Model description

This is a mt5-small model finetuned for generating headlines from the body of the news in Spanish.

Training data

The model was trained with 58425 news extracted from the La Razón (31477) and Público (26948) newspapers. These news belong to the following categories: "España", "Cultura", "Economía", "Igualdad" and "Política".

Training procedure

It was trained with Google Colab's GPU Tesla P100-PCIE-16GB for 2 epochs.


{evaluation_strategy = "epoch", learning_rate = 2e-4, per_device_train_batch_size = 6, per_device_eval_batch_size = 6, weight_decay = 0.01, save_total_limi t= 3, num_train_epochs = 2, predict_with_generate = True, fp16 = False}

Eval results

metric score
rouge1 44.03
rouge2 28.2900
rougeL 40.54
rougeLsum 40.5587

BibTeX entry and citation info

@inproceedings{ mt5lrpjosmunpen,
  author = {José Manuel Muñiz Peña},

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