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GPT-2 finetuned on French Dataset


We use GPT-2 tokenizer.


We finetuned the wte and wpe layers of GPT-2 (while freezing the parameters of all other layers) on OSCAR's unshuffled_original_fr French data subset. We used Huggingface's code for fine-tuning the causal language model GPT-2, but with the following parameters changed

- preprocessing_num_workers: 8
- per_device_train_batch_size: 2
- gradient_accumulation_steps: 4
- per_device_eval_batch_size: 2
- eval_accumulation_steps: 4
- eval_steps: 1000 
- evaluation_strategy: "steps"
- max_eval_samples: 5000

Final checkpoint: checkpoint-76500

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