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from typing import List, Tuple, Dict
class SummMetric:
metric_name: str = None
range: Tuple[float, float] = None
higher_is_better: bool = None
requires_heavy_compute: bool = None
def evaluate(
# TODO zhangir: integrate with dataset api
inputs: List[str],
targets: List[str],
keys: List[str],
) -> Dict[str, float]:
All metrics should have this function.
:input: A list of summaries.
:target: A list of target summaries corresponding to each entry of input.
:keys: Which metrics to return,
e.g, ['rouge_1_f_score', 'rouge_2_f_score']
:return: A dictionary with keys metrics and values scores.
raise NotImplementedError(
"the base class for metrics shouldn't be instantiated!"