3 values
Jordan's dog peed on the couch they were selling and Jordan removed the odor as soon as possible.
How would Jordan feel afterwards?
selling a couch
Riley wanted to return a book he had borrowed, so he walked to the library.
What does Riley need to do before this?
check the library's hours
talk to a librarian
read the book
After months of preparation, Lee finally managed to kill their wife.
What does Lee need to do before this?
needed to research how to hide a body
needed to get advice from their friends
needed to consult with their priest
Cameron asked Casey to write a report about her dog that passed away from a curable disease.
How would Cameron feel afterwards?
upset about their dog
eager to inform other people about the disease
Addison gently touched Casey's shoulder, and Casey lowered his head and began to cry softly.
What will Addison want to do next?
laugh at Casey
console Casey
slap Casey in the face and yell at him
Taylor was single for a long time, then they finally started a relationship.
How would Taylor feel afterwards?
hard to get
in a relationship
Aubrey became very angry and pulled Remy apart.
What will happen to Aubrey?
be yelled at
say they are sorry
Jan left her keys in her car and someone stole it but after Casey followed them, they got the car back then Casey brought it back to Jan.
How will Jan feel?
thank them
be rewarded
Quinn brought her to the hospital and let the others know the baby was coming.
What will Others want to do next?
mourn next
come to the hospital next
become doctor's next
Ash walked to her friend's house and gave her a brand new cake.
What does Ash need to do before this?
play poker
play baseball
bake a cake
Robin went to the restaurant where her friends worked, because she knew they would give her food.
Why did Robin do this?
went to her friends' restaurant because she wanted free food
wanted to her friends' restaurant because they would be unlikely to feed her
the last place anyone would look for food
After a year talking to her on the internet Skylar met Alex for the first time.
Why did Skylar do this?
ask Alex to cook for him
goes to the mall
wonders what Alex looks like in person
Skylar's boss demanded a new report immediately, so Skylar produced the paperwork in response.
What will Skylar want to do next?
take a break
be happy about her work
be a good employee
Remy was making large batches of cookies for the girl scouts to sell to raise money so they worked all morning baking.
What does Remy need to do before this?
go to bed
sell her delicious cookies
go shopping for all the ingredients
Cameron met the body's supervisor of their current department.
Why did Cameron do this?
work somewhere
wanted to influence the supervisor
go to the supervisor's location
Cameron got a good job working with kids in the area.
How would you describe Cameron?
happy with his position
Austin moved to California to pursue their career in acting.
How would you describe Austin?
excited to follow his dreams
nervous to be away from home
Ash elicited Jesse's response when she did not know the answer to the question.
How would Ash feel afterwards?
not prideful
ignored afterwards
helpful afterwards
Sasha flicked Jesse's tongue as they were making out passionately in the basement.
Why did Sasha do this?
was showing her anger
was showing her attraction
was showing her resentment
jordan was tired and exhausted so he tried to sleep.
Why did Jordan do this?
run away from his problems
get sleep
forget about his problems
Cameron put their way of navigating home into practice, so they can have a great place to live.
What will happen to Cameron?
learn along with Cameron
Aubrey pulled Remy apart before a fight started so she did not get involved.
What will Aubrey want to do next?
watch Remy
wanted to avoid conflict
get into the fight
Bailey wasted some food today and threw it in the trash by accident.
What will Bailey want to do next?
go to a dance
ride on a horse
get more food
Kendall knew their parents wanted to see the orchestra, so Kendall bought the tickets as an anniversary gift.
How would Kendall feel afterwards?
like they were letting their parents down
likes to buy gifts for her parents
Jesse saw her friend Ash's boyfriend behind Ash's back for several months.
How would you describe Jesse?
a caring person
ignorant of boundaries
Addison had never been on horseback before and they took control too fast.
What will Addison want to do next?
get horseback riding off her bucket list
try horseback riding for the first time
regain authority
Addison left the casino after they had won a jackpot in the slot machines.
Why did Addison do this?
forget money
leave with money
lose more money
Aubrey got up early to make some breakfast. Aubrey finished preparing their breakfast and sat down.
Why did Aubrey do this?
wanted to get something for lunch
wanted to be full
Austin ran the brush through Bailey's hair to get ready for the dance party.
What will happen to Bailey?
be proud of Bailey for going out
look stylish
wait up for Bailey to get home from the party
casey wanted to back up her friend so she performed jan's duty.
What will Casey want to do next?
finish performing jan's duty
refuse to perform jan's duty
Thank her for it
robin was a wizard so she turned the bad outcome into a good one.
How would you describe Robin?
as unskilled
as special
as incompetent
Addison provided Kendall the answer to the question. Kendall then wrote it down in the journal.
How would Addison feel afterwards?
wrote it down in the journal
like a good student
not ready for the test
Ash was invited to a birthday party by a friend which he had to accept.
What will Ash want to do next?
appear empty handed
forget the invite
be present at the party
Sasha caught Tracy off guard when she complemented her after her presentation.
How would Tracy feel as a result?
incapable and irresponsible
confident and capable
annoyed and offended
lee was wealthy and felt guilty so he gave a lot of money to charity.
How would Others feel as a result?
as ungrateful
as appreciative
as unappreciative
Sasha was Skylar's prom date for that night and they both looked great.
What does Sasha need to do before this?
needed to get ready
needed to be fit
start dancing
Bailey watched the show alone and called their friends to tell them about it.
What will Bailey want to do next?
talk to their friends about it
see what their friends did for school
go to the show
Sydney took Skylar out for ice cream today because it was the last day of school.
Why did Sydney do this?
have a bad time with Skylar
have fun with Skylar
start the car and go to the school
After searching for formal clothes to wear for hours, Jordan found shorts in the closet and wore them instead.
How would you describe Jordan?
Someone that doesnt worry about public perceptions
Someone that will work on a task until completing it
Sasha invited friends over to their house. They enjoyed Sunday brunch together often.
How would Sasha feel afterwards?
a bad host
a good host
a bad cook
according to the article Taylor got a closer look.
How would you describe Taylor?
clear person
helpful in work
happy person
Kai broke Casey's arm in the wrestling match last Saturday evening after dinner.
What will happen to Casey?
have to pay Casey's medical bills
hate eachother
be great friends
Tracy gave Kai utterance about what to do next at the company.
What will happen to Tracy?
ask more questions
Samantha was applying to nursing school and asked Lee for a recommendation letter.
What did Samantha need to do before this?
happy for Samantha
happy to help Samantha
finish the nursing prerequisites
Jesse decided to hand the music off and place it in their hands.
What would the others feel afterwards?
happy that Jesse handed the music over
mad that Jesse gave over the music
upset that Jesse had bad music taste
Taylor played beer pong with their friends at the party.
What will Taylor want to do next?
win a championship
win the medal
get drunk
Taylor changed Cameron's opinion after showing him the news article.
What will Cameron want to do next?
try to change more of Cameron's opinions
do nothing
change his mind
Jesse was driving their car for them since they were too drunk to drive.
What does Jesse need to do before this?
get in the car
make sure they didn't get pulled over
pick up friends
I was going to my friend Sams party when I ran into Jan. Jan changed mind about going because there would be a very loud band and the police may show up.
What will happen to Others?
be in trouble if the police arrive
they will have much fun
get phone calls
Tracy was asked if they understood the work and told the teacher at school no.
What will Tracy want to do next?
be polite
learn about the work
answer the teacher
Tracy wanted to drive less to help reduce their impact on the environment.
How would Tracy feel afterwards?
environmentally conscious
Kai worked diligently for years to develop the new vaccine.
Why did Kai do this?
wanted to spread disease
wanted to make the world a better place
ask for a more prominent role within the related research department
Ash knocked the ball out of the way when they were getting something from the garage.
What does Ash need to do before this?
put the ball in the way
go to the garage
Pick up the ball and put it away
Lee gave Carson an overview of the project they need to complete.
What will happen to Carson?
know their task
be better informed
be prepared
Jan got into a cab after a long cross Atlantic flight back to their home.
How would you describe Jan?
ready for bed
a business person
Skylar drove home in their new car after trading in their old one to the dealer.
What does Skylar need to do before this?
take a bus to the dealer
sell their old car
call friends over
Jan drove Skylar back home after Skylar had been stranded on the roadside in the rain for an hour.
How would Skylar feel as a result?
like a great friend after helping Skylar
quite happy to be helpful
Jan needed a science fair project.
What does Jan need to do before this?
take a nap
go take a shower
check out other project ideas online
After the company hired Micah and Pat, Jordan lost a job to them.
What will happen to Jordan?
learn a new trade
ask for a new office
take Micah's place
Riley went to the mall with their mom to do some shopping.
Why did Riley do this?
think about shopping
find something good
buy clothes
Austin got full at dinner and was unable to finish the rack of ribs and all of the side dishes he ordered.
What does Austin need to do before this?
go to a restaurant before this
wrap the rest up
go home before this
Casey was hungry, going down the path in the golf cart, course was changed to go to the clubhouse restaurant.
How would you describe Casey?
ready to eat
Alex learned to sew so he could make lots of money.
Why did Alex do this?
sleep on the job
learn a trade
be lazy
ash saw a large man walking to her so she grabbed her purse.
Why did Ash do this?
be mean
keep her purse safe
see the man
Even though Austin should have been working on the report, Austin continued reading random news.
Why did Austin do this?
work on the report
catch up on the news
finish reading the book
Jordan found yoga will help. She was glad to learn that fact.
What will Jordan want to do next?
proceed with her plans
quit using yoga
keep working at yoga
Carson gave Jesse a lesson on how to play the piano one day.
What will happen to Carson?
proud of Jesse
ask Carson for another lesson
have less frustration on the piano
Kendall closed the door with a slam after Sydney left. It had been a bad fight.
What will happen to Kendall?
have snot come out of their nose while crying
get rewarded by a neighbor for making noise
receive nasty messages from Kendall
Casey was planning Aubrey's wedding and was performing her duties exactly as requested.
How would you describe Casey?
Austin listed every item they needed to purchase at the grocery store on a notepad.
Why did Austin do this?
So that they remember what to purchase
Find a notepad
So that they could give the list to someone
Jordan rendered aid to the cause to help the starving children.
What will Others want to do next?
send Jordan away
wanted to help the starving children
feed the children
Sasha expressed Skylar's thoughts in terms of appreciation and benevolence.
What does Sasha need to do before this?
ignore them
forget the thoughts
make them coherent
Quinn saw that the water ran out so nobody could get a drink. Quinn put water in the machine.
How would you describe Quinn?
felt accomplished that he fixed the water issue
a helpful person
felt proud that the others could get water
Kai induced good health in mice in his science project for school.
How would you describe Kai?
a scientific person
a lazy person
Casey went back years and now she can't remember.
What will Casey want to do next?
be happy
be forgetful
be sad
Riley forced Jan's entrance when the door wouldn't open for her.
What will Riley want to do next?
check the door for locks
need to apologize to Jan
run at the door
Robin had a way with words so she talked the whole class into wanting to study for the next test.
How would you describe Robin?
Very wise teacher
happy and relaxed
An independent
Sasha got the results of the test and was pleased to see they'd passed.
What does Sasha need to do before this?
Celebrate with friends
sign up for a class
Party with her friends
Kai was supposed to go help her club set up for the event but instead she visited some friends' house.
How would Others feel as a result?
cares more about friends than responsibilities
Ash stayed away from them when he realized they were criminals.
Why did Ash do this?
stay farther away from them
did this to stay safe
report them to the police
Aubrey stayed up all night studying. The next day in class she fell asleep.
What did Aubrey do?
barely studied but still got an A on the test
fell asleep in class
turned her work in late
Casey owed money for college and Remy paid her bill so she wouldn't owe.
How would Casey feel as a result?
generous and kind
like a good friend
Kai took the bike to a repair shop but the shop was closed and they had to walk to bike home.
How would Kai feel afterwards?
happy that it was closed
excited to come back again
frustrated about having to come back again
Bailey looked at the note, but it didn't make sense to her the way it was written, so she shredded it.
Why did Bailey do this?
write a new note
go on with her work
type an email instead
Because he did now want to contribute Jordan hid money from their parents and told them he was broke.
How would Others feel as a result?
like Jordan doesn't care
disappointed in Jordan's grade
ashamed and embarrassed
according to the article Jesse moved houses to get into the action.
How would you describe Jesse?
unhappy with
not helpful
it helpful
Casey met my wife when we went out to dinner.
What will Others want to do next?
ignore them
get to know my wife better
be nice
Tracy took Lee into a better life by giving a lot of gifts and good food.
Why did Tracy do this?
say thank you
Cameron gave Robin the satisfaction of victory when they won the game that day.
How would you describe Cameron?
very glad
As a good sport
As someone who think Robin payed for it
Quinn got ready to go to work after taking a shower and brushing his teeth.
What does Quinn need to do before this?
take a shower
meet up with Quinn
call in sick
Jordan took care of what she needed to.
What will Jordan want to do next?
watch tv
check it twice
a hard worker
Skylar saved their father's bacon so that it could be served at their family reunion.
What will family members want to do next?
cook the bacon
throw away the bacon
feed the family
addison did not want to please kendall so he gave her a sandwich instead.
How would Kendall feel as a result?
as calm
as ungrateful
Madelyn was applying to nursing school and asked Lee for a recommendation letter.
What did Madelyn need to do before this?
do good work for Lee to impress them
give Lee a job interview
finish going to medical school
Cameron ran some tests on his patient, Kendall because she was very ill.
What will Kendall want to do next?
get medicine
get to the bottom of the illness
find out what was wrong
Cameron had a big paper due later in the week, so Cameron put pen to paper.
What will Cameron want to do next?
research his topic
write an outline
redo his topic
Sasha is an athlete. She rides her bike everywhere, whenever possible.
What does Sasha need to do before this?
take care of her bike
borrow bikes from friends
learn to skateboard
Skylar set the mouse free and hoped it would be ok.
What will Skylar want to do next?
see the mouse run off next
put out poison next
kill the mouse
Riley bore himself pain at the gym with the weights.
Why did Riley do this?
wanted to get powerful
Addison told Jordan a rumor about someone, so Jordan told them what Addison had said.
How would Addison feel as a result?
like they did the right thing
like they won the game