I want my art to look better that I drew help me use the AI Generator to smoothen it #11151

by SegaHeart - opened

I drew my own art on pc i need help using the AI generator

If you're looking to use it to upload your art and modify it using craiyon I don't think it currently can do that try stable diffusion or sign up for dalle. If you're looking to make A.I. art just look through the community some of us have styles that we use to create amazing art personally I use a style similar to Cat1 (an old user on here they're gone now) Simple modifiers like the overall style and perfect, subject, description of the subject, (comma), textures, (comma), textures of a specific item for as many items as you want, (comma), Color scheme, (comma) art styles, (comma), HD phone wallpaper so example:

Menacing dark perfect mountainside with birch trees and a river, are made of stone porous smooth cristal textures, river are made of water steam smoke textures, trees are made of feather textures, green lime grey cyan blue yellow brown, painting digital art 3d, HD phone wallpaper

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