[ { "question": "Do You Need a Master’s in Education Degree To Qualify for Tenure?", "answer": "If you are currently an educator or you are mapping out the route that you will take to become one, you may want to know if you need a Master in Education degree to qualify for tenure. To work as a full-time, tenure-track educator, you must meet certain requirements and prove that you are skilled and passionate about your role. Tenure offers you great protection in your career but every state and educational system has their own path that you must take. Read on, and find out when a master’s is and is not required." }, { "question": "What is a Tenure and Why is it So Important?", "answer": "Tenure is technically defined as the right to due process so that high schools, colleges and other educational institutions cannot legally fire a teacher or professor without providing evidence that they are not competent or they have been inappropriate, according to the National Education Association. Since evidence must be provided and there is an entire process that school officials must follow, only about 2% of professors on the tenure-track lose their job annually. To get your tenure, you must complete a probationary period and show that you are professional and competent in your role. While a professor is on probation, it is okay for the seniors in charge of hiring to fire the professor without cause at any time and go with a new faculty contract. The senior professors in charge of evaluation will work with administrators and new non-tenured faculty to evaluate their research capabilities and how they service the classroom to decide if they are deserving of tenure. If there are not recommended for tenure, the professor will lose their job and probation starts over when they begin under a new teaching contract." }, { "question": "How Long Does it Take to Become a Tenured Educator?", "answer": "Only about one-third of college professors are tenured faculty, and this is a major cause for concern in the field. If you are hired on the tenure-track in a college setting, it typically will take about three years at a junior college and seven years at a four-year college to be granted tenure. If you are working in a high school, middle school or primary school, everything is based on the state law that applies to public schools. Some states have five-year requirements and others have 10-year requirements where all public school teachers are considered ‘on probation’. The average tenure-track duration in the United States is about seven years when you average the laws across the country. You might assume that getting a graduate degree is the number one way for getting through probation, but that is not always the case. A master’s degree in education will help you strengthen your knowledge on curriculum development, instruction, administration or counseling, but it is not centered around teaching specifically. It is more focused on the educational system than educating your students like a Master’s of Arts in Teaching. One drawback of having your master’s before you are tenured is that it tempts the school to let go of you and secure a contract with a young, Bachelor’s degree holding teacher who will cost less. If you wait until after you are tenured, the school cannot let you go because you decided to advance your education level. If you would like to research types of M.Ed. programs that you can take and schools that offer them, it is time to seek out accredited programs. Once you know that you do not need a Master in Education degree to qualify for tenure, start focusing on teaching first and then focus on graduate programs." } ]
[ { "question": "What should I bring for the tour?", "answer": "Nothing special, just be ready to walk for bit and potentially something to protect you from poltergeists and rain. Any kind of amulet or protection stone is also welcome." }, { "question": "Can kids join too ?", "answer": "Yes, we accept kids from 6 years old and on! We also have a family discount, if you book for 2 adults and 2 kids!" }, { "question": "Where is the meeting point ?", "answer": "Brussels has many paved roads and those are hardly accessible with a wheelchair, for that reason we have to unfortunately label our tour as not wheelchair accessible." } ]
[ { "question": "Why choose shutters?", "answer": "Shutters bring style & sophistication to any window & are equally at home in both traditional & modern interiors. They last longer than curtains, as fabrics begin to break down as soon as they are exposed to sunlight, require periodic washing & harbour dust mites. Shutters offer a level of light control unmatched by any blind, as the louvres within each panel can be independently adjusted to temper the degree of light entering the room. If the sun is in your eye, you can simply close the louvres on one panel & let the light flood into the room though the others. On dark days, the panels can be folded back to expose the window & maximise the light. 2." }, { "question": "Why choose Made for Shade?", "answer": "We're the Midlands' longest established, most trusted shutter company & have been fitting shutters since 1999, so we know shutters inside out. Experience has taught us that clients generally want three things - the best product, at the best price, with the best service. (John Ruskin famously said that this combination was not achievable & that one of the three had to give - We prove otherwise!). Additionally, for your added peace of mind, we're full members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen (membership number A121256) - your guarantee of a top-quality product & installation. 3." }, { "question": "How does the quality of your shutters compare to that of your competitors?", "answer": "Our shutters are manufactured by the world-leader in shutter production, utilising a combination of state of the art manufacturing & hand-crafted finishing touches. The wood used for our hardwood shutters is stored for six months before kiln drying to allow the wood to settle before being treated. UNLIKE the majority of shutter manufacturers our wood is kiln dried twice in a computer controlled drying facility. The wood is specifically dried to take into account the climate of the country to which the shutters will be exported. This is very important as these shutters are manufactured for installation in climates as varied as Alaska & Australia. By utilising these methods, frame warping is greatly reduced. UNLIKE many other manufacturers we engineer our stiles (the vertical, side bars of the shutter panels), rather than producing these as solid profiles. We cut the wood into strips which are then bonded back together in opposing layers for greater strength. This has the effect of breaking the capillaries that run through the wood, through which moisture travels. This, together with the strength of the bonding agent, ensures our panels are unlikely to warp & will give customers years of enjoyment. UNLIKE many other manufacturers we use mortise & tenon joints between the cross rails and the side stiles. These are far stronger than dowel joints & minimise movement between profiles. Movement can result in cracking of the paint or stain finish, which will spoil the aesthetic appearance of the shutters. Again, just in case there is some movement, we engineer the panels with an additional grooved overlap that ensures any movement is handled by this expansion joint. UNLIKE many other manufacturers, we use a high quality, proprietary paint system developed specifically for our shutters. Cheaper shutters use cheaper paints & stains and have fewer coats. We apply six coats of paint or stain, the final layer of which is a clear lacquer with a UV additive to ensure that the shutters are less susceptible to fading and yellowing. UNLIKE other manufacturers we don't compromise on the thickness of our louvres as we believe thinner louvres, although less costly to produce, are much more susceptible to warping. UNLIKE other manufacturers, we use the best quality, marine-grade stainless steel staples to attach our tilt rods to our shutters. In addition, the tips of the staples are coated in a bonding agent to make sure they remain secure for years to come. UNLIKE many other manufacturers, we supply our shutters with a large choice of frames rather than attaching them to battens. Not only does this give you the choice of framing your window by selecting a frame design to co-ordinate with your decor, but it also offers a practical solution for awkward windows (inward opening, etc). UNLIKE many other manufacturers, we assemble our shutters prior to shipping to ensure that all the components fit together perfectly. Once photographed, the shutters are disassembled & packed into custom made packaging to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. When shipping by airfreight, we double pack the shutters for additional security. All this means we are able to provide a three-year warranty on all shutters built within our published specifications." }, { "question": "Which areas do you cover?", "answer": "We're based in Sutton Coldfield & cover the West Midlands, East Midlands, Staffordshire, Warwickshire & Herefordshire regions. We also cover the 'M1 corridor' (the area between the M1 & the M40 between London & Birmingham). 5." }, { "question": "Do you actually make the shutters?", "answer": "Like 99% of UK shutter companies, the answer is 'no'. Made for Shade is the Midlands agent for our manufacturer S:Craft (based near Winchester), who are the shutter market leaders in terms of quality, choice & product innovation. Our expertise is in designing, surveying, specifying & installing shutters, not making them. This enables us to offer a far greater choice of materials, colours, louvre widths & framing options & guarantees clients a constant timeframe from ordering to installation. That said, we have joinery workshop facilities for customising special shutters & have been regular visitors to the factory where the shutters are manufactured. This means we can talk in detail about the production process & answer any questions you may have." }, { "question": "6. Who will measure & fit my shutters?", "answer": "Made for Shade is a family business & as such, we don't employ sales people or believe in pressure selling. We operate a he / she who surveys also fits policy whenever possible, to maintain continuity throughout the order process. Acurate dimensions will be taken at the time of the design consultation to save disturbing you further. Our aim is to make the process of buying shutters a pleasure from start to finish & our testimonials certainly bare this out as you may have already seen. 7." }, { "question": "How long do I have to wait?", "answer": "Standard delivery time is between six & eight weeks. Special shapes take an additional two weeks, as CAD drawings need to be created & signed off before manufacture can commence. Custom coloured shutters also take an additional two weeks. However, if you need your shutters fitted sooner, we also offer an express service, which reduces the waiting time to between three & four weeks, but naturally costs a little more. 8." }, { "question": "How long do they take to fit?", "answer": "This really depends upon the size & quantity of the shutters & what they're being fitted to (wooden window frames are quicker to fit to than plastered reveals), however most jobs are completed within half a day. Naturally, we can give you an accurate time frame before you place your order. 9." }, { "question": "How are they fitted?", "answer": "All Made for Shade shutters are fitted using a three-sided or four-sided perimeter frame, from which the panels are then hinged. Frames can be fitted inside the recess, outside the recess or around the front edge of the recess, depending on how & where you want your panels to fold when open. Needless to say, there are different frame profiles for every eventuality. (The latter option is perfect for uneven recesses, as the run-out is hidden behind the frame moulding). Whichever framing option you choose, all screw-heads will be either hidden with insert strips or cap covers & in the case of stained finishes, screws will be fitted using brass or silver mounting cups. For wider installations such as patio doors & room dividers, tracking systems are used as they give constant support to the panels as they move. All panels are fitted within their frames using hinges with removable pins, which are perfect when it comes to decorating, as the panels can be simply removed & re-fitted in a matter of minutes. 10." }, { "question": "How & when do I pay?", "answer": "Payment is made in two parts, 50% when the order is placed & the remaining 50% on completion of installation. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit card or credit card (all major cards accepted). 11." }, { "question": "What are shutters made from?", "answer": "Made for Shade offer seven different shutter materials. The most economical option is Craftwood, which is a Polymer coated MDF product available in the six best selling white / cream shades & comes in a choice of four louvre widths. It's perfect for small to average sized installations & looked just like a wooden, painted shutter when fitted. We then have a variety of real timbers including Larchwood, Basswood & Cedarwood, each of which have their own unique grain patterns & characteristics. Using lighter weight timbers allows us to hinge more panels together to achieve greater widths with a single, conventional bi-folding shutter. Real timbers can have painted or stained finishes, but our Western Red Cedarwood can also be oiled to give it a beautifully natural finish, which brings out the individually different grain structure in each profile to give a truly rustic charm. 12." }, { "question": "How much light do they cut out?", "answer": "There are no technical figures to quote here but we estimate that a shutter will cut out 90 - 95% of incoming light. Whilst there are no gaps to let in direct light, there will always be light glow around the edges of the panels, between the louvres & between the louvre edges where they meet the stile uprights. If actual blackout is required for bedrooms, we have the perfect solution whereby a cellular pleated blackout blind is built into the shutter frame & positioned behind the panels. The blind is raised / lowered by a simple cord mechanism & cannot be seen through the panels. The blinds are available in several, equally effective colours, the most popular being white. 13." }, { "question": "Can they be fitted to any window?", "answer": "It's a rare day when we come across a window to which we can't fit shutters, but \"never say never\" as the saying goes. We need to ensure that the shutter will not inhibit the opening operation of the window & that we have suitably substantial fixing points to bare the weight, but this is all taken care of during the survey. 14." }, { "question": "What if my window is out of square?", "answer": "This is usually no problem as most windows vary in width & height across the window. If you want your shutters fitted inside the recess, the tolerance gap between the outside edge of the shutter frame & the recess itself, will usually be filled with decorating caulk as this can be painted to match the walls or window frame when dry. It takes approximately half an hour to caulk an average sizes shutter to a high standard, but makes all the difference in the world to the final result. If the window it drastically out of square, we would fill the gaps by scribing insert strips (finished in the same colour as the shutters) to the desired shape & then caulking around them as described earlier. Alternatively, we have framing options which can either be surface mounted outside the recess or fitted to the front edge of the recess with a lip feature that disguises / hides the recess variance. It's simply a case of using the right frame for the right job, which is where our expertise comes into play. 15." }, { "question": "What about shaped windows?", "answer": "No problem. We design & fit round shutters, arched shutters & angled shutters in various materials with either painted or stained finishes. The great thing about shaped shutters is that unlike blinds or curtains, they maintain the true shape of the window rather than \"squaring it off\" & the panels will still hinge open to give access to the window. 16." }, { "question": "What about high-level windows?", "answer": "If shutters are fitted to an out-of-reach window, the tilting of the louvers can be done by remote control (both battery & solar powered units are available). Alternatively, if the shutter is simply to dress the window, the louvers can be simply set in the desired position & left. 17." }, { "question": "How do I clean them?", "answer": "The easiest way is with either a feather duster or using a vacuum upholstery brush (the one with the bristles on). Marks can be removed using a damp cloth with, if necessary, a suitable soap solution. 18." }, { "question": "What if they get damaged?", "answer": "We offer a full repair service whereby, for example, damaged louvers can simply be removed & replaced with new ones. 19." }, { "question": "Does fitting make a mess?", "answer": "This depends on what we're fitting to as drilling into plaster / brick creates dust which drilling into wood doesn't. Whatever the case, we will always dust sheet the fitting area first & clean up thoroughly when we've finished. Installers also wear slippers in carpeted rooms. We are always mindful that we are in your home. We therefore treat your home as we would our own, with respect. 20." }, { "question": "What's the most popular colour?", "answer": "About 75% of our orders are for a white painted finished & there are good reasons for this. (1) White reflects light in a way no other colour will. This means light within the room is maximised as it reflects off the louvres (tip ~ using the medium 64mm or larger 89mm wide louvres also creates more light as the gaps between each louvre increase with louvre size & larger louvre surfaces reflect more light. Food for thought if you have a North facing room with a big tree outside!) (2) White never dates & always looks fresh. (3) White offers endless colour possibilities when it's time to decorate, as white will work with any colour. (4) White will always be relevant as there will always be something else white in the room (window frames, doors, radiators, coving, ceilings, etc). (5) Shutters are an investment in your home & will appeal to prospective, aspirational home buyers if you decide to move on. Buyers can always visualise working their design schemes around white shutters, as it gives them an open book decoratively speaking in addition to the wow factor. 21." }, { "question": "Are they guaranteed?", "answer": "Absolutely! All Made for Shade shutters are guarantee for a minimum of 3 years. This includes all aspect of the shutters (colour fastness & joinery) as well as the installation itself. 22." }, { "question": "Are they suitable for bathrooms & swimming pool areas?", "answer": "This really depends on the level of moisture within the air. In a large, well-ventilated bathroom with no shower, a conventional painted or stain finished shutter will be fine. However, in high moisture rooms such as shower rooms, wet-rooms & swimming pools, we have a purpose made waterproof product called Permawood, which an ABS coated hardwood. Permawood shutters are fitted with marine-grade stainless steel hinges to resist moisture & prevent rusting. 23." }, { "question": "How do I measure?", "answer": "To obtain an initial estimate, firstly decide whether you want your shutters to be fitted inside of outside the recess. Remember if they're fitted inside the recess, the panels will only fold back as far as the recess returns will allow (usually 90 degrees). If they're fitted outside the recess, the panels will fold back onto the walls (provided there is sufficient space for them to do so of course). For inside recess shutters, measure the width & drop in 3 places & tell us the largest dimension in each case. For outside recess shutters, take the same measurements & add 150mm to the recess width to allow for the overlap. If your window has a sill, add 75mm to the recess height or 150mm if it doesn't have a sill, to allow for the overlap. If you're looking to buy Café Style shutters (to cover the lower part of the window only), take the width dimension in the same way, but then measure from the sill up to where you'd like the top of the shutters to be. For inside recess shutters or outside recess shutters where the window has a sill, that's the height you need to give. For outside recess, Café Style shutters where the window has no sill, add 75mm to the recorded height. Naturally, we will take accurate dimensions at the point of survey but following this procedure will ensure there are no nasty surprises price-wise! 24." }, { "question": "What are \"Solid\" shutters?", "answer": "These are simply shutters, which have solid panels rather than louvred panels. They were originally fitted into period homes, folding back into purpose made side-recesses when the owners were in residence. When the owners were overseas, the shutters were closed for privacy & security as part of the \"closing up\" of the house. These days, we tend to only install solid shutters when either a greater degree of darkness is required or when replacing original solid shutters in period properties. Naturally, the amount of light entering the room can't be adjusted in the way it can with louvred shutters. 25." }, { "question": "Can I measure & fit my own shutters?", "answer": "Yes. We can measure & fit your shutters for you, we can measure but you can fit or you can measure & fit yourself. It really comes down to the complexity of the particular job & the surface to which the shutters will be fixed. If you're self-measuring, we suggest you e-mail a photograph of the window prior to finalising your order so we can try to spot any potential problems & help you overcome them. 26." }, { "question": "Do operate a 'price promise' pledge?", "answer": "Whilst our aim is to provide shutters at the most competitive price & we constantly monitor the market to check price levels, there may be times when, due to a limited or special promotion, a competitor's price is lower. In such an eventuality, we guarantee to price match any like-for-like, written quotation. If you have a question other than those above, please either call us on 0121-352-0747 or e-mail it to us via our contact page & we'll answer your question by return." } ]
[ { "question": "What are the \"must dos\" for data controllers?", "answer": "v) held securely - which includes keeping it safe so that unauthorised individuals can't access it, and not disclosing it to anyone, - including other parents. To comply with the GDPR by 25 May 2018 you will have to demonstrate more, for example that you have data protection policies and procedures in place; keep evidence of parents' consent to use their details; and ensure you have appropriate procedures for new elements such as the right to be forgotten; subject access rights; data portability; data breach notification within 72 hours and many other elements. Classlist's system is designed to help you comply with all of the above." }, { "question": "Does the PTA need a Data Protection Officer?", "answer": "- carry out large scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences. A PTA doesn’t perform either of these activities at either small or large scale so you are not required to have a DPO. That really would be spoiling the party. OK. Here you go. A one page summary with everything you need." }, { "question": "What happens if there isn't a separate PTA, or the PTA organisation has been merged into the school?", "answer": "Some schools are re-integrating their PTAs into the school organisation. In this case the school will be the data controller and PTA officials are treated in the same way a as school staff." }, { "question": "What's the difference between a Data Controller and a Data Processor?", "answer": "The difference between these two roles is critical but not always obvious. According to the Information Commissioner's Office, a \"data controller\" means … a person who (either alone or jointly or in common with other persons) determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personal data are, or are to be, processed. A \"data processor\", in relation to personal data, means any person (other than an employee of the data controller) who processes the data on behalf of the data controller." }, { "question": "What's the difference between a Classlist Member and Non Member?", "answer": "A Classlist Member has completed the registration procedure, and the personal details they chose to share are visible to other users. They are a full member of the site and can access all its functionality. A Classlist Non Member will have been invited by email to join the site but has not registered. No information on them will be available to other users with the exception of site administrators. A Non Member who has been regularly and recently receiving a emails or similar communications from the PTA or school relating to the parent community will continue to be included in these communications through the Classlist email system. They have the option of unsubscribing at any point." }, { "question": "What information can the school lawfully supply to the PTA?", "answer": "Where you set up a Classlist site your PTA is acting as a \"Data Controller\". The school is already a \"Data Controller\" because it manages lots of information about pupils and parents. In general, no personal data can be transferred between data controllers without a good legal justification, which sometimes requires specific consent from each parent. Classlist has obtained a legal Opinion from VWV, one of the top five legal firms working with UK schools, on this area. This confirms that as long as your PTA is following the practices and procedures set out by Classlist, the school can lawfully help you to verify and update information which you have collected through the Classlist system. This can include parent names, child names, child class details, and parent email details. The school may for example help you check applicants against a master list of parents. Or provide you with class lists at the end of each year or term so you can update your records and ensure each pupil is allocated to the correct class. Please bear in mind that you aren't permitted to use this data for any other purpose than to validate new applicants and make updates to your database. A draft letter to the school from PTAs launching Classlist is here and a draft letter for PTAs which currently operate Classlist is here. Where the school is providing you with any personal data about parents or their families, these must be transmitted using a secure, encrypted and private mechanism and you must have arrangements in place to manage this information on a completely confidential basis." }, { "question": "What can I send to explain everything?", "answer": "The Classlist website has lots of material describing how the app works and the benefits to schools and parents. Regarding data protection specifics, the school is already a Data Controller and will be working with you as another Data Controller. They have all the data needed to enable you validate new applicants, and should be keen to help as this ensures a well functioning trusted parent community. They can also assist with allocation of members to new classes at the beginning of each academic year which can otherwise become very time consuming. A draft letter to the school from PTAs launching Classlist is here and a draft letter for PTAs which currently operate Classlist is here." }, { "question": "What's in it for them?", "answer": "The school is likely to see some advantages in Classlist and may have some concerns. The advantages are typically around cost - a reduction in school office admin time; and around parent engagement - which is a new OFSTED metric - recent studies show that stronger parent communities can really improve student outcomes. They may also see benefits around safeguarding where parents can help each other with supervision and information both for junior and teenage years. A few school heads are concerned that Classlist will be used for complaining and tittle tattle. This would be contrary to our user guidelines and has proved extremely rare. What is far more common is parents using Facebook or WhatsApp to complain, where content can be difficult to moderate or remove. Heads often tell us they prefer Classlist for exactly this reason. Finally, where parents, school or PTA bring in local sponsors to support Classlist, 50% of the revenue goes back to the school which is always very welcome." }, { "question": "What happens if my school doesn't agree to help, or can't do anything quite yet?", "answer": "If the school is too busy or doesn't have capacity to help right now, this is far from a show stopper. It certainly helps if the school head sends an announcement to parents encouraging them to join. However many PTAs using Classlist around the country have relied on their own resources to develop invite lists; get the word out, and get Classlist sites up and running. You don't have to wait for the school to be ready." }, { "question": "Is it better to have the school as Data Controller?", "answer": "The choice of data controller needs to reflect the reality of who is administering the site. This organisation will have more privileges and can use it for more things. If you have an active PTA with lots of Class Reps, events and announcements then we generally recommend the PTA takes the lead. If the PTA doesn't communicate extensively with parents or has limited resources and the school is either very active in promoting the parent community, or wants to enable parents contact each other, it is fine for the school to lead. You do need to make it clear to parents who manages the site. If this changes later, you can always ask parents to reconfirm they are happy with new arrangements. Some schools prefer to be data controllers. This does make it easier for them to issue invitations and to build a very inclusive community. Where the school runs the site the PTA does not have an official role, although PTA members can send invitations and messages just as other members can. PTA officials can assist with some site administration tasks if the school has limited resources, but they must be careful not to use personal data or other information they obtain in this capacity for other PTA purposes. Classlist's Terms and Conditions explain this in more detail." }, { "question": "Do we need to review our insurance?", "answer": "Any organisation dealing with personal data will have additional responsibilities and liabilities from May 2018. This even applies if you simply circulate a spreadsheet of names. Working with Classlist means you have taken a big step to manage and reduce any potential liabilities, because our processes have gone through a legal audit and have a lot of data protection safeguards built in. - Through establishing a relationship with Classlist as your Data Processor you immediately become compliant in terms of using a legally validated, properly structured approach to data management. Classlist also becomes responsible for the technical and cybersecurity aspects of where personal data goes; who is authorised to access to it, and how it is protected from attack. - Regarding insurance, should there be a data breach where Classlist's systems are at fault, we are fully insured for public liability, professional indemnity and also have specific cover for cyber insurance. PTAs generally hold insurance policies designed to cover public and personal liability for the Association and its officers. You are advised to check your coverage to ensure all relevant contingencies are covered. - In choosing to work with Classlist, you have selected the market leader in this area. Classlist brings experience from working with over 1,800 schools across the UK. We have also invested heavily to obtain the best possible legal advice to ensure our procedures comply with current and anticipated legal requirements. You will therefore be seen to have acted in a prudent and conservative manner in selecting your supplier. Naturally Classlist cannot be held responsible for data breaches where the PTA is at fault. However through using Classlist's purpose-built system, which is designed entirely around security, privacy and meeting PTA requirements, we believe that the likelihood of personal data going astray is significantly reduced." }, { "question": "What liability does my school take?", "answer": "Classlist's agreement to act as Data Processor for the PTA or school means that we take prime liability for any breakdown in our systems or processes. As you would expect, the school does still have liability for negligence on their part, and should have insurance in place to cover this." }, { "question": "How real is the risk of a fine?", "answer": "To date we aren't aware of any school or body associated with a school being prosecuted or fined for anything related to data protection. But nobody knows how the courts will enforce new regulations, and there is likely to be a period of adjustment as things bed down. New legislation introduces a new set of penalties – the greater of 4% of turnover or €20 million. Under existing legislation ICO has handed out five and six figure fines not just to big corporates, but to well respected charities, who had systematically deployed fund-raising practices which weren't legal, or who failed to act appropriately after a data breach. Perhaps equally important is the reputational damage to the school and organisations associated with it if practices are found wanting in material respects. In assessing what corrective action to take ICO will typically look at the overall data safeguarding processes followed by an organisation as well as the detail of any particular incident. This is where working with Classlist can really help. You have taken a big step forward in electing to work with a company which has gone the extra mile in not only seeking legal advice but obtaining a legal Opinion setting out how our practices are compliant." } ]
[ { "question": "How do you match me to suitable businesses?", "answer": "We source, and screen SME borrowers, matching them to lenders’ investment and risk criteria." }, { "question": "What type of companies will I be lending to?", "answer": "With CODE Investing you will be lending to rigorously vetted businesses seeking loans of between £500,000 and £20,000,000." }, { "question": "Does CODE undertake its own due diligence?", "answer": "Yes, should you wish to pass on some of the responsibility to us, we have highly experienced ex-bankers from lending and Credit divisions to ensure high deal standards." }, { "question": "How are responsibilities shared between a lender and CODE?", "answer": "However you like. We have some lenders who simply want us to identify potential borrowers and compile initial information and others who rely on us to undertake due diligence, issue documentation and monitor borrowers for the lifetime of the loan. We shall be delighted to accommodate your requirements." }, { "question": "Will CODE spread deals thinly across its lending panel?", "answer": "No. We use our lenders’ own preferences to determine the best fit for each deal. A targeted panel referral is in everyone’s best interests." }, { "question": "How does CODE decide which lender to place a potential transaction with?", "answer": "We use the lender’s own criteria to select a matching borrowing request. If there is more than one lender that could potentially provide finance to a borrower we will pass on all the offers to the borrower and let them decide. CODE does not give any sort of priority to one lender over another." }, { "question": "What type of lenders does CODE partner with?", "answer": "CODE partners with any type of lender, irrespective of their target audience, lending criteria, or risk appetite." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I track my mileage with the GPS?", "answer": "First, read the Improving GPS accuracy section in the How does GPS Tracking work help item. To start tracking, add or update a trip then scroll down to the Odometer section then tap the Start GPS Tracking button. Doing this will clear any existing odometer start, stop or distance entered manually. To stop tracking, tap the Stop GPS Tracking button or the Cancel button or the Save button. You will be given the option to continue from the last captured position by tapping the Add To Existing button or you can clear the previous tracking and start fresh by tapping the Reset Existing button. While the trip is being tracked by gps, it is automatically saved periodically, so you can edit any of the fields except the odometer start, stop or distance. But we recommend when you are done with tracking your trip mileage by gps that you tap the Save button to assure the latest trip information is saved. Also to ensure the best mileage tracking by gps, you should remain on the edit trip page in the app. This is not to say you cannot answer a call, check your email or start another app because Track My Mileage should continue to run in the background but depending on the settings on your device it may not and since the operating system may terminate the app when it is in the background, we recommend keeping Track My Mileage as the active app as much as possible. Copyright © 2019 APG Solutions LLC. All Rights Reserved." } ]
[ { "question": "Why is the Pyramid Model being used instead of a different social emotional curriculum?", "answer": "The Pyramid Model is not a social emotional curriculum. It is a framework for supporting children’s social emotional competence. This framework consists of universal supports for all children to promote wellness, targeted services to those who need more support, and intensive services to those who need them." } ]
[ { "question": "Question- Does the YU Yunicorn Have microSD Expansion option?", "answer": "Answer- Yes, you can insert a micro SD card up to 128GB in the SIM 2 slot." }, { "question": "Question- How is the Display of the YU Yunicorn?", "answer": "Answer- The YU Yunicorn comes with a 5.5 inch Full HD (1920 X 1080 pixels) IPS display protected with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The display looks very subtle and clear. Colours were looking punchy and the sharpness is also perfect. Viewing angles are good but the glass is a bit reflective under bright day light." }, { "question": "Question- Does YU Yunicorn Support Adaptive Brightness?", "answer": "Answer- It comes with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with the YU AOS on top. Answer- Yes, it has a fingerprint sensor and it is baked in the home button, and it is very quick." }, { "question": "Question- Can Apps be moved to SD card on YU Yunicorn?", "answer": "Answer- It does not have any bloatware pre loaded. Answer- It has a good loudspeaker, it was fairly loud for a small hall or room." }, { "question": "Question- How much RAM was available at user end after first boot?", "answer": "Answer- 2.9 GB of RAM was free when we switched on the device for the first time." }, { "question": "Question- How good is The Camera Quality of the YU Yunicorn?", "answer": "Answer- It comes with a 13 MP camera on the back and 5 MP on the front. Primary camera performs decent in day light but as we moved to low light, it was literally suffering. It has stabilization issues, focus speed is below average and details were also not up to the mark. The front camera captures clear selfies in natural light, but it becomes difficult to get a clear selfie in artificial light. The camera is very shaky and camera UI is laggy." }, { "question": "Question- How is Battery Backup on YU Yunicorn?", "answer": "Answer- It comes with a 4000 mAh battery, and such a juicy battery is great for any phone with such hardware configurations. It’ll easily last more than a day on single charge. Yu claims the phone to last for 18 hours with continuous usage." }, { "question": "Question- Which Sensors are available on YU Yunicorn?", "answer": "Answer- It has Gyroscope, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Fingerprint sensor, Magnetometer, Gravity sensor and Accelerometer." }, { "question": "Question- Can YU Yunicorn be connected to a Bluetooth Headset?", "answer": "YU Yunicorn is a really good device for someone who demands a lot of multitasking from their phones. It has everything that you can demand at this price point, but this deal could have been sweeter if the software was on point. It comes with almost stock Android Lollipop, and a very ordinary set of camera, but everything else is great for the price." } ]
[ { "question": "5.2 How do these changes affect Education customers?", "answer": "Autodesk has stopped selling perpetual licences of most products. The purchase of new licences is now available only by subscription. In addition, the option to crossgrade to any of the affected products was discontinued when we stopped selling new perpetual licences. Autodesk has introduced an intuitive new language that will drive clarity and simplicity in our subscription offerings. Essentially, we have done away with subscription branding in order to make it easier for you to choose and purchase the software solutions that best fit your business needs. Autodesk made this change in order to transition to subscription-based products, which offers customers a lower entry price, greater choice of tools and the ability to pay-as-you-go. With its shift away from selling perpetual rights to using a specific version of software, Autodesk plans to continually innovate and improve its products & services, more tightly integrate them with cloud services, allow access from multiple devices at any time*, make them easier to deploy and manage and reduce file compatibility issues. No, it doesn't. Existing perpetual licences are still valid. You retain your perpetual software licence and can continue to use it in accordance with your perpetual licence agreement. If the software product is covered by a maintenance plan, you will also continue to receive maintenance benefits. If you are currently on a maintenance plan, you will retain the option to renew your maintenance plans for the affected products and receive corresponding benefits for as long as you want. The end-of-sale of perpetual licences only impacts the ability to purchase new perpetual licences. Providing the time needed to assess options and make plans by providing as much advance notice of the changes to come as possible. Customers can continue to renew their maintenance plans for as long as they want and receive/access maintenance benefits. Autodesk Account will provide a single place to manage all of your products, subscriptions and services. Providing the ability to lock in your subscription rate with the option of multi-year term lengths. Separately purchased cloud-based offerings, such as BIM 360, PLM 360 and Fusion 360, are not impacted. Cloud services that are included as a benefit of your maintenance plan or subscription will continue to be included in those offerings." }, { "question": "1.9 Will I be able to purchase a network activation for an existing perpetual licences now that Autodesk is no longer selling perpetual licences?", "answer": "No. You will no longer be able to convert a stand-alone perpetual licence to a shared network licence for any perpetual licences that are no longer being sold. If you need new or additional shared network licences, you can purchase a subscription with multi-user access. This can be done for individual products or a collection of products. Desktop software applications on subscription, as well as associated user data, continue to be stored on your local machine. Cloud service applications are run from the cloud; where you store your data, on the cloud or your local machine, is up to you. Autodesk offers the following options, allowing you to choose which best fits your needs. If you have an active subscription, you may have access to preceding version licences of eligible Autodesk software. For more details, please reference Autodesk Subscription Preceding Version Rights Eligibility on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. For details on availability, please contact your Authorised Autodesk Reseller or Autodesk Sales Representative. A maintenance plan ensures a perpetual licence holder receives benefits such as access to the latest software and product enhancements, technical support and in some cases, access to select cloud services while they keep their plan current. A maintenance plan agreement must be applied to a separately purchased perpetual licence. If you currently have a maintenance plan, you will continue enjoying the benefits of maintenance as long as you continue to renew. For the products listed in Question 1.2 above, it is important to renew your maintenance plan on time to continue to access the benefits. If the maintenance plan for your perpetual product is not renewed on time, you will then have to subscribe to the product if you would like to get the latest features and benefits. While Autodesk discontinued the sale of new perpetual licences, we are not eliminating maintenance plans. If you are currently on maintenance, you may continue to renew that plan for as long as you want. No. Additional perpetual licences may not be added to an existing maintenance plan. If your maintenance plan expires, you can continue using your perpetual licences. However, you will lose maintenance benefits such as updates, technical product support, flexible licence rights and access to select cloud services. If a maintenance plan is not renewed, you will be able to get the latest features and functionality by subscribing to a product. Customers who currently have an Enterprise Business Agreement with Autodesk for the Enterprise Flex, Multi-Flex or Token Flex offerings see no immediate change to the terms or benefits of their agreements. Customers with an Enterprise Business Agreement that includes perpetual rights to their software may exercise their rights to receive those perpetual licences at the end of their agreement or they may choose to renew those perpetual licences under a maintenance plan at that time. Customers with an active Enterprise Business Agreement prior to 31 July 2016 should refer to the terms of their agreement to determine access to additional perpetual licences. Yes. Autodesk Multi-Flex and Autodesk Enterprise Token Flex licensing models continue to be available for purchase for customers considering a new Enterprise Business Agreement. Customers with an Enterprise Business Agreement should speak directly with their Autodesk Account Executive for more information. For customers without Internet connectivity, we recommend considering a subscription with multi-user access, which allows them to use software without being connected to the Internet." } ]
[ { "question": "Rosedale Auto Service is sometimes asked by our customers in the Baltimore area \"what is a serpentine belt\"?", "answer": "When asked, one of the skilled auto mechanics on the Rosedale Auto Service team will tell our customers that were they to take a look at the underside of their vehicle they would either notice a single belt woven through several pulleys or a system of belts connected to pulleys in front of the vehicle's engine. When only one belt is present, that belt would a serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is distinguished from other belts in that it is one continuous belt that connects itself to multiple devices. On older model vehicles, multiple belts were employed to drive the various engine compartment devices. But after the serpentine belt was developed in 1979, the majority of, if not all, vehicle manufacturers began using serpentine belts due to their ease of use and overall efficiency. One of the primary benefits of using a serpentine belt is that in older model vehicles, components such the alternator, air and power steering pumps were all connected to belt systems and if one belt broke a vehicle's owner might not be aware of losing operation of one component. Alternatively with a serpentine belt all the pulleys of the various components are connected meaning a driver will know quickly if the serpentine belt breaks because ALL the components, to include power steering, will suffer immediately or completely shut down. If you live in the greater Baltimore area and are having a problem with your serpentine belt and want the advice of a qualified and skilled auto repair specialist please contact Rosedale Auto Service!" } ]
[ { "question": "How can you buy better than us?", "answer": "Because we aggregate. By adding your volume to ours we get better prices (economy of scale). So far we have a 100% success record, but if we can’t then our service doesn’t cost you a penny." }, { "question": "How much work is involved for me in the change-over?", "answer": "Very little. We copy any invoices, ascertain the status of existing contracts and suggest cost savings. If we suggest a change of supplier we fill in the account application forms and get your account pre-cleared where possible. We then provide a full report which enables you to see all the necessary figures and make a decision." }, { "question": "What if I’m in contract with a supplier?", "answer": "We ensure that you serve notice in a timely manner and diarise when the contract terminates so that we can review the costs ahead of that time. We are happy with our existing suppliers. We are not about changing suppliers; but we always look at removing any unnecessary overheads." }, { "question": "When do I pay for the savings?", "answer": "If you accept our pricing suggestions, savings are paid for quarterly in arrears. They are therefore both profit & loss and cash positive. In our Dec 2013 Client Survey 100% of respondents said we provide value for money with 85% rating us as excellent or very good in terms of the overall value for money we deliver. We only want you to look at one area and it won’t be worth your while. We’re happy to make the call on that. Give us the opportunity and let us decide. From your side it lays down the timelines for us to provide information and states that the products and/or services that we quote for will at least match those you currently enjoy. From our side it merely confirms your commitment to pay us for the work done and information provided. It therefore protects the interests of both parties." }, { "question": "What if I’m not happy with the supplier you recommend?", "answer": "You don’t have to use our suppliers. If you wish you can use our information to negotiate directly with your existing suppliers, or simply not go ahead and receive cost savings. We have a lovely local supplier who we would like to support if they are competitive. No problem, tell us whether or not you wish us to contact current or specific suppliers and we’ll act accordingly. Be aware though of how you may react if someone acting on behalf of your biggest customer contacted you and said that the business was up for competitive tender and that you needed to sharpen your pencil or run the risk of losing the business. We use best practise and only give suppliers one chance to quote. We are in regular contact with key suppliers in each of the markets in which we operate in order to maintain our price competitiveness. Our systems are constantly refined to ensure that we are aware of market prices, and your prices reflect this. We contact at least three suppliers with any requirement, and are always on the look out for new suppliers." }, { "question": "What happens if prices change after you negotiate?", "answer": "Some markets rise and some fall – it’s our business to know which are which. If they are rising markets we will protect you against price increases by suggesting that you enter into a contract, e.g. gas and electricity at present. If they are dropping markets we will not tie you in to long term contracts and will pass on all price decreases during the period of our agreement." }, { "question": "How do you collect your information?", "answer": "We need copy invoices which we will gladly copy on your premises. In addition we will need any passwords or other access information that you have in place on accounts, typically mobile and landline ‘phone accounts’. We’ll have the information about how you can receive savings on your desk within 10 days of receiving the copy invoices – as long as your diary permits!! Savings can be on your bottom line within 1 month of you signing our agreement. Our business is unique; a “standard” service will not help us. All of our clients are unique. If we are unable to save you money it won’t cost you anything BUT if we can save you money…. Have you ever looked at…. The skills in our business are in identifying suppliers and negotiating the right outcome. We have deep knowledge in a wide variety of specific markets and, as always, if you give us the challenge and we can’t save you money it won’t cost you anything." } ]
[ { "question": "Will my personal information be safe if I share it with you?", "answer": "As a family owned business we know our guests trust is of utmost importance. Therefore we want to assure you that any information you choose to share with us on our site will not be sold or shared with additional parties without your express permission." }, { "question": "How much is your local sales tax?", "answer": "There is no sales tax in the state of Oregon so there will not be sales tax added to your order. Ainslee’s Homemade Salt Water Taffy is carefully packaged to ensure a secure arrival but please note that it is not recommended to ship our fudge into warm climates as it may melt in the package. Please be sure to check delivery addresses carefully. We cannot extend our guarantee to orders for which we are given incomplete or incorrect addresses. Postal and delivery services will not forward the packages on without the correct address. Please allow 2-3 days to process and ship orders. We will make every effort to expedite orders. We ship orders via USPS priority unless otherwise specified in your order form. See more on our shipping and handling page." }, { "question": "How can I recommend you to my friends and family?", "answer": "As a family owned business we rely on word of mouth advertising to increase our sales so that we are able to provide you with the freshest possible product for the most reasonable price we can offer. As you can imagine, the busier we are, the more reasonably priced candies we can offer to you so please spread the word and help us stay around for yet another generation of quality candy making. You can also fill out the \"Recommend Us\" form on our website." }, { "question": "How will I know if something is contained within the product?", "answer": "Wherever we can we make sure to use all natural ingredients in our products. This means no artificial preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of your candy and therefore a more natural product for your body. Although we employ careful sanitation procedures in our cooking process it is important that you know that there is a chance of allergens being introduced into your product so please be cautious if you have a severe allergy. For example we make the peanut butter filled taffy on the same machine as all the rest of the taffy and there is no way to ensure that we have safely eliminated 100% of the peanut contamination before starting the next batch. If you have a specific allergy concern please feel free to email us with questions." }, { "question": "What is the best way to store my Caramel Corn?", "answer": "The enemy to freshness here is air and heat. We ship it in a plastic bag to ensure the least amount of air gets to the product. If you would like to keep it longer than a week (after you receive it) you will want to get as much air out of the bag as possible and store it either in Tupperware, or a ziplock bag for maximum freshness." }, { "question": "What is the best way to store my Fudge?", "answer": "Fudge will stay fresh for approximately ten days if properly wrapped in plastic wrap or Tupperware. Refrigerating your fudge will dry it out so try to keep it at room temperature. If you would like to keep your fudge for longer than ten days you will need to properly protect it by wrapping it in plastic wrap and then slipping it into a freezer safe bag to store in the freezer. It will keep well in the freezer for up to three months." }, { "question": "Do you partner for fundraising?", "answer": "Actually we do. We have several different programs to help you raise money for your cause. Please email or contact our store for specific questions. 15% Discount of homemade salt water taffy to all active duty military personnel with valid military id. Although you would need to present the ID in store to receive the discount we also offer it on mail orders placed to APO addresses in order to encourage you to send goodies to the men and women that are protecting our country. In order to receive the discount on a web orders please send your order by email or snail mail so that we may apply your discount to the final purchase price. We do offer discounts on large orders but please be aware that we will need adequate notice to fulfill larger than typical orders. The timeframe necessary is dependant upon the size of the order." }, { "question": "You used to have a certain flavor, can I still buy that flavor?", "answer": "If you are willing to buy the entire batch we can customize the taffy color of virtually any of our flavors for you. We also have discontinued flavors that we can craft for you if you do not see them on our web site so please do not hesitate to ask. Additionally, sometimes we have recipes for things we do not carry (such as Amaretto fudge, licorice caramel corn or almond brittle) that we can make upon request but please keep in mind that there is a necessary minimum order, contact us to find out more." }, { "question": "Do you have a taffy of the month program?", "answer": "Yes, actually we send the recipient a different flavor of taffy every single month. You can choose a three, six month or year long program and either go with the default flavor of the month, mixed or create your own combination for each month. Go to our \"Taffy of the month\" page on our website to learn more." }, { "question": "What could be better than working for a candy store?", "answer": "If you would like to apply for a position with our company please stop by our store for an application. Although we are not always hiring we are always accepting applications. We tend to hire from applications we already have so if you would like to join us it’s very helpful to already have an application on file. Contact us, we would love to hear from you! Copyright © Ainslee's Homemade Salt Water Taffy. All rights reserved." } ]
[ { "question": "How can I find out if I am registered to vote?", "answer": "Call the Voter Registration Office at 717-261-3886 or you may also check your Voter Registration Status online. Primary elections are always held on the third Tuesday in the month of May, except during a presidental year, in which case the primary is normally held on the fourth Tuesday in the month of April. General or Municipal Elections are scheduled for the Tuesday following the first Monday in November." }, { "question": "Am I allowed to split my ticket in a November election?", "answer": "On the November ballot, there is a straight party box where you may choose to vote a straight party ballot for the party of your choice by darkening the oval to the left of the party of your choice. Upon marking this party oval, all candidates for that particular party will receive a vote. If you wish to \"Split your ticket\", you may split your ballot by darkening the oval to the left of the party of your choice under the Straight Party box and then voting for individual candidates in any other party by blackening the oval to voting for individual candidates in any other party by blackening the oval to the left of their name. The precinct counter is programmed to override the straight party vote if an individual candidate of any other party is marked. No person is allowed to receive assistance in voting unless their registration record indicates the need for assistance or the voter completes and signs a declaration of the need for assistance at the polling place prior to entering the voting booth. 3. An officer or agent of the voter's union. If you are voting in an election district for the first time, you will need an approved form of identification, either photo or non-photo." }, { "question": "How do I vote if I am visually impaired?", "answer": "1. They could receive an absentee ballot. 2. They could vote a paper ballot at the polling place with assistance. 3. They could vote indepentently on the AutoMARK ADA unit. Be advised that a visually impaired voter using the AutoMARK ADA unit should be prepared to spend appoximately 20 minutes voting their ballot since all instructions, candidates and summary are read to them with the use of headsets." }, { "question": "How do I vote in Franklin County?", "answer": "All voters will receive an official paper ballot. After marking their ballot with an ink pen in the voting booth, they will place their ballot into a Precinct Counter to be counted." }, { "question": "How do I know what will be on my ballot?", "answer": "The Thursday prior to each primary or election, sample ballots are available in the Franklin County Commissioners Office, 340 North Second St., Chambersburg, PA 17201 and this website. The entire ballot with all offices and candidates listed as well as a list of polling places will appear in both the Record Herald and Public Opinion newspaper the Thursday prior to each primary or election in the classified section." }, { "question": "How far from the polling place should campaign literature, signs and candidates be?", "answer": "Campaigning and/or campaign signs are not allowed within ten (10) feet from any entrance to any voting location on election day." }, { "question": "How do I run for political office?", "answer": "You must call the Franklin County Election Board in January of each year to see if the office you are interested in is up for election. Judicial, County, Township, Borough and School District offices are always in odd numbered years. Federal, State and party offices are in even numbered years." }, { "question": "From 7:00 a.m. continuously to 8:00 p.m.\nWhy should I vote?", "answer": "It really doesn't mean anything. Your vote is VERY IMPORTANT. There have been candidates in Franklin County that have won the election by one or two votes." }, { "question": "If I register to vote with PennDOT, how do I know where to vote?", "answer": "If you registered with \"Motor Voter\" and have not received an ID card from the Franklin County Voter Registration office with your polling place printed on it, you should call to find out if your registration form has been received. I have not voted in a while." }, { "question": "Am I still registered?", "answer": "Probably. It is no longer legal to remove any voter from the rolls merely for not voting, no matter how long that may be, as long as they maintain their voter record with a valid address. If a voter is sent a notice from the Voter Registration Office and it is returned as \"undeliverable\", the voter is placed on \"Inactive\" status. When a voter is on \"Inactive\" status through two (2) federal elections and has not voted, they may be purged. I moved after registration closed." }, { "question": "Can I still vote?", "answer": "You may go to your old polling place for one more election where your registration may still be active. You should complete a change of address form while you are at the polling place so that your registration can be changed for future elections. Pennyslvania has what is called a closed primary, which only allows Republicans and Democrats to vote for candidates. If there is a referendum on the ballot, all registered voters may vote for the referendum regardless of party affiliation." }, { "question": "Where do I find out information about the candidates?", "answer": "Listen or read what the news media has to report. Go to candidate debates or talk to the candidates personally. Another good source of information may be the party headquarters." } ]
[ { "question": "I have a friend who wants to join us, can we just let him share our room?", "answer": "Unfortunately, no. We are an ‘all inclusive’ Resort with many amenities, and allowing a friend to stay for free puts a strain on our resources. We have included an option to allow others to share your room for a reasonable fee, so do let us know before arriving. If you have already checked in and someone wishes to join you, inquire with us: perhaps we have a room or cabin available for them as well. As we continue to field various questions we will expand this list to include those items we hear more frequently. In the interim, should you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us. Yes, we provide WiFi free of charge to our guests, and it typically reaches all rooms and cabins as well as the Lounge. Actually, no. We prefer to keep things as natural as possible, and we find that most guests are only in their room to sleep at night. For those guests who would prefer AC, we have portable units for rent at a nominal, nightly fee." }, { "question": "Besides the obvious, is there anything special we should pack?", "answer": "camera – the view and wildlife are extraordinary! As many of our guests favor a non-smoking holiday environment, we have introduced ‘smoking areas’ around the Resort. Please step away from others, and no smoking in any building (rooms, cabins, Lounge, Dome or under any gazebo, including in the hot tub, as per Ontario law). As well, please move away from doors and windows, as smoke can and will blow inside. Please help us to keep our Resort clean and natural: Use ashtrays and cans that are provided throughout the Resort for cigarette butts. If it is evident that there was smoking in a room (including bathrooms) a $250 recovery fee to cover the cost of restoring the room to a smoke free condition will be levied. We have an ATV/motor boat." }, { "question": "Can we bring it with us?", "answer": "Sure, feel free to bring along your trailered leisure craft, but please respect the natural beauty that is Footprints. No motorized boats (including JetSkis) on our small lake, nor ATV’s on our property. There are plenty of larger lakes that can accommodate your boat, and trails to ride on. Check out our links to ATV clubs. We are not a campground, but provide limited space for tents and small campers for those who prefer this option. There is one area that can accommodate several tents under dappled shade at one end of the property. BBQ’s and picnic tables are available, and shared washroom is a short walk away. The second tent area is a flat, grassy area behind the room block, closer to the shared washrooms/showers. No vehicles allowed in this area. RV’s and trailers will be parked next to The Dome, and hydro can be provided if needed but to reduce the strain on the system, use your own energy source if possible (propane, solar, etc). No water/dumping. Dump station is up the road." }, { "question": "How close is the closest store?", "answer": "Bancroft is a scenic 12 minute drive from the Resort, and has everything you could need: grocery stores, liquor and beer stores, restaurants (fast food, family/pub style and fine dining), pharmacy, police station, retail shopping, banks and even a hospital. No, we are a ‘self catering’ waterfront resort, which means bring your food with you and use our BBQ’s and kitchen to prepare your own meals. There are numerous restaurants, as well as grocery stores and liquor/beer stores in Bancroft, just minutes away if you’ve forgotten anything. Sorry, but no, Footprints is an Adults Only, 21+ resort and reserved for adults. Sorry, but no, pets of any kind are not permitted. Regretfully but Firmly." }, { "question": "What happens if we can’t arrive until very late at night?", "answer": "For anyone arriving after dark, let us know by phone and we will leave a light on and the door open. When you drive onto the property, follow the driveway in and to the right, park in the gravel parking area by the rock wall, and check in at the Lounge, the second building you see when arriving. You will be met there by your Host who will check you in, give you a tour and get you settled into your room. Check Out: By 11am on day of departure. Late departure may be available, check with staff 24 hrs before. 24 Hr Check In is available: Let us know in advance." } ]
[ { "question": "1) Why should I donate to United Way of Mesa County?", "answer": "United Way of Mesa County has the capacity to serve as an agent for change by addressing immediate needs and working to provide long-term solutions. United Way of Mesa County can leverage your gift through tax credits and, in some cases, federal and state matching dollars. United Way of Mesa County holds itself and our funded community partners to a high degree of accountability to ensure your gift is used efficiently. Your gift supports a united effort to achieve results and make a difference right here in Mesa County." }, { "question": "2) What’s the difference between United Way and other nonprofits?", "answer": "Making a gift to United Way of Mesa County is the most effective way to help our community as a whole. Our unique ability to work across complex issues with hundreds of community partners is unmatched. Our programs help people in crisis get back on their feet, help prevent future problems and build a stronger community for all of us. No other single organization meets the broad range of needs addressed by United Way." }, { "question": "3) What does my donation do?", "answer": "$1 per paycheck can provide an emergency 3-day meal supply for five people in Mesa County who have limited or no means of obtaining food. $5 per paycheck can provide four children a new book each month for a year helping ensure they enter kindergarten ready to learn. $10 per paycheck can prevent one young, low-income family in Mesa County from losing their home due to eviction and assist them in becoming financially self-reliant. $20 per paycheck can provide 12 counseling sessions to a child victim of sexual assault in Mesa County, reducing trauma, promoting dignity, justice and healing. In 2017, nearly 50,000 people (one in three) accessed services at an organization funded by United Way of Mesa County. Your gift does more than just support people who are in urgent need right now. You also support meaningful, lasting change that impacts the entire community." }, { "question": "4) How much of my donation goes to services versus administrative costs?", "answer": "We ask you to pay attention to other factors of nonprofit performance: transparency, governance, leadership, and results. United Way of Mesa County is proud of our open and competitive application process for funding in our three initiatives, providing funding for more than 40 programs across our county. This way you know your dollars are being leveraged with others in our community to make real and lasting positive change." }, { "question": "5) How is United Way of Mesa County held accountable?", "answer": "The most valuable asset we have is the trust and confidence people have in our ability to meet community needs. We are audited each year by an independent accounting firm to ensure we are in compliance with generally accepted accounting procedures, regulations, and laws. We strive to be transparent. We are long standing members of the Better Business Bureau." }, { "question": "6) Who decides how you invest in the community?", "answer": "We call them our allocations team. They are dedicated volunteers and experts from our community that carefully screen and select the programs funded by your contribution. As a member of one of the nine panels, each person is trained to read and understand a grant application, evaluate a program’s effectiveness, efficiency, and ability to deliver results, make site visits as a group to see the program in action and talk with staff and clients of each program. Allocation panel members make recommendations that are reviewed and approved by our volunteer board of directors. 7) I want to give through payroll deduction." }, { "question": "When does payroll deduction start?", "answer": "Most United Way of Mesa County campaigns run on a 12-month calendar cycle, but this can vary by company. Check with your Workplace Campaign Coordinator for the specific dates." }, { "question": "8) How much of a donation will make a difference?", "answer": "United Way of Mesa County and our community appreciate each person making a gift based on his or her income and financial situation. Many donors give a percentage of their income or choose to give the equivalent of one to two hours per paycheck. Your financial contribution is a personal decision and even a small amount can make a big difference in another individual or family’s life. Combined with thousands of other people here in Mesa County, your donation has the potential to make an enormous impact. 9) I want my business to be involved with United Way. That’s great news! We are always looking for more community partners that can help us answer our community’s needs. Please check out the various ways your business, company or organization can help here." }, { "question": "10) What if United Way supports an organization or a cause that I don’t like?", "answer": "It’s important that you feel comfortable with your decision to donate. Although you may not care for one agency, United Way supports programs within many other agencies that serve people in our community. Without the support of the community through United Way, many of these important programs and services would not exist. To review which agencies United Way of Mesa County is currently funding, click here." }, { "question": "11) What if I make a mistake and want to change my gift once I submitted my donation?", "answer": "No problem. If you give by automatic payroll deduction, start by getting in touch with the person that handles your paychecks and they should be able to assist you with the change. If you’re not giving through a workplace campaign, contact our office at 970-243-5364 and we can make the change." }, { "question": "12) What’s the difference between designated and undesignated gifts?", "answer": "We support any form of donation because we want to encourage a community of philanthropists. A designated gift restricts your gift to a specific 501(c)3 organization. An undesignated gift takes advantage of United Way’s thorough, research-based program selection that gets the money to the issues and areas that need it most. This allows you to help the most people and do the most good for our entire community. Because a designated dollar can only be spent on that particular agency, it decreases the total available for United Way to strategically invest, thus decreasing the total allocations to all agencies. 13) I want to request funding for my agency or project. We have a meticulous process that doesn’t happen overnight. Please click here to check out the requirements. 14) I need financial assistance." }, { "question": "Can United Way of Mesa County help me?", "answer": "United Way is not set up to provide direct financial assistance to individuals, but we work with many community partners that do. We recommend dialing 2-1-1 (or 970-244-8400) which is a free, confidential, call center available 24/7. The 2-1-1 referral specialists help connect people to a variety of health and human service resources, including child care, food, shelter, and counseling. They also help find volunteer opportunities and match in-kind gifts, such as furniture or used cars with many of the community’s nonprofit organizations. You can also visit the website: http://www.wc211.org/. United Way is a proud partner of Western Colorado 2-1-1." } ]
[ { "question": "3- Can I ask for extra services regarding reddit?", "answer": "Ans: Yes you may ask for all kind of Reddit related services from online agent, and we will try our best to provide the best stuff." }, { "question": "4- Can I ask any questions from online agent?", "answer": "Ans: Yes off course, We have an online agents for your service, they are mostly online 24/7 and will assist you with any possible situtation." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Why should I use a recruiter?", "answer": "A: There are many reasons to use a recruiter. The recruiters at Fidelis have established relationships within our clients. Companies receive hundreds of resumes in their portal systems. We get you to the decision maker." }, { "question": "Q: Do you specialize in a particular area of the country?", "answer": "A: We are a national recruiting firm with clients from coast to coast. If there is a particular area of interest, please share that with your contact at Fidelis." }, { "question": "Q: Do you work retained or contingency?", "answer": "A: We work mostly on a contingency basis at this time, although our engaged and retained searches are increasing in volume. All services are free to our candidates and consultants." } ]
[ { "question": "Who is at fault?", "answer": "When you have been in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina where a car makes a left turn in front of you, the other driver is almost always liable for the accident and your injuries. Before making any assumptions on who is at fault for your motorcycle accident in South Carolina, you should consult with a Charleston motorcycle accident attorney. There are many circumstances to consider when you are involved in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina and trying to determine who is at fault. One of the few exceptions to the near-automatic rule that a left turning car is at fault in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina is when you are found to have violated a traffic law. If you were found to have been speeding or disobeying a traffic signal, you may be found to be at fault for part of the accident as well. When you need to prove who was at fault in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina, your claim will benefit greatly from the help of Charleston motorcycle accident attorney. This is because in most scenarios, insurance adjusters will determine fault for the accident. Depending on how much at fault insurance adjusters find you to be, your potential compensation could be impacted accordingly. This is not a situation in which you want to fend for yourself. A Charleston motorcycle accident attorney can speak up on your behalf after a left turn accident and can handle each and every stage of your claim while you focus on recovery. The Charleston personal injury attorney team at the Shelly Leeke Law Firm is available to help accident victims cope with the legal implications of a serious injury. Our firm’s focus on personal injury cases includes injury from auto accidents including pedestrian and bicycle injuries, work-related injuries and Workers’ Compensation claims, and injuries resulting from dangerous prescription drugs. Before you file a South Carolina personal injury claim, request a free copy of our South Carolina injury book. When you’re ready to get started on settling your accident claim, contact a Charleston motorcycle accident attorney for a free information packet and consultation – 1-888-690-0211." } ]
[ { "question": "What is bacon fat?", "answer": "Believe it or not, there are several types of fat you can get from just one pig (pigs being the most multipurpose animals ever). “Lard” is the general term for rendered pork fat; depending on what part of the pig the fat came from, it can be either back fat/fatback (from the back/shoulder/rump of the pig), leaf lard (from around the kidneys), caul fat (from around the intestines), or belly fat (from the belly). Bacon fat is from the belly. 2." }, { "question": "What is the difference between bacon fat and lard?", "answer": "Bacon fat is a type of lard. That said, the product you can buy labeled “lard” and the bacon fat you can make are not the same thing; bacon fat will have a smokier flavor than lard, which should have a purely neutral flavor. 3." }, { "question": "Shouldn’t I be using olive oil, or at least butter?", "answer": "Well, I’ve now read a fairly detailed description of the components of pork fat (approximately 39% saturated fat, 45% monounsaturated fat, and 11% polyunsaturated fat, for those of you who that means anything to), and while I still understand little of it, I’m convinced that pork fat is okay for me. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that bacon fat is not trans fat, which as we all know, has been declared America’s #1 Enemy (orange alert level). 4." }, { "question": "How do I render bacon fat?", "answer": "Now we get into the meat of it (ha, ha). According to Meriam-Webster, “to render” simply means “to extract by melting”; ie you are extracting the bacon fat by heating up (melting) the bacon. So cook yourself up some bacon! The fat it’s swimming in by the end is the rendered bacon fat. Remove the bacon itself with tongs or a spatula onto a plate lined with paper towel. The fat left in the pan is your gold. LET IT COOL BEFORE YOU POUR IT OUT. LET IT COOL. LET IT COOL. I will get to more explanation of this in #6, but for now, just remember: bacon fat is very hot. It will burn. LET IT COOL (but not solidify). 5." }, { "question": "How do I do that?", "answer": "Yes. If you don’t strain the bacon fat, there will be little chunks of browned bacon floating around in it, and they are what will gather bacteria and make the fat go rancid." }, { "question": "A better question might be: Have you ever strained your bacon fat?", "answer": "The answer, sadly, would be no, I didn’t know I should until extremely recently. My unstrained bacon fat hasn’t killed me yet, but I’ve been keeping it in the freezer (which we’ll get to). From now on, I plan on straining, which you can do – fairly easily, it seems – by pouring the fat through either a paper towel, a coffee filter, or a fine sieve. 6." }, { "question": "What kind of container should I store bacon fat in?", "answer": "In my earlier post, I suggested using an aluminum can (cleaned out, of course). This was a little misleading of me – I think that would be a good way to store bacon fat, but not the way I have been. Though, as you can see from this picture, my storage system hasn’t worked out perfectly. I use a thick plastic container, well-cleaned, which was working great until one day I poured the bacon fat in when it was still too hot. Now I may have a bit of melted plastic in my bacon fat. It could have been a lot worse – if you pour fat that is too hot into a glass jar, the glass may shatter. Yikes. I think I will be sticking with my plastic (well-fitting lid, no fear of shattering), but I’m going to watch the fat’s temperature more carefully from now on. Reading various online forums, I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of Southern grandmothers store their bacon fat in coffee cans. That seems like a good idea to me, but I never use coffee from a can, so it’s an impossibility right now. 7." }, { "question": "Where should I store bacon fat?", "answer": "And now we’ve come full circle to the motivation for this FAQ in the first place. I said I stored my bacon fat in the freezer and was called out on this because the fat gets really, really pretty solid, which means I’m less likely to use it. Michael, my friend and a cook I respect, said he keeps his bacon fat on his stovetop. His enthusiasm almost won me over to this idea." }, { "question": "Bacon fat, right there, at my disposal?", "answer": "Great! Almost. I can’t quite handle the idea of keeping the bacon fat right there on the stovetop, even if it were filtered (in which case it is actually supposed to be shelf-stable). Most people I ran across in CHOW forums or otherwise couldn’t handle it either (though most of them cited their Southern grandmothers who keep the bacon fat in a coffee can in the cupboard and are 95 years old and still kicking). Mine is going to live in my fridge from now on, which I think is a happy compromise. 8." }, { "question": "How long will bacon fat keep?", "answer": "I have had mine since about September, so that’s six months now, in the freezer. I’m not sure about in the fridge or shelf. Basically, you just keep adding rendered bacon fat to the same jar – I’m not sure if it mixes somewhat or just striates. White bacon fat is great. Beige bacon fat (what I have now) is fine. When your bacon fat has turned brown, it goes in the trash and you start a new jar, no matter what Michael says. 9." }, { "question": "Now that I have all this bacon fat, what do I do with it?", "answer": "As I’ve learned since my comeuppance, there are myriad uses for bacon fat. Basically, you can use it the way you would olive oil or butter to sauté – it will just have a smokier flavor. You can cut it into pastry or biscuits (as Toby suggested in the comments on the freezer post). At this point, I have a lot of bacon fat, so my next project is Bacon Fat Spice Cookies. 10." }, { "question": "Can we talk about the fact that this already has a Wikipedia page?", "answer": "So it’s not bacon fat, exactly. Still, crazy! Next project after Bacon Fat Spice Cookies. With thanks to Jennifer McLagan’s Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes, Simply Recipes’ explanation of Rendering Bacon Fat, and the hundreds and hundreds of people who (surprisingly or not so surprisingly) have contributed to forums on the various aspects of this apparently tricky subject. Oh my god! Biscuits! Of course! Now I know what to do with my two bowls of fat in the fridge. Backfat though I think, since it’s from the shoulder…so maybe not so nice and smokey. I have often used bacon in recipes merely because I wanted the sauteed veggies to have that bacon-y flavor, never did it occur to me that I could use the bacon fat in my freezer! Thank you so much!! Mmm! I use bacon fat to roast potatoes, and it results in a better crisp on the cut sides than using olive oil. Wow. What a great post! Thanks for doing all this great research. I’ve never had my fat turn brown, but I certainly would toss it if it did. I wanted to put in an extra plug for Jennifer McLagan’s book. It is AWESOME. Love the recipe for lamb ribs with flageolet beans!" } ]
[ { "question": "What is the difference between an Accountant and a CPA?", "answer": "If you are a student considering a career in accounting, the answer may affect the educational path you choose. If you are a business owner, it could determine which applicant you will hire. CPAs, or Certified Public Accountants, differ from accountants educationally as well as in their credentials and work responsibilities." }, { "question": "What is the Differences in their Education and Credentialing?", "answer": "A Certified Public Accountant usually must have 150 credit hours before taking the exam. (In Colorado, that requisite does not apply until July 1 of 2015). They must also pass ethics exams from the American Institute of CPAs and obtain 1800 working hours, or one year, under the supervision of an actively licensed CPA. Most states require 40 hours of continuing education in a year, but some states allow professionals to get 80 hours in a two-year period." }, { "question": "How are CPA and Accountant Work Responsibilities Different?", "answer": "Many tasks are identical and, based on that, some businesses hire accountants rather than CPAs because it is more cost-efficient if the corporation does not need the extra services a CPA offers. Both CPAs and accountants prepare financial statements, though only Certified Public Accountants can audit or review them. Both prepare taxes, but only a CPA has standing with the IRS to represent clients in tax disputes. Accountants can work in financial institutions as tellers, in business as part of the accounting department and they can do tax preparation. Certified Public Accountants can do those things, but they can also work in forensics fraud investigation or act as expert witnesses in litigation. They can be consultants and work in investment and financial planning. If a CPA holds a dual degree in management, he or she can work in human resources or be project managers. Certification in healthcare management would enable a CPA to be a hospital administrator. “US News.com” says accountants earned a median wage of $35,170 in 2012. In contrast, the median salary for a Certified Public Account was $63,550. Those CPAs who earn certification in other fields can expect to make more. The average salary for a hospital administrator, for instance, was $96,000. The bottom line is that CPAs and accountants are similar, but Certified Public Accountants are regulated and have government standing. To get that standing they earn degrees and pass rigorous testing and work-experience requisites. Students considering careers in accounting should consider that getting a degree is the first step toward a business career that can be exciting and diverse. All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs." } ]
[ { "question": "Why would I want to start or join one?", "answer": "Aside from the social aspects of being in a guild, where you'll have access to guild chat (where you can ask questions, get strategy advice/opinions, etc. ), guild members are also able to donate Minions to a \"shared pool\" from which other members may withdraw, to use in their own dungeons and raids. And lest we forget, there's also the element of working together towards common goals (ie, Guild Achievements). As these Achievements are completed, this serves to \"level\" the guild up; which, in turn, unlocks the ability to purchase some of the more tangible benefits of being in a guild: Guild Perks. And as of Game Update #3 (released Apr 23, 2014), there are now Guild Tournaments! To see the complete progression through Guild Level 30, click the View Perks button in the upper right-hand corner of your main Guild Info page." }, { "question": "What do you mean by purchase?", "answer": "As mentioned above, as Guild Achievements are completed, and the Guild levels up, the ability to purchase Perks and their upgrades becomes unlocked. There is a gold cost associated with each tier of Perks, which becomes costlier the higher up you go. Members of a guild are able to collectively donate from their own personal Gold coffers to a communal \"guild bank\". These individual contributions are tracked and viewable on the main Guild Info page. It's important to note that there is a finite limit to each Guild Level's Gold donation cap. It won't be possible to continue donating Gold until the Guild manages to level via completion of Guild Achievements. Technically, it's possible to level a guild by completing Achievements to any particular level without purchasing any Guild Perks, although we're not sure why you'd want to. Guild Perks, especially at the higher tiers, grant some pretty significant bonuses!" }, { "question": "Where does this surface?", "answer": "When viewing the main Guild Info page (by selecting your Guild Lair room, then clicking on the Guild Lair button), you'll see the name of your guild at the very top. Immediately below this, on the left, is your guild's emblem, displayed on a banner in the upper-right corner. Immediately to the right of this is a status bar that shows your guild's progress towards Guild Achievements. On this bar, sits a red Horny silhouette, with your guild's level printed on it. Below this, you'll find the current number of members in your guild, and the Type (Public, Invite Only, or Closed)." }, { "question": "How many Achievements are required to level up the Guild?", "answer": "For the first few levels, it requires 2 new Guild Achievements to advance to each new level. As the Guild levels up, the number of required new Guild Achievements increases." }, { "question": "So how do I start or join a Guild?", "answer": "To do either, you'll first need to build a Guild Lair in your dungeon. To start a guild, from the Guild menu (accessed by clicking on your Guild Lair), click the 'Start Guild' button in the upper-left corner. You'll receive a popup window where you can check to make sure that the name you want is available. Once ready to create your guild, click the 'Start Guild' button, which will also (as indicated) charge you 200 gems. To join a guild, from the Guild menu (accessed by clicking on your Guild Lair), you can do a search a particular guild by their guild name. (And if you want an idea about what guilds out there might be recruiting, the Guilds section here on the forums is a GREAT place to search for one!) Once you've found the guild that you're looking for in the Search, you can highlight that guild, and click Join. Depending on the settings of the particular guild (and whether they currently have room; there's a maximum of 50 guild members), you might join right away, or have a request sent to the Leader and Lieutenants which must be approved before admittance, or the attempt to join may fail because there is no room, or the guild is set to Closed (not currently accepting new members). Leader, Lieutenant and Regular Member. There can only ever be one Leader, which initially is granted to the founder of the Guild. The Leader can promote members to Lieutenants, and demote Lieutenants to members. The leader is also able to kick both Lieutenants and members out of the Guild, in addition to being able to accept new members. The Leader may also promote a Lieutenant to replace him/her as Guild Leader... but it is important to note that should a Guild Leader choose to do so, they are in effect renouncing their own Leader status, and will be demoted to the status of Lieutenant. There is a confirmation window with a red warning button that hopefully serves to mitigate mistakes from happening. Please use extreme caution when promoting. There can be an unlimited number of Lieutenants. Lieutenants can promote members to Lieutenants, and are able to accept new members and kick out existing members. They cannot kick out other Lieutenants, nor can they demote other Lieutenants. Regular Members have no special permissions." }, { "question": "What happens if my guild leader goes inactive without promoting anyone to take their place?", "answer": "Currently, there is no \"autopromotion feature\" that will replace an inactive guild leader. Nor is there a mechanism that allows active members to \"vote kick\" an inactive Leader. Possible solutions have been, and continue to be, discussed by the game team. These kinds of decisions are not made lightly... especially given the fact that there are a number of reasons why someone may need/want to be inactive for a period of time. And while there's a certain \"communal ownership\" felt by members of any particular guild (especially given the contributory facets of being in one), guild \"ownership\" still technically belongs to the person who plunked down 200 gems to start the guild. Again, this is still under discussion; we've heard from several of you, from both sides of the argument. If and when a decision is made to implement something that allows for autopromotion due to an inactive guild leader, we'll be sure to let everyone know!" } ]
[ { "question": "Q: 1 What is the uniform fabric has been used?", "answer": "A: The uniform is generally used with a mesh cloth. The T-shirt T-shirt fabrics with plain weave fabric generally. The above two can be divided into polyester, T \\ C, CVC, cotton. No polyester cotton, T \\ C cotton cloth containing about 25%. CVC cotton cloth containing about 60%, by definition, that is, all of the texture of cotton is cotton. More easily with lower cotton fluff ball (plain fabric mesh fabric is generally easier than pilling). Cotton fabrics more difficult to fluff ball, but the drawback is easy to shrink and wrinkle deformation. Recommended collar and round neck T-shirt Tee applications CVC fabric, fluff ball short time, the deformation will not shrink." }, { "question": "Q: 2 How can speed up sweat shirt?", "answer": "A: made from recycled polyester jersey that 13% lighter weight jersey and make stretching more than 10%. Each line caused by the yarn spinning, rapid evaporation of sweat, so jersey to keep light and dry." }, { "question": "Q: 3 What is the natural fibers and synthetic fibers, respectively?", "answer": "A: There are two natural fibers, animal and plant can be divided into two. Animals, animal fiber is hair, skin, or silk, etc. ; plant fiber is commonly used for cotton and linen. Man-made fibers are petroleum by-products." }, { "question": "Q: 4 What are the characteristics of natural fibers?", "answer": "A: natural fibers, animal hair or skin, both soft and extremely warm, suitable for wearing in cold areas, but there are some on the clean and retention difficulties. Silk is soft and smooth texture easily but breathable, making skin feel cool, but the silk likely to have wrinkles, moisture resistance is poor, leading to high prices and limited production of cleaning and maintenance difficulties." }, { "question": "Q: 5 Natural fibers and synthetic fibers What are the advantages and disadvantages?", "answer": "A: The hemp plant fiber, relatively coarse fiber, textile fabric, although straight out of the appearance, but the disadvantages is that it gives a rough feel. In addition, the cotton woven cotton, the plant is widely used fiber materials. This is because cotton can be breathable, absorbent good, but also warm and not with a static, and easy to grow, the price is right, it could be popular, but cotton is easy to wrinkled. Man-made fibers are petroleum by-products, low production costs, the advantages are quite complete, washable, quick drying and cold. Instead the risk of man-made fibers are flammable, easy to vacuum caused by allergies and other Egypt, together with the chemical structure of the lack of man-made fiber fabric hydrophilic gene, moisture absorption and ventilation is poor, it is difficult to absorb sweat, prolonged exposure to this type of clothing, skin will often sweat and clothes of chemical stimulation, easily lead to \"chemical dermatitis.\"" }, { "question": "Q: 6 How to tell the cloth harmful?", "answer": "A: cloth with harmful chemicals, the main killer is formaldehyde. We have to distinguish whether the remaining excess of formaldehyde clothing, mainly through the sense of smell to determine, because formaldehyde has stimulated the taste, so do not buy clothes smell unusual. If the clothing does not come from a reputable brand, even if there is no obvious irritant smell, are advised to purchase after immersion in water, wash before wearing through. Because formaldehyde soluble in water, so after washing, which can effectively remove the residual formaldehyde in clothing." }, { "question": "Q: 7 toxic impact of clothing on the body?", "answer": "A: decomposable aromatic amine widely used by the textile sector, the main reason is because they are inexpensive, this type of dye color range, bright durable, easy to color and solid color and high degree. In the hot summer heat, sweat easily degradable clothing dye, so that harmful substances penetrate the skin with sweat, ranging from would cause headache, vomiting, cough, insomnia, nausea and fatigue and discomfort, weight is more carcinogenic. Study of the medical profession had long-term exposure to toxic dyes such people will be suffering from bladder cancer was nearly 30 times. 1 chemical dermatitis - In addition, some synthetic fabrics lack the chemical structure of hydrophilic gene, moisture and poor ventilation, easy to evaporate and absorb sweat, with a strong static, long-term repeated exposure to these allergens when underwear, skin sweat and the clothes will be on the chemical stimulation, easily lead to \"chemical dermatitis.\" 3 acute inflammation or toxicity - on the left in the fiber fabric dimethyl formamide, formaldehyde on human skin, eyes and mucous membranes and other organs to stimulate the largest lead after inhaled too much headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms of poisoning, serious injuries but also the gastrointestinal tract, causing gastrointestinal bleeding; also easy to damage the liver, malaise, poor appetite, more likely, hepatomegaly and elevated aminotransferases of the situation." }, { "question": "Q: 8 What is the Single Jersey and double plain?", "answer": "A: plain cloth is woven into the plain. Single Jersey is on both sides of fabric textures are different. Double knitting is plain that both sides of the same or nearly the same. Double plain is generally thicker, more suitable for long-sleeved t shirt, and Single Jersey are more suitable for short-sleeved t shirt." }, { "question": "Q: 9 What type of plain cloth and what the pros and cons?", "answer": "A: can be divided into plain weave cotton fabric, CVC, T / C, imitation cotton. Cotton is cotton that is 100%. Advantage is better performance sweat, more breathable, easy to cramped, but the disadvantage is easier to fold and easier to shrink. CVC is 50% -99% cotton, 60% cotton, generally, other components are polyester. CVC has the advantage of the advantages of cotton, plain weave cotton cloth, but in no one's shortcomings, after adding the polyester fabric that is more to come forward, easy to fold, easier to dry, shrink the case also are small, compared with cotton there will be a little baked, but it is generally difficult to detect, other than CVC cotton t shirt plain easier to dry." }, { "question": "Q: 10 What are the advantages of cotton fabric and disadvantages?", "answer": "A: Advantages: good moisture absorption / permeability, soft and comfortable to wear, can be warm, easy to dye, color bright, alkali, heat resistance, suitable for making children's clothing and summer clothing. Disadvantages: poor acid resistance, flexibility is not high, high shrinkage, easy wrinkling, easy to mold, for a long time and sun exposure, the fiber will harden and crisp." }, { "question": "Q: 11 What is hemp fabric strengths and weaknesses?", "answer": "A: Advantages: high strength, thermal conductivity, high moisture absorption ability than cotton, is not sensitive to the acid-base reaction, anti-fungal, not easy to damp moldy, bright color, not faded, the color temperature is high, water-jet printing directly on the opposite side iron. Disadvantages: uncomfortable to wear, the appearance of rough, blunt." }, { "question": "Q: 12 What are the advantages of wool fabrics and disadvantages?", "answer": "A: Advantages: fastness wear, warm, flexible, anti-wrinkle, not fade. Disadvantages: easy to shrink, heat resistance is poor, because a prolonged period will lead to tissue damage under strong light, wool susceptible to insects, friction will often fluff ball." }, { "question": "Q: 13 What are the advantages of silk fabrics and disadvantages?", "answer": "A: Advantages: soft, smooth, bright colors, gorgeous high, moisture and heat. Disadvantages: No light, no water, no alkali, raw fold, easy to absorb the body, not strong enough, faded rapidly." }, { "question": "Q: 14 What are the advantages of chemical fiber and disadvantages?", "answer": "A: Chemical fiber is divided into fiber for the fiber element, polyester, cotton, acrylic, acrylic, PVA, C-fiber, etc. Recycled fiber advantages: moisture, breathable, soft, comfortable, have the effect of silk, bright color, chromatography complete and better luster. Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, not crisp, easy to shrink. Polyester for the improved version, adding natural fibers, recycled fibers, fiber blends. Polyester advantages: anti-wrinkle, strength, wear washable quick-drying, no worms, no rotten, easy storage. Polyester Disadvantages: poor moisture absorption, ventilation is poor, uncomfortable to wear, easy cleaning, easy to fluff grains. Nylon Advantages: good flexibility, and vigorous, like wool, high strength, warmth, light. Nylon Disadvantages: poor moisture absorption, poor comfort, improved after blending. Acrylic Polyacrylonitrile Fiber Advantages: good flexibility, soft to the touch, better shape retention. Acrylic Disadvantages: does not absorb moisture, not heat. PVA Vinylon Advantages: good strength, moisture, not afraid of mold bore, firm texture, durable. Dimensional fiber Disadvantages: not heat-resistant, easy to shrink, wrinkle easily. Spandex Spandex Fiber Advantages: Flexible, comfortable, acid, alkali, abrasion. Spandex Disadvantages: low strength, does not absorb moisture, not heat. Polypropylene Polypropylene Fiber advantages: high strength, good elasticity, wear-resistant, crisp appearance, size and stability. PP Disadvantages: does not absorb moisture, not heat." }, { "question": "Q: 15 What are the advantages and disadvantages of knitting?", "answer": "A: The advantages of knitted underwear: scalable, flexible, moisture absorption, air permeability. Knitted outerwear advantages: wear fastness, bright color, crisp crease, shrinkage is small, quick-drying washable. Knitted coat Disadvantages: poor moisture absorption, poor ventilation." }, { "question": "Q: 16 fur and leather What advantages and disadvantages?", "answer": "A: Advantages: Grace appearance, dressed in elegant, noble and beautiful, comfortable and warm. Artificial fur advantages: warm, soft, elastic, fluffy texture, light, wearable, anti-bacterial pest control, easy preservation, can be washed. Disadvantages: Any anti-poor, lint-free rate. Artificial fur Advantages: soft, beautiful and durable, warm, moisture permeability, with a bore, free iron, Wen set size." } ]
[ { "question": "Hey Cyndi, can you design a shirt for me/my group/restaurant......?", "answer": "I very rarely take on commissioned work. I am so busy being The Top Pickle here that I rarely have time. But if you have general questions or need a referral to someone who can help you, drop me a line." }, { "question": "Hey Cyndi, can I have a color/size/style I don't see on the website?", "answer": "Yes! Email me. It will have to wait till the next run of that shirt, but I can probably accommodate you, because I am awesome like that! My nickname as a kid was Pickle. I might have been a bit of a rascal and referred to as The Bad Pickle on 1 or 300 occasions when I was younger." } ]
[ { "question": "How much will it cost me to switch to vaping?", "answer": "The set up costs for a starter kit will vary depending on the type you chose. After that, the running costs are e-liquid to refill your tank, and replacement coils. Coils will usually last approximately two weeks, depending on the type, and cost just a few pounds each. The shops on findavapeshop.com will be able to help you choose the best type of device for your needs, and guide you through choosing the best liquids to get you started. I keep reading stories in the media about e-cigarettes." }, { "question": "Is vaping really less harmful than smoking?", "answer": "Yes. There is never a situation where it is better to smoke than it is to vape. According to independent studies by Public Health England and The Royal College of Physicians vaping is recognised as being at least 95 per cent less harmful than smoking. This position is also supported by The Royal College of General Practitioners and many other independent medical and public health bodies." }, { "question": "Will switching to vaping help me quit smoking?", "answer": "Yes. Vaping is recognised by the Government as being the number one tool used by smokers to help them quit. The vape shops that you will find on findavapeshop.com will provide you with the expert advice and support that you need to make the switch. Yes. E-liquid contains: nicotine (though not always), propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavourings. All of the shops you will find on this site have been vetted to ensure they only sell products of the highest quality and comply with current regulations." }, { "question": "Is nicotine, when consumed by vaping, dangerous?", "answer": "No. The e-liquid on the UK market is below 2.0 per cent nicotine strength. Recently a number of bodies including ASH and the Royal Society of Public Health called for more to be done to ensure the public understand that nicotine is ‘not the deadly component in cigarettes.’ The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the MHRA have ruled that long term use of nicotine is not detrimental to the health of the user. I’ve seen stories in the media about something called ‘popcorn lung’." }, { "question": "Is this likely from vaping?", "answer": "No. This is a myth that came about because of a chemical called diacetyl, sometimes used in food flavourings to give a buttery flavour. It was associated with a lung illness found in workers in popcorn factories in the USA. However, diacetyl is banned as an ingredient from vaping products in the UK. Yes. Vaping in the UK is heavily regulated. The primary regulation for vape products in the UK is the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. These regulations impose legal requirements on companies to test devices and liquids and to notify the results to the authorities. All of the shops you will find on findavapeshop.com comply with the relevant regulations." } ]
[ { "question": "Biography, gossip, facts?", "answer": "Harvey Jones is a footballer who played as a wing half in the Football League for Chester City." }, { "question": "Are there any death rumors?", "answer": "Yes, as far as we know, Harvey Jones is still alive. We don't have any current information about Harvey Jones's health. However, being younger than 50, we hope that everything is ok." }, { "question": "Is there a Harvey Jones action figure?", "answer": "We would think so. You can find a collection of items related to Harvey Jones right here." }, { "question": "Is Harvey Jones gay or straight?", "answer": "Many people enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. We don't know for a fact whether Harvey Jones is gay, bisexual or straight. However, feel free to tell us what you think! Vote by clicking below. 0% of all voters think that Harvey Jones is gay (homosexual), 0% voted for straight (heterosexual), and 0% like to think that Harvey Jones is actually bisexual." }, { "question": "Who are similar soccer players to Harvey Jones?", "answer": "Abu Kanneh, Adonai Martínez, Ahmet Görkem Görk, Aiyoub Belabes and Albert Mullard are soccer players that are similar to Harvey Jones. Click on their names to check out their FAQs." }, { "question": "What is Harvey Jones doing now?", "answer": "Supposedly, 2019 has been a busy year for Harvey Jones (footballer). However, we do not have any detailed information on what Harvey Jones is doing these days. Maybe you know more. Feel free to add the latest news, gossip, official contact information such as mangement phone number, cell phone number or email address, and your questions below." }, { "question": "Is Harvey Jones hot or not?", "answer": "Well, that is up to you to decide! Click the \"HOT\"-Button if you think that Harvey Jones is hot, or click \"NOT\" if you don't think so. 0% of all voters think that Harvey Jones is hot, 0% voted for \"Not Hot\"." }, { "question": "Does Harvey Jones smoke cigarettes or weed?", "answer": "It is no secret that many celebrities have been caught with illegal drugs in the past. Some even openly admit their drug usuage." }, { "question": "Or does Harvey Jones do steroids, coke or even stronger drugs such as heroin?", "answer": "Tell us your opinion below. 0% of the voters think that Harvey Jones does do drugs regularly, 0% assume that Harvey Jones does take drugs recreationally and 0% are convinced that Harvey Jones has never tried drugs before." }, { "question": "How much does Harvey Jones earn?", "answer": "According to various sources, Harvey Jones's net worth has grown significantly in 2019. However, the numbers vary depending on the source. If you have current knowledge about Harvey Jones's net worth, please feel free to share the information below. As of today, we do not have any current numbers about Harvey Jones's net worth in 2019 in our database. If you know more or want to take an educated guess, please feel free to do so above." } ]
[ { "question": "Why Do Treasury Bills, Series E and Series EE Bonds Show the Same Value on the Alternate Date as on the Date of Death?", "answer": "If you can't find the answer to your question above, please feel free to contact our Support Department, at (818) 313-6300, Support or using the form below." } ]
[ { "question": "If I have a parent who is enrolled in a college or university, can this parent be counted as a family member in college when calculating my financial aid?", "answer": "Under normal situations a parent cannot be included as part of the “number of family members in college”. However, certain circumstances may warrant the inclusion; contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information. 3. My parents have a lot of debts." }, { "question": "Where are expenses reported on the FAFSA?", "answer": "There is no specific section that you list expenses. The formula used by the Federal processor to calculate the Expected Family Contribution assumes that a certain amount of income is needed to support a family. Also, it is based on the household size and the number of family members in college. The Federal financial aid methodology does not make allowances for different lifestyle choices, which often influence the amount of a family’s living expenses. 4. I’m going to be married during the school year for which I am applying for aid." }, { "question": "Can I fill out my FAFSA as “married”?", "answer": "No. You must indicate your marital status as of the date you are completing the FAFSA. In general, once you have indicated your marital status, it is not changed. However, certain situations may warrant an update. 5. My parents are separated or divorced." }, { "question": "Whose information should be given on the FAFSA?", "answer": "On the application, information should be given for the parent you lived with the most in the last 12 months. If you don’t live with either parent or lived with both parents for an equal number of days, information should be given for the parent who provided the greater amount of support to you during the last calendar year. FAFSA instructions have information that will be helpful if you have questions about providing information from separated or divorced parents. If the parent that you reported has remarried, you must also include information about your stepparent on the FAFSA. Your stepparent must be included, regardless of the marriage date or the stepparent’s intent to provide financial support for you. If you receive financial support from the parent not reported also, you should report this as an Other Untaxed Income amount on the FAFSA. 6. My custodial parent remarried and signed a prenuptial agreement that absolves the step-parent from financial responsibility for my education." }, { "question": "Why does my step-parent have to provide financial information on the FAFSA?", "answer": "Prenuptial agreements are ignored by the federal need analysis process. After all, two individuals (parent and step-parent) cannot make an agreement between them that is binding on the third party (the federal government). The federal government considers the step-parent a source of support regardless of any prenuptial agreements to the contrary. If a step-parent marries the parent, he or she is considered responsible for supporting the parent and children even if he or she is unwilling to do so. 7." }, { "question": "What does it take to be considered an independent student?", "answer": "In determining whether you are independent, our office is required to adhere to the standard definition of independent status as outlined by the United States Department of Education. To be considered an independent student for financial aid consideration, you must be able to answer “yes” to at least one of the thirteen questions in Step Three of the FAFSA. If you cannot answer “yes” to at least one of the questions below, you are considered a dependent student and should include parental information on the FAFSA." }, { "question": "Can I use only my information?", "answer": "If none of the dependency status questions on the FAFSA apply to you, the parental information is required because you are classified as a dependent student for financial aid purposes. However, under limited circumstances you may be able to submit your FAFSA without parental information. If you are unable to provide parental information, skip steps 4 and 5. Once you have submitted your FAFSA without parental data, you must follow up with the financial aid office in order to complete your FAFSA. 9. My parents don’t claim me on their tax return and don’t give me any money." }, { "question": "I am really independent, why do I have to apply for financial aid using my parent’s income and asset information?", "answer": "11. I’m moving out of my parents’ house and will support myself from now on." }, { "question": "What happens if my parents decide they will not provide any financial assistance (Expected Family Contribution) towards my college expenses?", "answer": "The federal student aid programs are based on the premise that students (and their parents, or spouse, if applicable) have the primary responsibility of paying for their college education. You are encouraged to seek scholarships. You can also seek employment. Additionally, you may want to consider a student loan. If mitigating circumstances apply, contact our office. 13." }, { "question": "What if my, or my parent’s, income has changed significantly since I completed my FAFSA?", "answer": "If you or someone in your household has experienced a loss or change of income since you completed the FAFSA, please contact our office for more information on special circumstances. Specific information will be needed from those in the household affected." } ]
[ { "question": "How Do I Donate Objects, Images, or Documents to the DANK Haus Collection?", "answer": "If we are interested in accepting your donation, Museum staff will work with you to receive the objects, images, or documents." }, { "question": "Can I Mail or Drop Off a Donation?", "answer": "Please contact the Museum & Collections manager before mailing or dropping off items. Not all items will be a good fit for our collection. We also need to know as much about the item as possible to determine its historical value and prefer to have contact with the donor in advance." }, { "question": "Will the DANK Haus Exhibit the Materials in My Donation?", "answer": "The DANK Haus cannot guarantee that any historical materials donated to the collection will be exhibited unless expressly collected for that purpose. Only a small fraction of the collection is on view at any given time. Objects, images, and documents from the collection are occasionally loaned to other institutions for temporary exhibitions, and many historical materials in the collection are made available for research purposes." }, { "question": "If I Donate Materials to the DANK Haus, Will They Be Returned to Me at My Request?", "answer": "The DANK Haus cannot return accessioned collection objects, images, and documents to the donor. Once the DANK Haus Museum staff accepts your donation for the collection, you will be asked to sign a Deed of Gift which legally transfers ownership of the historical materials to the Museum." }, { "question": "Will the DANK Haus Appraise My Donation for its Monetary Value?", "answer": "The DANK Haus does not provide appraisals of the monetary value of proposed donations or for any other reason because the Internal Revenue Service regards museums and libraries as interested parties." }, { "question": "Can Donated Materials be Removed from the DANK Haus Museum Collection?", "answer": "The DANK Haus may remove historical materials from the collection through a process called deaccessioning. Objects, images, or documents that conform to our deaccessioning criteria (for example, historical materials that are determined to be outside the scope of the Museum's collections, inauthentic, misidentified, or misattributed, pose a risk to other objects in the collection) may be concerned for deaccessioning. Deaccessioned historical material may be donated to another museum or cultural or education organization, destroyed, sold, or disposed in another manner that the Museum deems fit." } ]
[ { "question": "Looking for help with your Landline Telephone?", "answer": "Find FAQ's, Forum Posts, Video Tutorials and much more from BT, TalkTalk, Sky, O2 and Virgin Media." }, { "question": "How do I manage my Calling Circle online?", "answer": "One of your Calling Circle numers can be a primary number and you can receive an additional 10% discount on top of the standard Calling Circle discount. Should you require or request a BT engineer visit it is important for you to be aware of potential charges. Until an engineer has been to your premises and can confirm the cause of the fault we are unable to confirm whether or not you will be charged. As a guideline, if the fault is found to be with a piece of equipment connected to your phone line, for example your telephone handset or if it is something that you have caused or could have prevented within the boundaries of your premises (your home or garden), or if there is an upgrade required to your line to get an acceptable level of Broadband service, you will be charged for an engineer visit. If the engineer is unable to gain access to your premises, replicate your fault or cannot find a fault then you will also be charged." }, { "question": "How do I add or change calling features and Boosts?", "answer": "Go to manage services in My Account and sign in. You can manage your landline features from this area. You can also learn more about which calling features you can add to your service." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: What are the bank notes in Australia?", "answer": "A: Bank notes comprise of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Australian dollar notes; while coins come in 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins, and 1 and 2 dollar coins." }, { "question": "Q: What are the documents needed to open a bank account?", "answer": "A: In order to open a bank account, one needs to present an identification e.g. driver’s license or passport, proof of an address in Australia, and in some cases a reference from one's previous bank." }, { "question": "Q: How do expats open a bank account in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Opening a Melbourne bank account is quick and simple, even for expats. However, it must be done within the expat's first six weeks of arrival in Australia. Otherwise, bank authorities may require more time and evidence of identification. In any case, an expat has to present a passport, a valid visa and another valid ID when opening a bank account." }, { "question": "Q: Are ATMs popularly used in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Yes. Most Melbourne residents consider ATMs as the most convenient tools for cash dispensing. Note that ATMs in the city only give out 20 AUD and 50 AUD notes, though some of the smaller ones (usually in gas stations) dispense only 10 AUD, again, only in combinations of 20 and 50 AUDs. In rare places such as casinos, one may get 100 AUD notes." }, { "question": "Q: What is the availability of banks in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Banks in Melbourne usually open at 9am and close at 4pm on Mondays thru Thursdays. On Fridays, they open at 9 am and close at 5pm. Most of Australia's biggest banks like ANZ, NAB, and Commonwealth have branches in Melbourne." }, { "question": "Q: What is the process of opening a bank account in Sydney?", "answer": "A: The most important requirement for opening a bank account in Sydney is a 100-point score on identity. There are three approved forms of identification. For migrants, these three IDs include a passport, a driver's license, and a medical card. Normally, an expat who is unable to provide the three will not be allowed to open a bank account in any bank in Sydney." }, { "question": "Q: How much do Sydney banks charge in account maintenance fees?", "answer": "A: This depends from bank to bank, but usually, monthly maintenance fees of $5 will be charged to an account holder to keep the account active. When planning to open a bank account in Sydney, it is advisable that one spend time shopping around to know which bank charges the least fees." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best banks in Sydney?", "answer": "A: The four major and most established banks in Sydney include the National Australia Bank (NAB), ANZ, Commonwealth, and Westpac. The Commonwealth Bank, once a government bank until its privatization in the 1990s, is the most distributed bank, both in the city and the entire Australia." }, { "question": "Q: What is the process of registering a business name in Australia?", "answer": "A: One must ensure that business name doesn't have a trade mark registered against it. All business name registrations go to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) External Site. Once it's registered with ASIC , it's registered nationally as well. One just need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN) in order to register a business name online through the ABN application or through ASIC Connect External Site." }, { "question": "Q: What is an Australian Business Number?", "answer": "A: The Australian business number (ABN) is a unique 11 digit number that identifies a business or organisation to the government and community. Not everybody is entitled to one; hence, it is not compulsory." }, { "question": "Q: Where should foreign companies register in Australia?", "answer": "A: Foreign companies must be registered with ASIC, the governing body responsible for the ongoing regulation of foreign companies." }, { "question": "Q: What taxes do I need to pay if I open a business in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: The Australian tax year covers the period from July 1 to June 30 of succeeding year. After securing an Australian Business Number or ABN, registration with the Australian Tax Office follows for the payment of four basic business taxes in Melbourne, namely, goods and services, fringe benefits, pay-as-you-go withholding, and payroll taxes." }, { "question": "Q: What are the legal requirements for opening a business in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Expats who want to open a business in Melbourne should consult with the Australian Business License and Information Service (ABLIS) for information regarding the necessary licenses, permits, approvals, registrations, codes of practice, standards, and guidelines for setting up business in the city. Which particular requirements are needed will ultimately depend on the business type and target location." }, { "question": "Q: What are the most attractive industries for investors in Melbourne today?", "answer": "A: Melbourne has many thriving industries, but as far as potential investments are concerned, the food, medical research, agricultural, tourism, cultural, financial services and manufacturing sectors are the most promising today." }, { "question": "Q: What are typical business hours for establishments in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Generally, stores, shops, offices and other business establishments open at 9am and close at 5pm Mondays thru Fridays. Banks specifically are open from Mondays thru Thursdays from 9:30am to 5pm, and are closed on Fridays and weekends. On Saturdays, shops open a bit earlier at around 8:30am, and close a little earlier too at around 4pm. Stores that operate on Sundays are open from 9am to 4pm." }, { "question": "Q: What are some of Sydney's best conference venues?", "answer": "A: There's a lot, especially those with an overlooking view of the world-famous Sydney Harbour. Over the last decade, Sydney has been host to many big international conferences and other major world events such as the International AIDS Society Conference and the 26th Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress." }, { "question": "Q: Does Sydney have promising franchising opportunities for entrepreneurs?", "answer": "A: Yes, business franchising is a very promising industry in Sydney. In fact, there are many franchising expos held in the city every now and then, and one of the biggest has been scheduled for March 2015 at the Royal Hall of Industries on 1 Driver Avenue Moore Park." }, { "question": "Q: Which states have skiing resorts for families and children?", "answer": "A: There are only two states in Australia with ski resorts namely the New South Wales with Perisher and Thredbo and Victoria with Falls Creek, Mt Hotham and Mt Buller." }, { "question": "Q: Where can families go with children in the Northern Territory?", "answer": "A: The Gold Coast is a goldmine for family activities family surrounded by theme parks and the vast stretch of the ocean. Families can also travel to Cairns and be awed by the Great Barrier Reef and engage in many activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, etc." }, { "question": "Q: Are public primary schools completely free in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Public primary schools in Melbourne are free, but there is usually a voluntary school levy to be paid by each student per year. Government subsidy also excludes uniforms, extra-curricular activities and other miscellaneous expenses." }, { "question": "Q: What types of child care facilities are available in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: There are basically four types of Melbourne childcare facilities, all of which accept kids up to the age of 6. These include private centers, community centers, family day care (up to a maximum of 4 preschool kids to be cared for in the carer's home), and home care (an au pair or nanny comes to the kids' home). Additionally, there are centers offering playgroups for parents who want to be around as their children socialize with other kids." }, { "question": "Q: What are the usual requirements for enrolment in Melbourne schools?", "answer": "A: For expat children, requirements usually include a passport, birth certificate, contact details of parents or guardians, certificate of immunization, a description of the child's health and development history, and information regarding language or languages spoken by the child." }, { "question": "Q: How are childcare services in Sydney?", "answer": "A: One thing most expats say about child care is Sydney is that it's expensive - around $70 – 125 per child per day. On top of that, waiting lists are also notorious for being really long, especially in highly populated areas. In eastern suburbs like Woolahra and Manly, it can be almost impossible to get a slot." }, { "question": "Q: What sports activities are in store for expat kids in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Sydney offers a lot of opportunities for kids to develop their sports abilities. West of the city center is the famous Sydney Olympic Park where kids can enjoy facilities for swimming, walking, archery, trapeze and many others. At the Sydney Park and Centennial Park, kids can learn and master cycling. Of course, there are playgrounds everywhere for the younger kids." }, { "question": "Q: Where do expats usually take their kids for tummy treats in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Sydney locals have a big thing for cafes, and the good thing is, even kids are well accommodated. In fact, a lot of restaurants offer children a separate menu that is more suited to their tastes. China Town at the city center is known for its yum cha or lunch meals which are usually served between 10am and 3pm. Kids love them and so does the rest of the family." }, { "question": "need to pay for medical insurance?", "answer": "A: As most expats are not permanent residents; hence not qualified for Medicare, their option is to obtain a private medical life insurance, which can cost more than 500 AUD per month." }, { "question": "Q: Which cities are considered to have a higher cost of living?", "answer": "A: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are considered cosmopolitan cities and have a higher cost of living compared to other Australian cities." }, { "question": "Q: What is the average rental accommodation costs?", "answer": "A: Rental costs in a good location in a cosmopolitan area starts at AUD 1000 for an unfurnished two-bedroom apartment to AUD 1,300 and more for a furnished two-bedroom apartment." }, { "question": "Q: What do people in Melbourne spend the biggest chunk of their budgets on?", "answer": "A: People pay the most for accommodation in Melbourne. In the city center, for instance, rentals can go as high as 450 AUD per week for a one-bedroom apartment." }, { "question": "Q: How much do basic utilities cost in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: A lot of expats are still surprised to know that the city is prone to extremely cold winters and extremely hot summers. The average utility bill of an average Melbourne household is about AUD1800 a year, including gas and electricity costs, plus around 500 AUD yearly for water." }, { "question": "Q: Is \"eating out\" expensive or cheap in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Melbourne has many fine dining restaurants where bills can rack up to the hundreds, but there are also several places where people can enjoy great food for so much less. Both in the city center and in outlying areas, there are diners that offer superb food for a little more than the cost of a fast food meal. In Melbourne, 15 AUD for a sumptuous dinner is usual." }, { "question": "Q: How much is an apartment rental in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Most of a Sydney resident's monthly cost of living goes to rent. A one-bedroom apartment in the city costs around $450 to $550 weekly, and a two-bedroom apartment will probably start at around $650 weekly." }, { "question": "Q: How much do people pay for household utilities in Sydney?", "answer": "A: A usual electricity and gas bill in Sydney costs around $5 - 15 per week, and around $30 per week for a landline. For Internet, the range is from $40-70 monthly, depending on the period of the contract and gigabytes of data provided." }, { "question": "Q: How does Sydney compare with other world-class cities in terms of cost of living?", "answer": "A: According to the 2011 Economist Intelligence Unit, Sydney is at least 28 % more expensive to live in than London, and around 45% costlier than New York." }, { "question": "Q: What is Australia's Medicare and what does it cover?", "answer": "A: Medicare is a free service available to Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent visa holders. Medical coverage include free treatment and accommodation as a patient in a public hospitals, and 75% of the Medicare Schedule fee for services and procedures if you are a private patient in a public or private hospital." }, { "question": "Q: Where can one find children's hospitals in Australia?", "answer": "A: In Queensland, one can go to Mater Children's Hospital, Royal Children's Hospital, Herston. In New South Wales, there is the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney Children's Hospital and John Hunter Children's Hospital. In Victoria, Royal Children's Hospital and Monash Children's Hospital cater to any children medical emergencies." }, { "question": "Q: Is it recommended to get a private health insurance?", "answer": "A: Expats who do not have Medicare are encouraged to get a private health insurance. And even with Medicare, there are specific treatments that are not covered such as dental and optical services." }, { "question": "Q: What are the medical emergency assistance numbers in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: For fire, police, or medical emergencies, 000 is the free hotline to call in Melbourne. However, ambulance transport is not free in the city or anywhere in Australia, but there are preneed companies that offer plans exempting holders from fees. For round-the-clock nurse-on-call services, Melbourne residents can call 1300 60 60 24." }, { "question": "Q: What are the health insurance options available for foreigners in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Non-Medicare-covered expats in Melbourne have three options to get medical coverage while in the city: an employer-provided company insurance plan, international medical insurance that meets requirements of the Australian medical insurance industry, and a private insurance plan purchased in Melbourne. When deciding which plan to buy, it is important to pay attention to policy provisions on pre-existing conditions, waiting periods and pharmaceutical benefits." }, { "question": "Q: How accessible are Sydney hospitals?", "answer": "A: There are around 50 public hospitals and clinics right within the city center, and most of them provide specialist services or are connected with major research centers. Additionally, there are also many privately run hospitals both at the city center and around suburban areas. The Ministry of Health website provides a lot of helpful tips and information about health services in the city, and offers a search function for those who are looking for a medical facility near them." }, { "question": "Q: What are common exclusions to a typical health insurance plan in Sydney?", "answer": "A: It depends on the policy and the insurer, but the most common exclusions are dental and physiotherapy care, along with ambulance transport, visual aids, and prescription drugs. Government subsidies, however, have made the prices of medicines generally cheaper in Sydney and in all other parts of the country, compared to the rest of the world." }, { "question": "Q: How does public health insurance work in Sydney, and does it cover expats?", "answer": "A: As with any part of Australia, Sydney offers a public healthcare system to all residents through a program called Medicare. The plan, financed through taxes via the Medicare levy, covers all medical treatments received in public hospitals, and all other costs associated with treatment obtained from out-of-hospital GPs or specialists. Unfortunately, only expats who have become Australian citizens or permanent residents are covered by this system." }, { "question": "Q: What are the documents needed when renting an apartment or a house?", "answer": "A: One must prepare proof of identity (passport/ birth certificate/ drivers license, proof of income e.i. bank statements for the last three months, previous rental agreements (if there's any) and references e.i. employer or previous landlord." }, { "question": "Q: How much is the typical deposit when renting a flat?", "answer": "A: There is no standard for how much rent has to be paid in advance to the landlord; tenant and landlord has to come in agreement with the payment terms. But tenant must pay the first fortnight/month's rent and a bond, equivalent to a one month's rent." }, { "question": "Q: How much do houses in Melbourne cost?", "answer": "A: Houses in Melbourne can vary wildly in prices, but as of March 2014, the median price was $652,500 for detached homes and $499,000 for apartments." }, { "question": "Q: What are houses like in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Houses in Melbourne are either free-standing or attached buildings, can be anywhere from a few months to 150 years old, and are typically built from concrete, timber or brick. On average, a home in the city will have four bedrooms, a maximum of two bathrooms, a kitchen, living area, and laundry room. Bigger ones have more than one living area and come with a garage." }, { "question": "Q: Are foreign nationals allowed to own real estate in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Yes, as a non-citizen or permanent resident, permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board must first be obtained. It usually takes 40 days for the FIRB to send a reply, but in unusual circumstances, it could take longer depending on how much time is needed to resolve the issue or issues involved." }, { "question": "Q: What is the most elite neighborhood in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Edgecliff, Double Bay, Darling Point and Vaucluse, all found in the eastern suburbs, are the most expensive neighborhoods in Sydney, where median luxury apartments cost around $ 1.35 million." }, { "question": "Q: Which part of Sydney offers the cheapest housing?", "answer": "A: Houses in Sydney are generally expensive, but in Tregear (near Blacktown), some properties are becoming increasingly popular for their relatively lower prices. The median house price is around $240, making the area a perfect place for families who are just starting to establish themselves in the city." }, { "question": "Q: What is the usual monthly interest rate for a mortgage in Sydney?", "answer": "A: This depends on various factors such as the property's market value, the loaner's capacity to pay, etc. In most cases, however, Sydney mortgage homes are paid with a monthly interest rate of about 4-5%, or 5-6% for more expensive homes." }, { "question": "Q: What are Australia's best beaches?", "answer": "A: There's Bondi Beach in Sydney to start with; Victoira has Bells Beach while new South Wales boast of Byron Bay." }, { "question": "Q: What are the top attractions in Australia?", "answer": "A: The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia’s wineries, Tasmania's Port Arthur are among the many attractions that draw travellers and tourists across the world to visit Australia." }, { "question": "Q: When is the best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef?", "answer": "A: It's during June to November when the weather is mild that makes it the best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef." }, { "question": "Q: Any ideas for cheap but worthwhile entertainment in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: There are many cheap entertainment options in Melbourne. Halftix is an agency that sells discounted tickets for tours, concerts and other events in the city, and its office is located at the Melbourne Town Hall Administration (Swanston Street around the corner of Collins Street). However, tickets can only be bought personally and strictly for cash. Ticketmaster and Ticketek are two other popular ticket agencies in the city." }, { "question": "Q: Do they have carting venues in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Yes. There are many carting venues around Melbourne, and particularly popular among teenage boys is Auscarts. This is a modern indoor carting venue just five minutes away from the city centre. Drivers need to be at least thirteen to be able to race, and there's a 145- 200-cm height requirement. The carts can take a maximum load of 145kilos." }, { "question": "Q: What types of entertainment are available for families in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: There's this game called room escape that's currently making waves in Melbourne today. People come in groups and are put together in one room to solve different challenges so they can escape within a certain number of minutes. The games are fun and challenging at the same time, combining intuition, teamwork, logic, and analytical skills. Room escape is also a growing trend for corporate team-building activities. One favorite venue is Exitus located at the Port of Melbourne." }, { "question": "Q: What's in store for music and theater lovers in Sydney?", "answer": "A: The music and theater circuit in Sydney is rich and colorful. The internationally famous Sydney Opera House is actually the number one choice for the biggest classical and pop events held by international artists in Australia." }, { "question": "Q: What outdoor activities are popular in Sydney?", "answer": "A: With Sydney's bright and sunny weather, outdoor activities are very popular in the city, especially among the youth. There are at least 400 public playgrounds, parks and other open, natural spaces which are commonly used for sports like running and cycling, as well as for outdoor recreation like barbecues and picnics." }, { "question": "Q: Is Sydney a good place for garden hobbyists and those who like natural attractions?", "answer": "A: Absolutely! In fact, there are 15 community gardens which are very popular among tourists and expats. These places feature a wide variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables, and lovely flowers. Of course, sunbathers and surfers will love the city's sun and beaches, along with the beautiful and sprawling national parks that surround the metropolis." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best means to find job openings in Australia?", "answer": "A: Dailies such as The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald regularly publish job listings and advertisements in the employment sections. The local and community newspapers also have job listings, but not extensive. Online job portals are also a good source of job listings and one can opt to register with a recruitment agencies." }, { "question": "Q: What information must be included in one's CV/Resume when applying for jobs in Australia?", "answer": "A: A CV/Resume must consist of 2-4 pages long, which must include the candidate's contact details, complete list of work experience from the most recent to the least recent, skill set, duties within your list of positions and character reference." }, { "question": "Q: Which industries demand skilled workers and professionals?", "answer": "A: Engineering, ICT, Biotechnology and Healthcare are among the sectors that have several opportunities for skilled workers and professionals." }, { "question": "Q: What jobs are most in demand in Melbourne today?", "answer": "A: Employment trends come and go in Melbourne. Currently, there is a high demand for chemists, veterinarians, electrical engineers, welders, plumbers, software engineers, pastry cooks, and midwives. Foreign nationals who want to apply for a skilled migrant visa must ensure that their overseas qualifications are officially evaluated." }, { "question": "Q: How much do expats usually make in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: How much an expat makes in Melbourne depends on the type of job he has. So far, the highest paid expats in the city are those who work in the health and medical sector, where professionals make around 4,900 to 5,000 AUD annually. This is followed by electrical and electronics trade professionals who typically rake in up to 4,800 AUD at the end of the year. Architects make around 3,800 AUD, while cleaning and housekeeping staff receive some 3,600 AUD. These are all estimates, but they create a realistic picture of how much expats are making in Melbourne today." }, { "question": "Q: How do people usually get to and from work in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Workers in Melbourne do not go to work on a ferry like those in Sydney, but the daily commute in the city is considered far more convenient than in London, Tokyo, or New York. However, expats whose jobs involve long-distance traveling need to be patient as it can take a while to get to Melbourne, even coming from Sydney which is about an hour's flight away." }, { "question": "Q: Which sectors offer the most job opportunities in Sydney today?", "answer": "A: Sydney is the reigning financial hub of the country where 25% of the national GDP is sourced. Jobs are most abundant in the property and business services, manufacturing, retail, health, and community services sectors, along with information, creative and performing arts and media and technology. The city's tourism industry has also been a steady provider of employment, especially for foreign nationals." }, { "question": "Q: What common qualifications and skills are needed for one to work in Sydney?", "answer": "A: A basic requirement is English proficiency and passing an official skills assessment for those applying for Australian working visas. More specific requirements will depend on individual visa categories and subcategories, which have their own skills evaluation programs in place." }, { "question": "Q: What do people usually wear to the office in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Business attire for corporate workers is essentially conservative in Sydney. A dark-colored, modestly designed suit is the norm for men, and a modestly designed suit or smart dress is expected to be worn by women. This is in contrast to Brisbane and other tropical parts of Australia where people can wear shirts and shorts even to corporate affairs." }, { "question": "Q: What is the Australian Tax Office?", "answer": "A: The Australian Tax Office (ATO) handles all taxation and any other tax related issues an expat may have." }, { "question": "Q: What is the GST Tax in the country?", "answer": "A: There is a 10% GST in Australia, which are already included in the price of goods at purchase." }, { "question": "Q: Is the Tax File Number compulsory?", "answer": "A: No, obtaining a Tax File Number is not compulsory. However, it is encouraged to get a TFN to avoid paying tax withheld and to be eligible for government benefits." }, { "question": "Q: What denominations does the Australian dollar come in, and how are they used?", "answer": "A: The local currency in Australia is issued in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and 100 AUD, 50 AUD, 20 AUD, 10 AUD and 5 AUD. All of these are commonly used in day-to-day transactions. The 100 AUD note, however, is less frequently used, and it may be refused by the smaller shops if you're making a small purchase. It's often wise to have more supply of the lower value notes." }, { "question": "Q: How much cash is a foreigner allowed to bring to Melbourne?", "answer": "A: A foreigner who arrives in Melbourne carrying at least 10,000 AUD or an equivalent amount in a foreign currency has to fill out and sign a Cross-Border Movement – Physical Currency (CBM-PC) form. If asked at the border, he should also inform the officer if he is carrying any bearer negotiable instruments or BNI's, such as travel cheques, money orders, promissory notes and the like. Though BNIs have no face value, they still have to be disclosed." }, { "question": "Q: What credit cards are accepted in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: American Express and Travelex are the two most frequently accepted cards in Melbourne. In larger stores, JCB cards may also be accepted. All of these cards can be cashed at foreign exchange centers, banks, car rental agencies and the bigger hotels. A foreigner must present a passport when cashing traveler's cheques. Major cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, etc. usually charge varying fees." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best options for foreign currency exchange in the city?", "answer": "A: Money exchange is done in most of the key banks in the city, at small money exchange kiosks dotting Kings Cross and Circular Bay, and in hotels and casinos." }, { "question": "Q: Are ATMs well-distributed around Sydney?", "answer": "A: Yes, everywhere in Sydney, there will be ATMs, but most are found in touristy areas or business centers. Note that most ATMs only accept international cards, both credit and debit." }, { "question": "Q: How often do people use cash in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Credit cards are often used in Sydney for bigger purchases such as electronic gadgets and sometimes even cars, while cash is usually the only mode of payment accepted for smaller transactions such as bus ticket purchases or buying in smaller stores." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best online stores in the country for furniture, kitchen appliances and other household items?", "answer": "A: Online sites for furniture and household item include kmart.com.au, bigw.com.au, target.com.au and IKEA.com.au." }, { "question": "Q: Is Australia a family-friendly country?", "answer": "A: Absolutely, the country proves to be an excellent place to raise a family especially when it comes to property houses, health services and education. Children can spend recreational time outdoors in large open space and in a nearby beach while parents can benefit from various government schemes for financial emergencies." }, { "question": "Q: When does summer start in Australia and the subsequent seasons?", "answer": "A: Summer happens during December to February. Fall/Autumn is around March to May and winter arrives by June until August. It is best to travel or relocate to Australia during Spring from September to November." }, { "question": "Q: Is Melbourne a good city for expat retirees?", "answer": "A: Yes. In fact, Melbourne is now a top destination for retirees, along with other key cities like Sydney. This trend has even led the federal government to make a number of retirement visa types available. The first requirement for obtaining a retiree visas is that the applicant is at least 55 years old." }, { "question": "Q: How is the weather in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Weather in Melbourne can switch from rainy and sunny several times a day. A phenomenon known as \"cool change,\" characterized by a sudden shift in the wind direction that causes a dramatic drop in temperature, is known to occur. On a sunny morning, it can get as hot as 40 degrees Celsius, but in a few hours, this can drop to 18 degrees Celsius. Other days, temperatures can dip below freezing points." }, { "question": "Q: Which parts of Melbourne are hay fever-safe?", "answer": "A: A study of Melbourne municipalities shows that asthma rates are the highest in Wyndham and the lowest in Marybirnong. There is no conclusive evidence relating this to hay fever, but it may be a good point to consider. Bayside suburbs are also said to be anti-hay fever." }, { "question": "Q: What's the cost of hiring a removalist in Sydney?", "answer": "A: This depends on the moving company and the amount of load to be moved. However, the most common rates fall between $140-165 per hour, for a service package that normally includes two professional removalists and one truck." }, { "question": "Q: What is one basic tip all people planning to move to Sydney should know?", "answer": "A: The most basic thing to remember when moving to Sydney is sun protection. A lot of tourists and expats take this for granted, but Sydney's sun can be quite harsh, especially to those who are not used to it. Temperatures can go up to over 40 degrees Celsius on an ordinary day, and this can be very hazardous. There even schools (most, if not all) that have a strict no-hat-no-play policy, which means children will not be allowed to go out and play unless they wear something on their heads for protection. Sunscreen is a definite must, and so are cool, cotton shirts which help to regulate body temperature." }, { "question": "Q: Which is wiser - importing household goods to Sydney or buying new ones after relocation?", "answer": "A: At the outset, household goods shipment can be very expensive, but this proves to be more economical later on than having to buy all new stuff upon arriving in Sydney. What's important is that enough research is done before choosing a shipping company, as there are many potential risks involved in goods transport. Costs are often based on weight, cubic dimensions, or both." }, { "question": "Q: What are the requirements for relocating a pet?", "answer": "A: When relocating to Australia with a pet, one must strictly adhere to the following: an ISO 11784/11785 compliant ISO microchip, a rabies vaccination within one year of entry, blood Titer Test (RNATT) no sooner than 180 days prior to entry. (Have your veterinarian scan your pet's microchip prior to the titer test) and import Permit, a USDA (or CFIA) accredited veterinarian must then complete the Australia Veterinary Certificate for endorsement by the USDA or CFIA if travelling from the United States or Canada. All pets must travel as manifest cargo will need a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel." }, { "question": "Q: Do dogs and cats need to be quarantined when transported to Australia?", "answer": "A: Australia requires dogs and cats a minimum of 10 days quarantine except for pets travelling from New Zealand, Norfolk Island or Coco Island." }, { "question": "Q: Which breeds are restricted in the country?", "answer": "A: Restricted dog breeds are Dog Argentino, Fila Brazileiro, Japanese Tosa, Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull and Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario." }, { "question": "Q: What are the requirements for admitting pets into Melbourne, Australia?", "answer": "A: Requirements generally include a rabies blood test performed within 150 days before entry to Australia. If this requirement is satisfied, the pet will only be quarantined for 30 days. Pets may travel to Australia 2 months following the blood test, but the quarantine period will be longer." }, { "question": "Q: How much do dog boarding facilities in Melbourne cost?", "answer": "A: Melbourne dog boarding services cost around $45-50 each. For every pair of dogs, the fee is around $75-90, depending on various factors such as location and facilities." }, { "question": "Q: Are there special rules for having dogs in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Yes. The most important requirement is registering dogs with the Melbourne council, and this registration is to be renewed annually. After registration, the dog owner will receive a certificate, along with an identification tag that bears the pet's registration number as well as the council's name. This tag must be worn by the animal at all times. Failure to register dogs in Melbourne can mean a fine of up to $500, while abandoning a dog can cost the owner up to $ 1,000." }, { "question": "Q: Are pets allowed in Sydney trains?", "answer": "A: Animals are generally not allowed inside trains in Sydney, but there are three exceptions: police/security dogs, animals trained to assist disabled passengers and animals undergoing assistance training." }, { "question": "Q: How and where are pet-related complaints lodged in Sydney?", "answer": "A: For pet-related issues such as excessive barking, property damage, people-chasing, etc., complaints may be lodged by calling 02 9265 9333. Response from a city ranger can be expected within 24 hours, and if the problem continues, a nuisance order will be served to the pet owner. Depending on the case, fines can range from $275-880." }, { "question": "Q: Why are vet fees very expensive in Sydney?", "answer": "A: It's because there is no government subsidy for pet care in Sydney, so that pet owners feel like they are paying too much for vet services. While humans are covered by Medicare, animals are not. This is why it's important to take the time to research on different vets in the city so that comparisons may be made." }, { "question": "Q: What are the high-ranking universities in Australia?", "answer": "A: Based on the QS World University Rankings 2013/14, the high-ranking universities are the Australian National University (ranked 27 in the world; 1st in Australia), the University of Melbourne (ranked 31 in the world; 2nd in Australia) and University of Sydney (ranked 38 in the world; 3rd in Australia)." }, { "question": "Q: What is the general calendar followed by schools in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Schools in Melbourne have a total four terms per school year, beginning late January up to early December. Summer and Christmas holidays are combined in one stretch." }, { "question": "Q: How much is the average in terms of Melbourne school fees?", "answer": "A: Fees vary significantly from one school to another, so parents are advised to consult schools directly when asking for information regarding tuition fees. On average, yearly fees per private school amount to around $ 20,000. In public schools, tuition is free for permanent residents and those who hold a 457 visa. However, other expenses such as uniforms, fees for school trips, etc. have to be paid out of pocket. An enrollee classified as an international student has to pay full fees, and this status must be indicated in his or her passport." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best schools in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Schools in the Eastern suburbs such as Donvale, Blackburn and Park Orchards are good to consider because they are cheaper than those in the inner city, yet competitive in terms of quality of education. Note that government-run primary schools follow very strict zoning requirements. For example, parents must be able show proof of residence within a particular school zone before they can enroll their kids in a school within that zone." }, { "question": "Q: What is the reputation of public schools in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Sydney (and Australia in general) boasts of public schools that are ranked 9th in world education survey of the Programme for International Student Assessment or Pisa. Under the same programme, UK ranks 25th and the US 17th." }, { "question": "Q: Do kids wear school uniforms in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Yes, all Sydney schools - public, private, Catholic, Anglican, or Jewish - require students to wear school uniforms. Aside from skirts for girls and trousers for boys, a hat, sports jacket, backpack, and shorts are also included. Black, lace up shoes are the usual footwear, but they tend to be expensive in Sydney. Parents are advised to buy at least two pairs for each child before the move." }, { "question": "Q: Are there special requirements for 457 visa holders when enrolling in a Sydney school?", "answer": "A: Yes, there are special enrolment requirements for 457 visa holders, and not all schools in Sydney accept 457 visa holders. It is important to contact a school directly and inquire." }, { "question": "Q: What are the most popular department stores in Australia?", "answer": "A: Across the country, one can find David Jones, Harris Scarfe, Myer, Barsby's, Hanna's and Stewart's." }, { "question": "Q: Where do I go to shop for clothes in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Melbourne is actually known for being Australia's fashion capital so there are many malls and boutiques dotting the city. In the CBD, some of the world's best designers in the likes of Louis Vuitton have shops lining the entire Little Collins Street. Melbourne Central is a popular shopping mall, along with Bourke Street Mall. For famous Australian brands, people usually troop to Emporium." }, { "question": "Q: Are there are any cheap shopping districts in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Definitely! DFO Outlets Centre found at South Wharf (near Yarra River's southern bank) is perfect for discount shoppers. Elizabeth Street is also perfect for backpackers looking for high-quality yet cheap outdoor products." }, { "question": "Q: At what times do stores in Melbourne usually open and close?", "answer": "A: Shopping in Melbourne usually starts at 9am and ends at 5:30pm on weekdays, and runs from 9am (sometimes later) to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Most shops in the suburbs like Chadstone close later - usually up to 9pm - on Thursdays and Fridays. At supermarkets, opening time is usually 7am and closing time could well go beyond midnight. Of course, there are those that are open round-the-clock." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best places to shop in Sydney?", "answer": "A: The city practically crawls with shopping districts like Westfield Sydney, Pitt Street Mall, the Queen Victoria Building, The Strand and Sydney Central Plaza. These shopping centers are joined together by pedestrian malls and walkways, and that makes it a whole lot easier for shoppers to get around. Anything, from chocolates to antiques, can be found in these shopping havens." }, { "question": "Q: Where are art pieces usually sold in Sydney?", "answer": "A: The city has a long line of art galleries, but a very popular favorite is Aboriginal Art Galleries which features the indigenous works of more than 140 artists, including Dorothy Napangardi, Minnie Pwerle, and a lot more. Sculptures, artifacts, and more aboriginal art pieces can be found and purchased in these galleries which have two locations within the city - Queen Victoria Building and Opera Quays." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best places in Sydney to buy antiques?", "answer": "A: There are lots of antique shops in Sydney, mostly located in shopping areas such as Paddington Double Bay, and Woollahra, especially around Sotheby’s. For cheaper antiques, the Sydney Antique Center in Surry Hills along South Dowling Street houses more than 50 smaller shops that sell all types of items, from chinaware to ancient animal carvings." }, { "question": "Q: What are the major telecoms in the country?", "answer": "A: The biggest among the telcos is Telstra, which also owns the majority of landline infrastructure. Coming second is Optus, which is a subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications. A: In a month, Internet cost is around AUD 80-100, either uncapped ADSL or cable." }, { "question": "Q: What are the requirements to sign up for a mobile or Internet plan?", "answer": "A: Requirements vary for each telcos. In general, one must have an identification with proof of address, complete contact details, a residential address, a delivery address (applicable for phones), proof of employment, study or pension benefits, and a direct debit from an Australian bank account or credit card." }, { "question": "Q: What telecom companies are most trusted in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Five of the most trusted telecom companies in Melbourne include AAPT Cellular One Ltd, Soul, Optus, Digiplus, and Telstra. These companies offer broadband technology, wireless broadband and 3G communications networks across the city." }, { "question": "Q: How much do people in Melbourne spend for telecom services in the city?", "answer": "A: People in Melbourne typically pay more for telecom services than residents of other Australian cities. For example, for the average use of an ADSL broadband plan of 50 gigabytes per month, the bill may amount to around 100 AUD with a big telecom company. For a plan with a duration of less than two years, a subscriber may have to pay some 100 AUD in set up fees. For landlines, most households usually pay about 20 AUD monthly, while mobile phone plans normally cost around 70 AUD monthly." }, { "question": "Q: What are the free local TV stations in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Yes. In fact, there are six free TV stations, along with pay-to-view TV. The free TV stations available in the city are Channel 7, Channel 9, and Channel 10, along with ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s national network, and Channel 31 and SBS which both feature foreign language programs." }, { "question": "Q: What are the best Internet service providers in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Most people in Sydney use either iiNet, TPG or iPrimus which are considered the best Internet service providers in the city." }, { "question": "Q: Are 4G phone services available in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Yes. In fact, over 75% of the city's metropolitan area has facilities that enable the use of 4G phones and other gadgets. It is projected that by April of 2015, at least 90% of the city will be able to use 4G technology." }, { "question": "Q: How much does Internet service cost in Sydney?", "answer": "A: Different ISPs charge different rates, but usually for about the same quality of services. The monthly cost ranges from $40-70, depending on the period of the contract, with a choice of 12, 18 and 24 months, and data volume provided, usually from 20 - 500 GB. Some companies offer unlimited Internet for around $60 monthly." }, { "question": "Q: What are the modes of public transportation in Australia?", "answer": "A: As one of the liveliest places to live, Australia has one of the extensive public transportation networks; most of its cities have trains, buses, monorail, trams and private taxis. Most expats working in the city use public transport on a daily basis, and it's the best way for travellers to get around the city." }, { "question": "Q: What is the process for personal vehicle registration in Australia?", "answer": "A: Vehicle need to be registered right away in the owner’s state of residence (and not where the vehicle was purchased). State agencies handle the whole process, but usually it's the Road Transport Authorities, which is responsible for motor vehicle inspection and registration, and driver licensing service." }, { "question": "Q: How much does a cab cost in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: This depends on the passenger's current location and destination. The average cost of a taxi going to or from the city center is around 55 AUD. Two other factors that affect the final bill are traffic and the time of day. Taxis in Melbourne also charge higher at night." }, { "question": "Q: How do people get around Melbourne?", "answer": "A: Most people in Melbourne prefer to get around using the public transport system. Aside from being cheaper (only 7 AUD a day for a public transport ticket), commuters are also able to avoid dealing with fluctuating fuel prices and high parking fees (over 10AUD), not to mention traffic jams. Expats who live in outlying areas naturally have to spend more for transportation." }, { "question": "Q: What license does a non-local need to drive in Melbourne?", "answer": "A: An expat is allowed to drive in Mel