My latex trance art site (great pictures!|AI flaws about inflatables) #10125

by AerialTheShamen - opened

I created on DeviantArt a huge picture gallery about mystical latex art using Craiyon AI.

Particularly I am really surprised how well the AI has a sense for the spiritual essence of latex trance, without mixing it up too badly with violent or obnoxious topics of the zillion other latex related photos from the internet.

Odem 5 - rebirth of cosmic balance-76.jpeg

Odem 5 - rebirth of cosmic balance-74.jpeg

latex trance with mind machine-1.jpg

transactor showing chakras-3.jpeg

But otherwise the AI's knowledge about inflatable latex and rubber objects has many obvious bugs and flaws those need to be fixed.


To the AI, a latex "balloon" is always a somewhat roundish separate object (often floating on a string). It has no idea what uninflated balloons look like or what it means when something of rubber (glove etc.) "balloons" or inflates "like a balloon" =>usually it wrongly attaches a roundish balloon shape (often of different colour) to a slightly deformed part of it.


Only a "balloon sculpture" is fairly well understood. So I tried to render latex balloon sculptures of muscle men, but details not really match physics of actual twisted balloons but resemble more a comic drawing of what is imagined to be a balloon sculpture.

balloon muscle man-5.jpeg

rubber gloves:

The AI has no idea what shapes and size inflated latex/rubber gloves should have (particularly when latex expands bigger than 1st operating range). Gloves (like hands and general) often have a wrong count of fingers or turn into multiple morphed glove shapes.


inner tubes:

To the AI, an "inner tube" is always as a ring shaped inflated object (like a car innertube). It has no clue what uninflated innertubes are. Otherwise it depicts bicycle innertubes always uninflated in its coiled state and has no idea how they look inflated or overinflated. It can show people pumping up a bicycle innertube, which tends to be attached to a bicycle without/morphing with a tyre.

hot water bottles:

The AI has no concept at all that inflated hot water bottles exist or what they look like. A bodybuilder inflating it e.g. tries to blows into a wrong end and the rubber bottle still looks uninflated.

inflatable latex clothing:

The Craiyon AI is fantastic in rendering the translucency of inflated latex trance suits.

(A trance suit intensifies perception of bodily vibration similar like biofeedback during meditation. It is created of inflated latex, because the sacred material transmits cosmic vibrations and energies as the most bioenergetically active material on Earth. So as a spiritual tool it is capable to conduct consciousness for physical interaction with higher dimensions to realize mystical unity.)

It generally has an amazing understanding of what latex clothing looks like, including those in various states of inflation. Impressive is that it even correctly shows the inner membrane of dual layer suits shimmering through by varying translucency at parts expanding into 2nd operating range. But this finds its limits with Fredrik Tjaerandsen's mystical overinflated bubble dress garments.

Even when directly hinted with screenshots, the AI fails to understand how the wearer's body is embedded into their complex geometrical structure or how large they can inflate. (Mentioning "balloon" makes it worse.) It seems that the AI can interpolate but not extrapolate well from examples it had seen. Apparently latex does stretch further than the AI's imagination.