generating and loading all parents from disk into memory - loop unrolling - use of arrays and constants where possible - use of function inlining and macros - Reduction of memory allocations by generating data only when needed around the parents The current times we are seeing for replication on the server which was prepared for the replication game are as follows (all 1GiB ZigZag replication). - `r2`: `7.58min` - this is only encoding time, no merkle trees or proofs - `rust-fil-proofs/replication-game`: `~23min` (kdf: blake2s, merkletree: pedersen) - `rust-fil-proofs/replication-game`: `~23min` (kdf: blake2s, merkletree: blake2s) The reason why I believe the numbers are comparable is that due to the high parallelization (48 cores) on the machine, the actual merkle tree generation has minimal impact on wall clock time. The next steps for us are to investigate the following - test that r2 and rust-fil-proofs match exactly in algorithms - which of the r2 changes can we backport to rust-fil-proofs - how can we reduce memory usage, as some r2 optimizations increase memory consumption quite heavily <issue_comment>username_0: most of this happened, and where it has not we know why<issue_closed>
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: Error when fetching from source: username_0: I'm recieving an error when trying to fetch the project from the GIT repository. I'm not all that familiar with Go, so apologies if I am missing something obvious: adamsj@electra:~$ go get -u # .go/src/ undefined: time.Until <issue_comment>username_1: Hi, thanks reporting the issue. I suspect it's a go version problem, as time.Until has been added more or less recently (see Can you go a `go version` and post the output here?! I just tried to reproduce the issue and wasn't able to do so with go1.8. <issue_comment>username_2: FYI: We always develop and test against the latest stable Go release only. We might mention this in the docs. <issue_comment>username_0: Thanks for your help. Solved by getting rid of the older Go packages from the Ubuntu repos and installing 1.8.3 manually.<issue_closed>
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.07417840375586854, 'fraction_numerical': 0.015023474178403756, 'mean_word_length': 4.411167512690355, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 0, '<': 6, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 6, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 0, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: 1.0.2f: regression in `BIO_get_conn_int_port()` username_0: There is a compiler error when using `BIO_get_conn_int_port()` due to a parameter count mismatch in `BIO_ctrl()` which it is redefined to. ``` In file included from C:/hb/openssl-mingw64/include/openssl/ssl.h:152:0, from C:/hb/contrib/hbssl/hbssl.h:59, from ../../../../../contrib/hbssl/bio.c:51: ../../../../../contrib/hbssl/bio.c: In function 'HB_FUN_BIO_GET_CONN_INT_PORT': C:/hb/openssl-mingw64/include/openssl/bio.h:482:35: error: too many arguments to function 'BIO_ctrl' # define BIO_get_conn_int_port(b) BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_GET_CONNECT,3,0,NULL) ^ ../../../../../contrib/hbssl/bio.c:735:17: note: in expansion of macro 'BIO_get_conn_int_port' hb_retnl( BIO_get_conn_int_port( bio ) ); ^ C:/hb/openssl-mingw64/include/openssl/bio.h:668:6: note: declared here long BIO_ctrl(BIO *bp, int cmd, long larg, void *parg); ^ ``` Live log: 1.0.2f: ```c # define BIO_get_conn_int_port(b) BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_GET_CONNECT,3,0,NULL) ``` 1.0.2e: ```c # define BIO_get_conn_int_port(b) BIO_int_ctrl(b,BIO_C_GET_CONNECT,3,0) ``` <issue_comment>username_1: In addition to the regression, tests are failing because the OpenSSL website is having some availability issues. <issue_comment>username_0: Relevant commit: <issue_comment>username_0: PR:<issue_closed> <issue_comment>username_2: thanks for being so quick! the team already noticed and is pushing the fix now. <issue_comment>username_0: Great, thank you!
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<issue_start><issue_comment>Title: ConvertTo-Json doesn't place type hint correctly username_0: In Windows PowerShell, if converting an object to JSON that has a type hint __type, it would correctly place the type hint as the first property in the JSON output. This is a requirement of some APIs (including WCF-based APIs, see here: In PowerShell Core, this ordering is no longer enforced. ### Expected Output (Example from Windows PowerShell): ```PowerShell C:\> [PSCustomObject]@{ param1 = "test"; __type = "sometype"; param2 = "test" } | ConvertTo-Json { "__type": "sometype", "param1": "test", "param2": "test" } ``` ### Actual Output: ```PowerShell C:\> [PSCustomObject]@{ param1 = "test"; __type = "sometype"; param2 = "test" } | ConvertTo-Json { "param1": "test", "__type": "sometype", "param2": "test" } ``` ### Version Data: ```PowerShell Name Value ---- ----- PSVersion 6.2.0 PSEdition Core GitCommitId 6.2.0 OS Microsoft Windows 10.0.17134 Platform Win32NT PSCompatibleVersions {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…} PSRemotingProtocolVersion 2.3 SerializationVersion WSManStackVersion 3.0 ``` <issue_comment>username_1: As I understand it, it's the hashtable where the ordering is not guaranteed, and technically never has been, even if the results normally came out alphabetically sorted. You should be able to use `[pscustomobject][ordered]@{__type="foo", param1 = ""...}` to maintain a specific order and put the type hint first in the associative array. <issue_comment>username_2: You're not wrong, but it looks like the API used in Windows PowerShell had a special case for type hints which should likely be mimicked in the new APIs used for 6.0+ <issue_comment>username_0: I should clarify, I'm specifically running into this problem with PowerShell classes. I just used PSCustomObject for the example. Sure, I could work-around this by placing __type first in the class (as username_1 recommends), but this doesn't work when sub-classing: ```PowerShell class BaseClass { $__type = "BaseClass" $baseprop = "value" } class SubClass : BaseClass { $subprop SubClass() { $this.__type = "SomeClass" } } $test = [SubClass]::new() $test | ConvertTo-Json ``` Windows PowerShell output: ```PowerShell { "__type": "SomeClass", "subprop": null, "baseprop": "value" } ``` PowerShell Core output: ```PowerShell { "subprop": null, "__type": "SomeClass", "baseprop": "value" } ``` <issue_comment>username_2: Yeah, this definitely should be handled by the json serializer. /cc @markekraus is this potentially a simple fix? 🙂 <issue_comment>username_0: I found a workaround for the sub-classing problem: just redefine the property on the subclass rather than reusing the inherited property (as I did in my earlier example): ```PowerShell class BaseClass { $__type = "BaseClass" $baseprop = "value" } class SubClass : BaseClass { $__type = "SubClass" $subprop = "anothervalue" } $test = [SubClass]::new() $test | ConvertTo-Json ``` Output: ``` PowerShell { "__type": "SubClass", "subprop": "anothervalue", "baseprop": "value" } ``` This works on both 5.1.17134.858 and 7.0.0-rc.3. I have not tested on other versions.
{'fraction_non_alphanumeric': 0.11223651793046811, 'fraction_numerical': 0.017519846701341362, 'mean_word_length': 2.9545454545454546, 'pattern_counts': {'":': 15, '<': 7, '<?xml version=': 0, '>': 9, 'https://': 1, 'lorem ipsum': 0, 'www.': 0, 'xml': 0}, 'pii_count': 1, 'substrings_counts': 0, 'word_list_counts': {'cursed_substrings.json': 0, 'profanity_word_list.json': 0, 'sexual_word_list.json': 0, 'zh_pornsignals.json': 0}}
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