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{"name": "Abandoned_cabin", "url": "", "text": "Abandoned cabin\nAn abandoned cabin near Twin Peaks, Washington was a temporary refuge for Windom Earle.\nHistory\nIn search of the Black Lodge, Earl arrived at Twin Peaks, Washington and sat down in small abandoned cabin in the nearby woods. Windom welcomed Leo Johnson, who he found to be a criminal and began to use him as a pawn, to the point of placing a shock collar around Johnson's neck.\nThe next day, Earle check on Leo's progress with arrow-making for him.\nIn the woods, Earle encountered a youth named Rusty Tomasky and promised him beer and a party. Back at the cabin, he told Tomasky about the White Lodge, a good place, and its evil opposite, the Black Lodge. The latter he said he intended to find. Rusty became restless, wondering about the beer and party. Earle told the youth \"in good time\" and played a flute.\nAfter Leo and Earle in a horse costume euthanized Major Garland Briggs, they brought him to cabin. Earle interrogated Briggs about Owl Cave, but the Major stayed silent, so Earle injected him with a truth serum, and Briggs said he first saw the petroglyph at Owl Cave in a dream. He said that the symbols meant that \"there's a time if Jupiter and Saturn meet, they will receive you.\" Earle deciphered the meaning of this statement and discovered that the petroglyph was a map to the Black Lodge.\nEarle went to the cabin in the morning with corpse-like skin tone and black teeth and found that Major Briggs had escaped with Leo's help. He did not immediately punish Leo but grinned whilst waving a bag in front of his face. He left Leo as the cabin with a cage of tarantulas hanging above his head, suspended by a string held in Leo's teeth.\nAn unknown assailant later came to the cabin and shot Leo to death."}