A dataset of 1.7 million arXiv articles for applications like trend analysis, paper recommender engines, category prediction, co-citation networks, knowledge graph construction and semantic search interfaces.


This is a multilingual parallel corpus created from translations of the Bible compiled by Christos Christodoulopoulos and Mark Steedman. 102 languages, 5,148 bitexts total number of files: 107 total number of tokens: 56.43M total number of sentence fragments: 2.84M

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The corpora comprise of files per data provider that are encoded in the IOB format (Ramshaw & Marcus, 1995). The IOB format is a simple text chunking format that divides texts into single tokens per line, and, separated by a whitespace, tags to mark named entities. The most commonly used categories for tags are PER (person), LOC (location) and O...


Parallel corpora from Web Crawls collected in the ParaCrawl project and further processed for making it a multi-parallel corpus by pivoting via English. Here we only provide the additional language pairs that came out of pivoting. The bitexts for English are available from the ParaCrawl release. 40 languages, 669 bitexts total number of files: 4...


Parallel corpora from Web Crawls collected in the ParaCrawl project 40 languages, 41 bitexts total number of files: 20,995 total number of tokens: 21.40G total number of sentence fragments: 1.12G


Snips' built in intents dataset was initially used to compare different voice assistants and released as a public dataset hosted at 2016-12-built-in-intents. The dataset contains 328 utterances over 10 intent classes. The related paper mentioned on the github page is and a r...


This news dataset is a persistent historical archive of noteable events in the Indian subcontinent from start-2001 to mid-2020, recorded in realtime by the journalists of India. It contains approximately 3.3 million events published by Times of India. Times Group as a news agency, reaches out a very wide audience across Asia and drawfs every oth...


`wisesight1000` contains Thai social media texts randomly drawn from the full `wisesight-sentiment`, tokenized by human annotators. Out of the labels `neg` (negative), `neu` (neutral), `pos` (positive), `q` (question), 250 samples each. Some texts are removed because they look like spam.Because these samples are representative of real world cont...


Wisesight Sentiment Corpus: Social media messages in Thai language with sentiment category (positive, neutral, negative, question) * Released to public domain under Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal license. * Category (Labels): {"pos": 0, "neu": 1, "neg": 2, "q": 3} * Size: 26,737 messages * Language: Central Thai * Style: Informal and conve...