image (image)text (string)
"a drawing of a green pokemon with red eyes"
"a green and yellow toy with a red nose"
"a red and white ball with an angry look on its face"
"a cartoon ball with a smile on it's face"
"a bunch of balls with faces drawn on them"
"a cartoon character with a potted plant on his head"
"a drawing of a pokemon stuffed animal"
"a picture of a cartoon character with a sword"
"a drawing of a cartoon character doing a kick"
"a drawing of a girl with a boxing glove"
"a picture of a pink and yellow pokemon figure"
"a purple ball with a skull and cross bones on it"
"a cartoon picture of a green vegetable with eyes"
"an image of a cartoon character flying through the air"
"a drawing of a gray and black dragon"
"a drawing of a gray and yellow pokemon"
"a pink bird sitting on top of a white surface"
"a blue and black object with two eyes"
"a couple of pokemon standing next to each other"
"a cartoon picture of a bear holding a baseball bat"

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