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thumbnail: Portuguese BERT for the Legal Domain
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pipeline_tag: sentence-similarity
  - stjiris/portuguese-legal-sentences-v0
  - assin
  - assin2
  - stsb_multi_mt
  - source_sentence: O advogado apresentou as provas ao juíz.
      - O juíz leu as provas.
      - O juíz leu o recurso.
      - O juíz atirou uma pedra.
    example_title: Example 1
  - name: BERTimbau
      - task:
          name: STS
          type: STS
          - name: Pearson Correlation - assin Dataset
            type: Pearson Correlation
            value: 0.7850907169185208
          - name: Pearson Correlation - assin2 Dataset
            type: Pearson Correlation
            value: 0.8115778913390613
          - name: Pearson Correlation - stsb_multi_mt pt Dataset
            type: Pearson Correlation
            value: 0.8362541665709619


A Semantic Search System for Supremo Tribunal de Justiça

Work developed as part of Project IRIS.

Thesis: A Semantic Search System for Supremo Tribunal de Justiça

stjiris/bert-large-portuguese-cased-legal-mlm-sts-v0 (Legal BERTimbau)

This is a sentence-transformers model: It maps sentences & paragraphs to a 1024 dimensional dense vector space and can be used for tasks like clustering or semantic search. stjiris/bert-large-portuguese-cased-legal-mlm-sts-v0 derives from stjiris/bert-large-portuguese-cased-legal-mlm (legal variant of BERTimbau large).

It was trained using the MLM technique with a learning rate 1e-5 Legal Sentences from +-30000 documents 15000 training steps (best performance for our semantic search system implementation)

It was trained for Semantic Textual Similarity, being submitted to a fine tuning stage with the assin, assin2 and stsb_multi_mt pt datasets. 'lr': 1e-5

Usage (Sentence-Transformers)

Using this model becomes easy when you have sentence-transformers installed:

pip install -U sentence-transformers

Then you can use the model like this:

from sentence_transformers import SentenceTransformer
sentences = ["Isto é um exemplo", "Isto é um outro exemplo"]

model = SentenceTransformer('stjiris/bert-large-portuguese-cased-legal-mlm-sts-v0')
embeddings = model.encode(sentences)

Usage (HuggingFace Transformers)

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModel
import torch

#Mean Pooling - Take attention mask into account for correct averaging
def mean_pooling(model_output, attention_mask):
    token_embeddings = model_output[0] #First element of model_output contains all token embeddings
    input_mask_expanded = attention_mask.unsqueeze(-1).expand(token_embeddings.size()).float()
    return torch.sum(token_embeddings * input_mask_expanded, 1) / torch.clamp(input_mask_expanded.sum(1), min=1e-9)

# Sentences we want sentence embeddings for
sentences = ['This is an example sentence', 'Each sentence is converted']

# Load model from HuggingFace Hub
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained('stjiris/bert-large-portuguese-cased-legal-mlm-sts-v0')
model = AutoModel.from_pretrained('stjiris/bert-large-portuguese-cased-legal-mlm-sts-v0')

# Tokenize sentences
encoded_input = tokenizer(sentences, padding=True, truncation=True, return_tensors='pt')

# Compute token embeddings
with torch.no_grad():
    model_output = model(**encoded_input)
# Perform pooling. In this case, mean pooling.
sentence_embeddings = mean_pooling(model_output, encoded_input['attention_mask'])
print("Sentence embeddings:")

Full Model Architecture

  (0): Transformer({'max_seq_length': 514, 'do_lower_case': False}) with Transformer model: BertModel 
  (1): Pooling({'word_embedding_dimension': 1028, 'pooling_mode_cls_token': False, 'pooling_mode_mean_tokens': True, 'pooling_mode_max_tokens': False, 'pooling_mode_mean_sqrt_len_tokens': False, 'pooling_mode_weightedmean_tokens': False, 'pooling_mode_lasttoken': False})

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