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{"name": "Aaron_Burr", "url": "", "text": "Aaron Burr\nAaron Burr was a United States Vice President.\nAfter killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel on the New Jersey Palisades, Burr fled west.\nAlong with several co-conspirators, Burr plotted to seize land in Texas, Mexico, and Louisiana to establish a new republic, which Burr planned to lead. In 1805, General James Wilkinson warned President Thomas Jefferson of the plot.\nBurr was arrested and put on trial in 1807.\nBehind the scenes\nAaron Burr (February 6, 1756 \u2013 September 14, 1836) was the third Vice President of the United States, best remembered for his killing of Alexander Hamilton in an 1804 duel and his arrest for treason in 1807."}