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Our Online Support Team always helps a customer to solve any existing issues and misunderstanding about the order." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Where are we going to find Orange Tours & Transportation,LLC at the Orlando International Airport (MCO)?", "answer": "A: We generally have a representative at each terminal (A & B). Once you get to the baggage claim area please follow our regular procedures: Call the toll-free number (1-407-435-9720) once you have your entire luggage with you, to receive instructions on where you can meet your driver." }, { "question": "Or I can just show up at the Airport?", "answer": "A: YES, you need to make a reservation in advanced. In fact, you will be getting a Booking-Confirmation by e-mail after you call or make your reservation online." }, { "question": "and How to book a service with Orange Transportation?", "answer": "A: There are 3 ways of booking a service with Orange Tours & Transportation,LLC On line, by phone (1-407-435-9720), or by fax. After making a reservation you will be getting an e-mail confirmation, that will allow the passengers verify the information that we have in our system." }, { "question": "Q: How do I know that my request has been confirmed?", "answer": "A: Requests will be confirmed by email > Subject: Orange Tours & Transportation,LLC Booking - Confirmation. Order #: xxxxxx." }, { "question": "A: About 51 minutes (70 MPH) Q: Where do we find you at Port Canaveral?", "answer": "A: All terminals at Port Canaveral have a passenger drop-off and pick-up area; all you have to do is look for the passenger pre-arrangement pick-up area." }, { "question": "Q: How much do you charge for waiting time?", "answer": "All invoices include a service charge of 20% driver's gratuity fee. For exceptional service, the customer is free to add an extra tip. If you want to cancel your reservation it must be done 48 hours prior to pick up time. CANCELLATION CHARGES MAY APPLY. Trip cancelled in the 48 hour time period before trip, you will be charged full amount. REFUND POLICY - 100% refund ONLY for cancellations made 48 hours or more from time of service. Trip changes can be made at any time. Our Services Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral,Corporate Services,Orlando Airport Transfers, Seminar & MCO Super Shuttle, Sports Events, Special Events, Convention Group Transportation, Weddings, Proms, Sightseeing/Tours, Cruise Transfers, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties. Contact us for more information. 24-Hours Online Reservations To make a reservation, please complete the appropriate sections of the following form and press the \"Submit\" button. An email confirmation will be sent to you to confirm all reservations made from this site. Online reservations must be placed at least 48 hours in advance. If you require our services in less than 48 hours, please contact us by telephone right away - Service Hours: 24 Hours, 7 Days - Phone Reservation Hours: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm est." } ]
[ { "question": "Are you experienced and licensed?", "answer": "Since we offer a variety of treatment options in many cases there is no need to move out and your pets can stay as well. Using alternative termite treatments is our expertise. Call us and our inspector will explain our alternative treatment options. Termites are very common in Southern California so to protect your investment it is good practice to have your home inspected for termites periodically. We offer a wide variety of treatments including traditional tent fumigation, so our experienced licensed inspectors will examine and evaluate your termite scenario and recommend the best solution for your specific situation. We proudly service the entire Los Angeles County and surrounding cities, but if you are not sure just give us a call. With over 25 years in the industry, we are licensed, bonded and insured. And HABLAMOS ESPANOL." } ]
[ { "question": "What was the initial point?", "answer": "I was a newspaper carrier in the 1960s for the Columbus Citizen-Journal. But my first job as a journalist was as a sports writer for the Evening Sentinel in Shenandoah, Iowa, in 1971, when I was in high school. I covered sports at small high schools in that rural area, and I immediately loved reporting, writing and interacting with the community. Teaching probably. I love teaching journalism and I suppose if I hadn’t gone into journalism I might be teaching writing or history." }, { "question": "3. Who influenced you most in terms of media?", "answer": "Influential figures in my career: As leaders in my workplaces: Chuck Offenburger (my first boss and still a good friend), David Witke (managing editor at the Des Moines Register when I was a young editor there), Michael Gartner (former editor and president of the Register), Jim Brady (I worked for him at TBD and still work for him at Digital First Media) and John Paton (CEO of Digital First Media). Some thought leaders (people I know and have read extensively, but have not worked with directly): Clayton Christensen, who helped me understand disruptive innovation; Jeff Jarvis, Emily Bell, Jay Rosen and Clay Shirky, great thinkers/writers/speakers about digital journalism. 4." }, { "question": "What are the most interesting media projects (your opinion)?", "answer": "I think Digital First is interesting, but I’m too heavily involved to view it with detachment. I am fascinated to see what digital entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar can do with an outstanding legacy media company and a media startup. 5. Point three-five features of good news media. Accuracy, transparency, storytelling, interactivity, impact. 6." }, { "question": "If you have a superpower what would it be?", "answer": "I have no superpowers. Journalism is hard work. 7. Point three-five most used apps on your smartphone/tablet. Twitter, Facebook, text messaging, WordPress." }, { "question": "8. iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry?", "answer": "I’m on my fourth iPhone and have a Galaxy (Android) that has a far superior camera, but that isn’t as easy to use. I had a BlackBerry, but didn’t like it. 9." }, { "question": "Does information need a design?", "answer": "Absolutely. Design is important, but I’m not good at it. I am frustrated by clunky designs (most news websites) and love an elegant, useful design. But I’m better at knowing what I like than at saying what made me like it. 10." } ]
[ { "question": "What information about a super fund is available through the Super Fund Lookup web services?", "answer": "The Super Fund Lookup web services allow you to incorporate information about superannuation entities into your own applications using the ABN. You can register online for access to the Super Fund Lookup web services. Once we have processed your registration, we will send you an email containing a Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) which allows access to the Super Fund Lookup web services. GUID stands for Globally Unique Identifier. When you register for access to the Super Fund Lookup web services you will be assigned a GUID. A valid GUID is required to access the Super Fund Lookup web services. From our Sample code page you can download and trial a number of working applications that interface with the Super Fund Lookup web services. To run the sample applications you will need to be a registered user of the Super Fund Lookup web services. Like the Super Fund Lookup web site, the web services provide access to only the publicly available information about super funds that have an Australian Business Number (ABN)." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the difference between downloading a podcast and subscribing to a podcast?", "answer": "Where mp3 download. When you download a single podcast episode, that one file gets saved onto your computer, mp3 player or mobile device. It is then up to you to play it, delete it or download another. When you subscribe to a podcast, the latest podcast episode is saved to your computer or MP3 player or mobile device. Every time a new podcast episode of the program becomes available your podcasting software will automatically download it. On iOS Apple operating systems devices, you cannot download to your phone. You can subscribe through iTunes and listen there or through Apple's Podcast App. An aggregator or podcatcher is a program that will check for new podcasts every time you are connected to the web and that program is open. This software is usually free, and the most popular podcatchers or online feed readers are iTunes, Google Reader and My Yahoo. Use the links below to find out about mobile apps and installation instructionsfor Android, Blackberry and Windows. Social Feeds for Blackberry: This app is included in Blackberry native software. On your home screen press Start. Advance to the Windows Media player. I do not want to subscribe." }, { "question": "Where do I find individual podcasts to download?", "answer": "You can find all our CBC Radio Podcasts using our A- Z listing. If you know what show you are looking for, head to the show's podcast section by clicking on the show image. Click on the show’s \"Download the latest mp3\" link. Once you’re on that show’s xml page, in Firefox you'll see in the grey box under the segment description, there is a blue link to that episode’s mp3. In Internet Explorer, the blue link is under the description next to an icon that looks like a set of headphones. Right click and go to \"Save Target as …\" (Internet Explorer) \"Save link as …\" (Firefox) on a PC, or \"Download Linked File\" (Safari – Mac) and save it to computer. Then you can transfer it to your mobile device or play it on your computer. We cannot control subscriptions or unsubscribe you from a podcast. The subscription process takes place on your aggregator ( iTunes, Google Reader and My Yahoo,etc.). Please refer to the help/support notes of your particular aggregator. We would love to be able to put every CBC Radio show online, but there are costs associated with the capture and delivery of audio that force us to be selective. I'm trying to figure out what I was listening to last Sunday at noon (or whenever) so I can figure out if there's a podcast for the show." }, { "question": "Where do I start?", "answer": "The first place to start your search is are the CBC Program Guide. There you can find links to the Radio One Schedule. Once you get the right show name you want come back to this site to find the individual podcasts. We're restricted from podcasting most music due to copyright issues. Vinyl Tap might get a little skimpy without the music!" }, { "question": "How come the podcast versions of shows sound different than they do on the radio?", "answer": "Rights issues prevent us from including commercially available music in our podcasts; however, we are able to offer songs by unsigned artists and music that we have cleared for podcasting use, so you will hear some music in our podcasts. I'm looking for something that's a bit older than what you have posted here." }, { "question": "Where can I find it?", "answer": "We keep podcast episodes available for a standard 3 months for daily shows and 6 months for weekly shows. Certain programs have special permission to keep their episodes online longer. I've got some comments about the podcasts." }, { "question": "Who do I send them to?", "answer": "According to their website, blip.tv's mission \"is to support these people by taking care of all the problems a budding videoblogger, podcaster or Internet TV producer tends to run into.\" The service can be used to host media (like videoblogs and podcasts), and you can stream (watch or listen to) the content online without downloading it to your hard drive. I'm looking for your live online radio streams." }, { "question": "Where can I find those?", "answer": "We keep all the information and links you'll need to listen to CBC Radio online on our Listen page. For live streams on mobile, go to CBC Mobile Services. Overall rating page: 4.59/5 left 20744 people." } ]
[ { "question": "1 How do I qualify as a Registered Patent Attorney?", "answer": "A person wishing to become a Registered Patent Attorney in Ireland has to fulfil several criteria. Namely, the person must reside and have a place of business in the State or in a European Economic Area (EEA) State, and possess the prescribed educational and professional qualifications. Looking at the educational requirements firstly, the person is required to have a knowledge of engineering, or chemistry, or physics (or such other scientific or technical subjects as may be deemed appropriate) – usually a degree certificate is sufficient as evidence of such educational qualifications. With regard to the professional qualifications, in order to satisfy this requirement, the path to qualification involves sitting a number of examinations. These examinations include Irish, UK and/or European patent examinations. The person is required to have a knowledge of the Irish law and practice of patents. In this regard, the Irish Patents Office arranges for the holding of an Examination in the Irish Law and Practice of Patents, usually held at the Irish Patents Office in Kilkenny around March or April every year. The date on which this examination is held is announced in advance in the Patents Office Journal. Candidates are expected to have a good knowledge of Irish patent law and practice, including a good knowledge of relevant case law and show a knowledge of European and International patent law and practice. This is the only patent examination held under the auspices of the Irish Patents Office, but persons wishing to become qualified as patent Attorneys must also sit a number of other examinations testing an ability to prepare, interpret and criticise patent specifications. In this regard, candidates are required to sit and pass the relevant written examinations prepared and conducted by the United Kingdom Patent Examination Board PEB (a joint committee of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys in the UK). Such written examinations of the PEB normally take place in October each year and it is the advanced papers known as P3 (FD 2), P4 (FD 3) and P6 (FD 4) of the PEB which Irish applicants seeking registration in the register are required to sit. The examination in these papers is held simultaneously in the U.K. and in Ireland under special long-standing arrangements between the PEB and the Irish Board. The dates on which such examinations are held in Ireland, again usually held at the Irish Patents Office in Kilkenny, are announced in advance in the Patents Office Journal. The correcting and marking of Irish candidates scripts is also performed by the PEB. Where a candidate has sat and passed Papers A and B of the European Qualifying Examinations (examinations held for the purpose of entry on the List of Professional Representatives entitled to represent clients before the European Patent Office), the Board will consider this result as satisfying the requirement to sit papers P3 and P4 of the PEB. The subject matters covered by papers P3, P4 and P6 of the PEB relate to preparation of patent specifications, amendment of patent specifications in revocation proceedings or otherwise, and infringement and validity of patents. The European Qualifying Examinations are normally held in early March each year. An application for registration in the Register of Patent Attorneys must be made to the Irish Patents Office accompanied by the prescribed application fee. In addition to the educational and professional qualifications explained above, the candidate must have undergone training under the supervision of a patent attorney for not less than three years in the office of a patent attorney in accordance with the law of the State or another Member State of the European Economic Area, or have been acting as a patent attorney for not less than three years in the office of a patent attorney acting in accordance with the law of another Member State of the European Economic Area. A partnership is eligible to be registered in the Register of Patent Attorneys if every partner thereof is himself/herself already registered. Applications for registration in the Register of Patent Attorneys are considered by a Board, comprising persons nominated by the Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, and of which the Controller of the Irish Patents Office is Chairman. Details of the fees prescribed for the UK and European examinations may be found at www.cipa.org.uk and www.epo.org, respectively. The APTMA does not of itself hold any patent examinations although it does hold tutorials when the need arises for candidates wishing to sit the examinations. Such tutorials are normally held in the months leading up to the examinations. There is a fee payable to attend those tutorials for non-members of the APTMA. Q." }, { "question": "2 How do I qualify as a Registered Trade Mark Attorney?", "answer": "There is a formal examination held by the Irish Patents Office, usually around April which must be passed to qualify as a Trade Mark Attorney. The Patents Office is responsible for the maintenance of the Register of Trade Mark Attorneys while Rules 51 to 59 of the Trade Mark Rules, 1996, governs the entitlement of any individual to entry onto this Register. The Patents Office is responsible for the maintenance of the Register of Trade Mark Attorneys and Rules 51 to 59 of the Trade Mark Rules, 1996, govern the entitlement of any individual to entry onto this Register but see also S.I. No. 46/2016 - Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules 2016. An application for registration must be made to the Controller of the Irish Patents Office, accompanied by the prescribed application fee - currently €250. Rule 51 of the Trade Marks Rules, 1996 as amended by the Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules 2007, specifies the particulars which an application for registration must give, which include the address at which the Applicant intends to carry on business and the educational and professional qualifications of the Applicant. Applications for registration in the Register of Trade Mark Attorneys are considered by a Board appointed by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment. The rules do not prescribe any specific educational/professional qualifications, but Rule 51(3) states that a person shall possess such educational and professional qualifications, and be of such personal character, as to satisfy the Board, after such enquiries including such oral or written examination in the Law and Practice of Trade Marks, as the Board deems necessary, that such a person is fit to practice as a registered trade mark Attorney. According to the Patents Office’s website, Applicants will generally be expected to have acquired at least a pass in the Leaving Certificate or comparable qualification. It is a normal requirement of the Board that Applicants must sit, and pass, a written examination in the Law and Practice of Trade Marks. The date on which such examination is held is announced in advance in the Patents Office Journal. The APTMA does not of itself hold any examinations although it does hold tutorials when the need arises for candidates wishing to sit the official examination. Such tutorials are normally held in the two months leading up to the examination. There is a fee payable to attend those tutorials for non-members of the APTMA. Q." }, { "question": "4 How do I become a member of the APTMA ?", "answer": "There are various categories of membership. To become an Ordinary Member you have to be either a qualified Patent or Trade Mark Attorney in Ireland and work full time in the profession. To become an Associate Member you have to a special interest in intellectual property and have a place of business in Ireland while to become a Student Member you have to be a pupil of an Ordinary Member of the Association. Election as an Ordinary, Overseas or Associate Member requires a nomination in writing by two Ordinary Members. All such nominations will then be put forward for election at the next General Meeting of the Association while a nomination for election as a Student Member is put forward at the next Executive Committee Meeting. Nominations should be sent on the form below to the Secretary of the Association. In 1932, Earnest Walton, in collaboration with John Cockcroft, artificially split the atom." } ]
[ { "question": "What constitutes a weekday and weekend?", "answer": "A. Weekdays are Monday thru Friday. Weekends are Saturday and Sunday. A holiday such as Thanksgiving or Presidents Day would fall under weekend pricing. Q." }, { "question": "When do I start accruing my reward points?", "answer": "A. You will accrue points when you pay for your green fees anytime after joining the membership. Q." }, { "question": "Do I get $10 off all posted green fees after I join (prior to 12/31/17) thru March 2018?", "answer": "A. You will get $10 off the regular weekday rate of $59 and Senior rate of $44 and weekend rate of $74, January through March 2018. Q." }, { "question": "Do I get $10 off all posted green fees if I join AFTER 12/31/17?", "answer": "A. This promotion is for early enrollment members only; members that join after the December 31st will NOT receive this benefit. Q." }, { "question": "Do I need to bring a membership card in to receive my rewards points when I pay for my green fees?", "answer": "A. Our Rewards Membership is now paperless! All of your information is stored in our database, so when you check in, we will make sure your points go to your account. Q." }, { "question": "Can I add a NCGA membership to this program?", "answer": "A. Yes, for an additional $60, you can get an NCGA GHIN number through this program. Q." }, { "question": "What will my rewards points get me?", "answer": "A. For each dollar you spend towards green fees you get 1 point. Point’s Rewards are given at 300 points (1/2 Dozen ProV1 Golf Balls), 600 points (anytime twosome) , 900 points (1/2 Dozen ProV1 Golf Balls), 1200 (anytime foursoem of golf) and so on." }, { "question": "Q: When I redeem my points do I have to start back at zero?", "answer": "A: No, your points continue to accumulate throughout the year so once you spend your 300 rewards points you only need to earn 300 more to get your complimentary twosome. Q." } ]
[ { "question": "Have a question about our services?", "answer": "Check out our FAQ. The cost of a video will vary depending on the video you are looking to make. There are various stages of the video production process that can have an impact on the price including how many days of filming that are required, the complexity of the edit and whether the video needs a professional voiceover, actors, presenters and/or animation. For more information check out our video production rates. Similarly to price, the amount of time it will take to produce your video can depend on the requirements of the video. We will always sit down with you in our initial consultation to discuss your deadline and timescales for the project. We always aim to have a first draft of your video to you within 10 working days of filming, but anything as quick as 48 hours is possible if agreed in advance." }, { "question": "Do you offer services other than live-action video?", "answer": "Yes, alongside our live-action video production services, we also offer photography, animation and aerial filming & photography." }, { "question": "Are your services available outside of Hampshire, UK?", "answer": "Yes, our services are available anywhere in the United Kingdom. Travel expenses may be incurred for projects that are outside of Hampshire but this will be discussed on a project by project basis." } ]
[ { "question": "Can I donate something unusual?", "answer": "Yes! We accept gifts-in-kind, including but not limited to livestock, farm equipment, vehicles and real estate." }, { "question": "Have something you’d like to donate?", "answer": "Talk to one of our development officers today at (352) 392-1975 or advancement@ifas.ufl.edu. More information on gifts-in-kind can be found here. I don’t see the fund I want to give to. Try searching UFF’s fund database by typing into the search bar in the “Other Giving Options” box on the right side of the page. We are still in the process of adding funds to our website – Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know which one you're looking for here and we'll add it as soon as possible." }, { "question": "When is the deadline for tax credit?", "answer": "In order to receive tax credit for a calendar year, your gift must be postmarked on or before December 31 or submitted via the online giving link by 11:59 pm on December 31 of that year." }, { "question": "How can I start a scholarship?", "answer": "Scholarship money is generated in perpetuity by the income from an endowment. More information about endowments can be found here. If you are interested in establishing an endowed scholarship, contact one of our development officers at (352) 392-1975 or advancement@ifas.ufl.edu. In the meantime, there are several existing scholarships to support here." }, { "question": "Can I put UF/IFAS in my will?", "answer": "Yes! You can discuss planned giving options with one of our development officers by calling (352) 392-1975 or advancement@ifas.ufl.edu. You can also read about bequests here." }, { "question": "What is the UF Foundation’s Tax ID Number?", "answer": "The UF Foundation’s Tax ID Number is 59-0974739. The UF Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization." } ]
[ { "question": "Can the Child Decide on Custody?", "answer": "If the parties' combined income is less than $ 300.000 per year, child support is determined based on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. If either parent has other children in the home or for which he or she pays child support, those numbers arc included in the calculation as well. There are different worksheets used in the calculation depending on the custodial arrangement. The Guidelines and the worksheets are available at www.nccourts.org. Child support generally terminates when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. If the child turns 18 before graduation, child support continues until graduation. If the child graduates before turning 18, child support continues until the child turns 18. Child support may terminate earlier or extend later but only in certain rare circumstances. You can be held in contempt or prosecuted for failure to pay child support. You can be put in jail. Your driver's license and other licenses can be suspended. Your tax refunds can be intercepted. The courts have a host of options to enforce child support orders. Yes. Either parent may seek a change (increase or decrease) in child support at any time if a substantial change in circumstances has occurred after the order was entered by the court. A substantial change in circumstances is presumed by the court if the request to change the support order is made three or more years after the entry of the order and there is a 15% difference between the amount of support being paid and the amount of support that would be required with new calculations under the Guidelines. In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to the divorce and the situation is generally amicable. In an uncontested divorce in Mecklenburg County, the divorce is generally granted on papers and no court appearance is required. In other words, you and your spouse will NOT have to appear in court. Needless to say, in a contested divorce, the parties are at each other's throats and generally cannot agree on most important items. An annulment is a court order declaring that the marriage never really existed in the first place due to some defect. Marriages can be declared invalidated only in very limited circumstances, as indicated at Section 3 of Chapter 51 of the North Carolina General Statutes. The marriage was contracted under the representation that the female is pregnant, the parties separate within 45 days of marriage, and no child is born to the female within ten months of the date of separation." }, { "question": "I am not a citizen of the United States, can I still adopt a child?", "answer": "In North Carolina an individual may adopt even if not a citizen of the United States or not here legally, if such adoption would be in the best interest of the child and sufficient information exists to complete an approved pre-placement assessment with the Department of Health and Human Services. However, the services of an immigration attorney may also be needed to deal with federal immigration and naturalization issues arising from the state adoption." } ]
[ { "question": "How to implement complex workflows?", "answer": "> We often have 10+ stages of QC. (See our Web site, section | Projects for the full QA)." }, { "question": "Why 3 only?", "answer": "there is a difference between a business process and a workflow. You may have a 10-step process, but this process may be implemented by a workflow with only three different roles. A software testing lab would be a different siutation. Such a lab may requires a completely different workflow because there are several types of \"linguistic\", \"cosmetic\" and other tests that are assigned to different persons. However, even such processes can be implemented in ]po[ using Translation Tasks with a task type \"other\", even though not very elegantly." } ]
[ { "question": "How much does counselling cost?", "answer": "The first session is for 1 1/2 hours, and costs $220. Further sessions are of 50 minutes duration and cost $150. Rebates are available through Bupa, Medibank Private and Australian Unity, depending on your type and level of cover. Consession rates are available to people on a low income who are able to attend daytime appointments between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Vivienne is also able to offer counselling through Victims of Crime (if you are seeking counselling support to cope after a crime has been committed against you) and Carers Victoria (for family carers of someone with an illness or disability, or who is aged). To apply for these free services, you need to contact those organizations directly - see http://www.victimsofcrime.vic.gov.au or http://www.carersvictoria.org.au/how-we-help/counselling for more information. 2." }, { "question": "What frameworks inform your approach?", "answer": "We use an eclectic approach, based on systemic theory, attachment theory and emotion-focused therapy. When working with the effects of relational trauma, we also draw on music therapy methods, dialectical behavioural therapy, mindfulness and sensori-motor psychotherapeutic frameworks. These are all evidence-based, client-centred approaches that give you perspectives and tools to actively and effectively work on your relationships, as well as maximizing your existing resources and strengths. 3." }, { "question": "For men and boys: Will a female counsellor understand my point of view?", "answer": "We really enjoy hearing the different views that each partner or family member has about what is happening! Each person's unique perspective gives important information about the situation, that is needed in order to craft together win-win solutions that are tailored specifically to your particular strengths as a couple/family, and are the right fit for you. 4." }, { "question": "How many sessions will we need?", "answer": "We offer two types of counselling. The first focuses solely on helping couples, children and families communicate and resolve conflict better. This is suitable for people where issues have occurred recently, you have a history of being able to relate well as a couple or family, and no-one is dealing with other complex issues such as unresolved grief or trauma. Often this work can be completed within 4 - 8 sessions. The second type of counselling focuses more on patterns of relating which may have developed in response to grief, trauma, abuse or neglect. These ways of relating may have helped you to survive difficulties, but may now be creating problems in achieving intimacy and healthy connection. This work requires a longer time commitment (an average would be 6 - 12 months, but can take longer where issues are long-standing and may have affected your relational functioning in a more profound way). We will work together to evaluate goals and measure progress together, to decide how long a time may be required. 5." }, { "question": "How often should we come for counselling?", "answer": "In order to get the most benefit from counselling, we recommend you come either weekly or fornightly. 6." }, { "question": "Can I come to counselling on my own?", "answer": "You are most welcome to come to counselling on your own. Sometimes it can help to start individually,especially where trauma or grief has affected your relationships with your partner, kids, parents and/or extended family members. Where issues are more complex and/or long-standing, counselling may involve a mixture of individual and joint sessions. Families may find it useful to come in different combinations at times, depending on what you want to talk through. 7." }, { "question": "What if I can't get my partner or family member to come to counselling?", "answer": "Start by yourself, and we will work together on how best to encourage your loved ones to feel that counselling may be a non judgmental and healing space, where their perspectives will be welcomed. If they continue to be unwilling to come to counselling, you can still learn strategies and new perspectives that will empower you to make the changes you need for yourself in relationship. 8." }, { "question": "Do you see couples and families who have not experienced trauma or grief, who are just dealing with 'ordinary' issues?", "answer": "Yes, of course! Our training and experience can help children, adults, couples and families with the range of 'normal' relationship issues that can cause distress. 9." }, { "question": "When and where are sessions available?", "answer": "Counselling appointments are available in Eltham on Tuesdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., and on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12 midday and 8 p.m. Tuesday appointments can be offered at Rivers of Yarrambat by appointment https://www.riversofyarrambat.com/rivers-health-centre. Sessions are also available on Skype." } ]
[ { "question": "Looking for technical FAQs?", "answer": "Try our wiki or forums. Untangle’s NG Firewall licensing is done individually for each deployed NG Firewall. One license cannot be shared across multiple NG Firewalls. The pricing band is determined by the number of devices that are behind the NG Firewall. You can purchase a monthly, 1-year, 3-year or 5-year subscription. Untangle’s NG Firewall is priced by bands for different sized companies and networks. The appropriate band can be calculated by counting the number of unique devices behind an NG Firewall on any given day. More explicitly, it is the number of unique IPs on any non-WAN (local) interface including VPN users seen from midnight to midnight the next day. If the number of unique IPs is below the upper bound of the subscription band for that server it is fully compliant. Bypassed devices are not counted. Bypass Rules can be added for devices that do not need NG Firewall scanning and services (printers etc) but still require internet access. If the number of unique email addresses for scanned emails is greater than the number of unique IPs, unique email addresses is used instead." }, { "question": "What if I don't renew or quit paying for my subscription?", "answer": "If you stop paying for your subscription, any paid applications will stop working when your subscription ends. You will no longer be able to use anything but the free applications and will see “No License Found” on the faceplate of any paid applications. It’s very easy to get your account back working again by contacting our sales department to renew your subscription. All of your previous settings will return. Yes. You can print any shopping cart with the “Print as Quote” button, or contact [email protected] for help. Click the “My Account” link at the top of any page on untangle.com." }, { "question": "How do I update the credit card (or billing method) on my account?", "answer": "You can make your changes during checkout, or log in to your account via the “My Account” link at the top of any page on untangle.com. From your account, go to “Billing Information” where you may make the changes." }, { "question": "Can you change my email/billing address/company name?", "answer": "This can be done via your account – log in via the “My Account” link at the top of any page on untangle.com and go to “Account Information”." }, { "question": "How do I look up an invoice?", "answer": "Log in via the “My Account” link at the top of any page on untangle.com. Go to “Recent Invoices” for the most recent or “Invoices” for a complete list. I want to upgrade my subscription or change the number of users." }, { "question": "How do I do this?", "answer": "Simply log into your account and enter it under the Tax/VAT Number field in “Billing Information” and it will show up on future invoices." }, { "question": "How do you make money?", "answer": "Untangle’s NG Firewall is a platform for deploying network applications. The core platform and open source apps are free. We offer them at no cost as an introduction to the capabilities that our NG Firewall can provide." }, { "question": "Have a question that hasn’t been answered here?", "answer": "Contact us at [email protected] or use the “Support” tab on this page." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Does the Library proctor tests?", "answer": "No, the Johnson County Library does not offer test proctoring. The Johnson County Community College Testing Lab provides a proctored environment for the administration of correspondence/distance learning exams as a service to the community. However, because the exams are administered in an open lab and utilize limited resources, some restrictions exist related to the type of exam accepted and the timing of the administration. Please check with JCCC to see if your exam fits their criteria for proctoring, call 913-469-4439. All examinees (with the exception of KC REACHE students) must pay a proctor fee. The fee is $25 per test for tests with an allocated time limit of three hours or less; $50 (per test) for tests with an allocated time limit of greater than three hours. Acceptable payment includes credit card or debit card or online check. Johnson County Community College Testing Lab: 913-469-4439. Does not offer proctoring for business exams. Sylvan Learning Center in Lee's Summit: 816-525-4500. Ask for Tricia." } ]
[ { "question": "Can I Earn an Online Wedding Planner Degree?", "answer": "There are no known degrees in wedding planning, but there are professional certificates offered by many colleges and universities throughout the United States. Some schools do offer this certificate fully online. Often, you will learn about both wedding planning and general event planning and management within the same program. Online learning might give you the flexibility you want or need if work and family commitments don't allow for regular classroom attendance. Many programs are self-paced, meaning that you are able to start and finish lessons when it's convenient for you, and typically, the curriculum of the program is the same as if it were being taught in a traditional classroom. Some schools offer an in-person internship at the conclusion of the program, allowing you to use the tools and techniques you've learned online in a hands-on, supervised environment. Some schools suggest a maximum timeframe of six months for completion. You'll need access to a computer with Internet capabilities to take an online certificate program. Using the school's distance learning website, you can download lesson plans, submit assignments and take quizzes or tests. You can communicate with your instructor through e-mail; some schools permit you to schedule telephone meetings with him or her if you are more comfortable communicating that way. Audio and video files may be used in conjunction with text files or PowerPoint presentations to aid the learning process. A wedding planner certificate program is designed to include all aspects of professional management of a wedding, from inception to post-event. You will be taught how to seek out and arrange meetings with potential clients, methods of establishing your role as a planner, how to communicate any expectations you or your clients may have and techniques on how to close the sale. Event planning challenges - including working within budget limitations, dealing with vendor issues, stress management and handling last-minute changes or emergencies - are all typical discussions addressed in a certificate program." } ]
[ { "question": "What is a normal fasting blood sugar for a person with diabetes?", "answer": "According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines, diabetic patients should strive to achieve fasting blood sugar levels below 131 mg/dL, and levels following meals below 180 mg/dL. Ideally, diabetic patients can bring their blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible with lifestyle changes and medication. ADA guidelines recommend HbA1C levels below 7%, or an average blood sugar level below 154 mg/dL." } ]
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[ { "question": "HOW MANY CHANNELS ARE INCLUDED?", "answer": "Approximately 800 – 3000 Live TV and VOD channels, the amount may increase slightly as new channels are added and depending on the package you choose." }, { "question": "CAN I USE A ROKU, AMAZON FIRE, SMART TV, SMART PHONE, TABLETS OR ANDROID BOX?", "answer": "Yes, our service now works with all of the above including all models of Mag STBs." }, { "question": "IS THE BOX ONLY WIFI OR ETHERNET?", "answer": "Yes, the mag units are either Ethernet or WiFi ready. In high quality Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) and 4K. Picture and sound quality are superb!" }, { "question": "IN WHICH COUNTRIES CAN I USE THE MAG Unit?", "answer": "You can watch IPTV service ANYWHERE in the world. All you need is internet access. It takes only 5 minutes to setup, as it is plug and play. No satellite dish antennae and NO professional installation needed. It is guaranteed to operate 99.9% of the time." }, { "question": "IS THERE A MONTHLY OR YEARLY CHARGE?", "answer": "Yes, you can choose to subscribe for services on a monthly or yearly basis. Yes, we ship through the U.S, U.K, Canada, the Caribbean and elsewhere. We are open everyday except Tuesdays – 9:00am to 9:00pm Wednesday – Monday closed on Public Holidays. Please read our Terms of Service https://iptv242.com/terms-of-service/ and Refund Policy https://iptv242.com/our-return-policy/ before making a purchase from this website." } ]
[ { "question": "How are auditions conducted?", "answer": "Auditions will be conducted the first day. The students do not need to have anything prepared. The director will have selected parts of the script that they will use for the auditions, and the students simply need to be prepared to read their part an audition as a group in the scene they are assigned. Afterward, they will have a choice to stand up by themselves in front of class and deliver one line from the scripts if they would like to do so. The students will have a chance to practice reading through the lines with their audition group for 10 minutes or so PRIOR to auditions, and the director will be there to answer any questions and offer assistance. Kids who are just learning to read need not worry! The Director will call out the lines to them and they just repeat them aloud. The primary thing the instructor will be looking for when casting is how animated the child is with their bodies, faces and voice during their audition." }, { "question": "Why are auditions required?", "answer": "Auditions are required as a means of assessing the initial comfort level of your child as a performer. If your child does not feel comfortable auditioning then they are not required to. They will still get a role in the play assigned to them based on all the info gathered from the entire class the first day. As part of the audition process, we explain that all the parts are important parts in the story they will perform, regardless of the amount of lines it has. It’s up to the actor who is assigned the part to flourish in it and make it their own. It’s not about counting lines and the more lines an actor has doesn’t make that actor more important. We discuss that the more lines to memorize means more homework and study at home. We also ask the top 3 roles each child is most interested in so we have an idea of what they are looking for. Not everyone will get one of their top 3 choices, but all of this allows our Director to make the best assessment they can that day on what roles to assign to whom for the best possible experience for all our cast members." }, { "question": "Will the kids have a chance to eat a snack before rehearsal begins?", "answer": "Yes, we will take time at the beginning of each class for the kids to have a snack since they are usually hungry right after school. Please try to send snacks that will create minimal crumbs or mess and are peanut-free. If your child has any kind of intense food allergy please make sure to notate that when you register them on our website. My child got a small part and is upset." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "KidStage teaches children to do their very best no matter how many lines they have. Even if a role looks small on paper, there are still additional activities to participate in and ways to make that role into something special and unique based on the individual child’s personality. Some of the most memorable characters in plays/movies/stories are only in one or a few scenes. Less is, in a lot of cases, more. We have found that the children with the smaller roles shine just as brightly because they are able to focus on their role and really turn on the performance power! Your child can focus on the delivery of every line they have with much more forethought, practice, and intensity. This will allow them to delve more into characterization and emotional make-up of their character and not having to sit at home memorizing for a longer time just to get their lines down. We would suggest that you have a conversation with your child explaining to them that all the roles in the Play are important and that they can really shine in the role they were assigned as a part of the performance team. Also – you can ask your Director for pointers on how your child could improve their future auditions, and share that with and work on those things with your child." }, { "question": "What is the best way for my child to learn his/her lines?", "answer": "Practice makes perfect! Students should speak their lines “loud and proud” every evening. Young actors need an adult to help set aside and schedule time to work on their lines each week until they are down pat. Without scheduling it, it can easily be forgotten about. Once your child is memorized, then a brush-up every few days is critical to keep them up to speed, and also can be fun since they can delve into creative character exploration at home. You can help by running the dialogue with them; simply read about 3 to 4 lines prior to their lines in the scenes they are in. This gets their brain to start to recognize the pattern of speech leading up to when they need to deliver their line. You need only rehearse the scenes of the play your child is in. For children that are having difficulty recalling their lines, try having them write the lines down repeatedly, this can even be done as a journal exercise. Finally, it really helps kids practice projection and being loud when they rehearse lines from a distance (ex: you sit at the top of the stairs and they sit at the bottom or across a room). It’s natural for them to want to talk softly when on stage so the more practice at home they can have pushing their voices out and with strength, the better it will help them on show night!" }, { "question": "Why is it important for my child to memorize all of their lines by the Off-Book date?", "answer": "Memorization is a crucial element to ensuring your child is getting the most out of the in-class experience! When a child does not know their lines, it’s hard for them to have fun and learn about acting because they’re constantly focused on carrying their script and reading while trying to rehearse. This is why we set the off-book (fully memorized) target date. Your child should be 100% memorized by this point. Ideally, they are off-book sooner than that, but that is the final goal date. This way they can learn more about acting in class without the added stress (and it is stressful) of carrying a script, trying to stay on the right page and then reading their lines. This is ESPECIALLY important if your child is younger (grades K-3). Gaining and developing self-confidence is one of the most influential elements of KidStage and when a child has worked hard and feels confident about their lines they are able to perform with confidence and are free to let loose and have fun exploring their character!" }, { "question": "Are we required to purchase costumes for our children?", "answer": "No. The KidStage philosophy is to keep productions simple and affordable. The class and production are about process and the performance experience for our young actors. Parents can purchase costumes if desired, but we encourage you to push your child to creatively come up with their costume using things you already own! Think outside the box. At the end of the day their costume can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish and often times made entirely of items you already have at home. Many parents have told us that it is a fun parent/child bonding activity that can be scheduled for a particular weekend." }, { "question": "Will there be props for the production?", "answer": "We need families to volunteer to bring/make these items in order to make the show more visually appealing and fun for our young actors! During the session, the director will send out a list of props needed for the production. Please volunteer for things you can bring in – it rarely requires anyone to be artistic and to make massive back-drops. It can be as simple as a tea set, small chairs and table, bench, etc. This is another great example of the collaborative nature of theatre and how everyone working together makes the final project the best it can be!" }, { "question": "What can we expect on show night?", "answer": "The majority of our Productions are simple, and it will be what the kids and parents make of it. In order to ensure a better production, it is of utmost importance that the children have memorized their lines and cues. And to do that, it requires the parents to constantly schedule, remind and work with the children at home. The primary purpose of the show is to help the children build confidence speaking and performing in front of others. Therefore it is great to have as many parents/siblings/family/friends at the show as possible to root them on! There is no ticket charge for most of the shows, so the more the merrier! Also, bring a pencil/pen to the show. One of our traditions at KidStage is that we encourage the audience to get autographs from the actors after the show! It’s a blast and parents/actors all have fun with this! It will most likely be hard to hear some actors." }, { "question": "Is it possible or probable that you may be a bit nervous – forget a line – and even talk softly?", "answer": "In most cases, folks would agree. This is one of the big reasons why young children need the KidStage experience early on so they build up this experience so that standing up and performing or speaking in front of others becomes second nature. We don’t use mics or sound systems because they typically don’t work well and they can be quite expensive. Using mics won’t teach our actors to learn to project their voices. So please be aware that you may not hear certain parts of the play, but that our goal is to build each and every actor up and help them learn to enjoy being on stage. Fearless. Standing with self-assuredness. Strong. And it’s critical that our audience believes in this mission and helps support it by loving and supporting the actors on show night, regardless of how loud or shy or gregarious or emotional they may be." }, { "question": "What does my child have to gain from this program?", "answer": "Theatre can create a positive opportunity for personal and social growth and development. Children involved in performing arts can be more self-aware, understand the value of collaboration and working within a team. They can learn about how emotions can be tied to or even changed by the use of our bodies. Public Speaking has been documented as one of the greatest fears among adults, and our goal is help our students conquer that fear before it can even set in. Through the KidStage experience, students can develop an enhanced imagination, strengthen their creativity, and learn to take risks in a safe environment. Parents have told us that after KidStage, their children exhibited an expanded vocabulary, higher reading scores in their school work, and much more confidence in conversations in groups as well as in a one-on-one setting." }, { "question": "How does the Wait List work?", "answer": "This process has recently been changed, so it’s important to share with you. If a class is full, then you will have a box on our registration page where you can enter your email to be put on the wait list. If and when a spot opens up, the system will automatically email EVERYONE who is on the wait list for that class at that moment at the same time. The first person to go into the site and register will get the spot." } ]
[ { "question": "Highland Smiles > FAQs > Bite Guards > Why do I need a bite guard?", "answer": "Many people grind or clench their teeth while they are sleeping, and they aren’t even aware they are doing it. Often it is their dentist who uncovers the habit because they can see teeth that have worn down. If your Denver dentist recommends a bite guard after an evaluation of the wear on your teeth, wearing it at night can help protect your teeth from further damage. If you continue to grind or clench your teeth at night without intervention, you may start feeling pain in the jaw joint (the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ). You might also begin to experience headaches and pain that radiates along the jaw. A custom-made bite guard is different from the mouthguards you can purchase over the counter to protect your teeth while playing sports. These soft guards are not made to run interference with the act of grinding or clenching. We will make a bite guard in Denver for you from an impression of your teeth and bite registration. After you wear it for a week, we will see you again to adjust it as needed. A bite guard that fits you properly can last for a very long time. And it will eliminate the grinding motion—protecting your teeth and keeping you pain-free." } ]
[ { "question": "What services do SOFTHOME provide?", "answer": "We are a one-stop solution provider that specializes in soft furnishings – from curtains, blinds, wallpaper, window films to upholstery, hence our name, SOFTHOME. Our products serve not just its functional use or just as a decoration. It also provides value-added purpose of protection, privacy protection and protection from the sun (e.g. window films). Check out our catalog for more details. I need new soft furnishings for my home but I don’t know where to start. You can start with your 100% free on-site consultation from us. Call us at 9221 9632 for a non-obligatory consultation. Our consultants will come to your home to discuss your needs and offer you solutions for your consideration. Measurements will be taken then to provide you with an accurate and non-obligatory quotation for your consideration. Alternatively, you could email us your dimensions and floor plan at [email protected] and we can provide you with a proposal for your consideration. I am looking for something unusual." }, { "question": "Do you do customization?", "answer": "Definitely. During our consultation, you will get to see a wide range of fabrics in all kinds of textures and colors sourced from all around the world. Generally for most residential units, installation will be completed within a day. For larger-scale commercial projects, installation could span over a few days. Installation takes place during normal working hours (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm). Upon request, or due to specific of projects, we can do weekend and night installations. Most products comes with 1 year warranty, our motorized systems comes with a longer warranty up to 5 years. Our warranty covers the functionality of the mechanism only. There are no warranties for fabrics (due to wear and tear)." } ]
[ { "question": "Do Skips Have Doors?", "answer": "Our 2m³ & 4m³ skips DO NOT have doors. Most of our 6m³ and 9m³ skips do have doors, but it would be advisable to specifically request your preference at the time ordering." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I apply to one of the global public health majors?", "answer": "To learn more about how to apply for/declare a GPH major, students should contact the Admissions Office (for Nursing, Social, and Steinhardt majors) or the Advising Office (for CAS majors) of their respective school." }, { "question": "As an undergraduate student how am I assigned an major and how do I know who my advisor is?", "answer": "All declared GPH majors are assigned an advisor. Typically this is at the beginning of their first year for Nursing, Social Work, and Steinhardt students and at the end of their second year for CAS students (who must declare with their joint major department). It is recommend that students meet with their advisors at least once per semester to make sure that they are on-track toward completing their GPH degree requirements." }, { "question": "What are the curriculum requirements for the Global Public Health majors?", "answer": "Depending on your particular major, your curriculum requirements will vary. To learn more about the specific curriculum requirements for your major visit the Majors page. To learn more about the courses in the Global Public Health majors – including the core courses that all students take regardless of school – visit the Undergraduate Courses page." }, { "question": "What can I do with a BA/BS in Global Public Health?", "answer": "Majoring in global public health will prepare you for entry into not-for-profits, government organizations, social service agencies, international health services and programs, and more." }, { "question": "Did you know that GPH students are able to meet with a Wasserman Career Coach onsite at 726 Broadway, 7th Floor in addition to the Union Square location?", "answer": "GPH Undergraduates should make an appointment online with NYU’s Wasserman Center*** for Career Development to explore career paths of interests and prepare for their next position in the Public Health field. I’m interested in pursuing additional education after the BA/BS in Global Public Health." }, { "question": "What are my options?", "answer": "The NYU global public health majors provide excellent preparation for further public health study at the masters, doctoral and professional school levels, including GPH’s own graduate programs. To apply, please complete and submit the application form (which you can obtain by emailing gph.admissions@nyu.edu). If you prefer to pursue your continued education in a related discipline, the global public health majors are designed to prepare you for work in Anthropology, Applied Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Food Studies, History, Media, Culture and Communication, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics, Social Work and Sociology." }, { "question": "What if a student is unable to complete the study abroad requirement?", "answer": "All students in the NYU College of Global Public Health Undergraduate Program are expected to study abroadfor one semester. Under special circumstances, a student may request to waive this requirement. To apply for a waiver, a student must complete the Study Abroad Waiver Application and submit it to his/her home school advisor. If approved, the advisor will submit the form to cgph.studentaffairs@nyu.edu for review." } ]
[ { "question": "Who should I contact?", "answer": "A: Apple support. The entire transaction is conducted by Apple. There’s a roster missing in the online database." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "A: Send an email to support@levelchanger.com with the team name and state. We’ll try to find the team and put their roster into the database." }, { "question": "Do you automatically store a copy of my database in the cloud?", "answer": "A: No, all of your data is stored on your iPad. We recommend backing up your Takedown data as often as practical. LevelChanger is the developer and publisher of the Takedown line of wrestling apps. For information about our company, click here." }, { "question": "What is Takedown Scoring and Stats?", "answer": "It is a highly engineered, native iOS app that is downloadable from the Apple App Store, just like any other app that runs on your Apple mobile device. Takedown runs on any iPad with a compatible version of iOS. All Takedown features are sharply focused on reducing workload for coaches and managers. Takedown does not do tournament bracket management and, as such, is not intended for use by tournament managers. Over 290 versions of the app have been built and tested over the last five years and roughly 50 of those have been released for download from the App Store." }, { "question": "Who uses Takedown Scoring and Stats?", "answer": "Colleges, high schools, middle schools and clubs in forty nine states. See About form more information about customers." }, { "question": "Does Takedown require an Internet connection?", "answer": "No Internet connection is required. Takedown Scoring and Stats is designed to operate in stand alone mode. Of course, if you want to email or post results or share your data then an Internet connection is required. See this page for current release and history. Any iPad with a compatible iOS version. This includes iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro. The iPad 1 is not supported and iPad 2/3 is not recommended because of slow processing speed." }, { "question": "Can I used multiple iPads for the same team?", "answer": "Yes. Data can be shared and consolidated between multiple iPads. Click here for blog posts and here for tutorials." }, { "question": "Are National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) scoring rules supported?", "answer": "Yes. This is the rule set used by pre-college folkstyle programs including high school, junior high school, middle school, elementary school and clubs." }, { "question": "What is the cost to download the app?", "answer": "Takedown Scoring and Stats is free do download from the App Store and includes the ability to score up to 30 individual matches." }, { "question": "How do I score matches after the first 30?", "answer": "The ability to score additional matches can be purchased in in Takedown (Settings>>Takedown Store). We offer seven day and annual subscriptions allowing unlimited match scoring during the subscription period. We also offer individual matches in sets of 50 and 200. Current pricing is available in the app (Settings>>Takedown Store) and on our app page listing here. We recommend the annual subscriptions as they are the best value for most wrestling teams. By Apple through their App Store. For more details about the App Store, click here." }, { "question": "Can purchased, un-scored matches be transferred to another iTunes account?", "answer": "Only on the iPad on which the matches were originally purchased. In our experience, this Apple process is unreliable and confusing." }, { "question": "Can a subscription be transferred to another iPad?", "answer": "Any subscription is valid on all iPads registered to the original purchaser’s Apple ID for no additional fee. No. Video features are optional and purchased separately." }, { "question": "Can I get a receipt for my purchase of the app and additional matches?", "answer": "Yes. Apple emails a receipt for every App Store purchase. For more details about App Store purchase history, click here." }, { "question": "Can I temporarily change my iTunes account to purchase matches?", "answer": "We don't recommend this the outcome is uncertain. A better solution is to have that iTunes account send you a gift certificate via email. Here's a link for iTunes Gift Cards by Email." }, { "question": "Does Takedown offer scoring graphics for advanced video production?", "answer": "Yes, we offer automatically generated, network-based, real-time scoring graphics. See this tutorial." }, { "question": "Is my data automatically stored in the cloud?", "answer": "No, we do not store your data in the cloud. All of the match scoring data is on your iPad and it is private to you. Yes and frequently. The most reliable way to backup your Takedown data is with the Season Export feature. You should do this after each event. Click here for more information. You can also use iTunes to backup your iPad." }, { "question": "Can I restore my data if my iPad is lost, stolen or damaged?", "answer": "If you've backed up your Takedown database with the Season Export feature, you can easily restore your Takedown database. You can also use iTunes to backup and restore your iPad." }, { "question": "Can I make a local (stored on the iPad) backup copy of my Takedown data?", "answer": "Yes. With iOS 9.x, you can \"share\" your Seasons. This process will copy your Season to your selected on-device destination." }, { "question": "Do I need to re-enter my team's schedule for every season?", "answer": "No, you can copy a previous season's Schedule and make changes -- dates, times and locations -- as necessary, delete events that are no longer relevant and add new events." }, { "question": "Do I need to re-enter my team's roster for every competition?", "answer": "No, just enter it once at the beginning of the season and all those wrestlers will be available for any event in the same Season. You can import your roster from our cloud database (over 9,000 teams), import from a spreadsheet, copy from another season or enter the information manually." }, { "question": "Can I add and delete wrestlers from my roster?", "answer": "Yes, easily. If you remove a wrestler from your roster -- a graduated senior for example -- the scoring data remains in the database for reporting and statistical purposes." }, { "question": "Do I need to enter my opponent's roster for every competition?", "answer": "No, an Opponent Team and associated wrestlers are in Takedown, that team will be available for all events in the same Season." }, { "question": "Do you provide rosters for downloading?", "answer": "Yes, our online database of over 9,000 high school and college teams is easily accessible within Takedown. With a single tap, you can download as many rosters as you need from our cloud database. For a tutorial, click here." }, { "question": "How many opponent teams can I download?", "answer": "Limited only by the size of your iPad's memory. Takedown enforces no limit. Many users download all teams in a single state or in multiple states." }, { "question": "Can I export my Takedown data to a spreadsheet?", "answer": "Yes, many of the statistical reports can be exported to a spreadsheet. This is especially useful for charting and graphing." }, { "question": "Can I copy scoring data from a paper score book?", "answer": "Yes. However, be sure to let Takedown know that you're \"Copying\" the scoring. Takedown will ask you that question at the end of any match it suspects is being copied from paper. This is important for preserving the usefulness of statistics -- short time scoring, for example -- that need an accurate match clock." }, { "question": "Can I print my administrative and statistical reports?", "answer": "Yes, all of the statistical reports can be printed from within the app if you're connected to an iPad-compatible printer." }, { "question": "Can I print reports without an iPad-compatible printer?", "answer": "Yes. Email the report and retrieve it on a device -- laptop or desktop, for example -- with printer access." }, { "question": "Can I save my administrative and statistical reports?", "answer": "Yes. All reports can be saved in Portable Document Format (PDF). Many reports can be saved in image and comma separated variable (CSV) formats. The box score is available in the text format preferred by most newspapers and media outlets. Yes and frequently. The most reliable way to backup your Takedown data is with the Season Export feature. You should do this after each event. Click here for more information." }, { "question": "Can I export my reports, statistics and season database to cloud storage services like Apple Files, Dropbox and Google Drive?", "answer": "Yes, these options are available in Takedown Scoring and Stats if you've installed those services on your iPad." }, { "question": "Do I need to enter a Certified Weight (also know as \"Minimum Weight Class\") for my wrestlers?", "answer": "No. However, if you enter a Minimum Weight Class (MWC) then Takedown will utilize that information to prevent user errors. MWC, if available, is downloaded from our database for My Team and Opponent Teams." }, { "question": "Do I need to \"weigh-in\" my wrestlers for each event?", "answer": "No, it is optional. However, if you enter weigh-in data then Takedown will utilize that information to prevent user errors." }, { "question": "Do I need to \"weigh-in\" opposing wrestlers for each event?", "answer": "No, it is optional. However, if you enter weigh-in data for opposing wrestlers (available for dual meets only) Takedown will utilize that information to prevent user errors." }, { "question": "For a dual tournament, do I need to re-enter My Team weigh-in data for every dual meet?", "answer": "No. Enter weigh-ins for the first dual meet of the tournament and then copy that data to subsequent dual meets in the Weigh In Wrestlers section." }, { "question": "Is weigh-in data stored in the cloud?", "answer": "No. All of your data is stored on your iPad and is private to you. Backup your database frequently." }, { "question": "Can I name my team whatever I'd like?", "answer": "Yes. Click here for a tutorial. All reports will include the new team name." }, { "question": "Can I add my team logo?", "answer": "Yes. Click here for a tutorial. We use Seasons to segregate schedules, rosters and scoring data from one year to the next for reporting and statistical purposes." }, { "question": "How is a Season defined?", "answer": "A season is defined by a name you assign (typically, something like \"2015 - 2016\" but it's up to you), a start date and end date, again of your choosing." }, { "question": "What does a Season contain?", "answer": "Each Season has a Schedule of events, your team Roster, a list of Opponent Teams and all associated scored matches." }, { "question": "Are Seasons in Takedown the same as Seasons in Trackwrestling?", "answer": "Conceptually, they are similar in that they both contain events and rosters defined over a period of time. In Takedown, however, you decide how many and what type of Seasons to create." }, { "question": "How many Seasons can I have?", "answer": "As many as you'd like. In the fall of 2018, many of our customers are adding their sixth Season. Six seasons of data is pretty awesome if you're trying to build a legacy for your program. I just started using the app." }, { "question": "Can I add scoring from previous seasons?", "answer": "Yes. For example, create a Season called \"2017-2018\" and enter the corresponding scoring data from your paper score book or other source. A list of dual meets and tournaments. Just like your paper schedule." }, { "question": "How should I deal with that?", "answer": "Events are categorized as Varsity, JV, Freshman, Middle School or Other -- we call that \"Competition Level.\" For reporting purposes, you can select the Competition Level of interest to keep the stats separate. But, if you'd like to have separate JV and Varsity Seasons, that works, too. In this case, title your Seasons something like \"2015-2016 JV\" and \"2015-2016 Varsity.\"" }, { "question": "Should I add the text \"Varsity\" or \"JV\" to my Event name?", "answer": "Isn't necessary, the app allows you to specify the competition level and displays that information in the appropriate places such as Schedule, Match Scoring and Reports. Adding the competition level to the Event name will create redundant labels -- such as \"Washington HS Varsity -- Varsity\" in the app. A dual meet or individually bracketed tournament. Schedule multiple dual meets on the same date for a dual tournament, quad or tri." }, { "question": "How is the Event defined?", "answer": "An Event includes the following information: event name, opponent name (dual only), date and time, competition level, location, weigh-in (optional), weight classes, first weight class wrestled (dual only), period lengths (including consolations for tournaments), 2nd period choice, official's and scorer's name (optional, dual only), team and individual place winners (optional, tournament only) and notes (optional). A dual meet optionally contains a list of expected regulation and exhibition match ups that are automatically loaded into the Scoring interface." }, { "question": "How do I schedule a dual tournament?", "answer": "A dual tournament is simply a series of dual meets over a short period of time, typically one or two days. Schedule each opponent as a dual meet with the appropriate date and time. You can give your dual tournament a Name which is different from the opposing team's name." }, { "question": "Can I download my team's Roster from your database?", "answer": "Over 9,000 middle school, high school and college rosters exist in our database, so the chances are good. For how to download your team's roster, click here. My Team's Roster isn't in your online database, but I have it in a spreadsheet." }, { "question": "What else can I enter for a wrestler on My Team?", "answer": "Photo, grade or college year, birth date, telephone number, email address, weight certification data, equipment issued/returned and notes. The more information you enter, the more value you'll get from the app." }, { "question": "Can I remove a wrestler from my Roster?", "answer": "Yes. For removed wrestlers, associated match scoring data remains in the database for reporting and statistics." }, { "question": "Is My Team's Roster stored in the cloud?", "answer": "Your roster from the certification process is probably in our database. However, any changes you make to your roster in Takedown Scoring and Stats is not uploaded to our database. Your detailed roster information is stored on your iPad and is private. You can share your Roster at your discretion and with varying levels of detail." }, { "question": "Do you support a \"conference\" or \"non-conference\" designation for opposing teams?", "answer": "Yes. And reports can include or exclude opponents based on this designation. This is especially helpful for post-season tournament seeding." }, { "question": "What is an Opponent Team?", "answer": "A named list of wrestlers, typically representing a school, college or club program against which you compete." }, { "question": "How do I enter an Opponent Team?", "answer": "Download Opponent Teams from our cloud database or enter manually. We maintain current rosters for over 9,000 high schools and over 400 colleges." }, { "question": "Do you maintain rosters for prior seasons?", "answer": "Yes, rosters back to 2012 are available for download in the app. I'm a college coach." }, { "question": "Can I download all the college teams and be done with it?", "answer": "Yes, easily. Never know who you'll encounter at an open tournament. I'm an Ohio high school coach and we wrestler only Ohio schools." }, { "question": "Can I download all the Ohio teams and be done with it?", "answer": "Yes, easily. There's an option to download all teams in a state. I'm still an Ohio coach. We often wrestle against Indiana and Pennsylvania teams." }, { "question": "How many Opponent Teams can I have in Takedown?", "answer": "Limited only by the memory and performance of your iPad. Takedown does not enforce a limit." }, { "question": "Can I add an Opponent Team Logo?", "answer": "Yes. This logo will display on the scoreboard during a dual meet. I'm in the scoring section, but nothing's happening." }, { "question": "What next?", "answer": "Select your wrestler and the opposing wrestler, then tap the match clock in the center. In the scoring grid at the top, the team on the first line is always \"My Team.\"" }, { "question": "Can I add Opponent Teams and wrestlers in the Scoring section?", "answer": "Often, we can't enter the information ahead of time. Yes, it is possible to add the opposing wrestler (and team affiliation if necessary) in the Scoring section. A better approach is to download all the teams you could possibly encounter during the season and that will reduce the need to add wrestlers manually in the Scoring section. Also, for dual meets you can pair contestants in advance of the dual meet. This is optional and is easily overridden in Scoring. Can I add exhibition matches \"on-the-fly?\" Yes, as many as you'd like with or without a weight class assignment." }, { "question": "Can I change my wrestler's color in the scoring grid from green to red to correspond with the ankle bracelet color assigned by the official?", "answer": "Yes. You can change the color at any time. I selected my wrestler and the opposing wrestler, but nothing's happening. Start (and stop) the match clock by tapping it. Always use the match clock. Do not use override to avoid starting/stopping the match clock. Override should be used sparingly. But, the Takedown match clock and the official match clock aren't showing the same time!" }, { "question": "Won't that mess everything up?", "answer": "Unless you're the source for the official clocks, don't worry. Use the \"+\" and \"-\" buttons to get the Takedown match clock to agree with the official match clock if you'd like. If the Takedown match clock expires and wrestling is still happening, just add time by tapping the \"+\" button. There are statistical reporting benefits to having the Takedown match clock agree with the official match clock. Specifically, the Riding Time, Short Time Scoring and portions of Wrestler Profile require an accurate match clock." }, { "question": "Why are the scoring buttons greyed-out?", "answer": "To prevent scoring errors. The scoring interface knows the match context and permits only legal scoring actions based on the current National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) or National Collegiate Athletic Association rule books, depending on how you've installed the app." }, { "question": "But, I need to use one of the greyed-out scoring buttons?", "answer": "Tap Override and all the scoring buttons will be visible. Override should be used sparingly." }, { "question": "Can I add a generic point (or two) to the match score to compensate for action that I missed?", "answer": "No and click here to understand why that's a really bad idea. Use Override or Undo to correct an error. Override should be used sparingly." }, { "question": "How do I erase a scoring error?", "answer": "The Undo button will erase the last visible scoring action. You can tap the Undo button more than once. Once the match clock starts, you can not Undo the previous period." }, { "question": "Do you support Injury, Blood and Recovery clocks?", "answer": "Yes. Tap the appropriate colored chevron(\"<<\" or \">>\") on the side of the Scoring view." }, { "question": "How is start-of-period choice managed?", "answer": "For a dual meet, go to the Schedule and select the event, then on the right side select Odd or Even for your team and 2nd period choice will be offered to the correct wrestler in each match. For an individually bracketed tournament, 2nd period choice is always official's coin flip so there is no Odd/Event choice to select for a tournament. For both dual meet and tournament, the app offers choice to the correct wrestler in the 3rd period." }, { "question": "Do you support team penalty points?", "answer": "Yes. Team penalty points are subtracted from the offending team's score. Yes. The regulation scoring grid transitions to an overtime scoring grid if regulation ends in a tied match score." }, { "question": "Can I change the view from overtime to regulation time and back if I need to check something?", "answer": "Yes. Swipe the scoring grid left to right to go back to regulation and then right to left to go back to overtime." }, { "question": "How do I record a intentional release (escape) on the restart?", "answer": "On the restart, tap Override and tap Escape prior to starting the match clock. Click here for tutorial." }, { "question": "In a tournament, do you support different period durations for Championship and Consolation matches?", "answer": "Yes. Also, within an event if a loss is recorded then that wrestler's additional matches will automatically use Consolation period durations." }, { "question": "Is Riding Time and Riding Time Advantage tracked?", "answer": "Yes, for college matches. Riding time clock operation is automatic, no user action required. Each wrestler's riding time clock is adjustable. The riding time advantage clock is non-adjustable as it is simply the difference between each wrestler's riding time. A riding time advantage point is added to the match score when appropriate." }, { "question": "Can I copy match scoring from a paper record into Takedown Scoring and Stats?", "answer": "Yes. Be sure to start the match clock in each period. Don't use Override to avoid starting the clock. Override should be used sparingly. Make sure to tap \"Copying\" if Takedown asks." }, { "question": "Can I stop scoring an event and score some other event?", "answer": "Yes. This can be done between matches. If you try to switch in the middle of a match, Takedown will give you the option of finishing the match or throwing it away." }, { "question": "Does the app automatically determine the winner of a dual based on tie-breaker criteria?", "answer": "No, but the Scoreboard and Scoring Details reports will help you figure out the winner very quickly. When I finish scoring a match, the app asks if the match is Live or Copied." }, { "question": "What does this mean?", "answer": "If you are copying scoring from a non-live source, a paper scorebook for example, then the match clock is obviously inaccurate. Some of the statistical reports rely on an accurate match clock. So, when the app \"senses\" that you're copying from a non-live source, it asks for confirmation. If you say that the match is Copied, then that match won't be included in certain statistical calculations -- short time scoring, riding time and various stats in Wrestler Profile -- that assume a valid match clock. Oops. I scored a bunch of matches into the wrong tournament." }, { "question": "Can I re-assign them to the correct tournament?", "answer": "Yes. For this and other ways to correct errors, click here. It is possible to correct many, but not all, scoring errors after the fact. For example, it is possible to change the contestant names, weight class, event assignment and match type after the fact. It isn't possible to change the scoring transcript after the match is committed. I paired two wrestlers for a weight class in a dual, but the coach sent someone else to the table." }, { "question": "How can I record scrimmages or other events without messing up my statistics?", "answer": "Create a Season called “Scrimmages” or “Exhibition Events” or whatever you’d like. Or, in your official Season, create a tournament event called “Scrimmage” or “Exhibitions” or whatever you’d like and run all the matches as “Exhibitions.” There are other methods. In any case, it is easy to exclude a Season or an Event or Exhibition matches when generating stats." }, { "question": "Can I create a report without an Internet connection?", "answer": "Yes. All your match scoring data is stored on your iPad. All of the processing and calculations for creating the report are done on the iPad. Tap \"Report Selection\" in the upper left corner of Reports. Standard scorebook, box score, scoring detail, win/loss, seeing meeting, riding time, wrestler profile, short-time scoring, shot success rate, points-by-period, leader board, schedule and roster." }, { "question": "How do I narrow or expand the amount of data shown in the reports?", "answer": "Tap \"Report Selection\" and then tap the blue circle \"i\" to the right of the report of interest. Typically, a second or two. Complex reports -- Wrestler Profile, for example -- can take longer." }, { "question": "What are the various ways in which the data in a report can be expanded or narrowed?", "answer": "By season, event name, wrestler, competition level or event format. Forfeits can be included or not. Some reports -- seeding meeting, for example -- have sorting options." }, { "question": "Over what time frame is short-time scoring calculated?", "answer": "Over the last 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds remaining in each period, user selectable." }, { "question": "How long is the ranked list in the leader board?", "answer": "Each stat is displayed for 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20 or all wrestlers, user selectable." }, { "question": "In what formats are the reports available?", "answer": "Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), spreadsheet (CSV), image and text. Yes, from within the app by tapping the Apple \"sharing\" icon -- a square with an embedded up arrow -- in the reports view. Email needs to be installed and configured on your iPad." }, { "question": "Can I post reports to Facebook user timelines, Facebook pages or Twitter timelines?", "answer": "Yes, from within the app by tapping the Apple sharing symbol -- a square with an embedded up arrow -- in the reports view. Facebook and Twitter need to be installed and configured on your iPad." }, { "question": "Can I text message reports?", "answer": "Yes, from within the app by tapping the Apple sharing symbol -- a square with an embedded up arrow -- in the Reports view. Apple's Messages app needs to be installed and configured on your iPad. Yes, if your iPad's is on a network with an AirPrint compatible printer. I don't have an AirPrint compatible printer." }, { "question": "What now?", "answer": "Email your reports to a desktop or laptop from which printing is possible. You can also export your reports to a cloud service -- Dropbox or Google Drive, for example -- that's accessible by a desktop or laptop with printing abilities." }, { "question": "Can I save reports on the iPad or to a cloud-based service like Dropbox?", "answer": "Yes. Make sure you have the cloud-based storage service installed and configured on your iPad. Other popular choices are iCloud (much improved since iOS 9) and Google Drive." }, { "question": "Do you support the box score format favored by most newspapers?", "answer": "Yes. After displaying the Box Score, tap the Apple sharing icon and select \"Share Text\"." }, { "question": "Our state has a website for posting results -- can I post our results on that website?", "answer": "Yes, you can post your results anywhere you'd like. Our reports generate PDF, image and text output, though not all reports support all output formats." }, { "question": "Can the referee sign the scorebook?", "answer": "Yes. Starting with iOS 11, using the built in Apple Annotation tools. For pre-iOS 11 installations, download the Adobe Acrobat app (free) from the app store. You can \"share\" the scorebook report with the Adobe Acrobat reader and the ref can sign -- finger tip or stylus -- the book in that app. Adobe Acrobat will keep a copy of the signed scorebook, it isn't stored in Takedown Scoring and Stats." }, { "question": "Do you support auto-posting results to Facebook?", "answer": "No. Facebook usage guidelines prohibit auto-posting. This feature was removed in Release 2.8.1. Sorry, not our decision." }, { "question": "Yes, it's easy to add a custom hashtag to Twitter posts..\nHow is Takedown LIVE different from posting my results to a social network?", "answer": "Takedown LIVE displays detailed scoring action as it happens using the same scoring grid and notation as Takedown Scoring and Stats. Takedown LIVE is an app for iOS devices. Takedown Scoring and Stats posts to your team's Twitter timelines end-of-period and end-of-match scores, not individual scoring action. Use the Twitter or Facebook apps on mobile or a browser on the desktop to view the live scoring posts." }, { "question": "Can I post to Takedown LIVE and Twitter simultaneously?", "answer": "Yes, you can post your results anywhere you'd like. Most sites accept PDF or text and both formats are available for the Box Score." }, { "question": "Can I embed the live scoring results on my team's website?", "answer": "Yes, easily. To see an example on this website, click here. For instructions on embedding your Takedown Scoring and Stats automated scoring tweets on your team's website, click here. With some development effort, it is possible to have a Takedown LIVE-style presentation embedded on your team website." }, { "question": "Can I install Takedown Scoring and Stats and Takedown LIVE on the same iPad?", "answer": "Yes. This is a convenient way for coaches to follow their team if its wrestlers are split between two venues -- JV in City A and Varsity in City B -- or between multiple gyms at the same venue. I see the Takedown LIVE symbol on various websites like WrestleStat." }, { "question": "What does that mean?", "answer": "We make Takedown LIVE data available to qualified third parties to improve the availability of scoring-related information. WrestleStat is a one of our partners. See more here. If using a hard wired connection, the iPad must be running iOS 9. A Mini 1 is a good device to use for a hard-wired connection." }, { "question": "What kind of display should I use?", "answer": "Any display with an HDMI input. We've tested displays with DVI inputs, using and HDMI to DVI converter, but it isn't as reliable as HDMI." }, { "question": "What size monitor is supported?", "answer": "Any size will work. We've run on 20\" computer monitors and ceiling mounted, four-sided Daktronics monitors at Stanford." }, { "question": "Does the Scoreboard display team logos?", "answer": "Yes, for My Team and the Opponent if the logos are uploaded to the app." }, { "question": "Where can I find team logos?", "answer": "We don't know of a central source for scholastic team logos. Some league or section websites have a member logo repository. School websites, of course, have logos." }, { "question": "Are you part of Trackwrestling?", "answer": "No. You can choose to save a lot of time by letting Takedown copy your match results and weigh-ins to your Trackwrestling account, but that's your decision. If you like typing, then don't use this feature. It's up to you." } ]
[ { "question": "How can I know for sure I’m going to Heaven?", "answer": "The Bible tells us how we can know! Watch our short video to find out how you can know for sure." } ]
[ { "question": "Can you design me a custom graphic?", "answer": "Yes we can! If you have your own graphics or design ideas, we will work with you to create the look you want." }, { "question": "How do I get a t-shirt designed?", "answer": "Send or bring in your design idea. Whether it be a logo, a shirt you already have, an image from online, a drawing, or just describe what you're looking for and we'll do our best to try to create what you're looking for." }, { "question": "Can you make/sew single patches?", "answer": "No we cannot make or sew patches for/onto garments. Yes we can! Contact us or come in and we'll see how we can help you. Yes we do! We have many different options. For pricing contact us and based on things like design, dimensions, and materials we will try to give you a rough estimate." }, { "question": "Are you open on the weekend?", "answer": "We are open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm unless by appointment. Our turnaround varies. Some orders we can have finished same day and others can take a few weeks." }, { "question": "How many shirts do I have to order to do a screen-print order?", "answer": "The minimum shirts required for a screen-print job is 12. The more shirts you order the cheaper each of you're shirts will be. I have a (shirt, hat, scarf, etc) that I want customised." }, { "question": "Can you do that?", "answer": "Yes we can customise most items. Bring your item in and we'll let you know if and what we can add onto it. *Although damage to garments is rare, all customer supplied garments will be decoratged at customers own risk." } ]
[ { "question": "How will I know how much a special request will cost?", "answer": "The prices are listed on Special Request when you select it, usually $5-15. We don't really try to make money on special requests, but it does take time and labor to retrieve a package from a shelf, transport it to a work station, perform the request, and return it to the shelf. We do this securely so don't like to open packages out on the warehouse floor. There are also line items named \"Simple\" and \"Detailed.\" It might be difficult to determine how difficult your request will be when you place it. If we need to bump your \"simple\" request to a \"detailed\" request, or if a request will cost more than what is listed, we will put a message in the package's chat box to get your authorization before we commence the task." } ]
[ { "question": "What are the different versions of MucilAir™ commercially available?", "answer": "Additionally, all of these versions of MucilAir™ are available in co-culture with primary human fibroblasts (MucilAir™-HF)." }, { "question": "I would like to run tests with MucilAir™ but I am not sure of the best strategy to adopt?", "answer": "You can get in touch with our team to discuss your issue(s). We can also provide you with protocols designed by Epithelix. Alternatively, if you would like to benefit from our expertise on MucilAir™, we can conduct the tests in our laboratories as a contract research organization." }, { "question": "Do you offer free test samples for new customers?", "answer": "By clicking here you will be redirected toward our product list. When a product is flagged as available, the delivery time is estimated between 2 to 3 business days. From our production site, our products are shipped worldwide (Europe-US-Pacific)." }, { "question": "How are MucilAir™ epitheliums packaged and delivered?", "answer": "MucilAir™ is reconstituted and sold in a 6.5mm diameter inserts on a microporous filter (diameter = 6.5 mm, porosity = 0.4 µm, Ref : Costar 3470 from Corning). Each epithelium contains approximately 500,000 cells. For shipment we place the epithelia in a nutritive gel in a temperature regulated container. They tolerate up to 5 days in these conditions." }, { "question": "Is there a specific medium needed in order to maintain MucilAir™ in culture?", "answer": "Epithelix has developed an ideal medium for maintaining MucilAir™ in culture: MucilAir™ Culture Medium. This medium is chemically defined, serum free, and ready to use. The average need per insert for one month of culture is estimated to be 8.5 mL. Culture medium needs to be changed twice a week. The volume per well is 700μL. Our culture medium is available in 125mL and 500mL bottles. Validity period of the media: If bottles are kept at +4°C in the dark we guarantee the quality of the media for 6 months after reception or 3 months after opening, whichever happens first." }, { "question": "What cell types are present in the MucilAir™ epitheliums?", "answer": "The MucilAir™ model has 3 cell types: basal cells, mucus cells and ciliated cells." }, { "question": "How do you obtain the cells?", "answer": "Cells are obtained from patients undergoing surgeries. After obtaining their consent, instead of destroying the surgical waste we collect samples of interest. Patients contribute to the reduction of animal experimentation by donating their cells." }, { "question": "What are the other products sold by Epithelix?", "answer": "Additionally, all of these products are available in healthy and pathology versions (Asthma, COPD, Allergic Rhinitis, Cystic Fibrosis, and Smoker)." }, { "question": "What are the characteristics of your hAECN and hAECB?", "answer": "The cells are low in passages (P1). You can passage them up to 4 times if your goal is to use them for Air Liquid Interface. For flasks cultures you can passage them up to 6 times. Our cells have a very good proliferation and differentiation capacities with a minimum of 20 population doubling. hAECB and hAECN are supplied in a cryogenic vial containing more than 1'000'000 viable cells in a volume of 1 mL of freezing medium. The vials with cryo-conserved cells are shipped on dry-ice. Upon arrival, the cells must be taken out and transferred to a storage facility with liquid nitrogen (-196 °C)." } ]
[ { "question": "What can I enter here?", "answer": "Given the space constraint, select awards and recognitions that are more recent and showcase larger impact. Since the prompt says “recognition” you can mention anything you consider a special recognition as well – just explain why it was special/unique / out of the ordinary. It should classify as an accomplishment." }, { "question": "What is the early decision?", "answer": "Early decision (ED) is an admissions term used by colleges. By choosing to apply ED to a college, the applicant signals that this institution is his or her top choice." }, { "question": "How long can I wait post submitting my application?", "answer": "Each college maintains distinct process guidelines. Please check the respective college websites for instructions on submitting scores. Most colleges will require you to submit scores before the application deadline. Each college offers distinct scholarship programs. We suggest you check on the individual college website to understand what they offer and the rules and deadlines for the same. Some colleges will automatically consider you for a scholarship based on your college application and some will require a separate scholarship application to be completed. Please check the respective college websites for information on how to apply for their scholarships." }, { "question": "Should I upload my documents in word or pdf?", "answer": "Each college maintains distinct process guidelines. Please check the respective college websites for instructions on uploading documents. Unless otherwise specified, please upload the document in pdf. All documents and interactions between ABE and the students are strictly confidential. We strongly suggest not sharing details of your sessions/documents with any friends." }, { "question": "Do you offer a combo pack for the counseling session and college selection?", "answer": "Counseling session and college selection are two different services and are therefore conducted separately. We recommend you begin with a counseling session so that we can take stock of your profile and determine next steps to enhance it. College selection will be conducted closer to applications with your strengthened profile and after you have incorporated the suggestions made by the counselor." }, { "question": "What is the difference between counseling and college selection?", "answer": "Counseling: This service is recommended at least 4 years prior to application till 1 month before starting your applications. College selection: You will be asked to fill in a detailed form prior to your session. Your counselor will do an in-depth analysis of your profile and goals and end this session with a finite list of colleges." } ]
[ { "question": "Are you a coach, consultant, small biz owner, blogger, speaker, video-maker, or anyone else who needs credibility and more leads?", "answer": "Speed up your path to success with a book. Yes. For each session we’ll provide a recording you can watch online via your computer or iPad so you won’t miss a thing. If you have other commitments (like a day job) or if a session occurs at an inconvenient time, no need to worry. Even if you attend a live session, you’ll still get the recording. You’ll get access to recordings for up to 12 months after the live event. At your home or office. Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. And you’ll get the recordings, so if you miss a live session, no worries. Yes. We’ll provide FREE transcripts of each presentation in Adobe PDF. This will allow you to study and scan the content of each presentation. Each of the sessions is 45 minutes in duration. You simply log in to our secure attendee website and follow the instructions we provide. You’ll be able to view the live sessions on a computer, tablet or mobile device that supports our technology." }, { "question": "How do I watch the playbacks of sessions?", "answer": "You simply log in to our secure attendee website. There you will find streaming videos you can playback from a desktop or mobile device. Downloadable transcripts are also provided." }, { "question": "How can I ask questions during the event?", "answer": "Two ways. First, during the live presentations, you’ll be able to submit questions during the Q&A portion of each session. Second, we’ve set up an interactive Facebook group where you can post questions and get answers from your peers and the presenters." }, { "question": "Can I purchase just a single session, or just the recordings?", "answer": "You can attend any or all of the sessions (or catch the recordings if you miss any). However, a summit ticket is like a Disneyland ticket—you get access to everything. If you want access to any of this great content, you must purchase your ticket before the completion of the summit. After the summit has ended, this exclusive content will no longer be available for sale and the recordings will only be available to summit attendees." }, { "question": "Ever been on a webinar?", "answer": "You register, then at the event time, you login and you watch the event in your web browser. We do, if you want to know more about it email us at info at authormarketinglive dot com." }, { "question": "Can I still sign up after the event has started?", "answer": "Yes. Tickets will still be available after the event starts. Even if you missed a session live, you will still have access to all recordings and transcripts for one year. Send an email to info at authormarketinglive dot com and we’ll get back to you right away." } ]
[ { "question": "What's the difference between the plugin's signup form and Wishlist Member form?", "answer": "The main differences between the regular Wishlist Member registration form and the Wishlist 1-Click Registration form are: Wishlist 1-Click Registration form contains only 3 fields instead of 5, there is no need to fill-in password and username, as they are automatically generated. The login details are sent members by mail as defined in Wishlist Member and are also displayed inside the thank you page using Wishlist 1-Click Registration shortcodes. Also, the form is created using clean HTML code, so it can be designed according to your needs using basic HTML and CSS knowledge." } ]
[ { "question": "What can I expect on day seven?", "answer": "You will again meet with the physician, a Urine Drug Screen will again be performed, and any adjustment to your medication — if needed — will be made. At this visit, you will be given a prescription for 28 days. This visit is included in the monthly fee." }, { "question": "When will I return to the center?", "answer": "If you are in the maintenance program, you will return to the center every 28 days." }, { "question": "Will my insurance cover these services?", "answer": "We do not participate with insurance companies, but insurers will frequently cover the cost of the medications. There is a once-monthly fee due at the time of your office visit. If your insurer has an \"out of network\" provision, you may be able to submit the claim for partial reimbursement. We will provide you with an adequate receipt for this." }, { "question": "How long can I expect to be in treatment?", "answer": "We live in exciting times; drug addiction — once a scourge to humanity — can now be effectively treated with anti-craving medication. Like other chronic diseases, the addictive brain can now be stabilized with medication, and patients can lead relatively normal lives. Many patients are able to achieve their recovery goals and slowly wean off buprenorphine. Others, in consultation with their physicians, choose to remain on reduced doses for an indefinite period of time. At Assisted Recovery Centers of America - Mid Atlantic, most of our patients who have maintained abstinence for a reasonable period of time and have met their recovery goals attempt to gradually wean off from buprenorphine." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: How will the Projects be monitored and reported?", "answer": "A: Reporting Procedures and Monitoring Indicators are described in detail in Document No PI1. Furthermore, the definition of eligible costs are explained as well as the expectations on Project Coordinators and Monitoring and Reporting Officer. Reporting Templates and E-Tools, to be published later) aiming to assist the Project Coordinator will facilitate this. Q: How to increase the bid limit, ie." }, { "question": "my maximum inkind contribution commited at an earlier stage of GeoERA and represented in Table 1 of JC Doc 3, for the Second Stage call?", "answer": "A: Send a letter on 12th of December the latest based on the template provided on the GeoERA Intranet." }, { "question": "Q: How is a non-funded party defined, can it also be an interested stakeholder that delivers data or that likes to stay informed?", "answer": "See JC Doc 3. A non-funded partner has a role within the project, it actively participates and spend hours work in delivering something to GeoERA that is relevant for the end-result of the GeoERA project. This can be a governmental agency, a industry partner, an academia partner, etc. A non-funded partner becomes part of the project by signing the Project Agreement. An external stakeholder (from government, industry or academia) that wants to follow a project and likes to be closely informed is very much invited to do so. It is important to keep external stakeholders closely involved, so that relevant applied research finds its way to the end-user as soon as possible. Since these stakeholders do not deliver something to GeoERA and they are not mentioned in the activities that are being carried out in the workpackages and there are no dependencies (they do not deliver something that contributes to the end-result of the GeoERA project), they are not a non-funded party." }, { "question": "Q: Do the proposals need to be signed by the Director?", "answer": "A: The proposals do not need separate signatures of the directors, since they have already signed the Grant Agreement and signed for their commitment as indicated in Table 1 of JC Doc. 3 Admissibility and Eligiblity. Q: Is there a maximum percentage for the direct costs (e.g." }, { "question": "for travel)?", "answer": "A: There is a rule of thumb that says you should account for a maximum of 15% of direct costs (travel and consumables). However, it is understood this depends on the activities you are going to carry out. In case you will need substantial consumables or additional travel, which clearly results from the described activities in the proposal, you can exceed this percentage if a good justification is provided." }, { "question": "Q: How many project reporting periods are there?", "answer": "In these reports (financial and progress) the Project Lead reports to the GeoERA board. Besides those reporting periods the Project lead will have to submit the cumulative expenditure for the Project to the designated MRO via e-mail for the purpose of GeoERA Co-fund Action. This is a number which I need at the end of every year to submit to the European Commission (NB this is not a report!)." }, { "question": "Q: Can I add a Linked Third Party?", "answer": "A: Read about it in JC Doc 3. You can add a Linked Third Party in case you are legally linked with each other independent of GeoERA. The addition of a Linked Third Party requires approval by the GeoERA General Assembly and the European Commission, and requires an Amendment to the Grant Agreement. This needs to be requested by the Coordinator." }, { "question": "Q: Does the proposal also need to contain the specified budget for the Linked Third Parties?", "answer": "A: Yes. See Art. 4.1 of the Grant Agreement: The ‘estimated budget’ for the action contains the estimated eligible costs and the forms of costs, broken down by beneficiary (and linked third party) and budget category." }, { "question": "Q: Who has to submit each project proposal by the 12th January?", "answer": "A: The Project Lead of every Project Proposal will have to submit the proposal, on behalf of the other participants, within the ISAAC online submission tool for GeoERA. This implies that the GeoERA partners, that do not intend to lead a project, will not have to register into the system." }, { "question": "Q: What is the EU reimbursement rate for the GeoERA projects?", "answer": "A: This is 29,7%. The official reimbursement rates in ERA-NETS is 33%. However, it has been agreed in the Grant Agreement that 10% of the 33% is withheld for the coordination costs of GeoERA (33-3,3 = 29,7)." }, { "question": "Q: Can I subcontract activities?", "answer": "A: See Article 13 and 35 of the H2020 AMGA. You are allowed to subcontract activities that are clearly activities outside of the capabilities of the GSOs of the GeoERA consortium themselves, e.g. accounting, buying website-space, specific analyses you and/or the other GSOs do not have laboratories for, etc. Subcontracting may cover only a limited part of the action. The beneficiaries must award the subcontracts ensuring the best value for money or, if appropriate, the lowest price. In doing so, they must avoid any conflict of interests. The beneficiary/beneficiaries, that subcontract remain fully responsible for the work done by the subcontractor." }, { "question": "Q: How can I become participant of a Project?", "answer": "A: You can become a participant of a Project if you are 1) a beneficiary (member of the GeoERA Consortium), 2) a linked third party to one of these beneficiaries, or 3) a non-funded partner. Details are described in Document No JC 3, Admissibility and Eligibility." }, { "question": "Q: How can I propose a Project Proposal?", "answer": "A: Project Proposals must be submitted using a template which will be available on the Call page when the Stage Two Call is launched." }, { "question": "Q: How will the Project Proposals be evaluated and selected?", "answer": "A: Preceding the Evaluation, submitted project proposals will be checked for Admissibility and Eligibility (see Document No JC 3) by the GeoERA Secretariat. Then eligible Project Proposals will be forwarded to the Expert Panel. Eligible proposals will be subject to an Independent Expert Evaluation (see Document No JC 8, Evaluation and Selection), following the general H2020 evaluation rules and award criteria. The Expert Panel will prepare a consensus report for each Project Proposal and establish a ranking list on the basis of which Project Proposals will be funded. Read here about the ranking procedure. An Independent Observer will accompany the process to observe whether the rules that govern the EU H2020 ERA-NET Co-funding are followed. He reports back on this to the European Commission. For further information see the EC Guidelines for Independent Observers." }, { "question": "Q: How will the Projects be agreed and financed?", "answer": "A: Projects will be implemented on the basis of Project Agreements. Project Agreements will be set up by the Consortium of Participants following a template given by Attachment 4 of the GeoERA Consortium Agreement." } ]
[ { "question": "Can I add to / amend my order?", "answer": "Yes, if you contact us within an hour of placing the order, it may be possible to amend your order. If it is regarding a change to the delivery address, we suggest you ring or email us immediately. If you would like to add another item to your order, please place a separate order and then email us so we can amalgamate your orders. Yes, we are happy to deliver to an address that is different to the billing address. We may be able to cancel your order but we ask this to be done by telephone within an hour of placing your order. If it is too late for us to cancel your order, you can return your purchase using the returns form. Simply fill in the form and return your item to Lance James The Jewellers at 3 Barrack Square, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0UU. Parcels should be sent by Recorded Royal Mail (with the appropriate insurance) so that it can be tracked. Please make sure that you keep proof of posting as we cannot be held responsible for items that are lost or damaged on their return to us. Once we have received the goods, we will process a refund and send you a confirmation email to confirm it has been actioned. Please note that it can take up to ten working days for the money to reach your account. Please contact our Customer Service team here. Telephone calls and emails will be answered during our office hours Monday to Friday, 9.30am-5pm. As soon as an order is placed, a charge is taken and you should also receive a confirmation email. If you are worried your order has not gone through but payment has been taken, please contact us here. Yes, please email us here and Customer Services will be happy to advise you if a particular item will be returning to stock." }, { "question": "What shall I do if I receive my order but one of the items is missing?", "answer": "If you haven't been informed via email or telephone call about the missing item, please contact our Customer Service Team here. Unfortunately, despite our website saying the item was available when you placed the order, when our staff went to pick your order, they found that there was no stock available. This does not happen often, but if it does, we can either hold the order until it comes back into stock, exchange the item for something else of a similar value or offer you a full refund." }, { "question": "What do I do if I have received an incorrect item in my order?", "answer": "At Lance James, we take extra care to make sure we get your order right but we do occasionally make mistakes. If this does happen, please fill out the returns form explaining that the wrong item was sent and giving details of the item you expected to receive. As it was our mistake, we can of course refund you for the return postage on return. Please ensure that you send us a copy of your proof of postage and receipt when you return the item so that we can reimburse you the correct amount. You can see our Returns Policy here. Our promotions/discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and are not valid on any sale items. Firstly, check you are entering the exact code given and that the code has not expired. Some of our promotional codes are only valid on certain collections so make sure to read the small print. If problem persists, please contact the Customer Service Team here." }, { "question": "What do I do if I have forgotten the password to my account?", "answer": "Simply click 'Forgot your password?' under the returning user login. A link will be sent to the email address registered on your account so that you can re-set the password. There is a button that says 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of every email we send. Click this button to remove your email address from our mailing list. Alternatively, you can email us with your details and we can do this for you." } ]
[ { "question": "Do I need to adapt my cells into CD FortiCHO™ before starting an experiment using it?", "answer": "A: You may find that cell lines created in media other than GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ may need several passages to adapt to this fortified medium environment. We provide a recommended protocol for transferring cells into GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ culture in the Product Profile Sheet that comes with the product and that can be reviewed on our catalog website. 2." }, { "question": "Since GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ is fortified, can I still add feeding supplements to my culture?", "answer": "A: GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ was created to advance the ability of batch culture to higher cell densities, longer culture duration and higher titers even before feeding. However, you may still use fed-batch conditions to increase titers. In fact, in our testing, using a limited glucose fed-batch culture (avoiding depletion of glucose), titers over 1g/L we obtained in one of our test cell lines. With addition of EfficientFeed™ supplements, it was possible to boost this titer to levels over 2.5g/L. One recommendation, to avoid lower results than expected, is to first add the feed on the day when the cell line achieves ½ maximum cell density in GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ without the feed. 3." }, { "question": "When should I choose GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ versus CD OptiCHO™ or CD CHO?", "answer": "A: Assuming you have the ability to consider base medium options, we would recommend testing more than one of our options for a particular cell line. If you’ve optimized conditions for fed-batch as a platform in CD OptiCHO™ or CD CHO, you may wish to compare results you could gain with CD FortiCHO™ to see if it can add to the productivity of your cell line. Should you only have room to test one GIBCO® base medium, we would recommend testing CD FortiCHO™ medium after adapting your cells according to our recommended protocol. 4." }, { "question": "When should I do my first day of feeding for a culture using GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™?", "answer": "A: Because of the nutrient fortification of CD FortiCHO™, we have found that cell lines respond better to feeding when feeds are added first on the day when the cell line achieves ½ maximum cell density in CD FortiCHO™ without the feed. 5." }, { "question": "What Feeds do you recommend I use with GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™?", "answer": "A: It is possible to use any of the EfficientFeed™ nutrient supplement products to CD FortiCHO™ medium. Because there is some variability among cell lines, we would recommend starting with the CHO CD EfficientFeed™ Kit to determine, through testing, the best feed or combination that would work best for your cell line. We would note that we have a product that is available as a stocked custom called CD EfficientFeed™ C AGT (A11525) that has shown good results when used with CD FortiCHO™ in some cell lines we or our customers have tested. 6." }, { "question": "Does GIBCO® CD FortiCHO™ contain 2-mercaptoethanol (2-ME)?", "answer": "A: This product was formulated without 2-ME. Custom can be made by adding back a component such as this if requested." } ]
[ { "question": "Where is DOC's stock traded?", "answer": "DOC’s common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “DOC”." }, { "question": "How frequently does DOC pay a dividend on its stock?", "answer": "Historically, Physicians Realty Trust Board of Trustees has authorized the payment of a quarterly cash dividend on DOC’s common stock. The Board considers many factors when making decisions regarding the nature, frequency and amount of dividends, and DOC cannot make any assurances that it will maintain the practice of paying regular quarterly dividends in the future." }, { "question": "How does DOC's Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan (DRIP) work?", "answer": "The DRIP allows existing shareholders to purchase shares of DOC common stock by reinvesting all or a portion of the cash distributions on their shares of DOC common stock. In addition, existing stockholders and interested new investors may purchase shares of DOC common stock under the DRIP by making optional cash payments. Reinvested distributions are subject to a maximum investment of $50,000 for each quarter, and optional cash purchases are subject to a minimum investment of $250 and a maximum investment of $10,000 in any calendar month, unless waived." }, { "question": "DOC’s fiscal year ends on December 31.\nWho can I contact to learn more about DOC?", "answer": "To request further information about DOC, use the Contact Us form or call us at 844-DOC-REIT (844-362-1348)." } ]
[ { "question": "Can you tell me how to make my site so awesome?", "answer": "A. No. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. But I can tell you that we use WordPress as a base, using a modified Thirty Ten child theme. The site in its current form took about 40 hours for someone with web experience to produce. It also helps if you have a bunch of cool art you can repurpose, like we have for all the games currently on the site. If you want to install WordPress on your site you can find instructions here. Q. I’d like to work for Brawsome." }, { "question": "Can I send you my resume?", "answer": "A. That’s fantastic, but please don’t. I hate to be a jerk about it but Brawsome is currently a small operation and we don’t have the capacity to check and store lots of resumes, so sending your resume out of the blue will be a waste of everyone’s time. From time to time we will be looking for people, and will announce that via the site and twitter feeds, so if you’re REALLY desperate to work for Brawsome, please subscribe to those and check there. It’s likely that I’ll find you, so make sure you have a good portfolio online somewhere and make some noise." }, { "question": "Q. I’m trying to break into the games industry, how can I do that?", "answer": "A. Make games. Start small. No matter what your skillset, if you’re creative enough and have the drive you’ll find a way to make games, there are oodles of tools out there and you should really do your own digging. Go to conferences and events where games people are likely to be. Check out the IGDA, there’s probably a chapter near you! Hang out on forums where gamers might hang out, like indiegamer.com. Focus on why you want to be in this industry and the games you really want to make, the more focus you have the more likely you’ll be able to achieve that. But if you want to get your foot in the door, hit up companies for QA roles, that’s how many people get their start." }, { "question": "Q. Jolly Rover was awesome, when can I expect a sequel?", "answer": "A. We’ve got the overview of the sequel ready to go, and it’s even better than the original! But alas, we need to sell a few more copies first. So if you’d like to buy it, or another copy for a friend, you can do so here. Q." }, { "question": "Regarding sequels, how about MacGuffin’s Curse?", "answer": "A. We loved making MacGuffin’s Curse, and care deeply about the world and characters. Though the simple reality is MacGuffin’s Curse was a significantly more expensive development in terms of time and money, but did not make the return of Jolly Rover, so in terms of where to focus time, games more like Jolly Rover, i.e. traditional point and click adventures, will most likely be the focus of Brawsome. Unfortunately the Venn Diagram of people who like deep puzzles plus narrative-adventure is smaller than first thought. That being said, traditional point and click adventures are Brawsome’s favourite games to make! A. December 2018 – Currently working on a prototype for a space adventure. Using Adventure Creator in Unity and likely targeting high resolution 2D. Will be looking at funding options in 2019. Q." }, { "question": "Where does the name Brawsome come from?", "answer": "A. It comes from the words Braw and Awesome. I came up with it when I was living in the UK for a time. I wanted a word that didn’t come up with many hits when I typed it into Google that couldn’t be confused with any other company or thing, which also sounded awesome. Q." }, { "question": "Where is Brawsome located?", "answer": "We’re in Victoria, Australia. Currently anyone that works for Brawsome works out of their own home, which is really the only way we can afford to make awesome independent games rather than some licensed crap just to keep the doors open. Q." }, { "question": "How do you afford to keep making games?", "answer": "Well the big ones like Jolly Rover can only be done with some investment. The Victorian government has thus far been pretty ace in supporting Brawsome’s endeavours thus far, which is lucky because raising private investment for games in Australia is both very hard and ultimately not worth it, especially for the kinds of game we want to produce, which are fun as opposed to just making money. But most people working on Brawsome projects have to have other things going on to make ends meet. Being able to work on an independent game project full time is a massive luxury not many of us can afford. Q. I’d like to pay Brawsome money to make a game for me. And we’d like to let you! But if you look at our portfolio you’ll see we like to focus on humorous non-action games with fun characters and stories, so if you’re contacting us to make a dress-up game or a FarmVille rip off we hope you’re not disappointed when we politely decline the offer. However if the game looks like it’s going to be genuinely hilarious and fun to work on we’ll definitely consider it. If you’re after a point and click adventure, you’ve come to the right place, oh my yes!" } ]
[ { "question": "What sort of vehicles do we have?", "answer": "We have an industry leading range of vehicles for our customers to choose from. We have a variety of near new cars from trusted makes and models specializing in small to large Family vehicles including sedans, SUV’s and 7 seaters. Through our long-term relationships with reputable suppliers we have the ability to pick and choose cars of the upmost quality. As soon as we purchase a vehicle they are thoroughly inspected by our qualified mechanics. And only if they meet our strict quality standards they are available for selection. All our cars come with a Road Worthy Certificate and a 3 Month or 10,000 km Warranty. If we do not have a vehicle that you are after we will try and find one for you. Please ask our sales team for any more information. At Autoflex we do credit checks to comply with our lending requirements. However, we understand that landscape of the workforce has changed. Many families have multiple incomes and individuals may be working 2 jobs on a part time or casual basis. You may also be a single parent earning sufficient income; be Self-employed or have Visa Restrictions. We try and assist the many people in this category by carefully looking at your current financial situation rather than looking at your past. What we do is responsibly determine whether you can afford the repayments on the vehicle. You can apply by sending us an Enquiry online, via email over the phone or even come on site where you can have a look at all our cars and we can assist you through the application process. For more information on exactly what is required don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team." }, { "question": "How much the Deposit required?", "answer": "Our deposits across most of our cars is a flat rate of $1,000. We give you the flexibility of paying more upfront if you choose allowing you to reduce your Weekly or Fortnightly repayments." }, { "question": "Is there any extra costs?", "answer": "At Autoflex Leasing the difference is that you have the option to own the vehicle once all your required Weekly or Fortnightly repayments are made. We do not charge any Balloon payments or make you pay a Market value price for the car at the end of your term. To take up the option to own the vehicle the only requirement at the end of your term is that you need to provide a Road Worthy Certificate and pay any Government charges associated with transferring the car into your name. It is compulsory to have Full Comprehensive Insurance on your vehicle at all times throughout the term of the contract. At Autoflex we have a Fleet Insurance scheme in place with a large and reputable Insurance company. This means for as little as $27 per week your car will be fully insured in case of accident. You are free to pay off the car as quickly as you like without penalty." } ]
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[ { "question": "What books do you use for research?", "answer": "Tiger's Dream is on the back burner right now while I work on a still untitled Egyptian book for my new publisher, Delacorte." }, { "question": "How many books will there be in the tiger series?", "answer": "Contact Contact my agent, Alex Glass, at Trident Media Group. Keep in mind that I usually don't travel out of state unless I have a new book to promote but I am always open to doing events in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Arizona when I visit family. I love meeting fans and doing book signings and enjoy doing school presentations in particular. J.K Rowling (Harry Potter Series), Chris Paolini (Eragon Series), Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Saga), John Steinbeck, Walter Farley, Jules Verne, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Orson Scott Card, and many more! I was fascinated with Chris Paolini’s story and when I found out he was such a young author and carried around his manuscript for four years before getting it published on his own, I was even more impressed with his grit and determination. The science fiction of Orson Scott Card and Jules Verne carries me away to places I never imagined. When I was young, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls and ride horses like Alec and have great adventures like they did. For a list of books I recommend, scroll down just a little further. The personal stories of Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling really touched me. Both women just decided one day to give writing a try and the course of their lives changed. One day I woke up and decided I was going to give it a shot, too. I always loved creative writing in middle school and high school, sci-fi and fantasy being my favorite, and have been an avid reader all my life, but I never considered it as a career. Seeing Rowling and Meyer--two self-trained writers--have the courage to give writing a try inspired me to channel my creative energy into imagining and writing the Tiger’s Curse series. I write at my desk near a window with a great view of Oregon pine and beautiful houses. I always light a candle when I write as a reminder to include the senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound in my writing. It has to be quiet and, until recently, my dog always slept at my feet. That's my comfort zone when writing. I really love writing in the afternoons because that’s when things get quiet. In the mornings I like to write personal correspondence to people who write to me about my books and do the research on the exotic locations I write about. I walk everyday and listen to music that inspires me to keep writing, but I can't listen to music and write at the same time because I get too distracted. Here is my list of books I recommend. Check back because I'll keep adding more. To see what I'm reading now, follow me on Goodreads. I've worked in a variety of jobs. I know how to make a Big Mac and a Big Bacon Classic. I know how to decorate cakes, work a salad bar, and put sprinkles on donuts. I've managed a Chinese kitchen and learned how to make fried rice, stir fry, and homemade egg rolls, but for most of my adult life I've worked as an American Sign Language interpreter. I've interpreted from Elementary School through Graduate School and most recently I worked as a video relay interpreter, which uses modern video technology to help facilitate phone calls between Deaf and hearing people. I would credit three teachers for helping me develop my English skills. Two of my teachers were at Gridley Middle School in Tucson. I took Mr. Snider for two years, I think for sixth and eighth grade English. He encouraged me to write stories. I can't remember the name of the other teacher. She was an older woman, which doesn't mean much, because everyone is old to a seventh grader. I remember she loved Tom Selleck and had a picture of him in a Speedo on the back of her door. The thing about her that I remember the most was that she had large posters of all twelve of the Greek gods surrounding her room. I spent an entire year looking at Zeus, Athena, Ares, Demeter, and Aphrodite. It made a big impact on me. I wanted to learn their stories and became fascinated with mythology because of her. She also made us memorize Juliet's \"What's in a rose?\" speech. I still remember that today and thought it was wonderfully romantic. The third teacher taught Shakespeare at Sahuaro high school. Shakespeare was like a secret code that got you into an exclusive club, at least that's how she made me feel. She was an awesome teacher. I'm forever grateful to her. If any of you teachers ever read this, please contact me. I'd love to chat. I check email and work on my correspondence in the morning then write in the afternoons. When I finish a chapter, I get my husband who also works from home and we go over it together. He reads the entire thing out loud, we argue about punctuation, and then when we’re done, I send it out with pictures to my early reading group who give me their thoughts and feedback. When I'm in full on deadline mode I try to write 1-2 chapters per week. The pros are you can create something that is perfect for you. Sometimes I watch a television program, or a movie, or read a book and I think, I really like it but I’d like it so much better if it had this. In creating my own story I can focus on the things that I love the most. Another pro is being able to share my story with others. My husband gave me a stuffed white tiger for Christmas a few years ago and my brother-in-law who was visiting said, \"That's the strangest Christmas present I've ever heard of.\" My whole family just stared at him and I said, \"Wow! It's like I've given birth to a child and you didn't know.\" Writing a book is a life-altering experience and one you want to share with everybody. The con of writing is that it’s a lot of work. I once told a friend that I wish someone would come along and finish it for me because I enjoy reading much more than writing. It takes a lot of mental energy and every once in a while a plot twist will stump me. Usually, I sleep on it, and the answer pops into my brain by morning. Most of my ideas come from books. Two of my favorites are reference books-one is about dream interpretation and the other is about signs and symbols. I have dozens of books about the mythologies of the world and keep detailed notes of any cool ideas I find. The tests of the four houses actually came from a myth found in Mayan culture. I also get a lot of ideas from dreams. My husband says he doesn't dream at all or at least doesn't remember them when he wakes up, but I remember mine. I write them down and hope to turn them all into books someday. For the Tiger series, I felt it was very important to involve a person from the literary world experienced with Indian culture. Through internet research and emails, I found Sudha Seshadri, a fantastic collaborator and confidante who has given me much needed advice and has become an enthusiastic supporter of the series. I have an early reading group made up of close family and friends who read my book chapter by chapter and offer insights and feedback. When I'm finished, I reread a hard copy of the entire book and do my own revisions. Then the manuscript moves on to my editor at Sterling. She goes through the whole document and we go back and forth several times until we’re satisfied with the content. After that it goes to a copy editor who makes sure everything is just right. I have never been to India though I would really like to visit. I had to research everything from what kinds of cars are popular there to what the Mumbai airport looked like to where the forests are found. I spent a lot of time on Google maps zooming into the cities and forests and trying to figure out the distances between places. I studied the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve for a whole day and didn't even end up putting it in the book. The Oregon places I can write easily but India took a lot of work and many, many days of study. When I was writing the Hampi section, I went back and forth studying and learning about the different buildings in the ruins as I wrote. Sometimes I study one thing and it leads to several others. For example, recently I was studying about the Kraken and of how the Vikings first wrote about it, and then I learned about the Vikings using a sunstone to figure the position of the sun even when surrounded by thick fog. It was so interesting I added that into Voyage as well. A lot of Mr. Kadam's facts come from this. Indian mythology is very complex because the same god or goddess can have many incarnations with different names, appearances, and personality traits. My Indian mythology is “westernized” meaning I took the basic premise and either romanticized it to fit my theme or put my own spin on it so it made sense in my own mind. Bottom line-don’t try to pass a test on Indian mythology based on my version, however, I hoped to make it seem real enough that if you happened to visit Hampi you’d look for the statue and the entrance to Kishkindha. Yes. With an early reading group comprised of family and friends. They all love me which means they can be brutally honest and know I won't ostracize them, at least not for longer than a week. Kelsey's grandmother is very similar to one of mine. My grandmother had a flower garden, made me biscuits and gravy, and gave me a special blanket. I’ve also named most of the secondary characters after my nieces and nephews. I'm a big fan of Moonlighting, the television show with characters David and Maddie portrayed by Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepard back in the eighties. I loved how they fought all the time but desperately wanted to be together. It always made me giggle. So I incorporated giggle-inducing lover's spats into my books. Interesting fact: Kelsey's real mother is named Madison Hayes in honor of my niece and Madelyn Hayes, the character in Moonlighting. Kelsey is brave. I was never a risk taker like her and I admire that about her. She also has the courage to do what she believes is right even if it causes her pain. Ren is a poet at heart—sensitive, thoughtful, and kind. He sacrifices himself for others and makes everyone around him feel like they belong and are important. I’m a sucker for romance and those are my favorite parts to read over and over. Visually, I love the action scenes. I’m a special effects geek so I can picture them in my head. To see them come to life on the big screen would be over-the-top awesome. The parts that are the most fun to write, however, are the fights. I really loved the show Moonlighting which ran back when Bruce Willis still had hair. He and Maddie Hayes, which is where I got Kelsey’s last name by the way, had the best romantic tension fights. I wanted to put that into my books, not only because I think it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, but because it’s really, really fun. I enjoy the fast back and forth dialogue. Smart and witty verbal jousting is exciting to invent. For the answer to this question, I went to Sudha Seshadri, my advisor/editor from India, who says, \"Royals were well versed and some sent their sons to England and Europe to study. Many had English Governesses and Artists from Europe staying with them. Due to colonists like the English, French, Portuguese and so on Indians, both royal and merchants, picked up many languages.\" No. He got a replica. He discovers it in the prologue of Tiger's Voyage and doesn't take the news well. Dhiren is like Dhi as in dishes or dip and then add ren. Kadam is Ka as in cut and dom as in domino. Nilima is Ni as in knit, lee, ma with the emphasis on the \"lee\". This was from a Martha Stewart show in 2001. Love these things. 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line two baking sheets with Silpats (French nonstick baking mats). Sift together flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and baking soda, and set aside. Right now the movie is in the screenwriting stage. Julie Plec is adapting the first book for the big screen and I couldn't be more excited because I love her work. I'm a big fan of The Vampire Diaries, Kyle XY, Dawson's Creek and she wrote all of those! For news and updates from the producer you can follow http://www.ineffablepictures.com/ on either Facebook or twitter. Also for announcements, go to the news and events tab on my website and you can find articles that mention the movie." }, { "question": "Where can I get information about the foreign releases?", "answer": "To see which language the book is in and the publication date, hover over it. To be directed to an online store that sells that language, click on the book. Other foreign deals that have not gone to print yet: Bulgaria, Chinese (Simplified), Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, & France. You can read a sample of the new Tiger’s Curse on my website. If you have read the old version, this will give you a pretty good idea of the kinds of changes you might see. If you’ve read the new version and want to see what the old version looked like, I hope to be able to put all the deleted scenes up on the website at some point. I live close to an Indie bookstore, Powell’s and I will make arrangements to keep them stocked with signed books and you can buy one from them online at Powells.com. If you click on the book itself, don’t forget to scroll down to select “signed editions” at the bottom. They will ship the book to you and charge the same price for a signed copy as they do for an unsigned one. If you'd like a signed bookplate, email me at contactme@colleenhouck.com for instructions on how to get a signed bookplate." }, { "question": "Do you have any copies of the old version left to sell me?", "answer": "I don’t have any copies left to sell. Yes. Audible has purchased the rights for the audio books for the Tiger Series. They've done the digital version and Brilliance has produced the hard copy CDs. They are for sale online. Random House will be doing the audio book for the Egyptian story. The Tiger’s Curse Series is currently available in ebook format from the Nook ebookstore on BN.com, the iBook Store, and ebookstore.Sony.com. . Yes, here is a current list of foreign publishers. Korea, Woongjin Think Big Co. I can't share a lot about it yet but it will definitely have all the same action, romance, adventure, and mythology of the Tiger Series plus the added coolness of mummies. Here is the official blurb my new publisher, Delacorte, put out about it. I think the hardest part for me is just opening the document. Once the file is open and my hands are poised over the keys, I do just fine. It’s often easy to get distracted by everything else going on. My husband works at home too and we interrupt each other often. Also, if I get up and see the laundry basket is full, I may end up doing laundry instead of writing. I’m something of a clean freak. So I’d say setting aside the time to just focus on the book is my biggest obstacle. For me, writing is like a road trip. I travel from point A to point B, say Los Angeles to New York City. There are dozens of ways to get there and I give myself leeway to travel down different paths that peak my interest. I may stop off in Denver for a few days or take a day trip to Memphis but I always turn around after my wandering and fix my gaze on New York. I’m a bit of an organizational freak. I like to catalog ideas into neat little spaces, but every once in a while I come up with the name for a chapter, like, Pirates, for example, and have no idea why I chose that name. Then I brainstorm and come up with the perfect thing to put there. As far as the writing process goes, I like to establish a routine. Writing at the same time every day, surrounding yourself with things that make you comfortable, having a huge bottle of water or your favorite drink nearby, and keeping reference material near is helpful. I got a mini-fridge which I fill with snacks and drinks in case I’m on a roll and don’t want to head downstairs. For me, I light a candle to remind me to incorporate the sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound in my writing. If your character doesn’t feel it neither does the reader. Keeping a notebook or a file to store ideas when they come to you is always a good idea. I also use pictures when I write. If I’m trying to come up with a setting or a character, I search images on Google and select a picture or series of pictures and keep it open on my computer as I’m describing it. Often this will break me out of any block that comes along. I believe writing can never be a bad thing. If you have a desire to write you should. My grandfather wrote cowboy books. He never got published and he died before I was born so those books are the only way most of his grandchildren ever got to know what he was like. Always seek out traditional publishing first, but if you’ve exhausted your options, then there is nothing wrong with self-publishing. When I was self-published, I was perfectly content and happy just sharing my material with others. Whether I have ten fans or ten thousand, writing makes me happy. If writing is something that makes you happy too, then by all means, write! I was honestly shocked at just how many e-readers are out there. I self published my first two books originally and just before they went on sale, I was offered a deal on preparing my manuscript to be an e-book. I figured I wanted the widest audience possible so I said yes. Right away the e-book sales shot above the hard copy sales. In January of 2010, about three months after they went on the market, there was an incredible spike in sales. I went from selling three hundred e-books a month to three hundred in a day. Soon I’d been contacted by publishers in China, Korea, and Thailand and by a movie producer. An agent, and my publisher Sterling, soon followed. The wonderful and extremely fortunate thing about my publisher is that they shared my vision with getting the books out to fans as quickly as possible. They not only agreed to launch my three completed books in the same year but they bumped up the launch of their new imprint, Splinter, almost a year ahead of time. We all worked hard to get Tiger’s Curse on the market as soon as possible. At this point in my career I don't really read reviews left by readers. There comes a time in every author's journey when they have to let that go and for me that happened pretty much when we launched Tiger's Curse. My hubby still reads reviews but he has learned not to share them with me. I tend to dwell on bad reviews and reading them at this point is counterproductive. There really isn't anything anyone can say now that I haven't heard before. Out of one bad and fifty good I’ll remember the exact phrasing of the bad. I am a very sensitive person that way. I once got an email from a reader who listed thirty things I'd done wrong in my book with actual numbers in front of her thoughts. By the fifth one I was crying. When I got to the end she said, \"By the way, you should know I'm thirteen.\" I was angry with myself for getting all worked up over the critiques of a thirteen year old. That was a powerful lesson for me. At the end of the day you have to just tell yourself that you do the best you can and know that you can't please everybody. Crush Creative is the team who worked on my book trailer. They are a company based out of the UK. You can see other trailers they've done at Vimeo.com. His name is Cliff Neilson. He's also designed the covers for Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series as well as many others. To read his bio and see his portfolio go to: www.shannonassociates.com. The team at Design Brooklyn. To check them out, go to: www.designbrooklyn.com. Disclaimer: This list is so that my readers will know what I meant as I wrote. I'm sure there are errors but rest assured this was done to the best of my ability while also engaging the help of an Indian editor. I chose a Beauty and the Beast theme and then focused on my beast first. I immediately rejected the idea of a vampire or a werewolf and made a list of real animals. After I crossed off bear, lion, a eagle, I setted on tiger then switched to a white tiger because there is something already magical about them. Next was my setting. I thought white tigers came from Russia so I began researching Russia but later I discovered that the white tiger is Bengal and ended up switching my story to India which worked out perfectly. Authors typically play no part in the casting of movies and since I've never been an actress myself, I have no idea how one would go about it. I do know there are both open and closed casting calls. Closed essentially means, \"Don't call us, we'll call you.\" My guess is that most movies are cast that way. If my producers ever open cast for Kelsey or a walk on role for a fan, I will surely let you all know. Otherwise, there is nothing I can do to influence casting. Of course you are welcome to try the normal Hollywood routes and I wish you luck." } ]
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Select the organizations, then click \"Save.\" Click on \"Licenses\", then “Manage” on the course you'd like to send out invites for, either through email or via enrolment keys. If you can't find the user on your learner list, you can invite them to take the course at the same time you're adding them. At the bottom of your learner list, click \"+Add.\" Enter the learner's information, as well as any training you'd like to distribute to them. They will receive a link to your site. Once they have confirmed their information and created an account, they will be able to accept the invitation on their \"My Courses\" page." }, { "question": "Will my organization's learner certifications and progress be saved?", "answer": "Yes! We’ve made sure that your records and licenses are available and up-to-date on the new site, ready for you to check. You can access digital badges, wallet cards and certificates right from the site, or on your phone. If you have any trouble, just ask our support team via email or our live chat." }, { "question": "How do I print wallet cards for my learners?", "answer": "Click on \"Learners,\" then bring up the learner report that you want by clicking on the learner's name (or on the gear icon beside their name). In the learner report, click \"Certification History,\" then choose the certificate you want to print out. Finally, in the pop-up, click the \"Print Wallet Card\" button to open a PDF of the card. Print the document like you would any other (File > Print or CTRL/CMD + P)." }, { "question": "Do I need TDG Training?", "answer": "Everyone who handles, prepares for transport or carries dangerous goods must be trained and certified. Your employer determines what type and level of training you need." }, { "question": "How long is my TDG Training valid?", "answer": "The training certificate is issued by your employer, and is good for 3 years. It is only valid if it is signed by you and your employer." }, { "question": "Do I keep my TDG certificate or does my employer?", "answer": "You must keep your certificate with you or near you. You may have to produce it at the request of a dangerous goods inspector." }, { "question": "I am self-employed, who signs my TDG certificate?", "answer": "If you are self-employed, you can issue your own certificate. This means you have the responsibilities of both an employer and an employee." }, { "question": "If I change employers/jobs, do I have to re-train in TDG?", "answer": "According to the TDG regulations, a TDG certificate is not transferable between employers. This means that if a trainee changes employers, they will need to be re-certified by the new employer and possess a training certificate with the new employer’s address. The same applies if you change job descriptions. For example if you were trained as a \"Handler\" of dangerous goods but now drive a vehicle, you will need to be re-trained." }, { "question": "Where do I find information about TDG training in the Regulations?", "answer": "Part 6 of the TDG Regulations deals with training requirements. WHMIS training is required for any employee that requires this information to protect themselves from the hazards of the controlled products they handle in their workplace." }, { "question": "How long is my WHMIS Training valid?", "answer": "Training doesn’t have to be renewed at any particular time, but it does have to be up-to-date at all times. It is recommended that some form of WHMIS review be conducted and documented at least once per year." }, { "question": "If I change employers/jobs, do I have to re-train in WHMIS?", "answer": "It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are properly trained. This may include re-certification when you start at a new position or organization. If you’ve lost the link, you can have your confirmed re-sent here. I think I am missing a course. It is not listed under \"My Courses.\" They will have to invite you to take training via email or enrolment key. The email invite will be sent to the email address attached to your personal account. If you don't already have an account, it will be sent to the email address you have provided to your training manager. Simply log in to your account and click on \"My Courses.\" There is a box to enter the provided enrolment key, shown at the bottom of your course list. If you do not have an enrolment key, contact your training manager." }, { "question": "Do I have to order a copy of the Self-Teach for each person, or can I copy them?", "answer": "Danatec®’s publications are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced by any means without written permission. All product prices are per unit. If you wish to return materials, we will require the original invoice and the original packaging. Products may be returned up to 30 days after receipt date. Please contact our head office at 1-800-465-3366 or 403-232-6950 to obtain a Return Code. No packages will be accepted without one. Our Customer Experience Centre Agents (1-800-465-3366) are available for technical support or product questions Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM MST. We are located in the community of Douglasglen in Southeast Calgary, just down from the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. Customers may also choose to arrange for their own courier to pick up their orders. Upon completion of the exam, you will be given a grade. If you passed, you’ll be able to see your digital badge. If you didn’t pass, you’ll be prompted to take the exam again. Almost all of our exams have a minimum pass grade of 80%. The TDG Class 7A and 7B courses require 100% on the final exam. You can continue with the course, even if you fail a Chapter Quiz. If you wish to re-take that quiz, open the Menu and click on that Quiz again. If you fail the Final Exam you will be automatically required to take it again. Minimum required grade is 80%, or above, depending on the course. Yes, your progress is marked by green checkmarks on your Course Outline. To leave the course, simply close the browser window or click \"Log Out.\" When you return to the course you will see green checkmarks, and can begin with the last lesson checked off. My name or the company name is misspelled on my certificate." }, { "question": "How can I change it?", "answer": "You will need to contact us to make those types of changes. Under \"My Certifications,\" click \"View\" for the certification requiring the change. Under the certification details, there is a link to \"Request change of information.\" I have finished my course, but my status is showing as \"Partially Completed\" and I can’t print my certificate. If there is no certificate listed for the course under “My Certifications,” your course may not have been fully completed, or you haven’t passed the exam with the minimum required exam grade. Check your Course Outline for any missing green checkmarks and re-take the exam if necessary. If you have completed all the modules and passed the exam with the minimum required grade, but the modules still aren’t registering as being completed, please contact us." }, { "question": "What does my computer need to take your online courses?", "answer": "You will need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player (you can download the latest version here). The course will auto-detect if you do not have it and a link to the download will be provided. At this time, tablets and certain smartphones (including iPad, iPhone or Android OS) cannot access our training as they do not support Adobe Flash. Internet Explorer: Pop-up Blockers are typically turned on and set to the medium setting, which means it will block most automatic pop-ups. The default settings for the pop-up blocker allows you to see pop-ups that are opened when you click a link or button on a website. Pop-up Blocker will also play a sound and show the Information Bar when a pop-up is blocked. The webpage won't come up. It just says \"Page not found.\" My screen is blank when I click on one of the chapters. The course won't play." }, { "question": "Are you trying to do the course on an Apple device or an Android device?", "answer": "Our courses use Adobe Flash, which is not supported by iPad or iPhone. Our courses also do not run well on Android OS-based phones or tablets, due to the use of Adobe Flash." }, { "question": "Internet Explorer 10: Is there a pop-up at the bottom of the screen that says “Only secure content is displayed”?", "answer": "You will need to click “Show all content.” In older Internet Explorer versions the pop-up asks “Do you want to allow ONLY the content that was downloaded securely?”. You must click “NO”. If you click “Yes” you are asking the browser to block the content. If you have already chosen \"Yes\", clean your cache and choose \"No\" when you see the security message." }, { "question": "Do I pay the shipping?", "answer": "Shipping and handling charges are added to each transaction. You may choose to have the items shipped collect by providing your courier account information, or choose to have the shipping and handling added to your purchase based on the method of delivery. Danatec® does not ship collect without a valid courier account number." }, { "question": "What is Danatec's \"Same-Day Shipping\" policy?", "answer": "Danatec will ship out your order on the day it is received as long as it is before 12:30 PM MST, Monday to Friday (with the exception of statutory holidays). Danatec cannot guarantee delivery times on shipments. Danatec’s WHMIS 2015 Online Training is now available. Get started today!" }, { "question": "Now that GHS is adopted in Canada, what do I need to do?", "answer": "You can now start training with WHMIS 2015 which incorporates the Globally Harmonized System. To keep up to date with important product and regulatory announcements, check our website frequently and be sure to sign up for our Danatec newsletter." }, { "question": "What happens to my (or my employees’) existing WHMIS course?", "answer": "Students granted the WHMIS course prior to March 1, 2015 will still have access to the WHMIS 1998 material. WHMIS exam scores and WHMIS certificates will remain in the student’s training history. There is a transition period from June 1, 2015 to December 1, 2018. This means that employees must have WHMIS 2015 training completed by December 1, 2018." } ]
[ { "question": "Question: What is Payloadz Express?", "answer": "Answer: PayLoadz Express is the quickest and easiest way to sell a digital good online and have that good delivered automatically by our system. Any person can use this system to sell a file they own. With simple information about the product and file, the system is able to generate a link that can be used anywhere online that you want to make your item available for sale at. Customers click on the link to make a purchase for your item through PayPal Once we have confirmed the payment, we provide the customer instant access to the file." }, { "question": "Question: How are files delivered to the Customer ?", "answer": "Answer: Our system stores your file in a protected directory that can only be accessed through special links that are generated by the system when payment is made. The download is sent to the customer once our servers verify the payment has been completed with the PayPal servers. The special download link is presented to the Customer after they have completed payment at PayPal and is also sent to the email address they used during checkout. They can also use the Order Lookup System to retrieve their download. You can view the payment and file delivery process using our sample product here. Note: Our system tracks downloads by individual transactions, expires the link after a limited time, limits download link clicks, and monitors downloading IP addresses to prevent excessive downloading of the file." }, { "question": "Question: What are some examples of files that I can sell?", "answer": "Answer: An author, creator, or copyright owner of any type of file can use the system to sell their item. Some examples are: an originally authored ebook on how to repair electronics, a piece of software, an original piece of music, or even photo images and video. Any file type can be sold on the system, with any type of extension such as: .pdf,.mp3, .wmv, .mov, .exe, .zip, .jpg, .sit, etc. Note: Do not upload any content without the owner's permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself. By agreeing to the Terms of Service, you are representing that you own, or have rights to distribute, the content that you upload to our service. Read our DMCA Policy. They may also never sell any malicious file such as a virus or trojan." }, { "question": "Question: How much does it cost to use?", "answer": "Answer: The PayLoadz Express account is our basic level account, it is free to join and use; there is no cost to start selling online and no monthly fees. The PayLoadz Express account provides a simple way to create and sell digital download products. You can sign-up for the Express account and create products to sell at https://express.payloadz.com. We hope you will consider using our full PayLoadz Service for more features and functionality. The PayLoadz Express account is limited; the file storage is limited to 1GB. You cannot send downloads or create free downloads." }, { "question": "Question: Where can I sell my item?", "answer": "Answer: Because our system generates a simple web address URL link, it can be used anywhere online. You can use the URL to create a store on your web page with purchase buttons that link to the link address. You could also sell on eBay, in e-mails, or anywhere else. Our system also provides you with a snippet of HTML that also inserts a Buy Now button image that makes it even easier to make your file available for purchase." }, { "question": "Question: What email address should I enter?", "answer": "Answer: The email address you enter in the product creation process is where all notifications will be sent to. This includes payment notifications from PayPal. Therefore it must be a working email address if you expect to receive payment for your item. If you already have a PayPal account, we suggest that you enter the Primary PayPal email address you have listed in your PayPal Account. If you do not enter a valid address, we will have no means with which to notify you of a purchase." }, { "question": "Question: What if I don't have a PayPal account?", "answer": "Answer: You do not need to setup a PayPal account to begin selling on our system. However, if you do sell an item, you will need to create a PayPal account to claim your funds. When a customer purchases your item, PayPal will send an email to the address entered in the product creation process notifying you that you have funds waiting to be claimed from the purchase. You then simply go to PayPal and create a new PayPal account using the same email address. Once you have created your account, you then have access to the money that was sent to you. You can withdraw that money to a bank account, receive a check from PayPal, use it for online purchases, and more." }, { "question": "Question: I need more options than what's provided, how do I sell my item?", "answer": "Answer: The PayLoadz Express system is intended to sell basic items. We will be adding an advance product creation form within a week of launch. If you need additional options, like multiple file delivery, an affiliate system, or a software registration key delivery system, please use the full version of the PayLoadz system." }, { "question": "Question: Can I use this to sell my file on eBay?", "answer": "Answer: Yes, using PayLoadz Express, you can sell your item online. However, the system requires that you already have a PayPal account and that you set your PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Profile setting pointed to our IPN script at http://www.payloadz.com/pay/index.asp." }, { "question": "Question: I have a question not listed here, how do I get help?", "answer": "Answer: For answers to questions not listed here, try searching our full knowledge base here. If you still cannot find the answer, please contact us." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I keep my hardwood floors safe from water damage?", "answer": "Avoid having standing water on them. You can map them with a water based solution, but you should wring the mop thoroughly before moping. The floor should be dry in less than 5 minutes after mopping. If there is a water damage situation and the floors have a lot of water – it is best to call PuroClean. Both the hardwood floor and the floor beneath must be addressed. This gets very complicated and is best done by professionals." } ]
[ { "question": "I’ll answer the questions with the same response I give to those who have asked in the past as well as comment (or perhaps moan is the right word?", "answer": "ha ha) on the question itself in italics. I’m honoured to know you like my work enough to want to commission me. I will need to know exactly what you want created before I’m able to give a price. For example a pencil sketch of a head will take considerably less time and therefore cost less than illustrating an entire book or creating 6 months worth of video game assets. The Hire Me page on this site was created to answer this question and give customers an understanding of how to commission artwork from me. Please appreciate this question gets handed to me at least once a week so can’t help let out a sigh every time! Imagine asking a builder “how much do you charge?” to build a house. It could be inexpensive if you only want it for your kids to play in or dog to lay in, or it could cost tens of millions if it needs dozens bedrooms of and 20 bathrooms! Or what about walking into a restaurant and asking “how much do you charge?”." }, { "question": "There’s going to be a big difference between a side salad and lobster dish, so surely most people would at least ask if they have a menu if not specifying, for example, “how much do you charge for a salad”?", "answer": "Mostly Photoshop CC software with a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD graphics tablet. I’ll occasionally use pencil, ink and markers for traditional work. I’ve likely already posted #photoshop and #cintiq in the description on social media art posts, yet people still ask on these posts what I use. I do wish people would pay more attention." }, { "question": "I think a lot of people are looking for expert insider information with this one to help give them the edge, but does it really matter what I use?", "answer": "You can achieve similar results to most things I create with dozens of different software or traditional media, so much of the time it comes down to personal preference and my methods may not suit other people. It’s strange that most other artists also list this as a most frequently asked question when there are so many other important or interesting questions that could be asked. I’ve written art tutorial books which discuss tools of the trade in far more depth than I can cover in a reply online, so better just to buy those- they’re reasonably priced and not going to break the bank. Sorry. I’m too busy with work and commissions. I feel it’s disrespectful to ask an artist or any professional to work for free. It’s like walking into a hairdressers and asking for a free haircut. Like most creatives, I have so many ideas for things I’d like to create that I don’t have time or want to devote mental energy to focusing on someone else’s project (unless compensated). I especially wouldn’t have time if I’m spending vast amounts of my life drawing pictures for anyone who asks." }, { "question": "Does anyone ever actually say yes to this request?", "answer": "I would imagine every artist gets asked this question all the time and I’m sure we all face-palm every time. I’m in my mid thirties so quite a long time. Read my Backstory for more info. I’d rather aspiring artists buy and read my How to Draw Manga books (in this site’s Shop or via Amazon) which gives hundreds of tips. If you’ve read my books cover to back I guarantee you’ll learn something new and anything needs more clarifying, let me know and I’m happy to help as much as I can. I know everyone’s looking for a free education, but sometimes putting your hand in your pocket and investing just a small amount in a tutorial book can be such a time saver. I also think if you’ve paid for information, you’re more likely to take on board what’s being said plus I’d feel happier to see people using what I teach in the books than me handing them some general advice on social media which wont stick or be sufficient to make people want to sit down, try a new technique and feel inspired to create. I don’t have a good answer to this one. Every artist will need to find their own way to success. I’m not deliberately trying to be vague, but it would be impossible for anyone to replicate what I did to established myself." } ]
[ { "question": "Do l need to pay a deposit?", "answer": "Yes l hold £10 million public liability insurance. Feel free to ask for a copy when booking your event." }, { "question": "Do you offer Face to Face meets?", "answer": "Yes l do l am more than happy to meet at your home, the venue or somewhere else convenient. Once a deposit to secure your event date is paid." }, { "question": "Do you use smoke machines?", "answer": "I do although you will need to check with your venue first this is permitted as some venue's do not allow the use of them as they can set off fire alarm systems. There is no extra charge for this service." }, { "question": "How do we get confimation of our booking?", "answer": "I will send out a booking confirmation by post or email on receipt of your deposit being paid. This also has my Terms & Confirmations attached. Payment schemes are tailored to each individual client and will be discussed during the booking process. Please mention you are wishing to do this when you chat with myself." }, { "question": "How soon should l book?", "answer": "As soon as possible really, I am unable to hold a date until you make a deposit. Weddings are usually booked about a year in advance with myself and other events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries and Corporate Events are usually booked anywhere from 3-6 months. However l always say the sooner the better as my Diary is filling up quickly. I usually require 1 hour to carry in and set up. This may need to be extended if there are access difficulties or stairs. My quoted price includes travelling as well as setting up and dismantling my equiptment." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the Trader Development Programme?", "answer": "The Trader Development Programme – known as the TDP – is a 2-3-year programme aimed at graduates with 3-5 years work experience. Tailored to your skills and aptitude, it’s designed to help you develop the skills and gain the experience required to build a successful career as a trader at Shell. To apply, you’ll complete a short online application form and submit a CV. You’ll then be invited to complete two online psychometric assessments, designed to test your numerical ability and logical thinking. Successful applicants will be invited to a telephone interview with our trading assessors. This hour-long session will consist of a case study, and competency-based interview with motivational questions. If you progress to the final stage, you’ll be invited to an assessment centre at a Shell office. You’ll take part in several individual assessments including an investment scenario, a commercial case study and a structured interview. Candidates will also have the opportunity to meet and network with people working in the trading businesses to gain a better understanding of the culture and career opportunities in Shell Trading and Supply. We’ll aim to let you know within 48 hours of your assessment centre day whether you’ve made it on to the TDP. If successful, you’ll be allocated to a trading desk based on our business needs and your individual suitability." }, { "question": "How long does it typically take to complete the programme?", "answer": "Given that the programme is tailored according to the individual’s current level of proficiency as well as subjected to individual learning style and pace, the duration will vary. However typically it would range from 2 to 3 years." }, { "question": "When do I start trading?", "answer": "The Trader Development Programme aims to provide all the training and experience you need in order to achieve what we call ‘Trader Readiness’. You will not be expected to start trading until you reach this level. We recognise that everyone comes with a different baseline of knowledge and professional experience but expect that all programme participants would be able to build the requisite skills to attain Trader Readiness within three years. Shell has an end-to-end value chain – we source, refine and supply energy as well as trading it. Assignments are designed to let you see the breadth of our business; they could span operations and include a range of commercial activities. Your Trading line manager will be the driving force in determining your assignments, as well as monitoring your performance and development during the programme." }, { "question": "How am I assessed during the TDP?", "answer": "As the programme unfolds, you’ll undergo assessments at appropriate junctures to evaluate your readiness towards achieving the required standard to become a fully-fledged trader. Formal assessment runs in tandem with regular performance reviews and informal feedback with your line manager. We will keep track of your performance, make sure you know how you are progressing and draw up relevant development plans to close out gaps." }, { "question": "How does trading at Shell differ from commodity trading houses or banks?", "answer": "We trade across a wide spectrum of product lines but, importantly, Shell is a fully integrated organisation. That means we don’t only trade assets – we also source, refine, produce and supply them. Add to that our global capacity and strong brand reputation, and it gives us an enviable platform from which to maximize opportunities and increase our optionality. Shell’s different market segments translate to potential opportunities to grow and progress across the organisation. Culturally, our focus on value generation across the entire chain creates an open and collaborative working culture, within and outside of teams, both regionally and globally. There is also a strong commitment to training and development here, that you don’t always find in smaller trading environments. It means that exceptional performers can find opportunities for overseas postings/ assignments, as well as being developed as future trading leaders." }, { "question": "Do I need any trading experience to apply for the TDP?", "answer": "Whilst trading experience is useful, it’s certainly not a requirement to join the TDP. We look for men and women who bring us diverse professional perspectives, life experiences and educational backgrounds. We are open to receiving applications from talented individuals who demonstrate an appetite for trading and the potential we’re looking for." }, { "question": "What do you look for in a good future trader?", "answer": "Traders have to be comfortable making critical decisions and taking calculated risks in a time-pressed and fast-paced environment. The market is very dynamic with constant changes, and you’ll be expected to quickly grasp the situation even if information is incomplete or ambiguous. Traders need strong numerical and commercial acumen to identify good deals and create commercial value. They take interest in markets and movements, and have the intellectual curiosity to keep track of geopolitical and economic developments that could influence the market. Being a team player is also important. Traders build collaborative partnerships with their stakeholders and team mates; they can leverage their networks and relationships to help them they can make the best trades at the right time." }, { "question": "What happens upon a successful completion of the TDP?", "answer": "Once you’re signed off as ‘trader ready’, you will be officially cleared to apply for junior trader roles. Subject to availability and business requirements, you may be placed into a trader role in the area/commodity you have gained experience in, or an alternative desk depending on business requirements. This is the start of your journey to developing deep trading expertise. Trading Managers will outline the competencies and experiences you need to focus on to continue to make progress. You can expect to be managing increasingly large books and interfacing with counterparties of growing status, complexity, value and risk." }, { "question": "What happens in case of an unsuccessful completion of the TDP?", "answer": "If an individual is not successful in completing the TDP, he or she will be supported to look for other more suitable roles within Shell." }, { "question": "If I’m not successful this time around, when can I re-apply?", "answer": "Cindy is passionate about diversity in trading and, as well as managing a global trading business, acts as a champion and mentor for many other women taking their first steps into the field. Read her advice here. Sophie is currently on the TDP in London. Find out why it’s been a very good decision: one that has deepened her direct exposure to energy markets and broadened her career opportunities." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the real “mink”?", "answer": "The “mink” mean is luxurious and noble .The real mink eyelashes allow for you have to longer , fuller, natural and attractive. Q." }, { "question": "How many different types of false eyelashes you have available?", "answer": "3D mink lashes, mink 3D hair lashes, Horse mink lashes and best mink lashes." }, { "question": "What's the wholesale price of the product?", "answer": "Yes, we do the wholesale price. You can review more info of this link. Q." }, { "question": "Do you offer customized private label services?", "answer": "Yes, We offer customized private label services. You can review more info of this link. Q." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the nutrition facts for Wheat Starch ?", "answer": "The calories in Wheat Starch per 110g(1cup) is 386 calories. Wheat Starch is calculated to be 351Cal per 100 grams making 80Cal equivalent to 22.79g with 94.6g of mostly carbohydrates、0.55g of fat、0.22g of protein in 110g while being rich in vitamins and minerals such as Iron and Phosphorus." } ]
[ { "question": "How much of my pension can I use in my business?", "answer": "Depending on your circumstances, you could invest up to 65% of your pensions into your business." }, { "question": "What rate of interest will I pay?", "answer": "The interest rate has to be commercial, although this will be accruing back in your own pension fund." }, { "question": "My business partner/spouse also has pensions, can they contribute to this?", "answer": "Your business partner/spouse can also utilise their pensions to invest in the business. I’ve been told I can’t do this by my current advisor . . . Pension-led funding is a specialist form of pension investment, meaning not all advisors will know how to do this." }, { "question": "I’m looking to buy an established business, can I use PLF to achieve this?", "answer": "Yes. Company takeovers are possible using Pension-led funding. The balance left in the pension will continue to be invested at your discretion. Pension-led funding is a commercial transaction between your pension and your business. Tax may be payable on pension drawdown." } ]
[ { "question": "What are your thoughts on a wii FAQ?", "answer": "Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii-U & 3DS' started by addyb, Dec 29, 2006. Well as title states im pondering over the idea of creating a wii faq to help out gamers either new to the scene or perhaps even experienced gamers! Topics will include system spec, setup help, Virtual console, Games, wii channels, opera settings and useful links and finally some troubleshooting." }, { "question": "Good idea or bad?", "answer": "If anyone has any inputs or would like to help me out in anyway just send me a PM! Sounds good and may cut down on the number of stickies required. In particular items like release date links and a troubleshooting collection for wireless. Yeh i will probably leave it a while before i do it yet. Maybe end of jan/feb as by that time most of the regulars in here should of picked one up and i can make it a sticky on here. We have a general rule of only one sticky per forum so i will wait and see what happens! Plus it depends if i get time as well! I think it's a good idea, could also include the different region console faqs/comparisons aswell for UK,JAP & US machines. Sure it would be usefull as of course there are always going to be questions & reasons for importing such as game release dates, 480p Cube games etc." } ]
[ { "question": "Why is DocuPet in Syracuse?", "answer": "The City of Syracuse and DocuPet have partnered up to offer an enhanced Pet Ownership Program for Syracuse residents. The DocuPet solution includes online license payments, pet tag distribution, customer service, renewal notice distribution, and community awareness campaigns. Pet owners must now license through the DocuPet program in order to secure a Syracuse pet license." }, { "question": "What information do I need to provide to license my pets?", "answer": "In order to complete the licensing process, you will be required to provide basic information about your pet, proof of current rabies vaccination, and if the dog is spayed or neutered, documentation must be presented or uploaded for the reduced fee. Also a few critical pieces of information about yourself including your name, address, and contact information. Once you have completed the licensing process, you are encouraged to add extra information about your dog in their online accounts, including photos! You can license your pet online, or in person. If this is your first time licensing a pet in Syracuse, click here to learn more. If you already have an account with us or have ever licensed a pet with your city click here to learn more." }, { "question": "Why am I required to provide my email address?", "answer": "We need your email address to create a unique ID for your account and to provide a way for you to verify your account. Licenses can be purchased for 1 or 3 years. This license cannot be issued for a period of time that exceeds the validity of the rabies vaccination certificate." }, { "question": "When can I license my pets?", "answer": "Starting September 10th you can license your dogs using DocuPet. If your pet currently holds a valid license you will receive a renewal reminder before the license expires." }, { "question": "Where do I license or renew my pets?", "answer": "If you wish to license from the comfort of home, you can do so online here. If your pet has a valid rabies certificate that has been verified in DocuPet, you can renew your dog’s license over the phone by calling 1-877-239-6072 between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM EST. If you wish to license in person, learn about your options here." }, { "question": "What if I do not have an email?", "answer": "If you do not have an email you will need to license your pet in person at one of the participating locations listed here." }, { "question": "What is a DocuPet Rewards Card?", "answer": "Your DocuPet Rewards card is your proof that you belong to our Rewards Program. Show your Rewards Card at any of our participating partners to receive great deals on all sorts of products and services, including many that your furry friend will love. Please get in touch with us! We stand by the quality of our tags and if your furry friend's tag has worn within one year of purchase and is no longer legible we will replace it free of charge. Just demonstrate proof of wear by emailing a photo to info@docupet.com. Please don't wait - your pet's tag is key to your pet getting home if he or she is ever lost!" }, { "question": "What else will I receive in the mail?", "answer": "If it’s your first time licensing a new pet, along with your pet tag you will receive two Rewards Cards and your new Membership Package! My pet lost their tag." }, { "question": "How can I get a new one?", "answer": "You can order and pay for a replacement tag online by logging into your account and selecting the \"Order Replacement Tags\" link. You can also order a replacement tag by calling our customer service team at 1-877-239-6072. Alternatively, you can visit an associated sales vendor to purchase a replacement tag." }, { "question": "How do I receive my tag?", "answer": "Your pet tag will come in the mail regardless if you license online, or in person. Please allow for 10-12 business days to receive your tag and use your receipt as proof of license in the meantime!" }, { "question": "What do I have to do if I receive a Lost Pet Alert?", "answer": "As a member of the Lost Pet Brigade, you are not obliged to do anything at all, but if you are available to help and see that the pet was last seen in your area, we would hope that you would take the time to look around your immediate vicinity. This is your way of \"paying it forward\" should you ever need the assistance of the Lost Pet Brigade yourself!" }, { "question": "How do I report my pet lost if I don't have an online account?", "answer": "If you licensed your pet in person you can gain access to your online account by activating your account here. Alternatively, contact DocuPet at 1-877-239-6072 for assistance with your lost pet. When you log into your account, the first page you see has a list of your licensed pet(s) and beside your lost pet will be a \"Report Found\" button." }, { "question": "Do I have to report my pet found?", "answer": "Please! Because we engage a whole community of pet lovers when you report your pet lost and we appreciate being updated as soon as possible when your pet is found so we can let everyone know the search is off." }, { "question": "How do I report my pet lost?", "answer": "From within your online account, you can indicate that your pet has been lost by filing a lost pet report. The first page you see has a list of your licensed pet(s) and beside each pet is a \"Report Lost\" button. You’ll be prompted to enter where your pet was last seen and be given the opportunity to add additional contact information. This takes just a few minutes. You should always check with your local animal shelter as well." }, { "question": "How do I choose what information the public can see?", "answer": "Upload photos – this makes it so much easier for the Lost Pet Brigade to spot your furry friend and for us to create social media posts on your behalf." }, { "question": "What happens when I report my pet found?", "answer": "When you report your pet found we will inform everyone within the Lost Pet Brigade, remove your pet's profile from the \"Lost Pets\" page, remove any social media posts that have been made on your behalf and breathe a big sigh of relief!" }, { "question": "Why is DocuPet's HomeSafe Lost Pet Service unique?", "answer": "DocuPet’s HomeSafe Lost Pet Service allows you to immediately connect with other pet owners and pet lovers in your area if your pet goes missing, and alerts you instantly if your pet is found. It also lets you control what information is displayed on your pet’s profile and makes it so anyone can simply report your pet found." }, { "question": "My pet is no longer with me, but I’m still receiving renewal reminders?", "answer": "We’re sorry! Unfortunately, unless you tell us a pet is no longer in your care, we have no way of knowing." }, { "question": "Have you already told us?", "answer": "You may have a duplicate account. Get in touch with the DocuPet customer service team to update your record by calling 1-877-239-6072 or emailing info@docupet.com." }, { "question": "How do I notify DocuPet that my pet has passed away?", "answer": "We're sorry for your loss. You can update a pet's profile via your online account or we can take care of it for you if you call 1-877-239-6072 or email info@docupet.com. Our customer service line is answered from 9:00AM to 8:00PM EST, Monday through Friday." }, { "question": "How do I update my pet’s information?", "answer": "Your pet’s information can be edited via your online profile at any time. If you don’t have an online account get in touch with us via phone at 1-877-239-6072 or via email at info@docupet.com. While were at it, we can also help get your online account activated. Our customer service hours are from 9:00AM to 8:00PM EST, Monday through Friday." }, { "question": "Are DocuPet Community Representatives enforcing the City Ordinance?", "answer": "No, community representatives will not be enforcing the City Ordinance. They are educating the public about the pet licensing by-law and promoting awareness of the DocuPet program." }, { "question": "Can I license with someone who comes to my door?", "answer": "Our community representatives are only visiting homes to drop off information. They are not equipped to license at someone's door. DocuPet offers online sales and you may also visit a vendor location to license in person." }, { "question": "Where can I obtain a copy of my pet’s spay/neuter or rabies certificate?", "answer": "If you can’t locate the certificate you received after the procedure was done, you will need to contact your vet. Reach out to them via phone, email, or even through their website to request a copy of the required certificates. Be sure to specify any and all pets you require documentation for. The document provided is the right type of document. Pet and pet owner account data matches your own. The document is clear and legible." }, { "question": "Why do I have to upload a spay/neuter certificate for my pet?", "answer": "The City of Syracuse requires documentation that verifies a pet's rabies vaccination. Documentation is also required to verify that a pet has been spayed or neutered in order to receive the discounted rate. Requiring documentation ensures that pet information is accurate which is critical for identification reasons." } ]
[ { "question": "What Should I Do If I Have Trouble Enrolling in MyCompass?", "answer": "Please call toll free 877-621-8014 for customer assistance 24 hours each day. Cerner Health is a Personal Health Record (PHR) that provides you with a secure way to collect, manage, and share your health-related information. Cerner Health allows you to share your health information with family members, doctors, other members of your care team, as well as a growing number of health, wellness, and condition management programs. It’s your information – you control who has access and can modify that access at any time. Cerner Health provides a collaborative environment to help you manage your health and the health of your family. Go to cernerhealth.com to learn more." }, { "question": "What is a Cerner Health Account?", "answer": "A Cerner Health account is a secure account on the internet that allows you to access your Cerner Health PHR and a family of solutions that allow you to actively engage in your health. Participation in Cerner Health is currently by invitation only. You must be invited by a health care organization, such as your doctor’s office. The e-mail invitation sent to you has a link to a page where you can create a secure account and get access to your data at your health care organization. Cerner Health works hand-in-hand with MyCompass to provide a secure login and share your health-related information. In addition to information that you add or upload, you can receive and store electronic visit and care documentation from your doctors and hospitals." }, { "question": "What information is Exchanged Between Cerner Health and MyCompass?", "answer": "MyCompass understands that your personal health information is sensitive and private. Only you can access your information unless you give access to others. When MyCompass is connected to your Cerner Health account, the only information exchanged about you is name, gender, and date of birth to confirm your identity." }, { "question": "What Information and Features are Available on MyCompass?", "answer": "Inbox – The inbox provides access to messages a provider has sent you in the last seven days. General Message – Smart-Search capability is used so patients may type in their physician’s name to send them a message. Refill Request – Patients may request a refill by checking the box beside the medication in their personal medication list. Medications not on the list may be requested as well. Sent Items – A list of messages that have been sent are stored here." }, { "question": "Can I Schedule an Appointment in MyCompass?", "answer": "View Upcoming Appointments – Upcoming appointments may be viewed and added to a personal calendar. Important pre-appointment instructions may also be provided here. Request, reschedule and cancel appointments. Appointments within the next 24 hours most likely will not be cancelled. Patients should call the appropriate office." }, { "question": "What Results Can I See on MyCompass?", "answer": "Most clinical results may be viewed from anywhere there is internet access. Results for HIV, Pathology, and testing for cancer related conditions are not provided in MyCompass. Providers will inform patients of these clinical results personally. Discharge documents and clinical summary – View your medical summary information that is transferred from Fort HealthCare Electronic Medical Records." }, { "question": "How Long is My email MyCompass Invitation Valid?", "answer": "You will have an opportunity to create personal usernames for each account through the sign-up process. All family members should complete registration within 90 days of receiving the email invitation as the signup link will expire if not activated within that timeframe." } ]
[ { "question": "Who can help?", "answer": "We’re sorry to hear that. Let one of our team members help you right away. Call 1-855-972-0576 or email soyvay@worldpantry.com." }, { "question": "Where can I buy Soy Vay®?", "answer": "You can find Soy Vay® at most retailers in the marinade and sauce section. Sometimes you can find us in the Asian aisle too. We can't promise your store will have every flavor in stock, but if you ask nicely, they'll probably be happy to order the flavor you're looking for. But since you're here, why not buy directly from our new [online store]." }, { "question": "Will Soy Vay® make me a better cook?", "answer": "It may not get you your own show on cable, but studies have shown that using Soy Vay® has led to a dramatic increase in kitchen popularity and requests for seconds and probably thirds." }, { "question": "Traditionally, our flavors are a perfect match for grilling or cooking meats and veggies, but why stop there?", "answer": "One of the things we love about our sauces and marinades is how they bring together unexpected flavors to create something amazing. Try drizzling our sauce over your weeknight tacos or use it as a base for stew. We even partnered with some guys to make Veri Veri Teriyaki® jerky, and it turned out awesome. So use your imagination and get cooking. Check out our recipe section for a little inspiration." }, { "question": "Is it safe to use Soy Vay® products if they've been left out over night?", "answer": "We wouldn't want you to lose a single drop of sauce, so be sure to put it back in the fridge after use. Soy Vay® is still safe to eat if your bottle has been unrefrigerated for two hours. However, for anything over two hours, we highly suggest you discard any sauce, marinade or food that's been left out without refrigeration to ensure food safety." }, { "question": "Is it still safe to eat Soy Vay® products after the \"best use by\" date?", "answer": "Unfortunately, your bottle of Soy Vay® will not last forever (even though we wish it would). All our products taste best when used within the “best by” date on the top of the cap." }, { "question": "Do Soy Vay® Products contain lactose?", "answer": "No, none of our Soy Vay® products contain lactose. But we did think about a teriyaki ice cream once … just once." }, { "question": "Do Soy Vay® Products contain gluten?", "answer": "Just to stay on the safe side, be sure to read the ingredients carefully and contact a medical professional if you have concerns about whether or not a product contains gluten." }, { "question": "Are Soy Vay® products certified kosher?", "answer": "Yes, indeed. Our products are Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU). It's one of the things that makes Soy Vay® so special." }, { "question": "Do Soy Vay® products contain any type of peanuts?", "answer": "Only one. Our Thai Style Peanut Popped Rice Clusters (one of our snacks) has peanuts. All other products, including our marinades, do not contain peanuts." }, { "question": "Why switch Soy Vay® bottles from glass to plastic?", "answer": "We made the switch from glass bottles to plastic bottles for several reasons. We heard the sad tale—from grocery stores and from you—that our glass bottles were cracking or shattering before they made their way into your kitchens. We knew we could make a change that would prevent this from happening in the future … enter, plastic bottles! And since glass is heavier than plastic, we were also contributing to fuel waste when transporting our bottles from the manufacturing site to your pantry shelf. By making our bottles lighter, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and doing right by Mother Nature." }, { "question": "How do you address the fact that plastic is less recyclable than glass?", "answer": "The Soy Vay® bottles you’re buying at your local store are PETE 1, which means it’s as recyclable as plastic comes. We’re doing our best to balance all aspects of environmental concern—fuel costs, recyclability, etc. — while ensuring that our delicious sauces are available to you when and where you want them. Yes, our new bottles are completely BPA-free." }, { "question": "Will the switch to plastic affect the taste of Soy Vay® sauces and marinades?", "answer": "Not on our watch. We have done extensive testing to ensure that the delightful, saucy flavor inside every Soy Vay® bottle tastes just as good coming out of our plastic bottles as our old ones." }, { "question": "Am I getting less sauce in the new plastic bottle?", "answer": "Absolutely not. You can expect the same amount of sauce as before — and a more juggle-friendly bottle." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I know my child has been registered in a course?", "answer": "When you enter you registration online and Checkout, you will immediately receive an order confirmation page. Credit card and PayPal payments are automatically confirmed by email immediately. Check payments are confirmed when we get your payment. You’ll get a confirmation email. If a class is going to be cancelled due to lack of registration, it usually happens very late in the registration process, to allow time for additional enrollments to come in. Please understand that notification for this kind of cancellation will probably come just before classes are to begin." }, { "question": "When will I receive a postcard?", "answer": "We no longer send postcards. You will, instead, get an email confirmation. These emails are sent automatically when you register (if you pay by credit card or PayPal) or when we receive your payment (if you pay by check)." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the DOVU Smart Travel Rewards Program?", "answer": "DOVU encourages you to develop healthy long-term travel habits that are good for the environment and society. As part of the rewards program, we offer you DOV tokens which can be redeemed against purchases made with one of our reward partners. You earn DOV tokens by sharing and changing your travel behavior." }, { "question": "What is the DOVU wallet?", "answer": "It's an app for iOS and Android that allows you to earn an ERC-20 token - the DOV - when you share and change how you travel. Access to the DOVU Wallet is limited to beta testers at the moment. Request a beta invite at https://dovu.io/beta." }, { "question": "What can I do with the DOV earned?", "answer": "You can spend your DOV tokens on offers in the DOVU marketplace, transfer them to other DOVU wallet holders or export them to an external wallet." }, { "question": "Can I participate in the DOVU marketplace if I haven't earned any tokens?", "answer": "Yes, you can acquire DOV tokens from HitBTC, LiveCoin, LaToken, Radar Relay, Swap.Online or EtherDelta." }, { "question": "What blockchain does DOVU use?", "answer": "DOV tokens are ERC-20 tokens which use the Ethereum blockchain. To contact the DOVU team, please visit our Help Desk or email [email protected]." }, { "question": "How can I transfer my DOV to someone else?", "answer": "Within the DOVU Wallet, press the send button, add your recipient's email address and the amount, and press send again. The transfer will be sent immediately. Please note: the recipient will need to have or download the DOVU Wallet to be able to accept the transfer." }, { "question": "How can I export my DOV to an external wallet?", "answer": "In the DOVU Wallet, go to the Settings menu and select Withdraw DOV tokens. Then enter or scan your Ethereum address and enter the amount you wish to export. Press Withdraw Tokens to confirm the transaction. For added security during testing and initial product launch, your export request will need to be approved by DOVU. Then the transaction will be submitted to the Ethereum blockchain and confirmed after an appropriate number of blocks. Please allow up to 24 hours for the request to be processed. During the Beta, the minimum withdrawal amount is 4000 DOV." }, { "question": "How can I import my DOV from another wallet?", "answer": "To import DOV tokens from an external wallet, you must use a desktop or laptop computer. The import function is not currently available from the mobile app. Open a Metamask compatible browser - Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave. Download and enable the Metamask browser extension. This makes it possible for your browser to interface with the Ethereum blockchain. Enable Metamask and make sure that it is linked to your Ethereum account. Go to the DOVU webapp and select the Import tab. Enter the amount of DOV you wish to import and confirm. The MetaMask window should pop up, or you may need to click on its icon. Confirm the details in Metamask and add a small gas fee in ether. Your transaction will show on the import tab of the DOVU webapp. It can take a few minutes for your request to be mined/confirmed and for the tokens to be reflected in your wallet balance.Your transactions and their statuses will be shown in the DOVU webapp. No, the operation of transfer is irreversible. Please be very careful to check the address before confirming a transfer." } ]
[ { "question": "Who is paying for the Tri-County Access Study?", "answer": "The Illinois Tollway Board unanimously approved the Study in May 2017. The Study will be paid for through the agency’s existing budget and at no additional cost to taxpayers." } ]
[ { "question": "Chevron down Do you provide shuttle service if I have my own canoe or kayak?", "answer": "Sorry, no. We are too busy with our rental customers to provide shuttle service on the weekends. You can arrange a shuttle on weekdays with 24-hour advanced reservations." }, { "question": "Chevron down Can I take a long float trip (10 miles) with a tube or raft if I get an early start?", "answer": "Sorry, no. The long float trip is way too long for tubes or rafts. Just take your time and enjoy the shorter float trip, stopping at gravel bars along the way." }, { "question": "Chevron down What is the earliest start time for a float trip, and what is the latest we can start out on a float trip?", "answer": "9:00 a.m. is the earliest start time for our float trips, and 1:00 p.m. is the latest you can arrive for a float trip." }, { "question": "All floaters must be in by 6:00 p.m.\nChevron down Can I bring my dog with me on a float trip?", "answer": "Yes, dogs are welcome but not in the rafts — canoes or kayaks only. All dogs must remain on a leash while at Old Cove Canoe and during transportation. We recommend flotations devices for your pets." }, { "question": "What is the best way to deal with them if we do?", "answer": "There is a good chance you will encounter jet boats on our stretch of river. If you are in a group, the lead floaters should pick one side of river if possible, and the others should keep to that side. The fastest way to deal with the boaters is to give them room to pass (if possible) and not block the whole river. Please keep in mind, floaters have the right of way, but we must share the river." }, { "question": "Chevron down Can we fish during our float trip?", "answer": "Yes, but not out of our rafts. Fishing is fine in the canoes or kayaks." }, { "question": "Chevron down Can we camp at Old Cove Canoe with less than 10 people if we pay the full amount?", "answer": "Sorry, no. Our group campsites are for groups of 10 or more adults; kids are welcome but not counted as part of a group." }, { "question": "Chevron down How are the charges calculated for group camping?", "answer": "Group campsites cost $75 per night. This covers 10 adults (kids under 8 are free). Additional campers are charged $5.00 per person per night." } ]
[ { "question": "If recently contacted Au-Customerservices.com about a problem I have with my MacBook, why haven’t I received help with that?", "answer": "Remember that Au-Customerservices.com only gather all customer services. We can not help with matters related to specific companies." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the difference between an 'carrier oil' and an 'essential oil'?", "answer": "Essential oils are extracts from the root, bark, stem, leaves and aromatic portions of the plant. There are several extraction methods in practice like the steam distillation method, cold-pressing method and solvent extraction method to produce essential oils of absolute or concrete kinds. Essential oils are thin oils with strong aromas. They are very concentrated and are volatile and evaporate pretty quickly. Carrier Oils (also called base oils) are vegetable (and some animal-based) oils that are used to dilute essential oils. Since essential oils can cause skin irritations or itching when used in undiluted forms. Carrier oils are used as base oils to dilute them. They do not evaporate quickly and do not tend to have a strong aroma. Vegetable carrier oils are derived from the fatty portion of plants, like the seeds, nuts and kernels. Animal-based carrier oils come from the rendered and refined fat of the animal. Since each carrier oil has its own set of therapeutic benefits, an essential oil’s effectiveness depends on the proportion and properties of carrier oils used in the blend." }, { "question": "How long do your serum last?", "answer": "Our serums are good for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. Please make sure your serum is stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and sunlight." }, { "question": "Do I have to keep the serum in the refrigerator?", "answer": "Not required, but is good to keep in a cool place away from direct heat and sunlight." }, { "question": "What’s the difference between Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum?", "answer": "The Vitamin C serum helps protects skin from damage, helps with cell turnover, gives skin better tone, helps with discoloration of skin, and gives a brighter appearance to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid serum designed for super hydration gives the skin a soft appearance." }, { "question": "Does your product have sulfates PABA or Parabens?", "answer": "Our products do not have harsh chemicals and provide all-natural and organic products, without the use of harsh chemicals. Cold Pressed – Carrier Oil should be cold-pressed and not heated. Hot oil loses therapeutic benefit." } ]
[ { "question": "Q How long will it take for my website to be designed?", "answer": "A The timeline of a website design project is dictate by the product you purchase which is formulated by the Project Management System. The most common delay in the creation and completion of a new website is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client." }, { "question": "Q I paid for my website how do we move forward from this point?", "answer": "A You will be notified, as soon as your funds has cleared with Websitedesign.co.za’s Admin Department that that your project is in review and will be activated soonest by the Project Manager. The project manager has 10 days to complete the review of the project, and receive the brief and domain instructions. As soon as this information has been reviewed and the Project Manager is satisfied will the project move to activation. On activation the Project Manager will introduced the developer, whereby the developer will book your project to start on the first phase. A website is divided in the following phases; cosmetic, contextual, functional, review. Each phase will be systematically worked through and will require customer feedback. The site will be hosted on a preview domain while being worked on. Once the project is nearing the final review phase, we will asked for final Balance Invoice to be settled as Project can only pay once this has been settled." }, { "question": "Q In what format should I supply words and photographs about my business for my new website?", "answer": "A It is helpful to us if you are able to provide text and photographs in electronic form - for example, the files output by a digital camera and the words in MS word or similar format. Website content is the most important requirement. Before development starts on your website, we require all of your content. Q I run a small/medium size business and want an online presence to promote my business in a professional manner to new customers and to provide a more professional image to existing customers." }, { "question": "What do I need to achieve this?", "answer": "A You need a professionally developed website, a domain name, and hosting facilities for your website. You also need the website to be uploaded onto your hosting facilities and promoted to the search engines through the use of SEO’s or Adwords Campaigns." }, { "question": "Q If I choose a CMS System 0r Content Management System - can I be sure that my webpages are \"Search Engine Friendly\"?", "answer": "A Yes with the CMS Systems all web pages created are Search Engine Friendly. The CMS tools are easy to use - effective and intuitive. We will always suggest when completing a new website that you follow this with a SEO Session to assist your website. Q I hear that there are hidden costs associated with web design services." }, { "question": "Is this true?", "answer": "A No. We discuss with you your website requirements and then price accordingly and once you have placed an order for your website design with us, that price is strictly adhered to." }, { "question": "Q How do I update my website?", "answer": "A There are many different methods which can be used to update websites. The method you choose and the functionality we build into your website design is solely up to yourself although of course we will be glad to advise you which method will suit your needs. Or you can do a once-off update to your site whereby we will quote you on the required updates. If you have monthly updates then we will encourage your purchase an Update Package." }, { "question": "Q Will everyone see my web site the same?", "answer": "A Your website visitors will see some things differently depending on their browser, screen resolution setting and their individual computer settings and toolbars. We design sites with that in mind and preview them in several browser types and resolution settings before publishing. Obviously as technology alters then eventually all websites may need re-evaluation." }, { "question": "Q Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?", "answer": "A Yes - we are your one stop company to provide all your web services. No more - not knowing who to call if you have problems - we can register your domain name - design your website - provide your web hosting and arrange your email accounts for you." }, { "question": "Q Do you guarantee that my site will always be available?", "answer": "A No web hosting service can guarantees 100% uptime. However we can say that our servers have had 100% up time for many years. Should our servers have any problems we do have the necessary backups in place to deal with this issue very speedily." }, { "question": "Q Can I have an e-commerce system for my website?", "answer": "A Yes you can. We have Secure Servers (SSL) which use the latest encryption methods to ensure that your customers can buy from you website knowing that the information they enter is secure and safe." }, { "question": "Q When can I update my website content?", "answer": "A If the website we have designed for you includes a Content Management System then you can access your administration areas from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and make updates instantly as frequently as you wish." }, { "question": "Q Is there any training provided with the Content Management System - CMS?", "answer": "A The Content Management Systems really are very easy to use and do have explanatory notes included where necessary. If you require more training please consult with your sales representative." }, { "question": "Q Do you redesign existing websites?", "answer": "A Yes we do. We can redesign, retaining your company corporate style or we can redesign to give you a new fresh look and feel." } ]
[ { "question": "What type of beer do you serve?", "answer": "Only the finest, handmade craft beer, of course! Our selection is always changing (we've brewed hundreds of different recipes since we opened), so come on in and see what's new." }, { "question": "Do you keep guest beer on tap?", "answer": "We will occasionally have guest beers and ciders on tap, but mostly our taps will be filled with our own delicious brews." }, { "question": "Do you serve more than beer for beverages?", "answer": "Yes! In addition to beer we also serve New Mexico wine and occasionally hard cider. We also have non-alcoholic options available including Blue Sky beverages and Arizona Ice Teas." }, { "question": "Can my kids come in?", "answer": "Children and young adults under the age of 21 are always welcome at our taproom – as long as they are accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or adult spouse. We do ask that that if you are planning to visit the taproom after 9pm, please find a sitter for those kiddos!" }, { "question": "Can I bring my pet inside?", "answer": "Friendly, on leash, dogs are allowed in the taproom and patio. We do reserve the right to ask you to remove your four-legged friend if he/she is barking or creating a disturbance for other patrons." }, { "question": "Will you have a mug program?", "answer": "We would love to, but the honest truth is that we just don’t have the space. Our founding members (first 100, plus member loan investors) will have their names prominently displayed in the taproom, but we won’t have room to store “personal” mugs." }, { "question": "How are your bartenders trained?", "answer": "We do a lot of in-house training to assure that every server is well versed in the finer points of serving and explaining craft beer. In addition, all bartenders must be certified by the State of New Mexico and pass a BRBC responsible alcohol service program. Unfortunately we do not serve food, currently all we offer are Boulder Chips and Lord Nut Peanuts. Of course, you are always welcome to bring food in with you from your favorite local restaurant. Typically Monday night we have Beef and Veggie Sliders from LA Food Co-op, Tuesday night we have Tapas from Secret City Kitchen, and Wednesday nights we have Philly Cheese Steaks from Between These Bunz." }, { "question": "How often?", "answer": "As soon as the co-operative is profitable, the Board of Directors has the authority to approve rebates for our membership. All members will receive notice as soon as any dividends or rebates are available." }, { "question": "How will my purchases get registered?", "answer": "All members will receive a computer coded membership card so that BRBC can reward you for your beer and merchandise purchases throughout the year. This card will need to be shown to the bartenders each time you order a beer in order to receive the discount. Also, member prices are for the card carrying member only and are not transferable to non-members." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: How do I pay my rent online?", "answer": "A: Simply click the Pay Rent Online button above, sign in and pay your rent with a check, debit/credit card. A: First, email us your request for a pet. Do not move a pet into the property without permission. Next Step Realty Management will verify if your unit allows pets. If your unit does allow the pet, an increased security deposit will be required and a pet addendum must be signed before the pet can move in." } ]
[ { "question": "Toilet location?", "answer": "That’s where Google Sheet comes in. ProBotDev Event Chatbot uses the information you put inside Google Sheet to answer inquiries. Sort of like FAQ, but interactive. For this to work, you need to structure the spreadsheet in a certain way. I have created a template that you can use—just create a copy and edit it. As you can see from the template, there are three tabs (sheets): Events, Speakers, and FAQ. Inside, there are some predefined columns. Note that the label of the sheets and the columns must not be changed. Also, keep in mind that everything will be imported as plain text because most messaging platforms don’t support text formatting, and you can’t use any formula other than “=IMAGE()”. This sheet is where you put extra information that can’t be set in Google Calendar. At the moment, ProBotDev Event Chatbot only takes a hero image. This sheet has two columns: Name and Hero Image. The name must be the exact match—but case-insensitive—with the one you put in Google Calendar. For example, if you put “Awesome Event” there, putting “AWESOME event” here will work, but simply “AWESOME” won’t. It doesn’t matter where you host the image as long as it’s accessible—verify it by opening the link in private/incognito mode in your browser. This sheet has 4 columns: “Name”, “Portrait”, “Bio”, and “Website”. The name must match the name (including any symbol) you put in Google Calendar. The bio can be up to 2,000 characters, but remember that most people will use your Event Chatbot from their phone, so shorter is better. Everything (except the name, obviously) is optional. This sheet has three columns: Event Name, Question, and Answer. For the event name, you can put “*” (star, without the quotes) which basically means, “all events.” You don’t need to repeat the event name; subsequent rows will assume the same name. The question column contains the “keys.” For example, when someone asks, “Where is this event?”, ProBotDev knows it’s ABOUT_EVENT, and will check your spreadsheet for the answer. If the sheet has empty answer for the key (or simply doesn’t exist at all), ProBotDev will try to find the fallback answer—the answer you put “*“. If it can’t find the fallback answer, it will say that it is not programmed to answer the question. Once the spreadsheet is ready (you can always refine it later, ProBotDev will auto-sync), head to ProBotDev and open the project, and select the Sheet. If you’re still confused, just open the template and create a copy, then use it as-is with the event chatbot from Google Calendar you created last time. Event Chatbot from a spreadsheet." } ]
[ { "question": "How can a property manager’s actions affect a claim?", "answer": "The property manager is the agent of the owner and we treat both as the same person. Both Residential Tenancies Acts and insurance law require that the owner/agent take steps to minimise the loss. In part, this means that the owner/agent needs to pursue breaches as fast as the law allows. If they don’t, the amount lost may be deemed to be increased by the irretrievable time lost as a result of not doing it. There is a danger of this lost time not being included in the claim settlement. We allow a reasonable time to issue notices. If an owner wants to give leeway to a defaulting tenant, the owner needs to know that they may be incurring some losses that are unrecoverable from insurance." }, { "question": "Do we cover hardship of a tenant?", "answer": "Yes. Under our Tenant’s Default section, we cover the owner for lost rent when the tenant obtains a court order cancelling the lease agreement. We treat it as a straightforward default of rent. It is important that the owner/property manager does not agree to the cancellation of the lease. The tenant should apply themselves to the court for relief and the property manager should continue to pursue the tenant for rent arrears until the relief is granted. We will treat the remainder of the lease as claimable in the normal way, provided appropriate measures are taken to re-tenant the property." }, { "question": "Do we cover death of a sole tenant?", "answer": "Yes. Under our Tenant’s Default section, when a sole tenant dies during a fixed-term or periodic tenancy, we treat the matter as if the tenant had left the premises. The property manager should take reasonable steps to obtain vacant possession and re-let the property. The property manager is also entitled to seek unpaid rent from the deceased estate up until the date of vacant possession. The only difference between this event and a regular default is that we do not have the right to pursue the deceased estate for the balance of the lease period rent. DELIBERATE DAMAGE IS WIDER THAN MALICIOUS DAMAGE. The test we apply is that if the intentional actions (not omissions) of a tenant would, if viewed by a reasonable person, be considered to lead to damage, then the damage is deliberate. For more information, please refer to the PDS." }, { "question": "How does the bond affect a claim?", "answer": "We do not deduct the bond from our claim. However, for tenancy matters, if the bond is not used up on legitimate non-insurance related matters, then the remainder of the bond is entitled to be kept by the owner to cover Deliberate Damage and Tenants Default losses. This means that the amount the owner needs to claim from us is reduced by the remaining amount." }, { "question": "Does the policy cover tenants on a periodic lease?", "answer": "Yes. Under our Tenant’s Default section, the only difference between a periodic lease and a fixed-term lease is the amount of notice each party is required to give to the other. In most states, a periodic lease requires 3 weeks’ notice. In the case of early vacation by the tenant under a periodic tenancy, we will pay the owner the rent they would have been entitled to if the tenant had given proper notice." }, { "question": "Do the tenants need to be in advance of their rent for any period of time?", "answer": "No, but they can’t be behind either. If the tenant is up-to-date, that’s good enough. If you are asked about PRIOR history of arrears and other breach of lease behaviour by the tenant, you will have to tell us about this before cover is granted." }, { "question": "Do we cover accidental damage?", "answer": "We cover accidental damage to fixed glass forming part of Contents as part of our Contents cover. Some other covers provide an accidental damage cover to other property with a substantial excess. If they treat each item of damage as a separate accident, a separate excess will apply to each item. Therefore the value derived from the cover is not very great. For this reason, we try not to provide what may be seen as a “Claytons” cover. Under our Deliberate Damage cover, some items treated elsewhere as “accidental damage” will be accepted as Deliberate Damage (see FAQ about Deliberate Damage) and will be paid, totally free of excess (under our standard wording). For more information, please refer to the PDS." }, { "question": "What happens if the tenant pays back some money after a claim has been paid?", "answer": "If the money paid back to the owner is wholly or partly for specific amounts that have already been claimed and paid under the insurance, that amount of money must be returned to us. Otherwise, it belongs to the owner." }, { "question": "What should you do if a tenant calls because we put his/her name on a tenant database?", "answer": "Refer the tenant to us, we are responsible for maintaining the database entry and can remove it when the debt has been repaid." }, { "question": "Is the period between tenancies covered?", "answer": "Under our Tenant’s Default section, rent loss arising from the failure of a tenant to honour a lease agreement is covered. However, rent for the normal period of unoccupancy which occurs between tenancies and which does not involve breach of a lease is not covered." }, { "question": "When should you start clean-up and repairs?", "answer": "To avoid compromising the claim settlement, you should start clean-up and repairs immediately after you get vacant possession. However, if you are insured and are claiming for Deliberate Damage you need to call CRM Brokers immediately and discuss the damage before starting repairs. If we want to collect some information about the damage, we will ask you to hold off repairs until this is done and we will pay for any rent loss arising from the additional delay. You should also complete the repairs as soon as is reasonably possible. Unnecessary delays caused by working weekends only (for example) and the like may prejudice your rent claim." }, { "question": "When do you start the process of re-tenanting?", "answer": "To avoid compromising the claim settlement, you should start the process of advertising for a new tenant immediately the premises is fit for viewing. This does not necessarily mean when the repairs are complete. Sometimes, a property can be acceptable to a tenant if they can see that repairs are being done and will be complete when they move in." } ]
[ { "question": "Still can't get it?", "answer": "Start a chat or contact us. \"How do I delete/disconnect a merchant account integration?\" That has to be done by a Shopventory administrator. Just start a chat conversation and let us know which merchant account integration you'd like removed. Note that deleting a merchant account integration will not delete the corresponding inventory from Shopventory." } ]
[ { "question": "How much funding can I use for travel?", "answer": "Principle Investigators (PI) are allowed to use a maximum of 40% from total allocation for travel." }, { "question": "Who is eligible for overseas travel?", "answer": "Only Principle Investigator (PI) is allowed for overseas travel with maximum amount of RM 15,000 or 20% from total allocation / travel allocation whichever is lower. Co-Researcher and Research Assistant are allowed for local travel only." }, { "question": "What type of equipment must be approved by PPGP before procurement process?", "answer": "Purchasing of equipment must obtain an approval from PPGP unless lab equipment amount less than RM 3000." }, { "question": "Can I buy books from research grant?", "answer": "Principle Investigators (PI) are allowed to buy books using their research grant. However, all books MUST be registered in UM Library and returned to UM after completion of service with UM." }, { "question": "What is the maximum period for honorarium?", "answer": "Principle Investigators can pay honorarium to their Research / Field Assistant for a maximum of 3 months in sequence. Please attach the job description given." }, { "question": "Are pen drives and external hard disks is under equipment or consumables?", "answer": "Since pen drives and external hard disks are loose item, the purchasing of these items can be funded from consumables." } ]
[ { "question": "What is a borrow receipt?", "answer": "A borrow receipt is a receipt that is automatically sent to a patron after library item(s) is/are borrowed from the Library." } ]
[ { "question": "Do I have to pay to enter the park if I’m not going to swim?", "answer": "Admission into the park is considered an entry fee not an activity fee. Everyone who enters the park, must have a ticket." }, { "question": "Can I purchase a day pass for a separate visit?", "answer": "Day pass tickets can be purchased and used for any day during the current operating season. Day passes are available for purchase online or at Rigby’s Entertainment Center. Coolers are not allowed inside the park. They must be left in your vehicles. You may get your hand stamped at the gate as you exit which would allow for re-entry during the same operating day." }, { "question": "Can I bring my own food and drink inside the park?", "answer": "Outside food and drink are not allowed in the park. Concessions are available for your convenience. (exception: food purchased inside of Rigby’s Entertainment Complex or water in clear plastic containers. If you have special dietary needs, please contact our guest services department in advance of your visit)." }, { "question": "Can I bring my own life jacket into the park?", "answer": "Yes, as long as it is U.S. Coast Guard approved. The label on the life jacket should be clearly marked as U.S. Coast Guard approved." }, { "question": "What do I need to bring to the water park?", "answer": "Appropriate bathing suit made of nylon, polyester, or spandex material or blend of these materials, towel, sunscreen, flip flops or water shoes (the concrete deck can get hot), bottled water in clear plastic container is allowed." }, { "question": "What type of bathing suits are allowed?", "answer": "It is required that all bathers wear properly fitted swimming attire and maintain appropriate body coverage at all times. Swim wear must be made of nylon, polyester, or spandex materials. (jean shorts, khakis shorts, and other cotton materials are prohibited. Suits such as thongs or others that don’t provide proper coverage are prohibited). Bathing suits with metal buckles, zippers, or rivets will not be allowed on the slides." }, { "question": "What will I need to pay for once I’m inside the park?", "answer": "Lockers, concessions, cabana rentals, and gift shop items cost extra. Life jackets and inner tubes are available at no charge on a first come first served basis." }, { "question": "Can I bring inflatable floaties or tubes inside the water park?", "answer": "Inflatable tubes, rafts, or armbands are not allowed. Rigby’s Water World provides inner tubes for water attractions free of charge. Only Rigby’s Water World inflatables are allowed inside the park." }, { "question": "Are there shaded or air conditioned areas in the park?", "answer": "We have a number of shade structures located within the park available on a first come first served basis. We also have cabanas available for rent. If you need air conditioning, Rigby’s Entertainment Complex is a great way to get relief from the heat. You may exit the park and re-enter anytime throughout the day, if you get your hand stamped as you exit the park, you may show your stamp to re-enter throughout the same operating day." }, { "question": "Do you have a gift shop in case I forget something?", "answer": "Not yet, but some basic items such as sunscreen, swim diapers, towels, goggles, and water shoes will be available for purchase in one of our concession stands. We do not accept personal checks. We only accept Credit Cards, Rigby’s cards, and Cash (only accept cash at the front desk). Yes, we have a limited number of changing rooms and indoor showers located inside the restrooms. Outdoor showers are also located throughout the park." }, { "question": "Can I leave the park, and re-enter throughout the day?", "answer": "Yes, if you get your hand stamped as you exit, you may show your stamp to re-enter during the same operating day with no additional fee. Pets are not allowed in the park, approved service animals are allowed." }, { "question": "Is smoking allowed inside the waterpark?", "answer": "Most of Rigby’s Water World is considered a non-smoking facility, however, smoking will be allowed in designated areas only. In the event of light rain, the park will remain open as long as it is safe to do so. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, we will close the pools for 20 minutes from the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning. If we must remain closed for 1 consecutive hour before 4pm, we will issue rainchecks that will allow you to visit anytime within the same operating season. Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. Rigby’s Water World will make every effort to remain open or to reopen as long as it is safe to do so. Yes, our lifeguards are certified and trained in the best practice of Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, and AED. Our lifeguards are on duty to enforce the rules and respond to emergencies. We rely on our guests to act responsibly and supervise their children at all times. Guests under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult 16 years of age or older." }, { "question": "Do you have a place to keep personal belongings?", "answer": "A limited number of lockers are available for rent at Rigby’s Water World on a first come first served basis. We have three different sizes for your convenience (small, large, and jumbo). See our rental page for locker prices and dimensions. However, we do remind you to bring only the necessities to the park. Rigby’s Water World is not responsible for lost or stolen items lost and found is located in our guest service office. We have a limited number of lounge chairs and sand chairs available on a first come, first serve basis. The only way to reserve your space is through a cabana rental or pavilion rental. To reserve a cabana, pavilion, or to book a party, please see our Cabana page or Birthday Party page." }, { "question": "Can I bring my own chair and umbrella?", "answer": "Yes, personal lawn chairs, camping chairs, or beach chairs are permitted. They must be set up in designated seating areas. Umbrellas must measure less than five (5) feet in diameter. Large umbrellas or pop up tent structures are prohibited. No. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult age 16 or older. Please be responsible and supervise children while in the park. If you have a non-swimmer, a swimming adult should be within an arms’ reach of them even if they are in an inner tube or wearing a life jacket." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the goal of Blaze Web Directory?", "answer": "Blaze Web Directory is a strong human edited web directory that is focused at providing a valuable resource for top quality listings to heavily benefit web site owners and provide a convenient resource for submitters looking for the beneficial method of web site promotion. Blaze Web Directory uses a new concept of ranking listings by bid amount, rather than traffic, alphabetical order, submission date, or Google PageRank. This approach offers more control and better promotion for web directory owners. Theoretically, every website on the Internet has a chance of becoming the most popular piece of virtual real estate in cyber space. Blaze Web Directory simply attempts to reflect that by ranking websites according to the dollar amount contributed for that website. A major benefit of such a ranking system is that it provides some indication of the quality of traffic from a particular website. This is the directory where advertisers will come looking for you, and visitors will find you. Yes. In reality, owners with deep pockets are in a better position. It is possible for a website to contribute a million dollars and stay in the number one position for eternity, but this is very unlikely. A more likely scenario would be having a popular blog with a million visits a month linking to Blaze Web Directory. As a result, the contributions increase steadily over time, keeping it in the number one position solidly. In addition, for Blaze Web Directory to achieve its goal, it must have a large enough sample in its database for the data to mean anything. Therefore, the funds generated can be put to good use by generating more traffic for the directory, which will attract new listings and benefit all existing ones. All websites need to start somewhere, so we fix a low one-time fee of USD$49.95 for all new listings. After that, anyone can add to the contribution to increase the ranking of a website. In the long run, every dollar counts. That's why anyone can contribute starting from USD$10.00 onwards. If two listings have the same amount of contribution, Blaze Web Directory will automatically rank the earlier listing higher. To contribute to an existing listing, click on the \"[Increase Ranking]\" icon at the bottom of the desired listing. Blaze Web Directory also helps by promoting the HTML link for all listings, making it available publicly for visitors to use the text links and help increase the rankings of your website. Blaze Web Directory is highly promoted and well maintained to offer powerful listings for web directory owners." } ]
[ { "question": "Can my order be left by my door if I'm not home?", "answer": "If you order is paid for by credit card this will depend on your delivery guy. Some areas, particularly rural areas, are able to have their orders left by the door but in Tokyo it's much less likely. You can ask for the order to be left in a delivery box if your apartment has one, or for it to be left with the apartment caretaker. You can also have the delivery held at your local yamato depot allowing you to pick it up at a convenient time. Please write any special requests in the comments of your order during checkout. If you ordered more than a week ago and your box still hasn't arrived please contact us at tengu@alishan.jp or 042-982-4811." }, { "question": "Can I send an order to my friend?", "answer": "Yes, you can; just enter your friends name and contact details into the shipping address section. Please remember if you're shipping an order to a friend to select payment by credit card otherwise your friend will have to pay for the order. Unfortunately we aren't able to ship outside of Japan. There's a problem with one of the products I received." }, { "question": "What do I do?", "answer": "If a product arrives that is damaged or faulty in some way please don't hesitate to contact us. We can organize a refund or send a replacement depending on what you would prefer." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I evaluate the authority of an article according to UTA Library standards?", "answer": "Although there is no UTA Library standard for evaluating sources, we have a guide about evaluating web sites and another guide about evaluating any type of source using the \"CRAAP\" test (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose)." } ]
[ { "question": "Do you have a question about deer impacts or solutions for your community?", "answer": "Chances are, another community has asked the same question. We have summarized many of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to community-based deer management here, along with responses that have been helpful for other communities. While questions are organized by role, some of the questions are repeated as they are relevant to multiple roles." }, { "question": "What is community-based deer management?", "answer": "Community-based deer management, or CBDM, involves collaboration of local entities (e.g., local governments, nongovernmental organizations) with state wildlife management agencies for the purpose of addressing a local deer management issue. CBDM efforts are undertaken to make decisions and design action strategies that will be implemented in a small geographic area, such as a village or town, municipal park system, or even a single neighborhood." }, { "question": "How do I find stakeholders to participate in our community's engagement processes?", "answer": "Identifying stakeholders to participate in stakeholder processes is challenging. Decker et al. 2002 suggest a number of routes to go to find stakeholder participants. First, you might consider consult experts, i.e. those who seem already to know much about your deer management problem. They may be in a good position to suggest others. If you are looking for representatives from specific groups, the best approach may be to have those groups select their own representatives to participate. You may also snowball sample stakeholders; once you have identified a few stakeholders, you can ask them to help you find others. You might also advertise for volunteers, or keep the process open to anyone who might want to join." }, { "question": "What does stakeholder engagement or involvement look like?", "answer": "Stakeholder engagement can be accomplished in many ways, so it does not look exactly the same in every community. Some communities get input from public meetings or comments on proposed actions; some collect information using surveys of community residents. Other communities involve stakeholders more directly, using in face-to-face deliberations like focus groups or workshops. Over time communities may gather information using a combination of several approaches. The best approach for engaging people will depend on factors such as: the level of conflict over deer, the number of stakeholders affected, how interested and aware stakeholders are in the deer management issue, how much information decision makers need from stakeholders, as well as any resource limitations your community might have. For more discussion on this, please see Decker et al. 2002." }, { "question": "Is there any way to avoid controversy around CBDM?", "answer": "Usually, no. It's best to assume that there will be controversy. Controversy typically arises around two issues: (1) whether or not deer impacts should be managed at all and (2) which methods of deer management are acceptable. Try and separate these two types of controversy. The first issue, whether or not deer impacts should even be managed, should be resolved before you tackle the acceptability of the approach taken to address those impacts. Engaging in well-designed stakeholder involvement efforts and informative communication can help communities constructively deal with these two sources of controversy." }, { "question": "Who should we include in discussions about local deer management?", "answer": "To understand and then work through a local deer management issue, it is important to engage people who represent the full range of deer-related interests and concerns in your community. But many communities find it challenging to identify and involve people with different “stakes” in local deer management decisions. Consulting with experts who already know much about local deer management can be a good place to start They may be able to suggest the types of people you should engaged in discussions. If you are looking for representatives from specific groups, the best approach may be to have those groups select their own representatives to participate in any group (e. g., Deer Task Force) formed to lead discussions about local deer management. Once you have identified a few individuals with particular interests or concerns, you can ask them to help you find others who should be involved in community discussions. You might also advertise for volunteers, or keep community committees open to anyone who might want to join. Lots of people claim to have expertise about wildlife management." }, { "question": "How do I know someone is really a wildlife expert?", "answer": "There are many kinds of experts you might consult throughout your community’s CBDM process. Different experts have different kinds of expertise, including expertise implementing the types of management alternatives a community is considering, expertise on state wildlife management laws and policies, and expertise on process management and public involvement. Some wildlife experts may work for or have worked for a government agency or organization, have university credentials, or be a certified wildlife biologist. It may also be helpful to get a sense of what kinds of experiences the expert you are considering has had with respect to deer management. Your community may benefit from consulting more than one expert for different phases." }, { "question": "How much information do we need to understand before my community makes a decision?", "answer": "There's no right amount of information your community needs to know in order to move forward. As described in the best practices described on this site, it's important to understand the nature of the deer management problem in your community, and to bring in content experts as needed. Education and learning is an important part of the CBDM process. However, it is possible for a community to experience \"paralysis by analysis\", feeling like there is still too much to learn before a decision can be made. But, at some point, your community will have to move forward. Do your due diligence regarding education and learning, make a decision, and when you reach the evaluation stage of the process, be willing to reassess your decision given any new information your community has learned." }, { "question": "How do I learn more about deer and deer management?", "answer": "Please see our resources tab to find a variety of information about deer and deer management that you may find interesting. Your county’s Cooperative Extension office may be another place you can contact to find out about any upcoming programs or workshops related to deer and deer management. Many counties' Cooperative Extension offices have natural resources specialists who may engage in outreach related to deer. I am interested in being involved in my community’s deer management planning process." }, { "question": "What do I do to become engaged?", "answer": "There are a variety of ways that different communities’ may involve community members in the deer management decision-making process. Some communities may implement a survey of residents; hold public meetings or workshops; recruit citizens to sit on a deer-management decision-making body; solicit feedback through a municipal website; or involve citizens in the monitoring of deer impacts. A good place to start is to contact your local elected municipal leader’s office to find out about these opportunities. Many communities may also include this information on their municipal website. I would like to be able to contribute to effective deer management in my community." }, { "question": "What kinds of actions can I take?", "answer": "There are many actions community members can take to help reduce conflict between people and deer. Residents may landscape with deer-resistant plantings, install deer-proof fencing, or take steps to reduce contraction of Lyme disease, to name a few. If you browse our selection of resources, you will find information on some of the actions that you may take. In addition, your county’s Cooperative Extension office may also provide educational resources you may find helpful, from informational pamphlets to community workshops." }, { "question": "What conditions can leaders create to make progress in addressing local deer management issues?", "answer": "Leaders can help their communities by creating processes that increase knowledge about the issue, by helping to build working relationships, partnerships and informal networks, and by helping to foster community commitment to a common purpose. See Decker et. al (2004) for further discussion of the essential roles that local leaders play in successful CBDM cases." }, { "question": "Does my community need to put together a deer management plan?", "answer": "Not every community needs a formal deer management plan, but it is important for your community to consider what might be elements of a deer management program. For example, this includes understanding the impacts that are driving your community’s deer management problem, understanding the data you need and how to collect it, knowing what your goal for management is and how much time and money you can commit and over what time horizon." }, { "question": "Where can I find more information on specific, direct actions for deer population reduction?", "answer": "For more information on direct actions for managing deer, we suggest visiting the website http://wildlifecontrol.info or reviewing our resources page for additional help. I am interested in finding an outside facilitator for my community's deer management process." }, { "question": "How do I find one?", "answer": "Formal facilitators can be found by contacting your local state wildlife management agency, which may have citizen participation specialists or other professionals who may perform this role. Your state's Cooperative Extension system may have educators who facilitate public processes, so contacting your local county's Extension office may be a good place to begin. In addition, private consultants may provide facilitation services, as well as local nonprofits or dispute resolution centers. Finally, there may be respected leaders in your own community who, while not formally trained in facilitation, may have the skills necessary to aid in facilitating public meetings or deliberations. Please also visit our resources tab for a list of organizations that may aid in helping you find a facilitator." }, { "question": "What are some good ground rules for public processes?", "answer": "Clearly identified ground rules for participant behavior and for group decision making are an important initial task for community deliberative processes. Respect and recognition without accusations, blaming, or making personal attacks, as suggested by Forester (2009), are good rules to begin with, coupled with allowing each participant the opportunity to speak without being spoken over. Some facilitators may even use tools such as “talking sticks” to allow participants the opportunity to speak in small group processes. These ground rules are often agreed upon and suggested by process participants, as well as facilitators. Appendix B of Susskind and Cruikshank (2006) lay out detailed ground rules for both the behavior of participants and for decision making, if you are looking for a more specific and comprehensive list." }, { "question": "How long is the whole CBDM process going to take?", "answer": "There is no easy answer to this question. Time will vary based on a number of factors and needs specific to your community, including the amount of time and money you are willing to contribute, the support of local elected officials, the management method selected, and public support of the effort. CBDM is often not a one-off effort, but an ongoing commitment by a community. Some communities are able to come to a decision and take actions quickly (i.e., less than a year). In other communities it can take years to agree upon and implement deer management actions. Browsing our library of cases may be helpful to you in finding communities that may be similar to your own, in order to get a sense of the time commitment that may be needed. However, keep in mind that what worked in one community, no matter how similar it seems to your own, is not guaranteed to work in yours. My community wants to carry out a resident survey prior to deciding what our process will look like." }, { "question": "How do we do that?", "answer": "Implementing a resident survey requires a large time commitment as well as financial resources to commit to developing a survey instrument. Often, developing and implementing an effective survey will require the involvement of experts in this skill. You may wish to consult your local university or a private company that specializes in survey design and implementation. For example surveys, please visit our resources tab; you will find example deer management-related surveys under the “tools” heading." }, { "question": "What do we need to do to ensure my community's CBDM process is successful?", "answer": "Browsing our library of cases may be helpful to you in finding communities that may be similar to your own, in order to get a sense of how those communities’ processes progressed. However, keep in mind that what worked in one community, no matter how similar it seems to your own, is not guaranteed to work in yours." }, { "question": "How do we choose the right deer management tool for our community?", "answer": "After the issue has been identified, and you understand what is and is not possible in your community, it is time to explore what tools or combination of tools or actions are available to you. Some tools may need to be implemented by a community, some by individuals. These tools have varying costs, effectiveness, and time horizons that a community needs to understand before they select the method or combination of methods that is right for them. This means weighing the alternatives available, and being open to continual evaluation and reassessment of your community’s use of those tools. This also means being adaptable in your approach and changing that approach as conditions change—conditions which you may be trying to affect as well as conditions which may be beyond your control. Browsing our library of cases may be helpful to you in finding communities that may be similar to your own, in order to get a sense of which actions were selected in different context. However, keep in mind that what worked in one community, no matter how similar it seems to your own, is not guaranteed to work in yours. My community needs assistance in implementing our deer management plan." }, { "question": "How can I find help?", "answer": "Implementing your deer management plan may require the involvement of private firms, non-profit organizations, or local citizens. Please see our list of experts to help you find the appropriate assistance in your area." }, { "question": "Do I need to be a deer expert to be an effective facilitator?", "answer": "No, not necessarily. It is important that facilitators be perceived as unbiased by stakeholders, and sometimes being viewed as not having a stake in deer management may be a benefit to facilitation. However, a facilitator does need to have some knowledge about the issue, especially given that part of their role is to help create knowledge among stakeholders. What is especially important is that facilitators are able to effectively help foster partnerships and information networks, create decision-making processes that are regarded as fair and credible among stakeholders, and facilitate discussion that leads to a common community purpose." }, { "question": "Do I need special training to be an effective facilitator?", "answer": "Facilitation skills may partly account for why different communities may have different outcomes for similar processes. If training is available to you, you might find it helpful. Some organizations (see our resources tab) may provide training specifically on conflict resolution and negotiation, but many accomplished facilitators have developed their skills through experience. So no, training is not a requirement, but it can be beneficial. Resources for facilitators can be found under our “resources” tab; a few good references to begin with may be these three books." }, { "question": "Where can I find more educational resources regarding deer and CBDM?", "answer": "Please see our resources tab for a variety of educational resources that may be helpful to you. You will even find some pre-made PowerPoint presentations that you may use and alter for educational purposes. You may also find it helpful to contact your county's Cooperative Extension office for additional educational resources." } ]
[ { "question": "How to install Magento 2 Extension?", "answer": "Step 1 : Download the extension. Step 2 : Unzip the extension file in a temporary directory. Step 3 : Upload the extension file in your Magento Installation Root Directory. Step 4 : After uploading the extension in root directory, disable the cache in Cache Management in System, i.e. System >> Cache Management. Step 6 : Now check the module in Admin Panel by going to Stores >> Configuration >> Advanced >> Advanced. Step 3: Upload the extension file in your Magento Installation Root Directory. Step 5 : Now check the module in Admin Panel by going to Stores >> Configuration >> Advanced >> Advanced." } ]
[ { "question": "Is the flight to the destination included in your tours?", "answer": "In most cases, the flight ticket is NOT included,- because our clients come from literally all corners of the world and groups are generally mixed. However, on request, we can include a flight ticket for you and book your flight." } ]
[ { "question": "Who uses the HAARP Observatory?", "answer": "Scientists are the primary users of the instruments at HAARP for upper atmosphere, space and radio science research. NSF is funding scientists to conduct experiments with HAARP in 2017, including the use of its large phased-array high-frequency (HF) radio transmitter. However, the HAARP Observatory is more than its giant iconic phased-array \"ionosphere heater\" that is only operated for approximately 100 hours during a typical two-week experiment campaign. The observatory also hosts several passive and active diagnostic instruments, many of which are in continuous operation. Data from several of the diagnostic instruments used to be made publicly available in real time over the web and efforts are underway to restore this service. NSF is funding Chris Fallen through NSF Award #1702328 \"RAPID: Spatiotemporal Evolution of Radio-induced Aurora at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) Observatory.\" Scientists will conduct experiments in February 2017 during the first UAF-led HAARP \"experiment campaign,\" lasting approximately one week. The first campaign is somewhat of a \"shakedown campaign\" when a fraction of the HAARP transmitter (approximately 60%) and supporting equipment will be tested following years of storage. NSF-funded experiments conducted by Dr. Chris Fallen, Assistant Research Professor in the Space Physics group at the UAF Geophysical Institute, will conduct both artificial aurora and radio propagation experiments. The artificial aurora can potentially be photographed, weather and experiment conditions permitting, from locations extending throughout much of Alaska, including its major population centers of Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. HAARP transmissions can be similarly be received worldwide with shortwave radio receivers, conditions permitting. Details of Dr. Fallen's experiments, including experiment times and radio frequencies used will be published through the Operations News link at the top of this page and his personal twitter account @ctfallen." }, { "question": "How can I participate or observe HAARP experiments?", "answer": "Anybody who wants to participate and follow HAARP experiments should follow the official and unofficial announcements linked at the top of this page. There are two main ways to participate in the campaign: by listening to the radio transmissions from HAARP itself or by photographing artificial auroras created by HAARP. Amateur (Ham) radio operators can also use temporary ionosphere irregularities created by HAARP to open new propagation modes for their own transmissions. A shortwave radio and knowledge of the time and frequency of the HAARP transmissions provides opportunities to \"listen in\" since the radio wave energy often (but not always) propagates very large distances, sometimes worldwide! Shortwave radios capable of receiving frequencies in the same range that HAARP can transmit, between approximately 2.7 and 10 MHz (2700 and 10,000 kHz) allow anyone to hear HAARP transmissions provided long-distance radio propagation conditions are sufficient and the radio is tuned to one of the frequencies where HAARP is transmitting. Ham radio operators also have an opportunity to reflect (or \"bounce\") their own transmissions, typically in the HF, VHF or UHF bands, off ionosphere irregularities created above HAARP during high-power experiments. This creates propagation modes that would normally only be possible during certain space weather events such as aurora. The artificial aurora (properly called radio-enhanced airglow) occurs at an approximate altitude of 150 to 300 km and can be photographed, conditions permitting, from distances several hundreds of kilometers from HAARP, including near the main population centers of Alaska: Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. The HAARP artificial aurora is usually not sufficiently luminous to be seen with the unaided eye except under exceptional conditions, and even the best case it is as bright (though much smaller in appearance) as the Andromeda galaxy. A consumer-grade camera with a long-exposure feature is sufficient to photograph the artificial aurora, and photographing the Andromeda galaxy is a good baseline test of sufficient exposure length and light pollution conditions. The artificial aurora can either appear as a spot or amorphous blob in the sky, sometimes as a ray aligned with the geomagnetic field above HAARP, or a combination of both. Photographers near HAARP in the Copper Valley vicinity should aim their cameras near vertical to photograph the HAARP artificial aurora which is typically located approximately 200 km directly above Glennallen. Photographers outside the Copper Valley should aim their cameras toward Glennallen with an elevation angle that decreases with increasing distance from Glennallen. The approximate location of the artificial aurora can be located with the Google Earth application by downloading and opening the \".kml\" file available through the links at the top of this page. The ground-level view displayed in Google Earth will show the approximate region where the artificial aurora or airglow induced by high-power HAARP transmissions will occur so photographers can frame their images accordingly." } ]
[ { "question": "HOW DO I BOOK A PROGRAM FOR MY CLASS?", "answer": "Bookings can be made by phone or requested with our online form. Please let us know the best time of day to reach you, such as recess, lunch time or end of school day." }, { "question": "WHERE CAN I FIND PROGRAM OPTIONS FOR MY CLASS?", "answer": "Our annual school programs guide lists programs based on grade level, and provides descriptions, duration, and pricing. It is available online here." }, { "question": "WHAT IS THE COST FOR THE TEACHER & VOLUNTEER SUPERVISORS?", "answer": "If you have a specific date in mind, the sooner the better. For self-guided programs, we request at least 5 business days notice and guided programs, 2 weeks’ notice." }, { "question": "WHAT TIME DO PROGRAMS OCCUR?", "answer": "Most programs at The Manitoba Museum have flexible booking times. The majority of school programs occur between 10:00 and 2:00. We can accommodate earlier or later start times upon request. Please keep in mind the time your group could arrive vs the time you can start a program. It is recommended to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to hang up coats, put away lunches and check in at the box office. It is also handy to know typical pick up and drop off times of your school division buses. Most programs are 1 hour long. Workshops are 1hour30 minutes to 1hour 45minutes long. Science Gallery demonstrations run 1hr 30 minutes (30 minute demonstration and 1 hour Science Gallery Explore time) Planetarium shows run, on average, 45 minutes. Groups self- guiding in the Science Gallery have a 60 minute time limit. Groups self-guiding in the Museum Galleries do not have a time limit but the average visit is from 1 to 2 hours." }, { "question": "WHERE CAN THE SCHOOL BUS PARK?", "answer": "School buses are allowed to park along the Museum building on Rupert Street past our entrance in the loading zone area." }, { "question": "DO I HAVE TO MAKE A BOOKING IF WE ARE SELF GUIDING IN THE GALLERIES?", "answer": "Yes! In order to receive the school discount rate, your group must be pre-booked or regular public rates will apply. No exceptions." }, { "question": "HOW MANY STUDENTS/CLASSES/GRADES CAN I BRING AT ONE TIME?", "answer": "This will depend on the programs or areas you would like to visit. Please call the programs office at 204-988-0626 or email programs@manitobamuseum.ca for details." }, { "question": "HOW DO I SCHEDULE A DAY OF PROGRAMS FOR MULTIPLE CLASSES?", "answer": "We do the scheduling for you! Once you provide us with your program request(s) and group details, we consult our bookings and offer the best possible schedule." }, { "question": "HOW MUCH NOTICE DO I HAVE TO GIVE FOR CANCELLATION?", "answer": "We request 5 business days notice for cancellations. Less than 5 days notice will result in an administrative fee dependant on the booking. If any problems arise, please call the programs office at (204) 988-0626." }, { "question": "WHY AREN’T BACKPACKS ALLOWED IN THE GALLERIES?", "answer": "Large bags and backpacks are not permitted in the exhibits or in our labs for security reasons. Many of the objects in the Museum are very fragile, old and irreplaceable. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION LETTER." }, { "question": "WHAT DO I DO?", "answer": "Confirmation letters are either faxed to the school or emailed directly to you depending on your request at the time of your booking. If you have requested a fax version and have not received the confirmation letter or have misplaced it, please call the programs office at 204-988-0626 and it will be resent. If you have requested an email version, please check you inbox & ‘junk’ folder. If it is not in either place, please call the program office at 204-988-0626 and it will be resent." } ]
[ { "question": "Do I have to deal with lots of working interest owners?", "answer": "No. You will only ever be required to deal with one working interest owner: EnergyFunders. Once we research and approve a project, we strive to be a no-hassle business partner. EnergyFunders will buy your working interest as a block and manage it for the investors. You only deal with one working interest partner. Investors may not contact you without permission. Doing so may result in loss of site privileges." } ]
[ { "question": "rate in order to re-affiliate each year?", "answer": "requrement to maintain a certain average. discuss ways to handle pain in labor, and practice relaxation. breastfeeding, and ways to stay healthy and low risk. discuss some of the many choices you face regarding labor and birth. home. Standard hospital admitting and prepping procedures. labor rehearsal, and relaxation practice. care of the postpartum woman. the second stage study guide." }, { "question": "Class 11 - Being a Great Coach/ Are you Ready?", "answer": "and a discussion of the purpose of labor. An advanced labor rehearsal, newborn care, mothering, fathering, and adjusting! material is the original work of Sabrina Cuddy, AAHCC. although the length varies based on each candidate's personal schedule. referral file of other childbirth services available in the community. are covered by speakers, videotapes, and hands-on learning. the principles of the Bradley(r) Method. Exerpt from a 1990 document published by Bay Area Birth Instructors. >it is impossible for me to be unbiased since I teach the method! the class thinking that I could endure a cesarean, if I needed to." }, { "question": "pushed the baby out without the vacuum extractor given more time?", "answer": "had in the hospital class (and that was with the old workbook, even!). presented as dangerous rather than unknowns. better at predicting where you are in labor than cervical dilation. in active labor for awhile by my emotional signposts, and I was right. change in my cervix! No problem! a big tear, but it didn't extend. when I'd be able to run marathons again. their area but may have one of these other two methods available. responsibility over to a physician. For our first child, we took the lamaze class offered by the hospital. birthing process, as well as some technics for dealing with the pain. should know in the short timeperiod offered by lamaze! \"husband-coached\". but bradley comes the closest that i'm aware of. but to be honest, I don't think she really knows that much about it. experienced a complete labor herself and had only attended one other. eyes. I can send my full birth story to anyone who is interested. NO other birth experience. My instructor was a very poor instructor. c-section and the rest had epidurals but delivered vaginally. * who, given the facts, can make their own decisions when the time comes! We went with the Bradley Method, and were extremely happy we did. seemed to us that she didn't have quite the necessary credentials. the Net, and from some other books. the coach and the mother. handle the birth experience using what Nature gave you. in allowing us to sort out what was really important to us. My wife went through transition in the car on the way to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital, my wife was 10cm and +2 station. Yahoo! Then it was just a matter of pushing the baby out. top of his head from the extractor, but otherwise, was great. birth to proceed, so that helped things along tremendously. pushes from each contraction, hour after hour. Wow!! took BRADLEY CLASSES, and don't you dare touch me with ANYTHING. GOOD THING, then I think I've done they and their baby a favor. wimp -- she once took only Tylenol as her appendix was rupturing). fact, labor started spontaneously about 2 hours later. besides, we neglected to write \"we will have thick meconium staining\"\nthat it was the right choice for the health of Terri and the baby. be an active team in childbirth. solid information about various options. fate over to the Dr. and hospital staff. epidural and a vaginal birth or an epidural and a C-section. contraction, I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy. circumstances and throughout such a prolonged labor. try once again to do it naturally. Rahima Baldwin's organization. She did the video Special Delivery. appropriate for couples planning a hospital birth. The Childbirth classes are called \"BirthWorks\"." } ]
[ { "question": "Do I have to apply for college financial aid every year?", "answer": "Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis. You’ll need to complete a new FAFSA and scholarship applications each year to determine your eligibility." }, { "question": "If I do not qualify for aid, or if I do not want loans, do I have to complete the FAFSA?", "answer": "It is usually in your best interest to complete the FAFSA even if you think you may not qualify for aid. The FAFSA is required for all federal aid (including loans), and it is also required for the Stallings Endowment Scholarship and some school-based awards. Students at the School of Divinity and School of Law are required to complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA is not required if you plan to pay out-of-pocket or use a private loan; however, having your FAFSA on file allows us to have your information in the event additional aid becomes available." }, { "question": "How do I apply for federal and Virginia financial aid grants?", "answer": "Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) . The information from the FAFSA will help us determine the type of federal financial aid you are eligible to receive. Virginia undergraduate students interested in applying for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) should submit this form to the Student Financial Aid Office. You can also apply for university endowed or school-based scholarships and grants." }, { "question": "What documents will I need to complete the FAFSA financial aid requirements?", "answer": "NOTE: You can complete the FAFSA using “estimated data.” If you choose this option, you will need to send us a copy of all tax forms when they are completed and submitted to the Internal Revenue Service." }, { "question": "What is the deadline for submitting my financial aid application?", "answer": "There is no deadline for submitting the FAFSA. You just want to make sure your FAFSA and all additional required documents are submitted prior to the payment deadline in order to avoid late-payment fees and interruption of your courses. Students who are eligible for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant must submit their completed application by July 31 for priority processing. Applications submitted after this date will be reviewed for eligibility based on availability of funds. Please refer to your school of enrollment to determine the deadlines for school-based scholarships and awards." }, { "question": "How does the Department of Education determine my Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?", "answer": "Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the number that’s used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid. While the EFC is considered the amount of money a family is expected to contribute toward a student’s college costs, the EFC is not the amount of money that your family must provide. Rather, you should think of the EFC as an index that colleges use to determine how much financial aid you would receive if you were to attend their school. The Student Financial Aid Office uses your EFC to determine the need for aid for the following types of federal student financial aid: Federal Pell Grant, TEACH Grant and Stafford Subsidized Loans. All data used to calculate your EFC comes from the information you provide on the FAFSA. A variety of factors affect your EFC from the FAFSA: household size, number of people in college in your household, household income levels, state of residence, etc. Once you have completed your FAFSA, it is processed by the Department of Education’s Central Processing System. Once processed, you will receive an output document containing a summary of your FAFSA as well as your results (Student Aid Report). The Department of Education has provided a document that provides additional information about the EFC Formula." }, { "question": "How long does the student financial aid awarding process take?", "answer": "Typically, our office begins processing financial aid award packages for the upcoming academic year in mid-March." }, { "question": "How do I know what additional requirements I have to submit for financial college aid?", "answer": "Once the Student Financial Aid Office has received a processed FAFSA, we will send a notification letter to you with instructions on your next step. This letter will include your Regent University Genisys/Student ID, a temporary PIN (if you are a new student), and a list of your satisfied and unsatisfied requirements. You can also look in Genisys to determine what requirements are still outstanding. Once in Genisys, click on the following menu items: Financial Aid -> Select Aid Year -> Step 2: Financial Aid Requirements." }, { "question": "Why was I selected for financial aid verification and do I have to submit my tax returns?", "answer": "The Central Processing System (CPS) randomly selects applications to undergo the verification process each year. Approximately 30 percent of all applications are picked for verification. This means that your aid award cannot be finalized until your counselor reviews your submitted verification documents. If your application is chosen for verification, you and your parents/spouse (if applicable) will need to submit complete, signed copies of your most recent Federal 1040 Tax Returns, including any Schedule Cs and all W-2 forms. Learn more about required verification documents. You will also need to submit a completed Federal Verification Worksheet (independent | dependent ). A student’s application for federal financial aid may be selected for review by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) in a process called “Verification.” Financial aid regulations say that schools have the right to ask for financial information and other information, as it applies to your application, before awarding federal aid. The verification process requires that a student’s application be reviewed based on specific pre-determined criteria set by the Department of Education. The federal verification process is a random selection process. It is usually a more in-depth review of the student’s application data, as set according to the Department of Education’s Student Aid Handbook. The verification process requires that information from the student’s application be compared with copies of the student’s, spouse’s (if married) and parents’ (if dependent) federal tax forms or financial documents. Other documentation may be required as it applies to the information on the application. Notification to students is sent via email stating that there are outstanding requirements. The student’s Genisys account will also list the document requirements and the status. Each year about 30 percent of students’ financial aid applications nationwide are chosen for verification. The main reasons for being selected for verification include that you were chosen randomly, the FAFSA you submitted was incomplete, your FAFSA contains estimated information or the data you provided on the FAFSA is inconsistent. Verification is a federal regulation. Students who are selected for verification are not being punished; rather verification prevents ineligible students from receiving aid by reporting false information and ensures that eligible students receive all of the aid for which they are qualified. To assist in the verification of the items above, the following documents are required. You should only provide tax documents if we request them." }, { "question": "What are private loans for students?", "answer": "Private loans are credit-based loans offered to students to assist in covering their educational expenses. These loans are not administered by the U.S. Department of Education. As a result, each lender can set the interest rates, loan fees and terms of his/her programs based on his/her own parameters. Undergraduate students who are not eligible for the Parent PLUS Loan can apply for a private loan. Most lenders have an online application to expedite the process. Once the student is approved, your lender will require the university to certify the student’s eligibility for the private loan. The amount a student is eligible for is based on the student’s Cost of Attendance (COA) minus other aid received for the period. Find out more information about private loans." }, { "question": "Will I have a student refund?", "answer": "You are eligible for a student refund if your term balance in Genisys reflects a credit balance. Once in Genisys, click on the following menu items: Bill and Payment Center tab > Continue > My Account. If the “Term Balance” line shows a negative amount, you have a credit balance and are due a refund." }, { "question": "How much will I owe after financial aid?", "answer": "Your total amount owed includes your tuition and any related fees. Your tuition and fees rate is based on your school of enrollment. If you are not using financial aid to cover your tuition and fees expenses, you can view your account balance in Genisys within the “Bill and Payment Center” tab. You can also view your remaining account balance in Genisys if your financial aid does not cover your total tuition and fees." }, { "question": "Who do I contact if I have questions about my Regent University financial aid?", "answer": "If you have questions that require personal attention or situations that you wish to discuss with someone in depth, please contact Financial Aid, at 757.352.4125." }, { "question": "Why is my financial aid scholarship only entered for the fall and spring semesters?", "answer": "In general, your school-based scholarships and grants are awarded for the entire year; fall/spring/summer. However, for programs not designed as year-round, aid is initially entered for only the fall/spring semesters. For students in these programs, school-based scholarships and grants are entered onto the system in late January." }, { "question": "Why has my scholarship not paid to my account?", "answer": "There are a number of reasons why your scholarship may not have posted to your account. Check Genisys for unsatisfied financial aid requirements: Financial Aid -> Select Aid Year -> Step 2: Financial Aid Requirements. You may not be enrolled in the required number of credits to receive the scholarship. Your GPA may not meet the scholarship requirements, or you may not be making Satisfactory Academic Progress. Your scholarship may not cover classes outside of your major or program." }, { "question": "How do I apply for summer financial aid loans?", "answer": "If a loan for the summer term was not included in your original aid package, you may be eligible for a summer loan. You must complete the Summer Aid Request Form in Genisys. The form is available in late February. If you have received the annual Stafford Loan maximum during the fall and spring semesters, you will only qualify for either a Parent Plus Loan (dependent students), private loan (independent students) or Graduate Plus Loan (graduate students). Each loan, in this instance, requires a credit review. Approval is not guaranteed." }, { "question": "Do I have to start repaying my loans if I take a leave of absence?", "answer": "You have a six-month grace period on your federal loans. If you have prior loans for which you had already begun repayment, there is no additional grace period. Contact your lender(s) to determine if you qualify for a deferment or forbearance." }, { "question": "What happens to my bookstore credit if I do not use it?", "answer": "You will receive your refund according to the regular schedule. The Bookstore Credit program simply allows students to purchase their books early through the bookstore without having to pay out of pocket. Student refunds are in no way affected if you choose not to use the credit. We hope you found the financial aid help provided above useful. For further assistance, please contact the financial aid office at 757.352.4125 or finaid@regent.edu." } ]
[ { "question": "What should I do for my first class?", "answer": "We strongly encourage pre-registration to avoid disappointment! You are welcome to view our schedule for Queen Street & Yonge Street. Please arrive 15-minutes prior to your first class to complete our waiver, ask any questions, get acquainted with our studio, and set-up for class! This will also allow you opportunity to chat with your instructor about any concerns or injuries you may have. Once the door has shut, entrance is not permitted. We reserve the right to give your spot to someone on the waitlist 5-minutes prior to the class start time. Late entry is strictly prohibited. To view a full list of our policies & protocols, please click here. Barreworks has a 6-hour Cancellation Policy. Please let us know if you are unable to attend no less than 6-hours prior to the class start time. Classes cancelled less than 6-hours in advance will be charged as though attended. If you are on an unlimited package option, one day will be removed from the date of expiration. Aside from comfortable workout clothing, please bring your own reusable water bottle & a lock to secure your belongings in the change room (bags are not permitted in the studio). All barre classes are done barefoot, or in grip socks if preferred (available for purchase from our storefront). All equipment, complimentary towels, & shower facilities are provided! Please arrive 15-minutes prior to your first class to complete our waiver, ask any questions, get acquainted with our studio, and set-up for class! This will also allow you opportunity to chat with your instructor about any concerns or injuries you may have. Once the door has shut, entrance is not permitted. Late entry is strictly prohibited. Modifications can almost always be offered during the class to accommodate injuries. Please make note of any injuries or health concerns on your new client waiver & speak to your instructor prior to class. Always consult with your family physician before beginning any new exercise program. Doctor's notes providing clearance for physical activity are mandatory for pregnant women. Click here to email us a copy of doctor's clearance." }, { "question": "How do I know which class to start with?", "answer": "No previous experience or dance background is required for our classes! We recommend first-time clients begin with our Mixed Level or bAAArre as their first class, but you are more than welcome to try any offering on our schedule. We also offer personal training, if you have any special needs or for a truly customized workout. Please click here to learn more & book today." }, { "question": "Who can take Barreworks classes?", "answer": "We welcome everyone 14-years and older, of all fitness levels! Please note that those under 18-years of age require signed parental permission at the time of their first class. Click here to download our Parent/Guardian Waiver Package and make sure to bring completed forms to first class. Pregnant women may participate with written clearance from their doctor. Click here to email us a copy of doctor's clearance. Our classes are like no other fitness class! Each session is a total body workout set to upbeat music in an energetic group setting. Proper breath combined with movement direction, exceptional instructor cueing & optional modifications are provided to promote safe & effective exercise. Each class concentrates on controlled movements that sculpt the thighs, tone & firm the glutes, flatten the abdominals, & define the arms. Therapeutic stretching is incorporated after each intense working section to complement a total body workout. The Barreworks technique was developed by a team of local Toronto dance & fitness professionals. What we teach is unique to our studio, non-franchised, and 100% Canadian!" } ]
[ { "question": "What is going to happen now?", "answer": "If you or any of your children are diagnosed with scoliosis it is important that you see a scoliosis specialist. There are around 30 scoliosis centres of excellence across the UK and you can find your nearest specialist by calling or emailing SAUK. You will need to take the names of the specialists to your GP, who will arrange a referral. You will then receive a letter in the post with your appointment date and time. At your first consultation you will be examined by the specialist, X-rays will be taken, and you will be told the Cobb angle. The Cobb angle is measured in degrees and will tell you how big the curve is. The specialist will then talk to you about your scoliosis and possible treatments. For smaller curves the specialist will probably want to start by checking you regularly to see if the curve is getting bigger. For larger curves treatment will probably be recommended. It is important to remember that every scoliosis is different and there is no standard treatment, so getting the advice of a specialist is very important. In general, AIS should not stop patients from taking part in physical activities. Patients who have mild scoliosis and are being monitored by a specialist can usually carry on as normal." }, { "question": "Could the scoliosis have been prevented?", "answer": "Scoliosis can only be prevented when it is due to rickets or poliomyelitis, which can both be treated. Happily both these diseases are now very rare. Scoliosis is not caused by bad posture, carrying a heavy backpack, or anything the child or parents did or did not do." }, { "question": "Should I have noticed my child’s curve sooner?", "answer": "It is very common for a parent not to notice a curvature straightaway. Scoliosis most often appears during adolescence, when the body is developing and changing. Young people are more likely to undress privately and it’s often on holiday or when they are wearing something tight that the curvature is noticed. Scoliosis can progress very quickly, so a curve can seem to appear suddenly that might not have been easy to spot just a few months earlier." }, { "question": "Will scoliosis mean that my child can’t take part in sport?", "answer": "Having scoliosis does not stop most young people doing what they always do. If they are not in pain and are under specialist care they can go on as they always have. Exercising and taking part in sports is a good idea and helps to keep you healthy and flexible. However, it is a good idea to check this with the specialist. It is particularly important to check in the case of sports like rugby or horse riding. Wearing a brace shouldn’t stop a child from being active. If surgery is needed, patients should slowly ease back into gentle exercise. Many patients will be back to normal activity levels by around 6 months. For high impact exercise and contact sports it will take longer. Please do note that every case is different, so ensure that you consult your scoliosis specialist. I have seen a scoliosis specialist and I am still unclear as to what course of treatment to have. It is normal to feel confused about what course of treatment to choose for you or your child. There is a lot of information to take in and some of the questions about scoliosis have no clear answer. It is absolutely fine to ask your specialist further questions, and perhaps another appointment to go through everything again. It is usually helpful to have list of questions for the specialist so that you get all the information you want. If need be you could ask for a second opinion. If you need names of other centres or specialists then you can get this information from us by calling or emailing the SAUK Helpline. You may also find that it helps to talk through the specialist’s advice with someone. The friendly SAUK team are always happy to offer advice, support, and a listening ear. You can ask us as many questions as you like and we will try to help. It sometimes helps to speak to people who have been in a similar position. If you would like to speak to people affected by scoliosis, the SAUK membership scheme can help you to do so." }, { "question": "Will I have any problems with pregnancy?", "answer": "Many of our members have happy, healthy families. It is always sensible to discuss the management of labour in advance with the medical staff who will take care of you during the birth. Your scoliosis may affect the position you take during labour and delivery. Sometimes if you have had a spinal fusion operation you will not be able to have an epidural. Although idiopathic scoliosis sometimes runs in families, the risk of the baby developing scoliosis is low." }, { "question": "My teenager is struggling emotionally with scoliosis what can I do?", "answer": "Everyone reacts differently to being diagnosed with and living with scoliosis but it can be a lonely and worrying time for a teenager. Young people often dislike anything that makes them different from their friends and may worry about what scoliosis will mean for their future. It is important for teenagers to be involved in discussions about their health and given the chance to ask questions of the specialist if they wish to do so. It is a good idea to get them to write down any questions or concerns before the appointment. Try to discourage them from surfing the internet for information about scoliosis and let them know that what they read online will often not be accurate. It is helpful to provide them with information from trusted sources as learning more about scoliosis can help to reassure them. Reading about or speaking with other teenagers who also have scoliosis can help them to feel less alone. There is a hub for teenagers on our website where teenagers talk about their experiences and share tips and advice. Also our membership scheme allows us to put families in touch with each other who have been through similar experiences so teenagers can contact each other or meet up. There are youth representatives throughout the UK who are available for younger members to contact for advice or just to talk. If your teenager has been put on the waiting list for surgery this can be a very difficult and often upsetting time for the whole family. Being prepared can really help to reduce anxiety and distress so we have put together some guidelines to help with preparing your child for surgery." }, { "question": "How can I encourage my teenager to wear their brace?", "answer": "Encouraging a young person to wear a brace can be really hard. There will be times when it feels hot and uncomfortable. Brace-wearers often feel self-conscious and different from their school friends. At SAUK we believe that young people find it helpful to speak to others who have been through a similar experience. If you are a member we can give you contact details of other young people with scoliosis in your area. If your child feels comfortable you could ask your child’s school to have a talk or assembly about scoliosis will raise awareness of the condition, and increase understanding at school. We can provide leaflets to the school and talk to them about how to best support a child with scoliosis." }, { "question": "How long does it take to recover from scoliosis (fusion) surgery?", "answer": "Every person is very different when it comes to recovery. For young people, a usual hospital stay is about a week after the operation, but this time can vary depending on how extensive the operation is. Once at home, most patients would be able to do basic things for themselves and be able to go up and downstairs but might need some help. They can slowly build up their activity levels as they recover. The general guideline for going back to school is around 6 weeks but some people feel well enough to return sooner. Many patients will be back to doing their normal activities by around 6 months after the operation. For some activities such as football and other contact sports it will be longer ̶ usually around 9 months to a year after the operation." }, { "question": "I am not happy with how my child has been treated by the specialist or at the hospital what should I do?", "answer": "It is your right to ask for a second opinion from another specialist at the same or a different hospital. Also every hospital has a patient advice and liaison service (PALS). If you are unhappy with the way that you have been treated or have any other worry or concern about your care, you can seek advice from the PALS service linked to your hospital, which will be happy to help." } ]
[ { "question": "After ordering, how long do I have before I must activate my SIM card?", "answer": "You must activate your SIM within 120 days of purchase, otherwise your account will be closed and we will assume that you do not need or want the service. If you subsequently wish to activate the SIM you will need to contact us on 03333 442278." } ]
[ { "question": "Do your products use organic and natural ingredients?", "answer": "We do not source products or work with suppliers that use harmful ingredients. All the products we source go through a strict vetting process so everything we sell aligns with our company's values and protect our customer and environment's safety and wellbeing. We send our products in a 100% reusable/recyclable cardboard package, crinkle paper and/or kraft paper to protect the product in shipping and recyclable/compostable package label and kraft tape." }, { "question": "I'd like to sell my product in your store, who do I contact?", "answer": "We are always looking for new products that support low impact living. If you think your product belongs in our store please email us at hello@ecocollectiveseattle.com with a description of the product, pricing sheet, and how your product supports low impact living. Yes, we never test on animals and only work with suppliers who also share our love for animals! We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept paypal or apple pay at this time. I'd like to return my order." }, { "question": "Where does Eco Collective ship to?", "answer": "We currently only ship our product offering in the United States. We ship product via USPS ground out of Seattle, Washington. Tracking information will be emailed when the package ships. It can take 2-8 days to arrive. Most orders ship same day if they are placed before 2pm. Orders placed Friday after 2pm or on Saturday and Sunday will ship the following Monday." } ]
[ { "question": "Why am I being asked to contribute to the PAC?", "answer": "Over the last couple of years, attacks on labor unions have accelerated into an all-out assault on workers across the country. In many states, American workers have been blamed for the financial crises and have been the chief target of many state budget cuts despite corporations reporting record profits. The momentum began with Wisconsin, but is now continuing in New Hampshire, Florida, Maine, and Ohio. In Washington, Congress is making major decisions that affect IATSE workers nationwide, concerning issues such as digital theft, the funding of Medicare, and collective bargaining. Giving to the PAC allows us to fight for legislation that benefits IATSE (digital theft) and against legislation that hurts working men and women (funding of Medicare, and collective bargaining)." }, { "question": "I already pay dues, why should I contribute to the PAC?", "answer": "Federal law prohibits the use of union dues from being used for political purposes, so in order to participate in the political process and have a greater voice on issues impacting you as a member of the IATSE, you have to voluntarily give to the IATSE-PAC." }, { "question": "What do I get for contributing to the IATSE-PAC?", "answer": "If you have filled out a Payroll Authorization PAC form, give it to your employer's payroll company (if your employer handles its own payroll, then give to your employer's payroll department). Please send a copy to your local union so you can receive appropriate recognition for your donation." }, { "question": "What happens to my PAC card after I submit it?", "answer": "Because your PAC card contains sensitive information, the IATSE-PAC will record the data in a secure manner. Our PAC is required by law to report to the Federal Elections Commission when an individual's contribution exceeds $200 in a year, and our PAC reports only what is legally required. The law forbids anyone from using the information on file with the FEC to solicit any business or money from you. The law also forbids any employer from taking any retaliatory action against a worker for choosing to donate to our PAC, and we will vigorously assist you in the unlikely event that an employer ignores this law. The IATSE- PAC is explicitly non-partisan and its funds are intended to support issues and candidates who have and will stand with workers on matters important to the IATSE. By extension, the PAC will also be used to fund campaigns against politicians that have consistently stood against IATSE and its issues. In this PAC section, you can download information that you can use when talking to fellow IATSE members about joining the PAC, in addition to information on alternate methods of mobilizing your members. Flyers for joining the PAC and more information about the issues and policies that you care about most can be posted at your worksite depending on employer rules." }, { "question": "What if I do not want to give to the IATSE-PAC?", "answer": "The following are the rules for solicitations for contributions to the PAC. These rules must be displayed, posted, or otherwise noted whenever contributions are solicited as noted above. Any contribution guideline is merely a suggestion and you may contribute more, less, or nothing at all without favor or disadvantage from IATSE." } ]
[ { "question": "Can I add the same article more than once?", "answer": "You can submit articles about the same topic, but from different sources. In fact it is encouraged. Seeing the same story from different authors and media companies is an excellent way to shed light on any biases or flags that might exist. Identical articles from the same sources will not be included more than once. Articles reprinted on different sites but originating from the same news agency (such as the Associated Press) will also not be included more than once. No. Editorials are by definition opinion pieces so it is assumed that there is bias involved. Articles that appear on an opinion page fall into this category as well. The kind of bias we hope to expose is editorial content masquerading as news." }, { "question": "Can I rate a story more than once?", "answer": "No. Users must be registered in order to rate articles and each user is limited to one rating per article." }, { "question": "Can I edit my rating?", "answer": "Yes, you can edit your rating and flags by clicking on the “my rating” image on any article you’ve previously provided feedback on. I submitted an article but I don't see it." }, { "question": "Should I submit it again?", "answer": "If you received the confirmation message in the form then no, we got it. All submissions are reviewed before being published on the site and it may take us a few minutes (or even a few hours depending on when you send it) to verify the content, check for duplicates, fill in missing info, and get it activated. Changes to your profile, including your password, can be made while you are logged in to the site. After logging in, click on the My Profile link found at the top right of any page. Fill in both the password and confirm password fields, making sure that they match. Scroll down and click the update button. If the password fields are left blank, no changes will be made. Once created, Usernames can’t be changed. Ever. No exceptions. Don’t bother asking. The answer is no." }, { "question": "Can I change the name displayed in the comments section?", "answer": "Changes to your profile, including your display name, can be made while you are logged in to the site. After logging in, click on the My Profile link found at the top right of any page. You can select your Display Name from the dropdown list. It contains several different combinations of your first and last name and username. Pick the one you like best, then scroll down and click on the Update button. Changes to your profile, including your avatar, can be made while you are logged in to the site. After logging in, click on the My Profile link found at the top right of any page. To remove your current avatar click on “Remove file” underneath your image. To add or change your image drag and drop an image or click on the avatar section to select a file from your computer. Avatars should be square and no larger than 100px X 100px. Comments containing profanity, racism, bigotry, threats, certain outbound links, the personal information for yourself or others, or anything indecent may be edited or removed. Passionate conversation isn’t an issue but please keep it civil friends. Don’t be part of the problem. Any user who persists in bad behavior (see the answer ↑ above), regularly has their comments flagged by other users, attempts to circumvent site security, or generally acts like a moron, will be subject to having their account temporarily blocked or permanently banned. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can act like an idiot. Feel free to find one." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: What chemical levels should i regularly test for?", "answer": "The clean, contemporary style of the Piazza Series means it will complement any outdoor area and not become dated in years to come." }, { "question": "Q: What materials do you use to manufacture your pools?", "answer": "Local WA Pool Company Wins International Gold! Aqua Technics triumphed over a large field of international entries to take gold at the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) International Awards of Excellence held in Las Vegas on the 1st of November. Sleek, stylish and cleverly designed, the new Lap Pool Series offers two contemporary models perfect for serious lap swimmers or those who simply want more pool space to enjoy. Your family could enjoy swimming in a clean, healthy and energy efficient pool with the Aquatic Wellness Package now available from Aqua Technics!" }, { "question": "FAQs – Why is My Pool Losing Water?", "answer": "Aqua Technics have just released the sleek new Harmony into their award-winning fibreglass swimming pool range. The Harmony joins the Allure and Serenity models in the Compact series, which are designed specifically for narrow backyards. Q: My pump sounds noisier than usual." }, { "question": "What is causing this?", "answer": "A: Motor noise – the front bearings may need replacing. Perhaps water got into them, which will ruin them in a short period of time. The bearings can be replaced but often the motor is replaced as a whole." } ]
[ { "question": "How many mushrooms can they produce?", "answer": "The quantity of mushrooms that they can produce corresponds to more than 20% of the weight of the green wood ( i.e. 1/2 during the first year, 1/3 during the second year and 1/6 during the third year)." }, { "question": "Is it possible to seed mushrooms on straw, and, if so, what types of mushrooms?", "answer": "You may cultivate oyster mushroom, shaggy cup, poplar mushroom, stropharia, king mushroom, golden mushroom and love mushroom." }, { "question": "How many spawn boxes do I have to use for a proper inoculation of the straw?", "answer": "A bottle of spawn by Funghi Mara supplies seeds to inoculate up to 70/80 kg. wet straw." }, { "question": "At this purpose, may I use beef manure?", "answer": "No, a proper result can only be obtained using horse manure and following the instructions on the boxes of Funghi Mara's products." } ]
[ { "question": "When should we submit the Form F and bills of lading?", "answer": "Please confirm that PR 17s application is restricted to EXIM Bank Cargoes which meet the current threshold of “7 years in length and USD20.0M loan amount”. PR 17 had the impact of waiving the 3 year waiting period for US Flag, Foreign built vessel participation criteria and had the impact of permitting a Project Manager(NVOCC) Bill of Lading to be considered the Over Carriage Bill of Lading vs the US Flag Carrier Bill of Lading, while still maintaining the requirement to produce the US Flag Carrier Bill of Lading. (CBoggs added comments: until PR 17 was initiated, the US flag carrier ocean bl was the document required by EXIM/MARAD to validate US Flag shipping requirement; after PR 17, the project mgr, TO, PANALPINA or others could issue their own house bl as the over carriage bl supported by a US Flag ocean carrier bl as the under carriage or supporting document." }, { "question": "Does it include FMF (for Foreign Military Financed by U.S) Cargo?", "answer": "It is reported that the 1954 ACT identifies US Flag Shipping requirements for other US Government owned or otherwise controlled Cargo shipments." }, { "question": "Under what authority is a compensatory waiver permitted?", "answer": "The MSA established a criteria and subsidy for eligibility and selection by the US Military to utilize(have access to privately owned) US Flag vessel asset and infrastructure. It established US citizenry and non-US Citizenry ownership processes." }, { "question": "Is the penalty essentially $25,000 per day of the shipment?", "answer": "MARAD views civil penalties as an absolute last resort. We are far more interested in working with agencies and their contractors/recipients to identify opportunities for compensatory cargo to be carried on U.S.-flag vessels. This corrective action is far more cost-effective for the contractor/recipient and ultimately serves the actual purposes of cargo preference – getting cargo aboard U.S.-flag vessels. (7) any other relevant considerations. These factors would all be taken into consideration when setting any actual penalty for a knowing and willful cargo preference violation." }, { "question": "2) Do shippers/ suppliers have to ship on a US flagged vessel and under a US flag carrier bill of lading or can they also ship on a foreign flagged vessel under a US flag bill of lading?", "answer": "Under the Cargo Preference laws and regulations, a shipper/supplier cannot ship the US flag portion of preference cargo on a foreign-flagged vessel, regardless of whether the bill of lading is issued by a foreign-flag carrier or a U.S.-flag ocean carrier. A shipper/supplier must ship the US flag portion of preference cargo via a U.S.-flag vessel, and receive the US flag carrier’s master ocean bill of lading. Copies of ocean carrier master bills of lading for both US flag and foreign flag shipments should be submitted to MARAD." }, { "question": "1) When should we submit the Form F and bills of lading?", "answer": "Federal Regulations require submission of bill of lading copies within 20 working days of the date of loading for shipments originating in the United States, or within 30 working days for shipments originating outside the United States. For one-time Ex-Im Bank shipments, the Form F should be submitted within these parameters. For multiple shipments, The Form F should be submitted at the beginning of each calendar month and include all of the bills of lading received for the month just ending. Required to submit together. For more information on the Export-Import Bank process click here. 2) Please confirm that PR 17s application is restricted to EXIM Bank Cargoes which meet the current threshold of “7 years in length and USD20.0M loan amount”. PR-17 as codified under 46 USC 55304 covers exports financed by the U.S. Government including Ex-Im Bank cargo. Ex-Im Bank is presently the only program operating under 46 USC 55304 but it is not exclusively limited to the Ex-Im Bank program. 46 USC 55304 technically applies to all Ex-Im Bank cargo moves however for the Loan Guarantee program a special compromise was put in place that provided for the “threshold” concept, but this is only for the Loan Guarantee program. Direct Loans require the application of the U.S.-flag requirement from the first dollar on up. Under the PR-17 agreement the U.S.-flag requirement is applied at 100% where it is applicable. 3) PR 17 had the impact of waiving the 3 year waiting period for US Flag, Foreign built vessel participation criteria and had the impact of permitting a Project Manager(NVOCC) Bill of Lading to be considered the Over Carriage Bill of Lading vs the US Flag Carrier Bill of Lading, while still maintaining the requirement to produce the US Flag Carrier Bill of Lading. (CBoggs added comments: until PR 17 was initiated, the US flag carrier ocean bl was the document required by EXIM/MARAD to validate US Flag shipping requirement; after PR 17, the project mgr, TO, PANALPINA or others could issue their own house bl as the over carriage bl supported by a US Flag ocean carrier bl as the under carriage or supporting document. PR 17 agreement did not waive the three (3) year waiting period, it simply did not specify that would be one. Ex-Im Bank initially would not accept NVOCC B/L but 3-4 years ago they have changed their policy and will now accept them. The NVOCC Bs/L must be signed and dated “On Board”." }, { "question": "4) PR-17 Were there other impacts concerning the US Flag Carrier eligibility and participation levels?", "answer": "Guarantees of up to $20,000,000 under the Environmental Exports Program, Transportation Security Export Program, or Medical Equipment Initiative, regardless of term." }, { "question": "US Citizenry vs Foreign Ownership?", "answer": "Leaving aside the issues as to who can properly be called a U.S.-flag company, once a vessel is flagged U.S.-flag vessel the ownership structure does not affect the application of, or eligibility for, cargo preference programs." }, { "question": "2) What is the definition of US Military (DOD) cargo?", "answer": "DOD Cargo is cargo destined to or from, or routed by, the DOD with the cargo intended for use, or had been used, by the DOD. The Cargo Preference Act of 1904 (04 Act) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) defines DOD Cargo as “supplies”. “Supplies” means all property, except land and interests in land, that is clearly identifiable for eventual use by or owned by the DoD at the time of transportation by sea. “Supplies” includes (but is not limited to) public works; buildings and facilities; ships; floating equipment and vessels of every character, type, and description, with parts, subassemblies, accessories, and equipment; machine tools; material; equipment; stores of all kinds; end items; construction materials; and components of the foregoing. (DFARS 252.247-7023 Transportation of Supplies by Sea)." }, { "question": "4) What percentage of US Military (DOD) cargo must be shipped on US Flag vessels?", "answer": "Cargo Preference Act of 1904 cargo (military supplies) . . . 100%. This has also been extended to military HHGs and POVs, if U.S.-flag ships are available. The regulations implementing the 100% U.S.-flag requirements of the Cargo Preference Act of 1904 (10 U.S.C. 2631) can be found at DEFENSE FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATIONS SUPPLEMENT (DFARS) 247.5 (instructions for Contracting Officers) and at DFARS 252.247-7023 (instructions for contractors), which is made clause in every DOD contract in which transportation of supplies by sea may occur." }, { "question": "5) Can the U.S.-flag vessel requirement be waived?", "answer": "Yes, however only the DOD contracting officer can waive the requirement for U.S.-flag vessels. The conditions under which a waiver can be granted are described in DFARS 252.247-7023. If you have questions on the waiver process, please contact the Maritime Administration at 202-366-4610, press 4 for the Department of Defense team." }, { "question": "6) Does it include FMF (for Foreign Military Financed by U.S) Cargo?", "answer": "No. FMF cargo and Excess Defense Articles (EDA) provide to a foreign country comes under the 1954 ACT. Regs covering FMF as administered by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency are found under the SAMM. There is now FMF cargo moving outside of the DSCA program and this is generally referred to as “pseudo-FMF”. 1) It is reported that the 1954 ACT identifies US Flag Shipping requirements for other US Government owned or otherwise controlled Cargo shipments." }, { "question": "Can you identify those agencies and the requirements?", "answer": "46 CFR 381.2 details the application of the Cargo Preference Act of 1954 and offers a list of potential agencies that are subject to the ACT. The list is not complete and is, for example, missing DHS as a new agency. And it includes the U.S. Post Office which is no longer subject to the ACT. But otherwise the list is representative. As a general rule, the 1954 ACT applies to all U.S. Government entities. The 1954 ACT in implemented through FAR and the cargo preference regulations. DOD is first subject to the Cargo Preference ACT of 1904 and the DEFENSE FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATIONS SUPPLEMENT (DFARS). Ex-Im Bank – EXIM operates under Public Resolution 17 (PR-17) that calls for 100% of a portion of the Banks traffic whereas the ’54 Act calls for 50% of all traffic." }, { "question": "2) Based upon US Flag, US Built and US Flag, Foreign Built concepts are the eligibility standards the same?", "answer": "46 USC 55305 specifies that vessels built or rebuilt outside of the U.S. , or vessels documented under the laws of a foreign country are not qualified vessels. U.S.-flag /U.S. build is eligible. Foreign flag/foreign build is not eligible. Foreign flag/foreign build reflagging under U.S. will be under the 3 year wait. Foreign flag/U.S. build reflagging under U.S. will also be under the 3 year wait." }, { "question": "4) Some agencies indicate that unless there is specific legislation to modify the eligibility, that US Flag, Foreign Built must always going thru a 3 year wait to be eligible to lift US Flag Preference cargo with three exceptions-MSA/MSP, specific legislative exceptions on a once off basis-ie the constructed Liberty Bulk Vessels whose eligibility rights were purchased from ISH, or PR17?", "answer": "Vessels under MSP are not bound by the 3 year rule. Vessel seized by the U.S. Government and then purchased for commercial service are also not bound by the 3 year rule." }, { "question": "5) What is the process to accomplish a General Waiver vs a Specific Voyage Waiver?", "answer": "Under the PR-17 Program a General waiver can be requested by any of the specific credit stakeholders but must be under the acknowledged routing control of a U.S. located party. For General waivers we require that the recipient nation has not discriminated against any U.S.-flag carrier operation. General waivers are Ex-Im Bank credit specific and run the length of the credit. General waivers require 50% U.S.-flag and 50% recipient nation flag but U.S.-flag portion is to move first. All other PR–17 waivers are incident specific. We do not use the term “voyage waiver” since the incident specific waivers can and do sometimes span several voyages." }, { "question": "(C Boggs clarifies “is there a difference in the flag requirement of a grant vs. a loan vs a guarantee”?", "answer": "Under an Ex-Im Bank direct loan U.S.-flag participation is 100% with no eligibility threshold. Under an Ex-Im Bank loan guarantee U.S.-flag participation is at 100% but only for loans that are in excess of $20 million or 7 years in length. There are no Grant programs under the Ex-Im Bank structure." }, { "question": "7) Would there be any negative impacts on the eligibility of US Flag vessel % of participation in the EXIM Program if PR 17 were to be permitted to expire?", "answer": "A number of studies have been done as to which program would yield better results but the results of the studies are inconclusive as accurate data on the full range of Ex-Im Bank potential is not available." }, { "question": "8) Under what authority is a compensatory waiver permitted?", "answer": "9) The MSA established a criteria and subsidy for eligibility and selection by the US Military to utilize(have access to privately owned) US Flag vessel asset and infrastructure. It established US citizenry and non-US Citizenry ownership processes." }, { "question": "Leaving aside the waiving of the 3 year wait for Foreign Built, US Flag Vessels eligibility were there other significant implications brought about by MSA?", "answer": "(3) capped the single voyage lift of PL480 Cargo at a level not to exceed 7500mt for MSP vessels." }, { "question": "11) Does the “BY Country, By Program, By Vessel Type” criteria apply only to PL480 cargo shipments?", "answer": "54 Act / non food aid – we monitor by Program by Country. We assume all cargo moving essentially by “dry cargo Liner” and o not monitor by vessel type. This program is essentially an administrative waiver of the U.S.-build requirement of the Jones Act." }, { "question": "2) Why do I need the waiver?", "answer": "This waiver is required to obtain a coastwise endorsement from the U.S. Coast Guard. This endorsement is needed for foreign vessels or vessels of unknown build to operate in the U.S. as commercial passenger vessels." }, { "question": "3) How do I apply for the waiver?", "answer": "The intended use must be to carry passengers only. Activities such as carriage of cargo, commercial fishing, towing, dredging, and salvage do not qualify for this program. Sport fishing is permitted as long as any fish caught are not sold commercially. You will need to submit a new application to include Puerto Rico or any other state not listed on the original waiver letter. I am thinking of purchasing a boat and the current owner tells me they have a small vessel waiver." }, { "question": "Is there a cost and how long does the process take?", "answer": "Once the application is completed and the application fee is paid, MARAD will process and review the application. A notice will be published in the Federal Register for a period of 30 days to allow public comment. At the end of that period and assuming no comments are received, the waiver letter will be prepared. After review and signature, the effective date of the waiver is the 6th working day after date of signature. The original letter will be mailed to the applicant and a signed pdf copy will be e-mailed to the applicant. The applicant’s next step would be to contact the U.S. Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center to obtain a coastwise endorsement." } ]
[ { "question": "You are here: Home › Further Reading › JFK Assassination FAQs › What Do People Think About the JFK Assassination?", "answer": "In opinion polls since the late 1960s, the general public has consistently rejected the lone-nut hypothesis. Public opinion about the JFK assassination does not agree with that of the news media. The lone–nut hypothesis, strongly promoted by the media, is rejected by the general population not because people get their information on the subject from conspiracy–oriented books, but because they adopt the same critical attitude to the assassination as they do to other, similar topics. The main polling organisations take surveys of popular opinion about the assassination from time to time. In most cases, the survey questions have been restricted to a simple choice: lone nut versus conspiracy." }, { "question": "1993, 2001: Do you think that one man was responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy, or do you think that others were involved in a conspiracy?", "answer": "Hundreds of books have been published on the JFK assassination. Most of them are given little publicity, and presumably do not sell in large quantities. Those with the largest publicity budgets tend to be uncritical or sensationalist, and pose little threat to the lone–nut hypothesis. Gerald Posner’s Case Closed , for example, received coverage in newspapers and magazines, and on television and radio, that was quite out of proportion to the credibility of its analysis. The conspiratorial book most heavily promoted in the media was probably David Lifton’s Best Evidence , which proposed that President Kennedy’s body was surgically altered to conceal evidence of shots from the front. To the majority of the general public, unfamiliar with the details of the JFK assassination, such a proposition must seem too far–fetched to be taken seriously. Best Evidence was a safe book to promote. As Roger Feinman pointed out, Lifton “is the perfect public spokesman for the assassination research community, only if we look at things from the perspective of both the government and the established news media”. Although Lifton performed some useful research, his theory is far from conclusive and is not a central part of the argument against the lone–nut hypothesis. The books that make the most convincing case for conspiracy, such as Gerald McKnight’s Breach of Trust and Sylvia Meagher’s Accessories After the Fact , have received hardly any publicity in the mainstream media, and are surely unknown to almost everyone who takes part in opinion polls on the subject. The general public gets its information about the JFK assassination largely from the established media, which, in the US at least, overwhelmingly depicts the assassination as the act of a lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald. On the rare occasions when the possibility of a conspiracy is acknowledged, Oswald is assumed to have been an active participant in the plot. From the point of view of most media commentators, such conclusions are perfectly rational. Two official inquiries concluded that Oswald was a gunman. According to the first, he acted alone; according to the second, he almost certainly acted alone, but may perhaps have had associates. The inquiries were official, so their conclusions must by definition have been justified. Therefore Oswald was a gunman who almost certainly acted alone but may perhaps have had associates. In the first few days after the assassination, a majority took seriously the idea of a conspiracy, as information inconsistent with the lone–nut explanation was widely broadcast: evidence of shots from more than one direction, Oswald’s apparent contacts with representatives of the Soviet and Cuban regimes, and Jack Ruby’s connections to organised crime. Towards the end of 1964, the balance swung towards the lone–nut explanation as the media heavily promoted the Warren Report ’s conclusions. The public had adopted a more critical attitude by 1967, following the publication of the first wave of properly researched critiques of the Warren Report , such as Sylvia Meagher’s Accessories After the Fact: the Warren Commission, the Authorities, and the Report . In the mid–1970s, public belief in conspiracy intensified following two events: the broadcast on national television of a copy of the Zapruder film, which contained prima facie evidence of a shot from the front; and the Schweiker–Hart Report’s revelations of assassination attempts by US intelligence agencies on official enemies such as Fidel Castro. The proportion of those questioned who believed that the JFK assassination was the result of a conspiracy rose to about three out of four in late 1991, when Oliver Stone’s film, JFK , got into the news. The proportion seems to have remained at or above 75 per cent in the two decades and more since JFK was released. Whatever their views on the JFK assassination, only a small minority of those questioned can have had anything more than a superficial knowledge of the subject. Few will have heard of Lee Harvey Oswald’s impersonation in Mexico City, which does not form part of the standard media narrative despite being a central event in the assassination. Even among specialists, hardly anyone is familiar with the neutron activation analysis of Oswald’s paraffin casts, which suggests very strongly that he had not fired a rifle at all on the day of the assassination. It is not only the general public that lacks specialist knowledge. Pundits in the media, who for institutional reasons overwhelmingly endorse the lone–nut hypothesis, give every impression of being just as poorly informed as the general public. and that the Warren Commission did not perform an honest investigation into the assassination. Even though the majority of the information that reaches the general population is supportive of the lone–nut hypothesis, enough contradictory information gets through to allow the official interpretation to be rationally questioned." }, { "question": "Are JFK Assassination Beliefs Rational?", "answer": "The surveys quoted above were of US residents only, and may or may not be consistent with opinion elsewhere. There is one type of belief in which north America differs notably from most industrialised countries: the US and Canada contain a disproportionately super–sized number of believers in fundamentalist religion. The figure usually given for belief in one or another form of creationism has consistently been not far from 50%, according to Gallup: 44 per cent in 1982, and 46 per cent in 2012. For the results of a detailed survey from 1988 of religious belief in the US, see George Gallup, Jr, and Jim Castelli, The People’s Religion: American Faith in the 90s , Macmillan, 1989. Perhaps the ‘dumb Yank’ stereotype applies also to the JFK assassination, and the large pool of ignorant and credulous folk who cannot find Africa on a map, or who believe in young–earth creationism, includes those who believe that a conspiracy assassinated President Kennedy. Churches and religious radio stations are easily accessible to the reactionary and poorly educated sectors of the population which form the main audience for fundamentalist religion. There is no such network for those who question the official doctrine on the JFK assassination, a group which surely relies extensively on the mass media for its information on the subject. and they seize on the few items of critical information that the mainstream media does provide. Over a substantial period of time, belief in a Kennedy assassination conspiracy has been related to a political world view which sees the government as failing to provide its citizens with the help they feel they need to cope with the problems of modern life. This failure is not seen as being due to the inability of the president — the symbol of our government — to do a great deal to solve them. Rather he, and the government, could solve them, but choose not to, preferring to put the needs of the upper classes above those of working and middle class Americans. Many opinion polls, mostly unreported outside the specialist literature, show a large majority in favour of such subversive notions as a more equitable distribution of wealth and power. According to one survey of the literature, 82 per cent of the US population believes that the “government is run for the benefit of the few and the special interests, not the people” (Everett Carll Ladd, ‘The 1994 Congressional Elections: The Postindustrial Realignment Continues,’ Political Science Quarterly , Spring 1995, p.13). The best–known case is probably the opinion poll taken by the Boston Globe in 1987, on the 200th anniversary of the US constitution, in which respondents were given a list of sayings and were asked to identify those that were so obviously reasonable that they had to be part of the constitution. 45 per cent of the respondents approved of the notion ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’ (see Laurence H. Tribe, ‘To Praise the Constitution or to Bury It?’, Boston Globe Magazine Special Supplement , 13 September 1987, pp.8f; the respondents were not told that the quotation was from Karl Marx). The public has consistently adopted a critical attitude to the Vietnam War, in notable contradiction to the media, which has published even less dissent on this topic than on the JFK assassination. Even though opposition to the war has decreased along with its relevance to everyday lives, the population has always rejected the media’s strongest criticism, the tame notion that the Vietnam War was a worthy cause that was improperly carried out: “respondents were asked how they felt about the statement that the Vietnam War ‘was more than a mistake; it was fundmentally wrong and immoral.’ In 1986, 66% of the public concurred, compared with 72% in 1978 and 1982. A total of 27% disagreed ‘somewhat’ or ‘strongly’ with the statement, compared with 21% in 1982 and 19% in 1978” (John E. Reilly, ed., American Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy 1987 , Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, 1987, p.33). The widespread belief that the JFK assassination was the result of a conspiracy is just one aspect of a widespread recognition that national institutions do not represent the interests of the general population." } ]
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[ { "question": "Does anyone recommend Solomon’s Services?", "answer": "We met Dominic and Solomon’s in 2004 when our family finances were in a state of transition, as we had both recently lost parents. We were dealing with paying off a mortgage, receiving inheritances and disposing of family properties. We had a collection of policies acquired piecemeal over the years and Jo was having to negotiate a redundancy package. Seven years on, with Solomon’s help, we have a well-structured portfolio of savings and investments, have become adept at budgeting and have put two children through higher education. We have rationalised pension plans and put a retirement strategy in place. But it’s not all been about saving – we’ve spent money on property development as well as hobbies and holidays, having acquired a better sense of our resources and how we want to use them, both now and in the future. The financial transition from a working life to retirement is a difficult one. Decisions need to be made with the confidence of a strong financial background, so it has been invaluable to have the expert knowledge of Dominic and his team to help us through in these testing times. Dominic is a very good and patient listener, always insisting on fully understanding our situation and future needs. He answers questions I haven’t even thought to ask and his advice is down to earth and available at a level we are comfortable with. We are very grateful for and reassured by his help. I can and do thoroughly recommend the service provided Dominic and his team at Solomon’s. Andy & Heather Keys-Toyer. Dominic has been my IFA for over 14 years, so we might have grown wise together! However as my medical career has advanced my knowledge of financial products has waned, so I have increasingly depended on Dominic’s professionalism to keep my investments on-track. I simply do not have sufficient time or commitment to improve my financial acumen thus it is appropriate to trust Dominic to filter all the available information and submit it to me in easy to understand bullet points." }, { "question": "What are Fee-based financial planners?", "answer": "We have gradually grown since 1999, but always held to the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability in dealing with both clients and those within our industry. Our approach has always been to treat our clients fairly and we are delighted that the industry regulators (Financial Services Authority) have made this the platform for regulation. So we regard ourselves as pioneers. Dominic Thomas is the founder and Principal of Solomon’s. He has now been advising clients for over 20 years. We are a dynamic small firm that has always operated on a fee system. The new rules set by the the Financial Services Authority require all advisers to charge proper fees from 2013, meaning that we were nearly 14 years ahead of our time, with a wealth of experience that other firms simply don’t have. From the very beginning, we removed commission from protection products and created a ‘level playing field’ for investments, charging the same fixed fee across all new investments. It is easy to forget how radical this idea was at the time and how much money our clients have saved as a consequence. We are seeking long-term client relationships, built upon mutual trust, enabling us to create and provide a valuable service. We provide a bespoke service, working in partnership to enable you to have the best chance of achieving your goals. Together we will create your unique Financial Plan which will act as a working document reflecting the essence of what is truly important to you. This will effectively act as our mutual guide upon which all future financial decisions are based, so our attention to your detail is vital." }, { "question": "How do I contact Solomon’s?", "answer": "In order to meet with Dominic, simply call the office (we’ll even pay for the call) and speak to our team to arrange a time. You won’t need to bring anything with you. If you are reading this in ‘out of office’ hours, you may prefer to email us with a good time and date to call you back. We will only require your name, number and a suitable date or time. “The financial transition from a working life to retirement is a difficult one. Decisions need to be made with the confidence of a strong financial background, so it has been invaluable to have the expert knowledge of Dominic and his team to help us through in these testing times. Dominic is a very good and patient listener, always insisting on fully understanding our situation and future needs. He answers questions I haven’t even thought to ask and his advice is down to earth and available at a level we are comfortable with. We are very grateful for and reassured by his help." } ]
[ { "question": "What’s included in the barn hire?", "answer": "* We have 200 gold chairs with red velvet seats and backs on site. As of the end of January 2019, we will have 120 lime-washed Chiavari chairs. Should these not match your style, other chairs may be hired. ** You will need to bring your own or hire games through a supplier. *** Additional charge for logs. NB inclusive packages are available for winter and midweek weddings. Please see our prices and packages page for more information. For the wedding breakfast we can seat a maximum of 200 dining guests. This will result in tables being spread across every part of the barn on the ground floor. Estcourt alone can seat 80 dining guests. For the evening reception we can accommodate up to 350 guests however for a reception of over 250 guests additional bar facilities need to be considered. Saturdays during May – September & after 13th December. Monday – Thursday and Sunday outside of peak season, our minimum numbers are 50. Fridays and Saturday January – March and November – 13th December are covered by our Winter Package with minimum numbers of 60. Access to the venue is from 9am on the day of the function. This may be extended subject to availability. The barn venue must be vacated by 10.30am on the day of departure." }, { "question": "Can we hire our own chairs?", "answer": "Please note our chairs are currently RED AND GOLD BANQUETING CHAIRS – we will have the white wooden chairs as standard as of the end of January 2019." }, { "question": "Is there a choice of the caterers?", "answer": "We have 4 fabulous caterers to choose from. Please see our food & drink pages for more information. Unfortunately not. We have a selection of amazing caterers that all offer a variety of menus to exceed your expectations. They have not only been personally selected by the owner for their food but also their exceptional front of house managers. All of our caterers provide table linen including linen napkins, crockery and cutlery and will dress your tables for the wedding breakfast. They also supply a team of experienced uniformed waiting staff and chefs to serve your guests as well as a front of house manager who will manage and run all catering aspects of your day. The front of house manager can act as your toastmaster, or assist a member of your party with the making of any announcements. Yes, candlelight looks stunning throughout the barn so as long as you use non-drip candles with bases or holders we welcome the use of candles. Yes, natural petals only please. Yes, there are a couple of churches in the local area. St Mary the Virgin church in Tetbury is a beautiful 18th Century medieval church which is part of a benefice together with the parishes of Beverston, Long Newnton and Shipton Moyne. Should you want more information please visit their website www.tetburychurch.co.uk. We kindly ask for a £500 deposit at the time of booking which secures your favourable date. Once the date has been confirmed we will send out Terms and conditions for you to sign and return to us. Deposit payment is accepted in the form of a debit card, cash or bank transfer. Yes, it’s quite a popular choice here at the barn. We charge £9.75 per adult corkage fee. Our corkage includes the receiving of your delivery at a pre-arranged time, chilling, service, provision of glasses and re-boxing of any leftovers for your collection. Corkage applies to Sparkling wine or Champagne for your reception drinks, Wine during the meal and Sparkling wine or Champagne for toasts. All drinks from the end of the meal must be purchased from the bar. Please note that Pimms, spirts and beer must be brought through the barn." }, { "question": "Will guests be able to pay by credit/debit card at the bar?", "answer": "Yes! Many guests like to set up a tab so they don’t have to carry cash with them as long as this is paid at the end of the evening. A minimum spend of £5 is required." }, { "question": "Do you have facilities to play background music?", "answer": "Yes. We have a built in music system that is compatible with most music devices and connects via a standard auxiliary cable. You are welcome to use it for the ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast then it’s over to the band or DJ!" }, { "question": "Is there heating in the barn?", "answer": "Yes, the barn is fully central heated and has underfloor heating in Estcourt making it lovely and cosy in the winter months." }, { "question": "Does the barn have disabled access?", "answer": "Yes, the barn has disabled access on the ground floor with plenty of wheelchair ramps and a disabled toilet. Due the barn being a grade 2 listed building we do not have lift facilities to the first floor. Please speak to the event coordinators should you have any further questions around this. Yes. Due to local livestock and our own donkeys & pigs we ask that fireworks are let off no later than 10pm. Please ensure that you give us plenty of notice so we can inform local residents. We also ask that you use Distant Thunder for your fireworks." }, { "question": "Are we allowed to supply sweets for a candy table?", "answer": "Absolutely! We love a good sweet table or candy cart as long as you share some with us!!!" }, { "question": "Are we allowed to have an ice cream van?", "answer": "Yes, although we do ask you contact your chosen caterer to check they are happy for you provide it and will require all health & safety and food hygiene document’s. Unfortunately not, however we do have a beautiful little cottage known as Kiln cottage which is often used by the couples." }, { "question": "Can you recommend suppliers such as florists, DJ’s and photographers?", "answer": "We have a whole variety of suppliers listed on our supplier’s page although these are just a few of our favourites." }, { "question": "Are we allowed to have Chinese lanterns?", "answer": "Unfortunately not – we are surrounded by farmland and livestock, as well as the cottages and barn. It has also been banned by environmental health." }, { "question": "Is there a table plan stand provided?", "answer": "Yes. We have 2 quite large easels you are welcome to use free of charge. Plenty! If every bed is slept in we have up to 90 available on site across, 10 cottages, 12 B&B rooms and the Tythe House. Please see our accommodation pages for more details. We regret pets are not allowed on site. You are welcome to bring your own Wedding Cake or Whole Cheeses as a wedding cake ONLY. Please speak to your chosen caterers as they may be able to supply one for you. We ask people to be respectful of our venue, particularly the oak beams, and Cotswold Stone walls. Unfortunately we do not permit nails, glue, staple guns." }, { "question": "Can we have outdoor games on the lawn?", "answer": "You are welcome to bring lawn games to keep the young (and young at heart) guests amused. We ask that you use lawn 2 for these as the lawn in front of the barn is used solely for drinks reception. Please be mindful of the beautiful gardens if bringing footballs." }, { "question": "Can we have BBQ or Hog Roast?", "answer": "All food on the day of the wedding must be provided by one of our 4 caterers, both day and evening food all of which offer BBQ and hog roast. If you are planning to have a BBQ the day before and the day after the wedding please discuss ideas with the office as we have functions on the surrounding days." } ]
[ { "question": "Why should I see a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)?", "answer": "BC’s Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are among the most educated and highly trained professionals in their field. To The regulations to become an RMT in BC are the most stringent in North America[ND1] ;, students must complete extensive training at an accredited college and pass an extensive board exam." }, { "question": "Does a massage therapy treatment have to be painful?", "answer": "No. Each massage treatment is unique to the individual patient and the patientwho has full control of their pain scale. The therapist will check in periodically through out the treatment to get a sense of how the treatmentit is being perceivedexperienced. Some areas of the body are more sensitive then than others and can feel more tender/ or painful. It is important that the patient communicate with the therapist about what they feel so that the therapist can adjust to meet the patient’s needs." }, { "question": "What is wrong with me, Why does it hurt?", "answer": "To best help you, the therapist will need to do a full history and assessment. Patients The unique qualities of each patient’s activities, past injury history, habits, etc., can all contribute to an issue therefore making each patient’s complaint unique to them. After your initial treatment the therapist will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan will explain the number of treatments, how regularly the treatments should occur, and how long each treatment should be." }, { "question": "Can I do anything at home to help myself get better?", "answer": "Yes. Homecare is an essential part of returning to optimal function. The therapist will educate you on the proper stretch/strengthen/movement/postural awareness at the end of each treatment." }, { "question": "I have had a hard day/week/year, can I just get some help to relax?", "answer": "Yes! If you just need to come in and get a massage to help you feel like you again we are more than happy to help." }, { "question": "Should I continue massage as maintenance on my body?", "answer": "Our bodies take a lot of abuse through work, sports, hobbies, etc. Maintenance can be a great tool to keeping your body healthy and pain-free. Everyone’s maintenance is needs are different and depending on their our lifestyle. Some people find they need massage every couple of weeks, while and others find that every couple of months works well for them." } ]
[ { "question": "What types of businesses qualify?", "answer": "the ones who can definitely assist you will be the ones who will contact you. 2." }, { "question": "Are there any setup fees charged by Adult Card Processing?", "answer": "partner who pays us a small fee for bringing them your account. You pay us nothing. This is the best arrangement for all parties involved. one with a 3% or higher chargeback rate. Transaction fees vary depending upon your business type. Your exact rate and fees will be quoted to you once you submit your application. 5." }, { "question": "How long does it take to be approved?", "answer": "within 1 to 3 days – sometimes longer on very hard to place accounts. 6." }, { "question": "Do you process in multi-currency?", "answer": "Yes, we can process in US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, & GBP. 12." }, { "question": "How do I apply?", "answer": "you give the OK then we can work to get your account approved as quickly as possible so that you can begin processing sales." } ]
[ { "question": "Who will be painting my home?", "answer": "We recognize that most people experience some anxiety looking for and hiring a contractor to work in their home. Our company policy is to conduct pre-employment screening and to obtain background checks and complete drug testing on all of our employees. Most important to our customers: we ONLYuse employees for painting projects. This is in sharp contrast to many of our competitors that use day laborers or sub contractors. The reason is simply to make more money at the customer’s expense. We provide a 7-year warranty on all of our projects. This is as much as 7 times longer as most of our competitors. We have been in business in Fort Worth since 1985 so you can feel confident that we will be around to honor our warranty." }, { "question": "How do I know that your insurance is current and covers all of your crew?", "answer": "Our insurance agent will send you our Certificate of Insurance directly so you will know we are covered. It is not a good idea to accept the certificate directly from the contractor because this isn’t proof that the coverage is current. One more thing – some painting contractors in Fort Worth claim to have “Workers Compensation” insurance. Workers Compensation Insurance does NOT cover sub contractors or day laborers. If a sub contractor or day laborer gets hurt on the job, you will be responsible if the contractor doesn’t have the proper insurance." }, { "question": "Is it really necessary to ask for customer and business references?", "answer": "Yes and you should call the business references and at least 3 of the customers references. We provide bank and supplier references so that you can be comfortable that we are a legitimate business." }, { "question": "Is a membership in a professional association that important?", "answer": "We are proud members of the PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractor’s of America) and we abide by their Codeof Ethics. Trade associations are designed to establish standards for the industry. Hiring a member of the PDCA insures that your painting contractor knows the correct safety procedures; the value of proper and complete prep work; which paints to use and how to apply them; the correct cleanup procedures; is fully licensed and insured and will faithfully fulfill every aspect of every contract." }, { "question": "Have you ever filed for bankruptcy for this or any other company?", "answer": "The economy has taken its toll on many businesses. I have operated Supreme Painting continuously since 1985 and have never filed for bankruptcy. This is a good question to ask because some less than desirable folks have folded their painting business and burned suppliers and customers. Unfortunately, because there aren’t any licensing laws in Texas, these same folks then start up another painting business. Avoiding these folks is a smart move. Ask everyone to provide the names of each company, partnership, Limited Liability Company or other business that they have been an owner in and then check them out on Google. It is simply a smart way to hire. Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover for all services. You will simply use your credit card to pay according to our agreement. Some companies may charge you an additional fee or % in order to use a credit card. That seems unethical to us and we don’t require it. Simply call us at (817) 457-9353 to set up our visit. If we happen to miss the call – we will call you back in 2 hours. Really! After we meet with you, we will either provide our agreement immediately or within 24 hours – in rare cases, 48 hours. I am proud to say that our clients feel comfortable providing us with their key or security code. We do like to speak to you each day to give you an update. We will give you in writing an approximate start and finish date. Unless we are delayed by things like a hurricane we should finish on time." } ]
[ { "question": "Q. I have a round-trip airfare voucher , which airlines will I fly with?", "answer": "A. As a full service travel agency we are able to book with all major airlines. Our specialists will not be able to tell you which airlines until the booking process. Q. My form states I must fly into and out of a major continental U.S. airport." }, { "question": "Which company will my rental be through?", "answer": "A. We are contracted with Budget and Avis only. Q. I have sent in my travel request from." }, { "question": "What happens if I cannot travel on the date(s) I listed on my form or if my location(s) have changed?", "answer": "A. If nothing has been booked and your travel plans have changed, you may contact us and request to switch to your alternate travel date or have a new reservation request form mailed to you. However if you reservations have been confirmed, you will have to adhere to the cancellation policy in your terms and conditions. Q." }, { "question": "My travel plans have changed and I can longer travel; how do I request to cancel and receive a refund of my deposit?", "answer": "A. If your travel has not yet been booked you may request a refund of your deposit by sending a letter to Fun Trips 1027 N Nova Rd Ste 109 Daytona Beach, FL 32117, or you may fax it to (386) 761-6221 and of course you may email it to service@myfuntripstravel.com Please allow 3- 4 weeks to process." }, { "question": "Q. I want to give my travel voucher to someone else; can I do that?", "answer": "A. If you have not yet mailed in your activation form, you may give it to someone else as long as they meet the qualifications as stated in the terms and conditions. If you have already activated your form then you cannot as they are non-transferable." }, { "question": "Q. I have a three day two night hotel stay voucher; can I pick the hotel I want to stay in?", "answer": "A. If your travel voucher is not for a specific city, than you may pick the city that you wish to stay in but you cannot choose the hotel. Hotel availability will vary based on our current contracts and is subject to change." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I find journal articles?", "answer": "One way you can find journal articles is to first search for your topic using the main search option on the libraries' homepage. Additionally, consider searching for journal articles by using a subject specific database. If you are looking for an article(s) from a specific journal you can search for that journal by title by selecting the Journals box on the libraries' homepage." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Is there a Star Realms Facebook Page?", "answer": "A: Yes! We have an official Star Realms Facebook Page and there is also an awesome community created group called A Star Realms Fan Created Community Page." }, { "question": "Q: Is there a Star Realms podcast?", "answer": "A: Yes! We highly recommend the Megahaulin Podcast and Megahaulin Blog. Tons of great interviews, tips and news for both new and advanced players." }, { "question": "Q: Are there any competitive leagues for Star Realms?", "answer": "A: Oh yeah, definitely! You can find tournament details both in A Star Realms Fan Created Community Page and there is a Board Game Geek Star Realms League." }, { "question": "Q: Can I go above my starting Authority total?", "answer": "A: Yes! There is no limit to the amount of Authority you can gain." }, { "question": "Q: When do players discard cards as the result of discard effects (like on Imperial Fighter)?", "answer": "A: In the digital game, players discard cards at the beginning of their turns, though in the physical game players should discard as soon as the ability is triggered." }, { "question": "Q: Do players get to choose which cards to discard, or is it random?", "answer": "A: If an ability forces a player to discard a card, they choose which card to discard." }, { "question": "Q: When do my cards’ ally abilities become active?", "answer": "A: You may use the ally ability of a card so long as you have another card of the same faction in play. The order in which you play your cards does not matter for ally abilities (if you play two cards with ally abilities, both will become active, regardless of which entered play first)." }, { "question": "Q: Does damage dealt to a base carry over to players if more damage is dealt than the base’s defense?", "answer": "A: In Star Realms, cards which grant combat add that combat to an imaginary combat stack, which you can distribute as you please. So, if your cards have given you a total of ten combat, you could use six combat to destroy a Mech World and use the remaining four combat to attack your opponent." }, { "question": "Q: If I use a card like Trade Bot to scrap a card from my hand or discard pile, will I get the scrap ability of the card that I scrapped?", "answer": "A: No. Scrapping a card from your hand or discard pile does not trigger scrap abilities." }, { "question": "Q: Before I use the scrap ability of a card, can I use its other abilities (primary, ally) as well?", "answer": "A: Yes! Put the card into play, use its abilities, then trigger the scrap ability last." }, { "question": "Q: If a card has two icons as one of its abilities (like Cutter), do I have to choose which one I want?", "answer": "A: No, on a card like Cutter, you get both (2 Trade and 4 Authority). The only time you have to choose is if there is an “or” clause separating the two icons (like on Patrol Mech)." }, { "question": "Do I get to use it every turn the Hero is in play?", "answer": "A: When a Hero from the United expansion is acquired, you do what is listed as their primary ability (the top-most text box). You only use the primary ability at that moment, so you do not get to use it every turn." }, { "question": "Q: How do I play with more than 2 players?", "answer": "A: Each copy of the Star Realms base game supports up to 2 players. If you want to play with 3-4 players, you’ll need two copies. For 5-6, you’ll need three copies. Shuffle the trade deck cards together to maintain the game’s balance." }, { "question": "What’s wrong?", "answer": "A: To access the full features of the digital game, you must navigate to your user profile (within the “Play Online” section), then click “Restore Purchases.” That should unlock all content on your device. Q: I purchased an expansion on Steam, but it’s not unlocking on my other devices." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "A: Please open Star Realms on your Steam device, go to Play Online, and go to the user profile in the bottom left. Click “log out” in the next screen, then go back to Play Online. The app will log you in automatically. Your purchase should be unlocked, and you will be able to use restore purchases to restore it on your other devices after." }, { "question": "Q: What happens if my opponent refuses to take his/her turn?", "answer": "A: If a player does not take their turn within a 48 hour period in 48 hour games, they automatically forfeit the match. If a player does not take his or her turn within 3 minutes in a a 3 minute game, they automatically forfeit the match as well. Q: Mission (#) is impossible!" }, { "question": "What do I do!?", "answer": "A: We assure you, none of the missions are impossible. Believe in yourself and overcome the odds! Q: My Wins are not registering!" }, { "question": "What do I do?", "answer": "A: Most likely, you are playing Challenge games, where you directly challenged someone, someone challenged you and accepted, or you are playing a “rematch”. In those games, the result doesn’t count towards your wins, nor towards your losses. This was implemented to prevent abuse with dummy accounts." }, { "question": "Q: When do the lifetime/monthly/weekly rankings get calculated?", "answer": "1) If it’s a Monday, you will get your lifetime and weekly avatars. 2) If it’s the 1st of the month, you will get your monthly avatars." }, { "question": "Q: If I am playing against a challenge card and flip over a factionless card (like Merc Cruiser), what do I do?", "answer": "A: The player whom will be directly affected by the card chooses its faction. If multiple players would be affected, they choose among them which faction to declare for the factionless card. A: As this would greatly slow down the pace of the game, note taking is not allowed in official Star Realms events. Fleet HQ – Only ships played while Fleet HQ is in play get the 1 Combat bonus. Mech World – Mech World may trigger the Ally ability for any faction, including all of the Ally abilities on Merc Garrison. However, Mech World doesn’t count as any other faction, so cards like Blob World won’t count it. Stealth Needle/Blob World – If you copy a Blob card with Stealth Needle, it won’t count as a Blob card played for Blob World. This is because Stealth Needle copies a card after it enters play. Merc Cruiser/Blob World – If you choose Blob for the faction, this will count towards Blob World, since you are naming a faction as you play the card. Megahauler/Blob Carrier + Emperor’s Dreadnaught/Colony Seed Ship – If you acquire Emperor’s Dreadnaught or Colony Seed Ship with Megahauler or Blob Carrier, it will end up on top of your deck regardless of whether you played a card of the same faction this turn. You cannot resolve half of Megahauler/Blob Carrier’s ability, so if you decide to acquire a card for free, it is acquired to the top of the deck. There is no chance for the “acquire to hand” ability to happen before it’s on top of your deck. Patience Rewarded – The player whose turn it is scraps and sets aside a card first (so the second player can pick the card that replaces it in the trade row). Stealth Tower – This will become a copy of another base after it enters play, so it won’t count as a card played of the copied faction. Ally abilities will still trigger as normal. Rapid Construction – ERRATA. This ability should read: “The first card a player acquires each turn is placed on top of their deck instead of their discard pile.” This means that a card only goes on top of the deck if it would normally go to the discard pile. Heroes enter play as they normally do. Cargo Boat – ERRATA: The second row ability is a Trade Federation ally ability and should have a blue icon to the left of the gain-2-authority icon." } ]