multilingual-base /
language: multilingual
- mudes
license: apache-2.0
# MUDES - {Mu}ltilingual {De}tection of Offensive {S}pans
We provide state-of-the-art models to detect toxic spans in social media texts. We introduce our framework in [this paper]( We have evaluated our models on Toxic Spans task at SemEval 2021 (Task 5). Our participation in the task is detailed in [this paper](
## Usage
You can use this model when you have [MUDES]( installed:
pip install mudes
Then you can use the model like this:
from import MUDESApp
app = MUDESApp("multilingual-base", use_cuda=False)
print(app.predict_toxic_spans("You motherfucking cunt", spans=True))
## System Demonstration
An experimental demonstration interface called MUDES-UI has been released on [GitHub]( and can be checked out in [here](
## Citing & Authors
If you find this model helpful, feel free to cite our publications
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