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Why is it that each time you visit your GP your symptoms aren't automatically cross-matched?
Why is each visit treated as if you've never presented before with any symptom that might relate to the current one? How many consultants does one person need in his/her life?
when i worked in a hospital some patient notes were 3 or 4 volumes thick. the doctors just don't have Time to read the whole history.\n\nit sucks.
4Computers & Internet
Who's sick of people asking about Yahoo! Messenger? Can people not find the search for previously asked q's?
I was just about to post a question saying that same thing! The whole reason I got on Yahoo! Answers this morning was because I knew there would be several questions on here and someone would answer telling why we couldn't log in this morning. But I didn't realize that almost every user on here was going to ask the same question over and over and over and over again! Can't these people look at the recently asked questions? Isn't it common sense to think that the question has already been asked? It's just like those girls who keep asking "Could I be pregnant?"
What is Kareem Abdul Jabbar's first name on his birth certificate?
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. on April 16, 1947 in New York City, New York; and was typically referred to as Lew Alcindor until he changed his name when he converted to Islam.
0Society & Culture
Why do muslims pose as a suicidebomber and blew innocent people?
when in Islam it say "Suicide is the most Horrific crime and nobody is even allowed to visit his grave if he did Suicide"
they know they are f***ked up so they do there desperete actions and cover it up on the name of relegion by changing the definations of it.
7Entertainment & Music
how to get tagalog audibles work in my yahoo messenger?
and this is supposed to be funny?
3Education & Reference
How did the phrase "(someone) has gone missing" come into being?Am I the only one who thinks it strange?
in the past few years newspeople are using this phrase when someone is missing; it just doesn't sound right to me. I just wondered if anyone else thinks it sounds inappropriate - it seems like they "are missing" not "gone missing."
I think it's strange, too.\nIt sounds very colloquial. You either "are" missing, or you're not... "going" doesn't seem to have anything to do with it.\n\nYou go dancing... not missing.
does anyone think that the Heat got all the calls throughout the playoffs?
Wade pushes off all the time when he drives to the basket and Shaq just bulldozes people down.
Sure If the NBA likes you calls go for you. ITS FIXED. Don't let anyone else say otherwise.
9Politics & Government
Are terrorists allowed to edit "factual information" on Wikipedia?
Can disinformation be spead as the truth through user edited content providers?
that is the problem with Wikipedia.. it's obviously not tamper proof...
4Computers & Internet
I need an email address extractor software with crack (with crack). do you want help me?
Here are some tools for email extractor.\n\nGood luck and hope this can help.\n\nd10v01b
4Computers & Internet
Hi, I have been using Beta email on PC and on PDA. PC takes too long logging on. PDA freezes on old msgs. Why?
Whenever I log onto Beta on the PC, it takes an age for the system to log on. Sometimes I revert back to the original setting, just so I can read my mails.\nWhy is this taking so long.\nAlso the Contacts (addresses) is not as straight forward as it could be.\n\nI have a PDA and have noticed that when checking emails and using the Beta Mobile set up, it shows mail that has long since been deleted. I have to refer to the original set up, to check my mails when I'm on the move.\n\nWould love any assistance on this.\n\nRdgs
get rid of the beta and go back to the old format...i had to for yahoo cause it was crap...i think they still have some kinks to work out in the program
what team does Toledo the former cantanzaro and ascoli brazilian playfor?
I would imagine he returned to Napoli at the end of the season. He was on loan at Ascoli from them.
how many asian countries are participating in football world cup-2006?
4 - Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Iran
8Family & Relationships
What can be done about the plagues effecting African American women?
67% of Black children are born out of wedlock. Which leads to 62% of Black families are now headed by single women. Which would make it impossible for her to go to school and work and raise kids by herself. 30% of welfare recipients resort to public help for single parenthood. Sadly it makes it to difficult for one woman to handle which leads to abortions which is the leading killer of Blacks at 43% and 41% of all adbortions. This trait has been rising since the 1960's which in it's self will lead to more generational curses?
i wish i knew the answer but in order to try to lower the number i would suggest educating black men and women of the importance of family and future generations. personally it seems that today alot of black females get into this cycle where the put off having children or for that matter healthy relationships for the sake of success ( meaning getting a college education- which i agree they all should do- if the opportunity is there, but there are those who are young and say and live by the thought that they will not have children until they complete four years then get their masters- which rolls well into mid-late twenties when they than can not sacrifice a "good" job to have kids. \n\nI would say that if even half of the women knew what they were doing as far as abortions they may think twicw about it- esp. if they knew they had help from the father's of these children. believe me there are men out there that make females feel so bad when they get pregnant they either stress her out so much that she has a miscarage or she just gets an abortion to get the man to stop stressing her or to end all connections with the man.\n\nand then there are some that can not afford quality health care so they are forced to use local health centers etc. these doctors and nurses seem to be trained to talk black females out of having children- so much to they point that they will not examine recently pregnant females until they hear a speech about the different options she has - an abortion takes up 95% of the conversation. these centers also give out birth control for free or darn near free- what does that say. no condoms- they don't want anyone to slip up- or stop std's- they just want to make sure you do not reproduce at any cost to them\n\neducate our black boys and girls- at a young early age- the importance of this matter- don't go by the media rules- believe me - they are never to young to know about this stuff.\n\ni learned and researched this subject second year college- by a black studies professor- which honestly would make a big difference in alot of black males & females lives if it was taught in middle-high school years
3Education & Reference
I want to be a paralegal, What major would I choose to do so?
3Education & Reference
How many people are in college? And if you are, are you in a really tough program?
And if so, do you study alot! And if so, do you find yourself eventually liking to study alot?\nI did, but I already graduated, so, I am kind of in a weird withdrawal. =/
I have that withdrawal too! I was in college for elementary ed. Now that I'm teaching (high school), I really miss college. I miss learning (and yes, even studying). I miss my friends. Most of all, I miss my extracurricular activities. I always had something to do in college. Now I just come home and play video games and sit on Yahoo! Answers. *sigh* I hope to go back to grad school soon. You should too!
7Entertainment & Music
can any one tell me were i can found a free website.?
please i need it too bad.
My space
9Politics & Government
can you write someone incarcerated in cabarrus county jail?
Hi M_money,\nI met the IncarceratedDude once, a few weekends ago. I was walking to the corner market for a loaf of bread when I had to pass by a neighborhood church. I was somewhat acquainted with the structure as it was always mentioned in the newspaper's community section. Known as "The loft," folks would gather there on Thursday evenings for poetry readings.\nHowever, this day happened to be a Saturday afternoon and a pair of gentlemen greeted me as I walked by. They invited me inside to sample an hour of their presentation. Ok, I went inside and found myself to be a prospective new recruit for their brand of religion.\n\nMost of the pews were filled with hooded monks chanting a haunting rhythm. There were others who like me, were wearing their regular denims. The service began like most others that church-goers would be familiar with. A grand master of ceremonies led the group through some songs and gave a sermon. Near the end of the hour it was time for their ritual of "laying on of the hands." Some of the parishioners would come forward and ask for prayers for their ailments or for a sick grand mum who fell down in the tub. All the hooded dudes whose faces could not readily be seen would all place a hand on the person and their combined energies were presumed to have a strength and expedite a solution to the problem.\n\nOK now, there was another new guy in the pews who was watching eagerly. I recognized IncarceratedDude from a wanted poster viewed earlier at the post office. When he saw a chance, he approached the ring of conspirators and described how he was always moving around and never able to settle down. The hooded goons closed in upon him, all to make a physical connection. The master of ceremonies began a prayer, a dogmatic mix of logic and pure hocus-pocus. I immediately saw the effects of the procedure as the tension went out of IncarceratedDude's body. When the beseeching was near an end, the master asked, "Are the brothers ready?"\n\nA suspenseful few moments passed until he almost shouted, "NOW!"\n\nOn that cue, the brothers began to pummel their hapless victim. Continually delivering blows over head and to the solar plexus until IncarceratedDude was down on the floor getting stomped. After another minute, the grand Pooh-Bah decided the treatment administered was sufficient to induce a relaxing calm that would assuage the nervousness of IncarceratedDude for a long, long time.\n\nI can't say for certain if IncarceratedDude got the comeuppance he deserved as I had a loaf of bread to buy and some other errands to do that day. I hope for you M_money, that you do find a sense of closure to this difficult episode of life.\nor, just send an Email to\n\nBrett
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i need free downloading software for my computer classes to update my home computer. where can i get it.?
i am taking an introduction to computers class at college. my home computer is not compatible for the work i need to do for school, i need free downloadable software for word, excel and powerpoint so i can maintain my class and grade
Get Open Office Free and legal -
0Society & Culture
Why do anti-Catholics bear false witness by making false claims about what the Catholic Church teaches?
Why do anti-Catholic people make baseless claims against what the Catholic Church teaches without knowing what the Catholic Church really teaches? Is it based on fear of the unknown or fear of the competition?\n\nI've even seen a made up quote from a book that never existed which anti-Catholics try to use to argue against the Catholic Church. That made up book with the made up quote is has been given a name by the anti-Catholics, they call it, "The New York Catechism". But, in doing much searching on the internet, I haven't found anything that shows that it even ever existed. The only things on it are on anti-Catholic websites who all recycle the same made up quote from this non-existent book.
I dakno but it really bugs me when they say we worship idols, saints and the Virgin Mary.\n\nInfo to u guys who don't kno:\nWe have statues and things that remind us of the saints, Jesus, and Mary. They help us pray, by helping create an image in our head. We don't WORSHIP Mary but we honor her. And saints are people in the past who show great examples on how to live a life full of goodness and faith.\n\nSo please understand that we are Christian and the term "Catholic" means universal. Meaning we are a universal church of the Christian faith that accepts everyone.\n\nYes, like you I am tired of anti-Catholics, I am tired of any anti-any religion.\nGod Bless, keep sticking up for us. :]\nedit-\nOk, i just read the answer above me and it makes me so damn sick. He has no idea what being a Catholic is, and should pick up a bible for himself sometime, or at least do real research online, seeing as he just justified the answer I gave you, for how people think so many false things about Catholics. I don't think I should even waste my time correcting an uneducated person like him. Obviously he has issues.
4Computers & Internet
What could it be if your computer shuts itself off on its own?
What is it? My computer doesnt shut off and lsoe any files or anything it just turns off on its own and wont load up fully for awhile. Its a rather new and we have XP but we cant figure out WHY its shutting off.....
Check the fans and make sure they ALL are working. If you have a CPU temp utility, use it. Try starting in safe mode and see if it is still happening.
in 1974 fifa world cup who was the top goal scorer?
could you tell me the top goal scorer in fifa world cup 1974 ?
Grzergos Lato of Poland who scored 7
9Politics & Government
Government stated today that spying on American Citizens legal?
Today in a suit brought forth in court by the ACLU, the government stated that spying on citizens is legal. What are your thoughts on your 4th Amendment be trampled on?
"When the President does it, that means its not illegal."\n -Richard Nixon\n\nAnd we all know how that turned out...
3Education & Reference
how big is antartica in squar miles compared to russa?
a freind said that ruusa was bigger and i teried to tell him that antartica is bigger an is th largest contanent in the world please give me the configureations thanks
Sorry dude... your friend is right!\n\nAntartica:\n\nArea...\ntotal: 14 million sq km\nland: 14 million sq km (280,000 sq km ice-free, 13.72 million sq km ice-covered) (est.)\nnote: fifth-largest continent, following Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, but larger than Australia and the subcontinent of Europe\n\nRussia:\n\nArea...\ntotal: 17,075,200 sq km\nland: 16,995,800 sq km\nwater: 79,400 sq km\n\n--\nsf
is Argentina really good or does SErbia-Monet..really suck?
Hmmmmmmmm i dont know. The team spirit in Serbian cmp was low as Serbia & Montenegro are now separate countries, the lack of unity in the team was evident. I also think Argentina face the danger of peaking too early. Remember 2002 where they played brilliantly before the Wc then lost their way ? but i must say that was a mesmerizing performance, beautiful!
What if we could use our own body fat to fuel other things, like cars, mp3 players, light bulbs?
Then people would quit trying to lose weight and sumo wrestlers would control the world.
4Computers & Internet
how can i speed up my upload seed?
call your IsP and request a higher upload prepaired for an additional cost tho.
Do you think their should be an Oscar awarded for best actor at the end of the World Cup?
ha ha i love that idea. give it to the portugese. yes i headbutted him, but it was an accident ui promise!!
7Entertainment & Music
Should they make a Gilmore Girls Movie???
Since it will be ending.
No. Because although I love Gilmore girls, I wouldn't want them to make a movie, I think that would kinda ruin the show. \nThink of it this way, they have sooo many plots and characters on Gilmore girls that it wouldn't be as good if it was a 90 minute movie, it's better as a TV show for sure\n\nBut although I don't want them to, I'd still probably see the movie if they made one. Lol
do u think that STEVE NASH deserves the MVP????
or do u think he's a fag as most pple say ??!
steve nash is awesome. he does deserve MVP.
1Science & Mathematics
What are "welding Procedure Specifications" (WPS's)?
A WPS is a document that describes how welding is to be carried out in production. They are recommended for all welding operations and many application codes and standards make them mandatory
Killington, Vermont Ski Resort
Not yet. "Although plans have been made to connect Killington and Pico with a series of lifts and trails, those plans have yet to come to fruition."
0Society & Culture
I am going to Henley Regatta this week, how should a man be dressed properly?
I have a blazer, white shirt, but what colour should my trousers and shoes be?
To be properly dressed at Henley, a gentleman wears light coloured trousers, brogue shoes, brown, white shirt, cravat or club tie, boating jacket and straw boater hat.\nIf you can't find a straw boater, then a Panama will do. Enjoy!
7Entertainment & Music
Would it be acceptable for an 18 year old to wear a tank top and a skirt to a job interview?
Interview is for bath and body works? This is the first job i am applying for, so I don't know what to wear. Also, does anyone know what the bath and body works uniform is?
No that wouldn't be a good idea, not the tank top. You should look professional. You don't have to be too dressy but try business casual. I'm not sure of a bath and body works uniform, it's been awhile since I've been in there. Good luck with your interview. I hope you get the job.
9Politics & Government
Do some, most, or many people operate with kindness, integrity, and, love? If not why not?
Im struggling with a certain segment that does not want me to get up and be well, happy, and sucessful.
You are always going to have those.\n\nDon't buy into it, only you can make you happy, and well and successful.\n\nIt takes determination, will, perseverance and a lot of time. It is worth it in the end.\n\nTrust me, there will always be someone who wants to knock you down to make them feel better about themselves, They are the little people. Just shrug it off and move on!
3Education & Reference
What is the meaning of Hindi word "MITWA" ?
3Education & Reference
does herbert hoover high school in glendale, california - a nice school? some say there lots of gangs there?
I don't know, but from my experience schools named after presidents are not that great. I'm not saying all of them are, but it seems to be the case from what I've observed.
8Family & Relationships
answer this ?
how has your day been so far and what r u doing right now? r u bored or what? hope your day is going the way you want it to!
SSDD - doing great, as always.
1Science & Mathematics
What comes to mind when i say "Thunder Dick"?
what Zeus wakes up with in the morning.
9Politics & Government
Conservative pundits and talking points... so extreme that it pulls out the extreme in "liberals"?
Rush, Coulter, O'Riley, Hannity and what they say... it's so far out there...\ndo you think Democrats/Liberals feel obligated to give an equally extremist view just to balance out the public opinion?\n\nMichael Moore for example... he was somewhat liberal early on (Roger and Me) but no where even close to the extreme views he expressed more recently with his movies... \n\ndoes he belive what he says or is he just trying to present a "counter balance" to the extreme views of the conservatives.. and most of the "chips will fall" somewhere in the middle... \n\nwhat do you guys think?
I think that each side responds to the other...but who is to say who started it? Surely it has been going on long before Hannity and al. You think Rush and the like are "out there"...I can only speak about Rush, he is the only one I listen to with any regularity..and even him is about twice a month or so...but he substantiates what he says, and backs it up with fact..and if you look it up, you find he is correct....\nI think it goes too far most of the time, and people end up bickering about superficial things, and lose sight of the ultimate goal, to make this country the best it can...and to do this requires more than one side...more than one viewpoint.
What do you feel about the quality of refereeing in the ongoing FIFA world cup?
Let us share our views ..
To say this tournaments referees have been an absolute discrace to the game of football would be paying them a compliment. I am an Australian and I firmly believe that the refereeing in the Aus VS Croatia game was the worst anyone will ever see! The Socceroos were incredibly lucky to survive the round after he denied 2 blatant handballs in the penalty area and a spear tackle on Viduka also in the penalty area. The socceroos should have had 4 penalties, including the one they actually got. Then Aloisi scored and the ref blew for full time and did not acnoldge the goal. He also gave one of the Croatians 3 yellow cards in the one game and allowed him to continue playing! It was ridiculous!How can the referees make such mistakes when they have two more running the lines and another one on the sidelines in front of a video screen watching replays? Before that there was the one in the Aus VS Brazil game. Everytime an Aussie touched or came close to a Brazilian, free kick! But when Kewell was chopped down just outside the area, nothing! I thought the ref in the Aus VS Italy game was much better... until he gave them that penalty in the 94th minute! Even the Italian press accept that it was never ever a penalty, Niell missed the tackle, the Italian jumped over him, lost his balance and fell over! That referee ruined the game in this country just when it was taking off. He also ruined the lives of those players and broke the hearts of socceroos supporters all over the world, and I hope he feels incredibly guilty. These are only examples from Australia games. I'm positive there have been dozens upon dozens of pathetic decisions by other referees against other countries as well, and it's these idiots that are deciding who goes through and who doesn't. I know it sounds impossible, but I'm sure there are some wheelings and dealings or blackmail going on involving this tournaments refs.
3Education & Reference
Can you use the word text as a verb and say for example I texted you yesterday or should it be I text you?
Although not in the dictionary as a verb, it is certainly common practice to do so. This is because of the flexibilty of the English language; and I'm sure that in a few years' time, it will become a a verb in the OED.\nWritten English tends to remain more formal than spoken; but it is the development of spoken English that expands our dictionaries every year.\nSome linguists will argue that, so long as the intended meaning is clear and identical to both parties, then it is perfectly acceptable.
7Entertainment & Music
why do all emo singers sound the same?
they all have that 13 year old girl high pitched whine. why? is that edgy and sad, or is there another reason?
cause their corprate crap\n \nAnd people buy into it\nthey make fans wear make-up and hottopic clothes \nthen when I go to a concert I wanna hear music and wear my T-shirt and my jeans ( I would say beer but I can't drink) I wanna throw up my ROCK ON hand signal and stare into Deron's eyes while he sings about 96 bitter beings!!\nthat's why CKY ROCKS and Fall Out Sux
1Science & Mathematics
which liquid i have use to produce rubber things from rubber powder?
Use a strong binder like epoxy.
6Business & Finance
Does a Landlord have the right to have a key to every room within the rented property?
[New York State] What can a landlord have legal access to without the tentant's permission? Is he/she entitled to a key to a locked room/office within the building/home?
Yes, but he only has the right to use it if there is reasonable evidence of an emergency like a fire, etc. Otherwise, reasonable notice MUST be given to the tenent.
3Education & Reference
Is it normal.....?
Is it normal for a highschool graduate to not want to grow up after high school is over and done with?
I think it's perfectly normal. When change occurs it can be really scary even if it is good change. People go through a grief process at these stages of life. I think if you try not to let yourself become overwhelmed with thoughts of the future and you allow yourself a little time to adjust, you will be just fine. Try to focus on the positives and let yourself get excited about all of the possibilities in front of you. There is so much more than either going to college or getting an entry level job. People these days are starting businesses and doing really incredible things right out of high school. Be open to your options and seek good advice when you need it! Best of luck to you and I hope you do great things that make you happy!
0Society & Culture
Helping a soldier's family?
Do you do something nice for the family of a soldier deployed overseas? Or, as the family of a soldier, what would you like friends and neighbors to help you with while your loved one is overseas?
I take my neighbor out to dinner now and then. Her husband is in Iraq and she has no family in the area! I also help her with yardwork!
What happen if the semen is spilled over bed or in water closet or in the bathroom soon after had masturbated?
I do masturbation and stopped one year ago. I fear for soiled/carbonized oil or for sticky objects like fruit jelly, adhesives for it may a haven for keeping the sperms live as doctors say sperm lives as song as it wet/moist outside the body. Will it not make any female members of my family or visiting women pregnant while come in contact with vagina in anyway in the bathroom or sat over the bed.
so long as the women visiting your house aren't taking off their panties and rubbing your drying j!zz blob on their (collective) snatches, you should be spared the indignity of siring some inbreed.
If a "shot" in soccer hits the crossbar, does it automatically count as a "shot on goal"?
yes it does.As a shot on goal counts every single shot that either hits the post,becomes a goal or the goalkeeper sends it away etc.Basically every shot that ends up at or between the posts
8Family & Relationships
Why can't I feel anything from anyone other than you?
I know you well enough to know you never loved me. (I stay wrecked and jealous for this, for this simple reason i just need to keep you in mind as something larger than life).
You must be a professional writer, or if not, you certainly have a gift for it. Your phrases are very phylisophical, and deep. As a human, you're right though, we get to the point that nobody else can "hold a candle" to our one true love. Good terminloogies used.
0Society & Culture
Why in the world do I have to press 1 to get English when the official national language "IS" English?
Because there are some Spanish people. If it automatically went to English it -might- be troublesome.
1Science & Mathematics
Why chemicals should never be placed directly on the balance pans?
this is a chemistry laboratory subject
Because chemicals react with eachother, it is bad practice to place chemicals directly on the balance pans. Residual chemicals from a previous experiment could be resident on the pan, resulting in contamination of your chemical, or worse, an unwanted chemical reaction. This is why the majority of experiments require glass containers for chemicals. Most chemicals to not adhere to glass like they might do to metal, and glass can be more easily identified as clean.
0Society & Culture
the gay life in arabic societies sucks and homophobic straights are rejecting and harrasing gay people!!?
the question is , is the soultion only comes by leaving these countries which is really difficult these days??
Yes. Sad but yes. I lived in the middle east and because of my sexuality i had to come back to the States.I was tired of feeling that i couldn't come out to society there.In my opinion, Islam is a very strict religion, so that is why the society there intend to take it more difficult than others.
whats good for stomach flu??
what can you drink or eat without throwing up. liquid diet?
Go easy on the food. Find something that you like to eat but that is really light.\n\nJello\n\nTea-(chamomille, ginger, peppermint...)\n\nSoup-chicken noodle works wonders (don't eat anything creamy)\n\nDRINK WATER!! yet slowly, it helps wash out your insides\n\nGINGER!!! anything with ginger...ginger ale, ginger cubes, ginger root. just don't go heavy on it keep it light and at intervals\n\nGatorade- it has electrolytse which are helpful for digestion and many body functions.\n\nAvoid milk, alchohol, and acidy things like orange juice, tomatoe juice.\n\nReintroduce food slowly with toast and honey for breakfast, or pieces of fruit. I know this sound ridiculous but baby food is the best since it is produced to be simple for a babies sensative taste and digestion process.\n\nREST!! no tv, not a lot of reading, sleep all the way!!! :)\n\nIf your vommitting consitently avoid cold drinks\nKeep your food light and basic. It cannot be very complicated and elaborate it must be simple and yes strong in water, because it is going to take a while for your stomach to be able to digest any carbs, fats, or protiens. \n\nThese really help.\nAlso go to\nit helps.
0Society & Culture
If you tell a girl/woman that you have 'jacked it' about her, will she take that as a compliment?
Would that be a nice compliment to give a woman?
i would take it as a compliment
3Education & Reference
What number is as much more than 10 as it less than one half of what 50 is 10 less than? 15,20,25,or 30? why?
20\n\none half of what 50 is 10 less than = 60/2 = 30\n\n20 is 10 more than 10, and 10 less than 30
4Computers & Internet
My ISP blocks installation of pc to phone component from yahoo installer. I need offline package . Help please
I have tried several times to use Yahoo messenger with Voice and each time the pc to phone component fails to install. My ISP clocks any VIOP package except MS Messenger with voice. I need the off line package of the messenger 8 (Beta).
Give me the address and i will download it for you and email to you.
does anyone else feel its a weird that a abortion drug has a name like RU 486?
are\nyou\nfor\n86 "slang for getting thrown out"
It could be part of the marketing plan
0Society & Culture
Sak Passe? Anyone who's creole know what this means?
I'm Guadeloupean, French West Indian and I know this means "How are you?" or "What's up".\nIt litteraly means "What's going on?".\n;)
My mom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer?
Specifically infiltrating lobular carcinoma. Anyone with a similar diagnosis? Can you discuss your course of treatment and where you stand now? Thank you for your help!
The first few days/weeks are a whirlwind with most cancer diagnoses. There is no way to remember everything you will be told, try and keep a notebook. Write the person's name and the important stuff they say. Never be afraid to make them repeat something or ask what some medical jargon means. Get all you questions answered (write those down too- you'll forget them the second someone who can answer them comes into the room).\nEach person is different as far as the coarse of treatment. Just be sure to ask questions and don't be afraid to get a second opinion.
8Family & Relationships
I'm in a weird situation.?
i really like this girl, but right now we're just friends. But, my friend, who happens 2 be her ex, has started hanging out with us, and i think she still has feelings for him. how can i tell, and if so, how can i win her back?
try not hanging out when he's around and if she misses hanging out with you then he doesn't like him and likes you. But if this guy is her ex, it must be for something. so fuc... it
0Society & Culture
Don't you HATE teenagers?; Part II?
Before responding to this question, please check the previous question that I have posted on this topic. I have decided that I do not ONLY hate teenagers who think that they are tough, but I ALSO despise teenagers who think that they are smart/intellectual when in fact they are just plain presumptuous. All of these retarded pre-pubescent tweens think that they are right just by making a gross gramatical mess out of a response to my question. I especially love the one asshole who PRESUMES that his IQ EXCEEDS MINE. Your generation (and you in particular) are pompus little wastes of air and space. Get a clue about society today. Get some personalities...all of you retards are like little clones of one another. If the girl isn't trying to be 'kristen on Laguna beach', then she is a goth freak trying to 'speak out through her "original" black clothing. Losers. You asshole boys, on the other hand... If you don't think that you are an intellectual, (which you're not), then you're just a jock
teenagers grow up to be adults.\nbe patient.\nthey will live through their young years and mature.\nare you an adult?? you don't sound like one.. control yourself..that's what teenagers do????
9Politics & Government
Do you think all the illegal aliens come here to work?.....Listen to this!?
Illegal aliens are NOT necessarily coming here to work. Statistical surveys recently reported that 33 percent of our prison population is now comprised of non-citizens. Plus, 36 to 42 percent of illegal aliens are on welfare. So, for a good proportion of these people, the American dream is crime and welfare, not coming here to work.
Please list your source. Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly are not valid sources. Only a scientific study or something similar should be trusted, so please list your source or all people should disregard your 'statistics' as made up.
1Science & Mathematics
what can you get when mixing lead (II) acetate solution and sodium chloride solution?it's equation involved?
You have two ionic substances, it will undergo a double displacement reaction.\nPb(C2H3O2)2 + 2 NaCl --> PbCl2 + 2 NaC2H3O2\n\nNow since Lead(II) acetate, Sodium chloride, and sodium acetate are soluble, they break up in water, and the net ionic equation is\nPb2+ + 2 Cl- --> PbCl2\n\nPbCl2 or Lead (II) chloride, is the precipitate formed, and it's generally yellowish.
9Politics & Government
I have never seen video of the Confederates firing on Fort Sumter to start the Civil War. Bush's fault?
(not so much a stupid left wing question this time as a stupid left wing CONSPIRACY question)
haha... I like how you set this up. At first i was thinking "they didn't have video in the 1800's. what the hell is he talking about... The Bush's fault? cracked me up.
3Education & Reference
Sawney? Sorney? Sauney?
Anybody can help out with this word please? My 86 year old mother, born in Wales, used to describe people who were akin to idiots or imbeciles as "Sauney" although the exact spelling is unknown. Everyone I have asked about this has never heard of the word or any of its possible variations. Is anyone aware if this is a proper word ( regional, slang or otherwise )? Thanks
It's usually "Sawney" and is a first name,a variant on "Alexander"Sawney Been was a legendary Scottish bandit and supposed cannibal.He and his tribe/family lived in isolation and were supposedly very in-bred and therefore I guess,stupid.
0Society & Culture
Was Joseph smith a free mason?
WOW. Ahhh, just so you know, most Masons are NOT Mormons. I am a Mason and have been for years. I have met many Masons, and none of them are Mormons. I have met Christian Masons, Jewish Masons, and Muslim Masons.\n\nJoseph Smith WAS a Mason, and I believe he "borrowed" quite a bit of his "prophecy" from Masonic ritual. We Masons do not adopt any religion as part of the fraternity, because each member is to worship in his own faith. We are not a religious organization.\n\nIf you have any more questions about Freemasonry, and want the answer from a real Freemason, please feel free to contact me.
8Family & Relationships
do you THINK it is POSSIBLE to..........................?
be with one person for the rest of your life? never ever wanting anyone else?\n\ndon't we all want something at some time?
It's possible to be with one person and never HAVE anyone else. I very much doubt that one would never WANT anyone else. \n\nVariety is the spice of life.
6Business & Finance
difference between HRD & P&A?
department functions
HRD covers the whole gamut including P&A (personnel & administration) plus the aspects of staff development, training and retention, etc.
a met a guy on net.........?
he asked me fr my pic, bt i refused as it seems quite early to me.\nhe wanna meet me bt i fear meeting him .i fear being cheated. bt even i m curious to see him.\n\n\nhe chatted decently and his talks took my heart away?we jst had one chat only.\nwat shud i do? as the every next chat will develop my feelings fr him strongly?but i cannot even meet so early?\ni dont wanna lose a sweet frend bt i fear being betrayed by him?\nhelp me.plz.
You have only talked to this guy once. More importantly, he has only talked to you once. There is no way you have feelings for this guy. There is also no way he has any for you. It sounds like an act of desparation to me. If you must continue to talk to this guy, take it VERRRRRRRRRY Slowly, and for god's sake, be careful!!
can i know where to buy nice dinner dress?
r u realy supposed to ask this type of question in this category.\n\nanyways, may be u shouldf try our next door market place.
have you ever stuffed your bra to make your boobs bigger?
Only as part of a Halloween costume. I was Wonder Woman. It was so funny. I used a water balloon WAY before there were water bras.
7Entertainment & Music
Have you ever met your dream hottie celebrity? Who was it?
I haven't met mine sad sad what about you?
no, but if i could it would definately be those hottie gottis =)
4Computers & Internet
how can i see my photos in my cell phone?
i have yahoo id in that sait i have some photos i want to acctiveat with my cell phone it is passble? how can i do it?
The question is: How can I see pictures of YOU in my cell phone! You are absolutely stunning.
8Family & Relationships
ive been drinking every night since my girlfriend left me?
everynight i go home and drink cause of the break up of my girl that i love so much but i know i cant go on doing this to myself its hard after 3 years hopefully its not the end but if it is ill have to just man up
yeah, destroying your liver will bring her back and bring you happiness.... good job. Be happy and healthy because if she is going to come back, then you are killing yourself for nothing. And if she is never coming back, then you are still killing yourself for nothing.\n\nMaybe it is time to focus on career or other goals? Your liver will thank you for it... and you will probably be less insane for it.
1Science & Mathematics
How can I find the picture of the newborn turtle that was on Yahoo most viewed photos yesterday?
It was a pic of a newborn endangered turtle sitting on top of someone's finger. I found it 22Jun2006 on My Yahoo under the "most emailed or viewed" pics. I think it was from a different country and in a zoo.
Check out the link below :) Hope that helps!
can Diabetes be reversed ?
There is a possibility, try following the protocol at the site below.
Who will the Lakers aquire in 2006-2007?
A REAL point guard.\n\nSmush Parker was the worst in the league and need an upgrade. Getting Jordan Farmar would be a nice pick up for them in the late first round of the draft. He is from UCLA and is more of a distributor rather than a scorer. He would let Kobe do his thing.
3Education & Reference
Hi everybody i need a hindi translator in dubai who can do hindi translation can anyone help for this?
dude ur ques is incomplete...\nhindi tranlator from and to which lang???
9Politics & Government
i got a ticket in another state and did not pay all of it will it effect my registration in my new state?
i lived in that state and the day i was leaving i got the ticket already have my new license in my state i am in now... also would it effect me getting a passport
Depends on the state you got the ticket and the state you moved to. some states communicate with each other and some states don't. for example, Louisiana doesn't care, but Texas will suspend your license if you don't pay a ticket in California. I drive a truck cross country trust me on this one. also is the ticket for a moving violation (speeding running a red light?) or parking ticket? if not a moving violation then don't worry.
1Science & Mathematics
...ok, done! I just finished another skyscraper on Mars. Send me $77 billion; I'll make you one on Saturn...
Any takers? The price is 77% off. Normally I charge $100B per skyscraper. But you look like a nice person. What the heck, I'll throw in a free antenna tower. And don't forget the $10M payroll advance for my Saturnian workers. I don't just pay them with my good looks, you know.... =)
I bid on it, but did you make the one I asked for on Uranus yet?\n\nTheyre getting impatient!
9Politics & Government
is god of heaven represented as one as h?
then he exists in the form of Me and/or the EMPEROR.
What? Put the bong down!
I have daily headaches, some are extremely bad w/ light, sound sensitivity, & nausea. OTC pain relief d'snt wk
I've tried some migraine stuff, but they make me sick, or make me not 'me'. Any suggestions?
get to see a doctor immediatly,this could be nasty
7Entertainment & Music
Do you respond only to people with cute avatars?
8Family & Relationships
Why does my husband think that I read his mail?
And that I spy on him?
Because he reads yours! Or maybe it's because you are female(I guess) and that's what we do. I used to check Mr. Evil's emails but he kept changing his password and I haven't worked it out this time! I actually thought after changing it twice, he would be too stupid to think of anything else he could remember, you know, being a man and all.
6Business & Finance
How can I finance investment property?
My wife and I are pretty handy around the house ... so purchasing a fixer upper is natrually the kind of investment property that we would look for. We have found several potentially great properties in our area howerver, we haven't made any offers because the traditional mortgage lender is the only kind of financing that we know of, and they usually want any where from 15% - 25% down. Does anyone know of creative financing techniqes that we could use?
You could try to get the owners of the property to sell to you on a lease option for say 2 years, and lets say that you pay 500 a month, with 500 down, then you would have control of the property and you could do your fix-ups or rent it out and collect the rent.( Be sure and include that in the offer that you can rent the property out) You should be able to get a 2nd mortgage to do your rehabs, (most banks would want to be in 1st position and the owner would hold the 2nd mortgage) If you have control of the property it makes thing alot easier, check out a mortgage broker they can usually find something. I currently use GMAC mortgage and they found a place that we only need 5% down on investment property. Good luck!
Was the Cole Trickle character from Days of Thunder based on Nascar racer Dick Trickle?
absolutely not! Dick Trickle was a short track stock car driver from wisconsin, who did not run sprint cars............Cole Trickle was a world of outlaws sprint car driver. Robert Duvalls character was based on crew cheif Harry Hyde. A real life crew chief!
3Education & Reference
What is the normal fireing rate of the atrium in the heart conduction system??????
Can anyone help with my college homework, what is the normal fireing rate for the atrium in the hearts conduction system???? If any medical proffesionals out there can help me I would greatly appreciate it. You can e-mail me at I NEED THIS ANSWER SOON!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
It really depends on your age and development cycle....At 21 days after conception, the human heart rate begins beating a 75-80 beats per minute and accelerates linearly for the first month of beating.The human embryonic heart (EHR) begins beating at approximately 21 days after conception, or five weeks after the last normal menstrual period (LMP), which is the date normally used to date pregnancy. The human heart begins beating at a rate near the mother’s, about 75-80 beats per minute (bpm). It then accelerates linearly for the first month of beating, peaking at 165-185 bpm during the early 7th week, (early 9th week after the LMP). This acceleration is approximately 3.3 bpm per day, or about 10 bpm every three days, an increase of 100 bpm in the first month. After peaking at about 9.2 weeks after the LMP, it decelerates to about 150 bpm (+/-25 bpm) during the 15 week after the LMP. After the 15th week the deceleration slows reaching an average rate of about 145 (+/-25 bpm) bpm at term. The regression formula which describes this acceleration before the embryo reaches 25 mm in crown-rump length or 9.2 LMP weeks is:\n\nAge in days = EHR(0.3)+6
9Politics & Government
what country has the most drug consumption?
9Politics & Government
Back Ground checks?
Ok, I'm moving to Italy in a year and I was wondering if you can do background checks on people there? I live in Kentucky and aren't for sure if you can do that with people who live so far away, because I don't want to end up living with some one who is a convicted drug seller or something.
There are companies online that provide this service for employers so I'm sure there are places for regular consumers. \n\nI did a search and came up with a place I've listed below. I have done background checks on men I've gone to meet in other states.
0Society & Culture
Honor killings in islam?
Every 40 seconds a muslim woman is murdered in the name of honor. muslim girls are put through the horror of FGM (female genital mutilation) , forced marraiges to old men, child marraiges and other forms of torture. and its getting worse for muslim females. wife rape is very common among muslim men, and as a result over 75% of married muslim women suffer from vaginal problems such as constant discharge. I know doctors in dubai who tell me this, and the world health organisation reports it as well.\nI am glad that some brave muslim women are speaking out even when they are threatened with death.\ncomments?
All over the world people have believed through out history in honor killings. But what are these honor crimes. These crimes “are acts of violence, usually murder, committed by male family members against female family members who are perceived to have brought dishonor upon the family.” A family may feel the need to commit such a crime by “refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault, seeking a divorce even from an abusive husband or committing adultery.” Even the thought of a woman bringing dishonor to a family may cause an attack. \n\nHonor killings, as described by Wikipedia online encyclopedia, is generally considered a premeditated crime yet crimes of passion. “Crimes of passion often have special status under the law.” \n\nThe West is not immune to this type of violence against women. “Until 1975, the French Penal Code commuted the sentence of a husband who killed his wife after finding her in the act of committing adultery; this law passed into the legal frameworks of the many nations who based their modern legal codes on the Napoleonic Code.” Yet these crimes of passion are small in number “and are different from premeditated crimes against an adulterous spouse.”\n\nAs of 2004, honor killings have occurred not only in the East but also many European countries, “including: Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda and the United Kingdom.” The United Nations Population Fund believes that annually there are worldwide 5,000 women killed through honor killings. these killings are often made to look like suicide, fire or an accident.\n\nIn a traditional view of Islamic law says there should be a “severe punishments for zina' , or extramarital sex, by both men and women.” Premarital can be punished by 100 lashes, and adultery by lethal stoning. To implement such a punishment the act must be seen by “at least four male witnesses of good character. The punishment is to be “reserved to the legal authorities, and false accusations are themselves punished severely. In conservative areas many men consider it a slur on the family's honor if women in the family are found to have relationships with other men outside of marriage, or when they marry without their families' consent.” \n\nAn honor killing in the Islamic definition refers to “specifically to extra-legal punishment by the family against the woman, and as such is forbidden by the sharia.” The “Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran has condemned the practice as ‘un-Islamic’, though punishment under Iranian law remains lenient. In Pakistan, when a bill proposing to strengthen the law against ‘Honor Killing’ was defeated in Parliament, March 2, 2005, the government allied with the Islamist opposition to decide explicitly that the bill was ‘un-Islamic’. In Jordan there is a movement to stop honor killings. Although King Abdullah II has tried to bring new light onto this subject. He has gone to the parliament for change but not received warmly. But after hearing this the people went to the streets in protest. Trying to bring his country into a modernist point of view.\n\nYet there are still areas of modern thought, showing this a cultural practice not Islamic. In Indonesia and parts of West Africa honor killings are unknown, “as also in with majority-Muslim populations.” These areas are not culturally Arab yet Indonesia is the largest Islamic country. These areas give hope for other Islamic nations to also not allow these actions against women.\n \n\nWith all that have been done in the world to protect the women in the world there is still more to be done. Honor crimes are not based in Islam but in culture. By bringing this fact into the public spectrum it is more likely to stop such a practice. Around the world women are still victims of crimes by family members seeing the family hono
7Entertainment & Music
Have you tried to play the lottery with 'the numbers' from LOST?
I'm not going to lie, I'm a little afraid to.
0Society & Culture
Why believe in such hopelessness?
Why believe in a religion, or lack there of, that is so hopeless?\n\nI have a few ideas, maybe uneducated, or even parents who mistreated you.\n\nI can only imagine that a life spent thinking you are going to just die a hopeless death, and just stop living could only mean that your life right now is just as hopeless!\n\nI mean what is it? What is the harm in actually hoping? \n\nGod Loves YOU\nHeather :)
Right on!! I live a sheltered life, honestly... out in the middle of nowhere, where everyone you know goes to your church and everyone in the community is one great big family. I was shocked to learn of some of the things that people believe, for instance, I didnt know that there was an actual religion called Satanism, and they go to church at the church of satan! What??! \nAfter asking some of my questions on here, I have learned a whole lot. There are soooooo many people who are lost, and I never realized that until now! (BTW - I'm 20yrs old)
3Education & Reference
where can i get a horse's skeletal and muscular systems on a web print-out?
mainly for a Breyer horse:Anatomy in Motion
Here's everything you can possibly wanna know....\n
9Politics & Government
In a quest to promote racial equality does the government/media actually drive ethnic groups further apart?
For example, by allowing jobs to advertise for ethnic minorities only, or by introducing ethnic minority training schemes, or by introducing free nursery schools for children from ethnic backgrounds. I was particularly shocked by one book, called "The Angry Black Woman's Guide To Life" due to it containing a list of phrases a white person might say to a black person and what their sneaky underlying messages are (i.e. "How many children do you have?" is translated as "How many of your children am I supporting with my tax money?")\nPlease give other examples of ethnic groups being separated in the name of equality if you can think of them. And do you think the government are right or wrong to separate racial groups in order to create opportunities according to each group's needs?
Yes. It also promotes gang culture in minority dominated Ghetto's by feeding the idea that people can't make it because they are part of a minority group. Fortunately, this attitude is starting to change. Many members of minority groups (the majority of whom are single mothers) are ignoring the messages that they have been sent all their lives and seeking a better life, by going back to school or job training programs and getting jobs that allow them to move to safer neighborhoods. Another change is that people living in many of those neighborhoods are banding together and pushing the gangs out. \n\nMost people want to eliminate affirmative action right now, but because of the past rulings of the supreme court and the push by certain liberal organizations, it will be difficult to make it go away.
what is the purpose of your pancreas?
A quick trip to Yahoo! Reference revealed that the pancreas is a small, irregularly shaped organ that resides between your stomach and your spine. The pancreas has two primary purposes: to secrete enzymes into your digestive system that help break down carbohydrates and protein, and to produce hormones that help maintain normal blood sugar levels. \nThe pancreas is technically part of the endocrine system, though it plays an important role in the digestive system as well. The endocrine system is a collection of glands, including your pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands, that secrete hormones to monitor your metabolism and cell growth, among many other things.
do all these ads on tv of yoko etc regarding height increase are of any use?
I increased my height 2 feet afterwards so yes.\n\nOf course I was standing on a chair at the time.
6Business & Finance
Ways to sell your video games?
Like if you want to sell your video games how to sell it.
ebay, electronic boutique, babbages or flea markets
is it normal to have nots in your breast or boobs??
It can be normal as long as they are not cancerous but you should have your breasts examined every 6 months just in case.
0Society & Culture
Who can speak Hindi??
If you can write it here!!
Main hindi bol sakti hoon.kahiye.
4Computers & Internet
where can i find websites were i can have a virtual pet??
★★ HELP WITH SEARCHING ★★\n\n◙ I used to have so much trouble finding what I wanted. That's because I didn't know the best methods for filtering my searches. Now I rarely have trouble finding what I want. Thanks to a great web site called GoogleGuide. Click on the "Novices Click Here" button to read about Google's fantastic search syntax. Yahoo has some of these operators too. But not even close to the amount that Google has. Below are a few examples.\n\ (mp3)\nintitle:?parent directory? (mpg|avi|wmv|mov) "strauss"\ninurl:forum intitle:recipes intext:cookies\n\n☞\n\n◙ Some of what you will learn at the GoogleGuide was used to create the following special search tools.\n\n☞\n\n◙ Compare Yahoo and Google search results in side-by-side frames here.\n\n☞\n\n◙ You'll get pretty much the same tutorial as the GoogleGuide has by reading the first few chapters of this book.\n\n☞\n\n◙ Here are two more great sites to help you.\n\n☞\n☞\n\n◙ You shouldn't rely on just one search engine. There are many really good ones and they don't all have the same things in them. One might have links to HTML sites etc. and another might not. There are currently 800,000 search engines. Most of them are specailty search engines. Here are several hundred generalized search engines. Plus a few specialized search engines I threw in for my own use.\n\n☞\n\n◙ Google is the very best full-text search engine. But when you want a much deeper search you should use the number one cluster search engine.\n\n☞\n\nIf you are in a really big hurry you can search many search engines at once by using meta search engines. These will give you the top-ten most-relative results of each engine they search.\n\n☞\n☞\n☞\n☞\n☞\n\n◙ Here is a way to search many different search engines from a single portal. I use this everyday to research your questions before answering them. Select a resource from the dropdown menu, type in your keywords, and click search.\n\n☞