where did they film hot tub time machine
[ "Fernie Alpine Resort" ]
who has the right of way in international waters
[ "Neither vessel" ]
who does annie work for attack on titan
[ "Marley" ]
when was the immigration reform and control act passed
[ "November 6, 1986" ]
when was puerto rico added to the usa
[ "1950" ]
who has been chosen for best supporting actress in 64 national filmfare award
[ "Zaira Wasim" ]
which side of the white house is the front
[ "North" ]
names of the metropolitan municipalities in south africa
[ "Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality", "Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality", "eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality", "City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality", "City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality", "Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality", "City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality" ]
who's hosting the super bowl in 2019
[ "Atlanta, Georgia" ]
in which year vivo launch its first phone in india
[ "2014" ]
where does it talk about mary magdalene in the bible
[ "New Testament" ]
who carries the nuclear football for the president
[ "aide-de-camp" ]
what is the origin of the name cynthia
[ "Greek" ]
who is the guy who voiced disney channel
[ "\"Buzz\" Brainard", "Cameron" ]
what's the legal marriage age in new york
[ "18" ]
when do the red hot chili peppers tour
[ "March 2018" ]
who plays mavis in the movie hotel transylvania
[ "Sadie Sandler", "Selena Gomez" ]
what is the channel number for cartoon network on spectrum
[ "768 (HD)", "68 (SD)" ]
when are the fa cup semi finals played
[ "the new Wembley Stadium" ]
when did the ipod touch 6 gen came out
[ "July 15, 2015" ]
west ham players in the 1966 world cup
[ "Martin Peters", "Geoff Hurst", "Bobby Moore" ]
who sings the theme song for miami vice
[ "Jan Hammer" ]
who sings should have seen it in color
[ "Jamey Johnson" ]
who starred in the movie deep water horizon
[ "Kurt Russell", "Dylan O'Brien", "John Malkovich", "Kate Hudson", "Gina Rodriguez", "Mark Wahlberg" ]
when did justin bieber perform at madison square garden
[ "August 31, 2010" ]
protozoan classification used to be based on their means of
[ "locomotion" ]
who was the first one to migrate to madinah
[ "Islamic prophet Muhammad" ]
ice sheets and tundra are typical of which koppen climate category
[ "polar" ]
what is the size of the angles of an equilateral triangle
[ "60°" ]
when does beaty and the beast take place
[ "Rococo-era" ]
who sings done for me with charlie puth
[ "American singer Kehlani" ]
what counties are in the 6th congressional district in ga
[ "Fulton", "DeKalb", "Cobb" ]
who was heading indian army during bangladesh libration war 1971
[ "Sam Manekshaw" ]
who wrote the music for somewhere in time
[ "John Barry" ]
who sings the marriage of figaro in shawshank redemption
[ "Edith Mathis", "Gundula Janowitz" ]
who did chris long play football for last year
[ "Eagles" ]
when did harry potter and the deathly hallows come out
[ "21 July 2007" ]
how many episode of my hero academia season 2
[ "25" ]
during the rebuttal section of a formal debate which team speaks first
[ "the affirmative team" ]
when was the last amendment made to the us constitution
[ "May 5, 1992" ]
starch based food to be made into plastic
[ "corn starch" ]
when did north korea launch the first missile
[ "1984" ]
what mineral in 4 ga sandstones was dated to determine the age of the earth
[ "zircon" ]
when is the last time a total eclipse happened in the us
[ "August 21, 2017" ]
when did india participate in olympics for first time
[ "1900" ]
when is it revealed that luke and leia are siblings
[ "In Return of the Jedi" ]
what is the population of farmington new mexico
[ "41,629" ]
what was the last year they made the gmc envoy
[ "2008" ]
new amsterdam was the main settlement in the dutch colony of
[ "New Netherland" ]
in the bible who was thrown into the fiery furnace
[ "Meshach", "Abednego", "Shadrach" ]
how does the oral cavity help the digestive system
[ "produces a lubricating mucus" ]
who was alf married to in home and away
[ "Ailsa Stewart" ]
when did miss usa last win miss universe
[ "2012" ]
when did the shooting happen in greys anatomy
[ "May 20, 2010" ]
who sings in there's something about mary
[ "Jonathan Richman" ]
when will new tappan zee bridge be completed
[ "the end of 2018" ]
where is the rio grande river located in jamaica
[ "parish of Portland" ]
where did the us get the statue of liberty
[ "the people of France" ]
where is the new tottenham stadium being built
[ "the London Borough of Haringey" ]
who won icc t 20 world cup 2016
[ "West Indies" ]
who does jessica marry in the merchant of venice
[ "Lorenzo" ]
when were the triplets born on this is us
[ "1980" ]
what degree do you get out of medical school
[ "Doctor of Medicine (MD" ]
what was the source of alpha particles in rutherford's experiment
[ "helium nuclei" ]
who plays glenn on the good doctor episode 7
[ "Titus Welliver" ]
who does patrick stewart play in star trek
[ "Captain Jean-Luc Picard" ]
real name of ginny weasley in harry potter
[ "Bonnie Francesca Wright" ]
what animal is mr. big in the movie zootopia
[ "Arctic shrew" ]
who coined the phrase what happens in vegas
[ "R&R Partners", "ad agency" ]
when did the suite life of zack and cody first air
[ "March 18, 2005" ]
who began the mass printing of bibles five centuries ago
[ "Johannes Gutenberg" ]
who is next in line if president dies
[ "the vice president" ]
what was the famous window called in the notre dame cathedral in paris france
[ "rose window" ]
what is reagan's job in new girl
[ "pharmaceutical sales rep" ]
who played raoul in the phantom of the opera
[ "Patrick Wilson" ]
what are the two main political parties in france
[ "The Republicans", "the Socialist Party" ]
when did the golden knights join the nhl
[ "2017" ]
how many episodes in season 1 of the oc
[ "27" ]
where are the upper motor neurons that control skeletal muscles found
[ "the precentral gyrus" ]
what type of government structure does the us have
[ "constitutional republic" ]
when did apple computer change to apple inc
[ "January 9, 2007" ]
who won the mens money in the bank match
[ "Braun Strowman" ]
the depth of the wave base is approximately
[ "half the wavelength" ]
cities in washington state that start with o
[ "Ocean Shores", "Oak Harbor", "Orting", "Othello", "Olympia", "Oroville", "Okanogan", "Omak", "Oakville" ]
when is tornado season in the united states
[ "March through June" ]
when did the olympics start every 2 years
[ "1994" ]
who says the opening of law and order svu
[ "Steven M. Zirnkilton" ]
who has highest number of subscribers on youtube
[ "PewDiePie" ]
when did they launch the international space station
[ "1998" ]
who played willy wonka in the original movie
[ "Gene Wilder" ]
who wrote the song i drive your truck
[ "Jimmy Yeary", "Jessi Alexander", "Connie Harrington" ]
where did the idea of a messiah come from
[ "Judaism" ]
who was the film chariots of fire about
[ "Eric Liddell", "Harold Abrahams" ]
membership in the european union requires countries to have which type of government
[ "democracy" ]
when did the life of pablo come out
[ "February 14, 2016" ]
who played freddy krueger in the 2010 nightmare on elm street
[ "Jackie Earle Haley" ]
who sings dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me
[ "The Pussycat Dolls" ]
who did lebron james play for before the cleveland cavaliers
[ "Miami Heat" ]
where does the reed go on a saxophone
[ "the mouthpiece" ]
who stars in the movie my cousin rachel
[ "Rachel Weisz", "Holliday Grainger", "Pierfrancesco Favino", "Iain Glen", "Sam Claflin" ]