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💡 conceptarium

The conceptarium is an experimental personal knowledge base designed to weave AI capabilities into knowledge work. Its main features include:

  • powerful multi-modal search across ideas
  • sharing microverses of knowledge with peers
  • ranking items by Anki-like activation, so as to promote serendipity



After installing docker and docker-compose, run:

curl -fsS | docker-compose -f - up -d

from source

After pulling this repo run:

python3 -m pip install -r frontend/requirements.txt
python3 -m pip install -r backend/requirements.txt
streamlit run frontend/

# in a separate session:
cd backend
python3 -m uvicorn main:app --reload

Missing dependencies? Please have a look at frontend/Dockerfile and backend/Dockerfile. ARM architecture (e.g. Raspberry Pi)? Remove the torch entries from requirements.txt, and install a custom-built version.


The web app should then be available at localhost:8501, while the API at localhost:8000 (with docs at localhost:8000/docs). The backend component takes a few minutes to get the ML models at first.

To access your local instance, enter the conceptarium URL (i.e. localhost if you ran from source, backend.docker if you used docker), and your desired token. Remember your token, as you'll have to use it to authenticate in future sessions.