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[ { "question": "24) How do you define ‘local procurement’?", "answer": "Fresh from the Farm, Healthy Fundraising for Ontario Schools, provides schools the opportunity to raise funds by selling fresh, Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables to the community, while promoting healthy eating and supporting Ontario farmers. Fresh from the Farm is a single fundraising event, with the school delivery scheduled for a pre-advised date in November through to early December. serves to stimulate the local economy through the promotion and sales of fresh, Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables. Since 2013, 1165 Ontario schools have participated in Fresh from the Farm. They collectively have distributed over 2.7 M pounds of fresh, Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables to Ontario families. Fresh from the Farm is a collaborative initiative between the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association, and Dietitians of Canada. Two ‘bundles’ of Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables are offered for sale. Bundle A contains: 5 lb potatoes, 3 lb carrots, 3 lb yellow onions, 3 lb sweet potatoes and sells for $14.00. Bundle B contains: 8 lb Empire apples and sells for $15.00. Fruit and vegetable products are supplied by growers throughout various regions of Ontario. Please see GROWERS for further information. Whenever possible, produce is sourced from growers in each region. While there are hundreds of producers across the province (and many located near schools), the program must use growers who have the capacity to supply the entire program, or a particular region, with the quantities, packaging, and quality as advertised by Fresh from the Farm. All suppliers must also be food safety certified, carry the appropriate liability insurance, and demonstrate a level of responsiveness to receive their order near the end of October, and begin shipping packaged product in early November. 40% of sales go directly to the school. Based on history, the average school raises around $1200, selling an average of 150 bundle A (vegetables) and 60 bundle B (apples). The highest volume school in 2017 made a profit of almost $10,000. The school champion is the key liaison with the Fresh from the Farm program coordinator and leads the management of the fundraiser on behalf of the school. Ideal candidates are a staff person or parent- volunteer, such as, teacher, vice-principal, principal, parent-council member. co-ordinating delivery and distribution, the same day customers pick up their orders. ALL publicly- funded Ontario schools are eligible to participate*. May 2-October 2: School champion ENROLs the school and orders the toolkit. September 4: Students being to fundraise. NOTE: There is a minimum school order of 40 bundles (a total of both bundles, A and B; for instance, 20 bundle A and 20 bundle B= 40 total bundles). October 18: Invoice is generated and emailed to the school champion. 10 days in advance of the delivery day, schools will be notified. November 5-December 6: Deliveries to schools take place; there are no Friday deliveries and there is only one delivery scheduled per school. The school champion registers at the ENROL page and selects the school board and the school and completes the contact information. Please be sure to include a second contact at the school (e.g., principal, vice-principal). The email for the school champion is the primary contact for Fresh from the Farm; all communication will be sent to that address. ENROL the school in the language (English, French) that the school operates in. The School Champion will receive a confirmation email and a link to set up a password for access to submit the school order and make changes to the contact information. Choose the fundraising Toolkit that best meets your school’s needs. 1. Kit “A” (English), and Kit “D” (French), includes 150 Information Flyer/ Student Order Forms (single sheet, printed on both sides). 2. Kit “B” (English), and Kit “E” (French), includes 300 Information Flyers/Student Order Forms (single sheet, printed on both sides). 3. Kit “C” (English), and Kit “F” (French), includes 450 Information Flyers/Student Order Forms (single sheet, printed on both sides). 4. Enter a “Toolkit Delivery” address; toolkits will be mailed starting August 27. NOTE: You can change the toolkit information (e.g., delivery address, choice of kit) up until August 1st. Just login, click on EDIT PROFILE. Alternately, you may choose “No Toolkit Required” and download the digital resources posted on the CHAMPIONS page to print additional Student Order Forms and/or email the Information Flyer/Student Order Form to parents. Note that there is a WORD version of both resources in the event you wish to add messaging (e.g., date to return Student Order Form to school) or other information specific to your school. The driver delivers skids of produce to the receiving entrance (unless an alternate location is pre-advised). Volunteers are required to assist with unloading product from the truck and delivering it to the storage area; mobile dollies should be available. Produce is delivered in market-ready bags; apples are packaged in flat boxes or bags. Volunteers unload, sort and pack vegetable bundles into Fresh from the Farm bags (provided upon delivery). As a best practice we recommend that the bagged bundles are stored on a tarp or table top, ready for pick up. Families pick up orders at the school, the same day. It is not recommended to store product in the school over-night. Login to Submit Orders: Input total number of bundles ordered, by school, or by class. NOTE: There is minimum school order of 40 bundles (a total of both bundles, A and B; for instance, 20 bundle A and 20 bundle B= 40 total bundles). Add Users: Add another school contact who can also edit and update orders." }, { "question": "12) How does the school receive their profit and remit payment?", "answer": "Schools retain 40% of total revenue collected, as the profit. The invoice will be generated by the Fresh from the Farm website administrator and emailed to the School Champion on October 18th. The invoice is based on 60% of total revenue collected and will be calculated accordingly. There is no delivery fee. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. VERY IMPORTANT: Please include the school number on the back of the cheque. Customers can pay by cash or cheque, payable to the school. Volunteers are required the day the produce is delivered to sort and pack bundles into Fresh from the Farm bags. We suggest: 5-7 volunteers for 100 bundles, 7-10 for 125 bundles, 10+ for 150+ bundles. Volunteers generally spend 2-4 hours packing bundles. As a recommended best practice, all fruit and vegetables sold through Fresh from the Farm should be washed prior to consumption. Carrots Up to 3 weeks No Store in ventilated plastic bag for best quality. Peel, chop and blanch before freezing for longer term storage. Depending on the circumstances Fresh from the Farm will reimburse the value of any missing product or product that does not meet stated quality specifications. Reimbursement will be in the form of a gift card and the value must be $5.00 or more. For quality credits the end user must have followed all recommended storage instructions. school champion or authorized school personnel quantity or quality issue Authorized school personnel must report any issues to within 48 hours of the school delivery. Mark the issue on the paperwork provided by the driver for reference. end user quality issue Customers should contact the school champion directly regarding product quality issues. The school champion must email within 7 days of the date product was delivered and picked up by the customer. an ambitious group of students dedicated to selling fresh, Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables to families and friends- while making revenue for their school. Contact the local public health unit for additional support to present the Fresh from the Farm program to parent-council groups, school communities and other interested parties. Promote via the media screen in front of the school (as available). Post promotional flyers in local community centres and retail outlets. Insert information into school newsletters. Use the digital Fresh from the Farm brochure to email parents and raise awareness amongst the community. Link to the school website. Fresh from the Farm meets the Ontario Guidelines for School Fundraising in which the funds raised for school purposes should not be used to replace public funding for education or those items funded through provincial grants. Visit the Ministry of Education website for more information. Visit RECIPES for popular recipe ideas and food facts. Visit the Foodland Ontario website for tasty, seasonal recipes, cooking tips and videos featuring fresh, Ontario-grown foods. \"Procurement\" means buying goods and services. Procurement rules ensure that program and/or taxpayer dollars are used effectively and efficiently, with no waste or abuse. There are four fundamental concepts related to procuring goods and services for Fresh from the Farm: full and open competition, responsible and responsive vendors, the buy local provision, and the role of food safety regulations. An important principle of a sound procurement is competition. When procuring Ontario produce for Fresh from the Farm we strive for full and open competition, which essentially means all potential suppliers are on a level playing field. This also ensures that suppliers receive, and schools have access to competitive, wholesale pricing. It is a win, win for everyone. In order to win a contract, vendors must be considered both responsive and responsible. To be considered “responsive,” vendors must conform to all of the program’s stated terms and conditions. For example, if the program issues a request for Canada no.1 bagged carrots and the vendor responds with a bid for ungraded carrots in 3 litre baskets, the vendor is not responsive. To be considered “responsible,” vendors must be capable of performing successfully under the terms and conditions of the contract. For example, the program requires that responders provide evidence of past success meeting delivery times. If upon calling the responder’s references it is learned that the vendor has a poor track record regarding on-time deliveries, the vendor would not be considered responsible. A supplier who is responsible and submits a responsive offer is one that clearly complies with the solicitation’s terms and conditions, and that possesses, at the time of contract award, the experience, facilities, reputation, and other factors necessary to successfully fulfill the terms of the contract. Growers supplying the program are required to deliver their orders to central specified hubs in their particular regions as specified by Fresh from the Farm. This ensures that the school orders can be aggregated and distributed in the most timely and efficient manner. Ontario has a strong agri-food industry working hard to ensure safe and healthy food for the people of the province. Fresh from the Farm is committed to purchasing produce from sources that are safe. As such, all suppliers must have proof of, and adherence to, food safety certification (Canada GAP or HACCP) and must carry a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance. Develop specifications: Detail the annual requirements of the intended agreement, including delivery and packing conditions. Identify sources: Contact potential vendors in a variety of ways (e.g., suggestions from schools, calling on the phone, or emailing) and collect bids. Evaluate responses: Ensure that responders are responsible and responsive—in accordance with all aspects of the specifications. Document each bid even if it was offered in a face-to-face meeting. Award the contract: Determine which bidder offers the best value and award the contract to the bidder that is most responsive and responsible, with a fair market price. Manage the contract: Ensure the program receives everything from the vendor that the contract stipulates. For those growers interested in supplying the program, please contact Dan Tukendorf at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association." }, { "question": "24) How do you define 'local procurement'?", "answer": "A number of apple growing regions exist in Ontario, including Prince Edward, Clarington, and Northumberland Counties, Waterloo Region, Georgian Bay and the Niagara Region. Many smaller orchards sell to the public at an on-farm market or farmers’ market. Orchards also move their products to apple packer hubs where the apples are graded, stored and packed in bags or boxes for sale to the larger retail market. The vast majority of Ontario onions and carrots are grown in the Holland Marsh – located 50km north of Toronto. The Holland Marsh is commonly referred to as Ontario’s vegetable patch because of its incredible variety and large amounts of fresh produce. Produce selections range from more traditional crops such as carrots, onions and celery, to more diverse options like romaine lettuce and ethnic vegetables. The ability to grow and harvest these crops result from a combination of dedicated farmers and incredible muck soil. Many of these growers sell directly to grocery chains or at the Ontario Food Terminal. Smaller growers may also send their produce to local packers to be stored, graded, and packed. Ontario sweet potatoes grow primarily in Norfolk County .These sub-tropical plants like the warm sandy soil of this region. Fresh from the Farm is committed to sourcing produce from Ontario. Whenever possible, produce is sourced from growers in each region. It must be kept in mind that this program moves a large amount of produce. While there are hundreds of producers across the province (and many located near schools), the program must use growers who have the capacity to supply the entire program or a particular region with the quantities, packaging, and quality as advertised by Fresh from the Farm. All suppliers must also be food safety certified, carry the appropriate liability insurance, and demonstrate a level of responsiveness to receive their order near the end of October, and begin shipping packaged producer in early November. Schools make 40% profit on sales. Enrol May 2 - October 2 for November delivery." } ]
[ { "question": "Do I have to attend the tours offered in the travel packages?", "answer": "No. All tours are optional. You can attend all, some, or none of the tours - you're the boss. You decide how much free time you want. The types of cards we accept are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Bank transfers are possible via PayPal. Echeck option with PayPal is NOT accepted. PayPal is an eBay company that is essentially \"the bank of the internet.\" PayPal is a fast, easy, and secure way to send money over the internet. With PayPal, you can use a variety of payment methods, such as direct deposit from your checking or savings account." }, { "question": "What is the cancellation policy for a trip?", "answer": "It depends on the trip. Some trips have a refund schedule if you book early. Since cancellations are costly for all parties involved, on some trips all sales are final. If you have any concerns, companies such as Travel Guard offer travel insurance in the event of trip cancellation, medical needs and other trip interruptions. You can also search for travel insurance on sites such as Google and Bing." }, { "question": "Which airline and hotel will I have on my trip?", "answer": "We use all commercial airline carriers and numerous hotels for our travel packages. If you wish the lowest rates possible, we offer a Standard Package for all our trips which includes airfare and hotel that we select a couple of weeks before departure. This extra time gives us maximum options - such as openings due to cancellations - and the savings are passed on to you. Many hotels in Europe have a bathroom shared by several rooms. However the hotels in our Standard Package feature private rooms with private toilet and shower (See Example). Upgrade to 4 or 5 star hotel is available. For very budget-minded folks, shared-room hostels are also possible. If you wish to have the name of your hotel settled immediately upon booking or you have a specific hotel in mind, these options along with any other desires you may have are available at additional cost. US citizens require only a valid US passport. To obtain a US passport, please visit US State Dept. A U.S. PASSPORT MAY NOT EXPIRE FOR AT LEAST 90 DAYS AFTER THE END OF YOUR TRIP. Non-US citizens may require additional documents such as travel visas. Travelers are solely responsible for providing all necessary documents to enter Europe. My U.S. passport expires soon." }, { "question": "Can I still take a trip to Europe?", "answer": "Rules regarding US passports are subject to change at any time. For the most up to date information, please visit US State Dept. There are many different situations regarding passport renewal. For questions specific to your situation, you can also call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778. I never had a U.S. passport." }, { "question": "What is the itinerary for The Amsterdam Cup?", "answer": "The Amsterdam Cup is a locally organized cannabis consumption event in Amsterdam Holland each November. It takes place during the week of Thanksgiving, with awards presented for the best cannabis products in the region. After High Times canceled their Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 2015, the cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam filled the gap with their own event and they're basically following the same format. It's a natural transition since the coffeeshops were always the most integral part of the High Times Cannabis Cup. The locally produced Amsterdam Cup is more intimate and not as commercialized. In 2015 High Times canceled their Amsterdam Cannabis Cup late, but new organizers still managed to stage an event with little time left. Thanks to them, the tradition started way back in 1988 of an annual fall-time cannabis event in Amsterdam continued. However for the first time in 31 years, a Thanksgiving-time Cup did not take place in Amsterdam in 2018. The entire nature of the event is a very fluid thing with potential changes always possible, as is the case with all cannabis consumption events across the world. For example, High Times has canceled many of their Cannabis Cups in recent times due to permit issues with local authorities. For many years now, during the week of the American Thanksgiving holiday, the Dutch capital becomes a cannabis connoisseur's dream. The Cup usually consists of several parts spread around town, such as music shows, parties, events and coffeeshop crawl, where attendees visit the participating cannabis coffeeshops at their own pace to try out the various cannabis entries in the Cup. Attendees purchase a Judge's Pass (included in our travel package) to participate in all the fun. The best part is cannabis smoking is openly allowed for all adults at all the Amsterdam Cup venues, unlike USA-based Cannabis Cups." }, { "question": "A vendor expo was part of the High Times event, but this caused problems because the authorities didn't like the expo (perhaps the business-minded Dutch didn't appreciate the lost revenue to local businesses)?", "answer": "To avoid such problems with local authorities, the new organizers don't have a vendor expo. Additionally, there are nearly 200 cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam to check out that aren't even participating in the Cup. And if that isn't enough, many other cities in The Netherlands also have coffeeshops. The music shows during The Amsterdam Cup typically run nightly for attendees with a Judge's Pass. Cup attendees are encouraged to visit the participating coffeeshops (usually around 1-2 dozen coffeeshops participate) and try out the products entered in the Cup and rate them. Although attendees must pay for the cannabis products they wish to try out, some of the coffeeshops and sponsors sometimes give out free samples or special deals to Cup attendees. Participating coffeeshops and sponsors have also been known to hold special events and parties for Cup attendees to attend. There is usually quite a lot going on during The Amsterdam Cup, as well as before and after the Cup. Regarding the exact itinerary of events for this year's event, the finalized information is typically announced by the event organizer a couple weeks before the Cup. And things like impromptu events and parties organized by cannabis coffeeshops usually get announced once the Cup starts. Details tend to be released later rather than sooner by event organizers (we're dealing with cannabis enthusiasts after all). Please note that we at Amsterdam Trips Llc simply provide travel packages and have no involvement in the operation of the event. As is the case with all cannabis events held everywhere around the world, gray areas exist in the implementation of local cannabis laws which have the potential, however unlikely, to cause interference with this event. CLICK HERE for info on our trip to this year's Amsterdam Cup." } ]
[ { "question": "When does the tenant have to specify renewal or nonrenewal?", "answer": "Security deposit details – Include the amount of the security deposit and its return conditions. Restrictions – These can include restrictions on pets or illegal activity, and you can also mention rules for subletting. Who is responsible for repairs – Specify what maintenance tasks the tenant is responsible for (such as shoveling the sidewalks in the winter) and what the landlord is responsible for. When can the landlord access the rental – This should include in what situations the landlord can access the rental and how much notice he/she should provide the tenant. Termination terms – This could include what happens if the tenant fails to pay rent or violates any of terms of the lease or agreement. Writing a lease or a rental agreement can be overwhelming. Hiring a property management company allows you to eliminate the stress of lease drafting. Find out if you should hire a property management company." } ]
[ { "question": "Home > FAQs > Ny > Account Information > Welcome Energetix Customers > How can I contact you?", "answer": "You can contact us by calling our Customer Care center toll-free at 1-866-348-4194, by e-mailing, or by mail at Direct Energy, P.O. Box 180, Tulsa, OK 74101-0180." }, { "question": "Not in New York?", "answer": "Please Enter Your Location We would like to provide you with the most accurate information on on our offers, including available plans and pricing. Please enter at least your zip code, but you may also enter your complete address for more detailed information. Enjoy fixed rate New York electricity with an Echo Dot when you sign up for our Power on Command 24 plan." } ]
[ { "question": "Can someone else create a meal registry for me?", "answer": "Absolutely. A friend or family member can create a registry on your behalf and fill in all the contact info as it pertains to you. You will then receive an invite email with a link to set up an account so you’ll be able to view and edit your registry. Then you and the person who created the registry can both view and edit the registry." }, { "question": "Is there any cost involved to create a meal registry?", "answer": "No. MealBaby is a completely free service designed to make meal coordination for those in need as seamless and easy as possible. Even though we highly recommend the purchase of a restaurant gift card as well as donations to Feed the Children, they are optional add-ons to the MealBaby service." }, { "question": "Who can view my registry (since it has personal information)?", "answer": "They are the recipient of an email invitation link that you send out from the MealBaby site. They are given access to a link that you can copy and paste anywhere you would like your registry to be announced (such as Facebook, Twitter, a personal blog, or a mass email to all your friends and family). Only people who have access to your link will be able to view your registry, so it’s up to you to distribute your registry link in ways that you feel comfortable with." }, { "question": "How do I make sure that everyone who wants to sign up to deliver a meal gets to?", "answer": "It is entirely up to you as to how many days to request meals for. It is safe to assume that a new mom will probably need meals every other day for at least 3-4 weeks if there are an adequate number of friends or family members willing to contribute. The best way to help determine the number of days to request meals for is to think about how many people you know who are potential volunteers and then make sure you have an adequate number of available days for those people to sign up. You as the registrant can always go back to your registry and add on more days to your calendar if you see that the schedule is filling up quickly and there are still more people who want to bring a meal." }, { "question": "I would like to create a registry for my friend who does not have access to email - what should I put down for their email address?", "answer": "The email specified under Contact Info is where all of the notifications will be sent when people sign up for a meal or purchase a gift card. If the person you are creating a registry for does not have email, or does not have access to a computer, feel free to put down your own email address and then be sure to let them know when their meals are coming." }, { "question": "If I receive a restaurant gift card, how will I know who it is from?", "answer": "Any restaurant gift card you receive in the mail will be affixed to a MealBaby letter that states who the gift card was purchased by." }, { "question": "Will a reminder email be sent to the people who sign up on my registry to bring a meal?", "answer": "Yes, a reminder email is automatically sent to anyone who signs up to bring a meal on the day before their meal is due." }, { "question": "Is there a way to remind people to take a look at a registry and sign up to bring a meal?", "answer": "Yes, on the Meal Registry Edit Page, there is a Send Reminder button in the Invitations section that allows you to have a reminder email sent to anyone who has not yet signed up after receiving the initial email invitation link sent from MealBaby. The Sign Up Reminder email is different from the Meal Reminder email that is discussed in the previous question." }, { "question": "Is there any cost involved to sign up to deliver meals?", "answer": "No. MealBaby is a completely free service designed to make meal coordination for those in need as seamless and easy as possible. The purchase of a restaurant gift card and donations to Feed the Children are optional add-ons to the MealBaby service. I heard that a friend has a registry on MealBaby, but when I go to the site and create an account, I do not see a way to look up my friend's registry or do a search for her." }, { "question": "How can I view the registry I am looking for?", "answer": "You are the recipient of an email invitation link that was sent to you from the MealBaby site by the registry owner. You are given access to the link that the registry owner has distributed in any number of ways (such as Facebook, Twitter, personal blog, or mass email). The easiest way is probably simply to ask the registry owner to email you the link so you can click on it, then login to your account and view their registry." }, { "question": "What if I realize at the last minute that I cannot deliver a meal on the day I planned to?", "answer": "If this scenario occurs on the day of, or the few days before you are scheduled to bring a meal, it would be best to call the person the registry is for and let them know what happened so they won’t be expecting you on that day. However, if this same scenario occurs a week or more in advance of when you had planned to bring a meal, you can simply revisit their registry by signing in to your account and then edit your selection on their calendar page in order to choose another day that works for you. No worries, they will be notified of the change." }, { "question": "Will I receive a reminder email so that I don't forget to bring a meal on the date I signed up for?", "answer": "Yes, a reminder email is automatically sent out to anyone who signs up to bring a meal on the day before their meal is due. I received an email invitation link to view my friend's registry, but when I click on the link and try to create an account, it says I do not have access to view this registry." }, { "question": "What am I doing wrong?", "answer": "The problem most likely lies in the fact that you are trying to login using a different email address than the one to which the email invitation link was sent. You must use the same email address that the link was sent to in order to be allowed to view the registry." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: What estate planning document should I have?", "answer": "A “Durable Power of Attorney for Property” allows you to carry on your financial affairs in the event that you become disabled. Unless you have a properly drafted power of attorney, it may be necessary to apply to a court to have a guardian or conservator appointed to make decisions for you when you are disabled. This guardianship process is time-consuming, expensive, often costing thousands of dollars and emotionally draining." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the advantage of using FedEx over USPS Media Mail?", "answer": "USPS Media Mail usually takes four to 14 business days to arrive. Purchasing insurance when shipping your buyback to us via Media Mail is strongly recommended, however optional insurance for Media Mail packages is not an expense covers. If you ship your buyback order using Media Mail, TextbookRush is not responsible for packages lost in transit." }, { "question": "Why was I issued a USPS Media Mail label instead of a FedEx label?", "answer": "FedEx does not operate on holidays or weekends. Therefore, buybacks submitted during those periods may receive a Media Mail shipping label instead of a FedEx shipping label. Please note that both the FedEx and Media Mail labels are pre-paid so the shipping charges are billed to TextbookRush. Packages sent Media Mail can take up to three weeks to arrive at our location. It may take longer depending on where you are shipping from and whether it is a buy time of the year. Packages shipped around major holidays may take an additional week to arrive. If you have not received confirmation that your package has been received within 30 days of shipping, please contact TextbookRush. If you ship via Media Mail, purchasing insurance when shipping your buyback is strongly recommended . If your package is received damaged, or your books are missing, payment will not be made." } ]
[ { "question": "Do you have a question about your application?", "answer": "The FAQs below might help answer your question, alternatively fill in the form below or contact the Recruitment teams directly using the e-mail addresses on the right." }, { "question": "How do I apply to work with Apex Hotels?", "answer": "Apply for any vacancy that interests you in the Current Vacancies section. It's easy to apply via either a mobile device or laptop/desktop and our system will automatically read the information on your CV to fill in the application form." }, { "question": "I'm applying on a mobile device, how can I upload my CV?", "answer": "You can upload your CV from a Cloud storage service like Dropbox or iCloud. You can also apply using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Alternatively you can register your interest by clicking apply and completing your contact information without downloading a CV." }, { "question": "Can I email you a copy of my CV?", "answer": "We only accept applications through our website, but the good news is that it's really easy to apply online." }, { "question": "I can't see any vacancies that interest me just now, how can I send you my CV for the future?", "answer": "Use the CV upload function or register your interest for future vacancies and we'll contact you about future jobs you might like to apply for." }, { "question": "How do I request for reasonable adjustments to be made?", "answer": "Please contact the relevant HR department using the location email address on this site. If you have any support requirements due to a disability please notify us at the earliest opportunity so that appropriate reasonable adjustments can be made to our selection process." }, { "question": "I have received an email offering employment with Apex Hotels but I'm not sure it's genuine, how do I check?", "answer": "We only send offers of employment if you have submitted an application through this website and attended a face-to-face interview in one of our hotels. We are aware of a scam where supposed \"offers of employment\" are sent from someone purporting to be a representative of our company requesting payment for visa fees. These are not genuine and please do not transfer any money. You can find out more here about this type of recruitment fraud and also report any scam emails you have received via the Action Fraud website. If you receive any of these emails, we strongly encourage you to report it to help prevent others being duped." } ]
[ { "question": "How do you select the villas in Samui?", "answer": "There are simply hundreds villas all over Koh Samui. However, not all of these villas make it to our websites. For a villa to be featured, it has to adhere to a set of criteria. First, the villa has to offer world-class accommodations and amenities. Second, these accommodations and amenities have to be well maintained. Third, the area where the villa is located has to be generally quiet. There shouldn’t be any kind of activity that will disturb the peace. To determine if a villa consistently meets these criteria, site inspectors do oculars of the villa itself and its location – before and even after the villa has been featured in our websites. We will never compromise on quality. That’s why visits are done regularly so that we get first hand assessments on the present condition of these villas. Admittedly, we’ve set the bar quite high – nothing less than world class. After all, our customers come from all over the globe. That’s why we’ve come up with a checklist that reflects truly discriminating standards and tastes. Each and every villa we inspect is measured against this checklist. We deal directly and work closely with the owners of these villas to come up with the best or value-for-money pricing possible. If, however, you find that a villa you’re looking at and interested in booking has a lower price in another website, call our attention and the difference in price will be refunded. By featuring the villas in our websites, we attract tourists who will rent these villas. For this service, we are paid by the owners – directly. This kind of arrangement also extends an extra benefit to customers – no booking fees! Absolutely! For starters, you can check out our dedicated travel blog. If you need immediate interaction, our villa consultants are standing by and will be more than glad to answer your questions seven days a week. During your stay, the villa concierge can arrange for you a chef, a babysitter, a spa therapist and a chauffeur-driven car, among others. Truly, the rule is to simply ask – and it will be given. If you can’t decide which villa to book, you can place an option for each of the villas you’re interested in. Simply fill out the request form on the villa page with your name, contact details and travel dates. Placing an option is free of charge and no credit card details are required. An email will be sent to you acknowledging the options you placed. You will have three days to decide which villa you will finally choose. You can email our travel consultants and find out everything there is to know about your options. You will receive a response usually within six hours. As soon as you have finally chosen a villa option, let us know. Instructions for booking and paying will be sent to you via email. To book your chosen villa, we require an initial deposit amounting to 50% of the total rent. The other 50% can be paid 60 days before your check-in date. As a matter of policy, deposits are non-refundable unless stated otherwise. However, if, for some reason, you really need to cancel your booking, let us know immediately and we will try to ask the owner for a refund. However, refunds incur an administration fee of US$200. Inclusions in your booking or package depends on the villa you chose to stay in. Scroll down to the bottom of the villa page to see which services are included and which are charged extra or separately. This will also help you decide which villa truly offers the best value for your money. The rent is inclusive of taxes. For your convenience, an online payment using your credit card is accepted. You can also pay in cash or cheques at our office in Singapore. Depending on your location, you can also do a bank transfer to our partner-banks in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and the UK. If you’re paying in a currency other than US Dollars, the total amount will be based on the prevailing daily exchange rate of the partner-bank you will be remitting to. It’s been said that you’ll know someone by the company he keeps. Well, we’ve forged successful partnerships with companies such as Air France, Emirates, Maybank, OCBC and UOB – just to name a few. You can also look up published articles about us. Or, read the customer reviews we’ve received. Just like them, you are a valued customer and we’re committed to make your villa experience totally satisfying. We will be more than happy to greet and meet you at any of our front offices in Singapore, and Bali. As travel professionals, we believe that it is our obligation to preserve the beauty of the places we promote – places that bring us enjoyment, rest and cherished memories. At the moment, we have planted more than 2,000 trees – a number which will continue to grow. This you can count on. More details (coming soon). From the very start to the finish of your journey – from your initial inquiry to your departure from the villa – your assigned travel consultant and concierge will be looking after your every need. We can arrange an airport pick up and transfer to your villa. Although, you can get there yourself via taxi cab since you will be provided with the villa’s address as well as the manager’s phone number, but to avoid any inconvenience, we suggest that you allow us to arrange a pick up and transfer. To see if this service is included in your booking or package, scroll down to the bottom of your villa’s page. The owner of the villa himself or the manager will welcome you and give you a quick tour of the villa. All villas have regular cleaning and upkeep. Other villas also provide chef, security and transport services. To see which services are included in your booking or package and what will be charged extra or separately, scroll down to the bottom of your villa’s page. Daily complimentary breakfast is commonly included in most villas. Although there are villas with complimentary breakfast only on the first day, still a few villas will charge separately for breakfast. Scroll down to the bottom of your villa’s page and see which type of breakfast is offered." }, { "question": "Will it be the dreamy west or the slow-paced south?", "answer": "Our travel blog will give you an idea on where to go, eat and shop. As well, our travel consultants and concierges will be happy to share with you the many fun possibilities. For whatever problem you encounter, call our attention right away and we’ll provide solutions expediently. We are on call seven days a week – ready to provide assistance. Founded in 2012 by David and Daniel, started in Singapore. In 2013, the company established to service the growing demand for villas in Bali. Providing the best possible customer experience, this successful enterprise allowed Villa Finder to expand to other popular destinations such as Samui, Phuket, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. In addition to our head office in Singapore, we also have a front office in Bali. Know more about us here. Villa Finder has a team of 25 travel professionals with diverse nationalities and speaking a total of 8 languages. As one, we strive to provide tourists with world-class villas, excellent customer service and the most competitive prices and rates – all these to give customers the most satisfying villa experience ever. You can meet our team here. is now the umbrella company of five other websites for villa rentals in Bali, Samui, Phuket, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Your friend speaks the truth. We are uncompromising when it comes to quality – whether of the villas we feature or of the service we extend to our customers. We are with you on your journey – every step of the way. From the time you inquire up to the very end of your stay. Come and see for yourself. rop by our front offices in Singapore, or Bali for a quick greet and meet. The business is also registered with the ACRA in Singapore and we’ve formed successful partnerships with reputable companies such as Air France, Emirates, Maybank, OCBC and UOB. Giving tourists the most satisfying villa experiences have also earned for us so much media mileage. Every villa page includes customer reviews. Scroll down and see what they have to say. You can also browse through customer posts on our Facebook page. Definitely! We are constantly searching for new and world-class villas to feature – especially in Bali, Samui, Phuket, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Email us and our villa inspectors will visit you for an inspection as well as to answer your questions. Contact us now. Of course! We’re open to working with travel agents through a special program. Don't hesitate to contact us." } ]
[ { "question": "Where can I locate the books for Judy Rector's course?", "answer": "The books for Judy Rector's course are located on the last shelf of the Reference section." } ]
[ { "question": "Is there an alternative test date?", "answer": "We are offering an alternative BMAT test date at certain test centres on 31 August 2019, for test-takers applying to certain courses. Find out more about BMAT – Augustug." }, { "question": "Can I take the test twice?", "answer": "You must only take the test once, either in August or October. Applicants must only take one BMAT in an admissions cycle. Taking the test twice may be viewed by an institution as an attempt to gain unfair advantage. If you take BMAT in both August and October it will result in scores for both tests being shared with all BMAT institutions which you are applying to. Yes, you can withdraw your entry for the test. Your Exams Officer will need to do this for you. Your entry can only be withdrawn until 15 October 2019. If your entry is withdrawn by 15 October, your standard entry fee will be refunded. Late entry fees are not refunded. If this is done by separating the candidate using the laptop, they must have a separate invigilator. Candidates using a laptop should format their work in Arial font, size 11, single-spaced. Automatic spell checkers and grammar checkers must be disabled. The word limit for each BMAT writing task is 550 words – candidates can be marked down for going over this limit. No. You must take BMAT in the year you are applying to university. If you take the test again, your score from one year will not affect your chances if re-applying in later years, as each application is considered afresh." } ]
[ { "question": "Just what exactly is cloud computing?", "answer": "Cloud computing is in contrast to conventional hosting possibilities that use a single committed server, as cloud computing uses virtualization technologies to pool or share assets from an fundamental network of actual physical servers. To paraphrase, a bunch of actual physical servers acts like a single large server to bring you the resources which you want on need. Cloud computing delivers shared computing means, facts or computer software by means of the web; that’s probably the most common way of accessing the cloud. Nevertheless, intranets and dedicated networks can also be utilized too. Sources supplied with the cloud include things like: networks, servers, storage, platforms, applications as well as other expert services. And these resources are shared amongst men and women and corporations, and accessed by apps or people. In cloud computing, you’ll find 5 elementary features that differentiate it from traditional internet hosting solutions, which includes speedy elasticity, wide network accessibility, on-demand self-service, resource pooling, and calculated assistance. With cloud computing’s on desire self assistance, you’re able to accessibility email, applications, network or server products and services without the need of human interaction. Just established up an account together with the vendor, produce billing and protection qualifications, and select the cloud computing means that you will need. Generally this is all performed by using a person friendly and easily available web-based self-service portal. Cloud computing providers are offered more than a community, either around a devoted network, the world wide web or even the Intranet. These services may be accessed by any one, anyplace, at any time on any unit or workstation, together with the proper credentials naturally." } ]
[ { "question": "Do you want to be an user advisor?", "answer": "Then visit us at our network team meeting (Wednesday at 20:15, Room of the Network Team at the back of house 57a) or drop us a mail. Admins take care of the infrastructure. If there is an issue only concerning the admins, you can contact us by If you want to encrypt your message, click here." }, { "question": "Do you want to be part of the network team?", "answer": "Come over! We are meeting every Wednesday at 20:15 in the network team room (at the rear of house 57a)." } ]
[ { "question": "chiropractic, homeopathic, ect.?", "answer": "It is very disturbing, as my natural tendency is to dismiss them all as rubbish. You might find this government funded report on CAM usage by cancer suffers an interesting contribution to the debate about how far CAM should be required to submit to the same evidential criteria as allopathic medicine. If you haven't the time to read it all. the last paragraph of the section entitled \"Description of the Literature\" makes the argument, though why we have to waste £150,000 of public money to reach such an obvious conclusion still escapes me. Today is 21 February 2008. I congratulate you with second birth of your brilliant blog! And I wish you Happiness and Health! With the link to the BNP site, can you post a NSFW (not safe for work) warning. Where I work I can get into trouble for looking at sites like this." }, { "question": "Let's have a look at the lies and deceit of Big Pharma shall we?", "answer": "Oh and I notice both you and Gimpy have your websites linked to Sense About Science which come up on the site list of my Zone Alarm. You are NOT going to post my comment. I dare you! I shall inform Dana of your cowardice. I expect you are in the pay of SAS. So Lou Hom. You think you can defend the excesses of homeopathy by tackling pharmaceutical companies. What a shallow world. I dont need scientific proof re the benefits of Homeopathy. My 10 yr old daughter who is asthmatic has had outstanding results. I have also experienced personal success with a problem alopathic medecine has failed to sort out. I think its a great shame that people cannot be open minded as there is a place for both methods of medecine. Both homeopaths and normal doctors need to be regulated. My husbands cancer was undetected by our local doctor... a massive misadventure according to Hammersmith hospital. He died last week aged 45. I am sorry to hear about the tragedy of your husband. I would just like to say that ozone therapy is currently being used in Russian and Cuban hospitals and has been used in Germany for the last 60 years." }, { "question": "If you are the real Louise Mclean then why are you not responding on the post about you?", "answer": "There are some serious questions you really need to think about. But first, your comment. If Ozone Therapy is used somewhere in the world this does not mean that a) it is effective and/or b) your clinic in the Caribbean carries out the technique effectively." }, { "question": "The big question: what due diligence did you undergo before deciding you wanted to act as an agent for the Sante Caribe ozone Therapy Centre?", "answer": "Half an hour research by by revealed a string of unproven claims and that the centre was being run by people that any person ought to have high misgivings about. No medical qualifications for two. Arrests and serious charges. Struck off doctor, the third, with allegations of child molestation." }, { "question": "Is it sufficient for you that these people make nice alt med like claims for you to send terminally ill people off to them without further regard?", "answer": "I would be most interested in your response. The Quackometer has been developed by Andy Lewis. If you wish to get in contact then please read the FAQ and then email me. Details in the About section. Get the QuackSafeTM Surfing 4 in 1 Toolbar. Access the quackometer from any web page." } ]
[ { "question": "When is the 118th U.S. Open Championship?", "answer": "The 118th U.S. Open will be played at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, N.Y., from Monday, June 11 through Sunday, June 17." }, { "question": "How can U.S. Open tickets be purchased and what type of tickets are offered?", "answer": "Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at A Gallery ticket provides access to the grounds of Shinnecock Hills. A Trophy Club ticket includes Gallery access as well as the ability to enter the Trophy Club, which is a tented pavilion on the grounds of Shinnecock Hills. It includes access to separate restrooms as well as seating in an air-conditioned pavilion. Food and beverage inside of the Trophy Club will be available for purchase. An 1895 Club ticket includes Gallery access and gives ticket holders the ability to enter the 1895 Club, which is an all-inclusive tented facility on the grounds of Shinnecock Hills. It includes access to separate restrooms as well as seating in an air-conditioned pavilion. Food and beverage (including alcohol) is included in the ticket price. Please note: The Trophy Club and 1895 Club are separate tents and require the proper ticket type to enter." }, { "question": "Does the U.S. Open offer parking and transportation options?", "answer": "Parking - Complimentary parking and shuttle transportation will be provided at Francis S. Gabreski Airport located due west of Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. Shuttle transportation to and from the championship entrance will take approximately 25 minutes. Train transportation – A temporary LIRR train platform will be constructed in close proximity to the championship entrance. After May 1, please visit for schedule and fare information. Passenger Drop-Off – Fans can be dropped off and picked up from a designated area located at Stony Brook Southampton. There is no parking or staging for vehicles at this location, so please coordinate pick up times accordingly. Due to traffic restrictions, access is limited to vehicles no larger than a 12-passenger van or limousine. Bicycles – Bike racks will be provided for fans choosing to ride a bicycle at the general parking at Francis S. Gabreski airport and the designated passenger drop-off location at Stony Brook University in Southampton. Owners are responsible for the security of their bicycles." }, { "question": "Does the U.S. Open offer travel and experience packages?", "answer": "Yes, travel and experience packages for the 118th U.S. Open Championship can be found through PRIMESPORT, an authorized Fan Experience and Travel Package provider of the championship." }, { "question": "Does the U.S. Open offer a Junior and Student ticket discount?", "answer": "Junior tickets are available on-site at Will Call only and never sell out. There is a maximum of two Junior tickets per one adult ticket or badge holder." }, { "question": "Does the U.S. Open offer a military ticket discount?", "answer": "Yes, our military discount policy applies to the practice round days of the U.S. Open Championship for ACTIVE and RETIRED military. The military ticket policy covers all branches of service including Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, the National Guard and Reserves. Tickets for Active Military are complimentary and can only be obtained at Will Call on June 11-13 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). In addition, Active Military can purchase up to four (4) Practice Round tickets per day for family or friends at half price. Tickets for Retired Military can be purchased at Will Call on June 11-13 at half price. In addition, Retired Military can purchase up to four (4) additional Practice Round tickets for family or friends for half price. Active and Retired Military need to show military identification AND regular photo identification at Will Call in order to receive the military tickets for any of the practice round days. Tickets for military will always be available on the practice round days." }, { "question": "Does the U.S. Open provide options for corporate hospitality tickets?", "answer": "Yes, MSG Promotions, Inc. is the exclusive corporate hospitality marketing and management company for the U.S. Open Corporate Hospitality program." }, { "question": "What ADA / Accessibility options are provided at the U.S. Open?", "answer": "The USGA provides accessible parking spaces in the general fan parking lots for all vehicles having appropriate license plates or placards. Our Disabled Services Committee will be on-site to assist fans with transportation to and from the Disabled Services Headquarters and specific grandstand locations and facilities throughout the course via multi-person golf cards. A limited number of motorized scooters will be available at Disabled Services Headquarters for fans on a first-come, first-served basis. Accessible restrooms will be available at portable restroom locations throughout the championship grounds and at corporate hospitality areas. Note: For those fans requiring lift-equipped shuttle transportation, please contact the U.S. Open Admissions department at 1-800-698-0661." }, { "question": "What is the Bag and Inspection policy?", "answer": "Backpacks, briefcases, and/or bags cannot be larger than 6”W x 6”H x 6”D in their natural state. Transparent/clear plastic hand and shoulder bags no larger than 12”W x 12”H x 12”D are permitted. Infant/Medical Exception: All bags exceeding the restricted size limit but are exclusively for the care of infants accompanying an adult are permitted. In addition, bags and/or containers/coolers exceeding the restricted size limit but exclusively are used for medical needs are permitted." }, { "question": "What happens if there is a weather warning on the golf course?", "answer": "The USGA will have meteorology staff on-site to monitor weather conditions. If hazardous conditions are approaching, special “weather warning” messages will be posted on leader boards around the course. When the warning appears, fans are advised to take immediate precautions, including clearing the grandstands, prior to play being suspended. If play is suspended, indicated by one prolonged air horn blast, please close your umbrella and seek shelter. Please note that play will resume as soon as conditions allow. No ticket refunds, exchanges, rain checks, or replacements will be issued. However, the USGA, in its sole discretion, may or may not honor a day’s ticket for subsequent day(s) or partially or fully refund a day’s ticket if fewer than five (5) cumulative hours of play are conducted during an affected day. Information regarding this USGA decision will be posted online at and" }, { "question": "When is Will Call open?", "answer": "Will Call will be available for fans beginning on Thursday, June 7 through Sunday, June 17. Thursday, June 7 to Sunday, June 10 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.\nWill concessions be available on the course?. Yes, there will be concession stands located throughout the grounds of Shinnecock Hills featuring a variety of food and beverage options available for purchase." }, { "question": "Will grandstand seating be available on the course?", "answer": "Yes, grandstand seating will be located at strategic viewing areas throughout the golf course for fans. Seating is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and grandstands will be closed upon reaching capacity. Access to the grandstands is subject to applicable USGA policies, which will be posted at the entrance to each grandstand." }, { "question": "Is there re-entry into the U.S. Open?", "answer": "Yes, re-entry is permitted throughout the day with a valid ticket for that day. Any fan choosing to leave the grounds and re-enter must have their valid ticket to do so." }, { "question": "How do I contact the U.S. Open Ticket Office?", "answer": "All U.S. Open ticket or general fan questions can be directed via email to: or via phone to: 1-800-698-0661." } ]
[ { "question": "Please wait...CancelNeed help logging in?", "answer": "Please click here for FAQs or to search the support portal. Complete your evaluation forms from the one45 mobile app! The one45 mobile app allows faculty, staff and learners to complete their \"Forms to complete\" and \"Forms to send\" assessments, from their smart phones or tablet devices. The app is available as a free download. Once you have logged in, the system will appear in a new window. You can maximize the screen\tarea used by the system by maximizing the new window. You must have popup blockers disabled or set to allow this site. If you are not sure\thow to do this, contact your local IT administrator." } ]
[ { "question": "(9) How does Carrier IQ protect this data against hackers and other security threats?", "answer": "(10) Does Carrier IQ believe that its actions comply with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, including the federal wiretap statute (18 U.S.C. § 2511 et seq. ), the pen register statute (18 USC § 3121 et seq. ), and the Stored Communications Act (18 U.S.C." }, { "question": "§ 2701 et seq.)?", "answer": "(11) Does Carrier IQ believe that its actions comply with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C." } ]
[ { "question": "Is there any upper age limit for the Senior Citizens' Run?", "answer": "Participation in the event is subject to entry confirmation. Where your entry is not confirmed for any reason, the entry fees paid by you will be refunded on or before 19th November 2018. An amount of Rs. 150 will be deducted as processing charges. You will be required to provide your bank details on a link provided by the Event's Registration team. Any refund discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the Event’s Registration Team immediately. Refund queries will not be entertained post 29th November 2018." } ]
[ { "question": "Where do I talk to Someone about my Lotus Leggings Statements My Name is Denise Goodwin 280 4th Ave Kimberley BC Canada V1A 2R6 yes i do, where is my order ?", "answer": "I need to send them the link to show that I did do a review for them I can't find the review that I wrote. It was for lotus leggings. I need the link to send them showing I did do a review. Please help me How do I copy a link of my review to send to hello, any chance i can get rush ship i need them for wednesday I can't find my review." } ]
[ { "question": "Has it been tested clinically?", "answer": "The functionality and safe use of the device are presently being tested in ongoing clinical trials. The results so far in clinical tests are excellent. A commonly used absorbable block co-polymer, same as surgical suture. Yes & No - presently, the access is limited and our main focus is on research and delivery of evidence. Please send us an e-mail!" }, { "question": "Where does the name LigaTie come from?", "answer": "The name was derived from ligate, to tie a ligature and from cable tie. A cable tie (also known as zip tie, zap strap, tie wrap, quick draw or mouse belt) is a disposable tool originally used for binding electronic cables together." } ]
[ { "question": "How will the court decide on custody?", "answer": "The court will decide custody based on the best interests of the child. In every case, the court will keep that main issue in their mind. Many factors will play into what the judge deems the best interest of the child. For example, they may believe that it is best for the child to get equal time with each parent, or that one parent is not suitable to have physical custody, but can share legal custody." }, { "question": "What factors does a court look at when deciding on custody?", "answer": "The child's wishes and more. Other factors they may look at include instances of domestic violence or abuse." }, { "question": "How will a parenting plan be decided on?", "answer": "A parenting plan is started by a judge. It will give equal time with children to both parents. From this standpoint, they will then adjust as necessary. This does not mean that a finalized parent plan will include equal time! While the judge must approach a case this way, they will use many other factors to determine the best parenting plan. They will consider parents' work schedules, schooling, commute, transportation abilities, living area, and much more." }, { "question": "Can emails, text messages, or other social media be used in a custody case?", "answer": "This is a very tricky question. With the way society is changing and growing in technology, text messages, emails, and other forms of social media may now be presented in court as evidence to sway a judge's opinion on child custody. That being said, some evidence can be debated. Regardless, you should keep in mind that a judge can access any of your social media account, prior to and during the trial. This means you should be very aware of the information and language you post." }, { "question": "How do I get child custody modified?", "answer": "Whether you are moving closer or just want to spend more time with your children, getting an order modified is important. However, you will need to show substantial reason for the order to be modified in order to get the changes you are seeking. Even then, the court may not grant the exact request you ask for. For example, you should have a geographic change, financial change, marital change, health change, or more to be granted a custody modification." }, { "question": "How can I get more custody of my child?", "answer": "There is no way to guarantee that you will be given sole or joint physical custody of your child. However, there are a few things you can do to prove your devotion and dedication to being the best parent you can be to your child. By demonstrating that you spend time with your child, invest in their lives, and support their interests, you may increase the likelihood of receiving custody. Having a safe home in a clean, respectable area can play a big factor into child custody as well. You may also be given a better parenting plan if you show that you can get along peacefully with the other parent. My spouse has physical custody and is trying to move the kids." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "If you fear that you spouse will try to move your children and prevent you from seeing them as you did before in your parenting plan, you may need to take legal action. The court will likely not grant a move-away order or relocation to your spouse if you strongly contest it. If they still wish to move away, they may lose some of their custody rights." } ]
[ { "question": "Why do I need to attend Pre and Post Classes?", "answer": "Our program is designed for your success in mind. The Pre and Post classes are required. You will meet in a group setting with a registered dietitian and a licensed counselor who will explain the lifestyle changes you can expect, support you in your decision and answer any questions or concerns you may have." } ]
[ { "question": "How long will I be out of service during the change?", "answer": "It typically only takes a few minutes to switch your phone and broadband service. However in some cases more time is required and your phone and Internet service may be interupted for up to 2 hours during the switch." }, { "question": "Can I use my existing DSL modem?", "answer": "We encourage you to use our Surflink equipment which is optmized and fully supported by our staff. You can opt to use your own ADSL2+ compatible equipment, however our technical support staff may be limited in troubleshooting any problems if we are not familiar with your equipment." }, { "question": "How long does it before service is active?", "answer": "It takes approximately 5-7 business days to activate service once an order is placed. Our staff will keep you updated on the progress of your order." } ]
[ { "question": "Does my homeowners insurance cover my laptop computer?", "answer": "Most homeowners insurance policies provide some protection for laptop computers, but probably not enough to replace it if it were lost or stolen. Consider adding an endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy to ensure adequate protection. There are several things you can do to receive discounts on your homeowners insurance policy. For example, installing a security system and smoke alarms, raising your deductible, and taking advantage of multipolicy discounts are just a few things that can lower your premium. Let your insurance agent know if you’ve made major improvements to your home, such as new wiring, a new water heater, replaced the sewer system, etc. Remove things that can raise your homeowners insurance premium such as swimming pools, trampolines, and dogs." } ]
[ { "question": "Is Par-T-Perfect experienced in children and family oriented events?", "answer": "In 2018 Par-T-Perfect is celebrating 30 years in business. During that time we have organized thousands of birthdays, corporate or public events. We have clients from all across North America. So we know a thing or two about celebrating. If that does not convince you please check out our testimonial section or ask us for some references." }, { "question": "Do you have an indoor location?", "answer": "Par-T-Perfect does not have its own indoor locations. We like to bring the party to you and we operate year round. We have many locations we work with indoors including; Malls, community centers, schools, office buildings, and private homes, etc. For more options and ideas on where we can hold your event please ask." }, { "question": "What are the safety and insurance requirements needed for a party or event?", "answer": "Every year Par-T-Perfect owners spend thousands of dollars to maintain proper safety training, liability insurance and state and provincial safety certifications. Every province or state has basic requirements for public events. These include certification permits for the operation of inflatable bouncers and a minimum 2 million dollars of liability insurance. Operators or attendants for the equipment are required. For private residence parties certification permits are not required, however, if you have inflatable equipment at your home you must ensure the company has 2 million liability insurance. Liability insurance is also required for any company providing a service this includes but is not limited to: a clown, face painter, balloon twister, musician, magician, character visits or princess parties, etc. All services provided by Par-T-Perfect are covered. For slightly rainy weather conditions, we have covered equipment. Par-T-Perfect basic clowns are described as a ragdoll style. These clowns can provide face painting or balloon-twisting and games leadership. If you are looking for a high-end professional clown that does a show we can suggest a number of excellent options to suit your budget." }, { "question": "Do some of your locations offer different themes and services?", "answer": "Being creative is an essential part of any party planning business. The ability of our owners to react and provide a local flair to services is important. For this reason some of our themes costumes and inflatables vary from location to location. Please consult your local Par-T-Planner for ideas that can be tailored to suit your event." }, { "question": "Do you have prices listed on the website?", "answer": "Organizing events for families requires creativity and a strong focus on safety. Our team of owners and staff takes great pride in planning each event to ensure everyone leaves with a smile. Our services range from a basic face painter by the hour right up to a full service event for 20,000. For this reason we need to get a few details about your event. So please fill & send us a quote request or give your local Par-T-Perfect a call so we can get you the information in a timely manner." } ]
[ { "question": "Do I follow a meal plan?", "answer": "Path 2 Health encourages you to eat REAL NUTRITIOUS foods. We will provide you healthy eating instructions and sample meals at your first appointment. Throughout your program, we will teach you to improve your eating habits, lose weight, & improve your health. You will also receive individual feed back from our registered dietitians twice per month." }, { "question": "When does Path 2 Health take place?", "answer": "We understand you are busy, we are offering Path 2 Health Mondays at 1 pm. Participants are invited to bring their lunch to eat during education group. This not only saves time, but also helps participants learn new meals and recipes from other participants." }, { "question": "How long does Path 2 Health last?", "answer": "Path 2 Health is a 6-month program. Research indicates frequent follow ups during weight loss improves results. We highly recommend that you do no not commit to this program if you know in advance you will be unable to participate in the monthly office visits and virtual group sessions. If it is necessary for you to miss a session, we will work with you to adjust scheduled visits. We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible. The program cost is $600 for 6 months. This fee will cover the virtual education groups, food diary reviews with dietitians, and other services which are not billable to insurance. We bill insurance for physician visits, labs, or other testing that your physician feels is necessary." }, { "question": "Will my insurance pay for this program?", "answer": "The Path 2 Health program fee is not covered by insurers. These are non-billable, out of pocket expenses. Your insurance will be billed for physician visits, labs tests, or other testing your physician feels is necessary. You are responsible for any applicable co-pays and/or unmet deductibles, in accordance with your insurance plan, at the time of service. In the event that you insurance does not cover or denies payment for any services billed, you are responsible for payment at the standard Emory Healthcare fee rate for services rendered." }, { "question": "Is it alright to exercise during the program?", "answer": "Absolutely! Increased physical activity is essential for your success and an important part of our program." }, { "question": "How is Path 2 Health different from other weight loss programs?", "answer": "The Path 2 Health program is dedicated to help you not only lose weight, but improve your health. Our comprehensive approach will ensure you have the tools you need to be successful long term. Our program will focus not only on healthy eating and exercise, but understanding our behaviors and why change is necessary." } ]
[ { "question": "Where can I find program notes for your works?", "answer": "A. Program notes and other information can be found on the individual pages for each of my works. Q." }, { "question": "What are your commissioning rates?", "answer": "A. These are project-specific and vary from work to work. Contact me directly at to discuss. In addition to the composing fee there is usually an additional ca.10% required for professional typesetting. Q." }, { "question": "What is the commissioning process?", "answer": "A. I keep this as simple as possible. After the details of the project have been negotiated, I use a basic contract that clarifies the duration, instrumentation, exclusivity, and costs involved. The most common arrangement is 50% of the fee at the beginning and 50% on delivery along with the typesetting cost. Exclusivity is usually one year for performance, and two years for first recording. Q." }, { "question": "What is the collaborative process like with performers who commission you?", "answer": "A. This varies a great deal. For film scores, it is of course very collaborative. For live performance works the amount and type of collaboration varies considerably and is often shaped by the degree to which the performer/commissioner wishes to engage in the process. Usually I am left totally to my own devices. For instance, when Pedro Carneiro commissioned One Study One Summary, he sent me the junk percussion samples (his idea entirely, and one which I loved) and then left me to it. Whereas when creating the Between Zero and One project with Strike Percussion we spent a lot of time in their rehearsal space trying out all kinds of instrumental combinations and rhythmic ideas, all through the entire creative process. When I’m collaborating with performers who are not primarily notation-based (i.e. improvisors) there is much more collaboration, often long-distance video-conferencing. Q." }, { "question": "What software do you use to compose?", "answer": "A. I use Logic Pro and have a large collection of sound libraries. The composing experience for me is one of working out ideas at the piano, inputting, exploring, and expanding the material in Logic, listening a lot, and then extending the work. I don’t use Sibelius as I prefer to write out every note of my scores by hand. I then give this handwritten score to a professional typesetter, and go through a proofing process before delivering the score to the commissioner. When a work involves an audio playback track (like One Study One Summary, or Buyan) I export from Logic to ProTools and mix in a professional studio. Q." }, { "question": "Where you are from and what is your cultural background?", "answer": "A. All 4 of my grandparents were part of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey following the 1st World War. The villages my ancestors came from are now in Turkey, but my roots are in Greek culture. My parents immigrated to New Zealand in the early 1960s. Their other choices of destination were South Africa, Australia, and Canada. I grew up in small town New Zealand, a place called Taumaranui. Our family ran food businesses and I grew up working late hours in restaurants. Eventually we moved to the beautiful small city of Napier, an area of New Zealand where the climate, at times, comes close to resembling that of Greece. My experience has always been that of the outsider. New Zealand was extremely parochial when my parents arrived. It has changed a great deal since then and is steadily transforming into a positive multicultural society. The effect on me personally of this life has been to feel that I am not bound by tradition to any particular country. I am neither New Zealand nor Greek, I am partly both, but mostly as a person - and especially as a composer – I have been free to invent myself with few guidelines. This used to be a great burden and made every step that much harder, but I now appreciate just how free from cultural obligation I’ve been. Q." }, { "question": "What made you decide to become a composer?", "answer": "A. Around the time of my 11th year, I used to work quite late in the family business, often until early morning hours. Later, at home, when everyone was asleep I would listen to music with headphones. I was undiscriminating and listened to whatever records I would find in the house. I started having very intense experiences with certain pieces of music: a powerful emotional reaction, and an experience of being transported to some other place in the human spirit. This has been my aim ever since, and my belief in the value of this ambition hasn’t wavered. I became a music theory junkie and lived at the piano, often playing all through the night and going bleary eyed to school the next day. A. I studied piano and played jazz as a student. My best experience as a performer was the decade or so I spent in a local Greek band, playing at weddings, taverna evenings, and other social gatherings. I learnt a lot about the immediacy of music and the beautiful role of music as a social cohesive. Now I have a performance shyness that keeps me off stage. Of all things, I mostly miss the joy of making music with others. Q." }, { "question": "And now?", "answer": "A. Then (1970s/80s) - Keith Jarrett, Beethoven, Alan Parsons, Peter Gabriel, Toto, Billy Joel, Joe Jackson, Chick Corea, Split Enz, Bach, Prince, and all of the Greek music saturating our house and restaurant. Now - Bijan Chemirani, Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Max Richter, Nitin Sawhney, Beethoven, Jeff Buckley, Ligeti, Yuri Shaporin, Paul Avgerinos, Ross Daly, Nik Bartsch, Toto, etc. etc. etc. Q." }, { "question": "Or do you mean one person, alone, listening to the piece many times during their lifetime?", "answer": "Personally, I don’t think of a room full of people when writing. I think of an individual. I have always though of music as one-to-one sharing. Even when we are part of an audience we can only share our response to the music, not our experience of hearing it. That is very private. And I have always aimed for works that will stand up to, and inspire, repeated listening. I do consider the overall density of information in music. I have been to many music concerts (and not necessarily contemporary music) in which every piece is so dense with musical information that I eventually lose my ability to process what I’m hearing. I’m conscious of this when composing, and listen to my own works-in-progress from this perspective. Conversely, I think the modern media world has also influenced me in that I do consider the idea of attention span. I try to make my works as concise as possible and to achieve the most impact I can in that time. Another vital consideration is the line through a piece. I want to grab the listener in a tight embrace, and take them through the work, on a compelling journey. I try to keep the listener intensely focused on the work from start to finish. Q." }, { "question": "What do you think the composer’s role and responsibilities are to today’s society and/or audience and musicians?", "answer": "A. Given the state of things in our world today this will sound naive. To me the crucial role of all art, whether it is reflective, challenging, or just emotionally gratifying, is to introduce a positive energy into the world. I see our created works of art as millions of positively energized counterweights to the other kind of weight which is constantly bearing down on us. The inevitability of death, our inability to share equally and look after each other, the ease in which we are easily distracted from most important things. Ultimately I see art as an energizer, a catalyst. And I wish it to be positively charged. In music, this is hardest because music works in a unique way. Its abstract nature makes it hard to control, and yet it also allows music to be more limitless in its possibility than any other art. Q." }, { "question": "What are some of the things you try to achieve when you compose a piece of music?", "answer": "A. As teenagers we are highly susceptible to being influenced profoundly by music. When we mature into adults, many of us lose this powerful connection we have with music. I think we lose this strong relationship with music because in order to survive in adult society we need emotional filters. But these necessary social tools can eventually inhibit our ability to feel music and other arts strongly. When composing I am trying my hardest to break through or reach around these filters. My first and most important aim is to find a way to make the mystical connection between one human being and another, a connection that is uniquely possible with music. I realized recently I am listening almost entirely to improvised music. This is because when improvising, people are trying hardest to communicate without filters. There is immediacy between the impulse and the articulation. What we often hear in improvised music is the sound of the improviser’s sense of wonder at moments of discovery. Some note-on-paper composers have managed this also. In much of his work Beethoven has managed to embed in the music itself his own amazement at the discovery of new ideas and modes of expression. And being Beethoven, he wanted desperately to share this otherworldly experience with humanity. The climactic chords in the 1st movement of the Eroica symphony are a great example. I’m convinced that great music from all genres have this revelatory aspect in common, and this is one of the main reasons we go back to certain music over and over again; to relive with the composer or performer moments of transcendental and sublime discovery. First albums by pop and rock artists are often saturated with this sense of discovery. This is what I am trying to achieve when writing a new work. I try to create from a place where I myself experience thrilling moments of illumination and magical, intuitive connections. And I try to capture this ephemeral energy and embed it in the work so that it can be shared. When this works, there is a positive sharing, and a listening experience that is memorable and repeatable. A. The world around me. Mostly people. I am fascinated with human beings. Q." }, { "question": "If a young student comes to you and expresses a desire to become a composer, what advice would you give them?", "answer": "A. Inside, part of me sighs deeply. Knowing the struggle and the emotional fortitude needed, the fact that it is impossible to be dishonest with oneself about the quality and worth (or lack of) in one’s work, and the truth about how long it will take to arrive at an understanding of whether the sacrifice and self-doubt have been worth it, my initial instinct is advise them to run away, run away, and never look back. But passion produces strong results, it turns work into play – and, given the opportunity, we will play for many more hours than we will work. My way of responding to students who approach me about being composers, is to try and determine how passionate they really are about this life they want to choose. I often say, “If you can be happy doing something else, then do that instead”. The emotional cost of living a life in art is great, even success can be its own form of creative trauma. The best justification for pursuing this kind of career is that you can’t not do it. If not pursuing this path makes you unwell and unhappy, then you don’t actually have much choice. Q. Fifty years ago, many composers were writing music that pushed experimentalism to new extremes. It was a time when artists were creating art for art’s sake, where concepts overruled expression and the audience was of secondary importance. Now, things have changed, more and more composers are writing music that communicates directly to the audience, making it an integral goal to their creations." }, { "question": "In your years of being a composer and of witnessing this transition, what do you think were the factors that led to this change of attitude in today’s composers?", "answer": "A. The key factor in this shift has to be the loss of dominance and control over thinking by a particular generation of composers. From one perspective art music became the casualty of Composition entering the universities as a taught, gradable, subject. At this point, many composers no longer needed to justify their existence in terms of social interest in their music. The emergence of composers who developed an audience base outside of this environment (e.g. Steve Reich), gave pause for thought to a great many other composers. Realising it was possible to be a composer society was interested in, without deviating from your own artistic truth, gave many a new courage; a courage to be free from the freedom of the ivory tower. The way out, for some, became clear. Look outward not inward. Be inclusive not exclusive. I feel lucky (to an extent I can’t describe) that I was born at a time that allowed me to witness this transition, and appreciate the value in both approaches (and there are advantages in both, and brilliant music has been written by composers who couldn’t care less about who ever heard it). What I think was different for my generation was that we were the first – in a long time – that didn’t feel totally beholden to the establishment, that each one of us might write our own unique set of rules. Now, things are so much easier with technology and the wider dissemination and consumption of music. I don’t see many composers getting any richer, but they can certainly share their music in a way that was never possible before." } ]
[ { "question": "What makes an ideal Teacher Resident candidate?", "answer": "There is no single “best” profile to become a successful teacher. The Chicago Teacher Residency seeks individuals from all backgrounds, who are passionate about transforming the educational outcomes for students in the lowest-performing schools, and are open to coaching and feedback." }, { "question": "What grade levels or subjects can I teach?", "answer": "Depending on what degree program you choose as part of your residency, you can select grades anywhere from K-12. As for subject (content area), Residents must have completed college-level coursework in the subject area(s) they wish to teach, in accordance with the Illinois State Board of Education standards for licensure. It is okay to apply even if you identify missing coursework in the credit hours you have, especially if they amount to 6 or fewer semester hours. After you pass the initial screening, we will contact you to discuss options for addressing your missing coursework." }, { "question": "Can I apply to if I'm already a licensed teacher?", "answer": "Yes, our program is appropriate if you have two or fewer years of full-time teaching experience as a licensed teacher. The Residency program will also allow you to earn a Master’s degree in one year and you will receive a year of full-time, and highly individualized mentoring and guided practice in the classroom. I am (or will be) licensed to teach in another state, not Illinois." }, { "question": "Can I still apply?", "answer": "Yes! You will, however, need to contact the Illinois State Board of Education to request a transfer of your license to Illinois. Depending on the state you are coming from, this process may require you to pass one or more tests and you may also need additional coursework to meet Illinois requirements for your grade level or content area. Please call our Admissions office at (773) 534-0397 after you submit your online application to discuss whether you need to do anything further to meet Illinois licensure requirements." }, { "question": "Can I enroll to become licensed in another subject or grade-level?", "answer": "No. We strongly advise against this, as you would be required to enroll in the non-licensed track, resulting in a duplication of previous courses already taken. It would be an easier and less costly option for you to contact Illinois Board of Education directly and ask about your options." }, { "question": "Do I have to live in Chicago to participate?", "answer": "No. During your training year, you may live in or outside the city of Chicago. However, Chicago Public Schools requires its teachers to live in the city of Chicago, so you will need to abide by the CPS residency policy when you begin your full-time teaching career following graduation. Teachers in a few high-need areas (e.g. special education, math, and science) are eligible to apply for a waiver of the residency policy. However, we cannot guarantee that a resident will be granted a waiver." }, { "question": "I currently live outside Illinois, can I apply?", "answer": "Yes, we welcome applications from candidates outside Illinois who choose to make a commitment to training and teaching in Chicago for five years or more. All Residents must either be a U.S. citizen or authorized to work in the United States to qualify for the program. Unfortunately, we do not sponsor H1B Visas. I am unable to obtain my transcript from my university." }, { "question": "What are my options?", "answer": "Unfortunately, you will need to work with your university to negotiate the release of your transcripts. Some universities allow transcripts to be released if they are contingent on employment. Ultimately, it is the candidate’s responsibility to resolve this issue and we will not contact the school on your behalf. I only took one course at a university." }, { "question": "Do I still need to submit a transcript from that school?", "answer": "Yes. We require a transcript from all undergraduate and graduate institutions you have attended, regardless of how many credits were earned." }, { "question": "If I am not accepted to the program, can I apply again?", "answer": "You may apply once for each program year, but you must submit an entirely new online application. We encourage you to find ways to strengthen your application (for example, complete missing coursework, obtain work or volunteer experience with urban children, etc.) when reapplying." }, { "question": "Do I have to take the Test of Academic Proficiency?", "answer": "The Illinois State Board of Education allows applicants to use their ACT/SAT score in lieu of passing the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) for admission. Please Note: This option is only allowed for candidates who have an existing ACT/SAT score that meets the criteria listed below. You will also still need to take and pass the appropriate content area tests. All Residents receive a $20,000 stipend during their training year deposited directly to you to be used as needed (for tuition, living expenses, etc.). The TEACH Grant Program provides grants of up to $4,000 a year to students who are completing or plan to complete coursework needed to begin a career in teaching. NOTE: TEACH Grants are awarded on a rolling basis so the student may receive more than the annual award amount if they are eligible all four terms of their program. If you do not complete your service obligation, all TEACH Grant funds you received will be converted to a Direct Unsubsidized Loan. You must then repay this loan to the U.S. Department of Education, with interest charged from the date the TEACH Grant was disbursed (paid to you or on your behalf)." }, { "question": "Should I and how do I apply for the FAFSA?", "answer": "Records of income, such as income earned from work and business, child support paid or received, and any other untaxed income. If available, refer to the W-2 Forms and the IRS Federal Income Tax Return 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ. Information about assets, such as savings, certificates of deposit, stock options, bonds, 529 plans, other college savings programs, real estate, and business. Citizenship records – alien registration or permanent resident card (if you are not a U.S. Citizen). Access the FAFSA application at Student loans may include Federal Stafford and Graduate PLUS loans. Under the Stafford Loan program, individuals who teach full time for five consecutive, complete academic years (following the residency training year) in high-needs schools (all AUSL schools qualify) may be eligible for loan forgiveness. Math, science, and special education teachers are eligible for up to $17,500 of loan forgiveness; teachers of other subjects are eligible for up to $5,000." }, { "question": "Are there other scholarship opportunities?", "answer": "There are many additional scholarship opportunities available. Use these websites as a starting point for additional research." }, { "question": "When does the Residency program start and end?", "answer": "It’s a full academic year, which runs June to June. Courses will be in full-swing after the Fourth of July holiday, and student teaching will begin with the start of the new school year in September." }, { "question": "What will my schedule look like during the Residency year?", "answer": "Summer: Full-time university coursework, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday at the university campus. Half of the graduate coursework for the Master’s degree is delivered during the summer; it is an intense academic experience and a full-time commitment (or more). Classes are held from July to early August. School year: Residents work in classrooms with their mentor teacher Monday-Thursday, whenever school is in session. Fridays are dedicated to university classes. Summer: In mid-July, following the Residency year and Master’s degree graduation, residents who will be teaching at AUSL-network schools attend professional development and planning to prepare for the first day of class. The Chicago Teacher Residency does not provide housing. You are able to choose where you live. Many residents use the class Facebook group to find roommates." }, { "question": "What is the tuition cost for the Master’s degree?", "answer": "Our university partners offer attractive tuition rates for residents and financial aid is available. For the one-year Master’s degree, tuition rates range from $18,250 to $19,999." }, { "question": "Can I choose which school I will train at during my residency year?", "answer": "Residents do not choose their training site. Each site has a different mix of mentor teachers available for various grade levels and subject areas. We will choose your mentor teacher, matching each resident with the most appropriate mentor. You will learn your school and mentor assignment a few weeks after the start of the program (early August)." }, { "question": "What salary will I earn after the Residency year?", "answer": "Most graduating residents will be employed as Chicago Public School (CPS) teachers beginning in fall. As of 2018-19, the starting salary for a CPS teacher at a master’s degree level will be $$54,161, plus pension and other benefits for a 41.6 week school year. This is more than $3,500 higher than the starting salary for a CPS teacher without a Master’s degree." }, { "question": "What is my commitment required following graduation from the Residency program?", "answer": "The Chicago Teacher Residency is designed to create a pipeline of talented, specially-trained teachers to fill positions in AUSL-network Chicago Public Schools. When you join our program, you will sign an agreement committing to teach in an AUSL school for a minimum of four years after graduation." }, { "question": "Am I guaranteed to have a teaching job after graduating from this program?", "answer": "Placing Chicago Teacher Residency graduates in AUSL-managed schools is part of AUSL’s mission. Each spring, AUSL principals observe residents in the classroom and select new teachers for their schools. However, AUSL does not force any principal to hire a teacher, so placement is not guaranteed. For the small number of Residency graduates who are not placed in AUSL schools, AUSL provides assistance to find other positions in schools in high-needs Chicago neighborhoods. Historically, over 95 percent of our graduates are teaching somewhere in Chicago during the school year immediately following graduation." } ]
[ { "question": "What does “Original Source” mean?", "answer": "In some qui tam cases, the whistleblower, also called a “Relator,” must prove that he or she is the “original source” of the information. In particular, the False Claims Act contains a public disclosure provision, which allows the Court to dismiss a qui tam lawsuit if it involves allegations of fraud or wrongdoing that have already been disclosed to the public or to the Government through certain avenues. The idea is to prevent a person from, for example, reading a newspaper story about fraud and then attempting to claim a qui tam reward for “reporting” the very same fraud to the Government. (3) in the news media. If one of these public disclosures has been made, a whistleblower has only two ways to avoid dismissal of the qui tam suit. First, the whistleblower can prove that he or she is the “original source” of the information. “Original source” means either (A) a person who, prior to the public disclosure, voluntarily disclosed the same information to the Government, or (B) a person who has knowledge that is independent of and materially adds to the publicly disclosed information. Under (A) or (B), however, the whistleblower must voluntarily provide the information to the Government before actually filing the qui tam lawsuit with the Court. Second, the whistleblower can avoid dismissal if the Government decides to oppose dismissal of the lawsuit. Specifically, Congress has given the Government special power under 31 U.S.C. § 3730(e)(4)(A) to keep a qui tam case alive, even though it involves publicly disclosed allegations, and even though the whistleblower does not qualify as the “original source.” The Government rarely exercises this power however." } ]
[ { "question": "What is mp4?", "answer": "Last time, I have try convert a song of mp4 to my cellphone. It’s still not work. I can not find out the song. I think more cellphone have the mp4 program but for high type and expensive prices." }, { "question": "Will photostory or Winds Movie Maker allow you to use an MP4 edited or unedited?", "answer": "Looks like they don’t support that. You should convert MP4 files to WMV with tools like Format Factory (from or Windows Media Encoder. 178 queries in 0.455 seconds." } ]
[ { "question": "Are they saved somewhere?", "answer": "Yes, your results will be saved in your account where you can view them whenever you like." }, { "question": "Are my answers stored when I click somewhere else during the test or when I take a break?", "answer": "No, your answers won't get lost and you will be able to start where you finished, unless you close your website browser during the test." }, { "question": "What affects the choice of my career?", "answer": "Perhaps you were undecided when you came to our website. Our several pages long questionnaire will scrutinize you using the RIASEC method to assess your personality and the professions that suit you most." }, { "question": "Is there a point taking this questionnaire if I´m finished with school and I´m already working?", "answer": "It doesn't matter if you already have a job, you can take this questionnaire anyway and find out whether you're not wasting your time in your job and whether you're using all your abilities!" }, { "question": "What type of questions are in this test?", "answer": "There are no such questions in this test. © Copyright 2009-2019 All Rights Reserved." } ]
[ { "question": "Must the employer submit Form IT-2104 in addition to the federal Form W-4?", "answer": "The requirements state that an employee's name must be provided in the following order: first name, middle initial, last name." }, { "question": "For whom must this information be reported?", "answer": "See New hire reporting for the definition of newly hired or rehired employee working in New York State. 2." }, { "question": "Can employers substitute either manually- or computer-produced listings of newly hired employees in place of copies of federal Forms W-4s and Forms IT-2104?", "answer": "Yes. Employers may substitute listings or other written formats that include all required information. See New hire reporting, Reporting methods. 7." }, { "question": "Must the employer submit Form IT-2104 in addition to the federal Form W-4?", "answer": "Yes, Form IT-2104 (or Form IT-2104-E) includes the required information regarding employee dependent health insurance benefits, and the hire date. Therefore, it must be submitted in place of, or in addition to, the federal Form W-4. 8. The requirements state that an employee's name must be provided in the following order: first name, middle initial, last name." }, { "question": "Can employers provide the name in a last name, first name, middle initial order?", "answer": "Yes. The order of the name as stated in the requirements corresponds to the order specified for federal Form W-4. Employers who provide this information in a listing or other written format may provide the name in the alternative order. 9." }, { "question": "Must employees who discontinued services within 20 days of being hired still be reported?", "answer": "Yes. You must report them because they were still employees. 10. Employers sometimes transfer employees working in other states to New York State." }, { "question": "Must these employees be reported for the new hire reporting program?", "answer": "No. These employees are not newly hired or rehired by the employer, but merely transferred from another state. 11." }, { "question": "Can employers submit a report of all new employees hired anywhere in the country with an indicator of the state in which they work?", "answer": "Multi-state employers who report electronically may designate one state (in which he or she has employees) to report newly hired employees. For employers who do not report electronically, only newly hired employees working in New York State must be reported, and employees who do not work at all in New York State must not be reported. 12." }, { "question": "Must all employees be reported as new hires in the case of takeovers, mergers, and consolidations by employers?", "answer": "No, not if the employees were previously reported through the quarterly wage reporting system. 13." }, { "question": "Can a new hire report be submitted without a Social Security number SSN?", "answer": "No. See New hire reporting “Note” under Due dates. A post office box is sufficient for an employee's home address, because we do not intend to modify the W-4 process. We recognize the main purpose of the W-4 is to provide federal income tax withholding information to employers. 16." }, { "question": "What date does the Tax Department use for determining timeliness - the postmark or the received date?", "answer": "For reports delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, we use the postmark date for determining if the report was submitted in time. Taxpayers can use certain private delivery services, in addition to the U.S. Postal Service, with the assurance that reports mailed on time will be considered filed on time. For rules for determining the \"postmark dates\" when using a designated delivery service, refer to Publication 55, Designated Private Delivery Services. If neither the U.S. Postal Service nor a designated delivery service is used, we use the received date. 17." }, { "question": "How can an employer obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)?", "answer": "The IRS has a web site where new employers can obtain an EIN. Employers must inform the New York State Tax Department when they obtain an EIN and use that number as their Withholding Tax Identification Number." } ]
[ { "question": "What is a Project Investment Justification (PIJ)?", "answer": "The Strategic Oversight group, within the Arizona Department of Administration’s Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ADOA-ASET) office, helps State agencies, departments, boards, and commissions develop business cases for Information Technology (IT) projects and investments. This information is captured in a document called a Project Investment Justification (PIJ) form. The PIJ form gathers the needed information in a way that allows analysis and evaluation across all requests, reduces the time needed for review, and assures that the value to the public and risk are clearly considered. The required forms are posted below, along with links to the State Procurement Office for information on regulations, statutes, and other procurement related activities. The actual PIJ form is a document with several sections that is used to gather information from an Agency/Board/Commission that is required to explain the project, its benefits, and the projected costs. The information provided allows ADOA-ASET to complete an analysis and evaluation of the project from an enterprise perspective, and assures that the value to the public and risks are addressed. The required forms and additional information regarding Strategic Oversight can be found under Resources on the ADOA-ASET web-site, along with links to related statutes, policies and procurement related activities. The Strategic Oversight Team is here to assist you through the PIJ process and to collaborate with you to ensure that the right solution is being applied to the IT initiative at hand. The review process starts at the Agency/Board/Commission level with the identification of an IT project which needs to be completed. An example of the typical flow of the PIJ process can be found on the ADOA-ASET website at: A quick overview of the process is listed below, broken up into two phases: Agency phase, and ADOA-ASET Strategic Oversight Phase. *The Strategic Oversight team is available to help, or discuss any item at any phase in the process (including prior to a PIJ even being written) to answer any questions, provide guidance, or help determine if a PIJ is needed." }, { "question": "What will Strategic Oversight do?", "answer": "Strategic Oversight is here to assist an Agency through the process for obtaining an approval from the State CIO and, if necessary, ITAC for your PIJ. If you have a complex project coming down the pipe that you want to begin preparing for approval, let the Oversight team know. Our team of Strategic Oversight Program Managers is available to meet with you. As part of our role, Strategic Oversight will also help provide quality assurance for the State and ensure that a solution has been properly vetted before the paperwork is submitted for approval by the State CIO and ITAC." }, { "question": "When does a PIJ need ITAC approval?", "answer": "Generally speaking, ITAC approval is needed when the development costs are greater than $1 million. In addition to providing ITAC members with a copy of the PIJ, as well as ADOA-ASET’s analysis and recommendation, a presentation created by the Agency/Board/Commission will also be given to ITAC in the review meeting." }, { "question": "What forms are needed to obtain PIJ approval?", "answer": "PIJ Form – In this document, an explanation of the problem will be provided, along with, solution, financials, and other relevant information for ADOA-ASET review. The PIJ form includes an embedded spreadsheet used to provide detailed financial information, an itemized list, a risk matrix, and areas of impact. Supplemental information - Copies of relevant vendor quotes and other supporting information should be provided." }, { "question": "What is the process after approval?", "answer": "All of the stakeholders identified in the PIJ will receive a notification from Strategic Oversight stating that the project is approved. This will include the approval letter signed by the State CIO, which will be emailed to the Agency/Board/Commission Director, and will document any conditions that have been applied to the PIJ approval. Once approved, additional approvals may be secured as required from the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, the Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting, and the State Procurement Office." }, { "question": "What is the difference between development cost and operational costs?", "answer": "In general terms, development costs are about implementing projects; operational costs are about taking care of what has been implemented. Development costs are tracked by Strategic Oversight and cease when the project is completed. Operational costs are ongoing costs that will be incurred as a result of the project being implemented, and are not tracked by Strategic Oversight. In Arizona, IT costs are tracked using the following categories: Professional & Outside Services (P&OS) (e.g., contractor support), hardware, software, communications, facilities, licensing and maintenance fees, and other. Any one of these categories can include development and operational costs. For instance, software purchases and first year licensing fees would be considered a development cost (see year 1 box below). On-going software licensing and maintenance fees are considered operational costs (see year 2 box below)." }, { "question": "Do I need to report other funding sources?", "answer": "Yes, the total funding for the project must be included in the PIJ, regardless of whether it involves State funds or any other type of funds." }, { "question": "My project has received approval…now what?", "answer": "The contact identified in the PIJ will receive a Start-up Event Status Report from the assigned Strategic Oversight Manager and notification that the document needs to be completed prior to any expenditure of funds. The e-mail notification will give clear instructions on what to do and will include contact information should any questions arise." }, { "question": "When are status reports due?", "answer": "ADOA-ASET will inform the Agency whether the project is on a monthly or quarterly reporting cycle in the start-up request. This may change once the document is submitted or as the project progresses. Monthly project status reports are due by the 10th of the following month. For instance, the May project status reports are due to ADOA-ASET by June 10th. Quarterly project status reports are due by the 10th of the month after the quarter closes. For instance, the FY15 Q1 project status report is due to ADOA-ASET by October 10th." }, { "question": "When is the final project status report due after my project completes?", "answer": "Final project status reports are due once the project has completed and a final accounting of all costs can be provided." }, { "question": "Where does the financial information on the project status reports come from?", "answer": "The “Current Month Spend” in the project status report should reflect actual expenditures that have posted to the Arizona Financial Information System (AFIS) during the reporting period, which can be for the month or quarter. Only development costs are reported in the Project Status Report." }, { "question": "Are there requirements specific to APF funding?", "answer": "APF funding comes with an additional set of requirements including the execution of interagency service agreements and APF budget, milestones and key accomplishment reports. Please contact your Strategic Oversight Program Manager for information on all requirements associated with APF funds." } ]
[ { "question": "What is Security State Bank Mobile Banking?", "answer": "Security State Bank Mobile Banking allows you to do your banking securely and conveniently from your mobile device. With Security State Bank Mobile Banking, you can view your account balances, look up transactions, and transfer funds between accounts anytime, anywhere." }, { "question": "Is using Security State Bank Mobile Banking FREE?", "answer": "Yes! Security State Bank Mobile is a free service provided by Security State Bank. Please note: depending on the rate plan with your mobile service provider, standard fees may apply such as text messaging and Internet access. Check with your service provider for details on these fees." }, { "question": "Does Security State Bank Mobile Banking require any software to be loaded to the phone?", "answer": "No. Security State Bank Mobile Banking is a browser based application that does not require any software to be loaded to the individual device. Security State Bank does recommend that our mobile banking customers run up-to-date antivirus protection software on your mobile device." }, { "question": "How do I setup Security State Bank Mobile Banking?", "answer": "Log on to your Security State Bank Online Banking account. Under User Settings select Security State Bank Mobile Banking. An activation code will be sent via text to your mobile device. Enter your activation code on our online banking site to register your user account. You will also need to enter the activation code the first time you login to Security State Bank Mobile Banking to complete the registration of your mobile device." }, { "question": "How do I access Security State Bank Mobile Banking?", "answer": "When you register your mobile device on our website we will provide you with the internet address you will use to access Security State Bank Mobile Banking. When you login to the mobile banking website you will enter your Security State Bank Online Banking ID and Security State Bank Mobile Banking password." }, { "question": "Can I access Security State Bank Mobile Banking with any mobile device?", "answer": "You can access your accounts through Security State Bank Mobile Banking from a mobile device that you have registered. You can register any mobile device that is web-enabled and allows secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) traffic. If your phone has internet access and text messaging capability, then you're ready to start using Security State Bank Mobile Banking." }, { "question": "Do I need a password to use Security State Bank Mobile Banking?", "answer": "Yes, use your current Security State Bank Online Banking user ID and the Security State Bank Mobile Banking password you create to login each time. Your account information is not stored on your mobile device, however if your mobile device is lost or stolen we suggest that you deactivate your device from Security State Bank Mobile Banking. By deactivating your mobile device from Security State Bank Mobile Banking you are preventing that device from accessing Security State Bank Mobile Banking even if the person with the device has the correct username and password." }, { "question": "How do I deactivate a mobile device from Security State Bank Mobile Banking?", "answer": "Your mobile device may be deactivated at anytime through your Security State Bank Online Banking account. To deactivate your mobile device simply login into Security State Bank Online Banking, click on Security State Bank Mobile Banking under the User Settings menu, select the device you want to deactivate and click deactivate. You can also contact us and we can deactiveate a mobile device from your account for you." }, { "question": "What do I need to do if I get a new mobile device?", "answer": "If you obtain a new mobile device and are using the same phone number and service provider, you will need to login into your Security State Bank Online Banking account, select Security State Bank Mobile Banking from the User Settings section and request a new activation code. If you switch service providers and/or phone numbers, log into your Security State Bank Online Banking account and deactivate your old device and complete thre registration process with your new device." } ]
[ { "question": "Who was David G. Swan?", "answer": "David G. Swan (1939-2013) was the former Illinois APCO Historian and an APCO Life Member. He founded the chapter's collection in 1982 and worked with Bradley University to house the collection at the university library's Virginius H. Chase Special Collections Center in Peoria, IL. He worked with the collection until his retirement in 2010. A passionate advocate of preserving APCO history, Swan received the J. Rhett McMillian, Jr. Award of Distinction from APCO International in 2011. Following his death in 2013, the historical collection was renamed the David G. Swan APCO Historical Collection in his memory." }, { "question": "What kinds of material does the collection house collect?", "answer": "The collection houses a full set of the organization's publication, The APCO Bulletin, dating from 1935 to present. In addition to this publication, the collection houses more than 6,000 files of documents related to the history of APCO International, Illinois APCO and other APCO chapters. These documents include conference material, meeting minutes, correspondence, charters, projects and much more." }, { "question": "Can I visit the collection to research?", "answer": "Yes. On-site research is avaible at the Virginius H. Chase Special Collections Center in Peoria, IL. For more information, visit the Research Page." }, { "question": "Can I search the collection online?", "answer": "Yes, you can perform both a basic search and an advanced search of our database. At this time, only the APCO Bulletin article database is fully accessible online." }, { "question": "Why are digital versions of certain articles or documents unavailable?", "answer": "Digitization of collection materials is an ongoing process. Currently, Illinois APCO employs Bradley University students to work on the collection. Their work includes digitizing material and uploading/linking the digitized versions to the site's database. As of May 2015, the students had digitized all issues of the APCO Bulletin from 1935 to the late 1980s. New material is expected to be available online as the digitization process continues." }, { "question": "How can I access documents or articles that are unavaible digitally?", "answer": "For specific documents or articles, you can fill out a request form here. If you are in need of research assistance, please contact us." }, { "question": "Can I obtain high resolution copies or printed copies of collection material?", "answer": "Yes, fill out the form here to request copies of specific articles and/or documents based on your database search results." }, { "question": "Does the collection accept donated material?", "answer": "Illinois APCO currently accepts donations of material relating to APCO history. Please contact us to discuss your donation, and we will assist you in determining whether your material is a good fit for our collection or if it would better benefit another collection." } ]
[ { "question": "What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?", "answer": "A LPA is a legal document whereby a person (known as the donor) gives another person or persons (the attorney) authority to make certain decisions on his/her behalf. Property and Financial Affairs – allows your attorney to make decisions and deal with your property and financial affairs. This LPA can be used when you have full mental capacity and will remain effective if you lose your mental capacity in the future. There are many reasons why you may want your attorney to carry out tasks such as paying your bills or collecting your benefits whilst you still have mental capacity. For example you may find it difficult to talk on the telephone or struggle to access the bank. If you only want your attorney to act for you when you do not have mental capacity, this can be specified in your LPA. Health and Welfare – allows your attorney to make health and welfare decisions on your behalf, only when you lack mental capacity to do so yourself. This could also extend, if you wish, to giving or refusing consent to the continuation of life sustaining treatment. 2." }, { "question": "Why should I make a LPA?", "answer": "You can plan in advance the decisions and actions you might want taken on your behalf at a time when you no longer have capacity. You can choose someone that you trust and who cares about you. This will enable you to feel confident that the right decisions will be made on your behalf if and when you no longer have mental capacity. If you choose not to make a LPA and you later lose your mental capacity through dementia for example, you will be unable to make a LPA. Instead it may be necessary for an application to be made to the Court of Protection (COP) for an appropriate order, such as appointing another person to make decisions on your behalf. This is both costly and time consuming. A LPA also avoids potential disputes from arising as you will already have made your wishes clear. 3." }, { "question": "What if I have already made a LPA or an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)?", "answer": "If you want to revoke an old LPA you have made in the past or you wish to change your attorney then you will need to do this through a legal document called a Deed. You must also notify the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) (see question 12 for an explanation of the role of the OPG). If we are making a new LPA for you then this will be included in our costs. Any EPA validly made before 1st October 2007 can still be used but only in respect of your property and financial affairs. If you wish to revoke your EPA this must also be done by signing a Deed. If you have asked us to make a LPA for you then we will also include this service in our costs. If you want to keep your old EPA but you have not registered it with the OPG then it is a good idea if you do this. The OPG have the power to investigate any concerns over the misuse of LPA’s and registered EPA’s, thus giving you protection against financial abuse or mismanagement. Remember that EPA’s can only cover decisions about your property and affairs. If you want someone to make decisions about your health and welfare when you have lost your mental capacity then you might want to consider setting up a health and welfare LPA to work alongside the EPA." }, { "question": "4.\tWho can be an Attorney?", "answer": "Anyone i.e. : not just a relative, aged 18 or over who has mental capacity and who is not bankrupt. If the attorney becomes bankrupt in the future then it is important that the OPG is informed as that attorney will no longer be allowed to act. Appointed more than one attorney and the attorneys are appointed to act jointly and severally (see question 5). It is important that your attorney is trustworthy and has the appropriate skills to make the proposed decisions. 5." }, { "question": "If I am appointing more than one attorney how will they make decisions together?", "answer": "Jointly – all the attorneys must act together, none can act independently i.e. : all of the attorneys must agree on a decision or sign a document. Appointing your attorneys to act together can be used as a safeguard, however it may be impracticable in reality e.g. : all of the attorneys would have to agree to sell your property; if they did not, it could not be sold. It will also mean that the LPA will be cancelled if one of the attorneys died or lost the capacity to act. Jointly and severally – your attorneys can act together or any one attorney can act on their own. In reality this is a very practical way of appointing your attorneys to act as they do not have to be together when making decisions. It also means that only one attorney would need to sign cheques and other documents. Jointly in respect of some matters and jointly and severally in respect of others – your attorneys are required to agree on certain specified decisions but can act on their own when making other decisions. For example you may state that all your attorneys must agree on the sale of your house but they can act on their own when paying bills. This gives you flexibility but you must clearly set out the circumstances in the LPA. Some banks have refused to act on this basis and it can cause confusion when dealing with affairs. Please be aware that if you fail to specify how you want your attorneys to act, the attorneys are automatically appointed to act jointly. 6." }, { "question": "What decisions will my attorneys be able to make?", "answer": "• Buying or selling property/land. • Opening, closing and operating bank, building society and other accounts. • Giving people access to your financial information. • Receiving any income on your behalf such as benefits. • Dealing with your tax affairs. • Insuring, maintaining and repairing your property. • Dealing with investments and savings. Your attorney can make small gifts to family and friends on occasions such as birthdays or to a charity to which you made or might reasonably have expected to make gifts. Any gift must be reasonable in size to everything you own. If the attorney wants to make larger gifts then they must apply to the COP for permission. Where you should live and who you should live with. • Your day to day care, including diet and dress. • Consenting/refusing medical examination and treatment on your behalf. • Arrangements for medical, dental or optical treatment. 5. Before making the decision, they must consider whether they can make the decision or act in a way that does not restrict your rights and freedom but is still in your best interests. 7." }, { "question": "Does the attorney have to involve others such as family members or carers when deciding what is in your best interests?", "answer": "Your attorney should consult family members or carers or anyone else interested in your welfare if this is practical and appropriate. 8." }, { "question": "What is a Replacement Attorney?", "answer": "You can appoint a person to replace any one of your attorneys. The replacement attorney will only become your actual attorney if one of the attorneys become permanently unable to act for you. If you are only appointing one attorney then it is a good idea to appoint someone as a replacement attorney. If you do not do this and the sole attorney dies or is unable to act then the LPA can no longer be used and you will have to create a new LPA (if you still have capacity). If you lack capacity someone will have to apply to the COP to be appointed as your deputy. 9." }, { "question": "What is a Certificate Provider?", "answer": "c) There is nothing else which would prevent the LPA from being created. The certificate provider must sign the LPA to confirm the above. We act as a certificate provider for our clients and do not charge an additional fee. 10." }, { "question": "Do I need to notify someone that I intend to register a LPA?", "answer": "You can choose to notify a person or persons that you intend to register your LPA with the OPG. It is not a legal requirement. The person or persons you notify can be a relative or a friend although it does not have to be. The person you notify has a right to object to the registration of the LPA on certain grounds. Therefore by choosing to notify a person or persons you can build an additional safeguard into your LPA against undue pressure. 11." }, { "question": "When is the LPA effective?", "answer": "The LPA must be registered with the OPG before it can be used and before any decisions can be made by your attorney. Once the LPA is registered the attorney can start making decisions on your behalf immediately if you wish them too. You should discuss with your attorney when you envisage them being able to use their powers. Alternatively you may have stated in your LPA, it can only be used after it has been registered if and when you lack mental capacity. It takes approximately eight weeks for the OPG to register LPA’s. Please see question 13 for the options open to you if you need someone to act for you in the meantime. 12." }, { "question": "What is the Office of the Public Guardian?", "answer": "The OPG is the body responsible for registering EPA’s and LPA’s. It also deals with the supervision of deputies appointed by the COP. The OPG provides useful advice and guidance on LPA’s and the role of attorneys. For more information please refer to their website: You can also contact the OPG on: 0300 456 0300 (Please note the OPG cannot provide legal advice). The COP is a distinct court created by the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The COP has the power to rule on whether an individual has mental capacity, if this is disputed, and can make decisions on behalf of a person who lacks mental capacity. The COP can also rule on whether acts and decisions by attorneys are lawful. This is the court that is also responsible for appointing a deputy for a person who no longer has mental capacity. 13." }, { "question": "What are General Powers of Attorney?", "answer": "If you wish your attorney to start acting for you before your LPA has been registered with the OPG then you will need to create a General Power of Attorney. This document will give your attorney the power to access your bank accounts and sign cheques on your behalf for example. A general Power of Attorney is more limited than a LPA as it can only be used whilst you have mental capacity. If you would like your attorney to act for you whilst you are waiting for your LPA to be registered then please let us know and we can draft a General Power of Attorney for you to sign. 14." }, { "question": "What happens if I want to end the LPA at some point in the future?", "answer": "You can revoke the LPA at any time whilst you still have mental capacity. If you wish to revoke a LPA then it must be revoked through a legal document called a Deed and the OPG must be informed. If you would like to revoke a LPA then please let us know and we can do this for you. 15." }, { "question": "What happens if I or my attorney dies?", "answer": "Upon your death the LPA will automatically come to an end. The OPG must be informed and sent the original document along with any certified copies. The OPG will then remove the LPA from its register and inform all of the attorneys. If there is only one attorney appointed then the LPA will automatically terminate when that attorney dies. The OPG must be informed. If you still have mental capacity then you will need to create a new LPA. If there is more than one attorney and they are appointed to act jointly and severally, then the surviving attorneys can continue to act and the LPA will not end. Please Note: The OPG must be kept informed of changes to the personal details of donors and attorneys." } ]
[ { "question": "What information is required to be reported on the Form 8955-SSA?", "answer": "The form requires the plan sponsor to report any participant who terminated in a prior year and is still due a vested benefit from the plan as of the reporting date. For example, the form for the 2020 plan year must report any employee who terminated in 2019 and still has a balance in the plan as of the date the form is filed. The form must include the social security number, name, and vested benefit due for each participant who is required to be reported." }, { "question": "What happens when an employee takes a distribution from the plan?", "answer": "The form includes a way to update previously reported information to reflect that a participant has taken a full distribution and no longer has any benefit due from the plan. Although this reporting is optional, we highly recommend doing it, as we explain below. For our ongoing clients, DWC monitors those who have previously been reported and will “unreport” them when we see that they have taken a full distribution." }, { "question": "How is the Form 8955-SSA information used by the government?", "answer": "Although filed with the IRS, the information is shared with the Social Security Administration (SSA) who maintains it in a database. When individuals apply for Social Security benefits, SSA queries its database and notifies applicants that they are entitled to benefits from the plan. This is why we suggest un-reporting former employees once they have taken a full distribution. That employee may not remember that they already received their money from the plan, and it can be a tall order to try to explain that fact when they are holding an “official” letter from the government that says they are entitled to a benefit." }, { "question": "Can I extend the Form 8955-SSA?", "answer": "Although it is a completely separate, stand-alone form, the deadline for filing the Form 8955-SSA is the same as the deadline to file Form 5500, i.e. seven months after the close of the plan year. Also, like the Form 5500, the deadline can be extended by 2 ½ months by submitting Form 5558." }, { "question": "How does a plan sponsor file the Form 8955-SSA?", "answer": "Typically, the firm preparing your Form 5500 will also prepare the Form 8955-SSA, and the IRS accepts both electronic and paper filing. DWC electronically files the forms on behalf of its clients in a batch submission. All you have to do is approve the draft that we send you for review." }, { "question": "Are their penalties for filing the Form 8955-SSA after the deadline?", "answer": "$25 for each day the form is late (with no maximum). Additional information about these penalties is available on the IRS website here." }, { "question": "Do I send them in when I file the form?", "answer": "According to the IRS website, you should not voluntarily mail in any payment of penalties. If they decide to assess a penalty, they will contact you directly with details. There has be an increase in telephone scams in which a caller claims to be from the IRS and demands payment of a penalty. It is important to note that that in the event a penalty is assessed, the contact you receive from the IRS will be by letter sent via U.S. mail." }, { "question": "Is there a delinquent filer program that I can use to voluntarily correct the late filing?", "answer": "Sort of, but not really. First of all, the IRS recommends filing the form as soon as possible after you discover that it’s late. As noted above, if they decide to assess a penalty, they will contact you directly. However, if your Form 5500 for the year is also late and you correct that via the Department of Labor’s Delinquent Filer Voluntarily Compliance Program, you also get “credit” for having corrected your late Form 8955-SSA." }, { "question": "Where can I find out more information about Form 8955-SSA?", "answer": "If you have questions about the Form 8955-SSA filing requirement, please contact DWC at 651.204.2600. The IRS has also posted an FAQ on its website. For more information on filing Form 8955-SSA and other plan sponsor deadlines, visit our Knowledge Center here." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Do I need to pay now?", "answer": "A: No, we ask families to pay the Friday before each week their child attends. When registering, please choose the option to pay a $0 deposit. This allows you to be registered and pay weekly during the summer." }, { "question": "Q: Do I need to sign up for every week?", "answer": "A: No, you sign up for individual weeks. Note: You may not sign up for individual days." }, { "question": "Q: Can I change my weeks after I have registered?", "answer": "A: Yes, you have until June 1st to call us and make changes. After June 1st you will be financially responsible for all weeks for which you have registered." }, { "question": "Last day?", "answer": "A: Our summer program is seven weeks long and starts on July 2nd and ends on August 17th. Q: My child is entering kindergarten in September." }, { "question": "Q: Do you provide a lunch or snacks?", "answer": "A: No, lunch and snacks are brought from home. Your child should have a lunch and snacks packed every day." }, { "question": "Q: In addition to a lunch and snacks, what else should my child have everyday?", "answer": "A: Your child should also always have a towel, bathing suit, and sunscreen." } ]
[ { "question": "Is it possible to view any of your previous projects for ourselves?", "answer": "A loftscape development is complete when a clients vision is realized and satisifed, therefore we have a long list of customers who are more than happy to give you a guided tour of their new space." }, { "question": "How long will construction take and how much would it cost?", "answer": "The timescale for construction and the price varies from job to job as no two loftscape projects are the same. Use our conversion calculator to give you a good idea of a rough price and timescale for your development." }, { "question": "What is the impact on our daily lives during construction?", "answer": "loftscape treat all our clients homes with care and ensure that site cleanliness is maintained throughout construction. Scaffolding around your home and a skip for waste are the only aesthetic impact. We are extremely flexible and will work with you to best fit into your daily routine to keep disruption to a minimum. All work we do is in full compliance with building control. It is worth mentioning that building control hold our work in such high regard that we often pick up new projects thanks to recommendations from building control themselves. Contact us, whichever way you choose and leave us your name and contact details. From there we’ll arrange a suitable time slot to come and have a consultation at your home, at this stage we will be examining your home and listening to your ideas to give us a picture of what you want." } ]
[ { "question": "DO YOU HAVE ANY MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA?", "answer": "Yes. Sister Snog is for women who are working full time in a senior role for an established company or running a business that has been trading for a minimum of two years and is VAT registered. A decision maker who holds the purse strings or has buying power and can sign off on budgets. The business needs to have a clear proposition that Sister Snog could open doors for and a smart website that Sister Snog would be happy to drive traffic to. Sister Snog members are ambitious women with a clear vision. They are brand savvy and see the value of building relationships in business both online and offline. If you love the idea of belonging to a private business club for a handpicked audience then Sister Snog could be the refreshing change you are looking for." }, { "question": "DO YOU HAVE MEMBERS WHO ARE DISTRIBUTORS OR NETWORK MARKETORS?", "answer": "Fraid not. Sister Snog does not accept applications from individuals who work as a distributor, network marketor or for a multi-level network marketing organisation." }, { "question": "WHAT’S THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KILLER & KITTEN HEEL MEMBERSHIP?", "answer": "Killer Heel Membership includes membership of Sister Snog and ALL events. Killer Heels can not appoint a Body Double. Kitten Heel Membership includes membership of Sister Snog. Events are booked and paid for on an individual basis. Kitten Heel members can appoint a Body Double. A Body Double is one nominated person who can step into a Sister’s shoes if they are unable to attend an event or are double booked. Body Doubles and Sisters are only able to attend Festive Friday (which is held on the first Friday of December every year) together." }, { "question": "WHAT’S THE PROCESS TO BECOME A KILLER OR KITTEN HEEL SISTER?", "answer": "Step 1 : Complete the online application form. Step 2 : Someone from Snog Towers will call you within 24 hours to establish if membership is appropriate for you and your business. Step 3 : If it’s a yes, the next step is to book a place at A Taste of Sister Snog in Central London with one of the Directors. Step 4 : If, after our tête-à-tête, we agree membership of Sister Snog is a win-win business decision, you’ll be invited to join and emailed an invoice for the annual fee. [£1,450 + VAT for Kitten Heel Members. £1,950 + VAT for Killer Heel members.] The fee must be paid within seven days. After that time the invitation to join will expire. Step 5 : Book your first event within 28 days of joining and meet a cross section of Sisters. Step 6 : After you’ve been to your first event, if you have a change of heart you have 24 hours to let Sister Snog know, in writing by email. In that unlikely event a full refund is on the table (less the cost of the event if you’ve chosen Killer Heel membership). Otherwise your membership will be fully activated and you’ll be sent the password to At this point the refund offer will expire. Step 7 : Welcome meeting with one of the Directors of Sister Snog and allocation to one of the seven Houses." }, { "question": "IF I BECOME A KITTEN HEEL SISTER CAN I UPGRADE TO KILLER HEEL AT ANY TIME?", "answer": "Yes. The fee will be worked out on a pro rata basis. For example if you join as a Kitten Heel Sister from 1st January and wish to upgrade to a Killer Heel from 1st July 50% of your Kitten Heel membership will be offset against the annual Killer Heel membership fee." }, { "question": "WHY DO YOU HAVE A SEVEN DAY WINDOW TO ACCEPT THE INVITATION TO JOIN?", "answer": "Because Sister Snog is looking for decision makers who make decisions. In our experience working with decision making business women make life peachy for everyone." }, { "question": "CAN I SPREAD MY ANNUAL PAYMENT OVER 12 MONTHS?", "answer": "No. Payment needs to be made in full and paid within seven days of the receipt of the invoice. Events can be booked via the events calendar. There are two price points for events. Early Bird (EB) & White Rabbit (WR). Early Bird is available up to two weeks before the event. White Rabbit until one week before the event when it closes. Prices are exclusive of VAT and Eventbrite fees." }, { "question": "WHAT IF I BOOK AN EVENT AND CAN’T MAKE IT?", "answer": "Provided that you give Sister Snog at least four days’ notice in writing the event can be carried forward. Alternatively your Body Double or another Sister can attend in your place. Only Kitten Heel Sisters can appoint a Body Double. This is one nominated person who can step into your shoes if you’re unable to attend an event or are double booked. Body Doubles are invited to join you at #festivefriday – which is held on the first Friday in December. This is the only event where you can both attend together." }, { "question": "DO YOU OPERATE A REFERRAL PROGRAMME?", "answer": "Yes. Sister Snog always likes to say thank you. Two little words that speak volumes. There are currently two referral rewards on offer. A £75.00 voucher to spend at Brigade – the tantalisingly tasty social enterprise restaurant where Sister Snog currently holds First Friday lunches. Or a donation of £75.00 to Smart Works – Sister Snog’s chosen charity. Yes. Sister Snog supports Smart Works (formerly Dress for Success London). The charity’s ethos of empowering women on low incomes with the skills and confidence to get a job and become financially independent fits perfectly with the Sister Snog brand. They are supported with fundraising activities and donations via the referral programme." } ]
[ { "question": "What do I need to listen to a podcast?", "answer": "At this point, you will already be able to listen to podcast audio from your computer (provided your computer has a sound card and can play MP3 audio files). Simply hit the “PLAY” button the segment which you would like to hear. If you want to also make your podcasts portable, you can click on the Download MP3 button to get the audio. You will then need to transfer them from your computer to a portable media device. If a podcast's audio launches in your web browser (rather than downloading) when you click the Download button, there is a simple way to bypass this problem. Right-click the Download button (control-click for Mac users), and select 'Save File As' to save the podcast to your computer. Alternatively, you can click the Download button, and select 'Save As' from the File menu on your browser after the file begins to play." }, { "question": "How do I subscribe to a Podcast ?", "answer": "For most web browsers you will only need to click on the “Subscribe” button. If that does not work, right-click that “subscribe” button link (or Control-click in MacOS) and select \"Copy\" or \"Copy link address\" You may then paste the link into your podcasting software. In iTunes you can find this option under the \"Advanced\" menu as \"Subscribe to podcast.\" You may also subscribe or find our podcasts on services such as iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher and more." } ]
[ { "question": "Abacus: Does Abacus support early media transmission on VoIP and PSTN testing?", "answer": "The answer is NO. For VoIP and PSTN (supporting reliable disconnect signaling), media transmission will only take place when a call is answered. Transmission of media before a call is answered (early media transmission) is not supported." } ]
[ { "question": "FAQ - LAW # 5: Why did Mr. Young resist arrest by the Orange County Sheriff's Deputies?", "answer": "He didn't -- and this is yet another BOMBASTIC LIE and very much part of the cover-up in MorganStanleyGate. When a SWAT Team of over a dozen Orange County (NC) officers WRONGFULLY broke down Mr. Young's front door on Paragon Commercial Bank's FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent and PAID-IN-FULL, Mr. Young showed no resistance, and would had been shot dead had he not announced having CNN and ABC News on each of his phone lines. Although he showed no resistance whatsoever, Mr. Young was hit in the heart with a taser gun prong, and electrocuted relentlessly in an attempt to cause asystole (cessation of the heart beat)." } ]
[ { "question": "Where do you take them?", "answer": "I do take indoor photos (see Ronan's session for an example) of children and/or families. I do not currently have a studio but as long as your house has large windows with decent light, I can come to your home and take photos there. I can use your house as a background (as I did with the Christmas tree photos of Ronan) and I also have a mobile studio that I can set up in the room with the best light (although this only really works for children, not adults or pets)." }, { "question": "Can we take outdoor photos in the snow?", "answer": "Definitely! Scheduling can be a little tricky because you don't want to be outside if it's too cold, but we can make it work if you want some photos in the snow." }, { "question": "When do you take photos?", "answer": "Currently I am only scheduling sessions for the weekends. If weekends don't work for you, please email me and we might be able to work something out. Click here to see my availability." }, { "question": "Can we bring our dog along to our family session?", "answer": "You know your pet and whether or not they will sit still for some photos, but generally I say absolutely! I typically bring my husband Josh as my assistant and he helps me get the dog's attention during the session, as well as walking the dog around while I'm taking photos of just the family. I also bring treats and some squeaky toys (which definitely helps with getting the puppies to look at the camera). See this post for some ideas. I would suggest avoiding white, logos (Old Navy, Gap, etc printed on your shirt), or anything too tight or too oversized. The main thing is that you (or your children) feel like themselves and are comfortable!" }, { "question": "I don't see any information about wedding pricing, do you photograph weddings?", "answer": "I recently photographed my first wedding in October and have another scheduled for November 13th. You can view wedding posts HERE. Please email me for more information. Yes! All of my pricing is based within a 30 mile radius of the Iowa City area. I have family in the Humboldt/Fort Dodge area so it is very easy for me to travel there for a weekend. Please contact me for more information." }, { "question": "Do you take senior pictures?", "answer": "No, I do not take senior pictures (mainly due to the fact that I do not have a studio at this time)." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: What makes Pauline's European Skin Care so special?", "answer": "A: I have been serving Riverside for almost 30 years. I am fully licensed and insured as required by the city and state-- so you know that I am extensively trained in my field. You can feel safe in the fact that I am experienced and knowledgeable. I pride myself on cleanliness, precision, professionalism and customer service. I use the same high-quality skin care lines in my back-bar as I sell out you (with exception, of course, to professional grade products that cannot be sold to anyone other than skin care professionals) so your results will be consistent. My linens are changed after every client, tools/floors/equipment are sanitized for your safety. For those that are familiar with going to nail salons, spas, hair salons and other such places-- you know how important this is. Additionally, I make it my mission to assist you with any of your skin care and waxing needs so that you are happy with your purchases and visits. I do more than just preform facials-- I teach proper skin care and prescribe products that are uniquely chosen for your specific skin type. I care about my customers and provide only the best for them!" }, { "question": "Q: Do I take walk-in appointments?", "answer": "A: Of course I do. HoIver, while I do accept walk-in and last minute appointments, I do not always guarantee their availability. It is strongly encouraged to make an appointment ahead of time in order to get the time and date that works the best with your schedule." }, { "question": "Q: Do I have evening appointments available?", "answer": "A: My hours and days are different than those that I used to work when I was at European Skin Care, and different than my current location, The Beauty Hospital." }, { "question": "Q: Do I offer gift certificates?", "answer": "A: Yes. Please contact the Beauty Hospital for more information on this. Q: \"Why should I pay more here when I can pay less elsewhere?\" What I can tell you is that I know what I can do in terms of facials, waxing, holistic services and more. I am Ill-trained, fully licensed and consistent-- you will not get a different skin care specialist or massage therapist every time you come in. When you come for a facial, you get results and you gain skin care knowledge that will last you a lifetime. I don't just give you the facial, waxing or a holistic service you want and send you out the door without another word. I care for my clients. I are punctual, fair and you get your money's worth. I am knowledgeable, boast training from more than one institution, have excellent ratings online and can proudly say that some of the best in Beverly Hills Ire even trained by me. I know our products are top-quality and fairly priced-- and extremely effective. I know I are clean, professional and have maintained our level of excellent service, results and customer care for over 30 years." }, { "question": "Q: What time should you show up for your appointment?", "answer": "A: It is highly recommended that you leave your home/work/etc. earlier than you think you need to-- especially if you are travelling via freeway. This is in consideration for traffic, accidents, Iather and other unexpected occurances. I ask frequent clients to arrive a few minutes early so that they can use the restroom if necessary (there's nothing more disruptive than having to get up and use the restroom in the middle of a facial or massage session!) breathe, relax and unwind before entering into their service-- if they are especially early, they may enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of cold water while they wait. If you are a new client, I advise you arrive 10-15 minutes for both the same reasons as frequent clients and also to fill out any consultation forms and to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. If you are a new client and you have not filled out the new client information form, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. This is a mandatory form that is required for both the safety of the customer and for the specialist and may not be skipped or filled out after the appointment. It is in your best interest to allow time to fill it out so that it does not cut into your session time. If you are late I will do my best to accomodate you and provide for you the time you have booked. I try to provide a 5-10 minute grace period from the start of appointment time-- no appointments will be a priority after the 10 minute grace period. The reason being that if I have customers arriving directly after you and they arrive on time for their appointment, it is unfair to cut their time short. You may still recieve all aspects of your requested service (in the case of a facial, you will still recieve the full cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and so on, with the full effects they entail) but it may not be nearly as relaxing or enjoyable or with as many extractions as you would have liked. Please, be courteous and respectful to other customers and employees and show up early. Q: \"Will you call me and remind me of my appointment the day before?\" A: I provide this service as a courtesy-- but I do not guarantee it. Please be mindful of appointments you schedule and be careful to rely on me to remind you-- just in case I do not have time to remind you or are otherwise unable to reach you." }, { "question": "Q: What forms of payment do I take?", "answer": "A: We take Cash, Visa, Mastarcard, AmEx, and discover. I do not accept out-of-state checks, nor do I accept personal checks. Q: \"I was told you have a 24-hour cancellation policy-- what does this mean?\" A: This means that I require 24-hours notice if you wish to move or cancel the appointment. You must call and either leave a message or talk to a customer service representative to do so. Failure to abide by this policy incurs the cost of the full service that was booked. This fee will be applied to your account and the fee will need to be paid in order to continue any further services with us. As a courtesy, I try to call or text our clients to remind them of their appointments the day before-- but this is not a mandatory practice. It is ultimately the client's responsiblity to be courteous and notify us if they cannot make it." }, { "question": "Q: Why do I have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?", "answer": "A: To be honest, I dislike enforcing this as much as my clients dislike hearing it. HoIver, this is entirely in consideration of our customers and our employees. For my customers who wish to come in, have specific needs or are desperate for an appointment, but are placed on a wait list due to lack of available appointments that day, it is a loss to them. Reflectively, if a client does not show up for their appointment, then I do not get paid and if I am unable to fill that slot immediately, I lose the opportunity altogether. While occasional cancellations and no-shows are to be expected in businesses, there has been an alarming amount within recent years to the point where it becomes difficult to keep working and severely impacts my ability to stay in business. While I understand that emergencies and accidents do happen, and am sympathetic to them, repeated offenses become detrimental to my lively hood. Therefore, I ask that you remain courteous and respectful to me and hopeful customers and give us 24-hour notice of any cancellations. Q: \"What should I Iar to my appointment?\" A: You should come comfortably dressed and ready to relax, regardless of the service you are recieving. \"Is there anything I should know before I come in for a service?\" A: You should know exactly where I am if you have not been to my new location before: I am located in the Beauty Hospital on Magnolia Avenue in Riverside, California. If you are expecting a walk-in appointment, please be aware that one is not guaranteed to be available. Make sure to tell me ahead of time if you have any special needs, allergies or sensitivities so that accommodations may be made and products free of any allergens you are sensitive to may be set out ahead of time. Q: \"I've never had a facial before-- what can I expect?\" A: Firstly, you should know what changes (if any) that you want to see. Some seek a more youthful glow, while others are concerned with acne, large pores, dark spots-- to name a few. Take a close look at your skin and let your skin care professional know exactly what you are looking for so that they have a better idea as to what facial to suggest. Because everyone's skin is unique, your esthetician will ask you several questions that may not seem relevent-- but there's a lot that goes into skin care, including what you eat. This helps me to determine the root of any problems you may have and can effect what facial I choose for you. Facials can be a relaxing, pampering experience, but when preformed by a true professional esthetician, they can be effective too! All of the facials I offer start out with a gentle cleansing, mild peeling, steaming and exfoliation to better prepare the skin to accept subsequent care. I individually assess each client's skin and choose the appropriate products for them from my back bar to suit their needs. If requested, extractions are preformed in such a way that the skin is not damaged (please see \"What Are Extractions?\" in the FAQ). When the facial is concluded, proper masks are used to close up the pores, calm down any irritations and folloId up with proper moisturizers (appropriate to your skin type). Q: \"Do men get facials?\" A: Of course. In fact, you'd be surprised how many of my clients are men. Even men get milia, blackheads, acne, and wrinkles-- all the same skin troubles as women. Sometimes their skin can be tougher, but that's not a problem for me-- proper skin care should be a necessity for everyone! Beards and stubble are not a problem, but please avoid shaving at least 2 days before your appointment as the friction of shaving can make the skin overly sensitive to peels, exfoliation or fruit acids. Q: \"How old does someone have to be to have a facial?\" A: I generally like to say at least 12 if there are acne issues that must be addressed. If it is for general maintanence or just for fun, 10 or older is recommended-- regardless, if they are under 18, they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Rest assured I will work with your young one to help them gain a better understanding of how to take care of their skin. Unfortunately, because even youth facials take the same amount of time, effort and product as that of an adult, the price is the same for everyone. Q: \"Do you do acne facials?\" A: Yes. I ask for the client to fill out an additional 2-page form (which can be requested and filled out ahead of time) that asks more in-depth questions than our standard short intake form. It inquires about your diet, how you cleanse your face, what your habits are, etc. This helps me to gain a better understanding of why you are breaking out and assists us in finding a solution for you. Acne facials are preformed just as standard facials (with steaming and deep cleansing) but may require more extractions and sometimes more than one visit. I do not like to overtraumatize the skin, especially if it is a young client. I go over proper skin care techniques with the client, so that proper care is being done at home in addition to the professional skin care treatments they recieve here. I will offer samples of products that will help to clear up the problem and product regimen discounts for future purchase. Proper skin care knowledge is a valuable thing to have, especially at a young age, to prevent (and/or reverse) scarring, hyperpigmentation and more. It is my goal to achieve a solution to your acne topically so that some prescriptions may not be necessary. A: Please note: these should never be preformed by anyone other than a professional-- even 'picking' (squeezing, scratching or popping of pimples) at home can permanently damage the skin! Extractions are the removal of stubborn debris trapped in the pores that cannot be removed through cleansing or exfoliation. This includes deep black heads, white heads or milia (harder deposits that results in bumps under the skin that never seem to go away). While these can be a momentary discomfort, it's important to keep in mind that these are done upon request only-- but almost everyone needs extractions at some point! Each esthetician prefers their own method, but I prefer to do extractions in such a way that will not harm or damage the skin. Afterwards, a special combination of peels, masks, serums and other professional methods are used to close the pores back up again to avoid further debris from getting in. When done correctly, this evens the skin tone, can significantly tighten pores and smooth the skin. Please note, hoIver, that extractions (especially when done on sensitive skin) may leave small red marks behind-- but these disappear within a day or two. So it is not advised to get them right before a special event-- but make sure to book another appointment for later if they are especially needed. Q: \"What is a peel?\" A: There is a common misconception in the industry that the word 'peel' is synonymous with 'makes my face look raspberry red and horrible'. This is due to the appearance of people who have only recently recieved medical grade chemical peels, or a peel that was preformed incorectly. This isn't the same for every peel! I use mostly mild peels that derive from fruit acids (such as apples, citrus oils, sugar cane and other such sources) that will not harm the skin in any way, nor will they leave the skin 'raspberry red' or peeling dramatically. Even my glycolic peels are preformed mildly at first to assess the skin's tolerance for it before proceeding to a higher concentration-- while effective, it will not harm the skin. In fact, peels are highly effective for deeply cleaning the pores, gently exfoliating off dead skin, evening out the skin tone, addressing scarring and acne issues and more! Rest assured that with most of my peels, hardly any visible skin peeling is visible-- the products work their magic, but in a gentler manner. The only exception to this is the All Natural Original Deep Herbal Green Peel, which is never done on first time clients. This unique treatment (proven effective for over 50 years) peels naturally from the bottom up, rather than the top down, like conventional peels, will not harm the skin in any way and uses all natural herbs as opposed to harsh chemicals-- you can read more about it HERE). Q: \"Are all facials the same?\" A: Absolutely not! The effectiveness and quality of a facial can vary widely from business to business. In a random nail salon/spa/beauty parlor, if the esthetician unlicensed, is inexperienced, using low- to medium-grade products in their back bar, or is poor skin care practices, your facial could be quite unpleasant if not totally ineffective. We've all had at least one horrible experience with at least one bad experience within the beauty industry-- but just as I can have bad experiences, some can be very good! It is very important that you investigate any location that you have your eyes set on-- pay close attention to reviews online, their reputation via word of mouth and take a look at the physical location to see if it is what you are looking for. I pride myself on an excellent reputation. I use the same high-quality of European skin care products in my back bar as I sell you as a take home product-- so you know the quality is excellent. I am always professional, licensed, trained and experienced. I take great care to keep any tools and equipment clean, sanitary and in good repair as to offer you the best facial services possible. While I offer a basic 'no-frills' facial-- the European Facial-- I also offer a wide variety of facials that achieve different things. For example, my Champagne & Caviar Facial is for evening the skin tone, lifting, firming and plumping the skin-- a great service right before a special event or just because! If fading dark spots is your goal, I offer glycolic, pumpkin or vitamin c facials. There are a lot of options available-- let me help you discover what your skin is craving. Because most of our facials (with a few exceptions) take around the same amount of time, I let our first-time clients know that they can simply book a facial without deciding immediately what kind of facial they want. I'll be happy to help you: I'll ask you a series of questions and have you fill out a general intake form which will allow us to discover what type of results you are looking for. I'll lead you in the right direction from there. Q: \"What makes Pauline's European Skin Care facials so special?\" A: I believe that what you do at home after a facial is just as important as the facial itself-- I often teach proper homecare regimens in conjunction with our facials so that when you go home, you don't undo all the work the facial just did. Many spas may not provide this information, preferring instead to simply do the service requested and send you on your way-- that's not my attitude! I want you to be fully satisfied with your decision to come to me, so I will make sure to provide you with the information, samples and products required to maintain your great looking skin at home betIen treatments. And believe me, there is a significant difference betIen a facial you get from elsewhere and the facial you will recieve from me. I have gained extensive skin care knowledge across the course of my career, learning techniques from around the world (with a special focus on German and European techniques). I'm even a certified trainer for the world renown Schrammek Original Deep Herbal Green Peel-- a title held by skin care experts that have gone through rigerous training from the company itself and have the proper experience to back it up. This knowledge allows me to expertly assess your unique skin type and find the proper facials, skin care products and remedies to achieve your skin care goals. Q: \"What facial do you recommend I get?\" A: This is possibly one of the most common questions I get, especially over the phone and the ansIr is not as simple as you expect. I do not offer instant assessments because the skin is more complicated than a simple glance can derive. For example, acne can be a result of hormones, diet, poor skin care, lack of hydration, or a comibination of things-- to name a few! It is nearly impossible for me to accurately prescribe a facial for you-- especially over the phone! What I do advise my clients is to make either a free consultation appointment (which takes about 15-minutes) or an hour facial appointment (most of our facials take an hour-- you do not need to decide immediately which one) so that I can give you the most professional opinion possible. My preference, of course, is that you make an hour facial appointment which allows me to remove any debris or make-up off the surface of the skin and view your skin under a mag-lite to see exactly what issues you want to address. Whichever option you choose, you will be asked to fill out at least one consultation form, so it is advisable that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment so that you may take your time ansIring any written questions and any verbal questions I may have for you. Because your skin is special and unique, I wish to provide you with a fully customized facial appropriate to your needs. Q:\"Do I need a facial?\" A: In my opinion, everyone should experience a professional facial at least once in their lives, if not only to enjoy it as a pampering and relaxing experience, but to at least gain valuable skin care knowledge. In my experience, most new clients learn at least one thing each time they visit me-- be it proper skin care techniques or a broader understanding of professional versus generic skin care products. Overall, a facial can be a great experience and whether it is relaxation you seek or to clear away a skin issue, you will not walk away unsatisified. Q: \"How often do I need a facial?\" This is mainly dependent on each person's wants and needs. Ideally, I recommend most of my clients to get a facial at least every 4-6 Ieks for maintanence. If they are trying to achieve something specific, like clearer skin or the fading dark spots (hyper pigmentation) for example, I may recommend a series close together (a treatment or facial every 1-2 Ieks) to clear away the problem, then every 4-6 Ieks once the problem is clear. Q: \"I have sensitive skin, should I avoid facials?\" A: No. In fact, sometimes facials can help calm your skin down, assuming you're as sensitive as you think you are. Across the years I have heard the same mantra 'I have sensitive skin'-- what I've learned most often to be the truth is in a sense you do have sensitive skin-- you're sensitive to poor quality ingredients in drug-store brand skin care and/or you're sensitive to products that aren't appropriate for your skin type. In the end, I find that using high-quality products--like the ones I sell-- and using products that are more appropriate to your unique skin type results in a skin that is, in fact, not as sensitive as you'd think. If you are hesitant, it's understandable-- but I encourage you to give me a try. BetIen years of experience and great products that have excellent reputations, I have had astonishing results. I accept product returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase, but I rarely have returns! Q: \"I got brow waxing once from a random salon and it made me break out.\" A: I don't always know the conditions of the 'other spa' you Int to-- your resulting break out could be a result of wax that is contaminated, low-quality wax, wax that is not temperature controlled, improper techniques or more. Or you could simply be sensitive to waxing in general-- I don't know. What I do know is that I use only high-quality swiss honey wax (for normal skin) and blue azulene wax (for sensitive skin). I am careful about not contaminating my wax, using a new stick each time to avoid 'double dipping' at all costs. My techniques are meant to avoid skin and follicle trauma at all costs-- and methods that help to immediately calm the skin to avoid further discomfort. I rarely recieve complaints complaining of break outs-- my advice is to give me a try before you decide to never try waxing again. You may be surprised at the difference. A: It can sting for a few seconds, yes. It can be more uncomfortable if the hair is especially long or too short, or if it is your first time having it done. The more often you get waxing, the more likely your sensitivity to it (if any) will eventually subside. The only exception to this rule is if you are using a strong professional products or medically prescribed acne medications (such as glycolic, Epiduo, Retin-A or anything else internal or external--like antibiotics-- that may cause sensitivity in your skin-- the warnings in your prescription should warn you if there will be any, so check with your doctor if you are unsure). I do not do facial waxing if this is the case-- you must stop using any skin care products at least 3 days before I can do facial waxing because I do not wish to cause undue stress to the skin. Q: \"Is there anything I should know before doing face or body waxing?\" A: For all types of waxing, it is important to know that a minimum of 1/4\" of growth (2-3 Ieks minimum for most) is required in order for us to provide you with the longest lasting and most effective waxing service possible. Q: \"How long will it take for hair to grow after getting waxed?\" A: This is usually different for each person. It depends on how long you let the hair grow out before letting it get waxed, how fast your hair grows in general and how often you wax it. For most, a brow wax can last for 4-6 Ieks, but for some whose hair grows much faster, it may only last 2-3 Ieks. My best advice is to get the waxing done and moniter for yourself how long it takes for your hair to grow-- this is a decent scale for about how long you should go betIen waxings. After a customer has been waxing the same area for a long period of time, the hair growth may slow eventually and they will sometimes have to come in less often. If you are waxing before a big event or trip I recommend that you gauge the time correctly and plan ahead-- if you have sensitive skin, wax a few days ahead of time (or hoIver long it takes for any redness to subside). If you are not sensitive (which most are not), then schedule your waxing for the day before your event or trip. Q: \"I am on prescription medications for my acne-- can I still get a facial?\" A:Yes. HoIver, if you are taking/using anything that causes sensitivity (this is up to your discretion and whatever it says on your prescriptions under 'side effects'), I recommend you stop at least 2-3 days before you come in to see us so that I can effectively serve you. In fact, it may be very beneficial to you to inform your doctor that you will be visiting me-- I have worked in conjunction with doctors in special cases where prescriptions Ire absolutely necessary. This is, of course, entirely up to you and your doctor to decide. Q: \"Can I still have a facial if I am pregnant?\" A:Yes. But as always, if you have any concerns, it is always important to check with your doctor first. I will not do any chemical peels or treatments that could remotely cause harm to your baby, nor will I suggest any products that fall under the same category. You and your baby's health is my first concern. Q: \"What products do you use?\" A: I use mostly European products (primarily German and French) that have a proven history. These products are proven effective across a long period of time, rigorous tests to determine effectiveness, stability, quality and more. They are not animal tested. They contain a high-quality of ingredients that cannot be found in over-the-counter products or drugstore brands and are difficult to find in department stores. They are not sold online by the companies because it is preferred that they be created and sold in small batches to ensure their quality and freshness. We carry: Biodgora / Biodroga MD, Dr. Grandel / Phyris, Dr. Christine Schrammek (including the Original Blemish Balm and the Original All-Natural Deep Herbal Green Peel-- both boasting over 50 years of success), DerModality / Head 2 Toe, Le Mieux and Arabesque (to name a few). We use the same brand and quality of products in our back-bars for facials to keep results consistant. Q: \"Aren't your products the same as anything I get at any other store?\" A: No! The products I use here are primarily European, where a concentration on ingredient quality, product effectiveness, unique skin types and combinations are more focused on than traditinal US brands. Additionally, European and Asian products are made in much smaller batches than some of the larger companies, so it is easier to ensure freshness and deliver immediate results versus large companies that focus on quantity over quality-- this results in a product that contains higher amounts of the ingredients that are designed to do what the product says it's supposed to do. In most cases, when you purchase a professional product, someone who has been using/selling/working with that product for years and has proper skin care knowledge is the one selling it to you because professional products aren't sold in a standard store-- they're sold only to professionals. When it comes to over-the-counter skin care products, you are at the mercy of the often vague description, someone who knows little to nothing about skin types/skin care and more. Skin types such as 'oily/combination', 'normal/dry' appear on over-the-counter products-- they lean towards the 'one size fits all' mentality. Meanwhile, professional products are more specific, observing that just because you're dry, doesn't mean you'll use the same skin care products as everyone else with dry skin. Additionally, professional skin care products tend to contain a few (or none at all) synthetic fragrances, colors or dyes-- these types of ingredients increase your chance to have a reaction or sensitivity. Many of my lines also avoid petroleum bases, mineral oils and other poor quality oils that tend to be quite common in drugstore brands." }, { "question": "Concerned about animal testing?", "answer": "The brands I carry don't do that. Over the counter products, however, are not so strict on this type of testing. The products I carry (Biodroga, Dr. Grandel, Phyris, Schrammek, Dermodality, Le Mieux) are established, fairly priced and cannot be bought over the counter for many of the reasons listed above. They are professional, small batch, controlled and extensively researched, meticulously created and held to the highest standards. Rest assured that each product has been used by a member of our staff at least once-- I do not sell anything I do not know anything about, that I have not thouroughly tested ourselves and does not show results as promised by its label. I offer a 30-day money back return policy-- if you don't like it, bring it back immediately and I will return the amount to you in the same form it was purchased in. Q: \"I use a product from one of the companies you carry, but don't see it on the shelf.\" A: That's no problem-- if you are using a product from Biodroga , Biodroga MD , Dr. Grandel , Phyris , H2T Dermodality , Le Mieux , Schrammek or any other company I order, but don't see it on my shelves, I can order it for you if it hasn't been discontinued. Please give us a week to recieve it and I will call you as soon as it arrives. Q: \"I am moving and/or won't be able to get in to get my skin products from you.\" Luckily, I can ship your product to you! We know that when you find a product you love, it can be hard (if not impossible) to find something to match it-- so don't! Simply call us up and I will assist you any way I can. Q: \"Are your products animal tested?\" A: No. As mentioned before, the majority of my products are European. Animal testing on finished products was banned in Europe (officially) on September 2003 (though the beauty industry there had phased animal testing out long before that), cosmetics since 2009 and even the sale of animal tested products in Europe is illegal (since 2013). Additionally, even the sale of cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals Ire also banned. According to EU law \"Cosmetic product manufacturers may refer to the fact that no animal tests have been carried out only if they and their suppliers have not carried out or commissioned any animal tests on the finished cosmetic product, or its prototype, or any of the ingredients contained in it, or used any ingredients that have been tested on animals by others for the purpose of developing new cosmetic products\". You will not see the \"no animal testing\" indication on your product (which is common in the US) simply because the law in the EU doesn't allow it-- Regulation (EU) 655/2013 \"prohibit claims that indicate mere compliance with legal requirements. Since the ban on animal testing applies equally to all cosmetic products on the EU market, it would appear that claims relating to avoidance of animal testing would not be permitted. That law covers claims in the form of text, trademarks, pictures and figurative or other signs\". The companies I get my products from have been around a long time, some boasting establishment dates that go back over 50 years and have abstained from animal testing for either the majority, or all, of their existence. Q: \"When do my products expire?\" A: Because my skin care products are European, they adhere to different standards than the US, so you will not see the same type of expiration types. You will see a batch number, which can be tracked by the company to determine when the product was made. What makes my products different from US products is that my products are made in small batches by the company in the EU, shipped in small batches directly to the distributer in the US who orders only as much as they expect to sell within the month-- the products are kept in temperature controlled storage spaces. This means the product doesn't sit on their shelves for long and are not subjected to extreme temperatures. The distributor sends the product to me, which I recieve (usually) within a week-- and that product rarely sits on the shelf for more than a month-- most are gone within a week. This assures my customers that from the time the product was made, to the time it gets to them is a short trip. In the 30 years I have been open, returns for expiration reasons have been extremely rare. As I maintain a 30-day return policy, you can also rest assured that if there is ever an issue with your product, you can return it within the 30 days to exchange it, recieve your money back or I can credit your account for the amount owed to you and you can use it towards different products and/or services. Whether it's before or after you open it, you should keep your skin care products and cosmetics in a cool, dark place, while avoiding extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. If you have jars, it is advised to use a clean spatula to scoop creams out to avoid contamination of your product-- this will give your product its maximum shelf life. You should never keep a product for over a year. Q: \"I'm unsure about purchasing a recommended product--what if I don't like it?\" A: To be honest, I rarely get returns; I first give samples to determine if the product suits you and for you to decide whether or not you like it, or I send samples with you when you purchase a product for the first time. Because of this, my customers know they like the product before they buy it-- no reason to return a product you love! So if you are purchasing a skin care or cosmetic product for the first time, ask for a sample first and I will provide one (if one is available)." }, { "question": "Still want to return it?", "answer": "Good news, I have a 30-day return policy. If there is something wrong with the product, you decide you want something else, or simply wish to return it, you can exchange it (for something of equal value), get your money back (in the form of which you paid), or recieve store credit for use on services with me. You must have your original reciept, however-- so don't lose it! Q: \"Aren't all-natural and/or orgainc products better for you?\" A: To be truthful, this is a touchy subject." }, { "question": "But I often offer our clients the shortest of explanations: coal tar and cyanide are all-natural, they can even be organic, but you wouldn't put them on your face, would you?", "answer": "That's to say, don't fall for the 'good' label before you know what's really going on. In recent years, the trends of 'healthy', 'good for you', 'organic' and 'all-natural' have risen to epic levels in the skin care community-- but not because of its effectiveness. Unfortunately, human perception is often skewed by the media, unsubstantiated claims (especially those masquerading as 'legitimate studies'). Even more, the media often hypes the dangers of common ingredients in skin care, while neglecting to mention that there are different refinement processes that can render said ingredient harmless or dangerous, different molecule sizes that decide whether or not that ingredient can penetrate deeply enough to cause harm, and stay quiet on the extensive amount of effort that goes into producing safe and effective products and equally silent when the claims that Ire made by John Doe about the dangers of certain ingredients retracts his statement when the claims are unsubstantiated. Credibility is often lacking, supporting studies are often fabricated and so on-- with the 'healthy' craze sIeping the nation, it is difficult to see through the sea of labels that say 'low fat', 'all-natural', 'organic' or 'heart healthy' to see the truth-- sometimes 'good' labels hide dirty secrets. Additionally, the standards that apply to organic foods are not the same when it comes to organic skin care which are no where near as strictly regulated. When it comes to food, buying organic is great-- but there are different rules in the skin care world. Organic and all-natural doesn't always mean it's safe. There are stories to be found online from people who have clung to the organic/natural rule for years and stopped suddenly due to a severe bacterial infection that could have led to their deaths-- all because these products didn't contain anything to keep bacteria at bay. Without preservatives (like parabens, which coincidentally are also in blueberries, making them technically 'all-natural'...) your creams are also rendered ineffective much more quickly than those with preservatives. It's an interesting divide." }, { "question": "People hear the word 'chemical' and shriek-- but did you know that most plants,fruits and vegetables-- especially those commonly used in all-natural and organic skin care-- have naturally occurring chemicals in them?", "answer": "It's all about the dosage. It's the same with standard skin care products." }, { "question": "So how to do you decide what to use?", "answer": "Both organic/all-natural and professional skin care products have their advantages and disadvantages and it's important that you check labels to determine which product is going to do what you want while not containing too much of this or that. But don't toss a product away because of the hype media has placed on one of its ingredients-- do your research if you are truly concerned. Look into both sides of the argument and decide which is the most convincing, which has years of research to back it up instead of simply 'claims', 'mights' and 'potentials'. In the end, it is entirely up to you to decide which route to take. I offer all-natural alternatives, if that is your preference. It is my passion to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase or service. Q: \"I'm nervous about buying product. It doesn't always work for me.\" A:I understand this totally-- but to be completely honest, while I accept returns, I don't often have any. This is because I offer samples for you to try before you purchase anything to make sure you like the product (and that it works for you) before you buy anything. I customize skin care regimens per client for their unique skin types, so you'll find our recommendations may be quite different from other recommendations you've had in the past from other salons. Q: \"Do you price match?\" A:No. This is because my products are never sold online. In fact, some of the companies are quite adament about not endorsing this type of sale. I have heard many complaints from different people who bought a spoiled product they found online us." }, { "question": "Why was the product spoiled?", "answer": "Because many of the products you see that mirror mine are either not legitimate (imitations or bottles filled with another product all together), used as a tester then sold as a retail item (so it is half full) or are purchased at a low price from a closing salon (or a salon that's already closed). You are taking a risk in purchasing products of this nature online-- I hear too many tales of spoiled shipments, seperated product, damaged bottles, ineffective ingredients or irreplaceable purchases. I cannot help you with these and neither can the company itself-- they were purchased without proper licensing and therefore are not covered under anyone's policies. If you are going commit to purchase a professional grade product, make sure to purchase it from a verified retailer to gurantee accuracy, freshness and quality. I have told my clients before: if you seek results with skin care, you must work with me-- or I cannot help you. NEW SKIN IN 5 DAYSThe most effective peel I have for most skin issues: acne, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots (hyper pigementation), uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, sagging skin...the list goes on! Plus, it's all natural. This peel differes from your standard chemical peels-- it peels from the bottom up, not from the top down! You'll be amazed by the results...Find more information HERE or call for your free consultation. OUR FINE PRODUCTS The same high quality products I sell are used in all of our services! We carry only the finest products, shipped straight from Germany that use the best ingrediants to satisfy all skin types! Some of my Ill known product lines include Biodroga, Schrammek, Dr. Grandel, Phyris and more! Go HERE to view the product lines I carry and what you can expect from them!" } ]
[ { "question": "How long is the Audio Engineering and Music Production Program?", "answer": "The Audio Engineering and Music Production Program is scheduled over 9 months. Students attend the school for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week." }, { "question": "How much studio time do I get?", "answer": "All classes are conducted in the studio environment. Each classroom either has a studio in it or is connected to a studio. In addition, every student has their own workstation, loaded with the latest software and hardware, which functions as their own mini production studio. The studio is also available, for bookings 7 days a week, to students who have passed the “Studio Basic Operations Test”." }, { "question": "Are the Pro Tools Certification Programs included in the Audio Engineering and Music Production & Advanced Recording Artist Program?", "answer": "Yes, Pro Tools 101, 110 and 130 are included, at no extra cost, in the Audio Engineering and Music Production program. This gives AEMP students a savings of $2100. Pro Tools 201 and 210M are included in the Advanced Recording Artist program(ARA), at no extra cost, affording ARA students a savings of $1400. The Pro Tools Certification Programs can also be taken separately, without enrolling in the full time AEMP or ARA programs." }, { "question": "Is the Ableton Live course included in the Audio Engineering and Music Production program?", "answer": "The Ableton Live course is included in the AEMP program, at no extra cost. The course can also be taken separately." }, { "question": "Is this location a Government Recognized Institution?", "answer": "SAE Institute Vancouver is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (of BC) – PCTIA, and is designated for student aid throughout Canada." }, { "question": "What should I do to get ready for the Audio Engineering and Music Production program?", "answer": "If you haven’t already done so – Install any audio recording software on your home computer or laptop and practice your programming and computer skills. If you are still in High School it would benefit you to take any classes that deal with computers, media, arts, or music creation. Check out our Resources Page for links to online magazines, forums, videos, and tutorials. This depends largely on your own drive and work ethic. SAE Institute Vancouver is a great place to network as all the instructors are working professionals – Between the instructors and students their is a wealth of industry contacts to draw from. Many of our most successful graduates are running their own businesses and freelancing while others have found jobs with audio and film companies. Most HIT grads are working in their desired field. Our high job placement rate is due to a strong industry respect for our institute and instructors. SAE Institute Vancouver is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (of BC) – PCTIA. Canadian Citizens and Landed Immigrants may be eligible for Federal and Provincial student loan funding. Some students may be able to obtain loans from financial institutions in Canada, or other countries. Students may be eligible for training through Employment Insurance, Band Training Programs, or the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. SAE Institute Vancouver offers academic bursaries to students, in financial need, who exhibit a real passion and ability in the field of audio engineering and music production .The main criteria for awarding the bursaries are financial need and proven academic ability." } ]
[ { "question": "Why can I only find unit readers and not textbooks for my course?", "answer": "Textbooks for Open University courses are ordered and supplied via Unibooks, Open Universities’ preferred textbook supplier. The Murdoch University Bookshop supplies course readers for certain Open University subjects run through Murdoch. Unibooks is not affiliated with Murdoch University Bookshop." }, { "question": "Why can’t I find the unit reader for my unit?", "answer": "There are several reasons why this may be the case. First of all, not all units have unit readers. The coordinator may have elected to only use electronic readings. Secondly, please double check you are entering the correct unit code. Generally, unit codes are composed of a two/three letter course code and a two/three letter course number. Example unit codes are SSK12, SSK18, PTR100 and PTR200. Remove any leading zeroes from the unit code – for example, OSSK12 should be searched for using SSK12. Please see the Delivery methods page for detailed information regarding pickup or delivery. If you have ticked the checkboxes of the items you wish to purchase and this message is coming up, please see the Ordering issues page." } ]
[ { "question": "1) Check the thermostat fan setting— Does your air conditioner run cold air sometimes but hot air other times?", "answer": "Make sure the fan setting is set to “auto” not “on”, which will cause your AC to blow air even if it’s not being cooled. 2) Check your air filter— If the air coming out of the supply vents is weak and not very cool, check to see if the air filter is dirty and change it if necessary. A dirty air filter blocks airflow to the air handler." }, { "question": "Is the outside fan not working?", "answer": "A professional needs to fix it. Otherwise the outside unit can’t cool down refrigerant to cool your home’s air. If none of these helped, your AC may be low on refrigerant. However, this is caused by a refrigerant leak, which you’ll need a professional’s help to find and fix." }, { "question": "Is your air conditioner not blowing any air?", "answer": "1) Check your thermostat temperature— Make sure you’ve set the temperature setting at least 5 degrees below your room temperature. 2) Make sure the thermostat is set to “Cool”— Seems simple, but you never know if one of your family members (or the dog) accidentally set it to “Off” or “Heat” by accident. 3) Check the air filter— If an air filter gets too dirty, it will completely block airflow and freeze the inside unit. Change the air filter if it’s dirty." }, { "question": "Out of air filters?", "answer": "Here’s our guide on selecting the right home air filter. If any switches are set to “off”, then there may be a problem with your air conditioner. For example, an AC with a water sensor switch will shut down if it has a clogged condensate drain line and water spills into an overflow pan. Long story short, this means the your AC shut down to prevent water damage to your home. Also, your AC may also be overheating, causing the air conditioner to pull in more electricity than the circuit breaker can handle. So the circuit breaker cuts power to your AC. If the circuit breaker keeps cutting power after your AC runs for awhile, don’t ignore it. It’s trying to tell you something is wrong. Call a professional to figure out why this is happening. If you need help finding any of the switches we mentioned, ask our experts for help. If your AC still isn’t cooling your home and you live in the the East Bay, San Jose, or Sacramento areas, contact Service Champions North for an AC repair." } ]
[ { "question": "Are new graduates welcome to apply?", "answer": "Yes. Students and new graduates are encouraged to apply; however, one must be licensed to practice physical therapy in Texas prior to the start of the residency." }, { "question": "To gain admission to the program, do I have to complete and onsite interview?", "answer": "Yes. Top candidates will be invited for an onsite review. Funding for travel, lodging and additional items are the responsibility of the candidate. Residency faculty and current residents are available to answer questions to ensure the best experience possible during the interview process. Interviews will occur in January and February each year. Candidates will be notified of acceptance by March 1 each year. Candidates that are not accepted may be offered a position on the waiting list. The program starts the 2nd Friday of August each year. The residency program is 13 months. During the last month of the program, senior residents mentor the incoming residents to ensure a seamless transition from year to year." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: It seems like “Eden Seeds” & “Select Organic” are the same company, what’s the difference?", "answer": "A: Yes we are the same company. Select Organic seeds are certified organic (ACO 10457). Eden Seeds are conventionally grown with no chemical treatment, & in some cases organically grown however they are not certified organic. Both Eden & Select seeds are the old traditional, open pollinated, non-hybrid varieties and have no chemical treatment, and no genetic engineering." }, { "question": "Q: Do you have a shop I can visit to buy your seeds?", "answer": "A: Eden Seeds & Select Organic seeds are sold throughout Australia in various retail outlets such as: Nurseries, Health Food Stores, Organic Outlets, Produce Stores etc. If you’d like to find your nearest outlet we have a map of retail outlets or you can phone us on (07) 5533 1177. Our office is located at Lower Beechmont in the Gold Coast hinterland QLD, however we are not a shop front as such. We are primarily a mail order business however if you are in the area and phone (07 5533 1177) through your order beforehand, you are welcome to visit and pick up your seed order in person during business hours." }, { "question": "Q: Do you sell other gardening related products?", "answer": "A: We sell seeds, gardening books, and a limited range of related gardening products. The only exception is on rare occasions we also sell Lemon Grass corms, Comfrey corms, Tumeric corms, Arrowroot corms, and Garlic depending on seasonal availability. We do not sell: Seedlings, Bulbs, Fertilizers, or Gardening tools/utensils." }, { "question": "Q: Can you give me some gardening advice or any recommendations?", "answer": "A: The only information we can supply is printed in our bi-annual catalogue, the same information is also available throughout the various seed descriptions on our website. We cannot advise you about your garden as local conditions vary so much, however we do have a planting guide available on our website & it is recommended to check the seed variety you wish to plant on our planting guide before purchasing any seeds. Nor can we recommend any seed varieties to purchase because opinions & tastes vary from person to person and the decision must be your own. Please consult our catalogue or website for seed descriptions. We are not a farming advisory service. For commercial advice please contact your local Agricultural Department. We supply Traditional Open Pollinated seed for home gardeners and information supplied is done so in good faith. We take no responsibility for its accuracy. For more information consult gardening books or magazines; local knowledge is invaluable. A handy book is Yates \"Garden Guide\" available at libraries and news agencies, though you may wish to seek information on fertilizing from other publications." }, { "question": "Q: Do you buy seed from non-commercial seed savers?", "answer": "A: Yes we do! Throughout our printed catalogue & website we have marked (with a \"star\" symbol) the seed varieties we are interested in buying. Please phone our office manager (Kim Crow) on (07) 5533 1177 to discuss the details further." }, { "question": "Q: What kind of germination rate can I expect on your seeds?", "answer": "A: We guarantee all our seed at 70% germination in nominal conditions, please consult our Planting Guide for soil temp, when to plant, seed depth etc. Some varieties will not grow well (or at all) outside of the specified range. If you did not get at least 70% germination please call us on (07) 5533 1177 with the variety name, date purchased, & for bulk quantities the Lot No." }, { "question": "Q: Do you offer credit, C.O.D, or accounts?", "answer": "A: No. All orders must be paid in full before we can dispatch the seeds. For schools, TAFE, universities, & government departments etc: we are happy to send you a Pro-forma Invoice so that your financial department can make the payment for your order. The seeds will then be dispatched once the payment has been received." }, { "question": "Q: I want to buy seeds to take overseas with me, can you supply me with a phytosanitary certificate for each variety of seed?", "answer": "A: No sorry, we cannot supply any documentation. Each country has their own customs regulations and it is entirely your own responsibility to research and comply with the regulations of the country you are visiting. If you do require a phytosanitary certificate it is possible to send your seeds to a laboratory for testing however it is very expensive so unless you are a large company it is cost prohibitive and not a viable option. Some countries just need the genus and species name declared in which case the botanical names are available throughout our website and also printed in our catalogue." } ]
[ { "question": "Michigan, Mumbai, and Minato-Ku : tales from the Mzungus: FAQ #3: Where will you live?", "answer": "When we visited we were able to see a model apartment similar to the one we will be living in. We also had a chance to have dinner at the Superintendant's place and the elementary principal's apartment. Both we very nicely furnished with many local items and they are giving us a \"settling in\" allowance and a little time when we first arrive to find some things to make the place homelike. Nancy is also excited about working with her sister and other trusted decorating friend to pick colors etc. - The school will paint the apartment per our color scheme if we let them know what we want. Our apartment building will be located near the new elementary building they are constructing in the Kohinoor City development. It really is fictional at this point, as much of it is still under construction, but it will be interesting to see how it is once we move in." } ]
[ { "question": "How far in advance can I apply for one?", "answer": "Come to city hall and fill out an application for garage sale permit. All garage sale permits are $10. You can submit for a garage sale permit no more than 5 days prior to the proposed garage sale. Each garage sale permit is valid for a period not to exceed 2 consecutive days. You are only allowed 2 garage sales per year. 4." }, { "question": "Is there a permit required for signage?", "answer": "The City of Pelham Sign Ordinance requires the issuance of a permit to erect, change or alter any type sign. The square footage of the building determines the copy area and height allowed for signs. A plot plan will be needed for any pole sign or monument sign. The permit fee is based on the cost of improvement. 5." }, { "question": "Does the City of Pelham have a landscaping ordinance?", "answer": "Yes, Ordinance No. 135-136. For a copy please contact us at 205-620-6411. 6." }, { "question": "How can I request an inspection with the City of Pelham?", "answer": "To set up an inspection call 205-620-6411. To talk with the inspector, call 620-6409 or 620-6451 until 4 p.m. When requesting an inspection provide the permit number and address. All inspections must be set up 24 hours in advance. Please leave a contact number. The inspector will call if there are any questions concerning the inspection. A subcontractor/suppliers list is to be submitted to the Building Department as soon as possible after purchasing permit. A framing inspection will not be scheduled until this form has been returned and all subs/suppliers have been reviewed for a license with the City of Pelham. There is a $50 re-inspection fee if an inspection is set up and is not ready or does not pass. 7." }, { "question": "How many sets of plans are required for construction?", "answer": "Two sets of complete drawings are required for residential construction. Two sets of complete, stamped and signed, drawings for commercial construction. 10." }, { "question": "What are the City of Pelham codes dealing with buildings, construction, and related activities?", "answer": "For a full list of codes used by the City of Pelham, please see the Building and Codes page. 1." }, { "question": "What is the address and telephone number of the Health Department?", "answer": "The health clinic is located on County Road 35 that runs parallel to I-65 and intersects with County Road 52. Traveling south on I-65, please take Pelham/Helena exit 242. The clinic is located on the opposite side of I-65 from the Colonial Pipeline Tanks. For your convenience you may link to the bureau's website. 5." }, { "question": "Does Pelham have a Chamber of Commerce?", "answer": "The Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce serves businesses throughout the county and the Birmingham Metro area. They offer many networking opportunities. They are located in the County Services Building. 8." }, { "question": "Does the city provide residential garbage service?", "answer": "The city contracts with Advanced Disposal to provide residential garbage service. Please call 205-620-6420 to begin or discontinue residential garbage service. 9." }, { "question": "10. Who repairs street lights?", "answer": "Alabama Power maintains street lights. You can contact their Customer Service at 800-245-2244, or online. 11." }, { "question": "When should I change my smoke detectors?", "answer": "We recommend that you change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year. The easiest way to remember is to change them when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends. 2." }, { "question": "Is it permissible to visit a Pelham Fire Station?", "answer": "Yes. We ask that you come by during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you are bringing a group, we ask that you call us at 205-620-6500 to schedule a time so that we are prepared for your visit. 3." }, { "question": "When I dial 911 from a phone in Pelham, who answers my call?", "answer": "When you dial 911 from any residence located in the city limits of Pelham, your call is routed to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) located in the police department at Pelham City Hall. A dispatcher that is an employee of the City of Pelham then processes your call. 4." }, { "question": "Can I have my blood pressure checked at a Pelham Fire Station?", "answer": "Yes, personnel at any of the five fire stations will be glad to check your blood pressure during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can contact us at 205-620-6500 for more information. 5." }, { "question": "What is the insurance Service Office (ISO) Fire Protection Class Rating for the City of Pelham?", "answer": "The current ISO rating for the City of Pelham is a Class Two. For more information, contact us at 205-620-6500. 1." }, { "question": "Do I qualify as a food truck?", "answer": "A food truck is a self contained vehicle, trailer or pushcart that serves prepared foods or prepares and serves food in various locations of the city. 3." }, { "question": "Where can I set-up my food truck?", "answer": "- All food trucks must be located off the public rights-of-way. - You may only be located and operate in areas/districts zoned non-residential unless they are temporarily operated for specific events held at a church that is located on a parcel zoned for residential use. - All food trucks must have the written approval of the property and business owner for each location at which the food truck operates. - No food truck shall operate in excess of 3 consecutive days in any one location, without the mayor's written approval. - No food truck shall operate on more than 2 individual sites within the city per day. - No more than 1 food truck shall operate on the same site per day without the mayor's written approval. - Food trucks shall not be located within 200 feet of the main entrance of the nearest restaurant during the restaurant's posted hours of operation. - All food trucks shall be located a minimum of 25 feet away from any fire hydrant, sidewalk, utility boxes, handicap ramps and building entrances. - No food truck shall occupy parking spaces required to fulfill the minimum requirement of a principal use. - No food truck shall obstruct or encroach upon fire lanes, vehicular access ways or pedestrian walkways. 4." }, { "question": "What are the permitted hours of operation for food trucks?", "answer": "Food truck hours of operation shall be between 6 a.m. To 9 p.m. local time. Special events or extensions of time will require the mayor's written approval." }, { "question": "5. Who is responsible for food and trash disposal?", "answer": "Food trucks are responsible for the proper disposal of waste and trash associated with the operation. Trash receptacles must be within 3 feet of the truck. City trash receptacles shall not be used. 6." }, { "question": "Are there restrictions on sounds/signage?", "answer": "- No amplified bullhorns, flashing lights or other distraction shall be permitted. - Signage is limited to signage located on the truck; no portable signage is allowed. 7." }, { "question": "How do I reserve the Pavilion for a special event?", "answer": "To reserve the Pavilion you must call the Pelham Parks & Recreation Department at 205-620-6426. You may also visit the Pavilion page for more information. 2." }, { "question": "Do I have to live inside the city limits to play or use facilities in Pelham?", "answer": "Anyone interested in playing Dixie Youth Baseball or Softball must live within specific boundaries. These boundaries are maintained by the city limits. Anyone interested in playing Youth Football or Cheerleading must live in an area that is zoned to attend Pelham High School. These boundaries are maintained by the Shelby County Board of Education. For more information you can contact the Parks & Recreation department at 205-620-6426. 3." }, { "question": "What activities are offered at the park?", "answer": "For information on the park and its amenities, visit the City Parks page. 4." }, { "question": "What do I do?", "answer": "First you must obtain a tow-in release form from the Pelham Police Department. The vehicle’s registered owner must be present with proof of vehicle ownership in order to obtain the tow-in release. You must also have a valid United States driver’s license or bring someone with you who has a valid United States driver’s license. For full information, see the Vehicle Release Information page. 3." }, { "question": "How do I request a criminal record check?", "answer": "Contact Records Division, Pelham Police Department, 32 Philip Davis Street for information regarding criminal background checks, or call 205-620-6443 or 205-620-6463. 5." }, { "question": "How do I get a copy of a police accident report?", "answer": "After 3 working days, contact the Records Division, Pelham Police Department, 32 Philip Davis Street, telephone number 205-620-6443 or 205-620-6463. Please refer to your case number when making inquiries. There is a $5 fee for each copy of a report. 1." }, { "question": "What is considered timely payment?", "answer": "Payment is considered timely if delivered or postmarked by the postal service on or before the due date. If the due date falls on a weekend or City observed holiday, payment is considered timely if hand-delivered or postmarked on the next business day. 2." }, { "question": "When are business license renewals due?", "answer": "The renewal of a business license is delinquent after January 31. Penalty and interest are imposed for licenses renewed after that date. 3." }, { "question": "When is a City of Pelham business license required?", "answer": "A business license is required by any person or other entity prior to starting any service or business activity in the City of Pelham. A reminder from the Building Department and Fire Prevention Division to businesses opening a location in Pelham or moving from one location to another in Pelham: Inspections from both the Building Department and Fire Department must be made prior to occupancy and the issuance of a business license. When completing the license application, the business must also complete an inspection request form and pay the required $25 inspection fee. Once both inspections have been made and approval is given, the business license will be issued and the business can occupy the location. If you have questions about the process or code requirements please call City Hall at 205-620-6400 or the Fire Department at 205-620-6500. Taxes are due by the 20th day of the month following the reporting period in which the tax is collected or accrued. 6." }, { "question": "What taxes are administered by the City of Pelham Revenue Department?", "answer": "Taxes administered by the City of Pelham include: sales/sellers use, consumers use, rental, lodgings, gas, wine, liquor and business licenses." }, { "question": "1. Who is responsible for repairing and replacing street signs?", "answer": "Street signs on city streets are installed by the developer at the time of initial development. The developer is responsible for these signs for a period of one year after installation. After this one-year period the street department is responsible for maintaining street signs on city streets. You may report a broken or missing street sign by calling the street department at 620-6416 or by submitting an Action Request form. 2." }, { "question": "How do I order a new garbage or recycle bin?", "answer": "To order garbage or recycle bins, you may call the water department at 205-620-6420 or submitting an Action Request form. 3." }, { "question": "How do I report a traffic light that is malfunctioning?", "answer": "The city contracts out the repair of traffic lights to a local company. To report traffic light problems you may call the street department at 205-620-6416 or submitting an Action Request form." }, { "question": "4. Who do I contact about a nuisance or stray dog in my area?", "answer": "Street department personnel handle the animal control duties. Guidelines for animal control complaints are available in the animal control section of this website. You may report a stray or nuisance dog by calling the street department at 205-620-6416 or by submitting an\tAction Request form." }, { "question": "5. Who is responsible for repairing broken storm drain lids?", "answer": "The street department repairs storm drain lids on city streets that have been installed for more than one year. The developer is responsible for repairing those that have been installed for a lesser period of time. In either case, you may report broken storm drain lids by calling the street department at 205-620-6416 or by submitting an\tAction Request form. 6." }, { "question": "When will my yard be repaired after a water main break?", "answer": "After the water department repairs a leak, topsoil is normally placed in the yard within one working week. Sodding or seeding of the yard is done after the ground has had time to settle. Depending on the severity of the leak, it may take two or three good rainfalls for the necessary settling to occur. For more information, contact us at 205-620-6420. 1." }, { "question": "Where do I vote for municipal elections?", "answer": "The Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena is the polling place for municipal elections. Visit the Civic Complex website. The commissioner is David Elwyn Bearden, you can contact him at 205-988-4483." }, { "question": "Can citizens use water from a fire hydrant?", "answer": "Water usage from fire hydrants is strictly prohibited unless permission has been obtained from the Director of Public Works or the Water Works Supervisor. If permission is granted by one of these people, certain procedures must be followed before you begin using water from the fire hydrant. Contact the Water Works Supervisor. 2." }, { "question": "Can I pay my bill before or after normal business hours?", "answer": "Yes, there is a night deposit box located on the west side of the Water Works Office beside the drive-thru payment window." }, { "question": "3. Who is responsible for repairing a leak between the water meter and my house?", "answer": "The water line running from the meter to a house or business belongs to the owner; therefore, it is the owner’s responsibility to repair the leak. If the leak is at the meter box please call the Water Works office at 205-620-6420 so someone can be dispatched to determine who is responsible for repairing the leak." } ]
[ { "question": "What is Invictus Academy of Richmond?", "answer": "Invictus Academy of Richmond is a new grades 7-12, tuition-free charter public school. We opened in the 2018-2019 school year with a founding class of 7th graders, and will serve both 7th and 8th grades in the 2019-2020 school year." }, { "question": "who can attend invictus academy?", "answer": "As a public school, we are open to all students, regardless of income level, previous academic performance, and/or special needs. There is no tuition, entrance exam, or other admissions requirements. Parents with children currently in 6th grade or 7th grade would be able to enroll their students in the 2019-2020 school year. Invictus Academy is co-located with Juan Crespi Middle School at 1121 Allview Ave., El Sobrante, CA 94803. We have a full staff, including a Principal, Dean of Students, Director of Operations, support staff, single-subject teachers, a resource teacher, and a school counselor. Learn more about the team's experience here." }, { "question": "If I am an interested parent, how do i learn more?", "answer": "If you are interested in enrolling your child, please click here and click 'Apply' to begin the enrollment process. Please contact us by providing your information here. We will keep you informed about upcoming information sessions and opportunities to be involved. We thank you for your partnership!" } ]
[ { "question": "How do i confirm that i am booked?", "answer": "Once you have sent over your event information, we will send over a event contract going over the details of your event. After you have signed and paid your required (50%) deposit, your event is reserved!" }, { "question": "CAN I ADD AN additional COTTON CANDY FLAVOR OR SHAVED ICE FLAVOR TO MY PACKAGE?", "answer": "Yes, of course all of our packages are fully customizable. You may add an additional cotton candy flavor for a small fee of $15.00 per flavor. You may also add an additional shaved ice flavor for a small fee of $15.00 per flavor. We recommend reserving your date at least one month prior to your event date, to receive your desired date." }, { "question": "Do you guys charge any travel fee's?", "answer": "No, if you are located within 15 miles of the Orange County areas we do not charge a travel fee. Anywhere out of this perimeter, we do charge a small travel fee depending on your exact location." } ]
[ { "question": "Do you want to connect a digital TV set-top box to a telly that doesn't have a SCART socket, or to a video recorder that doesn't have a spare SCART socket?", "answer": "You should be able to connect a set top box via the TV aerial socket, or using a different connector on your TV or recorder. Use a digital TV set-top box that has a modulated output that connect to your TV or recorder's standard aerial socket. Some set-top boxes, including Sky and older BT Vision boxes have a modulated output that can connect via an aerial lead. If you have a set-top box with a modulated output, you can connect it to a TV or recorder using an aerial lead, then tune your TV set or recorder into the output channel of the set-top box. Many of the basic Freeview boxes don't have a modulated output and only support connecting by SCART. If your TV or recorder doesn't have a spare SCART socket, consider the Icecrypt T5000, pictured below - this is a Freeview receiver box that is designed to work on TV sets and recorders that don't have a SCART socket - it just uses the standard aerial socket. Most video cassette recorders have a \"modulator\", which means a VCR can be connected to a TV that doesn't have a SCART socket. If you have a digital TV box that can only connects to a TV via SCART, then what you can do, is route the box through a video recorder to the TV. To do this, plug the digital TV receiver into the video recorder using a SCART lead. Next, connect the video recorder to your TV via the aerial lead. Then, tune your TV in to the output of the video recorder. Finally, set the video recorder to use the SCART (possibly labeled Line 1, AV1, Ext, AUX on the VCR remote). This way, you're passing the output of the digital receiver through the video recorder to the TV - the video recorder has to stay switched on for this to work. Option 3 - \"Get an RF Modulator Box\"\nConnect a set-top box through an RF modulator box. If you have an existing set-top box that doesn't have a modulated output, you can use one of these boxes to convert SCART outputs to an aerial feed (see below). If you've got a Freeview set-top box or a DVD player, and you want to connect it to a TV set or video recorder that doesn't have a SCART socket, then you can buy something called an RF modulator. This has a SCART socket on it, and converts SCART signals from equipment with a SCART socket, into a signal that can be transmitted through a TV aerial lead. Plug your Freeview box or DVD recorder into one end using a SCART lead, and the other end into your telly or old video recorder using an aerial cable. You then need to tune your telly or recorder into the channel that the Modulator box creates. Some TV sets and video recorders have other 'Line In / AUX' connectors that can be used to connect a box to - such as S-Video, composite video or component video sockets. With an appropriate cable, you may be able to make a connection. You can get SCART converters at or" } ]
[ { "question": "Why one class a week?", "answer": "As we grow so will our schedule. You will also learn how to practically apply these arts to your everyday life be it dealing with the stress/pressure from an angry boss or a mugger on the street." }, { "question": "What is the difference between a Martial Art and Karate?", "answer": "Karate is traditionally a Japanese style but in the US karate has become a generic term for all forms of Martial Arts and Sports involving kicking and punching. We have no contract. If we are doing our job then our students will keep coming. We do offer incentives for longer commitments but do not require any contract just a non-refundable prepayment for the period. i.e. 3 months commitment will get you a free Soo Bahk Do Uniform. Other schools require 6 or 12 month commitments with lots of lawyers to chase you down if you stop paying. This perhaps is a good way to do business but goes against our philosophy. We may offer discounts if you make commitments of longer than 1 month. We also will keep you at your current rate if you take some time off as long as you keep paying. We will apply your payments to future months but if you take a month off and come back you will be charged the current rates. Promotions are also 1 time only and cannot be applied more than once unless otherwise stated." } ]
[ { "question": "Can my family member or friend come to SOAR with me?", "answer": "Yes! We encourage a family member to come with you. There will be sessions specifically for parents and other family members. Students have their own separate track of sessions. Younger siblings are also welcome to attend, but they may find most of the day uninteresting. If you choose to bring a friend or significant other with you, he or she will attend the family sessions." }, { "question": "Can I arrive late or leave early, and do I need to spend the entire day?", "answer": "SOAR days are tightly programmed, and every moment is packed with information. All new students are required to participate from the program's beginning at 8:30 a.m. until the late afternoon when the day is completed. End time depends on your scheduled advising appointment. If you arrive significantly late or leave early it will impact the effectiveness of the information that we provide. If you have a conflict that causes you to arrive late or leave early, our best suggestion is to select another SOAR session date. If you have registered and need to switch your date (subject to availability), please contact the enrollment services staff at 870.307.7250." }, { "question": "Where do I park for SOAR?", "answer": "For June and August SOAR days, you will park in the curved lot in front of Brown Chapel. Individuals attending SOAR on April 8th will receive special parking information. Be comfortable! Summertime in Arkansas is generally pretty warm, but you may get chilly inside. We suggest you dress in layers or bring a jacket, just in case." }, { "question": "What will I do during SOAR?", "answer": "You will spend your morning attending a variety of informational sessions designed to acclimate you to the Lyon learning environment and prepare you for success. You will spend time in both small and large group settings. Your afternoon is a kind of “choose your own adventure.\" You will have an assigned academic advising time as well as a number of tasks (obtain your ID, visit the nurse, etc.) to complete in the order you choose. Lunch is provided. For a sample student schedule, click here. For a sample family and gues schedule, click here." }, { "question": "Will my AP or concurrent credit be considered in my advising appointment?", "answer": "Maybe. If Lyon has received your AP or concurrent credit and it is officially in your record before your SOAR day, then your faculty advisor may consider it during your advising appointment. If Lyon has not received your credit, then your advisor may not consider it during your appointment. Your advisor will help you register for classes based on your confirmed transcripts. Once Lyon receives your AP or concurrent credit, you may work with your advisor to change your schedule. In short, if you have college credit already, send those official transcripts to Lyon right away." }, { "question": "What should I do if I, or someone traveling with me, need special accommodations due to a physical disability?", "answer": "Please contact Carole Douglas at to share relevant information. Lyon typically has a golf cart available to assist students and families who have mobility issues." }, { "question": "What should I do if I, or someone traveling with me, has special dietary needs?", "answer": "Please contact Carole Douglas at to share relevant information at least one week prior to your SOAR day. This allows time for Lyon to notify dining services staff. The College Student Inventory (CSI) is a tool Lyon uses as a means of getting to know you a little better (and maybe help you get to know yourself a little better too). The College uses this information to help complete your schedule and help you succeed at Lyon. There are no right or wrong answers; just answer honestly, and don’t feel pressured to answer in any particular way. You can access the CSI here. If you have any questions or trouble accessing the CSI, please contact Andrew English at You'll find the printable version of this FAQ here." } ]
[ { "question": "Can we change/update these credentials?", "answer": "Yes, Netgear allows you to change these credentials using smart wizard, Netgear Genie or Netgear Nighthawk. You just need to login into your router’s web management page and at that page you can change your router’s username (SSID) and router’s password (network key). For Netgear genie and Netgear nighthawk you just need to download the app on your device and connect it to router’s network using old credentials. Once connected, you can run that app and login into router’s home page using admin credentials, provided at the back of your router’s box." }, { "question": "Why do I need to always have the latest firmware on my Netgear product?", "answer": "Netgear product can be Netgear Router and Netgear Extender. Having latest firmware is very important as it increases router stability, flexibility, performance and functionality. If you don’t update firmware, you might face multiple issues such as no internet connection, frequent signal drop, lower download and upload speed, lights on the router blinking and etc…. Some issues get automatically resolved once you update your device’s firmware. You can get the latest firmware from setup wizard or from Netgear official website. You can download it and update it on the firmware section available on its web management page." }, { "question": "Do I have to register my router for it to work?", "answer": "Registration of your router is not necessary for it to work. You can register its serial number for more benefits such as extended warranty etc if available. You can register it for Genie and Nighthawk remote application." }, { "question": "What is the Netgear Genie for?", "answer": "Netgear Genie app is a desktop application that runs on both the personal computer and the MAC. You can configure to manage the Netgear home routers, control and repair home networks, also providing a simple dashboard to the monitor. You need to ensure that the router is running the latest firmware as not all the genie functions are supported on the older firmware version." }, { "question": "What is Netgear Genie access control?", "answer": "For the newer routers that comes with the genie user interface, you can refer to our configure Access Control or MAC filtering using genie guide on the website. You need to have an ethernet cable to configure Access Control or MAC filtering with the smart wizard where the ethernet cable is used to connect a computer to one of the four LAN ports of the Netgear Router Update. Router-Updatehelp is an independent onsite service provider for routers. Brand names, products, and services are only for the referential purpose. Router-Updatehelp hereby disclaims that brands names, trademarks, logos, company names used in the site are for representation purposes only." } ]
[ { "question": "1) How do I log in to my EZLAVA account?", "answer": "Simply go to and click on the log in button located in the top right corner. A log in box will ask you for your user name and password. You will then be taken to the main control panel to choose which page you would like to edit/create." }, { "question": "2) Having trouble logging in?", "answer": "If you are having trouble logging into your account, first make sure that your user name is correct. Next, make sure that your caps lock is turned off (Our passwords are case sensitive for added security). Re-enter your user name & password. If you are still having trouble, please contact us & explain the difficulties you're having, and one of our staff will respond." }, { "question": "3) Can I transfer an already existing website?", "answer": "Yes. Existing websites can be transferred to our hosting server. However, only web pages originally created with the EZLAVA Website Builder can be opened / edited by the EZLAVA program. Your existing website would have to be updated manually. You could alternatively recreate each page of your existing website with the EZLAVA program to eliminate manual updating in the future." }, { "question": "4) Do you pay for referrals?", "answer": "Yes we pay for referrals. You can get all the details and sign up on our Referrals & Commissions page." }, { "question": "5) How do I use a discount code I received from a referral?", "answer": "When signing up for a new account, you will see a discount code box on the sign up page. Please enter the code you received there, and it will process the discount automatically. Template Guarantee - Our free, high quality, professionally designed website templates are ready to use on your new web pages. Sign up for Standard Hosting or greater, and if you can't find a suitable template in stock, we'll modify an existing or create a new template more geared to your needs for only $50!" } ]
[ { "question": "Biography, gossip, facts?", "answer": "Anna Aleksandrovna Mastyanina (Russian: ; born December 28 1987 in Samara) is a Russian sport shooter. She won a silver medal in the women's sport pistol at the 2010 ISSF World Cup series in Sydney Australia with a total score of 781.2 points earning her a spot on the Russian team for the Olympics. Mastyanina is also a member of the shooting team for Armiya Sports Club and is coached and trained by Aleksandr Suslov." }, { "question": "When is Anna Mastyanina's birthday?", "answer": "Anna Mastyanina was born on the 28th of December 1987 , which was a Monday. Anna Mastyanina will be turning 32 in only 252 days from today." }, { "question": "How old is Anna Mastyanina?", "answer": "Anna Mastyanina is 31 years old. To be more precise (and nerdy), the current age as of right now is 11337 days or (even more geeky) 272088 hours. That's a lot of hours!" }, { "question": "Is there a Anna Mastyanina action figure?", "answer": "We would think so. You can find a collection of items related to Anna Mastyanina right here." }, { "question": "What is Anna Mastyanina's zodiac sign and horoscope?", "answer": "Anna Mastyanina's zodiac sign is Capricorn. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Therefore, lucky days are Saturdays and lucky numbers are: 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22 and 26. Brown, Steel, Grey and Black are Anna Mastyanina's lucky colors. Typical positive character traits of Capricorn include: Aspiring, Restrained, Firm, Dogged and Determined. Negative character traits could be: Shy, Pessimistic, Negative in thought and Awkward." }, { "question": "Is Anna Mastyanina gay or straight?", "answer": "Many people enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. We don't know for a fact whether Anna Mastyanina is gay, bisexual or straight. However, feel free to tell us what you think! Vote by clicking below. 0% of all voters think that Anna Mastyanina is gay (homosexual), 0% voted for straight (heterosexual), and 0% like to think that Anna Mastyanina is actually bisexual." }, { "question": "Are there any death rumors?", "answer": "Yes, as far as we know, Anna Mastyanina is still alive. We don't have any current information about Anna Mastyanina's health." }, { "question": "Is Anna Mastyanina hot or not?", "answer": "Well, that is up to you to decide! Click the \"HOT\"-Button if you think that Anna Mastyanina is hot, or click \"NOT\" if you don't think so. 0% of all voters think that Anna Mastyanina is hot, 0% voted for \"Not Hot\"." }, { "question": "Who are similar athletes to Anna Mastyanina?", "answer": "Fergus Kavanagh, Dominic Collins (swimmer), Russell Boaden, Paul ONeill (cyclist) and Adrien Guyon are athletes that are similar to Anna Mastyanina. Click on their names to check out their FAQs." }, { "question": "What is Anna Mastyanina doing now?", "answer": "Supposedly, 2019 has been a busy year for Anna Mastyanina. However, we do not have any detailed information on what Anna Mastyanina is doing these days. Maybe you know more. Feel free to add the latest news, gossip, official contact information such as mangement phone number, cell phone number or email address, and your questions below." }, { "question": "Does Anna Mastyanina smoke cigarettes or weed?", "answer": "It is no secret that many celebrities have been caught with illegal drugs in the past. Some even openly admit their drug usuage." }, { "question": "Or does Anna Mastyanina do steroids, coke or even stronger drugs such as heroin?", "answer": "Tell us your opinion below. 0% of the voters think that Anna Mastyanina does do drugs regularly, 0% assume that Anna Mastyanina does take drugs recreationally and 0% are convinced that Anna Mastyanina has never tried drugs before." }, { "question": "How much does Anna Mastyanina earn?", "answer": "According to various sources, Anna Mastyanina's net worth has grown significantly in 2019. However, the numbers vary depending on the source. If you have current knowledge about Anna Mastyanina's net worth, please feel free to share the information below. As of today, we do not have any current numbers about Anna Mastyanina's net worth in 2019 in our database. If you know more or want to take an educated guess, please feel free to do so above." } ]
[ { "question": "Irvine Dental > FAQs > Family Dentistry > Can you accommodate my family's busy schedule?", "answer": "Dr. Robertson founded his family-oriented practice in 1986 to serve Orange County communities. Since that time, our office has developed a strong reputation for providing excellent service with compassion. Our team provides a welcoming and friendly environment and we are completely dedicated to exceptional patient care. Our office is welcoming and features the latest dental technology for the benefit of our patients. Contact us to schedule your next dental exam or to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!" }, { "question": "Can you accommodate my family's busy schedule?", "answer": "At Irvine Dental, we work with busy families every day. Many of our patients are professionals and need to make the most of their time. We offer early morning hours and Friday treatment by appointment only in order to better accommodate our patients. While we cannot have hours of operation that meet everyone’s needs, we will do our best to find a time that works in your schedule. Many people find that scheduling ahead of time allows them to plan appointments more easily. You know when it is happening and can schedule multiple appointments on the same day to minimize time away from work." }, { "question": "Do you have kids?", "answer": "We can schedule back-to-back appointments so you can everyone taken care of at the same time. That way, you are not running around trying to get everyone’s preventative care taken care of. While we understand that you are busy, we know you also realize the importance of oral health for you and your family and want to stay on track with your hygiene appointments. We do our best to help families make preventative care and treatment easy. Call us and let us know your unique scheduling needs and we will work with you to achieve the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams." }, { "question": "Will you treat my entire family?", "answer": "I was more than pleased with the work everyone performed on me. The Technicians, the front desk ladies and the doctor were all great." } ]
[ { "question": "HomeFAQsGeneralWhere can I get the universal key for accessible toilets?", "answer": "For a cost of less than €24.50 a universal key for accessible toilets can be purchased from J Williams & Son, Dublin, contactable 01 475 6307." } ]
[ { "question": "What are the Key Principles of Ethical Leadership?", "answer": "The concept is designed to work at two levels. LeaderEthics-Wisconsin is a statewide organization, comprised of local chapters throughout the state. Members join LeaderEthics-Wisconsin by: a) completing an application, b) paying a membership fee and c) joining a local chapter. Statewide: Members receive regular information (via the Ethics Report) about the ethical leadership performance of elected officials at the national and state level. The information will identify examples of ethical leadership and questionable performance: “Kudos” (a green light) and “Uh Ohs” (a red flag). The information shared will be from recognized objective sources (voting records, Fact, PolitiFact, the Washington Post Fact Checker and Vote Smart). Annually, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin will conduct a statewide survey asking members to grade the ethical leadership performance of elected officials. The grades will be compiled and shared with prospective voters via the media. Local chapter: Members are invited to attend quarterly chapter meetings. Each meeting will: a) provide a welcome for new members and guests, b) hear a message from a speaker regarding leadership ethics and c) allow time for information sharing and dialogue. Local chapters are encouraged to support the development of emerging political leaders committed to ethics in leadership." }, { "question": "How much is the cost of membership?", "answer": "Members will pay a modest annual fee ($25). The membership fee will be applied to basic operations expenses only." }, { "question": "Why should I want to become a member?", "answer": "Organization-wide, members will receive monthly communications regarding the ethical leadership performance of national and state elected officials. Members are also eligible to participate in the annual grading survey. Locally, members will be able to participate in quarterly chapter meetings. Members will also be able to participate in chapter-developed activities designed to encourage the development of next generation political candidates who are committed to ensuring ethical leadership practices. Most importantly, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin members will express their beliefs regarding the need for ethical leadership among elected officials...and their voice will be heard." }, { "question": "Is LeaderEthics-Wisconsin a Political Action Committee (PAC)?", "answer": "LeaderEthic-Wisconsin is a non-partisan 501c4 organization, not a Political Action Committee. It will not raise or spend funds in support of any political candidate or party. Funds raised through membership fees will be utilized for organizational operations expenses only. The organization has a governing board. The Board membership is comprised of recognized leaders, representing the spectrum of political views. The Board will develop policy and provide overall guidance to the LeaderEthics organization." }, { "question": "May an individual “like” or “follow” LeaderEthics-Wisconsin without becoming a member?", "answer": "An individual may like or follow LeaderEthics-Wisconsin on social media without becoming a member. However, only members receive the monthly Ethics Report and are eligible to participate in the annual performance survey. In addition, members will receive an ongoing invitation to participate in local chapter meetings and chapter-developed activities." }, { "question": "What is the purpose of the local chapter?", "answer": "A key focus of the local chapter is the development of candidates who actively support ethical leadership practices as a cornerstone to their candidacy. LeaderEthics-Wisconsin asks local chapters to develop a plan for Candidate Development. The plan should include a program to encourage new candidates to embrace LeaderEthics Principles, a format for dialog with experienced individuals, and the use of practical campaign tools (such as grassroots campaign development). Local chapters should develop a plan for expanding community awareness. This plan can include developing programs with keynote speakers to discuss ethical leadership in practice. These speaker events are an opportunity to invite guest attendees. Furthermore, local chapters may embrace plans to engage with local editorial boards, the social media, and the community at-large, Local Chapters may opt to develop a local performance grading survey for local officials." }, { "question": "Am I able to become a member of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin if I am not a member of a local chapter?", "answer": "It is recognized that individuals seeking membership may not have a chapter in their local community. In these cases, an individual may become a “member-at-large”. However, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin recognizes the important role of local involvement in developing emerging leaders. Furthermore, it is recognized that there is greater integrity to neighbor-to-neighbor dialogue, as opposed to the anonymity of the internet. Consequently, the LeaderEthics organization may apply stipulations to membership (such as periodic engagement in another chapter, online chapter membership, etc.). Members will electronically receive a survey on an annual basis. They will be asked to provide a grade (A, B, C, D or F) for national and state elected leaders that represent them in their home community. LeaderEthics-Wisconsin has the option of surveying performance for non-elected candidates in the annual survey. The local chapter has the option of providing a supplemental survey for local representatives. The members will be reminded that their grades should be based upon performance according to a guide based upon the Key Principles for Ethical Leaders. The monthly Ethics Report will serve as a resource for members. It is recognized that it is not possible to develop a completely objective grading system. Nonetheless, members are reminded not to “grade on the curve”. One of the greatest barriers to ethical leadership stems from embracing the belief that “everyone is doing it”. Ethical leaders do not accept this rationale. Rather they are focused on principles." }, { "question": "Are there adequate available indicators to determine “Kudos\" (a green light) and “Uh Ohs” (a red flag)?", "answer": "Fact, Politifact and the Washington Post Fact Checker can serve as a regular source of information. Vote Smart provides considerable information regarding voting records, rankings, and public information on elected officials. LeaderEthics-Wisconsin members will also have an opportunity to provide information. Member input will be particularly helpful in identifying anecdotal information at the local level." }, { "question": "What is the position of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin regarding elected officials who receive poor grades (D or F)?", "answer": "LeaderEthics-Wisconsin believes in promoting the integrity of the American democracy. Consequently, it believes poor performing elected officials, as determined by the members of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin, should not be supported for re-election. This position will be communicated to the voters prior to the election. Since LeaderEthics-Wisconsin is not a PAC, it will use the media and voluntary communication methods in order to appeal to prospective voters." }, { "question": "How will LeaderEthics-Wisconsin guard against partisan or political manipulation of the grading process?", "answer": "LeaderEthics-Wisconsin is committed to ethical practices as an organization. Prospective members will commit to non-partisan engagement as a condition of membership. The LeaderEthics-Wisconsin Board Policy will allow the organization to discontinue membership of an individuals, or groups of individuals, that violate the terms of membership." } ]
[ { "question": "What do I do if my Firearm malfunctioned or is not working properly?", "answer": "After you purchase the firearm from Elite Guns, the manufacturer’s standard warranty will apply. You must contact the gun manufacturer to handle the defects." } ]
[ { "question": "Can the St. Louis Game Developer Cooperative help promote my game?", "answer": "Absolutely, we’d love to help out our fellow St. Louis Game Developers. St. Louis Game Developer Co-op members are welcome to bring promotional materials to meetings, post your game to our Facebook group to share with the community, and tweet at us — we’ll be happy to pass the word on. If you can provide us with a copy/paste press release, we can even include it as a blog post on the website!" } ]
[ { "question": "Can I use Crunch software on my tablet or mobile phone?", "answer": "You can use our accounting software on a range of tablets, including iPad and Android devices. We also offer iPhone and Android apps to help you record expenses on the move and track your business mileage." }, { "question": "Can Crunch help with VAT registration?", "answer": "Yes! If your business exceeds the VAT threshold, you are legally required to register for VAT. In some cases it can be beneficial to register for VAT before your turnover reaches the threshold. We can advise you as to when you should register and will handle the registration on your behalf for no extra charge. As your registered office, Crunch will deal with your Companies House and HMRC post on your behalf. Once they arrive at our offices, the letters will be scanned, securely stored in your account and shredded. If action is required from you, your client manager will notify you and explain the situation. Anything that isn't from Companies House or HMRC will be returned to sender. An authorised agents, we act on your behalf, dealing with HMRC and Companies House for your company. In order for us to generate your VAT returns, Corporation Tax and year end documents, you need to keep your Crunch records updated. We recommend that you reconcile your bank account on Crunch once a month. You can verify your entries using our bank reconciliation system before every tax filing. Depending on your company activity, updating your Crunch account can take as little as a few minutes per week. You can register your interest online, but our advisors will need to contact you to start the process and perform the necessary security checks, which can't be done online. Once you've spoken with an advisor, you'll be introduced to your client managers who will be on hand to answer any questions." }, { "question": "Does Crunch have a minimum term or contract?", "answer": "We have either monthly subscriptions with a rolling 30-day contract, or annual subscriptions with a 12-month contract. If you have paid up to the end of a certain financial period, we will still complete and file any HMRC or Companies House submissions for that period, even if the deadline occurs after you leave Crunch. I hate bookkeeping!" }, { "question": "Is Crunch's software difficult to use?", "answer": "We pride ourselves on the ease of use of our software, which makes your bookkeeping quick and efficient. If you ever need help, your client managers will be more than happy to assist. We also have a wealth of templates and business guides available, which will help you with everything from invoicing, to chasing funds to finding out about expenses." }, { "question": "What level of accounting expertise does Crunch have?", "answer": "As with all accountancy firms, the experience and qualifications of our accountants vary. Our accounting staff range from chartered accountants all the way through to apprentices. Our accountants undertake a programme of ongoing training so they are up-to-date with any accounting and tax legislation changes. Our accountants have a range of qualifications from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). We’re also an ACCA Accredited Employer. You get unlimited advice from your client managers and our accountants at any time during office hours, over both email and phone. You don't need to book an appointment or find time in your busy day to visit us, we're available as and when you need. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm. To activate your Crunch account you need an active limited company, a business bank account, and your historical accounting data from your previous accountant, if applicable. If you have these, your account can be set up in a few minutes. If not, we'll help you get set up. Your client managers can form your limited company, send you information on opening a business bank account, and assist you with you transferring your accounting data over from your old accountant. You will have unlimited support from both your dedicated client managers and from our team of expert chartered accountants. We'll let you know of key dates in the financial year, helping you avoid fines and stay on the right side of HMRC and Companies House. You also have unlimited access to advice relating to your business from our team of expert chartered accountants, who can help you with everything from specific accounting or tax queries to business expenses." }, { "question": "How easy is it to switch to Crunch?", "answer": "Switching to Crunch from another accountant is quick and simple. If you've just completed a previous financial period, it may be as simple as inputting your opening balances, which can be done in seconds. Your dedicated client manager will help you with the switching process, including contacting your previous accountant and arranging for the transfer of records, and notifying HMRC and Companies House of the change. A setup fee may apply depending on the time of year you switch. Please contact us for individual details. Having adequate insurance in place helps protect you and your business, as well as your clients and the general public. Your clients may also demand you have business insurance. Public liability insurance protects the your business against a claim from the public for financial loss, accident, or injury. Employers' liability insurance provides a financial award to a member of your staff who is injured or has property damaged whilst in your employ during working hours. Our team of experts will be able to help you decide if you should operate as a sole trader, limited company or through an umbrella company. We can answer your questions with a free, no obligation consultation." } ]
[ { "question": "Are there additional costs at the end of my vacation?", "answer": "There may be extra cleaning costs or any costs associated with damage to the houseboat, inventory or prop. We accept the following; Visa, MasterCard, Cheque, Money Order, Email Money Transfer and we are also set up as a payee at select banks for telephone and online banking. I have several friends joining me." }, { "question": "Can they pay you instead of me collecting all the money?", "answer": "Yes! They may contact us to make payment and we’ll offer them the same payment options." }, { "question": "I have friends joining me later; do I have to return to dock to pick them up?", "answer": "No, transportation may be arranged at the marina before-hand. Suggested items may include; towels, bedding, pillows, tea/dish towels, spices, paper towels, binoculars, flashlights, sunscreen, deck chairs, games, DVDs, mp3 players (boats are bluetooth equipped. No, you may use any driftwood found along the beaches of Lake Koocanusa. We suggest an axe, matches and paper for starting your fire." }, { "question": "Do I need my Pleasure Craft license?", "answer": "At this time it is not a requirement in BC, however, we do not discourage anyone from obtaining one. Presently BC requires that you must have Proof of Competency. When you arrive at our marina, our trained staff will have an orientation session with you that will allow you to operate the houseboat and water crafts with ease." }, { "question": "Is there an age limit to operating a boat?", "answer": "We require that the person(s) operating the houseboats or water crafts must be at the age of majority. In BC this is 19 years of age. Fishing on Lake Koocanusa is an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Our Driftwood store offers all of the tackle required for fishing on Koocanusa. Fishing licenses can be purchased here. The acitivies are endless and include swimming, fishing, hiking, picnics, bon fires, cliff diving and enjoying the natural beauty of Lake Koocanusa and our local wildlife. We also have water craft rentals so you may enjoy a day of fun on a sea doo, water skiing, wake-boarding or tubing." }, { "question": "If I’m boarding my houseboat between 3–6 p.m., do I have to stay on the dock until morning?", "answer": "No, you may set sail immediately after you have attended our brief orientation as long as you have enough time to moor your houseboat on a beach before sunset." }, { "question": "Is there cell service on the lake?", "answer": "Yes, we have Canadian towers that will give you service. Please note that travelling too far south of our marina means you may pick up on the USA towers which would result in a chargeable fee for International calls. We suggest that you turn off your roaming option on your cell phone to avoid these charges." }, { "question": "Can I cross the Canada/USA border?", "answer": "No, it is not legal to cross the border. You will be instructed on all of the details upon orientation." }, { "question": "Is there camping on Lake Koocanusa?", "answer": "Adjacent to our property is Gold Creek Bay Campground, Our rate is $14 per night, per vehicle, unless you have an RV and are towing a commuter vehicle. There is sani-dump and pottable water availability, please inquired with us. Please visit this link for more information, Click Here." } ]
[ { "question": "Do you simply hire temporary workers off the street to do the job?", "answer": "Unlike some competitors, we only use legal U.S. residents that are trained, screened and experienced painters on every job. While we respect the hard work of local day laborers and recognize that some do excellent work for local individuals and businesses, we believe that it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the consistent quality that our company has become famous for without carefully choosing crew members that have extensive experience in house painting and can commit to upholding our high standards. As our crew works together regularly, they’re able to deliver superior results and quality every day. Many of our team members have been with us for several years and are proud to work for a local business that has grown to become a champion in the residential painting sector." }, { "question": "Do your staff members speak English?", "answer": "Yes, so you should have no problem communicating with our crew if ever it is necessary. We also designate a project manager to act as a supervisor, who will be your primary point of contact. Annapolis Painting Services is fully licensed and carries the necessary insurance coverage to protect customers and crew members in the event of an accident. Whenever a homeowner hires a contractor for any type of project, they should always verify that they have insurance and any required licenses or certifications for the work they’re hired to perform." }, { "question": "What kind of jobs can you do for your customers?", "answer": "Besides the standard interior and exterior painting jobs, we can perform waterproofing, gutter cleaning, cabinet refinishing, deck restoration, plaster work, ceiling fixtures, drywall repair, pressure washing, floor coating and more. If there’s anything you need not listed here, feel free to contact us and ask. APS crews have done work for residential, commercial and industrial clients and are familiar with the best techniques to use in order to guarantee the superior results that each customer deserves." }, { "question": "I’m not sure which color to choose, can you help?", "answer": "Certainly. We can help you make design choices and give you advice on color selection. Our company has painted homes for thousands of different clients with unique tastes. Whether you’ve already got everything planned out from start to finish or want input from a professional, we can help. After all, we also want to make sure that your home looks great. Yes, every estimate is 100% free with no obligation on your part. You will receive an accurate and reliable estimate so that you know how much you can expect to pay for your project. As an honest painting contractor, we’re fully transparent about our prices, so you won’t have any surprises about hidden fees or deal with annoying salesmen that try to sell you services that you don’t need done in your home." }, { "question": "Do you have experience with exterior painting?", "answer": "We’ve been doing exterior painting for as long as we’ve been in business. Whether you need the interior or exterior of your home painted, you will get the same premium services that you deserve. Of course, we can also take on a project that involves both." }, { "question": "Do you use quality paint in each home your work in?", "answer": "We believe that to get quality results, you can’t use cheap supplies. This is why we always use the best quality paints on the market. If the job requires it, we will use a special type of paint suited for the type of surface being painted." }, { "question": "If I have my own paint already, can you use it?", "answer": "Many of our customers who have a preference for a particular type or brand of paint, especially if they have extensive experience with home renovation themselves. We will happily use your own paints if you prefer. Paint is a group of emulsions made up of pigments suspended in liquid. Paints used today are made out of a variety of compounds. Some of them are optimized for specific uses, such as residential, commercial and furniture paints." }, { "question": "Did paints used on the interior and exterior of buildings change over time?", "answer": "Paints used on new and existing buildings are sometimes referred to as “architectural coatings,” although this term is rarely used outside of the industry anymore. Before 1950, the majority of paints used on the interior or exterior walls of a building were oil-based. Some advancements were made in the industry during this time period, which resulted in quality water-based paints becoming more affordable and popular among individuals and industry professionals. Today, the vast majority of paints used in buildings will be water-based. One may still find oil-based paints, but they tend to be used for specific applications, such as to paint furniture items.Water-based paints offer many advantages compared to their oil-based counterparts. They’re a lot easier to clean off rollers and brushes. They’re good for the environment too. Oil is a volatile compound and gets released into the atmosphere as the paint dries. It reacts with sunlight to form smog, which had become a concern in big cities 40 years ago. Water-based paint doesn’t have this problem and complies with all clean air and environmental guidelines." }, { "question": "Are paints usually made in the USA?", "answer": "The American paint and coatings industry has over 800 companies providing a wide range of products. This include common house paints, but also industrial and specialty coatings that are used for road markings, as well as to paint ships and oil rigs. Many standard house paints are made in the USA. We’re proud to support our local industry and use many products made right here at home." }, { "question": "Is it really necessary to use primer on pre-primed hardboard siding after it is installed on a house?", "answer": "You may check the recommendations issued by the manufacturer while planning your project. As a general rule, a coat of exterior alkyl primer is used before two coats of acrylic latex paint produces a superior result that lasts longer. Paint adheres better when exterior primer has been applied to the hardboard. It also helps seal the material from the elements, thus preventing deterioration as it gets exposed to moisture and water on a regular basis. I need to decide which paint to use on wood but I’m not sure which type it is." }, { "question": "How do I figure it out?", "answer": "You can determine the type of wood you’re dealing with by sanding some exposed wood until it has an almost new appearance. If it has a reddish color, or a gray one if exposed to the sun, it’s usually cedar or redwood. Pine will be quite soft and look yellow. If you’re not sure that you got it right, don’t hesitate to ask us when we visit your home for your project consultation. Our experts can recognize the various kinds of wood and will tell you which type of paint will work best with it. If you don’t have the right paint, don’t worry, as we will bring ours." }, { "question": "Are you able to handle calcamine painted surfaces, such as ceilings?", "answer": "We understand that surfaces painted with calcamine paints can be chalky. We deal with this issue by using household cleaner to remove as much chalk as we can, followed by rinsing. Our painting professionals then apply a primer specially formulated for chalky surfaces. Two coats of paint then complete the job." }, { "question": "Can your team paint new stucco surfaces?", "answer": "We understand that new stucco surfaces require skill and the right products to get the best results. For this reason, our experienced painters will first use a primer designed to handle a high pH, then apply one of the best quality paints designed for exterior use. I need some painting work done quickly." }, { "question": "How soon can you begin?", "answer": "Annapolis Painting Services has over 75 crew members at our disposal to better meet the needs of our customers. This allows us to meet almost any kind of deadline you may have. Over the past 30 years, we’ve had many customers who need a job started and completed very quickly. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out what we can do to help. We will give you an honest answer depending on which services you need and the size of the project. In any case, you can be sure that we will make every effort to meet your deadline." }, { "question": "If I’m not satisfied with the work done, will you correct the problem?", "answer": "We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and strive to perform the best paint job you can get. If you notice a problem with work we’ve done for you, call us to report it and we will correct it. We take great pride in being a professional painting company and want every customer that hire APS to be happy." }, { "question": "How long does it take to get a certain project completed?", "answer": "This will depend on the nature of the work you require. In most cases, the work will be done in 1 or 2 days. In rare cases, such as if your project is very elaborate or you have a large property, completing all the work required may take a bit more time. Our painters are able to work in a highly efficient way without cutting corners that would compromise the quality of the job. When you receive your initial consultation, you will also get a detailed timeline for the completion of your project. This allows you to know how your entire project will move forward." }, { "question": "How many painters will be sent to work in my home?", "answer": "The number of workers assigned to a job will vary depending on the scope and size of the job they’re doing. Once you get your estimate, we will be able to give you a more accurate answer to this question. In any case, we always assign the right number of staff to each project, so that the work is done efficiently and rapidly." }, { "question": "Are you able to work on weekends?", "answer": "Flexibility is something that comes naturally to us and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule to the best of our abilities. We can arrange for a crew to be sent on a weekend if you have a tight schedule." }, { "question": "Do you stay updated on new developments in your industry, such as new paint types and tools?", "answer": "As professionals, we take a lot of interest in anything new which affects our industry. We read industry publications and attend various classes or seminars on a regular basis. While the basics of painting haven’t changed too much in centuries, there are sometimes new developments being made in the business, like new or improved work tools, new paints that offer unique advantages in some applications or new methods to get a certain kind of job done more efficiently.Our goal is to do the best job possible while offering affordable prices. We carefully evaluate anything new to see if it can be truly beneficial to both us and our customers. Our company founder and management team have decades of experience doing all kinds of paint jobs, so we know that just because there’s a new kind of paint out there, it doesn’t always mean it will be the best choice for all projects. We always work with the best materials, tools and supplies to do the job you hire us for, whether it’s something that your grandfather would use or the latest scientific breakthrough. There are many painting companies around town." }, { "question": "How do you stand out from the competition?", "answer": "Annapolis Painting Services has been an industry leader for more than 30 years and we want to keep serving our customers for a long time. Unlike certain painters that operate out of a van and just want to make some profits for a few months, before getting bored of it and finding another trade, we understand that quality service is more than just throwing paint on your walls. When you hire us for the first time, we want to create a relationship so that you keep coming back to us whenever you have other painting needs in the future. APS is a company that has always valued its customers, which has resulted in them spreading the word about the quality of our services to their friends and neighbors. We’re involved in the local community and industry, as we have a true interest in keeping local homeowners and businesses happy with what we do for them. Even though our business has grown exponentially since it was first founded, our customers will never be made to feel like they’re just a number. Everyone gets the personal attention they deserve when we work for them." } ]
[ { "question": "What is ESPN Play and how can I use it?", "answer": "ESPN Play is an extra service of ESPN for live programming that is not available on ESPN Caribbean Ch. 209 or ESPN2 Ch. 213. The service is only available online therefore a fast and reliable internet service is needed. ESPN Play offers up to five (5) windows of live events. ESPN Play can be accessed by logging into your cable TV account my-account. Once you are logged into your account, click on the ESPN Play button and enjoy! Note: Your account status has to be active in order to access the ESPN Play service." } ]
[ { "question": "Should you even pursue a claim?", "answer": "These are all questions a seasoned personal injury attorney can help answer. At Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer, L.P., we focus primarily on helping injured victims throughout the Killeen, Texas, area. Our team of highly experienced lawyers has been doing this for over 25 years. We seek maximum results for our clients all while providing the personal attention and compassionate counsel they deserve. Every situation is unique and one of our attorneys would be happy to go over the facts of your case and help you determine the next appropriate steps. Below are answers to FAQs about personal injury to help give you a general understanding before sitting down with a lawyer on our team." }, { "question": "Why do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?", "answer": "You may have already been contacted by your insurance company and even the insurance company of the other party. While it may seem tempting to just go forward with what an insurance company offers you, it may not be in your best interests. Remember, the insurance company is only looking out for their business interests, not yours. A lawyer has a fiduciary duty (legal obligation) to look out for your best interests. There can be complications down the line that you don't foresee in your accident case. Having a skilled attorney right away from the beginning at your side can help the process go smoother. You may have heard this legal term thrown around before. Negligence is a major factor in any personal injury case. In order for a party to recover damages, he or she must prove there was negligence. In a nutshell, this means someone did not exercise reasonable care that ultimately caused the injury or death." }, { "question": "What kind of damages can I seek in a lawsuit?", "answer": "After an accident, you can seek damages for things like past and future medical expenses, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. In some cases, an injured victim can go after what are called \"punitive damages.\" This is often for pain and suffering endured because of the other party's negligence. Every situation is different. A case could be quickly settled in a month. A case could also have many issues to resolve and require additional negotiations that could take months and in some cases even years if it goes to trial. Fortunately, our attorneys are highly skilled trial attorneys who can aggressively advocate for you in the courtroom should litigation become necessary." }, { "question": "How will I be able to pay for my legal expenses?", "answer": "Many personal injury law firms (including our law firm), take personal injury cases on what is called a \"contingency fee basis.\" This means that the client does not pay anything unless the lawyer recovers damages on his or her behalf. A certain percentage of the damages recovered is then given to the lawyer. How this applies to your situation can be discussed in a free initial consultation. What happens if my loved one died from their injuries." }, { "question": "Now what?", "answer": "Certain family members can file a lawsuit on behalf of a deceased loved one. This is known as a wrongful death claim. Family members who often qualify for this include parents, children and spouses. A wrongful death lawsuit can seek damages such as funeral expenses, loss of consortium, lost income as well as pain and suffering. We invite you to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss your personal injury claim with one of our lawyers. Call 254-781-0515, 800-461-7291 or contact our firm online. Personal injury claims are handled on a contingency fee (no win, no fee) basis. Hablamos español." } ]
[ { "question": "Where is my court located?", "answer": "State and federal courtrooms are at different locations. Follow the above link to find out the exact address for each. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chernoff Law. We are a criminal law firm serving the Houston area." } ]
[ { "question": "Frequently Asked Questions > Custom Garage Floor Coatings > How long does a Color Flake Garage Floor take?", "answer": "From surface preparation to completion, the installation typically takes 3-4 days. You will need to wait about 24 hours before you replace your belongings and should wait at least three days to park a car on the surface. The surface takes some time to fully cure. It is important that you avoid dragging anything across the surface for a couple of weeks." } ]
[ { "question": "What are the shinny flakes inside the stone?", "answer": "Each type of natural stone has unique characteristics that make them harder, softer or shinier. Depending on your application, there are some design preferences of some type over another. For example, limestone tiles are not suitable for high traffic areas but will be perfect for wall applications. only carries stone tiles and decorative natural stone products, which are suitable for interior or exterior floors and walls." }, { "question": "Are some countrie’s stones better than others?", "answer": "There is a general misconception that some countries produces better stones than other. Natural stones come from the nature itself; they are raw materials for tiles and slabs industry. The manufacturing processes will bring out the beauty of the natural stone. manufacturers have state of the art manufacturing facilities capable of producing high quality natural stone products. Finishing stone is similar to sanding process: smaller grit and longer sanding gives stone more shinny polished look, whereas less will make it look more natural. Finish is a design preference. Usually polished surfaces are used where a modern look is sought. They require more delicate care and handling compared to antiqued or tumbled surfaces which have a natural patina and will take a better wear and tear over time. Straight cut or SC: Tiles are sawn and has a sharp edge. Preferred by customer in Southeast and Southwest for seamless floors without any grout joints. Exotic stones come from very remote parts of the world; they require extra care in production and handling. Due to the weather conditions, seasonal limitations, transportation restrictions, those stones are available in small quantities, therefore they are exotic." }, { "question": "Do you know a plastic surface that looks fascinating after couple of years?", "answer": "Natural stone is natural and creates a unique atmosphere everywhere it is used. They will not let go of their beauty even after thousands years. Man-made stones are esthetically repetitive and have artificial look. They can wear easily over time and will quickly loose their appeal." }, { "question": "In addition natural stones might not need constant maintenance: Take a look at the Lincoln Memorial, or The Pyramids they still look good after all these years, don’t they?", "answer": "Commonly used tiles are 4×4 to 24×24. The tile size is also a design preference however, larger the area you want to cover you might consider using larger dimensions. Most of the interior stone tiles are 12X12 or 18X18, standard thickness is 3/8” on 12X12 and ½” on 18X18. We do not recommend tiles thicker than ½ “ unless you have a concrete floor and have a cement mud installation. Please consult your installer for more information." }, { "question": "What are my options on heating floors?", "answer": "In general natural stone retains heat and cold. It is cooler than room temperature. If you prefer heated floors, please consult your installer for your options. Not exactly. The price of natural stone depends on the capacity of its quarry and its production volume. The higher the production, the less expensive the price is. On the other hand, some of the World’s best stones like carrara or travertines are less expensive due to their enormous reserves." }, { "question": "Why would I want to use a porous travertine?", "answer": "Travertine is a wonderful natural material that gives warm, old world look at affordable prices. Also it is easy to maintain. If you don’t like holes, you can have your tiles grouted by your installer. As a type of limestone, marble is made up of thousands of tiny grains deposited over the centuries into the stone. For this reason, different marbles mined in areas all over the world will have different densities. Some types of marbles that are exceptionally dense create a natural sealant that does not allow them to stain, while less dense marbles are more porous and susceptible to staining. Even if your marble does not stain, a spill left on its surface for a long time will etch into the stone, which is why sealing marble tiles is always recommended. Granite is a remarkably dense and strong stone, and therefore, it is naturally resistant to stains. Liquids that are spilled on its surface do not penetrate the stone if cleaned up within a few minutes. Water-based stains that are left on its surface also leave no lasting effect, though homeowners may notice a slight discoloration where the stone has temporarily absorbed the water. Do not panic, this is perfectly normal and once the water evaporates the stone’s color will return to normal. However, non-water based stains, like cooking oil, will eventually be absorbed by the granite if left on its surface. If this happens, apply a paste solution over the stain that will draw the oil out of the stone. Like marble, travertine is also a type of limestone. By its nature, travertine is highly porous and not as dense as other stones, which means that it can be stained easily. Even slightly acidic liquids like fruit juices and soft drinks can stain and etch travertine tiles within a few minutes. For this reason, it is recommended that travertine tiles always be sealed to prevent staining and that they should not be installed as kitchen countertops, though they can be used as kitchen floors. Limestone refers to natural stones that have been fashioned together, grain by grain, over thousands of years. While some limestone rocks, like certain marbles, are dense enough to resist staining, most are so porous that they easily absorb liquids. A prime concern for limestone stains are acidic solvents like lemon juice, which can also etch the underlying stone in a matter of minutes. Because it can be so easily stained, it is highly recommended that limestone tiles be sealed to prevent them from being ruined. Most experts also recommend against using limestone in a kitchen because of its strong reaction to acids. Onyx is a crystallized stone banded with silica quartz minerals. It is a highly delicate stone, and even scratches against its surface will cause parts to flake off. Like limestone, onyx is a naturally porous stone that easily absorbs liquids. While a water stain will eventually evaporate if left on its own, other stains will damage and discolor the underlying stone. Therefore, it is highly advisable that onyx stones be sealed to protect their natural beauty against stains and scratches. They should also not be used in high traffic areas and any spills need to be immediately cleaned. Slate is a very dense metamorphic rock. Because it is not terribly porous, it cannot be easily stained. However, despite its density, slate tends to be soft and therefore is susceptible to liquid stains, particularly oil-based ones, but even water can soak into the stone and do damage. Therefore, it is recommended that slate be sealed with a non-glossy sealant that does not rob the stone of its natural beauty. If materials are spilled on slate, they should be cleaned up immediately to prevent any damage. Marble is one of the least porous types of limestone, but its surface is soft. It can easily be scratched or chipped, especially by metal knives and pots. It also etches easily, which means that any acidic-based material will eat into the stone and create small scratches. Common kitchen items like lemon juice, soda cans, and coffee cups can easily etch a marble countertop. While tumbled or antiqued marble holds up better against scratches, expert do not recommend using polished marble for kitchen counters unless you are willing to live with some scratches on its surface. Granite rocks are known for their strength. Not only is this stone incredibly dense, it is also unbelievably hard. In fact, the only thing that can scratch granite is either another piece of granite or a diamond. For this reason, granite is an excellent choice for high traffic areas and kitchen countertops. Even knife blades that slip while cutting will not damage the granite counter, though it may chip your knife. Travertine has some of the same issues as marble does when it comes to scratching. As a type of highly porous limestone, travertine is extremely soft when it comes to durability. It is primarily made of calcite, which only has a 3 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that a knife blade, which has a rating of 5.5, could easily cut into the stone. Another source of scratching on travertine comes from etching, where the stone is exposed to acidic content. Many common kitchen products are slightly acidic, and if they are spilled on the stone they will quickly eat away at its surface. For this reason, travertine is not recommended for kitchen countertops. Limestone is a soft and porous stone, which means that its surface can be easily scratched. Since it too is primarily made from calcite, it is at a 3 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Again, this creates problems in the kitchen, since cutting utensils are rated quite higher and a single slip of the knife can lead to scratches. Like both marble and travertine, limestone is weak against acidic liquids. Any spills left on its surface that contain slight amounts of acid, like fruit juice, can quickly eat into the stone, creating additional scratching. Therefore, this stone is not recommended for kitchen countertops, though it can be used for kitchen floors. Onyx is made out of bands of chalcedony, a silica-based mineral. While the chalcedony in onyx is rated at either a 6 or a 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale, the rest of the stone is considerably softer. This means that onyx can easily be scratched, causing it to flake and ruin the overall appearance of the natural stone. Do not use onyx tiles in high traffic areas like kitchen counters. Slate is a particularly dense stone, but at the same time it also has a soft, uneven surface. This means that it can be scratched easily by commonplace things like the dog’s nails and metallic toys. However, because it is so dense it is not susceptible to acids, which means that etching is not a concern. While it would not work as a countertop, slate is durable enough to be used for kitchen flooring. Generally, it is better to use lighter color stones where you don’t have a lot of natural light exposure." }, { "question": "Can I use slabs for my wall?", "answer": "Stone tiles can also be used for bathrooms, showers, and backsplashes where your walls are exposed to a lot of wet and slippery elements. It is also easy to clean and repent water. Yes, you can. However, it is recommended that you use materials from the same parts of the world to keep some similar characteristics. You can still use different colors. Decorative natural stones are mostly used to accentuate your tiles, floor and walls." }, { "question": "What is the purpose of using a base moulding?", "answer": "Stone mouldings are used to enhance your floors and give a custom stone look. It will also provide a deep 3D feel to your room." }, { "question": "Can I do my countertop using tiles or other natural stone products?", "answer": "Yes, you can use our tiles and mouldings to get a natural stone countertop. With minimal grout joints, it will be like natural stone countertop at the quarter price of solid countertop." }, { "question": "What type of stones are resistant to stain?", "answer": "We recommend sealing all natural stone with a good sealer like Miracle Sealants. Once sealed, all stone will be stain resistant. Please see your sealers instructions for recommended sealing procedures. Different sealers have different degrees of changing the stone color. However, sealing the stone will give a slight wet and cleaner look to it. There are sealers without color enhancers and it will almost retain the original look of the stone. You can check out the Marble Institute of America for stone care information." }, { "question": "How can you offer lower prices?", "answer": "At, we can offer very competitive prices on wholesale marble tile primarily because we buy directly from selected manufacturers and secondly we sell directly to you on the Internet. Our only showroom is our website and we update our product catalogue almost every day. On the other hand, we have arranged some pick-up locations with warehouses around the country to carry our inventory. As you can see; we 1.continuosly look into reducing our operational cost and in return, your cost of buying quality natural stone products in this market. Our current wholesale marble tile pick-up locations are in Carlstadt (New Jersey), Miami (Florida), Fullerton (California) and Dulles (Virginia). You need to schedule a pick up time with our representatives to make sure that your merchandise is ready at the pick up location. Yes. Browse through our product collections and you will see the “Order Sample” button which will automatically add 1 SF or PC of that product to your shopping cart. Orders are shipped by UPS. Due to the UPS weight restrictions. Your sample order can not be more than 50lbs which is around 8 to 10 items in your shopping cart." }, { "question": "How soon can I receive them?", "answer": "Your merchandise will be prepared with ultimate care. Yes. You can pick up your order from our warehouses. You need to select “None-Freight Collect Only” for shipping method. You need to call our sales representative to schedule a pick-up time at your earliest convenience." }, { "question": "How much do I pay for freight?", "answer": "The freight is calculated automatically for UPS shipments and Common Carrier Residential and Commercial shipments. Usually we can find cheaper alternatives if the destination is in New Jersey, Florida, or in Virginia. Please call us for orders larger than 1000SF or PC to help you get a better rate. Freight also depends on commercial and residential delivery. For residential deliveries, the truck will be equipped with a lift gate usually included with the freight charge. Our residential delivery is CURBSIDE only." }, { "question": "When do I receive my merchandise?", "answer": "We usually ship within 24 hours for orders placed within weekdays. For orders placed on Saturday and Sunday, the order will be prepared for the next business day. We will carefully select and prepare your order from the same sample batch ensuring ultimate color and vein harmony. After we ship your merchandise we will email you the tracking information if available. We work with UPS and various common carrier companies to deliver your order. will wrap your material to protect it against any damage during the shipment. If your merchandise arrives damaged, you should contact us immediately for assistance. Please check your merchandise with the common carrier to make sure that no tiles are damaged during the shipment." }, { "question": "What are commercial delivery conditions?", "answer": "Ordering / Shipping for Commercial customers and sites means that the business is open from 8-5 M-F for delivery and no appointment will be scheduled. If carrier can’t make delivery due to closure on the business site, a redelivery fee will apply. • Disclaimer: The information provided at this page is property of and cannot be copied without a written authorization from is not responsible for any damages, losses or injuries that may be caused by the information provided here. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that proper installation, care, and guidelines are used before using any of products." } ]
[ { "question": "Do you require a retainer and is it refundable?", "answer": "Yes, all wedding packages require a retainer fee of $500 and no they are not refundable. Once you pay your retainer, your wedding date is reserved and all other inquiries for that date will be turned down. Yes! I have a package that includes a second photographer. A second photographer can also be added to any package for an additional fee. Absolutely! I offer a beautiful line of wedding albums in a variety of cover options and sizes. Please email me to request a price list! Just say the words! Send me an email or give me a call. The next step will be to pay your retainer and sign your contract. Most importantly, I think you should wear something you feel is flattering. It should be an outfit/s you feel comfortable in that reflects your personality. It's also very important to take into account the location we've chosen. If you're going to be in a more outdoor/rugged location you may want to wear something more casual where as downtown or somewhere a little fancy allows for more dressy attire. *And last, in my own personal opinion, I feel that neutral and subdued tones photograph the best." }, { "question": "What time do you typically photograph sessions?", "answer": "It varies depending on the location and time of year and weather, but for outdoor sessions it is typically 1 or 2 hours before sunset. Yes. I charge sales tax for all transactions as I am legally required. Yes. I am insured to better serve you and the vendors we will work with together." } ]
[ { "question": "What makes your roof windows and rooflights different from others?", "answer": "As a company founded by an architect, we are unique in understanding the wants and needs of architects. We appreciate the importance of aesthetics which is why our ranges are designed to complement a building’s design and provide an unobtrusive finish when compared with other options on the market. You only need to look at ours to tell the difference. All our ranges are made from mild steel which means they are extremely robust and have a long life span. Another advantage of using steel means that frames can be moulded into a variety of shapes, allowing the Rooflight Company to work with architects and specifiers on the most complicated of shapes and sizes. As a British manufacturing company we design and assemble all our roof windows and rooflights at our Oxfordshire factory. We are proud to be part of the British manufacturing industry. CE marking is a manufacturer’s declaration that an individual product conforms to the stated European harmonised standard(s) as directed under specific mandates from the EU, prepared by the European Standardisation Committee (CEN). CE marking is not a quality mark nor does it imply conformity with national building regulations/codes." }, { "question": "What is the difference between a rooflight and a roof window?", "answer": "The terms ‘roof window’ and a ‘rooflight’ are often interchanged. At the Rooflight Company we use ‘rooflight’ as an umbrella term for all of our ranges which provide natural top-lighting. However, in accordance with EN 12519:2004 – Windows and pedestrian doors – terminology, a European standardisation definition for ‘roof window’ is show below. If the products’ intended end-use application has the same characteristics as a window, and the product is installed at an inclination; then that product can be considered a roof window according to the definition within EN 12519:2004. The definition of ‘rooflight’ is not contained within EN 12519:2004. ‘Rooflights’ themselves can take numerous forms from pitched pyramidal structures to horizontal units capable of being walked-on. It is within the scope at the beginning of each harmonised European standard that the definition and intended application for the ‘rooflight’ type is confirmed." }, { "question": "What are the maximum allowable u-values in the latest building regulations?", "answer": "Exception: Where the replacement windows are unable to meet the requirements because of the need to maintain the external appearance of the façade or the character of the building, replacement windows should meet a centre pane U-value of 1.2 W/m2K. Exemption: Buildings which are; Listed in accordance with section 1 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990; In a conservation area designated in accordance with section 69 of that Act; or Included in the schedule of monuments maintained under section 1 of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979; Carports. Exemption: Buildings which are; Listed in accordance with section 1 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990; In a conservation area designated in accordance with section 69 of that Act; or Included in the schedule of monuments maintained under section 1 of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979; Used primarily or solely used as places of worship; Stand alone buildings with floor area less than 50m2; Carports; Temporary building with a planned time of use less than 2 years." }, { "question": "Can I specify/use roof windows without having to do a complex calculation for building regulations?", "answer": "Yes. As the ranges fall within the building regulations requirement it can be used without complex heat loss calculations, as long as the area of windows, doors and rooflights to an extension or new building is no greater than 25% of the total floor area. This proportion can be increased but a more complex ‘balancing’ calculation between the areas and U-values of the floor, walls, roof and windows/doors/rooflights would be required to show compliance with the Regulations. Lower U-values in some elements can be used to balance higher U-values in others, or permit an increase in the area of windows/doors." }, { "question": "What is the guarantee period for the Rooflight Company Products?", "answer": "Please use the tables below for the guarantees offered by the Rooflight Company (terms and conditions apply). Our steel rooflights and roof windows are guaranteed for 12 months in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Upon product registration with us, this guarantee can be extended as set out below, provided that the appropriate products have been installed to suit their location and that these are regularly maintained, with these actions recorded in accordance with our maintenance instructions. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details. Click here to register your rooflights or roof windows." }, { "question": "How much do your roof windows and rooflights weigh?", "answer": "Each rooflight size and type has a different weight. The weights of each model can be found on the back of the installation manuals. All our roof windows for pitched roofs are supported directly on, and fixed to, roof joists. The sizing and spacing of roof joists is frequently a matter of what is given by the existing structure in instances where rooflights are installed to existing roofs. In new roofs the roof joists can be optimised or placed so as to facilitate ease of rooflight installation. In all instances the sizing of the roof joists to support roof windows should be advised by, or checked with, a structural consultant such as structural engineer. Flat rooflights are supported on up-stand kerbs with the exception of the Walk on Rooflight. For information about the Walk on Rooflight please contact us or click here to request a quote." }, { "question": "What do the size dimensions of your roof windows and rooflights mean?", "answer": "When supplying a customer with a quote our technically-trained team quote using the structural widths and lengths. The structural dimension is the clear opening that is required within the roof structure in order to install your roof window or rooflight. If required the viewable dimensions for all models can be found on the sizes and prices pages of the website or in our brochure." }, { "question": "What roof pitches are your roof windows and rooflights suitable for?", "answer": "If the roof window or rooflight you would like falls outside of the pitches above please contact our customer services team on 01993 833108 who will be able to advise you. If you require another copy of the declaration of performance for the rooflight you have bought please contact our customer services team on 01993 833108 quoting the product serial number." }, { "question": "Are metal roof windows and rooflights susceptible to condensation like metal windows?", "answer": "All our roof windows and rooflight models have been fitted with our unique Thermoliner® which allows condensation to be controlled by draining it through small drainage holes in the cill of the baseplate." }, { "question": "Do you provide flashing kits?", "answer": "Flashing kits are suitable for pitched roof windows and can be used with most tile types. Please see our flashing kit page or contact our customer services team on 01993 833108 for more information." }, { "question": "Do your roof windows and rooflights have trickle vents?", "answer": "Due to the winding device used our rooflights and roof windows, many of them can be classed as a trickle vent product." }, { "question": "How do you clean your rooflights and roof windows?", "answer": "Please click here to contact our customer services team for more information about cleaning your rooflight or roof window." }, { "question": "Can your roof windows and rooflights be specified in different colours?", "answer": "Yes, roof windows and rooflights can be manufactured in any available RAL colour. Please note this does affect lead-time and cost. For more information please contact our customer services team. We accept most credit and debit cards for full settlement in advance of our roof windows and rooflights. Payment can also be made against a Pro Forma invoice. A VAT invoice can be issued upon request. Alternatively, the Rooflight Company products can be purchased from major builders merchants. Terms and Conditions can be downloaded by clicking here." } ]
[ { "question": "What is ARKit for iOS?", "answer": "Apple fans asking questions like these now have a new source of information. Apple has posted a website titled \"Augmented Reality for iOS\" to showcase the technology and its capabilities. Divided into sections, Apple delivers examples of AR for Productivity, Play, and Learning. The site then continues, detailing the technology in iOS 11 that makes these AR experiences possible. Apple calls iOS 11 the \"world's largest AR platform\", with ARKit making it easier for developers to place virtual objects into your surroundings. Apple has even curated a list of AR apps on iTunes for compatible devices. ARKit is currently supported on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Plus, iPhone 7 and Plus, iPhone 6s and Plus, and the iPhone SE. The iPad 5th generation and iPad Pro can also take advantage of ARKit. Apple is rumored to be working on an AR headset, which could launch in 2020 with rOS (reality operating system) installed. Much like the Microsoft HoloLens or Google Glass, the technology overlays graphics directly on real surroundings using special optics. Sources say Apple has many concepts in development for a headset-like device, which would focus on AR instead of full virtual reality. Everything from the display to gestures and a unique AR-optimized processor is said to be in development at Apple. In the meantime, get the latest on AR from Apple's new Augmented Reality for iOS website." } ]
[ { "question": "Do you have translators located in Quebec and could we specify they only translate our materials?", "answer": "Our Spanish materials often need to be specifically written for single markets like Mexico or Argentina." }, { "question": "Why do we need to hire a professional translator to do this assignment?", "answer": "My assistant took Spanish in high school and she speaks the language when she takes her vacations in Mexico. I’ll bet she could do a pretty good job! Many people may speak a second language and perhaps quite well, based on their early school studies. But writing professional text with precision, with a style that is appropriate for a specialized market, without grammar and spelling errors is an art and a science. Professional translators are trained in linguistics at university, know how to write specifically for certain industries, and know the standards and rules of professional writing as set down by government authorities and professional associations." }, { "question": "Why don’t we just run the words we need one by one through one of those online free translators?", "answer": "That’ll save a lot of time and cost. English phrase: Non-streaking, non-smearing, quick drying formula. Cleans and shines glass, mirrors, sinks, countertops, stainless steel, and many other washable surfaces. French garble: Formule de séchage non-passante-comme-un-éclair, non-enduisante, rapide. Se nettoie et brille le verre, des miroirs, des lavabos, des contresommets, l’acier inoxydable et beaucoup d’autres surfaces lavables. Which back-translates as: Formula with drying not-passing-through-as-a-lightning-flash, not-coating, quick. Cleans up and is brilliant the glass, mirrors, sinks, counter-summits [not a word], the stainless steel and many other washable surfaces. English phrase: Heavy duty general purpose cleaner provides superior stain removal. French garble: Le lourd appareil de nettoyage de but de général de devoir fournit le déplacement de colorant(tache) supérieur. Which back-translates as: The heavy apparatus of cleaning of goal of general of task supplies the displacement of superior coloring(stain). English phrase: Foam-free and residual-free cleaner that delivers surface-safe brightening. French garble: Sans mousse(écume) et l’appareil de nettoyage résiduel-libre(-gratuit) qui livre l’éclaircissement superficiel-sûr. Which back-translates as: Without foam(scum) and the cleaning apparatus (gratuitous)- residual-free [but residual-free is nonsense for French] which liberates the superficial-sure enlightening. Translation houses don’t use price lists generally because there is so much variation in the type of work and service requested and to simply hand out price lists can be misleading to prospective clients. Rates vary because there are so many considerations that go into costing; to properly quote on a project, we need to evaluate each individual project. It also depends on the language, ranging from lower rates for North American and Western European languages like French and Spanish to more expensive “exotic” languages like Thai, Urdu and Chinese, that have different alphabets and requirements, and for which there are fewer qualified professionals available. That said, we do have general guidelines and a minimum charge of $75.00 (lower for some high-volume regular clients). Prices may be quoted on an hourly rate, generally $75.00 (for creative adaptation, consultation and marketing-type service) or on a word basis. In general, most pricing in the translation market falls between a per-word rate of 24¢ and 36¢ per word (ranging from general to technical or specialized like finance and legal). The pricing in translation depends on 1) the language or languages required, 2) the field of specialization or industry, which affects the amount of specialized research, 3) the difficulty level of the work, and 4) the volume in question. With large volume (20,000 words or more) and ongoing projects, we can afford to lower our price, of course. In contrast, work sent in small batches is more expensive to produce and has a higher rate. The more the work requires time-consuming technical research and special writing skills to adapt the language level and style to the needs of the industry in question, the higher the price. French and Spanish represent the biggest market in North America so are more cost-effective to produce. As for other languages, Western European and South American languages are slightly more expensive; then Eastern European and particularly Cyrillic-based languages like Bulgarian and Russian; then languages roughly described as Oriental or Exotic such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian (Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, etc. ), Malay, Tagalog, Hebrew and Arabic. Quality control is a key cost in true professional translation. At Esprit, we use teams of translators and our price reflects these quality control procedures and multiple stages of production, in contrast to a single freelancer’s personal effort. On large-volume projects (series of manuals, databases and major websites, for example) we do offer discounts of 10-15-20%, depending on the volume of work. The invoice is sent by email as a PDF along with the completed project. For large on-going projects that last several weeks or months, we set up an invoicing and payment schedule with the client. Typically, a month-long project would have a start-up payment of 50% with the remaining 50% due upon completion. A larger project may be divided into three or more equal payments that correspond to the delivery of batches of work; often it is advantageous to the client to have a flow-back schedule. Projects that stretch from one month to another have flow charts for production and regular payment schedules. Esprit has a large Quebec team as well as full quality control in-house. Much of our work in French is strictly for the Quebec marketplace, so this is easy to guarantee. The French Canadian translation industry is highly structured, and so is the production environment at Esprit. Yes. Esprit has vast resources for this ever-growing language demand that include translators who are indigenous to countries like Mexico, Chile, Argentina and, of course, continental Spain. Writing style, language level and vocabulary, particularly for everyday expressions and certain technical markets, vary enormously from one Hispanic country to another, whether in North America, South America or Europe. The Chicano market in the U.S. has its own unique challenges because of the strong incursion of English. But good grammar, syntax and spelling are always predominant in Esprit translations, no matter what market or audience our translations are targeting. Esprit’s inhouse Spanish team works specifically for the Mexican-dominated North American markets and, as far as we know, is the only authentic Mexican translation team in all of Canada, headed by a professional journalist and translator, Ms. Silvia Méndez, from Mexico City. Esprit’s Mexican translation team specifically targets the Hispanic market in North America and Latin America. We have been successful in Mexicanizing materials for a number of major corporations for several decades and we have painstakingly documented Spanish usage in our Esprit house rules, translator aids, and in Esprit client and industry databases. Every translation at Esprit is subjected to several revision and proofreading stages. Esprit’s raison d’être is based on quality control and methodology. Esprit’s President taught translation at the university level and trained many translators over the years. What most translators on the market are lacking are good methodology and good writing skills. Having a degree in translation is no guarantee that the translator understands the nuances of the client’s English or the market for which he/she is translating, that he/she applies consistent techniques for quality control or that he/she can even write well in the native language. Too many translators go from school to freelance without proper training in the marketplace. Confidentiality is a common code of conduct in the translation market, stressed by educators, and is generally a condition in the employment contract of all translators. If ever a translator should break that trust and confidentiality, they would lose their job or contract position and be blacklisted by the various translators’ associations, translation bureaus and their colleagues. For highly sensitive material like investor information or technical patents, Esprit has been asked on occasion in the past to sign a confidentiality agreement, and we would gladly sign any such document for a client. The fact that we have been in business since 1979 and have retained many of our original clients for over 20 years is a good indication of our integrity. Esprit regularly issues a Quality Assurance document and/or Guarantee of Confidentiality for individual projects of certain clients whose translation materials are very sensitive. Creative language solutions in all major foreign languages: translation, desktop publishing, camera-ready art, mirror websites. One of the very first professional translation houses on the market! Get the very best. To quickly get a quote, please click here. Esprit International Communications employs native speaking professionals to produce text that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for specific target markets. Our specialities: Spanish for North and South American markets, French for the Quebec market, and Mandarin (Simplified) and Cantonese (Traditional) Chinese DTP — by native speakers from each of these markets. © 2019, Esprit International Communications Ltd. All rights reserved." } ]
[ { "question": "DOES PULSE HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET?", "answer": "Yes. The PULSE house is equipped with wireless internet. Participants will receive a password upon arrival. There is one computer and printer available for leaders to access in the house. We recommend that participants limit non-essential cell phone/internet use during the experience." }, { "question": "WHAT ABOUT CELL RECEPTION/ PHONE ACCESS?", "answer": "Participants will be able to get cell reception throughout the city. PULSE also has a landline in the house, 412-362-1233 which can also be used to make and receive calls. No. PULSE will take care of all the tools/equipment that you need. If you have a favorite pair of gloves or hammer feel free to bring. No. Everything will be taken care of by PULSE. There is a PNC Bank ATM at the drug store right around the corner. If you have any other questions, please contact Chris Cooke at 412-361-0124 or" } ]
[ { "question": "3.2 Comment puis-je faire pour modifier mon \"Nom\" en jeu?", "answer": "DayZ Standalone is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which players follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. The much hyped follow-up to the award winning mod of the same name, being developed by Bohemia Interactive (BI). Proper updates to the DayZ Mod could not progress as desired without affecting other Arma 2 mods (ACE, ACRE, etc). Eventually BI and Dean Hall formed a partnership to do the game properly and make it a standalone title. Originally the intent was to be a \"tidied up\" version of the Mod with a scheduled release date of December 2012. Once December hit, the team revealed that internally they decided to go big or go home; they chose to completely rebuild the architecture of the game engine. DayZ Standalone will be a game on its own and no longer requires ArmA 2 (and its expansion Operation Arrowhead) to run. It will use a more advanced graphics and physics engine not limited by the constraints of its ArmA foundations, a new server architecture, and an extensively reworked Chernarus map." }, { "question": "=== Quand est-ce que DayZ Standalone sera disponible et devrai-je le racheter ?", "answer": "There is no confirmed release date as of yet. According to the 2015 Roadmap released by the development team, the game is slated to go into its Beta phase of development by the 4th quarter (Oct. to Dec.) of 2015. The hope of the developers is to release the game sometime in 2016, but exactly when has yet to be hinted at. DayZ Standalone is intended to be a multi-platform title. Currently, the game is available only for Windows PC via digital distribution from Steam. The reason for this being that it allows the developers to update the game with small patches that replace specific files (also known \"delta\" updates). A PlayStation 4 version has been confirmed but no details have been given about it. An alpha release is designed to allow the development team to interact with a game's community during development in the form of discussion and feedback based on pre-release gameplay. Those who participate in this process are providing valuable statistics, crash reports, and other data to the developers; this allows for a larger scope than what would normally be possible with only an internal testing group. Early access builds will be plagued with bugs and half-finished progress, so it is critical for players to keep this in mind when considering feedback for the game. Those who chose to help make the game better will need to create tickets in a feedback tracker that the developers can then take into consideration. Tickets can be bug related, feature related, animation related, performance related, etc. Go to your Games library in Steam and find DayZ. Right click on it and select Properties from the menu. A window will pop up with several tabs at the top; select the Betas tab. You will need to select an option from the drop-down menu you find here. Choosing \"NONE - opt out of all beta programs\" will put you on the Stable branch; choosing \"Experimental\" will similarly put you on the Experimental branch. To switch back and forth, simply change which option you have selected in that menu at any time. The game may need to download new files before you play in order to switch between builds so be patient. You also have separate character sets between the two branches as well which do not overlap. The Stable branch is generally updated once a month, usually towards the end of the month. This usually follows a month-long period of testing the new version as a series of weekly builds on the Experimental branch. Most updates to either branch are released on Wednesdays during the scheduled maintenance period, but this is not a hard rule and updates can occur at any time without notice. All updates will automatically download and be installed via steam. Experimental builds are usually new each week leading up to the release of a new version to the Stable branch and serve as a de facto preview of upcoming items, mechanics, map changes, etc. What they contain will vary over time. Stable updates are a cumulative update that aims to release all content from previous Experimental builds to the Stable branch without game-breaking bugs, but this cannot always be achieved. See also: Changelog and Roadmap. First of all: search the official forums and take a look in the troubleshooting section here. Most issues are already known about and some have temporary or known fixes. Also check the Bug Tracker and if your particular issue has not already been submitted, please add it there. Often simply verifying your cache in Steam will fix most issues, but the FAQ on the official forums [] has a nice guide on some of the common fixes. Report it on the official Bug Tracker at []. Make sure to read the how-to guide first. You can also post in the Bug Reports section here, or on the official DayZ forums. In either case be detailed and give as much information as possible. 1st person is first person view only, 1st/3rd person has both first person view and third person view enabled. They use separate hives (databases), so there is a character save for each of these. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 3 février 2016 à 12:07." } ]
[ { "question": "How far in advance should I contact you regarding a potential sale?", "answer": "A. The sooner the better. We book sales several weeks or months in advance. We are currently booking a month in advance. Q." }, { "question": "How much do you charge to look at an estate?", "answer": "A. Our initial consultation is always free of charge. Should we determine an estate sale is not the best option, we’ll gladly provide you with alternatives. Q." }, { "question": "How does an estate sale work?", "answer": "A. An estate sale is intended to liquidate the contents of a home. Approximately 2 weeks prior to your sale we will begin to sort, organize, and price your items. Our sales are beautifully staged, professionally organized and extensively advertised. The public is invited into your home and allowed to shop at leisure. Each sale is staffed and secure to ensure your house is safe and your home’s contents sell for the best possible prices. After a sale the house will be broom cleaned and cleared of all contents. Q." }, { "question": "What should I do to prepare for an estate sale?", "answer": "A. First, if there has been a death in the family, ensure that you have the legal authority to sell the contents of the home. If you are the representative of the estate, we will ask you provide documentation to that effect. We also require that the homeowner’s insurance be current and in place throughout the sales process. Second, please step away from the dumpster! Do not throw anything away, even if you feel certain it is of no value. Sorting and arranging is our job ~ you don’t need to do it. We do request that you remove all personal papers, photographs, food stuffs, and medications before we begin the sales process. Q." }, { "question": "May I be present for the sale?", "answer": "A. Sorry, but the answer is an unequivocal no. We ask the family not be on site during public sale hours, as the sale can be an unexpectedly emotional time for family members. Furthermore, having family present can be distracting for the public who are there to shop. Please take this opportunity to treat yourself to a relaxing day and leave the estate in our hands. Q." }, { "question": "How is your company paid for its services?", "answer": "A. We operate on a percentage-based commission. There are no out of pocket expenses to you, unless a dumpster or extermination services are required. Because we operate on a percentage-based commission; we are very motivated to get you the most money possible for your possessions. Q." }, { "question": "What do you do with items that don’t sell?", "answer": "A. We strive to sell every item in the house for the highest price we can achieve, but there are always items left over. Depending on your wishes, we arrange for items to be cleared out completely or retained by the family to keep or dispose of as they see fit. Q." }, { "question": "Do you clean the home after the sale?", "answer": "A. We strive to pick up large debris and leave the house “broom clean.” Please bear in mind that we are an estate liquidation company, though, and not a housekeeping service. Q." }, { "question": "What does “broom clean” mean?", "answer": "A. The home is empty, free of debris and has been swept or vacuumed. Q." }, { "question": "How soon will I be paid after the sale is over?", "answer": "A. A final accounting and payment will be mailed within 21 days of the sale, payable to the signature on the Estate Sale Agreement." }, { "question": "Thinking of attending a sale?", "answer": "The Spare Room Sales has a commitment to our clients, as well as to our faithful shoppers. It is of the utmost importance that our sales run professionally, honestly and efficiently, therefore the following rules and policies are implemented to ensure a pleasant and safe experiencel. No pets or animals of any kind will be allowed onto the premises. No strollers allowed inside the home. If you bring a child, please keep them with you at all times and be responsible for their behavior, any damage they may cause, or injuries they may sustain. No food or drink inside the home. We have an obligation to our client to return their home to them in the manner in which we received it. Shoe covers will be provided upon entering. No smoking in the home, outbuildings or on the grounds. We take theft seriously. Security and loss prevention are priorities for us and we have multiple measures in place to address this. Price switching and the hiding of items will not be tolerated. In case of theft, law enforcement will be involved. Enter the sale at your own risk. Be aware of your surrounding & other shoppers. Note signs and warning tape, as we have made every effort to identify and remove physical hazards. Purchasing. All items are sold as-is, where-is, no warranties made or implied. All items will only be sold once. *We will not offer refunds or exchanges for any reason. * It is the responsibility of the shopper to thoroughly inspect each item before purchase. It is the responsibility of the shopper to make arrangements for the removal of large items. Payment must be made in full prior to removal of any item from the premises. Any items left after the conclusion of the sale will be forfeited. Pricing Policy. We do not negotiate prices the first day of a sale. The second day most items will be reduced 25-50%. If you love something and do not feel comfortable with the posted price, leave a bid for that item in the designated box. We will contact you at the conclusion of the sale if the item remains unsold and we are able to accept your bid. Admittance to Spare Room Sales. Entering a Spare Room Sale implies consent and an agreement to comply with all stated policies and procedures. Early birds. Start times and dates for each sale are well advertised and vary. If you are an early morning shopper, you may want to come by the property early and sign-in, as admittance at the opening of a sale is based on this sign-up sheet first. We will line up shortly before the sale opens and admit as many people as we determine is reasonable, safe and enjoyable for all. We don’t want to keep anyone waiting, but patience is necessary in case of a large crowd." } ]
[ { "question": "What is a liquor licence and why do I need one in WA?", "answer": "In Western Australia the sale and supply of liquor is regulated by the Liquor Control Act 1988 (WA). Under the legislation any person who wants to sell and supply liquor in the state must have a liquor licence. If a licence is required under the Act, selling liquor without a licence is an offence and carries a penalty of up to $20,000. There are a few exceptions where liquor may be sold and supplied in Western Australia without a liquor licence. However, these are extremely limited and are subject to strict criteria. The liquor legislation sets out the requirements for applications for a new liquor licence; the criteria that must be satisfied; and the conditions which apply to each licence type. A licence will only be granted if the licensing authority decides the grant of the licence is consistent with the objectives of the legislation. Once granted, a licence permits the specified person (the licensee) to sell and supply liquor from a specified place (the licensed premises) on the terms and conditions of the licence. Only the licensee is allowed to operate the business of a liquor licence. A licensee may be a natural person or persons; a company; a partnership or other legal entity. The WA Act also sets down the laws relating to the operation and regulation of licensed premises, management and compliance requirements, and how licences may be dealt with. At the end of the 2017 financial year there were 4,852 liquor licenced premises in WA." }, { "question": "What types of liquor licences are available in WA?", "answer": "Each licence type varies in the manner in which liquor can be sold and supplied and the hours the licence can be traded. The most appropriate licence for your business, event or function will depend on the manner in which you intend to sell and supply liquor. Below is a general overview of the main features of each licence type. Permits the sale and supply of liquor to the general public for consumption on the licensed premises as well as the sale of packaged liquor (being liquor in a sealed container) for consumption off the licensed premises. A hotel restricted licence is available which restricts the sale of packaged liquor to lodgers only. Permits the sale and supply of liquor to the general public for consumption on the licensed premises as well as the sale of packaged liquor for consumption off the licensed premises. A tavern restricted licence is available which restricts the sale of packaged liquor. Permits the sale and supply of liquor to the general public for consumption on the licensed premises. Total number of patrons allowed on the licensed premises at any time is 120. Permits the sale and supply of packaged liquor to the general public for consumption off the licensed premises. Permits the sale and supply of liquor to a customer seated at dining table on the licensed premises, for consumption of the liquor on the licensed premises ancillary to a meal. Permits the sale and supply of packaged liquor for consumption off the licensed premises to any person, provided that 90% of total sales are made to liquor merchants or persons authorised by law to sell packaged liquor. Permits the sale and supply of liquor produced by the licensee for consumption on and off the licensed premises. Liquor products not produced by the licensee may be sold and supplied by the licensee for consumption ancillary to a meal on a specified part of the licensed premises. The licensee must be a genuine producer (specific requirements apply). Permits the sale and supply of liquor to the general public for consumption on the premises ancillary to the provision of continuous entertainment at the licensed premises (such as a live artist or DJ). Permits the sale and supply of liquor on the licensed premises in the manner on the terms and conditions of the licence. Only available for a purpose set out in the Liquor Control Regulations and if another type of licence is not suitable. Permits the sale and supply of liquor to members and their accompanying guests for consumption on the licensed premises, and the sale of packaged liquor for consumption off the licensed premises. A club restricted licence is available which restricts the sale of packaged liquor. Permits the sale and supply of liquor at a specified event or function for a period that is no longer than 3 weeks. The sale of liquor at the event or function must be ancillary to the purpose of the event. Extended trading permits are also available for licensees who want to be able to trade in a manner not currently permitted under their liquor licence. For instance, in an alfresco dining area on the footpath, or extended trading hours." }, { "question": "How do I apply for a liquor licence in WA?", "answer": "To apply for a liquor licence or extended trading permit in Western Australia a formal application must be lodged at the licensing authority of Western Australia (being the Racing, Gaming and Liquor Division of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries). In general, an application form, an application fee and supporting material, including plans of the proposed premises and submissions to address the public interest test must be lodged. The licensing authority sets out the requirements for each type of liquor licence. Applicants for the grant of a new licence or permit are required to satisfy the licensing authority that the grant of the licence is in the public interest. In short, that the grant of the licence will satisfy the objects of the WA liquor legislation and the positive benefits of the application outweigh any negative impacts. This requires the applicant to complete a public interest assessment and lodgement of public interest submissions that address all relevant factors. This can be a complicated, time-consuming and oneous task depending upon the type of licence being applied for, the location of the proposed licensed premises and the proposed manner of trade. In general, the public interest issues that need to be considered and the extent of information needed for hotel, tavern, nightclub, liquor store and some special facility licence applications will be far more extensive and complex than those for small bar, restaurant, club, producers or wholesaler’s licence applications. It is critical that all relevant factors and issues are properly addressed and relevant evidence lodged in the application as the stakes of not getting it right are high. If an application is refused by the licensing authority on public interest grounds, re- application for the same type of licence at the same premises is generally prohibited for a period a 3 years. In addition, while an applicant may seek review of a decision to refuse an application, the review is completed on the information and evidence that was before the original decision maker. That is, no new material may be added to address any issues that were not properly addressed originally. The time to prepare and lodge an application and the time it takes for it to be determined by the licensing authority will depend on the type of licence or permit being applied for. There are three key stages: preparation, lodgement and determination. Preparation: This involves the work required to collate the information and material required for the application, such as securing relevant documents and completing the public interest assessment (if applicable). For complex applications such as an applications for hotel, tavern, liquor store, nightclub and some special facility liquor licences, it can take between 3 to 6 months to complete this work. Shorter time periods apply to applications of a less complex nature. For instance, an application to transfer a liquor licence can be completed very quickly if all the required information is readily available. Lodgement: Once an application has been lodged the licensing authority will complete preliminary processing and assessment of the application. Any application for the grant of a new licence, other than an occasional licence, will require advertising. Generally may be for a period of 14 to 28 days. During the advertising period interested parties may oppose the application by lodging a notice of objection or notice of intervention. For complex applications this stage can take any time from 2 months to 4 months to complete. Less complex applications are dealt with considerably quicker, especially if advertising is not required. Determination: If an application is opposed, the application will then proceed to a “document exchange” stage, which provide the parties with the opportunity to lodge further evidence and legal submissions to support their case. At the completion of this stage, the application will be determined. If an application is not advertised, or if it is advertised and not opposed, it will proceed directly to determination. For complex applications the time from lodgement of the application to determination can range from 3 months to 12 months. Less complex applications are generally dealt with more quickly and may only take a few weeks. The costs to apply for a liquor licence or permit will depend on the type of application to be made. An application fee payable to the licensing authority applies to every application. The fee is set by the licensing authority on 1 January each year and varies depending on the type of application. Local authority fees (for planning approvals or certificates required for the proposed licensed premises and liquor licence application). An applicant must pay the costs of an application even if the application is not successful. If you would like any more information on liquor licensing law in WA please contact our liquor licensing Principal, Susan Nicholson. You can contact us on 08 9389 3999 or via email at" } ]
[ { "question": "Once I have a CLA on file, can I change my mind and cancel?", "answer": "I tried to make a contribution to and signed a CLA, but my contribution was not accepted." }, { "question": "Do I need to purchase a license for Gephi to use it in my company or university?", "answer": "No, you do not need to purchase Gephi to use it. The Gephi Software and Toolkit are free, open-source software. After you download Gephi software you can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes right away. Yes, you can use Gephi to create commercial applications and sell them. There are no license costs for any kind of usage of Gephi. You can use the Gephi Platform and Toolkit to create applications and sell them without any charges. You can build applications on top of the Gephi Platform and sell them without any charges. You are not required to open-source your own code (but you can). There is only one requirement from the license: If you modify sources of the Gephi Platform/Toolkit itself then you need to publish these changes so that the community can benefit from possible improvements. In most usecases, building an application on top of the Gephi Platform does not require making any changes to the platform sources (you would notice if you’d be modifying the sources). can help you with promoting the applications you built using Gephi: Just send us basic information and screenshots and we will link your application from a future showcase. Yes – any organization or individual can do this, but if your plug-in is published in GNU (A)GPL or a commercial license, it can’t be integrated in a commercial product without your explicit approval. However, any testing, bug reports or patches that get contributed to Gephi will remain in the Gephi project: royalty-free and freely available. Yes, you can redistribute modified versions of Gephi for free or even sell it. However, if you modify Gephi source code files, you must make these changes available to the Gephi community and satisfy the other terms of the CDDL. Files which you wrote entirely yourself and added to the software you do not have to make available to the Gephi community. Naturally if you made any general-purpose changes that could be useful for Gephi, we would love to get them as suggested patches on [email protected]." }, { "question": "Why do we want to dual license Gephi under CDDL and GPLv3?", "answer": "We want to let the developers build value the way they want with Gephi, and use it either for commercial or free purpose. The Gephi Platform includes a number of third-party libraries which are needed for compiling and executing the software. See the complete list of components in Gephi at These third-party libraries are included in the source snapshot distributions and Bazaar. Please read license files which accompany Gephi. The extra libraries are included in binary format in the regular builds available for download. You may be asked to accept their licenses when starting the software." }, { "question": "Can I distribute Gephi on a CD-ROM that I sell?", "answer": "We do not provide dealer pricing or any other type of pricing for Gephi software: It is open source software that is free to use. Just download it from the Gephi website: If you distribute the whole software you will have to ask your customers/users to agree to comply with the Gephi License Agreement and the Binary Code Licenses for any third-party binaries used in the software which you distribute. The software includes a pop-up license dialog which should cover most cases. The SDK can be redistributed in accordance with the click-and-accept license on the web site at The CLA is an innovative vehicle firstly used by Sun for copyright assignment on contributions to its open source projects. The Gephi Contributor Agreement(GCLA) applies to contributions to any product or project owned or managed by the Gephi Consortium, including projects on The Gephi CLA also covers patents. Specifically, with the GCLA, if the contribution embodies a patent which the Contributor owns, then by signing the GCLA the Contributor gives Gephi Consortium and all other recipients a license to use that patent." }, { "question": "Do I have to fill out a Contributor License Agreement?", "answer": "you intend to contribute source code or other materials including software localizations, regardless of the size of the contribution, which are intended to be compiled or otherwise integrated with the Gephi product. All contributors to the website should fill out the CLA, as it makes it easier to keep track of contributions. The Gephi Consortium must have a fax or hard copy of the CLA on file before the Gephi Consortium can accept contributions and update the list of contributors with an accepted CLA. You will find a blank form of the CLA at: The CLA is in .txt format (on purpose – we need a format not intended for modification). 1. Print it, mourn the loss of a tree, fill it out and sign it. Please take care to print your details very clearly, including your postal and email address. Also don’t forget to check one statement in the 7th paragraph regarding scope of your CLA." }, { "question": "Can I file my completed CLA by email?", "answer": "If your computer has fax capability, then you can print out the CLA form, fill it out, sign it, scan it, and fax or mail it from your computer. We are unable to accept digital signatures at this time. No, once you have a CLA on file it will cover all your contributions to, and other projects owned or managed by the Gephi Consortium, going forward. There is no process to cancel an assignment once made for technology you have already contributed. This is to protect the code base so everyone who uses it can depend on its continued functionality. However, you are never obligated to make further contributions to The CLA is still effective, but that does not affect your ability to exercise ownership rights in your contribution. The individual should sign the CLA. If the contribution involves your company’s property, then you need to obtain proper approval from your company. assumes that, when necessary, individuals have obtained the necessary permission from their company." } ]
[ { "question": "Why should I contribute to The Friends Foundation?", "answer": "Any individual qualifying under our guidelines – except members of the Board of The Friends Foundation and/or their families – who is a resident of the Dripping Springs Area and is 60 years of age or older may apply. You can download and print a form here. If you are unable to print the form please contact us by phone 512 592-1345 or e-mail to receive our application for financial assistance in the US Mail. Thanks. You may donate online now, just click on the “Donate” button found on this page. Send us an e-mail and we will make arrangements to pick up your donation. Donate an Item for our Live and Silent Auction: Donating items for our annual barbecue fund-raising event can be given at any time during the year and the donor’s name or company name will be placed on our list of sponsors and in all our advertising for the following year’s event. Just email us or give us a call. The Friends Foundation solicits grants and donations from various governmental agencies and private donors. Each year in October, The Friends Foundation host an annual barbecue fund-raising event. Sponsorship donations are solicited and money is raised through the sale of barbecue tickets and the proceeds from our extensive live and silent auction items. And our “Friends of The Friends Foundation” program provides additional funds throughout the year to help us meet expenses from all the requests The Friends Foundation receives. During our first year of operation – 2003 – The Friends Foundation raised over $40,000. The money was used to pay debt service on the Hill Country Care Nursing Home and for capital improvements to the home – like mattresses and chairs – until a buyer could be found for the financially strapped facility. The goal was to keep the nursing home available as an asset to the Dripping Springs community. Due to a lot of hard work and the generous support of many people in the Dripping Springs area, the home was able to remain in operation and a buyer for the home was found in 2004. We are pleased that in 2004 the Hill Country Care Nursing Home became a for profit corporation under new and experienced ownership. As the elderly population grows, and looking forward into the future, The Friends Foundation has broadened the scope of its activities. Our use of the funds raised will provide for the immediate needs of elderly residents in the Dripping Springs area, to underwrite the costs of our specialized programs such as Our Daily Bead, Philips Lifeline Medic-Alert, Financial Assistance to those who qualify and the Butterflies are Free palliative care program. Improving quality of life: Those who have had relatives and loved ones in Hill Country Care Nursing Home know the high quality of care provided to their residents. Having a quality elder care facility in Dripping Springs is a real asset to our community and a blessing for those whose loved ones are in their care. Meeting the needs of the community: As Dripping Springs grows, the population and needs of the elderly in the community are increasing. Our hope is those who are new to the community will help us continue our good deeds by joining us with their support. Sustained support: With the generous support of the community, the Friends Foundation will continue to assist the elderly where the need exists. We are able to underwrite and sustain the cost of Our Daily Bread, a program which provides hot meals to home bound elderly three times a week. We have underwritten the cost of “Butterflies are Free,” an end of life program through Hill Country Care Nursing Home. The Friends Foundation underwrites and sustains the cost of our Philips Lifeline Program which provides an elderly client with the means of reaching help in an emergency by simply pressing a button on a device worn at all times. Your support also helps us continue providing Financial Assistance to age and income qualifying individuals." } ]
[ { "question": "My questions were not answered, what should I do?", "answer": "Students in grades 5 – 8 who attend school in the Dublin Unified School District may enroll in the program for course credit and receive A-G UC admission credit towards college admission. The courses taught in the summer academy follow the course outlines as taught at Dublin High School and all quizzes, tests and finals are those used by Dublin teachers. Non-Dublin High School Students participate in our program for exposure purposes only, they will NOT be able to submit transcripts to their district for advancement purposes nor will DPIE be able to issue a transcript for college admissions purposes. Please note that some school districts allow students to “challenge” a course by successfully taking the course final assessment for a specific course. Students who successfully challenge a class in their home district may receive high school credit towards graduation in that district. You will need to check with your district’s Educational Services Department to determine if they approve you to take course for credit in our program. All Dublin students who wish to enroll in DPIE math and science courses for advancement purposes must be pre-approved by Dublin High School to participate in the program and receive credit. Approvals will be based on satisfaction of class pre-requisites and grade criteria established by Dublin High School. This school year (2018 – 2019), the DUSD is doing away with the paper application form and for the first time is allowing students to complete an online Course Credit Application form which will be submitted to department chairs at Dublin High. Students and their families may use the link below beginning on January 18, 2019 to apply for approval to take courses with DPIE. Once first semester grades have been posted to student transcripts on January 25, 2019 Math and Science department leads will begin reviewing student applications and will send email notifications that it is ok for students to enroll. Students enrolling in Physical Education or Elective courses do not need prior approval and may begin enrolling in classes the day enrollment opens on January 25, 2019. The State of California does not fund summer courses for any California public school district. Without your fees, there could not be a STEM Enrichment Academy. The good news is that our fees are significantly lower than both private and public options in the Bay Area and run $700 to $2,000 less than nearby programs. DPIE charges a fee for STEM Summer Academy to pay the costs for teacher and staff salaries, additional mandatory employer expenses, administration, security, utilities, custodians materials, supplies and rental of classroom facilities, textbooks, chrome books, and other related costs. When you enroll online, you will be required to pay the enrollment fee with your credit card. Our website is secure and encrypted so you can feel safe in paying online. Your card number is not stored. Please contact us if you need additional payment information or have payment questions. Yes, any family that qualifies for the National School Lunch program which provides free lunches to students can receive financial assistance. If you are already in the program email us the name of your child, their student ID number and school of attendance. Once we have determined they are in the program, we will send you information to help you enroll your child in the class of their choice. Students must still be pre-approved by the district to take a class with us. If you would like to know more about the National School Lunch Program and complete an online application, please click here This Link will take you to the DUSD webpage where you can apply for entrance into the program. It will take a couple of days for the school district to determine if you qualify. Upon notification of qualification for this program, please let us know your students name and ID number. We will then verify that you have qualified for the program, and how much financial aid for which you qualify. Students currently enrolled in grades 8-11 may enroll in the high school program for credit and course advancement pending approval from Dublin High School." }, { "question": "What if my child does not meet the grade criteria by the end of the first semester, can they still participate in the program for course credit if their grades improve?", "answer": "Students who not meet the grade criteria at the end of the first semester will have their grades re-evaluated by Dublin High at the end of the 3rd and 4th quarters. If their grades improve and they meet the grade criteria as required by DHS policy, they will be notified that they have been approved and they can then enroll in the course they applied for. Before enrolling your child, please be aware that DPIE has a strict “NO REFUND” policy in place so we recommend you only make the decision to enroll if you are confident your child meets the requirements established by the school district. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is important that we get an early start hiring teachers so we get the best teachers possible for our program. Once we contract with teachers, we are obligated to pay them and as a non-profit, we cannot afford to give refunds once we’ve committed to hire a teacher. Additionally, you will find that DPIE charges anywhere from $700 - $2,000 less than other summer programs in the area or online. We do our best to keep costs down and make the program affordable to Dublin families. If you have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 plan set up by a California school district, you can apply for approval to take a class in the STEM Enrichment Academy. A copy of the IEP or 504 plan MUST be provided to DPIE so that we may determine if we can accommodate the student’s need in our programming. Enrollment in our program is provisional until we have made this determination as this is an accelerated learning environment that may not be compatible with your child’s needs. Enrollment in our program takes place online at Click on the Acadmies tab and select Summer High School, where you will find the enrollment link. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis, as determined by the date stamp at the completion of enrollment. Seating is limited so please consider enrolling early. Once you have completed enrollment you will receive an email receipt. You will receive a second notification once the class has filled and will be moving forward. Students must meet the prerequisites to qualify for any math courses offered by DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy. As an example, students must have successfully completed Algebra I before taking Geometry. Additionally, the STEM Enrichment Academy is an accelerated program and students should be strong students who come ready to work. It’s normal to expect 1-3 hours of homework each night, but some students report that it takes them longer to complete all assigned work. Please See the Math & Science Criteria above." }, { "question": "If my child performs well and meets the grade criteria required by Dublin High, will they be allowed to advance to the next course level in the Fall of 2019 - 2020?", "answer": "Yes, please see the “DPIE Grades Required for Advancement” Column of the Dublin High Math Criteria document above to see what is required for advancement in Math courses. Students earning B- or above in Science, Physical Education and Elective courses will be allowed to advance to the next course level in the Fall." }, { "question": "Your Literature indicates that the STEM Summer Academy meets the UC Systems A – G Requirements, so why Isn’t the DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy Listed on their Approval List?", "answer": "All STEM Enrichment Academy courses meet the curriculum guidelines of the Dublin Unified School District. The Dublin School Board has passed a resolution, # 2016-17-32, allowing DPIE courses and grades to be added to Dublin High transcripts and therefore are approved and meet the A-G requirements for UC admission. This process, known as \"Principal's Certification\" was created by the UC system’s Admissions department in support of supplementary programs like ours. UC recognizes that the DPIE Academy is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges) just like Dublin High and we offer the same courses as offered by Dublin High School. Once you receive the approval email from Dublin High School you may enroll your child in the summer program. The Enrollment button will go live at 12am on January 25, 2019. Once you have enrolled you will receive an email receipt of enrollment which you should keep for your records and proof of enrollment. You will receive several emails from DPIE between the time you enroll and the time the summer program begins. You will receive a enrollment receipt upon enrollment in the program. A second email will be sent once the class you enrolled your child in has enough enrollments to move forward. You can consider this a confirming email that you class is going to happen. About a week before the Enrichment Academy begins, you will receive notification of your room and teacher assignment. Additional emails will be sent during the Summer Program to inform you of any program updates. All students MUST attend the last day of their assigned class so they can take their final exam. Students must successfully complete the final in order to successfully complete the class. Any student not in attendance on the first day needs to receive prior approval from DPIE STEM Academy Administration for the absence or they will be dropped in favor of a student on the waiting list. Excused absences must be agreed to in advance with Academy Administration. Students are generally not allowed more than 1 ½ days of absence in any 3-week semester. Students are not allowed more than 3 days of absence when enrolled in a 6-week program without prior consent of Academy Administration. Two tardies equal one ½ day absence. It is very important that your student be on time and available for the full session to be successful at such an accelerated pace. Each day in the STEM Enrichment Academy is the equivalent of one week of instruction in the regular school year. Students who miss class are not likely to be successful in the program. A grade report will be mailed out at the end of the Academy to the families of all enrolled students. Grades for all Dublin students who meet the grading criteria for advancement will automatically be uploaded to your child’s transcript in August or September when the DHS counselors return from Summer Break. Since your child’s grade will be automatically added to their DHS transcript, there will be no need to order additional transcripts from DPIE. The Dublin High Counseling Department will be able to inform you about how to order your child’s Dublin High transcripts when you child applies for college admission. Progress reports will be given to students every Monday and Thursday. You should ask your child to look at the progress report when they arrive home. If they don’t have one, please contact our office for more information. We will also provide every student with a daily log for homework, quizzes and tests where they can input their scores for all assignments and parents can monitor as long as students are keeping the log up to date. Additionally, each teacher will have an email address for you to address questions directly to the instructor." }, { "question": "May our child take more than one class at the same time in the DPIE summer program?", "answer": "High school students will only have the time to take one year-long course in our summer program." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: How can I obtain the complete data set?", "answer": "STRING has recently changed its licensing model, at the request of the ELIXIR initiative. This means that all its data is now freely available, from the Download section. The licensing model is CC BY 4.0, requesting proper attribution as the only condition for usage." }, { "question": "Q: How are scores computed?", "answer": "The 'combined scores' are computed by integrating the probabilities from the various different types of evidence ('evidence channels'), while correcting for the probability of randomly observing an interaction. For a more detailed description, please refer to von Mering et al., NAR 2005. Q: I am interested in downloading a limited set of interactions, for one or a few proteins only." }, { "question": "How can I do that?", "answer": "a) enter the protein(s) as usual into STRING and proceed to the network, then select the 'Tables / Exports' button below the network. From there, you can download the interactions in your current network, in a number of formats. b) alternatively, you can use one of our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), especially if this might become a recurring task in the future. Using the APIs, you can create a small script/program that will download the interactions for you. For more details, see here." }, { "question": "Q: How can I save a certain network?", "answer": "Below any given STRING network in the browser window, there is always a button labeled 'Tables/Exports'. There, you can save your current network in a variety of formats. (Bitmap Images, Scalable Vector Graphics, XML Summary (Proteomics Standards Initiative), Graph Layout Coordinates, Protein sequences in FASTA format, and Textual Summaries of interaction scores). Q: For my latest manuscript, I would like to use a network image produced by STRING." }, { "question": "Must I ask for permission?", "answer": "No, permission is not required. But do we appreciate if you could cite us; please choose from among any of our published references (see here)." }, { "question": "Q: How can I trace the origin of the different evidences for a given interaction?", "answer": "Most of this information is available upon clicking on an edge of the graph in the network view. Furthermore, below each network you will find the button 'Evidence'; from there you can proceed to evidence views that each summarize evidence of a single type, for your current network." }, { "question": "Q: How can I cite STRING?", "answer": "We do appreciate citations very much — as for many other online databases, citations are the main benchmark by which our funders decide whether we are 'worth the money'. So, yes, please cite us ... using any of the references here." }, { "question": "Q: Which databases does STRING extract experimental/biochemical data from?", "answer": "Currently, these are: DIP, BioGRID, HPRD, IntAct, MINT, and PDB." }, { "question": "Q: From which databases does STRING extract curated data?", "answer": "Currently, these are: Biocarta, BioCyc, Gene Ontology, KEGG, and Reactome." }, { "question": "Q: How do I extract purely experimental data?", "answer": "Below each network, there is a button labeled 'Data Settings'. There, you can specify which type of evidence you want to contribute to your network. By un-checking all boxes except 'Experiments', you would get a network based purely on experimental evidence. Q: I need PPIs for a given species, but only from experimental data and not transferred from other species. For that, you will need to download a file with the full score details, and parse out the information you need. First, you should sign the license agreement, wait for the password and then download the file: 'protein.links.full.v10.txt.gz'. Use the file to get the direct experimental evidence, for example by, printing the columns for protein1 protein2 and experiments (i.e., columns 1,2,10) and grep for the 'species_id' (e.g., 9606 for human). Q: I want to differentiate physical interactions from functional ones within STRING. For this, you would have to use the database dumps (after academic licensing). You can use the table 'network.actions' to query for records that have a direct physical interaction annotated in their 'mode' column. If this is 'binding' then you can be fairly sure there is a direct physical interactions. If it is something other than 'binding' it could still be direct, physical but more likely is an indirect, functional interaction. Note that the 'actions' annotations in STRING are work in progress; there will likely be a fairly large fraction of interactions missing (false negatives). Q: STRING is said to be 'locus-based' and only a single translated protein per locus is stored." }, { "question": "What does this mean?", "answer": "STRING represents each protein-coding gene locus by only a single, representative protein. If there is more than one isoform per gene annotated, we usually select the longest isoform, unless we have information to suggest that another isoform is better supported (e.g., proteins selected in the CCDS database)." }, { "question": "I see that there is a table called 'funcats' ... ?", "answer": "The 'funcats' database table contains the functional categories as defined for the COG database. We do import the Gene Ontology annotations and use these for inferring interactions and for reporting enrichments. However, they are not yet represented in a database table — this will likely come in a future version." }, { "question": "Q: Is there any phenotype or disease information contained in STRING?", "answer": "Not directly, but the fulltext-search capabilities at the start page will often turn up proteins which have already been annotated for a certain function, phenotype or disease. For example, searching for the word \"wing\" in Drosophila will return proteins that have been annotated/described as having a functional role in the wing." }, { "question": "Q: Does the database provide a PubMed Reference ID for each interaction?", "answer": "Interactions that stem only from computational predictions do not have a PMID. Text-mining evidence may also stem from other sources, such as OMIM. Apart from the above exceptions, interactions mostly do come with at least one pubmed reference id. Some cases have several different PMIDs, and yet others share the same PMID (e.g., for external repositories, the interactions share the PMID of the publication of the database)." }, { "question": "Q: Regarding the 'sets', pathways and complexes ... what is the difference between a \"set\" and a \"collection\"?", "answer": "The different types of \"sets\" in STRING describe annotated pathways, complexes, and PDB structures having more than one protein. The \"sets_items\" describe memberships in the evidence sets. An interaction exists if two proteins share at least one set_id. The \"sets\" contain information about the set_ids, for example, from which \"collection\" they originate from. The \"collections\" are the different resources of data from which STRING imports data (for the channels 'experiments' and 'databases'). Below is a selection of published examples of large-scale scientific use of STRING network data. Apart from the ad-hoc use of the website (in order to learn about individual proteins or to find out about functional enrichments), the large-scale use cases below signify another important benefit of STRING: the availability of unified, scored, genome-wide interaction data, for a number of organisms. In STRING, each protein-protein interaction is annotated with one or more 'scores'. Importantly, these scores do not indicate the strength or the specificity of the interaction. Instead, they are indicators of confidence, i.e. how likely STRING judges an interaction to be true, given the available evidence. All scores rank from 0 to 1, with 1 being the highest possible confidence. A score of 0.5 would indicate that roughly every second interaction might be erroneous (i.e., a false positive). For most types of evidence, there are two types of scores: the 'normal' score, and the 'transferred' score. The latter is computed from data that is not originally observed in the organism of interest, but instead in some other organism and then transferred via homology/orthology. All potential source organisms are searched for evidence, but the actual transfers to the receiving organism are made non-redundant (according to 'clades' of closely related organisms in the tree of life)." } ]
[ { "question": "How can I check my status for a position?", "answer": "You may review the status of your application by choosing the “Your Applications” link on the ND.job employment site anytime you log in." }, { "question": "I have applied for several positions and continue to not be selected…why?", "answer": "It is not unusual for us to receive up to 200 applications for a given position. While you may meet the qualifications for the particular position, there may have been other applicants who met and exceeded the qualifications and/or met the preferred qualifications for the position. Typically, 5-10 applicants will be selected for interviews by departments for a given position. Creating a login user name and password. This will enable you to come back and apply for additional positions as well as check on the status of a position. Creating your online application. This can be done after you find a position you are interested in on and click “Apply for this Job.” You may also search open positions before creating the online application. You can only complete an application by applying to a job. Apply by completing and submitting your application for the specific position you are applying to." }, { "question": "What is the difference between an internal and external applicant?", "answer": "An internal applicant is a regular full-time or part-time employee (not temporary) at the University of Notre Dame. Internal applicants must be a regular employee in a current position for a minimum of twelve months. An external applicant is an individual from outside the University or someone currently working as a temporary employee at the University of Notre Dame." }, { "question": "How long does it take to fill out an application online?", "answer": "Approximately 45 minutes. It depends on the detail the applicant provides in the application. Everyone who applies for a position is required to create an application which includes certain information. Any required information is denoted with an asterisk (*). However, the more information you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your skills, abilities and qualifications. No. The Office of Human Resources is the central intake point for all university openings. Only those applicants applying via the online employment site will be considered." }, { "question": "What information should I include on my application?", "answer": "Your application should fully describe all of your education, training and work experience. Ensure that all sections of the application are completed. It is very important that you provide detailed information about your qualifications and accomplishments so we can best evaluate your job application. To further describe your job duties and/or experience, you should attach a cover letter and resume. Please note, some positions do not require a resume. To save your application, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of any page. Completed pages will be saved and you will be able to continue entering information when you return. If you lose your Internet connection prior to completing your application, log in again and select “Edit Application”. Please note, your application is not complete until you receive a confirmation number. If you have already created an application within the employment site, and wish to update your information, select the “Login” link and enter your existing username and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to apply for positions, edit your information on future applications and review previous applications. After clicking “Log in” on the site, click the “Forgot your username or password?” link and follow the instructions to retrieve your username or reset your password." }, { "question": "Will I be able to attach my resume?", "answer": "Attach resume and/or cover letter in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Copy and paste or type in resume and/or cover letter. It is important to read all of the instructions carefully so that you send all of the required attachments for the position. Required documents will be highlighted with an Asterisk (*). If you do not add the required document(s), your application will not be complete and an error message will appear. Please note, some positions do not require a resume." }, { "question": "Why would I have to make changes to my application?", "answer": "Any time your contact information changes (address, phone number, email address, etc.) you need to make those updates to your application. If you have acquired additional skills, education, or work experience, you should update your application with this information to make sure all of your qualifications are considered by a hiring manager and selection committee. Once you submit your application for a specific position, you are unable to make changes. However, you will be able to make changes to future applications. I am having difficulty moving on to complete my application." }, { "question": "What is the box at the end of the application?", "answer": "By checking the box at the end of the application, you are certifying that the information provided on the application is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. This step is required for each position you would like to apply to. If the position is still posted and the closing date has not expired, you will be able to certify the application. If your application shows “incomplete” and you wish to complete your application, click the link below “incomplete” and follow the steps to complete the application. If there is no link below “incomplete” the position, this indicated the position has been closed and is no longer accepting applications. If the position is not closed, and you still cannot complete the application, please check to be sure you have attached the required documents and have answered the required questions." }, { "question": "What should I do if I want to apply to multiple positions?", "answer": "For serious consideration, we recommend applying to no more than three positions at a time. Once you have created an application in the employment site, you will not be required to duplicate this information. However, you can update this information by accessing the “Edit Application” section of our website, and then clicking on the edit feature. To apply for multiple positions, simply search the site for any currently open positions and click on the “Apply for this Posting” feature. You will be automatically directed to the supplemental questions for the new position that you are applying for." }, { "question": "What if I do not own or have access to a computer?", "answer": "You can submit your application and required documents from any computer with internet access (home, school, library, etc.). I am having difficulty completing the online application from my home computer." }, { "question": "What can I do?", "answer": "If you are having difficulty completing the online application, please make sure that your computer is operating with the most up-to-date browser version. Out applicant tracking system prefers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers for optimum performance." }, { "question": "How long can I use my application to apply for positions?", "answer": "Applications remain on file as long as you are actively applying for positions. Applications can be updated every time you apply for a new position on" }, { "question": "If I am a current Notre Dame employee, do I have to submit an application?", "answer": "Yes. All applications are submitted online at It is likely that you may have acquired additional skills, experience and education since you originally applied that should be considered. In addition, completing an online application ensures your qualifications and personal information will be documented and ensures accurate applicant tracking information for every position." }, { "question": "I missed the job closing date – can I still apply?", "answer": "Once the job closing date has passed no applications will be forwarded to the hiring manager and selection committee. Please continue to visit the applicant site and apply for new jobs as they become available." }, { "question": "What if I am interested in a faculty position?", "answer": "If you are interested in a faculty or other academic personnel appointment, please visit the Faculty Positions page on the Provost’s website. I am an ND student looking for a job." }, { "question": "Where should I apply?", "answer": "During the academic year, all Notre Dame student positions are listed on the Student Employment website – During the summer, student positions are posted on Please contact Student Employment at 574-631-6454 for additional information." }, { "question": "What does exempt and non-exempt mean?", "answer": "Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law governing various pay policies including overtime pay and recordkeeping. Employees considered non-exempt from the overtime provision of the FLSA are required to keep track of hours worked and earn overtime for hours exceeding the normal 40 hour work week. Employees considered exempt from the overtime provision of FLSA are paid an annual salary and are not required to keep track of hours worked nor do they earn overtime for working more than 40 hours in a work week." }, { "question": "Can I apply for both regular and temporary positions?", "answer": "You may apply for temporary positions while also applying for regular positions. Temporary Employment is an excellent way to begin a career at the University. Please refer to for available opportunities." }, { "question": "If a job was posted a few months ago and remains on the employment site, is it really still open?", "answer": "If a job is listed on our employment website, it is still open. Be aware that some jobs take longer to fill than others. You will immediately receive a confirmation number upon successfully submitting your application. If you provided your email address, you will also receive an email confirmation that your application was received. Your resume will then be reviewed by a Recruiting Consultant. You may review the status of your application by choosing the “Your Applications” link on the employment site anytime you log in. When you apply for a position, a Recruiting Consultant will evaluate your application. Your qualifications in relation to the respective job, along with those of all other applicants, will be compared against the skills/qualifications needed for the position." }, { "question": "How long does the entire interviewing process take?", "answer": "The search process varies for each opening due to the high volume of applicants, so please feel free to log into your application to check the status online." }, { "question": "Can I schedule an interview for a position that I’m interested in applying for?", "answer": "Due to the large number of applications and requests for interviews, general appointments cannot be made. Should a department feel that your qualifications match the needs of their position, you will be contacted directly for an interview." }, { "question": "How are job interviews arranged?", "answer": "The Hiring Manager and/or the Recruiting Consultant will contact you if you have been selected for an interview." }, { "question": "If I am offered an interview, is there a way for me to go and look at the job posting?", "answer": "Yes. By logging in under your user name and password, you will have access to “Your Applications.” Under this section, you will be able to view the job posting for all the positions for which you applied." }, { "question": "Will the Office of Human Resources contact me if my qualifications match a newly opened position?", "answer": "Due to the large number of inquiries that we receive, we cannot contact applicants when a position becomes available that matches their qualifications. Please visit the employment site frequently for updates and newly opened positions." }, { "question": "How competitive is it to get a job at Notre Dame?", "answer": "Competition is very high for each position within the University. Last year we received over 18,000 applications for approximately 300 jobs. Please recognize that given the intense competition, it is not unusual for 100 – 200 people to apply for any one job. Typically, 5-10 applicants will be selected for interviews by departments for a given position." }, { "question": "Why does the system say I did not meet the minimum qualifications?", "answer": "Because we receive a high volume of applications for each position, for many positions, we have applicants answer qualifying questions. These questions help us focus on those applicants who are most qualified for a position. Please apply only for those positions for which you know you meet the minimum qualifications based on the posted position description. I have applied for several positions and continue to not be selected for an interview." }, { "question": "Is there someone I can call to follow up regarding my interest in the University of Notre Dame?", "answer": "Regretfully, due to the high volume of resumes we receive daily, it is not possible to respond to individual inquiries about the status of a resume or search. You will be contacted directly by a recruiting consultant or the hiring manager if you are selected for an interview. You may also log into the website using your username and password to check the status of your application." }, { "question": "Will I hear a response either way?", "answer": "For all regular part-time and full-time positions, you will be contacted by the Hiring Manager or Recruiting Consultant directly if invited for an interview or you can check your status online at Most temporary positions are open for extended periods of time and hiring managers will contact individuals as they have an opening. We exercise our best efforts to notify via email all applicants not selected for an interview, that the position has been filled." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the diference between percale and sateen fabric?", "answer": "Percale fabric is a lighter in weight and more breathable making it better for summer or warmer climates. Percale bedding a plain weave with a matt finish. Sateen fabric has a silky smooth surface and a sheen." }, { "question": "Can I have my fitted sheets made to the size and shape of the mattress?", "answer": "Yes! We bespoke make each sheet too the exact size and shape of the mattress. We even calculate the shrinkage at normal 40 degree Celsius wash temperatures. We make a template of your mattress or send you a template pack for you to do it. The thread count is the number of threads in each square inch of fabric. However, a higher thread count does not mean that the quality is higher: thread count is only one factor. The quality of the yarn is also a very important factor. Thread count means how many threads, lengthwise and widthwise are woven into one square inch of fabric. With finer threads, such as those produced with pure Egyptian cotton, more can be woven into each square inch which produces a finer, softer and flexible material." }, { "question": "What is GSM in towel quality?", "answer": "Towels are measured by GSM: Grams per Square Metre which is the density of the towel. Towels and bathrobes are usually between 300 to 800 GSM. But weight is only important if the cotton is of a premium quality and this has to do with the length of the fibers otherwise known as the staple. Staple length is a term referring to the average length of a group of fibers of any composition. The staple depends on the origin of the fibers. Natural fibers, such as cotton or wool have a range of lengths in each sample, so the staple length is an average. No. you can order as little or as much as you like. Every order is treated the same. A 50% deposit is required on order before we can send your order into production. The remaining 50% is due before delivery. We accept most major credit cards or you can pay by bank transfer or cash (within the legal limits of cash exchange) An invoice will be issued." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Why did The Children’s Inn at NIH implement criminal background checks for all residents and family members over the age of 18?", "answer": "A: The Inn’s highest priority is to maintain the safest home environment that is possible. Requiring criminal background checks is the standard today in most children’s organizations (schools, clubs, hospitals, and PTAs) for the safety and protection of all those involved. This has been a requirement for all employees, staff, and volunteers of The Inn and we have now joined the recent trend to include all residents and guests." }, { "question": "Q: How frequently will the background checks be done?", "answer": "A: Each criminal background check will be updated every three years from the date of the month it was last submitted." }, { "question": "Q: What will you do with the information in my background check that does not pertain to crimes of violence or crimes involving minors?", "answer": "A: The Inn will only be requesting background information that pertains to crimes of violence or crime involving minors." }, { "question": "Q: Can information found in my background check disqualify me or my family member from treatment at the NIH?", "answer": "A: The information found during the background check will not affect or disqualify the patient or family member from treatment at the NIH. Information found would only be used to determine a person’s eligibility to stay at The Inn." }, { "question": "Q: Who will have access to my background check and where will it be stored after it is requested?", "answer": "A: The only people that will have access to your background check will be The Inn’s CEO, the Chief Program & Services Officer and her assistant and the Managers On Duty. Your background check will be labeled “confidential” and kept in the patient’s file at The Inn in a locked file cabinet with restricted access." }, { "question": "Q: Who needs to complete the background check authorization forms?", "answer": "A: Any patient or person accompanying the patient who is over the age of 18 seeking accommodations at The Inn will need to complete the background authorization form. This includes all family members and friends who intend to stay overnight at The Inn with patients during their treatment at the NIH." }, { "question": "Q: What will happen if my background check comes back with crimes of violence or crimes involving a minor?", "answer": "A: If your background check reveals a history of crimes of violence or crimes involving a minor, The Inn may decide that you need to seek accommodation elsewhere. The Inn may contact your social worker to assist in making alternate accommodations." }, { "question": "Q: What will happen if my background check is not received by the date of my reservation?", "answer": "A: Like all potential residents at The Inn, you will still be asked to complete the certification form regarding criminal history upon arrival. If contrary information appears in your background check after you have begun your stay at The Inn, you may be required to find other accommodations." }, { "question": "Q: Will I have to pay for this background check?", "answer": "A: There is no cost to you, our residents, or families for the background check." }, { "question": "Q: Will other families be made aware of my status or results of my background check?", "answer": "A: Absolutely not. Protection of all our residents is our primary concern and your background check will remain strictly confidential among the necessary staff at The Inn." }, { "question": "Q: What happens if I refuse my background check?", "answer": "A: If you refuse to complete the background authorization forms, The Inn will be unable to provide accommodations for you. Your medical team will arrange alternative accommodations." } ]
[ { "question": "My Old Charger Has 10 amp Rating, Whats The Big Deal?", "answer": "Your old charger might boast a maximum current of 10 amps or even 20 amps, but if it doesn’t have the adequate power potential, it will never be able to provide that current to your battery during the whole battery charging process. Charging Lithium Polymer or LiPo batteries have very specific charging requirements and MUST only be changed by specific chargers designed to charge lithium polymer batteries. Mishandling of these batteries can lead to fire or explosions." }, { "question": "What are LiPo batteries and why are they so popular in the RC world?", "answer": "Here you will find all the things you need to know about \"C\" ratings, Capacity (mah), Charging Current and Cell Count or \"S\" Rating." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the Aquarius MAS?", "answer": "The Aquarius MAS (Management & Automation System) is a data logging, performance monitoring and automation system for ships. It can also interface to marine renewable energy systems including our unique EnergySailTM technology. The system is highly flexible and can accept inputs from a wide range of equipment & sensors from most vendors. It can also log reports, turn equipment on/off & be accessed remotely via terminals and hand-held devices. Standard features include fuel oil consumption monitoring & logging, alarm handling & voyage trip meter. The Aquarius MAS hardware & software is based upon the KEI 3240 platform which is in use on hundres of ships & has proven its reliablity over many years." }, { "question": "Can fuel consumption be monitored?", "answer": "Yes, the system can monitor and record fuel consumption. This is a standard feature." }, { "question": "Can the data collected by the system be saved?", "answer": "Data can be saved to a hard disk or removable memory device. A number of reporting options are also available. The hardware & software platform is based on the proven KEI 3240 Data Logger. This marine computer system is in service on hundreds of vessels and over many years has proven itself to be very reliable." }, { "question": "Can report data be automatically collected and logged?", "answer": "Yes. Data can be recorded to a report file either manually or at pre-set times. It can also be imported into external fleet management software applications." }, { "question": "Can the Aquarius MAS be retrofitted to existing ships?", "answer": "Yes. The footprint of the system in terms of hardware is relatively small and does not require extensive cabling." }, { "question": "Can custom screens and menu be provided?", "answer": "Yes. A wide range of customisation options are available. Please contact us to discuss your requests. English and Japanese are supported." }, { "question": "Can new or updated software be installed easily?", "answer": "Software updates or new features can be added easily via the use of software provided on a flash memory device. Ship owners & operators can start with a basic Aquarius MAS package and then update later if required." }, { "question": "Can we install a basic system and then expand it later or add new features and hardware?", "answer": "One major advantage of the Aquarius MAS is its flexibility in terms of software and hardware. This means that it is relatively easy to add new features or hardware at a later date if required. For example the Aquarius MAS configuration can be changed to adapt to new systems installed on a ship. It is even compatible with renewable energy systems we are developing for ships that are yet to be released." }, { "question": "Can equipment and sensors from different suppliers be integrated?", "answer": "Yes, the Aquarius MAS can accept inputs from a variety of sensors and equipment for many vendors." }, { "question": "What interfaces or communication protocols are supported?", "answer": "The Aquarius MAS Integrated Link System (ILS) can accept inputs from a wide range of analogue and digital sources. In addition NMEA. MODBUS, RS-232C, Ethernet and WLAN connections can be accepted. Other inputs can also be connected via a converter if required. Please note: Aquarius MRE System, EnergySail and Aquarius MAS are trademarks of Eco Marine Power." } ]
[ { "question": "Where can I find idltojava for Linux?", "answer": "If you want to use the ORB included with >1.2 JDK an idl-to-java is included with JDK 1.3 (even for Linux), otherwise you can download it from the sun web-site. All the major Java ORB vendors such as Inprise and IONA include the generator with their orbs. For other \"free\" orbs click here." } ]
[ { "question": "At the bottom of the page, click on the Forgot your password?", "answer": "link. On the password retrieval page, you may enter your e-mail address, and then click Get Password. We will send your password to the e-mail address we have on file for your account. To become a registered member of this site, click \"Register\" link at the bottom of any page and enter your Profile and Account information. Then click Register. There is no cost to become a registered member. Please note: For security purposes, your password must consist of 7-32 characters and must include at least one letter and one number. Passwords are case sensitive. Please click \"Contact Us\" link at the bottom of any page to learn how to reach us regarding any questions or issues you may have. Feel free to contact us, or fill out the Contact Request form and we will contact you. YES! Your credit card information is protected with a secure SSL Certificate that encrypts all of your transactions through our site with industry-standard secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. If the online store accepts credit cards; rest assured that both your credit card information and personal information are protected. To update your contact information you must first \"Sign In\". Click \"My Account\" link at the bottom of any page to access your account information. Select the Profile for which you wish to update the contact information. Make your changes and then click Save. To update your e-mail address and password you must first \"Sign In\". Click \"My Account\" link at the bottom of any page to access your account information and then select Change E-mail Address and Password from the My Account menu. You may update your e-mail address, first and last name, and change your password, then click Save. Please note: For security purposes, your password must consist of 7-32 characters and must include at least one letter and one number. Passwords are case sensitive. To view your order history you must first Sign In. Click \"My Account\" link at the bottom of any page to access your account information. Select View Order History from the My Account menu and then select the order number for the order you wish to view. You can include special instructions for orders during checkout. In your shopping cart, click Checkout On the Payment page, type your special instructions or comments in the Special Instructions text box. The store owner will receive these instructions along with the order. Click Place Order to continue with the checkout process." } ]
[ { "question": "How do we manage this for potential users?", "answer": "* Probably worth fixing DNS to use AAAA records earlier rather than later. * [[soc/2011/pcmattman/notes/packetdumps/start|Packet Dumps]] and relevant notes. ===== Tutorials ===== ==== Setting up IPv6 on your network ==== To work with IPv6 in gPXE on your network, you will need both an IPv6 prefix and a router advertisement daemon. If you like, you can set up DHCPv6 for your network for address assignment. A router advertisement daemon will still be required for routing, but in the future DHCPv6 will offer boot filenames and other boot-related options. The best place to get an IPv6 is your ISP, but if your ISP does not offer IPv6, [[|Hurricane Electric]] offers a fairly stable and easy-to-use tunnel. HE also provides configuration commands for a wide range of operating systems. These should be able to be copied and pasted into a terminal on your workstation to set up IPv6 connectivity quickly and easily. There are a variety of tutorials on the internet that will cover adding router advertisements and/or DHCPv6 to an IPv6 tunnel. Booting over IPv6 in gPXE is quite simple: instead of using the 'dhcp' command (ala IPv4), you use the 'ipv6' command. This obtains an address and sets up routing for IPv6 so that you can use IPv6 servers. You can use the following script to test gPXE's HTTP boot over IPv6: <code> #!gpxe ipv6 any kernel root=100 initrd boot </code> (note: flash6 may need these image files uploaded - TODO!) This should boot a Linux kernel. If you don't have a DNS name for an IPv6 host, you can boot from an IPv6 address using the following syntax: <code> http://[2001:ab:cd:ef::1]:1234/file.bin </code> Note that [[|zero compression (\"Compressing Zeroes\" section)]] can be used for all IPv6 addresses." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the new film?", "answer": "The new film is Santa RAE 1000. A new 35mm 1000 ASA high speed black and white film." }, { "question": "Is this a new emulsion?", "answer": "Yes. Outside of the powers of the north, this has not been available to humans or the analog community worldwide." }, { "question": "Am I charged money now?", "answer": "No. We won’t ask anyone to purchase until the first 1000 rolls are ready for shipping via human logistics. Also at that time we can calculate exact shipping costs. Santas factories do manufacture this yearly, so it is possible that I ask once I can show humans are using it nicely and not naughtily. It could also be distributed in other formats." }, { "question": "Will it be DX coded?", "answer": "You humans have too many digital film cameras. We use fully mechanical ones at Korvatunturi. The first batch will be hand spooled into old canisters, so there might be a DX code, but it might also be the wrong DX code. You can deactivate it by adding any sticker on top. Elves have no access to human social medias and it would be quite odd of me to pop up at your local camera club, please do share with your friends for me. The first 1000 rolls are being shipped as of March 6th 2019." } ]
[ { "question": "Can special arrangements be made with the camp kitchen?", "answer": "While the dormitory characteristics of each camp differ, participants in the residential camp programs will be grouped according to age and gender with fellow campers of all nationalities. Of course! All of our summer camps offer the \"Day Camp\" program option, meaning that your child will take part in all aspects of the general camp schedule - classes, activities, sports, workshops, etc. - with participants in the residential program. The only difference is that he / she will spend nights and weekends with their families. The kitchens at our summer camps are accustomed to adapting to food allergies and other dietary needs (vegetarian diets, etc.). Just let us know when you register your child and we will pass the information along to camp directors and kitchen personnel." } ]
[ { "question": "When and where are the next OVBABO meetings?", "answer": "Mike Kim is our resident interpreter and training officer. Mike can be reached via e-mail at Eric Jordan is our Assigning specialist! He can help you with questions on availability and costs, and can assign referees with appropriate experience to your basketball event. You may reach Eric at, or by telephone at 613-410-3915. Inquiries specific to requesting referees only please! Registration for the 2017-2018 season is now OPEN! Great! So, you would like to become part of our organization! We certainly welcome newcomers, regardless of experience, gender, or hair colour! Getting involved with the OVBABO is a relaxed process, free of undue pressure. We’ll assess your skills, answer questions, and point you in the right direction. Before you know it, you’ll be officiating with Andre, our president! To hear more about the OVBABO’s structure and for information on getting involved, please contact OVBABO Interpreter and Training Officer, Mike Kim at We look forward to hearing from you! Interested individuals must attend the mandatory training sessions at beginning of season. Those prospective officials who pass the training program will be considered for OVBABO membership. Must be in good physical condition and have a suitable personality to deal with any emotional situations that may occur while officiating a basketball game. Commitment to make oneself available available for at least one game assignment per week during a timeslot which coincides with client demand for game coverage (4:00PM high school games, evenings, and/or weekends or early afternoon weekday high school games. Commitment to accept/carry out assignments as determined by the Assignor. Experience in officiating in general and/or participation in the game of basketball as a player, coach or official is preferred. Candidates must register at the Fall Meeting held each September. For more details contact our Interpreter and Training Officer. Prospective members will undergo compulsory training that will require some weekends and several evenings. Throughout October and November there are selected subject study nights. A written test must be taken in late November. Only prospective officials who pass the training program will be considered for OVBABO membership. New members will also be evaluated during OVBABO sponsored tournaments and periodically during regular games. Failure to progress in learning (or maintaining) the basic officiating skills or in dealing with elements of the game (physical or emotional) could lead to release from OVBABO. OVBABO has updated their policy as of the 2017-2018 season to accept members under the age of 18 to join our association. Officiating is a great way to be or stay involved in basketball, meet new mentors and officials, and make some additional money. We will guide your development in association with one of the youth leagues (i.e. Nepean Blue Devils, GCBA, KYBA and/or Goulbourn – see the links in Links and Partners section) and elementary/club ball games. It is a great place to start your referee career, learn the fundamentals and gain useful experience as a basketball official. Please see our Board Meetings page." } ]
[ { "question": "Any ideas?", "answer": "I would like implement it with Reactive Extensions, but if it's better to use another strategy, I would stick to it! Thanks!! I don't think using Rx makes sense here, unless you can rewrite your method into something like public IObservable<int> Add(IObservable<Tuple<int, int>> values), as suggested by Enigmativity in a comment." } ]
[ { "question": "1Can you get me a job in my profession?", "answer": "Your success in finding a job will be dependent on a number of factors. If we think we can’t help you, we will tell you before you purchase any of our services. Our services will dramatically enhance your ability to find professional employment." }, { "question": "2How is OBP Australia different from other programs designed to assist skilled migrants?", "answer": "OBP Australia is a service, not a course. You have access to forums, workshops & webinars and one-to-one support tailored to your needs." }, { "question": "4How much support can I get?", "answer": "Each of our service packages is designed to give you as much support as you need. As part of the initial consultation, we will help you to select the most appropriate service for your needs. 5I hope to get a job quickly." }, { "question": "Why does the Premium Package offer support for 12 months?", "answer": "Hopefully it won’t take 12 months to get a job, but it may take longer than you think. The 12 month period is there just in case it does take that long. Also, even after you obtain employment, you can still receive support until the end of the 12 month period. Post-employment support may consist of advice regarding Australian workplace culture, professional communication skills, career advancement, etc. We check to see how you are going in your new role." }, { "question": "6Is the service provided online or face-to-face?", "answer": "Both. The OBP Australia office is in Melbourne, and you are welcome to make an appointment and come in if it is convenient for you. You can access our services from anywhere in the world. We have services for those already in Australia and for those planning to come." }, { "question": "7Why do I need to do an unpaid industry placement if I already have international experience?", "answer": "You may not need to do an industry placement, but it is good to keep an open mind. Unfortunately, many overseas born professionals find it difficult to secure employment without local industry contacts." }, { "question": "8Why do I need insurance to do an industry placement?", "answer": "Australian employees automatically have insurance by law. If you are undertaking an unpaid placement, you are not considered an employee; therefore you will need to have your own insurance. We will advise you on how to obtain insurance and liaise with the employer to explain the arrangements." }, { "question": "9Is the cost of insurance included in the $990 Premium service fee?", "answer": "No, you will be required to pay an additional fee for insurance cover. The premium cost could range from $130 - $220 depending on the duration, type of placement and Australian State in which the placement is undertaken." }, { "question": "10What is the duration of an unpaid industry placement?", "answer": "It is a requirement for the placement to have an end date. You want paid employment, not to be in an unpaid arrangement indefinitely. We would suggest a placement should not exceed 3 weeks." }, { "question": "11Will OBP Australia introduce me to recruiters?", "answer": "Not generally. We encourage communication directly with employers. We can introduce you to professionals from your industry with whom you can speak regarding employment opportunities or industry placement. We believe in the direct approach. If we are aware of a recruiter who is able to set up an interview or introduce you to an employer, we will be happy to refer you." }, { "question": "12Does OBP Australia receive a commission from the employer if I am offered a contract by the host employer?", "answer": "No. There is no cost to the employer for hosting a placement. This is one of the reasons employers find the placement proposal appealing." }, { "question": "13Can I organise a work placement from overseas?", "answer": "No. However, you can do much of the preparation required by researching relevant companies/ organisations, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to secure a work placement. By attending webinars you will learn how to identify suitable employers." }, { "question": "14Can you help me find unskilled paid work to help me pay the bills while I am looking for professional employment?", "answer": "We can advise you on where you may find such work, but it is not our main role. The service is designed to assist you in the transition to professional employment in Australia." }, { "question": "16Can you guarantee that I will be able to do an unpaid industry placement?", "answer": "No. If you have good international experience and your skills are in demand, you should be able to find a placement if you follow our advice. Fresh graduates or those with limited experience may have more difficulty in securing an industry placement." }, { "question": "17Will I get a job after the industry placement?", "answer": "There is no obligation for the employer to offer you a job at the end of the placement, nor should you have an expectation that you will be offered a job. However, many employers use the placement period to observe your performance and are welcome to offer you a contract. Employers may see you as a prospective applicant for upcoming opportunities, using the placement process to supplement their existing recruitment process." }, { "question": "18Why should I do a placement if there is no guarantee of a job?", "answer": "The placement will provide important local experience which is highly valued in Australia. If you are not offered employment by the host employer, you would hope to get a local referee who can vouch for you when applying for jobs." }, { "question": "19Can I access OBP Australia services if I am not a permanent resident?", "answer": "Yes, but your visa subclass may influence your ability to find a placement or paid work. We can discuss this with you before you decide to use our services." }, { "question": "20Can I get a job in Australia if I don’t have Permanent Residency (PR)?", "answer": "Yes, as long as you have working rights. Some employers may prefer applicants with PR." }, { "question": "21How do I find an industry placement?", "answer": "We will take you through the process which begins with you identifying the actual companies you’d like to target. There are several ways to obtain a placement, but you can do the background work now by researching your industry in Australia. We deliver a webinar to prepare you before you arrive in the country." }, { "question": "22Do you assist with immigration matters?", "answer": "No, you need to seek advice from a registered migration agent or the Department of Immigration. OBP Australia can refer you to a migration agent." } ]
[ { "question": "Which skin conditions benefit from microdermabrasion?", "answer": "The above all benefit from microdermabrasion. For more severe forms of these conditions microdermabrasion can be combined with other treatments such as Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to reduce pigmentation, fractionated laser for acne scarring and premature ageing, derma-pen for open pores and to improve skin texture and tone and medical grade skin peels combined with home care to improve the overall health of your skin and to maintain your complexion. A consultation is required prior to treatment. With so many options available, the correct treatment for your skin and condition must be chosen. It is important for you to realize that your skin will be more sensitive to sun exposure after microdermabrasion so sunscreens are a must. A microdermabrasion is a great way to begin a series of skin treatments as the exfoliation and hydration that it provides will allow for better penetration of home care products. In addition, your skin will be healthier and respond better to other skin treatments if these are required. A microdermabrasion treatment generally takes half an hour to an hour depending on what peels are applied. The time between microdermabrasion treatments varies depending on which machine is used and can vary from 2-4 weeks. The DermaSweep MD microdermabrasion system is not uncomfortable and most of our patients find it relaxing. You can expect your skin to feel a little tighter and look a little flushed after your treatment. One benefit of microdermabrasion is it is safe to use on all skin types. It can be done on the day of consultation as pre conditioning of the skin with other products is not a requirement. As the DermaSweep MD microdermabrasion treatment is not painful, no anaesthetic is required. Downtime is minimal – you can expect your skin to be slightly flushed for a few hours after a treatment. For the above, microdermabrasion is not an appropriate or suitable treatment. For patients with rosacea we recommend a series of Vitamin C and Vitamin A peels as these peels strengthen the capillary network and prevent the capillaries from migrating to the surface where they produce the red colour. These peels can be combined with a series of IPL skin rejuvenation treatments which will remove unwanted capillaries and reduce skin flushing. We recommend that you use appropriate medical skin care products at home to maintain the results achieved." } ]