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"i can 't tell who will arrive first ."
"many animals have been destroyed by men ."
"i 'm in the tennis club ."
"emi looks happy ."
"please bear this fact in mind ."
"she takes care of my children ."
"we want to be international ."
"you ought not to break your promise ."
"when you cross the street , watch out for cars ."
"i have nothing to live for ."
"my father consented to my going abroad ."
"you have eaten lunch , haven 't you ?"
"i haven 't read any of his novels ."
"he did not know where to go ."
"she is a bit like her mother ."
"don 't be a dog ."
"it 's a cloudy day ."
"he saw it also ."
"i do not like music ."
"it cannot be true ."
"i have half a mind to undertake the work ."
"soccer is more popular in japan than it used to be ."
"we shouldn 't have any trouble if the traffic isn 't too heavy ."
"i was kept waiting for as long as two hours ."
"bob is my friend ."
"i just brush it off ."
"please come to my house in the afternoon ."
"how long does it take by car ?"
"i have known her since she was a child ."
"i have nothing to declare ."
"have you eaten dinner yet ?"
"do you have much snow in your country ?"
"he always speaks ill of his father behind his back ."
"how did you see that ?"
"i 've missed my aim ."
"at your age you should know better ."
"she was very busy ."
"he never shrinks from danger ."
"what time is it ?"
"she was almost late for school ."
"i like it very much ."
"can you repeat what you said ?"
"congratulations on being accepted to the school you 've always wanted to go to ."
"please hold on a moment ."
"she drinks a little wine at times ."
"they dared not look me in the face ."
"his story seems to be strange ."
"she boasts of her car ."
"it is in order to hear your voice well ."
"the number of boys in our class is thirty ."
"i have to take an examination in history tomorrow ."
"are you against my plan ?"
"i 'm going to give you a year 's worth of allowance all at once ."
"i took the children to school ."
"don 't be afraid ."
"my father may be at home now ."
"he has seen better days ."
"we got to know each other in london ."
"you may be free to do what you like ."
"these shoes are mine ."
"drop me a line when you get there ."
"he took a week off ."
"i intended to have gone fishing ."
"she failed to understand a single word ."
"what are you talking about ?"
"he is doing it with my help ."
"he is married to an american lady ."
"the cat ran up the tree ."
"he pretends to know everything ."
"john is walking in the direction of the station ."
"there 's no need to get so angry ."
"let me call you back later , ok ?"
"please help yourself to more cake ."
"i have two foreign friends ."
"you have to make efforts if you are to succeed ."
"choose between these two ."
"the house is quite run down ."
"i was born in osaka , but brought up in tokyo ."
"please get this work finished by monday ."
"they still haven 't found a buyer for that house ."
"there 's a possibility of war ."
"she woke to find herself in the hospital ."
"she isn 't as energetic as she once was ."
"that 's what i want to say !"
"how will you travel to osaka ?"
"i congratulated her on her success in the examination ."
"please speak more slowly ."
"ten to one he will get married to her ."
"check , please ."
"we heard a cry from above ."
"we see a lot of cars on the street ."
"are these yours ?"
"i have to write a letter ."
"that hat cost around fifty dollars ."
"what do chinese people have for breakfast ?"
"he wants you to stay here ."
"he should have taken the examination ."
"my brother was killed in a traffic accident ."
"this work is simple enough for a child to do ."
"the train doesn 't stop at that station ."
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