Transformers Notebooks

You can find here a list of the official notebooks provided by Hugging Face.

Also, we would like to list here interesting content created by the community. If you wrote some notebook(s) leveraging transformers and would like be listed here, please open a Pull Request and we’ll review it so it can be included here.

Hugging Face’s notebooks :hugs:

Notebook Description
Getting Started Tokenizers How to train and use your very own tokenizer Open In Colab
Getting Started Transformers How to easily start using transformers Open In Colab
How to use Pipelines Simple and efficient way to use State-of-the-Art models on downstream tasks through transformers Open In Colab
How to train a language model Highlight all the steps to effectively train Transformer model on custom data Open in Colab
How to generate text How to use different decoding methods for language generation with transformers Open in Colab