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language: en
license: mit
  - text classification
  - fact checking
  - mwong/fever-evidence-related
  - mwong/climate-evidence-related
  - text: >-
      Earth’s changing climate is a critical issue and poses the risk of
      significant environmental, social and economic disruptions around the
      globe.</s></s>Because of fears of climate change and adverse effects of
      drilling explosions and oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, legislation has
      been considered, and governmental regulations and orders have been issued,
      which, combined with the local economic and employment conditions caused
      by both, could materially adversely impact the oil and gas industries and
      the economic health of areas in which a significant number of our stores
      are located.
    example_title: Evidence related to claim
metrics: f1


ClimateRoberta is a classifier model that predicts if climate related evidence is related to query claim. The model achieved F1 score of 80.13% with test dataset "mwong/climate-evidence-related". Using pretrained roberta-base model, the classifier head is trained on Fever dataset and adapted to climate domain using ClimateFever dataset.