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Alsatian Cheese Tart French Chef Michel Bernard Platz, co-owner with Jose Sanabria of Out of Flower cooking school and specialty catering in Dallas, recommends traditional Alsatian fare. In Alsae, the Yuletide dinner starts with an onion and leek tart, followed by a hearty one-dish creation called Baeckaoffa served with walnut bread. For dessert, try an Alsatian Cheese Tart. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ABOUT TEXAS HIGHWAYS Published monthly by the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Highways, the official travel magazine of Texas, encourages travel to and within the Lone Star State and tells the Texas story to readers around the for them." Viktor Troshenkov of the Russian Academy of Sciences told the Tass news agency that the fireball could be part of a prolific meteor shower known as the Leonids, which peaks at this time of year. He said he felt Thursday's fireball likely wasn't the sole meteorite but others maybe were not seen due to thick clouds elsewhere. Troshenkov told Tass that meteor showers can be even stronger. The Leonids reach their maximum once every 33 years -- and the last time that happened was in 1998, he said. Amateur astronomers in the Arctic then saw about 1,000 meteors, 40 meteorites and one fireball in just one night. In 2013, a meteorite streaked across the Russian sky and exploded over the Ural Mountains with the power of an atomic
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depicted by four young winged men in Roman-like dresses, driving vessels and blowing air into horns. The central upper square is an old man representing the Year, with the Wheel of Time, while at the upper corners are the personifications of the Rivers of Paradise. The other six upper squares depict the Four Seasons, as well as Samson and Abel (or Cain). The two lower corners show the personifications of the Sun (left, symbolizing Sunday) and the Moon (right, much deteriorated, symbolizing Monday), while the side outer squares represent the months (only eight of which survive). At the bottom are incomplete scenes of the discovery of Holy Cross. Sources External links Official cathedral's website Page with details of the figures Page with links to websites and the newest literature (2012)Publication Date: Discipline: Source: Product number: Length: Also Available in: description In October 2004 Fernández Pujals, founder of Telepizza, an international home delivery pizza business, bought 24.9% of Jazztel (€90 million), a telecom company. At the time, Jazztel that was near bankruptcy and needed a capital injection to finish the year. Over the next ten years, Fernández Pujals led the restructuring of Jazztel's debt, reached an agreement with the former monopoly Telefónica, set up internal call centers, and transformed Jazztel into the fastest growing broadband operator in Spain. The case describes how Fernández Pujals designed and managed the board and led Jazztel towards profitable growth. learning objective: The case provides an example of board dynamics and corporate governance of a Spanish telecom company with a controlling shareholder serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Publication Date: Discipline: Source: Product number: Length: Also
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Available in: description On Tuesday March 15, 2011, all 1,200 global Partners of McKinsey & Co. gathered at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center near Washington, DC for their annual Partners' conference. The atmosphere was tense as Partners, in addition to their normal agenda, discussed the Galleon Group insider-trading trial and the recent allegations against the Firm's former Managing Director, Rajat Gupta. Three months earlier Senior Partner, Anil Kumar, pled guilty to providing confidential information about McKinsey clients he served to Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam. The McKinsey Partners were shocked and dismayed by the actions of Kumar, as well as the recent allegations against Gupta and were closely monitoring the situation. Could a former Managing Director of their Firm have conspired to enable insider trading? And if so,what did that mean for the future of the Firm? Publication Date: Discipline: Source: Product number: Length: Also Available in: description On Tuesday March 15, 2011, all 1,200 global Partners of McKinsey & Co. gathered at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center near Washington, DC for their annual Partners' conference. The atmosphere was tense as Partners, in addition to their normal agenda, discussed the Galleon Group insider-trading trial and the recent allegations against the Firm's former Managing Director, Rajat Gupta. Three months earlier Senior Partner, Anil Kumar, plead guilty to providing confidential information about McKinsey clients he served to Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam. The McKinsey Partners were shocked and dismayed by the actions of Kumar, as well as the recent allegations against Gupta and were closely monitoring the situation. Could a former Managing Director
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Date: Discipline: Source: Product number: Length: Also Available in: description In December 1997 United Rentals (URI) went public on the NYSE. Ten years later, during the peak of the economic meltdown, the company's performance was in decline. United Rentals had experienced its share of problems in the prior years and was still struggling to emerge from this turmoil. In the spring of 2008, the recession had decimated the company's core business, construction equipment rental. The economic downturn resulted in a significant decrease in North American construction and industrial activities and had adversely affected the company's revenues and operating result. The stock of the company quickly fell from the mid-$30 range in late 2007 to $3 in March 2009. In addition, two of the company's former chief financial officers had been charged with securities fraud and otherviolations, by both the U.S. Attorney's office and the SEC. The Board was faced with the resignation of the founder and chairman, management succession issues, the failed merger with Cerberus, and the lawsuit in Delaware. The Board was responsible for overseeing the change in a number of senior management and board positions which became increasingly difficult due to the turmoil and poor performance of the company. Recruiting and retaining talent in senior management and the board was central to the success of the company, which relied on their people for strong performance. In addition the company's total indebtedness was approximately $3.3 billion, including $146 million of subordinated convertible debenture. The company's substantial indebtedness had the potential to have adverse consequences in a number of ways, including: increase their
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other meetings she had chaired. Stockholders were about to vote on a transaction that was perhaps the ultimate fulfillment of the founders' original vision. She was reminded of the company's founding just 15 years earlier and its meteoric growth. With a considerable sense of achievement and satisfaction, she reflected on her tenure as board chair commencing five years ago. Elected to the board in 2006 and then unanimously selected by her peers as Chairman in June 2008, Britell led the board through the aftermath of a tumultuous period that included senior management and board changes, a SEC investigation, financial restatements, the jilting of the company by Cerberus Capital Management in a transaction to acquire URI, and the deepest recession to hit the global economy since the Great Depression.At the meeting, stockholders would be asked to consider approval of a merger agreement between URI, the largest equipment rental company in the world, with RSC, the second largest equipment rental company in the world and URI's largest competitor. The meeting would mark the triumph of a new governance model and company strategy whose development and implementation Britell and CEO Michael Kneeland had led. As Britell reflected on the hard won gains, she also looked forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead as the company managed the integration of RSC's operations with URI and the integration of three new board members from the acquired company. She also reflected on how governance and strategy could continue to evolve as the company planned for the next five years. learning
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your health, hence the term passive tolerance. This is the finding of seven studies carried out over 10 years in the United States, Europe and South Africa, led by a team of social psychologists at the University of Oxford and published in the journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences. They were careful to rule out the most obvious explanation for their finding, social psychologists Miles Hewstone and Katharina Schmid explain – namely, that the higher levels of tolerance in more diverse neighbourhoods are a result of more tolerant people choosing to live there. Two of the studies were conducted over several years and tracked the same individuals, showing how attitudes changed. Even prejudiced people showed a greater degree of tolerance over time if they lived inpeople in a modern welfare state". The left faces a nasty conundrum as two of its most sacred shibboleths come into conflict: ethnic diversity and the solidarity necessary for a strong welfare state. This new research throws these conclusions into question. Putnam's work may, after all, have been misleading. In fact, rather than hunkering down, living in a mixed neighbourhood helps you open up. In some ways this vindicates many people's anecdotal experience of their own enjoyment of diversity in their neighbourhoods, and the sense that the most pronounced fear and prejudice is found in exclusively white areas. The research also vindicates the case for local initiatives to foster social exchange and build community relationships. From carnivals to coffee mornings, jumble sales to fun days in the park – all
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these are opportunities to generate passive tolerance. Sadly, however, many of these initiatives have fallen victim to local authority funding cuts. The impact of austerity has been compounded by a loss of confidence – in which Putnam's research played its part – about fostering strong diverse communities. Multiculturalism has fallen from favour, misunderstood and maligned as the set of ideas that guided community relations for a generation. No one was more acutely aware of this danger than Putnam himself when he talked to me on the publication of his research in 2007, the timing made the danger all the more acute in the aftermath of 7/7 bombings. Since then the theme of integration has come to dominate – with its coercive and conformist overtones. The result has been ahad to fight Ahenobarbus like 4 times because he kept letting him go. With that, Caesar turned into an absolute master by making reasonable calculated risks and surviving them. By the point he was clearing the last of the Pompeans in Africa at the end of the Civil War, he didn't even leave his tent to give commands -- so confident and expertised in warfare that he didn't even have to see the field of battle. This is a bit of a ramble. I really admire Julius Caesar and think there's so much to learn by studying his life and habits. ~~~ unFou "By the point he was clearing the last of the Pompeans in Africa at the end of the Civil War, he didn't even leave his tent to give commands" Was this an indication of the experience and initiative
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In particular, his most capable commander during the Gallic Wars, Labienus, defected to the Pompey early in the Civil War, and was one of Caesar's chief opponents during his African campaign. As an interesting note, it seems Labienus likely defected from Caesar for two reasons: 1\. At the beginning of the Civil War it looked extremely unlikely Caesar would win. 2\. Labienus felt as though Caesar took more credit than he ought to have in the Gallic Wars, depriving him of his "auctoritas" (sort of prestige) he felt he rightfully deserved. Caesar's skilled defeat of Pompey and Labienus show his military skill outside of his use of good commanders. ~~~ fapjacks I hope you see this after all this time. Do you have a trailhead to lend me so I can read about this instance of not having to leave his tent tomore "biased" than histories of WWII. There is a 500 year difference bt Herodotus and Tacitus. Even so, Herodotus did no more than accurately record what he was told, assiduously pointing out when he saw something first hand. Early ancient historians made up speeches, that much is known. But by Tacitus's day, the act of writing an objective history was not a novelty, and in fact he complains in the beginning of his text that he is undertaking the work because he thinks his peers, also ostensibly engaged in objective history, have not been objective enough out of fear or hatred when covering the reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. Once again, with no reason to doubt him, I ask: why not even consider taking one of the greatest historians whose works have been preserved for posterity at face
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office more unusual. During his time leading Russia, Putin has dealt with four separate U.S. presidents as well as four British prime ministers and two German chancellors. The Kremlin may also dispute the methodology, as Putin wasn't president for all of his time in office. He first became prime minister of Russia on Aug. 16, 1999, before entering the presidential office May 7 the next year. Later, as the Russian Constitution limits the president to two consecutive terms, Putin stepped out of the Kremlin in 2008 while his prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, became president. However, most analysts agree that Putin still held the real power during that "tandem" presidency. He returned to the presidency in 2012. Putin's increasingly lengthy time in office may not appear to be a problem to manyRussians - as widely noted, his approval ratings remain extraordinarily high. He is widely expected to stand to be nominated as a presidential candidate again for next year's elections, according to reports in the Russian media. But there are some signs of a malaise setting in; some Russians have begun to share cynical jokes about Putin that resemble those told during the Brezhnev era. Turnout in recent local elections was low, and some polls suggest that a significant minority of the country is not sure whether they want Putin to run for reelection. Still, Putin is likely to win next year's election if he runs - potentially putting him in office until 2024 (after Medvedev left office, presidential terms were increased from four to six years). He could choose to
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Hundreds of soul music enthusiasts from the United Kingdom plan to make their way to Detroit this month for a series of concerts. Detroit A-Go-Go, a festival organized by DJ Phil Dick, will take place Oct. 19-22 with 26 scheduled acts. The festival is focused on what Dick calls the northern soul movement. "We just love Detroit soul and Motown music," Dick said. "It's been popular in England for decades. Every weekend, thousands of people go out and listen to this music in England." Artists booked for the festival include: The Elgins, Pat Lewis, Melvin Davis, The Velvelettes, The Contours, Kim Weston, Ronnie McNeir, The Capitols, Yvonne Vernee, JJ Barnes, Gino Washington, Spyder Turner, The Adorables, Lorraine Chandler, Eddie Parker, Dusty Wilson, The Precisions, The Professionals, The Tomangoes, The Fabulous Peps andNow that’s a punishment: club vice president sent to train with the reserves! For almost an entire year, Gabriel Bostina has been playing a double role for Universitatea Cluj. Unfortunately for him, the position acquired in the club’s board didn’t earn him any favors from the technical staff, who recently punished the central midfielder. Twice. First of all, Bostina lost the armband during one of the training camps from Antalya for some unknown disciplinary problems and now the player & vice president has suffered further embarrassment being sent to train with the reservers “for an unlimited period”. Currently injured, he failed to show up for the weekend training sessions that were going to be supervised by the club’s medical staff, so the former Otelul, Steaua and Dinamo man is now
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Rarely does a story involving Immigration and Customs Enforcement, explosives, and a man trying to escape his own sense of inadequacy through law enforcement cosplay end in anything but tragedy for innocent parties, so please allow me to relay to you an incredible tale about how one sad man’s fantasy—guns, improvised explosives, and a desire to align himself with a racist agency—spun out of control and landed him in jail. Advertisement The Sacramento Beereports that, for months!, 26-year-old Matthew Johnston posed as an ICE agent to impress his girlfriend, parents, daughter, and friends. Now, however, he will be spending the next two years in federal prison after he pled guilty to possessing an unregistered explosive. Poor guy. Johnston was so committed to the role, the Sacramento Bee reports, that he hadICE badges, uniforms, and red and blue police lights: Nearly all the trappings of Johnston’s life in Fontana, California, suggested he had a job with the federal law enforcement agency, according to court records: He wore ICE badges and uniforms. He used blue and red police lights on his car. He had a tactical vest that said “federal agent.” Johnston described his job on Facebook as “fugitive apprehension” for the Department of Homeland Security, which includes ICE. Advertisement He lived the life well: He once flashed his fake police lights to pursue another car, which caused a collision, prosecutors said. On another occasion, he posed as an ICE agent to speak with someone about a possible undocumented person. Johnston also bragged that he was an ICE agent to patrons and workers at
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host of homemade explosives — including five unexploded or semi-exploded improvised devices, what was left of an exploded pipe bomb and an expended smoke grenade” in a stockpile Johnston hid in the desert. Like every story about male inadequacy, Johnston tried to justify his illicit actions and criminal behavior by saying that a woman once embarrassed him: When officers spoke to Johnston that day, he said he pretended to be an ICE agent “because his ex-wife had insulted him in front of his daughter and told his daughter that he had done nothing with his life.” He decided to concoct the ICE story “to show everyone that he was ‘somebody’ and had done something with his life,” he said, according to court records. Advertisement Now poor Matthew Johnston will never realize hisDavid Young David Young is a graduate of the City University MA Crime Writing course and was the recent winner of the PFD-sponsored course prize. He was born in Hull and educated in York and Bristol. Before becoming a full-time author he was a local news reporter and then an editor in the BBC World TV and radio newsrooms. His debut novel, Stasi Child, a labyrinthine Cold War-era thriller and the first in a trilogy, was published in October 2015, by Twenty7 Books (Bonnier). - Contact - East Germany, 1975. Karin Müller, sidelined from the murder squad in Berlin, jumps at the chance to be sent south to Halle-Neustadt, where a pair of infant twins have gone missing. But Müller soon finds her problems have followed her. Halle-Neustadt is a new town –
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the pride of the communist state – and she and her team are forbidden by the Stasi from publicising the disappearances, lest they tarnish the town’s flawless image. Meanwhile, in the eerily nameless streets and tower blocks, a child snatcher lurks, and the clock is ticking to rescue the twins alive . . . When Oberleutnant Karin Müller is called to investigate a teenage girl’s body at the foot of the Wall, she imagines she’s seen it all before. But when she arrives she realises this is a death like no other: it seems the girl was trying to escape – but from the West. Müller is a member of the People’s Police, but in East Germany her power only stretches so far. The Stasi want her to discover the identitydocument remains unchanged. The budget now includes money to hire a supervisor of urban forestry in the public works department to plan and oversee the city's response to the emerald ash borer — an insect with a history of devastating populations of ash trees. The budget will also see the one-time $500,000 funding cut to the Winnipeg Arts Council's public art program, which was proposed in the initial budget, spread out over two years — a $250,000 cut in 2019 and the same in 2020. Winnipeg plans to spend $86 million fixing its roads in 2019, down $30 million from the $116 million budgeted last year. The cut means spending on repairs for residential streets and lanes will be frozen this year. Bowman argues the province still owes Winnipeg $40 million in
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road renewal funding, and says that shortfall is behind the reduction in this year's road spending. 2.33% hikes may not be sustainable: Bowman The province's Progressive Conservative government denies any obligation to pay the $40 million and says there was a political commitment — by the previous NDP government — to fund a five-year roads plan. "None of these political commitments bound a successor government," provincial Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton said in an open letter to Bowman on Monday. City council finance chair Scott Gillingham (St. James) argues the Tory government, by funding the third and fourth years of the five-year program, committed itself to the road renewal funding plan for its fifth year. During the 2018 mayoral campaign, Bowman pledged to keep property tax increases to 2.33 per cent per yearShimon Peres, a former Israeli president and a towering figure who concluded the Oslo Accords during his term as Foreign minister, died Tuesday at age 93. For many Israelis, Peres is regarded as the founding generation who assisted in the establishment of the Jewish State. The groundbreaking, first-time-ever peace agreement between Israel and Palestine was also signed under his pen. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas told the i24News that “Peres’ death is a great loss to humanity and the region.” But he remains as a controversial figure among Palestinians. He was also unloved by right-wing Israelis for his trying to promote peace between two sides, which prevented him to break into the prime minister's post. “For the Palestinians, he will be seen as the man who has not implemented the Oslo Accords,” Leila
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Shahid, the former Palestinian ambassador in the European Union, commented in an interview on France Info on Wednesday. Diana Buttu, a former Palestinian peace negotiator commented that many will remember Peres as a “war criminal”. “He's somebody who believed in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine,” added Buttu. Al Jazeera's Middle East analyst Yehia Ghanem said in an interview that “people who are praising him [Peres] supported Israel and all of its crimes throughout its history.” Referring to the 1996 Qana Massacre, which killed at least 106 people in a village in Southern Lebanon, he described the bloodshed as a war crime followed by Peres’ command as the Prime Minister. After the announcement of his death by his son, world leaders pay tribute on Wednesday. Calling him “a soldier for Israel” and “a friend”,US president Barack Obama expressed his sorrow in a White House statement that he felt the Americans are “in his debt”. He praised Peres’ diplomatic efforts on bringing together Israel and the US: “no one did more over so many years as Shimon Peres to build the alliance between our two countries”. He was hailed as the “political giant” by Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and “an optimist about the prospects for reconciliation and peace” by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Peres won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, jointly with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the former Palestinian president Yasser Arafat, for their role in negotiating the Oslo Accords. It was aimed to the achievement of an independent Palestinian state. He spent the first half of his political life
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ensuring Israeli military might and security, appointed several times to crucial roles such as Foreign minister and Defense minister. During the 1950s, he reached a secret agreement with France to build a nuclear reactor at Dimona in the Negev desert. According to the US-based Nuclear Threat Initiative, the nuclear power reactor can produce estimated 100 and 200 nuclear warheads and remains as the biggest and sole nuclear armed-power in the Middle East. Peres dedicated the second half in pursuit of bringing peace to his country. Before taken up the post of the ninth president of Israel in 2007, he served twice as prime minister, first between 1984 and 1986 with Likud; then later again after the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. He stayed in power until 1996when he lost the election to Benjamin Netanyahu whom has been in premiership up to date. In his later years, he became Israel's moderate face under the hardheaded leadership of Netanyahu. He insisted many times that peace between Israel and Palestine is around the corner and will not hesitate “to extend my life for a year or two” to promote that goal, told Peres in a 2013 interview. He once spoke at the UN that “The time has come to comprehend that the real triumph is in the harvest of peace, not in the seeds of another war.” However, he never had been fully entrusted by Israeli voters. “At the ballot box they preferred a stern right winger in government,”concluded analyst Anshel Pfeffer. That is to say, today Peres’ death might lead
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a Kevin Stallings tirade following a vandy defensive breakdown the Titans would not score the last 2:33 of the half and the Commodores would head to the locker room up 47-20. Nolan Cressler was second on the team with 14 points, shooting 50 percent from the field with two three’s. With 5:29 to go in the game Cressler put an exclamation point on the Vanderbilt victory with a huge dunk that put Vandy up 93-42. Luke Kornet led the ‘Dores with 11 rebounds and five blocked shots in only 16 minutes of play. The ‘Dores got even hotter in the second half, shooting 59.4% from the field, while hitting five of 11 three pointers. Next up for Vanderbilt is a visit to 25th ranked Baylor on Sunday December 6. For and Scout this"Prices have started to stabilize," added Nuaimi, whose country is the world's top oil exporter. Riyadh (AFP) Nov 26, 2005Oil giant Saudi Arabia said Saturday that global oil inventories were at "very comfortable" levels with supply exceeding demand, but was non-committal on what OPEC would do at its next meeting in December. Oil Minister Ali al-Nuaimi also called on leading oil consuming states to stop blaming the OPEC cartel for their "suffering" from high crude prices, which he said were due to taxes those nations were imposing. "Global inventories today are in a very comfortable position. As a matter of fact, supply today is higher than demand," Nuaimi told reporters after a meeting of Gulf Arab oil ministers in the Saudi capital. "Prices have started to stabilize," added Nuaimi, whose country is the
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Arsenal have worn in the FA Cup final, read She Wore A Yellow Ribbon. Match details 1927 – The “Shiny Shirt” Final 23rd April 1927 Cardiff City 1 Arsenal 0 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 91,206 Dan Lewis, Tom Parker, Andy Kennedy, Alf Baker, Jack Butler, Bob John, Joe Hulme, Charlie Buchan (captain), Jimmy Brain, Billy Blyth, Sid Hoar. Arsenal went into their first FA Cup final as slight underdogs against the Bluebirds who had reached the final only two years earlier. Despite having Charlie Buchan to bolster the ranks The Gunners could not break down Cardiff, and Hughie Ferguson scored the winner. His effort slipped under Arsenal goalkeeper Dan Lewis’ body and the cup left England for the only time in its long history. This was the first FA Cup final to be broadcast live on BBC radio,having future Arsenal manager and experienced journalist George Allison at the microphone 1930 – The “Graf Zeppelin” Final 26th April 1930 Arsenal 2 Huddersfield Town 0 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 92,488 Charlie Preedy, Tom Parker (captain), Eddie Hapgood, Alf Baker, Bill Seddon, Bob John, Joe Hulme, David Jack, Jack Lambert, Alex James, Cliff Bastin. Goalscorers: James (16), Lambert (88) For their second final Arsenal were pitted against Herbert Chapman’s former team. Arsenal’s first goal had been planned on the team bus on the way to the game, Alex James taking a quick free-kick to Cliff Bastin who returned the ball to the unmarked linchpin to slot home. In the dying minutes a long through-ball found Jack Lambert who shrugged off the Huddersfield defenders to secure the game and Arsenal’s first major silverware. Both teams were led onto the
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goal line. However at the time the referee allowed play to continue and the goal stood. . 1936 – The “Viewed From The Skies” Final 25th April 1936 Arsenal 1 Sheffield United 0 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 93,384 Alex Wilson, George Male, Eddie Hapgood, Jack Crayston, Herbie Roberts, Wilf Copping, Joe Hulme, Ray Bowden, Ted Drake, Alex James (captain), Cliff Bastin. Goalscorer: Drake (74). Arsenal’s team consisted of 10 internationals, with the only non-capped player being the goalkeeper, Alex Wilson. Consequently they were hot favourites, however Sheffield United rose to the occasion and on the day were marginally the better team. Nevertheless the Gunners quality eventually shone through and they scored the winner through the left foot of Ted Drake, who had recently returned to the team after a cartilage operation. A dispute between Wembley and the newsreel companiesresulted in the latter not being allowed inside the stadium to film the game. They got around this by filming from autogyros that were flown over the stadium. 1950 – The “Old Gold” Final 29th April 1950 Arsenal 2 Liverpool 0 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 100,000 George Swindin, Laurie Scott, Walley Barnes, Alex Forbes, Leslie Compton, Joe Mercer (captain), Freddie Cox, Jimmy Logie, Peter Goring, Reg Lewis, Denis Compton. Goalscorer: Lewis (18 and 63). Resplendent in their old gold kit, specially made for the final, Arsenal dominated this final completely. Conditions were slippery following incessant rain beforehand, and Arsenal adapted the best. Reg Lewis’ first goal was a simple tap-in following a combination of passes masterminded by Logie. Lewis’ second goal was almost identical to his first and capped a great team effort. This was the first FA
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Cup final shown live on television. It was watched by an invited audience of 1,000 on a 20ft x 15ft screen at the Odeon Cinema in Penge. 1952 – The “About Time They Had Substitutes” Final 3rd May 1952 Newcastle United 1 Arsenal 0 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 100,000 George Swindin, Walley Barnes, Lionel Smith, Alex Forbes, Ray Daniel, Joe Mercer (captain), Freddie Cox, Jimmy Logie, Cliff Holton, Doug Lishman, Don Roper. Walley Barnes left the pitch after half an hour with a knee injury meaning the Gunners played on with ten men for the rest of the match. The story of the match was the Herculean effort from Arsenal’s fit players who did well to guard the goal from Newcastle’s most feared forward Jackie Milburn. But cup-holders Newcastle won the closely contested game with alate headed winner from Chilean born striker Robledo. Wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill was in the royal box to present the FA Cup trophy. 1971 – The “Long Haired Lover Beats Liverpool” Final 8th May 1971 Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 100,000 Bob Wilson, Pat Rice, Bob McNab, Peter Storey (Eddie Kelly), Frank McLintock (captain), Peter Simpson, George Armstrong, George Graham, John Radford, Ray Kennedy, Charlie George. Goalscorers: Kelly (101), George (111). Fresh from the League title win at White Hart Lane, Arsenal dominated the play in a goalless normal time. However, just into extra-time Steve Heighway scored only for Eddie Kelly, on for Peter Storey, to hit the ball goal-bound for the equaliser. In the final session of extra-time Charlie George passed the ball to Radford and got it back for George to rifle
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in a 20 yard scorcher. The Double was won. Eddie Kelly became the first substitute to score in an FA Cup final. 1972 – The “Centenary Year” Final 6th May 1972 Leeds United 1 Arsenal 0 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 100,000 Geoff Barnett, Pat Rice, Bob McNab, Peter Storey, Frank McLintock (captain), Peter Simpson, George Armstrong, Alan Ball, Charlie George, John Radford (Ray Kennedy), George Graham. Favourites Leeds outplayed Arsenal in the Centenary Cup final. Geoff Barnett continued to stand in for the injured Bob Wilson, but could do nothing to stop Leeds scoring, when a header from ‘Man of the Match’ Allan Clarke went in from a Mick Jones cross. Arsenal went looking for the equaliser but to no avail as their best chance was in the 70th minute when Charlie George hit the woodwork Despite itbeing billed as the Centenary final it was actually the 91st final due to the intervention of the First and Second World Wars. 1978 – The “Injury List” Final 6th May 1978 Ipswich Town 1 Arsenal 0 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 100,000 Pat Jennings, Pat Rice (captain), Sammy Nelson, David Price, David O’Leary, Willie Young, Liam Brady (Graham Rix), Alan Sunderland, Malcolm Macdonald, Frank Stapleton, Alan Hudson. The final was a disappointment for the Gunners as an injury-hit Arsenal, despite being overwhelming favourites, did not play to their undoubted talents and were beaten by Bobby Robson’s Ipswich Town, in their only appearance in an FA Cup final. The winner was scored by Roger Osborne after Ipswich had dominated the game. The Cup final was the only round in which Malcolm Macdonald did not score in this season’s
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Cup winner’s medal, having broken his arm at the end of that final following some high-jinks from Tony Adams. 20th May 1993 Arsenal 2 Sheffield Wednesday 1 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 62,267 David Seaman, Lee Dixon, Andy Linighan, Tony Adams (captain), Nigel Winterburn, Paul Merson, Paul Davis, John Jensen, Kevin Campbell, Alan Smith, Ian Wright (David O’Leary). Goalscorers: Wright (34), Linighan (119). Arsenal, in the last ever FA Cup final replay, became the first team to win the domestic cup double with a very late headed winner from Andy Linighan at rain swept Wembley. The Gunners had taken the lead in front of a low crowd of 62,267 after Ian Wright ran onto a Alan Smith flick and shot past Chris Woods, only for Wednesday to equalise with a deflected Chris Waddle shot past David Seaman. Davidthe first Arsenal captain to lead his side to two FA Cup final wins. 2001 – The “Why Did He Make Those Substitutions” Final 12th May 2001 Liverpool 2 Arsenal 1 Millennium Stadium Attendance: 72,500 David Seaman, Lee Dixon (Dennis Bergkamp), Martin Keown, Tony Adams (captain), Ashley Cole, Robert Pires, Gilles Grimandi, Patrick Vieira, Freddie Ljungberg (Nwankwo Kanu), Sylvain Wiltord (Ray Parlour), Thierry Henry. Goalscorer: Ljungberg (72). A relatively quiet first half ended goalless, but after quarter of an hour Arsenal were inexplicably denied a penalty when a Thierry Henry goal bound shot was handled on the line by Stephane Henchoz. The Gunners dominated exchanges in the second-half and went ahead from Freddie Ljungberg, only for Michael Owen to score a late brace to deny Arsenal in the Cardiff sunshine. This was the first time the FA
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Double which was won four days later at Old Trafford. Freddie Ljungberg became the first player in 40 years to score in successive FA Cup finals. 2003 – The “Indoors” Final 17th May 2003 Arsenal 1 Southampton 0 Millennium Stadium Attendance: 73,726 David Seaman (captain), Lauren, Martin Keown, Oleg Luzhny, Ashley Cole, Robert Pires, Ray Parlour, Gilberto Silva, Freddie Ljungberg, Dennis Bergkamp (Sylvain Wiltord), Thierry Henry. Goalscorer: Pires (38). Arsenal retained the FA Cup for the first time in the club’s history, in this all-Premiership clash, with a Robert Pires shot from short range. The Gunners were hot pre-match favourites and the gulf in class on the pitch was reflected in their almost total dominance, especially shown in the form of Dennis Bergkamp and man of the match Thierry Henry. This was the first FA Cup Final tooverwhelming superiority was even slightly reflected. An absolute stunner by Alexis Sanchez just after the break put the result beyond doubt. The rest of the game had the same lopsided feel as captain Per Mertesacker extended the lead with a header and Olivier Giroud scored right on the stroke of the final whistle. 2017 – The “Unexpected Win” Final 27th May 2017 Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1 Wembley Stadium Attendance: 89,472 David Ospina, Rob Holding, Per Mertesacker (captain), Aaron Ramsey, Nacho Monreal, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Francis Coquelin), Hector Bellerin, Granit Xhaka, Danny Welbeck (Olivier Giroud), Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez (Mohamed Elneny). Goalscorers: Sanchez (4), Ramsey (79) A defence put together with elastoplast was the lynchpin of this unexpectedly deserved win. Per Meresacker in his only start of the season was magnificent and in only the fourth minute it
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Joseph Engh was visiting his father in San Francisco six months ago when he noticed something was wrong. His 89-year-old father, Moy Ng, seemed surlier than usual, and a little forgetful. Ng had developed pneumonia, which had prompted Engh's visit, so Engh took his father to see his doctor. Ng, it turned out, has Alzheimer's disease - he might have had it for months or even years. But Ng lived alone, and with no family or close friends around to notice his memory loss or personality changes, getting him diagnosed and treated was a challenge. "The doctor had known for some time that my father was having a problem. But he kind of refused to get diagnosed," said Engh, 63, who lives in Seattle. Roughly 800,000 people in the United States haveis at risk, adult protective services should be contacted, he said. "I would talk to the person first, but don't leave it at that," Boxer said. "If, in your heart of hearts, you're worried they're not fine, you should take it a step further. I'd rather be wrong and embarrass the person a little bit than to miss this. ... You have to be tough in these situations." That's what Engh is learning now. His father, he said, was always difficult, but he gets angry, and sometimes even violent, when he's reminded of his Alzheimer's diagnosis. Engh realized that he couldn't leave his father entirely on his own, so at least for now, he lives part time in San Francisco to be near him - to take him to doctors' appointments,
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dorm room" "like she knew this would happen, too eager, too stunned to speak." "I was so excited, I couldn't stop shaking and I dropped the key when I tried to unlock the door." "She sat on the bed and I played her a song I had written myself, then segued into one by Counting Crows." "I played it quietly and sang the lyrics slowly and softly." "She was so moved that she actually started to cry." "* I'm not ready for this sort of thing... *" "Maybe it was the Ecstasy I'm pretty sure she was on." "Maybe it was that she thought she really loved me." "But when he kissed her on the lips, he instantly went hard." "She was crying, her face was slick, butIraqi special forces on Saturday were clearing buildings in neighborhoods they entered in eastern Mosul a day earlier, after pushing out Islamic State militants in their drive to take back the city. Fighting continued in the morning, with both sides firing mortars and automatic weapons on each other's positions, while the Iraqi troops also responded with artillery. Clashes were most intense in the al-Bakr neighborhood. Sniper duels played out from rooftops in the mostly residential areas, where the majority of buildings are two stories high. The special forces launched a two-pronged assault deeper into Mosul's urban center on Friday, unleashing the most intense street battles against IS militants since the offensive to retake the city began nearly three weeks ago. At least seven special forces troops have been killed in
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the fighting. More than 3,000 Iraqi troops took part in the assault under heavy U.S.-led coalition air support, but the pace of the fight also slowed as Iraqi forces moved from fighting in more rural areas with few civilians to the tight, narrow streets of Mosul proper. At least seven suicide attackers in explosives-laden vehicles attacked troops on Friday, five of whom were killed before nearing their targets. The operation to retake Mosul is expected to take weeks if not months. Moving from neighborhood to neighborhood in house-to-house battles through dense warrens of booby-trapped buildings is time consuming and Iraq's military has repeatedly opted for slower operations in an effort to minimize casualties. Some 1 million civilians still remain in the city, complicating the advance. IS militants have driven thousands ofresidents deeper into the city's built-up areas to be used as human shields, while hundreds of others have fled toward government-controlled territory and thousands have headed west into Syria. Mosul is the last major IS stronghold in Iraq, and expelling the militant group from the city would be a major blow to the survival of its self-styled "caliphate" that stretches into Syria. Iraqi forces have made uneven progress in closing in on the city since the operation began on Oct. 17. Advances have been slower from the south, with government troops still some 20 miles (35 kilometers) away. Kurdish fighters and Iraqi army units are deployed to the north, while government-sanctioned Shiite militias are sweeping in from the west to try to cut off any IS escape route.
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suit. Ms. Young testified that the man had an object in his hand which she thought was a knife. He threatened her, placed the object against her head, and forced her to have intercourse with him. At approximately 5:00 a. m., just after the intruder left her apartment, Ms. Young called the police. She described the assailant as a bearded black male, wearing a toboggan and a jogging outfit with white stripes down the side. The description was dispatched to patrolling officers. At about 5:10 a. m., High Point police officer Neil Kearns saw defendant standing in a parking lot approximately three and one-half blocks from Ms. Young's apartment. He was wearing a two-piece, lime green jogging suit and a brown toboggan. Kearns stopped defendant and confirmed byradio the victim's description. Kearns placed defendant in his patrol car. Subsequently Kearns found on or near defendant some paperback books and a cigarette lighter, which Ms. Young later identified as having been missing from her apartment since the incident with her assailant. Defendant testified in his own behalf and offered evidence tending to show that around midnight on 21 April 1979, he began jogging and walking around High Point. He testified that he found the paperback books, the lighter and some cigarettes on the ground just before Kearns arrested him. Defendant denied committing any of the acts charged. The jury returned verdicts of guilty of first degree rape, first degree burglary and larceny. Defendant first assigns as error the denial of his motion to suppress physical evidence seized from him
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that her assailant held [indicating] an "object" in his hand which was "roughly six or eight inches long"; that this object was "placed beside my head during the time of the sexual intercourse"; that she then "felt the cold metal of it." Later on cross-examination, Ms. Young testified, "I thought the object in [my assailant's] hand was a knife. He was holding it in his right hand, he was standing over me with it in his right hand." It is clear enough, therefore, that when Ms. Young testified that she "assumed" the object which she saw and felt was a knife, she was either giving her then instantaneous conclusion derived from "a variety of facts presented" to her senses or stating, in effect, that her impression, although indistinct, wasshe actually saw and felt at the time was not inconsistent with the object's being a screwdriver like State's Exhibit No. 1. She could not at trial be sure that it was a knife or a screwdriver. She was sure that it was six or eight inches long, that it felt cold and metallic against her head, and that what she saw and felt was consistent with its being either a knife or a screwdriver. The jury must have so understood her testimony. It was proper for her to so testify. By his third assignment of error, defendant contends that the trial court erred in sustaining the state's objection to his questioning the prosecutrix concerning prior acts of misconduct. During defendant's cross-examination of Ms. Young the following exchange occurred: "Q.
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as a witness. Yet her credibility was not a significant issue at this trial. Her testimony essentially established only that she was the victim of several criminal offenses. The primary defense was not that the witness was not in fact a victim, but that defendant was not the perpetrator. The witness never purported to identify defendant as her assailant. The state sought to establish this identity by other evidence. Defendant next assigns as error the denial of his motion to dismiss the charge of rape for insufficiency of the evidence. In support of this assignment, he argues that there was no direct identification evidence and that other circumstantial evidence was insufficient to identify him as the culprit. We disagree. "A motion to nonsuit in a criminal case requires consideration ofand some paperback books. Within minutes of the alleged incident defendant was discovered three and one-half blocks away dressed substantially as Ms. Young had described her assailant. Found in his possession were several objects matching the description of objects missing from Ms. Young's apartment, including two objects which she specifically identified as belonging to her. Assuming the state's evidence to be true, we hold it ample to survive defendant's motion to dismiss. Defendant next contends the trial court erred in charging the jury on the doctrine of recent possession as it related to the rape charge. The trial court's instructions to the jury on circumstantial evidence included the following challenged instruction: "Further, members of the jury, the State of North Carolina seeks to establish the defendant Howard Matthew Joyner's guilt,
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complexity. ~~~ wazoox I've visited several caves this summer (Lascaux, Combarelles, Font-de-Gaume, Rouffignac, and a couple others) and there is a constant: the artists weren't amateurs, they were extremely skilled. First, in many places it was impossible at the time to see the entirety of the drawing at a glance because of the very low height, or the wall curvature, but the proportions are right anyway (most visited caves have been dug out; back then you had to crawl for hundreds of meters in pitch darkness to reach the drawings). Similarly, the animals are drawn with a very high anatomical precision. Even animals that didn't exist locally, like mammoths (which mean that the artist had seen mammoths earlier, very far away). ------ mcguire Interesting article. " _The first formal writing system that we know of is the 5000-year-old cuneiform script of the ancient city ofThere are three international soccer competitions being played this summer on Canadian soil, and of the three the Pan Am games are undoubtedly the least important for both the men's and women's teams. The men will have their eye on the Gold Cup, while the women will be recovering from the World Cup. As such, the rosters announced for both the men's and women's Pan Am teams today were not first choice. The best men's players will be up with the Gold Cup team, the best women's players don't want to do double duty. However, there are a lot of nice surprises on both team sheets, and both give off the impression that Canada could be a difficult team to beat at Toronto 2015. The Women's Roster Canada's women's roster for the
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2015 Pan Am games is very similar to that which they used at the U-20 World Cup in Toronto last summer. This is good news as Canada impressed in that competition before losing a narrow 2-0 game to the eventual champions from Germany. There are a couple of crossovers from the Canada 2015 team, and they will likely represent the core of this squad. This includes Kadeisha Buchanan, who has likely been the country's busiest player over the last couple of years but never turns down a call to represent les rouges. Joining her on the Pan Ams squad are recent World Cup standout Ashley Lawrence who scored Canada's lone goal against Netherlands on Monday, Jessie Fleming and Canadian third keeper Stephanie Labbe. The team, coached by Daniel Worthington, will alsoinclude a number of the standouts from the U-20 tournament, Janine Beckie chief among them. Nichelle Prince, Emma Fletcher and Kinley McNicholl have also been included. All this should give the Canadian team a strong chance to defend their Pan Am Games title. They kick off the tournament on July 11 and play in a group with Brazil, Costa Rica and Ecuador. F- Janine Beckie | Littlejohn, COL, USA | USA / Texas Tech University D- Kadeisha Buchanan | Brampton, ON | USA / West Virginia University F- Gabrielle Carle | Lévis, QC | CAN / AS Armada Chaudière-Est F- Nkem Ezurike | Halifax, NS | USA / Boston Breakers M- Emma Fletcher | Victoria, BC | USA / University of California M- Jessie Fleming | London, ON | CAN / London Nor'West SC M- Sarah
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Kinzner | Calgary, AB | CAN / Calgary Foothills SC GK- Stephanie Labbé | Stony Plain, AB | Unattached M- Ashley Lawrence | Toronto, ON | USA / West Virginia University F- Marie Levasseur | Stoneham, QC | CAN / CS Haute St- Charles D- Kinley McNicholl | Oakville, ON | USA / University of Wisconsin D- Victoria Pickett | Barrie, ON | CAN / Glen Shields Soccer Club F- Nichelle Prince | Ajax, ON | USA / The Ohio State University D- Rebecca Quinn | Toronto, ON | USA / Duke University GK - Kailen Sheridan | Whitby, ON | USA / Clemson University D- Chelsea Stewart | Highland Ranch, CO, USA | USA / Western New York Flash M- Danica Wu | Edmonton, AB | GER / Herdorfer D- Shelina Zadorsky | London, ON | SWE /Vittsjö The Men's Roster It has been no secret in Canadian soccer circles that Canada's U-22 Pan Am Games squad is being used as preparation for 2016 Olympic Qualification. That is ultimately the goal, and Toronto 2015 is just a stepping stone on the path to achieving it. However, with the roster Canada named today there is a chance they could make some noise at the tournament. It is also no secret that this is the deepest the talent pool has been among Canadian players in their early 20s in some time. This "second choice" Pan Am Games roster serves as proof. Kevin Aleman is the most exciting player on the team as the 21-year-old has seen plenty of success since going on loan to A.D. Belen in Costa Rica from CS
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Herediano. Aleman will add some attacking flair to a team that is without two of its preferred strikers: Jordan Hamilton and Cyle Larin. Up front Canada will instead rely on Mo Babouli, the leading scorer for Toronto FC II. He will be joined by Caleb Clarke who has five goals to lead Vancouver Whitecaps II in scoring. Speedy winger Raheem Edwards, also of Toronto FC II, could be another option. In the midfield FC Edmonton's Hanson Boakai is the headliner, as the 18-year-old has 1 assist in 23 appearances in the NASL this year. He will be joined by Toronto FC II captain Chris Mannella, Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare of the Montreal Impact and Manny Aparicio of Toronto FC II. The men's team will be coached by Benito Floro's son Antonio, and willstart their tournament on July 12. Their group includes Peru, Panama and Brazil. M- Kevin Aleman | Brampton, ON | CRC / CS Herediano M- Manuel Aparicio | Toronto, ON | CAN / Toronto FC (Toronto FC II) F- Molham Babouli | Mississauga, ON | CAN / Toronto FC II M- Louis Béland-Goyette | Montréal, QC | CAN / FC Montréal D- Kevon Black | Brampton, ON | CAN / Toronto FC II F- Hanson Boakai | Edmonton, AB | CAN / FC Edmonton D- Adam Bouchard | Oakville, ON | CAN / FC Toronto II F- Caleb Clarke | Richmond, BC | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC (VWFC2) D- Alex Comsia | North Vancouver, BC | USA / Carolina Railhawks U-23 GK- Maxime Crépeau | Candiac, QC | CAN / Impact de Montréal (FC Montréal) F- Raheem Edwards
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| Toronto, ON | CAN / Toronto FC II D- Jackson Farmer | Edmonton, AB | CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 F- Ben Fisk | Vancouver, BC | ESP / Coruxo FC M- Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé | Sherbrooke, QC | CAN / Impact de Montréal GK- Ricky Gomes | Kitchener, ON | NED / MVV Maastricht D- Jonathan Grant | Pickering, ON | CAN / FC Montréal D- Manjrekar James | North York, ON | HUN / Pécsi MFC M- Chris Manella | Toronto, ON | CAN / Toronto FC (Toronto FC II)of all the clay still hanging on their roots There were actually four - three decent sized ones, of which only one is still green, and a tiny pup, which has some green in the crown still. Here they are all potted up in well-draining potting mix, with leaves trimmed: Intensive care for Aloes I think the bottom two in the picture might be too far gone, but they've looked that bad before and not died. My plan now is to keep them in this container until about late March/early April, when the night are warm again. I'm actually going to move them indoors at night while they're in the container. Then, I'll plant them in one of the pipes, as part of a bit of a redo on the pipe garden.
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World director J.A. Bayona. The development of World War z 2 It was reported that the project will now be handled by Fight Club director David Fincher. The director teased the idea in the past, but no official statement has been made so far. This leads us to the question of the people behind the World War Z 2 cast. The first World War Z film owed part of its success to its leading cast Brad Pitt. Fortunately, the 53-year-old actor will reprise his role as Gerry Lane in the sequel. However, the actor’s performance might be affected due to his recent split with Angelina Jolie. Of course, the first movie didn’t succeed without a good story, so the sequel hopes to follow that. Writers Steven Knight and Dennis Kelly hopes toChristine Beauchamp For the 19th century woman who was known under the pseudonym "Christine Beauchamp", see Christine Beauchamp (pseudonym). Christine Beauchamp (born 1970) is an American businesswoman and fashion professional. Career Beauchamp graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA and holds an undergraduate Politics degree from Princeton University. After starting her career in 1992, as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, she worked for the Boston Consulting Group, and later served as president and CEO of Victoria's Secret from 2005 to 2008. Beauchamp later joined Ann, Inc. Initially serving as a consultant, she became Brand President of the Ann Taylor division in August 2008. Beauchamp left the company in 2012 to pursue other opportunities. In September 2015, Beauchamp became the Global Brand President for Lauren and Chaps. In 2016, it was
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started to warm to the yellow metal late last year and continue to think it can serve as a potential hedge in a... One of the most historic market crashes ever took place 10 years ago today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index plunging more than 1,000 points, or 9%, within minutes, only to regain most of the losses by the end of the day.... This year, Teacher's Appreciation Week runs from May 4 to May 8, but rather than being in the classroom, most teachers will be at home, navigating their calling outside the classroom. When the coronavirus hit the United States,... With businesses around the country reducing their in-office staff to essential personnel only—in some cases, literally overnight—many remote workers found themselves setting up a full home officecrisis hit a fever pitch in late March 2020, Congress passed an unprecedented $2.2 trillion relief package known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. While much of the CARES Act focuses... What a ride 2020 has been for investors. The fastest bear market ever, now one of the steepest recoveries ever. After being down more than 30% for the year on March 23, this recovery is extremely impressive. In fact, before yesterday,... Stocks have rallied nicely off the March 23 lows on the back of a bold policy response from the Federal Reserve (Fed) and lawmakers in Washington, DC, which was followed by signs that a peak in growth of COVID-19 cases may come soon.... With the rapid spreading of COVID-19, and more and more people either
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UN Child Rights Committee appalled at deliberate targeting of children in Syria GENEVA (31 May 2012) – The Committee on the Rights of the Child on Thursday strongly deplored the massacre that took place in the El Houleh area of Homs in Syria on 25 and 26 May in which at least 108 people, including 49 children, were killed. Most of these children were reportedly under the age of 10. The Committee expressed further alarm at reports by United Nations observers of the continued indiscriminate acts of violence and killings against the civilian population and the increasing number of civilian victims, particularly children. “The Committee is deeply concerned that, since the beginning of protests in Syria in March 2011, hundreds of children have been killed, injured and detained, and thatpassages defined on the surfaces of the MEAs from outside. Conventionally, gaskets were placed in the periphery of the interface between each adjoining pair of a MEA and a distribution plate. The contact area between the MEA and the gas diffusion electrode was ensured by pressing them together by applying an external force, typically with the aid of a suitable fastener. The required electric connection between the gas diffusion electrode and an electrode terminal connected to an external circuit was also ensured by pressing them together by applying an external force. However, because the material used for the gas diffusion electrode, such as a carbon sheet, has surface irregularities, and the electrode terminal for connection with an external circuit is allowed to contact the gas diffusion electrode while providing
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there was pressure to the elbow. Both doctors testified there would be intermittent pain in the future caused by her use of her right hand in that manner. The plaintiff's employment required her to grasp trays, write, and to use heavy shears, which she could not do for about two months after she returned to work. The plaintiff lost six and one-half days' work immediately following the accident. However, *616 she had no other wage loss up to the time of the trial. She testified she could not do her housework and there was a loss of strength in the grip of her right hand. There is no doubt that the plaintiff's injury is permanent and the use of her hand and arm will aggravate the condition. Itthe plaintiff," and the duty of the bus driver was adequately covered. The plaintiff testified that the bus door closed on her arm as she was attempting to board the bus, which moved a foot or a foot and one half before she was able to withdraw her right foot and pull her arm out from between the bus doors. She also testified she stated, "Oops, you closed the door on my arm," which was heard by one of the witnesses who, however, did not see the plaintiff until after hearing her voice. Another witness, who did not particularly observe the plaintiff while she attempted to board the bus or where the plaintiff's arm was, did observe the plaintiff write down the number of the bus and the
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Military and naval science The Mi-24/35M attack helicopter: A driving force for Russian export and Russia-NATO cooperation Article Abstract: Russian-European collaboration in hi-tech area has reached an all time high in recent years, particularly as the governments of Central and Eastern Europe realize the importance of upgrading their Soviet/Russian weapons systems. The Mi-24/35M attack helicopter, which has a presence in major regions of the world, can play an important role in boosting Russian exports and Russia-NATO cooperation. EADS Military Aircraft Technology Forum 2004 Article Abstract: EADS Military Aircraft business unit presented key technologies and programmes during the Technology Forum 2004 held in Munich and Augsburg, Germany on 21-22 September 2004. EADS Military Aircraft provides integrated solutions to the EADS' defense activities and its programmes include EUROFIGHTER, MAKO and Eurotraining and Unmanned Combat Aerial VehiclesEdit Short Intro. Edit The Sensuous Mix The Soft Single Mix Charts Weekly charts Year-end charts Strike version British electronic dance music band Strike released their version of "My Love is for Real" in 1996. It was released at the fourth single from their only studio album, I Saw the Future. The single reached number 35 in the United Kingdom and number 45 in Scotland. Outside Europe, the song reached number 157 in Australia. Track listing 12" single, UK (1996) "My Love Is 4 Real" (Strike's Big Outback 12" Mix) "My Love Is 4 Real" (Strike's Small Upfront Dub) "My Love Is 4 Real" (Ramp Vocal Mix) "My Love Is 4 Real" (Ramp Dub) CD single, UK (1996) "My Love Is For Real" (Radio Edit) - 3:48 "My Love Is For Real" (Strike's Big Outback 12" Mix) - 6:11 "My Love Is For Real"
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The variance sought to allow an "additional 20ft" which would "allow for the proper operation" of the turbine. Id. On September 24, 2008, the BZA held a hearing on the matter, and on October 22, 2008 it granted the variance. On November 20, 2008,[2] Homeowners filed a Verified Petition for Writ of Certiorari, Judicial Review and Declaratory Judgment containing two counts: Count I alleged that the variance granted by the BZA was "unsupported by substantial evidence; was arbitrary and capricious; and was in all other respects contrary to Indiana law;" and Count II alleged that "a free standing wind turbine is not a permitted use under the zoning ordinance in the R-2 district." Id. at 22-23. On December 10, 2008, the BZA filed a motion to dismiss for failureThe Real Ghostbusters (above) will now get a sibling as a new Ghostbusters animated show has been announced. The new Ghostbusters film opening next month isn’t just a single movie. It’s potentially the start of a whole new era for the franchise. And we now know the next project in that world, as Sony has announced a brand new animated Ghostbusters TV show to begin airing in 2018. The show will be called Ghostbusters: Echo Force and, well, here’s the info from the press release: A brand new animated television series, GHOSTBUSTERS: ECTO FORCE, will further expand the Ghostbusters cinematic universe and focus on a new generation of Ghostbusters in the year 2050 who capture ghosts around the world with help from local teams—and some very cool gear! The younger-skewing Sony
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Bill Status The Representation of the People (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2013 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on August 23, 2013. It was passed by the Rajya Sabha on the same day. The Bill seeks to amend the Representation of People Act, 1951 (RPA, 1951). The two key changes brought about by the Bill are: Even if a person is prohibited from voting due to being in police custody or in jail, as long as his name is entered on the electoral roll he shall not cease to be an elector. This implies that he can file nomination for an election. The definition of “disqualified” in the Act has been amended. Currently, the definition of disqualified means disqualified for either being chosen as or being a Member of Parliament orFor a little while, there, Chinese movies once again had international audiences, the size of which they hadn't seen since Bruce Lee. For that, they had to thank Ang Lee's Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), and Zhang Yimou's Hero (2002). In addition the mainland market was for the first time wide open, provided that films were made as "co-productions" including mainland cast members, and did not concern themselves with banned politically charged topics like, say, letting the bad guy get away at the end of a movie, or showing supposedly real supernatural events, or, I don't know, mentioning Tibet. So what better way to rake in cash in both the international and mainland markets than to create a big, slick, epic, historical action picture? But the boom years
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detail, it is just assumed. Compared to the political complexity of Battle of Wits, this movie is simply moronic. It looks good, though even this strength turns against the film when we are taken to Duan Lanquan's peaceful home, which overspending by the Production Design department has made it look like it was built by the Swiss Family Robinson, or maybe the set from the Spielburg misfire Hook (1991). It is utterly ridiculous, and yes, while the princess is there, he also invents a backscratcher and a hot air balloon. There are some good moments to be had. The cast is entirely competent, and though as expected Kelly Chen never quite convinces, she isn't completely horrible, either. And in the end, Donnie gets an action scene that would have madeShots on New Year’s Lead to Arrest KSAL Staff - January 4, 2016 10:43 am A suspect was arrested on New Year’s Day in conjunction with three cases reported on New Year’s Eve and one incident earlier in the month near First Bank Kansas. Joshua Blake, 18 of Salina, was the driver of a white Nissan truck that was reported by multiple witnesses as the source of shots being fired in multiple locations. The locations in question span all over Salina: University and Phillips, the intersection of Hageman and South, and the 400 block of South 12th Street where an occupied residence was shot at. After locating the vehicle at 12:41AM at the 900 block of Tulane, police arrested Blake and another passenger in the vehicle, 32-year-old Joseph Allen, who was
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John Bailey has been re-elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a second term, the Academy announced on Tuesday evening. Bailey, a cinematographer, was first elected president last year. Although Academy presidents are permitted to serve four consecutive one-year terms, the upcoming term will be Bailey’s last. Because of term limits, he will have to leave the board next summer, which will make him ineligible for another term as president. Bailey’s films include “Ordinary People,” “The Big Chill” and “Groundhog Day.” He is the first member of the Cinematographers Branch to serve as Academy president. Also Read: Oscars: What Does It Take to Become a Member of the Motion Picture Academy Anyway? Four additional Academy officers were re-elected to their positions on the board: Lois Burwell asfirst vice president, Jim Gianopulos as treasurer, David Rubin as secretary and Nancy Utley as vice president. Former Academy president Sid Ganis, who returned to the board this year, and Writers Branch governor Larry Karaszewski were also elected to vice presidential posts. AMPAS presidents are almost invariably re-elected if they are eligible, and Bailey was expected to prevail in Tuesday night’s vote from the 54-member board. But the election came at stormy time for the Academy and a tricky one for its president, who in March was the subject of an AMPAS investigation over a sexual-harassment allegation. Also Read: Motion Picture Academy Clears John Bailey of Sexual Harassment Bailey was unanimously cleared by an Academy board – but the fact that the investigation was leaked to the press angered him and
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his supporters, especially since details of the leak suggested that it had come from inside the Academy. In addition to that tension, the board has had a high-profile defection in recent months, when producer Bill Mechanic resigned his position in April with a scathing letter that criticized Academy CEO Dawn Hudson, the organization’s response to the #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite movements and the financial drain of the behind-schedule, over-budget Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Following that, several notable members of the Board of Governors, including Steven Spielberg and longtime Academy official Kathleen Kennedy, opted not to run for re-election to a board that some members feel has become too big and unwieldy and is hopelessly divided between above-the-line and below-the-line representatives. Also Read: A Long, Chaotic Emmys Season Ends With Voters Findinga Decent Compromise Over the last three years, the Academy has increased its size by more than 2,000 new members, growing by more than 25 percent. At the same time, viewership of the Oscars telecast, from which the Academy draws most of its operating income, have fallen steadily, hitting an all-time low in March, 2018. In that climate, Bailey will face a final year in office. And if he wants to come back for more, he is free to run again for the board, and the presidency, after a one-year hiatus.
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Berlin attack: Tunisian fugitive 'had been under surveillance' Published duration 22 December 2016 Related Topics Berlin Christmas market attack 2016 image copyright BKA / HANDOUT image caption German federal police have released images of Anis Amri A Europe-wide manhunt is under way for the Tunisian man wanted for the lorry attack on a Christmas market in Berlin in which 12 people were killed. Anis Amri, 24, had been monitored earlier this year on suspicion of planning a robbery in order to pay for guns but surveillance was lifted for lack of evidence. Before entering Germany, he had served four years for arson in Italy. Monday evening's attack also left 49 people injured. A European arrest warrant was issued after Amri's residence permit was found in the cab of the lorry that left a trailof carnage at the market near west Berlin's most famous shopping street, the Kurfuerstendamm. The German authorities warn he could be armed and dangerous and are offering a reward of up to €100,000 (£84,000; $104,000) for information leading to his arrest. It is thought Amri may have been injured in a struggle with the Polish driver of the lorry, found murdered in the cab. On Thursday morning there were reports of police raids in the western city of Dortmund. Two apartments were searched and four people arrested, local media reported. Amri was reported by the Ruhrnachrichten news website to have lived in Dortmund from time to time. Residents at one block of flats recognised him from photos and said he had spent time with a German of Serbian origin who was detained
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Centre in November 2016," the minister said. The Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reports that the suspect moved within the circle of an Islamist preacher, Ahmad Abdelazziz A, known as Abu Walaa, who was arrested in November image copyright German interior ministry image caption A French version of the police notice issued for Anis Amri A police notice lists six different aliases used by Amri, born on 22 December 1992, who at times tried to pass himself off as an Egyptian or Lebanese. The suspect was facing deportation as of June but there was a delay in receiving paperwork from Tunisia. History of crime A brother of the suspect in Tunisia, Abdelkader Amri, told AFP news agency he could not believe his eyes when he saw his relative's face in the media. "I'm in shock and can'tbelieve it's him who committed this crime," he said, before adding: "If he's guilty, he deserves every condemnation." The suspect has a history of crime: Amri's father and security sources told a Tunisian radio station that after leaving Tunisia about seven years ago, he had served four years in an Italian prison over a fire at a school He was also sentenced to five years in prison in Tunisia in absentia, reportedly for aggravated theft with violence An earlier suspect, a Pakistani asylum seeker, was freed from German custody on Tuesday, after officials admitted they had the wrong man. 'Struggle with driver' Some 49 people were also injured when the lorry was driven into crowds at the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market. So-called Islamic State (IS) said one of its militants carried out the attack but
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offered no evidence. Driver Lukasz Urban, a Polish citizen, was found dead on the passenger seat with gunshot and stab wounds. Investigators believe the lorry was hijacked on Monday afternoon as it stood in an industrial zone in north-western Berlin, Germany's Bild tabloid reports. Mr Urban had stopped there after the delivery of Italian steel beams he was carrying was postponed until Tuesday. GPS data from the vehicle reportedly shows it made small movements "as if someone was learning how to drive it" before leaving for the city at 19:40 (18:40 GMT), heading for the Christmas market near the Kurfuerstendamm, Berlin's main shopping street. Lorry attack dead, missing and injured Details of the casualties have begun to emerge: image copyright image caption An archive image has been released believed to show murdered lorry driverLukasz Urban Polish lorry driver Lukasz Urban, who appears to have fought the attacker before dying of stab and gunshot wounds Israeli tourist Dalia Elyakim, 60, was confirmed dead after her body was identified on Wednesday, Israel's foreign ministry said. Her husband Rami was seriously injured Two Germans from the federal state of Brandenburg - a 32-year-old man from Brandenburg an der Havel and a 53-year-old woman from Dahme-Spreewald - were also among the dead, the state's interior ministry said Italian expatriate Fabrizia di Lorenzo, 31, from Sulmona, near L'Aquila, is feared dead. It is understood her phone and metro pass were found at the scene A woman from Neuss, near the west German city of Duesseldorf, is believed to be among the dead while her son, aged 40, is among the injured image
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copyright AFP image caption The only suspect was released on Tuesday, adding urgency to the manhunt There appears to be evidence that, despite being stabbed, Mr Urban wrestled his hijacker for the steering wheel. The post-mortem examination suggests that Mr Urban survived up until the attack and was shot dead when the truck came to a halt. No gun has been recovered. Police say they are acting on hundreds of tips from the public and are examining DNA traces from the cab of the truck. The IS group claimed the attack through its self-styled news agency, saying it was "in response to calls to target nationals of the coalition countries". Prosecutor Peter Frank told reporters that the style of attack and the choice of target suggested Islamic extremism.DC United 2, Atlanta United 1 | 2017 MLS Match Recap The founding MLS club knocked off their expansion counterparts for the second time in two tries on Wednesday, riding a gloriously-struck Patrick Nyarko side volley to a 2-1 win at RFK Stadium. The two sides traded goals in the midst of a lively first half, both keyed by their opponents' errors. First Atlanta exploited a slack back pass by Ian Harkes to race out on the break, with Julian Gressel finishing firmly at close range. Six minutes later Luciano Acosta intercepted a poor pass by Alec Kann and then compounded the goalkeeper's embarassment by beating him at the near post with a low worm-burner. The second stanza unfolded in similarly breathless fashion, yet despite many chances, Miguel Almiron and the
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when the international window opens). Kann bailed out his teammates in Saturday's win over Columbus, but he's about to face stiff competition for the starting role. NYARKO GRABS SPOTLIGHT: MLS' worst in terms of goals scored, D.C. United's attack has been ailing lately – in fact, Acosta's opener snapped an open-play scoring drought that had stretched to nearly 700 minutes. But there was no sign of it on Wednesday, and Nyarko was a major reason why. Making just his third start in D.C.'s last 10 league games, the Ghanaian was lively down the left flank, forcing Tyrone Mears to defend more than usual and carving out chance after chance for his teammates.Post navigation Erika Hanzely Business News Goldsboro News-Argus “A recipe Adam Scott said came to him in a dream in the early 1900s has been selected by a Food & Wine magazine panel as runner-up in a national barbecue sauce contest.Described by one expert as a “”thin vinegary sauce with heat, like a hot pepper sauce,” Scott’s Barbecue Sauce finished as a runner-up among the vinegar based sauces. It was one of 31 sauces tested, most of which were tomato based. A. Martel Scott, Jr., who heads the family-owned and operated business said he was honored to even be considered for the contest. “Food & Wine is highly critical and respected, so when they called I felt very honored. It’s very highly regarded” The sauces were tested by four food authors/critics assembled
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kind of raunchy performances took place all over the island, even in the capital city of Taipei, but after authorities passed laws against it, it disappeared from urban settlements and moved to the country. The laws aren’t as easy to enforce there and people seem to enjoy going to a funeral knowing they’ll get some adult entertainment. Strippers usually arrive on the back of diesel trucks known as Electric Flower Cars, and perform in front of the dead and his mourners. The scantly-dressed girls do pole dancing, sing, and some even come down from their stage to interact with the audience (sit on their laps, give lap dances, shove their heads into their breasts, etc.). According to Nury Vittachi, funeral stripping was born around 25 years ago, when theTaiwanese mafia who ran the country’s nightclub scene, took over an important part of the country’s mortuary business. At one point, the mafia bosses decided to somehow combine the two businesses and increase their incomes. From then on, anyone who booked a funeral through one of their parlors also got a stripper at discount price. At first, people were a bit confused, but after they were told this would attract more mourners to the funeral, thus honoring the dead even more, they were sold. While Moskowitz didn’t see complete nudity while filming his documentary, he claims all the people he spoke with had seen Electric Flower Car girls perform in the nude. He suspects the girls didn’t want to do it in front of the camera because they were
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ropes as the crowd chants for both men. Sting takes Angle down now and works on the arm. Sting with a shoulder block. Angle catches Sting with a hip toss and then an arm drag, taking him back to the mat. Angle continues to focus on Sting's arm. Sting kicks Angle's knee out from under him after a hard whip into the corner. Sting does the same thing again and this time stomps on Angle some more. Angle catches Sting with an elbow and attempts to make a comeback. Sting catches Angle and backdrops him over the top, down to the floor. Sting comes to the floor and slams Angle into the barrier and then the steel steps, twice. Sting throws Angle into the barrier again and finally bringsGerman suplexes. Sting fights off the last one and scoops Angle on his shoulders. Sting for a slam but Angle rolls out and applies the ankle lock on Sting. Sting breaks the hold and rolls Angle up for a 2 count. Sting gets trapped between Angle and the ref. Angle goes for an enziguri but it misses Sting and knocks the referee out. Sting and Angle also both go down. Hulk Hogan comes walking out with a steel chair. Hogan enters the ring and goes to hit Sting with the chair. Angle grabs it and Hogan flees the ring. Angle cracks Sting in the back with the chair and hits an Angle Slam. The referee gets up and counts to three to give Angle the win and the title. Winner
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and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle After the match, Hogan stares at the ring from the ramp looking pissed. Angle grabs his World Title belt and stares back at Hogan. Hardcore Justice goes off the air with Sting down on the mat and Hogan staring back down at the new World Heavyweight Champion.He added: ''I think he was a Jekyll and Hyde-type character who may have been driven to commit murder because his wife could not have children. He was also known to be working on a cure for his wife's problem.''
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Woyo! The real story behind Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” is coming to the silver screen, in a new documentary on the life and music of the song’s original writer, Noel G. Williams aka “King Sporty.” So says a new article in the Jamaica Observer. From working with Robert Nesta in the smoke-filled Hialeah TK studios, to selling Henry Stone the publishing rights for the platinum selling Timmy Thomas record “Why Can’t We Live Together,” Sporty led an impactful and influential life in music. He owned his own labels, where he wrote his own music, and registered all his own copyrights in his own name and publishing company, which also represented other songwriters, and bought and sold his and their works. These are key aspects of the music business that manyfail to learn, let alone exploit. Sporty moved from Jamaica to Miami in the 1960s, loved soul, funk, and dance music, married Betty Wright, and set in motion several chains of events still unfurling through the public consciousness today. Now, Canadian film director Noel Osborne, who has lived, worked, and recorded in Miami and is based in L.A., is bringing Sporty’s life back to light in a film called Irie The Film: Journey of a King. According to a piece by Howard Campbell in the Jamaica Observer, the film features interviews with Betty Wright, Ken Boothe, Earl Morgan of The Heptones, Bunny Wailer, Sizzla, Albert Minott of the Jolly Boys, Inner Circle, and more. Osborne knew Sporty for over twenty years, and was introduced to him by T.K. Records MVP, Fred
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Category: Fiction Amy tossed and turned. Water was all she could think about but she couldn’t muster the strength to ask. She opened her bleary eyes and looked about the room. She found the cup; and noticed her parents asleep on chairs outside. She reached as far as she could to no avail. Defeated, she closed her eyes. In her mind, viewed the cup coming to her still outstretched arm and felt a splash. Her eyes bolted open; startled to be holding the cup she couldn’t even reach a mere moment ago, warm water dripped down her hand and wrist. Shock and panic began to overwhelm her, she tried to fake calmness as she sipped her water and gently placed the cup down on the bed rail. A nurse mustquietly exited the room – leaving a crowd of speechless and panicked doctors and scientists in his wake. “It appears that the case containing a weaponized smallpox virus is missing” stated the man, as calmly as possible to the room of colorless faces. Fear-struck questions filled the air before he’d finished speaking. Sighing, he sunk into a chair and waited for the crowd to calm down before continuing. — The Chem lab on campus was closed for vacation, but Amy had her own setup in the basement of her parents house. She went to her car, carefully placing the case so as not to disturb the contents and started driving towards her home on the other side of town. She passed familiar landmarks and parks full of school children, like she
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did every day as a commuter. Her neck slowly began to itch before she was halfway home. Shrugging it off as mosquito, she stayed calm – as the itching slowly spread across her shoulders and to her arms she began to worry. So close to home, Amy continued until she parked in her driveway. Only then did she look down and notice she was covered in pox. Realizing that this was more than just a bad reaction to a mosquito, she grabbed the box and ran to the basement – whatever she contracted had to have been from inside the box; if she could figure out what it was, she probably had the right antibiotics to combat it. Covering the case with her jacket- she barely made it intoThis image shows the robot ants (Alices) pursuing a light trail around the constructed maze. Credit: PLOS Comput Biol 9(3): e1002903. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002903. Scientists have successfully replicated the behaviour of a colony of ants on the move with the use of miniature robots, as reported in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. The researchers, based at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, USA) and at the Research Centre on Animal Cognition (Toulouse, France), aimed to discover how individual ants, when part of a moving colony, orient themselves in the labyrinthine pathways that stretch from their nest to various food sources. The study focused mainly on how Argentine ants behave and coordinate themselves in both symmetrical and asymmetrical pathways. In nature, ants do this by leaving chemical pheromone trails. This was reproduced by
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a swarm of sugar cube size robots, called "Alices", leaving light trails that they can detect with two light sensors mimicking the role of the ants' antennae. In the beginning of the experiment, where branches of the maze had no light trail, the robots adopted an "exploratory behaviour" modelled on the regular insect movement pattern of moving randomly but in the same general direction. This led the robots to choose the path that deviated least from their trajectory at each bifurcation of the network. If the robots detected a light trail, they would turn to follow that path. One outcome of the robotic model was the discovery that the robots did not need to be programmed to identify and compute the geometry of the network bifurcations. They managed to navigateHate speech in the United States Hate speech in the United States is not regulated, in contrast to that of most other liberal democracies, due to the robust right to free speech found in the American Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that hate speech is legally protected free speech under the First Amendment. The most recent Supreme Court case on the issue was in 2017, when the justices unanimously reaffirmed that there is effectively no "hate speech" exception to the free speech rights protected by the First Amendment. In academic circles, there has been debate over freedom of speech, hate speech and hate speech legislation. Constitutional framework The protection of civil liberties, including freedom of speech, was not written into the original 1788 Constitution of the United States
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In this Dec. 11, 2017, photo, a tank at a Kiel Bros. facility is torn down in Indianapolis. The collapse of Kiel Bros. Oil Co. in 2004 was widely publicized. Less known is that the state of Indiana and, to a smaller extent, Kentucky and Illinois, are still on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up more than 85 contaminated sites across the three states, including underground tanks that leaked toxic chemicals into soil, streams and wells. (AP Photo/Brian Slodysko) In this Dec. 11, 2017, photo, a tank at a Kiel Bros. facility is torn down in Indianapolis. The collapse of Kiel Bros. Oil Co. in 2004 was widely publicized. Less known is that the state of Indiana and, to a smaller extent, Kentucky and Illinois, arestill on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up more than 85 contaminated sites across the three states, including underground tanks that leaked toxic chemicals into soil, streams and wells. (AP Photo/Brian Slodysko) GARDEN CITY, Ind. (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence turns nostalgic when he talks about growing up in small-town Columbus, Indiana, where his father helped build a Midwestern empire of more than 200 gas stations that provided an upbringing on the “front row of the American dream.” The collapse of Kiel Bros. Oil Co. in 2004 was widely publicized. Less known is that the state of Indiana — and, to a smaller extent, Kentucky and Illinois — are still on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up more than 85 contaminated sites across
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the three states, including underground tanks that leaked toxic chemicals into soil, streams and wells. ADVERTISEMENT Indiana alone has spent at least $21 million on the cleanup thus far, or an average of about $500,000 per site, according to an analysis of records by The Associated Press. And the work is nowhere near complete. The federal government, meanwhile, plans to clean up a plume of cancer-causing solvent discovered beneath a former Kiel Bros. station that threatens drinking water near the Pence family’s hometown. To assess the pollution costs, the AP reviewed thousands of pages of court documents, tax statements, business filings and federal financial disclosures, as well as federal and state environmental records for Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. The total financial impact isn’t clear because Indiana officials have yet to release costreliable spending data for the company. That was out of more than 230 companies seeking cleanup money that year, including major gas station chains with a substantially larger presence in the state. Founded as an oil distributor by businessman Carl Kiel in 1960, the company expanded into the gas station business. Pence’s father, Edward, joined in the early years and, by the mid-1970s, rose to corporate vice president. Mike Pence says he worked for the business — which mostly operated under the name Tobacco Road — starting at age 14. But it was his brother who took over after Edward Pence’s 1988 death and eventually became president. By the early 2000s, Kiel Bros. was swimming in debt as industry consolidation and low gas prices stretched profit margins to the brink. The
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settlement agreement with all parties.” Many of the gas stations were sold off and are still operating. But some sites were abandoned, including a graffiti-covered storage tank facility that once towered over an Indianapolis neighborhood. Nearby residents cheered last December as a crew tore down the tank, which was sold by the company for $10 in 2005 and has been an eyesore ever since. The cleanup will cost an estimated $260,000 , according to the city. Elsewhere in the city, business continues as usual at a gas station that has been in continuous state of cleanup since 1990. Pictures taken in 1992 show standing pools of black sludge where two underground storage tanks were removed. At the time, Greg Pence and state environmental regulators pledged to work together on theIn 2014, the UK’s top literary prize, the Man Booker award, changed its rules. It had previously only nominated novels by authors from Commonwealth countries and the Republic of Ireland. The rule change expanded nominations to include any English-language novel published in the UK. This includes Americans, and therein lies the problem. In the four awards since the rule change, two Americans have won (George Saunders in 2017 for Lincoln in the Bardo, and Paul Beatty in 2016 for The Sellout). Richard Flanagan, an Australian, and Marlon James, a Jamaican, won the other two years. Out of fear that the UK’s top prize for books is becoming too global, thirty UK publishers have signed a letter, The Guardian reports, which has leaked, addressed to the organization. In it, publishers say: The
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does seem appropriate for the UK to have a prestigious UK-centric award, in the same way America has the National Book Award. The Man Booker Prize was once an opportunity to see the best literature published in a certain region. Its message now is more broad, and, personally, not totally on board with it. Even though Lincoln in the Bardo was one of my favorite books of last year, George Saunders is doing okay in terms of being critically lauded—not sure he needed the 2017 Man Booker Prize. But what do you think? A single mother turns up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town. Earlier in the summer, a vulnerable teenage girl met the same fate. They are not the first women lost tothese dark waters, but their deaths disturb the river and its history, dredging up secrets long submerged. Left behind is a lonely fifteen-year-old girl. Parentless and friendless, she now finds herself in the care of her mother’s sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from—a place to which she vowed she’d never return. With the same propulsive writing and acute understanding of human instincts that captivated millions of readers around the world in her explosive debut thriller, The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins delivers an urgent, twisting, deeply satisfying read that hinges on the deceptiveness of emotion and memory, as well as the devastating ways that the past can reach a long arm into the present. Beware a calm surface—you never know
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placid, progressive suburb of Cleveland, everything is planned – from the layout of the winding roads, to the colors of the houses, to the successful lives its residents will go on to lead. And no one embodies this spirit more than Elena Richardson, whose guiding principle is playing by the rules. Enter Mia Warren – an enigmatic artist and single mother – who arrives in this idyllic bubble with her teenaged daughter Pearl, and rents a house from the Richardsons. Soon Mia and Pearl become more than tenants: all four Richardson children are drawn to the mother-daughter pair. But Mia carries with her a mysterious past and a disregard for the status quo that threatens to upend this carefully ordered community. When old family friends of the Richardsons attempt toadopt a Chinese-American baby, a custody battle erupts that dramatically divides the town–and puts Mia and Elena on opposing sides. Suspicious of Mia and her motives, Elena is determined to uncover the secrets in Mia’s past. But her obsession will come at unexpected and devastating costs. Little Fires Everywhere explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood – and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster. Hello Sunshine, Reese Witherspoon’s production company, has optioned the book for a television series. February 1862. The Civil War is less than one year old. The fighting has begun in earnest, and the nation has begun to realize it is in for a long, bloody struggle. Meanwhile, President Lincoln’s beloved eleven-year-old son,
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in his murder. Or are they the perfect patsies for a killer who’s still on the loose? Everyone has secrets, right? What really matters is how far you would go to protect them. E! is developing this Breakfast Club-inspired thriller into a television series. Anna Kerrigan, nearly twelve years old, accompanies her father to visit Dexter Styles, a man who, she gleans, is crucial to the survival of her father and her family. She is mesmerized by the sea beyond the house and by some charged mystery between the two men. ‎Years later, her father has disappeared and the country is at war. Anna works at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, where women are allowed to hold jobs that once belonged to men, now soldiers abroad. She becomes the first female diver, themost dangerous and exclusive of occupations, repairing the ships that will help America win the war. One evening at a nightclub, she meets Dexter Styles again, and begins to understand the complexity of her father’s life, the reasons he might have vanished. With the atmosphere of a noir thriller, Egan’s first historical novel follows Anna and Styles into a world populated by gangsters, sailors, divers, bankers, and union men. Manhattan Beach is a deft, dazzling, propulsive exploration of a transformative moment in the lives and identities of women and men, of America and the world. It is a magnificent novel by the author of A Visit from the Goon Squad, one of the great writers of our time. The book has been acquired byby Scott Rudin Productions, but we’re not
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grave are a prominent role in the story as well. One of the things that makes the book unique is Saunders’ voice. Rather, his variety of voices. There are living voices and ghost voices. Dialogue and interior monologue. It’s something like a literary mosaic–a singular story told by a kind of torrent of voices. Chair of the 2017 judging panel, Baroness Lola Young, said of the novel: This really stood out because of its innovation – its very different styling and the way in which it paradoxically brought to life these not-quite-dead souls in this other world. There was this juxtaposition of the very personal tragedy of Abraham Lincoln with his public life, as the person who’d really instigated the American Civil War. Apparently, it took five hours of discussion anddebate before the judges came to their unanimous decision. Along with Young, the judges included novelist Sarah Hall, artist Tom Phillips, literary critic Lila Azam Zanganeh, travel writer Colin Thubron. Since the award began in 1969, it had been only awarded to Commonwealth, Irish, or South African writers until 2014, when it was opened to all novels written in English. Last year, American writer Paul Beatty won for his book The Sellout. It seems the Americans are encroaching on the UK’s literary territory now. Though Lincoln in the Bardo was Saunders’ debut novel, his short fiction has won a bunch of awards including the Folio Prize in 2014 for Tenth of December, and he was also awarded the MacArthur (‘Genius’) Grant in 2006. Saunders teaches at the MFA program in
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File photo shows a First Folio edition of William Shakespeares' plays, dating from 1623 and considered to be one of the most important books in English literature, pictured at Sotheby's auction house in London on March 30, 2006. A copy of William Shakespeare's First Folio, the first-ever compilation of the Bard's plays published in 1623, has been discovered in the library of a small town in northern France, a librarian said Tuesday. One of the most valuable and coveted books in the world, the First Folio was uncovered when librarian Remy Cordonnier dusted off a book of Shakespeare's works dating to the 18th century for an exhibition on English literature in the town of Saint-Omer near Calais. "It occurred to me that it could be an unidentified First Folio, with historicimportance and great intellectual value," he told AFP. The copy of the book, which was published seven years after Shakespeare's death, was authenticated on Saturday by First Folio expert Eric Rasmussen from the University of Nevada. "It is the 231st copy found in the world and the second in France," said Cordonnier. The book, a compilation of 36 of Shakespeare's plays, is in good condition but missing about 30 pages, including the title page, which could explain how it went unnoticed for centuries. Rasmussen wrote a book on the First Folio called "The Shakespeare Thefts" detailing his thrilling global hunt for what remains of the initial 750 copies of the book, a favourite for thieves across the centuries. He describes "run-ins with heavily tattooed criminal street gangs in Tokyo, bizarre visits with eccentric,
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reclusive billionaires, and intense battles of wills with secretive librarians," according to the publisher. Rasmussen's book speaks of several First Folios which have had pages ripped out of them, and one with a bullet lodged in it. The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, which houses the largest collection of Shakespeare material, says on its website that the First Folio is the only source for 18 of Shakespeare's plays, including Macbeth, "which would otherwise be lost." It is believed that the copy found in France was taken to Saint-Omer by English refugees from Anglican persecution, said Cordonnier. Library director Francoise Ducroquet said that while First Folio copies were valued between 2.5 and five million euros, the damaged version found in his library would probably be worth less. However she said France would not sellThis Heirloom In this series the artist Mara Ahmed has re-created her own history by using old, black and white photographs of her ancestors, juxtaposing them against South Asian architectural details, and subverting boundaries by placing them on the wrong side of the India-Pakistan border.
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is not accused of any wrongdoing. According to a Capital Group presentation from 2011, one of its other international funds, Capital International Private Equity Funds IV – also incorporated in the Cayman Islands – had El Tejar in its portfolio in December 2010. Lees ook op Business Insider Huizenprijzen in augustus ruim 8 procent gestegen – grens voor maximale hypotheek met NHG naar €325.000 in 2021 Capital Group didn’t immediately respond to emails seeking comment.a bus shelter while another device exploded outside a hotel used by foreigners. No one was injured in the second attack. In April three gunmen opened fire on a church service in Likoni, near Mombasa, killing six people and wounding 18 others, while in January 10 people were wounded in a grenade attack on a night club in Diani, a popular coastal resort area near the city. In its advisory the Foreign Office said: “We advise against all but essential travel to Mombasa island and within 5km of the coast from Mtwapa creek in the north to Tiwi in the south. “If you are currently in an area to which we now advise against all but essential travel, you should consider whether you have an essential reason to remain. If not,
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Follow Chris’ Progress Chris Lensing Education Central College is a private, residential, four-year liberal arts college known for its academic rigor. Here, curiosity is encouraged and exploration expected. Central is an active part of the Greater Des Moines region and just two minutes from Lake Re... Colleges across the country are recognizing students from Spencer High School for their on-campus success. Click any achievement to discover alumni from Spencer High School, view their personalized Merit pages, and learn about what they are accomplishing.wealthy special interests. They are just hard working, smart women standing up for the people of Louisiana,” said one consultant. (Lee Ann Dugas, who challenged Scalise unsuccessfully two years ago, is also said to be considering the race, though her “Dugas 4 Congress” Facebook page has not been updated.) As national Democrats strategize to regain control of Congress, they expect to pick up many of the new seats in Southern states. Only four of the 23 congressional seats in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are currently held by Democrats. U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu who was defeated in 2016 by Bill Cassidy was Louisiana’s last female member of Congress. New Orleans Congressman Cedric Richmond, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, told USA Today that the Democratic Party plans to channel more
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manpower and resources to races in the South. “If we’re going to grow, we’re going to grow in the South.” A renewed Democratic focus in the South could be good news for the three Louisiana women contenders who are all running grassroots campaigns. A clinical psychologist and retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Louisiana native Savoie, 58, returned home last year after having served 38 years in the military, including 15 years in the Air National Guard. While stationed at the Pentagon in 2011, Savoie was deployed to Afghanistan and also served in the Middle East as the Chief of International Health for the Air Force. “I retired at the pinnacle of my career and came back to explore the possibility of running for office,” Savoie said. “Taking on Steve Scaliseand public relations, offers her opinions on Thursdays. Her career includes stints at City Hall, the Dock Board and the Orleans Parish School Board and former clients such as District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, City Council members Stacy Head and Jared Brossett, City Councilwoman-elect Helena Moreno, Foster Campbell, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, former Sheriff Charles Foti and former Councilwoman Cynthia Hedge-Morrell.
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After NXT TakeOver: Phoenix finished up (full results here), Triple H took part in a media call to talk about Velveteen Dream, who appeared in a few segments, but didn't wrestle on tonight's show. He also discussed wanting to progress younger stars at a slower pace, and how some fans are expecting too much, too soon from NXT Superstars. In regards to Dream's absence, Triple H simply put that there's not enough room to put everyone in every card, but at the same time, it's a good thing to mix it up with the talent they have. "The dude is a star, but you can only fit so many people into a card," Triple H said. "Him not being on the show—Adam Cole wasn't on the show tonight too, youAlso Triple H Addresses AEW, Why TakeOver Moved To Friday On WrestleMania Weekend Triple H continued about Velveteen Dream's short time in the wrestling business, at only 23, his ability is off the charts. The same goes for Bianca Belair, who came to the WWE Performance Center just under three years ago. In her first crack at the title, Belair came up short against NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler and Triple H called out fans who were being impatient about bringing talent up through the ranks. "It's all little steps of being a star, right?" Triple H said. "The one thing about Velveteen Dream—I think that everybody fails to realize with him—is he's been in the business for a minute. How far he is and how big of a star,
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This single-storey apartment is situated two miles from Mevagissey and sleeps two people. Valley View is a lovely single-storey apartment next to the owners' home, two miles from Mevagissey. This cottage sleeps two people and has a double bedroom with en-suite and an open plan living area with kitchen, dining area and sitting area. Outside there's off road parking for two cars and a garden with gravelled patio and lawned area with furniture. Valley View is an ideal couples retreat with plenty to see and do in the area, such as the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Mevagissey and Portmellon Cove. Amenities: Highlights DetailsOil central heating Electric oven and hob, microwave, fridge/freezer, TV with Freeview, DVD, WiFi, selection of books, games and DVDs Fuel and power included in rent Bed linen and towelsfor the opening of the draw was being ignored, reversed its engines. The result was that her stern swung to port, collided with and damaged the fish tug Babe moored at a city dock. The owner of the tug filed a libel *71 against the steamer and its owners impleaded the City of Cleveland. The latter requested a jury which found the City to have been at fault, the steamer without fault, and assessed damages. The court accepted the verdict, entered judgment in favor of the libelant against the impleaded respondent, and overruled a motion for new trial and to set aside the judgment. The City appeals, and its main contention is that the Fleetwood was likewise at fault so that the damages should have been divided. The collision
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occurred at 6:50 p.m. on May 13, 1936, while the Fleetwood, a bulk freight steamer 247 feet long, was down-bound in the Cuyahoga River, loaded with 1900 gross tons of steel. When she was about two-thirds of a mile above the bridge the steamer blew one blast of her whistle, and when a thousand feet from the bridge, the bridge signal of a long blast, two short, and another long, as required by Bulletin 45 of the War Department, issued April 19, 1936, for the opening of drawbridges on the Cuyahoga River. The steamer was then proceeding at about 2 miles an hour with engines at slow speed. When about 800 feet from the bridge the engines were stopped and another bridge signal given, but the draw failedto open. When the steamer had drifted to within 300 feet of the bridge, the bridge captain signalled by waving his hands and calling out that the draw would not open. The steamer's engines were then reversed, but too late to avoid slight contact with the bridge and collision with the tug. The Center Street Bridge is located under the Superior Street High Level Bridge, and is a highway for both pedestrians and automobiles. It is of the horizontal swing type. The center of the swing span, being mounted on an abutment, divides the river into two draws. Of these, only the east draw is navigable with a clear width for the passage of vessels of about 110 feet. In the middle of the swing span, above its traffic
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lanes, is a bridge cabin in which is located the machinery for controlling the draw, and at each end of the span are traffic gates capable of being swung across the roadway on the land approach to the bridge. The east traffic gates are operated by the bridge captain and the west gates by the bridge operator through control from the bridge cabin. The two employees constitute the bridge crew. The bridge is equipped with a red ball, 18 inches in diameter, which may be run up and lowered from the bridge operator's cabin, and a city ordinance requires that vessels may not attempt to pass a drawbridge unless the red ball is up. The bridge was also equipped with an air whistle to warn approaching vessels if, forany reason, the bridge would not be opened in time for safe passage. This whistle was not blown. It is conceded that the bridge operator, though hearing the preliminary whistle, had left his station in the bridge cabin, from which the mechanism for opening and closing the draw is operated, and did not return to his post until after the accident. The bridge captain knew that the operator was not at his post, but there was no arrangement for him to give the warning signal. He testified: "I did not know how to blow the whistle and no one ever showed me." When the steamer was about 800 feet above the bridge, its captain heard the traffic bell which signaled the stoppage of pedestrian and automobile traffic on
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law would be obeyed and that the draw would open unless the customary warning signal was given. It is true the red ball was not up, but if it were it would have conveyed no information to the master of the Fleetwood beyond that furnished by the closed draw, Chicago v. Transportation Co., supra. On the other hand, the sounding of the traffic bells and the closing of the traffic gates upon the bridge, expressed to his mind the intention of the bridge crew to open the draw. They constituted an invitation to proceed. In relying upon them he was guilty of no fault. It is as though a flagman at a railroad crossing should waive the highway traffic through, notwithstanding a warning red light. Whether, after being madeWant to know more about Twine? Latest Songwriters posts from the blog: Qoncept is a non-profit solo music project by 28 year old, vocalist, songwriter and producer, Tom Sharpe. Tom describes Qoncept as follows: “I am not Qoncept – Qoncept is the music. Qoncept is self... Read more Ramiche (AKA Ramon Walton) is a Jamaican singer/ songwriter and producer, currently based in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale. He is influenced by a wide range of artists, including Kanye West, Timbaland, Drake,... Read more Kuru, better known online by his alias KuruMusic1, is a young electronic dance musician, graphic designer, singer/songwriter, and producer. By the age of nine, he had already taken a strong interest in music... Read more
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Local Flight Centre Denver International Airport local flight centre Denver International Airport Two had been designed – one particular for flight and the other for tests and mission simulation within the Neutral Buoyancy Facility. Leland F Belew served for eight years as the general Skylab Flight Center plan director. Gravity Probe A, also known as the Redshift Experiment, utilized Flight Center an especially specific hydrogen maser clock to verify Section of Einstein's typical idea of relativity. The probe was launched in June 1976, by a Scout rocket, and remained in Area for in close proximity to two hrs, as supposed.[40] The Saturn V was the top of developments at MSFC. This was an expendable, gentleman-rated major-raise auto that was probably the most essential element Flight Center in the Apollo plan. you could knowknown as Skylab. All these kinds of experimental payloads ended up under the general accountability of MSFC. Its highly eliptical orbit will allow steady observations as much as 85 % of its sixty five-hour orbital period of time. With its power to make X-ray illustrations or photos of star clusters, supernova remnants, galactic eruptions, and collisions amongst clusters of galaxies - in its very first decade of operation it's got remodeled astronomer's see of the superior-Electrical power universe.[16] MSFC was assigned obligation for the development with the orbiting House station hardware together with Total units engineering and integration. From the start, MSFC has had robust investigate initiatives in science and engineering. Two with the early things to do, Highwater and Pegasus, were being done on the non-interference foundation although testing the
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your business plus your travelers. Wernher von Braun thought that the staff creating the Room automobiles must have direct, arms-on participation inside the developing and testing from the hardware. For this, MSFC experienced services similar with the very best being located in non-public industries. The last Saturn IB flight was launched on July 15, 1975, carrying a three-man crew over a 6-day mission to dock with a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft.. known as the Apollo–Soyuz exam venture (ASTP), the primary intent was to supply engineering working experience for foreseeable future joint space flights, but each spacecraft also experienced scientific experiments. This was the final manned U.S. space mission right until April" from fighting Isis. The terrorist has been dubbed “jihadi John” because of his reported membership of a trio of UK-born terrorists fighting with Isis in Syria nicknamed after The Beatles. He is believed to be one of up to 500 Britons believed to have travelled to join Islamist groups in the country’s continuing civil war. Video: Philip Hammond on IS and British hostage The British Ambassador to the United States said last month that agencies were “not far away” from naming the militant but no identification has been made. Speaking to CNN following the beheading of Mr Foley, an American journalist being held with Mr Sotloff, Peter Westmacott said voice-recognition and intelligence was being used to track him down. Mr Westmacott said the problem “goes beyond one horrendous criminal.” “People think maybe as many
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as 500 British subjects have gone to Syria and Iraq for this cause of jihad,” he added. The Home Office would not comment on whether the man in the video has been identified and it is understood that, for security reasons, the knowledge would not be made public if it did exist. A former rapper fighting with Isis in Syria is believed to be one of several British jihadists under investigation. Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary pictured here in a YouTube video showcasing his rapping Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 24, was known as L Jinny or Lyricist Jinn at home in London, where his rising music career saw him appear in videos and have his singles played on BBC Radio in 2012. He came to national attention earlier this year, when he posted a picture ofhimself holding a severed head on Twitter after resurfacing in Syria. Bary reportedly travelled to the country last year from Maida Vale, west London, where he lived with his mother and five siblings. His father Adel Abdul Bary, an Egyptian refugee thought to be one of Osama Bin Laden’s closest lieutenants, was extradited from Britain to the United States on charges of terrorism in 2012 for his alleged roles in the bombings of two US embassies in east Africa in 1998. Bary’s current whereabouts in Syria is not known and his Twitter account under the name “Terrorist” @ItsLJinny has been deactivated. Previous posts mentioned Abu Hussein al Britani, a fellow Isis militant who has uploaded pictures of himself on Twitter with guns in Syria. He and associate Abu Abdullah al-Britani were seen offering
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our operational response, with a fivefold increase in Syria-related arrests and the removal of 28,000 pieces of extremist material from the internet this year alone, including 46 ISIL-related videos,” he said. In pictures: Steven Sotloff Show all 7 1 /7 In pictures: Steven Sotloff In pictures: Steven Sotloff Steven Sotloff Steven Sotloff inside Al-Fateh Mosque in Manama, Bahrain, in 2010 EPA In pictures: Steven Sotloff Steven Sotloff Journalist Steven Sotloff, left, pictured in Libya in 2011 Getty Images In pictures: Steven Sotloff Steven Sotloff Steven Sotloff pictured in 2010 near Lulu Roundabout in Manama, which later became the iconic center for the 2011 pro-reform protests in Bahrain EPA In pictures: Steven Sotloff Steven Sotloff Journalist Steven Sotloff pictured in Egypt In pictures: Steven Sotloff Steven Sotloff Media gather outsideHave a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Ask it above. Location: United Kingdom Member Since: Oct. 21, 2012 1 user has added this author as a favorite. Easton Hamilton Biography Easton Hamilton is the founder and director of Reach, a private therapy practice based in the UK, which specializes in helping others to attain optimal mental and physical health, through the therapeutic integration of modern psychology with cutting edge science as well as ancient philosophies, principles and various systems of healing. Reach is twenty-five years old, with practitioners UK wide – and through its popular franchise scheme, has a growing number of international satellite practices around the world. The Reach Approach is a holistic model developed by Easton and it was conceived out of his tireless research
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Gary Fowley Gary Fowley is a travel and tourism teacher at Coola Vocational School located in Boyle, Dublin. Gary Fowley has yet to be rated on Coola Vocational School ranks -- in Dublin. Additionally, the average teacher rating at Coola Vocational School is 4.53 stars. Be the first to leave a review by clicking here. Coola Vocational School is located in Boyle, Dublin with an average teacher rating of 4.53 stars. When comparing Coola Vocational School's teachers to other teachers in the county of Dublin, Coola Vocational School's teachers are above the average of 4.48 stars. Coola Vocational School ranks -- amongst all High Schools in the county of Dublin. Learn MoreA conservative group has conducted opposition research into Connie Schultz, the journalist and wife of a potential 2020 presidential candidate, Sen. Sherrod Brown Sherrod Campbell BrownEmboldened Democrats haggle over 2021 agenda Hillicon Valley: Russia 'amplifying' concerns around mail-in voting to undermine election | Facebook and Twitter take steps to limit Trump remarks on voting | Facebook to block political ads ahead of election Top Democrats press Trump to sanction Russian individuals over 2020 election interference efforts MORE (D-Ohio). Buzzfeed News reported that an operative for the group America Rising filed a public records request with Kent State University in November that sought records related to Schultz, who teaches journalism at the university. ADVERTISEMENT The request was filed days after Brown was elected to another term in the Senate, a victory that
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I've been DMing an AD&D 2e game this weekend. One of the characters was a poisoner/alchemist: I've created a quick modification of the mage class for him. Part of the class was the concept of components. The poisoner had a long list of recipes for potions and poisons, each requiring multiple components from a common component list. The list contained component types such things as (hot and cold), (pain and joy), and such. The recipes also had a quality rating required for each component. Now there was a spell he could use to extract a component from interesting things: corpses of monsters, special plants and such. The component type and quality was decided by a dice roll, lower quality being a lot more frequent than higher quality. However, afterAnna Atkins Widely known as the first female photographer, Anna Atkins was born in Kent in 1799. She was a botanist, and like Fox Talbot, quickly saw the opportunities that photography gave to accurately document plants and nature. Family friendships with both Fox Talbot and John Herschel meant she could learn directly from the process inventors. Atkins chose to use the new ‘cyanotype’ process invented by Herschel, impressed by the process’ ease of use, quality and stability. Her aim was, like Fox Talbot, to record the natural forms she studied, however her composition was generally more intentional and artistic than her forerunners. While previous pioneers had invented techniques, Atkins investigated the way the cyanotype could be used to show her plants, and as such, each image is far more considered as
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to how it will look, both aesthetically and scientifically. While her cyanotypes do not have any abstraction of objects, in many images the line of plants stems and leaves lead up or out of the image. The processes allowed for good contrasts, with dense backgrounds and clear sharp white areas. In some images, distance from the paper give a wider tonal range to appear, with lighter shades of blue for parts of the plant away from the surface. Atkins moved on the process of photography, inviting more formal elements into her images with strong shape, form and an effective line. – paper soaked with ammonium iron (III) citrate and potassium. The reaction between the iron and water creates blue colour. – after composition, the paper is exposed to UV light (eg sunlight)"a really historic moment in the clean energy future of this country." The U.S. Department of the Interior says the new Massachusetts Wind Energy Area would be auctioned off in four leases. The agency's proposal begins a 60-day public comment period that will end on August 18. From Boston, Asma Khalid of member station WBUR reports: "The proposed area is the largest offshore wind zone in federal water. It's more than 742,000 acres — roughly the size of Rhode Island. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts is prime offshore wind property. " 'We think there is high potential and high interest, and relatively low conflict in the areas that we picked,' she says. "That conflict refers to the countless hurdles offshore wind turbines have hit, including objections from commercial
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services could be transferred to the Mayor when the current franchise ends in 2018, followed by southwest London suburban services in 2020 once capacity works at Waterloo are complete. Suburban services running to London Bridge and Victoria serving south central London, and to Moorgate serving parts of north London, would transfer when that current franchise ends in September 2021. Fares will also be frozen on c2c services from Grays to Fenchurch Street and on Chiltern Railways from Amersham to Marylebone and West Ruislip to Marylebone as these fares are set by TfL.May Economic zone (Thua Thien Hue Province), Chu Lai – Ky Ha Economic zone (Quang Nam Province), Dung Quat Economic zone (Quang Ngai Province). It is 22 kilometers from the downtown of Danang, 25 kilometers from Tien Sa Seaport and 17 kilometers from Da Nang International Airport. The total planned area for Danang Hi-Tech Park is 1,129.76 hectares. Danang Hi-Tech Park Management Board Danang Hi-Tech Park Management Board was established by the Decision No. 1980/QD-TTg dated October 28, 2010 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister that has responsibilities in state management with DHTP References Category:Science parks in Vietnam Category:Da Nang
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Alan Dershowitz debates with Peter Beinart on the topic of Beinart's recent book, The Crisis of Zionism. Alan Dershowitz is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He has also published more than 100 articles in magazines and journals such as the New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The Nation, Commentary, The Harvard Law Review and the Yale Law Journal, and more than 300 of his articles have appeared in syndication in 50 national daily newspapers. He is the author of 27 fiction and non-fiction books, including The Case for Moral Clarity: Israel, Hamas and Gaza. In 1983, the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith presented Dershowitz with the William O. Douglas First Amendment Award for his civiland human rights work. Peter Beinart is a senior political writer for the Daily Beast, where he edits the blog "Open Zion," which aims to foster a frank and open conversation about Israel, Palestine, and the Jewish future. A faculty member at CUNY's Graduate Center and Graduate School of Journalism, his latest book is The Crisis of Zionism. The Graduate Center's Perspectives series with Peter Beinart features dynamic thinkers and practitioners examining the pressing political and public policy issues shaping our world. Previous participants have included Christopher Hitchens, Tina Brown, Andrew Sullivan, and Paul Krugman. Peter Beinart Peter Beinart is associate professor of journalism and political science at the City University of New York. He is also a contributor to The Atlantic and National Journal, a senior columnist at Haaretz, a
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CNN Political Commentator, and a senior fellow at The New America Foundation. Alan Dershowitz Professor Alan M. Dershowitz is a Brooklyn native and the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law (emeritus) at Harvard Law School. He has published more than 1000 articles in magazines, newspapers, journals and blogs such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Law Review, the Yale Law Journal, Huffington Post, Newsmax, Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz. He is the author of 32 fiction and non-fiction works, including six national bestsellers. His latest book is The Case Against the Iran Deal: How Can We Now Stop Iran from Getting Nukes?. Peter Beinart, former editor of the New Republic, and Alan Dershowitz, famed lawyer and political commentator, debate the consequences of Israel preemptively attackingA new species of damselfly from the Cretaceous period has been named after the iconic naturalist and TV presenter Sir David Attenborough. The new discovery, described in detail in Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, was made in the Hukawng Valley of Kachin Province in Myanmar. The fossil was found in a piece of mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber. The full scientific name for the new species, belonging to a group more commonly known as shadowdamsels, is Mesosticta davidattenboroughi. Researchers decided to name the new species after David Attenborough because of his long-standing appreciation of dragonflies, and to celebrate his recent 90th birthday. Co-author Professor Edmund A. Jarzembowski said, "Dragonflies in amber are extremely rare and the recent discoveries by my Chinese colleagues are a new window on the past. It is tradition in
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taxonomy (the naming of a new species) to contact the person concerned. Sir David was delighted because he is not only interested in the story of amber, but also a president of the British Dragonfly Society." The fossil itself is extremely well preserved as it is encased in yellow transparent amber and includes a complete set of wings. With the aid of photo technology, researchers were able to digitally enhance and build a clear three-dimensional picture of the new species, showing that it differed from previously described fossils, notably in the shorter wing length. Lead author Daran Zheng from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, commented, "Mesosticta davidattenboroughi is quite unique because we have uncovered a new species and it confirms the previous attribution ofMesosticta to the Platystictidae. It is the first fossil group of modern platystictid damselflies and documents the appearance of Platystictidae as early as mid-Cretaceous." The discovery of insect remains in amber is not uncommon, however this particular family of damselflies are much less frequently found and their fossil record is poor compared to many other families making the discovery especially unusual. Mesosticta davidattenboroughi joins a long list of animals which have been named after Sir David Attenborough, including a weevil and fossil species of a plesiosaur and a fish. ### This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Youth Innovation Promotion Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the HKU Seed Funding Program for Basic Research. NOTE TO JOURNALISTS When referencing the article: Please include Journal title, author,
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about melatonin is already pretty significant, especially for those looking to combat breast and prostate cancer. Harvard University School of Public Health researcher Itai Kloog and his group published a series of studies in the last few years explaining how our "modern urbanized sleeping habitat" (PDF) is a massive hormone-based cancer risk. "We have blotted out the night sky" with artificial light, wrote Earth Island Journal's Holly Hayworth," citing Kloog's research and noting that half that light is wasted anyway. "We've proven beyond a doubt that it's a risk factor," Kloog told me. "Light at night has been proven on many levels, by our group and many others, to definitely contribute to higher risk of developing hormonal cancer." Kloog's team published five studies altogether, including analyses at local and globalus Pouches' Community Corner Trains, Planes and Automobiles Kids' Race Series From a small beginning, Cathy Weise of the Ron Rosner YMCA has developed an ambitious three-race series for kids for this summer, with the help of The Great Train Race, Shannon Airport, Dominion Raceway & Entertainment, the Fredericksburg Area Service League and Race Timing Unlimited. Great Train Race Director Jennifer Taylor was one of the first on board.
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Turkish military to enlist 30,000 new personnel after purge Amid criticism that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is pushing the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) away from NATO, Defense Minister Fikri Işık has said 30,000 new people will be enlisted in the TSK, the Star daily reported. “This week 174 Air Forces Academy students started their education. We are continuing to conduct interviews. A total of 30,000 new people will be part of the TSK,” said Işık during a party meeting in Kocaeli on Saturday. Although the Turkish military stated on July 27 that 8,651 military members including cadets and conscripts took part in a July 15 coup attempt, Minister Işık told the state-run Anadolu news agency on Dec. 11 that the government had dismissed a total of 22,085 militarypersonnel including high-ranking generals over alleged links with the Gülen movement. Regulations that task retired officers and noncommissioned officers with recruiting cadets and military personnel went into effect last month amid debates that it was a gift to SADAT A.S. International Defense Consulting, which has also been called President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “secret army.” According to new regulations based on state of emergency decree No: 678 issued on Nov. 22, 2016 by the AKP government, retired officers and noncommissioned officers are to be given the responsibilities of recruitment until Dec. 31, 2020. “SADAT, which consists of retired military personnel who were called the AK militia and which was said to be responsible for civilian killings on July 15, now will officially be responsible for profiling and recruiting members. Moreover, they will
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be paid for these activities,” said an article published by the Aktif Haber news website on Saturday. SADAT was directed by retired Brig. Gen. Adnan Tanrıverdi, who was recently appointed as an adviser to President Erdoğan. According to columnist Abdullah Bozkurt, who calls SADAT Erdoğan’s private army, the man who Bozkurt says is still in charge, Tanrıverdi, is the point man who will reshape NATO’s largest army after the US by steering recruitment policy until 2020. Tanrıverdi is known for his Islamist ideology and has counseled Erdoğan for years although in an unofficial capacity, Bozkurt wrote for Turkish Minute on Nov. 25. Meanwhile, 28 military officers were detained on Monday as part of ongoing operations targeting the followers of the faith-based Gülen movement due to their use of a smart phone applicationknown as ByLock. The operations, which were based in the western province of Balıkesir, were conducted across 12 provinces. Turkish authorities believe ByLock is a communication tool between members of the Gülen movement. A report prepared by the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre (IntCen) revealed that although President Erdoğan and the Turkish government immediately put the blame for the July 15 failed coup on the faith-based Gülen movement, the coup attempt was staged by a range of Erdoğan’s opponents due to fears of an impending purge, according to a report by The Times newspaper on Jan. 17. The website reported on Jan. 25 that NATO sources believe the coup was staged by the president of Turkey himself. Speaking to, a former Turkish officer who served at NATO headquarters in Brussels
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Twisted Sisters If you paddle in Hood River, Ore., chances are good you boat with a few fearless female kayakers. Kayakers like Christie Glissmeyer, who notched the women's waterfall world record on 82-foot Metlako Falls last year and bartends at night to accommodate her paddling schedule. Or paddlers like Kate Wagner and Melissa DeCarlo, who regularly join Glissmeyer on "miss" adventures from Canada to Idaho. Paddling together over the last few years, the women amassed many a zany tale and heaps of video, most of which finds its way onto their "Northwest Livin'" blog. Glissmeyer and Wagner condensed the best clips into a four-minute film, which opens with the three leading ladies, clad in heels and cocktail dresses, carrying creekboats followed by footage of local drops, bootie beers, mud wrestlingand tandem mechanical bull riding. After the movie won first place at Portland's PDX Kayaker Film Festival in October, the girls started posting 45-second teasers, dubbed Femme45, about their escapades on their blog and Facebook pages. Lunch Video Magazine's John Grace liked the clips, and commissioned them for a regular segment on the quarterly DVD. LVM #33, which premiered in March, features cold-weather adventures like roller derby, winter runs around the Pacific Northwest, and Wagner destroying the competition in a halftime tricycle race at a Portland Trailblazers game. "It's fun having girlfriends with the same interests as you," says the Dagger-sponsored Glissmeyer, 31. "When you're sitting at the bar and talking about kayaking, they're not just rolling their eyes like, 'Here she goes again.'" And when they're not styling local
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Coyote sightings in North Texas are not all that unusual, but attacks are rare. Zane Weddell, 15, said he was walking out of a movie at the Cinemark Tinsletown Sunday night in Grapevine when he was bitten by a coyote. "I was like shocked there was a coyote," he said. Zane said he and his girlfriend walked around the back of the theater, and the coyote came around the bushes. “It came at me, came at us, so I grabbed my shoe and I threw it at it, hit it, and it came back, came at me, so I like kicked it with my foot. And it got hold of my foot and shook me around a little bit, and it like let go and took off,” he explained. His mother was waitingfor him at the front of the theater, so he ran to her car, where she saw blood on his foot. They then went to the emergency room, where Zane had five shots. He is now being treated with multiple rounds of antibiotics. “It was really scary. He was OK physically. I was really more afraid of infection or if the coyote was rabid, because of the way he was acting. I’m still kind of scared because he still has three more rounds of shots to go,” said mother Kendra Weddell. Grapevine police confirm that animal control was notified. Their crews have been looking, but so far, have not seen the coyote. Police also say have only had one call about a coyote. We have called a representative from Cinemark, and they have
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stalks over my writingtable. Prr. Scratch my head. Prr. Mr Bloom watched curiously, kindly, the lithe black form. Clean to see : the gloss of her sleek hide, the white button under the butt of her tail, the green flashing eyes. He bent down to her, his hands on his knees. — Milk for the pussens, he said. — Mrkgnao! the cat cried. They call them stupid. They understand what we say better than we understand them. She understands all she wants to. Vindictive too. Wonder what I look like to her. Height of a tower ? No, she can jump me. [54] — Afraid of the chickens she is, he said mockingly. Afraid of the chook-chooks. I never saw such a stupid pussens as the pussens. Cruel. Her nature. Curious mice never Car near there now. Talk. Talk. Pat ! Doesn't. Settling those napkins. Lot of ground he must cover in the day. Paint face behind on him then he'd be two. Wish they'd sing more. Keep my mind off. Bald Pat who is bothered mitred the napkins. Pat is a waiter hard of his hearing. Pat is a waiter who waits while you wait. Hee hee hee hee. He waits while you wait. Hee hee. A waiter is he. Hee hee hee hee. He waits while you wait. While you wait if you wait he will wait while you wait. Hee hee hee hee. Hoh. Wait while you wait. Douce now. Douce Lydia. Bronze and rose. She had a gorgeous, simply gorgeous, time. And look at the lovely shell she brought. To the
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when he's under the influence. — Who said Christ is good ? — I beg your parsnips, says Alf. — Is that a good Christ, says Bob Doran, to take away poor little Willy Dignam ? — Ah, well, says Alf, trying to pass it off. He's over all his troubles. But Bob Doran shouts out of him. — He's a bloody ruffian, I say, to take away poor little Willy Dignam. Terry came down and tipped him the wink to keep quiet, that they didn't want that kind of talk in a respectable licensed premises. And Bob Doran starts doing the weeps about Paddy Dignam, true as you're there. — The finest man, says he, snivelling, the finest purest character. The tear is bloody near your eye. Talking through his bloody hat. Fitter for himRighto, any old time. _Laetabuntur in cubilibus suis._* You coming long ? Whisper, who the sooty hell's the johnny in the black duds ? Hush ! Sinned against the light and even now that day is at hand when he shall come to judge the world by fire. Pflaap! _Ut implerentur scripturae._* Strike up a ballad. Then outspake medical Dick to his comrade medical Davy. Christicle, who's this excrement yellow gospeller on the Merrion hall? Elijah is coming. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Come on, you winefizzling ginsizzling booseguzzling existences! Come on, you dog-gone, bullnecked, beetlebrowed, hogjowled, peanutbrained, weaseleyed fourflushers, false alarms and excess baggage! Come on, you triple extract of infamy! Alexander J. Christ Dowie,* that's yanked to glory most[407] half this planet from 'Frisco
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Remember Pasiphae for whose lust my grandoldgrossfather* made the first confessionbox. Forget not Madam Grissel Steevens nor the suine scions of the house of Lambert. *And Noah was drunk with wine. And his ark was open. BELLA None of that here. Come to the wrong shop. LYNCH Let him alone. He's back from Paris. ZOE ( _Runs to Stephen and links him._ ) O go on ! Give us some parleyvoo. ( _Stephen claps hat on head and leaps over to the fireplace, where he stands with shrugged shoulders, finny hands outspread, a painted smile on his face._ ) LYNCH ( _Pommelling on the sofa._ ) Rmm Rmm Rmm Rrrrrrmmmmm. STEPHEN ( _Gabbles, with marionette jerks._ ) Thousand places of entertainment to expenses your evenings with lovely ladies saling gloves and other things perhaps her heart beerchops perfect fashionablewant at least two other good chemises for one thing and but I dont know what kind of drawers he likes none at all I think didnt he say yes and half the girls in Gibraltar never wore them either naked as God made them that Andalusian singing her Manola[* she didnt make much secret of what she hadnt yes and the 702] second pair of silkette stockings is laddered after one days wear I could have brought them back to Lewers this morning and kick up a row and made that one change them only not to upset myself and run the risk of walking into him and ruining the whole thing and one of those kidfitting corsets Id want advertised cheap in the Gentlewoman[* with elastic
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Harriet Weaver's instructions to the typist who was compiling the typescript of 'Additional corrections' for _UP4_. Lines marked are those not corrected in the plates for the third impression and which are therefore cited again on _U4_. Also seven holographic additions (either clarifications of marked corrections or newly noted). The list could have been drawn up any time after the third impression and before _U4/UP4_. It pre-dates _T3_ (which contains all of the marked passages). _T1_ Typescript (carbon) of Joyce's autograph errata for 'Additional corrections' list; British Library Add. MS 57356, pp.15–17. Holographic additions and emendations in ink, pencil, and blue crayon. A typed copy of _A2_ as emended by Harriet Weaver(?). Holographic notation on first page: 'Mr Darantiere had a copy of these corrections—should now work from newto read_ : the phrase derives from Jakob Boehme (1575–1624), _Signatura Rerum_ (Latin: 'Signature of all Things'), but, in context, Stephen remarks his role as the perceiver of the characteristic forms of nature. Because perception results from the action of the senses (here the[784] eyes) in concert with the mind (thought), the world becomes real _to Stephen_ as he 'reads' (sees/thinks) it—though the emphasis is on his being there to perceive it, not on its being there to be perceived by him. The world exists before him (there must be a text to be read), but comes alive _to him_ in the act of 'reading' it 37.3 _coloured signs_ : 'coloured' because, after Aristotle, colour is what allows determined non-transparent bodies to be seen. 37.4 _Limits of the diaphane... in
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and G agree on Organ (Esophagus), Art (Architecture), and Technic ( _L_ : Peristaltic prose; G: Peristaltic), but disagree on Colour (L: blood red; G: none) and Symbol ( _L_ : Bloody sacrifice, Food, Shame; G: Constables). L's Sense is 'Despondency' One o'clock is lunchtime and Bloom is preoccupied with thoughts of food. The human body's need for nourishment registers on him as an awareness that every[819]one is eating, and that he too must eat. Everything is subject to the (at times subliminal, at times conscious if unstated) question, 'Can it be eaten?' His body is played over by the antithetical impulses of desire and disgust, hunger and despondency. 'Feel as if I had been eaten and spewed' (157.10). Also, he unconsciously enacts, in his movement about the streets,_Hamlet_ , III, iv. 53–4). 162.5–6 _Born with a silver knife in his mouth_ : a Bloomism for 'Born with a silver spoon in his mouth': proverbial for 'born wealthy' 162.27, 33 _don't talk of... provost of Trinity_ | _Father O'Flynn... hares of them all_ : allusion to Alfred Percival Graves's (1846–1931) ballad 'Father O'Flynn' the[824] second verse of which begins, 'Don't talk of your Provost and Fellows of Trinity | Famous for ever at Greek and Latinity, |Dad and the divels and all at Divinity, | Father O'Flynn'd make hares of them all'; 'to make a hare of': 'to make a fool of'. 162.29 _artisans_ ' _dwellings, north Dublin union_ : houses of the Dublin poor on the east edge of Phoenix Park (C3); the North Union Workhouse was a
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Pike Creek shooting suspect killed self The suspect in a Pike Creek shooting the night of Super Bowl Sunday drove to his home near Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and killed himself after police arrived to interrogate him, The News Journal has learned. New Castle County police said Tuesday that ballistics tests on the gun found with the dead man in Pennsylvania matched the weapon used to wound a 39-year-old man in Delaware about 10 p.m. on Feb. 1. County police identified the dead suspect as Michael Keeshan, 50, of the 100 block of Durham Drive in Coatesville, about 25 miles from the shooting scene. The victim, who worked with the suspect's wife, was shot in the torso through the front door in the 5000 block of East Brigantine Court. He was not seriously injuredlives near New York City, said Pennsylvania police told him in February that authorities in Delaware had alerted them late on Feb. 1 that Michael was a suspect in the Pike Creek shooting. Richard Keeshan said police told him they went to Michael Keeshan's house and he answered the door, then went to another room and shot himself to death. Richard Keeshan said police speculated his brother took his life "because he thought he was being arrested for murder." Michael Keeshan, who comes from a family of law enforcement officers, was a 50-year-old father of seven and a successful retail manager. Since speaking with police in early February, Keeshan said he has been unable to get more answers from his brother's widow or police. Keeshan's widow could not be reached Tuesday. "We
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v. ERIC H. HOLDER, JR., Attorney General, Respondent. On Petition for Review of an Order of the Board of Immigration Appeals. Submitted: February 19, 2010 Decided: March 3, 2010 Before WILKINSON, MICHAEL, and KING, Circuit Judges. Petition denied by unpublished per curiam opinion. Rev. Uduak James Ubom, UBOM LAW GROUP, PLLC, Washington, D.C., for Petitioner. Tony West, Assistant Attorney General, William C. Peachey, Assistant Director, Theo Nickerson, Office of Immigration Litigation, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, Washington, D.C., for Respondent. Unpublished opinions are not binding precedent in this circuit. PER CURIAM: Joliffe Lloyd King, a native and citizen of the United Kingdom, petitions for review of an order of the Board of Immigration Appeals (Board) finding him removable and ordering his removal from the United States. We have reviewed the administrative record and find that
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operation, and have not been paid for their efforts. The United States denies responsibility, and invokes the state secrets privilege to avoid responding to plaintiffs' demands for discovery. The United States Court of Federal Claims concluded that, even if the individual alleged to be a secret agent was in fact such an agent, there was an insufficient showing that the agent had authority to contract on behalf of the United States. The court granted summary judgment for the United States. Monarch Assurance P.L.C. v. United States, 42 Fed. Cl. 258 (1998). 2 On appeal, plaintiffs argue that the trial court improperly applied the state secrets privilege, abused its discretion in curtailing discovery, and erred by granting summary judgment for theUnited States because sufficient evidence had been submitted to support a prima facie finding of actual authority to contract. I. Background 3 The facts of the case, or at least the allegations made by plaintiffs, the responses by the United States (hereafter "Government") thereto, and the trial court's findings, read rather more like a plot for a made-for-TV movie than a typical contract dispute heard in the federal courts. Nevertheless, this is the story the record reveals. 4 Plaintiffs are Thomas Patrick Denton Taylor, a resident of the Isle of Man and the Chief Executive and Managing Director of Monarch Assurance P.L.C., an organization headquartered on the Isle of Man and operating under the laws of England (collectively "Monarch"). In the fall of 1989,
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plaintiffs were approached by a British solicitor, Charles J. Deacon, who presented a business proposition on behalf of one John Patrick Savage. Mr. Savage was supposedly a high level agent of the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (hereafter "CIA" or "Agency"), operating in Europe. The CIA needed money to support certain covert projects being undertaken in Europe, code named "Ultima" and "Bluebook," but for undisclosed reasons could not use its own funds directly. Mr. Savage wished to borrow money in order to fund his activities on behalf of the United States Government. 5 Following subsequent negotiations, Monarch in October 1989 paid to Savage and Deacon $5 million, and in April 1990 a further $3 million. On April 26, 1990, insubmitted affidavits from Government officials in support of its motion. 8 In due course, the trial court denied both the Government's motion to dismiss and a subsequent renewal of the motion for summary judgment. The latter was accompanied by two affidavits from then CIA Director John M. Deutch. The first, for the public record, explained why to promote national security the CIA had a firm policy of not disclosing any information that would tend to either confirm or deny the existence or nonexistence of any relationships or contacts between individuals and the CIA. The affidavit invoked the common-law state secrets privilege, as well as certain statutory privileges. The second affidavit from Director Deutch, submitted in camera for the exclusive use
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Savage wrote to him. These letters were written on what appeared to be CIA letterhead. In a letter written to Deacon on January 26, 1990, Savage signed the letter with the title, "Assistant Deputy Director, European Operations." In a second letter written February 7, 1990, Savage indicated his affiliation with the CIA was with "Global Affairs." Neither letter contained any description of Savage's job responsibilities with the CIA, nor shed any light as to exactly what he did for the CIA. 16 Monarch also submitted other declarations from persons who apparently believed that Savage was with the CIA because of comments he made, or in one instance because of his conduct in never allowing the individual to see the contentskey question in the case, even assuming the alleged agent Savage was an employee of the CIA, is did he have actual authority to contract in the manner he did on behalf of the United States Government. The United States Government employs close to three million civilian employees.1 If all Government employees could, of their own volition, enter into contracts obligating the Government, then federal expenditures would be wholly uncontrollable. City of El Centro v. United States, 922 F.2d 816, 820 (Fed. Cir. 1990). Thus, to avoid such a situation, the law requires that a Government agent who purports to enter into or ratify a contractual agreement that is to bind the United States have actual authority to
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as a conduit between Savage and certain investors, such as plaintiffs, who were owed money as a result of the dealings of Savage. He stated that an intermediary, one Lee Morris, represented that Savage was "acting on behalf of the [CIA]." 42 Fed. Cl. at 261. The declaration of Edgar Reynolds, a friend of Savage, was also in the file. Reynolds stated that he had the distinct impression that Savage was an important person within the CIA. 26 The court also reviewed excerpts from interviews conducted by law enforcement officials in Britain with Savage. Because Mr. Savage died a few days after Monarch filed its case in the Court of Federal Claims, Monarch never did have the opportunity to depose him.During interviews conducted by Detective William Hulse of the Staffordshire Police Department in the United Kingdom before Savage's death, and attended by a representative of the Internal Revenue Service, Savage stated, "I have never been an employee of the . . . [CIA]." When he was asked, "But you never worked for the CIA, did you?", he answered "No, no." Savage also stated that he had "no warrant of authority" for the Agency. 27 The court then reviewed the further evidence proffered by Monarch, obtained following the 1996 decision. This consisted primarily of the statements of three persons, Boris Z. Sielicki-Korczak, Lee Morris, and Raphael Moore. 28 Mr. Korczak attested that he was an "access agent" for the CIA gathering raw intelligence on
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