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[ { "question": "Will I have liability protection while I am volunteering?", "answer": "The Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) is Wisconsin's initiative to pre-register, manage, and mobilize clinical and non-clinical volunteers to help in responding to all types of disasters. The volunteer management system is part of a nation-wide effort to make sure that volunteer professionals can be quickly identified and their credentials checked so that they can be properly utilized in response to a public health emergency or disaster. WEAVR is coordinated administratively by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Public Health Emergency Preparedness Section (PHEP). WEAVR is Wisconsin's Emergency System for Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP), part of a national initiative to form an interoperable emergency health volunteer network. WEAVR collects and maintains information pertaining to health professional volunteers such as contact information, licensure, credentials, training history, response experience and skills. It also serves as the system for identifying, activating, and deploying volunteers during disasters. WEAVR also functions as a communication tool for providing volunteers with information about training and exercises. Recent experience with large scale disasters has consistently shown that an effective response requires that volunteers be pre-credentialed and deployed through a coordinated effort. Well meaning but unaffiliated volunteers who spontaneously present to disaster sites are often unable to be assigned. With limited time and resources to process volunteers, often only those with known credentials are permitted access to the disaster response. By registering with WEAVR, you can be part of an alert system and respond, when activated, to a significant disaster or public health emergency. WEAVR serves to improve volunteer coordination during an emergency. You, your local volunteer program administrator, specified staff at the PHEP, and the vendor contracted to maintain the Site and its services will have access to the data. Anyone with access to the data will be trained in proper security and privacy procedures. Your information will be contained within a central, secure database administered by PHEP. Your information will ONLY be used to engage you in activities related to your local volunteer program or WEAVR, including recruitment for participation in a disaster drill or exercise, to provide you with program information or to request your assistance at the time of a large-scale disaster or public health emergency. PHEP will not sell or otherwise provide information to anyone else without your written consent. Most emergencies occur locally and on a smaller scale. Therefore, it is important that local organizations have their own volunteer base. To be a volunteer locally for a particular MRC, you will need to sign up with that unit and register with WEAVR. Registering with WEAVR will allow you to indicate that you are registered as a volunteer locally. Registering locally will provide you opportunities to participate in additional training and exercises, and perform non-emergency volunteer roles locally. Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is part of a nationwide initiative to pre-register, manage, and mobilize volunteers to help their communities respond to all types of disasters. MRC units also help to foster disaster preparedness on a local level and serve as Ambassadors to the Office of the United States Surgeon General in the implementation of the Surgeon General's Health Initiatives. MRCs serve to unite local health professionals and other individuals with relevant health-related skills in their community. The structure of each MRC unit varies, depending on its own unique requirements and on the needs of the people and community that it serves and will aid the local, existing community emergency medical response systems. To obtain more information regarding a MRC program, or to locate a MRC unit in your area, you may access their website at Anyone can volunteer. PHEP is currently placing emphasis on the recruitment of licensed medical and healthcare volunteers that will satisfy clinical needs and provide surge capacity for public health emergencies. However, non-medical professionals who wish to volunteer for health-related missions are welcomed and are encouraged to register. There will be a need for volunteers with all types of skills and expertise, such as those who are skilled in: interpretation (languages and hearing impaired); administration; transportation training; provision of day care; security; computers; clerical work; data entry; and construction. PHEP values all volunteers, even if you have no specific qualifications other than the willingness to help. If you are a non-medical volunteer and wish to join a more general (not health-related) registry, please visit We Volunteer. You must first register with the program at Your local program administrator for your area may contact you about their expectations for participation. If and when activation becomes necessary, you will be contacted through the system and asked about your availability. All volunteers can accept or refuse a request for help. No matter what the extent of the need is, these are voluntary deployments and you are not required to participate. If you have questions about WEAVR, contact your local program administrator, or use the WEAVR website to contact us. Your local program administrator will contact you for training opportunities, or any requirements for participation. PHEP provides training to volunteers on a variety of emergency related topics via TRAIN Wisconsin. These trainings will be provided through volunteer symposia, live webcasts/broadcasts, local, area and state conferences, and printed or electronic materials. When you as a volunteer are asked to deploy, just-in-time training will be provided to prepare you with what can be expected, and what you need to know to help out and keep yourself safe. Although WEAVR members are needed to respond to disasters or emergencies, you may be asked to volunteer for a non-emergency event, such as local preparedness exercises. If you join a MRC you may be asked to volunteer for non-emergency public health community events as an Ambassador of the Office of the Surgeon General. Requests for volunteers will be sent through WEAVR via emails and text messages using the contact information that was entered into the system. In the event that you are contacted by the system, you will receive necessary information relative to the event. Therefore, please be sure that the information you give is accurate and up-to-date and any time you have a change in your information, please login and update the information. Additionally, DHS will post critical information in appropriate areas on its website during an event. MRC unit members will be contacted by their coordinator. In the event of a high level (urgent) alert to WEAVR members, an alerting system may be utilized that includes phone calls/messages. All volunteers have responsibilities that must be met before they can respond to a callout; whether it is your family, job, local MRC, local fire department, DMAT or other group or organization. You will need to decide for yourself what commitments you can make and what your preference is for deployment, which you will be able to designate in the system. Prior to accepting deployment, you should check with others and obtain any needed consent from your employer if deployment would interfere with your work schedule. Absolutely! PHEP recognizes the value of retired medical personnel for their wealth of knowledge and experience. Retired healthcare professionals are more likely to be available during a public health emergency, as currently licensed and employed professional may be needed at their place of employment during a disaster. Yes, out-of-state volunteers are accepted in the system. Currently, however, PHEP is only verifying in-state licenses. Due to the inability of PHEP to verify your medical license, you may be approved as a non-medical group member. If you are interested in joining a different state's registry, please visit ESAR-VHP. Recent disasters including the May 2011 Joplin, Missouri Tornado have shown that many well-meaning health professionals may sign up during a health emergency in the state where a disaster is taking place; due to the national nature of ESAR-VHP programs, we ask that you volunteer with the state registry where you work or reside. Out-of-state registries will be called for assistance if local resources are insufficient. When you register, you will have the opportunity to enter information about your particular training, expertise, certifications, etc. At the time of deployment, this information will be considered by those coordinating the deployment. Efforts will be made to match skills with needs. You can help ensure the proper match by keeping the information about your own competencies and certifications up-to-date in the system. You can expect that you will be asked to perform tasks that are consistent with and not to exceed your level of licensure; sometimes healthcare professionals may be assigned to tasks that are less challenging than their usual professional activities, including non-medical and general tasks, during emergencies. Efforts will be made to schedule volunteers close to their communities when possible. You may be contacted when outside assistance is needed in other locations throughout Wisconsin during statewide emergencies. Volunteers may also be asked to assist in other states throughout the nation and during federal emergencies. Deployment will vary depending on the event and volunteers may decline to participate in any event. Volunteers who do accept an out of state or federal assignment may be asked to provide additional information in the registry. MRC unit members are generally deployed to their local jurisdiction; however they may be called upon for regional or statewide response efforts. All volunteers must provide valid government or employer issued photo identification. Those working in a professional capacity will also have to provide their current professional license. No prior vaccinations are required for volunteers. However, in the event of certain emergencies (e.g., pandemic influenza, bioterrorism) where a medical countermeasure is available you may receive the countermeasure if needed. MRC unit members may be required to have certain vaccinations; please check with your unit coordinator. Wisconsin law, \"Chapter 257 Emergency Volunteer Health Care Practitioners\" provides liability protection and workers compensation for volunteers under the following circumstances. The services are provided on behalf of a health care facility or mass clinic or at the request of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or a local health department. The practitioner is not compensated by the health care facility, mass clinic, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, or local health department (except for travel, lodging, or meals). The practitioner is registered in the electronic system (known as \"WEAVR\") established by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or first registers in writing with the health care facility or mass clinic. Reckless, wanton, or intentional misconduct is not covered. The services provided by the health care practitioner must occur during a state of emergency in the geographic area in which the state of emergency applies and on behalf of a health care facility or mass clinic, or at the request of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or a local health department. For non licensed volunteers, please see the information about Volunteer Liability in the State of Wisconsin." } ]
[ { "question": "WHAT IS THE DATE/TIME OF THE ARIZONA BRIDAL SHOW?", "answer": "The Arizona Bridal Show will take place on June 2nd, 2019. The hours are from 9am to 3pm." }, { "question": "WHERE DOES THE ARIZONA BRIDAL SHOW TAKE PLACE?", "answer": "The Arizona Bridal Show will be at the Phoenix Convention Center South Building located at 100 N 3rd Street off of I-10 in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, AZ. CLICK HERE for directions to the Phoenix Convention Center." }, { "question": "ARE THE TICKETS GOOD FOR BOTH DAYS?", "answer": "Only our January show is two days. Our June show is on Sunday only. Each ticket is good for one day. Once a ticket is scanned, it cannot be used again. If you take advantage of our 2-for-1 ticket sale, you may use one ticket for Saturday and one ticket for Sunday OR you may split your tickets between two people for one day for each person." }, { "question": "WHO ATTENDS THE ARIZONA BRIDAL SHOW?", "answer": "The Arizona Bridal Show attracts a large, qualified audience of young adults, ready to buy and eager to learn about the latest products and services for their weddings. MY COMPANY WANTS TO EXHIBIT AT THIS YEAR’S SHOW." }, { "question": "HOW DO WE SIGN UP?", "answer": "Fill out the Exhibitor Information Form HERE to get more information on exhibiting at the Arizona Bridal Show." }, { "question": "WHAT TYPES OF BUSINESSES EXHIBIT AT THE ARIZONA BRIDAL SHOW?", "answer": "The Arizona Bridal Show features wedding professionals and businesses in a variety of categories. CLICK HERE to view the exhibitor directory. Children 10 and under do not need a ticket. Their admission is free. There are various parking garages and street parking available around the convention center. Prices will vary per lot." } ]
[ { "question": "What if an item is unavailable after ordering?", "answer": "Occasionally certain items may be unavailable. While we may not a have time frame for when specific product will be received from our suppliers, know that we want you to be able to make your purchase. We follow up with our suppliers regularly so our Customer Loyalty Team will notify you via your email confirmation if there is any change to your order status. Also, we will make every effort to suggest alternative products that may meet your expectations." }, { "question": "How come I only received part of my order?", "answer": "We make every effort to ship complete orders. If one of the products ordered is out of stock, we will contact you to see if you wish to receive a partial shipment while we work with our suppliers to obtain your out of stock product." }, { "question": "What if incorrect product is received?", "answer": "If incorrect product has been shipped, we will issue a store credit upon receipt of the product at our Toronto location. Please see “locations and hours” for exact address. This store credit will be applied to your account but will not show up on your online account information. Before returning an item to Figure Skating Boutique, please verify that it is a qualifying return. All products must be returned in the condition you received them. That is, all products must be returned in a new or unused condition with all original materials including but not limited to clothing tags and in a water-sealed package before placing the product in an envelope or box to be shipped. All product must be returned within 15 days of purchase. Returned products that are deemed by Figure Skating Boutique to be in a non-returnable condition will be declined and returned to you. We believe that every customer has received the best service possible to enable them to make an informed buying decision. If the product was specifically ordered for you, we need to take a 10% re-stocking fee. If the product is something that we regularly carry at our stores and the product has not shipped, you may modify or cancel the order. All orders must be modified or cancelled before the product has been shipped. Please check your order status before cancelling the order. Please call 1-877-236-1377 and ask for our Customer Loyalty team to cancel the order. I found an item online, but my size is unavailable." }, { "question": "Will it be back in stock?", "answer": "Finding your favourite product and seeing that it is out of stock is not a fun experience. However, not all items that sell out will be replenished by our suppliers. You can contact our Customer Loyalty Team at 1-877-236-1377 to check availability. Products that will not be coming back in stock, meaning they're discontinued, will be removed from the storefront, after a period of inactivity or we are out of stock." }, { "question": "Is it possible to save items in my shopping bag?", "answer": "You are able to save items in your shopping bag once you have logged into your account on the site. However, we do not recommend holding items in your shopping cart too long. Once an item sells out, the item will be unavailable at check out." }, { "question": "What are the Figure Skating Boutique's online payment options?", "answer": "We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa and MasterCard). We have gift cards to suit everybody and every budget." }, { "question": "May I buy a loyalty card/Podium card online?", "answer": "New Podium Cards are available to purchase online. To renew your existing Podium Card, call our Customer Loyalty Team at 1-877-236-1377, or send an email to Please have your existing card number ready. Your credit card will be authorized for the entire amount of the order at the time of purchase. If your order payment has been successfully authorized by your Credit Card Company and confirmation of inventory in our Toronto location has been completed, all orders placed Monday-Friday before 3 PM EST will be processed next day, pending any unexpected delays. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be processed on the next business day." }, { "question": "When will orders be shipped?", "answer": "Once inventory is in stock, we will ship the product within two business day. For shipments within Canada, please allow an additional 3-7 business days for the carrier to get the product to your specific location. International shipments will be quoted before we process the order. From our home page, click on “My Account”, and then “Forgot Password”. Enter the e-mail address you used to register. We will e-mail you a link to “reset password”. If you continue to have issues please call our Customer Loyalty Team at 1-877-236-1877. You can log into ‘My Account” and change your information at any time. I keep getting an error page." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "Please call our Customer Loyalty Team at 1-877-236-1877, or send an email toi and be ready to provide them with the error number or description listed on the error page as well as what you were viewing. A common reason for a card being declined is that your billing address entered does not exactly match the billing address that your card company has on file. Your card company may decline your transaction due to other reasons as well. Please contact your card company for further assistance." } ]
[ { "question": "Home » Frequently asked Questions on Health » How to treat a stone in the pancreatic duct?", "answer": "Q: I sometimes get a feeling of a kind of pain/irritation at the right lower side of my abdomen for more than 2 years now. I am working in Middle East. During my vacation in India, I met several doctors who advised an ultrasound scan and a CT scan. I also met a Gastroenterologist with my reports who said that there is a stone causing a chronic block in my pancreas duct and removal of it is required by a “serious surgery” for which I have to take 2 months leave. Note: Whenever I eat chicken, I pass blood in my stool." }, { "question": "Could you please advise me regarding any latest treatment (without serious surgery) to remove the stone?", "answer": "A:If the diagnosis of a stone in the pancreatic duct is confirmed, and if it is causing pain, there is no alternative to having it removed. Depending on the size of the stone and its exact position, it may be possible to take it out endoscopically without an open operation. Otherwise the choice is surgery alone." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: How can parents best check on the well-being and academic status of their student?", "answer": "A: Parents can have many questions and concerns about the well-being of their student as they begin a more independent lifestyle and live away from home. Please know ICC welcomes parents to contact staff regarding any questions or concerns. A full contact list can be found in the ICC Staff & Faculty Directory. Please note: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevent ICC from answering certain questions regarding student information. Please see here for more information about FERPA laws. Be sure you and your child have signed a FERPA Release Form, so that ICC can legally disclose specific information about your child." }, { "question": "Q: Is there an electronic \"one-stop shop\" for financial aid applications, statuses, and disbursement history?", "answer": "A: Yes! Make sure to set-up your account and log into the Online Financial Aid System. See below for instructions and steps on setting up your account!" } ]
[ { "question": "What does brouillon d’ecriture mean?", "answer": "Brouillon d’ecriture is French for “draft writing”. I was able to find this name to be quite fitting for the title of my website. While posting my writing drafts and personal snippets of thought on a website was good enough, I needed to think of a fitting name, and what more appropriate than to name it brouillon d’ecriture. This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get haha. 2." }, { "question": "What sort of writings will I find on this site?", "answer": "This space I have intended to be a draft space for me to share my ideas, keep notes, and receive feedback. With plans to write a book on travel in the future, here you will find all sorts of my writing passages that relate to travel, lifestyle, leisure, and fashion. I will be sharing works of others as well as writing reviews from time to time. Over all, this will be mostly personal writing drafts that will be used to compile a book in the future. 3." }, { "question": "How do I get in touch for more information?", "answer": "If you have any questions or comments, you can check out my contact page and fill out the form over there. I am always looking for feedback on my writing and would love to hear from you about it." } ]
[ { "question": "Question: Why do some Texas counties have hospital districts while others don’t?", "answer": "Answer: Chapter 61 of the Texas Health and Safety Code Charter requires counties to provide health care to eligible residents who are considered indigent. The Tarrant County Commissioners Court created the Tarrant County Hospital District (dba JPS Health Network) in 1959 to give sound financial footing to the City-County Hospital constructed in 1938 on land donated by John Peter Smith. Other Texas counties fulfill the statutory requirement through creation of a public hospital or a county indigent health care program." }, { "question": "Question: Does JPS provide care for only poor people?", "answer": "Answer: No. While JPS Health Network is proud to provide quality health care in an efficient and cost-effective way to our community’s most vulnerable residents, it accepts commercial payors. JPS also provides the county’s only Level 1 Trauma and psychiatric emergency care. Our responsibility is to serve Tarrant County’s population health needs, regardless of payer source." }, { "question": "Question: What’s the benefit of a county health care system vs. just a public hospital or paying private hospitals to care for the poor?", "answer": "Answer: Providing services that allow patients to access care in the appropriate setting is a more cost-effective way of delivering health care. JPS offers inpatient acute care, primary and specialty outpatient clinics, school-based health centers, and medical and psychiatric emergency care. Other hospitals might treat someone who arrives in the emergency room episodically; JPS is equipped to provide integrated services across the continuum of care." }, { "question": "Question: Who makes the policy decisions for the Hospital District and how are those people selected to serve?", "answer": "Answer: Members of the Tarrant County Hospital District Board of Managers are selected by the four elected county commissioners and the county judge." }, { "question": "How did JPS Health Network identify what Tarrant County’s future health care needs are?", "answer": "Answer: JPS has already invested almost seven years in the planning process. The original study seeking assistance in developing a strategic facilities plan began in 2009. The resulting plan comprehensively addressed the current and future needs of a dynamic, diverse and growing community in light of aging buildings, a rapidly changing health care environment, technology advancements and increasing academic demands. JPS conducted empirical, objective analysis of community health needs in 2010 and 2013 that included demographic assessment, health status needs indicators, health services used, clinic capacity and wait times. All work previously completed was necessary to prepare for the long-range planning process currently underway, to address future need, capacity and delivery of care for Tarrant County residents." }, { "question": "Question: Where do we find copies of the needs assessment?", "answer": "Question: In previous presentation, JPS stated that the current method of delivering services is inefficient." }, { "question": "Who’s to blame?", "answer": "Answer: Incremental additions to a building whose core was constructed in the late 1930s has resulted in a situation in which continual patchwork improvements are costly and ineffective. Since that time, the Tarrant County population has experienced aggressive growth, and necessary expansions have led to challenging and inefficient adjacencies that no longer perform, -- given the changes in health care. Evolving health care needs and technology changes, increased demand triggered by population growth and the need to enhance efficiency and patient satisfaction in order to maximize reimbursements requires a master plan for major facility and service improvements." }, { "question": "Question: What has JPS done thus far to improve efficiencies?", "answer": "Answer: For the past several years, JPS Health Network has been building a culture of continual process improvement through the use of lean/Six Sigma performance projects. Efficiencies include, but are not limited to, the development of the JPS Medical Home Southeast Tarrant, which consolidated five outpatient clinics into one centrally located facility; a split flow entrance to the Emergency Department, where patients are quickly triaged and those determined to need urgent care are redirected to the appropriate location; and relocating invasive labs to the east side of South Main Street, close to the Emergency Department, Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Unit." }, { "question": "Question: JPS stated that it want to reduce the average length of stay (LOS) What impacts average LOS?", "answer": "Answer: Numerous issues impact average LOS, including acuity, co-morbidity, quality of care and the ability for discharged patients to be placed in appropriate care outside of the hospital setting in a timely manner. Our goal, just like all other acute care hospitals, is to provide the appropriate level of care while reducing average LOS. It is difficult to find private health care facilities willing to take patients, particularly when we are seeking long-term care and skilled nursing facilities for patients who may not come with financial reimbursement." }, { "question": "Question: Has the County looked at contracting with private hospitals to care for indigent patients?", "answer": "Answer: The JPS Health Network has and will continue to collaborate with community partners to provide the best health care possible for Tarrant County residents in the most cost-effective manner. Through behavioral health initiatives, homelessness issues and leadership in the 1115 Texas Medicaid Waiver, JPS has demonstrated its willingness and ability to partner and collaborate with health care colleagues. When JPS can’t meet the needs of the underserved, it puts a burden on other public and private institutions and agencies, such as law enforcement, emergency medical technicians and fire personnel. JPS is uniquely equipped to handle the acuity and co-morbidities of the county’s diverse and expanding population. JPS outsources several operations – certain physician and medical services, the gift shop, outpatient pharmacy, environmental services and legal services. Additionally, JPS outsources inpatient behavioral health patients when JPS is at capacity. Unfortunately, it is at a cost higher than what it would cost to provide services at JPS. Private health care providers, which have to meet certain profitability margins, are often unable to care for JPS patients at a cost lower than what JPS is able to do." }, { "question": "Is it true that JPS is fully funded by Tarrant County tax dollars?", "answer": "Answer: No. JPS only receives about 40 percent of our funding from Tarrant County taxpayers. However, JPS revenues also come from two other sources in approximately the following proportions: commercial insurance and other payers -- including Medicare and Medicaid (40 percent) and other federal performance-based supplemental reimbursements (20 percent)." } ]
[ { "question": "How should you choose your display company?", "answer": "When choosing a display company it is essential to ensure each company you are considering has the requirements that will both create an amazing show, and keep your setting and guests safe. This includes extensive experience, registration with U.S.D.O.T., hazardous material transportation certification, motor vehicle insurance, and licensure. We aren't the only ones that meet these standards, and we have a lot of respect for our competitors and their skill. We pride ourselves in being industry leaders. We are fully dedicated to fireworks, rather than seeing creating displays as a hobby or a side job. This can result in a limited inventory and dangerously limited experience. We have over 5 generations of experience and carry 5 million dollar insurance policies, as well as worker's compensation. Not all companies have actual Master Pyrotechnicians on staff. We have 2 Master Pyrotechnicians, in addition to over 20 certified pyrotechnicians, on staff to create the most incredible results for your display. Our normal service area is within the State of New York and the surrounding states; including, Connecticut and Rhode Island." }, { "question": "How can you become a pyrotechnician?", "answer": "There is no specific education required to become a pyrotechnician. However, to be certified in New York State as a pyrotechnician, you must be at least 21, pass an exam and have at least 3 years experience. We are always looking for people with a passion for fireworks to join our team and to learn the art and craft of fireworks. If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach you as a pyrotechnician's assistant (must be at least 18) until you are ready and have enough experience to become a certified pyrotechnician. Pyrotechnicians have a deep and extensive understanding of all things fireworks, and are capable of utilizing all types of fireworks products as well as choreographing effective shows. Pyrotechnicians also have a full understanding of laws and regulations related to firework displays. We do not sell any types of fireworks to the public. We will ony sell to companies with both State and Federal licensure." }, { "question": "Can we put on a display at your home?", "answer": "Absolutely. If you have enough space and can obtain the proper permitting from the local authorities, we are happy to give you a show at your home." }, { "question": "How can your show be special?", "answer": "Every fireworks display is unique. We have many options for creating a special show just for your event, such as, using heart shapes for your wedding or coordinating the colors of the blasts to your school colors. Let us help you create something memorable." }, { "question": "Can we create musical displays?", "answer": "Yes. We utilize computerized precision timing to choreograph and shoot displays coordinated to music. Prices for these shows start at $15000. For a less expensive approach, we can work with your DJ or sound technician to create very simple choreography. Pricing for these packages will vary. If you have a large crowd to entertain, or want to add something truly unique and special to your event, choose fireworks and make memories that will last. If you have more questions about our services, give us a call and we'll be happy to help." } ]
[ { "question": "Will I have electricity in my tent?", "answer": "There is no electricity throughout the Camp, which is so magical! Solar pathway lighting will allow you the opportunity to take in a 1,000 star hotel room! The Milky Way is phenomenal from our location. That said, your tent will come equipped with lanterns for an evening glow and the bathroom trailer is lit all night. A charging station is available in reception for the electronics you absolutely cannot live without." }, { "question": "How far are you from the park?", "answer": "Yellowstone under Canvas is located roughly 6 miles west of West Yellowstone on highway 20. This means that you can be at the west entrance of Yellowstone within 10 – 15 minutes. In fact, we’re close enough to Yellowstone that as guests you will enjoy views of the mountains in the Park from the camp & restaurant. Remember that Yellowstone is both a wild habitat and a well known destination, so at times there can be crowds. We do our best to pick times that are not overly crowded and with good weather to avoid the largest crowds." }, { "question": "Are bears going to be a problem?", "answer": "Yellowstone is known for its amazing wildlife and you have great chances of seeing a variety of animals and birds from the camp. Bears of course are amazing to watch but are dangerous if they are too close. The camp has a strict no food policy so as not to attract bears into the camp. In order to ensure our guests are safe a member of staff will be on site at all times should there be any problems. The safety of our guests is our utmost priority so you can relax in the safety and beauty of the camp without worry. West Yellowstone is a small mountain community at an elevation of nearly 6,700 feet. This makes for unpredictable weather that keeps everyone (even the locals) guessing. Occasionally, in a very dry summer, the area is put on a fire ban and fires are not permitted. Our best advice for folks traveling through the area is to be prepared for anything and dress in layers because a 30 degree morning just might turn into a 70 degree afternoon. It does always get cold at night so do come prepared with warm sleeping clothes and a good coat!" }, { "question": "How do I prepare for my yoga retreat in Yellowstone?", "answer": "Please be prepared for cool days and cold evenings – bring comfortable, warm layers and be open and flexible for all weather variabilities! There are wood burning stoves in the tents to keep cozy. Here is our general retreat packing list, but don’t forget: your yoga mat/props, comfortable hiking shoes, warm layers, yoga clothes, reusable water bottle, sun protection, camera/phone/chargers, flashlight/headlamp, day pack, outfit that can get wet while rafting and swimsuit just in case. Towels and bedding are provided. Beer/wine are available for purchase, but you are welcome to BYOB. Yoga mat and any props you want!" } ]
[ { "question": "When do I get my lab results?", "answer": "Patients will receive their lab results on their follow up visit, usually two weeks after labs are drawn. During this visit, patients will be given a complete breakdown of their labs by a qualified member of our Wellness Medicine team." }, { "question": "How do I get a referral to a specialist?", "answer": "We will discuss your health concern and ask about your medical history. A thorough examination will then follow. We may request specific lab tests to best determine the proper specialists for you. Based on the results of your examination, the provider will then refer you to a specialist that best fits your needs." }, { "question": "Who should I contact if I have a question regarding a bill?", "answer": "A list of insurance carriers and plans we can be found in the link below. Free Parking is available in front of our facility. Designed by Achieve Web Design, Inc." } ]
[ { "question": "How long do wood shake/cedar shake roofs last?", "answer": "Most high grade cedar shake roofs will last 20+ years with proper wood shake roof maintenance done every 2-4 years in Kansas. Depending on sun exposure (usually Southern exposure is the hardest on your wood roof) and year to year weather conditions your maintenance plan will vary." }, { "question": "What would be considered proper maintenance for a wood shake roof?", "answer": "Wood shake shingles need to be inspected every 2 years or so after they have been on your house for 10 – 12 years. The wood shingles (especially on the southern slopes) will begin to show signs of deterioration from sun and rain. The wood will gray and even curl as a natural aging process, but thin spots called burn outs start to develop. You may be able to see the felt paper through these burn outs which will eventually lead to holes in the felt and a leak. An experienced wood shake repair professional can swap out these worn shingles for new ones restoring the weatherproofing ability of your roof. Your roof should be thoroughly inspected and all burn outs and problem split over split shingles replaced. You may have wood ridge cap coming off as well. These should be either refastened or replaced. Once you have done a maintenance repair, you shouldn’t have to worry about doing another for 2 – 3 years. One of the drawbacks of wood shakes is that even though you replace worn shingles today there are many more on their way to needing replacement." }, { "question": "How much does a wood shake repair job cost?", "answer": "The cost of the repair will vary with how bad your roof has gotten over the years. Shaded wood shake roofs tend to wear less than wood roofs that are fully exposed to the sun’s rays. The typical Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Mission or Leawood home in Johnson County Kansas can expect to need 3-5 bundles of new wood shakes replaced or 100-200 shingles. Depending on the danger/difficulty factor (how steep and high) of your roof will determine how much you will be charged per bundle. If your first maintenance repair is done correctly then the next ones will be less expensive." }, { "question": "What can I do to prevent these burn outs and splits to prevent the need for maintenance repairs?", "answer": "Unfortunately there isn’t a thing you can do to stop the deterioration happening everyday on your wood shake roof. Wood exposed to sun and water is going to wear away with time. Our extreme summers and winters here in Kansas and Missouri wreak havoc on wood roofs. Regular wood shake roof maintenance is the key to extending the useful life and preventing leaks." }, { "question": "What are the other problems with cedar wood shake roofs?", "answer": "As a former owner of a wood shake roof and experienced wood shake repair specialist, here are a few issues with them. They attract silverfish which eventually end up in your house. They dry out and become a fire hazard. Some insurance companies are denying insurance coverage for wood shake roofs." }, { "question": "How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth on a wood shake maintenance repair?", "answer": "We will take pictures of your roof and prepare a roof condition report to show you the damaged areas. When we’re finished repairing your cedar shakes we will show you repair pictures if you can’t see it from the ground. Reputable contractors will give you at least a 1 year warranty on their roof repair work. Our trained repair specialists at Safe Harbor Roofing & Siding are proud of their track record for fixing wood shake roofs right the first time. Our goal is to be your “go to roofing company” in the Shawnee, Kansas and Kansas City Metro area. We love referrals! Call us today for a no obligation inspection and roof condition report." } ]
[ { "question": "Is the Brady BBP 33 Label Printer Kit a standalone label printer?", "answer": "No, the Brady BBP 33 Label Printer Kit is a peripheral printer, meaning that it needs to be connected to a power outlet." }, { "question": "Where can I buy the Brady BBP 33 Label Printer Kit for Slide Labels?", "answer": "You can buy the Brady BBP 33 Label Printer Kit by clicking on the link above, or from sites like Megadepot and Amazon." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I get RunSocial?", "answer": "RunSocial is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. RunSocial can work with any treadmill whether in the home, gym or hotel. We can track your speed in different ways with or without extra hardware - see below for more info on tracking your run. We will be adding further exercise activities and outdoor capability. In the meantime, you can always just use manual control if you want to explore routes while on your bike or elliptical." }, { "question": "Can I use RunSocial outside?", "answer": "For now, RunSocial is designed for indoor running. You can enjoy RunSocial offline or online. You don’t need to be connected to have fun." } ]
[ { "question": "Why do I need my vehicle detailed?", "answer": "Your automobile probably spends most of the time outdoors. As a result, your car is exposed to sunlight and other environmental hazards including the sun, dirt, smog and acid rain, that over time will deteriorate your auto's paint finish. Dirt and grime rubbed in while washing and drying can also cause fine scratches that will eventually dull your autos surface. Detailing your auto will restore your cars finish by removing the imperfections in the paint followed by applying a quality carnauba wax that will restore your paints gloss and depth. A good coat of wax will also protect your vehicles surface from the elements, including sunlight, bugs and bird droppings. Detailing clay is a specific type of pliable material made for automotive finishes that is used to remove bonded contaminants that embed into a vehicle’s painted surfaces over time. Common contaminates include tar, paint overspray, industrial fallout, brake dust, and other airborne pollution. These contaminants can lead to premature paint failure if not removed. A normal wash cannot remove what detailing clay can. Claying is necessary step because it will ensure for a clean surface for a wax or sealant to bond to, maximizing its durability. Waxing a car that hasn’t been clayed is like putting a car cover on a dirty vehicle before washing it. A clayed surface is also necessary for polishing." }, { "question": "How do I know I my vehicle needs waxing?", "answer": "In order to maintain the shine and color of your vehicle it is a good idea to consistently wax a car on a regular basis." }, { "question": "But how often is too often, or not often enough?", "answer": "While a number of factors can dictate how often you want to wax there is one way to determine if you need a wax, perform a bead test. A bead test is simply done by splashing a small amount of water onto your vehicle, if the water beads in less than ½\" diameter beads you don't need to wax, if it doesn't then it is time to wax your vehicle." }, { "question": "How often should I wax?", "answer": "Generally it is a good idea to wax your vehicle once every three months. If your car is exposed to particularly harsh conditions you can wax more often. Harsh conditions include, excess rain, salt or snow or dirt. Typically cars in colder climates will require more waxing than those in warmer climates." }, { "question": "Are all waxes the same?", "answer": "No, not all car waxes are created equally. It is important to note that not all waxes, or cars for that matter, are created equally. Some newer synthetic waxes can last almost a year. In addition cars that have been consistently waxed for years on end will hold a shine and wax longer than those that are only occasionally waxed. Trial and error will probably be the best method to determine how long your particular car in combination with your wax will last before you need to re-wax." }, { "question": "Why should I have my engine bay detailed?", "answer": "Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. It may even be the reason you bought the car to begin with. You just had to have that big block muscle car or that turbo charged power wagon. You spend thousands of dollars over the course of your vehicle’s life servicing the fluids, maintaining the paint and interior, replacing the tires, and everything else involved with car ownership." }, { "question": "After years of ownership and tens of thousands of miles behind the wheel, what does your engine look like now?", "answer": "It's also a good selling point for your vehicle to have a very clean engine bay. Your one stop shop for all your automotive detailing and accessory needs in Vancouver Washington. The Ultimate Spa your Carz need!" } ]
[ { "question": "Q) What is the Display Size and resolution on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max?", "answer": "A) Samsung Galaxy J7 Max comes with a 5.7-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels) Full HD TFT IPS 2.5D curved glass display." }, { "question": "Q) Samsung Galaxy J7 Max supports Samsung Pay?", "answer": "A) No, but it supports Samsung Pay Mini which works with UPI and other wallets." } ]
[ { "question": "How simple is SugAsk to use?", "answer": "Very simple! Just login and ask your question. You can either request an answer by adding your email address, offer feedback or request an answer in a public forum." } ]
[ { "question": "How to create Intelligent Product Pages?", "answer": "To be able to create your Intelligent Product Pages, you have to create a new page and add a grid view of our recommendation boxes into any page in your store. If you have the old Intelligent Product Pages, access your Shopify Admin Panel > Online Store > Pages section where you need to delete the page(s) (Most Popular, New Arrivals, etc.) you have created for the Intelligent Product Pages. Add page(s) with title(s) of your choice but with the Template suffix “page” (ie. Best Sellers, Most Popular, New Arrivals, etc. Make sure to “Save” and “Publish” the changes you have made so that the updated pages appear on your live store." } ]
[ { "question": "Can I bring my Parents or Friends?", "answer": "Of course! I encourage you to bring someone that will help you relax and have fun. In fact, if you’re under 18, I insist that you bring someone. You may want to warn your guest because I often enlist parents/friends/siblings in holding reflectors or act goofy behind me. :) If you’d like to have some photos with your friends, you might be interested in the Friends Senior Portrait Session. Yes! Group / friends sessions can be a lot of fun and provide you with invaluable memories. These are separate from personal senior portrait sessions. Please contact us for details." }, { "question": "When is the best time of day for my Senior Portrait Session?", "answer": "The best time is usually first thing in the morning [are you an early bird?!] or a couple hours before sunset. However, any time of the day is fine. We do not offer hair or makeup, but we recommend clean makeup application with added emphasis on lips and eyelashes. Along with your change of clothes, I recommend bringing basic stuff like a brush, powder [yes, boys, you may want to bring some as well! ], lip gloss, etc. Your portrait sessions are all about you, so bring a couple different outfits that show off your personality and style. Solid colors and longer sleeves will help emphasize the face and are less distracting in photos. It’s also important that you are comfortable in your clothes. If you are not comfortable, it will show in your pictures. Girls - feel free to wear heels, but make sure you also bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Also bring any pets / props / instruments that are important to you." }, { "question": "I’ve seen some photos in Pinterest , can we try that?", "answer": "Absolutely! I love to see what my clients have in mind! Follow me on Pinterest, and I’ll follow you back if you have ideas there. You can email or text me photos as well. I love to see what photos you like! Two to three weeks after our Senior Session, I will invite you to your own personal Gallery where you can view all of the edited images. I will put a sneak peek image on Facebook and tag you [we have to be friends first!] and my blog. You can order two ways: through me [email or phone] or you can order directly through your personal Gallery. For some of the products such as Albums, Storyboards, and Cards, we will need to talk about [email/phone] the specific layout and photos that you want to use. Family or friends can also order through your password protected Gallery." }, { "question": "What is my personal gallery like?", "answer": "I will email you and let you know when it’s ready [usually 2-3 weeks after our Senior Session], and give you your password. Feel free to share the password with anyone you want. Your Gallery will be full of fully edited images from our Session. You’ll have 30 days to look over the pictures and place your order. After that time, your Gallery will expire, so don’t wait too long to check out your pictures! Reactivating your Gallery after the 30 days will cost $30." }, { "question": "What does “Copyright” mean and what am I allowed to do with my photos?", "answer": "Without getting too complicated, a copyright is the protection of “original works of authorship”. Basically, it means that if you create it, it’s yours. All of my work is copyrighted. If you’re not sure, just ask. Facebook is an awesome place to share photos! Please feel free to use any photos I put on Facebook [I’ll tag you] for your profile picture or wall. I just ask that you don’t crop out my watermark/copyright. Thanks! :) Please tag Kristina Ferrara Photography! I decided I want you to take my senior portraits." }, { "question": "Now what do I do?", "answer": "Great, I’m so excited! To schedule your Senior Session date and time, you can email me, or call me 410-588-7411. Contract must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned along with a non-refundable retainer fee within one week in order to hold your date. Talk to you soon!" } ]
[ { "question": "What are the trades covered by the Standards Based Apprenticeship?", "answer": "A person wishing to become an apprentice in one of the trades marked * must pass a SOLAS approved colour vision test." }, { "question": "What are the educational qualifications required to become an apprentice?", "answer": "The minimum educational qualifications necessary to become an apprentice are 5 D grades in the Junior Certificate examination or equivalent, or successfully complete an approved Pre-Apprenticeship course, or be over 16 years of age and have at least three years relevant work experience approved by SOLAS. However, some employers may specify higher educational qualifications. Yes – a person wishing to become an apprentice in one of the crafts marked with * above must pass the “Ishihara” Colour Vision Test 24 Plate Edition. job vacancies with registered individuals where possible. A minimum of 4 years. The only exception is for the trade of Print Media which is a minimum of 3 years. Apprenticeship generally comprises of seven phases, three off-the-job and four on-the-job. The only exceptions to the above are the Floor/Wall Tiling and Print Media apprenticeships, which have five phases, three on-the-job and two off-the-job training phases." }, { "question": "Can I select which Training Centre or Institute of Technology I attend?", "answer": "No. While every effort is made to accommodate apprentices close to home, this may not always be the case. Apprentices are scheduled on the longest waiting basis on the day of scheduling to the nearest available training location to their home address." }, { "question": "What happens if I don’t attend a Training Centre or Institute of Technology or College of Further Education when I am called?", "answer": "SOLAS strongly recommends apprentices to accept whatever offers are made to them as failure to accept such offers will have financial repercussions throughout your training. Failure to attend after three calls will result in your apprenticeship being automatically suspended." }, { "question": "If I fail my exams, can I repeat them?", "answer": "If you are referred (i.e have not met the required minimum standard in your assessments) you may repeat your exams on two more occasions, if necessary. However, failure in the final attempt will result in the termination of your apprenticeship. You may appeal the termination of your apprenticeship and if your appeal is successful, will be granted a final attempt." }, { "question": "What happens if my employer goes out of business or if I am made redundant during my apprenticeship?", "answer": "Every effort will be made by SOLAS/ETB to help you progress through your apprenticeship if you find yourself in this situation. You should contact your Training Adviser assigned to you when you were registered as an apprentice who will be able to offer you advice and assistance. No, however work experience gained abroad may be considered for accreditation towards time served. On successful completion of your apprenticeship, a Level 6 Advanced Certificate Craft is awarded. This is recognised Nationally and Internationally as the requirement for craftsperson status. You may further develop your career i.e. company-based, cross-skilling, up-skilling, management or self-employment." }, { "question": "If I lose my card/cert can I get a replacement?", "answer": "SOLAS can provide replacement cards. Application for a replacement card should be made to Apprenticeship Services. A fee will be charged for all replacements. QQI will issue a record of award to those who have misplaced their original certificate. The forms can be obtained from Apprenticeship Services." }, { "question": "I’ve worked in a trade for a number of years but wasn’t a registered apprentice, can this time be considered as part of my apprenticeship?", "answer": "SOLAS will consider applications for exemptions from the Standards-Based Apprenticeship programme for trade-related experience. However applicants must be registered as an apprentice before an application can be considered." }, { "question": "What if I have Special Requirements or require Learning Support?", "answer": "If you require additional learning supports in learning techniques, maths/science/drawing, practical work, you should log on to and go to eCollege or contact your local Training Centre, an Institute of Technology, local VEC, evening classes or seek private tuition." } ]
[ { "question": "Will InsideView comply with the GDPR when it becomes effective on May 25, 2018?", "answer": "Yes. InsideView follows privacy and security best practices and complies with applicable laws (both domestic and European) concerning all personal data that we process. We will adhere to all applicable privacy and security requirements of the GDPR. We have noted that the GDPR acknowledges that the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a ‘legitimate interest.’ We have undertaken a Legitimate Interests Assessment and we believe we can continue to collect (through publicly available sources) and share (with our customers and services distribution partners) Business Data, because it is within our legitimate business interests to do so and is not adverse to the privacy rights of the individuals concerned in the context of the GDPR." }, { "question": "How does InsideView protect its customers’ data?", "answer": "InsideView obtains names and business contact information directly from our customers, whether in connection with our business relationship with them (e.g., an Order Form or an email from our customer contact) or by taking in data that our customers provide to us (e.g. in connection with an email validation services request). We do not share this data with our other customers; this data is not comingled with our core database." }, { "question": "What type of personal data does InsideView provide?", "answer": "InsideView provides our customers with names, professional titles, and business contact information (“Business Data”) to help our customers locate and engage with other businesses (B2B data). We maintain a core database of Business Data that is derived from publicly-available sources (e.g., SEC website, company websites). Our offerings include providing this data to our customers. InsideView does not provide individual consumer contact information (no B2C data). InsideView does not process sensitive personal data and we do not process “special categories” of data as such term is used in the GDPR." }, { "question": "Will vendors that sub-process personal data on InsideView’s behalf also comply with GDPR?", "answer": "Yes. InsideView will maintain the necessary DPA (Data Processing Agreement) flow-downs from its vendors/sub-processors involved in sub-processing our personal data." }, { "question": "Does InsideView comply with ISO/IEC controls for privacy of personal data?", "answer": "Yes. InsideView will continue to maintain our compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, including ISO/IEC 27018 controls for privacy of personal data (see" } ]
[ { "question": "What is mystery shopping/secret shopping?", "answer": "Mystery shopping, or secret shopping, is a process by which Field Reps evaluate and report their experiences as a customer to help retail stores, restaurants and other businesses improve operations. Because field reps are anonymous to employees, the information they gather accurately reflects the experience of a “real” customer. Mystery Shops are either announced or unannounced and can be used to evaluate compliance with both brand/corporate standards and customer experience." }, { "question": "What is the difference between a mystery shopper, auditor, and a field rep?", "answer": "Mystery shoppers, auditors and field reps are one in the same: representatives of the ExpertFIELD FORCE. We call our “mystery shoppers” field reps because they receive instructions and resources necessary to give our clients the most powerful and accurate data in the industry. The field force is comprised of individuals with varying skill levels, enabling projects ranging from product retrievals to more technically-based projects." }, { "question": "What do field reps do?", "answer": "In addition to evaluating the customer experience, field reps may also evaluate facility standards such as cleanliness, signage, and merchandise condition. In many cases, field reps discreetly photograph and document conditions and make a small purchase to receive a receipt that validates the date and time of the visit. Data received by field reps can be leveraged for further analysis and insights, as part of the ExpertMARKETING service offering." }, { "question": "May I bring my children with me on my mystery shop/quality audit?", "answer": "Unless the client’s instructions for your assignment require you to bring a child you may not bring them along with you when completing your assignment. It is recommended that you review each individual assignment’s requirements prior to conducting a shop to prevent any potential issues." }, { "question": "What should I do after I complete an assignment?", "answer": "After completing an assignment, you will be asked to submit an Online Report of your findings. In these reports, you will answer a series of questions about your experience and provide written comments to support your answers. You are asked to simply report the facts of the mystery shop/quality audit and keep your feedback free of bias and personal opinion." }, { "question": "What types of payment options are offered?", "answer": "Within the United States, payment is offered for completed mystery shop assignments through both direct deposit (to checking or savings accounts) and payment via PayPal. For quality audit assignments, payment is made through checks." }, { "question": "How are Field Reps outside the United States paid?", "answer": "PayPal is utilized to pay Field Reps outside the United States for Mystery Shop assignments. If you live outside of the United States, you will be prompted to register for a PayPal account from your profile payment page. PayPal payments are processed on a weekly basis." }, { "question": "When will I be paid for completed mystery shops/quality audits?", "answer": "Payments are made on a weekly basis for both mystery shops and quality audits. All aspects of the mystery shop/quality audit, as outlined in the client’s instructional presentation and Job Information page, must be correctly performed. Once complete, the online report must be submitted by the due date." }, { "question": "How much will you get paid when completing a mystery shop/quality audit?", "answer": "The rate for each mystery shop/quality audit varies based on the requirements of an assignment. Mystery shop/quality audit commissions and reimbursements are always outlined in the Job Information or Project Details page." } ]
[ { "question": "Home » Love Channel » How to Get More Diamonds?", "answer": "You can use diamonds to buy songs and stories in Music and Stories sections. These sections are located in the left side menu." } ]
[ { "question": "How Do I Get My Omega-3 IQ?", "answer": "We’re currently only offering Omega-3 IQ as a prescription supplement. You can pick it up from your local pharmacy with a prescription from your physician. You or your physician can also request a sample through this site, or by getting in touch with us. 2." }, { "question": "How Often Should I Take Omega-3 IQ?", "answer": "You should consult with your physician on how much omega-3s you should take. Our standard dosage is one chewable softgel per day. 3. I’m An Adult Male." }, { "question": "Should I Take Omega-3 IQ?", "answer": "Yes! Maybe you’re thinking that, with a fully developed brain, you don’t need any of these brain “building blocks.” However, DHA turnover in the brain occurs constantly! This turnover is essential, as the DHA has been “damaged.” And if there isn’t enough fresh DHA around, your neurons will find other, less effective fatty acids to replace it with! 4. I’m An Adult Female (and not pregnant or nursing)." }, { "question": "Should I Take Omega-3 IQ?", "answer": "Technically, omega-3 fatty acids are not “essential.” We call a nutrient essential when it is required by our bodies but our bodies cannot synthesize it. By this definition, there is only one “essential” omega-3 fatty acid, ALA (α-Linolenic acid). Technically, all of the other omega-3s that our body requires can be synthesized from ALA. However, the efficiency of the human body in synthesizing these other fatty acids tends to be quite low. Adult men, in fact, tend to show no ability to synthesize DHA (a crucial omega-3 fatty acid) at all!" } ]
[ { "question": "How is Primed Billing different from other billing firms?", "answer": "We implement our practice management system to your practice, keeping in mind your conventional techniques and methodologies. We combine the various aspects of your practice to formulate a wholesome solution." }, { "question": "How can we send the charge/claim information to you?", "answer": "The preferable method to get the relevant information to us is by uploading your file to our HIPAA compliant cloud server or emailing it to us." }, { "question": "How quickly can we be up and running?", "answer": "Right away! If you have an established practice, we can transmit the first batch of claims within a week. In case, you are just starting off with a new practice, this will depend on your contracting with insurance companies." }, { "question": "How quickly can we get the reimbursement?", "answer": "Though there is no fixed time for this, most electronic payers pay within a span of 15 days of receiving the claim." }, { "question": "What is your average collection rate?", "answer": "We are proud to say that our average collection rate amounts to 95% which is defined by payment/charges. The adjustments majorly depend on the posted dates of the claims." }, { "question": "How do I know that you will be more effective than my existing office staff?", "answer": "Our motivation lies in the amount of money that is collected by you as we charge only on the collections that you make. So, our incentives and payments majorly depend on your claim collection which is why you can be rest assured of our effectiveness." }, { "question": "How do I know that my patient data is secure?", "answer": "Our methods of communication and solutions are HIPAA compliant and thus, a complete assurance of secured patient data." }, { "question": "How often are my claims processed?", "answer": "In case you provide us with charges on a daily basis, your claims will also be processed daily. Nevertheless all your charges will be processed within 2 business days of their receipt. All the checks, paper EOBs as well as money goes straight to your bank account." }, { "question": "How experienced are you in the medical specialty that I practice in?", "answer": "With an experience of more than 10 years, we offer our services to all the major medical specialties. We also have access specialty specific resources that further guide our techniques and methodologies." }, { "question": "Will you assist me in watching reimbursements?", "answer": "We specialize in offering assistance to set up new practices. We are well versed with the pains and problems that mar the setting up of a new practice and offer the best solutions. We also assist in watching reimbursements and ensure quick collections. We use the Intergy software by Greenway Health. Our team is well versed with Medisoft, Amazing Charts and eClinical Works." }, { "question": "Will you provide me dedicated resources for my account?", "answer": "Yes, at all times! We assign a team of minimum two people to all medical practices. This helps in enhancing redundancy." }, { "question": "How do we get our existing patient data to you?", "answer": "You can mail/email or upload all your EOB papers. We also help you in manually importing data that is stored on other billing software." }, { "question": "Should we continue with the previous billing and collection system once you take over?", "answer": "We prefer to work and take over all your past collections. However this service is not chargeable." } ]
[ { "question": "How Do I Get The 10 Session Rebate Under The GP Mental Health Care Plan?", "answer": "Medicare rebates are available for some counselling services with Louise Goodwin for up to 10 sessions per calendar year, with a referral and a Mental health Care Plan from your GP. To find out if you are eligible, contact us or your doctor. The Medicare rebate covers 70% - 80% of the fee. To apply for the rebate, you need to have a GP Mental health Care Plan completed by your doctor who will make a medicals assessment of your situation and develop a treatment plan with a referral to Louise Goodwin Counselling Service. Be prepared for a longer than usual appointment with your doctor to allow time to complete this assessment and paperwork on the day." }, { "question": "How Do I Get The 3 Session Non-directive Pregnancy Counselling Rebate?", "answer": "Medicare rebates are available for up to 3 non-directive pregnancy support counselling services per patient, per pregnancy. Access to Non-directive Pregnancy Counselling is available to women concerned about a current pregnancy or a pregnancy that occurred in the preceding 12 months. The Medicare rebate covers 70% - 80% of the fee. To find out if you are eligible, contact us or your doctor. To apply for the rebate, you need to have a GP Non-directive Pregnancy Counselling Plan completed by your doctor who will make a medicals assessment of your situation and develop a treatment plan with a referral to Louise Goodwin Counselling Service. Be prepared for a longer than usual appointment with your doctor to allow time to complete this assessment and paperwork on the day." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: What should I know before purchasing granite?", "answer": "A. Since granite is made by nature, each piece is unique. Customers sometimes expect the granite they order to be identical to samples they have previously seen. Although sample stones are intended to be representative of the material, the granite may differ slightly in color. Even a single granite slab will possess a certain amount of color variation from one end to the other." }, { "question": "Q: What are the benefits of a granite countertop?", "answer": "A. Granite is one of the toughest stones we can find in nature. Due to its durability and extreme strength, it’s an ideal stone to use in areas in homes and businesses that see lots of activity or high traffic. Your countertops will last longer—and also bring a level of sophistication and beauty!" }, { "question": "Q: Why choose granite over other synthetic materials?", "answer": "A. Granite has become today’s countertop of choice. A granite countertop is virtually impervious to abrasions, stains and extreme heat. The qualities of granite—its color, patterns and shades—compliment any décor." }, { "question": "Q: How do you clean a granite countertop?", "answer": "A. Granite may be cleaned with a mild phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dish soap, soap flakes or powder. Granite should always be cleaned and sealed with cleaning products specifically designed for natural stone." }, { "question": "Q: Does granite show seams?", "answer": "A. Yes and no. The visibility of seams depends on the granularity, color and pattern of the granite pieces. A dramatic pattern with swaths of color will show more seams than a uniform pattern. Seams can be joined with an epoxy that is mixed with a color to match the stone, leaving only a very thin visible line." }, { "question": "What to avoid?", "answer": "A. Granite is a very durable stone that will withstand almost any element it comes up against, including cold and heat. High impact blows can harm granite just like any other solid surface. Because of its crystalline structure, granite can chip if subjected to sharp hard objects. Granite that is not sealed properly may absorb stains such as oils, which may cause dark spots or discoloration. Having your granite properly sealed with allow it to go a long way." }, { "question": "Q: Can you cut on granite countertops?", "answer": "A. Of course! Cutting on your countertops will not harm your granite. Actually, granite is harder than your knife and will quickly dull blades." }, { "question": "Q: Does granite require sealing/re-sealing?", "answer": "A. Yes! Your countertops will be sealed with a 15 year sealer after installation. However, the natural porosity of these stones and their use in your home requires them to have more than an initial sealing. Some stones will only need sealing every few years depending on the stone’s porosity and your daily use of the countertops. To determine if your countertop needs resealing, perform a “water test”. Place some water onto your stone. If within 15-20 minutes the water begins to absorb into the stone, it is time to reseal. Wait for the water spot to evaporate before resealing." }, { "question": "Q: How do you seal granite?", "answer": "A. It’s not as difficult as some would have you believe. In fact, it’s easier than waxing your car! 3. Take another dry cloth and wipe the excess sealer off while it is still wet. If the sealer is already dry, apply a bit more sealer and wipe it off. This will remove any residue. 4. Once all excess sealer is removed, use a clean dry cloth for a final wipe down. A. Granite is the most durable countertop material that exists. However, it is a product of nature, not manufacturing. It’s natural porosity means that it can stain. The same goes for Quartz. Sealing works as a stain inhibitor and prevents most stains and soil from being absorbed into the surface, but it is NOT a guarantee against staining. To seal your granite countertops, we recommend the Tenax HYDREX Polished Stone Sealer available here. Other stone sealers are available through any stone/tile retail location. The biggest danger to granite is oil stain, which gives the appearance of darkening the stone. The good news is stain(s) can be removed with the use of a poultice! Sometimes it takes a number of applications of the poultice to remove all of the stain. In over 4000 jobs, we have encountered exactly two stain issues and were successful in removing both stains." }, { "question": "Q: Is there anything else I should know about granite?", "answer": "A. Heat: Granite can take heat to approximately 2500 degrees. Hot pots and pans can be set directly onto granite but heat may discolor the sealer/resin coating, so hot pads or trivets are still advised. This is not true for quartz products. They will scorch and discolor above about 400 degrees. Stability: Once your granite is in place, it is very stable. However, you should avoid sitting or standing on your countertops. While this will not usually cause a problem for the countertop, it is not advisable, especially around cooktop holes, sink holes and overhangs. Cutting on granite: Another practice that is not advised, not because it will damage the stone, but because it will dull your knife." } ]
[ { "question": "Avalanche: How to set up Avalanche new API environment?", "answer": "1. Need to install Spirent TestCenter L4-7 version later than/including 4.10. 3. Add AV automation path to Tcl lib path." } ]
[ { "question": "What is Dumpster Rental in Midland, Texas Best Used For?", "answer": "For help estimating what dumpster size you need for your project, give us a call at 435-215-7136 and we’ll make sure you rent the right sized dumpster for the job." }, { "question": "How do I Rent a Dumpster in Midland, TX?", "answer": "2) Call us at 435-215-7136 and speak to one of our customer service representatives about pricing and availability. Whether this is your first time renting a dumpster or if you’re looking for a hassle-free waste disposal partner at an affordable price we’re here to serve you and the Midland, TX community. Give us a call at 435-215-7136 today. We’re always happy to speak with you about scheduling, size estimates, our prices, or to simply answer any questions you may have." } ]
[ { "question": "Can you avoid revocation?", "answer": "And now that you’ve started to get the hang of driving. taking out a car insurance policy as a P-plater." }, { "question": "Do I need my own car insurance policy when I get my P-plates?", "answer": "Not necessarily. Even once you. Motorcycles can be a cost-efficient way to get around, but there are a few safety things you should know before going for your motorcycle licence. I currently hold a provisional driving licence – will my premium change when I. Any change is subject to the insurers standard underwriting and acceptability. Click here for young drivers car insurance. Dont know my reg number?. PL50 – disobeying conditions of a provisional licence, PL52 – aiding and abetting. \"That has had a direct impact on a large number of people. \"The photos I have seen of the damage to the bus show the two of you were lucky to survive the crash. Anyone in a car and. had a full driv. Let first Ireland deliver a great van insurance deal to you! Well search 14 insurers to get you a tailored van insurance quote at a price you can afford. Cover is. As paper style driving licences are no longer being issued by the DVLA, it is advisable to exchange it for a photocard driving licence instead. These have added." } ]
[ { "question": "엑세스 컨셔스네스™는 광신교(컬트, 광신적 사이비 종교 집단)인가요?", "answer": "Most people walk out of an Access class knowing that they are forever changed. A doorway to a new level of choice and possibilities has been opened and they are eager to create a life that works for them with this newfound sense of freedom. The level of change and difference however is up to you." }, { "question": "How much are you willing to receive?", "answer": "As for the clearing statement, you will get results from the very first time you use it to change something in your life. The more you repeat the clearing statement or repeat a process, the more quickly, deeply and dynamically the change will be in regard to what you are using the clearing statement for. Most people have been creating the limitation or problem in their life for a very long time, maybe lots of lifetimes, so it may take using the clearing statement on a particular subject for days, weeks, months or years to get all the change you are looking for. How fast things change is really up to you." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Are monetary donations to the Music Academy Scholarship Fund tax deductable?", "answer": "A: YES! The Music Academy Scholarship Fund is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of the Music Academy Scholarship Fund must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Fractured Atlas accepts all monetary donations on our behalf and administers the financial distribution of our scholarship fund. Having this fiscal sponsorship produces zero administrative and regulatory expense for the Music Academy and results in more of our donor’s gifts going toward actual scholarship funding. Fractured Atlas will generate a tax receipt to each donor for every contribution. For more information on Fractured Atlas, please visit their website." }, { "question": "Q: How do I contribute to the Music Academy Scholarship Fund?", "answer": "A: You may contribute to the Music Academy Scholarship Fund by writing a check or donating online by clicking HERE. All checks must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” with “Music Academy Scholarship Fund” written in the memo line. Gifts of $1,000.00 or more made by check must have a signed Major Gift Letter accompanied with the donation. You can print a Major Gift Letter HERE. Please mail all check donations as well as applicable Major Gift Letters to the Music Academy of Western North, PO Box, 741, Etowah, NC 28729. We will forward these to Fractured Atlas on your behalf. Online donations of $1,000.00 or more do not require a Major Gift Letter. You may contribute up to $5,000.00 online. Check donations of any amount will be accepted. Individuals and businesses can also contribute to our scholarship fund multiple times a year or take advantage of a monthly reoccurring donation. These options are available from our Donation Page. Donors may also take advantage of our Scholarship donation tiers for special recognition on our website and at Music Academy events. If the donor chooses, their gifts can also be held in the strictest of confidence. You may give us a call at 828-693-3726 to discuss your donation or if you have any additional questions prior to donating." }, { "question": "Q: What percentage of donations actually fund Music Academy scholarships?", "answer": "A: Since we have a fiscal sponsorship agreement with Fractured Atlas and do not incur any administrative or regulatory expenses, 93% of all donations received fund our scholarships. Fractured Atlas charges the Music Academy a flat fee of 7% to administer our scholarship fund. Donors may also opt to pay this 7% fee when they submit their donation." }, { "question": "Q: Can donations be made in honor or memorial of a family member or loved one to the Music Academy Scholarship Fund?", "answer": "A: Yes. All Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Sponsors can designate their scholarship donations for private lesson and ensemble students in named honor or memoriam of a loved one or family member. Please give us a call at 828-693-3726 to discuss the details." }, { "question": "Q: How does the Music Academy award scholarships to students?", "answer": "A: Students are awarded scholarships based on financial need. Each scholarship applicant will complete an online financial assessment form accompanied by a $30.00 application fee. All completed forms are sent to a third party financial assessment company to determine financial need. The Music Academy currently uses FACTS Management Company out of Lincoln, Nebraska. FACTS will analyze each applicant’s financial information to determine financial need. Financial need and ability to pay calculations are given to the Music Academy Scholarship Committee. There is no charge to the Music Academy for this finiancial assessment and all costs related to this service are paid for by the student’s $30.00 application fee. The scholarship committee will review the FACTS financial assessment results for each applicant and determine final scholarship amounts. The decision of this committee in final." } ]
[ { "question": "Who can rent works of art?", "answer": "Everybody! Both private individuals and companies. Companies can even claim the monthly rental fees for tax purposes." }, { "question": "What kind of art can i find in the collection?", "answer": "Exclusively originals, both paintings and objects. Primarily contemporary art but also partly classical modern art." }, { "question": "How does it work with my right of first refusal?", "answer": "The monthly fees depend on the duration of the loan and the current value of the artwork. As soon as the loan agreement is signed, the borrower retains the right of pre-emption for this work up to one month before the end of the loan period. Two months before the end of the rental period, smart-collectors asks the borrower to decide within the next four weeks whether to continue to lend, buy or return the work. If the borrower wants to buy the work of art, he or she buys it at the price agreed in the loan agreement, even if the current value has risen. There are no further shipping costs." }, { "question": "The artwork brought to me?", "answer": "smart-collectors delivers the artwork personally to you. We arrange an appointment with the borrower and deliver the artwork accordingly." }, { "question": "Who assembles the artwork for me?", "answer": "smart-collectors is happy to help you with delivery. Otherwise, a nail is also quickly hammered into the wall." }, { "question": "What do i have to consider when dealing with the artwork?", "answer": "As a general rule, smart-collectors require a species-appropriate approach to art. This means that paintings are not exposed to aggressive sunlight or hung in rooms with high humidity." }, { "question": "Are the works of art insured?", "answer": "smart-collectors insures all works of art with the insurance partner Artima of Mannheimer Versicherung AG. Thus, the artwork is also insured with the borrower during the loan. If a mishap should occur, the insurance will take effect and a restoration of the artwork will be considered if necessary. It is important to note: Own repair attempts cannot be started. At the beginning of the term, a loan agreement is concluded with the borrower. On this basis the monthly fee is to be paid.With Paypal+, direct debit or regular transfer orders, this amount can be easily and conveniently paid to smart-collectors on time." } ]
[ { "question": "Am I charged a fee for depositing at Kozmo Bingo?", "answer": "Once you're registered and logged in, select the 'VISIT THE CASHIER' button in the top right of the screen. This will open the Cashier and offer you various depositing options including debit or credit card, PayPal and many others. Fill out the required details and deposit to play. If you are taking up a promotional bonus offer then you will need to enter the advertised Promo Code here." }, { "question": "CHow do I get my Welcome Bonus and Free Spins?", "answer": "To claim your Welcome Bonus, you will need to insert the promo code advertised when making your very first deposit in the Cashier. Your bonus will be instantly credited and available to use on the games of your choice. You can access your free spins by clicking on the Free Spins tab at the top of the screen. Wagering requirements refer to the amount of times you must 'play' through your bonus before being able to withdraw any winnings into your real cash balance. For example, if your bonus value is £10 and the Wagering is set to 20 times, you'll need to wager £10 x 20 = £200. If you spin with your £10 bonus and are lucky enough to win £1,000, you'll need to wager £200 before you can withdraw any remaining balance. Wagering is not to be confused with depositing amount." }, { "question": "CAm I charged a fee for depositing at Kozmo Bingo?", "answer": "No. At Kozmo we do not charge you for depositing funds. However, some banks may charge so please check with yours before making a deposit. After you've signed up for an account, you can claim your welcome offer when you make your first deposit. Simply deposit £10 or more using promo code: KOZMO and your bingo tickets and spins will be added to your account." } ]
[ { "question": "Will I need an x-ray?", "answer": "Not usually. X-rays photograph bones, not soft tissue. We are able to achieve a diagnosis by clinical examination." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the size of the ships that can berth at Bécancour?", "answer": "Bécancour’s port has 5 berths of different lengths. The smallest is 150 metres while the longest ships can berth on berth B-5 which is 292 metres. You can see the berths specifications here." }, { "question": "What type of merchandize pass at Bécancour’s port?", "answer": "Merchandize transbordered at Bécancour include several types of dry bulk (salt, grains, alumina, etc.) liquid bulk (vegetable oil, paraffin, etc.) as well as general cargo (steel, windmill, vehicles, etc.)." }, { "question": "What quantity of merchandize is transbordered annually?", "answer": "On average, a merchandise volume of 2 million tons is transbordered annually by 120 to 130 ships berthing at Bécancour." } ]
[ { "question": "Another great reason to shop through ModeSens?", "answer": "All tracked purchases through ModeSens receive free protection for product authenticity! If you receive an item that is inauthentic, ModeSens will reimburse you directly and remove the retailer from ModeSens forever. Be sure to hold on to your electronic communication trail for proof!" }, { "question": "How is ModeSens different from a store?", "answer": "ModeSens is the premier digital shopping assistant for the smart and informed. With our advanced technology, aggregation model and trusted merchant relationships, our platform pulls from the racks of luxury multi-brand retailers and flagship fashion houses to connect consumers with their favorite pieces. Our growing partnerships with more than 11,000 luxury brands provides us with the trusted resources and the right capabilities to act as the reliable digital shopping assistant. ModeSens gives consumers a clear and easy route to the right product information at the right time, so they can choose where and when to buy." }, { "question": "Does ModeSens have a mobile app?", "answer": "ModeSens has an iOS app available from the app store. Visit to download the app. Use your regular ModeSens login on the app to enjoy the full benefits. We highly recommend the app to make shopping even easier. Pro Tip!" }, { "question": "See something you like while browsing the web on your phone?", "answer": "Simply copy the link. When you open your ModeSens app, the product, along with every detail you could want to know, will be the first thing to pop up on your screen. Yes, it's that easy. You can invite friends if you are logged into your ModeSens account. Simply hover over your profile image/icon and select \"Invite Friends\" in the dropdown menu. There are two ways to share items on ModeSens. First, you can create a Look. To learn how to create a Look visit our \"How do I upload a Look\" FAQ here. Second, you can share a Collection by visiting My Closet and selecting the Publish button." }, { "question": "What is a Closet on ModeSens?", "answer": "My Closet is your own personal, digital closet. Here you can curate Collections, save Looks and manage your Wish List. To access My Closet simply hover over your profile icon/image and select \"My Closet\" in the dropdown menu. Visit the ModeSens Community to view the Closets of others, including our partner retailers, brands and users like you!" }, { "question": "How do I start setting up My Closet?", "answer": "Start shopping! When you see an item you would like to add to your Closet, click the \"Add to Collection\" icon to being building your first collection." }, { "question": "How do I add an item to My Closet?", "answer": "My Closet can contain items added to a Collection or items added to your Wish List. Product can be added to either anywhere you see the \"plus\" or \"bell\" icons near a product image. You can also add an item to a Collection by clicking the \"Add to Collection\" button on a product page. Looks are images uploaded by ModeSens users. Each Look has links to the products shown in the image. Click on the product links to view details about each product or make a purchase." }, { "question": "How do I upload a Look?", "answer": "First, search for the product on ModeSens. Once you have found the product, click through on the product. Once on the product page, make sure your Look contains the same color and style as what you see on the page. After confirming, scroll down to the Looks section of the page. Click on \"Share My Look\". This will open a pop up where you can upload an image to show off your Look on the product page and within the ModeSens Community." }, { "question": "What is the ModeSens Shopping Assistant?", "answer": "ModeSens Shopping Assistant is the premiere digital shopping assistant committed to making the shopper's experience relaxed, easy, and enjoyable. Shopping Assistant compiles the most timely and accurate product information the shopper needs by pulling product details, promotional information, size and price information, and availability from 150+ luxury retailers—all on one easy web browser extension. Plus, Shopping Assistant keeps you organized by allowing you to save your favorites to one of your ModeSens Collections or save it for later in your Wish List." }, { "question": "What browsers are supported by Shopping Assistant?", "answer": "You'll be able to take advantage of all of the amazing features of Shopping Assistant if you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. ModeSens also has an iOS app available from the app store. Visit to download the app. Use your regular ModeSens login on the app to enjoy the full benefits. We highly recommend the app to make shopping even easier." }, { "question": "In which countries is the Shopping Assistant available?", "answer": "Good news! ModeSens Shopping Assistant is available in all of the countries we support on our website. No matter where you live, your life just got easier." }, { "question": "Which retailer websites work with Shopping Assistant?", "answer": "ModeSens Shopping Assistant supports 150+ of the best fashion stores worldwide. You can view our full list of our partner stores here." }, { "question": "How do I save items using Shopping Assistant?", "answer": "Shopping Assistant makes it easy to save all of your favorite items! Click the \"bell\" icon on ModeSens Shopping Assistant to add an item to your Wish List. Click the \"plus\" icon on ModeSens Shopping Assistant to add an item to a Collection. Note that you must be logged into a ModeSens account on the device you are using to utilize these features." }, { "question": "How do I access the items I have saved while using Shopping Assistant?", "answer": "You can find your collections on the ModeSens website under \"My Closet\". Here, you'll find your Wish List, recently viewed items and purchases, as well as the ability to create new Collections. To access My Closet simply hover over your profile icon/image on ModeSens and select \"My Closet\" in the dropdown menu." }, { "question": "Why can't I view the option to add an item to a Collection or Wish List in Shopping Assistant?", "answer": "Take advantage of ModeSens Shopping Assistant by clicking on specific products to find retailers, sizes, promotion codes and more! Shopping Assistant won't necessarily appear on a retailer's site unless you are viewing a specific product, so be sure to click on product pages to get all of the added benefits of shopping with the Shopping Assistant." }, { "question": "How do I uninstall Shopping Assistant?", "answer": "We are sorry you are not enjoying Shopping Assistant! We would love to know how we can improve the experience. Please share your feedback with us via the Contact Us section of our website. The uninstall process varies by browser. For more complete details, click on the link for the browser you are using below. Searching is made simple with ModeSens. You can search by brand, keyword or product name at any point using the search bar in the upper right hand corner of our website or app. You can also do specific searches that are narrowed by category, designer, size, color, price range, on sale and store. This feature is called Filters. Filters are available on the left side of category and search pages on web or the top bar of category and search pages on the app." }, { "question": "Why do I see a size type I do not recognize?", "answer": "As an international retailer, sizing can differ across designers and stores. Be sure to check our sizing chart to determine which size you need. You can view the size chart on each ModeSens product page, or by visiting the \"Settings\" area of your profile. To determine your size we offer several useful points of information. First, refer to our size guide either on a product page or under the \"Settings\" area of your account. In your account, scroll down to \"My Sizes\" and select \"Size Guide\" for detailed information on sizing. Additionally, for each product on our website, we share how tall the model is, as well as what size they are wearing on the product page. Lastly, we invite all of our users to review products. Check out what other ModeSens users thought of a product—not only can they leave comments, but they can also report about the fit on a scale of 2 sizes too large to 2 sizes too small." }, { "question": "How can I find whether or not my size is available?", "answer": "Available sizes are listed on every ModeSens product page under the \"Available From\" section of the page. If your size is not available, you can set an alert by clicking the \"bell\" icon near the image and selecting your desired size(s). Note that it's up to each retailer to determine which sizes to stock. Because our partners are from a wide range of countries, sizes may differ depending on the retailer." }, { "question": "Why does the image I see not match the product name or description?", "answer": "ModeSens works hard to ensure that there are no technical issues on our website, app or Shopping Assistant, but it is possible to encounter errors at times. If you see an issue on website, please click the \"Report Issue\" button to notify our team. We appreciate your help! We sincerely apologize if information is incongruent with a retailer. ModeSens frequently syncs with partner stores to ensure that we are showing the correct prices. Keep in mind that when you place an order, it's always going to be placed on the retailer's website, not on ModeSens. We're here to keep you up to date on the latest sales and promotions at each of our partner sites so that you have all of the information you need to make the best purchase decision." }, { "question": "How does ModeSens select retail partners?", "answer": "ModeSens hand selects the best luxury brands and multi-brand retailers from around the world to offer each shopper an unparalleled assortment of products in an easy and user-friendly experience. Our partners are trustworthy retailers we know will provide our users will excellent products and exemplary customer care." }, { "question": "How do I find out about promotions and coupons?", "answer": "While you cannot make purchases on ModeSens, we do have the full scoop on promotions and coupon codes from our retail partners. You can find these listed on our \"Coupons\" page here. These promotions and coupon codes are updated daily on our website and can be used upon checkout on the retailer's website. Click \"Coupon Code\" to reveal code. ModeSens users can set price drop alerts, product availability alerts and new product alerts. Product availability alerts include new stores carrying a product, last store carrying a product, additional size availability and back in stock messages. These alerts can be setup on a ModeSens product page and managed in your Wish List. New product alerts include new arrival notifications from specific designers. These alerts can be setup and managed on the ModeSens Designers page." }, { "question": "How do I compare prices or set a price update?", "answer": "ModeSens has the ability to compare and monitor prices across 150+ luxury retailers. For each product, we show you a variety of retailer options of where to purchase to help you select the best option for you. We're updating prices constantly to ensure that our information is as up to date as possible. If you are not ready to make a purchase yet you can create a price drop notification. Click the \"bell\" icon on an item to set a price drop notification. By doing this you will also add that product to your Wish List." }, { "question": "Why is an item showing as in stock?", "answer": "We are proud to partner with trusted retailers who sell some of the hottest products on the market. That said, high demand and low inventory items often sell fast, which can lead to out of stock messages upon landing on a partner website or a cancellation after the fact. Please know that we and our partner websites update availability as often as possible so that when you shop what you see is up to date. If you come across a product with inaccurate availability information please let us know by clicking the Report Issue button on a product page." }, { "question": "How can I receive a back in stock notification?", "answer": "In the event something is shown as out of stock or out of stock in your size, be sure to turn set an alert on the item with your price and/or size requirements if applicable. We will notify you as soon as possible if the item comes back in stock. Please ensure that you have updates enabled so that you do not miss an alert. You can review your settings by clicking on your profile icon/image and selecting \"Settings\" in the dropdown menu. Scroll down on this page to \"Updates\" to review what is enabled and disabled. I got an alert notifying me that an item was back in stock, but when I went to check it out, it was gone." }, { "question": "Why is that?", "answer": "Oh no! Our alerts are sent as soon as we receive notification from our retail partners, and we do our very best to keep you informed with the most accurate information. Sometimes items are incredibly popular, and will sell out immediately, even after being restocked. Members of the ModeSens Community can receive notifications about new Looks, new followers, Look likes and Look comments." }, { "question": "How do I favorite a designer?", "answer": "Add the designers you love to your favorites list by selecting the heart icon. That way, when filtering searches by Designer, you can select \"Favorite Designers\" to only see results from your favorite designers. If there's a designer you'd rather not see, simply select to block them. Once blocked, products from these designers won't show up when you're shopping." }, { "question": "How do I unsave an item from a Collection or Wish List?", "answer": "If you would like to remove an item from a Collection or Wish List, hover over the top right corner of the product image and click on the \"trash\" button. This will remove the item from the Collection or Wish List. Note that if you are removing an item from Wish List, any updates you had set will be removed as well. We're here to help you—all the way from discovery to purchase. Keep in mind that when you place an order, it's always going to be placed on the retailer's website, not on ModeSens. If you find an item you would like to purchase while shopping on ModeSens, be sure to click on the item to see where it is sold. When you click on a retailer in the Available From section, you'll be directed to the retailer's website to complete your transaction. Make sure to choose your size and add the item to your cart on their page. Follow their online instructions to complete your transaction. Remember that while ModeSens may send you communications related to your order, all official confirmation and shipping emails will be sent from the retailer, not ModeSens." }, { "question": "Why didn't my order process correctly?", "answer": "We apologize for any difficulties you face in placing an order with a retail partner of ours. Transactions always occur on our partner websites, so if your order doesn't go through, you will be notified by the retailer. As long as an item is in stock, you should be able to try your order again through the retailer. It's always a good idea to double check that you entered the correct information on your card! Once you've successfully placed an order through one of our retail partners you should receive an order confirmation email from the retailer. Keep in mind that while ModeSens may send you communications related to your order, all official confirmation and shipping emails will be sent from the retailer. As all transactions happen on our partner websites, you will not receive official confirmation emails from ModeSens. The retailer that you placed your order with will be the point of contact should you need to make any changes. Don't be surprised if a retailer is unable to make the desired changes to your order—sometimes items have been packed or shipped faster than you might expect. Be sure to have your order number, as well as the product name, ready when you contact the retailer with changes." }, { "question": "Who do I notify if a product is incorrect or missing from my order once received?", "answer": "Once you place an order, it's best to communicate directly with the retailer, as all transactions happen on our partner websites, not ModeSens. If you find that something is missing, please contact the retailer's customer service center to check on the missing items. Head on over to your inbox and pull up your confirmation email to find the retailer's customer service info. Most retailers also include a customer service number on their website. I made a purchase while using ModeSens." }, { "question": "What name should I expect to see on my bank statement?", "answer": "You should never see a charge from ModeSens. Your bank statement should reflect the name of the retailer you purchased from directly. ModeSens displays prices in several different currencies. Make sure to select your country settings in the top right corner of the ModeSens website. Our retail partners decide which currencies to actually accept upon checkout, but the majority of our retailers accept a wide range of currencies." }, { "question": "How does ModeSens handle duties?", "answer": "Because ModeSens partners with retailers from across the globe, duties can vary greatly. Keep in mind that if you are making a purchase from a retailer that is not in the country of your shipping address there may be duties. If you have questions about duties, it's best to contact the retailer you are interested in purchasing from directly. If your payment failed, please contact the customer service team of the retailer. Don't worry, if your order is unsuccessful, you will not be charged. A few good things to check to ensure your order is successful are: that your billing address matches your card, that the CVC/CCV number entered is right, and that your name and address are entered correctly, as well as the credit card expiration date." }, { "question": "Does ModeSens have a shipping policy?", "answer": "Shipping and handling prices vary given that our retail partners are spread out all across the globe and ship to multiple countries. If you have questions about shipping and delivery policies, it's best to contact the retailer you want to purchase from directly. If you want to check on the status of your order, please contact the retailer who is responsible for shipping your item. As transactions are made on our partner websites and not on ModeSens, the retailer will be the best source of information regarding shipping status, tracking details and estimated delivery date. If you end up needing to cancel an order, please reach out directly to the retailer. Because orders go through our partner websites, ModeSens cannot cancel an order for you. Keep in mind that there are times when retailers are unable to cancel an order. Be sure to have your order number, as well as the product details, ready when you contact the retailer about a cancellation." }, { "question": "What do I do if I want to change my shipping preference once I've already placed an order?", "answer": "ModeSens is committed to helping you find products and then directing you to partner websites to make purchases. As transactions occur on the partner website, all shipping logistics are in the hands of the retailer. Please contact the retailer you purchased from directly to make amendments to your shipping information. Keep in mind that in some cases, changes are not always possible. You can find the contact information for the retailer's customer service team on your confirmation email, or by visiting the customer care or support page of their website." }, { "question": "Who do I contact if I do not receive my order?", "answer": "If your order doesn't arrive on time, reach out to the retailer. Retailers are responsible for shipping, tracking, exchanges and refunds. Note that response times can vary based on the retail partner." }, { "question": "What is the ModeSens return policy?", "answer": "Because all ModeSens purchases are made directly through our retail partners, returns are handled by those retailers as well. Should you need to make a return, please contact the customer service team of the retailer. Most retailers have a \"Shipping and Returns\" section of their website, which you can use as a guide. Because all transactions occur on our partner websites, returns need to be sent to the retailer you purchased from directly, not ModeSens. Be sure to hold onto the package, packing list and receipt. Return instructions are usually included in the package from the retailer. I would like a refund." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "Typically refunds will be processed by the retailer you placed your order with when the item(s) have been received back by the retailer. Please contact the retailer for questions or issues regarding reimbursement. We hope this doesn't happen to you, but on the off chance that it does, please contact the retailer directly. As all transactions occur on our partner websites, they will be able to help you with returns or exchanges. Keep in mind that they may request that you send the item back or provide images to demonstrate the damage." }, { "question": "What do I do if I cannot get a response from a retailer's customer care team?", "answer": "We do our very best to ensure we do not partner with any retailers who would disappoint a customer in this manner. If you experience longer wait times than normal, it is probably due to a large number of inquiries. We encourage you to call rather than email to obtain the fastest response possible. If you still cannot get an answer, please contact us to make us aware of the issue. We are here to help you have the best shopping experience. To reset your password, click \"Login/Sign Up\" in the upper righthand corner of ModeSens website. First, try to log in to your account using your email and password. If you are unsuccessful, click \"Forgot Password?\" to reset your password. This will direct you to a page where you can enter your email address and click \"Reset My Password.\" You'll then receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you do not receive the password reset email please check your inbox and spam folders. If you encounter additional problems resetting your password, please reach out to our customer care team. To update your settings, click on your profile image/icon and select \"Settings\" in the dropdown menu. Scroll down to \"Privacy\" to adjust your settings. Your Closet visibility can be set to Public, ModeSens Users Only or Private." }, { "question": "How do I disable my ModeSens account?", "answer": "Please contact if you wish to disable your account. Keep in mind that disabling your account means losing access to all of your collections and alerts. Sadly, even if you were to resubscribe, these collections and alerts would not reactivate—you'll be starting from scratch again! I need to update the email address on my account." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "Once logged in to your account, hover over your profile image/icon and click on \"Settings\" in the dropdown menu. This will grant you access to see your full profile. Click the \"Change\" button on the page to edit information such as your username and personal information. To update your email address on file, expand the \"Account & Security\" portion on the page. This will give you the option to change the email address linked to your account." }, { "question": "How can I unsubscribe from ModeSens emails?", "answer": "You can manage your contact preferences or unsubscribe from email newsletters by logging into your account. Hover over your profile image/icon and select \"Settings\" in the dropdown menu. To unsubscribe, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select \"Unsubscribe from all emails\" in order to be removed from the ModeSens email list. Note that this will remove you from product and social notification emails as well. Email us at for further assistance." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: What is the definition of an ELD, and how is it different from the other electronic devices in use?", "answer": "A: An ELD, or electronic logging device, is a tablet computer used to record driver hours of service (HOS). It replaces paper driver logs and other systems including Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD) or Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR). As a full-function instrument, an ELD automatically records both driver and vehicle data. It records and transmits the driver’s HOS, engine and vehicle data, information the driver inputs, and more." }, { "question": "Q: Who is required to use an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?", "answer": "Recordkeeping with paper RODS is permitted for no more than eight days within any 30-day period." }, { "question": "Q: When do the ELD regulations go into effect?", "answer": "A: ELD rules became law February 16, 2016. The compliance date, the day when use of ELDs in the described applications becomes mandatory, is December 18, 2017. For vehicles equipped with an AORBD, these must be upgraded or replaced to meet full ELD status by December 16, 2019." }, { "question": "Q: Isn’t there legal action against the ELD Rule regarding the privacy issue?", "answer": "A: Interest groups have filed challenges related to this concern more than once since the mandate was first proposed. On every occasion the legality of the ELD rule have been affirmed, based on the multiple safeguards protecting drivers and fleets." }, { "question": "Q: Does an ELD affect vehicle operation?", "answer": "A: An ELD is a recording and transmitting device. It does not control the vehicle systems. The driver remains in charge." }, { "question": "Q: What about privacy concerns?", "answer": "A: ELD technology collects the same driver data that is currently monitored and recorded with paper logs. A muting function, limits on geographical tracking and other measures allow the driver to maintain a separation between duty hours and off-duty time." }, { "question": "What can be recorded manually?", "answer": "Built-in safeguards prevent falsifying these files. Edits are tracked and have to be approved by the driver." }, { "question": "Q: What will this mean for my business?", "answer": "A: Commercial vehicle operators are already required to keep records of duty status. ELDs are not changing that; they’re merely a more effective means of capturing the same information." }, { "question": "Q: What if I’ve been operating without paper logs; will adopting ELDs invite more attention?", "answer": "A: Again--the ELD Mandate doesn’t change the requirement for keeping records; it only automates it. By passing this rule the government has indicated that it’s taking a closer look at the system, and at businesses that are obligated to maintain HOS data. ELDs make it easier to avoid violations, not harder!" }, { "question": "Q: What is the FMCSA registration list for ELDs?", "answer": "A: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains a list of ELD products from various manufacturers. These products were submitted by these companies with a statement that the device meets the minimum operational requirements specified by the agency. The products have not been formally evaluated or tested by FMCSA." } ]
[ { "question": "WHERE MAY I PURCHASE OR TRY ON AN EIGHTHMERMAID SWIMWEAR?", "answer": "STOCKS ONLINE AND IN STORE VARY AND ARE ALWAYS LIMITED. Please follow us for updates on restock at @eighthmermaid on Instagram. Our restock will depend on what pieces/sizes/colors we get to finish per run. Color restock will depend if we still have fabric left. Purchase using Credit/Debit card & Paypal through Paypal Check-out. BDO or BPI bank deposit/online transfer. *An email will be sent containing our details if you choose to pay through bank transfer. Please provide your active/correct email address, all info including your tracking number will be sent there. We try and process orders as quickly as possible, but we do ask for 24 hours to be able to process your order. Deposit slips emailed before 1pm (Philippine time) will be handed to the courier the same day. Deposit slips emailed after cut-off (1pm) will be handed to the courier the next day. An Email containing your tracking number will be sent once your order has been processed/dispatched. You may track your order through this LBC link or call them for updates through 02-858-5999. You may track your order the next business day after we hand it to them. For hygienic purposes, we do not accept returns and exchanges for our products to ensure the quality of our swimwear and other pieces." } ]
[ { "question": "Why cannot I find a supplier that I recently viewed on Selection?", "answer": "Top-performing suppliers are regularly reviewed and added or removed from the Selection channel. If a supplier you viewed is no longer featured on Selection, they may no longer qualify to participate on this channel." } ]
[ { "question": "IS THIS A \"STING\"?", "answer": "- Some people refer to compliance checks as \"stings\", but that is not accurate because it is a survey rather than an official inspection. The surveys are done for educational purposes only. We want to remind clerks that Montana prohibits the sale of tobacco products to persons under 18 years of age (MCA 16-11-305) and reward clerks who do the right thing (asking for ID and refusing tobacco sales to minors) by personally thanking them and giving them the opportunity to enter a quarterly drawing for a $100 gift certificate." }, { "question": "AM I OR IS THIS BUSINESS BEING SPECIFICALLY TARGETED?", "answer": "- Surveys are assigned to every business in a county that sells tobacco rather than to an individual business. No single individual or business is ever targeted and we do not assign surveys based on customer reports or complaints." }, { "question": "WHY ARE THESE SURVEYS TAKING PLACE?", "answer": "Surveys are not paid for by Tobacco Settlement money. In 1992, Congress passed the Synar amendment. It mandated the reduction of youth access to tobacco products as a condition of receiving all of a States Federal block grant funds for substance abuse prevention and treatment. DPHHS contracts these surveys because they have proven to be essential to reducing youth access to tobacco in Montana." }, { "question": "ISN'T IT ILLEGAL FOR MINORS TO ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE TOBACCO?", "answer": "- Surveys and inspections are required by Montana law and cooperation with them is a condition of your possessing a tobacco license. Minors are usually prohibited from attempting to purchase tobacco products, however in the case of Reward and Reminder surveys and official inspections, MCA 16-11-310 removes liability under civil or criminal law for individuals under 18 years of age who assist in enforcement of Montana Code." }, { "question": "IF I GOT A WHITE CARD, AM I IN TROUBLE?", "answer": "- Reward and Reminder functions like an official inspection, but because the minor never completes the sale of the tobacco item, no violation takes place and no fine or administrative sanction is made. A white card is received because, in the judgment of the adult surveyor and in conjunction with established program criteria, it appears that a clerk would have been willing to make a sale. The clerk has not broken the law and is simply receiving a friendly reminder of what the law is. This is not intended to embarrass the clerk and the clerk has the option to disagree with our surveyor's opinion." } ]
[ { "question": "Is biofortification a \"silver bullet\" to improve undernutrition?", "answer": "The ideal solution for hidden hunger remains a diverse, nourishing diet. Biofortification was developed to target rural farming families with limited access to healthier foods or other interventions such as fortification and supplementation. It is a food-based approach that improves the nutrient value of the staple foods these families often depend on. It complements these other efforts. This breakthrough innovation received international recognition when four biofortification pioneers, including HarvestPlus’ founder Howdy Bouis, were awarded the prestigious World Food Prize in 2016." }, { "question": "What is the evidence that biofortification actually works?", "answer": "There is a robust body of evidence that vitamins or minerals from biofortified foods make a difference in nutrition and health. We have shown that crops enriched with vitamin A can dramatically reduce diarrhea in young children and improve night vision. We have shown that crops enriched with iron can completely reverse iron deficiency and make a significant difference in physical and cognitive performance. All these and other studies were published in leading, peer-reviewed nutrition journals." }, { "question": "Who is likely to benefit, and how much, from biofortification?", "answer": "Biofortification benefits those most vulnerable to deficiencies in micronutrients such as vitamin A, zinc or iron, especially children and women of childbearing age. Most biofortified varieties will eventually provide from 50 percent to 80 percent of a woman’s or child’s daily needs, depending on the nutrient and amount of food consumed. Vitamin A orange sweet potato can provide 100 percent of daily vitamin A needs." }, { "question": "Are biofortified nutritious crops cost-effective?", "answer": "Yes. The 2008 Copenhagen Consensus, composed of the world’s leading economists, estimated the health benefit-to-cost ratio of biofortified nutritious crops as $17 of benefits for every $1 invested. Once a micronutrient is bred into a crop line, that trait remains. This makes the process of biofortification, over time, sustainable and cost-effective. These varieties don’t cost more or require more water or fertilizer. They are just as high-yielding as the regular varieties. They are just as resistant to diseases and pests; and they are designed to cope with the effects of climate change." }, { "question": "Are biofortified crops developed through transgenic modification (GM)?", "answer": "To date, all of the biofortified crops released through the efforts of HarvestPlus and its partners were developed using conventional plant breeding. Because conventional breeding does not face any regulatory hurdles and is widely accepted, HarvestPlus considers it to be the fastest route to getting more nutritious crops into the hands of farmers and consumers. In addition, only a handful of countries in Africa permit genetic modification in agriculture. We respect the regulatory environments in all countries where we work." }, { "question": "Who is leading efforts in developing, utilizing and scaling biofortified crops?", "answer": "HarvestPlus leads the global biofortification effort, working with the CGIAR network of international agricultural research centers, and a wide variety of partners, including governments, researchers, NGOs, and the private sector. As biofortified crops continue to gain acceptance and uptake, HarvestPlus will take on more of a coordination role, with country governments leading the way forward." }, { "question": "Where have biofortified crops been released?", "answer": "More than 290 varieties of 12 staple food crops have been released or are being tested in a total of 60 countries, a number that continues to grow. To date, the largest number of crops are available or being tested in Africa." }, { "question": "Will farmers grow these crops, including the ones that change color?", "answer": "Peer-reviewed published studies have demonstrated that farmers are willing to grow and eat these crops, even when they are a different color, because they see the immediate benefits in their children. (In vitamin A crops, alpha and beta carotene turn the food from white to yellow or orange.) Field experience indicates that farmers will adopt these crops, as not only are they more nutritious but they are also high-yielding. We also have strong evidence of continued adoption over a period of years." }, { "question": "Will farmers have to buy seeds every year?", "answer": "Many crops, such as sweet potato, cassava, pearl millet, and beans, can be replanted every year from plant cuttings or seed that the farmer has saved. In the case of hybrids, farmers usually purchase fresh seed for each planting season to maintain high productivity. Even low-income farmers prefer to purchase hybrid seeds because of their higher yield. However, we have also developed what are known as “open-pollinated varieties,” which can be re-planted for more than one season, to benefit farmers who cannot afford hybrid seed. Biofortified nutritious crops are being made available as public goods to national governments. Wherever these seeds are typically sold in markets, they are competitively priced so that subsistence and smallholder farmers can afford them. In the long run, the cost difference for these seeds should be negligible from non-biofortified varieties." }, { "question": "How does the process work – how do the seeds get to the farmers?", "answer": "The process begins by looking through the “libraries” of thousands of seed varieties in CGIAR crop breeding centers around the world to identify naturally nutritious varieties that are high in vitamin A, iron and zinc. Plant breeders then spend five to seven years crossing them with other varieties that can be adapted to grow in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, where they are most needed. Varieties are then sent to a country’s National Agricultural Research System (NARS), which then tests them for approximately two years (i.e., several planting seasons) to ensure that they have all the traits we promise that they do — yield per acre; resistance to diseases, pests, and the effects of climate change; and ability to grow in local soils, terrains and micro-climates. The NARS then “releases” the varieties. Some seeds will reach farmers through private seed companies, because even in low-income countries, farmers will purchase their seeds rather than re-using their existing seeds. Some seeds and other planting material (sweet potato vines; cassava stems) reach farmers from government agricultural extension services; from NGOs that work with farmers; and from other farmers, including family and neighbors, who share leftover vines or stems set aside from the previous harvest. Since vitamin A (beta carotene) turns food yellow or orange, like carrots, we work with the seed suppliers (government, NGOs, farmer cooperatives, companies, etc.) to provide educational information about the benefits of these healthier crops. The orange color has now become a marketing advantage, and children prefer the sweeter taste. The farmers then grow and harvest the crops, keeping most for home consumption (and therefore for improved nutrition for the family) and selling any surplus in local markets. Further along the value chain, some food processers have begun to source biofortified ingredients to benefit more urban consumers. The end result of this whole process: healthier children who are better able to survive, to learn, and to lead productive lives, improving the well-being and productivity of their families, communities and countries." }, { "question": "Do people like to eat biofortified foods?", "answer": "From the very beginning of the research process, we take consumers’ preferences (including taste, smell, texture, and cooking time) into account. We have solid evidence that people like eating biofortified foods even before they know they are more nutritious. They like them even better once they know about the nutritional benefits. People in rural and urban areas, of all genders and different age groups, including children, like food made with biofortified crops at least as much as food made from non-biofortified crops. This includes vitamin A crops, which turn yellow or orange from alpha and beta carotene and can have a sweeter taste, as well as iron crops, which do not change foods’ color or taste." }, { "question": "How do we know that biofortification can be scaled up over the long term?", "answer": "What makes biofortification so sustainable is that we and our partners are working in harmony with existing systems, simply plugging into an ongoing process. We work with international and national agricultural research institutes to introduce the new varieties, which farmers then access from private companies, NGOs, or government programs, depending on the crop. Our job is to put biofortification into farmers’ hands by getting biofortified seeds and technical information to as many organizations as possible that work with farmers. We and our partners are not asking farmers to change behavior, and we are not fundamentally changing seed systems, whether commercial or informal. We are asking farmers to grow their staple crop with a new and better seed variety. We are inserting new seed varieties into functioning seed systems — both commercial and informal. We and our more than 400 partners have gone from zero to 33 million beneficiaries in a decade, which demonstrates the relative ease and simplicity of this approach. We don’t give away seed for free; these are “living loans.” We require the farmers to pay it forward to other farmers. They also share with family and neighbors, and the momentum continues in the existing systems. We give away free samples at demonstrations, just like any other seed marketer would do, but this represents a small percentage and catalyzes diffusion. We have carefully researched and validated biofortification’s diffusion and have solid evidence on the “walkaway point” when a crop is solidly anchored and has saturated an area. Some partners are now undertaking biofortification projects independently, without our direct involvement." }, { "question": "How does biofortification relate to climate change?", "answer": "Because yield per acre is of great importance to farmers, we ensure that all biofortified varieties released are “competitive” with existing high-yielding varieties. This includes resistance to diseases, pests, the effects of climate change through heat and drought tolerance. Recent data suggest that one of the effects of climate change may be a reduction in the level of protein and zinc in some food crops. While we have not conducted any specific research on biofortification’s ability to address this problem, the relative increase in zinc concentration of biofortified cereals would persist as an advantage over the average concentration in non-biofortified varieties. Biofortification should be most beneficial to groups who are vulnerable to deficiencies in micronutrients such as vitamin A, zinc or iron, especially children and pregnant and breastfeeding women." } ]
[ { "question": "Why are you doing this renovation project?", "answer": "The Royal Pavilion Estate is cherished by local people and is a destination for millions of visitors each year, contributing significantly to the local economy, but it can only be maintained for future generations with ongoing care and support. Since 2013, Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival, the Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove, and Brighton & Hove City Council have been working together on a plan to continue to protect and restore this rich heritage, starting with a major refurbishment of Brighton Dome Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre. By revitalising and reconnecting the historic estate at the heart of our city, we will be creating a world-class destination for heritage, culture and the performing arts infused with the vibrant spirit of Brighton past, present and future." }, { "question": "Why do you need to do these works now?", "answer": "A sustainable future for the entire Estate will only be possible with significant investment. Whilst the buildings are magnificent, they are also facing unique challenges and are in need of restoration and upgrade in some areas. The garden also needs significant work to preserve and restore some areas and to tackle the issues of anti-social behaviour. A re-development project was originally undertaken between 1999 and 2002, which included the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery along with areas of the Brighton Dome Concert Hall and Corn Exchange. However, work principally focused on the main Concert Hall leaving the Studio Theatre and elements of the Corn Exchange relatively untouched. Artist and staff facilities, such as dressing rooms and offices in the Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre were not addressed and adequate on-site storage was unable to be found. More recently, it has become clear that the Grade I listed Corn Exchange is at risk due to limited funds to invest in repair and restoration. It is crucial we can ensure Brighton Dome remains adequately and safely equipped to present the dynamic and successful programme of events it attracts to the city centre." }, { "question": "What are the key benefits of the project for Brighton & Hove?", "answer": "Combining an historic royal palace and Regency garden, a museum, art gallery and our three performing arts spaces, the Royal Pavilion Estate is the city’s cultural heart and the Royal Pavilion its internationally recognised emblem. The project will help secure the future of these unique historic assets, enabling more local people as well as visitors from around the world to enjoy them for generations to come. It will deliver improvements in accessibility, facilities and infrastructure and will benefit local residents, community groups, schools, artists, tourists, the regional digital community and local businesses amongst others." }, { "question": "Why is the project being delivered in phases?", "answer": "The project is being delivered in a series of phases in response to a number of different funding opportunities. An initial bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for match funding for the whole of the Royal Pavilion Estate project was unsuccessful, however the HLF Trustees were very supportive of the vision and were keen that we consider a phased approach to delivery of the project. This approach was adopted and proved successful with an award of just under £5m subsequently secured for Phase One, which joined £5.8m already pledged from Arts Council, England." }, { "question": "How much will phase one cost?", "answer": "The total cost for Phase one is £21 million. The majority of funds towards the phase one costs have now been secured from a range of sources, including major contributions from National Lottery players via Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, as well as commitments from a number of charitable trusts and individual donors and council capital funding. We will also be rolling out a series of fundraising initiatives which will include ways to support us digitally, a seat appeal and event activity." }, { "question": "What will change in the Brighton Dome performance spaces as part of Phase One?", "answer": "This first phase of the project is a major refurbishment of the nationally important Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre, alongside essential conservation work. The transformation of the Corn Exchange, formerly the Prince Regent’s Riding house, will reveal and restore stunning and previously hidden heritage features as well as providing extra increased capacity seating and an impressive new viewing gallery. Major improvements to the Studio Theatre, once a stables and supper room, will include balcony seating, new bar facilities a new artists' creation space and a café opening out onto street level. Brighton Dome Concert Hall will remain open for business as usual throughout the redevelopment period. Having completed the initial development designs for the project, award-winning architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBStudios) were appointed in July 2015. Planning permission and listed building consent were granted for the Phase 1 works in November 2015. Preparatory works, consisting of essential maintenance, decoration and repairs as well some relocation of staff and technical equipment, began in autumn 2016 to help smooth the way for construction starting in the New Year. In January 2017 Britain's oldest and most established building company, R. Durtnell and Sons Limited, were appointed by Brighton & Hove City Council as contractors to start works on transforming the Grade 1 listed Brighton Dome Corn Exchange and Grade 2 listed Studio Theatre. Works began in February 2017." }, { "question": "How long will Phase One take?", "answer": "The estimated completion date is autumn 2019. Works will be staged and Brighton Dome Concert Hall will remain open throughout the redevelopment." }, { "question": "What would happen to the money secured so far if the project doesn’t go ahead?", "answer": "If the project doesn’t go ahead then the funding secured so far will be lost to the city altogether with no guarantee of those kinds of sums being available in the future." }, { "question": "Will the refurbishment cause much disruption to your day-to-day activities?", "answer": "We will do our best to ensure that disruption during this time is minimal, but do refer to our webpage to see the latest changes affecting your visit." }, { "question": "How can we support the project?", "answer": "Our Community Appeal is a chance for our audiences and visitors to help us to complete our fundraising target for the redevelopment." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the difference between the two programs?", "answer": "The Basic program was designed for individuals with little or no experience with antimicrobial stewardship whereas the advanced program is meant for those already involved with basic stewardship activities and initiatives and wish to take their skills and programs to a higher level. 2." }, { "question": "Do I need to take the Basic training program prior to the Advanced program?", "answer": "No. It is left to the judgment of the prospective participant to determine the most appropriate training program for their needs and interest. The program descriptions and learning objectives presented elsewhere on this website provide information useful to making this determination. 3." }, { "question": "Do I have to participate in the teleconferences in order to complete the basic program?", "answer": "No. The teleconferences which provide an opportunity to interact live with select program faculty, represent the live component of the Basic Program but, like any live continuing education program, you are under no obligation to take advantage of this interaction. 5." }, { "question": "What is the purpose of the practical component (practicum)?", "answer": "Our Antimicrobial Stewardship Training programs meet all Accreditation Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) standards for “practice based programs”. An integral component and requirement of such programs is the requirement that the participant demonstrates not only that he or she has acquired new knowledge but can apply it in practice. Thus, the practical component (or “practicum”) must be completed after the first two parts of the program have been successfully finished. 6." }, { "question": "How/when do I get instructions for logging into the training website?", "answer": "When you register online for either program, you indicate your form of payment. Once your payment “clears” (usually within 2 business days), you will receive a communication via email acknowledging your registration and providing instructions for accessing our training website and establishing your user account. 7." }, { "question": "How long does it take to have CE credit reported to NABP/CPE Monitor once I have completed a program component?", "answer": "In general, reports will be transmitted to NABP/CPE Monitor within 2 weeks of component completion. At this time, MAD-ID can also report CPE credit through CE Broker for Florida pharmacists. Certificates of CPE earned can be prepared and submitted to participants living/practicing outside of the United States, upon request. 8." }, { "question": "Do I earn CE credit even if I don’t complete the entire program?", "answer": "Yes, you earn continuing education credit for each program component/part successfully completed, independent of completion of the entire training program. 9." }, { "question": "In what time frame must either program be completed?", "answer": "From an educational standpoint, the shorter the time to complete the entire program, the better (18 months or less). We understand, however, that at times it may be difficult to devise and initiate, let alone complete and evaluate a stewardship project or initiative in a prescribed period of time. Nonetheless, we ask that participants complete their practical component within one year of finishing the didactic component of their program. 10." }, { "question": "Are group discounts available?", "answer": "Yes, discounts are offered when groups of 5 or more from the same organization register as a good. Groups of 10 or more receive an even larger discount. As our registration website is unable to accommodate multiple registrations from a single institution as a single transaction, you must contact us directly for specific instructions. Please contact Alicia Hanrahan at 203-373-0599 for assistance. In general, each participant should have their own, unique stewardship project or initiative to satisfy the requirements of the practical component. However, in cases in which a project is large and more than one participant plays a vital role in its execution, two or perhaps three participants could share in the credit. To be certain that such is the case, participants are encouraged to contact one of the members of the Scientific Committee (Dr. Bosso, Dr. Rybak or Dr. Goff) to insure that the project is sufficient for more than one individual prior to starting the practical component. 12." } ]
[ { "question": "Once you inquire your husband or wife inside Denton with regards to their behaviour, can he/she constantly offer you perplexing, unclear responses?", "answer": "If the circumstance seems like this kind of, you ought to build your shift because there is a chance your husband or wife is infidelity inside Preston. One more symbol of unfaithful that you need to take note of inside Peacehaven is when your spouse will be shelling out too much effort on the web although in the home. You ought to speak about this kind of behaviour inside Denton along with your spouse, of course, if they feature simply perplexing justifications whether it's a transmission your spouse will be being unfaithful. If you use Matrimonial Surveillance inside Brighton, we all with Detective Agency Brighton, specialist with obtaining unfaithful lovers, acquired a huge good results although doing work for our own consumers. Matrimonial Surveillance inside Brighton can be a very successful way for getting data concerning unfaithful husbands and wives inside Peacehaven. An added approach we all with Detective Agency Brighton inside Brighton utilize to find the trustworthy information in the course of our own inspections is always to execute Matrimonial Lie Detector Test Inside Brighton. Unless you desire to devote lots of time contemplating any unfaithful husband or wife inside Broomham make contact with Detective Agency Brighton to get a Matrimonial Lie Detector Test inside Brighton." } ]
[ { "question": "Which factions can I write about in New Worlds Project?", "answer": "New Worlds Project's setting features 4 major factions (major powers) that hold the power to influence the course of history with the setting. For these factions, we offer a number of resources (tutorials and articles) that explains their back-story, and how to include them into your project so that the project is consistent with the other past, present, and future projects. If these factions don't suit your project, you're always welcome to create your own factions. You can contact any member of the Support Team to approve your project and have any content you produce for your species released as a site resource. The faction should add value to your project and consequently New Worlds Project. The faction may not have fleets of starships, or indeed balance of power changing abilities. Indeed, it is preferable that the faction be part of one of the empires of the major factions to be fully consistent with the rest of the setting. At New Worlds Project, we firmly believe that the quality of the project comes first and foremost. If you propose something that makes sense and will lead to a great project, the Support Team will be happy to review the idea with you and find the best compromise possible!" }, { "question": "Which species can I write about at New Worlds Project?", "answer": "If these species don't suit your project, you're always welcome to create your own species. You can contact any member of the Support Team to approve your project and have any content you produce for your species released as a site resource. The species should add value to your project and consequently New Worlds Project. The species may not have fleets of starships, or indeed balance of power changing abilities. Indeed, it is preferable that the species be part of one of the empires of the major species to be fully consistent with the rest of the setting." }, { "question": "How can I submit a character?", "answer": "Character sheets are found in the Knowledge Base. These are particularly useful for your major characters. If you would like to add a character to our knowledge base, please proceed to your Content Manager found on the top right of the website navigation bar. Click on Add to Knowledge Base. Please fill out the sheet with the name of your character, and top-line details of your character. These will form the \"meta-data\" of your page. We suggest adding our standard character block to begin your character sheet, although you can customise your own using our text and image blocks. You can add as many as you need. When you are ready, click save and preview the page to make sure it looks the way you want it to. You can edit it as many times as you would like. Once you are ready for others to see your character sheet, you can manage your contributions using your Personal Content Manager and switch its status from draft to published. As your character evolves, you may wish your biography to be updated with the latest adventures of your character. You can subsequently manage and edit your submitted Character Biography using your Personal Content Manager. For minor characters, you are welcome to use these features, or you are welcome to simply add them to your story as you need them. Submissions may be reviewed by a member of the Support Team for consistency but you’re welcome to use your character immediately after submitting your biography. New Worlds Project also offers you the opportunity to commission artwork to represent your character. We offer the ability to commission a basic 2D sketch of your character, or a 3D model. Order your very own commission on ourNew Worlds Project: Shop." }, { "question": "What is the 360⁰ Creativity Concept?", "answer": "The 360⁰ Creativity concept underpins all of our activities. New Worlds Project is a creative community built under the principles of fostering creativity using collaboration tools and projects. To achieve our objectives, we believe our role is to encourage creative people to dream, to create, to publish, and to start again. You can find out more about 360⁰ Creativity under the About Us tab. New Worlds Project members are organised in project teams with distinct responsibilities to help complete projects’ 360⁰ Creativity cycle. We offer opportunities for our members to get involved in creative writing, conceptual graphic art, musical composition, editing, and community organising. Each team has a distinct role and you’re invited to join any of the project teams. You can find out more about our Project Teams under the About Us tab." }, { "question": "Can I work on a project by myself?", "answer": "Of course! At New Worlds Project, we welcome individuals who wish to work by themselves. We call these projects: solo projects. With solo projects, you can request a new project using your Personal Content Manager. Fill out the project request form outlining your project concept. Once we have received and studied your request, we will send you by e-mail a copy of the copyright license agreement which you will need to sign to allow you to use our setting but also enable us to edit, publish, and sell your project when it is concluded. Once we're through the paperwork, we will create your project space on the New Worlds Project: Communities website and you will be able to add content to your solo project space using your Personal Content Manager." }, { "question": "How do I join a collaborative project in New Worlds Project?", "answer": "For collaborative projects, we ask the Project Leaders to submit the first post so that they provide their preferred contact method for participants interested in becoming a project contributor. If you are interested in joining a project, you can contact the Project Leader or contact a member of the Support Team to put you in touch with the Project Leader. If the Project Leader confirms s/he would like you to join the writing team, we will send you by e-mail a copy the copyright transfer agreement that needs to be signed. This ensures that should members drop out of the project team, that the participants and New Worlds Project ASBL can still conclude and adapt the project as necessary. Once the copyright transfer agreement is signed, we will update your access rights to enable you to add to the shared project space of the collaborative project you intend to contribute to." }, { "question": "What if the project leader denies my request to join the project team?", "answer": "Project Leaders are entitled to accept or reject participation in their project teams. If you feel that you have been unfairly rejected, you can always contact a member of the Support Team who can try to mediate the situation. However, the final word on who gets to participate in a project team will generally rest with the Project Leader." }, { "question": "What if I have a conflict in my collaborative project with a member or the leader?", "answer": "If you are experiencing a conflict in your collaborative project, you can speak to your Project Leader and seek to resolve the situation through your Project Leader. If you are finding that your Project Leader is unable to resolve the conflict, then you are welcome to contact a member of the Support Team through the contact form located under the About Us tab, or using the private messenger or Chatbox features of the website." }, { "question": "What is the deadline for submitting finished products to be published?", "answer": "To be included in the annual anthologies, your 360⁰ Creativity project has to be finished by the 31st September of each year so that we have enough time to edit and publish the year’s anthology. We issue the anthology for the year usually in the first half of January of the following year. For the 2016 season, the deadline is 31st September 2016with an expected publication of the 2016 Anthology sometime in January 2017." }, { "question": "I have an idea for the setting, where do I submit it?", "answer": "That’s fantastic news! We’re always eager to hear from our members about new ideas that might be integrated into New Worlds Project. You can always add suggested additions to the setting directly to the Knowledge Base using your Personal Content Manager. If you want to run them by us before you post them, you can submit your ideas privately by private message or using the ChatBox to any of the Support Team members, or talk about them in the chat rooms, or post them on the forums in the Creative Atelier." }, { "question": "My account is activated - how do I contribute to a graphics project?", "answer": "Contributing graphic artists may be invited to join a select group of graphic artists that form our in-house Graphics Design Team. This Graphics Design Team is an invitation-only group who execute high-priority paid commissions for the non-profit. The average commission ranges from €20 to €300 per project. Contact a member of the Support Team should you be interested in being included in our calls for proposals. You can also volunteer to the project by either joining an existing collaborative project (in which case please contact the project leader or a member of the Support Team who will assist you to find one), or you can request to create a new solo or collaborative project via 'My Content Manager' if you feel comfortable enough with the setting to start. You will need to sign a copyright license and/or transfer agreement. Once you have signed the agreement and been granted access to an existing project or your project space has been created, you will finally be ready to add to your project. To add new content to existing graphics team projects, simply create new content using 'My Content Manager' -> 'Add to Art Project' and selecting the project you wish to contribute to. We recommend using our standard 'Image Gallery block' for a single image gallery or 'Image Album block' for a page with multiple galleries for your contributions, but you are welcome to use any of the other text and image blocks as suits you. Once your project is completed, please announce it on the forums in the 'Creative Atelier -> Completed Projects' so that we can assign an editor to review and prep the product for inclusion in our Shop with you." }, { "question": "My account is activated - how do I contribute creative writing?", "answer": "Writers are invited to first create characters that will participate in collaborative projects. You can add as many characters as you wish to the Knowledge Base. Click on My Content Manager -> Add to Knowledge Base - > Select 'Characters' under project. Click on Go. Add your character's name to the page title, a URL for your character (we suggest firstname-lastname), followed by a one-liner description of your character on the description. Please add to the keywords the name of your character, the species, and the job you intend your character to have to the page meta details. Once you are happy with your page, you will need to set its status to 'Published.' 'My Content Manager' -> 'Manage My Contributions' and click on the yellow 'Draft' next to your content page to set it to 'Published' mode. It will then be referenced in our Knowledge Base and accessible for some time on our front page. You will then need to either join an existing collaborative project (in which case please contact the project leader or a member of the Support Team who will assist you to find one), or you can request to create a new solo or collaborative project via 'My Content Manager' if you feel comfortable enough with the setting to start. You will need to sign a copyright license and/or transfer agreement. Once you have signed the agreement and been granted access to an existing project or your project space has been created, you will finally be ready to add to your project. To add new content to existing creative writing team projects, simply create new content using 'My Content Manager' -> 'Add to Writing Project' and selecting the project you wish to contribute to. We recommend using our standard 'Story' blocks for your contributions, but you are welcome to use any of the other text and image blocks as suits you. Once your project is completed, please announce it on the forums in the 'Creative Atelier -> Completed Projects' so that we can assign an editor to review and edit the story with you and get it primed for inclusion in our annual anthologies or released as its own piece of work." }, { "question": "Where can I get tips and advice to contribute?", "answer": "New Worlds Project offers resources and tutorials located in the Resources tab. There are a number of articles which explain in greater detail the setting of New Worlds Project, as well as articles and video tutorials covering website features, tips, and practical advice on how to use our resources to achieve the best outcome for your project. Don’t hesitate to ask your peers, a Project Leader, or members of the Support Team if you need any help or have questions, that’s what the community is for!" }, { "question": "My account is activated - how do I contribute to an editing project?", "answer": "Editors are invited to claim projects on the forums to initiate an editing project in partnership with the contributors who completed the collaborative project. Editors wishing to claim a project simply must post a reply to one of the threads found in the 'Completed Projects' forum." }, { "question": "My account is activated - how do I contribute to a music project?", "answer": "To add new content to existing music team projects, simply create new content using 'My Content Manager' -> 'Add to Music Project' and selecting the project you wish to contribute to." } ]
[ { "question": "Home // Criminal Defense // Criminal Defense Video FAQ // What Are Miranda Rights?", "answer": "Those are the warnings that a law enforcement officer is required to advise a person of before he or she is interrogated and if he or she is in custody. We kind of talked about this a little before. For example, an officer has someone arrested, and then that officer begins to ask that person questions about that particular crime, that person must first be advised that he or she has the right to remain silent, he or she has the right to have an attorney present during any questioning, he or she has the right to have an attorney appointed if he can not afford a lawyer and he or she can exercise these rights at any time." } ]
[ { "question": "What is Camp Kesem Stanford?", "answer": "Camp Kesem is a week-long overnight camp and year-round community for children aged 6-16 who have a parent who is currently suffering from, in remission from, or has died of cancer. These children are undergoing extreme hardship, but are often overlooked and underserved. Camp Kesem provides these children with the unique opportunity to build friendships and gain strength from peers facing similar challenges, in addition to enjoying a week of fun made especially for them. Despite the underlying hardship that brings our campers to Kesem, a typical week at camp consists of arts and crafts, sports, talent shows, s'mores, and endless other fun. In short, we are not a grief camp." }, { "question": "Can I apply if one of my own parents has not been affected by cancer?", "answer": "Absolutely. Many of our counselors have not been personally touched by a parent's cancer and our campers understand this. While counselors may not be able to understand exactly how their campers feel, they can still provide unwavering support and love during the week of camp. Camp Kesem is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All counselors volunteer their time at camp for no monetary compensation. Food and lodging are provided at no cost. Counselors live in gender-segregated cabins with their campers. This means you will be living with 7-8 campers and 3 other counselors but don't fret---these close quarters make for memorable cabin chats each evening where counselors and campers reflect on the day and connect. All cabins have shared bathrooms nearby. Tucked away in the woods, our campsite is located an hour off campus in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Yes, this means you should bring bug spray! The YMCA provide us with 3 meals a day. Meals are served buffet style and there are always plenty of different options for all dietary needs. Mealtimes offer an incredible opportunity for staffers to socialize with guests. Guests love getting to know staffers and staffers have the opportunity to make valuable alumni connections." }, { "question": "Would I have to work the whole summer?", "answer": "Nope. Camp Kesem is only a week-long summer camp that happens the first week after graduation, June 17-25 (including debrief). This means you can be a counselor and also do an internship in the same summer!" }, { "question": "What is counselor retreat like?", "answer": "All counselors must attend a mandatory retreat February 15-17 of Winter Quarter. In addition, OLP counselors must attend an OLP backpacking-specific weekend retreat. Throughout Winter and Spring Quarters, we will provide other on-campus trainings to adequately prepare our counselors for the week of camp! To be eligible to volunteer at Camp Kesem Stanford, you must be on campus as a registered student the two quarters before Camp (Winter and Spring). International students without U.S. citizenship are welcome and encouraged to apply, too! I applied last year and didn't get in." }, { "question": "Is it worth applying again?", "answer": "Yes! Like many things at Stanford, our application process is competitive. However, many successful counselors were denied or wait-listed the first time they applied." }, { "question": "What qualities do you look for in Camp Kesem counselors?", "answer": "As cliche as it sounds, we have no \"ideal\" counselor that we're looking for. People of any ages, personalities, majors, racial and ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and nationalities can join our community and help us make camp better than ever before. The unique contributions of each individual counselor help define the magic that is Camp Kesem so as long as you are hardworking, passionate and excited to contribute, you can thrive at Camp Kesem." }, { "question": "Do you still have a burning question that has not been answered?", "answer": "Submit any other questions in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can." } ]
[ { "question": "How to choose a tile installer?", "answer": "Pay for your installation with a Credit Card, by clicking below. Commercial accounts may incur surcharge." } ]
[ { "question": "Once I complete the New Client form, how long will it take until I am assigned a therapist or can see the psychiatrist?", "answer": "The scheduling of appointments varies based on the availability of a clinician suitable for meeting your needs. Due to the high request for appointments during the evening and weekend hours, clients with availability during day time hours are more likely to be scheduled quickly. I've never gone to counseling before." }, { "question": "What can I expect?", "answer": "You have the option of printing out your intake forms and completing them prior to your arrival at TSF. Or you are free to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the required intake information in our office. For your initial appointment, please bring a copy of your insurance card so that we can scan it into the billing system for future reference. Also, if you have any documentation from other providers, it can be helpful to bring that information as well. Sessions are typically scheduled for 50 minutes and most people see their counselor once a week for consistent progress to be made. There is no single answer to this question. Ideally, counseling is terminated when the problem that you pursued counseling for becomes more manageable or is resolved. During the first few counseling sessions your counselor should also discuss the length of treatment that may be needed to achieve your goals. Many people fear that they will become dependent on counseling and that they will never want to stop. Other people fear that their counselor will try to keep them coming longer than they want to. It is important that you be open with your counselor about any such fears or expectations. It is important that you know that you are in charge of your counseling. When you feel that you have accomplished as much as you want from counseling please let your therapist know and the two of you will plan for termination of treatment. For some people that may take as little as a few sessions. Others may continue for months or years, often with increased periods of time between appointments. We recommend that you follow through with counseling until you have accomplished the goals that you and your counselor discussed at the beginning. If you find at any time that you would like to terminate your counseling we do recommend that you schedule at least one last appointment to discuss your progress and how to maintain it in the future. Some insurance companies and managed care plans may limit the number of sessions for which they pay. You should check with your health plan to find out more about any limitations in your coverage. Most people find that they achieve greater results with greater frequency of appointments, especially in the beginning. This means that your counselor will probably suggest that you meet weekly. As you experience progress toward your goals you, and your counselor may decide to meet less frequently, but often enough to maintain progress. When goals have been reached, many clients like to come occasionally, as the need arises or until new patterns are firmly established in their life. And, like a family doctor, we are here for you if you should need us again in the future for help with another problem. Feel free to discuss your preferences for frequency with your counselor at any time. The Stone Foundation is located at 320 East Townsontown Blvd-2 West, Towson, MD 21286. Our office sits on Taylor Avenue between Loch Raven Blvd. and Perring Parkway in North East Baltimore. We are easily assessable from the 695 between exits 29 and 30. We know that most clients find it convenient to meet after school or work hours. For that reason TSF is open Monday through Thursday until 9pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm. Please note that those hours tend to schedule quickly, but we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. You must notify your counselor 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time to cancel or reschedule. Please note, if you do not call our office to cancel your appointment with 24 hours notice, you will be charged at $45 NO SHOW Fee. We understand that life can be busy, and therefore we provide a 15 minute grace period for all therapy appointments (5 minutes for psychiatry). If you are late beyond the allotted grace period, you may not be able to be seen and you will be charged a NO SHOW fee ($45). Yes. All client-therapist conversations are private and confidential. It is also confidential information that a person is meeting with a counselor. As licensed social workers, we follow the professional ethical standards of the National Association of Social Workers. Only in rare exceptions when the safety of a client or other is at risk can disclosure of confidential client-therapist information take place. The cost of counseling can vary greatly depending on your geographic location and whether counseling is being provided by a community mental health center or similar agency or by a counselor in private practice. In general, the average paid fee for individual counseling sessions is about $150 initial and $100 for follow ups. $250 initial for psychiatry and $125 for follow ups. Fees for group counseling are generally lower, about $35 per group session. For clients with health insurance that does not cover mental health care and others who cannot afford the counselor's standard fee, some counselors will lower their fee on a sliding scale basis or will work out a payment plan. Your counselor should explain to you, prior to beginning the counseling relationship, all financial arrangements related to professional services. Yes, we accept most major medical health insurance plans as well as Medicaid and Medicare for certain providers. Our office will verify your benefits and bill your insurance as a courtesy to our clients. You are however, responsible for all copays and deductibles at the time of service. We encourage you to become familiar with the mental health benefit associated with your card. It is your responsibility to understand plan limitations. TSF accepts personal checks, money orders and credit card payment with VISA and Mastercard. We also are able to process HSA and Flex Spending cards and can provide you with the appropriate documentation for using these employer sponsored benefits. PMany insurance and coverage plans cover mental health services by a licensed professional counselor including some Medicaid programs, TRICARE (formerly CHAMPUS), and other government-sponsored health coverage programs. If you do not have health insurance, or if your coverage does not include mental health care or the services of a professional counselor, many professional counselors will work with clients on a sliding-fee scale or will offer a payment plan. Talk to your counselor about your options." }, { "question": "What if I don`t have insurance, is there is sliding scale fee?", "answer": "Yes. Please feel free to contact our office at 410.296.2004 for more information about fees. I have Medicare/Medicaid." }, { "question": "Do I have co-pay?", "answer": "There are various forms of Medicaid, and it is possible for you to have a $2 co–pay. When your initial appointment is set up, you will be informed of your co–pay amount. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 410.296.2004. EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program. These are employee sponsored benefits that will allow and individual to attend therapy at no cost whatsoever. Please inquire with your employer or health insurance company to determine if these benefits are available for you." } ]
[ { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "Once you have entered a reference you may not edit it; however, if for instance you put the wrong email address for your reference, you may go in and add that reference a second time with the correct information. I am trying to upload an attachment to my application and the program won’t let me because the file is too large. Attachments are limited to 1 megabyte each. A resolution of 75-150 is adequate. You may need to adjust the resolution of your scanned image." }, { "question": "What is the status of my application?", "answer": "Your application will be screened by HR for completeness and quality. Minimum qualifications for the applied for position must be met. References will be checked on selected applicants. Upon completion of reference checks, applicants meeting the hiring standards of the school system will be invited to a preliminary interview with the HR Director. The HR Director will make available to the appropriate principal or program director, those applications meeting system standards." }, { "question": "Will I be contacted for a job interview?", "answer": "Unfortunately, due to the number of applications received, only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. Please make sure your application is complete and all supporting documents are attached. I submitted an application, but have not yet heard back." }, { "question": "Is an Educator certificate required in Georgia?", "answer": "Yes, any professional serving in a public school must hold a current valid certificate appropriate to the field of employment. All cerficate fields are classifed as paraprofessional, teacher, service, or leadership and are issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission." }, { "question": "How do I qualify for a professional certificate in Georgia?", "answer": "Professional certification is based upon completion of a college’s state-approved certification program in a field for which Georgia certifies or upon professional certification from another state, U.S. territory, District of Columbia, Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) or the National Board for Professional TEaching Standards (NBPTS). Certain Georgia requirements (Identification of Exceptional Children, Computer Competency, Recency of Study, appropriate assessments in the content areas of certification) may also be necessary." }, { "question": "What tests do I need to obtain a Georgia certificate?", "answer": "Applicants must take and pass the GACE Basic Skills Assessment and the GACE Content Assessment appropriate to the certification field." }, { "question": "Do I have to take Georgia’s required test or can I substitue a test taken for an out-of-state certificate?", "answer": "If you are currently or have been certified in another state and passed a content-knowledge assessment required for certification in the state of certification, this test may be accepted in lieu of the GACE. For consideration, you must submit to GAPSC a copy (front & back) of any certificates/licenses you hold or held, and a copy of score reports for any assessments you have passed. If score reports are unavailable, attach documentation from the state’s certifying authority to verify that you have passed the required content assessments for professional cerification in that state. The appropriate Specialty Test(s) of the NTE can be accepted only if it was taken to qualify for out-of-state certification as a content knowledge test. The NTE Core Battery is not acceptable toward the content knowledge assessment." }, { "question": "How long is a Georgia professional certificate valid?", "answer": "A Georgia certificate is typically valid for five years. I do not have a teaching certificate, but I do have a bachelor’s degree." }, { "question": "What do I need to do to get certified to teach in Georgia?", "answer": "Information regarding obtaining a teaching certificate may be found on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website, A person must typically affiliate with a local college or university or enroll in an alternative preparation program." }, { "question": "Will I be given any credit for previous experience outside of the school system?", "answer": "LCSS awards credit for previous experience in the same job or experience that is directly related to the LCSS job. All previous experience must be verfified on the appropriate LCSS form by the former employer and must meet certain requirements as to length of day and days employed per year. Prior experience not notated on the job application at the time of hire will not be considered. All experience for certified employees must meet the criteria established by the Georgia Department of Education." }, { "question": "How can I find out how much I will be paid?", "answer": "HR will provide a tentative rate of pay pending verification of experience. All employees are placed on the base salary schedule for their position until all experience is verified." }, { "question": "How often are employees paid?", "answer": "LCSS employees are paid once a month. Checks are issued on the last business day of the month. The mission of the Lumpkin County School System is Educating and Empowering Life-Long Learners. Lumpkin County Schools provides equal opportunity in its programs, activities, and employment." } ]
[ { "question": "How can I transfer my game data with my Facebook account?", "answer": "You can use Facebook to back up play data and transfer it from existing device to new device. ・When performing a fresh install, you must be logged in to the same Facebook account you used while playing. ・When the same game data is played on multiple devices, there is a danger of the data being corrupted or damaged, so please refrain from doing so. ・If another play data was synchronized in the past, those data will be overwritten and deleted. ・If data transfer is completed, the play data on existing device will be initialized." }, { "question": "How can I transfer my game data with Google Play account?", "answer": "You can use Google account to back up play data and transfer it from existing Android device to new Android device. If an authorization (authentication??) screen is displayed, grant access once you checked the contents and your Google Play account. And then, a backup of your game data will be created. If an authorization (authentication??) screen is displayed, grant access once you checked the contents and your Google Play account. And then, a backup of your game data should be restored. ・When performing a fresh install, you must be signed in to the same Google Play account that was used to play the game. ・If the same iCloud account has been used on multiple devices, the game data on the latest device used to play may be overwritten. ・When the same game data is used to play on the multiple devices, there is a danger of the data being corrupted or damaged, so please refrain from doing so. Please be forewarned the following regarding the play data transfer. ■To guard against the possibility of lost player data, it is the user’s responsibility to perform regular backups for transferring saved data. ■Before transferring, it is the user’s responsibility to confirm transfer information and take down a handwritten memo of necessary transfer information or email it to your PC to save it. ■It is the responsibility of the user to securely save any and all transfer information. Even in the case of such incidents as theft or loss of the device, our company will be unable to disclose any transfer information. ・Taking a screenshot or sending a text message to your device may render you unable to access the information in the case of damage to your device. ・Player data may not be transferred when it has been backed up or restored by procedures other than the methods specified in the app (such as backups with a PC). ・When transferring from one OS to another, Your app-specific currency will not carry over to your new save file and lost. *For this reason, if you purchased items, it is recommended to spend app-specific currency before performing a transfer. ・Transfer information will become invalid when transfer data has already been used once. ・Transfer information has an expiration date, so please confirm the expiration date in app. In case of expiration, you need to reissue transfer information. ・If you transfer play data to another device, the play data on the original device will be lost. Please set up and transfer the necessary information by the following procedure. ・Before using the transfer service, please take down a handwritten memo of necessary transfer information or email it to your PC to save it. *Taking a screenshot or sending a text message to your device may render you unable to access the information in the case of damage to your device. ・If you lost app-specific currency by cross OS transfer, our company will not be able to compensate or restore app-specific currency. ・For data transfer between the same OS, synchronization with iCloud or a Google account are available. Please confirm how to synchronize in FAQ. ・It is your responsibility to securely save any and all transfer information. Even in the case of such incidents as theft or loss of the device, our company will be unable to disclose any transfer information." } ]
[ { "question": "My GEICO mail is not showing my mailbox number, what should I do?", "answer": "You will need to call GEICO customer service at 800-861-8380. Instruct their customer service representative to add this information ” SUITE 240-XXXX” in the “NAME/STREET OVERFLOW” field. Hope you’ll find this useful!" } ]
[ { "question": "How long will it take for my toddler tint™ to arrive in the post?", "answer": "Our turn around time from the day you place your order is 1-2 working days. We are based in WA. All orders within Perth take approximately 2 working days to arrive. All other states and regional WA take 7-10 working days." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix?", "answer": "\"The BCG matrix method is based on the product life cycle theory that can be used to determine what priorities should be given in the product portfolio of a business unit.\" Hoovers Company Profiles (Includes subsidiaries)." } ]
[ { "question": "What if i'm not home during the delivery?", "answer": "Anyone at home can receive the package on your behalf. In the scenario where no one is at home to receive the package, the postman will leave a collection slip and you will have to proceed to the post office to collect your package. We are supported by PayPal, the securest payment gateway available on the market. We only allow order cancellation if your order has yet to be dispatched. Once your order has been processed and prepared for dispatch we can no longer cancel the order." }, { "question": "Can I make changes to my order / shipping address?", "answer": "If a change needs to be made to your order, please contact us at our Contact Us page as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate that change. We will do our best to accommodate your request but do note that we cannot make any promises. If the order had already been sent out, we will not be able to change the order address." } ]
[ { "question": "← What can I do if I don’t like the company doctor?", "answer": "You are entitled to reimbursed for mileage and out of pocket expenses if it is related to treatment for accepted body parts. It is important that you keep very good records of every time you go to the doctor, pick up prescriptions or receive any other medical treatment. You are not reimbursed for mileage related to trips to court or to your attorney’s office. An exception is if you are attending your deposition in your attorney’s office. There are special forms you need to use to obtain reimbursement (links provided below). Keep in mind that rates of reimbursement for mileage usually change every year and sometimes more than once in one year. Look to the bottom of the form which will indicate the years you are submitting mileage. There is no deadline for submitting mileage but the longer you wait the harder it is for the claims adjuster. You can expect that if you don’t make it easy on them they will reject the request. They are usually provided 60 days to reimburse you but don’t expect most adjusters will respond this quickly. You are in the best position to submit these requests and we encourage you to get reports and/or receipts before leaving the doctors’ office or pharmacy, etc. so that you can prove you saw the doctor for the day of your mileage submission. Once you have a FULLY COMPLETED AND TOTALED amount with receipt/report attachments, submit a COPY to the adjuster for reimbursement. If the adjuster rejects some of the reimbursement request they need to explain specifically which dates are being rejected and why so that you have a chance to respond. Again, the better job you do submitting the request the more likely you will get all of it paid since the adjuster will not have an excuse." } ]
[ { "question": "Where can I find current openings?", "answer": "All current open positions at GROB can be found under our open positions page. If you wish to apply for one of the positions, please email your resume to with the position title in the subject of your email." }, { "question": "How do I know if an advertised position is still available?", "answer": "All of the positions on our open positions page are still available. As soon as a position is filled, it is removed from our list." }, { "question": "Can I apply for several positions at once?", "answer": "Yes. If you are interested in a number of positions, you can apply for all of them at the same time. Just state the positions that interest you in an email to us with your resume attached." }, { "question": "Does GROB offer internships or co-ops abroad?", "answer": "It is possible to complete an internship or co-op abroad. If you are interested, please contact the production plant & branch that you are interested in completing an internship or co-op at directly. If you are interested in applying for a job opening, please email a resume to with the position title in the subject of the email." }, { "question": "What documents should I attach to my email?", "answer": "Please provide at a minimum your resume including current contact information. Other documents you may choose to include would be a university transcript (if you've recently or will soon graduate) and any relevant certifications." }, { "question": "When should I receive feedback on my resume submission?", "answer": "Smooth and timely communication with you is of the highest importance to us. You will receive feedback from our Human Resources Management Team within two weeks." }, { "question": "How do I apply for open positions at one of GROB's other international sites?", "answer": "All GROB plants post open positions on a regular basis. Please send your resume by email to the contact information provided in the job description. I haven't been contacted regarding my application." }, { "question": "Can I find out why?", "answer": "Due to the high number of applications we receive, we are unable to give personal feedback on each application. Thank you for your understanding!" } ]
[ { "question": "Can I start with a certificate or diploma course and then transfer to the Dual Diploma?", "answer": "Yes, you can to transfer to a diploma or dual diploma at any time during or after your course. You would receive credit for the module/s you have already completed and would only need to pay for the additional modules within the course you are transferring to." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: How do I order a Longbow?", "answer": "A: First of all, contact us. Please do this by phone, we will need to know your `draw length`, the `draw weight` you would like the Bow to be, what type of Bow you have chosen from our catalogue and the type of shooting you will be doing. We can help with all these measurements if you are unsure and can offer advice on what Bow type is suitable, again please phone or arrange a time to come to the workshop to be measured up, this sort of process does not lend itself to e-mail communication. Once the type of Bow and all the relevant measurements have been made we can get the order underway, we require a deposit of around £100 depending on the type of Bow. Our current waiting list is about 6 months. A: In the wake of Lord of the Rings etc we get a lot of people who are simply interested in shooting the Longbow or even just owning one. As with any sport (particularly shooting sports) you need some experience in the sport of Archery and to know the basic safety rules etc... This can only really be achieved by joining or at least attending your local club for some lessons. You may even find you enjoy the social side of Archery, simply have a look at the N.F.A.S. website and the G.N.A.S. website for details of your local club. We also offer Longbow coaching/lessons at the workshop, £25 per hour." }, { "question": "Q: How do I know what type of Arrows or Arrow Shafts to order?", "answer": "A: There are a confusing number of types of Arrows to choose from in our catalogue, hopefully the descriptions on the catalogue should make it clear as to their particular attributes, the more money you spend on a set the more accurately matched to your bow they will be. By `accurately matched` we mean the spine of the shaft (the bendiness of the shaft) and the weight, all has to be taken into account for very accurate shooting, we can work out the necessary requirements from the details of your bow, your draw length and the length you would like the Arrows. All of this can be done over the phone or at the workshop, once we have made you a set of Arrows the details are all kept on file should wish to order another set. We can apply the same formula to work out what Arrow Shafts you require, please keep a note of what we send you in case you need more, just give us a call and we can send you the relevant Matched Shafts based on the info you give us." }, { "question": "Q: How do I look after my Longbow String?", "answer": "A: The main points of wear are where the String sits in the grove of the nock, keep an eye on these points for fraying. We always recommend you change your string about once a year (it is also advisable to have a spare, make sure it is pre stretched, all new strings will stretch/move at first, then apply the Nocking Point) this is dependent on usage, but keep in mind that a broken String can make for a broken Bow! Also strings can ware away at the serving (where you place your fingers to draw the String) this can be re-served, but may be a sign that it is time to replace the string or check it thoroughly at he nock ends as described. We notice allot of people fail to have a Nocking Point on their string, this is bad practice, a Nocking Point is a mark (made however you wish, we use dental floss or similar to create two points that sit either side of the Nock when it is place on the string) that allows you to place the Arrow on the String in the same place each time you shoot, if you do not do this you will never achieve accurate and consistent shooting. To mark the Nocking Point on your String, take a right angle from the top of your handle on the Bow (when strung) to the string, then move up about 1/4\", this is the place you should be Nocking your arrow. Again if you buy a String new it will need stretching before putting on the Nocking Point or it will move as the String settles in, be sure to have your Bracing Height (the distance of the string from the handle, when strung) correct, this should be 6 1/2\" to 7\", this is based on a an adult size Bow. A: The larger the Fletching the more drag and the quicker the Arrow will straighten-up, large Fletchings are ideal for close range shooting, small are ideal for longer distance, some experimentation may be needed to find the ones that suit." }, { "question": "Q: Do I need a license to own/shoot a Longbow?", "answer": "A: No you do not need a license, you will need insurance if you wish to take part in organized events/shoots etc, you will get this information from your local club." }, { "question": "Q: How long will a Longbow Last?", "answer": "A: Some people are still using Bows from the Victorian era!!! this, in our opinion, should not be done, they are Antiques and should be treated as such. As for modern Longbows, you can get a good few years top performance out of a Longbow, say 3-4 years, after this time it can begin to tire and lose some of its cast/speed or Draw Weight, this isn't always the case. We have had Bows come back to our workshop for examination and they still come up to the Weight they were originally made for even though they are more than 10 years old. As for Bows breaking, well this could happen at any time, its only a piece of wood, if the wood has a flaw that we cannot see when making the Bow then there is a possibility it could break, if a bow is going to break because of a flaw it will do so when we are making it. All our Bows come with a 12 months guarantee." }, { "question": "Q: What is the maximum Draw Weight that you supply?", "answer": "A: For target weight Bows maximum is 60lb, our Medieval Style Bow has a maximum of 75lbs." }, { "question": "Q: Do I need to oil or wax the Bow?", "answer": "A: No, all our bows are varnished and as such need no further attention. You should always wipe your Bow down with a dry cloth and dry it completely if you have been shooting in bad weather, before putting it away in its bag. You can if you wish use a Beeswax Furniture Polish to keep a nice shine on the bow, but again this is not needed and most Longbow owners do not do this." }, { "question": "Q: I want to make my own Bow, what do I do?", "answer": "A: Well, short of writing a book at this point and posting it here, all we can recommend is going about it 1 of 3 ways, get an apprenticeship from a Member of `The Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers` by contacting the member nearest you from the list on the Guilds website (see our links section) not all members will take on apprentices or read the many books available on the subject or start with one of our DIY kits. Please don't ask us for books on Bow Making, we do not sell them, if you are reading this then you have access to the www and can search the many Archery outlets that sell Bow making books, we can supply you with all the materials you will need and DIY kits. We cannot offer advice on materials purchased outside of our own catalogue. Please be aware you will need to know how a bow works before making one!! !, some basic Archery skills are a must, some experience with the Longbow will be useful too. A: Thank you for asking, but mainly we have to say no, English Yew is far from the best for making bows. Nine times out of ten it just is not worth a long trip to view what usually ends up being of no use, sorry. Perhaps wood turners would appreciate it." }, { "question": "Q: I want to know about the history of the Longbow etc...?", "answer": "A: If you want to ask us a question about Historical aspects of Archery via e-mail or telephone PLEASE DONT, we get a constant stream of Historical questions, if we answered them we would have no time to make bows!!! If you have an interest in the Historical side please have a look at the books we sell on the subject, we keep all the latest titles with up to date info. Alternatively you can talk to us in person at the many events we attend during the year, where we will have time to argue about the two finger salute and if Robin Hood really did exist." }, { "question": "Q: Can you provide written confirmation of the value of my second hand Longbow for insurance/compensation purposes?", "answer": "A: We are not dealers in second hand bows. We can only give confirmation of its new price, as our catalogue, send 2 1st class stamps for our printed catalogue. If you purchased a bow from us and need written confirmation on headed paper for insurance purposes, we may make a charge for this service." }, { "question": "Q: How do I maintain the straightness of my Arrows?", "answer": "A: This is something people often fail to think about, every time you shoot an arrow it bends ALLOT! also when you remove from the ground or target they can bend considerably. Straightening is very simple, CAREFULLY heating the arrow and bending it gently back to straightness with the hands is a task most can master, see the short video we put together to show the basic technique. Please be careful when using steam! A: No, not a physical one anyway, its all online on the website you are on now." } ]
[ { "question": "Is there a data cap for Internet service?", "answer": "Yes, the usage data caps are as follows: 10 Mbps speed tier is 250 GB; 20 Mbps speed tier is 400 GB; 50 Mbps speed tier is 500 GB; 100 Mbps speed tier is 750 GB; 200 Mbps speed tier is 3000 GB; 50 Mbps speed tier is with Video 750 GB; 100 Mbps speed tier is with Video 1024 GB For business accounts, all speed tiers carry a 3000 GB data cap." }, { "question": "What is Zito WiFi and how do I use it?", "answer": "Wireless hotspots that are located in areas where customers spend time working, relaxing, shopping, and socializing. Locations are near popular community areas and in your favorite local businesses. Connect your Wi-Fi devices to the hotspots to save on data usage. See Zito Wi-Fi a for more information and for instructions on how to register and connect." }, { "question": "How do I access my Zito email account?", "answer": "You can access your Zito email in (My Zito – Check Email). Use your Zito Media email address and password. If you need help contact customer support at or 1-800-365-6988. Yes, as long as the equipment is compatible with the Zito Media network you can use your own. You can find a list of Zito approved modems and routers under the Internet page on the Zito website." }, { "question": "HOW DO I CHANGE MY Wi-Fi PASSWORD ON THE HITRON and ARRIS MODEMS/ROUTERS?", "answer": "Click on the wireless settings tab (It may be listed as just 'wireless'). It is at the top of Arris modems and the Hitron CGNVM and to the right on Netgear and Hitron CGNV2. Inside this page you would be able to change the Wi-Fi SSID or password for your residential gateway." }, { "question": "IS THERE A WAY TO INCREASE THE WI-FI RANGE IN MY HOUSE?", "answer": "If you call Customer Support, you can request a Moca Extender to increase the range of your Wi-Fi in your house. You can contact customer support at or 1-800-365-6988. You can use your own equipment for the Zito TV2GO app, such as a Roku, Android box, and TVs with Google play." }, { "question": "WHAT IS THE TV2GO AND TELEIOS CONVERTER?", "answer": "The Teleios Gateway Converter is a box that connects to your TV to transform it into an Android device to provide access to the Google Play Store. The Zito TV2GO App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It works with Android, iOS, Roku, and Apple devices (EXCEPT Apple TV) and collaborates with your video subscription to offer extended video features. Being internet based, the app has automatic updates as long as you are signed into Google Play (Note: automatic updates not compatible with Roku). For more information visit the Video page under the Service Menu for more information." }, { "question": "What is Whole Home HD-DVR and how do I get it?", "answer": "Whole Home DVR allows you to record a program on one DVR and watch it from any Set-Top Box in your house that is connected to your home network. For more information visit the Video page under the Service Menu for more information." }, { "question": "How is Whole House HD-DVR different from regular DVR?", "answer": "With regular DVR, you can watch programs only from the DVR box where you recorded them. With Whole House HD-DVR, you can record your program on one DVR and watch it from any TV connected to your home network. For more information visit the Video page under the Service Menu for more information." }, { "question": "WHAT DO I NEED FOR THE ANALOG ELMINATION / DIGITAL CONVERSION?", "answer": "TVs with MPEG-4 QAM tuners can pick up our expanded digital channel lineup and displays channel numbers and channel info, as well as each access numbers. Simply run a channel scan if your area has been changed to a digital lineup. If you do not have an MPEG-4 QAM tuner TV, you will have to purchase an iview box (universal DTA) for a one-time fee of $20 from Zito in order to pick up the digital channels. The ivew does not have a guide at this time." }, { "question": "WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY CHANNELS ARE TILING OR HAVING ISSUES?", "answer": "If you are experiencing issues with your channels, such as tiling or blank channels, check the signal on the DTA or Entone. You can contact customer support at or 1-800-365-6988. Navigate to the channel you're having the issue with. Hold down the number 7 for approximately 5 seconds. It may appear that the channel will change but it will not. Use the arrow keys on the remote to go down to 'Tuner Status'. Provide the numbers next to 'Power' and 'SNR (dB)' to the call center representative. Alternate pressing the 'dot' (or input, if your remote has one) and info button on your Entone remote. Press the number 2 for Tuner status. Please provide the information for column 'Tuner 1' to the call center representative. 'Power', 'SNR (dB)', and 'SNR Rating' are required." }, { "question": "What is Soft Phone and how do I use it?", "answer": "Allows Zito customers to receive calls anytime, anywhere. Using a Wi-Fi or 4g network users can receive calls from their home phone on a smart phone and can be used on up to 2 devices. Visit the Phone page under the Service Menu for more information." }, { "question": "How do I access my phone voice mail account?", "answer": "Two ways: You can access your voicemail in (My Zito – Check Email) or dial *11 on your home phone. If you need help contact customer support at or 1-800-365-6988. or 1-800-365-6988. Contact customer support at or 1-800-365-6988. Yes, contact customer support at or 1-800-365-6988." }, { "question": "What is seasonal status and how do I get it?", "answer": "Seasonal status allows you to make your account dormant for a nominal fee without canceling your service. This allows you to keep your same phone number, email address, cable box and equipment. An example of seasonal status would be phone or cable service in a vacation home that you only use during the summer months. Seasonal policies differ, so please contact a local customer service representative for more information or to turn seasonal status on or off. To learn more about how seasonal status is handled in your area, please contact us at or 1-800-365-6988." }, { "question": "Did you know that if someone in your neighborhood is stealing cable it can affect your cable service?", "answer": "Cable theft reduces the quality of service you receive, can cause frequent disturbances or interruptions in your service. It can result in higher service fees for honest, paying customers due to the theft's poor connection. Even more serious is that lives can be endangered if the stolen cable is not properly installed, resulting in interference in airline navigation signals and even emergency service radio transmissions. The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 \"prohibits the unauthorized reception of communications service over a cable system.\" The Federal Communications Commission determined in November, 1994 that the use of cable descramblers not authorized by cable systems is a violation of federal law. Sentences in federal and state cable theft cases have ranged from probation to 16 years in prison. Fines and restitution have ranged from several hundred dollars to $2.7 million. If you think you may be receiving services you are not paying for or if you have an unauthorized cable box, call your local Zito Media office today and subscribe the legal way!" }, { "question": "How do I make changes to my Zito Media service?", "answer": "You can add, downgrade, and cancel services (i.e., Internet, Phone, TV, etc.) by contacting us at 1-800-365-6988. Service change requests made via email or social media will NOT be processed. Promotions and pricing vary by location. The top promotions across the nation can be found on the Promotions tab of the website. Contact us at or 1-800-365-6988 for the latest available promotions." }, { "question": "What are your installation fees?", "answer": "Installation fees vary depending upon the services requested. Please contact us at or 1-800-365-6988." }, { "question": "What is Zito Media's disconnection policy?", "answer": "You may request that your cable service be disconnected at any time. To avoid further liability, all equipment must be returned to Zito Media at the time of disconnection. If you're in a contract there is a $20/month charge per remaining month on your contract. We offer short term “no contract” promotions, typically for 6 month promos, as well as 2-year agreements with contract to lock in the promotional pricing." }, { "question": "WHAT HAPPENS IF THE ACCOUNT OWNER PASSES AWAY?", "answer": "Upon receipt of a valid death certificate, the account can be cancelled and any balances will be forgiven. Cancellation fees will be waived. Yes, you can view your bill statements online through My Zito. After the promotional period ends, you will be charged the standard rate that is in effect at that time. For more information on current promotions and details, visit the Promotions tab of the website." }, { "question": "Why doesn’t my last payment show on my bill?", "answer": "Your payment may have been received after your bill was printed. For up-to-date information on received payments, contact customer support at or 1-800-365-6988. If you’ve recently changed your service, pro-rated charges may be shown on your bill. Pro-rated charges are partial month charges and ensure that you will only be charged for the number of days the services were used for that billing period. If your service was just installed, you might see one-time fees included for installation or activation of services. Your promotional price may have changed, as a result your monthly charge could be different than what you expected." }, { "question": "Do I get charged a late fee?", "answer": "Yes. You will be assessed a late fee for payments not received on time. For additional information on late fees, please contact us at or 1-800-365-6988. You can pay your bill through a variety of options, including autopay, online through My Zito Bill Pay, in person, by phone, or by mail." }, { "question": "What is Identity Theft and how do I protect myself?", "answer": "Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses your personally identifiable information such as your name, Social Security number or credit card number. If you are a victim of identity theft, take the following steps immediately. Keep detailed records of your conversations and copies of all correspondence. Review your credit report and contact the credit bureaus for assistance. Contact your bank to review account activity and ask about fraud protection." }, { "question": "What do I do if my home is burglarized and my Zito Media equipment is stolen?", "answer": "The subscriber is responsible for the cost of the equipment; however, homeowner's or renter's insurance may cover the loss." } ]
[ { "question": "Notice where a crab is going (You can use your X-ray scope if it helps)?", "answer": "Pirate, and then drop down to face another purple pirate on the left. mountain, you can get some valuable items in Maridia. Update 11/23: A new Method of climbing Mount Death has been found. This method requires using at least two crabs to get up the mountain. I tried to have 2 onscreen.\" as the one already there walking up the ceiling.\" jump onto then onto the top of Mt. Death.\" top of Mt. Death on my 2nd try after resetting.\" the bottom crab onto the midair frozen one, and up to the top!!! Yay!\" higher), except it's a little easier since the shaft is vertical. Death and then head to the right through a green door. left, because you cannot go all the way left and get the items from there. and then head back down the quicksand. and dive into the first quicksand pit (the one you haven't been to yet). back and forth to get up higher one tiny bit at a time in the water. they were gotten much later after this revision. eventually at the door to the lava pit with a Power Bomb Shield on it. save!! When backtracking, you may need to use a crystal flash or two. b. Are very very bored and have nothing else better to do, or c.\nwhich you can use to wall jump up to the platform with the entrance. have reserve tanks, you'll be able to get up there in one piece. sounds like your energy is being drained.) in one blow at the bottom. Go into the elevator room and then the save room and save your game. that's why I said save states are like gold here, (eh well, almost). the fast rippers because the screw attack is lethal to them in one hit. into the larger room in the upmost right part exit in this shaft. to Platform to get up, just keep moving through this huge Lava Room. of the room you arrive in at the top of the earthquake lava room. tank down below. Once you are done, we're going to go and fetch some items. exit and power-bomb your way down and go through the first door on the right). Lower Norfair via the Lava Pit a few times. not, then good luck, you're gonna need it. the speed booster blocks with the fleas where you can get more power bombs. and then using this glitch to change rooms without killing Croc. which is pretty much outside of the game's memory. Credit goes to Kejardon for getting 2 Missiles in the Wrecked Ship. for it uses Freezing Ghosts instead of the Spikes. including myself, get the Plasma Beam using the X-ray Jump technique. the Space-Time Glitch and see your percentage and watch the ending. may help speed up your time a little if you want to play this for speed. know how to bomb jump or wall jump exceptionally well. places. It all depends on your style of gameplay. bombs in Crateria if you haven't already by Shine-Sparking). how to HBJ across the missile platform to the ledge to the next room. (You'll need Power bombs of course from your trip up the Brinstar Shaft). are required as well to even get started, so don't forget them either. items from Lower Norfair if you have given up on Maridia and Evil PB #66. Movies on the console at 65%, so check out his site. also has a video of this. G. No Bomb Jumping- You can attempt this entire run without bomb jumping once. Tank in Maridia and evil Power Bomb #66. money.) This FAQ is Copyright 2003 by Cloud Strife J (AKA John Reeske). and copyrights contained in this document. languages, and as they are done, they are ok.\nbow down to his uber-1337 skills! suggestions on IRC) See Links Section for ZMVs. I started doing my own NBMB Run. in this FAQ) Two Words: You Rule!" } ]
[ { "question": "Does the hotel offer smoking and non-smoking rooms?", "answer": "Yes (subject to availability upon check-in). Request during reservation (the booking form allows you to enter special request details)." }, { "question": "Can the hotel provide early check-in and late check out?", "answer": "Yes, charges apply. Early check-in 06.00am, late Check-out 06.00pm. Request during reservation or at the front office desk." }, { "question": "Can visitors sleep in our room?", "answer": "All staying guests must be checked in (charges apply). A visitor is allowed for a short visit (coordinate with front office)." }, { "question": "Does the hotel assist with processing of UAE Visa?", "answer": "Yes on request (charges, terms and conditions as well as government regulations apply)." } ]
[ { "question": "I'm a good boy/girl now, how do I get rid of my warn level?", "answer": "A month after each warn, you may ask an admin or co-admin to remove the warning. Just send them a friendly pm and they can help you." }, { "question": "I just returned from a ban of x days, do I start from 0%?", "answer": "No. Your warning level will be the same as when you were banned. Like mentioned above, you will need to wait 1 month after each warning, to get each them removed. I'm banned (temporarily or permanently), but I found a way to sneak back into BJJ! If you are caught not serving your ban properly, you will be banned permanently by all means necessary. This can include restricting your IP from out site! Nobody is perfect and sometimes admins and co-admins make mistakes. If you feel this is your case, you may send an e-mail to with your petition. There are no guarantees that your ban will be overturned though. If you've just finished serving your temporary ban, don't come back and bug the admin or co-admin that banned you. You're lucky to be back! If you have any questions or need a warning removed, these fine people can help you: Heartbeat, Ptoor or Anathel. This may all sound daunting and scary, but it is important to protect our members and uphold the integrity of BJJ. Just be good and don't get in trouble!" } ]
[ { "question": "How do I sell my Duty Free shop?", "answer": "This is the game feature that such buildings as duty free shop, control tower, town hall, fuel station and repair base cannot be sold as they are essential elements of your Airport City. Open the flight menu (plane icon on the lower toolbar) and you'll see a list of places you can send your planes to. Each flight is suited to a particular type of plane, and no other planes can do it. Furthermore, each flight requires a specific number of passengers (suitcase icon) and fuel (barrel icon), and certain flights require additional items. If you have the right plane, the right number of passengers and fuel, as well as the required items, press the Fly button. Your plane will automatically appear on the right runway. You then need to tap it several more times to fuel it, board it and signal it to take off." }, { "question": "How do I transfer my game to a new Android device?", "answer": "You have a few options in how you can transfer your game to a new Android device. 1) You can contact Game Insight and ask them to do it for you. They will require a variety of details, such as your friend code and old and new device information. 2) You can use a free app from the Google Play store called Helium. This app does not require your devices to be rooted and will simply backup the game to your computer, and then transfer it to your computer to your new device. 3) If both of your devices are rooted, you can make a backup of the game and the data using a program such as Titanium Backup or MyBackUpPro. Once backed up, simply restore onto your new device. You can backup and restore data using iCloud. Follow the information on the link below which is direct from Apple. There is no opportunity to turn a runway in your airport." }, { "question": "How do I upgrade my Control Tower?", "answer": "To upgrade the Control Tower tap it in your Airport City and the game will offer you to upgrade the building. The limit for the number of buildings of the same kind is 6. The maximum number of players you can add using the random neighbors list is 500. The amount of players you can add using their friend codes is unlimited. Please, note that you can redeem only 5 friend codes a day. You can send up to 20 free presents a day. Please, note that you can't send more than 1 free gift to each neighbour per day." } ]
[ { "question": "What is the difference between Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) and Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)?", "answer": "Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is the term used for any dramatic and/or spontaneous death that is thought to be (and usually is) caused by a sudden change in the heart’s rhythm. This is more common in older people. There may be many underlying heart conditions that could cause this sudden rhythm change. The most common cause, usually confirmed at autopsy or post-mortem, is coronary disease or hardening or ‘blockages’ of the arteries or blood vessels supplying the heart muscle. Other potential causes include heart muscle disorders (also known as cardiomyopathy), structural heart defects that may have been present from birth (congenital heart conditions) and infection or inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). If a person dies from SCD, but no cause is identified, then this is classified or ‘diagnosed’ as a sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS)." }, { "question": "Is there a difference between ‘heart attack’ and sudden death or cardiac arrest?", "answer": "When medical professionals speak about heart attacks they are usually referring to a ‘coronary’, or a blockage in one of the heart’s blood vessels. This usually causes chest pain, but it only causes collapse or sudden death in perhaps a quarter of all people who get a blockage. The medical name for a ‘heart attack’ is a myocardial infarction, often shortened as ‘MI’. Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating effectively due to a sudden serious change in the heart’s rhythm. This always results in collapse, and often in sudden death. Defibrillators (including the automatic external defibrillators, or AEDs, available in many public places) can be used to treat some but not all causes of cardiac arrest." }, { "question": "What happens after a young person dies suddenly and unexpectedly?", "answer": "After an unexpected sudden death, the coroner for the area will usually request that a post-mortem be performed. This involves the body being examined by a pathologist. Small samples of tissue from organs including the heart (to examine for heart failure) are also taken and examined under a microscope. Usually, the pathologist can easily detect any abnormality like significant coronary artery disease. The coroner will take into account the circumstances of the death and, if necessary, will carry out tests for signs of any medication or drugs. If it is difficult to assess the heart or to detect any abnormality in it, it is desirable for the help of an expert cardiac pathologist (one who specialises in the heart) to determine the cause of death. This, at present, is likely to necessitate referral through the coroner or pathologist to an expert cardiac pathologist in the United Kingdom." }, { "question": "Should Families be screened if a relative dies suddenly?", "answer": "If the cause of death is known to be a hereditary problem (such as some forms of cardiomyopathies, or heart muscle diseases, many causes of SADS, Marfan’s disease), then immediate family should be screened as a precaution. This usually means the parents, brothers and sisters, and if appropriate the children of the deceased should be checked for evidence of the same condition. Testing can then be extended or ‘cascaded’ to the wider family if someone else in the immediate family is considered to be affected. Or, where the cause of death is uncertain (this includes SADS, and may occasionally be relevant to cot deaths), the relatives should be screened for any clues as to possible causes of death, such as the electrical conditions lonq QT syndrome or Brugada syndrome. Further information on the tests that are usually performed is available on our screening page. Of note, there are many innocent explanations for the symptoms below, which do not involve heart disease or sudden death. If you or a family member does experience any of these it is recommended to discuss with your family doctor who can decide if further investigation is necessary. Palpitation is a term used to describe an awareness of a change in the heart rhythm. It can feel like skipped beats (the heart seems to miss a beat and after a gap the next beat is felt as a heavy thud- almost like a flutter of the heart), or you may notice that the heart suddenly starts racing, even if you are doing nothing. It can last for anything from seconds to hours or even days." }, { "question": "Are all Palpitations potentially serious?", "answer": "Most people experience some palpitations during their lifetime. Sensations of missed beats are most likely to occur during illnesses such as colds or flu or if you are over-tired. They can occur if you are stressed or experiencing anxiety or if you have drunk too much coffee / tea / alcohol/or other stimulant drinks (e.g. Red Bull). They can be caused by taking certain medications like Sudafed or drugs like Ecstasy or Cocaine. A sensation of the heart racing for minutes or hours is reasonably common, especially in young adults, and may indicate an electrical short circuit in the heart. This is often associated with an uncomfortable awareness of your heart thumping in your chest and/or pounding in your neck. These types of palpitations often stop themselves, although you may sometimes need to consult your doctor. They are usually not serious or life-threatening. Any form of palpitations that cause you to feel dizzy, give you chest pain, make you very short of breath or cause you to faint / blackout could be serious and you should seek medical advice. ‘Channelopathy’ is a term used to describe a number of conditions affecting the electrical activation of the heart. The movement of electricity in the heart depends on salts (sodium, potassium and calcium) being pumped in and out of each individual cell. If some of these pumps are defective (either over or under active), this can affect how electrical signals move through the heart. This can increase your risk of palpitations or sudden death. There are several channelopathies, which are similar in many ways. The most common channelopathy in Ireland is Long QT syndrome (LQTS). The term long QT syndrome describes a particular pattern of the electrical activation in the heart. It is usually diagnosed on a resting ECG, although treadmill exercise testing (or ‘Stress Test), or continuous heart rhythm monitoring (Holter monitoring) may be required. Occasionally a ‘provocation test’ may be suggested, where a medication (usually low doses of adrenaline) is given through a drip in your arm, and the doctors monitor closely for any alteration in the pattern of electrical activation on your ECG (also known as Epinephrine Stress Test). LQTS is often hereditary and genetic testing may identify the genetic variant causing the condition in up to 70% of affected patients. Brugada syndrome is another channelopathy, which is due to a similar problem, but is recognisable to a specialist by a specific abnormal pattern on the ECG. It is more common in south-east Asia, particularly in males. A small number of affected individuals or families have been identified in Ireland. The diagnosis is usually made on the resting ECG. Milder cases (or ‘carriers’ of the condition) may need additional tests to diagnose it, such as a treadmill exercise test (‘Stress Test’) or continuous heart rhythm monitor (Holter monitor). If the condition is suspected in you or your family a drug provocation test may be suggested. In this test a medication (usually Ajmaline or Glutaramyl) is given through a drip in your arm and the doctor monitors your ECG closely for any changes in the electrical pattern that may suggest Brugada syndrome. Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT) is similar in many ways to long QT syndrome. It is however a much rarer condition. In CPVT the resting ECG may be normal or near-normal, and abnormalities usually appear during exercise or stress, when your heart rate rises above 110 beats per minute. Therefore if CPVT is suspected you will be asked to do the treadmill exercise test (stress test). Occasionally a drug provocation test may be suggested, using small doses of adrenaline through a vein in your arm to see if abnormal patterns develop on your ECG. This is performed under close supervision. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (also called HCM, HOCM or ‘hocum’) is where the walls of the heart, particularly the pumping chamber on the left side (left ventricle) are thicker than normal. This is relatively common, and many people live a full normal life without any symptoms and do not require treatment. Sometimes affected people may experience chest discomfort or pain, especially during some form of activity, shortness of breath, palpitations or dizzy spells and blackouts. A very small proportion of affected people are at risk of dying suddenly. It often but not always runs in families, and can usually be diagnosed by having an ECG(electrocardiogram) and echo (ultrasound scan of the heart). Genetic tests can be useful but only in about 50% of families. Dilated Cardiomyopathy (also known as DCM) is where the heart is larger than normal, but the walls are usually normal thickness or even slightly thinned. The pump function in the heart is usually less efficient than normal in DCM. This may result in ‘heart failure’, where people experience shortness of breath on exercise or when lying flat, or extreme fatigue. The most common cause is coronary disease or ‘hardening of the arteries’, especially after heart attack(s). Sometimes there is no coronary disease, and the condition may run in families, or may be though to have occurred as a result of a viral infection. It is diagnosed by doing an ECG and echo (ultrasound scan of the heart), although additional tests are often done to look for the cause. Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (also known as ARVC or ARVD) is thought to be a rare condition affecting the right side of the heart more than the left. It often runs in families. It may not cause any symptoms, or can cause palpitations, dizzy spells, blackouts, or in a small proportion of people it can cause heart failure or sudden death. It can be hard to diagnose in its milder form – tests used include ECG, echo, exercise test, heart rhythm monitoring and sometimes MRI scans of the heart. Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (also known as RCM) is probably a variant of HCM (above), where the heart may only be slightly thicker than normal, but it becomes very stiff, and does not pump normally. This can result in shortness of breath, swelling of the abdomen or tummy due to fluid accumulation, or swelling of the ankles and legs. The diagnosis is usually made on echo (ultrasound of the heart), although additional tests such as MRI scan of the heart may be requested." }, { "question": "Shouldn’t those involved in sport be screened?", "answer": "The risk of someone who has no symptoms of heart disease and no history of heart disease or sudden death in their family dying during sporting activity is very small (perhaps 1 in 100,000). Some countries (certain states of the USA and Italy) do screen everybody but this can cause unforeseen problems as there is sometimes a grey area between normal and abnormal tests, and having possible abnormalities detected may influence career choices, ability to take out insurance, mortgages etc. There is no right answer to this question, but concentrating efforts initially on those with symptoms or possible heart disease in the family would probably be most useful." }, { "question": "What is the link between sudden death and sports?", "answer": "People who have cardiac problems (and may be unaware of them) carry a slightly higher risk of sudden death during periods of fairly intensive activity than at other times. This is why as a precaution if someone is diagnosed with a cardiac disorder they will often be advised to avoid competitive sport or endurance training as this can bring on heart failure." }, { "question": "Is there a difference?", "answer": "Defibrillators are machines that can deliver an electrical shock to the heart to knock it out of a potentially fatal rhythm disorder. Most people are familiar with the machine with paddles in hospitals, as seen on TV programmes such as ‘ER’. There is a move to have user-friendly clever versions of these machines available in public places (airports, sports stadium, shopping centre etc). These devices with a built-in computer which will recognise the rhythm and deliver the treatment are called Automated External Defibrillators. It is intended that there are easy to follow instructions on them so that if someone collapses staff members or possibly even passers by can attach the machines and possibly save a life. An ICD is an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator. This is a miniature version of the defibrillator which is placed under the skin in someone who is considered to be at high risk of having a fatal rhythm problem. Wires are passed down a vein under the collarbone to the heart, and the battery box with built-in computer chip is placed under the skin on the front of the chest. This is like a pacemaker(can treat slow heart beats), but can also recognise when the heart rhythm has changed to a life threatening one and deliver a shock internally within seconds." }, { "question": "If ICDs save lives, shouldn’t everyone have one?", "answer": "ICDs do save lives but are expensive and require changing of the battery and possibly the wires every 5 to 8 years. There are also risks of complications when the device is being fitted or changed, and this can sometimes also be fatal. Therefore they are best used in people where the risk of dying suddenly is high enough that it is greater than the risk of complications of the device. This is more important than the cost of the device." } ]
[ { "question": "Is it New Zealand made or just New Zealand assembled?", "answer": "Our trailers are 100% Made / Fabricated in New Zealand from either N.Z or Australian steel unlike many other products in the market that are just N.Z assembled but are actually made in China from what could be deemed as inferior steel and components." }, { "question": "Is there after sales service and spare parts?", "answer": "Hosking trailers uses Trojan components which are available through out New Zealand so you can always rest assured even on holiday in a small town components for your trailer are never far away. We carry a full range of spares and can service any make of trailer so we see some a lot of the cheaper imported trailers problems. Hosking Trailers carry the best warranty in New Zealand with a 10 year structural guarantee and up to 5 year on components unless otherwise specified by the supplier. Please note terms and conditions below. Unfortunately we cant cover rust, its not transferable and the trailer has to be used fit for purpose. Clients of Hosking Trailers limited will be covered under multiple legislations and a manufacturers’ warranty. This will enable you to have a peace of mind transaction. Simply put, if you are not 100% we will do what we can within our powers to put it right. All our boat trailers are made from high quality materials and components and conform to our strict specifications. We are continually improving design and features of our trailers so details will change as improvements occur. All boat trailers carry a 10 year structural guarantee and their components sold by us carry a parts and labour warranty for up to 5 years from the date of purchase. With the BEST Warranty in New Zealand we do have a few terms and conditions, but nothing outside the normal. So the legal stuff is below. 4. The warranty does not cover preventative maintenance or cost and replacement of components attached or fitted to the main structure (i.e. wobble roller supports). 5. The manufacturer will repair or replace the defect. The decision to repair or replace is at the manufacturer’s discretion. 6. Return to base warranty. Transport of the defective trailer to the manufacturer’s premises is at the customer’s cost. 7. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. 8. The warranty does not cover rust or subsequent failure due to rust. 9. The warranty does not cover the galvanising of trailers. The galvanising is a zinc sacrificial coating applied to protect the steel and will react and reduce over time at different rates depending on the conditions. 10. The warranty does not cover bearing failure, nor is any consequential loss incurred through the use of the trailer or any failure of the trailer or any part of it. Bearing performance is highly dependent on owner’s diligence in maintaining & greasing. 11. The warranty will be void if the trailer has been used in anyway outside its fit for purpose. 12. The warranty covers replacement of any defective part and the cost of fitting the part but does not include the labour and material costs associated with all other service within the warranty period, or any freight charge for “return to base” support. 15. This limited warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective structural member, at the option of Hosking Trailers, and is the sole remedy of the warranty. This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the Hosking’s trailer product and is not transferrable. This warranty applies only to products purchased through Hosking Trailers or an authorized marine dealer. In no event shall Hosking Trailers be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether direct, incidental, consequential, or otherwise resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty or condition, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise with respect to our products except as set forth herein. This limited warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights, and those rights and other rights may vary from place to place. This limited warranty does not affect your statutory rights. Components are warranted against defect for up to 5 years. This is dependent on the components manufacturer/supplier and their prescribed warranty terms and conditions. We will pass on the full warranty as per their terms and conditions. The above list is an example and not limited to or presenting current manufacturer/supplier terms and conditions." }, { "question": "How long have you been building Trailers?", "answer": "Hoskings has been building trailers for 40 plus years so we know a thing or two about trailers!" }, { "question": "How long will your trailers last?", "answer": "This is a tough one to answer as there are many external factors that will influence this however we regularly see Hosking trailers back here for service that are 15-20 years old. Remember it may seem like it is cheaper in the beginning to purchase an imported trailer but once it starts causing issues after 2-3 years it is no longer cheap as you will either have to repair it or worst case replace it! There is no substitute for buying quality." } ]
[ { "question": "Why I can make outgoing \"KingKing\" voice calls but can’t make outgoing \"KingKing\" video calls?", "answer": "A: \"KingKing\" is a roaming voice service, based on Wi-Fi connectivity, offers FREE* voice call minutes for making outgoing calls to any Hong Kong number and receiving incoming calls from anywhere in the world. A: No. You can use your existing csl mobile number for making/receiving calls, regardless of whether the distant end person is using a fixed-line or mobile service provider in Hong Kong or overseas. 5." }, { "question": "Can I make emergency calls or send emergency SMS overseas?", "answer": "A: The KingKing Service can be used to make emergency calls or send emergency SMS messages (only for whom have registered for the emergency SMS service) in Hong Kong, but it should not be used to make any emergency calls or send emergency SMS to a local emergency centre while you are abroad. A: It is just like making an IDD call while in Hong Kong, which means \"+\" and country code (eg 44 for the UK) need to be entered before the contact number. 10." }, { "question": "How will I be notified that all incoming voice/video calls are being connected via \"KingKing\" ?", "answer": "A: Voice call: When \"KingKing\" app is being connected, the incoming call display will show the \"KingKing\" service name as well as the \"KingKing\"service icon. Voice call: When \"KingKing\" app is being connected, the incoming call display will show the \"KingKing\" service name with green video call icon. 11." }, { "question": "Will I be charged for sending SMS using \"KingKing\"?", "answer": "A: If you use KingKing Service to send SMS, the related charges will be calculated based on the SMS service (including intra-network/inter-network/international) provided by us as you are in Hong Kong. Press *111*86# on your handset. Downloading in Hong Kong is free of charge, while downloading overseas will incur a mobile roaming data charge. Alternatively, you can go to Google Play and use \"KingKing\" as the search phrase to get to the \"KingKing\" download facility. This will incur a mobile data charge. A: A 6 digit unified password which same as the one for \"My Account\". Please press *777 to set the password if you yet to get your password. 4." }, { "question": "Why does the \"KingKing\" icon disappear from the status bar?", "answer": "A: This represents weak or no Wi-Fi connectivity. If this occurs, move to an area with better Wi-Fi coverage and remain there until you finish your call. 5." }, { "question": "Why is \"KingKing\" call quality better on a headset than when I hold the handset in my hand?", "answer": "A: Some handsets are intelligent enough to turn off the screen automatically when it detects a human face in order to avoid buttons being touched by accident. However, the turn-off screen mode will also switch Wi-Fi connection to power save mode automatically, thereby making call quality unstable or even poor because of a weak connection. Go to \"More\" and tick \"Keep Screen On\". 11." }, { "question": "Why can’t I receive a call when my handset screen switches to standby mode (ie when the handset screen is off)?", "answer": "Some handsets may turn off the Wi-Fi connection in standby mode, thereby disconnecting \"KingKing\". 13." }, { "question": "I am a 1SIM2Number subscriber, so can I use \"KingKing\"?", "answer": "You are required to pay an \"Outside Region Connection Fee\" of $1/minute to receive calls via the secondary number (ie China Unicom mobile number) in addition to the standard \"KingKing\" service charge, and the charge is applicable to all destinations." } ]
[ { "question": "Is Absolute New York cruelty free?", "answer": "Yes, we are 100% cruelty free! We do NOT test our products or ingredients on animals or condone such manufacturing practices. We do not retail in countries that require animal testing." }, { "question": "Are Absolute New York products vegan?", "answer": "Some, but not all. Please refer to each individual product page to check if it's vegan - you will see the official PETA logo if it is." }, { "question": "How can I find out the ingredients for my Absolute New York products?", "answer": "All ingredients can be accessed on individual product pages for our customers’ reference. If you have more specific questions about any of our product formulas, please contact our customer service department at I can’t find my favorite Absolute New York product or shade." }, { "question": "Has it been discontinued?", "answer": "We’re incredibly sorry that you are running into difficulty finding what you are looking for. We need to periodically discontinue items and shades to introduce newer, or better performing items that are developed in response to the demands/preferences of our customer base. If you have a specific product in mind, please contact our customer service department at and we would be more than happy to recommend replacements to fit your needs." }, { "question": "Can I still use my Absolute New York products?", "answer": "Cosmetics aren’t required to have expiration dates on their labels, according to the FDA. However, you can check the PAO (period after opening) sign on the packaging that specifies the amount of time in which the product should be used after opening. To extend the life of your Absolute New York products, keep caps tightly sealed and store containers away from heat and direct sunlight. Discard products immediately if you detect changes in appearance, color, order or texture." }, { "question": "Where can I find Absolute New York products in stores?", "answer": "Our flagship store is located in NYC at 128 West 34th Street. We're open Monday - Sunday from 10 AM until 9 PM EST. You can also find our products at select affiliate retailers. To locate a store near you, please contact our customer service department at 844-500-2469." }, { "question": "How do I stay in the loop about Absolute New York's promotions and products?", "answer": "Best news we’ve heard all day! Sign up for our newsletter to receive 15% off your first purchase, as well as receiving information on upcoming product launches and exclusive offers. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on what we’re up to. I am a business owner and am interested in carrying Absolute New York products." }, { "question": "What’s the next step?", "answer": "Thank you for your interest in our products! You can contact our customer service department at with your business details and we would be more than happy to discuss a potential partnership with you. I am a blogger/vlogger and would like to be added to Absolute New York's PR list." }, { "question": "How do I reach you?", "answer": "Please email with your information and one of our team members will be in touch to discuss further." } ]
[ { "question": "Is this Deodorant for Men?", "answer": "Yes, this deodorant is unisex. Many of our male customers enjoy Sandalwood or Frankincense and Myrrh. Lavender is also a favorite." }, { "question": "What does an antiperspirant do?", "answer": "Antiperspirants act by plugging the sweat ducts, thus reducing wetness. Because perspiration stimulates odor-causing bacteria, antiperspirants also help reduce body odor. Yes – it’s that simple. This deodorant has been tested and approved by several focus groups. Our deodorant puts an end to odor producing bacteria without harmful toxins or ingredients. The PH in baking soda is 7.0 most deodorant's ph is 6 and below." }, { "question": "How long will the tube last?", "answer": "Each 2oz tube can last up to 5 months. One swipe under each arm will do. This deodorant is very concentrated. We use essential oils which are very concentrated." }, { "question": "What happens if there is irritation?", "answer": "Wait at least 30 minutes after shaving before applying deodorant. Most new users of natural deodorants may need to give their body a short amount of time (at least a week or two) to adjust from using commercially produced deodorants. You should continue using the product, during this process you may experience some irritation as your body adjusts and releases the synthetic chemicals. After your body has adjusted to natural deodorants, you will find that it was WELL WORTH the change! Although some people can go a lifetime and never have irritation. A small percentage of people are unable to adjust to using baking soda based products right away. If you feel slight irritation or itching. Mix together One tablespoon of Vinegar to 1 cup distilled (or well filtered) water in a small spray bottle. Before applying your deodorant, spray a small amount of this mixture, and rub it all over your armpit area.. Hold your arms up and let it dry completely. Then, once it’s dry, apply your deodorant. If your armpits are raw, you might want to take a total break from your baking-soda-based deodorant for about a week, and apply the vinegar two times a day. You may discover that this mixture is the only deodorant you need at this point. (When the itching and redness is completely gone, you are ready to try the natural deodorant again). From this point on, you can use the vinegar mixture before you apply your deodorant.. Yes, and you should! Sweating is good for you; it is your body’s way of releasing toxins. If you are blocking your sweat pores by using an antiperspirant, you impede your body’s ability to naturally release those toxins. Impeding this process may negatively affect the pH balance in your body, leaving your body more prone to infection by harmful viruses and bacteria.. The arrowroot used in our deodorant helps absorbs the sweat. Many athletes use our products with no regrets!! No… remember question number 3 – it works. The essential oils provide a natural clean scent. Even the unscented version has a natural clean smelling fragrance that is just divine! Our natural deodorant is safe to use. The ingredients that we use are edible! Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you will not have a reaction to the deodorant. Most new users of natural deodorants may need to give their body a short adjustment period (at least a week or two) from using commercially produced deodorants. During this time, you may experience some irritation as your body adjusts and releases the synthetic chemicals it is accustomed to. However, a small percentage of people are unable to adjust to using baking soda based products. If an itchy irritation persists, rinse well with cool water, apply Aloe Vera Gel and discontinue use. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing." }, { "question": "Will it cause a stain in my clothes or leave an oily residue?", "answer": "This deodorant is not oily and should not cause a stain if you apply a small amount. However, if there is a residue, it can be easily removed by washing the garment with regular laundry detergent." }, { "question": "What if I need extra protection?", "answer": "This deodorant should be used everyday as a part of your normal routine. For optimal results apply at night after showering. Applying while you sleep gives the body an opportunity to build up a stronger layer of protection for the next day. You should also apply a small amount the following morning after showering. NOTE: The information above is for educational information and any opinions expressed here-in do not replace professional medical advice. If you have concerns about the above information, please see a suitably qualified medical practitioner. Our Natural Deodorants Really WORK!! can be worn to the gym, out in the garden, to work, around the town or out on a date! \"Its a great deodorant . Your arm pits will smell good. Its soothing to your arm when you put it on\". \"'The house of Velda Deodorant has been a prayer answered for me. I was looking for a natural deodorant that really works. I work out and tend to sweat much, nothing has worked until I was introduced to The House of Velda Deodorant. I love it!\" \"For me, the fragrance was a little too strong, but it works great. You are fragrant all day.\" \"This deodorant has kept me smelling fresh all day even after my work out.\" \"I hope this isn't too long! This was my first time using natural deodorant so I was a bit skeptical of how well it would be compared to the one that I was already using. I had the lavender natural deodorant and the first thing that I noticed is how natural the ingredients were. It smells like I can eat it. I am so used to applying a large amount of deodorant so it would last throughout the day. However, with the natural deodorant, it seems as if it melts into my skin and is totally invisible compared to other deodorants that just sits on top of the skin. This natural deodorant is so light that I don’t even notice it after I put it on. Most importantly, with just a little amount, I felt protected all day long using this natural deodorant. I can’t imagine all the other benefits I’m really getting with the natural oils that are included in this deodorant. Because it works so well on my skin, I give the product a two thumbs up.\"" } ]
[ { "question": "Where do we shop in Ranson?", "answer": "The city is loaded with stores featuring everything from groceries, to clothing, to home improvement. Some of the stores include Home Depot, Kohls Department Store, Weis' Market, and many more. The Potomac Marketplace and The Boulevard at Fairfax Crossing are conveniently located on the north side of the city with access to West Virginia State Route 9. Our area also includes a Super Walmart, Staples, and Martin's Grocer. 1." }, { "question": "What city facilities and parks are available in Ranson?", "answer": "Ranson maintains 3 facilities and 6 parks for public use. The Pierson Complex and Marcus Field is a magnificent sports complex designed for football and meetings, and is operated by our local Youth Football League. Cranes Lane Park contains a community garden and practice fields for football and soccer. Ranson Civic Center provides an indoor arena type environment for sporting events, concerts, and festivals, along with it's adjoining West End Park with playground and basketball court.Lance-Slusher Park is located in the center of town and provides a pavilion, tables, barbecue grills, 2 playgrounds, and basketball and tennis courts. The Nancy Mills Community Center, located at Lance-Slusher Park, is the future home of our Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Flowing Springs Park is a natural park that is planned for a walking path through its natural surroundings. For a complete listing of parks and facilities, please view our Ranson Facilities page. 3." }, { "question": "Can I rent or reserve a city park or facility?", "answer": "Yes you can. Lance-Slusher Park, Ranson Civic Center, West End Park, Cranes Lane Park, and the Pierson Complex may all be reserved / rented. For information on how to reserve a park or facility, call Kim Spangler at 304-724.3865, stop by city hall on the second floor, or view our Ranson Facilities page. 4." }, { "question": "What schools are available in Ranson?", "answer": "In the heart of Ranson you will find Ranson Elementary School, for grades first through fifth. In the areas surrounding Ranson are Charles Town Middle School, Jefferson High School, Washington High School, C.W. Shipley Elementary, and T.A. Lowery Elementary just to name a few. View our Education and Schools page for further information." } ]
[ { "question": "What if I forget my login for my account?", "answer": "Click on the \"Forgot Password\" link and you will receive an e-mail to reset your password." }, { "question": "Can I get updates when new positions are posted?", "answer": "Yes, you are asked when you apply if you'd like to receive notices when new positions are posted. Click in the checkbox and you will receive e-mail notifications that like/similar position(s) have been posted." }, { "question": "Why can't I just submit a Resume to Genesis Human Resources?", "answer": "Applications for positions with Genesis Health System are only accepted online. If you need assistance submitting an online application you can stop by any of our Human Resources offices and we'd be happy to help you at one of our computer terminals. Yes, however there is a limit of 14 positions you can apply for at one time." } ]
[ { "question": "How much does homestay cost?", "answer": "Homestay prices depend on how many meals you would like per day. A one-time placement fee for all homestays is $150. Suburban homestays are also available on request for around 10-15% less." } ]
[ { "question": "What is a gene?", "answer": "A gene is the physical and functional unit of heredity of transmitted from generation to generation during sexual and asexual reproduction. 3." }, { "question": "What is the structure of a gene?", "answer": "A gene is a linear segment of a DNA that is made up of nucleotide basis in an ordered sequence that specifies the structure of a protein or has a defined function. 4." }, { "question": "What is genetic engineering?", "answer": "The genetic engineering is a set of laboratory techniques for isolating genes from organisms, cutting and rejoining it to make new combinations, multiplying copies of the recombined genetic material and transferring it into organisms. It is also called recombinant DNA technology because it recombines genes within an organism as well as those from other organisms. 5." }, { "question": "What is genetic modification?", "answer": "The genetic modification involves modifying an organism genetic makes up by the introduction of a gene or genes into its cells in a way that follows the transfer of the genes to successive generation. 6." }, { "question": "What is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?", "answer": "GMO is the broad term used to identify organisms in which the genetic material has been altered by use of molecular techniques, which does not occur naturally. It also known as genetically engineered organisms or transgenic organisms. 7." }, { "question": "What is a GM product?", "answer": "A GM product is a preparation which may contain a GMO or a combination of a GMO or products derived from GMOs." } ]
[ { "question": "5What kind of people work for you?", "answer": "SKILLED PROFESSIONALS - We have assembled a team with skilled professionals to help bring your project to its fullest vision we are constantly updating our pros and educating our team to bring forth seamless beautiful transitions." } ]
[ { "question": "Draftsman or draughtsman?", "answer": "A: As far as I know, or can tell from the experts I consulted on this, ‘draughting’ is used in relation to people who do drawings, rather than those of us who draft documents; i.e. write words. The drawers are draughtspersons. But the Americans have switched to the simpler form – draftsperson – and that is probably spreading. Depends how much of a purist you want to be. They don’t seem to have different meanings." } ]
[ { "question": "I cannot order, my credit card is declined?", "answer": "Incorrect expiration date: Review the expiration date on your credit card. If your card expired, add an up-to-date credit card to your account, and assign it to be your primary form of payment. Incorrect credit card number: Check that the credit card number is correct and up-to-date." }, { "question": "Incorrect billing address and phone number: Does the telephone number and billing address you gave for your credit card including zip code match those that your credit card company has?", "answer": "Either edit the credit card details on your Billing settings page (under the Billing tab), or contact your credit card company to change the address and phone number associated with your card. Ensure to correspond with your Credit Card Company to verify your address correctly. Different Shipping Address: If your shipping address is different from your billing address. Do NOT click “update your address” and change it to your shipping address, this will decline your card. Rather, click “Add a new Shipping Address” this is where to input your shipping address. Please note that orders going to a different address other than billing will be delayed and will require you to verify your credit card. Please click Shipping Policy for more details. Your card reached its limit: All cards have limits. Here’s how certain kinds can cause a decline. Your credit card limit was reached (insufficient funds): Check your credit limit. You may have reached your daily or total credit card limit on the day we tried to charge your card. If this is the case, ask your credit card company to increase your limit. The charge exceeded the maximum amount allowed for a single charge: Check the maximum amount your card can be charged at a single time. If the declined charge is higher than this amount, try asking your credit card company to increase the limit. You can also enter a new credit card with a higher limit. Your card reached the maximum number of charges allowed in a period: Check how many times your card can be charged in a given time period. If you’ve reached this amount, you can make a payment with a different form of payment. You can also talk to your bank about increasing this limit or wait until your card can be charged again. Your card doesn’t accept charges from an online source: Check to see if your card allows online transactions. If it doesn’t, talk to your credit card company about allowing online charges Or, use a different card as your primary form of payment. International Billing address: Our System will decline ALL orders with International billing address. Please visit International shipping for details regarding International orders." }, { "question": "What does the term “back-order” mean?", "answer": "This refers to our stock item order that cannot be filled immediately. It is not currently available but the estimated delivery date is set. You can place the order to be sent at a later date upon it’s arrival." }, { "question": "How long does it take for a back order item to ship?", "answer": "It depends on the exact back order items availability. In most cases the expected shipping date will be listed as you select that particular item." }, { "question": "Can I buy the hair in person?", "answer": "We will soon be offering local pickup in our Warehouse located in Rockville, MD. Pickup Time: Mon-Fri 11am to 4pm EST excluding public holiday. You will receive an email notification when your order has been processed and is ready for pickup. Note: Pickup is ONLY available for confirmed and paid orders. To avoid delay, make sure your shipping address is the same as your billing even though you are requesting a pick-up order. MD Tax applied upon checkout no matter the billing address." }, { "question": "Is there a number I can call to talk to a sales representative?", "answer": "We prefer to handle most customer service questions and comments via e-mail. All questions are usually answered promptly. Please do take a moment to go through our website, you may find the answer to most of your question there. Yes, we do! Please note that we only accept Western Union or Bank Transfer for all international orders. Please view our International shipping Policy." }, { "question": "Do you ship once I place an order?", "answer": "Same Day Shipping is for all confirmed orders received by 2pm EST (Monday – Friday, excluding Holidays). Orders are then shipped according to your shipping preference. We will contact you and give you the estimated ship date if your order is out of stock. Be sure to view our detailed Shipping policy. View our detailed Return and Exchange Policy. Ensure to read our Terms and Conditions as well." } ]
[ { "question": "Q: Does NowConfident provide a quality guarantee for all the products being sold?", "answer": "A: We handle customer service through email, you can send us an email at with any questions or concern that you have." } ]
[ { "question": "Is the Nikon Z 7 good for Sports Photography?", "answer": "Nikon Z 7 has a score of 80 for Sports Photography which makes it a GOOD candidate for this type of photography. Nikon Z 7 will satisfy most of your needs, but if you are looking for a camera that is even better suited to Sports Photography, we recommend you to check the Alternative cameras at the bottom of this page. Nikon Z 7's 1/8000s shutter speed is fast enough to freeze any almost all sports action and is also helpful when you use a fast lens at largest aperture under bright sunlight. With lots of external control and a good ergonomics, Nikon Z 7's body is very good for sports photography." } ]
[ { "question": "How long does it take you before you are ready to support us?", "answer": "Recently we have taken on a couple of new customers who had either fallen out with their existing support company or in one case the company had gone bust. We like a sensibly timed transition and are experts in making the migration to us as easy as possible, but we are also able to react very quickly in the event of an 'emergency' situation similar to the examples described above. In theory we can start supporting you immediately and we will do the very best we can for you from the very first minute. Get in touch if you need any help or more information. We truly believe in going the extra mile, our customers like what we do and we always try to do the very best for you. Most companies would say that, and this is a hard question to answer without appearing too 'salesy' but we guarantee you will be happy with what we do, and we guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote. If you don't like what we do, you are free to leave, we will not tie you into lengthy contracts." }, { "question": "Is there any equipment that you cannot support?", "answer": "Yes. There are some specialist software packages or hardware solutions that only the manufacturer of that product can support. Generally however, these 'specialist' products represent only a small section of an organisations IT setup. Everything else we can support, from old PCs and servers to the newest products. We specialise in keeping older equipment supported and working for longer than many of our competitors do. We are not the sort of company who will turn up and tell you that everything you use has to be replaced." }, { "question": "What do you think of the cloud?", "answer": "We think the cloud offers a great opportunity for all organisations, but that the rush to the cloud should be tempered with a bit of caution and expertise. Many IT companies have 'pushed' customers to solutions that are not right for them or that they are not ready for. Some cloud services are easy to get in and out of, but some are not and all too often we speak to potential customers who feel trapped and unable to move away from a product that just is not right for them. The IT support industry has seen a real 'dumbing down' of skills amongst support staff, with many IT support companies now unable to support more traditional IT setups. Our staff are all trained on cloud and traditional systems and we are equally comfortable supporting either one. Our suggestions will always be what is right for you, not what we want to sell you. Please see the cloud services section for more information, or drop us a line to see how we can help." } ]
[ { "question": "Who decides whether I am transported?", "answer": "If you call Medjet, our medical department will consult with your local attending physician to determine your stability for transfer. If you meet the criteria for transport and are medically stable, the decision is yours." } ]
[ { "question": "WHAT IS A SHORT SALE IN FLORIDA S REAL ESTATE MARKET?", "answer": "A short sale is similar to a regular residential/ home sale with one exception. In a regular home sale, the lender is paid in full when the new homeowner takes clear and marketable title to the property. In a short sale, the lender accepts less than what is owed. Through a short sale, the property never makes it to the courthouse steps. The homeowner is delinquent in their payments but the lender has not yet published public notice. With a short sale, the lender allows the house to be sold for less than the actual mortgage balance. As a result, the borrower avoids a deficiency judgment. The lenders would rather get most of their mortgage through a sale arranged by the owner then take the property back at a foreclosure sale. However, the problem for the borrower after a short sale is that the difference between the balance owed to the mortgage company / bank and the full mortgage balance is considered by the IRS to be a forgiveness of debt for tax purposes. The mortgage lender may send the borrower a Form 1099 for the difference amount making the seller responsible for taxes on that additional tax liability." }, { "question": "What does this mean to the buyer if he/she is purchasing a property through a \"short sale\"?", "answer": "The offer/ contract for purchase and sale is subject to current lender`s approval / acceptance. Which is more time complex compared to a regular sale / purchase where only the seller and buyer agrees to the condition and terms of the contract. There is a chance that the bank denies your offer. So be aware that while you are waiting on an answer to your offer regarding a \"short sale\" property you can NOT submit an new offer (binding contract with clauses for example right to inspection) on another property unless you would like to execute a multiple purchase. It sounds too good to be true - your mortgage lender tells you they will accept less money than you owe from your home sale to help you avoid going to foreclosure. This agreement is known as a short sale - also known as short-sale or shorted sale. Under certain conditions, the lender will accept a payoff less than you owe and will release the secured lien. For example, you may owe $150,000 on your note, but your home is appraised at $125,000 because of a down turn in the real estate market. You may be having problems keeping up with your mortgage payments because you just lost your job. You lender may agree to accept $125,000 from the sale of your house as payment in full to release your lien. Wow, you think you just saved $25,000 and are now out of trouble - no foreclosure and no more house payment. Before you get too excited, check with your lawyer, your CPA or tax accountant, and a realtor who has a lot of experience with real estate short sales. A short sale may, in fact, be the best solution for you, but it could also come back to bite you. Mortgage companies and banks sometimes agree to short sales because when a property is foreclosed, the loan becomes a \"non-performing\" loan on the accounting books. Non-performing loans may affect how much the bank can get from the Federal Reserve in order to lend money to other people and make more profits. Often times, the lender can make more money on a short sale than on a foreclosure even though they don't get the full pay off amount on your loan. Not all lenders will accept a short sale and there are possible downsides for you. A lender may release your secured lien for less than you owe, but they have the right to collect the remaining amount of the original loan. In the earlier example, if your lender accepts $125,000 for your $150,000 secured note, they can still seek a judgement against you for the remaining $25,000 debt. A new federal tax law provides a strong financial incentive to go ahead with a short sale. Before 2007, if someone lost a home in foreclosure or was forced to sell for less than the loan amount, the Internal Revenue Service figured that that person owed the government for a phantom profit -- tax on the money he or she did not have to repay. But under the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act, signed by President Bush in December, this \"debt cancellation income\" is forgiven for 2007-09, and is not taxable. \"Until recently, the problem with the short sale was they would have a phantom tax they had to pay,\" said said David Agee of the Bradenton law firm of Reed and Agee. \"Because part of the problem with a short sale is: 'I am somebody in trouble. I can't pay for it.'\" Information given is no guide to or guarantee of future performance." }, { "question": "Living through financial difficulties poses a challenge for any family, so why make the process of finding a qualified real estate professional difficult too?", "answer": "Select an agent with the CDPE Designation to ensure you have a trained professional to address your specific needs. For more information, contact us." } ]
[ { "question": "In what way can confidentiality be guaranteed?", "answer": "The time necessary to complete a project depends on the volume and complexity of the text being translated. Optimum time for the completion of a translation consisting of 20 pages is one day, but if greater volumes need to be translated in short periods of time we are ready to employ our long-standing associates - court interpreters and translators. The price of one translated page (1,800 characters) depends on several factors. We guarantee that our prices are the most favourable, of which you will make certain once you contact us. A detailed insight into the pricelist of services provided by our agency may be obtained here... pricelist. A court interpreter, a court translator and a translator who will be working on the translation of your document is a graduate philologist and a member of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators who has undergone additional trainings.They are experienced professionals and as such guarantees top quality of translation. Authorized court interpreter certifies the translated document with his/her seal and in that way certifies that the translated copy is true to its original. Privacy is the right of each citizen to control their personal information and make decisions regarding the same. Our personnel absolutely complies with the data protection law and is sworn to keep all data they encounter during their work confidential." } ]
[ { "question": "Is it true that there are more than 100 possible combinations?", "answer": "Yes, it’s absolutely true. Our last count was 141 combinations, without including the add-ons you can add. Our unique set of promo types, incentives and ways to obtain them make that possible." }, { "question": "Is it true that RunRunPromos is not a stupid system?", "answer": "Yes it is true. Whereas RunRunPromos is of course a software platform, there’s been a huge amount of human thinking in order to create it, which allows us to offer enhanced specific features depending on each promo combination. The system will automatically send various emails to participants, providing the best user experience, and use a robust status system for each combination, so that advertisers and agencies can manage their promos smoothly." }, { "question": "Why should I trust RunRunPromos instead of going through my traditional advertising agency?", "answer": "RunRunPromos does not replace your agency. Actually, your agency can use RunRunPromos to provide a full service to you. RunRunPromos provides a 360º promotional and loyalty web app and an email platform that can be used by anyone wanting to launch a program or a promotion, building integrated campaigns around it." }, { "question": "What happens if the promotion fails?", "answer": "RunRunPromos provides a full web app so you can handle your promotion. However we do not provide the promotional strategy to you, which is something we think you shall do on your own or in collaboration with your advertising or promotions agency. In case you need an agency to help building your strategy, please refer to our recommended agency page." }, { "question": "How will I access to my program or promotion data?", "answer": "For any plan, you will be able to see, real-time, your program or promotion key data: total number of participants, number of approved participants, number of rejected participants, each participant sheet, etc. Then depending on the plan [link to plans], you’ll be able to access to much more information." }, { "question": "Can I use RunRunPromos just an as an emailing platform?", "answer": "Yes of course you can. There are two ways to use our emailing system. Independently or in combination with the lists created from promos." }, { "question": "What happens if I sign up and don’t want to run a promo?", "answer": "You’re welcome to sign up and not run a promo. Sign up is free and we’ll be proud to have you explore our platform." }, { "question": "Do plans depend on the client or on each promotion?", "answer": "Each promotion is associated to a specific plan. You can decide to run a promo with a plan and another one with another type of plan." }, { "question": "What does RunRunPromos exactly provide as gifts or cash incentives?", "answer": "RunRunPromos provides the promotional platform, which associates each type of mechanic combination to a unique participant status system and automatically and customizable email set for your participants. We are a global service and therefore we cannot physically buy or send the gifts to your participants. Our mission is providing a great promotional platform to manage the whole promotion, from registration, to participant data check, analytics, reporting, and status change. Once you send the gift to your customer, we recommend that you change their status accordingly. If you’re running a cash-back promo with bank transfers, you’ll be responsible for executing those bank transfers from your account and changing the participant status. In case you represent a brand and need a 360º promotional service including all the aspects of your promo (for instance, buying and sending gifts or making bank transfers), we’re proud to recommend a few agencies. If your country is not represented, please contact us and we will assist you in finding one." }, { "question": "How does the RunRunPromos payment system work?", "answer": "RunRunPromos has a wallet-type payment system, where you fund your account buying credits and then spend those credits against the promotions, emailing campaigns or loyalty programs you run. Of course, RunRunPromos will generate invoices for you at the end of each month." }, { "question": "Do I have to pay VAT (Value-Added Tax)?", "answer": "If you run a promo for Spain, we’re legally bound to add the VAT to our fees and pay them to the Spanish government. If you’re hiring our services from EU based company but not running the promotion in Spain, we will not increase our fees with the VAT. In that case we strongly recommend you seek for accounting assistance on local VAT payment in your country. We will invoice VAT or not depending on the information you provide. Providing true data is your responsibility." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I send the funds to NLAF for the initial investment?", "answer": "A: Before wiring funds, you must complete and have signed all necessary documentation to open a NLAF account. Review How To Open an Account. When account is opened, please notify us of the amount to be sent and the name of the bank sending the funds. Funds should be wired to NLAF before 12:00 noon Eastern Time." }, { "question": "Q: How do I withdraw from my NLAF account?", "answer": "A: An Investor may withdraw funds from any account by either (i) initiating a requisition for a wire transfer or ACH transfer on-line, (ii) telephoning (1-877-667-3523), or (iii) writing a check to a third party (if they have a NLAF checking account)." }, { "question": "Q: How do I invest my Bond proceeds with NLAF?", "answer": "A: Contact a NLAF fund representative. Before closing date, return completed registration forms with bond documents (Official Statement, Non-Arbitrage Certificate, Closing Memorandum, Trust Indenture, Resolution) via mail or fax to Client Services (1-877-667-3523). Funds should be wired to NLAF before 12:00 noon Eastern Time. Please notify us of the amount to be sent and the name of the bank sending the funds. Same Day Wire Transfer – Funds can be transferred by wire to or from a NLAF account. For incoming transfers, you must instruct your financial institution to send the funds to NLAF. For outgoing transfers, the NLAF Client Services Team will initiate the transfer. In either case, NLAF must be notified by 12:00 noon Eastern Time in order for the funds to transfer/credit the same day. NLAF has no service charge or fee for this service. Next Day Transfer – Next Day Transfer utilizes the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Funds are transferred overnight and are available in the designated account the next business day. Requests to transfer funds must be received by NLAF via phone, fax, or online account access by 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time. The Next Day Transfer Form must be completed in advance and takes approximately ten (10) business days to process. A. View your account information online or contact a NLAF representative at 1-877-667-3523. A. Account information is available through the Account Access link on this website. If you are a first time user, please submit an Online Account Access Form. Once received by the Fund, please allow two business days for setup and then you may begin accessing your account information. A: Arbitrage is the profit from investing tax-exempt debt financing proceeds in higher yielding taxable securities. These excess earnings must be rebated to the federal government unless certain requirements are met. For further information on arbitrage, click here to go to Resources. A: You will need to provide us with written notification of the change. You may complete the registration form for these updates. Please note on the form that this is an update and to amend our current instructions." } ]
[ { "question": "Is Thailand headed for civil war?", "answer": "With the peace talks broken down and both sides willing to fight to the death parts of downtown Bangkok are now starting to resemble a war zone. Thai red shirt protesters have agreed on a proposed compromise to end the violent political crisis that has paralysed Bangkok for nearly two months. Commuters faced traffic nightmare today as the Bangkok BTS skytrain was shutdown due to a blockage placed on the tracks. The Thai concept of face is a very complex one and it affects all aspects of their lives and culture. I received a lot of feedback after I posted my riot video of the shooting at Democracy Monument so I decided to answer some of the questions. The protests that have plagued the city of Bangkok turned deadly tonight as over a dozen people were killed in clashes between the red shirt protesters and the Thai army. Chaos reigns in Bangkok as the red shirt protesters push the limits of government patience and take over downtown Bangkok." } ]
[ { "question": "What notification do I have to give the local public school or school district office?", "answer": "Families have ten (10) days after the opening of school or establishing residency to arrange for the supervision of their homeschooling under Option 1 (the school district), Option 2 (SCAIHS), or Options 3 (an independent homeschool association). Failure to do so could result in truancy charges. BEFORE withdrawing your child from school, it is best to contact and get approved to homeschool by the accountability group of your choice. Many groups (PACESC included) provide a letter verifying your membership." }, { "question": "What is HSLDA?", "answer": "The Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit organization established in 1983 expressly for the purpose of defending the right of parents who choose to homeschool their children. Members pay annual membership dues and enjoy many services as well as legal councel. You may choose to withdraw at your local school or by contacting the local school district. If you are homeschooling through PACESC you DO NOT have to complete an application or information packet for the district. You may be required to sign a simple withdrawal form at the school or district office. When you go to the school to officially withdraw, be sure to be polite. Do not feel pressured and do not answer accusations or get pulled into an arguement. You should have a printed copy of the current homeschool law and your membership confirmation letter. Simply inform the school official that you \"wish to officially withdraw my child to homeschool. I will be homeschooling through PACESC and will need no further contact from the school. I would like to request a copy of my child's records\". Be sure to return all school property and pay all fees and fines due at time of withdrawal. Do not give them the excuse or opportunity to further contact you. SECTION 20-7-100. Rights and duties of parents in regard to their minor children. The mother and father are the joint natural guardians of their minor children and are equally charged with the welfare and education of their minor children and the care and management of the estates of their minor children; and the mother and father have equal power, rights, and duties, and neither parent has any right paramount to the right of the other concerning the custody of the minor or the control of the services or the earnings of the minor or any other matter affecting the minor. Each parent, whether the custodial or noncustodial parent of the child, has equal access and the same right to obtain all educational records and medical records of their minor children and the right to participate in their children's school activities unless prohibited by order of the court. Neither parent shall forcibly take a child from the guardianship of the parent legally entitled to custody of the child." }, { "question": "What if I am contacted by authorities concerning my homeschooling?", "answer": "DO NOT VOLUNTEER ANY INFORMATION. IF YOU ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS KEEP INFORMATION FACTUAL AND BRIEF. Meet the official at the door. Tell your children to remain indoors (do not give officials opportunity to engage your children). Do not invite school officials or DSS workers into your home. This could give opportunity for unwarranted scrutiny of not only your Homeschool, but also your household. Close the door behind you. If you must go back inside, leave the official to wait outside and close your door until you return to them outside. Determine the reason for their visit." }, { "question": "What is your telephone number and extension?", "answer": "What is your badge number or May I see your identification please. Show the official your membership paperwork and inform them that they can contact PACESC for verification. PACESC supplies its members with a Member Confirmation Letter and a Membership Card. Have one or both of these handy at all times or know where to locate it quickly. If a police officer states he/she is investigating an emergency situation, then they may enter without the search warrant. Ask the police officer to state what the emergency situation is, which allows entry without the search warrant. Politely and with respect, tell the police officer, \"I am closing the door. If it is not locked, you do not have my permission to come in. If you open the door and come in without a warrant, which you state you do not have to have, I have not allowed you. Your entry without a warrant or my consent will allow a court to determine if said entry meets the requirements of the law. If an official with a police officer insist on coming into your house, under non-emergency circumstances tell them nice and calmly - \"I am closing the door, it is not locked, you do not have my permission to come in. If you open the door and come in, I have not allowed you. You are doing so illegally; according to Calabretta v. Floyd, a Civil Rights Lawsuit, and I will seek legal action.\" Contact PACESC within 24 hours or any contact by an official. It is in your best interest that we are forewarned and aware of any situation we may be contacted about by any official. We can only act in your best interest when we are well informed and can respond with insight and authority. Please be prepared to tell us the name and title of the person who contacted you (so that we may be respectful in our dealings on your behalf), their contact information, and any information you have about the cause and circumstances of the visit or contact. BE PREPARED. IT MAY NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU." } ]
[ { "question": "How to I book a bed or a room at BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest?", "answer": "There are different ways to book a bed or a room at BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest. The easiest and fastest way is to go here: BOOK NOW! First choose the dates in order to check availability, then choose the desired type or room. You will also see the price for the bed or room. Click PROCEED and fill in your reservation details (full name, nationality, phone number, email address, comments – special requests). Click COMPLETE BOOKING and then start packing for your trip to Bucharest. You can pay at check-in with cash or credit cards. See you soon!" }, { "question": "When can I check-in and check out?", "answer": "Check-out is before 11:00 and check-in is after 14:00. Anyway, you are welcome to come to our hostel whenever you want, you can store your luggage in our luggage room and you can enjoy our terrace, the bar or the city. Book now you bed or private room at BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest!" } ]
[ { "question": "What resilience/security is available at the Data Centre?", "answer": "A. The data centre is manned by security 24 hours a day and access is only allowed with an ID card or by pre authorisation by a member of the authorised YOA team. The building has UPS battery backups and also diesel generator backups to keep the Data Centre running in case of power failure. Q." }, { "question": "How is resilience ensured at the internet network level?", "answer": "A. Multiple providers provide internet services into both our data centres. We can provide you with a PDF document of this. Q." }, { "question": "How is resilience ensured at the DMZ level?", "answer": "A. YOA has two separate firewalls so that should one firewall fail the other can be used to service the traffic until the other firewall is replaced. There is a 3rd firewall at Data Centre 2. Q." }, { "question": "What about power failure at the server level?", "answer": "A. For specific key servers and ApplicationsAnywhere servers there are dual power supplies which are connected to distinct power rings in the Data Centre. Q." }, { "question": "How is resilience ensured on the internal network?", "answer": "A. All systems that are identified as key to the infrastructure have multiple network cards and these are patched into separate network switches. Q." }, { "question": "What resilience is there at the actual Data Centre level?", "answer": "A. YOA operates key services out of two data centres. Data centre 1 hosts the majority of servers – email, database and terminal services. Data centre 2 houses an additional backup server (for copies of backups), domain controllers, DNS Servers and a firewall to ensure that key services are available in the case of an absolute disaster at Data Centre 1. Data Centre 2 is available to customers also to provide business continuity of services should Data Centre 1 fail completely. We can provide a PDF document of the infrastructure deployed. Q." }, { "question": "How can you ensure you can find “me” or connect to what I need to in the Data Centre via the Internet?", "answer": "A. YOA has multiple DNS servers that do this, and these are located in both Data Centres. Q." }, { "question": "What about backups if Data Centre 1 burns down?", "answer": "A. Backups from Data Centre 1 are replicated immediately to Data Centre 2 ensuring that your data is safe if Data Centre 1 burns down. Q." }, { "question": "How can I ensure that I have access to applications if Data Centre 1 is not available?", "answer": "A. You can request for business continuity services from YOA who will be more than happy to provide you with a cost for this additional service. Q. What happens if my ApplicationsAnywhere server fails e.g." }, { "question": "server won't boot blue screen of death?", "answer": "A. We have SLA’s where we will attempt to resolve these issues in a given time period – please review your SLA and T&C documents. Q." }, { "question": "What would happen if my physical server fails in the Data Centre?", "answer": "A. The ApplicationsAnywhere solution (remote desktop/cloud desktops) are housed on a HYPER-V cluster containing up to 16 physical servers. Should a physical server fail, the ApplicationsAnywhere server running on that hardware will fail over onto available resource on another server automatically and bring the system back up. Each server has redundant power, dual quad core processors and 96GB memory using Dell Enterprise Server hardware." } ]
[ { "question": "Why do we have a Counseling Center?", "answer": "The Counseling Center is a place where students can go to receive services designed to help handle day-to-day challenges while encouraging their personal growth and development. Services provided by the center include personal, career, and academic counseling as well as crisis intervention. Services are confidential and offered by professionally trained counselors. Most services are free of charge, however, there is a minimal charge for testing. Please call if you have any questions, or come by to see us. The Counseling Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. New clients can come to the center during “intake hours” from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. You will need to complete the intake paperwork prior to your meeting, which takes 15-30 minutes. Your initial appointment with the counselor will take approximately 30 minutes. Make sure to allot about one hour for your initial intake appointment. Individuals coming for an intake session are seen on a first-come, first-served basis but the waiting is usually no longer than about 30 minutes." }, { "question": "What if I have an emergency and need to speak to a counselor after hours?", "answer": "If you are in crisis after hours (evenings and weekends), you can reach the on-call counselor by calling 423-425-4438. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911." }, { "question": "What can I expect coming to the Counseling Center?", "answer": "Intake Session – first meeting with the counselor at the center, lasting about 30 minutes." }, { "question": "Discuss presenting concern, what brought you to counseling?", "answer": "Counseling Sessions – meeting with a counselor for 50 minute sessions. Contact 423-425-4438 during our office hours, and we will be happy to answer any questions related to counseling services. Coming to counseling does not mean that you are crazy, mental illness is real. Counseling offers students the opportunity to identify the factors that contribute to their difficulties and to deal effectively with the psychological, behavioral, interpersonal and situational causes of those difficulties. People pursue counseling for a variety of reasons. Some may enter counseling to address major life changes, such as coming to college, and others may seek help in managing mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety. The Counseling Center strives to offer “unconditional positive regard” – a kind of non-judgmental attitude. Counseling is also confidential and your visits to the Counseling Center are private. Confidentiality will not be broken unless you express harm to yourself or to others. Counseling is like seeing a doctor – you don’t go to a doctor only if you have a heart attack. It can be helpful to see a doctor if you have a cold. Students often seek and benefit from counseling for issues such as academic difficulty, relationships problems, adjustment concerns, managing stress, or choosing a major. This is absolutely false. It takes courage to address problem areas and examine painful feelings. Entering counseling is taking the first step in resolving difficulties. For further information, contact the Counseling Center, 338 University Center or call 423-425-4438. New client intake hours are from 9-3:30 weekdays. Feel free to contact us if you have a question!" } ]
[ { "question": "Where can I find listings specifically for my state?", "answer": "We have a list of resources for each U.S. state - search here for your specific state." }, { "question": "Are there special grants for those with disabilities or other special and diverse circumstances?", "answer": "Yes, Women's Business Grants also has listings for specific groups, including single mothers, minorities, African American, Native American, disabled and Veterans. Click on each link for specific information or you can view our Business Grants for Specific Diverse Groups." }, { "question": "I have bad credit, am I still eligible?", "answer": "Yes, absolutely! The grants are awarded on the quality of your business plan, not your credit rating. However, not all business grants work this way, so if you are applying for an outside business grant, you will want to read the article Bad Credit and Applying for a Business Grant." }, { "question": "I sent in my application but haven't heard anything?", "answer": "Only winners will be contacted due to the volume of applications we receive. If you wish to have verification, please mail the application through the post office with return receipt." }, { "question": "I missed the deadline, when can I apply again?", "answer": "Please check the site often for updated deadlines. If you have donated you will also receive e-mails when new applications are available." }, { "question": "Are Non-profits eligible for grants?", "answer": "A non-profit MUST have been created by a woman, and the current President MUST be a woman and meet all of the additional criteria to be eligible." }, { "question": "I need help writing my business plan and application, can I e-mail you questions?", "answer": "We try to answer all e-mails, however we cannot help on individual applications, it is up to you to write your business plan. If you need help with this, is an excellent resource as well as your local small business association." }, { "question": "Why is there a donation/application fee?", "answer": "By requiring a donation/application fee we are able to continue to fund grants so you have an increased chance of receiving funding for your business." }, { "question": "How many grants are you awarding?", "answer": "Our first and second round of grants will include 4 grants in the amounts of $100, $500, $1000 and $5000. Additional grants will depend on the number of applications we receive, the more applications, the more grants." }, { "question": "Do you offer grants for anything other than starting a business?", "answer": "No we do not at this time. Absolutely. Your initial donation/application fee allows you to be added to our mailing list for when new applications are available. You can apply once during each round of grants." }, { "question": "Can I pay the donation/application fee for someone else?", "answer": "Absolutely! We love it when women help other women! Just let us know who should be added to the mailing list, we need their name, e-mail and mailing address. Make a $5 donation to the Women's Financial Fund Now!" } ]
[ { "question": "Q: What are you trying to sell on this site?", "answer": "A: At the moment, absolutely nothing!This site is meant to allow Muslims to share advice on investing in an Islamically Correct® way. We have some targeted advertising displayed on the site to help with the cost of hosting, disk space and bandwidth of this web site. We get paid a few cents when someone clicks on an advertisement that they find interesting." } ]
[ { "question": "How will I know if the college info is updated?", "answer": "We update the site every day. We have updated each college for 2015. You know that it’s updated because we have 2015 application deadlines and put 2014-2015 at the top of each college’s essays." }, { "question": "How do I use the app-website?", "answer": "It’s easy. Just type in the college name or go down the master list. We have each school for the Common Application, Universal Application, and all major public and private colleges using other applications. Once you type in the name, select the college and you will find all the admissions requirements, including essay prompts, lengths, and submission formats. We also provide fees and test, interview, and recommendation requirements. For public universities, we include info for their honors programs if they require additional essays. We also provide some tips and information about different college types. We have an email function where you can email information. We have a favorite button. Where you can save favorites. We also have a professional license where you can buy our app for your clients. We give industry discounts. For more than 50 licenses, please contact Dr. Joseph (, and she will help you get the exact number of licenses you need." }, { "question": "What if I find incorrect or missing data?", "answer": "Oh no. We are mortal, so mistakes do occur. If you find any incorrect or missing data, please email us immediately, and we’ll correct it within 24 hours. If we are missing colleges, you feel should be on the app, let us know, and we’ll add them within 24 days. Some colleges have not released all of their honors and scholarship essays, so we let you know when they will be released." }, { "question": "Does All College Application Essays provide other resources offline?", "answer": "Yes, Dr. Joseph, the founder of the service, is a national expert on college application essays and the college admissions process. She gives workshops around the country and works with individuals, small groups, schools, and organizations. Please contact her directly at" } ]
[ { "question": "Why would I add the XE Currency Converter to my site?", "answer": "Providing a simple currency tool for your users, allowing them to convert currencies on your site results in a positive experience and lower bounce rate." }, { "question": "Will adding the widget slow down my site?", "answer": "Since the widget is served in an iframe, it loads in parallel with the parent page. Adding the widget will not slow down the page, your site, or block other elements on the page from loading." }, { "question": "If I serve your widget on an HTTP website, will I receive a mixed content error?", "answer": "No, you will not get a mixed content error. Even though our script is HTTPS, the actual widget is served over HTTP if your site is also HTTP. We have plans to always serve the widget over HTTPS, but you will still not get an error." } ]
[ { "question": "What would you like to contact us about?", "answer": "is required. is too small. Minimum is . is too large. Maximum is . is too short. Minimum length is . is too long. Maximum length is . is not in the correct format. is not a valid e-mail. is not a valid URL. is not a number. is not a valid date. is before the earliest date allowed. is after the latest date allowed. is not a valid time. is not a valid week. is not a valid month. does not match. has already been specified. must contain at least lower case character. must contain at least upper case character. must contain at least digit. must contain at least symbol." }, { "question": "Why am I missing a variable on my dataset?", "answer": "You might also be interested in our guides, which provide information about using data. Our teaching resources also provide content that has been designed for self-paced learning as well as formal teaching. Please continue to complete this form for questions about managing research data and preparing data for reuse that are not covered in our data management pages. These pages contain useful guidance on the topics below, and general advice about best practice for handling, looking after, documenting and enhancing research data, to ensure that high quality and sustainable data are created." }, { "question": "How do I return it to you?", "answer": "More information about ordering data is available from download and order. Please continue to complete this form to report any problems you may be experiencing with our online tools such as UKDS.Stat and Nesstar, and to send us any queries you have about their use. For a list of our online services please visit explore online and explore census data. Please continue to complete this form to send us detail of any publications based on the data you have obtained from, or been given access to, by the UK Data Service. Please include the citation details and the study numbers of the data collections used." }, { "question": "I'm not an academic - can I register with the service?", "answer": "Please note that the form below is not our registration form. To find out more about the registration process please refer to our registration pages. For the latest information about upcoming training and events see our news and events pages. Please use this form for any queries about events and training. Answers to common problems can be found in our FAQ section. Please continue to complete this form to report any technical problems encountered with services offered by the UK Data Service." }, { "question": "What time did you reboot your PC and reproduce the error?", "answer": "Describe the error and what you were doing when it occurred. Provide precise details of any error messages that occur (verbatim). Secure Lab users: before reporting a problem please first try restarting your machine as this often resolves the problem." }, { "question": "Please continue to complete this form if you have a query which does not seem to fit in any category?", "answer": "Data type is required. is too small. Minimum is . is too large. Maximum is . is too short. Minimum length is . is too long. Maximum length is . is not in the correct format. is not a valid e-mail. is not a valid URL. is not a number. is not a valid date. is before the earliest date allowed. is after the latest date allowed. is not a valid time. is not a valid week. is not a valid month. does not match. has already been specified. must contain at least lower case character. must contain at least upper case character. must contain at least digit. must contain at least symbol. Type of census data is required. is too small. Minimum is . is too large. Maximum is . is too short. Minimum length is . is too long. 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[ { "question": "What is the number one cause for suicide?", "answer": "Because they are in intense pain and they want the pain to stop. I feel suicidal." }, { "question": "Do most people who attempt suicide actually die by suicide?", "answer": "No. It is estimated that 1 person out of 25 who attempt suicide die by suicide." }, { "question": "If I have thoughts of suicide am I abnormal?", "answer": "No. Thoughts of suicide are extremely common. But if you have thoughts of suicide you should seek treatment immediately." }, { "question": "If I think about suicide does that mean that I will die by suicide?", "answer": "No. The vast majority of people who think about suicide do not attempt suicide or die by suicide." }, { "question": "Are people that die by suicide weak?", "answer": "No. Most people who die by suicide are very strong, but they have untreated depression." }, { "question": "Do young people ever die by suicide?", "answer": "Yes. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for those aged 15 to 24." }, { "question": "Does suicide make pain go away?", "answer": "No. suicide compounds pain exponentially. All of the suicide survivors feel excruciating pain. And the person who died by suicide can no longer feel, and thus there is no relief from pain. No. Suicide causes many problems and never solves any of them. I want to die by suicide." }, { "question": "Which method should I use?", "answer": "You shouldn't use any method. You should not die by suicide. Period. You need to get help if you are suicidal. Make appointments with a doctor and a therapist immediately." }, { "question": "Do some people who attempt suicide end up brain damaged?", "answer": "Yes. Many people who attempt suicide permanently damage their brains and oftentimes remain in a care facility for the rest of their lives. My school does not have a suicide prevention program." }, { "question": "Can you help us?", "answer": "Yes. I have prepared a school prevention program that uses pages from this website. And there is no charge. Please visit the Free Suicide Prevention Program for Schools page for more information. All schools should implement a suicide prevention program. I know someone who is suicidal." }, { "question": "What should I do?", "answer": "Get help for them immediately. Call 911 or call 1-800-SUICIDE. I feel depressed and suicidal." }, { "question": "Can I treat myself?", "answer": "No. You need professional treatment. Never try to treat yourself for depression or suicidal thoughts. Make appointments with a doctor and a therapist immediately. I'm depressed and suicidal but I don't want to take antidepressants." }, { "question": "Do I really need to take them?", "answer": "Your doctor or psychiatrist will need to make that decision with you. Taking medicine for depression is no different than taking medicine for any other illness." } ]
[ { "question": "FAQ: In what format are the iPerceptions variables pushed to Google Analytics?", "answer": "June 27, 2013 13:28 by Phil A. All iPerceptions variables are pushed as Events to Google Analytics, under the Event Category \"4Q\"." } ]
[ { "question": "Do I need a specific device to access books on Novelso?", "answer": "Access content with any leading device. Our site works on smartphones, tablets, eReaders and laptops/PCs. Wherever you are, access your subscription on the go to get the latest titles right at your fingertips." }, { "question": "What is the best browser to view content on Novelso?", "answer": "We recognise that people prefer using certain browsers, that's why we are compatible with a whole host of different ones. These include Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8 or greater when used on the following operating system, Windows Phone, WIndows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, or Linux." }, { "question": "Is there someone I can talk to about my book not working?", "answer": "If you are having issues with getting content working we will need to speak to you directly. It will help if you can tell us the type of device, operating system, and title you are trying to access, so that we can solve this for you." }, { "question": "How can I get answers if I have a technical question?", "answer": "To submit a technical issue you are having, please use the contact form. A member from our support staff will reply in due course. It's my first time reading a book and it doesn't seem to be working. The books need Adobe Digital Editions to be installed on your device before you can read them. Download the latest version here." }, { "question": "I have multiple devices, will your site work across all of them?", "answer": "Using multiple devices is absolutely fine. Our content works across all leading devices, including Android, iOS, and laptop/PCs." }, { "question": "How do I access the content if I am having problems with the site?", "answer": "If you are experiencing problems accessing content on our site, please contact the support team. It will help us if you can tell our staff the content title, type of device, and error you are encountering." }, { "question": "How do I know my membership was cancelled?", "answer": "Shortly after cancelling your membership you will receive a confirmation email from us acknowledging receipt of this. If you do not receive the email, please contact us to avoid further billing. I've cancelled my membership but you have still charged my account." }, { "question": "Why is it?", "answer": "If you cancelled your account and received a confirmation email, but have still been billed, please contact our customer service team to resolve this issue. Yes, it's very easy. Fill out the online cancellation form by Clicking Here. Or call our live support toll-free at 1-855-372-8065." }, { "question": "What is the process for cancelling my subscription?", "answer": "Cancelling is easy. Just complete the online form or call 1-855-372-8065. I would like a refund." }, { "question": "What do I need to do?", "answer": "In the instances of technical problems, fraudulent activity, and accidental billing, you are eligible for your money back. If the site didn't live up to your expectations, you may qualify for reimbursement of your subscription fee. For any questions about reimbursement, please contact a member of our team to discuss further. We endeavour to process refunds within 24 hours but they may take up to 7 business days to appear on your account. To learn more about our refund policy, please see our Terms of Service or contact us." }, { "question": "If I want new content, how often is it available?", "answer": "In one word ... daily. The search results didn't show the title I am after. The library is updated on a daily basis. You might find what you're looking for tomorrow. Send us a message if you want to know more. Copyright Novelso 2019. All rights reserved." } ]
[ { "question": "How do I wash my Rapid Dry Towel?", "answer": "Any way you like really. I think the best way is to throw it in the washing machine - I do a short cycle as I'm impatient. I use cold water, but you can use up to 80C/176F. Spin it as fast as you like within reason - 1400 rpm does the trick in my washing machine. Then I use the dryer on any setting. But, don’t bleach, iron, or use fabric softener (incl. dryer sheets). You don't need to anyway. It's best to keep microfiber and regular fabrics separate when you wash/dry. Microfiber won't create lint. But the lint from regular fabrics could get into the microfiber weave - and then it won't be the 100% scratch free microfiber that you are after. 2." }, { "question": "What is the Rapid Dry fabric?", "answer": "It's 100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide). It's a special weave that I found to be the best in testing. Some people thought I was crazy using such a high quality fabric as it was designed for drying people not cars. I told them \"that's the point of Rapid Dry Towels\". You will know if I find a better fabric for drying cars. I will create The Original Take Two. 3." }, { "question": "How long will it take me to dry my car?", "answer": "Answer - a lot quicker than without. I've seen a Porsche 911 dried in 3.5 minutes without trying to rush." }, { "question": "Want to win a free Rapid Dry Towel?", "answer": "Send me your time and video evidence of you drying your prized possession. The fastest time of the month gets a free Original Rapid Dry Towel. Our word is final on who we deem to be quickest though - we get that cars are different sizes. Send your times and videos to: 4." }, { "question": "How scratch resistant is my Rapid Dry Towel?", "answer": "Very. But, check your towel for dirt and other foreign objects prior to each use - or after each wash like me. Remember, the cloth is scratch resistant but that little twig isn't. 5." }, { "question": "Is The Original Rapid Dry Towel too cumbersome when it absorbs water?", "answer": "No - it's definitely different than the wash cloth sized chamois that you pick up at the auto repair shop. But you will find a new drying rhythm when you use it for the first time. I use the full size for the roof, hood etc and fold it for the more intricate areas. You can always put some of it over your shoulder too. Any questions or suggestions - fire away at 7." }, { "question": "Will a Rapid Dry Towel dry my Range Rover / Hummer H1 / Sherman Tank?", "answer": "Absolutely, but I recommend that you buy two for a large SUV (or more for the tank). I tried to make a towel that would wash any sized vehicle in one but the problem is that they get just too big and heavy. The trick to speedier drying is no wringing out. So two will do the trick nicely on that Rangey. 8." }, { "question": "Will a Rapid Dry Towel dry my boat?", "answer": "You betcha. It will be lightening quick at that too. See above if your boat is called the USS or HMS Something though as you may need more than one. 9." }, { "question": "Why are you always mixing US English and English English?", "answer": "Firstly, great question. Honestly, I get a little confused as I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) who spent ten years in the United States. I can get a little lost between my microfiber and microfibres. Just bear with me - you'll get used to it. 10." }, { "question": "Isn't it a bit, well, rude?", "answer": "Yeah, I've been asked that a couple of times. So, I was looking for three little words that would get my big idea across... Simple as that. Happy to change it... Send your suggestions to 11." } ]
[ { "question": "WHAT TIME DO WE HAVE TO BE THERE?", "answer": "The Celebration Ceremony starts at 5:30 pm sharp! Students are encouraged to arrive as early as 3:00 pm for directions and pictures." }, { "question": "HOW DO I GET THERE?", "answer": "Because I knew you were going to ask, I asked Google Maps if they could create a special map just for our awesome friends and families of our 8th Graders. Here's what they did. Enjoy!" } ]