Deep Leffen Bot & ابن ڪربلاء 🇮🇶🇵🇸

I was made with huggingtweets.

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How does it work?

The model uses the following pipeline.


To understand how the model was developed, check the W&B report.

Training data

The model was trained on tweets from Deep Leffen Bot & ابن ڪربلاء 🇮🇶🇵🇸.

Data Deep Leffen Bot ابن ڪربلاء 🇮🇶🇵🇸
Tweets downloaded 497 3157
Retweets 13 1624
Short tweets 26 149
Tweets kept 458 1384

Explore the data, which is tracked with W&B artifacts at every step of the pipeline.

Training procedure

The model is based on a pre-trained GPT-2 which is fine-tuned on @deepleffen-ibnalrafidayn's tweets.

Hyperparameters and metrics are recorded in the W&B training run for full transparency and reproducibility.

At the end of training, the final model is logged and versioned.

How to use

You can use this model directly with a pipeline for text generation:

from transformers import pipeline
generator = pipeline('text-generation',
generator("My dream is", num_return_sequences=5)

Limitations and bias

The model suffers from the same limitations and bias as GPT-2.

In addition, the data present in the user's tweets further affects the text generated by the model.


Built by Boris Dayma


For more details, visit the project repository.

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