Model upload and sharing

Starting with v2.2.2, you can now upload and share your fine-tuned models with the community, using the CLI that’s built-in to the library.

First, create an account on Then:

transformers-cli login
# log in using the same credentials as on

Upload your model:

transformers-cli upload ./path/to/pretrained_model/

# ^^ Upload folder containing weights/tokenizer/config
# saved via `.save_pretrained()`

transformers-cli upload ./config.json [--filename folder/foobar.json]

# ^^ Upload a single file
# (you can optionally override its filename, which can be nested inside a folder)

Your model will then be accessible through its identifier, a concatenation of your username and the folder name above:


Anyone can load it from code:

tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("username/pretrained_model")
model = AutoModel.from_pretrained("username/pretrained_model")

Finally, list all your files on S3:

transformers-cli s3 ls
# List all your S3 objects.

You can also delete files:

transformers-cli s3 rm …