who explored the west coast of north america
[ "Spanish" ]
when were the subways built in new york city
[ "October 27, 1904" ]
a blend of capitalism and socialism is known as
[ "A mixed economy" ]
when did once upon a time in venice come out
[ "June 16, 2017" ]
who features in birds in the trap sing mcknight
[ "Kendrick Lamar", "21 Savage", "The Weeknd", "Kid Cudi", "Blac Youngsta", "André 3000", "Nav", "Young Thug featuring Quavo", "K. Forest", "Bryson Tiller" ]
how many membranes do gram negative bacteria have
[ "two" ]
who pitched the last perfect game in baseball
[ "Félix Hernández" ]
when is the next episode of flash going to air
[ "October 10, 2017" ]
when did significant amounts of oxygen appear in the earths atmosphere
[ "541 million years ago" ]
when was the a* introduced at a level
[ "2010" ]
where did the song santa claus is coming to town come from
[ "Eddie Cantor's radio show" ]
where did adam lambert go to high school
[ "Mount Carmel High School" ]
who played jimmy in high school musical 3
[ "Matthew Prokop" ]
a memorial commemorating the landing of the 1820 settlers
[ "the 1820 Settlers National Monument" ]
who plays earl on my name is earl
[ "Jason Michael Lee" ]
who sings i get by with a little help
[ "Ringo Starr" ]
when did they stop making tin type photos
[ "early 20th century" ]
who introduced the concept of providing alu in the computer system
[ "John von Neumann" ]
how many keys are on microsoft windows standard keyboard
[ "104" ]
who was the first chief minister of punjab after independence
[ "Gopi Chand Bhargava" ]
who plays andy's brother in the office
[ "Josh Groban" ]
1. what is erikson’s stage for the early childhood age group
[ "2–4 years" ]
13 reason why season 2 episode 1 release date
[ "May 18, 2018" ]
when did the original my little pony come out
[ "1981" ]
when does marvel's the gifted come out
[ "October 2, 2017" ]
who won cricket match between india and bangladesh
[ "India" ]
where is the saracens rugby union team based
[ "London,[1] England" ]
where did the term trick or treat come from
[ "Blackie, Alberta" ]
what is the school in dead poets society
[ "Welton Academy" ]
when did the baseball player jackie robinson die
[ "October 24, 1972" ]
who won the last mens cricket world cup
[ "Australia" ]
who produced it ain't hard to tell
[ "Large Professor" ]
what is the second biggest state in united states
[ "Texas" ]
which is the state flower of himachal pradesh
[ "Pink rhododendron" ]
where is walnut grove on little house on the prairie
[ "Minnesota" ]
song how sweet it is to be loved by you lyrics
[ "Marvin Gaye" ]
what is the mlb record for most hits in a row
[ "12" ]
where does the money for unemployment benefits come from
[ "a compulsory governmental insurance system" ]
who sang since you've been gone by rainbow
[ "Graham Bonnet" ]
when does star wars the last jedi play
[ "December 9, 2017" ]
who played jade on days of our lives
[ "Gabrielle Haugh" ]
where is the mekong river delta located in vietnam
[ "southwestern Vietnam" ]
what is a natural source of salicylic acid
[ "willow tree" ]
who played the mother on the partridge family
[ "Shirley Mae Jones" ]
who played bill cosby's son on the cosby show
[ "Malcolm-Jamal Warner" ]
who played tita in like water for chocolate
[ "Lumi Cavazos" ]
who came up with the idea of daylight saving time
[ "George Hudson" ]
when do they stop measuring crown to rump
[ "later in pregnancy" ]
who is the highest goal scorer in the epl
[ "Mohamed Salah" ]
which u.s. political party is considered to lean to the left
[ "Democrats" ]
who did the texas rangers play in the world series
[ "St. Louis Cardinals", "San Francisco Giants" ]
who was first indian governor general of india
[ "C. Rajagopalachari" ]
when does the season finale of andi mack come on
[ "August 13, 2018" ]
who is next in line for the royal throne of england
[ "Charles, Prince of Wales" ]
when was the first cabbage patch kid made
[ "1982" ]
who is the ceo of t rowe price
[ "William Stromberg" ]
when did the 4th harry potter book come out
[ "8 July 2000" ]
who was islands in the stream written for
[ "Marvin Gaye" ]
how many cities of refuge were the israelites to form
[ "six" ]
who was the first band to play at woodstock
[ "Richie Havens" ]
what was the third battle of the american revolution
[ "Battles of Lexington and Concord" ]
who is the starting kicker for the atlanta falcons
[ "Steven Matt Bryant" ]
which two countries were the leading powers during the cold war
[ "Soviet Union", "United States" ]
who played the oompa loompas in charlie and the chocolate factory
[ "Deep Roy" ]
when does the school year start in france
[ "early September" ]
who said give me loberty or give me death
[ "Patrick Henry" ]
when did we start the pledge of allegiance
[ "1942" ]
what is the difference between a 1931 and a 1932 ford
[ "V8 engine" ]
what is the real name of sleeping beauty
[ "Aurora" ]
when do real housewives of orange county start
[ "July 10, 2017" ]
who has scored the most goals in a premier league debut season
[ "Kevin Phillips" ]
who has more la liga goals messi or ronaldo
[ "Messi" ]
who won the champions trophy 2017 cricket tournament
[ "Pakistan" ]
who sings the song save a horse ride a cowboy
[ "Big & Rich" ]
what's the name of the latest james bond movie
[ "Spectre" ]
when did the tv show full house start
[ "September 22, 1987" ]
who is responsible for the bombing in quantico
[ "supervising training agent Liam O'Connor" ]
in the otolith organs the otoliths are calcium carbonate particles that ____
[ "to perceive linear acceleration" ]
the centers of most cities became business areas after the invention of what
[ "skyscraper" ]
what is the tallest building in baltimore city
[ "Transamerica Tower" ]
who play the character of anarkali in mughal e azam
[ "Madhubala" ]
when was if you were coming in the fall written
[ "1890" ]
who was required to have affirmative action programs
[ "countries that ratified the convention" ]
what episode of the flash is crisis on earth x
[ "Season 4, Episode 8" ]
who invented the first gear driven calculating machine
[ "Wilhelm Schickard" ]
who sings i can't go for that
[ "Hall & Oates" ]
writer of the monk who sold his ferrari
[ "Robin Sharma" ]
when is the next new episode of agents of shield
[ "March 9, 2018" ]
when did 3 point shot start in college basketball
[ "1980–81" ]
who plays al pacino in jack and jill
[ "Al Pacino" ]
once upon a time season 7episode 11 release date
[ "March 9, 2018" ]
who plays the voice of joy in inside out
[ "Amy Poehler" ]
what was the number one song on april 20th 2000
[ "Maria Maria" ]
who plays noah in the boy next door
[ "Ryan Guzman" ]
who ruled the ottoman empire at its height in about 1550
[ "Suleiman I" ]
when does damon first develop feelings for elena
[ "season two" ]
who plays kim kelly on freaks and geeks
[ "Busy Philipps" ]
who wrote take it easy by the eagles
[ "Glenn Frey", "Jackson Browne" ]
how many korean athletes in winter olympics 2018
[ "122" ]
how much does it cost to renew a cuban passport
[ "US$500" ]