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{"name": "1st_to_18th_century", "url": "", "text": "1st to 18th century\nThe following events took place in the 1st to 18th century (1 \u2013 1800 AD):\nEvents\n\n12th century\nThe Welsh prince Madoc allegedly settles and founds colonies of \"white Indians\" along the Mississippi River, including the Mandan tribe.\n15th century\nThe Freemasons are first founded in Europe.\n16th century\nRabelais creates the concept of the Church of Thelema in a satirical novel.\n1542 \u2013 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is the first western explorer to reach Puget Sound.\nc. 1572 \u2013 Puget Sound is renamed Nova Albion by Francis Drake in honor of Queen Elizabeth I.\n17th century\n1670 \u2013 The king of England grants the Hudson Bay Company its charter.\n18th century\nUnknown year \u2013 A new style of beaver hat is popularized in Europe.\n1741 \u2013 Russian explorers Vitus Behring and Peter Cherikof explore Puget Sound.\nSpanish explorer Gaspar de Portola discovers and names the Arroyo Seco canyon in southern California.\n1776 \u2013 A new style of beaver hat is popularized in Europe.\n1787 \u2013\nGeneral James Wilkinson, commander of the United States Army, becomes a double agent for the Spanish crown.\nThe Moose Massacre of more than fifty animals occurs in Twin Peaks' salt marshes.\nMay \u2013 French trapper and pedophile Gaston Leroux dies next to a lot of moss near Owl Cave after being the first to write that moss always grows to the north.\n1791 \u2013 Titanium is discovered.\n1793 \u2013 Alexander MacKenzie is the first Caucasian to reach the Pacific Northwest.\n1795 \u2013 Ivan Pritikoff concludes the Vladivostok Treaty with the Chinook tribe.\nBirths\n1775 \u2013 Dominick Renault\nDeaths\nMay 1787 \u2013 Gaston Leroux"}