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DeepSpeed, powered by Zero Redundancy Optimizer (ZeRO), is an optimization library for training and fitting very large models onto a GPU. It is available in several ZeRO stages, where each stage progressively saves more GPU memory by partitioning the optimizer state, gradients, parameters, and enabling offloading to a CPU or NVMe. DeepSpeed is integrated with the Trainer class and most of the setup is automatically taken care of for you.

However, if you want to use DeepSpeed without the Trainer, Transformers provides a HfDeepSpeedConfig class.

Learn more about using DeepSpeed with Trainer in the DeepSpeed guide.


class transformers.integrations.HfDeepSpeedConfig

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( config_file_or_dict )


  • config_file_or_dict (Union[str, Dict]) — path to DeepSpeed config file or dict.

This object contains a DeepSpeed configuration dictionary and can be quickly queried for things like zero stage.

A weakref of this object is stored in the module’s globals to be able to access the config from areas where things like the Trainer object is not available (e.g. from_pretrained and _get_resized_embeddings). Therefore it’s important that this object remains alive while the program is still running.

Trainer uses the HfTrainerDeepSpeedConfig subclass instead. That subclass has logic to sync the configuration with values of TrainingArguments by replacing special placeholder values: "auto". Without this special logic the DeepSpeed configuration is not modified in any way.

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