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{"name": "Anthology_Resource_Vol._1:_%E2%96%B3%E2%96%B3", "url": "", "text": "Anthology Resource Vol. 1: \u25b3\u25b3\nAnthology Resource Vol. 1: \u25b3\u25b3 is a soundtrack collection of several ambient music cues by Dean Hurley that were featured in the 2017 revival of Twin Peaks. It was released on August 6, 2017.\nTrack listing\nNo.\nTitle\nArtist\nLength\n1.\n\"Intro Cymbal Wind\"\nDean Hurley\n1:00\n2.\n\"Night Electricity Theme\"\nHurley\n2:51\n3.\n\"Electricity I\"\nHurley\n0:56\n4.\n\"Weighted Room / Choral Swarm\"\nHurley\n5:30\n5.\n\"Tube Wind Dream\"\nHurley\n1:23\n6.\n\"Tone / Slow Speed Prison / Low Mood\"\nHurley\n4:27\n7.\n\"Slow One Chord Blues (Interior)\"\nHurley\n1:09\n8.\n\"Interior Home by the Sea\"\nHurley\n1:25\n9.\n\"Low Sustained Mystery\"\nHurley\n1:57\n10.\n\"Angel Choir Reveal\"\nHurley\n0:29\n11.\n\"Seven Heaven\"\nHurley\n0:58\n12.\n\"Eastern European Symphonic Mood No. 1\"\nHurley\n4:23\n13.\n\"Black Box\"\nHurley\n0:38\n14.\n\"Girl Appears / Black Smoke\"\nHurley\n2:37\n15.\n\"Shanghai Mysterioso\"\nHurley\n4:42\n16.\n\"Forest / Interior\"\nHurley\n2:43\n17.\n\"Electricity II\"\nHurley\n1:02\n18.\n\"Future / Past\"\nHurley\n1:22\nExternal links\nAnthology Resource Vol. 1: \u25b3\u25b3 on BandCamp\nAnthology Resource Vol. 1: \u25b3\u25b3 on Amazon\nvteTwin Peaks merchandisePublicationsFiction\nThe Secret Diary of Laura Palmer\nThe Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes\nTwin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town\nThe Secret History of Twin Peaks\nTwin Peaks: The Final Dossier\nNon-fiction\nReflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks\nTwin Peaks The Bookhouse Boys Hardcover Ruled Journal\nAudio\n\"Diane...\" - The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper\nTwin Peaks Sheriff's Hotline\nThe Secret History of Twin Peaks\nTwin Peaks: The Final Dossier\nMusic\nSoundtrack from Twin Peaks\nTwin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (soundtrack)\nTwin Peaks: Season Two Music and More\nThe Twin Peaks Archive\nTwin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series)\nTwin Peaks (Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack)\nAnthology Resource Vol. 1: \u25b3\u25b3\nGames\nTwin Peaks Collectible CardArt\nTwin Peaks Card Collection\nTwin Peaks Murder Mystery Game\nThe Game of Twin Peaks\nTwin Peaks Original Card Game\nTwin Peaks Trading Cards\nTwin Peaks VR\nOthers\nTwin Peaks Gazette (real)\nThe Search for the Zone (real)"}