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✅ Ever wondered how to measure transparency in model development?

My last open-source contribution for 2023 is s Space that allows you to self-assess the transparency of your model based on the 100 indicators of the Foundation Model Transparency Index (FMTI).

The original study evaluated the developers of 10 top LLMs. Curious about how yours measures up? 👀


Let's commit to a 2024 with greater transparency in the AI ecosystem! 🚀
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Holiday talk about AI taking over? Let's shift the narrative!

🌟 There is no reason to believe that just because AI systems are intelligent they will want to dominate us. Yann LeCun reminds us that AI systems won't have the same motivations as humans, we'll design them not to.

🌍 Instead of getting distracted by future existential risks, we must address AI’s more pressing risks — like emitting carbon, infringing copyrights and spreading bias. Sasha Luccioni urges us to create tools and legislation that promote transparency and diversity.

💡 Dive deeper into these perspectives:
- Yann's ( @ylecun ) WIRED interview (12'):
- Sasha's ( @sasha ) TED Talk (10'):

P.S.: Love this new "Posts" feature, big thanks to 🤗 for letting me try it!

What are your go-to citations for AI risks? 👇