Task Categories: question-answering
Multilinguality: monolingual
Size Categories: 1M<n<10M
Language Creators: expert-generated found
Annotations Creators: found
Source Datasets: original
Licenses: unknown
Dataset Preview
The dataset preview is not available for this split.
Server error
Status code:   400
Exception:     ManualDownloadError
Message:                           The dataset medical_dialog with config en requires manual data.
                    Please follow the manual download instructions:

  For English:
You need to go to,    and manually download the dataset from Google Drive. Once it is completed,
    a file named Medical-Dialogue-Dataset-English-<timestamp-info>.zip will appear in your Downloads folder(
    or whichever folder your browser chooses to save files to). Unzip the folder to obtain
    a folder named "Medical-Dialogue-Dataset-English" several text files.

    Now, you can specify the path to this folder for the data_dir argument in the
    datasets.load_dataset(...) option.
    The <path/to/folder> can e.g. be "/Downloads/Medical-Dialogue-Dataset-English".
    The data can then be loaded using the below command:         `datasets.load_dataset("medical_dialog", name="en", data_dir="/Downloads/Medical-Dialogue-Dataset-English")`.

  For Chinese:
Follow the above process. Change the 'name' to 'zh'.The download link is

    - A caution while downloading from drive. It is better to download single files since creating a zip might not include files <500 MB. This has been observed mutiple times.
    - After downloading the files and adding them to the appropriate folder, the path of the folder can be given as input tu the data_dir path.

                    Manual data can be loaded with:
                     datasets.load_dataset("medical_dialog", data_dir="<path/to/manual/data>")

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