in which state of india is dogri spoken
[ "Jammu", "Kashmir" ]
release date of movie how to train your dragon 3
[ "March 1, 2019" ]
who won the battle of first bull run
[ "Confederate" ]
who had the highest batting average in the mlb
[ "Ty Cobb" ]
who discovered neptune in the late 19th century
[ "Johann Gottfried Galle" ]
when was the first train started in india
[ "in 1837" ]
who played anne shirley in anne of green gables
[ "Megan Elizabeth Laura Diana Follows" ]
who played light in the death note movie
[ "Nat Wolff" ]
who starred in pirates of the caribbean 4
[ "Johnny Depp", "Ian McShane", "Penélope Cruz" ]
who sings the theme song for the boondocks
[ "Asheru" ]
who won mvp of the nba all-star game
[ "LeBron James" ]
what is the current population of the bahamas
[ "391,232" ]
who does angela have a baby with on the office
[ "Dwight" ]
what is the english name of sapota fruit
[ "soapapple" ]
when is the next daredevil season 3 coming out
[ "2018" ]
when did the united states and britain sign a peace treaty
[ "1814" ]
when did the cabbage patch dolls come out
[ "1978" ]
what percentage of gdp does america spend on defense
[ "3.1" ]
who wrote the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism
[ "Max Weber" ]
who wrote ill never love again a star is born
[ "Hillary Lindsey", "Lady Gaga", "Aaron Raitiere", "Natalie Hemby" ]
who was the first prime minister of tanzania
[ "Rashidi Kawawa" ]
what is the name of the football team in facing the giants
[ "the Eagles" ]
who sang lead on when i'm 64
[ "Paul McCartney" ]
what is the style of this boy by the beatles
[ "doo-wop" ]
nigeria was given it's name by who
[ "Flora Louise Shaw" ]