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Packed with ML features, like model eval, dataset viewer and much more.


Git based and designed for collaboration at its core.

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Learn by experimenting and sharing with our awesome community.

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Share your work with the world and build your own ML profile.

Spaces Hardware

Starting at $0

Spaces are one of the most popular ways to share ML applications and demos with the world.
Upgrade your Spaces with our selection of custom on-demand hardware:

Get started with Spaces
Name CPU Memory GPU GPU memory Hourly price
CPU Basic 2 vCPU 16 GB - - $0.00
CPU Upgrade 8 vCPU 32 GB - - $0.03
Nvidia T4 - small 4 vCPU 15 GB Nvidia T4 16GB $0.60
Nvidia T4 - medium 8 vCPU 30 GB Nvidia T4 16GB $0.90
Nvidia A10G - small 4 vCPU 15 GB Nvidia A10G 24GB $1.05
Nvidia A10G - large 12 vCPU 46 GB Nvidia A10G 24GB $3.15
Nvidia A100 - large 12 vCPU 142 GB Nvidia A100 40GB $4.13
Custom on demand on demand on demand on demand on demand

Spaces Persistent Storage

All Spaces get ephemeral storage for free but you can upgrade and add persistent storage at any time.

Name Storage Monthly price
Small 20 GB $5
Medium 150 GB $25
Large 1 TB $100

Building something cool as a side project? We also offer community GPU grants.

Inference Endpoints

Starting at $0.06/hour

Inference Endpoints offers a secure production solution to easily deploy any ML model on dedicated and autoscaling infrastructure, right from the HF Hub.

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CPU instances

Provider Architecture vCPUs Memory Hourly rate
aws Intel Xeon - Ice Lake 1 2GB $0.06
aws Intel Xeon - Ice Lake 2 4GB $0.12
aws Intel Xeon - Ice Lake 4 8GB $0.24
aws Intel Xeon - Ice Lake 8 16GB $0.48
azure Intel Xeon 1 2GB $0.06
azure Intel Xeon 2 4GB $0.12
azure Intel Xeon 4 8GB $0.24
azure Intel Xeon 8 16GB $0.48

GPU instances

Provider Architecture GPUs Memory Hourly rate
aws NVIDIA T4 1 14GB $0.60
aws NVIDIA A10G 1 24GB $1.30
aws NVIDIA T4 4 56GB $4.50
aws NVIDIA A100 1 80GB $6.50
aws NVIDIA A100 2 160GB $13.00
aws NVIDIA A100 4 320GB $26.00
aws NVIDIA A10G 4 96GB Enterprise
aws NVIDIA A100 8 640GB Enterprise


Starting at $0

Create powerful AI models without code. AutoTrain is a new way to automatically train, evaluate and deploy state-of-the-art Machine Learning models by simply uploading data. Estimated costs are provided before training starts!

Start your first training
  • Tasks available in AutoTrain:
  • Image classfication
  • Text Classification
  • Token Classification
  • Question Answering (extractive)
  • Translation
  • Summarization
  • Text Regression
  • Tabular Data (Classification and Regression)
FreePRO accountPay as you go (unlimited)
Image tasksUp to 500 imagesUp to 1500 imagesCost available before training
NLP & tabular tasksUp to 3,000 rowsUp to 5,000 rowsCost available before training
Models trainedUp to 1 modelsUp to 1 modelsCost available before training

Pro Account


A monthly subscription to access exclusive features.

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  • Get the Pro badge on your profile
  • Early access to upcoming features
  • Higher rate limits for Inference API
  • Higher free tier for AutoTrain