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The fastai models - PETS

This model is based on Lesson 1 of fastai and of Walk with fastai

Dataset Used

This model was created with the Oxford Pets dataset in the fastai framework

Model Training

The model was trained as a binary classifier, for cats or dogs

How to use:

First, ensure that huggingface_hub is installed:

pip(3) install huggingface_hub

Next, download this model repo:

from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download

Then install the correct fastai version:

cd fastai-pets-resnet34
pip(3) install -r requirements.txt

NOTE: This is extremely important, as fastai versions are aggressively pinned based on training environment

And finally load in the fastai Learner and predict

from fastai.learner import load_learner
learn = load_learner('model.pth')
pred = learn.predict('myImage.jpg')

Versions of model used were taken with dependency_checker

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