who was the comic book series amar chitra katha created
[ "Anant Pai" ]
who holds the record for most confirmed sniper kills in history
[ "Simo Häyhä" ]
miss world japan 2016 is a great grand child of a former chief minister of
[ "West Bengal" ]
who played barry gordy on the temptations movie
[ "Obba Babatundé" ]
what country does the name zoe come from
[ "originally from the Greek" ]
simba's mother's name in the lion king
[ "Sarabi" ]
who won the last triple crown in baseball
[ "Miguel Cabrera" ]
what kind of telescope is the chandra observatory
[ "X-ray telescopes" ]
when was gold discovered in the klondike region of the yukon
[ "August 16, 1896" ]
who is the current president of france today
[ "Emmanuel Macron" ]
the point of concurrence of medians is called
[ "centroid" ]
how many pages is the forest of hands and teeth
[ "312" ]
where did the industrialization first begin in europe
[ "the United Kingdom" ]
how long until a sunburn starts to peel
[ "3 to 8 days" ]
what was the robot maids name on the jetsons
[ "Rosie" ]
when did the battle of the bulge start
[ "16 December 1944" ]
when is the last time scotland were in the world cup
[ "1998" ]
what nations were the central powers in ww1
[ "Austria-Hungary", "Ottoman", "Ottoman Empire", "Germany" ]
who has been appointed as the new chancellor of nalanda university
[ "Dr. Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar" ]
is windows movie maker used for development or playback
[ "video editing" ]
who plays anastasia in fifty shades of grey
[ "Dakota Mayi Johnson" ]
who has won more oscars then anyone else
[ "Katharine Hepburn" ]
who plays gisele in fast and furious 6
[ "Gal Gadot" ]
what was the point of the anaconda plan
[ "cut the South in two" ]
what's the name of the white sox park
[ "Guaranteed Rate Field" ]
who was jesus in the greatest story ever told
[ "Max von Sydow" ]
when did the lyrics to o canada change
[ "1980" ]
which team is on top in fifa 2018
[ "Germany" ]
when does the new dragonball super come out
[ "TBA" ]
the vedic period in india is marked by the development of
[ "large, urbanised states" ]
who do you play as in pokemon yellow
[ "a wild Pikachu" ]
who ran the first sub 4 minute mile
[ "Roger Bannister" ]
who was in series 1 of safe house
[ "Christopher Eccleston as Robert Carmichael", "Marsha Thomason as Katy Carmichael" ]
who played the other twin in parent trap
[ "Hayley Mills" ]
where is the gum wall in seattle washington
[ "Post Alley" ]
what year did the christmas story come out
[ "1983" ]
who plays rebecca in bridget jones edge of reason
[ "Jacinda Barrett" ]
who won season 8 of rupaul's drag race
[ "Bob the Drag Queen" ]
who want to be a millionaire winners uk
[ "Judith Cynthia Aline Keppel", "Pat Gibson", "Robert Kempe Brydges", "Ingram Wilcox", "David Edwards" ]
who does the voice of chucky in seed of chucky
[ "Brad Dourif" ]
who does cody zeller play for in the nba
[ "the Charlotte Hornets" ]
when does new season of first 48 start
[ "October 19, 2017" ]
who qualified in group h 2018 world cup
[ "Belgium" ]
who is the voice of the t rex in the good dinosaur
[ "Sam Elliott" ]
how many episodes of sea patrol are there
[ "68" ]
who discovered systemic blood circulation system in human body
[ "William Harvey" ]
what is the dog called in midsomer murders
[ "Sykes" ]
what did the animals turn into in cinderella
[ "horses" ]
the leader of iraq during the persian gulf war was
[ "Saddam Hussein" ]
who are the quad city river bandits affiliated with
[ "Houston Astros" ]
who plays the vulcan on star trek enterprise
[ "Jolene Blalock" ]
who won the first academy award for best picture
[ "Wings" ]
who scored the most goals in one season in la liga
[ "Lionel Messi" ]
who is the series all american based on
[ "professional football player Spencer Paysinger" ]
who won last year's women's ncaa tournament
[ "South Carolina" ]
how many seats in ontario to have party status
[ "8 seats" ]
when did wrath of the lich king release
[ "November 13, 2008" ]
when does the great christmas light fight 2017 start
[ "December 4, 2017" ]
who starred in the original movie the magnificent seven
[ "Yul Brynner" ]
who does wolverine fight at the end of origins
[ "Weapon XI" ]
who does the voice of the food critic in ratatouille
[ "Peter O'Toole" ]
when do we need to revisit bcp plan and strategy
[ "Biannual or annual" ]
who wins season 2 of americas next top model
[ "Saleisha Stowers" ]
who sings small town throwdown with brantley gilbert
[ "Justin Moore" ]
the four noble truths presupposed what three characteristics of reality
[ "impermanence", "unsatisfactoriness or suffering", "non-self" ]
shmuel the boy in the striped pajamas actor
[ "Jack Charles Scanlon" ]
where is most of earths fresh water located
[ "ice caps" ]
who is often considered america's most prolific composer
[ "Stephen Collins Foster" ]
who has the longest win streak in the nba
[ "The Los Angeles Lakers" ]
average hourly wage in india in us dollars
[ "0.31" ]
the dot product of two vectors results in a
[ "a vector" ]
how many episodes are there in the tv series yellowstone
[ "9" ]
who organized known elements by placing them into groups of three called triads
[ "Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner" ]
when was the last time kansas state university was in the elite 8
[ "2018" ]
where does the tip of a picc line end
[ "the superior vena cava" ]
when did us gain control of the philippines
[ "December 10, 1898" ]
the first collaboration of richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein ii was
[ "Oklahoma!" ]
who wrote the song kind of a drag
[ "Jim Holvay" ]
when was the last time a nuclear bomb was detonated
[ "September 2017" ]
who is the pink hair girl in sailor moon
[ "Chibiusa" ]
who's the best selling female artist of all time
[ "Madonna" ]
when was the last province added to canada
[ "April 1, 1999" ]
what is the most populated region in ghana
[ "Ashanti" ]
when was the last time the panthers were in the superbowl
[ "2015" ]
where was the airport scene in dumb and dumber filmed
[ "Salt Lake City International Airport" ]
the united states today uses which kind of currency
[ "the dollar" ]
which nation was not part of the united nations allied military force in korea
[ "North Korea" ]
how much points did lavar ball average in college
[ "2.2 points" ]
what brings in more money nba or nfl
[ "National Football League" ]
where is the office of un general assembly located
[ "New York City" ]
where did the phrase eating crow come from
[ "unknown" ]
the optic nerve is known also as what cranial nerve
[ "cranial nerve II" ]
who has the final authority under the federal system
[ "the Supreme Court" ]
who does sam marry in foyle's war
[ "Adam Wainwright" ]
when does new series of dr who start 2018
[ "7 October 2018" ]
how many episodes in series 1 of orange is the new black
[ "13" ]
which second messenger molecule acts on the endoplasmic reticulum to release calcium ions
[ "Calcium ions" ]
who holds the record for most 3 pointers in a finals game
[ "Ray Allen" ]
who was the first captain of pakistan cricket team
[ "Abdul Hafeez Kardar" ]
who plays anna in days of our lives
[ "Leann Hunley" ]