This prompt gives some very interesting results. #10325

by Darkhog - opened

Zergaravkkorak Skarova

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Here' my try with your prompt, although the words mean nothing to me:

Zergaravkkorak Skarova.png

Skarova seems to be a surname, that's where that girls face comes from I think. It must pick up Zergaravkkorak as a demonic kind of name, something like you'd get in Warhammer or other fantasy/ sci fi. I always get some interesting results from Carnage, the Marvel Comics villain, so I thought I'd try mashing them up.


Though this would be funny. Here's Zergaravkkorak eating some lemons.

Sorry for double replies, but I'm a big fan of this prompt. The results remind me of Ridley from the Metroid series.

It's seeing the first 4 letters and making a Zerg from Starcraft.