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{"name": "April_Larken", "url": "", "text": "April Larken\nApril Larken was a young woman that future FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper encountered along with a man called \"Star\" in the summer of 1969.\nBiography\nCooper first encountered April and Star on July 30, 1969 as he traveled back on foot after a boy scouts' jamboree. They seemed to be hippies and drove a VW bus and as Cooper drove, they had sex under a crystal pyramid glued to the ceiling and took drugs. Later in the day, April stripped off her clothes and chased fireflies as Star slept and Dale got drunk on brandy. She came back with a firefly and then comforted Cooper, who had become sick.\nStar and April later parted ways with Cooper, April giving him a crystal pyramid.\nThe following month of April, she encountered Cooper again, by then having parted with Star and was then a student teacher in Dale's English class. She introduced him to poetry, but it soon became apparent that he was not cut out to be a poet.\nShe later became involved with Cooper's history teacher, Mr. Hord, and Cooper came to her apartment to tell her about troubles he had been having lately, though he also had ulterior motives of a sexual nature.\nThe last time Cooper saw her was a week later before she and Mr. Hord left for a commune in Colorado."}